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The yellow-bellied weasel (Mustela kathiah) is a species of weasel. It lives in the pine forests of Bhutan, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam. The yellow-bellied weasel is rated "Least Concern" by the IUCN Red List. The yellow-bellied weasel is named for its yellow-colored underbelly. The top of its body and the tail are dark brown. Yellow-bellied weasels have a body length of 9.8-10.6 inches (25–27 cm.) and a tail length of 4.9-5.9 inches (12.5–15 cm.). The tail is about half the length of the body. Yellow-bellied weasels weigh approximately 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg.).

Yellow-bellied weasels eat birds, mice, rats, voles, and other small mammals.

Researchers believe that the reproductive behavior of the yellow-bellied weasel is similar to that of the short-tailed weasel (Mustela erminea). Yellow-bellied weasels first build a den in the ground. Breeding occurs annually. Mating occurs in late spring or early summer. Females are pregnant for about ten months. The female gives birth to 3-18 kits in April or May. By the time the kits are eight weeks old, they are ready to go out and hunt on their own.

The yellow bellied weasel is an interesting animal that travels through most of the Thailand north countries. Most of the records came from hill evergreen Forrest and/or distributed habitats at elevations above 1,400 m. There are several characteristics of the yellow bellied weasel that are useful in distinguishing it from other weasel species. The basic color pattern of a yellow bellied weasel is rich mid-to dark brown above and yellowish to rich yellow below. It has a broad yellow patch from its throat extending past the front legs and along the venter (what is venter? is the underside or abdomen of an animal.) The yellow bellied weasel has a minimum head and body (165–280 mm). The tail is longer relatively to the head-body length.

Behavior of the yellow bellied weasel. The yellow bellied weasel roams by itself and doesn’t tend to travel with a pack ( It hunts and looks for food, it usually eats… mostly rodents such as mice, rats, and voles. They will also eat birds and small mammals (Nowak and Paradiso 1983; Jha 1999) A yellow bellied weasel was once spotted with a frog in its mouth as it was seen it dropped the frog and then came back but didn’t eat it while being spotted (

The Yellow Bellied Weasel (Mustela kathiah) is known to be in the countries of Bhutan, Burma, China, India, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam.[2](The Website of Everything) The Yellow Bellied Weasel is a hill dwelling species, found between 1,000 m and 2,000 m in elevation; in winter it may come down lower than 1,000m. The Yellow Bellied Weasel is known throughout Asia but very little is known about its biology and ecology due to its inaccessible habitat. There are records of the Yellow-bellied Weasel being sighted in Northern India in Sangrachu and Mokokchaung in the Naga Hills known to Pocock (1941). It has been recorded from Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Assam and Maniput (Choudury 1999) and there is a historical specimen form Mizoram: a skinless skull of a female collected in the Lushai Hills, Sangao, on 17 February 1953 by W N Koelz, and held in the Field Field Museum Chicago, USA; specimen n0 75807 (Shoudhury 2001; L.R. Heaney in litt. 2008).[3] Despite the sightings in India there is still little know about the Yellow Bellied Weasel.

The Weasel is a small-sized carnivorous mammal that is found on every continent with the exception of Australia and its surrounding islands, along with the more hostile polar regions. Weasels have also been introduced to other countries (mainly as a form of pest control) like New Zealand and a number of other islands. However, like the introduction of a number of small predators to such isolated places, Weasels have had a profound effect on native wildlife which has evolved in the same way for millions of years without the threat of small, terrestrial carnivores. The ferocious and greedy nature of the Weasel coupled with the thought they transmit disease to farm animals e.g. TB has led to them getting a bad reputation amongst farmers particularly who trap and kill them to prevent further loss of livestock. They have however, been introduced to countries where they are not naturally found due to their versatile and dominant nature as a form of natural pest control. Along with a number of native British species, Weasels are often found as characters in books and appear in children's songs.[4]

Interesting fact about the Yellow-bellied weasels the females are called 'bitch, doe or jill' and males 'buck, dog, hub or jack'. A yellowbellied weasel group is called a 'boogle'.

