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 1 David Schuett
"It was a fun ride" 
 2 Jessica Gonzalez
Once upon a time, a guest asked me "what happens when it rains"...I told her "everything gets wet"... I guess, in a way, I'll miss the dumb questions, if only to point out exactly how dumb the question is. 
 3 Tracie Nunez
 4 Steve Cumming
Too many to share, that's for sure! 
 5 Xyonitra Murdock
I remember walking into HR for my interview I was nervous as nervous can get. I Know I din't do a good job but the lady said she was going to give me a chance. I'm glad she did because while working at Astroworld I made good friends. I had lots of fun and had some hilarious times also. I'm going to miss my fellow workers Ashley and Mike oh and Darrell too. I will miss Astroworld and everything it brought me. 
 6 James Martin
It was a raining cats and dogs day and the park was still open but we were handing rainchecks out left and right, and after all the guests left, I remember going with our sups and playing in the huge puddles of rain that used to gather at the front gate. Its a silly memory, but those two years were the best times of my life. 
 7 George Sanders
It was aiight 
 8 Ceasar F. Barajas
i sat in front of the looney tunes theater stage for about an hour on sunday, oct 30 and just reminisced...that very stage gave me my FIRST ever dance job. i am now a professional performer who has traveled the world...and i owe to astroworld for giving me that chance. 
 9 Andree Peltier
I always enjoyed folding that huge flag after the took so many people, and could lift you into the air if you weren't careful. 
 10 bill parsons
My personal favorite project was carving a carousel horse to be used on the Alpine Carousel. Although the horse was intended to be used thoughout the year as a replacement fill-in to allow repairations to the original animals, the premature closing of the park caused the horse I carved to be put on the back burner. I was thrilled to be able to install the painted horse on the carousel for both a first and a last ride on the final weekend of park operations. It made it's debut when the gates opened on Saturday the 27th of October, and it's grand finale on the 28th of October when the park closed. Short but sweet. 

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 11 Patricia Salazar
Astroworld was my first job. I met my ex-fiance there. The people that I worked with were amazing! It was a fun experience, and I have alot of fond memories. 
 12 Lance Peltier
About how we found the speed switch on the bumper cars one night while cleaning the ride and proceeded to bang them up at high speed. The mechanics came over kicking and screaming about how they were the ones that had to fix them after we broke them. 
 13 Michael Tapscott Tapscott
just working there and being around the poeple and makeing new friends 
 14 Rodrigo (ROD) Coronado
Thank You Astroworld for all the good times and the bad ones. I will miss this place it was been part of my life for the last 13 years. I am now working at Texas Medical Center.I am glad SFAW close because I found this great paying job that I like. go to click on search enter display name (SUPERROD). there you'll find Astrowolrd ex-employees 
 15 Hilda Hendrix
I remember working winter work crew and sewing up damaged stuffed animals during my Christmas break. Now, that was boring work, but we still made it fun somehow!  
 16 Jerry Williams
I remember how the park would look after closing. Very surreal with the lights on, but no people there. As for stories - that would fill a book. 
 17 Andy Lemrond
Working with young and older employs. Seeing the happiness I caused when there was a person at my game. 
 18 David Leeds
aug 79-we we're able to get chicken shack closed so fast one night that my entire crew was able to make it to chat n chew and order burger baskets from them at 1150. we're singing our theme song in line. "chicken shack oh chicken shack, how lovely are your fry vats" 
 20 Stephanie Colburn
Taking the Astroworld rode trip to Six Flags over Georgia. We were stuck at the bus terminal in Birmingham AL because a girl on the trip got beat up by another employee. I was on the bus with all the lifeguards and it was a blast. 

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 21 John Sylvester
Working in Security, there are too many stories to list as we were kept pretty busy everyday dealing with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Incidents that stand out in mind include a juvenile streaker, shop lifting by a group of Christian teenagers, teenagers caught up in passion while sitting in a photo booth, and catching a carjacker that was caught in the end of the night exit traffic 
 22 Roland Mireles
One night after the park was closed, I was about to cross the railroad tracks by the Ultra Twister. Five feet away from the tracks my electric wheelchair broke down. All of sudden my wheelchair was spinning in a circle and I could not go straight. I was saying to myself “Steam engine please, don’t come by.” Then I saw a maintenance truck pass by. I said “Damn he did not see me in the dark.” Next thing I know the truck backed up. He asked me “What’s wrong with your wheelchair Roland?” I did not know what was wrong. He figured it out and drove to the shop and then came back with an e clip. After he fixed the wheelchair he told me “You know what? I was the last mechanic on duty and on my way home.” If it was not for him, no telling how long I would have been out in the park in the dark. The bad thing is I don’t remember his name. 
 23 tom moore
the girls and the partys 
 24 Gary Wirick
I had a great deal of fun out there and met a lot of interesting people. One person I met out there was Lystra Augustine. Everyone out there was great and I will miss the park very much 
 25 Rick Beard
Playing softball on the Attractions 2 team, the "NADS"...Good Times! 
 26 Tharith Un
An experience I will never forget is when the Texas Tornado rolled backwards down the lift and crashed into the train in the station. 
 27 Tameca Allen
It was very great for me growing up. I was 16-18 and it was so many experiences I had there. It was a great experence. 
 28 marty beer
my first day, i had told h.r. i couldnt start till the folloing weakend, but i gusse they didnt tell anyone else, anyway i was to play hockey that weekend and told my lead , i wasnt going cause this was my first day. well she brings this slip saying i am sick and have to leave, she then gets me a outside line to call home and have my parents meet me at the rink with my gear. i get on the ice get a few warm up shots play the game of mylife we tie 1-1, i get player of the game. I have so many memories as do others ,they are all so special, the good the bad , all the people i know who have become my family. 
 29 Steve Lisbony
To many. I was a Steam Engineer, we had to many stories to tell. We were the Bad Boys of the Railroad 
 30 Andrew Ramos
Met some interesting people. 

Back to the top
 31 alan klompenhower
had fun 
 32 Rickey Domaschk
I enjoyed everything about working at Astroworld. My favorite part of working at Astroworld was meeting many gorgeous girls, and the many parties that resulted from working their! Those days were certainly among the greatest of my life. Thank you Astroworld! I'd like to say hellow to all of the "Original" Astroworld gang from 1968. Email me anytime, I'd love to hear from you. Rickey 
 33 Melanie Deemer
I was thrown into Thunder River by the Entire Enchanted Kingdom Crew. Led by their Forman who many years later became my husband. That same night 3 of crew members tubbed down Thunder River in inner tubes "borrowed" from Water World. It was there last day working so what could I do ;-)..... 
 34 Jennifer Limon
I was always a troubled kid, problems at home sometimes without a home. Problems with my self-esteem, problems at school but through it all people loving me, hating me I had Astroworld and I always did my best and worked the hardest I ever had to stay there because it was all I had and I grew up there, learned so much there and all the people who supervised me were the best and all my co-workers were so great. They will never know the pain it was just to get to work but I did it to see them, to see smiles on the guests faces and to learn all the supervisors had to teach. Thank you Astroworld for getting me through the hard times and giving me the best times of my life.... 
 35 Falein Nost
My first time riding a roller coster ride was when I was 6 or 7 years old. My very first roller coster was the Texas Cyclone and I will never forget the time when I was real small and skinny I felt like I was going to slip out because I was very little at the time. My mom had to hold me back until the ride was over. When growing up I rode every single ride in six flags astroworld and I am going to miss it not going for the summer. 
 36 Johnathan Romero
i've been here almost my whole life! 
 37 Christine Richards
all the laughs i shared, all of my supervisors, and employees. getting up every day during the hot summer and make people smile. 
 38 John Armstrong
I was the first guy to sell ballons, I got the job because I was dating the girl that at the time was foreman and she convinced the higher ups she needed me to help move the helium tanks. 
 39 Anita Bazan
it was fun whilel lit lasted and i wish it would have staye open till i got a chance to take my daughter there when she got older. 
 40 Becky Jefferies
Every shift was an experience all its own.. so many diverse people..some nice, some not so nice.. amazing what some will say and do to get a refund or a new ticket for future visit.. I enjoyed all the people I worked with.. everyone was happy and seemed to like their jobs.. I guess we were young and didn't know any better :) 

Back to the top
 41 Tara Polk
@ the Supervisor, I've never seen a group of sooo many happy people. It felt good to see previous co-workers unite. Then I got to mix and mingle with them and they were all sooooo much fun! 
 42 Heather McSpadden
I grew up at the park every since I was brought into this world. My mom, Phyllis McSpadden, has worked there for 26 years and I am know currently 24 years old. So, the Park has a place in my heart and always will be. 
 43 Phyllis McSpadden
One of the best feelings I had at the park was when I was helping out the front gate taking tickets. As one of the quest approached me I said Hello, how are you doing today? They looked down at my name tag and said, Phyllis, thank you for coming in to work today. It left such a great feeling. 
 44 devin jackson
I help Joe fix the soda machine 
 45 TyUmekia Guss
I remeber a time when a guest became sick and passed out inside of La Cantina it was very scary 
 46 Grant Nibel
Translation of German blueprints and installation of the Tornadoe. 
 47 Kendria Pierre
I enjoyed working with the people in the different sections that I've been in, because they made my day every time I came to work. 
 48 Christine Richards
 49 Rudy Guerra
Family and Friends 
 50 Rudy Guerra
Family and Friends 

