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"No, the truth is that we seniors dont get excited by the wet, juicy vaginas or the big pulsing pricks that are the backbone of the usual young-person-oriented erotica.  Instead, we want erotica that we can relate to, that talks about the alterations that are.

According to the most recent U.S. census bureau estimates there are now fifty million American senior citizens. The U.S. Census only starts considering citizen seniors after they pass the age of sixty-five.

In fact, I was turned off. I wrote Cora a brief note telling her the reasons why. To my surprise and delight, she wrote back, saying she wasnt offended! She invited me to write an essay expressing my views that could possibly be published as.

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I actually felt better about myself at sixty-one then I did at forty-one. I had finally realized my lifelong dream of becoming a writer. I felt I was now a more interesting person.

We are now the largest age group in America. I am sure among these legions I am not the only one who enjoys XXX-cinema and who will never part with their collection of naughty postcards.

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Mine was the first generation of women, (I was born in 1943) that due to the availability of the pill in the early sixties was able to change the biological curve.

Isnt that what everyone wants no matter their age? It was as if having become sixty, I was considered to be officially old, and soon to be elderly. After that, at some point, I would cross the line and become an ali.


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