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College/University Bondage Stories
Have you been tied up by your roommates, girlfriend/boyfriend, or during hazing or a sports team initation?

This site is for you to post stories, or discuss,true experiences of of bondage that happened when you were in college or university.

E-mail me at  if you wish. E-mail is not anonymous!

Other forum:

Stories of Childhood/Teenhood Tie-Up Games

New posters: please remember that most visitors prefer this site for the (relative) innocence of the stories. If your stories have a rather strong sexual part please consider leaving them out of the story or posting the story somewhere else. You will probably get more credit and reaction anyway!

A good story has to fulfil the following points:

-No participant is harmed physically or emotionnaly (that includes humiliation).

-All participants express their consent to be included in the event.

- If sexual aspects are mentioned at all (it is possible to write an excellent and fascinating story without them!) they are not to be too explicit or take up a lot of room. It is OK to mention the attraction of the scene or to give a short description of a person, if it helps the story.

Add a story or a comment

2000-07-01 12:57:08

My name is Kelly and this is a story about what 
happened between my roomate Kimmy and I. We were in our 
sophomore year of college and living in an off campus 
apartment. I'm 5'3", 115lbs, shoulder length straight 
blonde hair. Kimmy is about 5'8", 125lbs, long curly black 
hair down to the middle of her back. We've both been 
modeling together since freshman year to take care of our 
One day I was going through Kimmy's closet looking for 
one of my shirts when I found an old backpack in the 
corner. Out of curiosity I unzipped it and to my suprise 
and shock I found good amount of rope, a few white cloths, 
2 ballgaggs, handcuffs, and a vibrator. I must have been 
in slow motion or something b/c Kimmy walked in as I was 
going through the bag. "Do you see anything you like" she 
said with a devilish smirk on her face. We've known each 
other since high school and could tell that I was a turned 
on by what I found. 
The adventure started on Friday night, Kimmy and I were 
dressed for a night out. I was wearing a tight black short 
sleeve shirt with tight blue jeans and platforms. Kimmy 
was wearing a pink tank top with tight black leather 
pants. While out drinking at the bar Kimmy whispered in my 
ear that she had a suprise for me when we got back to the 
The taxi dropped us off in front of our building and 
dropped us off and we walked upstairs to our apartment. We 
were both pretty buzzed at this point and Kimmy looked at 
me and told me to get ready for my suprise. She told me to 
stand in the middle of the room and face the window. As I 
was about to put my hair up in a pony tail Kimmy 
said "Don't put your hair up, I want to see your blonde 
hair down the way it is now" so without thinking i didn't 
bother. Kimmy returned and I was excited to find out what 
the suprise was. She said if I want a hint to put my hands 
behind my back, as I did this she snapped the handcuffs on 
me quickly. I turned quickly and said "What are you 
doing?" She replied with "This is your suprise for snooping 
through your roomates things". I was turned on by my 
predictament and she led me to the bedroom wear she pushed 
me face down onto the bed. I looked to my right and I saw 
the backpack I had found in her closet. 
She straddled me sitting just below my ass and she 
unlocked the handcuffs and she crossed my wrists together 
and tied them tight with rope. She did the same with my 
thighs and ankles. Kimmy laid on the bed beside me and 
asked how I liked my bonds and then told me with a 
smile "You better get use to them b/c you're mine for the 
rest of the weekend". After she said that I had a sinking 
feeling in my stomach and started to struggle and scream. 
She covered my mouth with her hand tightly and grabbed a 
thick white cloth from the bag. She pulled her hand away 
from my mouth and pulled my hair, I tried not to open my 
mouth but to no avail, she took the white cloth from behind 
and placed it in my mouth and cleave gagged me tightly 
pinning my blonde hair against my head. She grabbed 
another rope out of the bag and tied it from my wrists to 
my ankles leaving me in a hogtie on the bed. I was 
completely helpless as she placed me on my side and started 
rubbing her body up against mine with her tight black 
leather pants on. I was turned on and could feel myself 
getting wet and enjoying every second of it...more to come
Homepage URL: http://
2000-07-01 13:50:55
Part 2.....
She left the room and I was left alone on the bed 
hogtied with a white cloth cleave gag pinning my blonde 
hair against my head, tight black t-shirt, tight blue 
jeans. Kimmy came back into the room about a half hour 
later completely naked and undid the hogtie. She enjoyed 
squeezing my ass and running her hands up my shirt to my 
breasts and squeezing them as well. She did this for about 
20 minutes or so and I was grunting into my gag but all 
that would come out was mmmmmmppphhh. She whispered into 
my ear and said it was shower time. She untied my thighs 
and ankles and took off my jeans. She took a pair of 
scissors and cut my t-shirt off leaving me with just my 
underwear. She slapped the handcuffs on and untied the 
ropes from my wrists. She stood me up and led me to the 
bathroom and sat me on the toilet so I could relieve 
myself. She stood me up after I finished peeing and stood 
behind me and untied the cloth cleave gag. She gave me a 
drink of water and then pulled my hair hard again and as 
soon as I opened my mouth to scream she stuffed a red 
ballgag in my mouth and secured it behind my head. 
Once in the shower she undid one of my wrists placed 
the free cuff around the shower bar and clamped my wrist. 
She then turned on the water to cold but all I could do is 
struggle helplessly and mmmmmpppphhh. My nipples were as 
hard as a rock and after 10 minutes of leaving me there 
helpless with the cold water running all over my body She 
warmed the water up and jumped in the shower. She was 
standing behind me and slip my panites off while carressing 
and kissing my body and rubbing her beautiful body up 
against mine. After 45 minutes of being in the shower she 
relocked my wrists behind my back and led me back to the 
She threw me onto the bed once again and unlocked the 
cuffs and tied my wrists together with the rope in front of 
me. Kimmy grabbed another rope and pulled my hands over my 
head and with the other rope secured them to the headboard 
of the bed. I was still had the red ballgag on but she 
replaced that with by shoving a pair of her panties into my 
mouth and securing that with the thick white cloth and 
cleave gagged me again. Kimmy was enjoying every moment 
and looked at me and said "If you continue to be a good 
girl, I will let you go". I was thinking I'm off the hook 
until she grabbed my right ankle and tied it to one post 
and then the left one to the other leaving me completely 
vulnerable. She seductively slithered up to my mouth and 
started kissing me around my gag and worked her way down 
slowly to my breasts and then the vagina. I was almost at 
climax when she stopped and left the room and I was 
struggling to try to get myself off. Kimmy came back and 
said "Time for fun Kelly" and in one hand she had started 
the vibrator and in the other she had a cup of ice. I 
started to squirm and struggle and scream into my gag but 
to no avail. She stuck the vibrator into my vagina and 
started rubbing the ice cubes on my breasts. For a moment 
I tried to fight it but it was no use I had 2 huge orgasms 
and was completely spent. 
It was about 6a.m. now and i've been tied up for about 
5 hours. We were both really tired now and I was hoping 
she would untie me before we fell asleep. Kimmy took one 
the white cloths and cleave gagged herself and I never 
expected to be so turned on by this with her black curly 
hair down to the midddle of her back and pinned against her 
head b/c of the gag (she looked hot). She tied her ankles 
together with rope and tied one of my bandanas in a loop 
and squeezed her hands in and said "I'm not going to let 
you be the only one tied up asleep and she cuddled up next 
to me and we both fell asleep...more to come
Homepage URL: http://
2000-07-02 15:29:44
Part 3....I woke up and it was 1:00pm and I was still tied 
up to the bed and Kimmy was rubbing her hands all over my 
breasts, stomach, and legs with some massaging oil. After 
my front side was oiled up she turned on the vibrator and 
stuck it in and kept it in with a crotch rope and all I 
could do was let out mmmmmmppphhh. She gave me a few 
kisses and licks on the nipples and my neck and said "I'll 
be back in a little while, I'm going to make breakfast so 
don't go anywhere" and laughed. I opened my mouth to try 
to scream but all that came out again was a loud and 
pleasurable mmmmmmpppphh....mmmmmppppphhhh....mmmmmpppphhhh 
as the vibrator was doing the job. 
She came back into the room about an hour and 3 
orgasms later "breakfast is ready sweetie", I was so 
hungry, thirsty, and exhausted at this point. Kimmy untied 
the crotch rope, untied each ankle from the bedposts, and 
untied the rope securing my bound wrists to the headboard, 
but kept my wrists bound. She took me to the kitchen and 
sat me at on one of the stools at the island (table) and 
tied my ankles to one of the stool legs. She untied my gag 
and I spit the panties out of my mouth. Kimmy kept my 
wrists bound together in front of me and helped me eat and 
drink a lot of water. After breakfast she untied my 
ankles from the stool and led me back to the bedroom. I 
was not looking forward to being tied up again until she 
said it was massage time for the aching muscles. Out came 
the oils and she retied my wrists to the headboard and tied 
my ankles together with some more rope and attached my 
bound ankles to the footboard. This time I was lying on my 
stomach and she started a sensual massage starting up at my 
neck and slowly moving down to my shoulders, to my back, 
she spent some time massaging my ass and upper thighs and 
then I made a dumb mistake. I said "spending some time 
down there Kimmy" and she snapped back quickly "I knew I 
forgot something" and thats when she pulled my blonde hair 
back and stuffed the red ballgagg into my mouth behind my 
teeth and secured it tightly behind my head "thats what you 
get for speaking when not spoken too you sexy blonde 
bimbo". She flipped me over and this made my bonds around 
my wrists and ankles even tighter than they were before. 
Kimmy began rubbing some of the massage oil on her own 
breasts and stomach and legs and started seductively 
rubbing her oily body up against mine and then she went 
down on me and all I could do was mmmmmmmpppphhh again 
loudly as she was making me orgasm uncontrollably. After 
our fun she untied me from the bed and handcuffed me like 
she did at night to the bar in the shower but this time she 
jumped in right away so the water wasn't cold. After she 
was done washing me and herself up she stepped out of the 
shower and turned the water on ice cold and left me there 
mmmmmmmppppphhhing and struggling helplessly as she dried 
off and changed. Kimmy walked over to the shower peaked 
her head in and blew me a kiss and said "I'm going down to 
the ATM I won't be long" and warmed up the water and shut 
the bathroom door behind her as she left. Trying to scream 
for help was useless with the ballgagg secured tightly. I 
was left there for what seemed to be an eternity b/c the 
water started to become very cold again. I heard the 
bathroom door open and Kimmy shut the water off and 
unlocked the cuffs and dried me off. She had the backpack 
on and led me to the living room area she put out some 
clothes to wear on the leather couch and told me to put 
them on. There was my tight navy blue leather pants with a 
small white t-shirt that shows off my breasts and stomach. 
After I put it on she took off the ballgag and grabbed my 
wrists and tied them together behind my back and ran a rope 
around above and below my breasts to help secure my wrists 
behind my back. She tied my thighs together and my ankles 
tightly. She then took red bandana cleave gagged me 
pinning my hair against my head and pushed me onto the 
couch. She looked at me and said "there is a knife and 
scissors on the kitchen floor, I'm going shopping and I'll 
be back later, goodluck sweetie" and kissed me on my 
cheek. I started squirming and rolled off the couch onto 
the floor and started slithering like a snake towards the 
kitchen, I finally reached the cold tile kitchen floor and 
I saw the knife and scissors about 20 feet away. I started 
slithering as quickly as I could then I heard the front 
door open and Kimmy came running over and stopped me in my 
tracks and tied a piece of rope from my wrists to my ankles 
putting me in a hogtie. She started laughing and then I 
heard the door shut and I've come this far to try to get 
free and I wasn't about to give up. I struggled 
frantically and brought my legs as far as I possibly could 
to allow me to move my wrists a little and grabbed the knot 
attaching it to my ankles and finally got it undone. I 
slithered over to the knife and scissors becoming turned on 
by the predicament that I was in and the feel of my tight 
leather pants pressing against the cold tile and my body as 
well as my breasts rubbing against the cold tile during the 
struggle. I reached the knife and after some time finally 
cut myself free and finished untying my thighs and ankles 
and bandana cleave gag. Only a few things popped into my 
head, where is that vibrator and Kimmy is going to be in 
for an adventure in bondage when she returns home from 
shopping hehehehehehe =)....i'll post that story about me 
having my way with Kimmy only if you all enjoyed this story.
Homepage URL: http://
2000-07-04 11:44:04
Its me again!!! Last time I left off I was freeing myself 
from the hogtie that Kimmy put me into before she went 
shopping and now it was revenge. I'm Kelly (5'3", 115, 
shoulder length straight blonde hair and modeling) and 
Kimmy (5'8" 125, middle of back length curly black hair and 
modeling). I hid behind a corner waiting to spring into 
action as I heard Kimmy opening the door to the apartment 
and sacastically saying "hello, how is my sweet little 
bondage blondie doing?" Little did she know that I was 
able to free myself and not still tied in a hogtie on the 
cold kitchen tile floor. At this point I ran at her from 
the corner and took her completely by suprise. I tackled 
her at the legs from behind and she used her arms to brace 
her landing and I quickly jumped on top of her and grabbed 
her wrists and crossed them behind her back and tied them 
tightly with rope. I took a red bandana and blindfolded 
her and tied it off in the back of her head and then took a 
thick white cloth and cleave gagged her pinning her lovely 
flowing curly black hair against her head. Kimmy was 
looking hot with a pair of black tights on and a skin tight 
long sleeve white t-shirt with pink sleeves. I helped her 
get to her feet and sat her in a small wood chair and 
pulled her arms over the back of it making her breasts 
stick out and tied some rope above and below her breasts 
and secured them to the chair. I took some more rope and 
tied her ankles to each chair leg and then I straddled 
her. I took out a pair of scissors and started cutting her 
t-shirt down the middle and Kimmy started mmmmmpppphhhing 
and all I could do was get turned on watching my lovely 
friend struggle and become excited. After cutting it I 
opened the shirt up and cut her bra open and her nipples 
were hard and stimulated. I began to lick and kiss her 
nipples and teased her by rubbing 2 of my fingers around 
her sweet spot with her black tights and silk panties still 
on for the time being. I continued to tease her and kiss 
her neck and nipples for about 45 minutes rubbing my skin 
tight navy blue leather pants up against her. Kimmy was 
really enjoying this by letting off some pleasurable 
mmmmmpphhhss and turning me on as well watching her 
completely helpless and at my sexual mercy...hehehehe. I 
went over to the liquor cabinet and the fridge and made 
some crown and cokes very strong and walked over to her and 
untied her gag and told her to drink it if she knew what 
was good for her. I made her finish a few of them and she 
was well on her way. I grabbed the red ballgag from the 
bag and grabbed her hair and as soon as she opened her 
mouth in went the ballgag behind her teeth and secured 
tightly behind her head. I took off her blindfold to look 
at her beautiful big brown eyes as they were looking a 
little glazed. I untied her ankles and breast ropes from 
the chair and walked her down to the bedroom. As I pushed 
her face first onto the bed I kept one hand on her black 
tights and pulled them off as quickly as possible leaving 
her with just her silk red panties. I straddled her and 
tied her ankles and thighs together and watched her in 
excitement as she tested her bonds and mmmppphhhed and her 
hair was flowing from side to side as she struggled 
helplessly. I was so turned on by this helpless beauty 
that I stripped naked and pleasured myself with the 
vibrator as she struggled. After that I ran into the 
kitchen and filled a cup of ice and came back into the room 
and walked over to her slowly and seductively. All she 
could do was mmmmmmmppppphhhh and struggle. I took a 
handfull of ice cubes out and slipped it into her panties 
and she went crazy. All Kimmy could do was glare at me and 
mmmmmmmmpppppphhh into the ballgag which was now covered in 
drool. I took the rest of the ice and dumped it on her and 
gave her a corny line like you would hear in a movie but it 
was kind of funny at the time "just lie there and chill out 
Kimmy, my little bondage queen". I know the story is 
starting to pick up but I have to get going to a 4th of 
July cookout and fireworks....more to come soon, happy 
bondage =)
Homepage URL: http://
2000-07-05 02:23:19
Reading Kelly & Kimmy's stories have made me
think of the weekend that I spent housesitting
an ex-neighbor's place. At the time I was 19
years old and my parents would have had a fit
if they had found out what happened to me. The
couple that I housesat for were good friends
of my parents.

I didn't tell my parents about what happened
for two main reasons. One, I was pretty much
embarrassed by it. And two, I wasn't exactly
an unwilling participant, though it seemed
like it at the time of my first scenario.

Our ex-neighbors had a boarder renting the
guest house in the back of their place. Her
name was Susan. She wasn't much older than
me. She was rarely home which is why I got
the housesitting assignment. On that particular
weekend when I housesat, this girl was having
a pool party with a group of her friends.

In fact, I had been invited to the party and
was looking forward to it. On the afternoon
of the party, Susan introduced me to everyone
and we got along great. After a couple of
hours of swimming, however, I had to do the
housesitting chores that had been assigned to
me, so I excused myself. 

The housesitting chores were easy enough. I
had to feed the fish ... LOTS of fish. There
were fish tanks downstairs and upstairs as
well. Three altogether, and each one was huge.
One of them was a saltwater fish tank and took
special care. All in all, it took me about 45
minutes to finish my duties.

While I was upstairs in the master bedroom I
noticed a rather large black bag sitting on
top of the bed. Curiosity got the better of
me and I just HAD to peek inside. I was a bit
surprised to find that the bag contained a
bunch of what appeared to be bondage gear. I
don't know why I did it, but one by one, I
pulled out different items and set them aside.

There were padded leather restraints, various
blindfolds, and all kinds of vibrators and
other types of sex toys. I guess I lost track
of time because I suddenly became keenly aware
of Susan standing in the doorway and gazing in
my direction.

I didn't quite know what to say, especially
since a great number of the bag's items were
now strewn about on top of the bed. But Susan
quickly put me at ease and began chatting with
me as if nothing unusual was going on. She
explained to me that the bag belonged to her
and that she and her friends were going to use
the items later on in a game that they liked to
play. For some reason, maybe because I was at
ease with Susan, I started asking her questions
about things; mainly about what it was that they

Kind of matter-of-factly, she told me that they
liked to play these tickling games with one
another to see who could outlast each other. I
was admittedly intrigued by it all and also kind
of turned on by the idea of the game she had
begun describing. I was also attracted to Susan
in a way that I had not experienced before. As
it turned out, I learned later on that I had
lesbian tendencies, though I hadn't known it at
the time.

I guess I kind of forgot about the other girls
and it seemed that they had fogotten about us.
In a short bit of time, Susan had convinced me
to try on one of the blindfolds. I remember how
she kind of touched me afterwards. Nothing sexual.
But her touch was pretty exciting and I let her
guide me through her one-on-one lesson in how
erotic tickling could be.

I'm normally pretty ticklish, but Susan only
tickled me lightly with feathery touches all
up and down my body. It felt great. Someway,
somehow, Susan had bound one of my wrists to
the headboard of that big king sized bed. I
hadn't even realized that my wrist had been
tied. She had done it so subtly. I was still
blindfolded, so I don't even know how she 
secured my wrist because the bed wasn't a
four poster kind.

At any rate, I was enjoying what she was doing
to me, so I didn't even protest. Soon enough
she had also tied my other wrist to the bed. 
As she straddled my torso (we were both wearing
bathing suits), she started to tickle me a little
harder than she had before. Of course I couldn't
help but laugh outloud. When my laughter became
too loud, she told me that if I couldn't stay
quiet, she'd have to gag me.

I didn't really believe that she'd actually gag
me, but I stayed quiet anyway. For a few moments
anyway. But I just couldn't help laughing outloud
again when she started tickling me harder. So
before I knew it, Susan stuffed my mouth with a
bunch of cloth and then tied my stuffed mouth shut
with some scarves.

She also secured each of my ankles to opposite
corners of the bed with padded leather restraints.
When she had me securely bound, she removed the
blindfold. I was shocked to find that all of Susan's
girlfriends were sitting on the bed surrounding me
completely. My momentary embarrassment turned to
an instant rush of excitement when one of the girls
suggested that they strip me naked.

I had already been quite turned on with Susan's
soft feathery touches along my entire body. Even
though she hadn't touched me directly between my
legs or even upon my breasts, except to brush
past them a few times, it was evident that my
excitement was sexually arousing for me. Though
my bathing suit had dried by now, there was a
distinct wet spot glistening from the crotch of
my bikini bottoms. And my nipples were standing
erect as well.

It was easy for the girls to strip me completely
naked since I was only wearing my string bikini.
All they needed to do was to untie my bikini top
and bottom. They didn't even need to untie me. At
that point I was totally vulnerable to them. One
by one, with hardly a word of conversation, each
of them began to tickle my body from head to toe.
With a total of six girls, including Susan, my
entire body was being lightly tickled all at the
same time.

It was clear to me that they had done this many
times before with unsuspecting so-called victims.
I was just another person who had fallen for their
trap and who had fallen for the seductively expert
moves of my new friend, Susan. In a way, knowing
that I had probably been set up turned me on even
more. I was enjoying what they were doing to me.
Their light tickling fingers were heavenly. It
lasted a long time.

But that was only part of their plan. When a couple
of the girls decided that it was time for me to be
thoroughly tickled, I knew within a few short moments
that I was in trouble. My feet are especially ticklish
and so are my inner thighs and underarms. Within
seconds of their true tickling assault, I was bucking
up and down on that bed like a wild woman. But it was
of little use. I was very securely bound to that bed
and I wasn't going anywhere.

I had been so effectively gagged that my words were
useless, though I was surprised at the amount of 
noise that I COULD make. Still, for a number of
minutes, in between breaks -THANK GOODNESS- I thought
that I was going to be tickled to death. I knew Susan
well enough to know that she'd never really hurt me,
but I could also now see that she was enjoying this
whole scenario with great satisfaction.

I don't have to tell you that I came so many times
from the excitement of it all that I easily lost
count. The whole scene was a rush that I wouldn't
soon forget. Afterwards my body was so spent that I
could barely move a muscle when they untied me. I
went to the bathroom and then showered while the
girls left to go their separate ways.

I was so HOOKED on the high of being bound and
tickled that Susan had no trouble at all convincing
me to allow her to tie me up and play with me again. I
went over to her place a number of times that Summer
and we became lovers. She was my first bi experience,
but not my last.

As it turned out, Susan had a number of encounters
with the wife of the couple for whom I housesat.
She would sneak her over to the guest house, blindfold
and tie her up, and then have me come in to help
with the "tickling duties" assigned to me. She never
even knew that I was the one who was helping Susan.
And I certainly never told my parents. :-)

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2000-07-05 14:29:57
Kelly! Great story so far! Can't wait to hear the rest! 
Cyndi! Your's is wonderful too! Please post more about 
times when she tied and tickled you! And tell us more 
about what she did to the wife too! Great stories girls! 
This site is coming alive again!
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2000-07-06 01:16:17
I have a short story to share, if you want to hear it. It was my freshman year at college and one of our friends, Wanda(about 5'4" dark hair athletic build) was an R.A. (resident assistant) anyway we had all planned to watch movies in my room one weekend. Wanda cancelled on us because she had to make rounds. At first we didn't really mind but after two weeks we still hadn't gotten to hang out because of her RA status. So the four of us went to Wanda's room (which was on the floor above us) to see if she'd be available this weekend. So as expected she told us that she couldn't goof off this weekend because of work. Through all of this my roommate (Jerry) was slowly pulling her hands behind her back. Now you have to understand, my roommate's a really touchy feely guy, so Wanda and the rest of us didn't really think anything of it. So we're standing there begging Wanda to ditch work and come hang out with us when all of a sudden Jerry whips this roll of ductape out of nowhere and quickly starts to wrap it around Wanda's wrists. Cody and Josh followed his lead and produced additional rolls and going to work on her torso and ankles. By this time Wanda was saying things like "what are you doing!?" "Ha Ha very funny." and "Ok seriously guys quit it, I have to work tonight." Cody looked back and me and said, "Curb, can you shut her up or something?" Happy to oblige, I walked around behind her and clamped my hand over her mouth. At first she Mpphhed a little, but I guess she realized that she was beaten and settled down. The guys wrapped her in tape for what I'd swear was about five minutes, when they were done she was mummified. Jerry walked over in front of Wanda and said, "Now, we're all going down to our room to watch some movies, any objections?" Wanda kind of whined a little then sighed and shook her head 'no'. "Ok then." Jerry said while he strolled over to Wanda's dresser. He opened to top he opened the top drawer (I'll never forget this) and pulled out a pair of white panties. Wanda went crazy, she even tried to bite me! She started struggling and I had to throw my arm around her torso to keep her from falling over. Jerry walked over to us and told me to take my hand off of Wanda's mouth. I did, and when I did, more profanity came from her mouth than I'd ever care to hear from a lady again. Jerry stuffed the panties into Wanda's mouth mid- swear and Cody wrapped some tape around her head twice. Jerry kind of snickered and said "ok, NOW we're ready to go." Josh threw Wanda over his shoulder and she kind of let out a yelp and we headed back to my room. We sat Wanda on the couch while we watched such bad cinema as 'Six string samurai', and 'Big trouble in little china'. While Wanda occasionally mpphed or tested the tape. 
We let her go after the movies, and boy 'o boy did she give us a scowling. It's ok though, we're all still friends and every once in a while Wanda 'arranges' to be kidnapped. Peace, felons 
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2000-07-06 23:02:56
Remember me Canuckster? hehehe ... Geez It's been forever 
since I was at the Childhood site. Oh well, I still visit 
this one regularly.

Anyway, I'd like to say that the recent stories have been 
INCREDIBLE. Keep up the good work peeps.

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2000-07-07 15:08:32
I'm back!!!! hahahaha
Last time I left off my sexy Kimmy was tied up and 
ballgagged on the bed with ice in her panties and all over 
her. I left her like that for about an hour and her 
panties were cool and wet from the melted ice. The ballgag 
was covered in drool and so was the bed up by her mouth. I 
untied her ankles and retied them to the bedposts. I 
untied her wrists and tied them together over her head to 
the headboard. I took the scissors and cut her panties off 
and then took off the ballgag and as soon as she was about 
to scream at me, I shoved her panties into her mouth and 
took the white cloth and cleave gagged her tightly and all 
she could do was moan into her new gag mmmmmmpppphhh =). 
As she looked at me helplessly I took one of my bandana's 
and blindfolded Kimmy while she protested with mmmmmpphhh. 
I love that sound. I left the room and went out to the 
kitchen and grabbed some whip cream and frozen yogurt. I 
went back into the bedroom to visit my Kimmy and straddled 
her and started by spreading some yogurt all over her 
breasts and chest. Kimmy was mmmmppphhhing into her gag 
and enjoying as I licked the yogurt from her breasts and 
chest. After 15 minutes of this, I spread some whip cream 
onto her neck and began licking, kissing, and sucking it 
off. Kimmy's nipples were very hard and she was obviously 
turned on and after I was able to get most of the whip 
cream up from her neck, I went down on her and she orgasmed 
uncontrollably. I then secured a vibrator in her sweet 
spot with a crotch rope and turned it on high and Kimmy 
went crazy mmmmmmmmpppppppphhhhhhh!!!!!! I had to get 
myself off she looked so hot!!! After I satisfied myself I 
left Kimmy in her position for another hour or so. When I 
returned Kimmy was exhausted. I untied the crotch rope 
with the vibrator and proceeded to untie her ankles from 
the bedpost and her bound wrists from the headboard, 
leaving her with her wrists bound in front of her with her 
cleave gag and blindfold on. I led her down to the 
bathroom, both of us completely naked and tied her hands to 
the bar, turned on the water in the shower and stood behind 
her and washed the excess yogurt and whip cream from her 
lovely body. I untied her blindfold, gag, and she spit the 
panties out and instead of yelling she turned to kiss me 
and we started kissing and rubbing our bodies up against 
each other for about 30 min or so. Even though I was 
loving every second of it, I spun around the back of her 
grabbed the bandana off the shower floor and cleave gagged 
her with it and tied the white cloth over that. I untied 
her hands from the bar and led her into the kitchen. I 
tripped her onto the floor and straddled her and untied her 
wrists and retied them behind her back. I ran into the 
bedroom and grabbed some more rope and jumped on top of her 
and tied her ankles and thighs together and then put her 
into a hogtie securing her wrists to her ankles and left 
her there to struggle. I have to get going but I'll 
continue soon...Kimmy and I are happy to see that people 
are starting to post some really good stories...keep them to you all soon.......Kelly =)
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2000-07-11 16:33:11
Attention All Readers

Ok, I just got back from Scary Movie, and for all those 
ballgag lovers there is a a person tied up using a maroon 
ballgag,and if there is any leather, costume or ballgag 
bondage stories, please post. And I was just wondering how 
i should do my next self bondage, should I: 1. Dress up in 
a Cat Costume 2. Dress up in leather pants 3. Lingerie with 
pink dress 4. Naked and should I 1. Hogtie 2. Spread Eagle 
and i will use makeup, ballgag, and a Blindfold Please post 
back with answers Thanks

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2000-07-11 21:14:07
A Field Trip in Scotland was held in the Summer of 1973. 
Five 17 year old guys went from my school and we were 
joined by two other guys from another northern school and 
fifty!! 17 year old girls from three different schools. 