Back to the top
 51 Andrew Wheeler
 52 Melynda Massey
it rocked! 
 53 Sean Royal
Well Sunday(10/30/2005) was the end of an era. I still couldnt believe what was about to happen. Astroworld is finally done. As I took my last looks of the guests leaving, i watched all the happy faces of the children as they waved bye. I couldnt help but to have a tear in my eye for the kids, cause they were really taking away from the kids by closing the park.As kept looking on, I remembered all the firsts that occured while being a part of A.W. for now 17yrs: I learned how to swim in the kiddie pool in Waterworld, I rode my first rollercoaster(serial thriller) last august, I even got my mom on it last Saturday when she swore she would never ride a coaster and she even liked it. I remember when Robert first told me i was hired to work there.Edwin when he trained me. I didnt think i would make many friends while working here, only to find out I not only made friends, but I now had another family: The 6-Flags family.(Tears starting to fall while I write this). So many of you made me want to come to work every week because all of you have the best personalities i have ever been around. First and foremost my krunk sister, Tara I love you like a real sister, U were always so much fun to be around, everyday was a good one when i was with you. Felicia U were so great to talk 2, Christina when u smile u make my day good, Larson, Steven, Ifiok, Justin and Chris yall were like the brothers i never had. Tiffany u were the happiest person i ever been around. Danatte U jus so quite but good to converse with when u open up.Brandi jus stay wilin out. To all other black tags love yall too. Jonathan when you started i didnt know u, but when we got to talkin I learned we had a shit load of stuff in common. (No wonder u are my "mini-me") U my nigga till the end. Devin, u were just a good person to be around, just because u kept it real. Always kept every situation a good one (mmm hmmm) lol. Robert, Bresean, Jessica, Richard, Stacy,Soledad, Edwin, Dina, Steven, and Nick, all of you taught me so much while i was working here. Thank you all for giving me the chance the work in the BEST park in Texas. To anyone i forgot to mention sorry, but im so sad i cant really concentrate. As a last memory I will always remember that last Cha Cha Slide(it was the greatest dance ever). Hopefully I will see all of you at Schillterban(excuse spelling), or Splashtown. If not I hope everyone stays safe and I love all yall( my Admissions Familia). Peace Out and remember IT WILL ALWAYS BE PLAYTIME, FOR NOW AND FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Astroworld Family  
 54 Kyla Perry
On the last day when somebody got in one of the Go-Karts and crashed it into the fence near post 2. 
 55 Juan Loredo
i loved this job it was the best one i ever had 
 56 Kim Smaistrla
bunny fall down... 
 57 Cesar Castillo
When I crashed the sweeptruck by accident. 
 58 Ronald Branch
While working at Excalibur, we where running 2 trains. There was a lady on the train and she refused to get off because her son was several inches too short to ride. She said if he rode the Viper (42 inch height requirement) he could ride Excalibur (48 inch height requirement). The MCO called security and told them that there was a lady at the ride and she was "Holding us up and people could not get off" or something like that. About 30 seconds or so several Security officers and a HPD Officer show up and the HPD officer had his gun in hand. They came running up the exit and we did not know what was happening. They thought the lady was Holding us up as in a robbery. Just put it this way the lady did not ride and everyone in line cheered when she left. WE HAD A HUGE LAUGH LATER!!! I guess you can call it a Mine Train Robbery. 
 59 Karl Wagner
Working at the park was the greatest time of my life. It was the best job i ever had for the least amount of money! I am very proud of the fact that my grandfather, Arthur Deiss, was handpicked by Judge Roy Hoffeinz to be his master carpenter. My Grandfather built all the original buildings in the park, and even help construct the Texas Cyclone. It was a sad day for me to hear the park closed forever this year (2005). It will be sorely missed! 
 60 Aleksandra//OLA Manowiec
I'm international student from Poland.I was working in Astroworld 2seasons.I realy love it.I met lots of great people that I was working with,I liked my job,I've got lots of fun and good experiences.I improved my English!! And I wanna thank My Boss-Terry Overstreet-ILU: 

Back to the top
 61 Don Armstrong
rats that swam from an island in the middle of the lake to the chicken shack after the park closed at night. 
 62 Bob Burch
I have never worked with so many dedicated professional people in my life. "The show goes on" is a standing tradition of Six Flags and each park is always ready to open their gates for the guests to come in. Behind the scene activities is bunch of busy bees all flying in different directions, but with the same goal, to keep the rides and attractions operating for our guests. The camaraderie of Park personnel was truly great. Everyone supported each other every day. I truly will miss all the people I worked with at Astroworld and feel very privileged to have known them. I say goodby to Mac, Tommy, Anthony, Linda, George, Jerry, Carlos, Charlie, Marty, David, Kent, Guy, Jimmy, Grant, Don, Brent, Steve, Barbara and to all the ladies and gentlemen in Operations, Maintenance, Security, Food Service, Retail and Marketing. Good Luck and Best Wishes. Bob Burch, San Antonio, Texas  
 63 Christopher White
Home is where the heart is, and Astroworld has been "Home" to me for 6 years. 
 64 Natasha Garza
What is not to share. The ones that love it always will, and the ones that did not (we all have those days)may one day learn to love the time that they have spent here. We all have our stories, but mine is simply the people. I have enjoyed working with all the different people. Both in and out of the park. To everyone " Thank You ! " I am positive that I will never work in this type of enviroment again, and if it does happen I know that I have truly been blessed. Astroworld, all of the memories that you have given me I will always cherish. 
 65 Carolyn Ewing
The way this group of people felt about each other will ALWAYS be with me. I will truly miss each and everyone. 
 66 Eric Odom
I'm almost embarassed to say that I had and still do have all the music memorized that played in every section of the park and yes I have been guilty several times of putting my radio next to a speaker and letting the park music play on everybody's radio. I would intentionally whistle the music as loud as I could just to show off and see if I could get on somebody's nerves. I noticed during a return a few years ago that they changed up the music. Anybody know what they did with the tapes??? 
 67 Sullivan Thornton
I worked at waterworld durind the summer and I had a great time and met many new friends 
 68 Varalee Roongrujipaisal
Working for Astroworld is like the greatest memory I've ever had!!!I will never forget the park!!!!!and every I worked with! 
 69 George Huery
I loved working at Astroworld every day it was my dream. 
 70 sirirat chaiwetwittaya
it's very great 

Back to the top
 71 La Toya Smith
At the ride,we always tried to find things to lighten up the enviorment from are dances to song remixes. Even if it ment we would get in troble with water guns and accidently e-stops. Well one day at the ride one of our former crew member was experimenting at the chute and wanted to know what would happen if he put a cup in front of the photo eye and didnt tell any one. The ride was shut down for about a hour and a half before the tech. decided to go up and see what was wrong. When he found out he screams, "Its a Damn DIXIE CUP in front of the photo eye." all we could do was laugh and the crew member that did was transfered to games. 
 72 Tod Peddie
Too many to share here. 
 73 James Robertson
Working at Astroworld was a life changing experience for me. I was a very shy kid and the friends I made working at the park helped bring me out of my shell. There are still several people that I worked with all those years ago that keep in contact and get together whenever possible. Astroworld also made me a better employee. I was given so much responsibility at such a young age and that helped me grow into a strong employee and leader. 
 74 Courtney Rayburn
I thoroughly enjoyed the cook offs, and all the people that I became friends with. Everyone I know in Houston is associated with AstroWorld in some way. I even got my two best friends to work there as seasonals. 
 75 Tod Peddie
Too many to list here... 
 76 Othon Guillen
I will never forget the summer at Waterworld, for obvious reasons. But one day that summer Astroworld lost power for about 6 hours, this was in June. None of the rides could work. All the guests were allowed into Waterworld because we still had power. We had like triple the amount of people in the park that day & ran out of everything. I remember looking up at the astroneedle and wondering how they were going to get those peolpe down. Never found out what caused the power outage. 
 77 Donna Richardson
Remember paying only .50 to get in the gates!!! And each employee was given free season tickets to give our family members. I remember after closing at the end of the day that some of us would meet at certain rides and have some fun. How wardrobe would hate seeing us come in after being thrown into the Lagoon. And what about the day that Cashes Clay and George Forman came to the park. What a day for us all!!!! Also, watching Armstrong walk on the moon at El Chico's. What a wonderful experience growing up with Astroworld!! I will miss you! Anyone from the 60's please email me. I'd love to hear from you. 
 78 Robyn Gallion
Resuscitated a 5 year old boy coming off of the Texas Cyclone. I was a hero for the day. 
 79 Chris O
Was a friend of the guy who played Cornelius D. Crow. Once had to jump into that gross blue colored water to retrive a remote control boat that died. 
 80 Deena Stepczyk
Spent the night in the park during winter work crew 

Back to the top
 81 Gina Lucio
It was great! Learned a lot 
 82 jamison weaver
got my tool box put on the top of Dungeon Drop 
 83 Christopher Papandreou
It was $RANDOM_ADJECTIVE! One day, back in $RANDOM_SEASON, I was in $RANDOM_SECTION right next to $RANDOM_LOCATION. It was $RANDOM_WEATHER outside, and the park had $RANDOM_ATTENDENCE many guests that day. All of a sudden, a guest came up to me and told me that $RANDOM_EVENT had occurred next to $RANDOM_OTHER_LOCATION. I followed the guest to $RANDOM_OTHER_LOCATION, and couldn't believe what I saw, it was $RANDOM_SITUATION. I proceeded to help out as best I could, and about $RANDOM_TIME_INTERVAL until $RANDOM_DEPARTMENT could arrive to take care of everything. Man that was crazy. (Guess which department I worked for >;} ) 
 84 Tanisha Smith
My job as a ghost in the Brutal Planet house was one big thrill night after night. I was responsible for scares in the grave yard. Once, three of the largest girls ever came walking in. I just sat back perched on a grave stone watching them under the cover of lots of fog. Usually people thought that I was a dummy. They were no different. They approached me to get a closer look. When they were close enough, I looked up and smiled at them. The next thing I know the big girls ran smack into a wall, destroyong an innocent exit sign in the process. It was literally in pieces. Now they were laying on the floor obviously hurt from the collision. I broke character to see if they were okay and the moment they saw me head in their direction they jumped up from the big lump on the floor and ran out of the room. Ahh....the good old days. 
 85 Jena Brown
There are too many to share! I made wonderful friends and we are still friends to this day. 
 86 Tara Oakes
My job in the house was to get people from one side of the "street" to the other and back again, herding them from room to room. Some people were so frightened by the time they would get to me I only had to look at them and they would start freaking out. (Lots of fun for me of course.) One evening a couple of preppy girls came up and I just remember taking a step towards them when they flipped out and tried to run. This did not go very well and one of them fell and whacked her head on a barrel. At this point I broke character to make certain she was alright, but she wouldn't have anything to do with me. She began to scout across the floor on her hands and feet- very much like a crab- just like in the horror flicks. When she felt she had scooted a safe distance away she got up and ran screaming and never looked back. Oh well, it was definitely fun for me! 
 87 David Ripper
I busted my knee while scaring the pants off little children. Best fun of my life. 
 88 Kurtes Lawrence
The only experience that I will always remember will be the family I will miss trmendously. Hopefully we will all stay in touch. Too many interesting stories to share from AstroWorld at this time. 
 89 Dexter Gillespie
We used to test ride the coaster every morning before opening. 

