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Donald Sanchez will be fighting the #2 world ranked featherweight Hatsu Hioki on Fri April 29 , 2011 in legendary Shooto organization . The event takes place at the Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo , Japan and will be a benefit show to raise money for the Tsunami victims . We are honored to compete for the cause . A sell out show is expected ..

As it always seems to go , there are trials and tribulations along the way . If you’re not prepared to roll with it , it’s end game . Having traveled for many years with our fighters I anticipate problems and I feel it is my job is to “run interference” for our athletes .  Every trip is a little unique although many of the sitations repeat themselves . If you’re smart you field them better each time , but nobody’s perfect . lol

Day 1 –

Our flight was booked to leave Abq on Mon 4-25 and arrive in Tokyo on Tues 4-26 . That would allow us time to basically get acclimated to the time change and properly prepare for Donald’s weight cut . (This fight is at 143 lbs , 2 lbs below D’s usual fight weight ) Right away I wasn’t thrilled that we had to fly 3 hrs in the wrong direction to Atlanta just to turn around and fly 14 hrs to Japan , but I understand saving money if that is the cheapest flight . The part that really made me nervous upon closer examination was the marginal 40 minutes to change planes in Atlanta over to the international flight to Japan . I could already picture running thru the airport like OJ Simpson , possibly missing our flight, and going into a tailspin from the “git-go” . After several rejected attempts to get an earlier flight , I stay up all night to call Delta 3 hrs prior to an earlier flight departure . After wading through a maze of attempts to gouge us for the  flight change I manage to get us on the earlier flight for no charge (because I’m bad ass) and we bonsai to Abq airport . Everything is starting out good . Donald get nailed for his luggage being 8 lbs over and takes a overweight baggage charge on the chin like the champ he is . Later I realize the 8 lbs came from liquids he could have purchased here for less than , but hey whatever .

The flight to Atlanta was great and we had plenty of time to sit and have a cup of green tea before our international flight . Btw the distance from our domestic flight to the Int flight would have been a nightmare the original way they booked it so experience once again paid off . The 14 hr flight to Narita , Jp was the best flight experience I’ve ever had . It went so smooth we felt great when we got here . We were met by a Shooto rep and hopped on a very cool train to the city and check into the hotel . As always in Japan the room is small but very clean with a fridge , microwave , and washer dryer . If we can BS our way past all the buttons being in Japanese this will be nice . “Wild Bill”  loaned us a portable DVD player with connecting cables and Donald manages to figure out how to patch it in to our television . We have a good collection of movies so we are spared from Japanese television which is horrible . There are a lot of cool things about Japan but their TV programs aren’t one of them . I pop in the movie “Role Models” and Donald is asleep before Paul Rudd has his first meltdown . I stay up as usual cause I’m that guy no matter where I go .

Day 2 –

Just like every time I’m in Japan I wake up automatically at 4 am . Donald gets up at 5 am and we start our day . I’m closing other fight deals and working on my upcoming shows , and he’s chilling until we’re picked up at noon to train at a dojo nearby . It turns out to be walking distance and we go up what seems like 4 floors to a little dojo that is empty (except for the hidden cameras  haha) . Donald turns rope for 15 mins ,  then we do 2 x 5 min rds of pads ,  2 x 5 rds of grappling and it all goes good . Donald is hitting hard and moving well , and  his conditioning at sea level is unbelievable . Donald is in the best shape of any fighter I had ever come to Japan with by far . That included Carlos Condit who was always a cardio machine , so I’m liking our chances . Donald is down to 151 lbs tonight and we will probably sweat off a couple more before bed time . Its 7 pm on Wed night and D has just risen from a nap . The hotel bathroom is small with industrial strength hot water so we creating a make shift steam room .  Weighs in are tomorow (Thurs here) at 3:30 pm and then we are going for some Japanese food , which they probably just call food . Japan has some items that we don’t get in america , one of which I will turn Donald onto tomorrow when he can have liquids . It is some sort of replenishing drink called “Pocari Sweat” which is hands down one of the best drinks ever . The name kinda sounds like perspiration from an italian dude but it kicks the crap out of any gatorade , powerade , or anything I’ve ever tasted . After cutting weight Donald will think this is nectar of the gods but to be fair a mud puddle would look like a Yoohoo chocolate soda when you are dehydrated .