We were placed together in small ‘study groups’. I had the 
pleasure to be teamed with Katy, a firey red-head from 
Yorkshire, Angela, a tall lithe blonde from Portsmouth, and 
Sarah, a curvey and sultry brunette from Lancaster. 

We had a good week together, taking part in all the larger 
group study sessions and hikes but also being on our own 
pursuing our own chosen project up on the Scottish moors 
near Pitlochery. 

I took a natural interest in the three young ladies but 
without much initial success. Angela missed her boyfriend 
intensely and couldn’t wait to get back to the field centre 
most evenings so she could use the payphone. Sarah was fun 
but was adamant that she had had enough of boys at present 
as she was just getting over some heart breaker. Katy said 
she didn’t have anyone special at the moment but kept 
talking about her ex boyfriend. 

I had done a great deal of hiking and hill walking with the 
RAF Cadets so naturally took the lead most of the time – 
usually with the consent of the girls. One afternoon 
towards the end of the week we four were atop the mountain 
near the field centre when the heavens opened. It was a 
really ‘interesting’ summer thunderstorm and we decided we 
should get off the hill as quickly as possible. This lead 
to my plotting of a very ‘fast’ route down to the centre 
and in the course of our descent all three girls fell and 
got absolutely soaked. I must admit I couldn’t help myself 
laughing at them but they ‘blamed’ me for their discomfort 
and, unbeknown to me, plotted their revenge. 

That evening all the various study groups were working away 
in the labs of the centre but Katy, Angela and Sarah were 
initially missing. I was a little concerned because we had 
to finish our project that evening to enable us to present 
to the group the next day. There was no point in delaying 
so I got on with some of the writing up and therefore 
didn’t notice the three of them coming into the lab via the 
fire exit. The next thing I knew they had jumped me and 
whilst Sarah and Angela sat on me Katy tied my arms and 
legs with long scarves and pantyhose. They didn’t do a 
particularly good job and when they sat me up on a high 
stool in front of the rest of the group it didn’t take me 
too long to get free – albeit with a very red face. 

A little later I managed to talk with Katy alone and issued 
a challenge to her and her partners in crime that if they 
cared to try again in the empty dorm room I shared with two 
of the other guys I bet I could get free from whatever they 
managed to come up with. Katy thought this was a good idea 
and agreed to talk to Sarah and Angela. In the event it was 
only Katy who came up to my room and she proceeded to tied 
me up extremely well with the scarves and pantyhose (but 
unfortunately no gag). After I’d struggled to get free for 
about 15 minutes she decided she’d better let me go in case 
we got disturbed and people got the wrong idea. 

Two days later the course ended and I sat with Katy for the 
majority of a long train ride home. During the journey I 
asked her how she’d become interested in bondage. She said 
she’d been playing games with her female cousin since she 
was about 6. They’d experimented with a lot of different 
items to bind each other and had also used some interesting 
things as gags. I asked her why she hadn’t gagged me – she 
said she hadn’t known if I would like it. 

I learnt more than simple biology on that field trip and 
found that I wasn’t alone in my love of bondage. Later Katy 
and I became an item – even though she lived some 120 miles 
from me – and we experimented some more – but that had 
better wait for a future telling. 

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2000-07-15 21:32:16
When I was a junior in college, I had an opportunity to 
fulfill a bondage fantasy that had lay dormant in my mind 
since I was 14 or so. To thank for this is a lovely woman 
(now) I will refer to as “Mary”, and a course named “Stage 
Acting for Small Groups”.
Back when I was 14, I baby-sat at the house of a 
young couple who had a two year old child. They would go 
out to dinner once a week or so and leave me in charge of 
the kid, which was not a hard job, they already put him to 
sleep and I just look in once or twice. So naturally, I 
explored there house in my spare time. I quickly saw my 
first set of sex-toys (vibrator etc.) in a drawer of her 
bureau. But the real treasure was in the attic. He kept a 
large collection of Playboy and Penthouse magazines. For a 
14 year old, I was in heaven. After several trips to the 
attic I had “read” most of these when I came upon a sight I 
can remember as clearly as today. In a playboy (I’m pretty 
sure) near the comics and laughs section, was a hand drawn 
picture of Annette Funichello (sp?) in a pair of panties 
and a bra. The picture was very good and almost looked like 
a real photo. The thing that caught my eye though was that 
in the picture, Annette was cleave gagged with a light blue 
cloth and tied hand and foot while lying on her stomach. I 
was transfixed by the picture and stared at it for hours.
Years passed and this image had always been roving 
around in the recesses of my mind, I had developed a liking 
for bondage and practiced it on female partners in sex-
games but that was all spur of the moment stuff. I had also 
developed a liking for the natural beauty of the earlier 
movie actresses, the full breasts and well proportioned 
body of actresses like, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Page, etc. 
Always made my heart beat faster.
I went to college in Boston, Mass and during my 
Junior year, took an acting class for the credits mostly. I 
had done some “acting” in high school” and liked the 
comorodery and openness that the cast shares. A few weeks 
into the class we were tasked with writing and directing a 
two act play in small groups. I was still a bit timid about 
the acting part and signed up as a writer/producer 
for “Group C”. The class then broke up into five groups of 
four and had separate meetings to brain storm ideas for the 
play. The concept was that the group would decide on an 
Idea, the writer would form this idea into a workable play, 
the actors would then take turn directing and acting the 
parts. Each play had to be made of at least two ten minute 
In my group I had two males and one female, Yes you 
guessed it she was “Mary”. I had developed a crush for Mary 
soon after joining the group. I was dating a girl off and 
on during that time, but nothing serious. Mary had the look 
of a late 70’s actress down to a T. Brunette hair flowed 
over her shoulders softly curling at the ends. Her makeup 
was always light but a tough of ruge and ruby lipstick were 
a constant contrast to her green eyes. Skin that was light 
but not pale, followed her neckline to her bosom which was 
full and gave her frame a great hourglass look. She stood 
5’8 or so and often wore sweaters and skirts; I was all a 
flutter when she graced our group.
After an hour of discussion we decided to do a 
drama thriller style play which would allow the males to 
show fearlessness and compassion and the female courage but 
softness. But that was all we could agree on, with that I 
was given the week to come up with a rough draft to then 
iron out with my cast. I spent the first three days trying 
to burn an idea into my brain but could only think of Mary 
for the most of it. On the third day I ran into Mary while 
walking from class to a bookstore just on the fringe on the 
campus. Mary asked how the story was going. “good” I 
lied, “ I have most of it ready but need to work a few 
kinks out”. Mary looked at me and laughed “you don’t have 
anything do you?” I reddened and admitted that I had a few 
workable Ideas but had no real plot figured out yet. 
Mary asked if she could help, I almost swallowed my 
toung saying yes, and we arranged to meet at a pizza parlor 
near campus later that night. I ran home and began to 
panic, if things went well maybe I could invite Mary back 
to my apartment (shared with three roommates) after the 
pizza for a movie or something. I began to pick up the 
place in typical college fashion. Kicking bottles under the 
couch, throwing clothes on the floor of the closet etc. I 
then begged the only roommate left in town to spend the 
night at his girlfriends, promising a twelve pack of 
rolling rock to him when he agreed. After ten different 
outfits went on and off my body, I decided on a button-up 
oxford and Jeans. I then ran to the pizza joint with a pad 
and pen, ordered a pitcher of beer and waited for twenty 
minuets, the amount of time I had been early to our “date”.
I was not dis-appointed by Mary one bit. Two 
minutes after our planned meeting time she sauntered 
through the door. I was probably staring at her as she 
found me in the far corner. She was wearing a tight 
fitting, soft looking pale blue sweater that buttoned down 
the front with the top two buttons undone. A dark skirt 
that came just above the knee was slit up one side showing 
a fair portion of her legs along with a seam down the back 
and high healed shoed finished off the outfit perfectly. 
Her hair glimmered and her smile showed off her white teeth 
against the dark lipstick and cheek bones against the 
blush. I was in heaven.
We spent the better part of two hours talking and 
eating pizza, she had two beers to my three and I had 
inched closer to her in our booth where we shared a bench 
seat jotting notes. After the pitcher emptied, I had 
noticed that our “play” was beginning to resemble a mystery 
involving a Damsel-in –Distress that was a private 
detective. I wont go to much into the plot, but we had 
written to a part where the Detective (Mary) had been 
caught by the villain and taken to his hide out where she 
was to face certain death. 
Mary looked up at me and asked “what do you think 
we should make her fate be?” I told Mary that it should be 
dramatic enough that after she was caught, and was facing 
death, the act could end so as to keep the audience in 
suspense. “ Alligators” she exclaimed. I mentioned the 
price, and the up keep of alligators in Boston. “Bomb" Mary 
said with a smile. I mentioned the cost High explosive on 
the current market. “then lets Tie Her To The Train 
Tracks !!!” Mary blurted out. I almost fell off my seat.
“well, I said, I guess we could go in that 
direction.” I then began to mumble something about 
finishing the first act and thanking Mary all the while 
having an image of her tied to two rails in the middle of a 
stage. I think I began to pick up our empty tray when Mary 
grabbed my arm.
“not so fast mister,” she said, “we are going to 
write out the entire first act tonight so you will not have 
any excuse come next Wednesday” I asked her where she 
wanted to go to continue working, Mary asked where I lived 
and when I told her she suggested we go there. I was elated 
to say the least.
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2000-07-15 21:37:14
I left off with my lovely Kimmy in a hogtie on the floor. 
I gave her the same opportunity she gave me to get free. I 
left a knife and scissors on the other side of the kitchen 
floor for her to struggle and squirm to reach. This is 
when things take a turn... One of our friends who we'll 
call John, who is one of the photographers for the modeling 
agency we work for stops by. To his shock and suprise he 
sees Kimmy in a hogtie on the kitchen floor struggling and 
mmmmmpppphhhing helplessly. He walks over to Kimmy and 
takes her gag out and asks her what is going on and she 
says without even blinking "get her John tie her ass up" 
and he looked at me and ran towards me and caught me from 
behind and placed his hand securely over my mouth while the 
other arm was around my waiste pinning my arms to my body. 
I knew he was hard b/c I could feel his package up against 
my butt..hahahaha. He took me into the bedroom and 
stripped me naked and tied me up with the remaining rope 
and took some pantyhose from the draw and finished the job. 
When he finished I was tied up with my hands tied above my 
head to the top of the closet door, my thighs were tied as 
well as my ankles and I was ball gagged and blindfolded. I 
was now completely helpless and turned on by being 
blindfolded I was getting wet as I tested my bonds and 
gag. I heard him leave the room and I heard some 
footsteps come back into the room and I assumed Kimmy and 
John were going to give me a hard time and I was going to 
be at there mercy for a while. To my dismay I heard 
something going on at the bed and after about 5 minutes or 
so John took my blindfold off and I saw Kimmy struggling 
tied up in a spread eagle on the bed with a white cloth 
cleave gag in her mouth. John untied my hands from the 
closet and put me on the bed on top of Kimmy so we were 
face to face and tied my wrists to her already bound wrists 
and did the same with my ankles. So now i was tied spread 
eagle on top of Kimmy, both of us naked. He took our gags 
off and started fondeling the both of us, Kimmy and I were 
turned on by this and started kissing each other (full 
tounge guys and girls...hahahaha) as John rubbed his hands 
up and down our bodies. After an hour and a half of this 
and a few orgasms to say the least, John regagged us by 
cleave gagging Kimmy with the white cloth and giving me the 
red ball gag. Then John decided to tickle us for the next 
20 minutes and pleasured each of us with the vibrator 
afterwards as we both went nuts, watching Kimmy as I 
orgasimed while I was tied up on top of her and watching 
her orgasm as I watched her cleave gagged and tied up to me 
was awesome!!! =) I have to get going sorry for the short 
stories lately but Kimmy has something special planned for 
me tonight....rope and ball gag anyone...hahahaha =)
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2000-07-15 21:51:54
Part II "the actress"“not so fast mister,” she said, “we 
are going to write out the entire first act tonight so you 
will not have any excuse come next Wednesday” I asked her 
where she wanted to go to continue working, Mary asked 
where I lived and when I told her she suggested we go 
there. I was elated to say the least.
After arriving at my humble abode I showed Mary 
around briefly and then offered her one of the four beers 
left in the fridge. We then sat on the couch and began to 
work on the first act from the beginning and after an hour 
arrived to the scene where Mary was to be captured. 
Mary suggested that she be caught leaving the 
villains hideout with some plans needed to foil the plot to 
blow up the city. Her idea was to be taken to some train 
tracks and then tied to them while two lights supposed to 
symbolize the oncoming train approached. I was into my 
second beer of the house when I finally worked up the 
courage to suggest that instead of train tracks, what if 
she was caught in side the hide-out and had to escape 
before it burned down. Mary agreed excitedly, I then 
swallowed what little saliva I had left in my throat and 
suggested that instead of train tracks why not tie her to a 
It seemed like an eternity passed before Mary 
said “Cool ! and I can struggle while the fire grows around 
me ….and then the hero can burst in the nick of time and 
save me ! now that Drama !” I Laughed. As we began to write 
the lines leading to her capture Mary frowned and 
said “that doesn’t sound right, she is such a strong 
personality, why would she sit there and let the place burn 
until the hero comes, I think she would break free. “ 
“I don’t know, what if she cant?” I asked.
“I don’t know either” Mary replied” Ive never been tied to 
a chair before…lets give it a shot” Now I know 
my jaw almost dropped out of my mouth when she said this 
and with A minute I had agreed and went to the kitchen to 
get a chair. I told Mary that I did not know what we would 
use for rope when suddenly I remembered the clothes line 
hanging off our balcony. I ran down the hall and cut it 
free throwing the clothes pins everywhere. Mary asked what 
she should do. I suggested that she have her hands tied 
first, so that the villain could lead he on stage to the 
chair and there wouldn’t have to be an weird and hard to 
stage struggle. Mary agreed. She turned and placed both 
hands behind her, intercrossing her fingers. I took her 
wrists and pulled them apart and then crossed them behind 
her back, with out a word I wound the white cotton rope 
around them and through the middle. Mark tested them and 
commented on if I had done this before. I leaned over her 
shoulder and whispered “would you like to know” “Uh..Oh” 
Mary said with a smile. 
I then led her over to the wooden chair I had 
brought out from the kitchen. Mary sat on the chair, 
bringing her arms around the back. “now what?” she 
asked. “I dunno, what do you think” I replied
“I could get out of the chair in a second, no one 
is going to believe that” Taking the cue I tied the loose 
end on the wrist rope to the crossbeam of the chair legs. I 
then cut the remainder loose and cut a ten-foot section 
free. With six loops or so I tied her anckles together, 
trying not to look up her skirt as I did so. Standing up 
Mary was testing the ties and began to slide off the side 
of the chair. I grabbed her by the sides, brushing the 
sides of her chest and brought her back to the center of 
the chair. “So you are going to be a tough one eh?” I said 
in my best Snidely Sinister impression. I took another 
leanth and began to bring it around the front of her, but I 
paused, was I going to far for this little get-together, 
was I getting out of line? Mary answered my fears by saying 
almost casually “don’t mind the twins (her chest” they wont 
bite” I quickly wrapped two loops below her breasts and 
tied it to the back of the chair.
“there, now how do you do?” I asked. Mary squirmed 
and pulled but could not break free. “pretty good, you are 
talented, I bet you get plenty of practice with your 
girlfriend” she smiled at me.
“first, she is not my girlfriend….and second…I 
never tied her to a chair” I was turning shades of red that 
have not been explored by the rainbow. “too bad for her” 
Mary said, “she is missing out. 
“Try to get loose, while I get you the last beer” I 
said. In then walked to the kitchen and paused by the sink 
to spritz cold water on my face. As I was returning with 
the beer, Mary said “hey, watch this” As I stared with my 
mouth open, Mary inhaled and ex-haled heavily. After 
several times, the third button of her sweater came free, 
showing a good deal more cleavage and the top of a black 
frilly bra. “See, having big boobs can have advantages” she 
said “you have no idea” I said.
“wipe the drool off and feed me some beer cutie,” 
she said, I gave her a swig and began to untie her 
wrists. “No Wait” she said, “we have to figure out my 
escape first” I did not bother to explain that that was the 
second act. Mary suggested that the hero come to the door 
at the last minute and burst in to save her but that the 
villain would jump out from behind the door and a fight 
would ensue. As we ran through several scenarios, I humbly 
mentioned that she would be able to warn the hero of the 
villain, and maybe it would be better if she was knocked 
out or the villain was not there. …..I Held my 
breath…. “how about if a cloth is in my mouth” were the 
sweet words I remember as if yesterday. “..I don’t know…..I 
don’t think that really works “ I said “lets try” Mary’s 
answer rang out as if bells had been struck. I agreed 
hastily and scampered off to my bedroom. I grabbed the 
first thing that I could find a pillow case on my bed. It 
was 70% cotton and light blue. I ripped it leanthwise and 
then in two as I walked back to the living room. "HEY WAIT 
ONE MINUITE….”Mary started.,. My heart fell..….”You left 
with out giving me more beer….BRUTE” Mary shouted. I 
laughed and let Mary Gulp down the last of her beer. I 
asked Mary how she wanted the “cloth” Mary said she did not 
know and to try just placing it over her mouth. I obliged, 
first folding it into a 4 inch strip and then pulling it 
tightly over her lips so that it ran from the top of her 
chin to the bottom of her nose. A double not in back 
finished the knot and I stepped back. 
I could not believe my eyes. Sitting in my 
livingroom , back lit by streetlights from a bay window, A 
georgeous brunette in a soft sweater opened to show the top 
of her bra, sat bound, gagged and struggling all the while 
her eyes were fixed on mine. I was in heaven.
“MMMMPPPPHHHH MMMPPPPHHHH” Mary said behind the 
gag. “Not bad, I said but I bet if you tried you could let 
the hero know about the villain still” I teased. “MMPPHH 
MMMBBEE” Mary agreed. I stemmed behind her and slowly 
removed the gag. I noticed that as My hand brushed her 
face, her hands brushed my leg and we looked at 
eachother. “Now what?” I asked. “how about putting the gag 
in my mouth instead of over, that’s how it is on most TV 
shows. Hearing a female use the actual word Gag has always 
been a turn on for me, I agreed and soon the gag was fixed 
in a cleave gag that she grasped between her teeth and was 
a perfect back drop for her lipstick. Still Mary found it 
even easier to communicate this way. “I must say you look 
terrific like this though, it would make a stunning poster 
for the play, Mary…too bad we don’t have the funds for 
posters…you are a knock out…and I think a lot of people 
would come just to see you not able to talk” I Joked. Mary 
glared with a smile. When I took the gag out she said that 
she wanted the gag to be as quiet as possible. I made a 
knot in the gag and placed it in her mouth which she 
accepted eagerly. Biting down on the knot muffled the 
sounds nicely and Mary tried to yell and struggle against 
her bonds with all her might. I watched and became as 
aroused as I could be with out embarrassing myself watching 
her sway and moan and pull against the soft ropes holding 
her firm against the wood of the chair.when she stopped I 
walked behind her and pulled the knotted cloth from her 
Mary gasped a little…”that is pretty good”…she 
started, turning her eyes to me….”Are you as turned on as I 
am?”. I was shocked, and more than a little taken aback and 
I pressed against her “you have no idea”.
I leaned over and kissed her on the lips, as our 
tongs meshed against eachother her hands felt the front of 
my jeans and began to unzip the fly feeling me. My hands 
flew to the front of her sweater and reached under the bra 
feeling the full and firm breasts that Mary was blessed 
with. As I broke the kiss, Mary asked for me to step in 
front so that she could take me in her mouth. I paused and 
asked her if she liked being tied up “Unbeleviable,” Mary 
said It is amazing I am so horny. “Good then, you can wait 
while I go get more beer then” Mary looked up and 
smiled…”you wouldn’t” she said with a smile.
“I think I will, that will let you simmer to just 
below a boil…besides the store is right there” I said 
pointing to a package store just across the street and 
three doors down the blinds of the picture window were open 
just slightly and the store was visible. “This will be a 
good test to see if you are really tied tight” I said… “now 
lets see if this will keep you quiet.” I took a small 
portion of the pillow case and wadded it up. Mary first 
looked at me inquisitively and then, understanding, opened 
her mouth letting me pack it in. I the tied the cleave gag 
tightly back between her teeth and Mary tested the new 
gag “mmmppphhh” she murmured.
“good” I exclaimed, “that’s the best gag yet don’t 
you agree?” Mary nodded her head up and down. 
…….”One more thing though”…Mary looked 
inquisitively …I took the last strip of pillow case and 
tied it over her eyes blindfolding Mary. “That should make 
it perfect” I commented. Mary shook her head and struggled 
but could not free the blindfold or the gag and finally 
gave up her attempts. I began to walk toward the door, 
paused and then walked to the picture window. I opened the 
blinds and looked out to the night. The street was all but 
empty and No one was going to look up three stories to this 
one window I guessed…except me that is. Before I left I 
opened Mary’s sweater and unbuckled the Bra from its front 
clasps. I felt Mary shiver as I felt her breasts and her 
nipples hardened to the touch. “be right back” I said as I 
kissed her lightly. Mary mumbled something that resembled a 
soft cooing….I exited the apartment. 
Five minuets later, sipping a cold beer across the 
street form my house, holding a twelve pack and looking at 
a real Damsel in not so distress, struggling bound, gagged 
and blindfolded in the window of my apartment I thought to 
my self… “God I Love Actresses!!”
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2000-07-24 14:04:14
My freshmen year of college, I ran cross country for a small 
NCAA Div.III school in Arkansas. I also was dating a girl, 
Beth, who was still in high school in the nearby town of 
Dover. We didn't see much of each other because I was 
always going to down to Texas to run in meets. But when we 
did get together we had a blast. One of these times was 
also my first experience with bondage. 

We were lying around in my dorm room, she had come to see me 
run and was going to spend the weekend with me. I was dead 
tired because i had run a hard race earlier that day. She 
got up and said she was going to get something from her car. 
I kinda just mumbled and dozed off. Next thing I know 
someone pounces on top of me and pulls my arms behind my 
back and starts to tie them. At first it was one of the 
soccer players from down the hall so I fought back. i 
rolled over only to see Beth. I immediatly pinned her on 
the bed and wrestled the rope away from her. I was 
totally surprised. She just laid there looking at me. 
She finally said, "well are you just going to sit here 
and stare or are you going to use that rope"
to be continued 
to be continued

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2000-07-24 21:27:55
Sorry about that, heres the rest of the story. I did not 
know what to do, I had never tied anyone up before. I have 
always thought it was cool to see someone tied up and 
struggling but i had never participated. so i replied, 
"what would you like me to do?"
Beth then persuaded me to let her tie me so i could learn 
how it was done. I wasn't really that worried she just had 
one piece of rope, and besides she was girl. At the time i 
had no idea that she was really into bondage. she had me lay 
down on my back with my hands above my head. She tied my 
wrists together, then with the excess slack she secured them 
to the towell bar above my bed. It was amazing i was 
already getting turned on. she then cut off my shirt with a 
pair of scissors, this kinda pissed me off because it was 
one of my favorite shirts, but i went along with it anyways.
she then removed my shorts. what happened next? sorry that 
is only between Beth and me. Lets just say we had a very 
special evening. Beth and I seperated a week later, she had 
loyalty issues.
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2000-07-30 22:57:26
Does anyone have the URL to the "True Stories of Bound and 
Gagged Women" site? and also. Has anyone heard of Magic or something similar where they have some rope 
escape tricks called the Cats Cradle and another one called 
The Mummy. I remember that site from one of the posts and 
cant find it again. Thanks
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2000-08-03 10:56:17
Hello! I had written a couple of my childhood experiences 
on the Stories of Childhood/Teenhood Bondage Games, and 
wanted to share a couple from my young adult years in 

My freshman year was quite an eye-opener. I had 
led a pretty sheltered life, and hadn't been out from under 
my parents control before. I was still pretty reserved, but 
I started to grow out of it, with the help of the new 
friends I made.

My freshman roomate was a guy named Mike. 
He was kind of a jerk, but he did teach me a few things. 
He had a brief relationship with a great girl named Melissa. 
She was taller than Mike (maybe 5'8"-9") with long sandy 
brown hair and a slim, athletic build. Melissa had run 
track in her high school, and kept herself in shape. She 
was smarter than Mike, and we had a couple classes together, 
so we talked sometimes (when they weren't together).

knew Melissa was into (or at least open to) kinky ideas from 
conversations and an accidental peek I had one evening in 
the dorm. One time I came home from classes and heard Mike 
in the common shower. I entered the room, and found Melissa 
naked and handcuffed to the metal crossbar of the bunk-bed. 
She was half-covered by the sheet, and struggled to hide 
herself when I suprised her. She freaked out with 
embarrasment but I calmed her down, covered her up, and 
retreated to the lounge downstairs. She came down to get me 
on her way out later, and thanked me for my discretion. We 
never told Mike about that night.

We remained friends 
after Melissa dumped Mike three months later (he cheated on 
her, but she found out from someone else; I didn't want to 
get in the middle of it but ended up getting blamed by both 
sides anyway). With that bump in the road, we saw each 
other less but remained friends.

At the start of sophmore 
year, we ran into each other and renewed our friendship 
full-tilt. I was notably tall (6'4"), blond, somewhat 
strong, athletic and pretty good looking, I guess. After a 
couple weeks of teasing me about how single and available 
she was, I purchased a couple pairs of handcuffs myself and 
walked over to her dorm one evening. My roomate was out 
for the weekend, and I figured I'd see how things went. She 
was studying in the lounge, wearing spandex running pants 
and a tank top. I suggested we go for a walk and talk, but 
she had decided to be difficult and wouldn't come, smiling 
all the while.

She left me no choice. I pulled out the 
handcuffs, wrestled her to the ground, and secured her 
wrists (behind her back of course) and ankles with the 
cuffs. All this was done in about three minutes in front of 
perhaps twenty of her friends and dorm-mates in the lounge! 
She jokingly pleaded with a couple of people to stop me, 
but nobody raised a finger. I threw her over my shoulder in 
a firemans carry and hauled her back to my dorm.

I was 
pretty tired and sweaty when we got back to my room, and I 
put her on the bed while I went to the bathroom to freshen 
up and change. After all, I had to carry her a few blocks 
between dorms, up three flights of stairs, while opening 
doors and ducking her around objects, all while debating 
with her my reasons for the kidnapping. When I returned, 
she had slid off the bed and was crouched near the phone. 
She had knocked the receiver off the cradle, and was trying 
to dial while looking over her shoulder. I stood silently 
in the doorway, watched her work for a minute, trying to 
dial her roomates. When she turned and bent to talk into 
the phone, I walked over and hung it up.

Melissa looked up 
at me and declared that I was completely out of line, 
discussing her rules of dating. She got more serious by the 
minute, declaring that handcuffs are never an option with 
her. I had lit a couple candles around the room and put on 
a CD while we talked and then turned back to her. She was 
very serious. I felt like I was pushing a line with her, 
and asked where things had changed. She told me that she 
had eliminated handcuffs from her life, after hinting about 
a revealing encounter. Not wishing to hurt our friendship, 
and annoyed that I had mis-read signals, I tossed her the 
keys disgustedly, and apologized for grabbing her. I 
reminded her that I was the one who kept her embarrasment a 
secret, if we were talking about last year, and I cared for 
our friendship too much to hurt it with handcuffs. I told 
her I would be back, heading down to grab a soda.

I ran 
into a couple friends while I was down there (which helped 
me to calm down), and returned to the room fifteen minutes 
later. I opened the door, and found the lights were off, 
but the candles were still lit. Melissa had removed the 
cuffs and her clothing, and then re-secured herself with her 
hands in front. I had never seen (all of her) naked, and 
she looked great, with perky A-cup breasts and long, tight 
legs, buns, and belly. "I didn't think you were coming 
back", she said, sitting on the edge of the bed. My mouth 
must have hung open. She stood smoothly and reached her 
hands out to me. I stepped closer, and she handed me the 
keys to the cuffs. "I'm sorry for what I said before. What 
else were you planning for tonight?"