Back to the top
I remember that I started my senior year of high school and wanted a little extra money for college. So I was to work the summer and go off to college and never look back! I went to college, but stayed on at AstroWorld because my supervisor allowed me to work a really odd schedule and I never left. I have held many positions at Astroworld and even left to work at a school, but I still worked until the day it closed. So many stories...I will never forget the day Patrick Zink threw my till all over cash control because I was always picky on my tills and he thought it would be funny to try and mess me up. It did not work because I gathered everything up and it still came out even. No one was allowed around the table until I was sure I found everything!!! I have learned so much from everyone I have worked with over the years. Building lasting friendships and learning so much from a very diverse group of people. I have always said that AstroWorld taught me things that I would have had to have 8-10 jobs just to learn the various skills that I learned at Astroworld in one setting. It is a family and when you go out in the world nothing is like it. Everyone who has had the opportunity to work here knows exactly what I am talking about. Love to all I worked with and the friends I have made!!! 
 92 Dennis Bartel
I enjoyed the after hour event Astroworld had for the employees. 
 93 Darla Branch
I met my best friend of 24 years, Kevin Casey, at the park as we were volunteered to escort the Easter Seals kids around the park. 
 94 Miriam Charles
I remember a friend of mine who worked in Grounds Quality showing me a Seven Seas bottle he found in the Mens' restroom. The bottle reeked of alcohol! It was hilarious! 
 95 Garza Natasha
The entire time I was employeed be Astroworld was an experience. The park had awesome employees. Thanks everyone for making it such an awesome place to be everyday. 
 96 Russell Thoede
Last engineer to take the last steam trip around the park 
 97 Reid Ruple
Helped remove the crystal chandelier from the Crystal Palace in 1975. It went into storage and was sold today at auction for 00.00. I believe it was easily worth 25-30 thousand. So sad to see the park go. 
 98 xavier starghill
i would always come to work early so i could get everything done on time like get the water for my crew ,made sure the rides area was clean,the rides inspection check was done and signed by a supervisor ian martinez or jermy foot in area b we've had or good times and our bad times but to let you know astroworld will be missed by me and many others. i cried when i seen them taking apart s.thriller d.drop that went fast. R.I.P ASTROWORLD 1968-2005 
 99 Daniel Delgado
I will never forget being a manager at Serial Thriller, and someone lost their fake leg while going into the first loop! The leg flew across the air over the people standing in line! You could just imagine what they were thinking! I then had to lock out the ride to retrieve it, so embarrassing. 
Maybe later. It still hurts too much to think about what has been lost. 

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 101 Travis Baggett
Looney Toon Town was the easiest job in the world, but sweeping trash was the worst experience of my life. Every year I worked the park got worse. I knew it would shut down. 
 102 Henry Johnson
awesome experience 
 103 Jesse Mask
Fireworks was always fun I would always think a shell had caught the Island at the River on fire 
 104 Rafael Chandler
I love that dance we had to do before the would open. I loved all my coworker's. 
 107 Tye Page
Class of 1986 Madison Sr.worked for the summer to get money for our senior trip to the Bahamas. Although, I never seen a single paycheck/stub {thanks to James Madison High on Whiteheather}. I enjoyed being with my friends and riding all the rides. I can't believe they payed us to have fun.Thank you to my Mom Ella & Metro for all the rides to Astoworld. Then when I was hired on at Compaq Computers Inc-Tomball, Tx {1989} right after college I was in heaven. The founder of Compaq-Rod Canion used to treat his employees every year to a weekend at Astroworld. Thank You Mr. Rod Canion 
 108 lynn perry
I had a ball working at Astroworld. Imade some amazing friends that I wish I still had contact with. 
 109 Carol Gerke
There were so many great memories. As a season pass holder and getting stuck on the Texas Cyclone for 1hour and 45min. and getting our ride. Working at the Crystal Palace as an usher and hanging out with all the theater people. Going to the Astroworld Parties. The wonderful and wild people that came to work at the park from LA. The late night breakfasts at Dennys.  
 110 Rebecca (Becky) Plant
I was one of the original season pass brats, way back in the day. Me and my gang were on board the very first major shut-down of the Texas Cyclone. It was the last ride of the night,and we just left the que house - when the chain disconnected halfway up the lift... We must have been up there about 45 minutes, the park was cleared out by then, I know my mom was waiting in the station wagon for us just on the other side of the fence. Finally, they got about ten or so guys to push us the rest of the way over the top. Bless there hearts, that thing was massively heavy! Obviously, we rode the rest of the way via centifugal force... Dang It Was A Good Ride!!!! Waaaay back before they dropped the north and south bends, and put in headrests and seat beats... Whooo Hooo!!! 

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 111 Valentino Clemons
The "turnaround" was a blast. Those guys from Park Services were smooth. I enjoyed the softball league-DAWGS #1. 
 112 Neal Howard
Fired by Bill Crandall during the 1976 bicentennial fireworks show on July 4, but realized it was dark and he didn't know who we were, so I came back the next day and no one said anything (as a matter of fact, Bill said hello to me that day). 
 113 Wojciech Miksa
It was really nice to work there. I met many wonderful people, students from around the world as well as Americans. Pepople like Joux, Desiree, Faith, Scott, Kevin and many many more always will be in my memory. 
 114 Keith Hanna
To many to name. 
 115 Mike Hazelrigs
1. My last day - My crew threw me in the River to celebrate and we were terminated (saved that end-of-year bonus) 2. Car wreck on Nasa1 returning from work at 02:00 in morning, ripped a brand new Datsun 710 with paper plates in half. Tough part was telling my Dad. 
 116 Teresa Murguia
I just remember all of the fun I used to have when setting up in the mornings. The most interesting thing was how I always got confused with someone who looked like me who would always get drunk at those great bashes we used to have. 
I don't have 1 story but i would like to name of few names of some great people i worked with. Craig Warren,Cliff Edwards,Kerry Danford,James Marlin,Tommy Gooden,Stuart Hood,Severon Vallery,Rick Orosco,Jayne Nalett,Charles Goudy,Brian Harper,Julian Guevara,Paul Speights,Marcus Suarez, Thanks for the memories. A special thanks to Lynda Baldwin for letting my crazy ass work there that long. 
 118 Mike Herring
I basically grew up at AstroWorld, and had a Season pass from adolescence through my late teens. I love to collect and share pictures and videos of the park.  
 119 Brandon Holmes
The best thing I can remember is working on the fourth of July. I worked from 9am-midnight. During the firework show, they decided to shut down almost every other ride in our area except for us. Seeing as I was working at the ASTROWAY, this shocked all of us working at the ride. After the show started, the supervisors determined that the fireworks were coming a little too close to the cars. They decided to shut down the ride. We,however, had to dispatch an additional car because the alpine side had sent another one. They had to send this car because one of the employees HAD to come over to our side of the park. Needless to say, by the time he "touched down," he was clinging to the rails on the side of the car very tightly. 
 120 Susan Kouts
I use to go out after work with some of the Security Guards, Fred Cipelle and Sandy Alvarado. We went to Pizza Inn on Bellaire Blvd and had a great time. 

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 121 Mike Hopper
Where i met Amanda my fiance. 
 122 Richard Brown
Running the mountain at Alpine Sleighs. Warming up the Texas Cyclone before park opening. "Accidentally" dropping something in the River of No Return and having to jump in to retrieve it on a hot day. "Speed stopping" DFERR/Excalibur. 
 123 Andy Lemrond
One Customer who was a hired official to fire employees tried to get a free game and then went on to another employee and I went over there and said don't even try 
 124 madawnda garcia
Working at Astroworld was like the beginning of my life. I met my husband there, we worked at Batman together. Remember cleaning gum out of the rail-road crossing? Remember sending small stuffed animals on the bottom of the roller coaster to see if they would make it back? Remember riding with the seats all the way up? Astroworld was my first job and i enjoyed working because we became like family. 
 125 denise unkefer
there are so many, i saw astroworld get built, my father was an electrician and every day we would drop him off ,and i would watch astroworld slowly get built. i was young ,the first time we went to astroworld it was the sixties and everything was brand new,the best experience was falling in love with my boyfriend and getting my first kiss. 
 126 John Gardner
Walking to the parking lot one night , you have to walk under that twisting coaster, when I got under the ride it came roaring over me and a quarter fell out of the car and hit my face about an inch from my eye 
 127 David Hawk
My story is that for only a short time, I had the utmost privilege of working at astroworld. A job working at a wonderland. What could be better. The friends I made in such a short time, the experiences, will always be etched in my mind forever. This past year has been a difficult one for me. I lost a friend to cancer, who was like a brother to me. I also lost my best friend of almost 24 years to divorce, my wife. When I heard that the park was closing forever, I had that all too familiar pain in my heart, like so many others of you felt. I remembered how many times my wife and I had taken my 2 girls to the park, and how I wished I could do it all over again. I'll never forget astroworld, or the people I met that made it what it was. My heart will be heavy every time I drive down the 610 loop between kirby and fannin. But I will never forget you astroworld.......thank you for all the memories, and I can only hope that some day, in another place and time, we will see you again. 
 128 Sandra Dugan
As soon as I would arrive at the park for my shift, I would ask if I could go home. And throughout the shift I would ask about 20 times if I could go home, and the answer was of course no. 
 129 Denise Saylor
My favorite experience at Astroworld was meeting my husband. 
 130 Edward Hodge
I remember when myself and the head of ride operations jammed 7 boats in rapids ride. It was home school week, and the entertainment staff got to run rides SO MUCH FUN. So she and I started up the ride, jammed them. She turned to me and said (if you tell anyone I broke a ride I kill you). We called a maintance guy with her cell phone. Its been ten years and it still makes me laugh.  