Day 3 –

Today is day of weigh ins . I wake up about 4 am and get up about 5 . Donald wakes up around that time and we just dink around for a while making calls home and checking emails etc .  Donald is still around 6 lbs over and decides to make another suana in our hotel bathroom and he is able to cut a lb or two that way . At 11 am we wak over to the little dojo from the previous day to cut the rest . This time D has his plastic suit , abolene , and we now know how to turn on the heat in the dojo to really make him sweat . After a bout an hour and a half Donald is only .5 of a lb over so we head back to the hotel by 1 pm .

Donald at AZ Dojo

They are picking us up at our hotel to go to weigh ins at 3 pm , so D does the last .5 lb with the bathroom suana . Of course it didn’t want to come off easy so it takes about 45 min but he gets it done . They pick us up to go to weigh ins and everything there goes smooth . Donald is exactly on weight and his opponent is .5 under ut he is as big as a fighter could be for 143 lbs . He is listed as 5″11″ but probably closer to 6 ft + , and completely lean . I couldn’t get around all the photographers to get the on scale pics , but below is a shot after they got dressed .

Donald Sanchez and Hatsu Hioki

In this pic I think D is wearing shoes and his opponent is not . In any case , Donald will know how to adjust to a height disadvantage as he spars regularly with guys like Tim Means and Wild Bill amoung others . My good friend and Pride / Pancrase interpreter Mayumi Yamamoto shows up towards the end of weigh ins just in time to translate Donald for the press conference . Mayumi is an ace and I have learned some good things from her about the way things are done here  . It is a big help if you don’t want to seem like an american clod everywhere you go . If I do something stupid I just fake an english accent and tell them I’m from Sydney .

Donald and I after weigh ins

After weigh ins Mayuni takes us by train to a really nice Japanese restaurant and we totally feast on some excellent Japanese cuisine . We were eating things that didn’t sound good but really were . Then again we ate some thing that didn’t sound good , and  really weren’t lol . I would not reccommend “Cooked Chicken Beeks” unless it is the only other option is “Rocky Mountain Oysters” .

Donald , Mayumi and Me at the restaurant

We get back to the hotel about 8 pm and Donald passes out  right away and is out . I stay awake as usual , cause I’m that guy everywhere I go …

Day 4 –

Today is fight day . I wake up at what time ? ( 4 am , aren’t you paying attention ?) I kinda lay in bed and try not to wake D , but we both get up around 5:30 and go thru our little phone call / emails routine . At 7 am we roll down to the free breakfast in the lobby and it is very good . We have a light breakfast and go to a little store on the corner to get some water and a couple of sample snack to take home . We can’t read the labels so we just go by the pictures which are sometimes misleading . Almost everything here is made with rice but they are very creative with it . It is 9:30 am right now , more as the day developes .

We head over to the venue which is only a 5 minute walk from our hotel . The show starts at 3:00 and Donald is fight #8 out of 10 . The Tokyo Dome City Hall is a new venue next to the actual Tokyo dome , and it is fantastic . Backstage its a maze of back hallways , elevators and offices but thank to my good friend Mayumi we have no problem finding out where our dressing room is . They have Donald do a photo shoot and then we do a brief  ring check . The floor surface is nice but the ring is small , maybe 16-18 ft . We were hoping for a bigger ring to allow D’s up game to breathe but it is what it is . Backstage we wait until they call us for the opening ceremony . The ceremony is a very well done Shooto greatest moments highlight reel with thunderous music as the ring announcer calls each fighter into the ring where they line up . It is effective , impressive , and the place is energized .  Afterwards we wait in our dressing room for what seems to be forever , including a 55 min intermission . Any competitive fighter reading this will know what a pain in the ass it is to sit and wait that long but it comes with the territory . Our dressing room has a flat screen monitor so we can watch the fights which is cool and makes the time go by a little quicker .

