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ADMS Registered Farm Names
Below and on the following pages are all of the Registered Farm Names (and the people who they go with ) as of Aug 24, 2006.  Names are in alphabetical order as per our computer program.  Please note that your FARM NAME and PREFIX may not be the same.   MORE Added Sept 2008  
LEAH IS WORKING ON RECONCILING the computer list Pre-Crash with the updated list.  This is a lot of work and revamping.  new Farm Names will be added asap.  This will be with a new look, and hopefully easier to maintain.  PLEASE be patient, as she has a lot of other things working as well.  Thank you.  2-3-10.  (MORE ADDED 4/2010)
We will not accept farm names that are too close to existing ones. 
This has taken a lot of cut and paste from another non-web-compatible program, so please be patient as we iron out the odd characters, duplicates, and kinks.  Leah works on the website when she can!  (Some 08 names added 8-20-08)  If you registered a farm name in 2006 or 2007, please check those supplemental pages!  Thanks!!!    WE WILL BE COMPLETE REVAMPING THESE PAGES Spring 2011.  Please DO NOT ASK Us to add or change farm names until we note they have been reworked. !!!
"R" Little Ranch  - Emily/Michael Cato
'Bout Broke Farm - Garland Killian
'Soper's Miniature Donkey's' - Johnny & Carroll Soper
1/2 pint farm - Al Trahan
101 Ranch of Falcon - J.R. & Penny Yarbrough
12 Oaks - Pat & Durwin Tyner
2 Morrow's Longears - Bob & Sharon Morrow
24K Mules - Laurie S. Powrie
2AB Longears - Amanda A. Bak
2T's Mini Asses - Tom & Trudy Easler
3-B 1/2 Horse Ranch- Wendel D. Branco
3C Hobby Farm - Angela Stoner
3LJ - Nelda & Richard Thornton
3M Farm - M.M. Murrary Jr.
4D Miniatures - The Degners
4-Z Exotics  - Connie Zimmerman
5 Cross B Ranch  - David & Phoebe Crosby
5G5 Ranch  - David & Karen Gibson
6R Ranch - The Rookers
7K Bar Ranch  - Arnold Kornegay