She had blown me 
away. I had never thought I would get this far, this 
easily. I put the sodas down, and stammered through my 
explanation. She reached her cuffed hands up to my shirt, 
and began unbuttoning it. I pulled her hands away, unlocked 
her left wrist, and pulled her arms behind her. As I locked 
her hands behind her, I pulled her body against mine for a 
kiss, then eased her back onto the bed.

I know this site's 
policy is a little more liberal, but I won't get into more 
intimate detail. Needless to say, she spent the night, and 
the cuffs remained on her throughout, but I only left her 
secured for the foreplay. It was the first exciting 
sexually-dominating act at college, but not the last. Feel 
free to tell me what you think.


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2000-08-03 14:41:12
Great story Jericho! Thanks for posting it!
Charlie B
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2000-08-03 23:18:32
Bondage is my secret fantasy and game I play, and I only 
share the stories with other online bondage lovers. 

One time I decided to have a little self bondage, I first 
got into bondage about 4 months ago when I turned 14. I'm a 
male sub (that means I like to be tied up for you novices). 
I'm 6'0" and 140lbs. I live in New England. I wanted to 
have a self bondage experience that would be hard to get 
out of, and a little old fashioned bdsm torture to spice it 
up a bid. This would sort of my initiation into 
bondage/bdsm so to speak. After carefully planning it out 
and getting the right materials, I would do it.

I stripped down to my boxers and started by gagging myself. 
I stuffed some panties into my mouth (courtesy of my 
sister, she still doesn't know that I used them, heh) and 
wrapped a spandex-like clothe around my head securing it 
tightly. Then I placed 3 pieces of duct tape over my mouth, 
my tongue could already taste it...

Next I removed my boxers. I don't usually wear briefs but I 
wanted this situation to be uncomfortable too, to have a 
little torture would turn me on. Some H2O soaked briefes 
that were iced cold were worn, I shivered for a minute but 
I knew that I would have fun because going from shrinkage 
to erection would be quick and fun. To have some pain I 
applied 3 clothespins. They clamped onto the end of my sack 
and would hurt after 3 minutes. I then put on a cute little 
white bra. You must understand that I am not a transvestite 
or gay or bi or any of the sort, so I was turned on quite 
quickly. To add to the pain I attached a clothespin onto 
each nipple, Boy did those things hurt instantly. I tried 
to hold off the pain until I could get bound. So far the 
sack pins were being held in and twisted by the wet briefs 
and the nipple pins were being held in and twisted by the 
cute white bra. 

I fastened a belt around my anckles. This was a strong 
black belt, I measured it previously and poked a hole in 
the right spot so it was quick bondage use any time I would 
need it. Since I would be using handcuffs in the 
experience, I would have the keys on one side of my 
bedroom, and I would be hogtied on the other side.

To be captured even further, I pushed my bed out from the 
wall enough so me shoulders could fit through. Now there 
was a tight place to be in (note that this was 
a "captain's bed" which has build in drawers. So I would be 
in between the solid wall and a solid piece of oak.) In my 
study of bondage I noticed that many people are turned on 
by smells, even smells that are at first appalling. An 
online friend of mine once told me that her boyfriend had 
used urine to train her, it was adaptable as she put it. I 
prepared a piss soaked clothe, it was at the end of the bed 
where there were two corners, the corner of one wall and 
another wall (shoulder width) and the other corner of the 
wall and the bed. 

I hope I'm not confusing you.

Now I knelt on my knees and measured with my eye that if I 
fell forward, which I would have to do, I would land on top 
of the clothe without hitting the wall. I then attached the 
handcuffs quickly to my wrists, and a second pair conecting 
my hands to my feet. 

I was now in a lot of pain, in bra and cold briefs, with 5 
pins in very hard places. I was in a full hog tie and 
could move and inch sourrounded by three walls and a shaft 
that would be to hard and long to wriglle down backwards! 
Plus there was the smell! I was forced to smell my own 
urine since I couldn't breathe threw my gagged mouth. At 
first it was nasty, but seconds later it was welcoming and 
I was very turned on, and was hogtied ontop of my penis, 
which added more discomfort. I was alright though, and 
eventually after about 30 minutes I managed to get out of 
there, reach the keys, free myself, jack off (which didn't 
need much assist, I basically touched myself and I shot!) 
and clean up. 

That was a really fun time, I hope all of you enjoyed my 
story and try this out for yourself, it's very fun!

-M QrZ9

M QrZ9
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2000-08-05 15:50:00

I realize this is probably moderated in some form or 
another. As such, I don't necessarily expect my post
to appear...

Nonetheless, I feel compelled to say, regardless of
the consequences: let's please keep it REAL. So many
of these stories are QUITE obviously faked. Whenever
someone immediately talks about their bra size, for 
instance, I know it's a man posing as some [barely] 
pubescent girl--most disgusting. Make it BELIEVABLE!!!!!, 
if you have to fake. Make me actually question that
your post IS too good to be true.

That aside, here's my limited experience. As a male
college student heavily into self-bondage, I got bored
and sought out a local dominatrix to the tune of 300 bucks.
I requested that I be hogtied, tightly gagged and, in 
general, abused whilst in that state. I'm a smoker and
have a huge smoking fetish, so I asked that she--a smoker
herself--"use her imagination" in abusing me with the

It was thoroughly disappointing. I wasn't well-gagged,
was only loosely tied, and her smoking style was far 
inferior to three or four dozen cute "pieces" I know
at school. I probably make smoking a cigarette look 
cooler. And I'm a guy for chrissake.

In short, "Mistress Savanna" sucked. I'd had far better,
more stringent experiences by myself--and well before
my college years. As a junior high school student I'd
done better self-bondage than she.

Oh well...

Keep it real! : )


E-mail address: don't want to reveal just yet...
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2000-08-11 07:47:37
Post Exam Games

Hi, this event happened just a few weeks ago; I've just 
finished my second year in University and we finished our 
exams at the beginning of June. The results weren't posted 
until the end of June (I passed!). A lot of people go home 
to wait but a few of us hung around the University, 
essentially with almost a month's complete freedom. The 
University I'm at is campus style, where everything is on 
the same secure site. In particular the halls of residence 
are also on site. Historically, the halls are segregated, 
with a short (just over a quater mile) path linking them 
through a spinney (small wood). As you might imagine, this 
path is very well trodden!

Anyway, one Friday evening, I was in my room when there was 
a knock on the door. It was my girlfriend Pat. She came in 
any I went over to my desk to tidy up the books I'd been 
sorting out. Pat followed me and gently slipped her arms 
though mine, pulling them behind me and quickly snapping on 
a pair of handcuffs. While surprised, this didn't worry me 
too much, we've regularly played bondage games in the 18 
months we've been going out. The surprise handcuff trick was 
one we both used quite a lot and was usually the precursor 
to a "heavy" evening.

I turned around to see Pat reach up under her skirt and take 
off her panties. She rolled them up and stuffed them in my 
mouth, securing them with a strip of tape. I sat down on my 
bed, expecting her to tie my legs before treating me to a 
tasteful striptease, which she usually did to get these 
evenings started. But instead, she said "Sorry, not tonight 
lover boy, we've something quite different in store for 

With that, she went over to the door, opened it and said 
"OK, I've got him." Three more girls from Pat's hall came 
in, one of them carrying a black bag with what looked like a 
dog collar around the entrance. Indeed it was and very 
quickly, it was pulled over my head and the collar fastened 
around my neck, not tight enough to grip my neck but tight 
enough that it wouldn't slip back over my chin. I was 
effectively blindfolded, except that there was a slight 
light leak around the bottom of the bag. I heard a click, 
which I later learned, was a small padlock securing the 
collar in place.

I was struggling as best I could but the handcuffs and the 
four girls made this a fruitless exercise. They pushed me 
back on the bed and one of them sat on my chest to hold me 
down. I felt them remove my socks and my shoes, then my 
jeans and underpants. I was glad of the head bag at this 
point to hide my blushes. Next, amongst lots of giggles, 
they shaved my legs and the rest, fortunately using an 
electric razor, so no nicks. Then I felt a tight pair of 
panties being pulled up my legs and my modesty was restored. 
Next, a pair of pantyhose, which I have to admit, felt 
rather nice against my newly shaved legs! A second pair of 
panties over the top completed this phase, the multiple 
layers being to prevent unwanted "bulges".

My ankles were then tied together and they allowed me to 
stand up. One girl held each of my arms as the handcuffs 
were removed. My remaining body hair was removed and then I 
felt a bra being put on me followed by a silky blouse that 
buttoned up the front, though it wasn't done up yet. My 
hands were recuffed behind my back. The bra cups were filled 
out with some kind of cloth and the blouse was buttoned up. 

Their next move surprised me. I felt a rope being tied 
around my waist with the two ends hanging down in front. 
They were pushed between my legs and pulled up and fastened 
in the back. I'd been crotch-roped! I didn't think crotch 
ropes did much for guys - wrong - they'd positioned it very 

Finally, I felt a straight skirt being pulled up my legs and 
zipped up. I could feel the hem 2-3" above my knees. A pair 
of shoes with 2" heels completed the ensemble. They sat me 
down on the bed and left Pat to guard me while they went off 
to help elsewhere.

Pat whispered to me that she was sorry she'd had to do this 
to me but there wasn't any way she could really get out of 
it. Anyway, she said, I think you'll enjoy it, though you 
will be a bit tired when you are through. I tried to 
communicate with her, but the gag made this impossible. I 
struggled against the restraints but secretly, I was quite 
excited at what the evening may hold in store for me and I 
knew that with Pat involved, I would come to no real harm.

After a while, probably about 30 minutes but it seemed 
longer as I was unable to see, I heard a knock at the door 
and more girls re-entered, probably the ones who had 
"prepared" me. I felt my ankle bonds being released but 
immediately replaced with a "hobble" - a rope about 18" long 
with the ends tied round my ankles, to restrict the steps I 
could take. I was escorted outside into the corridor and I 
felt something being clipped to my collar. One of the girls 
gave the order to move on and as I shuffled down the 
corridor, I realised I'd been clipped to some kind of chain. 
We stopped a couple more times, presumably for the addition 
of more captives, and then we were led along the corridor, 
down the stairs to ground level (with my arms held by a girl 
each side to prevent me falling). We were led outside and 
from the direction we took, along the path towards the 
girls' hall. We shuffled (because of the hobbles) along for 
a while - I estimated we must have been about half way along 
the path. Then we were ordered to stop.

We stood for a few minutes, then my collar was unclipped 
from the chain. I was backed up until I felt the coarse bark 
of a tree at my back. My handcuffs were removed and my arms 
pulled back behind the tree, my wrists crossed and tied 
tightly with soft rope. My legs were tied together at the 
ankles and knees, with the excess rope being tied off behind 
the tree. My waist, chest and shoulders were tied to the 
tree to complete my bondage. A few struggles confirmed that 
escape was impossible. I felt something being pinned to my 
blouse but had no idea what it could be. Then I sensed a 
bright flash, which was a photograph being taken for the 
record. Then I sensed my captors moving away and relative 
silence descended.

I heard the clock on the village church in the distance 
chime 9 o'clock. Periodically, I heard voices approaching, 
giggles and laughs as the passers by saw the assembled 
captives, and occasionally, a hand being slipped up my 
skirt, with accompanying giggles as my crotch rope and 
indeed, my gender, were discovered. The frequency of passers 
by reduced over the next hour or so and after what seemed 
like an eternity, I heard the clock once again chime 10 
o'clock. These would be the last chimes until 8 a.m. the 
following morning, since the chimes were turned off after 10 
to preserve the villagers sleep. I wondered how much longer 
I would be here.

The frequency of people passing increased again some time 
later, presumably people returning to hall after the bars 
had closed, and then, eventually, silence again. But still 
no sign of release.

I was beginning to feel very tired and began to slump in my 
ropes. I didcovered that they had been tied in such a way 
that they would support me reasonably comfortably. 
Eventually, I drifted off into a fitful sleep. 

The dawn chorus awakened me, with light just beginning to 
seep into the bottom of the bag around my neck. I guessed it 
must be around 5 a.m. in which case, I'd been held captive 
for close on 10 hours. I heard voices approaching and soon, 
I felt my bonds being released. My wrists were handcuffed 
behind my back once again and I was led away with just the 
cuffs, the head bag and of course, the gag. I was led 
towards the girls' hall, inside and up the stairs in the 
general direction of Pat's room.

When we got there, the door was opened and I was led in. I 
felt the collar on the bag being unlocked and unbuckled and 
finally the bag was pulled from my head. My captor said "OK, 
Pat, he's all yours!" and she left, locking the door behind 
me. Pat didn't say anything. I blinked as my eyes got used 
to the light and the reason for Pat's silence was obvious. 
She'd been tied up and gagged and was lying on her bed in a 

I moved over and sat beside her and after around 30 minutes, 
with my hands cuffed behind me, had managed to feel my way 
to untie her hogtie rope and loosen her wrists enough for 
her to wriggle free. She took off her tape gag and pulled a 
pair of panties from her mouth. She ungagged me next - I was 
very happy to spit out the now soaked panties from my mouth 
too. She then untied her ankles and came over to look at my 

I asked her to remove the remaining crotch rope, which she 
did and then said the bad news was that she didn't have a 
key to the cuffs. The best she could do was to help wriggle 
them over my butt and pull my legs through them, which hurt 
a little as they dug in but at least my hands were in front 
which reduced the strain on my shoulders. I was also able to 
see what the hands up my skirt had been about - the thing I 
had felt being pinned to my blouse was a notice saying 
"Please goose me"! 

I went to the bathroom and then we both went back to sleep 
for a few hours. Pat was already up when I awoke. She'd been 
along to ask about the keys to the cuffs. She'd been told 
she could have them at 5 p.m. that evening, so I would have 
to spend the day cuffed. She's also been told to keep me in 
my girl's outfit for the day too! This would be a fun day - 
not! I discovered that in all 18 guys from my hall had been 
kidnapped and held prisoner. We were all around in Pat's 
hall for the Saturday, some with their hands in front like 
me, others with them still behind their backs.

Pat and I spent most of the day in her room and what we got 
up to isn't for here. Some of the girls had taken their 
boyfriends out and about on campus and a few brave souls, 
even into the village.

At 5 p.m. the keys were delivered to Pat's room and at last, 
after 22 hours, I was completely free. We went back over to 
my place and I gratefully changed back into my own clothes 
and we went out for a quiet celebration dinner at the local 
Indian restaurant. 

I'm sure Pat and I will continue our (private) bondage games 
in the future. The only worry is that she said she thought I 
looked rather nice in a skirt!

In the words of the famous actor, Mr. B. Bunny, "That's all 

Hope you enjoyed it.

Pete W.
2000-08-12 16:28:07
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2000-08-13 21:18:32
Correect me if I'm wrong Pete, bu isn't Mr. P. Pig famous 
for saying that?
Epyon Slayer
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2000-08-13 21:33:46
To Pete

 I don't believe a word of your story. I'm not 
saying that you can't post fake stories (john shiva) but 
just TRY to make it believable. The beggining was ok, but 
the shit about 18 guys and not getting the keys until 5 is 
just too unbelivable. 

Epyon Slayer
E-mail address:
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-14 17:21:56
HELP!!! Does anyone here know the name of a movie where a 
guy is tied to the bedposts by his girlfriend but then the 
house starts getting attacked by a bulldoser? She leaves 
him tied up. Thanks Molly
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-14 19:14:20
Great story Pete. If you have any more keep them coming. 
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-15 13:12:55
Molly, do you know anything else about this movie? When was 
it made, who starred in it, what it was about, anything 
like that? It might make it easier to find something out 
about it.
On another note, great story Pete. I liked it. Epyon Slayer 
criticizes everybodies stuff, so don't take it personally.
2000-08-15 14:55:31
Dorren, I was at a friends house when I saw this scene. Her 
brother was switching thru the channels and stopped just 
long enough to watch a little bit of the movie. We yelled 
at him to put it back on but he wouldn't. I sure would like 
to see the rest of it!! Molly
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-16 08:58:52
You know what Doreen, you and THE MAN and H, just something 
about it makes me think... Oh I dunno, that you're all 
Pete. This is just like the DAVE debat goin on next door. 
If your story sux, you don't need ppl saying it's good, it 
still sux.
Epyon Slayer
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Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-16 12:36:32
First of all, the name is Dorren. Second, I am not Pete.

Not to sound hostile or anything, but I have to ask who 
asked you to critique the stories? I certainly didn't. If 
you don't like a story, skip it.

Also, please take the time to spell things correctly if 
you're going to criticize the writings of others.

2000-08-17 16:24:38
molly; the name of the movie is called Grandview starring
jamie lee curtis
E-mail address:
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-17 18:31:40
Epyon Slayer

we are all entitled to our own opinions about the stories 
and I realy don't mind you saying that you did not like the 
story but to say I am someone else is totly wrong. I have 
never posted anything on here because I have never been 
tited up. I don't realy care if the story is not real just 
don't diss the person that wrote it. That person probly 
put a lot of time into his story.

Jc aka The man

Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-17 22:18:47
Let's get back to some stories.
Homepage URL:
2000-08-18 11:36:14
This is the first time for me writing at this page. English 
is not my first language, I'm from Sweden.

At my second day at my new school (I've just started high 
school) I became witness to something "bondagy".

I saw a girl coming through the corridor with a very big 
armring I thought. I then realized it was a pair of 
handcuffs. A guy was holding the other end, and she was 
screaming something like "No! Please! Don't lock me up!", 
but he was just laughing. He found a metal pole (going from 
the ceiling to the floor), and locked her to it hands behind 
back. She started screaming for help, but everyone that 
passed just laughed. Even the teachers. I came back after 
about 5 minutes, and she was still there, but the guy just 
came back, and released her. She said something about 
revenge, and I really want to know about that, when it 

I hope you liked the story, if you did I can tell you 
that I never has been directly involved in any tying up, so 
I cannot write anything 'bout me...yet.

Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-18 17:58:07
Epyron or whatever, since my message was to let Pete know 
that I enjoyed his story, I hope he read the message and 
reallized that his effort was appreciated. I really don't 
care if you doubt the veracity or not. I will tell you 
that I post on a lot of forums (usually just as H) and that 
I really appreciate story posters. Even if a story is 
lousy (which Pete's wasn't), it sure is better to read on a 
story board than a bunch of complaining. I see a lot of 
self-styled critics destroying forums by ripping the 
authors and never contributing anything of their own. If 
somebody is kind enough to take the thankless effort of 
sharing a story only to get it ripped, not only aren't they 
likely to post another one, other authors will also shy 
away. Maybe one of those lost potential authors would have 
a story more to your liking.
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-19 21:54:48

Great story! But......if you were tied up for 22 hours, 
(now how do I put this gently?) must have one 
heckuva bladder! 

Bruce (who would love to find himself in Pete's place)

Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-20 17:31:45
Hey Dorren I think it's okay for somebody to critique a 
story when it is so obviously fake it that it is 
ridiculous. 22 hours? Give me a damn break!
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-20 23:54:08

I was working full-time when I went 
to college, so I had to take classes part time. I never 
got into any of the social aspects of college (sports 
parties, dorm parties, fraternities, etc) because I was 
part time and didn't live in a dorm. About all I had time 
to do was work, take care of my apartment/car/bills, attend 
classes, and study. 

I had just come back from working a 
Friday night shift (it being Saturday morning just before 
sunrise) and was walking toward the apartment bldg's 
entrance, when I heard some noises coming from the bushes. 
I usually would not pay much attention to it, or would 
hurry inside (I hoped it wasn't another drunk passed out 
behind the bushes) but something told me to look. So I 

 To my utter surprise, I saw not one but TWO young 
women, both slender, both blindfolded, both securely 
gagged. One was stripped to her bra and panties, the other 
to a short tank-top and panties. Both had their ankles 
tied. As they moved around I could see each had her hands 
handcuffed behind her back and her knees, bent, a rope 
going from her ankles to her handcuffs. The blindfolds 
appeared to be taped into place. They were laying between 
the hedges and the building on a blanket.

 Well, after I 
had taken a GOOD look, I decided to rescue these "damsels 
in distress" and stepped behind the bushes. "Easy," I 
said, "I'm not going to hurt you!" One of them began 
trying to talk even more through what was apparently a very 
effective gag. "Let me get you untied", I said.

untied each girl's feet and pulled their gags out. As soon 
as the bra&panty one could talk she started saying "He's 
not one of them, oh my God, he's not one of them!" 

AFter getting them freed (except for the handcuffs, 
which would have required a key) They told me that they had 
been left here as an initiation and were to be picked up at 
sunrise. They further told me, as I led them shivering 
inside the building, that the girls who left them had made 
them strip to their underwear. Neither girl was expecting 
to be left in such a semi-public place and neither expected 
it to be for so long. 

I brought them into my apartment 
and immediately the tank-top one told me that if I could 
get her hands free, she would do anything I asked. I told 
her that it would require a key, not mentioning that I had 
one somewhere, when I got an idea. 

"How would you like 
to get even with these girls?" I asked. They looked at 
each other and Bra&Panty asked what I had in mind. We 
planned for a few moments and, just as the sun was rising, 
put our plan into action. 

Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-21 00:03:33

I went downstairs and 
waited until I saw a big car come around with two girls in 
it, both blonde. When they looked behind the bushes and 
saw nothing, they began looking around. "Lose something?" 
I asked. "None of your business" one replied, then I held 
up one of the blindfolds with the tape still on 

"Where are Teena and Sheena (or whatever their names 
were)?" aked the mouthy blonde. "If you want to see them, 
you'll have to come with me. Both of you. Now, 
immediately. Leave your car parked right there and come 

They conversed for a minute as I began walking 
off and finally they followed. I opened the door of my 
apartment and motioned them inside. ONe of the girls sat 
on the couch, her hands behind her in handcuffs, gagged, 
and pleading through her gag. As the two new girls 
entered, I said "NOW" and she stood up, pulled the open 
handcuffs from behind her, and approached the blondes. My 
other rescued girl came from the kitchen with the other set 
of handcuffs and the three of us took the two blondes 
captive. Reminding them that turnabout is fair play, we 
made them strip to their underwear and handcuffed both of 
them. I found handcuff keys in both their purses and my 
two rescued girls availed themselves of the blondes' 
clothing and shoes. 

The whole story ended with Teena 
and Sheena leading two handcuffed, stripped to undies 
blondes to their own car to be returned to their club or 

The bad news is, the redhead who promised me 
the moon if I would get her hands free never returned to 
properly thank me. Oh, well, virtue is its own reward.

Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-21 17:02:51
Great story, Nathraq!
Homepage URL:
2000-08-22 09:56:59
Has the whole world gone mad? It seems mad-train is the 
only one that actually understands. And for those of you 
who think I can't write my opinions f you. This is a FORUM 
to DISCUSS stories. I can write whatever the hell I want 
here, it's my opinions. I was discussing stories so if you 
have a problem with that take it out with the great Canuck. 
BTW, nice story Nathaq. I wish I had the chance to see two 
DIDs in a bush. 
Epyon Slayer
E-mail address:
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-22 17:01:48
Yes Susan is a tough act ot follow but i will try,but first 
slayer,what is your deal?? no need to be like that.That 
said HERE is the story of Lisa(at least part one anyhow)

To try and make a long story short,lisa and i had never 
meet in person,but we talked on the phone for a month 
almost evryday,well after one call and a few shots and a 
beer plus the fact i figgured we werent ever gonna meet,i 
got some guts,and started hinting to lisa about my'hobby' 
bottom line we made this dorky bet,if she lost she would 
have to play my hobby with me.the bet and i gave her a lot 
of good clues is she had to guess my hobby,if she did i 
would go danceing with her if she couldnt guess,we 
would 'play' my game.

Well i won (yay) but i was still young and had NEVER told 
anybody my kink :) so i started to get old feet,but i didnt 
want to look like a chicken so i added new rules thinkng 
she would say i am a kook and she would back off .(hah 
little did i know) The new rule and i swear i told her 
this,meet me at midnight at the local graveyard!!! I 
thought for sure she would tell me to drop dead. nope she 
said okay BUT

just make it earlier. well needless to say i was floored,i 
was gonna get to tie up a girl that i had never met. But 
let me say this she was a freind of my freinds wife. she 
evan said i could wear a mask,well i didnt that was too 
werid for me thenyeah i know but i am meeting a women i 
never meet fot the first time in a graveyard,hey i was a 
kid (18) she was there before me,she still hadnt guessed my 
hobby,or so she said,who knows,well i showed her a issue of 
bondage life,it was real dark she had to squint,oh and by 
the way lisa to me was awesome looking,very pretty,as i 
showed her the mag,and watied to see what she would do,in 
the background on my car radio the station was playing 
kisses :tie your mother down" talkabout a qurk of fate
To my surprise she allowed me to tie her up,yes right there 
in the cematary,in the dark. I asked her if she wanted her 
hands in front of her or behind her,she put her hands in 
front of her,i had brought some rope,so i tied her hands in 
front of her,and then tied her arms to her side !!! Wow she 
was blowing my mind letting me do this to her,rember this 
was are first time meeting face to face.I asked her if i 
could gag her,she didnt want me too, but i still tried,but 
not very hard.

Now dont ask me how we got to this point cause i dont 
know,she aggreed to go to the local dennys,i made some kind 
of comment,like how are you gonna drive tied up like that! 
Well i have know idea how she did it but she got in her car 
still bound,i opened the door for her,i think i started her 
car for her but not sure,well it was about 830 or in sept 
or oct dennys was a little over a mile away,she folowed me 
we were then in minutes,well she could not get out of her 
the car the way she was tied,so i got out of my car,to open 
her door and untie her,all of a sudden all he lights seemed 
to be afully bright,well i untied her,and we went into the 
dennys,and hung out there for hours, we didnt talk much i 
was floored,this women who i talked to so freely before on 
the phone sat before me and i was stunned

To my delight SHE asked me when she could see me again,well 
i started to fall in love with her right there(bad mistake) 
beause well i fawned over her,and guys you know what 
happens when you do that,however we dated off and on for a 
month or so and i did get to tie her up one MORE time,and 
evan gag her,wow! as i said this is a true story and i know 
it seems toaly weird but i think thats when i started to 
fall in love,anyways part 2 comeing soon,tonight tomorow,I 
dont want to hog up a lot of space if nobody likes my 
story :)

Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-22 17:02:25
To TW:

An unusual story, but worth the wait. I wish someone 
would've fixed me up with a gal like that. Yes, I liked the 
story, and don't think you were just wasting space with 
it...a good story is never a waste (well, maybe you could 
have used smaller print...just kidding). Can't wait for 
part two!

Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-22 17:45:32

Well, you know what they say: A DID in 
the handcuffs is worth two in the bush! 

Fond memories,

E-mail address:
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-23 11:48:18

just wanted to say hi,and i like all the storys very much.keep them comeing :) whats up molly??? more stories please thanks. oh Vicki very cool
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-23 13:18:55
An experience I had with a ring gag and hogtie happened 
when I was in colledge and lost a bet with one of my 
sorority sisters....since hazing and being slaves for the 
day we were always kidding about having to be each others 
slaves hence the bet...looser has to be the others slave 
and take whatever they get dished out to them! Well I lost 
this bet and as Saturday arived Susan (room mate) informed 
me that it was payup time....I was quickly made to strip 
down to my g-string panties and my bra and forced to sid 
down on the floor cross legged. Tara then made me put my 
arms behind my head at which time she grabbed them and 
force a rope loop around my wrists and began tying them 
very tight. Next while still standing behind me I could 
feel her tying a rope tightly around my stomach...She 
knotted it just in front at my belly button.....Then she I 
could feel her pussing the rope between my crossed legs and 
felt her pull the end tight up the back of my back between 
my butt cheeks and pulling the rope holding my wrists back 
behind my head tied together....She now tied these two 
ropes together very tight....When she let go my arms were 
now tied tightly together being pulled behind my head with 
a rope that went down my back...between my butt cheeks and 
of course between my pussy lips and to the rope around my 
waist....the more I tried to pull my arms down the tighter 
in would pull on my ass and pussy.....Next I was forced to 
the ground and on my stomach....she grabbed my legs and 
crossed my ankles and tied my barefeet together very 
tight.....with the end of the rope attached to my ankles 
she pulled it and formed a ponytail out of my long brown 
hair and tied the rope around my hair knotting the two 
together.....Now I was laying there helpless.....She next 
informed me it was time to be gagged since all during this 
process I was winning and complaining about loosing the bet 
and having to pay up in this fashion....She now placed a 
ring gag in my mouth forcing me to hold my mouth 
wasnt long and I started to drool onto the floor as I was 
on my stomach hogtied....But she soon fixed that....Next 
she helped me up until I was on my knees and leaned back 
against the door....I could not tilt my head back as my 
hands were tied behind my head forcing my head forward and 
I couldnt move since my ankles were crossed and tied up to 
my pony tailed hair....JUst to make sure she tied another 
rope around my chest just below my tits and pulled it up 
tight to the door knob and tied it tight causing me to hand 
there balancing on my knees....Now I saw her go into the 
kitchen and return with a small plastic bottle.....To my 
amazement she also had scissors at which time she used to 
cut the straps of my bra forcing my tits to shoot 
forward....Now came the fun part She grabbed my head 
pulling it up slightly as I saw her produce the a small 
bottle of honey which she poured unto my tonge through the 
open ring wasnt long and I was drooling saliva and 
honey out my mouth like a waterfall all over my bare tits 
and running down my belly and into my panties and 
crotch....Next she just stood there and laughed and laughed 
as I became a sticky mess.....To tease me more the 
remaining honey was poured over the top of my head and more 
on my tongue to ensure a continuous drooling.....I was 
forced to say this way for three more hours as her slave 
and then cut loose from the door knob and then left hogtied 
on the floor for another severl hours all the time having 
to ocassionally tongue kiss Susan's toes through the ring 
gag....I have never made that type of bet again and that 
day was taught a severe lesson for being a loser. 
Barefoot Lisa
E-mail address:
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2000-08-24 07:55:10

bgcolor="white"text="black"> very good storys people.
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2000-08-24 22:03:04
anybody interested in a story of kidnapping a man by a team 
of girls during an initiation where he is the main target of 
several girl teams
Christopher Dean
E-mail address:
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-25 00:47:31
Absolutely! Post the story, ChristopherDean! I shall be 
delighted to read it!
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-25 06:50:06
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-25 19:36:08
Pete.........that is a very good and facinating story but I 
have a few questions to ask:

1)Was your girlfriend part of a sorority or was this part of 
an initiation?