Finally it is Donald time to do the walk and we are led thru the back hallways and enter through the back . The fight before Ds is a war and afterwards the winner recites the equivelent to the Gettysburg Address . Finally the ring is clear , the lights go down , and they introduce Donald first – then Hioki . When the fight begins there is a brief feeling out period and then they begin to exchange . Donald is doing well and Hioki decides to clinch . Donald works for an arm in guillotine and Hioki eventually pops out and begins to work . He gets a pass and finds mount which is his specialty . They are near our corner and I am communicating with Donald to be cautious but find his way out . He explodes out and back to his feet where there is another brief exchange before Hioki once again goes for a takedown and gets it . Rd 1 ends with Donald working open guard . Rd 2 begins and Donald comes out moving well , staying off the ropes and counter punching effectively . Again Hioki seems motivated to make it more of a ground war , shoots again for a single leg takedown and gets it . He passing to side mount and slickly jumps Ds far arm setting up a triangle from mount . Donald rolls into it and Hioki finishes a text book triangle . For the moment the hope of dethroning the #2 world ranked featherweight is dashed , but we have been down this road before with other fighters and know it will make Donald stronger in the future .  Hatsu Hioki has been fighting professionally 3 years longer than the total time Donald Sanchez has been training and it is too much ground to make up for today . It is Hioki’s time but most certainly Donald will rise again  . We are greatful for the amazing opportunity to be a part of this event , and the people at Shooto are most hospitable and gracious . After the fight we have dinner with Mayumi and experience a meal that sounds like “Shaboo Shaboo” which probably isnt spelled correctly but it is awesome . We eat until we are all in a food coma and go back to the hotel to crash and burn .

Day 5 –

Today is the day we go home and it is Saturday in Japan  . We get up around 7 am and go down to have some breakfast . Donald has a blackeye and half of the white in the eye is completely red from being poked during the fight . He barely acknowledged it during the fight but clearly took a direct poke . He is visably down and disappointed that he will not be world recognized as belonging in the same league as his opponent but I assure him he will be in the near future . I know what a winner looks like and I’m sitting next to one . After breakfast we go back up to the room and finish packing to be picked up at 10 am . Our flight doesn’t leave until 4 pm but one of the Shooto people is taking the time out of his day to show us some cool sights before we head to the airport . It is a Japanese holiday and the sheer number of people out shopping and doing there thing is astounding . Tokyo is massive and there are some really fascinating things to see in their city . Time draws near and we are taken to the airport which is about an hour away . We say goodbye to our new friend and thank him as emphatically as we know how because Shooto went above and beyond for us .

There is plenty of time to check in , browse the mall inside Narita airport , and have a good lunch . Once we board the plane it is only an 8.5 hr trip back to Seattle flying into darkness the whole way . It is Saturday morning in the US when we land and we hit the ground running . We have less than 40 minutes to pass thru customs , pick us our bags and re-check them in , go thru security again , and get to our gate . I thought for sure we were going to miss our connecting flight because it was taking so long but we get there just in time to be the last ones to board . Flight goes good but we arrive in Salt Lake City very late and have to run to our next gate which is completely the farthest point from where we were (had to be , its Murphy’s Law) . It sucks to  run thru an airport but once again we luck out . Our Abq flight was delayed so we made it in time . After takeoff it is a short flight home but we get a bonus 10 minutes of wicked turbulance at the very end to remind us to give thanks for making it home in one piece . We say so long at baggage claim and agree that he needs to take a week off to re-energize cause we already have the contract for his next fight . It is something very cool but you’re gonna have to wait to find out   : )