There are two subspecies of the yellow-bellied weasel:

Mustela kathiah caporiaccoi Mustela kathiah kathiah
  1. ^ Duckworth, J.W.; Timmins, R.J.; Roberton, S.; Choudhury, A. & Lau, M.W.N. (2008). "Mustela kathiah". IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2008. International Union for Conservation of Nature. Retrieved 21 March 2009. Database entry includes a brief justification of why this species is of least concern
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Big Bamboo D Guy Dubé Big Bamboo / Saragossa Band
  Big Bang Boogie D / I Michele Burton Big Bang Boogie / Scooter Lee 
  Big Bertha Blues D / I Özgür “Oscar”TAKAÇ Go To Sleep Big Bertha / Eddie Rabbitt
  BIg Big Love D / I Marie Sørensen Big Big Love / Derek Ryan
Big Big Love D Linda Sansoucy Big Big Love / Dereck Ryan
  Big Blue Note D Jan Smith Big Blue Note / Toby Keith
  Big Blue Note D / I John Sharman Big Blue Note / Toby Keith
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Big Bull Rider I Chantal Gagnon Big Bull Rider / Toby Keith
  Big Chill I Kate sala Workin' On A Big Chill / Vince Gill
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  Big Daddy D Chuck Murawski Who’s Your Daddy / Toby Keith
  Big Deal D / I Tonya Coon Big Deal / LeAnn Rimes
Big Dog Daddy I Chantal Gagnon Big Dog Daddy / Toby Keith
  Big Fish I Kate Sala & Daan Geelen  Bigger Fish To Fry / Brad Paisley
  Big Foot Stomp D / I Rafel Corbi High Steppin ` Daddy / Kentucky Headhunters 
  Big Girls Boogie D Mavis Broom Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) / Mika
Bigger D / I Stéphane Cormier Bigger / Sugarland
  Big Hair I Gloria Johnson & Dusty Miller Big Hair / Bellamy Brothers
  Big Hunk I Ria Vos A Big Hunk O'Love / Pete Anderson
  Big Jimmy D / I Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Big Jimmy & Felicidad / Graeme Connors
  Big Love D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie The Big One / George Strait 
  Big Love In Town D Séverine Fillion Big Love In A Small Town / Sarah Johns
  Big Sister's Radio I Sue Ann Ehmann My Big Sister’s Radio / The Mighty Mike Schermer Band
Big Thing D / I Mard Davidson The Next Best Thing / Vince Gill
  Big Time D / I Martin Ritchie Big Time /  Big & Rich
  Big Time Night D / I Dan Albro Small Town Big Time / Blake Shelton
  Biker Chick I Suzanne Wilson Biker Chick / Jo Dee Messina
  Biker Dance D / I Greywolf & Wiya Wambli  Country Man / Luke Bryan
  Billie Blue Lights D Michael Barr Keepin' Me Up Nights / Asleep At The Wheel
  Billie Jean I Liz Surrey & Jacqui Fields Billie Jean / Michael Jackson
  Bills D Sandy Morrujo Bills / Lunch Money Lewis
  Billy B Bad D June Shuman Billy B. Bad / George Jones
  Billy B Bad D / I Bonnie & John Newcomer Billy B. Bad / George Jones
  Billy Line Dance D Séverine Fillion Skiff-A-Billy Line Dance / Johnny Earle
  Billy Texano D / I Gabriella Castorina e Attilio De Pamphilis Billy Texano / Castellina Pasi
  Billy's Dream D Marie Sørensen Dreaming Out Loud / Billy Yates
  Billy's Got His Beer Goggle D Alan Baraniuk Billy's Got His Beer Go... / Neal McCoy
  Birmingham Rock D / I Mark Seidl Just Playin' Possum / Alan Jackson