2)Why were the boys singled out for this treatment? Did the 
girls conspire together over this and got Pat involved or 
was Pat part of the ring leaders?

3)What amazes me is that no one called the police and that 
is very unusual but I know of cases where this goes on alot.

Lastly, again it is the kind of story that I would have 
loved to be a part of. Have you ever considered using the 
people who post stories into your me by 
e-mail if you like as I have been involved in bondage for 
quite a few years


Christopher Dean
E-mail address:
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-26 09:51:43
post that story about the man being kidnapped i would love 
to read it.
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-26 23:36:40
I would like to apologize for some of my remarks to Epyon 
Slayer. I had been having a lousy day and as a result I 
posted without thinking about it.

I do, however, still think that being polite when 
commenting on a story is a good idea. Once again, sorry, 
and let me say I'm glad to see that a few more stories have 
been posted. My thanks to the authors.

2000-08-27 22:34:51
Oh my Gosh!!! What a great story! This is my own personal 
fantasy, because I'd like to think that I would be able to 
smell a trap and evade pursuing women.

Does our hero excape? Does he stay? Does Christopher's 
desire for freedom overcome his desire for multiple and 
beautiful female attention? Will he tell us? 


2000-08-28 09:39:12
Dash.......thank you for the may take a 
little time but I'd be happy to tell you what happened to 
me while living at their place.......from the presentation 
to the is a long story but i'll be 
happy to tell it the way which parts did you 
really like?


E-mail address:
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-29 04:34:44
Cp-worker gets revenge on boss

Ok...first off, this is my first time posting here. Also, 
seeing as how I am 23 and this event happened about a month 
ago, I didn't know exactly where in this great website to 
post this. I work at a factory where everyone (surprisingly 
enough) gets along with one another. Now, this particular 
night, we were all anxious to leave. Gathering near the 
front of the factory, about 11:50pm, were Mike (19), me 
(23), and Crystal (19, knockout body). Crystal decided to 
have some fun with Mike and tried taping him up....He got 
free and got her in a tight bearhug. Now the fun began as I 
looked on. He went to his pallet jack and got a fresh roll 
of tape. We use clear packaging tape on most of our boxes. 
Once Crystal saw this and saw him approaching, so she took 
off. A few of us followed into the area where our timeclock 
was. Mike caught her and proceeded to tape her arms to her 
body. Someone that worked in Printing (we worked in 
Molding) suggested that we tape her to a chair, and that 
same guy held her down as Mike taped her body to the chair. 
He even wrapped her legs was probably a good 
thing that she was wearing jeans. The final insult was when 
he tried to tape her mouth, but unfortunately that did not 
happen. He wanted to carry her out to the floor, so that 
all the employees could see what he had done to her, but 
someone already started cutting the tape. You could say the 
icing on the cake was that our Supervisor was on vacation 
that week. But knowing him, he probably would have found 
the turn of events laughable too.

Andrew P.
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
2000-08-30 06:12:23
I realized that there was a part of my story that was left 
out so I have to post it again.....but how do i prevent the 
story from running together as i posted it in doc format.

Can someone tell me via e-mail?

With grateful thanks

E-mail address:
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-30 11:54:01

One last try:

<BR> New line

<P> New paragraph

There you've got it!

Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-30 16:00:02
Hi. I have been a long time reader, but I haven't really 
had any stories to post in this genre. I have created a 
site for college bondage stories. It's pretty new and only 
has a couple of postings. Please check it out! That would 
be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
2000-08-30 19:45:55
hi i was wondering if anybody knew and site with panties 
used in bondage or if any one has stories
Homepage URL: http://
2000-08-31 04:49:32


Due to the fact that I forgot one part of my story and also that it ran together as I forgot to put at the end of the paragraphs. I am reposting it again. Thanks to Nathraq, Dash and Josh for the encouragement. Please ignore my previous posting for the reasons stated above and thanks to Canuck100 for his input and sorry for taking up so much space.


Christopher 20 years old, 5'9", 180 lbs. with brown eyes and black hair was a freshman at MacMaster University in Hamilton and planning to major in Computer Information Services. It was my first time away from home, which is located in the quiet small town of Erin. I had gotten a scholarship from McMaster due to my high marks and had acquired a reputation as a brainer. 

Jeannie, a 20 year old, 5'4", 116 lbs., 36-25-34, was a first year business student who came from Stoney Creek and lived two houses down from Peggy and Kathleen.

Kathleen, a 18 year old, 5'7", 150 lbs., 38-28-36, grey eyed blonde was also a first year student majoring in nursing. Kathleen was full-figured, muscular without being muscle bound, but wore size 12-14 outfits and also came from Stoney Creek.

Peggy, 19 years old, 5'8", 140 lbs., 36-22-36 was also a freshman majoring in business. Peggy was the older sister to Kathleen.

Faye, a 20 year old, 5'3", 108 lbs., 36-24-34 green eyed brunette was in her 1st year majoring in hospital management. Faye also came from Stoney Creek and lived across the street from Peggy and Kathleen.

A graduate had warned me, that my good looks well built thighs and broad shouldered build might cause me to be a prime 'Hell Week' victim. The graduate explained that groups of co-eds at MacMaster had the right to go after and capture any male they desired, capture him and keep him bound and gagged until he was presented, in the same state, before the judges. He stated that any capture could not be done in public and warned me which areas at MacMaster to avoid being captured. When I arrived at my dorm room I did not know that I had already become a desired target of several female groups but now became THE PRIME TARGET of one particular female group after one of their number noticed me in the office where she worked.

On Monday morning, of the second week, I went to the 'Computer Advisors' department make an appointment to see my academic adviser Mr. John Saunders. The first person I met was a Peggy Paul who worked as one of Mr. Saunder's assistants. Her job was to assist freshman entering the computer course in filling out the necessary forms before their interview with their academic adviser.

"Hello" Peggy said with a big smile when I walked in "Can I help you?"

I looked at Peggy, who stood up from her desk, and was dumbfounded. I had met many women but no one especially dressed like her. She was wearing a yellow halter, that hardly contained her 36" breasts, skin tight blue jeans with the legs covered by a pair of white, knee high, 3" vinyl boots. 

I continued staring as Peggy walked toward me her perfume overwhelming my senses.

"Didn't your mommy ever tell you that it was impolite to stare at ladies?" Peggy said with a smile. "I'm sorry," I said.

"That's ok" Peggy giggled as she held out her hand to me "All you new country boys are the same my name is Peggy."

"Christopher.....Christopher Dean" I said as I took Peggy's hand and kissed it.

"How gallant" Peggy exclaimed then as she led me over to her desk asked "Do you always greet women this way?"

"My parents taught me that a woman should be treated royally no matter who she is" I replied.

"Your parents taught you good.....Christopher" Peggy answered as went over to the desk. When we reached it Peggy said "Take a seat Christopher."

"After you" I responded.

"Chivalrous as well as gallant' Peggy replied "a rare combination" as she helped me fill out the forms then said "Christopher, within the next few days you will receive a letter from Mr. Saunders telling you when to come in for your interview."

As I got up to leave I noticed a pair of black leather gloves and asked Peggy "Are these yours?"

"Yes Christopher, they're mine. Why do you ask?"

"I've always liked gloves on a woman.....especially ones that go about 2-4 inches past the wrist and are skin-tight. Would you mind putting them on for me?"

"My pleasure Christopher" Peggy replied and put them on both hands. 

"How do they look?" Peggy quipped as she held both gloved hands out to me.

"They enhance your beauty" I replied as I took both her gloved hands and kissed one then the other.

"Why thank you! I'll have to add charming to chivalrous and gallant!!" Peggy replied with a smile then coming up to me seductively asked "Is there anything else that you like a woman to wear?

"A few very special things…………..but if I revealed that information then it wouldn't be a would it?" I replied. After I left she quickly picked up the phone and dialled her home number. 

"Tell Kathleen and Jeannie I found our victim" Peggy excitedly said to Faye when she picked up the phone. 

"Who is he?" Faye asked.

"His name is Christopher Dean" Peggy replied

"Christopher Dean" then she paused before saying "You did say Christopher Dean."

"That's the name I gave. WHY? What's so special about him?"


There was a brief silence as Peggy groaned then asked quietly "Is this the same Christopher Dean that is on the most wanted female hit list?"

"One and the same" Faye replied then asked "Peggy how could let him get away?" 

Peggy replied "He came in and charmed me so that I forgot why he was wanted. You're right Faye...I am an idiot. I'm so sorry."

"No harm done Peggy. He's gotten quite a reputation here as a ladies man and he's charmed other girls the same way but we'd better move fast or we won't capture him" Faye replied "He's still number 1 on every girl groups' hit list. In fact two groups almost killed each other 2 days ago trying to catch him and several other groups have been trying all week but to no avail."

"How has he been able to escape being captured? No male has survived this long." Peggy asked.

"You're not going to believe this but the consensus among the girl groups' is that someone's tipped him off because he knew exactly what areas to avoid and has this uncanny ability to smell a trap to speak." Faye replied then added "He's been able to successfully nullify every attempt to capture fact some of the groups' are giving up."

"He can't be that good!!! Is he?" Peggy asked

"The word 'good' doesn't apply here Peggy" Jeannie replied then continued".....'Expert, cunning and superb' are the words I'd use. None of the others know this but I looked in his file and found out that he has a 3rd Dan or 3rd degree black belt in Karate and had been in the Air Force Reserve for seven years. I passed myself off as a university reporter and phoned the local newspaper. I found out that he was undefeated in every karate match and every girl felt protected when they were with him. In fact some of the local toughs found out just how good Chris's karate was...........the hard way. One of the girls, at the paper, let it slip that she and other girls had tried to bed him but found that he would never violate any girl's integrity. I also phoned his base and was told that he was the best reserve officer they ever had. I also was told that he had taken an E & E course 2 years ago and achieved the highest marks ever given. In fact, his score has never been broken and he was the only reservist not to get caught." Faye replied. 

"E & E?" Peggy asked.

"Escape and Evasion course" Faye answered "It's designed to help aircrews who get shot down get back to their lines without being captured while living off the land."

"No wonder he's an expert with that kind of training" Peggy replied then asked "but how does that training apply here?"

Faye replied "Here's how it applies and I'll give you three examples. First…one of the groups actually trapped Christopher in a room, on the third floor. They had the most seductive girl, on campus, con him into allowing her to handcuff his hands in front to a bar holding a window open then he allowed her to shove a ballgag in his mouth. 

You don't mean Shannon O'Connor? The one that every male lusts after and wants to fuck?" Peggy asked incredulously.

"Yup Peggy, Shannon O'Connor" Faye replied "but let me continue before I forget. As she went to tell the others Chris got a bobby pin and used it to unlock the handcuffs. Then as they arrived they saw the open handcuffs and the ballgag, on a desk, with a note saying 'MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES FOR NOT HANGING AROUND BUT AN EMERGENCY CAME UP'. They quickly ran to the window saw Christopher standing on the sidewalk then he smiles, blows them a kiss, waved then casually walked away.

Talk about humiliation! How did he get the handcuffs off? What is he…………an escape artist. How did he jump without hurting himself?" Peggy asked.

"He's an escape artist for sure, as I found out, but, I also found out from his school that he was also the top gymnast and never lost a competition which is why he didn't hurt himself when he jumped out the third floor window" Faye replied. 

Peggy said "continue Faye, I'm all ears." of the girls in a girl group asked Christopher if he could get her biology book from the second floor classroom. Her group had girls stationed at all the exits and one outside the classroom. What they didn't know was, as I found out later, that Christopher is also an expert at picking locks, which explains how he got out of the handcuffs. He unlocked the side door and enters, climbs the stairs and walks right through the unguarded second classroom door, you know each classroom has two doors, and gets the textbook. Then, to add insult to injury, taps the girl on the shoulder, softly says 'pardon me' then after saying 'thank you' says ''ve been a big help' and gives her a soft, slightly open mouthed kiss. She begins to weaken and Christopher, always the gentleman that he is, quickly takes a chair out of the classroom and, while still kissing her, slides the chair under her then leaves via another side door. He walks around and hands the book to the girl then taking her hand kisses it saying 'the pleasure was all mine' and walks away. By the time her friends arrive he is casually strolling down the sidewalk then turns, smiles and waves good-bye to them. They run upstairs to find their lookout sitting with a dazed look on her face and murmuring over and over 'he kissed me.…….he kissed me'."

"You have to admire him, Faye. He certainly has the guts and balls to pull these stunts off" Peggy replied then added "How did they take being humiliated?"

"They were furious but helpless and BOY.....did it get around the campus. Most of the guys think he's a hero and several girl groups feel totally helpless, discouraged and depressed. In fact several groups have been giving me tips on how Christopher operates and if he eludes us as he has them for one more week then he's home free also...............Anyway let me get onto point 3...and this is unbelieveable. Chris was walking towards the campus library when he saw a girl being tied up and gagged by a group of 5 girls. What Christopher didn't know that it was all staged to catch him but it failed. Using his E&E training Chris walked up to the tied girl unseen and cut the ropes then quietly disappeared. The other girls were still waiting for him when they saw Chris walk up and say 'I already freed her so you can take her home now.' Their mouths dropped open and before they could do anything he turned on his heel and walked casually away."

"Is there anything he can't do" Peggy asked?

"Every girl agrees with you and are out of ideas on how to capture Chris" Faye replied " but I have an idea on how to……………….."

Peggy interrupted "By the way I also found out that he likes a woman to wear skin tight, black leather gloves that go past the wrist. He saw my pair on the desk and asked me to put them on. When I did he took my gloved hands and kissed each one saying 'They enhance your beauty'."

"He does?" Faye cried out "That's great Peggy. I'll tell the others to wear any black leather gloves they have."

"That's not all Faye" Peggy replied "I tried to charm him by asking him if there was anything else he liked a woman to wear he replied 'a few special things...............but if I revealed that information it wouldn't be a mystery now would it?' He seems to be immune to feminine wiles." 

"All the more reason to capture him to find out what he likes and doesn't like. By the way aren't you full German, maybe you should interrogate him" Faye responded.

"You mean like this" Peggy said then going into a fake German accent said "You have resisted our attempts to make you tolk......Herr Dean. Ve vill have to employ very special means to find out what you like in vomen and vhen ve are finished you will tolk, Herr Dean.............this I promise" as both collapsed in laughter.

"That was great Peggy" Faye said "but let me get to the third point before I forget" Faye continued "Remember Howard last hard it was to capture him and how he eluded the groups for three days...mostly running and hiding. do I say this.....Christopher's ability to avoid capture makes Howard look like a toddler and his brains are in the right place....if you know what I mean."


"Everything's set. Kathleen and Jeannie are standing by" Faye replied.

"Then we make our move this Saturday morning. Have the van running while Kathleen, Jeannie and I go to Saunder's office in the accounting building as that's where he'll be. Remember be sure to tell the others about the gloves.....they have to wear them!"

"Roger" Faye replied and hung up.

"Christopher" Peggy said quiet grimness, after hanging up, "you may have been able to escape the other girl groups but you won't be escaping us or your fate." Then Peggy again went into her German accent saying "Herr have vays of finding out vhat you like in vomen and you vill tolk vhen ve are finished vith you" then she giggled.

Later that day Peggy typed a letter to me on John Saunder's letterhead setting up my interview for Saturday, a day that she knew John Saunders would not be in. Peggy used his signature stamp to sign the letter. Later that day she gave the letter to Kathleen who placed it in my mailbox where I picked it up later that day.

Dear Christopher Dean,

Welcome to the MacMaster University. As your Academic Advisor I would like to meet with you Saturday September 28 at 10:30 AM to discuss your curriculum.


J. Saunders
Dean of Computer Studies

On Saturday September 28 I walked through the halls of the deserted hallways of the Computer Information Systems building. When I reached John Saunders office I saw a lengthy note addressed to me taped to the door. As I was concentrating on reading it I did not hear Jeannie, Peggy and Kathleen sneaking up behind me. Jeannie was wearing a white long sleeved, scooped neck spandex top with a red heart on silver wings across her chest. She was also wearing super-slimmed blue jeans covered by knee-high, black vinyl boots and carrying a black latex hood in her above-the-wrist length, black leather gloved hands. 

Kathleen was wearing a sleeveless, spandex stretched, black demin dress cut 2" above her knees, black pantyhose and knee-high, black leather riding boots and above-the-wrist length, black leather gloves. She had a 6-foot long black satin scarf wrapped around her neck that was knotted a few times in the middle. Peggy was wearing a back baring, black halter bodysuit with a generously layered bustline which revealed ample cleavage covered by a pair of white, knee high, 3" vinyl boots. She had inserted a pair of handcuffs inside her belt and had, in her above-the-wrist length, black leather gloves held a choke chain which went around the neck and had a clip on the free end that hung down below ones shoulder blades. 

Kathleen was to pin my arms while Jeannie placed the spandex hood over my head. As Kathleen held me down Peggy would handcuff my hands while Jeannie would take the choke chain from Peggy and place it around my neck. She and Peggy would then push my handcuffed hands, up to the small of my back, and connect them to the clip dangling below my shoulder blades. I had just finished reading the note when suddenly Kathleen wrapped her powerful arms around me from behind, pinning my arms to my side and pulling me back tightly against her 38" breasts.

"Gotcha!!!" Kathleen cried.

"NO!" I cried out and started to struggle but seconds later everything went black as Jeannie pulled the latex hood over my head.

I quickly planted my feet and spun my body around and around then reversed my motion attempting to break Kathleen's grip. Within seconds Kathleen felt her feet leave the floor and her grip slipping. Realizing that I was breaking free she cried out "QUICK.....DO SOMETHING.....HE'S STRONGER THAT WE THOUGHT!" 

Before anyone could react my desire to break free caused me to fall on the floor breaking Kathleen's grip. A stunned Kathleen and Jeannie watched as I quickly got up and groped for the bottom of the hood. Suddenly Peggy aimed a well-placed booted kick at my balls and as she connected I staggered with pain but continued to pull the hood off my neck. The others watched in amazement as Peggy connected with a second booted kick sending rockets of pain through me. As the pain forced me to my knees, Kathleen who now had recovered knocked me to the floor quickly while Peggy tightly wrapped her arms around my upper legs and her booted legs around my lower legs. With my legs tightly pinned Kathleen quickly wrapped her arms around my elbows bringing them together and managed to keep her grip on me. I could feel her above the wrist black leather gloves on my arms. 

"DON'T JUST STAND THERE...DO SOMETHING!!!" Peggy and Kathleen both yelled to a frozen in place Jeannie as they were now barely managing to keep me down. Despite the pain in my balls I was still thrashing my body side to side and back and forth causing both Peggy and Kathleen to be thrown around. As the choke chain went flying they still managed to hang on and Jeannie, coming out her stupor, ran over and grabbed the choke chain. Seeing that Peggy and Kathleen had their hands full, she moved quickly clamping one gloved hand tightly over my covered mouth while pinching my covered nose with the other gloved hand. As she pulled my hooded head back I heard her command "quit struggling or I'll cut off your air!!!" I quickly realized that I was getting no air into me and as I relaxed I felt Kathleen retighten her grip on me.

"Cuff his hands tightly!" Jeannie commanded while still tightly plugging my nose and mouth. No matter which way I moved my head Jeannie's grip was like iron and moved with me.

With Kathleen holding my arms in a vicelike grip and her left knee on my back Peggy took out of her belt the chained handcuffs and securely handcuffed my wrists. 

Jeannie, seeing that Peggy was done released her grip on my mouth and lifted the hood, just enough, so my mouth was exposed. As I gasped for air Jeannie yelled to Kathleen "Get the scarf and securely gag him!!!!! We don't want him to even squeak!!!" I was rolled on my side as Kathleen quickly unwrapped the 6-foot long, knotted, black satin scarf from her neck and pushed the knotted part into my mouth. The knotted part completely filled my mouth as she brought the ends around my face, tightly knotting them at the back of my neck. Bringing the ends forward Kathleen double knotted them tightly inside my opened mouth. Then Jeannie brought the hood down re-covering my face and unpinched my nose.

Jeannie then said, "Secure his wrists to his neck" as Jeannie gave Kathleen the choke chain. Kathleen slipped choke chain around my neck and buckled it securely while Peggy firmly held my handcuffed wrists. Peggy unexpectedly pulled up on my handcuffs and snapped the chain clip to the link joining the handcuffs together. My hands were now totally and completely immobilized at the small of my back.

"Let's get the fuck out of here before we get caught!!" Jeannie cried.

"Amen to that!!!!!" Kathleen and Peggy exclaimed. 

Kathleen, Peggy and Jeannie propelled a now passively bound, gagged and hooded me down the hall, out the back door and towards the 1994 red Chevy van where Faye was waiting. 

Faye was wearing a yellow wrap around a body-molded top with off the shoulder sleeves, yellow-pleated shorts and knee-high, black PVC boots. Once Kathleen, Peggy and Jeannie got me into the back of the van and closed the van doors Faye took over. With Kathleen sitting on my chest Faye removed my shoes and socks off my feet quickly got a set of legcuffs and tightly legcuffed my right ankle. She threaded the chain through the handcuffs then also tightly placed the other legcuff on my left ankle. As they rolled me onto my side Jeannie used a knee-high stocking to tightly tie and cinch my knees together while Peggy used another knee-high stocking to tightly tie and cinch my handcuffed hands to my waist. Faye quickly got into the driver's seat and gunned the van out of the campus. After they finished a small smile crossed my gagged mouth as I heard the following comments.

"We did it!!!" Peggy laughed.

"It worked perfectly" Jeannie said.

"Yeah it worked alright" Kathleen wearily said then continued "He put up one hell of a fucking fight. this guy strong or what?"

"I still don't believe what I saw back there" Peggy cried "It took two solid kicks in the balls to weaken him and he was still able to resist. What's this guy made of......................tempered steel?

"No Peggy.....not tempered steel but we better strip him to see if he was wearing a crotch protector" Kathleen replied with Jeannie wearily saying "yeah.....but we finally got him." 

"This guy must be worth it and I believe that we've picked a winner............a prime, grade A, #1 stud!!!" Kathleen rejoined as the others nodded in agreement.

"He might break free, make sure he's secured!!!!!" Faye called out.

"He's cuffed, hog-tied, gagged, hooded and totally helpless" all three replied in unison.

I quickly discerned that there were three women attending to me in the back of the van but could not identify any of the voices as I felt all three cut my clothes from my body with HEAVY DUTY FABRIC scissors, that Faye had procured. Within minutes I was completely naked as Kathleen removed the black latex hood from my head and Peggy removed the knotted, black satin scarf gag from my mouth. It took me a minute to adjust my eyes and then I saw them. 

"Well...he wasn't wearing a crotch protector" Peggy commented as they looked at my crotch.

"This guy is no wimp or wuz for that matter .....that's for sure" Jeannie said.

"He's a real man alright not like the others who think they are" Kathleen said.

"Just remember what I told you about Christopher" Faye chimed in.

"We won't forget Faye" Peggy replied then mused "I wonder if his staying power in sex is as good as the fight he put up."

"What's going on?" I demanded.

"Just a little kidnapping" Peggy said giggling.

"A WHAT??? YOU'RE KIDDING...........JUST A LITTLE KIDNAPPING?" I cried then quickly collecting myself and my wits calmly said, with a smile, "Look.....Ladies.....Are you sure you girls have the right victim?"

"Oh.....we know who we've kidnapped alright" Jeannie replied then added "But you're starting to ask too many questions and we can't have that. Besides our slave should be seen and not heard."

"Too many questions??? Slave???" I calmly replied "But I've only asked "MMMFPHPHFFMMM" but was cut off as Kathleen shoved an oversized ballgag into my mouth buckling it tightly at the nape of my neck. She securely adjusted the chinstrap then brought the third strap over my head also buckling it at the nape of my neck.

"MMMFPHPHFFMMMMMMFMHPFMMM" I cried out as best as I could through my gag and continued to struggle then felt a sharp pain as Jeannie's gloved hands squeezed my balls painfully.

"Better relax and get use to it...honey" Jeannie said with a smile, as I painfully looked at her "YOU'RE OURS NOW."

While Peggy ran her gloved hands lightly through my hair while Jeannie started to caress her gloved fingers around my nipples pinching them playfully. Kathleen's gloved hands started to massage my soft manhood as I moaned through my ballgag and started to breathe heavily through my nose while squirming. With my hands and feet tightly hand- and legcuffed, my knees tightly tied and cinched, hog-tied and my mouth securely gagged there was not much that I could do. Try as I might I found no give in the knee-high stockings binding my hands to my waist and my knees together I realized that I was too well tied. After a few minutes of Kathleen's soft but determined massaging of my penis I started to respond, despite my attempts at controlling my penis, and after several minutes felt himself coming but could not as Kathleen gloved hands gripped the head of my penis hard and squeezed. Soon my penis was again soft and flaccid resulting in a little fluid coming out.

"Did you really believe we were going to let you come and enjoy yourself at our expense?" Kathleen laughed, wiped my cock then placed the breathable black latex hood over my head.

"Oh shit!!!! We have a cop tailing us!" Jeannie warned as she looked outside the rear window of the van.

"What's he doing?" Faye replied as she spotted him in the outside left rear-view mirror.

"He wants us to pull over" Peggy replied.

"Make sure Christopher is silenced and immobilized" Faye ordered.

"Already on it" the three replied in unison. 

Hearing the siren I gave out a loudly muffled "MMMFPHMMMPHFMMM" which was quickly cut off as Kathleen squeezed by balls so tightly that I became paralyzed and silent. As the cop approached the van Peggy and Jeannie helped to immobilize me. Jeannie sat on my chest pinning my body while Peggy held my head firmly with her knees on either side covering my ears and preventing me from moving my head as I was desperately hoping he'd search the van. After giving Faye a warning the cop rode away not even suspecting what they had done or who they had in the van. 

What seemed like hours but was really only twenty minutes they arrived at their destination. Faye backed the van into the attached garage of the house where they lived. Kathleen grabbed me under my arms while Jeannie grabbed my legs. As they carried me into the house Faye and Peggy scooped up my clothes and followed them. I was carried into a bedroom and placed on a bed where I was uncuffed untied then two of them placed a leather mitten over each hand securing them then spread-eagling my arms, to the max, and attached rope to the D-rings at the tip of the mittens. My arms were then securely to the farthest ends of the headboard. While this was happening the other two girls spread eagled my legs, also to the max, and tied each ankle to a spreader bar then looped a rope around the spreader bar pulled and tied the ends to the bottom baseboard. When they had finished my latex hood was removed and I was able to adjust my eyes to the glare of the room. As I saw my captors each girl kissed me on the cheek and left me to think about what had happened with Faye running her gloved hand along my cock as she left. I was now alone securely tied spread-eagled and gagged with the oversized ballgag.