A Girl and Her Donkey  - Nina Hassinger
A Peace of Heaven  - David & Susan Millikan
A Plus Carson Ranch  - David & Barbara Carson
Aaron's Acres - Bill & Judi Aaron
Abbott Crossing - The Robert Bond Family
Abnaki Acres - Ed & Becky Jones
Abner's Acres - Gary & Deborah Hanson
Ace Jackstock (resv) - Julie Ellis, Milford Gran
Ace-N-The Hole Acres Miniature Donkeys - David & Sheila Winslow
Ache-N Ass Ranch  - Dan & Lina Hastings
Achin' Ass Acres - Jane E. Carey
Acker's Ass-Key Acres (prefix Triple AAA) - Everett &
Rosie Acker
Acker's Donkey Lane - Karian & Dan Acker
Action  - Kelly Baker
Adair's Spotted Donkey Farm   - Robert or Donna Adair
Adele's Adorables  - Jim & Adele Shimanoff
Adonai Farm  - Gwen Lawson
Adventure Trails Ranch  Thor Sigstedt & Belle Ponder
AKA Miniature Donkeys  Sharon R.Windsor
Alerrt  - Camilla Malutoga
Alimar Acres -  Alisdair & Maryanne Dickson
Aljacuzie's Asses - Jaeda Buekey
All Ears Equine-  Sheryl Gambardella
Allelujah Acres - John & Dorothy Jean Devore
Allen's Acres- Norman & Theresa Allen
Allihew's Affable Asses - V. Dana Allison
Almeida Donkey & Mule Farm - Gus Almeida
Almost a Horse Ranch - Steve & Sandy Markus
Almost A Ranch Miniature Donkeys - Judy M Osa
Almosta Ranch - Roberta Pickrell
Alta Mesa Ranch - Ron Stevens & Claudia Spain
AmaZinn Acres -Dr. Raymond & Heather Zinn
Amber Waves - James & Debbie Hosley
Ambling Acres - Amanda Jennings
Amigo Farm - Maria Petrak
Amore Miniatures - Sarah Pushlar
Amos Acres - Bill & Marilyn Amos
An Ass Or So Ranch - Ron &Judy Schulz
Angel Bray Farm - Michele Magnuson
Angel Mist Farm - Kurt E & Marilyn Showalter
Angel's Jumpin' Jack Farm - Leo & Ronile Wilson
Angels' End - Toots & Richard D. Lucas
Animule Acres - Sherry Woodruff
Ann's Sassy Acres - Ann Gaydosh
Annabelle's Acres - Paula R. Bond
Anne & Richard Enterprises  - Richard & Anne Updyke
Annie's Acres - Anne & Jim Pratt
Anthony's Enchanting Jack Stock Ranch - Ted Anthony
AOK Ranch - Todd & Kathy Cook/Vernon & Loretta Cook
Apacheria Mule Ranch - Boog & Marilyn Pate
Apothecary Farm - Ryan & Jillian Garrett
Appalachian Farmstead - Dennis & Peggy Vonderfecht
Apple Acres Horse & Mule Farm Nancy & Paul Apple
Apple Jacks Miniature Donkey Farm Sharron, Amber & Kayla Conley
Apple-Jack Hill Farm - Dale & Cathi Bodell
Arbor-Ledge Farm - Dr. Edward & Wendy Howe
Arcadia Ridge Farm - Beth D. Yarwold
Arcadian Exotics - Paul & Gertrude Suorsa
Archipelago Farm - Cynthia Brasfield/David Letourneau
Ark Park Acres - Tracy Tritle
Arkansas Happy Ass Farms - P. Douglas Mays
Arkansas Mule Company - Mike & Caroline Kent
Arranbrook Stud - Ann French
Armstong Acres  -Pauline C Armstong
Armstrong's Regal Crown Farm - C.E.  Armstrong Jr. & Martha Armstrong
Arroyo's Rocky Top Ranch - Tawny Arroyo
Artisan Acres - Joe & Karen Williams
As The Crowe Flies - Kevin & Nicole Crowe
Ash Haven Farm - Don & Sallie Pollock
Asinine Acres - Lisa & Dale Oakes
Asino Acres - C.R. Tidland
Aspen Valley Miniatures - John & Carol Knight
ASS "N" HOCK RANCH - Pat & Bill Johnson
Ass Acres - Larry, Barbara, Chris & Kalee Lawson
Ass-End Acres - Cindy Allen
Ass Hill - Laurieann B. Shoemaker
Ass O'Mine Acres - Gil & Kay Tercenio
Ass-Pirin Acres - Mike & Marsha Reed
Asspen Grove - Leann Rutley
Asstec Acres - Darryl & Joanie Wilson
Ass-ter Acres - Peter Gerlach
Ass-U-Me Donkeys & Mules - Steve Milliren
ASSA NINE TAILS - Micha Grillett
Assandnine Acres - Shannon Martinez
AssN9 Ranch - Kim Winton & Jim Speck
ASSES ARE US - Monica Byrd & Karl Crochet
Asset Acres - Walter Nunn
Assinine Acres - Charles & Edith Meyer
Assisi Farms - Sister Jean Terese Farnham
Assissi Sunset Stables (Acres) - Tess Gregorich
Assmasters - Charles & Sue Kraeger
ASSpecial Ranch - Tom &Jane Sauers
Asspecially For Ewe - Mike & Betsy Tuttle
Asspen Farm - Judy Sadler
ASSphault Acres - Steve & Jill Crim
ASSPIRATIONS - Lon, Sheila & Adam Risley
Asstonish Farm - Mary Hager
AStrid'S Animal Tales  - Astrid D. Thomsen
Aunt Betty's Mules & More - Shannon Hutchinson
Austin's Lazy A Ranch - Jack & Nola Austin
Austin's Miniature Long Ears - Richard & Cheryl Austin
AVA Circle S - Valerie & Armand Scurria
Away in a Manger - Scott or Cheryl Shult