Bit By Bit I Claude Martin Bit By Bit / John Landry
  Bit By Bit D Kevin Elvidge That'll Teach Her / Chris Cummings
Bittersweet Company I Bobby Houle Bittersweet Company / Kip Moore
  Black Betty I Crazy Chris Black Betty 2003 / Tom Jones
  Black Betty's Worldwilde D June Shuman  Black Betty's Worldwide / Xenia Ghali
  Black Butta D / I Jo & John Kinser & Mark Furnell Black Butta / Beverley Knight
  Black Cadillac I Adolfo Calderero Long Black Cadillac / Jackson Delaney
  Black Coffee I Helen O'Maley Black Coffee / Lacy J. Dalton
  Black Eyed Samba I P.  Metelnick & A. Biggs Mas Que Nada / Sergio Mendes
  Black Horse I Kate Sala The Black Horse And The../  K.T. Tunstall 
Black Horse Light D Ainsi-Danse The Black Horse And The../  K.T. Tunstall 
  Black Leather Breeches I Gaye Teather Baby Rocks / Phil Vassar
  Black Mercedes D / I Dan Albro Jim And Jack And Hank / Alan Jackson
  Black Pony D / I Niels B. Poulsen The Black Horse And The../  K.T. Tunstall 
  Blackpool By The Sea D / I Gaye Teather Blackpool By The Sea / Dave Sheriff
Black Suit D / I Daniel Servant Sharp Dressed Man / Brad Paisley
  Black Tequila Sheila D Agnes Gauthie Tequila Sheila / Blake Shelton
  Black Whiskey D Conrad Farnham Black Whiskey / The Shana Stack Band
  Blackberry Boogie I Theresa Needham Blackberry Boogie / Swing Commanders
  Blake N Trace D / I Rachael McEnaney If I Was A Woman / Trace Adkins & Blake Shelton
Blame It On That Red Dress I Lise Goulet Blame It On That Red Dress / Gord Banford
  Blame The Vain D / I DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Blame The Vain / Dwight Yoakam
  Blankety Blank D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie Fill In The Blank / Greg Bates
  Bleed Red D Mal Jones  Bleed Red / Ronnie Dunn 
Blender I Sébastien Émond & Stéphane Cormier Limes / Brad Paisley
  Bling Bling Cowboy D Joyce Warren Save A Horse, Ride A... / Big & Rich
  Bloodline I Tina Argyle Bloodline / Harper Grae
  Blood Red I Jan Wyllie She Wore Red Dresses / Dwight Yoakam
  Blood, Sweat & Beer D / I Dan Albro Blood, Sweat & Beer / Blackjack Billy
  Blow A Bugle D / I Özgür “Oscar”TAKAÇ Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B / The Honeybee Trio
Blow Me I Guy Dubé Blow Me (One Last Kiss) / Pink
  Blown Away I Kimberly Rock & Erin Deneen Blown Away / Carrie Underwood
  Blue Ain't Your Color I Roy Verdonk & José miguel Belloque Vane Blue Ain't Your Color / Keith Urban
Blue Angel D / I Marc Labrosse My Blue Angel / Aaron Tippin
  Blue Bayou Dreams D / I Violet Ray Blue Bayou / Robi Kahakalau
  Blue Blue Day D / I Diana Dawson Blue Blue Day / Anne Murray
  Blue Boy D Bob Davis Blueboy / John Fogerty
  Blue California D / I Audrey Watson Blue California / The Bellamy Brothers 
  Blue Cha D Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley Blue Café / Major Dundee
  Blue Finger Boogie D / I Marie Sørensen Blue Finger Lou / Anne Murray
  Blue Finger Lou I / A Max Perry & A.T. Kinson Blue Finger Lou / Anne Murray
  Blue Jean I Séverine Fillion Barefoot Blue Jeans Night / Jake Owen
Blue Jeans D / I M.  Lévesque & D.  Lepage Built For Blue Jeans / Tyler Dean
  Blue Jeans D Gaëtan Favreau Built For Blue Jeans / Tyler Dean