As I looked around the room and I could tell it was a woman's bedroom. On the pink wallpaper to my left was a large mirror and in front of me were two windows with white lace curtains one of w

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As I looked around the room and I could tell it was a 
woman's bedroom. On the pink wallpaper to my left was a 
large mirror and in front of me were two windows with white 
lace curtains one of which had an air conditioner. To my 
right was the door through which my beautiful captors had 
just brought me through and through which they had departed. 
To the left of the mirror was a vanity with make-up, perfume 
and other women's items on top and to the right of the 
mirror was a set of dresser drawers with dolls on the top. 

After about thirty minutes 
Peggy came back into the room and was wearing only a pair of 
red panties and the same pair of above the wrist, skin tight 
black leather gloves. Her perfume again preceded her into 
the room as she walked over to the bed and sat down on the 
bed next to my head.

"How are we doing, 
sweetheart?" Peggy asked as she leaned down and kissed me on 
my forehead leaving a red lipstick impression on my 
forehead. Then sitting on my chest dangled her breasts in 
front of me.

responded through my gag. "Oh you poor, poor baby" 
Peggy teased "You can't talk or suck these boobs. What a 
shame!!!" Then seeing me contorting my mouth, Peggy firmly 
gripped my chin and forcing me to look at her harshly said 
"Don't bother trying to dislodge the gag Christopher. It's a 
deluxe locking gag, which consists of a leather plate with a 
short rubber post coming out of it. The oversized ball is 
mounted on the post and fits all the way into the mouth 
forcing the chin downwards. The leather plate is mounted 
onto a leather strap, which buckles quite securely around 
the head with a roller-locking buckle. The third strap going 
on either side of your nose and over your head ensures that 
the gag stays put and there's a 2" wide chinstrap attached 
for extra security. As you can see your lower jaw can't move 
up or down as the ball completely fills your mouth and it 
forces your lower jaw downwards nicely fitting the chinstrap 
but no further. The roller buckle will also work without the 
padlocked but we used the padlock on you. If you are a real 
good little boy we may take the gag out later." Then leaning 
down she cooed into my ear "Wouldn't you like 
that.........sweetheart? Wouldn't you like to really kiss, 
fondle, lick and nuzzle us?"

"MMMFPHPHFFMMMMMMFMHPFMMM" I responded quietly through my 

As the others came 
in, dressed the same way as Peggy Faye commented "Does he 
know why he's here?"

"Not yet" Peggy 
replied "Who wants to explain it?"

Kathleen approached 
me and, while Peggy lightly ran her gloved hand through my 
hair causing me to relax, said, "You're a very lucky man 
Christopher that we got to you before the others did."

"Lucky as a cat has 
nine lives" Jeannie caustically said then stated 
"Christopher!!! Did you know that you are on the 'MOST 
WANTED MALE' list of every girl group."

"MMMFPHPHFFMMMMMMFMHPFMMM" I replied with a questioning look 
on my face.

"Don't play the 
innocent victim with us, Christopher" Faye retorted "We know 
that someone warned you because no male has ever been able 
to elude any girls' group for this long and that E & E 
course you took helped immensely. But that's all over now 
and we'll be declared the winners after we present you 
securely bound and gagged, of course, in front of the 
judges. Afterall.....those are the rules and we have to 
prove to everyone that you really are OURS.

"That's not all we 
have in mind for you" Peggy said as she caressed down my 
neck then pressed her gloved thumbs into my throat at my 
Adam's apple. I started to struggle as Peggy watched then 
cooed "Ooohhh're so cute and vulnerable anyone of 
us could choke you to death with our bare hands so you 
better be an obedient and good little boy and do everything 
we say." 

As the others 
laughed Kathleen said "We'd better leave and get his 
belongings as he's going to be staying here. Rumours are 
flying around the campus that we have Christopher."

"Have you been able 
to defuse the rumours?" Faye asked.

"So far Jeannie and 
I have pleaded innocence but it won't hold up for long. The 
pressure building and I think someone saw us. It's going to 
get harder and harder for us to keep claiming that we know 
nothing about Christopher's disappearance" Kathleen replied.

"We're going to have 
to keep playing dumb because we can't get Chris's stuff yet" 
Jeannie interjected "not until we present him to the judges 
on Monday."

"Jeannie's right Kathleen" 
Faye replied then looking at my naked body mused "you 
know.......he doesn't really need any clothes until Monday."

"Then he have to 
wear some of our clothes" Kathleen stated as she saw me 

Peggy, also seeing 
my recoil, said "Why don't we do that and take a few 
pictures. It would make Christopher become more....uh.... 
submissive and vulnerable as I'm sure that he wouldn't want 
anyone to see him dressed as a woman. Afterall the other 
girls believe he's a real man which he is........... 
........not like the other so-called he-men on campus." 

time......girls" Kathleen said as they left me and went to 
the far corner of the bedroom and talked so quietly I could 
not make anything out. I tried again to free myself and was 
starting to get some slack in the rope holding the spreader 
bar in place when Faye, seeing my struggles said "hold those 
thoughts...I have to tell Christopher something." She came 
over and, squeezing my balls so hard that I froze, commanded 
harshly "Look at me Christopher.....LOOK...AT...ME..." As I 
looked at her Faye let go of my balls and retying the rope 
connecting the spreader bar more securely commanded "READ MY 
You're trying to break free of the bonds and are failing. 
You cannot escape from your new role so accept your fate as 
there's now no escape for you until graduation."

"Then it's settled" 
Jeannie declared as Faye returned "We'll have him wear the 
fake bust that's in the closet." 

"I'll get my 
strapless red satin gown and put it on him. He'll look so 
adorable" Kathleen piped up then giggled. 

"I'll get my 
up-to-the shoulder black satin gloves and put them on his 
hands and up his arm but someone's going to have to stroke 
his cock to keep him distracted. Who's going to un-mitten 
and then re-mitten each hand?" Peggy chimed in giggling. 

A giggling Faye 
quickly following the others saying, "He can wear my black 
leather, up-to-the-knee, 4" high heeled boots." 

"I'll get my blonde, 
blunt cut, bob style wig. You know the one whose thick hair 
comes down covering only the ears" Jeannie replied also 

"After I get the 
gown on him I'll take a mitten off each hand, pin each arm 
while Peggy puts the gloves on him. Then Jeannie and I use a 
knee-high pantyhose to secure each gloved hand to an end 
post of the headboard instead of re-mittening each hand then 
Peggy can pull the gloves up his arms. you want 
the honour of keeping him distracted?" Kathleen asked.

"I thought you'd 
never ask!!! Count me in!!!!!" Faye replied excitedly.

"Good!!!..." Peggy 
said "Then we can camcorder him and take pictures of him 
dressed and made up as a women while tied up and gagged then 
later strip and keep him naked, except for the gloves, and 
restrained until Monday. Afterall I'm sure that Christopher 
will be able to satisfy all of our desires." Then coming 
over and sitting down beside me, as the others watched, 
Peggy softly said as she caressed my face with both gloved 
hands "every man's dream is to have women admire and touch 
his physique and don't worry about meals or the toilet. We 
really do care about you Christopher and you will be well 
cared for." 

replied with a look of confusion on my face and Peggy seeing 
it replied "That right Christopher, my love, we'll make 
arrangements to move your belongings in with us so you won't 
have to pay room and board. We have big plans for you and 
one thing we want you to do is to help us get good marks. We 
all want to graduate magna cum laude and we need all the 
help we can get and that's were you come in. We know you 
received a 4-year scholarship to MacMaster and the word 
around the campus is that you are an expert on every subject 
taken here. You don't have to worry about missing classes, 
as the pictures we'll be taking of you are only to ensure 
that you will be staying here. You'll be able to attend your 
classes and get those high marks so you can graduate. 

We'll explain later 
as to what else we want from you but unfortunately you have 
no say in the matter, not now nor in the future. As you're 
so efficiently bound and gagged will continue to 
be securely gagged and/or bound in some form when in this 
house so you can't now and in the future try to escape. By 
the way honey.......we will have to have you bound and 
gagged at certain times and keep you hidden, depending on 
the situation or who visits us, but the number of times will 
depend on how you behave."

As the other girls 
left Peggy moved her fingers to my chest where she began to 
roughly massage my nipples and pinched them painfully. When 
she worked her hands down to my belly where she slapped it 
hard and giggling said "Kind of flabby we'll have to toughen 
it up although your chest and those broad shoulders are real 
manly. Those thighs of yours are the envy of every girl on 
campus. No wonder every girls' group wanted you and I can 
see why every girl, in your high school and at McMaster, 
wanted to get you into bed with them. Unfortunately, they'll 
never get that opportunity but we will and face it my 
prince........anyone who can withstand 2 kicks in the balls 
must be prime grade no. 1 stud material and I know that the 
others will agree with me that your knowledge of karate will 
be a great source of comfort and protection to us."

Then Peggy got down to my 
cock and balls she started to massage them with her gloved 

"MMMFPHPHFFMMM MMMFMHPFMMM" I cried several times through my 
gag and squirmed as my cock started to come to life. When it 
was half erect Peggy ministrations caused it to expand 
faster and when it was at full mast she alternated between 
my balls and penis moving faster and faster with her hands. 
l could only squirm and moan and just as I was about to come 
Peggy, sensing this, quickly pulled away and squeezed the 
head of my manhood hard preventing anything from coming out.

groaned as my body heaved and shook for several minutes.

"You really thought 
I was going to let you come. Didn't you?" Peggy wickedly 
laughed "Well maybe later......after you've satisfied us."

Once my penis had 
shrunk to normal size and some fluid came out Peggy, got a 
Kleenex and cleaned my cock area. After finishing she 
stroked my hair, looked at me, and said "You'd better get 
some rest,'re going to need all your 
strength. You're going to be doing alot of serving of our 
needs, both now and in the future and we promise to make it 
worth your while; but we'll talk about that off 
to dreamland. I'd love to give you a deep mouth kiss but the 
gag must stay this will have to suffice." 

Peggy gave me a 
tender kiss on the cheek then walked out of the room and 
closed the door behind her. I closed my eyes in complete 
frustration and once more tried to free myself. I found my 
hands were too far apart to untie each other and the 
spreader bar connecting my legs kept my legs apart. I found 
that there was no give in the rope that was tied to my 
mittened hands then tied to each end of the headboard and as 
my hands were enclosed in the mittens I could not unbuckle 
the leather mittens around my wrists. I tried again to get 
some slack in the rope around the spreader bar but Faye had 
done too good a job of retying tautly the rope connecting 
the spreader bar to the bottom baseboard. I now realized 
that they had made the bonds and the gag so secure and that, 
like it or not, I would be with them helping them in their 
courses and doing whatever else they wanted until they and I 
graduated. With that final thought I took Peggy's advice, 
closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

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Bondage guy

I just saw part 1 and it is exactly the way I wanted it and 
again the crdit goes to you. I have other stories to post 
but would like you to read mine first...dated Aug. 31/00

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I can't wait for the conclusion of your story...
Really good!
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Wait, wait, wait... Christopher! Do you want little 
me to read your story? Yes, of course. I'll e-mail my
mail address (don't want to put it on the forum, if someone 
recognizes me...)
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2000-09-02 18:47:02
To Dash and Bondage guy: There was too much to put into part 
2 and so I probably will have about 4 or 5 parts to this 
story. Thank you again for your support 


I was still in a sound sleep when I heard, in a dream, 
several female voices saying:

"AWWWWWW...isn't that sweet...our Christopher sleeping like 
a baby"

"Seeing him sleep wants to bring the mothering instinct out 
of you...doesn't it.

"He looks so cute 
and adorable...just like a baby. He looks so soft and 

"Enough talk 
ladies...time to wake prince charming up"

My dream was broken 
by a glass of water being slowly poured onto my face. I woke 
up sharply and discovered the girls looking down, with Peggy 
holding an empty glass, at me then realised that I was still 
bound and gagged.

"Time to wake up 
sweetheart" Kathleen said "you've been asleep for about 4 
hours but now we have to get down to business. The business 
of dressing you as a girl.

"MMMMMMMPHPHFFMMMMMMFMHPFMMM" I muffled loudly while trying 
to get off the bed. The girls watched for a few minutes then 
went to get the items and when they came back I saw Jeannie 
holding a corset with D-size cups attached, Kathleen holding 
the red satin strapless prom dress and Peggy with a pair of 
up-to-the shoulder black satin gloves. I also saw Faye 
holding a pair of black leather, up-to-the-knee, 4" high 
heeled boots and Jeannie with her blonde, blunt cut, bob 
style wig whose thick hair comes down covering only the 

As I looked at the ensemble 
Kathleen seemed to read my mind and said "Yes Christopher, 
we decided to use this prom dress instead of a gown so your 
boot legs would show and you should be dressed up as if you 
were going to the prom. Also we decided to put a corset on 
you with the cups included and after pulling it tightly 
around'll have an adorable waist" 

As planned Faye started to 
caress me down below putting me into a state of relaxation. 
One hand was released by Kathleen who held my mid arm firmly 
as Peggy put a glove on my right hand then Jeannie retied my 
right hand to the far right bedpost with a knee-high 
pantyhose. They did the same thing to my left hand and after 
securing it to the far-left bedpost Peggy then smoothed the 
gloves up my arms to the shoulders. While Faye kept 
distracting me she could see me in a state of euphoria as 
the fake corset was placed around my body, secured and when 
I was told to inhale tightened. My legs were untied from the 
spreader bar and the strapless red satin dress was put onto 
my body and pulled up over the corset and zipped up by the 
three ladies who then placed a nerfball in each cup of the 
corset. My legs were encased in the knee-high 4" heeled 
boots then retied securely to the spreader bar then lifting 
my head the blonde, blunt cut, bob style wig whose thick 
hair comes down covering only the ears was firmly placed on 
my head and smoothed and combed in place. When finished they 
smoothed the dress down. 

I tried to shake the wig off 
but gave it up as Faye's caressing of my cock was causing me 
become more sexually active. When Faye saw them coming back 
with the camera and movie camera; she quickly left me as 
they started to film me and my desperate actions to get free 
as well as my frantic angry muffled sounding 
"MMMFPHPHFFMMMMMMFMHPFMMM". After 10 minutes of filming and 
picture taking Jeannie leaned over to me and said quietly 
"we'll let you see yourself very soon after Kathleen does 
the developing." 

I lay there frustrated as 
hell as they took the dress, corset and wig off me making 
sure that only one arm or leg was free at any one time. I 
again tried to bridge my body but failed as Faye straddled 
me pinning my body to the bed. I kicked my mind into neutral 
and could feel my member getting soft and Faye feeling it 
YOU YET" then started to rub herself on me. No matter how I 
tried to shut off my mind; it finally kicked over into 
sexual mode and I was hard. Seeing this each girl decided to 
make out with me while giving me just enough time to 
recover. When they were done they encased my cock with a 
sheath dildo secured it tightly and turned it on; as it did 
its work I was almost in a state of sexual euphoria and 
stayed this way for the rest of the night.

The next morning I and my 
cock were released while Peggy pinched my nose and had my 
gloved hands cuffed tightly behind my back then my booted 
feet were hobbled with legcuffs, which limited my ability to 
walk. I was led over to the dining room table where a big 
breakfast had been prepared. As I sat down my right hand was 
released but my left hand was cuffed to the chair then gag 
was taken off me and I was able to finally converse with 

"Did you have a good nights 
sleep Christopher?" Faye asked.

"Well, if you call a 
restrained position comfortable I would say that I did but I 
still don't know why you lovely girls decided to kidnap me. 
There is something you're mot telling me and you only hinted 
last night...didn't you" I replied with a smile.

"Your reputation precedes 
you Christopher you are as smart and perceptive as we've 
heard; but you'll just have to wait. How's breakfast?" Peggy 

"Very good and my 
compliments to the chef; but I am finding it a bit hard to 
cut through the back bacon one handed."

"Here...let me do it for 
you" Kathleen said, with a smile, as she cut the back bacon 
while the others laughed. Then Jeannie said, "It's nice to 
see you still have your sense of humour Chris after all 
you've been through but one thing…… THE KIDNAPPING (PART II)
……you wouldn't be thinking of leaving us so soon, would you? 
Do you really want to be on your own or would you prefer to 
be with and be catered to by us?"

"You've been very wonderful 
to me so far and I thank you for the wonderful reception 
even though the invitation was one I couldn't refuse." More 
laughter "I don't think that I could escape but why don't 
you answer two questions for me 1) How did you know so much 
about me and 2) tell me about yourselves. After all if I'm 
going to be your servant, which I believe I am right, then 
shouldn't I learn as much as possible about my four 
beautiful, attractive, sensual and sexy mistresses?"

"Flatterer" they responded 
in unison causing them to laugh again then they each told me 
everything about their lives and how they had secured my 
info from my home town. As I continued to eat the bacon, 
fried eggs, hash browns, tea (I can't drink coffee), toast 
and jam I was looking at them but decided to hold off 
escaping until I had mentally memorised the layout of the 
house. I decided to be their captive until the time to 
escape was right.

After breakfast I asked if I 
could help them with the dishes explaining if I was to serve 
them I'd better get to know the routine which caught them by 

"You want to help with the 
dishes?" Faye exclaimed in shock.

"Of course, after all if I 
am to serve you shouldn't I start my training early?"

"You've got something up 
your sleeve...don't you Christopher" Peggy said.

"Just my arm" I replied 

"Why not" Jeannie said "but 
were going to have to keep your hands cuffed but in front."

"Agreed but please don't gag 
me" I replied.

They uncuffed me from the 
chair and cuffed my hands in front then led me to the 
kitchen where Kathleen had the dishes in the water. I knew 
that there was no chance of escaping, as my feet were 
legcuffed so I helped Kathleen by washing as she dried. 
Looking at her lovely body I was getting hot then decided to 
kiss her. As she was still drying the dishes I dried my 
hands then went behind her and put my arms over her head and 
pinned her. She turned around quickly and said, "What are 
you doing?"

"Kissing you" I replied as 
my lips met her lips opening them slightly. As I continued I 
could feel her weakening and I knew that if I continued 
she'd be helpless to prevent my escaping. Unfortunately Faye 
rounded the corner and immediately pulled my head back and 
clamped her hands over my nose and mouth forcing me to 
release Kathleen. As I tried to wrench Faye's hands from my 
nose and mouth Kathleen recovered then punching me hard in 
the groin said "YOU BASTARD."

I groaned as Faye let go of 
me and as I stood there gasping for breath she said, "I 
thought he'd try something like's not your fault 
Kathleen. The reports I got from his girlfriends' back home 
were he's has this special ability to kiss a woman long 
enough so she'll do anything he says. I just wanted to tell 
you that Peggy and Jeannie went to the campus and should be 
back in about 3 hours and that…………………………………"

Suddenly the door flew open 
and Peggy and Jeannie rushed in frantically shouting 
"Quickly………….we've got to bind and gag Christopher securely 
and hide him. We've got company coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"What happened" Faye asked 
as she and Kathleen pinned me to the wall. Kathleen covering 
my mouth with her hand.

"We got to the campus and 
got what we wanted when we were confronted by two girl 
groups demanding to see Christopher. We told them that we 
had no idea what happened to him. They said that they were 
coming over to our place to see for themselves so we 
hightailed it out of there and came here" Jeannie said 

"You and Peggy get the 
equipment…………the special equipment while we hold Chris here" 
Kathleen ordered. I tried to struggle but was pacified by 
Faye pinching my nose as Kathleen kneed me in the groin. 
Kathleen's hand went over my mouth like a piece of tape 
moulding itself firmly to my face. I could not break her 
grip, which was like iron.

Soon they came back with an 
armsheath, a hood and thigh to ankle cuffs. I saw that the 
leather bondage sleeve had laces on one side and a zipper on 
the other which went up the arms to the shoulders. It had 
two straps, which went over the shoulders, chris-crossed in 
front, went under the armpits and buckled at the back. It 
also had a set of straps at both sides which, when buckled 
at the waist, pinned the sleeve to the body. The leather 
hood had a 3" wide leather strap that slid down covering the 
eyes and had a large round gag mounted behind the mouth of 
the mask which would fill my mouth. When they applied over 
my head, they would first have to have the ball gag already 
inserted into the mouth tightly and securely. Then the hood 
could be pressed against the face and fastened securely by a 
zipper pulled down the back, which could be padlocked, and 
the ballgag could not be pushed out once the mouth zipper 
was also zipped and padlocked. What I didn't know was they 
had bought a vibrating expandable butt-plug, which could be 
inflated by a squeeze pump once inside the anus and would 
vibrate the prostrate gland at 3 different speeds. 

"Peggy, keep a lookout and 
tell us when they'll be here" Kathleen cried then looking at 
me said, "You're going to regret what you did to me" then 
pinched my nose as Faye took the handcuffs off. Within 
minutes Faye, Kathleen and Jeannie had the armsheath up my 
arms and secured to my body. The straps felt cold against my 
still nude body as Kathleen unpinched my nose then they 
pushed the ballgag into my mouth then pulled the hood over 
my head causing it to conform to my face. As they padlock it 
Jeannie said "Kathleen, what did Chris do to you?" To which 
Kathleen replied curtly "I'll tell you later Jeannie". 

Having secured the upper 
half of me they unlegcuffed me and forced me to the cellar 
where there was a hidden room. The former owner as a 
hideaway had built it for him and his wife to have fun. They 
pushed me into the room turned on the light and forcing me 
to my knees attached one cuff to the right ankle and the 
other cuff to my right thigh. They did the same to my left 
ankle and left thigh then inserted the butt plug and turned 
it on high. Taking 2 hasp locks they brought both sets of 
ankle and thigh cuffs together and hasp locked them ensuring 
that I was not moving from the pillow underneath my knees. I 
could not move my ankles or thighs apart and could not stand 
up and was in sexual agony. Lastly they looped a rope around 
the ring, at the end of the armsheath and pulling my arms 
upwards attached them to a ceiling hook.

Just then Peggy yelled down 
"they're here" and hearing that Jeannie pulled the blindfold 
over my eyes then left the hideaway with Faye turning off 
the light and locking the door. I could hear voices arguing 
and footsteps running throughout the house and when I heard 
someone coming down the basement I tried to scream but my 
cries were too effectively silenced. I heard 5 girls walking 
around and 2 of them talking outside the hideaway room and 
no matter how I tried they couldn't hear me. I couldn't bang 
on the floor or move anywhere then after what seemed to be 
hours it became very quiet I heard the door open and the 
light go on.

I felt the hood and gag 
being removed and 4 pairs of angry eyes looking at me. I was 
in deep do-do and was prepared to expect the worst. I looked 
up at Kathleen and said, "Well, it was worth a try. Now 

"Do you really want to 
know?" Kathleen replied "You still owe me!!!!!"

"After what you did to me it 
can only be worse and I do deserve it" I countered.

"Were you trying to escape?" 
Peggy asked "and if so why...aren't you happy here?"

"I'm sorry but it is going 
to take a little time to get use to this environment. I feel 
like a prisoner here and felt an obligation to escape as a 
prisoner is expected to do" I answered then said "Kathleen, 
I deeply apologise for taking advantage of you with that 
kiss but I'd like to make two requests."

"Apology accepted 
Christopher and what are your two requests?" Kathleen 

"The next time any of you 
want to make love to me can I be a willing participant and 
not a captive one and 2) if you're going to use me for 
sex...can it be one at a time with a longer waiting time 
between sessions. Do this and you'll get a better response 
from me. Now can I please go to the men's room before I do 
it in my pants?" I asked.

"Of course you can relieve 
yourself" Jeannie laughingly replied "but of course we have 
to sadly decline your offer of freedom during love making 
until we can be assured of your continuing to stay with us. 
We decided this time not to show the pictures or movie of 
you in woman's clothes but try to escape again and we 
will...THAT'S A PROMISE!!!!!!" Everyone agreed on this?"

"AYE" came back the chorus 
of consent.

They removed the butt plug, 
unclamped my legs and ankles then hobbled my feet with a 3" 
length of rope. They removed the armsheath and cuffed my 
hands in front and walked me to the washroom. I was 
surprised when they uncuffed me and recuffed one hand to a 
wall hook so I could wipe myself. When I finished they 
walked in and I saw them looking at my naked body and saw 
Jeannie holding a pair of leather thumbless and fingerless 
mittens. After taking the cuffs off me she pulled a mitten 
over each hand securing them behind my back with a padlock 
through each ring of each mitten. For the rest of the day I 
guided them in their subjects, helping with their 
assignments, showing shortcuts they could use and being 
rewarded with occasional kisses, hugs and my rear end 
squeeze and whacked as well as my cock being played with 
which played havoc with my concentration. Lastly I was 
allowed my left hand free to do my own school work which I 
finished quickly then they fed me a sumptuous dinner and I 
started to realise that maybe it was better not to try and 
leave and to enjoy their company. That night they tied me 
spread-eagled to the bed then forced a gag into my mouth 
that had a penis on each side. As one rode me down below the 
other rode on my face and after a 1-hour recovery time the 
other two gave me the same treatment. As I was exhausted 
after these sessions they each gave me a kiss on both cheeks 
and turning out the light let me sleep. Monday morning was 
not going to be a pleasant day as I knew I'd be presented in 
front of the judges………………………bound and gagged.

The next morning I was 
awakened by a soft gloved hand caressing my face and opening 
my eyes I saw Jeannie smiling at me. Then I saw the ensemble 
I was to wear and recoiled. It was a latex and lycra body 
suit completely in black, long sleeved and long pant legs 
and was skin-tight. I saw a pair of white up-to-the shoulder 
lycra spandex gloves and thigh-high black PCV boots with a 
5" heel and a corset with filled D-size cups. I groaned in 
the gag as they untied me pinched my nose and placed the 
corset around me tightly then got me to step into bodysuit 
pulled and zipped it up.

It was tight as a rubber 
band and constricted my body quite effectively as the corset 
was doing its job in compressing my waist. They place the 
gloves on me and pulled them up over the sleeves of the body 
suit so they rested securely at the shoulders. I was helped 
by them into the boots and felt their tightness as the boots 
went over the bodysuit legs and clung to the bodysuit. I 
realise that this was just as effective as being tied up but 
they went one further. Faye undid my gag as Kathleen got a 
ballgag that they had used on me when we were in the van and 
after inserting it into my mouth buckled the straps more 
tightly than she did in the van. I looked at her and caught 
a smug look of satisfaction and revenge as Peggy came back 
with a handcuff-legcuff chain. When these were put onto me 
my gloved hands were handcuffed behind my back, and as the 
chain connecting the handcuffs and legcuffs together was 
lowered my ankles were legcuffed. I now had limited movement 
but the chain prevented me from moving the handcuffs 
upwards. Then the wig was placed on my head and combed into 
place with eyeshadow and mascara place around my eyes.

"Shall we go Christopher, 
sweetheart but first do you want to look in the mirror?" 
Peggy cooed into my ear. I was led to the mirror and almost 
choked as I saw not a man but a voluptuous woman with an 
hour glass figure that many women would envy. I groaned 
again shaking my head as I was led out the door and placed 
into the back seat of the van.

"You look adorable and 
soooooooooo cute" Faye said and turning to the others said 
"Don't you girls agree?"

"No doubt about it" Kathleen 
said "He's one to be desired" as Jeannie piped in softly 
"Christopher darling, I don't know how to say this but 
MAN WOULD WANT!!!!! She yelled.

As we pulled up to the 
campus I noticed a crowd in the centre square and a 
headline, in the campus paper, caught my eye which said, 
WHERE IS CHRISTOPHER? 'Where am I?' I thought, 'I'm stuck 
here in this van bound gagged and looking like a woman' as 
the van stopped and I was pulled out and paraded before the 

I heard several people 
praise the fact that I had done such a good job and several 
girls fuming with anger at being conned by my female 
captors. The head judge raised his hand and silence fell as 
he intoned, "Hear yea, Hear yea, Hear yea………….let it be 
known that Christopher Dean has been finally caught and 
captured by the team of Peggy, Kathleen, Jeannie and Faye. 
As it is the custom the captured individual has the 
opportunity to either live in his own quarters or stay with 
his captors. What do Christopher's captors say?"

"Christopher has agreed to 
stay with us, your honour" Peggy replied.

"Do the members of your team 

"We agree with Peggy, your 
honour" Kathleen, Jeannie and Faye replied in unison

"And what does Christopher 
say about this. Remove his gag so he can speak freely"

As Kathleen was unbuckling 
the gag she whispered into my ear "remember the pictures and 
the movie" then removed the gag out of my mouth. It was 
decision time for me. Was I going to be able to be free and 
risk exposure due to the pictures and movie and face the 
humiliation of having people look at me in a different 
unfavourable light? Or was I going to concede defeat and 
live with my captors enjoying all the benefits they could 
give but lose my independence, as I would be serving their 
needs. All eyes as well as the three judges were on me as I 
massaged my mouth and looking at the judges stated in a loud 
and clear voice.

