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Making fun of a little kid. Aren't you nice?

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Lewis Michael Soloff (February 20, 1944 – March 8, 2015) was an American jazz trumpeter, composer and actor. From New York City, he studied trumpet at the Eastman School of Music and the Juilliard School. He worked with Blood, Sweat & Tears from 1968 until 1973. Prior to this, he worked with Machito, Tony Scott, Maynard Ferguson and Tito Puente.[1]

In the 1980s he was a member of Members Only, a jazz ensemble who recorded for Muse Records.[2]

Soloff made frequent guest appearances with jazz orchestras all over the world such as the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra (directed by Wynton Marsalis) and the Magic City Jazz Orchestra (directed by Ray Reach).

Soloff was a longtime member of the Manhattan Jazz Quintet and Mingus Big Band. He recorded and performed with Gil Evans and was a regular member of Evans' Monday Night ensembles until Evans' death. His 2010 recording Sketches of Spain is a tribute to the classic 1959-60 Miles Davis-Gil Evans collaboration, and he has performed the equally legendary and prodigiously difficult (reconstructed) Evans arrangements of George Gershwin's Porgy and Bess.

He was among a handful of trumpeters capable of playing demanding lead trumpet parts while also contributing improvisational solos, and of playing (as musicians refer to it) "legitimate" music (baroque, classical, and later orchestral and chamber music styles) making him an in-demand session player for commercials and soundtracks.

Soloff died in 2015 after apparently suffering a heart attack in New York City.[3][4]



As leader[edit]

  • Air on a G String, 2003 - Larry Willis (piano), Francois Moutin (bass), Victor Lewis (drums)
  • Rainbow Mountain, 2000 - Lou Marini (saxophones, flute), Joe Beck (guitar), Mark Egan (bass), Danny Gottlieb (drums). Also with special guests: Delmar Brown (synthesizers, vocal), Hiram Bullock (guitar), Will Lee (bass), Jeff "Tain" Watts (drums), Miles Evans (trumpet), Paul Shaffer (Hammond B-3 organ)
  • With a Song In My Heart, 1999 Rob Mounsey (arranger), Victor Lewis (drums), Emily Mitchell Soloff (harp), Mulgrew Miller (piano), George Mraz (bass)
  • Little Wing, 1991 - Ray Anderson (trombone), Gil Goldstein (piano, synthesizers, accordion), Pete Levin (organ, synthesizers, vocoder), Mark Egan (bass), Kenwood Dennard (drums), Manolo Badrena (percussion). Produced by Steve Swallow
  • My Romance, 1989 - Mark Egan (bass), Janis Siegel (vocal), Danny Gottlieb (drums), Pete Levin (synthesizers), Airto Moreira (percussion), Gil Goldstein (piano, synthesizers), Emily Michell Soloff (harp)
  • Speak Low, 1987 - Kenny Kirkland (piano), Richard Davis (bass), Elvin Jones (drums)
  • Yesterdays, 1986 -Mike Stern (guitar), Charnett Moffett (bass), Elvin Jones (drums)
  • Hanalei Bay, 1983 Gil Evans (electric piano), Pete Levin (synthesizer), Hiram Bullock (guitar), Adam Nussbaum (drums), Mark Egan (bass), Manolo Badrena (percussion)

As sideman[edit]

With Franco Ambrosetti

With Ray Anderson

With George Benson

With Carla Bley

  • Fleur Carnivore (Watt, 1989)
  • The Very Big Carla Bley Band (Watt, 1990)
  • Big Band Theory, 1993
  • The Carla Bley Big Band Goes to Church (Watt, 1996)
  • 4 x 4 (Watt, 1999)
  • Looking for America (Watt, 2003)

With Blood, Sweat & Tears

  • Blood, Sweat & Tears, 1969 Grammy Award for Album of the Year
  • Blood, Sweat & Tears 3, 1970
  • Blood, Sweat & Tears 4, 1971
  • New Blood, 1972
  • No Sweat, 1973

With Hank Crawford

With Gil Evans

  • The Gil Evans Orchestra Plays the Music of Jimi Hendrix (RCA, 1974)
  • There Comes a Time (RCA, 1975)
  • Parabola (Horo, 1979)
  • Gil Evans Live at the Royal Festival Hall London 1978 (RCA, 1979)
  • Live at the Public Theater (New York 1980) (Trio, 1981)
  • Live at Sweet Basil (Gramavision, 1984 [1986])
  • Live at Sweet Basil Vol. 2 (Gramavision, 1984 [1987])
  • Bud and Bird (Electric Bird/King, 1986 [1987])
  • Farewell (Evidence, 1986 [1992])
  • Live At Umbria Jazz Vol. 1 & 2, 2001

With Maynard Ferguson

With Ricky Ford

With Dizzy Gillespie

With Jimmy Heath

With O'Donel Levy

With Herbie Mann

With Helen Merrill

With Tisziji Munoz

  • The Paradox of Completion (Anami Music, 2015)

With Bobby Previte

  • The 23 Constellations of Joan Miró (Tzadik Records, 2002)

With Dakota Staton

With Jeremy Steig

With Sonny Stitt

With Stanley Turrentine

With Others

  • Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, A Love Supreme, 2005
  • Cold Feet, Cold Feet plays Jazz Feet, 2003
  • Bob Belden, Black Dahlia, 2001
  • Manhattan Jazz Quintet, I Got Rhythm, 2001
  • Teo Macero, Impressions of Miles Davis, 2001
  • Ray Anderson, Don't Mow Your Lawn, 1999
  • Trumpet Legacy — Various Artists featuring Lew Soloff, Nicholas Payton, Tom Harrell and Eddie Henderson, 1998
  • Giovanni Hidalgo, Time Shifter, 1996
  • Rob Mounsey's Flying Monkey Orchestra, Mango Theory, 1995
  • Flying Monkey Orchestra, Back In The Pool, 1995
  • Various Artists, Jazz At Lincoln Center — They Came to Swing, 1994
  • Frankie Valli, Close Up
  • Ray Anderson's Pocket Brass, Where Home Is, 1994
  • Giovanni Hidalgo, Worldwide, 1993
  • Daniel Schnyder, Mythology, 1992
  • Manhattan Jazz Quintet, Manteca, 1992
  • Charlie Musselwhite, Signature, 1991
  • Teresa Brewer, Memories of Louis, 1991
  • Marianne Faithfull, Blazing Away 1990
  • Danny Gottlieb, Whirlwind, 1989
  • Hilton Ruiz, Strut, 1988
  • Hilton Ruiz, Something Grand, 1986
  • Frank Sinatra, L.A. Is My Lady, 1984
  • Electronic Sonata for Souls Loved by Nature (1980) with George Russell
  • Michael Franks, Tiger In The Rain, 1979
  • Grant Green, Easy, 1978
  • Various Artists, The Atlantic Family Live in Montreaux, 1977
  • Barry Miles, Barry Miles, 1970
  • Art Garfunkel, Scissors cut, 1981
  • Paul Simon, "You Can Call Me Al", 1986
  • Joe Beck, "Back to Beck", 1988
  • Fred Lipsius, Better Believe It [5] mja Records 1996)


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