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 131 Michael Rutland
the after-parties with the night crews 
 132 Lana Romero
There are so many experiences. Spring Break '94 when I was escorting characters and playing volleyball during breaks. Opening of the Mayan Mindbender, Watching the New Edition concert in the rain, being on stage when Selena performed. So many. 
 133 Don Moffit
Jay Johnson of TV's "SOAP" (with Billy Crystal) did his ventriloquism act in my show. 
The day i was hired Houston flooded and ASTROWORLD was like an island above the water,we had to all stay there and spend the night in the theater...We had lots of fun that night! 
 137 Johnny L. Martinez, Jr.
I was always surprised at how our gang(Tim Jackson,Oscar Price, Bill Blue, my brother Eugene, and myself always managed after partying on Friday and Saturday nights with no sleep in between, still managed to show up at our respective rides bright eyed and bushytailed in the mornings. Also, working the winter cleanup crew with Clyde Callicott and the others was a blast "DUDE!!". Where did the time go? My hat to everyone who worked at the park in '78, '79. The time spent at Astroworld was the best times I ever had during my teen years. The people I'll never forget: Both Bills(I remember 3 of them), Janice, Lynda and David, GiGi, Denise, Pam, Jeff, Darren, Doc, Tim, Oscar, Clyde, Sandra & Susan, Keith(my old party buddy from LaPorte), Sheila, Bruce, Norma, Anna, Theresa, Mike( who goes by Michael now), and a special someone-Margaret(with whom I lost contact with after she left for San Marcus), and everyone else who I haven't mentioned. Thanks for the memories. P.S.-The park became a family institution for us. After my brother and I left, my little brother Chris worked in the park in '80, '81, and my cousin Joe still works in the business for Six Flags in Colorado as a general manager. 
 138 ashley holthaus
I miss every moment I have ever had at Astroworld. And I wouldn't trade it for anything!! 
 139 javier Campuzano
i once cut myself while going up the lift. 
 140 Clint Okruhlik
Those nights after closing watching certain employees try to swim the river and the night the supervisers thought it would be funny during an employee party at the cyclone to run the train twice after we all had just got through eating hot dogs....joke was on them when we all got back in the que house! There were those nights that we all sang "river of dreams" on the park phone at Thunder River. One of the most memorable things I remember was walking over to island 2 in the dark one night and falling into the river! I still have the scar on my knee from it! 

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 141 Pamela Farmer
Kissing under Alpine Sleigh ride with Jeff Martin. Fell in love with Clyde. Fell in lust with too many to list. Had so much fun. Will never forget the many friends I made. I still love you all! 
 142 Donna Jorgenson
Had a lot of fun. It was my first job. Met a lot of people 
 143 Mark Richards
The best times were with Beth and Lorie at the Cow Palace. Beth never knew it but I had the biggest crush on her! We used to have ice and water fights throughout the Western Junction area. The grand opening for Waterworld with the employees party was the best time that I had at Astroworld. The crew at the "Thriller Diller" has stayed in touch after all theese years and still talk about the fun we had with all of the different girls in each area of the park. It was great and I am sad to see Astroworld closed down but now I am in Real Estate and work around the area selling Townhomes so I understand the corporate way of thinking. 
 144 Ra'Sheeta Fletcher
My friend JJ and i used to get the guests involved by dancing infront of the ticket booths. We would always customize the "Mississippi Stomp" and put our own into it, the guest would immediatly join in and right after we got their surveys....on time when we were opening front gat with the dance I did a hitch kick and split my 
 145 Terry Woodruff
I have always loved the band "CheapTrick". They performed at the park one night and I was lucky enough to work the stage at the concert. After the concert, my dept. mgr. Ronie Dunn aid he had something he wanted me to do. As it turned out, I got to escort Robin Zander, the lead singer of the band, throughout the park for the remainder of the night while he road the rides and played the games. After he was through, I took him back to the Admin. building, where the limo was waiting to take him away. As he was getting ready to leave, he asked if I wanted the band's autograph, which of course I did. Then he asked if I had a girlfriend (I did) and he said that they would be playing in Houston again in a few weeks. He took my name and said that he would have tickets for the both of us waiting at the door. I couldn't believe it! We did go to the concert when they came back and I had a great time. It just goes to show that there are a lot of famous people out there that are really NICE too! 
 146 christine richards
the experience that i have had was like no other job i have had, the people were graet, and so were the supervisors, and managers. the vibe that everybody had when they came to work was great and a memorable lifetime experience!!! 
 147 Vanessa Houmelarde
Working at astroworld was really fun i remember when i was working on serial thriller and this little boy barfed on his friend. they were both crying. It was really sad but more funny. I love my fellow astroworld employees. love vanessa 
 148 Valerie Houmelarde
me and my sister vanessa had alot of fun. 
 149 Cynthia Bailey
the real story with our family is that we were the ones who designed and installed most of the Holiday in the Park decoartions for the nine years it went on and we built the skelton for Fright Nights. I have great memories of work with the staff at 3:oo in the morning pluging in lights and freezing our tail ends off putting up the poinsetta tree. the ghoast stories that the security guards told always gave the kids the shivers. I really miss the place even here in northeran Iowa and never had a chance to go back before it was demolished. But she lives on in our memories and photos. 
 150 richard watts
One of my favorite memories was being able to go to the park on my days off free of charge. I really loved riding the rides as much as I could. The people were great to work with too!!! 

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 151 Amy Spence
Lot of great stories, too many to tell. 
 152 Joe Heffernan
Susan B Antonie coins, 
 153 Keith Wamsley
The bakery was one of the last places to actually close at night because of all the folks trying to get a loaf before going home. This product didn't travel around the park all day very well! It was amazing how angry people would get when we tried to close the door. Yes the water wheel worked in those days. 
 154 Frank Rynd
Loved my work....first time I used A time clock....The Mexican section Restaurant employee road trip to Six Flags in Arlington,Texas. 
 155 Frank Rynd
Loved my work....first time I used A time clock....The Mexican section Restaurant employee road trip to Six Flags in Arlington,Texas. 
 156 Peter Elsner
I once meant Phil Collins. He was doing a concert there that evening and came into the park during the day to ride the rides. 
 157 Vance Miller
When visiting the park on an off day, I stored my stuff in the office/store room. Several employees left their till bags out of the till box. As I had seen done in Astroworld, I hid them. Appearently, I hid them too well and security was called in. It was a huge ordeal, and I got a written correction report. 
 158 Michael Harper
It brings tears to my eyes to see what has become of our beloved Texas Cyclone, and all of the other Houston Icons and Lamdmarks at Astroworld. My heart truly hurts. My best memories are when I was working at Astroworld. It ddin't matter that we made min. wage (.35 per hr), we did it because we loved to - regardless of the pay. I would do it all over again for free if given the chance. 
 159 Arthanza McGhee
Met Destiny's Child before they split up. That job was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 160 Jay Ducote
My summer at Astroworld was one of the best of my life! I enjoyed going there every day, and then going across the street to catch an Astros games in the evening when I got off. Good time! Plus, there was Robert "Heavy Hands" Tyler, my boys John and Johnny, and of course Avery, Tiffany, and Casey, who I will never forget! 

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 161 Brian Weathersby
I didn't realize how much I would miss the place until I watched them tear Astroworld down! 
 162 Norman Knapp
I met one of my very best friends there. He lives in the midwest now and I live in Alabama but we try to keep in touch. 
 163 Paul Walters
There was once an Older man that loved to tell jokes. One day he was fired for telling a lady with a BMW that she has a BMW (Black Man Working) was funny even with the racial personification. (note I am black and the guy that told the joke is white) Some time after he was fired I told the joke and people just laugh. 
 164 Joey Paffel
4th of July 2003-2005 
 165 Mike Anawaty
Being the "kid" in the dept, guess who got to do most of the dirty work? Oh well thats sho-biz.... 
 166 Laura Salazar
After I got off work a group of us would hang around the park and ride the rides, it was a blast. 
 167 Mike Flin
I remember Guessing Weird Al Yankovic's weight and all of the little games that we would play while doing the spiel. 
 168 Trinity Cousten
I remember riding the doengon drop to make sure the ride was handicapped accesible 
 169 Linda Bush
Astroworld Beach Bums '72 - a group of us went to the beach once a week. We would meet at Astroworld at 6am, spend day at the beach, and return to Astroworld by 4pm and work the evening shift. Played on Astroworld softball team after work - at midnight! A group of us drove to Dallas and went to Six Flags together (long before Astroworld was bought by Six Flags). 
 170 cliff cox
just the best friends in the world 

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I worked 2 weekends at Spin Out before they made me a foreman. I had no idea of what to do. It was the best job I have ever had. 
 172 Diane Hogg
I had such fun in the late '70s - big group of friends who worked in Merchandise, and on work crew. We all finally went our separate ways, but I re-met my old best friend Eddy Hogg in 2005...and married him! 
 173 Roy Baldwin
The fun we had at work. Playing softball against the other departments. 
 174 Gary Self
Worked as Abominable Snowman in summer 1970. Rock thrown at me when inside mountain. Broke my glasses and glass penetrated by cornea. Had corrective surgery. No problems. Parking was $ 1.00 then. I remember guests asking us "Did that Highway (610) run both ways?" 
 175 Ashley Johnson
The parks last day of operation seemed to be going all well, until the employees came to get that last joyous ride. I ended stuck in the back of the train, in the dark, by myself because right when the train was coming back into the station, al the lights went out. I ended up waiting and missing all the fun and laughter, oh and the cake, but it was all worth it, because I took some great pics from where I was sitting when the lights came back on!!! 
 176 Mark Dingus
Great people, great place to work. I am very sorry that it is gone. 
 177 Julie Geiger
There are just so many, how do you choose? 
 178 Roger Sloan
I loved the park, the people and the fun. I dont miss the season pass kids. it was the greatest job I had (if you dont count the fact that we didn't make much money) 
 179 Gary Smith
Jerry Lewis was an ass. 
 180 Ann Crawford
I attended the alumnae party right before the closing of the park. It was great to see so many faces I had not seen in almost 30 years. Yikes that makes me old! It was a great event, I only wish more people could have learned about it and attended.  