Your Honours, I stand before 
you bound but not gagged as according to the rules of this 
contest. I have put up a good fight and was able to elude 
capture for 2 weeks until last Saturday when I was trapped 
and caught. Cheers rang out from the girls and a few 
expressed sympathy at my plight. As the cheering died down I 
continued "As my captors will vouch I was not easily subdued 
and it took a few unorthodox methods to keep me a captive." 
Shouts from the guys: YOU SHOWED THEM CHRIS. WE'VE HAVE 
died down I said, "I do not know whether my captors have 
broken any rules but I can and want to compliment them on 
the planning and execution of this operation. I wish to make 
it crystal clear that they have agreed to let me have the 
freedom to persue my studies as long as I remain at their 
residence and, in conclusion, I will be staying there until 
they and I graduate." A few gasps went up from the audience 
and some people cried "UNFAIR...UNFAIR" but they were soon 
drowned out as I finally said "this was not an easy decision 
for me to make but having made it I am honour bound to keep 
it. I was raised to value integrity above all else and that 
a man's word is his bond. But let it be said that they will 
have quite a time keeping me there and although I am chained 

A round of applause and 
cheers erupted and as I looked around and saw the grimness 
of my captors and knew that it was not going to be pleasant 
for me. I had acceded to their blackmail but they knew that 
they would have to watch me more carefully. So I 
thought...who is really in captors or me.

"Silence, silence" cried the 
head judge who had been listening to me and had conferred 
with his colleagues. He then stood up and declared "As we 
have heard what Christopher Dean has said I hereby agree 
wholeheartedly with his decision as I can see the integrity 
and honesty within him. Now with the permission of his 
captors we wish to invite Christopher to a party in his 
honour. Is that acceptable to his captors?"

"We bow to your Honour's 
request" Peggy replied with the others nodding their accent.

"Then it is settled...this 
court stands adjourned"

I was regagged securely by 
Kathleen was hustled quickly over to the van and pushed into 
it. As the others watched I was sped away and after reaching 
my new residence I was forced into a chair where they tied 
my elbows, knees and feet tied securely to it and removed 
the gag.

"What the hell were you 
trying to pull Christopher" Jeannie asked angrily.

"Absolutely nothing, my dear 
Jeannie" I replied in a calm voice then felt Kathleen wrap a 
rubber tube, the kind used for blood taking, tightly around 
my neck and tighten it constricting my breath.

"Now Christopher honey," 
Peggy sweetly said, "We know that you've got a plan worked 
out but I should tell you that Kathleen is an expert in 
getting people to talk. Do you know what is wrapped around 
your throat?"

"A piece of rubber tubing 
that is used for the taking of blood and is designed not to 
slip when knotted" I replied.

"Good Christopher very good 
and now if you don't tell us what you meant by that remark 
Kathleen is going to tighten the tubing a notch at a time" 
Peggy said

"What remark...I said quite 
a few remarks in front of the judge"

REMARK I MEAN" Peggy screamed then signalling Kathleen who 
tightened it a notch. My throat now was really constricted.

"I think I know what remark 
you are referring to" as I managed to gasp out the words.

"Would you like to tell us 
or shall we signal Kathleen to tighten it even more" Jeannie 

"Is it the remark about my 
heart being free?" I gasped.

REMARK!!!!!" Jeannie yelled as Peggy signalled Kathleen to 
tighten the tubing another notch, which she did. Now I was 
barely getting any air into my throat.

I was in a real dilemma and 
my training to resist torture was helping but I had never 
had this kind of treatment before. I knew that I would black 
out first before cracking but realised that these girls were 
deadly serious. I steeled myself for another tightening of 
the rubber tubing when Faye came and said "That's not going 
to work with Christopher but I know what will."

"Is there something you'd 
like to tell us now that you forgot to tell us earlier" 
Peggy replied sarcastically.

Faye ignored Peggy and 
continued saying "You're right, I forgot to tell you this 
because I just found out myself. I called the air base Chris 
was with and they told me that he has undergone extensive 
torture treatment. He was given the full treatment because 
he was being groomed to take over the intelligence branch of 
the Air Force Reserve. I found out that he never cracked and 
actually went unconscious a few times rather than reveal any 
information. They said that he doesn't have a weak spot but 
I phoned his mother and after telling her how wonderful her 
son was and how skilled I asked if he had a weakness. She 
told me that he has one weakness and told me what it is but 
it will take time to wear him down." 

"Why don't you tell us what 
it is" Jeannie said.

"Better than that you can 
watch for yourself. Now take the tubing off his neck and get 
the hood gag and blindfold and put it on him."

As they did I realised that 
Faye knew my deep dark secret of mine and was going to 
exploit it for all it was worth. Before the blindfold was 
lowered over my eyes I caught a glimpse of Faye smiling 
smugly as I now was bound gagged and blindfolded securely.

"Now what?" Kathleen asked.

"Watch and learn Ladies" 
Faye replied and got a cassette recorder with earphones and 
a roll of wide medical tape. She then said "Unzip the 
blindfold at the back and Peggy, you and Jeannie put both 
earphones through the hole in blindfold part then place an 
earphone into each ear and secure it with this tape while 
Kathleen holds his head still."

I tried to struggle but it 
was useless and soon found myself hooded with the cords of 
the earphones coming out of the blindfold. As they finished 
zipping it back up Faye said loudly "Christopher's weakness 
is a certain piece of isn't it Christopher 

"MMMMMFPHPHFFMMMMMMFMHPFMMMMM" I screamed and struggled like 
a fanatic but the gag, cuffs and rope were too secure.

As the others listened Faye 
continued saying "Christopher's struggling shows that he 
knows that I know his secret weakness. The piece of music he 
hates is a composition by Ravel and is called Bolero. As 
this walkman is auto-rewindable and auto-play Christopher 
will be hearing the same music over and over and over again. 
Bolero is the only song that plays the same set of notes 
about 20 times and has hypnotised or driven people mad. 
Christopher will not go mad but this will hypnotise him to 
the extent that his resistance will be worn down so much 
that he'll do anything or say anything to have it stopped. 
Apparently it can take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours for a 
person to break down so we can outwait Christopher and find 
what he meant by that remark. By the way set the movie 
camera up and film this for use later on" with that she 
turned it on and they left me alone.

As the music played on and 
on and on, hour after hour after hour I was getting more and 
more and more agitated. The music was affecting my nerves 
and I let out quite a few muffled screams that were barely 
audible and struggled to get the earphones off my head. I 
was failing and my steel reserve was now coming unglued as 
the music continued to play its hypnotic effect into my 
Tears were starting to come down my face and Faye coming in 
saw this and said "Kathleen, Peggy, Jeannie come here and 
look at this."

They came and looked in 
amazement as Faye said, "As you can see by the tears 
Christopher is close to being broken but it has taken not 6 
but 7 hours to do this. Take the hood and the attached gag 
and blindfold off him, he'll tell us now what we want to 
know and shut off the camera."

My mouth, eyes and head were 
now free and Faye comforted me by she caressed my face with 
her gloved hands and kissing me (she was wearing the black 
skin tight leather gloves which came just past the wrists). 
I was sobbing then she said, as she wiped my tears with a 
hankie, I'm sorry we had to do this to you my love but you 
left us no other choice. Now why don't you tell us what you 
meant by that remark and you'd be able to be free from this 
chair and be able to enjoy our company again. You don't want 
to have us do this again and we don't want to do it either 
as we want you to be the man that we know you are."

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2000-09-02 18:53:01
I looked at her then at the camera and at the others then
looking straight ahead said "it was the remark which went 
like this ' But let it be said that they will have quite a 
time keeping me there.'"

"Now that we know what the 
remark was why did you say it?" Faye asked.

"The reason why I said it 
was that since coming here you four have given me a 
challenge that I cannot refuse and have not had for quite 
sometime. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, which no 
girl ever gave me in Erin, and that is the matching of my 
wits against the wits of you four. I gave my word that I 
would be here but also have the desire to see if I can 
somehow get out of this house without you knowing it and if 
I am caught trying to get out of here then I expect to be 
severely punished.

Faye looked at me and 
smilingly said, "if I didn't know better 
like to be bound, gagged and dominated by a woman. Now don't 

I smiled back and said "I 
must admit that it gives me the sensation of excitement, 
exhilaration, humiliation, fear and the desire to get myself 
free, which I haven't been too successful thus far. You are 
also right Faye in that it is pleasurable to be serving 
women like you, Peggy, Kathleen and Jeannie and being 
dominated. I've never had such as thing done to me before 
and I didn't know that there were women who could tie and 
gag effectively and dominate."

"Just don't try to escape 
Christopher" Jeannie said as she looked me in the eye "if 
you try I can promise you that what we did just now will 
feel like child's play compared what we will do to you."

"Jeannie's right Chris" Faye 
said "We know your weakness and will use it again if 
necessary but we want you to be a part of this household and 
enjoy all the benefits that we can give you. Let us train 
you in servitude and you will be rewarded beyond your 
wildest dreams but try to escape and what Jeannie said will 
come true. Now it's 7:30pm and we have to get Chris ready 
for the party in his honour."

"One last thing" Peggy 
interjected "Are you going to try and escape tonight?"

"WHAT!!!! And lose the 
pleasure of the adulation I'll be getting plus your company 
which is desirable" I exclaimed.

"Peggy, are you forgetting 
that Christopher is a man of his word and after what he said 
publicly today I can't see him going back on his word" Faye 
said "and I believe him. What do you think Jeannie?"

"I agree with Faye. What do 
you think Kathleen?"

"Christopher has more than 
his arm up his sleeve and I'm leaning to Peggy's side" 

"What's your opinion Peggy 
or do you agree with your sister?" Faye asked.

"I don't know really but 
I'll defer reluctantly to your judgement Faye" Peggy 

"I'll defer to yours and 
Jeannie analysis," Kathleen also said reluctantly.

As we got ready to go out I 
realised that they did not know the military tactic I had 
used on them. DIVIDE AND CONQUER and I knew that soon I 
would be controlling them, a prospect devoutly to be wished.

The party was a smashing 
success and being the guest of honour I made sure that my 
captors shared the limelight with me and save the best 
dances for them. In between dances with what seemed like 
every girl there I was asked by certain girls just how I was 
able to escape for so long and as the guys wanted to know 
also I shared the information with them thus raising my 
stock in their eyes. I was given offers by some of the girls 
but asked for a rain check while treating with chivalry and 
gallantness as all the girls enjoyed my kissing of their 
hands and the royal treatment I was according them. The 
party wore on until daylight broke through and everyone went 
home. As I laid naked on my bed, with a vibrating dildo over 
my manhood, now handcuffed to the headboard and legcuffed to 
the baseboard I knew that Faye was the smartest of the four 
and therefore the most dangerous. I could see a possible 
split with Peggy and Kathleen on one side and Jeannie and 
Faye on the other side if I could widen the split then I 
could control them but it would take a long time. As I had 4 
years to do this I closed my eyes and went to a deep alcohol 
induced sleep.

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2000-09-03 03:01:26
Hi! I'm a 21 years old guy from France and I have my own 
bondage story during initiation that might interest you. I 
began my studies two years ago in Strasbourg, just on the 
border between France and Germany. I was living (and am 
still living) in a student house, with about ten rooms per 
corridor, each student having his own room. The day after I 
moved in, the courses began. About one week afterwards, I 
was lying on my bed reading. I was still reading at about 
11.00 pm when I heard knocking on my door. "Who's there?" I 
asked. I heard a feminine voice reply: "Open up, fresher, 
it's initiation time." I was just wearing a t-shirt and 
underpants, so I got up and put on trousers. Then I went to 
the door and opened it. Three girls, studying in third 
year, stood by the door. They were smiling. One of them was 
carrying a bag. Another said: "It's your turn now." I 
didn't know what they had in mind, but I thought as a 
welcome to freshers it couldn't be nasty, so I let them 
come in. "Sit on your bed!", they told me, which I did. One 
of the girls came closer to me and pulled up my t-
shirt. "Nice belly!" she said, "I would like to see what's 
left." Another girl, obviously the oldest of the group, 
commanded: "Take off your pants and t-shirt!" I felt quite 
excited by the idea of being half-naked in front of girls, 
so I did what I was told. The girls giggled when they saw 
me just wearing my underpants. The oldest girl then told me 
to lie on my bed, which I did. I was more and more excited 
by what was happening. One girl opened the bag they brought 
and got some rope. She then came to me, pulled my arms 
behind my back and tied my wrists together. She then did 
the same with my ankles. When she had finished, she sat me 
on the bed. "Isn't he sweet!" said the youngest girl, and 
she got up to get a cloth from the bag, which she used to 
cleave-gag me tightly. She layed me on the bed again. I was 
struggling, to their delight. I tried to speak, but all 
that came out of my mouth was: "MMMPPPHHH! MMMPPHH! 
MMMMMMMPPPPHHHHHH!" I must confess I was very excited to be 
bound and gagged wearing only my underpants. The girls 
started to tickle me, but I was not ticklish, so they were 
disappointed it didn't worked. "Ok, stand him up, girls" 
said the oldest of them. They then untied my ankles. She 
opened the door and I was pushed out of the room. One of 
them grabbed the bag and they all came out in the corridor. 
We then went out of the building, and I was lead to a place 
where other girls were waiting. I could see that there were 
four other guys lying on the grass, half naked, tied up and 
gagged as I was. I was struggling, keeping 
saying "mmmmppphh! mmmmpphh!" I was pushed forward to the 
other guys, but the youngest girl who came to my room 
grabbed my underpants, showing my cheeks to the other girls 
who laughed. They pulled up my underpants, layed me on the 
grass next to the guys and tied my legs and thighs. They 
then got a hosepipe and started to soak us with water. They 
had a good laugh watching us struggling and mmmmmpphhing. 
When they got enough, they untied us and gave us blankets 
for us to get dry. One girl said it was a welcoming ritual. 
I could tell the other guys didn't appreciate, but despite 
the humiliation, I really felt excited by this experience. 
Since then, I really enjoy being bound and gagged. I'm now 
dating that youngest girl, and sometimes we play bondage 
games together, most of the times she ties me up. I hope 
you have enjoyed the story, and please excuse the mistakes 
regarding english.
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2000-09-04 00:41:53
Hi! My stories aren't really "college" stories- I'm just out 
and my cousin isn't in yet. I've played a little with my 
boyfriend, and when I told my cousin about it, she asked if 
I'd tie her up. We've played a little, but nothing serious.
Just thought I'd say great site and keep up the good work!
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2000-09-06 07:47:35
hey, Valkyrie, I saw your brief note about your roomate 
asking to be tied up. Why don't you tell us readers about 
it? Sounds interesting.


t. howell
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2000-09-06 07:54:42
I just thought I'd place a warning about women to men who 
think that they can outsmart a woman.


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2000-09-06 11:01:55
Believe it or not, women can be outsmarted just as easily as 
men, especially if they believe that every man is helpless 
to resist their femininity. Pride and overconfidence and are 
weaknesses that can easily be exploited. That's how I got my 
girlfriend. Oh yeah, not to stray too far from the topic, I 
am a college student, and I do enjoy tying my girlfriend to 
the bed. I also enjoy tickle-torturing her either as 
foreplay or just because.
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2000-09-06 11:45:56

You're right U.T. but did it occur to you that she could 
have gotten you to propose to her by using her feminine 

I am currently working on part III and I don't know if you 
read parts I & II

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2000-09-06 11:48:25
Do you have any stories that you would like to share with 
us? By the way I have had quite a few years of bondage and 
gags and allost all of the gags can be dislodged very 
easily. I've done it but htere are three gags I cannot get 
out of. 
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2000-09-07 08:43:35
To "someone"
If by "pig" you mean "cute" and "lovable" then I agree with 
you. There's nothing sexist about saying that both men and 
women can be outsmarted. It's called "equality", a concept 
"someone" is unfamiliar with. It amuses me when certain 
individuals misinterpret a statement and take offense to 
it as a result. But don't worry, "someone", you're entitled 
to your misguided opinion. Now, on to the more important 
matters. When I tie my girlfriend up to be tickled I always 
tie her arms over her head. I never hogtie her because I 
like tickling her armpits the best. I don't gag her either 
because I enjoy the squeals and giggles that come out of her 
mouth too much. I usually like to tie her biceps as well as 
her wrists and ankles so that her underarms are completely 
vulnerable. When I have more time in the next day or two, 
I'll share some of my experiences, or should I say 
"sessions", with everyone.
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2000-09-07 18:25:30
UT, I dont misunderstand you, I just think for outsmarting a 
woman you deserve the worse possiable punishment.
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2000-09-07 21:21:31
I would really like to try this stuff out...ether in real 
life or online...anyone care to try it with me online?
No, I am not a freak..or a perv..I just like women tied 
up..kidnapping games, ect.. I am actually a very nice 
person, who is a bit hooked on Bondage. I will even post my 
various stories in a few days.
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2000-09-08 00:30:35
To "someone", if you think it's okay to outsmart one gender 
and not another then you're naive and sexist. Many 
relationships are built on outsmarting each other, so to 
speak, especially sexual ones. I wouldn't expect you to 
understand. And if you think outsmarting someone is the 
worst POSSIBLE crime then you must live a pretty sheltered 
life. I'm looking forward to your reply, "someone". Anyway, 
just to give a vague description of my tickle-victim, she's 
blonde and slim. She has a really tan body which contrasts 
very nicely with her ultra-white underarms. One time she 
bought one of those halter-tops that doubles as a skirt 
(although as a skirt it doesn't leave very much to the 
imagination) from Victoria's Secret. She was laying on the 
bed so I asked her to take her clothes off. But she told me 
I would have to strip her myself. Big mistake. As I slipped 
the halter top over her head I quickly pulled it down around 
her still-raised arms trapping her elbows behind her head. 
Then I layed on top of her to keep her from kicking me and 
gently began teasing her armpits with my fingertips. If she 
had just concentrated on escaping, it probably wouldn't have 
been that difficult. But instead she started to squeal and 
panic. She was still able to writhe a little to the left and 
right so I started tickling her soft, helpless underarms 
even harder which resulted in the "silent scream". You 
experienced ticklers out there know what I'm talking about. 
The whole experience didn't last more than four or five 
minutes before she worked the top above her elbows and was 
able to escape. I asked her later if I could use the 
halter-top to trap her elbows again, only this time while I 
tied her to the bed, but she said she didn't want to stretch 
it out, so I have to keep using neckties. I'll tell stories 
that actually involve bondage a little later.
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2000-09-08 04:11:15
Well, finally it's happened - I got tied up! This was the 
first time in my entire life at the ripe old age of 16! I 
wanted to share my story with you in return for my lurking 
here for a while. I've posted it to the college page 
because it is a little beyond simple childhood games.

My boyfriend and I live on the same street and have known 
each other since we were children but we've only been "an 
item" for a year or so. I'm 16, he's a year older. We 
attend the same school, where he plays central defence in 
the school soccer team. I'm on the cheerleader squad for 
the team.

Just over a week ago, we were at the game against a 
neighboring school. We won 3-1 and my boyfriend headed home 
one of the goals from a corner. So we were in a happy mood 
as we walked home together. He'd showered and changed but I 
still had on my cheerleader uniform because I like a good 
long soak in the bath after a game.

Our parents were still at work and would be for a couple of 
hours yet so we went to my house and talked and generally 
hung out. My boyfriend seemed to be agitated and nervous 
about something but it wasn't until I announced I was going 
up for my bath that he suddenly blurted out "Can I tie you 

I was very surprised because this wasn't relevant to 
anything we'd been talking about. I asked him why he wanted 
to do that and he somewhat embarrassedly said my uniform 
turned him on and he'd always had a fantasy of tying up a 
cheerleader. I wasn't sure whether I was into this but 
after thinking about it for a few minutes, I said he could 
providing he 1. Didn't hurt me and 2. Didn't take any of my 
clothes off. He agreed and dived into his sports bag and 
produced a heap of ropes.

We decided that my bedroom would be safest because if anyone 
came home unexpectedly early, we'd have a few extra minutes 
to get me untied. We went upstairs and I asked him how he 
wanted me. He asked me to start by crossing my hands behind 
my back, which I did. He tied my wrists both ways and I got 
a strange feeling as I felt the ropes tighten - nervous, 
maybe slightly worried, but strangely relaxed as I realised 
I had given control of the next few minutes to my boyfriend. 
He made sure the knots were well away from my prying 

Two loops of a longer rope around my chest and arms above my 
breasts and two below came next. He cinched them tight 
between my arms and my body and cinched the two sets of 
loops together between my breasts. The ropes were tight but 
not overly uncomfortable and he'd made a very tidy job. He 
asked my to sit on my bed and he tied and cinched my ankles. 
I said he's obviously done this before and he blushed a 
deep red.

He surprised me again when he rummaged in my rubbish bin and 
found a couple of pairs of torn pantyhose and then went over 
to my laundry basket and took out a pair of panties. He 
balled them up and as I started to ask what he was doing, he 
pushed the panties into my mouth and wrapped one of the 
pairs of pantyhose several times around my head to keep them 
in. I wasn't sure I liked this much but it was a pretty 
effective gag.

Next, he helped me stand up and took another long rope, 
lifted my skirt and looped it around my waist. "Oh uh," I 
thought, "what's going on here; what about the conditions?" 
The two ends of the rope hung down in front and he pushed 
them between my legs, went round back, pulled them up tight 
and tied them off to the waist loop - he had crotch-roped 
me! He gave it a couple of tugs to check the tightness, 
which was a really interesting sensation on my "sensitive 
bits"! He wrapped the loose ends around my wrist ropes, 
further immobilising me. He sat me down on the bed again 
and tied and cinched my legs above my knees. At this point, 
he produced his digital camera and fired of a few shots 
which he later emailed to me. No, don't ask, I'm not 
posting them nor will I send them privately to anyone.

Then he helped me lie down, rolled me over and hog-tied my 
ankles to my wrists. Finally, he used the second pair of 
pantyhose to blindfold me, completing my tie-up. This whole 
process had taken the best part of half an hour, leaving us 
with another hour before my Mom was due.

My boyfriend took a few more pictures, then spent the next 
15 minutes gently massaging my whole body, interspersed with 
gentle tickling. Next, he took off my gag and exchanged a 
few kisses. As I said, this was the first time I'd ever 
been tied up and I found the sensation, particularly while I 
was still blindfolded, adding to my helplessness, a terrific 
turn on. After another 10 minutes of so I was really hot 
and begged him to finish me off. A few more minutes kissing 
and a few tugs on the crotch rope did it. I bucked and 
thrashed around against the restraints. He popped the gag 
back in to quieten down my enthusiastic shouts.

When I relaxed, he very quickly and very gently removed all 
my bonds and I went off for half an hour's soak in the bath 
while he tidied up the ropes etc. I had to wear jeans and a 
long sleeved tee shirt to hide the rope marks but they were 
gone the next morning.

My boyfriend is a keen mountain climber and he's promised to 
take me with him next time he goes. As you probably know, 
mountain climbers use a lot of ropes - I hope!

That was my first but hopefully not my last bondage 
experience. Hope you liked it.

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2000-09-11 21:40:44
Victoria, if that isn't true it's the best damn lie I've 
ever heard. You see a lot of stories around here, and some 
of them are either made up or the participants are just 
insane. But yours had a great balance of believability and 
genuineness (as well as more prurient attributes). Thank 
you so much for sharing the story. When we stop and think 
about it (which I think we all should) it's quite a 
generous thing to share something as personal as these 
stories, even if it's anonymously. 
E-mail address:
2000-09-11 22:07:24
I am a student at San Diego State College.
I am a big flirt and some of my sorority sisters got tired 
of my flirting so they bet me I couldn't go a whole day 
without flirting and I was to be flowed around if I flirted 
I would be punished by my sisters I agreed and well to make 
a long story short I didn't make it 3 hours so when i got 
back to the house my sisters had my punishment ready they 
stripped me down to my panties and bra and tied me to this 
pole in they got from some where they wrote flirt on my 
stomach with lipstick and they gagged me with some panties 
and tied some pantyhose around my head to hold them in my 
mouth they took off my bra and left me there with a guard 
to keep an eye on me I was kinda getting off on the whole 
thing when they came back in with a bunch of Frat guys and 
I felt kinda dumb but then there was the guy I got busted 
for flirting with he was fine and I began to put on a show 
for him by rubbing upand down the pole he was shocked to 
see my and naked tied body but I could see he was turned ON!
My sisters could see he wanted me so they sold me to him 
for a keg of beer he left and came back with the keg and my 
sisters untied me and he took me upstairs and I thought we 
were going to have sex but he just wanted to tie me up and 
retie me he hogtied me and tied me to my bed.
I was enjoying this a lot but really wanted sex but he 
wanted bondage which was ok too.
Later after he untied me we started talking and he told me 
he was not into sex he only got off on bondage so we play 
bondage games a lot now
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2000-09-12 04:25:50
To flirt:

That was an interesting and innovative there 
any chance of elaborating on it as it seems so short.

Does this still happen at San Diego State or is it banned 

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2000-09-12 05:27:18

I couldn't post this earlier, I'm offline at home.

I spent the last day of college term before the summer break 
with my boyfriend Jon, packing my stuff up and so on. Mid 
evening (sorry not sure of the time) we decided to go for a 
last drink at the local pub. Walking to Jon's car, we heard 
a commotion.

Across the car park and the campus green (about 75 metres 
away) we saw a dozen or so girls being tied to trees. A gang 
of 30-40 other girls were milling around. No idea what was 
going on - I've learned the hard way not to get involved!

When Jon dropped me off back at my hall, about midnight, the 
captives were still there. Most of the gang was gone, except 
for a group of 6 or 7 girls talking (guards, maybe?).

When Jon picked me up next morning to take me to the railway 
station to go home, they had all gone. 

I've no idea what it was all about - just thought you'd be 



E-mail address:
2000-09-12 11:30:30
One time I bought my girlfriend a pair of cheap, slutty, 
black thigh-high stockings. She wore them for me along 
with a really short skirt and one of those tops that's only 
held up by a thin strap tied behind the neck. We started 
drinking and wound up in the bedroom. The first thing I did 
was grab hold of her ankles and tickle her stockinged feet. 
Then I grabbed a necktie and blindfolded her with it. I 
didn't need to strip her because she wasn't wearing any 
panties. I kissed her for a while then stopped abruptly. I 
was quiet for a minute or two to build suspense. Then I 
reached one of her stockings and slowly rolled it down her 
leg. Then I gently took her wrist, tied the stocking around 
it, lifted her arm over her head, and tied it to the 
bedpost. I tied her other wrist to the other bedpost with 
the remaining stocking. Next, I tied her biceps to the bed 
by attaching them to the bedframe with silk rope. After 
tying her ankles spreadeagle to the bed, she was completely 
helpless. Her shirt was really low on the sides exposing 
most of her ribcage. I lightly began to tickle her sides and 
tease her ribs which made her giggle. When I reached her 
smooth underarms she started to squeal. I started with one 
index finger in each armpit. After makeing sure I tickled 
every inch of her pits I started using all my fingers. I 
tickled from just under her elbows to the sides and 
undersides of her breasts. It wasn't long before she started 
the "silent scream". I have mixed feelings about this: on 
the one hand, she's genuinely expressing the effects of the 
tickling, but on the other hand, I don't get to hear the 
lovely sounds coming out of her mouth. Anyway, I stopped and 
decided to untie the shirt strap behind her neck. I pulled 
the shirt down exposing her flat stomach and her beautiful 
breasts. I then went on a tickling spree. I tickled her 
stomach, her sides, her ribs, and, of course, her 
underarms. I didn't stay in any one area (except for her 
armpits) long enough for her to become "silent" again. Then 
I tickled every inch of her breasts and nipples. This got us 
so excited that it led to other things that I'm not at 
liberty to discuss.
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2000-09-13 14:18:23
I am a student at a California University and I wanted to 
share my story.
The school I attend has a medical program and I picked it 
because I have a fetish for nurses in uniform or scrubs.
Anyway I met this med student Kim she was from Japan.
She looked hot in her nurse clothes.
About a month into our relationship we began talking about 
sex and things like that Kim told me she would have sex 
with me after we have been serious longer, I had no problem 
with that she then asked if I had any fetishes or odd 
things I like my voice trembled as I began to tell her 
about my fetish she smiled a wicked smile and told me she 
liked to be tied up and if I wanted I could tie her up with 
her nurse clothes on I would love too.
Kim said she liked being hogtied and she then went to her 
drawer and took out some orange rope and handed it to me I 
told her I have no clue what to do she said she will tell 
me and Kim laid on her stomach and out her hands behind her 
back she told me to tie her wrists and elbows so I tied 
them she tested my job with some quick jerks you do good 
work she said no tie my ankles and connect them to either 
my wrists or elbows I took her ankles and was about to tie 
them when I noticed she had on white pantyhose I quickly 
took off her nurse shoes to see her feet they were what I 
like to call medical pantyhose they are made for nurses 
they have more lycra and spandex for support and most have 
a reinforced heel and toe they are what started my nurse 
fetish I kissed Kims feet she laughed and said so you have 
a foot fetish too I then explained about the pantyhose to 
her she said well finish hog tying me and you can get off 
on my feet all you want I quickly tied her ankles and 
connected them to her elbows to her surprise and as I was 
about to go back to her lovely feet Kim said hey you didn't 
gag me don't you want to gag me gag you I said she said 
yeah go to my night stand and get my gag I opened her night 
stand and there was a red whiffle ball with a strap going 
through it Kim said thats it now gag me I put the gag in 
her wide open mouth and buckled it Kim then started 
sturggling and well it didn't sound like the mmpphing I 
have heard about I really can't figure out the sound she 
made but she turning me on seeing my bound and gagged nurse 
i wasted no time and went to her feet and amused myself Kim 
played along by curling her toes when she felt my nose 
touch her feet she wiggled her feet and soon I had reached 
my climax Kim was sounding her approval.
I untied and ungaggged her Kim said that turned her on 
hearing me getting off on her feet as she was tied up she 
asked me to tie her up so she could watch me get off on her 
feet so I tied her to a chair and put her feet on her foot 
stool and tied them to it this time kim said she wanted to 
be gagged with a cloth and Med wrap she had all kinds of it 
I used pink roll she looked great and this time she give 
the famous mmmmppphhing and she really got off watching me 
get off on her feet she has really got me into this bondage 
thing and we even bought some medical restraints to really 
put realism in our game.
Med Fetish
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2000-09-16 09:23:37
I have been enjoying this site for months.... but now.. I 
wish to share ny experience.. one of a few.