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Imagine Ray & Trish Graham Imagine by Dolly Parton Improver September 2013
Importance   Jan Wyllie That’s Important To Me by Joey and Rory Improver March 2012
In a Heart Beat   Helen Reeson Summer Paradise (Australia) by Simple Plan Improver April 2012
In a Letter Pauline Gray
In a Letter to You by Eddy Raven
May 2001
In Between Dances Christine Tyson In Between Dances by Pam Tillis Intermediate October 2012
In Happiness Ree Patterson Happiness by Alexis Jordan Intermediate January 2011
In Love With A Beautiful Woman Annemaree Sleeth When You're In Love With a Beautiful Woman by Dr Hook Improver January 2019
In My Eyes Kate Simpkin She Used to Be Mine by Brooks & Dunn Intermediate February 2015
In My Life Pamela Smith In My Life by The Beatles Intermediate January 2013
In My Mind Hiroko Carlsson In My Mind by Gigi D'Agostino & Dynoro Intermediate December 2018
In the Arms of an Angel Bill Larson Angel by Sarah McLachlan Intermediate November 2010
In the Darkness Alison Johnstone & Heather Freeman Reach Out by Rumer Intermediate January 2015
In the Deep Michael Vera-Lobos Rolling in the Deep by Adele Intermediate June 2011
In the Middle of Nowhere Pamela Hunt Let's Take It Somewhere by Amber Lawrence Improver December 2014
In The Milky Way Sandy Kerrigan My Cherie Amour by Rod Stewart ft Stevie Wonder Improver February 2015
In The Mood Again Pamela Ahearn In the Mood by Glenn Miller Orchestra Improver August 2014
In the Palm of Your Hand Jennifer Hughes & Karen Jennings I Don't Dance (delux edition) by Lee Brice Improver October 2016
In The Shallow Sandy Kerrigan Shallow by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Intermediate October 2018
In the Summertime Jo Hough In the Summertime by Shaggy Improver April 2015
In the Wine   Jan Wyllie Tiny Bubbles by Connie Francis Beginner November 2011
In This Life Sandy Kerrigan We're All Alone by Boz Scaggs Advanced March 2018
Incredible Colleen Archer Incredible by Timomatic Beginner June 2013
Indian Strut Pamela Ahearn Indian Lake by The Cowsills Beginner August 2014
Indigo Michael Vera-Lobos Flowers on my Window Ledge by Rissi Palmer Intermediate February 2015
Inescapable Adrian Lefebour Inescapable by: Jessica Mauboy Intermediate August 2011
Infinite Love Noel Bradey Infinite Love by Sara Evans & Todd Chrisley Intermediate July 2016
Insatiable Anne Herd Insatiable by Darren Hayes Intermediate February 2013
Insomniac Bill Larson & Roxanne Moates Ring My Bell by Enrique Iglesias Intermediate March 2015
Into the Fire Carol McKee Into the Fire by Tim Aaron Improver February 2012
Into Your Heart Pamela Smith Into Your Heart by Kyda Intermediate January 2011
Irresistible Hiroko Carlsson Irresistiblement by Sylvie Vartan Beginner June 2017
Irresistible Igor Sandy Kerrigan Irresistible Igor by Bobby 'Borris' Picket Beginner October 2017
Is That All Right Colleen Archer I Drove All Night by Damien Leith Intermediate October 2011
Is This The Way To ... Robert Fletcher & Michelle Palmer Is This The Way To Amarillo by Hermes House Band Improver January 2013
Islands of Love Kenneth Shaw Islands of Love by Andrew Cousins Intermediate March 2017
It Ain't Me Hiroko Carlsson It Ain’t Me by Kyogo & Selena Gomes Intermediate May 2017
It Ain't You It's Me Adrian Lefebour & Jessica Lamb It Ain't You It's Me by Kane Brown Improver November 2018
It Ain't My Fault Carl Sullivan It Ain't My Fault by Brothers Osborne Advanced November 2017
It Ain't Rocket Science Michael Vera-Lobos When You Love Someone by Jake Owen Intermediate March 2017