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 181 Douglas Branch
it was a fun job the place to be. As a supervisor of the Parking lot we had 5 tramsfor the guest.I was able to run 5 tram operation on several occasions it was fun and exciting.Then came the Tammy Faye tram from DollyWood which brought our service to 6.I never got to run 6 trams cause i was always in Rehab, 
 182 Jeff Baker
One of the guys working at the Alpine sley ride let me be the abominable snowman for a day, it was a blast. 
 183 Douglas Gyger
How about the 2am swim in the Lagoon?? 
 184 Christie Latham
I worked there the summer of 1976, there was a huge flood, I remember the employee parking lot being completely underwater. A friend and I walked across the walk-way above the freeway and spent the night in one of the hotel lobbies (no electricity) waiting on parents to come and "rescue" us 
 185 James McLaughlin
As far as I know I hold the record for most boats taken in a single day. I started at 9:00am and ended at 12:00pm The final count was 312 boats. I was part of the All Star River Crew for that little feat. 
 186 Kathleen Hunt
I loved working at the ski shows. Out in that heat you were guaranteed to be splashed which helped alot. I'll never forget the Crystal Palace 1980 was the best year. in 1979 it was pouring down rain. There were 3 of us working at the Meat Market and we were swamped and running out of everything the 2 girls I was working with had enough and walked out on me. How I continuted I'll never know. At the first all-night party I was working at Horizons. We were to get off at 4 a.m. by the end exhaustion took over and we all were flying around the dome yelling "we are hummingbirds!!" 
 187 Jennifer Strickland
I Am a third generation out at this theme park. My Father use to work here before he was a police officer and the park use to allow you to bring food and snacks my mom use to bring myself and my older sister out to the park and we could play,and picnic(those of you that remember how simple things were back in the day) and feed the ducks and wait for my daddy to get off work. Growing up my family did not have money to go spend on lavish materialistic things but I could come to see my dad and Uncle steve at astroworld. 
 188 Dave Madden
jumpin' in the Shoot before park opening and riding the water.....very refreshing. EXCELLENT parties after work. I remember Jerry Lewis and his family coming through.....what an absolute asshat. The infamous "going down to transfer" at Dexter. 
 189 Jonathan Starr
I first visited Astroworld when I was 6. I Went dosens of times, and in 1998 I got the chance to work there. It was an awesome place to work, and I am deeply depressed to have seen it go. I feel as that a part of my past is gone. 
 190 Joni Waggoner
S.T.O.R.M.....we rule!!!! 

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 191 Paul Smith
Renee Klovenski tried to teach me to drive the parking lot motorcycle. I crashed it into a loading dock and flew off the front of the handlebars. Fortunately I wasn't badly damaged! I haven't tried to drive a motorcycle since then! 
 192 Terry Troxler
I remeber when the accident happened at cyclone and one employee was killed. 
 193 Moses Aranjo
Well my first year there while on patrol in the park I met a girl who so happened to become my girlfriend later on that season. Well that girlfriend later on became my Wife. So my experience is that I met my wife at Astoworld. I guess thats one reason why it hurt so much when they tore it down. 
 194 Bob Logan
Too many....any requests? 
 195 Matthew Bailey
My best friend and I once road the Wagon Wheel 75 times in a row. Going to Astroworld was the highlight of any kids summer growing up in Houston 
 196 Mark Sippel
The blue dye added to the water was very strong; a cup would dye all of our waterfall some on my hands and it had to wear off... 
 197 clifton mccarra
The most fun job I ever had. Met my wife Lisa Buerkle there 30 years ago, and met some lifeling friends like Stewart Todd and the one and only Neal Howard. Survived working for the dynamic duo of Bill Feast and Chuck Hendricks. So many great memories. 
 198 John Garst
Clean or Dirty? 
 199 David Coleman
I just remember walking around the park and remembering what it was like to be a child. 
 200 G L Chaviers
Too much fun, especially around the Alpine Sleigh and Texas Cyclone areas. 

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 201 David Laseter
So many special memories over the years! The great flood of '75 I think it was, where the entire employee parking lot was trashed and for the first time in history the park closed during operating hours and issued vouchers for a return visit. I worked the race cars that day (what later became the Le Taxi track near the Cyclone) and before the decision was made to close the park, we were running around soaked as dogs and rescuing guests from the race cars from under the bridge that had flooded -the cars flooding also-(that bridge later became the walkway for Cony Island) and we were working, but HAVING THE BEST TIMES OF OUR LIVES!). I think we had a not so bad flood in '76?, but bad enough to close the park again? Good friends that I have to this day, first loves and crushes. One of the earliest slogans for the park was "We Make People Happy", and I enjoyed every minute of every day doing so! From my very first visit I made up my mind that one day I was going to work there, but as I was only 10 at the time I had to wait a few years. During those years waiting, I spent many a summer day enjoying those rides and shows that I knew one day I would be a part of. As I write this in 2007 I am remembering so many friends, sadly some who are no longer with us mostly due to AIDS and taken at such an early age. I think of them often and with fondness, as I do of everyone I met over the years. It's taken me two years to even start looking at websites and my old yearbooks/photo albums, the closing of the park really hit me hard. I hope there are still some of you out there that might remember me and want to reconnect. Especially one former River Foreman (J.N.S.) who I remember working with one night, and standing quietly on the dock waiting for one of the last boats to return and just enjoying the warm night and the lights and distant sound effects of The River. I have a really funny moment that I didn't personally witness but think that you'll enjoy. One of the old Ops Managers, Bob Logan, was walking the park one day. One of the girls working in Operations picked up what she thought was the radio mike to call Bob. She had accidently picked up the park page mike instead and the radio call went out to the entire park, "Base to 19, Base to 19". Bob, holding his radio and looking toward the sky as if answering a call from Heaven, replied in a somewhat shaky voice....... 19? 
 202 David Hall
my buddy and i selling tickets and always finding ways to make the public think we were closed to go to the other sellers booths.also one day my buddy (we were always in the same booth) changed all the keys on the register and everytime you would try to ring 1 ticket it would come up 7 lol they had to get the register company out and took him over a hour to figure what was up.sure miss all the great people from the front gate and the clown skier that always drowned me as i walked by comming from the chicken roost back to work... 
 203 Starling Matthew
I enjoyed going to Astroworld as a visitor so much that I wanted to work there. Being there so often as an employee did spoil some of the magic for me, but I still found it to be a fun experience overall. 
 204 Veronica Garza
My first summer working there was so much fun. I experienced my first drunken experience while working at Astroworld. My friend and I were both sooo hungover the next day; that's how we bonded. We've been friends ever since, almost 22 years. 
 205 Leslie Wallace
Working for a friend on vacation at the Dexter and sent a car out without a lap bar down. Yelled the code word "transfer!" and the car was stopped before it climbed the first hill. 
 206 Julie Jones
Nights at the Boogie Fog Disco were the best!!! 
 207 Heidi Simmons
My friends, who also worked at Astroworld, helped break my fear of rollercoaters on Batman! Ever since then I have become a thrill seeker and love rollercoasters!!! 
 208 Cicely Mainwaring
Working at Astroworld was one of the most fun and exciting times of my life. It was the only job I ever had that I got paid for having so much fun!!! 
 209 Alfred Castillo
I enjoyed the after hour employee parties (I can't remember the name) 
 210 Tad Lewis
so many wonderful experiences from dropping keys at astroway to turnaround parties to the company trip to sf st.louis(hi Karen if you remember me). One thing I wanted to do was to work on the steam engine, but never convinced Joel to transfer me(by the way both locomotives are in california at Santa Margarita ranch,pacific coast railroad company).I hhope the people that closed some of my many great memories just rot 

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 211 Demonesha Jackson
I hung out some much in Studio A between 9th and 10th grade, that there was no doubt that I would be working there. I had a lot fun. I still keep in touch with a few people, including one that I met in my orientation class. I was with her when she asked her (didn't know at the time he would be) husband (who also worked there)for his phone number.I learned professionlism, how to cook, and got my first professional experience with IT. I miss coming back in the park after work and the serious water fights.....shhhh!!!!! 
 212 Bill Taylor
Too many to begin and too many that must be kept secret... 
 213 Teresa Cosgrove
I met my husband at Astroworld. He was in the Finance department. 
 214 Erika Browne
Since I worked there, I have completely came out of my shell. I'm glad I took that chance to work at Astroworld. 
 215 Fabiola Amarir
During 1994 New years bash party, I dressed up like sammity Sam, and the kids didn't like me as much as tweety or the others, I guess it was the ugly red beard and or his hot temper. I got the left overs. 
 216 Linsley Burrell
The little time I did work there, most of the time I would pull doubles because I lived in the apt complex across the freeway. That was one of the Hottest Summers 
 217 Valerie Chapa
 218 Thomas Newton
you dont want to know 
 219 Jody Miller
There are too many to write about really both good and bad. Working at Astroworld was one of the very best times in my life although the pay SUCKED! LOL. I met some of the best people there including some of my very best friends. My sister, Patti Miller (Rides)-AKA "Billy Idol" and brother Johnny Miller (Food Service Foreman) worked at the park at the same time. I am very grateful for the time I spent at the park and was very saddened to hear of it's closing. ASTROWORLD FOREVER!!! 
 220 Sean Conti
I once had to pry a python's mouth off of my snake handler's hand after it bit him...GROSS! Many other fun and interesting stories....especially aroung Gate 19!! 