Yeah Yeah... I know... another babysitter story jeashh!. 
Everyone holds their hands to their ears and gestures... 

BUT! This is real.

In our Junior year of college, Lisa and me had an 
opportuntiy to earn a little cash for babysitting. We had 
a month's notice to plan and prepare. My Uncle had 
arranged this for him and his wife to go to the Islands. 
Our charges - my cousions Jennifer age 17 and Kevin was 
16. Well not quite babysitting, at these ages they are 
humans. Lisa and I were in our senior year at college, 21 
years age each. 

My Uncle's house is on the banks of a wonderful lake ( a 
TVA valley lake) and that muddy red water was warm but not 
too muddy then, you could see the sandy bottom and the 
Bream flitting about if you were in a cove like us.

My Uncle and his wife met Me and Lisa in front of their 
lake cottage before they left. We were late and they were 
pushing the envelope for their flight to the Bahamas, I 
remember my Aunt saying... "watch them and be carefull, my 
Kids are tricky and knida playfull" Well, Lisa and me were 
kinda bushed from our drive and didn't really register the 

Lisa and me had in mind a week of relaxing. Some time to 
study for mid-terms and kick back on this nice southern 
spring time here in Georgia. Little did we know. 

Yeah... it didn't register.. 

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2000-09-16 14:59:45
I've just started a bondage site. And it is not competing
with canuck's site, or any other story site, because it is a
picture site. It has a unique search system. You download a
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it. Any comments are welcome at my mailaddresss. Canuck, if
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Bondage Pictures
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2000-09-17 13:04:05
Hey jennifer. please finish ur story soon, it sounds great 
so far! i luv babysitter stories. sounds like a good one, 
hope it's long. bye
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2000-09-17 17:07:13
Jennifer...........please don't keep us in's 
a good beginning so elaborate on's too short
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2000-09-19 09:25:17
Jennifer, please finish your storie, can wait.


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2000-09-19 10:57:47
Straight Jacket Joy!
The University I was attending was doing a series of plays 
and Adonica and I were in charge of taking care of some of 
the props. Adonica and I felt that one particular set of 
props might be fun to try out so we convinced ourselves 
over a bottle of wine to borrow the JunCo leather straight 
jacket and leather cuffs and straps they were using for the 
presentation of "One Flew Over the Kook Coos Nest......Now, 
neither one of us wanted to volunteer first so we played a 
little drinking game of quarters to decide who would do the 
modeling and who would play the part of designer.....After 
best 2 out of 3 (about half dozen times) Adonica had been 
declared the winner....Adonica was almost six foot tall and 
weighed around 135 pounds naked and had a slight athletic 
build. A bit athletic she seemed to be good at off we went to the living room floor 
where I was soon to be trying on what any well dressed ward 
hospital patient might expect to be seen in after a night 
of missing their calming medications. Since it was a hot 
July summer night we were both barefoot and down to T-
shirts and our undies as we often ran the apartment in 
total freedom...Adonica held the jacket up beconing me as 
any gentelman would offer a coat to his lady on a first 
date....but...I wasn't Adonica's date and the twinkle in 
her eye delved a much more sinister nature. I placed each 
hand and arm into the was very tight and 
Adonica circled around me and pulled at the leather jacket 
at the shoulders pulling it tight against my body....I 
could then feel her start to buckle the straps up my back 
one by she did she pulled tighter and I looked over my shoulder I could see why the 
feeling of tightness as each buckle was pulled to its last 
loop and the strap fastened and slipped through the ring 
that contained it in place. When finished with the back she 
stood back as if to admire her work...and made a few 
suggestive remarks and teasing comments about how nice I 
looked! Next came the arms....she pulled my right arm in 
front of me and tucked it against my body and below my 
tit...I could tell she made sure my arm pushed up tight 
against my breast making it protrude slightly against the 
heavy leather jacket. Next the other arm crossed against in 
similar she started pulling each strap from 
behind. I could feel my arms getting tighter and tighter as 
she pulled on the strap through the buckle. This forced my 
arms tighter and tighter together and pushed my tits out 
farther and father...forcing me to hug myself more and 
more. I tried pulling them down but Adonica soon realized 
this and had me flat on the floor, flat on my belly. She 
was now able to pull the straps to their tightest loop and 
quickly had my arms tightly secured against my body. I 
could barely wiggle my fingers. Next I felt Adonica 
reaching between my legs and knew as she found the crotch 
strap what came next. She shifted her position so she was 
siting on my back facing my ass. I could feel her legs 
squeezing tight against my body holding me still. She 
pulled the wide leather strap between my legs and fished it 
through the buckle and pulled hard....VERY HARD! I could 
feel the jacket getting tighter and tighter then it had 
ever been and the belt against the lips of my vagina almost 
forcing them apart to allow the belt to be made more snug 
and restricing more and more of my attempts at movement. 
This was the part I think Adonica enjoyed the most. She 
finally had the buckle locked in place and stood up and 
with her bare foot pushed against my shoulder pushing me 
over onto my back and asked. "Now how does that feel?" 
Stated less like a question and more like an exlamatory 
sentance. But in the same breath came the leather straps 
around my ankles almost catching me by surprise. The same 
wide leather buckled tight around the small of my ankle. 
One strap on the my left foot and one strap for my right 
foot. I could only sit there watching as Adonica placed 
them around the ankles of each bare foot! Adonica then took 
the last strap of leather that completed the outfit and 
cinched it tight between my the rings on each leather strap 
encircling my ankles in tight leather straps pulling them 
tightly together securing them in that position.. Then, 
playing dumb as if she didn't know what to do with the 
final length secured it to the sides of the jacket at the 
waist and pulled it up tight forcing me down on my stomach 
again quickly pulling my legs back at the knees and bare 
feet pulled tightly up against my ass in a position 
everyone knows as the "DREADED HOGTIE"
There I lay a completed package! Trussed up tighter than a 
Christmas goose. Secure as a Thankgsgiving turkey ready for 
basting. Now before this we hadn't discussed what was to 
happen next other then we were both going to have to try 
the jacket on only it was just that I had to go first and I 
watched as Adonica walked around me enjoying her handy 
work. She asked me to "Try and get out...see if you can 
get out." I struggled and stuggled a bit but quickly 
surrendered knowing that there was no escape. The more I 
moved the more it seemed to feel tighter and tighter. All I 
achieved was rolling around in circles in the middle of the 
floor and bringing Adonica to hesterical laughter! As soon 
as I somehow hopped up onto the tips of my toes almost in a 
squat like position Adonica pushed me over onto the floor 
with her bare foot against the bare cheeks of my ass that 
were forced to stick out so largely from the tightly 
fastened croutch strap between my ass. So now I simpley 
asked her to let me out and it would be her turn. Adonica 
was now sitting on the kitchen chair taking a few more 
drinks as she watched me rolling and threshing about on the 
floor. And asked me. "Excuse me? You want out? Is that what 
you said." Replied Adonica as she walked over to me laying 
on the floor flat on my stomach bringing the chair and 
placing it down in front of me. She sort of bent down and 
pulled my head up by my hair directing my attention to her 
face and calmly demanded. "Well what are you going to do 
for me if I let you out?" Sticking her bare foot in front 
of my face at lip level and wiggling her toes before 
me. "Let see...maybe you should kiss my toes!" She barked 
in a voice I had never heard from Adonica and forcing her 
foot closer and closer to my mouth and lips as an offering 
to me. "No way!" I shouted. "Forget it! Just remember your 
turn is next!" I said in a demanding voice trying to scare 
her into setting me free. "No kissy kissy my bare toes 
Lisa?" She asked once again and now forcing both big toes 
of her bare feet against my lips. "No I don't think so" I 
replied again. "Not just a little one?" She again teased 
but this time jumping up from her chair and going off to 
the study and returning with a ball point pen in her 
hands. "No!" I said and at which time Adonica immediately 
jumped on may back holding me again with her legs and 
grabing the strap that was tight around my ankles pulling 
my bare feet back harder with the other hand begain a 
tickle torture that Adonica unleased with the ball point 
pen on the bare soles of my helpless bare feet. I screamed 
and struggled and Adonica bounced up and down pulling 
harder and scribbling more and more....She even grabbed 
each toe one by one drawing the tickle torment on each. I 
wiggled and wiggled my toes and feet in the leather 
restraint but the position I was in did not allow me any 
comfort. I was in tears all the time listening to Adonica 
shouting. "Now what was your answer? What is the magic 
word? Say uncle! And all of her babble. I could take to 
more! "Yes! Yes! Yes! Stop! Okay I'll kiss your toes!" And 
as soon as she had started she had stopped allowing me to 
catch my breath. Next Adonica again positioned herself 
before me with her bare feet in clear view of my face and 
wiggled both big toes at directly at my lips. "Okay." She 
said. "Give them lots and lots of nice big kisses and we'll 
see about letting you out! We don't want to see Mr. Tickle 
again now do we?" She laughed as I was forced to kiss and 
kiss each toe and the soles of each bare foot, which I did 
do and eventually earned my freedom....but...with one 
exception! Adonica never did get her turn to my 
disappointment! After all did she really think that she was 
that stupid as to allow me to seek the revenge that I had 
bosted throughout my restrained ordeal?
Barefoot Lisa
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2000-09-21 06:14:06
Good stories, but doesn't anyone use the old-fashioned idea 
of ropes and scarves to tie women up? You know, taking the 
silk scarf that the woman is wearing and tying her hands or 
gagging her mouth. I guess that I have simple ideas for 
bondage stories. Does anyone else have stories involving 
scarves for bondage?
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2000-09-21 18:56:18
does anyone have any pictures of hot girls tied up wearing 
thongs and ligerie and garter belts etc. I would like some
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2000-09-21 22:41:36
you can email them to me.............kelly and kimmy how 
about pics of you in some stockings and thongs i dunno you 
sed you model so im guessing your hot.......sorry if im 
being hella rude right now.
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2000-09-21 22:44:43
sorry for taking up so much space but i forgot to mention 
to not send me porn pics or any pics of guys....hehe cuz my 
comp get screwd up and freezes whe all those things pop up 
when you try and close it.....and because my dad will kick 
my ass hehe but gorgeos gals in lingerie is kew wit me 
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2000-09-23 17:45:07
Please post getting caught in the act of self bondage 


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2000-09-24 05:38:25
With the kind permission of this webmaster's site you can 
read caught in self bondage stories over at 

Hope you enjoy them and tell us of anytime you were caught..

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2000-09-24 17:09:43
A while back after drinking (alcohol always makes my 
girlfriend more willing to agree to my plans) I thought it 
would be fun to tie her spread eagle on the floor. First I 
layed down a blanket so she wouldn't get rug-burn. Next I 
used her two least favorite scarves to tie her ankles to the 
legs of the dresser. Then I hadncuffed her wrists to the leg 
of the bed. Finally, she was completely naked and exposed to 
my tickling fingers. I started tickling her breasts and 
underarms with a soft feather. By the sound of her giggles I 
actually thought she was enjoying the gentle tickling. She 
squirmed a little and gave me a playful smile that told me 
she was having fun. Unfortunately, gentle tickling wasn't 
what I had in mind. As soon as I put down the feather she 
began to panic. I started to tickle her underarms softly at 
first, but as I picked up momentum she began to writhe 
around violently. She told me to stop because the handcuffs 
were biting into her wrists. When I uncuffed her we found 
that the metal had indeed broken the skin. I gave her some 
more wine and in no time she was ready to be tied up again. 
Only this time I used my neckties to secure each ofher 
wrists to the legs of the bed. Then I tickled her from head 
to toe (head to feet is more like it) to make up for lost 
time. I left no inch of bare, vulnerable skin untickled. I 
started with her feet and legs, moved up to her thighs and 
hips, and finally to her ticklish torso and ribs. Of course 
I spent the most time on her breasts, armpits, and one or 
two other places. After a while I could tell she was getting 
exhausted from being tickled for so long. After we were 
finished, we both took a shower. Just as she started to wash 
her underarms I pinned both of her wrists above her head 
with one hand and tickled her wet, slippery armpits which 
were covered with slimy soap suds with the other hand. It 
was a great ending to a fun night.
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2000-09-24 22:42:25
Hi! Sorry to be gone so long... been very busy around here. - Jennifer

When I left off my uncle and aunt had left us at their lakeside home as they went off on vacation. The first morning Lisa and I woke up to the phone ringing over and over and when we got dressed and to the den, we found Jennifer and Kevin already dressed and eating cereal. (Jennifer and me were named after the same grandmother, but to keep it from getting confusing, I will call her by the name the whole family uses - 'Jen" from here on out).

Me and Lisa joined them for breakfast and then retired to our room to change into our bathing suits for a quick morning swim in the cove. As we dressed the phone rang again and Kevin knocked on our door and asked if he and Jen could have some friends come over. After seeing that it was only three and they promised to be civil, Lisa and I said ok and then grabbed our towels and headed to the boat dock. My uncle's boatdock was down near his picnic area. A large grassy lawn between the house and the picnic and then a stand of tall trees making a cool shady area even in the middle of summer. The dock was on the side of their boathouse which held a spiffy wooden speedboat. Lisa and I admired the wooden boat and then dove into the cool water of the cove.

"Man! what a great way to start a day" said Lisa "Your aunt and uncle really have a neat place here, it has everything and is so privite"

"Yeah, I have always loved coming here in the summers" I answered "It is so secluded and away from everything... it is almost like being on an island." as I dove again into the water.

We played in the cove for about an hour then stepped into the boathouse, where we changed out of our wet suits and into shorts. I kept my swim top on and Lisa changed into a denim halter top that tied just below her breasts. Toweling off our hair we went back up to the house and got a soda.

Kevin and Jen had three buddies over when we got to the house: Susan, Debra and Dan. They looked to be around 16 or 17 yrs also. While we drank our sodas, the gang was watching that corny King Kong movie remake and cracking catty remarks at each scene. Lisa and I finished our cokes and went back outside. I lay down on a wooden lounge to catch some rays and Lisa said she was going back to the boathouse and see if she could find some sunscreen. I closed my eyes and before I knew it I had nodded off.

"Wake-up Blue Eyes!" startled me awake and I held my hands over my eyes and squinted into the sun to see Jen hovering over me.

"Huh? What's up Jen?" I stammered groggly.

"Time to wake up Jennifer... time to play some"

"Yeah Right!" I answered and rolled over on my tummy. "Wake me in an hour OK?"

"Hey... Where's Lisa?" asked Jen

"She went to the boathouse to get some suntan oil"

"Debra and Susan... you guys know where it is- go down and see if you can help her" said Jen.

"OK" giggled Susan and they headed off.

"Dan - you better go too, they may need some help"

"Thanks" I muffled into my towel.

"Hey Cus" said Jen. "Come on get-up! lets do something - this is boring."

About then Kevin stepped over and he had coils of rope in his hands.

"Jen... all I want to do is rest OK. Next week is exams and all I have in mind to do this week is rest and study" giving her my best grownup look... "So back off ok?"

About that time I heard the door to the boatdock slam open. Startled, I sat up on the lounge to see what was happening.

"Well at least Lisa is playing" laughed Jen.

There came Lisa running through the boathouse door, running sorta in a circle for a moment and then coming towards me. She was running kinda clumsily... and it took me a moment to realise her hands were tied behind her back. Right on her heals were Susan, Debra and Dan chasing her.

"Help! Help! Jennifer save me!" Yelled Lisa. But it was clear she was laughing as loudly as she was yelling. Quickly Dan caught up with her and softly tackled her to the ground. He pinned his arms around her chest below her breasts and lifted her back up onto her feet. While Lisa yelled for help - between her laughter, Susan took a rope and tied it around her waist leaving a ten foot length which she tugged on like a leash.

"Help me Jennifer!" yelled Lisa "The cannibals have me!" laughing hysterically.

I couldn't help but laugh at the sight myself and stood up and walked over to where they were with Jen and Kevin in tow.

"Looks like you are in a big fix Lisa" giggling.

"Yeahhh! Save me!"

"OK guys.. take her to the village!" barked Jen, pointing to the picnic area. "Now Jennifer, it's your turn!" looking at me. As Susan and Debra led Lisa off on her leash.

"Hey now! Lisa is a better sport than me!" giving my sternest grownup look again "you can go play your game but I'm back to my sunbath" and turned to walk away. That's when I felt the rope descend over my shoulders and cinch my arms tightly to my sides. Turning I could see Kevin was very proud of his lasso job.

"Jen! Kevin!" I scowed

"Jennifer - it is your choice... you can be taken captive this quick. Or we will give you a headstart and a chance to free Lisa. Which way do you want to play?"

"You arn't gonna give up are you?"

"Nope. One way or the other... you are gonna play."

Well since I could see I really didn't have a choice in the matter. I asked how much of a headstart.


"OK!" and bolted towards the woods. I managed to escape them for about 20 minutes by hiding and sprinting anytime that got close. But soon Susan and Dan joined them and it wasn't long before I was surrounded and finding myself being lead back to the 'village' with my wrists tied together in front of me and the other end of the rope my leash. I struggled and shuffled in my best acting style, shouting "OH PLEASE! Somebody save me!" all the way back to the village.

When we got to the picnic area, I could see Lisa tied securely. Between two stout trees about two feet thick and six feet apart they had her tied spread eagle with her ankles to each trunk and her legs pulled wide - her wrists tied to the trunks with her arms high.

"Hey Jennifer" Lisa smiled Do I look like Faye Ray?"

"You sure do - I guess I'm gonna be Jessica Lange" giggling.

Kevin took the rope that tied my wrists and tossed it over a low-hanging branch from a nearby tree. Debra grabbed the end and pulled tight, raising my arms high over my head. Not quite stretching me - but damn close. As Debra tied the rope off to the tree truck, Kevin bound my ankles with another rope.

"Jennifer, you were supposed to help me escape" laughed Lisa.

"I know I Know!" I grinned back. "guess we will just have to wait for Tarzan"

"I wouldn't be laughing if I was you" sneared Jen. "You missionary girls have wandered to far into the jungle." "Now You are gonna pay for violating our sacred grounds"

"Yeah Right!" I laughed "Get on with the game Jen. I need to go study remember"

"Missionary girl" sneared Jen "That's the least of your worries!"

"Yeah" giggled Susan "I think it's time to inspect the meat of these two fine captives"

I was shocked to see Susan deftly untie Lisa halter top letting the front drop down, though still covering Lisa's plump breasts. Still hiding them but just barely.

"OK! Jen, this is enough! Game over!!!!" I struggled and pulled against my rope.

"Jennifer the game is just starting" smiled Jen.

I looked at Lisa and saw her drop her jaw. She looked like she was saying 'OH' but no sound came out of her mouth as Susan pulled her top to each side of her breasts and cupped them in each hand. Lisa just seemed to be frozen as Susan fondled and squeezed her. She was glaring at Susan. But Susan was just smiling back as she fondled and caressed Lisa.


"Jennifer, remember how isolated we are here." as she pulled the front of my swim top - letting it snap back on my breasts. "And remember who the captives are, I don't think you can give any orders right now"

I gulped. And saw that Susan had Lisa's nipples between her thunbs and forefingers. Rolling and pulling them while she continued to cup the weight of Lisa's breasts. Lisa just stayed frozen and glared back into her eyes. But I could see her breaths getting deep and slow and her mouth was still wide open.

"Ahhhh" giggled Susan "I think this captive is gonna be real tastey. You other cannibals better start checking that one. I might just keep this one all for myself!"


Well, I am out of time for now. I will try to retell the rest of this memory later.

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2000-09-25 09:18:36
Jennifer, great store so far please keep it comming.


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2000-09-25 15:40:36
Hello, i have a good story about when i came back from 
class and found my sexy girlfriend tied up hogtied on her 
bed. he shared a room in college so she must have thought 
my class was longer. I snuck up on her and grabbed her 
blindfold and ballgag harness of her head. She was amazed 
that i was there. She told me to get her out of the bondgae 
and i did. Sara(not real)was about 5 foot 6 120, blond 
hair,green eyes. She was very sexy. She then told me what 
happened how she often did this to her,but this time her 
leather handcuff key fell off of the table,and behind it. 
she told me all about her self-bondage's. She was dressed 
in a pink feathery thong and a tight reveling crimson tube 
top. I asked her what it was like to be tied like that,and 
she said sometimes it's really fun,and other's are not so 
greta. She told me that she once ate a big meal and drank 
lots of water. she tied her self up tight from 9 pm until 
noon one weekend when i went home for a family tragedy. I 
asked her if i could be tied up like that tonite,and she 
said sure Baby. She started telljng me what the important 
stuff is and then we went to the bath room..........To hear 
more i would like 4 to 6 responses about my Bondgae Story
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2000-09-26 07:20:06 up the doesn't have enough 
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2000-09-27 07:58:40 2000-09-27 13:11:01
I want to hear more, Ben!
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2000-09-27 13:21:28 2000-09-27 14:25:50
Jennifer, great story! please continue!
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2000-09-28 09:01:03
When I was in college I was in the "International Club" and 
became friends with another girl in the club. We would go 
to dances together when we did not have a date. Because she 
was from Germany she was not yet driving so I was the one 
who had the car so I drove over to her house and would 
usually pick her up.
One day I had an occasion to go into the garage and I saw a 
wooden chair with arms nailed to the wall in the garage 
with a black-board on a stand in front of it. So when I 
asked what it was for she said it was to learn from. So at 
the time I did not think much of it.
It was some time later on a saturday that I just happened 
to be in the area of her house and thought I would go by 
and see what she was doing. When I asked her very stern 
mother where she was at she told me she was in the garage. 
So I went to the garage and opened the side door to find my 
friend tied hand and feet with ropes in the chair only 
wearing a bra and panties. On the black-board in front of 
her were the words"I will not talk back to my mother"
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2000-09-29 12:08:19
I love to be hogtied and ballgagged well wearing just my 

I lived with a girl in the dorms at was a very good Dom.
I became her slave but she has graduated and left me.
I have tried to find other girls to tie me up like I like 
it but have had lousy results they couldn't tie or there 
stupid boyfriends just happened to drop by YEAH RIGHT!

I have two more semester here at UC but I think I can Make 
it thanks to all these great stories and alot of self 

Sad slave
E-mail address: NOne
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2000-09-29 12:25:04
Sad Slave girl I know how you feel.
Me and two of my sorority sister were thrown out of our 
sorority for bondage and other things.
I got busted sucking on one of the girls who got thrown out 
too she was bigger then me and I enjoyed being dominated by 
her oh so much she was strong and knew how to make me 
please her.
I have a foot fetish i love to suck and lick other girls 
sweaty feet barefoot or pantyhose i don't care i am so 
turned on by the smell and the taste.
This girl loved to tie people up so we hit it off she 
taught my bondage and i was her and her firends foot slave 
they would tie me down or up and i would clean there feet 
after practice.
Well one day this girl walks in our room she me on my knees 
naked with my hands tied behind my back and sucking on my 
doms foot wel she made out with her friend.
This girl ran and told everyone in the house and the final 
result was we were booted. 
All three of us have since moved in together near school 
and everything is great.
You will find someone sad slave girl just don't rush into it
take care.
Foot slave
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2000-09-29 18:24:27
I love to read about all of you hot college girls tied up 
and gagged especially by other girls!!
Foot slave an sad bondage slave Tell me more please:)
This site rocks 
blue collar guy
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2000-09-30 19:43:17
Jennifer! ur story is so good! please please finish it 
really soon! i'm like gonna die if i don't hear the rest! 
please finish asap! it's a wonderful story so far! thanks!
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2000-10-01 06:46:46
BEN! Continue! I need to hear more!
2000-10-01 15:33:11
So i left you guys when we where in the bathroom with me 
and sara, correct? She went out to her bed and grabbed teh 
bag contained all her "toys". She buckled teh leather 
restraints around my hands behind my back. She said in a 
stern voice "Ecactly?" I said yes,then out of nowhere she 
pulled lipstick,liner,eyeshadow and all of her make up and 
set it on the counter. She left to her bedroom again and 
came back with a bra and a pair of panties. The panties 
were see-threw thong with a white trim around the black 
color. She tied a strapless crimson bra around teh area 
where her breasts would be. she palced a 4" posture collar 
around my neck,and saw my privates. She played with my 
aroused penis until i exploded and the wet soaked through. 
she said"thats's soem money there pal". She applied dark 
red lipstick and balck eye shadow and eye liner on with 
blush and she even painted my toes and nails. then it 
picked up,more later need soem responces.
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2000-10-01 17:04:09
Hey my roomates and i play with our friends in college 
alot. Im bound gagged weekly in my apartrment by my friend 
mike. He likes to tape my lips and play with me all 
weekend . I enjoy the creative ideas he has, He binds me in 
the car sometimes. This cool Board. KIM :)
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2000-10-02 08:27:34
jennifer, leaving us hanging. looking forward to the rest 
of the story.


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2000-10-02 11:15:45
Homepage URL: http://
2000-10-02 14:47:39
Great story so far, ben! Please continue ASAP!
2000-10-03 18:57:03
cmon ben stop cutting it off...........some ppl here have 
some great stories but tell the full story when you post 
not just sections
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2000-10-03 23:22:32
It all began when I moved from Victor to Cedar Rapids. I 
moved here in June of this year. I quickly got myself 
involved in a co-ed softball team with my church, and in 
the youth group. The youth group was going to go up to 
Wisconson for the weekend. It just so happend that one of 
the players from the softball team went with us. She sat 
next to me on the way up there. I was thinking that this 
would be a boring five hour ride all the way up there. We 
started on our way, I got out my cd player and started 
listening to some of my CD's. 

I also had brought some string with me. Well I got it out 
and said would you like to play cat-crattle. She said "Are 
you talking to me" I said yep. Then for some odd reason out 
of the blue I said that I bet her that I could tie her 
hands together and she would not be able to get out of it. 
Well she said okey you can try. So I took the rope and I 
started to make loops around her hand going both ways one 
going clockwise and the other counter-clockwise. Then I 
tied it in a double knot. She started to try to get free. 

She then said "I can't get out. This is the first time that 
somebody has been able to tie my hands together and I 
couldn't get free" So I helped her out. Then she said "Now 
it is my turn" so she took the rope and started rapping it 
around and around my hands, and tied it in a knot. I was 
able to get free. Well, it had been a good hour. We had to 
stop and get some food, and fill up with gas. So Jackie and 
I got in the back sit of the van because we had sat in the 
middle sit on the way there so far. 

She took the rope from me and we started in again. She then 
had an idea. She told me to put my feet up on the bench. 
She took my hands put then on my feet, she grabed the rope 
and tied my right hand to the right ankle and the left hand 
to the left ankle. Then Jackie weaved the rope in a figure 
eight around my feet and hands. Snuged it up tight and tied 
it off. Well we played this game all the way up to 

We got back from Wisconson and we started being friends and 
she and I would go roller skating, bowling together. Not to 
long ago, she came to my place. We were going to watch a 
movie, but I had a better I idea. I grabed a bunch of rope, 
ceran rap, and ducktape. I told her to sit on the floor. I 
took the rope and raped it around her legs and up to her 
knees. Then I raped it around her torso, and keeped raping 
around and around. I tied it off where she could not reach 
it. then I took her hands and put then behind her back and 
tie then tightly together.