It All Could Go Away Noel Bradey Tomorrow by Olly Murs Intermediate January 2015
It Feels Good, Good, Good Kathryn Sloan It Feels Good by Drake White Beginner September 2015
It Had 2BU Tim Gauci It Had to be You by The Overtones Improver March 2016
It Isn't Fair Pam Probert What About Me (stirling remix) by Shannon Noll Improver April 2014
It Must Have Been Love Lu Olsen It Must Have Been Love by Jessica Mauboy Improver November 2016
It Takes a Woman Ray Graham It Takes a Woman by Luke Dickens Improver October 2012
It Took Just One Look Wanda Heldt Just One Look by Rasta Reggae Combination Beginner January 2017
It's a Beautiful Day Lu Olsen It’s a Beautiful Day by Michael Buble Intermediate May 2013
It's a Good Time Thomas Worth It's a Good Time by James Otto Intermediate July 2014
It's a Heartache Diana Bishop It's a Heartache by Derek Ryan Beginner March 2015
It's All About You Tim Gauci All About You by The Overtones Intermediate August 2015
It's All Good Tim Gauci It’s All Good by Joe Nichols Improver April 2012
It's All Good Barbara Hile It's All Good by Joe Nichols Improver August 2012
It's All Right Hiroko Carlsson End Of The Line by The Traveling Wilburys Advanced August 2017
It's All Yours Kristen Flood Yours If You Want It by Rascal Flatts Advanced February 2017
It's Clear to See Barbara Hile I See it Now by Tracy Lawrence Improver October 2016
It's For You Gordon Elliott It's For You by Niamh Kavanagh Intermediate June 2010
It's Friday! Tim Gauci Friday by Glee Cast Intermediate June 2011
It's Good To Be Alive Darren Mitchell Good Time To Be Alive by Lady Antebellum. Intermediate July 2017
It's Hard for a Woman Penny Kelly & Cathy Pugh Metrosexual Craze by Tracy Killen Intermediate July 2010
It's Just Our Way Mark & Kate Simpkin It's Just That Way by Alan Jackson Intermediate January 2011
It's Like That Adrian Lefebour & Jessica Lamb It's Like That by Run-D.M.C & Jason Nevins Intermediate May 2012
It's Me Delwyn Swaisland I'm the One by Gary Allan Intermediate November 2011
It's Me John & Jennifer Hughes It's Not You It's Me by The Little Willies Beginner January 2017
It's My Life EZ Diana Bishop It's My Life by Bon Jovi Beginner May 2018
It's My Party Hiroko Carlsson It’s My Party by Leslie Gore Beginner June 2018
It's Nobody   Lorraine Turner Nobody by Sylvia Beginner 2007
It's Only Natural
Margaret Warren
Why Did It Have To Be Me by Abba
July 2008
It's Only Christmas Nadia Friel It's Only Christmas by Ronan Keating & Hayley Westenra Intermediate October 2011
It's Only Me Rosalie Mackay It's Only Me by George Sich Intermediate October 2010
It's Only Midnight Lyn Booth It’s Only Midnight by Matt Cornell Improver April 2017
It's Over Kate Simpkin & Joshua Talbot Over by James Blunt Intermediate April 2017
It's Raining Men Elaine Kong It's Raining Men by The Countdown Singers Improver August 2013
It's So Easy Hiroko Carlsson It's So Easy by Buddy Holly Intermediate March 2017
It's Still Rock & Roll Adrian Lefebour It's Still Rock and Roll To Me by Billy Joel Intermediate August 2018
It's the Climb Colleen Archer The Climb - Stan Walker Intermediate February 2010
It's Working Wayne Beazley It's Working by James Barker Band Improver August 2017
It's Your Move Christine Collins It’s Your Move by Josh Kelley Intermediate April 2016
It's Yours Enola Lewis Yours If You Want It by Rascal Flatts Improver December 2017
Itch and Scratch Sandy Kerrigan Bounce With Me by Kreesha Turner Improver January 2017
Jack's Back Again Diana Bishop Jack is Back by Diamond Jack Beginner September 2011
Jacob Antoinette John Jacob’s Ladder by Mark Wills Beginner October 2016