  Blue Lights Chasing I / A Joey Warren We Went / Randy Houser
  Blue Marlin Blues I Thierry Willemin Blue Marlin Blues / George Strait
  Blue Moon Shuffle D / I Diana Dawson  Blue Moon Nights / John Fogerty
Blue Night D / I Josée Rotella Zack’s Bon Ton / Zachary Richard
  Blue Night Cha D Kim Ray Blue Night / Michael Learns
  Blue Note D Jan Smith Big Blue Note / Toby Keith
  Blue Over Me D / I Francien Sittrop Blue / Derek Ryan
  Blue Rich Mountains D / I Marie Sørensen Blue Ridge Mountain Blues / Black Hills Country Band
Blue Rodeo


Chandonnet & Archambault Blue Rodeo / The Woolpackers
  Blue Rose Is D Inconnu Blue Rose Is / Pam Tillis 
Blue Sky I Jean-Guy Benoît How Gone, Goodbye / Pam Tillis
  Blue Spanish Eyes D Juliet Lam Blue Spanish Eyes / Bouke
  Blue Suede Boots D Ozgur “Oscar”TAKAÇ Blue Suede Shoes / Elvis Presley
  Blue Summer I Toni Holmes & Steve Jeffries That Summer Song / Blue County
  Blue Town D / I Daisy Simons  Whole Town Blue / Rick Treviño
  Blue Wing D / I dj Dan Blue Wing / Tom Russell Band
  Blueberry Chill D / I Gaye Teather Blueberry Hill / Mike Kelly
  Blurried Lines D / I Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk Blurred Lines / Robin Thicke & T.I. & Pharrell Williams
  Blurry Lines D / I Alison Johnstone Blurred Lines / Robin Thicke FJ Pharrell & T ( iTunes)
Boardwalk   I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Under The Board... / Lynn Anderson
  Boatdock I Larry Bass Boatdock / Men Of Distinction
  Boa Me D Romain Brasme & Marlon Ronkes Boa Me /  Ed Sheeran & Fuse ODG & Mugeez
  Bobbi With An I D / I Rachael McEnaney  Bobbi With An I / Phil Vassar
  Bobbie Sue D / I Alice Daugherty & Tim Hand Bobbie Sue / The Oak Ridge Boys
  Bobby Jo D / I Rob Fowler As Good As I Once Was / Toby Keith
  Bocephus I Bill Rice Tear Stained Letter / Patty Loveless
  Body Goes Boom ! D / I Tim Gauci Boom Boom / Justice Crew
  Body Goes Boom ! I / A Rachael McEnaney  Boom Boom / Justice Crew
  Body In Motion I Peter Metelnick Angelina / Lou Bega
  Body Lotion D / I David Kopcych Rub It In / Matt King
  Body To Body D / I Francien Sittrop Body To Body / XYP
  Bollywood I Daniel Whittaker Halla Decale / DJ Mam’s
  Bombay To Brussels I Rep Ghazali-Meaney Down Under ( F.T. & Company Edit ) / MAN & M.A.N
  Bomshel Stomp D / I J. Marshall & K. Hedges Bomshel Stomp / Bomshel 
Bomshel's Finger Lickin' D Guy Dubé It Was A Absolutely Finger Lickin, Grits And .... / Bomshel
Bonapart's D / I Pierre Provencher Bonapart's Retreat / Glen Campbell 
  Bonfire Heart I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Bonfire Heart / James Blunt
  Bonnie & Clyde I Joe Green Modern Day Bonnie &.. / Travis Tritt
  Bonnie & Clyde D / I Sue Halliday Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde / Travis Tritt
  Boobs   ( aka The Hippy Titty Shake ) I Adrian Churm Boobs / The Bellamy Brothers
  Boobyalla I John Bishop Boobyalla / D. Fish & M. Cristian
  Boogie All Night Long I Garth Bock Boogie All.. / B. Wyman & The Rhythm Kings
  Boogie Boots I Kay Romero All My Rowdy Friends are... / Hank Williams Jr
  Boogie Bop D WNJR Group You Feel The Same Way To / Rankin Family