A through E
B/K Farms - William King
B R Gest Farm - Carl, Deanna & Eric Gest
B&B Rosehill Ranch - James or Patsy Brown
B & D Longshot Ranch  - Bard & Doug Feil
B & G Mule Company  - Walter & Gloria Baker
B & S Livestock Inc.  - Bill Gunter & Sandy Connelly
B&D Green Acres  - Bruce & Delores Early
B&I's Kicking Ass-es Donkey Ranch - Bill & Irene Hudson
B-Bar-S - Bill & Sue Bolling
B-N Mules - Bill Bell & Nancy Wilson
B-RAYin' Acres - Berty & Ray Fischer
B4 Mule Factory - Richard & Coleen Baars
Ba Donka Donk Mini Donks - Harvey & Lisa Pool
Back Acher Brays & Gaits - Jim & Loree Doering
Back Ass Woods Mule Ranch - Donna Carberry
Badasses of Neches - Barry & Beth Swinney
Bailey's Farms - Irvin L. Bailey, Sr.
Baker's Dozen Donkeys - Pat Baker & Gayle Gentis
Baker's Pine Hill Farm - Cindy J. Baker
Bald Hill Reach Farm - Marcia Lizotte
Bar 4B Ranch - Andria & Mark Brotnov
Bar C Heartland Ranch Miniature Donkeys - Carey Sisk
Bar JF Ranch - Pauline & Lonny Ferguson
Bar R Farm - Crystal Rodan
Bar Seventy Six - Mary N. Churchill
Barker's Brayers - Allen & Sue Barker
BarnHouse Trading Company - Anne & Kerry Hancock
Barnyard Babies - Sherman & Lisa K. Knaack
Barnyard Brayers - Clarles A Pleak
Barred-M-Ranch - Matt & Heidi McCarty
Barval Farm - Valerie J. Barden
Bass' Sunset Ridge Ranch - Bert & Pam Bass
Bass's Little Asses - Bass, John
Battle Brook Land & Cattle Co. - Carolyn & Michael Cunningham
Bayer Minimum Ranch - Joe & Theresa Bayer
Bayou Brayers Boyd & Debra Walker
Bayside Raymond & Zana Smallen Klomes
BAZANTAMY FARM - Patricia Freund
BB Ranch - Bonnie Samuel & Bill DeBois
BCLD - Bailey Dixon
BC Ranch - Garth & Tara Edwardson
Beagle Bay - Jan & Bobby Smith
Bear Creek - Chuck & Phyllis Huff
Bear Mountain Ranch - Stan & Kim christensen
Bear's Big Ass Farm - McDonald, Jan & Bear
Beaty's Mini Behinds - Jeanie & Ronnie Beaty
Beaujack Farm - Mr. & Mrs. John E. Sowders
Beaver's Brayin' Barnyard - Irving & Sandra Beavers
Bechthold Ranch - Michael & Pamela Bechthold
Bee Log Burros - Randy & Valerie Vickers
Beech Nut Hill Farm - Paul & Sharon Emmanuel
Behold Miniatures - Betty & Earl Hold
Bell's Landing Mule Co. - Howard B. Brooks
Bent Stik Ranch - Hamilton/Bowen, Lori Hamilton, C. Todd Bowen
Bent-Rail Farm - Robert & Marilyn Munn
Best Friends Farm Miniature Donkeys - Frankie O Lee
Bet Your Ass Mules - Terry Reynolds and Ellen Mc Call
Bet Your Ass Stables - Janice Charlebois
Better Business Burros - Joseph & Rose Mary King
Beulah Land - Larry A & Doris Burnette
Bible Hill Farm - Peter & Lee Doering
Big Ass Acres - Marisa & Delia Baldwin
Big Ass Siwashbucklers - Laura Levesque Michael Froehlich
Big City Acres - Paul & Kory Slade
Big Ears Farm - Caroline Johnson ricks
Big Oak Farm - Jimmy & Caroline Glenn
Big River  Miniature Donkey farm - Jeff, Brenda Job & Noah Runge
Big Run Farm -Grahel & Linda Gannon
Big Woods Farm - Tom & Deby Cochran
Bird's Nest Farm - Bird Armstrong
Birdeye Farms - Harmon Smith DVM
Birds Plus - Ken & Virginia Connor
Birney's Quality Miniatures - Walt & Teresa Birney
Bistineau Farms - Edgar Robinson
Bit By Bit - David & Cynthia Goldenbaum
Bits & Pieces Exotics - Phillip & Laurie Nomellini
Bits & Pieces Farm - Nancy Anderson & Jeanne Martenet
Bitterroot Mule Company - Larry & Fran Howe
Bittersweet Ridge Farm - Gary & Sue Kottwitz
Bitty Acres - Howard R & Jonnie J. Harrison
BJ's Little Ass Ranch - Bonnie Wilson
BJ's Mini Farm - Betty Jean Carasco
Black Diamond - Bill & Nancy Brandner
Black Diamond Farm - Chelsea & Buz Arnold
Black Dog Farm - Mimi Cantwell
Black Jack Farm - Jan Henderson, Natalie & Tim Baird
Black Jack Miniature Donkeys (or BlackJack) - Mike & Pat /David & Darla Combs
Black Moon Miniatures   - Anne Stoflet
Black Mountain Minaitures - Deborrah Killam
Black Sheep Ranch - Jerome & Norma Gonzales
Blackhawk Farm - Molly Amini
BlackWatch - Rebecca Chandler (nee Welch)
Blais'n Saddles - Lisa Lloyd Blais
Blazing Saddles Ranch -  - R.L. & Phyillis Krueger Glazier
Blessed Assurance Farm -  - Kay Allen
Blessing Way Miniatures - Theresa L Fleming
Blest Hope Farm - Joel T or Deborah Hassell
Blissful Farm - Ronald & Kathy Knoop
Blossom's Donkeyland - Blossom S. Scott
Blue Agave Ranch - - Nancy Casurella
Blue Hill Fred & Carolyne Heacock
Blue Hill Heritage Breeds - John, Melissa & Alex Lavoie