Jagger Donna Pearce Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera Intermediate July 2011
Jaggered   Colleen Archer Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera Intermediate November 2011
Jan's Dance Shanthie De Mel Just Stand Up by Stand Up 2 Cancer Telethon Intermediate October 2010
Jane Barry Andracchio Jane by Bouke Improver February 2012
Jangan Salahkan Siapa Fay Willcox Jangan Salahkan Siapa by Meriam Bellina Improver June 2012
Janine   Jan Wyllie Janine by Lee Kernaghan Improver March 2011
Jazzy Love Sandy Kerrigan Love Me or Leave Me by Rod Stewart Improver June 2012
Jeremiah Jackie McIlrick Joy to the World by Three Dog Night Improver December 2010
Jesse Joshua Talbot & Brett Jenkins Jessie by Joshua Kadison Intermediate May 2010
Jessica Jan Wyllie Jessica by Ray Dylan Intermediate January 2015
Jesus, Elvis & Me Diana Bishop Jesus, Elvis & Me by Buddy Jewell Beginner April 2017
Jet Plane Diana Bishop Leaving on a Jet Plane by Kurt Darren Beginner March 2014
Jim & Jack & Hank Carl Sullivan Jim and Jack and Hank by Alan Jackson Intermediate September 2015
Joe & Rosalita a.k.a. Aw Naw   Michael Schmidt Joe & Rosalita by Phil Vassar/Aw Naw by Chris Young Intermediate December 2013
Johnny B Wanda Heldt Johnny B Goode by Peter Tosh Improver July 2010
Johnny B. Goode Hiroko Carlsson Johnny B.Goode by Chuck Berry Advanced October 2016
Johnny Loved June Christene Herbing Like Johnny Loved June by Rob Imeson & the Family Tree Improver July 2017
Judy and Johnny Sandy Kerrigan Judy's Turn to Cry by The Hit Co Improver August 2012
Jukebox in My Mind Dianne McGrorey Jukebox In My Mind by Alabama Improver September 2016
July Saturday Night Carl Sullivan Springsteen by Eric Church Advanced December 2013
Jumanji Hiroko Carlsson Jumanji by B. Young Intermediate July 2018
Jump for Joy Hiroko Carlsson Jump for Joy by Big Joe Turner Improver August 2017
Jump Right In Tim Gauci Jump Right In by Zac Brown Band Improver September 2013
Junction 20 Diana Bishop Junction 20 by Daniel Byrne Improver July 2018
Jungle Stomp Miranda Hilton & Robert Spinnato The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens Improver June 2018
Just a Fool  Alison Johnstone & Travis Taylor Just A Fool by Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton Advanced November 2012
Just a Fool to Believe Adrian Lefebour She's Like The Wind by Patrick Swayze Intermediate August 2014
Just a Glimpse Linda Pink & Sue Luke Keep Holding On by Jetty Road Improver August 2015
Just A Hunk Sandy Kerrigan Burning Love by Elvis Presley Novice February 2016
Just a Little Glimpse Linda Pink & Sue Luke Keep Holding On by Jetty Road Beginner August 2015
Just a Mystery Margaret Warren One Great Mystery by Lady Antebellum Improver January 2015
Just A Phase Fred Whitehouse (IRE) & Maddison Glover Just a Phase by Adam Craig Intermediate January 2019
Just A Shy Guy   Bill Larson Drive By by Train Advanced March 2012
Just a Sin Away Jo Hough Heaven’s Just a Sin Away by Kelly Willis Improver October 2015
Just a Trouble Shooting Baby Paul McQueen Some Kind of Trouble by Tanya Tucker Intermediate March 2014
Just A Wonder Wayne Beazley Heartaches On The Dance Floor by Jon Pardi Intermediate July 2016
Just Another Heartache Maureen Jenkin Just Another Heartache by Chely Wright Beginner January 2016
Just Be Michael Vera Lobos Just Be by Paloma Faith Advanced August 2012
Just Because Lorraine Shelton Just Because by Chad Brownlee Improver October 2014
Just Because Jen Shepherd Just Because by Chad Brownlee Beginner September 2017
Just By Being You aka Halo & Wings Lu Olsen & Stephen Paterson Just By Being You (Halo & Wings) by Steel Magnolia Intermediate January 2014
