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Bristol Robotics Laboratory members consist of researchers, technicians and postgraduate students from the University of the West of England (UWE) and the University of Bristol.

Lab Management, Coordination and Administration

Theme Leaders

All Members

Technical Support Engineers

Ian HORSFIELD +44 (0) 117 32 86337 Technical Manager, BRL
Patrick BRINSON +44 (0) 117 32 86957 Senior Research Technician - MFC's
Sam COUPLAND +44 (0) 117 32 86319 Technical Support Engineer
Gareth GRIFFITHS +44 (0) 117 32 86179 Senior Technical Support Engineer - FARSCOPE
Daniel SANCHEZ-HERRANZ +44 (0) 117 32 86372 Research Technician - BioEnergy and Self Sustainable Systems
Matt RUDD +44 (0) 117 328 3158 Research Technician - MFC's
Andrew STINCHCOMBE +44 (0) 117 32 86785 Research Technician
Jason WELSBY +44 (0) 117 32 86327 Technical Support Engineer


For former BRL employees and students visit our BRL Alumni section below.

BRL Alumni

Name Position Held - Specialisation
Dr Kazem ALEMZADEH Senior Lecturer - Bio-mechanics and Vision
Mr Jean-Charles ANTONIOLI Student - Swarm Robotics
Oluwaseun ARAROMI Research Assistant - Soft Robotics
Dr Maryam ATOOFI Research Associate - Assisted Living
Mr Thanushan BALAKRISHNAN Technical Support Engineer - Digital and Analogue Electronics
Mr Carlos Andres BARTIROMO Master Student - Machine Vision and Industrial Robots
Peter BATCHELOR Intern Student - Medical Robotics
Christopher BEAVERSTOCK PhD Student - Medical Robotics
Nissim BELLAHSEN Visiting Researcher - Swarm Robotics
Malik BEN-YOUSEF Undergraduate - Aerial Robots
Chris BIRD Robotics Developer
Bastien BONARD Intern Student - Medical Robotics
Vincent BONNIN PhD Student
Jens BOTH Visiting Researcher
Amy BOWERS PhD Student - Soft Robotics
Dr Jan Dyre BJERKNES PhD Student - Fault Tolerance in Robot Swarms
Benjamin BROCK Undergraduate
Dr Alan BROUN PhD Student - Robot Vision
Mr Anthony BUCK PhD Student - Machine Vision, Object Recognition and Classification
Martin BUCKLEY  
Jonathan BUTT Technical Service Engineer - ECHORD ++ 
Prof. Stuart BURGESS Professor of Engineering Design - Safe Human Robot Interaction
Thomas BURTON PhD Student - Assisted Living
Chris BYTHEWAY Technical Support Engineer - CAD 3D Modelling, Rapid Prototyping
Ms France CADET Artist in residence - Dog (Lab)01, Dog (Lab)02
Antonio CERRUTO Postgraduate - Sof Robotics
Ms Maria CHARALAMBOUS Placement Student - Mobility Services to the Elderly (MOBISERV Project)
Romain CHERPANTIER Intern - MSc Student
Mr Craig CHORLEY PhD Student - Robotic Humanoid Hand Research
Andy COWLEY Systems Administrator
Mr Richard CRAIG PhD Student - Rehabilitation, Assistive Robotics, Vision, ANN
Mr Colin DALTON Lecturer - Character Animation
Hailton Antunes DA SILVA Undergraduate
Daniel Lee DAVIES Undergraduate
Mr Luca DE-SIMONE Master Student - Robot Vision and Manipulation
Mr Markus DEITTERT PhD Student - Intelligent Control and Aerodynamics
George DIKAIAKOS MRes Student - Medical Robotics
Iris Dimbwadyo TERRER PhD Student - Assisted Living
Dr David DRURY Lecturer - Electrical Engineering
Mr James EDWARDS PhD Student - Concept Generation
David ELLENDER Research Associate - Medical Robotics
Mehmet ERBAS PhD Student - Swarm Robotics
Dr Dylan EVANS Emotional Robotics
Samuel FORBES Research Technician - ECHORD ++
Dr Danny FROUD Visiting Fellow - Conceptual Development
Daniel GENNERY BRL Technology Incubatee - Omnidynamics
Caroline GIBBS-RIPLEY Undergraduate
Mr Ian GILHESPY Technical Support Engineer - System Design Engineer, WhiskerBot Project
Prof. Rod GOODMAN Visiting Professor - Neuromorphic Robot Systems
Mr James GOODWIN PhD Student - Robotic Architectures
Andy GUEST PhD Student - Artificial Culture, Evolving Communication
Dr Lingzhong GUO PhD Student - Control Systems
Alexander HOBBS Undergraduate
Prof. Owen HOLLAND Research - Behaviour Based Robotics
Dr Ehsan HONARY PhD Student - Underwater Collective Sensing
Hamzah Ziyaad HOSSEN MAMODE PhD Student
Laura HOYLAND Project Manager - MOBOT, ReMeDi
Peng HUANG MSc Student
Dr Jacob HURST PhD Student - Evolutionary Computing
Dr Mohamad ISHAK PhD Student - Non-Linear Robotics
Joanna JACKSON Research Administrator
Dr Peter JAECKEL PhD Student - Artificial Emotion, Artificial Empathy, Humanoids
Dr Jamaludin JALANI PhD Student - Non-Linear Robotics
Dr Yichuang JIN PhD Student - Stable Adaptive Controllers
Dr Rosie JONES Hon. Sen Research Fellow (CSSB) and Research Faciliator - Neuromuscular Physiology
Indu KAILA MSc Student - MOBISERV Project