Blue Moon Miniature Donkeys - Kerri, Dennis, Kacey Nelson
Blue Mountain Donkey Farm - Jeanine A. Rachau
Blue Ribbon Minaiture Donkeys - Annette Spnetti
Blue Steel Acres - Lynda Romero
Bluebird Meadow Farm - Glenn, katie, Geoff & Mark Taylor
Bluebonnet Training Stables - C.E. Roper
BlueCheese Ranch - Blaise Glaze
Bluegrass Donkey Ranch - Jim & Pilar Fish
Bluejackets' Ranch - Elaine F Rahija
Bluestone Brayers - John E. & Sue Ann Weaver
Bo Donkey Donks - John, Lane & Peyton Ross
Bobn Robin.s Ranch - Bobb & Robin Christian
BoDonkey Farms - Ken Bowe
Boelens' Dinky Donkey Acres - Boelen, John & Jacki
Bog Iron Farm - Barbara & Dean Dalpe
Bonnie Brae - Bonnie Thornburg
Bonniedale's - Dale & Bonnie Stambaugh
Bordeaux Burros - Wayne & Linda Wills
Bosco Bello - Diana Plaster
Boulder-Oak Ranch - Don & Carolyn Veach
boxcar Acres - Herman Senften
br"ASS" Ring Farm - Patricia Thomson
Brady's Asses 'R' Us - George & Kay Brady
Brae Acres Farm - Cynthia Voskamp Family
Braethorn at Thornghyll - Jaclyn Hall & Colin Loson
Bramoth Farm - Tex Taylor DVM
Brasstown Brayers - Sharon & Gary Mathews
Bray Brook Farm - Judy Stolberg Lewis
Bray Crest Acres - Moryville J. & Geraldine B. Hutchison
Bray Haven Farm - Greg Sefton
Bray's Lil' Donkey Farm - Jim Bray
BRAY-N-DONKEY FARM - Geraldine Kinser
Bray Ridge - Bob & Carol Whiteside
Bray Tell Me - Maureen A. Owen
Bray-ZEN Miniature Donkeys - Stephen & Alison Visokay
Brayer Hill Farm - Sue King
Brayer Patch of East Mountain - H.C. & Barbara Feagin
Brayer Patch Ranch - Dr. Donald J. Alzner
Brayer Reservation - John & Christine Meche
Brayer Reserve - Gary Wilson
Brayer Valley Farm - Peggy & Keith Riley
Brayer's Bunkhouse - Curtis & Neysa Giles
Brayers R Us - Stephanie R. Dove
Brayers Tales Farm - Powell Family
Brayin' Acres - Gary & Melissa Endlich
Brayin' Acres Ranch - Tom & Doreen Russell
Braying Hills - Max & Denise Keithley
Braying holler Farms - Steve Cantrel
Braying Meadows - Trisha Autry
Braying Pines - William & Eileen Walters
BrayLand - Bill & Martha Shepperd
Braylee Acres - Sue Bonham
Braymeadow Farm - George, Scotty and Py Kolb
BrayNeigh Farm - Toni D. Ray
Break Heart Ranch - John & Valerie Hinderlider
Bred Well 4-U Mini Ranch - Randy & Cindy Garcia
Breezy Hill Brayer Farm - Joe & Jackie Mitchell
Breezy Hill Farm - Carol Rodgers & Barbara West
Breyer Acres - Kay Baker
Briar-Patch Burros - Tammera & David Park
Bridgewater Acres - Marion & Maribel Gilcher
Brier Field Farm - Joe Wheatley
Brigadoon Farms - Jim & Kathy Harrell
Bright Acres - Andrews, Pamela & Alan
Britton's Brayers - Steve & Jama Britton
Broke Ass Ranch - Shane Lambert/Angela Sparger/Courtney Lamber
Broken Arrow Ranch - Ronnie & Kay Snow
Broken Dollar Ranch - Stacy Schweigel
Broken Tail Acres - John or Carol Nolen
Broken Tree Ranch - Ken & Kathe Campbell
Bronky Donkey Ranch - Murray Burrows
Brookfield Zoo - Chicago Zoological Society/Sue Kozoyed
Brown Mule Saloon - Bruce & Holly Fisher
Brown's J-3 Mule Ranch (J3Bar) - Jerry & Eva Brown
Brown's Mini Farm - Stephen, Robin, Joshua & Justin Brown
Brush Meadow Farm - Peggy & Brian Cost
Buckaroo Ranch - Kenneth L. Northrup
Buckwheat Hill Farm - Lawrence Craddock
Buena Vista Miniatures - Ray and Rene' Hernandez
Buffalo Hill Exotics (prefix JLR) - Larry & Judy Rohner
Buffalo Rock Ranch - Speidel, Randy & Kay
Buffalo Run Miniature Horses - Earl & Glenna Shuck
Bull Creek Farm - Ron & Sherrill Gentry
Bullaburra - Mr. Bruce McLuckie
Bunny's Burros - Bunny Seeger
Burk's Hee Haw Hill - Betsy Burk
Burning Daylight Ranch - Jeannette Hayward & Rod Owen
Burro Alley - Larry & Maggie Smart
Burro Bend Farm - Dave & Judy Snyder
BURRO INN - Pete & Pat Goshia
Burro-Lesk Farms - Leslie Nelson
Burros Loco - Renae H. Powers
Burros Welcome Farm - Martha King
Bustin Ass Farm -  Harry & Karin Chaffin
Butterflat Farm - Forrest & Ellen Dahlstet
Butternut Ridge - Rev. Ken Parker
Buzzard Gulch Farm - Myron & Susan Flagg & Casey Davisson
Buzzsaw Ranch -  - Lee & Jessica Sherfield
Byrd's Buck-N-Ears Ranch - David & Paula Byrd
C & S Mules - James H. Walters
C Barch Donkey Hollow Farm - Carolyn Harralson
C& H Li'L Rascals - Homer & Beulah Cantrell, Dennis & Kim Humphrey
C&L Mini Donkey Farm - Lorraine & Charles Chudomelka
C&P Donkey Farm - Carl & Peggy Graham
C-C Ears Erect - Marv & Thelem Cosner