  Boogie Choo Choo D Martie Papendorf Stoomtrein / Kurt Darren & Snotkop
  Boogie Fever I Rob Fowler Boogie Fever / The Sylvers
  Boogie Foot 06 D / I Todd Lescarbeau Club Savoy / Rockin’ Louie & M.  Jammers
  Boogie On Down I / A Benjamin Smart Stay All Night by Asleep At The Wheel / M. Chestnut & R. Benson
  Boogie Till The Cows Come Home D / I Marie Sørensen, Danemark& Adrian Helliker  Boogie Till The Cows Come Home /  Clay Walker
  Boogie Train D Aggie Gulley Boogie Train / The Tractors
  Boogie Woogie Baby Jill I Özgür & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ Boogie Woogie Queen / The Lennerockers
  Boogie Woogie Blues D / I Georgine Noël Fecteau Eight To The Bar / Dean Brothers
  Boogie Woogie Country Boy D / I Rick & Deborah Bates Small Up And Simple Down / Neal McCoy 
  Boogie Woogie Rhythm I Jo Thompson Szymanski Boogie Woogie Rhythm / Scooter Lee
  Boogie Woogie Sheriff D / I Marie Sørensen  & Sally Hung Boogie Woogie Sheriff / Dave Sheriff
  Bookacha I Rep Ghazali I Only Wanna Be With You / Anna Book & David Watson
  Boom Boom ( Move Your Body) I Dave The Rave Blake Boom Boom / Chayanne
  Boom Boom Boom I Ross Brown El Bum-Bum / Carlitos Jimenez 
  Boum Boum Boum D / I Clide Normandin Boum Boum Boum / Mika
  Bootin'It D Peter Metelnick These Boots Are.../ Dean Brothers
  Boot Scootin' Woman I Martin Ritchie Boot Scootin' Woman / The Borderers
Boots Are Ready To Dance D Mireille Taillon Boots Are Ready To... / Dean Brothers
  Boots For Walking All Over You I CH Lim-Naidu  These Boots Are Made For Walking / Nancy Sinatra
  Boots Scooting Boogie D Inconnu Boot Scootin' Boogie / Brooks & Dunn
  Boot Scootin’ Boogie D Bill Bader Boot Scootin' Boogie / Brooks & Dunn
  Boot Scootin' Boogie  a.k.a Kickin' The Blues D / I Frank M. Beal Boot Scootin' Boogie / Brooks & Dunn
Booty Shake D / I Guylaine Gagné  Booty Shake / Matt Houston
  Booty To The Floor D Donna Manning  Daisy Dukes & Cowboy Boots / Cowboy Troy et Big & Rich
  Booze Cruise D / I Gaye Teather Beer On A Boat / Ashton Shepherd 
  Booze Cruise D / I Donna Manning Booze Cruise / Blackjack Billy
  Bop The B D Kathy Brown & Lindy Bowers Bop The Be / Billy Swan
  Borderline Crazy D Dan Albro Crazy / Neal McCoy
Bored To Death D / I Bobby Houle Bored To Death / Eric Hutchinson
Born & Raised D / I Claude Martin Born And Raised / Hunter Brothers
  Born 2 Dance D / I Julia Ann Kennedy Dancing Feet / Dave Sheriff
  Born 2B Gaga D Rep Ghazali Born This Way / Lady Gaga 
Born This Way D / I Nicolas Lachance Born This Way / Lady Gaga
Born This Way I Guylaine Fontaine Born This Way / ( The Country Road Version ) / Lady Gaga
  Born To Be Alive I Paula Frohn-Butterly Baby I'm Burnin' / Dolly Parton 
Born To Be Blue D / I Serge Légaré Born To Be Blue / The Mavericks
Born To Be Blue D / I Linda Sansoucy Born To Be Blue / The Mavericks
  Born To Be Great D Conrad Farnham Some Town Somewhere / Kenny Chesney
  Born To Love D Gudrun Schneider & Roy Hoeben Born To Love You / Lanco
  Born To Love You D / I Ed Tetreau Born To Love You / Lanco
  Born To Love You I Luke Watson Born To Love You / Lanco