Just Call Me Lonesome Rosalie Mackay Just Call Me Lonesome by Radney Foster Improver December 2010
Just Called (To Say I Love You)   Annemaree Sleeth I Just Called To Say I Love You by Jason Allen Beginner August 2012
Just Can't Stop Pauline Greenwood Just Can't Stop Loving You by Glee Cast Improver April 2012
Just Close Your Eyes Bill Larson Second Chance by Katrina Elam Intermediate May 2014
Just Dance With Me Gordon Elliott Dance With Me by Johnny Reid Intermediate March 2010
Just Dancing in the Dark Carl Sullivan Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen Improver December 2014
Just For What I Am Sue Fisher Just For What I Am by Connie Smith Intermediate August 2010
Just Give Linda Burgess Just Give Me A Reason by Pink Improver February 2013
Just Give Up The Fight Helen Reeson Surrender by The Collective Improver January 2015
Just Hold On Hiroko Carlsson Just Hold On by Steve Aoki & Louise Tomlinson Intermediate April 2017
Just Imagine Michael Vera-Lobos Can't Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake Advanced May 2016
Just in Case Michael Vera-Lobos In Case you Didn't Know by Brett Young Intermediate September 2017
Just Let it Burn    Annemaree Sleeth Burn by Jessica Mauboy Improver October 2009
Just Like a Song Linda Pink Song for the Summer by Morgan Evans Beginner January 2019
Just Married Shanthie De Mel Get Me to the Church on Time by The Jive Aces Beginner April 2011
Just You and Me Jennie Berry When It's Just You & Me by Pete Stothard Improver January 2017
Just Me Ashleigh Helen Reeson & Lynne Dugay Me by Ashleigh Dallas Intermediate April 2014
Just One Dance Terry Dunbar Slow and Easy by Durns and Poe Intermediate June 2011
Just One Look Tracie Lee & Chris Watson All Of Me by Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio Intermediate March 2017
Just One More Gai Roworth Aw Naw by Chris Young Intermediate March 2014
Just Rockin' Pamela Smith Rockin' Robin by Kyda Improver March 2011
Just Sit Down Bev Andriske Shut Up & Hold On by Toby Keith Improver June 2014
Just Thinking About You Mark Simpkin Just Thinking About You by Lionel Ritchie ft. Kenny Chesney Intermediate August 2012
Just to See You Smile Stephen Paterson Just To See You Smile by Tim McGraw Intermediate September 2012
Just Wake Me Up Diana Bishop Wake Me Up by Helene Fischer Improver July 2018
Just Wishing Terry Hogan Knee Deep by The Zac Brown Band ft. Jimmy Buffett Intermediate September 2013
Jute Box Junkie Diana Bishop Any upbeat jutebox music Beginner February 2011
Kaput Chris Watson Ma Cherie (Mad Mark Radio Edit) by DJ Antoine Intermediate October 2012
Katerina Diana Bishop Katerina by Scotty Baker Beginner February 2019
Katie & the Colonel Diana Bishop Katie & the Colonel by Justin Standley Beginner December 2018
Kaw-Liga Di Andrews Kaw-Liga by Marty Robbins Improver April 2018
Keep Forgetting Georgina Walsh Keep Forgetting by Lee Ann Womack Improver October 2013
Keep Holding On Vi Hooker Keep Holding On by Jetty Road Improver August 2015
Keep It Lit Jessica Kelly & Shanon Dickson Keep It Lit by Tegan Marie Intermediate March 2018
Keep it Real Carl Sullivan Keep it Real by Stephanie Brownlee Intermediate April 2010
Keep it Simple Wayne Beazley Keep It Simple by James Barker Band Intermediate February 2019
Keep Me Crazy Julie Talbot & Joshua Talbot Keep Me Crazy by Sheppard Intermediate April 2017
Keep Me In Mind Terry Hogan Keep Me In Mind by The Zac Brown Band Intermediate April 2014
Keep On Dancing Foong, Ho, Leung, Ng & Wong Keep on Dancing by Gwen Stefani Intermediate April 2017