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 221 sherry ann veit
my dad work for astorworld johnny veit 
 222 Richard Motley
I meet my first love there. And we got married and had two children. They are 20 and 19 now. 
 223 Chris Mejia
Met my wife there and we have been married 15 years. 
 224 Michael Witt
There were a thousand stories but the one event that stands out was the night I filled in for the Boogie Fog Disco DJ. This was 1979. I hated disco but the projectionist had to fill in for the DJ on his night off. I had no idea what songs were popular. I remember filling the dry ice machine up and going crazy with the lights. And Astroworld said no slow songs. They didn't want the kids slow dancing, but I didn't know one song from the other. What a disaster. 
 225 Sandy Mathews
Lots of good friends...the Von Gontens, Charles Vallhonrat, Barbara Torres, Mary Alsup, Frank Nance, James Jozwiak, Patrick Reber, Tim Anderson, Brian Keil, Angela Crider, Shelly Self, and many others, and of course, the very special Paul Foltyn... 
 226 Angela Case
My favorite memory is when all the showcase techs hid out in showcase and stayed all night in the theater. 
 227 stuart hood
 228 Syble Colburn (Simmons)
I had so much fun working at Astroworld but before I worked there I had a season's pass for years. I remember dancing at the Boogie Fog disco. I remember a flood out in front where I was waiting for a ride. The water was so deep you could just see the tops of cars. 
 229 Harold Landreneau
I loved playing games at the arcades. 
 230 Clay Jones
AstroWorld taught me the meaning and importance of customer service. I use the lessons learned there every day. 

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 231 Kevin Hamm
No way! 
 232 Lawrence (Clint) Porter
The Girls! Being a highschooler at the BEST jobs you could have in high school? Wow... Seriously, I wasn't a player but I made a lot of great friends. Being there brought out the best in me. 
 233 Jason Maddox
Made a lot of friends. 
 234 Brian Kinard
Well at the Astrowheel is where I actually met my wife of 24 years 
 235 Craig Busch
during one live gunfight, a piece of one of the shells broke off and fired like a bullet out of a gun and went into my arm, which began promptly bleeding. After the show, I got up, handed my gun to another performer, announced I was shot, and went to the first aid station. A little more real than I wanted. 
 236 Janet Brown
I won 2 trips for being an outstanding employee. I went to Six Flags Georgia and Cozumel, Mexico. I remember taking 0 to Mexico and coming back with so many gifts because the exhange rate was great in Mexico! I loved the concerts like Chicago, Air Supply, Pointer Sisters. I sold the t-shirts and got to be close to the stage and see the entertainers-it was awesome. I met so many wonderful people that I stayed in touch with over the years. The employee turnarounds, and end of year bash were fantastic too.  
 237 Gloria Munoz
Met life long friends working for six flags 
 238 Kelley Hammond
My experience was great while working at Astroworld. I made lots of friends and memories. The end of year banquets were a blast! 
 239 Kelley Hammond
WOW where do i begin! I loved it all, especially dancing at the disco place, going and seeing the new entertainers and then partying with them afterwards! LOL My friend Margie Masters and i always had fun there, she worked in the race cars and ended up with stiches one time when a car ran over her! LOL The end of year banquets were also a blast. As we have gotten older my girls were able to go and enjoy this place as much as i had when i was younger. It sad that it closed down but i will always have the memories! 
 240 Tammie Jones
I have very fond memories as a child going to Astroworld every day with my season pass and then when I was of employing age I always wanted to work there. The rest is history. The day the Texas Cyclone opened, I was on the second ride and we got to ride twice. I have got pics of my family on 90% of the rides at Astroworld, during the early 80's. 

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 241 Linda Freeland
There are just soo many- I wouldn't know where to start. Just that the whole experience was wonderfull- I will never forget the years that I was there-lots of good people, friends and fun. 
 242 Linda Freeland
There are just soo many- I wouldn't know where to start. Just that the whole experience was wonderfull- I will never forget the years that I was there-lots of good people, friends and fun. 
 243 Annie Ramirez
It was my first job. I started the day I turned 16. It was the best summer of my life and I will never forget it. 
 244 Madeline Murdoch
Loved being around the people. Got to wear a cool outfit of a pheasant blouse and a skirt. Very positive place to work. A really good experience. The minimum wage back then was .65. 
 245 Roberto Martinez
During my employment at Astroworld, I met an interesting person, If you ever get to read this, you know who you are. We got hooked up there and we shared some great memories. I never Knew that after nine years of going our seperat ways, we would end up back at Astroworld once more before it closed. i will always cherish those memories. Thank you. 
 246 Allen Nolen
Really enjoyed the section parties for the employees, and also liked working the concerts before it became Southern Star. 
 247 Mary Hughes
I met an married my husband, Bill Hughes, at Astroworld. We have been married for over 40 years and often remember back to the incredible days at Astroworld. I soon quit to raise our family, but he worked for 7 years and became Vice President of Maintenance and Construction. Gene Patrick wa over one side of the street, and Bill was over the other. After Red Dozier left, Buddy Oniel held the position before my husband. 
 248 willie williams
we got blasted by the softball team from park service 
 249 Donna Jones
Had an absolute blast working at Astroworld. This was back in the day (1976) when workers there had respect for their job and were courteous to the guests!!! I worked there with a group of my friends from high school (John Loessin, Laura Mayes, Mary Beth Sanders, Yvonne Bernard) -- we all carpooled together each day. We loved it when we had an employee meeting after the park closed -- we would stay in the park after we worked our shift and would ride all the rides until it was time for the meeting (which was usually around midnight). Also loved starting up the rides in the morning and getting called by the Greased Lightening crew to come do a test ride -- a couple of times they would surprise us and on our way back on the ride would throw the water in the water cooler from the previous day on us. GREAT FUN!!!!! 
 250 Leo Herzik
working for astroworld was the best experiance 

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 251 Peter Elsner
Working at Sky Screamer (and Wacky Shack), I had a number of people tell me that the seats on Sky Screamer were uncomfortable... I always told them it wasn't made to be comfortable, it was made to drop your ass in.  
 252 Gayle Clarkson
At the end of my working that first year, the crew let me wear and work the "Snow Monster" in the Alpine Sleigh Ride. That costume was HEAVY and the shoes were HUGE. I stood there in the cold, and growled at people. One car of kids came in and grabbed me and I thought I would be dragged down the track and would trip the limit switch. Luckily I didn't and it turned out to be some of the wonderful guys I worked with. It was a blast. 
 254 Christine Zwerneman
I loved working at Astroworld. That is also where I met my husband, Mike Zwerneman. I am sad that my kids won't be able to see what it was all about. 
 255 Marsha Mueller
met Rickey Domaschk, thought of him for over 40 years if you ever see him tell him I am so sorry I dumped him, I still love him and would love to hear from him! 
 256 Denise Rice
I sold more tennis shoes in those few months than toys when I worked for Montgomery Wards at Christmas 
 257 Marie Clover
We as employees got to ride the Texas Cyclone before it was opened up to the public. They waited till the park was closed and we got to be first to ride.... 
 258 Chere (Sherry) Pratt
I particularly remember all of the fun at the after hours parties. Boogie Fog Disco was always such a blast. My sister Lori and I went to almost every Astroworld event for employees they ever had. Went to the Big Bash, trips to Georgia. It was the most awesome way to spend summer while in high school. 
 259 Karen Munroe
Summer of 1976 was very fun in cash control. A great group of people worked there. We laughed a lot. "Hello, Hello, America" David (who got a ride from me most nights) from Rochester, NY and his cousin Becky who went to Rice. Malcolm McGregor. Del Rhea and her husband, who were school teachers in their real life. Tom, who went to Boston Univ. Another teacher who worked the vault and coin machine. "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" playing endlessly on the radio. 
 260 TM French
many fond memories of the boogie fog disco. definitely the place to party in the late 70's. i experienced my first kiss on the alpine sleigh. i miss the park so much! 

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 261 Mary Rose Sottile
Meet my first boyfriend there and then the following year, meet my first husband there. 
 262 Yadira Gomez
I cant believe I survived the summer heat getting a till, clocking in, getting money from cash control and then going to my post. That's alot of walking to do everyday. I also remember the end of the day when the park is all dark and empty. It was pretty spooky.  
 263 emiley king
loved workiing for the park. I had so much fun and wonderful memories. I have lived in the houston area for most of my life and it was so sad to watch it close and to pass by the lot it used to be housed on it just pathetic......would never know it was ever there if YOU NEVER LOVED THE PLACE....SO PATHETIC 
 264 frank pusateri
I loved being able to go to the park for free so i spent most of my summer at astroworld or traveling to six flags over texas and mid america, had two wonderful friend vanessa hollman and felisha smith, great times...I was one of the first 50 people to ride the texas cyclone at enployee ginny pig party after park closed that night, great times 
 265 Norbert Maduzia
Astroworld was the place where I met friends for the rest of my life. It was indeed a "magical" place where college students were able to grow up and take on responsibilities.....even though there were always parties, trips and major fun times together. 
 266 Jamie molen
I put both tx cyclone trains on the lift at one time....what a night 
 267 Joe Garcia
To many to list 
 268 Charles Newlin
i especially enjoyed all the cook off we all shared at astroworld 
 269 Phillip Byrd
I worked at Astroworld from 86' to 89'. Some of my best memories were working in the warehouse. We were in charge of delivering supplies to food service and attractions. I later moved to Operations and worked on the Fireworks team. As I think back now over 20 years later a smile comes to my face. The pay was minimal but who cares it was a great time. 
 270 Alan Finney
The Judy’s at the Showcase…all summer. Dinner with Depeche Mode at the Cantina. Fifteen (15) turns on the Looping Starship!!!! Countless rides on Texas Cyclone. Employee parties at the pavilion. Split-second of TV time on an ’87 commercial. Voiceover recording sessions at the Magic 102 studios. Hangin out with the 93Q staff at VideoCity Live tapings. 