Ms Mridula KANDAVEL Postgraduate Student - Human Robot Interaction
Dr Ian KELLY Research Associate - Energetic Autonomy
Harry KEMP-GEE BRL Technology Incubatee - Agilic.Net
Said Ghani KHAN PhD Student - Control Systems
Dr Fiona KILLARD Project Manager - Cooperative Human Robot Interaction Systems (CHRIS Project)
James KILLICK Undergraduate
Stephen KITSON BRL Technology Incubatee - Foliumoptics
Oliver KNOOP Intern Student - Microbial Fuel Cells
Dr Masao KUBO Visiting Research Fellow - Multi-agent Energy Delivery System
Masoud KUHN Visiting Researcher
Djen Timo KÜHNEL Visiting Researcher
Pablo LEDEZMA PhD Student - Microbial Fuel Cells
Dr Alexander LENZ Theme Leader
Senior Lecturer - Robotics and Electronics
Dr Debbie LEWIS Research Fellow - Microbial Fuel Cells
Ratcliffe LEWIS MSc Student - Medical Robotics 
Rui LI MSc Student - Human Robot Interaction
Dr Chung Seng LING Research Associate
Wenguo LIU Research Fellow - Swarm Robotics
Dr Evgeni MAGID Research Associate - Verification & Validation
Muhammad Nasiruddin MAHYUDDIN PhD Student
Jose MARTINEZ-CARRANZA Research Assistant
Prof. David MCFARLAND Research Professor - Animal Robotics
Ross MCGRATH Undergratuate
Mr Nicolas MERLE PhD Student - Realistic Motion Controllers for Humanoid Robots Hands
Antony MEUNIER Intern Student - Intern Student, from Supméca, Toulon, France
Charley MILLARD BRL Technology Incubatee - Mind Sketch
Thomas MITCHELL Senior Lecturer
Julio MOLLEDA Researcher
Dr Dorothy Ndedi MONEKOSSO Associate Professor
Mr Ahmed MOSALLAM PhD Student - Machine Learning
Mr Ian MUDIE Research Student - Formation control
Zan NADEEM Visiting Outreach Specialist
Raphael NAGEL MSc Student - Autonomous Underwater Manipulation
Rajesh NAKARJA MSc Student - Human Robot Interaction
Mr Patricio NEBOT Visiting Researcher - Cooperative Robotics
Dr Simon NEILD Lecturer - Adaptive Control
Dr Mokhtar NIBOUCHE Senior Lecturer - Digital signal processing and reconfigurable computing
Dr Matt OATES PhD Student - Evolutionary Swarm Robotics
Dr Paul O'DOWD PhD Student - Swarm Robotics
Dr George PAPAHARALABOS PhD Student - Microbial Fuel Cells & Robotics
Dr Michail PAPOUTSIDAKIS PhD Student - Time Depended Control Systems
Grzegorz PASTERNAK Research Associate - Microbial Fuel Cells & Robotics
David PEARSON BRL Technology Incubatee - Foliumoptics
Dr Feng QIAO PhD Student - Control Systems
Dr Daniel RAABE Research Associate - Bio-Medical Engineering, Dental Robotics, Factory Automation
Daniel RICHARDS MSc Student - Medical Robotics
Calum ROKE PhD Student - Haptics
John RUDIN BRL Technology Incubatee - Foliumoptics
Dr Mohammad SAMIE PhD Student - Swarm Robotics
Sina SAREH PhD Student
Giacomo SCANDROGLIO MSc Student - Microbial Fuel Cells
Dr Samuel SCHOLES PhD Student - Understanding, recording and quantifying sorting behaviour on Leptothorax Albipennis ants
Ksenia SHALONOVA Visiting Fellow
Dr Sergey SKACHEK Research Associate - Cooperative Human Robot Interactive Systems (CHRIS)
Ali SOHAIB PhD Student - Modelling for Virtual Reconstruction
Dr Adam SPIERS Research Associate
Mr Markus STOCKL BSc-Student - Microbial Fuel Cells
Dr Jiuai SUN Research Fellow
Marie SYOËN Intern - Fall Detection System
Majid TAGHAVI PhD Student - Intern - BioEnergy
Mr Simon TANSEY Research Student - Autonomous guided vehicles
Timothy TAPHOUSE BRL Technology Incubatee - Foliumoptics
Katy TARRIT PhD Student - 3D Scene Understanding
Ms Catherine THOMAS Project Manager - Cooperative Human Robot Interactive Systems (CHRIS Project)
Jayson Jacob THOMAS Undergratuate
Peter THOMAS Research Assistant
Dr Asimina TREMOULI Research Associate - BioEnergy and Self Sustainable Systems
Terence TRITTO Research Assistant
Piotr TROJANEK Research Assistant - Verification & Validation 
Dr Amalia TSANAKA Research Associate - Assistive Technologies
Dr Ailie TURTON Research Fellow
Giovanni USAI Visiting Researcher
Dr Ravi VAIDYANATHAN Visiting Research Fellow
Mr John Paul VARGHEESE Research Associate - Human Robotic Interaction, Voice User Interfaces
Prof. Brian VINCENT Professor of Physical Chemistry - Microgel assemblies
Dr Peter WALTERS Research Fellow
Zhiyan WANG Post Dectoral Researcher
Dr Jan WESSNITZER PhD Student - Self-organisation
Queron WILLIAMS Intern Student - Robotics
James WILSON Undergraduate
Dr Matt WILSON PhD Student - Autonomous collection and sorting
Kieran WOOD PhD Student
Roger WOODMAN PhD Student
Mr Will WRAY Research Student - Adaptive neuro-control
Xin YANG PhD Student
Jonee ZEIDAN MSc Student - Robotics by Research

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