  Borracho Grande D Françoise Guillet Borracho Grande / Kevin Fowler
  Borriquito D / I Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Borriquito ( Brass Radio Mix ) / Rodrigues
  Borriquito D / I Roy Verdonk,  RaymondSarlemijn,  Roy Hadisubroto  Borriquito / Flamenco Radio Mix
Borrow My Dance I Marc Davidson Borrow My Heart / Taylor Henderson
  Bosa Nova D / I Phil Dennington Blame It On The Bossa Nova / Jane McDonald
  Bosa Nova ( Beginner Style ) D Irene Groundwater Blame it on the Bossa Nova / Joan McDonald
  Bossy I / A Michele Perron Bossy / Lindsay Lohan 
  Bossy Boots I Robbie McGowan Hickie Boots / Joey & Rory
  Boston Bills D / I Rob Fowler & Pat Stott Bills / Lunchmoney Lewis
  Bottle It Up D Linda Nyffeler If I Could Bottle This Up / Paul Overstreet 
  Bottle Pop I Francien Sittrop Last Night (Radio Edit) / I.Carey &Snoop Dogg & B. Anthony
Bottoms Up D / I Stéphane Cormier Bottoms Up / Brantley Gilbert
Bottoms Up D / I Carole Hudon Bottoms Up / Brantley Gilbert
Bouge La Cabeza D Carole Gosselin & Raymond Sanschagrin Bouge La Cabeza / Flavel & Neto
  Bounce D Barry Durand Bounce / Sarah Connor
  Bounce Bounce D Frank Trace Crystallized / Kim Sozzi
Bounce With Me   D / I Bobby Houle Bounce With Me / Kreysha Turner
  Bouncin' Back D / I Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry Bouncin' Back / Janie Frickie
  Bouncing Back D Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Break Me Up / Erika Selin
  Bound Ta Git Down I Rob Fowler Bound Ta Git Down / Shooter Jennings
  Bounty I Séverine Fillion Bounty / Dean Brody
  Bounty A Stefano Civa Bounty / Dean Brody

I / A

Barry & Tamela Baker Any Way The Wind Blows / Brother Phelps
  Box It Up ! I Craig Bennett Box Of Secrets / Zarif
  Boyfriend Of The Year D / I Yvonne Anderson Favourite Boyfriend Of The Year / The McClymonts
  Boys I Dan Albro Boys / Olivia Lane
Boys & Girls D / I François Lavoie When Boy Meet Girl / Terri Clark
  Boys And A Girl Thing D / I Rob Fowler Boy & A Girl Thing / Mo Pitney
  Boys, Beers And Partys I  Darling,  Rosendahl Dam,  Andersen The Boys, The Beers The Party / The Jam Band
  Boys In A Band D Montana Mag Honky Tonk Highway / Luke Combs
  Boys Will Be Boys D Gaye Teather That Don’t Make Me A Bad Guy / Toby Keith
  Boys' Round Here Stomp D / I Lindy Bowers    Boys‘ Round Here / Blake Shelton
  Brain Drain D Lorraine Harvey This Is Your Brain / Joe Diffie
  Brand New Buzz D / I Dan Albro Brand New Buzz / Big & Rich
  Brand New Buzz D / I Magali Chabret Brand New Buzz / Big & Rich 
  Brand New Girlfriend D / I Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher Brand New Girlfriend / Steve Holy
  Brazil D Frank Trace Brazil (Single Version) / Bellini
  Bread & Butter I Roz Morgan Shortening Bread / The Tractors
  Bread On The Table I Maggie Gallagher Bread On The Table /  Tom Wurth
  Break All The Rules I Alan Robinson Dancin' Cowboys / Bellamy Brothers
  Break Away D Max Perry Break Away / Scooter Lee
  Break Down U / D Flavia Ruzzier Break It Back Down / Pat Green
Breakfast Beer I Michaël Lacasse & Michel Auclair Breakfast Beer / Gord Bamford
  Break It Back Down D Dwight Meessen Break It Back Down / Pat Green 