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 271 Cynthia Cortez
I thought it was cool when they filmed the movie Brewster McCloud and I met the cast and the MGM movie directors and staff. I enjoyed working at Astroworld I was so excited when I got the job. I had so much fun meeting so many people. That was the best summer job ever! 
 272 Jeane July-Stern
It was my first professional job as a singer and dancer. It was a great time. It was the 80's. I remember having to do six 30 minute shows a day, with four costume changes, four days a week, for .25 an hour... I loved it! I loved all the people, well, most of the people I worked with. We hung out after the job, all the time. We became a tight knit group. The most memorable person there was Vivian, our costume handler, who was a former dancer. She was quick-witted, sharp-tongued, and funny... a real tough broad, but lovable. I remember a few times that my dance partner forgot to catch me in a dance. I fell flat on my butt. HE thought it was funny, but not me. As an entertainer now, I look back at my time there, and it was the best experience ever. It was a great way to cut my teeth. If you could do that job, you can do anything. 
 274 Donna Richardson
I remembered how when we closed the park how we would all go to certain rides and ride before our supervisors stopped us. Also, lot's of us would be thrown into the the Wagan Whell Lagoon and boy did warerobe hate that! The first few years were the best to me. There were 2000 employees hired to open the park and I'm happy to say, I'm one of them. Thank you AstroWorld for all the memories. Will share this website with my brother Danny Richardson and Mike Gage who also worked there. 
 275 Chad Hyman
Spent the night in Enchanted Kingdom when the Barnyard goats were having babies. Snuck in a case of beer and partyed. 
 276 Genie Perkins
The many test runs we did on the Dexter Freebish roller coaster...and the time it got stuck! Lots of 'cry babies' that day. I took pics of it! Loved staying after work so I could go ride n stuff for free. And the parties! The costumes for the sections we worked in ....what a hoot!!! 
 277 Michael Warren
The Food Service Manager (Ted Sulak) caught me trying to sneak a kiss from my girlfriend behind cash control in '78 or '79...he just laughed and shook his head. Other stories require release forms from so many people it would be a legal nightmare ;-) 
 278 Anthony Nguyen
Too many, but let me think. 
 279 ernest martinez
One of my first jobs. Awesome! 
 280 Kelly Johnson
Midnight movie "Tales from the Crypt" free coke(large cups), popcorn---Santa Clause jumps through kitchen door to grab lady. GIRL sitting 2 rows ahead was suddenly shocked and threw her popcorn to the right and her coke to the left. --Lucky for me I was in the middle and was blessed or "baptised". Biggest thing was "Bill" I think was his name-Pres of Operations treating each of us with same respect as to the next employee. Anyone recall the FLOOD where many stayed at Astroworld hotel-I walked all the way to Bellaire-my parents freaked about possible open manholes!! 

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 281 Gigi Sumrall
Mostly I remember being in the crowd of girls begging management to let John Travolta in the gate ... while he was filming Urban Cowboy he came really late one night (girl on each arm) wanting to experience the park - asking us to keep the park open for him. 
 282 Arnold Gomez III
Great time in my life.... 
 283 Victor Santos
Had lots of fun in the late 70's when I worked there. A great bunch of people and lots of fond memories. Really miss not being able to visit the park any longer. 
 284 curtis koch
Met my wife and had the experience of a lifetime. 
 285 Kenny Ryman
I was fun Working @ Astroworld and I was only 5 eyar old when Astroworld closed it was a Fun place ot go And I go my own Season pass in 1976  
 286 Conrad Hence
I remember when Judge Roy H. would come to visit the park in 68-69. Operation/Park Management would pull out the special Train/Car that was kept in a shed in Oriental Corner. Boy, Judge Roy was treated like royalty and was that train plush. His visits were special events for the employees. 
 287 kevin patty
i got to ride greazzed lighting the first time the let people ride with all the suits 
 288 Connie Hanna
I was a "hostess" at Astroworld that first summer it opened in 1968. It was my very first job and I made .35/hr. They wanted their young employees to portray a certain image -- fresh-faced Americans, I guess. I had sun bleached hair from surfing at Galveston. When I went to the job interview, the interviewer lady told me to bend my head down so she could see the part in my hair and asked me if I bleached my hair!! I guess a bleached blonde didn't exude the proper image. But I passed. I worked as cashier in several shops, including an art gallery, at the entrance to the park, so I got to see all the "guests" come and go. I worked the second shift from afternoon to closing. Houston is SO HOT -- right??!! The shops were air conditioned but with doors left open! I'd stay inside the cool shop til the sun went down. Then it would be cool enough to stand outside the shop and chat with the barber next door. Who would buy an original oil painting or get a haircut at an amusement park? But some did! It was fun to stand outside the shop at night, watch the people go by while the lights twinkled. Our colorful costumes were made of tough polished cotton. I wore a blouse with short puffy sleeves and a dirndl skirt. We were given a new outfit every day and turned in the "used" ones at end of shift to be washed. We had to buy our own black Mary Jane shoes though. At the end of the summer, my shoes were absolutely worn out and I ceremoniously threw them in the trash can the very last night. Celebrities came to Astroworld that summer. Word got around, but we were told not to stare at them or ask for autographs. I remember seeing Paul Newman and Joan Woodward and the Johnson girls. And when visitors from Disney came we had to be on our very best behavior. One night a toddler got lost in the park and I remember his frantic mother. All the "Streetsweepers" were called in to help search for him. Never did hear what happened, but I guess they did find him. And speaking of Streetsweepers -- they vied for the territory around the octopus ride which circled over a little pond. People would lose money and things out of their pockets on that ride. A little dip in the pond was often fruitful for the Streetsweepers. Roy Hofheinz (the dad) told us all that, if we worked the entire summer, he would throw us a "bash" -- and he did. It was in the Astrodome and I'd never seen so much food! That party was worth all those hot afternoons and dealing with the crazy general public.  
 289 Barbara Torres
I was the first "We Care" representative. The only employee from the entire park and was sent to Chicago. Also, I won a trip to Puerto Vallarta. Loved the BASH at the end of the year. 
 290 Robin Duerr
I loved the pre & post day activities. Before the park opened, & after it closed...IT WAS OURS! 

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 291 David Senahia
Well im new but think is intresting every should join. Even filling the form tells you the soceity you are joining. 
 292 George Skelton
My saddest day at Astroworld was when the Astrowheel fell. I was working on the spinning cups and saw it drop and hit the ground. I was amazed to see the top cars of the other arm bolt to the top and shake like a rag doll. I knew people were hurt and could hear them screaming. I rushed over there and worked with other team members to free the injuried people. Sad day at the Park. 
 293 Shane Huish
One of the Best Summers of my life. Remember floating down Thunder River with Kathy Garza after trying to push two jammed boats apart and falling in between them once they came unjammed! 
 294 Osiel Molina
Day when Tropical Storm Alison came to Houston, we shut down the park obviously and walking out to parking lot water was rising. Driving home was hell. 
 295 John Gosman
I remember being in the park on one of the late night openings and trying to clean up the q house and the lights all went out, weird and eerie walking through the park in total darkness. 
 296 Ma. Cristina Manlapas
totally i have no exprience at astroworld.this is my first time to apply. 
My name is Rosalinda Sandoval,on behalf of my dad Domingo Reyna who went to be with the lord on June 20, 2005, I would like to say my dad was the most loving, warm,kind-hearted person anyone could have ever known. My dad put 37 years of hard work and dedication into the landscape department and didn't ever complain about his duties, well maybe a tiny bit.I'm proud to say I was born and raised at Astroworld/Waterworld! The best part were the season passes given to my sister and I every year! When we were kids my dad would take us and our mom to the Christmas parties being held at the palace where that big, diva cow was on top of the broken piano singing! My favorite part was the gifts and pictures with Santa. My mom, sister, and I had went to the company parties ever since I could remember and enjoyed every last moment up to the very last one! My dad had told me to sign him up before he passed, but it has taken me this long up until now to do it. In loving memory of my Dad Domingo C. Reyna and Astroworld will forever live in our hearts. 
 298 Barbara Carson
Having to march in those daily parades with the awfully hot, hot clothing we wore in the Auto Pavilion; socials - parties, skating - friends!! 
 299 Ray Heckmann
saw the astrowheel shut down, met several famious persionalities, had a great time with my boss, Walter Wells 
 300 Ray Heckmann
gave attendance records to judge hofeinz, and enjoyed supervising 96 employees 

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 301 Roland Rodriguez
I had a blast. Really liked Anne Zimmerman... 
 302 Jere Syfert
The first year, 1970, I basically worked 15 minutes out of every hour at the Crystal Palace, and was free to visit and play till the next show. The second summer, I ran the spot during the show, so I would naturally have to stay inside for every 30 minute performance. What a fun job! Hung out between shows with the guys from the medicine show, Randy Quaid was one of the guys. He was hilarious, and a really nice guy. One Of my high school friends worked at Morton's Sandwich Shop. She sliced off the tip of her finger cutting sandwich meat.....never did find the finger tip. I hope no customer did! (yuck) 
 303 Patricia Krivik
Met lots of friends that would end up changing my life at Astrowaold. Even met my first husband there. That relationship didn't work out, but everything happens for a reason. Now I'm where I'm supposed to be re-married with 4 kids. 
 304 Terry Jones
I was working on the evening when the first astronauts walked on the moon. The music in the park was turned off that night and they broadcast a feed from NASA over the sound system. 
 305 Terry Bryant
I was training to work in EMS and wanted to work in First aid to get some experience. could not hire directly into that department so hired into attractions. had such a blast there, I never tried to transfer. Was employee of the month Aug '78. after astroworld started working in EMS, was a Paramedic until 2005. 
 306 Shelly Linn
I'm not sure where to begin! 
 307 chris cutler
i loved all my friends and miss them all 
 308 Christie Latham
The summer of 75 (I believe) there was a terrible flood. I was working at one of the ice cream shops that day and it rained and rained and rained and they finally closed the park. by the time i got to the employees dressing room, the entire employee parking lot was under water. A friend of mine and I walked (or waded) rather across the overpass (over I10) and camped out in the hotel lobby with a whole bunch of other employees/guests. It was dark and wet and we were so scared. 
 309 Dawn McGee
Too many to name 
 310 Denese Holler
Met lots of boys. 