C-J's Farm - Gerald & Carolyn Welliver
C-R MULES - Jay & Chris Miller
C-Shells - Celeste & Jimmy Goodwin
C.D.R. - M/M Craig Rasmussen
C.J.S. Donkey Heaven - Cheryl Self
Cabalasinus Hill - Dr. Gordon & Mrs. Diane Heckel
Cabinwood Farm - Lori and Alan Wargo
Cact-Ass Acres - Ron & Judy Marrens
Cactus Patch Ranch - Tom Weir
CADE Corral Miniatures - Dennis & Camille Colle
Cajun's Heritage Acres - Denise L. Josey
Calapooya Donkey Ranch - Marie & George Crocker
Calico Ridge Mammoths - Kim & Jeanine Radel
California Dreamin' Farm - Bethany or Steve Kostelec
Camino Piсon ASS-tates - Everhart, Mike & Karmella
Candy Ass Ranch - Candy Allen
Candyland Station - Laneitta & Tommy Loveless
Cane Creek Farms - Steve & Amy Taylor
Cane Run Farm - Tom & Debbie Owen
Canyon Crossing Ranch - Steve Howard
Capstone Ranch - Kerry  &  Theresa Ford
Carolines Critter Farm - Caroline B. Mitchell
Carousel Donkeys - Robert Jones
Carousel Farms - Linda & jerry johnson
Carousel Gardens - Caroline Elfving
Carriage House - David Landzaat  (Landzat)
Casa de Burro's - Karlin Daniel & Assoc.
Casa de Burros - Zack Norville
Casey Jones Junction - Ruby, Rick, & Sandi Jones
Casey's Back Achers - Thomas & Carin Casey
Cason's Quarter - Randy & Cindy Cason
Castle Crest Miniatures = Sue & Reggie Carlsen
Cates Farm - Clara Cates & Gaylon
Cato's Paradise Farm - Michael & Emily Cato
Catoosa County Donkey Ranch - Waters, Jerry & Matt
CB Miniature Donkeys - Cody Bartlett
Cedar Creek Farm - Barbara R. Grubb
Cedar Oaks Farm - Warner L. Neumann & LaNell N. Arndt
Cedar Pond Farm - Ken & Nita Owens
Cedar Rock Ranch - JB & Pam Pruitt
Cedar Run Farm - Susan & David Simmons
Cedar Run Farm @ Button Brook - Candace Trombley
Cedar Valley Farm - Steve & Cheryl Klund
Ceder Rail Farm - Diane Schmiedeke
CeeKay - Cindy K. Lineberry
CeleBRAYtion Acres - Stuart & Jan Cawthon
Celestial Acres  - Tom & Lynn Loner
Celtic Acres - Phyllis I. Cairns & Patricia A. Mullen
Celtic Hearts - George & Lisa Howison
Centerline Farm - Pamela Jean Conley
Chad Creek Jack and Jenny Farm - Ed & Janice Lewis
Chakola's Place-Penelope A. dePeyer
Champaine Run-Rodney J Dufrain
Chantilly Lace - Terry Capelan
Chaos Farm - Kathleen Conway
Chaps My Hide Ranch - Mary & Kelly Radtke
Chase Me Stable - Sara B. Cocks
Chateau Miniatures  Maisie & Jack Hurst
Chena Lakes Farm - Tracy Pulido
Cherry Mountain Donkey Company - Mary Katherine Foerster
Cheryls Long Ears -  Cheryl Fluhr
Chesai Ranch - Ford Best
Chimera Farm - Duane & Clara Houk
China Grove Ranch - C.P. & Billie J. Matheson
Chocolate Donkey Farm - Ken Bowe
Christian Valley - B.J. & B.J. Elkin
Cider Hollow Farm - Steven & Teri Sherrets
Cielo del Burro - Camilla Maluotoga
Cinda Farms - Dave & Cindy Fesemyer
Circle "R" Rotten Ass Ranch - James Walker & Gloria Kennedy
CIRCLE B FARM - Doug & Ann Buszmann
Circle Back Ranch - Robert & Kathy Luca
Circle Bar N Mules =- Gordan & Caroline Nordyke
Circle C (Livestock) - Grant & Sharon Cooke
Circle G Mules - Jeff & Terri Griffin
Circle H Ranch - Russ & Gloria Hauenstein
Circle R Ranch - Grady & Hughette Rice
Circle T - Vicki Thompson
Circle W - Bob & Brenda Winters
Circle W Lil' Ass-ets Donkey Farm Cathryn D. & Randy B. White
Circle Y Farm - Cynthia Young
Cisco & Sons - Gordy & Pam Zemnickas
CJ Ranch - Janet Johnson & Dan Carpenter
Cl-ASS-ic FARM - Kelly Baker
Clarke's Saddlebrook Mule Farm - Bob & Susan Clark
Classic Acres - Barbara Jo Rubin
Classy Ass Acres - Stan & Pat Darden
Classy Ass Mule Farm - H.L. (Butch) & Laura Maurino
Claw Mountain Racnh - Larry & Carole Baumgardner
Clearview Farms - Arthur F Smith
Cloud Danc'n Ranch - Sigrid T Loveless
Cloverleaf Farm - Bethany Burnham
Clover Ridge Farm - Allan & Cindy Broadbent
Cobb Farms - John & Faye Cobb
Cobb Lil Acres - Patsy & Rodney Cobb
Cody's Tennessee Walkers/Mules - Cody & Jim Hancock
Coffee Hollow Mammoth Jack Stud - Gail Flach
Coggeshall Farm - The Curran's
Cohen's Y-Not Ranch  - Leslie Cohen
Cold Creek donkey Company - Jerry & Theta Upton
Collinsdale Miniature & More Inc - Mary, Joel, Joshua & Michaela Collins
ColSan Woods - Gert Colgan & Linda Sancho
Columbia Hill Farm - Crisse R. Lincoln
Comanch Ranch I & II - Rita & Larry Anderson
Conness's Crazy Acres - Mike & Debra Ann Conness
Conter's Spotted Ass Ranch - Mr. & Mrs. John Conter