Keep on Fallin' Jo Rosenblatt Keep on Fallin' by Eric Paslay Improver April 2014
Keep on Rollin' Carl Sullivan Rollin' With the Flow by Mark Chesnutt Improver June 2010
Keep the Light On Linda Burgess Keep the Light On by The Whitlams Improver December 2009
Keep the Music Playing Michael Vera-Lobos How Do I Keep the Music Playing by Celine Dion Intermediate April 2014
Keep Them Kisses Comin' Darren Mitchell Keep Them Kisses Comin' by Craig Campbell Improver July 2014
Keep Your Clothes On Darren Mitchell & Stephen Paterson Unforgettable by Chase Rice Intermediate March 2018
Kenny Tequila Ben Summerell Who Am I Drinking Tonight? by Eden's Edge Beginner August 2012
Kentucky Moon Blues Jan Wyllie Blue Moon of Kentucky by Dwight Yoakam & Ricky Skaggs Improver April 2014
Kentucky Woman Annemaree Sleeth Kentucky Woman by Neil Diamond Improver August 2015
Key to My Home Linda Burgess Key to My Home by Twine Improver March 2012
Kick a Little Dirt Around Diana Bishop Kick a Little Dirt Around by David Shelby Beginner August 2016
Kick It In The Mule Mark Simpkin Donkey by Jerrod Niemann Intermediate February 2016
Kick it Up Kaye Lewis-Driver Kick It Up by The McClymonts Advanced March 2011
Kick the Kenny Kenneth Shaw Kick the Kenny by Travis Sinclair Beginner February 2013
Kick Up Your Heels Linda Wolfe Kick Up Your Heels by Jessica Mauboy ft. Pitbull Intermediate October 2013
Kids Forever Christine Collins Kids Forever by Sunny Cowgirls Improver February 2013
Kind of Trouble Rhonda Mathieson She’s the kind of Trouble by Brooks & Dunn Intermediate April 2010
Kindred Spirit Elaine Kong Mull of Kintyre by Celtic Thunder Improver March 2016
King Of The Bar Pamela Smith King Of The Bar by Adam Harvey Intermediate September 2016
Kiss a Girl Noel Bradey Kiss a Girl by Tim McGraw Intermediate January 2016
Kiss Faithfully Diana Bishop This Kiss by Faith Hill Improver July 2018
Kiss Me (Besame) Noel Bradey Besame by Gloria Estefan Intermediate May 2011
Kiss Me Boots Wayne Beazley & Kevin Smith Come Kiss Me Boots by Gord Bamford Intermediate March 2018
Kiss Me Like That Diana Bishop You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like That by Toby Keith Improver August 2013
Kiss Me Mary Pamela Smith Kiss Me Mary by Derek Ryan Intermediate November 2014
Kiss the Sky William Plain
Kiss the Sky by Jason Derulo Improver August 2016
Kiss You All Over Tim Gauci Cover You in Kisses by John Michael Montgomery Intermediate 2001
Kiss You on the Dance Floor Lu Olsen Secret Love Song by Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo Intermediate November 2016
Kiss You Tonight Noel Bradey Kiss You Tonight by David Nail Intermediate April 2014
Kissin' Bullfrogs Tim Gauci Happy Ever After by Sinead Burgess Intermediate November 2009
Kiwi Hiroko Carlsson Kiwi by Harry Styles Advanced May 2018
Kiwi 4/4 Pamela Smith A Nei Ra Te Kura by Marie Haslemore Beginner June 2007
Kleen Boots Noel Bradey Country Ain't Never Been Pretty by Cam Improver February 2017
Knee Deep Terry & Di Dunbar Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band Intermediate September 2010
Knee Deep in Water Pamela Ahearn Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band Improver July 2011
Knock 3 Times Colleen Archer Knock Three Times by Dawn Intermediate October 2011
Knock on Your Door Hiroko Carlsson I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door by Eddie Hodges Improver April 2017
Kokomo Cocktails Gordon Elliott Kokomo by The Beach Boys Improver January 2017
Kuduro Nadia Friel Danza Kuduro by Don Omar ft Lucenzo Intermediate May 2011

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