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 311 Mary Maurer
I remember when employees were on Texas Cyclone (warming up the ride)... when something happened to the brakes and it rolled back into the station area and out and off the tracks and Frank Wamble (my friend) was killed. Don't remember the year ... 
 312 Mark Sokolow
I am asking our representatives and senators in the Texas Legislature to adopt this Bill. You can help by contacting your local representatives and senators that represent you. If you are not certain who your representative is, please contact me and I will provide that information to you. You can make a difference. By: H.B. No. 31 HB. A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT RELATING TO RESTORING AND PROTECTING HISTORICAL AMUSEMENT PARKS BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF TEXAS Whereas the Legislature recognizes that amusement parks have historically brought amusement and entertainment to millions of Texans and is a also a source of economic development for the entertainment industry; and Whereas the Legislature deems it in the public interest to promote the redevelopment of historical amusement parks, BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF TEXAS SECTION 1 Chapter 26 of the Parks and Wildlife Code is amended as follows by adding Section 26.005 Sec. 26.005 ECONOMIC INCENTIVES TO RESTORE AMUSEMENT PARKS. a) To facilitate the redevelopment of historical amusement parks in Texas in substantially their original location and with the same, similar or additional rides and attractions as well as motif, cities can use any portion of their sales tax revenues to directly pay for infrastructure for the amusement park or to provide loans, grants or other incentives to the developer thereof. Also, the developers thereof and their assignees can deduct up to 50 % of their construction costs and development costs against their obligations of state sales tax receipts for ten years, commencing on January 1, 2014. Furthermore, cities and counties can rebate ad valorem taxes for the project for a period of not to exceed December 31, 2023. b) Except for development agreements in place, neither a city, a county nor a city’s economic development corporation may enter into new economic incentive agreements as it pertains to the development of substantially vacant land wherein a historical amusement park was located, except as to recreate that amusement park as denoted herein. c) A historical amusement park is an amusement park that was in existence for over 20 years. SECTION 2. This Act takes effect immediately if it receives a vote of two-thirds of all the members elected to each house, as provided by Section 39, Article III, Texas Constitution. If this Act does not receive the vote necessary for immediate effect, this Act takes effect September 1, 2013. The Texas Legislature is in session only for 140 days. This is the time, when we need to act. Best Regards, Mark Sokolow Attorney at Law 338 Wedgerock Webster, Texas 77598 281-286-9749  
 313 Cary Morgan
1981- .15 hr I'll never and my bf i meet there, would hang out with Mike the sound guy, while he would play a tape of barking dogs, it would travel from speaker to speaker sounded like the dogs were running through the park. He did this after the park closed, to run the guest out that were hiding. PS I do have a 1981 yearbook if anyone needs pic. 
 314 Michael Newton
Staying up all night working the all night parties was great but extremely tiring. And having to clean up around the Cyclone was a total mess those nights. Good times with those we will miss and the park that helped us all grow up! 
 315 Melissa Bale
Loved playing interdepartment softball! 
 316 Steve Girouard
Soap Wars with the Thinder River Crew and we would stop the train on the first drop, just to run up the steps and time each other!  
 317 Brian Wright
I have lots of stories. This is one of them.. I had to get a Gamma Globulin shot after someone with Hepatitis A had stuck their hands inside a cooler I might used in Alpine Valley. The park's clinic had run out of the serum, so I ended up at an emergency room that night. This was especially a problem because it was the day before the bus trip to Six Flags over Georgia. It all worked out, though as I didn't get Hepatitis A and I went on the trip which was great fun. 
 318 Jerry Hallford
Walking through the park after closing thinking about all of the ghost stories as well as hearing children playing even when the park was empty. The good times and great friends! 
 319 Gilbert Valverde
I hated that stupied straw hat so when it rain I would get it wet, until they got the ideal i didnt like it and I didnt have to wear it any more 
 320 Michael Williams
Softball games after 2nd shift MOST FUN OF ALL TIME 

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 321 Andrew Richardson
Fun times..probably the most fun I've ever had at any job in my life! 
 322 Julian Cavazos
I worked with the greatest people and I'm still friends with my so many of them. Thanks to Facebook, I've found so many old friends and acquaintances. 
 323 Stanley Marett
the story I rember is thy were doing the year book and we were takeing some pix it was to be a damsel in distress and thay need a damsel and ges who had to do it thats right ME . LOL 
 324 Joseph Rodriguez
When I was 6 years old I remember standing in front of the Bamboo Shoot thinking to myself "I want to work here some day!!" And I did work there. I loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT!! I miss you Astroworld. :-( 
 325 Pamela Plaisance
The first time I drove a group of friends I was 16...when we left we got to our car I discovered I had lost my car keys...made the long trek back from the parking lot to lost and found and some sweet person had found them and turned them in. Wonder if it would be the same today. 
 326 William (Bruce) Johnson
I had the privilege of having Jerry Lewis shoot the finger at me when he was doing an MD telethon from Houston in '72. "Sanding" the firebox and stack early in the morning before the park opened and working on the timing in order to entertain the kids riding the roller coaster. If you worked at the park in '72, '73, or '74 and rode the coaster to loosen it up in the morning, you know what I mean. :) When I started in '70, you had to be a senior in high school or going to college. I was working at the Oriental restaurant and going to A&M. I worked with kids from UT, Auburn, UH, Tech, Southwestern, SFA, SHSU, and many other schools. It was fantastic. Softball games after work, the parties.  
 327 Hector Castro
I will forever love this park!!! It has a special place in my heart. There was never a dull moment to work for a great company...I truly miss Astroworld because it was a fun place to work! 
 328 Bill Jones
Soupy Sales did a TV special that was shot during the winter off season and I worked in the park with only the production crew. The brought in all sorts of fresh flowers and plants that only a few employees got to enjoy. 
 329 Scott Van Dusen
I was only 14 when I started in the magic shop , I was just lucky they needed a cheep magic boy and I fit the bill ! everyone else was 18 I was the youngest , best memory is all the girls ! 
 330 Carl Smith
Have many many happy wonderful memories of working and meeting people while at Astroworld. 

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 331 Charles McFadden
I spent most of my childhood and teenager years at Astroworld. I have so many memories of that place and miss it dearly. My MOST memorable moments however are when I was granted the opportunity to perform on guitar with a KISS tribute band for Fright Fest 2000. We played 4 weekends in October of 2000. 2 sets every friday,saturday, and sunday. I have ALOT of pictures and ALOT of video footage from that entire experience. Astroworld was one of the greatest happiest places for me and my memories. 
 332 Gary Carlson
It seem like every time i came to work at night the people was waiting for me to show up to order their food 
 333 Cheryl Evans
Spent most of my time flirting with Robert the Front Gate Supervisor. He had a twin brother Ronald. 
 334 Lori Taylor
I can not think of a specific experience because the whole experience was just Fantastic! 
 335 Bennie Ellis
I made alot of friends there that I lost contact with when I left for Germany 
 336 Claire Horn
Loved my experience in the park. Once had to sell lighted necklaces at a concert. Lots of fun 
 337 Ricardo Andrews
I enjoyed the treasure hunts under the roller coasters the most. 
We were a family at Astroworld. The employee road trips were great, the employee lounge was our hangout before and after our shifts. I miss the sounds and smells of the park. 
 339 Deana Spellicy
I designed the front gate shirt in late 70s 
 340 Pamela OKelley
I met my husband, Ron Bromley who was working in security; I met John Glenn when he was waiting for his children outside of the orbiter ride. I went to many parties given by Jim(I don't remember his last name) after work. 

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 341 Darla Branch
I met my best friend Kevin Casey of 36 years at the park while escorting Easter Seals children with him in 1982. 
 342 bryan scott
i had the Awesome pleasure of being in the Very first TV commercial for Batman the Escape! =) but , like most Houstonians, i spent the better part of my youth attending the park. My father was big on Season Passes 
 343 Rebecca Arthur
I loved going into the air conditioned tunnel, wearing the abominable snowman suit and scaring the customers 
 344 Xxx Bcc
I love astroworld I wish they can rebuild it 
 345 Jonathan Starr
It was awesome to work there when I first started going when I was 5 years old. 
 346 Robin Lonchar
Just very fond memories - The River of No Return was one ride i loved sub'ing for - the number one criteria for working that ride - you had to be CRAZY! I mean quick on your feet and able to ad lib like crazy - there was no shortage of employees that fit that bill. Honestly the most fun job I have EVER had!! Man, I miss it being around. 
 347 loretta plusser
Initiation to work on cyclone crew. Thrown into the lagoon. Water smelled so bad, had to leave car windows rolled down on way home from wk. 
 348 Louis Casas
Summer 1994 is what I recall since the Rockets knocked out the Knicks that year and Hakeem the Dream visited Astroworld! 
 349 Eddie Viramontez
I loved when they would close the whole place just to let us have it without any guest except us. I met my love of my life there Diana Vasquez 
 350 Leila Rucker
What I enjoyed the most where the friendships and fun times had while working including, but not limited to, the section parties for employees after work during the evening. It made me feel that the owners really cared about their employees and appreciate us. 

Back to the top
 351 Rick Crellin
Was working Security the day that a girl got thrown from the Cyclone ride. She almost got run over on the track. 
 352 Gilbert Dominguez
I remember the grounds parties we use to have and they were great. We took trips to other parks and I remember one that we went to Atlanta Georgia and it was awesome. The bus ride was the best. 
 353 Lynnette Sinders
Grounds crews would work all day shifts sometimes and when the park would close, we'd have dumpster races through the park. Also the parties, meeting my first husband (Curtis Wamble), eating at the employee restaurant with friends, Marsha (Arnold) Wamble supplying me with the best apple dumplings in Nottingham Park, meeting Mike Pregant who became my son's many memories, bad and good. Those were the best times.  
 354 Robert Wise
I was Astroworld's first balloon blower. On busy days, I would blow up large bunches of balloons for the three balloon girls to take out into the park to sell. One girl was very small and, with a big bunch of balloons in her hand, she would float up a little when she walked. It was a fun summer for me, in spite of being out in the sun most of the day (I worked from noon until near closing six days a week). I still sometimes have dreams of blowing up balloons and can still do the tying motions that I did all of that summer of 68. All the kids were friendly except maybe for some of the talent. After the park closed, some of the ride operators would stay and run the rides for the employees. They often ran the rides faster for us than they did for the guests. The Black Dragon was my favorite. Does anyone remember when they sent most of the employees home a couple of days before the park opened on June 1, 1968 because some worker had gotten killed? Does anyone remember the little temporary shacks that HR used when you were hired, if you were hired in May 1968? Remember how new everything smelled those first few weeks? The party they threw for the employees who stayed until the end of the summer was a huge bash and a lot of fun. Lots of pleasant memories. I wish I had taken pictures of everything and everyone. 
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