Cooper's Burro Ranch - Jerry & Helen Cooper
Copperas Creek Miniature Donkeys - Julie Bordenkircher
Copper Star Miniature Donkeys - Emily & Brad Gollner
Corazon del Dixie - Calvin & Sylvia Landrum
Cotten's Half Ass Ranch - Rusty & Mic Cotten
Cottonwood Ranch - Carol & John Harris
Country Breeze Farm - Sally & Gary Drucker
Country Carrousel - Judith Marshal Zajac
Country Music Miniature Donkeys - Jim & Rhetta Mc Alister
Country Place Miniature Donkey Farm - Gerald & Betty Franz
Country Trail Acres - Ken & Naomi Ward/Steve Parsons
Countryside Mini Donkey Farm - Lynne Trent  (Brooks?)
Couture Original Mini Ranch - Robert (Taylor) Couture
Covenant Farms - Robert & Pamela Galloway
Cox's Braying Meadows Farm-David& Leesa Cox
Coyote Cove Critters - Sharon M Hall
CPA Ranch - Martin G. Williams
CR Mini Ranch - Cheryl & Ronnie Nelson
Cracker Creek Stables - Daniel F. Looney
Cracker Jack Ranch - Gregory L. Jack
Craig's Lil Hee-Haw Ranch - Thomas & Pamela Craig
Cranberry Cove Farm - Paul & Virginia Sybertz
Crandall 1665 Homestead - Arlene B. Crandall & Family
Crane Creek - Gregg & Wendy Calvert
Crash 'n Planes, Inc. - Gary Jackson
Creek Hollow Farm - Tonya Barga
Creekside Farm - Ann G. Harrell
Cripple Creek Mule Manufacturing Calvin & Sandy Davis
Crippled R Asses - Mary Jane runyon
Crissy's ASSets Galore  - (Resv) Crissy Anderson
Critter Country -  - Doc & Frankie Miller
Critter Craze Ranch -  Barbara Crane & George Shira
Critter Creek Farm - Michael & Beverly Hollock
Critter Haven Farm  - Brian & Diane Hildebrandt
Critterville  - Charles & Aline Williams
Crone's Family Farm - Crone
Crooked Creek Ranch - T heresa & Brian Puckett
Crooked Gate Ranch - Valerie Swope
Cross Creek Ranch - Nancy & Patrick Piazza
Cross J Horses and Mules - Cynthia Stohler/William Ross
Cross Plains Critters - Catherine Dulin
Crossport - Charles Allan & Nancy Guthrie
Crossroads Donkey Rescue - Crossroads Donkey Rescue Crown Meadows LLC - Peggy Curtis
Cryer Creek Miniature Donkeys - Guthrie, Lou Ann & Pamela Weaver
Crystal Pines Farm - Josea & Ursula Picariello
CS'S Chansach Farms - Charlie & Sally Thomas
CT's Bray Moo World - Claudia Tessier
CTMC Donkey Farm - Jerry W.& Charlotte Powers
Curry's B & E Farms - Bob & Elaine Curry
Custom Critters - Tobias Laderer
Cyder Bay Farm - David & Robin Irlbeck
D & A'S DUSTY RIDGE Annie & Dale Plowman
D Bar J Acres Jenny Darrin Neuendorf
D&D Mini Acres Miniature Donkeys D.W. Myers
D&E Triple D Dan & Eve Phillips
D&G Farm - Doug & Grace Garrett
D&R Donkey Farm Rev Daryl & Rhonda McCracken
Daddy's Darlin' Donkeys Marion & Jean Sohl
Daidydowns Miniature Donkeys Heather Frampton
Dairyland Donkey Ball Co LLC CJ & Jessica Cordell
Dancing Mule Acres Bernie & Jackie Elliott
Darkwind Niobra & Scott Strickland
Dartigue Valley Farms Jay & Penny Barker
Davis' Long Eared Acres - Arnold & Gayle Davis
Davis Farm's Danny H. & Karen Davis
Davis Ranch  - Lacy, Jan & Ed Davis
Davis Small Acres  - Lester & Marge Davis
Dawn Keydue Acres -  Peter & Ann Hansell
Dawning Acres Ranch  - Wayne & Jo Hobbs
Day Break Stables -  Irene Berger
Daystar Farms  - Lori & Julie Forge, Duane & Sue Hoerauf
DD's Miniatures  - Cecil & Debbie Dent
DDD Miniatures  - Dianna L. Law
Dead Broke Ranch - The Henry Family
Deaver's Donkey Domain  - James & Judy Deaver
Deepwoods Miniature Donkeys  - Cindy Anthony
Deer Path Farm  - Jackie Sanders
Deere Folks Acres  - George & Judith Becher
Definitely Donkeys  - Jo Anne Kerr
Dei Gratia Farm  - Michelle Ryan
Del Tera Miniature Horse & Donkey Farm  - J.C. Williams Jr.
Delamater Gulch -  Claudette "Skip" Delamater
Delta Shamrock Farms - Debbie J Driggers
Denali Acres  - John D & Shirley Richardson
Dennis Old Satillo Farm - Vivian Dennis
Derbytown Farm  - Meg Davis
Desert Canary Land & Livestock Jo & John Johnson
Desert Fox Ranch Earl & JoAnn Prottengeier
Desert Oasis Ranch Walter J. Bush
Desert Rainbow Ranch Anne M. Fieberg
Desert Weyr Arabians & Mules Eugenie M.T. Hunts
Designer Donkeys Sid & JBurd Ellis
Destiny Farm Dana Pleshe
Dew Little Leann Glahn
Dewberry Ridge Farm Ellis & Linda Hardison
Dewey Meadows Farm Vic & Lynn Gattari
Di Stefano Brothers Mini-Donkey & Mini-Horse Farm Victor Di Stefano
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Hi ADMS - we want to register our farm name as follows:

Wishing Star Farms
The Posey/Patton Families
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Rt    Box   Bohnham TX

Enclosed is .

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Sir Philip Green and Baroness Karren Brady, pictured together in London in January 2012. She has now quit his fashion empire

Karren Brady has finally bowed to public pressure and quit as chairman of Philip Green's scandal-hit fashion empire, two weeks after refusing to step down due to a sense of 'duty' to its employees.

Baroness Brady resigned as chairman of Taveta Investments today, despite vowing to stay on and refusing to take the 'easy' option of relinquishing the role.

At the time, she claimed that she felt 'a sense of duty' to Topshop staff - including her social media star daughter Sophia, who works for its PR arm. 

Taveta Investments has been rocked by claims of sexual harassment and racial abuse of staff, some of whom were allegedly paid up to £1million to sign non-disclosure agreements.

The billionaire strenuously denies the allegations and all unlawful conduct.  

Baroness Brady was accused of hypocrisy by Dragons' Den star Duncan Bannatyne after she refused to step down earlier this month, despite the emergence of harassment claims against Sir Philip, and condemned her employment at Taveta as 'disgusting'. 

He told MailOnline today: 'I'm glad to hear that Brady has at last put her hypocritical stance aside and done what she should have done by resigning from Taveta.

'But she still needs to answer questions on what she knew about the non-disclosure agreements that were signed by employees'. 

The businesswoman, who is also vice-chairman of West Ham, has previously been an outspoken critic of abuses of power in the workplace and was among those to condemn film producer Harvey Weinstein. 

Lady Brady defended her position, saying she had a 'sense of duty' to the 20,000 employees at retail chains such as Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Evans and Burton.

The staff she pledged to stay for included her daughter Sophia Peschisolido, 22, who has been a social media content assistant at Topshop since 2016. 

Lady Brady with her daughter Sophia, 22, who works as a social media content assistant and part-time model for Topshop. They are pictured together in London in January 2017 

Dragons' Den star Duncan Bannatyne (left) branded businesswoman Karren Brady (right), 49, a 'hypocrite' after she refused to resign as chair of Sir Philip Green's Top Shop

Sir Philip Green with his wife Tina (left) and daughter Chloe (right) in Cannes in 2017. He has denied wrongdoing and said the non-disclosure agreements remain in place 

Miss Peschisolido, who is Baroness Brady's only daughter with her former footballer husband Paul Peschisolido, has also worked as a model for Sir Philip's high street fashion chain. 

The 22-year-old social media star who has 27,000 followers in Instagram regularly flaunts her lavish holidays on social media and encourages followers to buy the clothes she is wearing in the posts. 

Karren Brady, the 'First Lady of Football'

Baroness Brady, often referred to as the 'First Lady of Football', married Paul Peschisolido - who played for Birmingham City from 1992 to 1994, when she was managing director of the club in 1996 and the couple have two children together, Sophia and Paolo.

Lady Brady famously only took six weeks maternity leave after giving birth to her youngest child yet later said she wouldn't recommend any new mothers doing the same.

She first appeared on The Apprentice as a guest interviewer in June 2008 for the infamous grilling episode in the fourth series of the show.

The newspaper columnist reprised the same position the following year in the fifth series of the BBC programme.

And in August 2009, she was hired as one of Alan's aides, the role formerly held by Margaret Mountford.

Baroness Brady denied any nepotism, saying her daughter already had a job with Topshop when she joined as chairman in 2017.