  Break Me Up I Kate Sala Break Me Up / Erika Selin
  Break My Mind D / I Graham Mitchell Break My Mind / Nathan Carter
  Break On Me D / I Gaye Teather Break On Me / Keith Urban
  Break You Heart D / I Grace Apostol Break Your Heart / Taio Cruz
  Breaker, Breaker 1-9 I Levi J. Hubbard Nothin' To Lose / Josh Gracin 
  Breaking In Two D Kate Jones & David Spencer  There Goes My Heart / The Mavericks
  Breaking Up D / I David Dabbs Breaking Up / Jack Jersey 
  Breathe Into You I Francien Sittrop Breathe / Jax Jones & Ina Wroldsen
Breakthrough I Guy Dubé & Richard Boutet Breakthrough / Adam Hicks
  Breathless Corrs Go On I David J. McDonagh Breathless / Corrs
  Brer Rabbit I Cherie Belle Harclerode I'll Make Everything... / Eddie Rabbitt
  Bridges To Your Heart D / I Kathy Brown Building Bridges / Brooks & Dunn
  Brighter Life D   contra Henry Costa My Girl / Alabama
  Bring Down House D Sylvie Aumelas Bring Down The House / Dean Brody
Bring Down The House I Stéphane Cormier & Denis Henley Bring Down the House / Dean Brody
  Bring It On D / I Rick & Deborah Bates Bring It On / Rosie Flores
  Bring It On Over D / I Gaye Teather Bring It On Over / Billy Currington
  Bring Me Down D Lisa LeMier All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down / The Mavericks
  Bring Me Down D / I   contra Inconnu All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down / The Mavericks
  Bring Me Water ! D Nancy A. Morgan Waiter ! Bring Me.. / Shania Twain
  Bring On The Good Times D / I Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Bring On The Good Times / Lisa McHugh
  Bring On The Teardrops D / I Marie Sørensen Bring On The Teardrops / Boy Howdy
  Broken Glass I Scott Blevins Found A New Love / Bryn Christopher
  Brokenhearted D / I Gary Lafferty Brokenhearted / William Michael Morgan
  Broken Heart D Leo Boomen My Next Broken Heart / Brooks & Dunn
  Broken Heart I Patricia E. Stott Because Of You / The Mavericks
  Broken Hearted Mama I Tony Myers Mama’s Broken Heart / Miranda Lambert
  Broken Hearted Rock N Roll I Vikki Morris & Karl Cregeen Nothin' For A Broken.. / V. Gill & R. Crowell
  Broken Heels I Mark Furnell & Jo & John Kinser Broken Heels / Alexandra Burke
  Broken Stones D Dee Musk Broken Stones / Paul Weller
  Brokenheartsville I Peter Metelnick Brokenheartsville / Joe Nichols
  Broon Sauce D / I Rep Ghazali-Meaney Whole Lotta Lovin’ / T Graham Brown
Brother Louie D Marilyne Brother Louie / Modern Talkin'
  Brother Louie I Geri Morrison Brother Louie (Radio Edit) / Modern Talking
  Brotherhood I Adriano Castagnoli Do You Still Wanna Buy Me That Drink / Lorrie Morgan
  Brothers I Wendy & Tom Monaghan Brothers / Dean Brody
  Bruises D / I Niels Poulsen Bruises / Train & Ashley Monroe
  Bubba's Babalou I "Calamity" Jane Newhard Babalou / The Tractors
  Bubble Gum Cowboy D Jules Langstaff Bubble Gum Cowboy / Loco Loco
Buck Dance D Denis Henley Buck Owens Medley / Nathan Carter
Bucked Off D / I Mathieu Gagné Bucked Off / Brad Paisley
  Buck It D Ron Kresconko That Buckin' Song / Robert Earl Keen
  Buck Wild Stomp D / I Kathy Brown Drunk Chicks / Seven
  Buckaroo I Denise Stone Honky Tonk Truth / Brooks & Dunn