Her sudden departure today presents another headache for retail tycoon Sir Philip, who is under investigation by US police over a groping allegation and facing renewed calls for his knighthood to be taken away.

In a statement, Taveta said it was 'in active discussions' with potential replacements for the two outgoing board members.

She joined the board of Taveta in 2010 and took over as chairman in 2017 following the resignation of former chairman Anthony Grabiner over the BHS scandal.

Yet on February 11, she vowed to remain as chairman of Sir Philip's scandal-hit fashion empire, insisting she has a 'sense of duty' to its employees - including her daughter.

The Apprentice star had said she would remain as chairman of Taveta Investments for the sake of the its 20,000 staff, among them her daughter Sophia Peschisolido who works as a social media content assistant and part-time model for Topshop.

The government adviser had claimed she did not want to take the 'easy' option by resigning her role in the holding company, which owns Sir Philip's Arcadia group.

The retail mogul has been accused of sexual harassment and racial abuse of staff, some of whom were allegedly paid up to £1 million to sign controversial non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

Sir Philip, who denies the allegations and all unlawful conduct, could now face a police probe after being reported to Scotland Yard by the Labour MP Peter Kyle.

Lady Brady, a champion of women in the workplace, spoke out earlier this month following intense criticism of her failure to condemn Sir Philip, despite publicly vilifying other powerful men accused of similar behaviour. 

Her daughter Sophia, 22, modelled for Topshop two years ago, prompting her proud mother to post an online photograph of her 'amazing' debut – an image of her legs wearing the brand's denim skirt and boots.

Baroness Brady has stepped down from her post as chairman of Taveta, the holding company for Sir Philip's retail empire. The duo are pictured together in London in November 2010

Baroness Brady's past comments on harassment  

 On inappropriate behaviour at work:

‘Lots of men are asking, “When is it appropriate to touch a colleague?” If you are in any doubt, how about...NEVER.’

‘Employers who turn a blind eye to repeated reports of assault and harassment become facilitators and enablers.’

‘To call someone a girl is belittling, disrespectful and a real indication that you don’t see her as an equal.’

On Harvey Weinstein:

‘Even if that kind of behaviour was acceptable a few decades ago you’d think that a clever man like him would be able to grasp the pretty basic notion that Times. Have. Changed.’

On Sir Philip Green in her book, Strong Woman:

‘He is without doubt the most dynamic, the most energetic, the most relentless business-person I have ever come across, a whirlwind of energy and ideas.

‘I have never met anyone quite like him... More importantly, he is a great mentor to all the people in his organisation and enjoys engaging with people at every level of the business.’

After also modelling stint for rival retailer Hollister, the Nottingham University graduate moved into her role as a social media content assistant for Topman, a role she has held since August 2016.

Brady, the vice-chairman of West Ham United, is married to the Canadian ex-footballer Paul Peschisolido, 47, who played for several clubs in England including Stoke City and Derby County.

The couple, who married in 1995 when she was managing director of Birmingham City football club, also have a son called Paolo. The family live in a £3million home in Knightsbridge, London.

Also earlier this month, Sir Philip was permitted to drop a court injunction which prevented the media from reporting the allegations made by five former staff.

One female employee reportedly received more than £1 million after alleging that the mogul groped her.

He was accused of grabbing the face of a second woman, and taking another female worker in a headlock and sexually harassed her.

He is alleged to have told a senior black male employee that his 'problem' was that he was 'still throwing spears in the jungle', before mocking his dreadlocks and saying he smoked cannabis.

Lady Brady previously accused former defence secretary Michael Fallon, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey of abusing their power 'because they have a fundamental lack of respect for others'.

She has also said publicly that she once sacked a footballer accused of assaulting a woman, despite his value to the club. 

From model to social media guru: What does Karren Brady's daughter Sophia do at Topshop? 

Sophia Peschisolido is Baroness Brady's eldest child and only daughter with her husband, former footballer Paul Peschisolido. 

The 22-year-old went to Solihull School and studied film and TV at the University of Nottingham, before going on to work as a model for the clothing brand, Hollister Co. 

Baroness Brady has previously been outspoken about her desire for her daughter to learn the value of money and pay her own way in life.

She also insisted that her daughter take out a student loan to fund her time at university, and will not be paying it back for her. 

Before taking up her place at university, she had a Saturday job at Hollister where she 'folded clothes, hoovered and worked on the till' 

She went on to work as a receptionist at a David Lloyd Leisure health club from February 2016 - July 2016 before starting at Topshop. 

She has worked for the high street giant since August 2016, as a social media assistant and social media content assistant. 

On her website, Ms Peschisolido said she also works as a 'video producer, editor and content creator specialising in digital/social platforms, fashion and music,' adding her works 'includes photography, videography and creative direction.' 

She also models for the lingerie brand Ivy Sister and promotes the independent label, PrettyLittleThing. 

Ms Peschisolido also promotes her clothing on the website 21 Buttons, a social networking site and 'fashion trend portal' which offers users the opportunity to share their outfits and  'earn money as you discover, buy, save and combine all the most closely related looks to your style.'

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