Buck'Em ( PBR Anthem ) I Guy Dubé Buck'Em (PBR Anthem) / Colt Ford
Buckwild D / I Pierre Mercier Barefoot And Buckwild / Lauren Alaina
  Bud Light Blue I Darren Bailey Bud Light Blue / Coffey Anderson
  Bud Wiser D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie  Make Her Fall In Love With... / George Strait
  Buddy D Bruno Moggia One Step Forward / Desert Rose Band
  Buddy's Hank D / I Maureen Sheppard Hankin' It Up / Buddy Eugene and Claudia
  Buffalo Road D Ray Bus Somebody Will / Kelsey DiMarco
  Buffalo Stampede I Bob Van Sikle Honky Tonk Attitude / Joe Diffie
  Buffalo Tales I Gaye Teather That's What They Said About The Buffalo / Michael Peterson
  Buffet & Jackson D / I Georgine Noël Fecteau  It's Five O'Clock Som... / A. Jackson & J. Buffet
  Build A Bridge D / I Modern Soles Up / Olly Murs & Demi Lovato
  Building Bridges D / I Sharon Hutchinson Building Bridges / Brooks & Dunn
  Built 4 Bluejeans D / I Norman Gifford Built For Blue Jeans / Tyler Dean
  Built To Last D / I Tina Argyle  Under The Hood / Billy Ray Cyrus
  Bull By The Horns D Inconnu Got The Bull By The Horns / K.T. Lang
  Bullet Proof I Rob Fowler Bulletproof / La Roux
  Bulletproof D Jo Rosenblatt 10 Feet Tall And Bulletproof / Travis Tritt
  Bullfrog On A Log D / I Cef Decaney Gotta Feeling / Tim Hicks & Blackjack Billy
  Bump-N-Grind D / I Jo Thompson & Jamie Davis Bump-N-Grind / Ronnie Beard
  Bump In The Dark I Jo Thompson No One Else On Earth / Wynonna Judd
Bundle Of Nerves I Marc Archambault Bundle Of Nerves / Ken Mellons
  Burlesque I Norman Gilford Welcome To Burlesque / Cher
Burn Inside   D Stéphane Cormier I Have Been Lonely / Black Shelton
  Burn'Em Down I Tony & Lana  H. Wilson Burnin' The Honky..../ Alan Jackson
  Burnin' The Roadhouse Down D Bastiaan van Leeuwen Burnin' The Roadhouse Down / Steve Wariner & Garth Brooks
  Burning Blue D / I Francien Sittrop Old Flame Burning Blue / The Lennerockers
  Burning, Burning, Burning I Gordon Elliott  Burning Love / Elvis Presley
Burning Love D M. Davidson & N. Pelletier Burning Love / Travis Tritt
Burning Man D / I Guylaine Bourdages & Guillaume Richard Burning Man / Dierk Bentley & Brothers Osborne
  Burning Memories D Max Perry Burning Memories / Pam Tillis
  Burning The Road House Down D / I Rob Fowler Burnin' The Road House Down / Steve Wariner & Garth Brooks
  Bush Party D / I Gudrun Schneider  Bush Party / Dean Brody
  But Tonight I'm Loving You I Annette Skaff Tonight (Clean) / Enrique Iglesias & Ludacris
  Butter Bean D / I Kate Sala Your Smile / George Canyon
  Butter Beans D / I Christopher Petre Head South / Neal McCoy
  Butterfly D / I Winnie Yu ( Dance Pooh )  Butterfly / Toybox
  Butterfly Tattoo D / I Séverine Fillion Butterfly Tattoo / Lauren Briant
  Buy Me A Drink D Maggie Gallagher Do You Still Wanna.../  Lorrie Morgan
  BWOM (Beautiful Woman Of Mine) D / I Rafel Corbi You Look So Beautiful / Bouke
  By & By D Marie Sorensen By And By / Elvis Presley
  By And By D Chrystel Durand By And By / The Olson Bros Band
  Bye Bye Mambo D Helen Conroy Noonan Bye Bye ( piccolissima ) / David Civera

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