Then to make things worse I tied a bar and grill around her 
elbows. After I was done tying the rope I steped back and 
looked at what I had done, and thought that I was okey, but 
I could make it better. So I grabed the roll of ceran rap. 
I started to rap her up in the ceran wrap about five to six 
times. Then I took the duck tape and duck taped the ceran 
wrap in place. And now for the finnishing touches. I took a 
rag and I put it in her mouth and I took a coupe strips of 
ducktape and taped the mouth shut over the rap, that way 
she could not spit it out. 

I steped back and said "I am now finished". For the next 
few minutes I just sat there and watched her strugle to get 
free from all of the ropes and duck tape. She tried to say 
something to me through the cloth, but all I could 
understand was MMMMMPPPPPHHHHH. I then said "What did you 
say I didn't understand what you are trying to say you have 
to speak up so that I can hear you". It was about supper 
time. So I got some supper cooking while Jackie was still 
trying to get out. After, I finished making supper. I gave 
in and I untied her. 

Samuel Johnson
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2000-10-07 07:35:02
I apologize everyone. I have been incredably busy.
I will finish my story before next weekend.
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2000-10-07 10:48:29
Jennifer, Sound good... can't wait for rest of it.
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2000-10-10 10:06:35
After the makeup was applied she grabbed my hand and took 
me into her bedroom,where she buckled leather restraints 
aound my wrists,and ankles. sara kissed me on the mouth and 
tightly bucked the red ballgag around my head and all i 
could do i mmmmmmmmpppppppppphhhhhhhhh. sara took the 
leather blindfold and placed it over my eyes,and i was 
forced to stare at darkness. she removed my gag for a 
moment and asked if i really wanted to go through w/ this 
in a stearn voice. I said yes and the gag was re-applied. 
The retraints were buckled together and i was hogtied like 
sara was. She took some rope and tied it around my elbows 
and pulled tight so my elbows were just about touching. 
Then i heard sara say sometning that made me nervose."It is 
now 2:00, I am going shopping at 2;30 and will return at 
about 5. tonite at about 11 is when you will be released." 
i yelled into my ballgag,but it was no use. At 11 sara cam 
back in and told me not to undress and sleep like this 
tonite. I shook my head yes,and i was freed. we slept 
together on teh same bed i had cummed on and drolled on, 
that night. To this day we still tie each other up often.
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2000-10-12 09:07:59
Damn! Am I mad! I finally got around to writing again, had the whole story finished and was checking my spelling and then ! Lost my internet connect just as I was about to post it. Damn Damn!

Well - let's try one more time.

When I left off, Lisa and me we tied up in the "Village" by the "tribe" of cannibals. Susan was busy "inspecting" Lisa's meat and I was trying in my best grown-up voice to stop the game. As I was shouting, Jenn just laughed and Debra said "Hey I have an idea" and ran off to the lake house. I told Jenn, that enough was enough but it didn't make any difference at all. 

I looked over at Lisa and she was still completely silent as Susan was now running her hands down Lisa's sides and tummy, while Lisa just glared at her or stared at Susan's hands as she caressed her. Susan next unbuttoned Lisa's shorts and rolled them down her hips and down as far as they would go, past her ass to Lisa's thighs which were spread wide the way she was tied. Since Lisa and me had intended to swim again after our sunbath, neither of us had put panties on, so you could see all of Lisa's mound and Susan playing with her finger tips through the soft hair. Lisa just kept quiet, though at one point she looked over at me with what I took to be a silent plead for help. 

Debra returned from the house with a grocery bag and dropped it on the table. Even Susan stopped what she was doing and they all went over to the picnic table to see what she had brought. Kevin reached in and pulled out two bottles of wine. "Hey Now!" I shouted "You guys will be in even more trouble if you don't quit". "Now untie us and put that wine up!" wiggling and struggling against my ropes to no avail. "Come on! Games over... and you arn't old enough for that!" 

Jenn laughed saying "Where you been the last two years Cus?" opening a bottle "The youngest here is Dan and he is 18... sorry Cus - we are all legal here". Chugging a gulp "Get real Cus"

Debra reached into the bag and said "Look what I have, exactly what this talkative captive needs" and had a long scarf. I knew what was coming and tryed to twist and turn my way free and avoid the gag, but Dan and Kevin held me still as Debra forced my mouth open and tied the scarf twice across my mouth. "There" said Debra. "yeah! Maybe now we can enjoy our feast in silence" giggled Jenn. 

"I found the wine while looking in their room for the scarf" said Debra... "And look what else I found" taking four wooden clothespins and a black leather belt from the bag. All I could say was "mmuummmmmm!" 

For the next hour they finished off the wine getting quite tipsy. Drinking the wine and teasing us with stories of how they intended to torture and cook us. Every now and then Susan would inspect Lisa's meat again and of course it wasn't long before she stripped me and inspected my meat too.

After they finished the wine, the clothespins proved to be our torture and Susan had a few "taste tests" of our sore swollen nipples. Well at least they didn't use the belt or really cook us. The game ended with Lisa and me being rubbed down with cocconut suntan oil, it was supposed to keep our skin soft when the cannibals roasted us over the coals. Throughout it all Lisa never said a word and the other weird thing was how timid the guys were. The guys oiled the backs of our thighs, calves, our shoulders and arms, it was the girls who made sure every inch of us got well oiled head to toe. And of course Susan, well lets just say she made sure every inch got throughly oiled several times.

The next morning, Lisa and me went for a swim in the cove again, and afterwards sitting on the dock she told me how turned-on she had gotten with the game. Her confession lead to may new adventures for the two of us when we got back to school. But - that morning we spent plotting our revenge for Jenn - of course it required Susan's help.

Whew! Finally, lets hope this lasts till it's posted. 


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2000-10-13 12:35:46
I hate to plug a site here, but it's for a good cause. The 
female babysitter tie-up site is in a major slump....heck, 
been in one for months. So please, if you have any stories 
of a female babysitter tied up, or were a said babysitter, 
and have a spare moment, feel free to post it at the 
address I've given. I hate to sound so corny, but if enough 
folks help, we CAN save this site! And if you don't have a 
story, tell a friend!
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2000-10-15 10:32:09
My best friend Lisa and her boyfriend Kevin are both really 
into being tied up. A few weeks ago the three of us went to 
land her family has in the country that we go camping on 
because there's lost of trees and a big pond. It was kind 
of cool that day, only in the sixties so we all wore jeans 
but left our shoes and socks at home ans went barefoot. 
After about an hour Lisa and Kevin started wrestling 
abound. He had brought some hand cuff and managed to cuff 
her to a tree. He was so busy laughing at her that as he 
walked away he tripped and fell down. Kevin wears thick 
glasses and when he hit the ground they were knocked 
off. "My glasses!" he gasped and began feeling along the 
ground. Then I remembered when Lisa told me that when she 
wanted to make Kevin helpless she didn't need to tie him 
up, but just take away his glasses because he's nearly 
blind without them. I picked up his glasses and said if he 
gave me the key to the cuffs, I would give him back his 
glasses. He handed over the key and I unlocked Lisa. While 
Kevin was wandering around in a blur we grabbed him and 
then cuffed him to the same tree, then I put his glasses 
back on his face. Lisa kept teasing him to get him aroused 
until he begged to be un cuffed. Lisa unlocked the cuffs 
but first she took his glasses and hid them. He was totally 
dependant on her because he didn't have his coke-bottle 
glasses and he wasn't used to going barefoot. My only 
regret was that I didn't have anyone to do that with/to!

Please don't be affraid to email me! I love talkin' bout 
this stuff!

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2000-10-20 17:28:44

Part IV will be posted on this site the last week of October 
with part V coming the meantime enjoy.

The time went by quickly through the year they saw their 
marks increase rapidly through my tutoring. In the meantime 
I was continually surveying the house mentally keeping track 
of possible escape routes to be used later on.

During the rest of the first year I was slowly being given 
more and more freedom. I let on that I enjoyed the role of a 
servant but was forced to see the movies and photos they had 
taken, with my hands tied of course. Seeing my subservience 
they inadvertently revealed to me more of their inner 
selves. Peggy had always an inferiority complex as she 
envied her younger sister's popularity in high school thus I 
could boost up her self esteem to my advantage. Kathleen 
enjoyed the attention she was getting on campus and desired 
more; so with her I could use flattery but only in careful 
doses. Jeannie was pretty self-assured but always liked and 
wanted to play the leader role so it seemed fitting to defer 
to her so-called leadership ability without being 
condescending. Faye was the inscrutable one and she hid 
everything very well in fact I would say superbly well as my 
attempts to get to know her better were continually met with 
walls and barriers. No sooner than I'd figure out one aspect 
of her character then a whole new set of traits would be 

Unfortunately, around March (there was no March break in my 
day), they decided to accelerate my training as a slave by 
trying to humiliate me as I overheard the following dialogue 
while bound spread-eagled on the bed on my stomach.

"I know Chris is conning us about servitude and we have to 
find a way to break him" Kathleen said.

"I agree with my sister" Peggy said "He's up to something 
and we have to find out what."

"We could use the Bolero torture again" Jeannie suggested.

"Do that too many times and we won't have a Christopher 
anymore" Faye warned.

What do you have in mind Faye or has someone else got a good 
idea," Jeannie asked.

"I do" Kathleen said, "follow me I think I have just the 
equipment we need. Oh, by the way, how is Chris tied?"

"He's spread-eagled on the bed on his stomach but not 
gagged" Jeannie replied.

"Good" Kathleen replied "then that will make this so much 
easier. Peggy, get the ballgag."

The girls watched she went to the closet and pulled out an 
X-frame welded in the middle with 4 swivel leather cuffs at 
each end...2 wrist and 2 ankle. 

"I got this and some other items at a bankrupt bondage shop 
for a song. We can use this on him and there's no way he can 
move except by crawling. I call it the worm game." she 

They came into my room and laid the X-frame over my back as 
Peggy shoved the oversized ballgag into my mouth buckling it 
tightly at the nape of my neck. She securely adjusted the 
chinstrap then brought the third strap over my head also 
buckling it at the nape of my neck as they forced me to stay 
on the bed. The pantyhose ties were removed as Kathleen put 
a corset around me and pulled the laces tightly compressing 
my waist about 2 inches as Faye, Jeannie and Peggy held a 
struggling me down. My waist was now neat and trim, due to 
the tight compression of the boned, black satin corset I was 
wearing, and its D cup falsies were filled with silicone, 
which jiggled and swayed sexually and seductively with every 
movement. Jeannie and Faye put a swivel leather cuff on 
each ankle and wrist as I now could only use my upper legs 
and body then Jeannie got a thin leather strap. Before they 
lifted me off the bed and carried me into the living room 
Jeannie attached one end to the D-ring at the top of the 
ballgag. Pulling hard on the strap she forced my head upward 
with Peggy keeping it there as she tied the other end where 
the two rods crossed. As I was laid on the floor Faye leaned 
down, smiled at me, and said "NOW WORM...CRAWL TO US...IF 
YOU DON'T WANT THIS" as she smacked my rear end hard with a 
leather gloved hand. I began to struggle frantically crying 
a loud muffled "MMMMMM" but realized that it was useless as 
no one would ever hear me and felt, for the first time, the 
kind of complete helplessness that a woman could go through 
when confronted by certain events.

I crawled as best I could while they kept taunting me and 
slapping my now stinging butt when I didn't move fast 
enough. I noticed that as I got closer to one girl she would 
step back and then I would try to move to a girl who had 
moved closer then she to would back up. As I got more and 
more frustrated they increased the taunts and whacks. 

"Over here worm...over here" Kathleen said as I moved toward 

"No, no...over here worm!!! I'm closer," Peggy cried moving 

"Move to me...Worm...move to me!!! I'm so close you could 
touch me.....come here little worm come here to Jeannie. If 
you can touch any of us you'll be free to leave."

As they chuckled and laughed at my futile efforts Peggy 
commented "I hope that this is teaching Christopher a lesson 
about servitude and we were right he's going to be a hard 
nut to crack."

"It will Peggy it will" Kathleen said "Did you see the 
frustration in his eyes?.....Jeannie, Faye, did you?" 

"I did Kathleen.....I did! I believe we're getting through 
to him." was Jeannie's rejoinder while Faye stood there 
observing and quietly said "I wonder……….I really wonder." 
After three hours of this crawling while being filmed my 
ankles were freed but my hands were still locked to the 
X-frame behind above my back and firmly pinned.

"Mmmmmm MMMMMMMMMM Mmmmmm" as I gave a muffled scream 
resulting in getting a hard punch in the stomach by Kathleen 
who commanded "SHUT THE FUCK UP CHRIS." As Jeannie put the 
clothes peg on my nose Faye came around and caressing my 
face with a gloved hand said, as Kathleen and Peggy got the 
clothes, "it's time for you to be trained as a slave. The 
fun's over Christopher and now you'll have to pay for your 
defiance. Afterall, it's time for spring cleaning as it's 
March" Kathleen and Peggy took the swivel cuffs off my hands 
and I was forced to stand still as they put on a shiny 
black, polyurethane French maid uniform that was trimmed 
with white lace around the scooped neckline. White lace also 
trimmed the short puffed sleeves and hem of the very short 
skirt, which was held out at a wide angle by stiff, short, 
white petticoats. A white taffeta, full bibbed apron lay on 
the front of the dress, and appeared like a pinafore due to 
the wide lace ruffles that trimmed the straps over my 
shoulders, and met at the rear waistline in a large bow. The 
falsies gave me a bust most women would kill for and with 
the corset I looked like a full-figured voluptuous, sexually 
desirable woman.

They placed on my legs thigh-high stockings then pulled 
thigh-high, shiny black, patent, PCV leather boots up my 
legs whose heels were indeed FIVE inches tall and would 
cause me to have my feet perched on heel tips smaller than a 
pencil eraser. I was forced to wear shiny, to-the-shoulder 
length, non-slipping black PCV gloves that clung tightly to 
my hands and arms and didn't slip down. My gloved hands were 
handcuffed in front and connected to legcuffs by a 
connecting chain. Lastly I was being fitted with a 
jet-black, thick hair down to the bottom of my neck, blunt 
cut style wig on my head then had the clothes peg taken off. 
A shiny black polyurethane cap was now pinned into the 
straight mane of my thick, neck length black hair.

Thus my servitude continued unabated for the rest of the day 
and for the weekend including serving them their meals among 
other needs. While, at anytime, being pulled to anyone of 
them by the leash and collar attached to my neck, to serve 
their noticeable "PERSONAL/SEXUAL" desires. I WAS NOW MORE 

As the Canadian thanksgiving was coming up (the 2nd Monday 
in October) Faye and the others told me that it would be in 
my best interests to return to them. I was ordered not to 
tell my parents anything about what had happened or they 
would use the pictures and the three movies to embarrass me. 
I agreed and went home for thanksgiving and dutifully 
returned with my escape plan ready to go. But deferred it, 
until the 2nd year, as I noticed that they were keeping too 
close a watch on me and besides, if I could give the 
performance of a lifetime here I'd be sure to win an academy 
award, con them and in the process eventually control them.

When I returned to McMaster for the 2nd year they were there 
to greet me and we were catching up on what each other did 
before my routine started. I was not yet back to the 
tutoring, catering to their desires but was refining my 
plans to escape, which I had practised on during the summer. 
One day as I came out of the shower wearing boxer shorts and 
a see-through shirt Peggy rounded the corner and stopped as 
her mouth dropped open.

"My God" Peggy exclaimed, "What have you done to your body?" 
as the others came running.

"Nothing much Peggy, just decided to go through the 
refresher course in body building and stamina" I replied 
"Doesn't it look good?"

"It doesn't look good it looks superb. Let me see it!" 
Kathleen replied as she ripped my shirt off with Peggy's 

"You know ladies, my mom isn't going to be to happy about 
this shirt getting wrecked" I commented dryly.

"Don't worry Christopher" Jeannie replied "We'll buy you 
another one that looks the same."

As they admired me I could see and feel 4 pairs of eyes 
scanning me up and down and focusing mostly on my groin. I 
felt a bit embarrassed but proud that the callisthenics had 
built up my body so the muscles were showing more but not 
showing me as muscle-bound.

Faye came up to me and gently stroking Wilcock (that was the 
name they assigned to my manhood in the first year) said 
"and has this exercise increased yours and Wilcock's staying 
power and stamina?"

"Why don't you find out Faye. I'm gamed if you are" I 

"If you don't take him up on his offer, I will" Jeannie 
replied quickly.

"And if you don't Jeannie, then we will" chimed in both 
Peggy and Kathleen giggling.

"Then it's settled" Faye responded "First we get Chris 
settled in then we have fun with him."

That night was a night to remember and all of us felt 
sexually satisfied even to the point that they left me 
untied and ungagged. Each girl, to her credit, allowed me a 
45-minute recovery before being assaulted by the next one. 
All in all I was one totally exhausted man and still had 
thoughts of putting my plan into action but decided to gain 
their trust more and if I didn't escape while free then they 
might let their guard down.

The next morning Kathleen came rushing into my room, 
expecting me to be gone and, opening one eye quickly, I saw 
her mouth dropped as she saw me still sound asleep on my 
back. I quickly closed it as she came over and was bending 
down to kiss me when I reached up and pulling her down to me 
said "hi sweetie. Did you miss me?" as I gave her a tender 
kiss on the mouth. She started to respond when the others 
arrived with Jeannie icily saying "How about us? Don't we 
get a turn?"

I looked at them and thought that Kathleen would owe me one 
as I said "Actually, Kathleen came in to see if I was still 
here and I was as you girls decided not to confine me then I 
guess her mothering instinct took over. There is nothing 
going on between us and I'd never come between you ladies."

"Alright Chris, we'll take your word for it" Peggy replied 
coldly as Kathleen blushed and quickly exited the room. I 
later heard angry voices and realized that my plan was 
starting to work but decided to still wait until it was the 
right time to implement my escape.

Basically my escape plan was very simple; all I had to do 
was to jimmy the window in such a way that I could get out 
while they thought it was still locked. As they decided to 
give me more and more freedom (as Kathleen said "DUE TO 
VERY, VERY GOOD BEHAVIOUR") I found myself not being 
restrained as thoroughly as before and could now sleep with 
my feet free but my hands were still inserted into mittens 
and padlocked in front of me. By going to the bathroom I was 
able to procure a heavy-duty bobbypin and also some chewing 
gum at the campus store.

I had to be very careful as one of them might decide to have 
sex with me on the spur of the moment and sometimes this 
happened. While they were using Wilcock and me they knew I 
loved gloves and wore different pairs, from opera length to 
wrist length and all lengths in between with material 
ranging from suede to cloth to leather, for me. It was very 
frustrating, as my hands were mitten cuffed in front or 
cuffed to the headboard or behind my back and I could only 
use my mouth to satisfy them. As they saw that my tutoring 
had made them achieve the dean's honour list every semester, 
they allowed me to roam around the house unrestrained but 
when I went out one or more would accompany me.

Other co-eds were slipping me little notes of invitation 
while my captor was or captors were occupied then it was 
back to the house for my normal routine.
One day I was brought into the living room, with my hands 
tied in front with a plastic tie, where I saw my captives 
had dressed in rompers, which revealed all their charming 

"Christopher……….we're overjoyed that you seemed to have 
adapted to your new quarters and status and we thank you for 
improving our marks so quickly" Kathleen said.

"It's nice to be on the Dean's list every semester," Jeannie 
said as the others agreed.

"It was my pleasure to help you attractive ladies after what 
you've done for me and especially you Kathleen. Oh by the 
way, did you do something with your hair? It looks 
different" I replied with a smile.

Kathleen flushed quickly and primping her hair replied "You 
like it, I really didn't do anything to it" as I caught some 
annoyance from her roommates.

"It frames your face beautifully" I replied seeing that I 
had been right. She was a sucker for compliments.

"Chris" Peggy asked, "you seem to be able to read people 
easily. Do you really know that much about us?"

"Let me prove it to you Peggy. No tricks and the others are 
watching me so could someone free my hands?"

"Sorry Christopher" Jeannie replied "No can do. But go ahead 
and prove it"

"I defer to your wisdom and leadership Jeannie" I countered 
seeing Faye show a flash of anger and Jeannie beaming a big 

I took Peggy into my arms and said "Peggy sweetheart, 
something terrible happened to you in public or high school 
and you've been suffering ever since in your self 
confidence. You are comical, witty, smart, diligent and 
crafty" as I gently kissed her on the mouth causing her to 
respond fiercely and passionately forcing my mouth to open 
even more. 

As we continued to kiss I heard Faye say, "Okay you two 
lovebirds, can it" as she grabbed my balls and squeezed 
causing me to let go of Peggy. Peggy recovered and looking 
at me said "thank you Christopher for the boost of 
confidence" as Faye let go. I knew that I was right in my 
findings on Jeannie and Peggy. If I could acknowledge 
Jeannie instead of Faye as the leader I would be able to 
split them apart and with Peggy and Kathleen I might be able 
to get them on my side.

They all gave me a sweet smile then I thought 
'Oh………Oh………something is rotten in the state of Denmark' and 
I was right when Faye dropped the bombshell by saying, 
"After looking at you Chris we've decided that you're 
putting on weight so we thought that some exercise was in 
order, afterall you must keep that fantastic figure. 
Kathleen get the outfit and my boots and Chris you better 
fucking well put them on." My reaction was one of shock when 
I saw Kathleen bring the outfit because it was a one-piece 
black, skin-tight, latex rubber outfit, which completely 
enclosed the entire body leaving only the front of the face 
visible. Kathleen handed the suit to Faye then quickly 
clamped her right mid-arm length, leather gloved hand 
tightly over my mouth and wrapped her left arm tightly 
around my waist preventing very little body movement. Moving 
quickly Peggy put her gloved hands on either side of my arms 
and immediately kneed me in the balls causing my body to 
collapse as the pain rocketed through me.

Peggy put a clothespin on my nose the three of them helped 
me into the outfit and pulled it up to my waist as Kathleen 
moved away. She still kept me silent by keeping a gloved 
right hand clamped tightly over my mouth and quickly placing 
her left gloved hand firmly at the back of my neck 
preventing me from moving my mouth away from her hand. The 
plastic tie was taken off and my hands and arms were forced 
into the enclosed sleeves. The outfit was pulled up securely 
and smoothed at the same time. The front was zipped up as 
the hood was placed on my head and my entire body was now 
enclosed in an outfit with the latex rubber clinging tightly 
to my fingers, hands, arms, legs, feet, thighs, waist, bust 
and neck, much like a diver's wet suit only more snug. 

Faye's shiny black, patent leather, up-to-the- thigh, 5" 
high heeled PCV leather boots were put on my feet and the 
boot drawstrings were pulled and tied tightly at the front, 
just under the knees. Then my hands were handcuffed tightly 
behind my back by Jeannie as Faye tightly legcuffed my feet 
with the chain attached to both handcuffs and legcuffs as 
Peggy removed the clothes peg.

As Kathleen removed her hands from my mouth and neck Jeannie 
inserted a bit and bridle gag into my mouth and tightly 
secured it with the reins coming down my back. Then as 
Jeannie, Peggy and Kathleen went outside Faye finished by 
putting a leashed collar around my neck then blindfolded me. 
The collar was shaped like a tapered belt with the front 
part being 5 inches wide while the back was 3 inches wide. 
The sides on either side of the neck came up and rested 
beside each lower jaw. This collar would forced my chin 
upwards and prevent me from moving my face from side to 
side. Yanking on the leash Faye pulled me out to the back 
yard and after taking the blindfold off I saw that Jeannie, 
Peggy and Kathleen each were dressed in a riding outfits and 
wearing leather gloves and boots. They each had a riding 
crop in their gloved hands and were hitting the crop tips 
into their other opened gloved hands. As Faye turned and 
faced me I saw that she too had a leather-riding crop and 
was hitting the crop tip into her open gloved hand. I 
realized that they had devised the worst torture that could 
be ever inflicted on any man and I was totally helpless 
unable to even beg for leniency, as the expressions on their 
faces spoke physical exercising or 
torture had just begun. I also saw that the fence was high 
enough to prevent anyone from seeing us and there were no 
houses bordering the back yard. 

Faye strolled up to me saying "Christopher, honey…………we are 
going to build that body of your up even better; although 
you've already done a good job on it we feel that it needs 
little improvement. By the way we hope you don't mind the 
heat, the temperature is 95F but with the humidex it's 

"Or 35 Celsius and hunidex of 40 Celsius" Peggy responded.

'Don't mind the heat they say' I thought sarcastically 'with 
this outfit on?'

Ladies...are we ready?" Kathleen intoned solemnly as I was 
led into the middle of the back yard and Faye took my leash 
while Peggy held the movie camera.

"Start prancing, Christopher" Kathleen said as she grabbed 
hold of the reins and with the riding crop started to hit my 
rear end hard and continuing to exhort "Knees higher, get 
those knees higher". While Faye, standing still, held my 
leash as I went around and around in a circle with Peggy 
recording my activity with Jeannie watching. As I went 
around and around the heat was starting to get to me as the 
sweat was pouring out of my body and getting trapped in the 
latex outfit making my entire body itch. My legs were tiring 
as the 5" high heels of the boots kept sinking into the rain 
soaked ground and the boots were now feeling like a ton of 
bricks. Peggy took over from Kathleen who watched as Jeannie 
replaced Peggy and ran the movie camera. Peggy, whipping my 
rear end hard, continued the exhortation "c'mon Chris...we 
have to get those pounds off, get those knees 
higher...that's my Christopher." I don't know how many 
circuits I ran but as I was ready to drop when Jeannie 
replaced Peggy who watched as Kathleen continued to film my 

Jeannie immediately began to run me even faster as she hit 
my ass several times, in quick succession, and saying "you 
did well for Peggy and Kathleen; so do well for me. Faster 
Christopher faster, faster, faster!!!" After more running I 
fell down on my face gasping for air and looking at the 
girls with pleading eyes but getting no indication of pity 
or sympathy. I was picked up off the ground and taken to the 
sunroom which doubled as a greenhouse then the leash was put 
over a cross beam, pulled and secured not allowing me to 
move very far in any direction. It was hotter in the 
greenhouse than outside, which caused me to sweat even more 
in the latex outfit.

As I stood there unable to kneel or sit, I also realized 
that women could be more ruthless, more cruel and more 
callous than any man by the fact that no one would ever 
suspect them of doing any of these things let alone even 
thinking of such actions. With this advantage I could see 
now why women were indeed the superior sex and no man could 
withstand any woman as women knew by instinct how to control 
a man. The only advantage I had was that they needed me more 
than I needed them. It was after this experience that I put 
my escape plan into operation and it entailed going out 
certain nights to the campus, helping some of the co-eds in 
certain matters that they had suggested in their notes to me 
and to enjoy a little of the campus life and the bedded 
company of some of the girls.

The first thing I did was to chew a piece of gum and taking 
it out of my mouth inserted it into the window latch of my 
bedroom preventing it from locking. As I closed the window 
the gum acted like a sealant but not enough to prevent my 
escape. Second, I put a bobby pin that was thicker than the 
regular bobby pin halfway up on my arm and into the inside 
of my sleeve, after adapting it to be a lockpick. As they 
were now securing both hands together instead of separately 
I was now able to more easily manipulate the bindings and 
succeeded in getting out in practice runs by reaching down 
and taking the bobby pin out of the slot inside my sleeve 
and unlocking the cuffs. The plastic ties were more of a 
challenge but I was able to insert the bobbypin into catch 
and pushing downwards was able to loosen the tie. When I 
heard them come back I would hide the bobbypin and recuff 
myself. With rope I found that I could use the same 
procedure and then tie a slipknot, which fooled my captors. 
Now was the time to test out my theory.

One night they left me tied up and gagged as they retired 
for the night, as it was 10PM. After a half an hour of 
waiting I uncuffed myself and opening the window climbed out 
and did the first of many outings thoroughly enjoying 
myself. The co-eds were wonderful and I enjoyed the their 
company alone and attended some of the campus events and 
around midnight I was back into my bed securely bound and 
gagged believing that they were none the wiser………….…BOY, WAS 
I WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

The next morning I was uncuffed and told to get showered and 
shaved as they were planning a trip. As I emerged naked from 
the bathroom, something dark and heavy came whooshing down 
over my head, as Kathleen's voice cried, "Gotcha!"

They had pulled some kind of bag over my head. "Hey!" I 
shouted, "What the...!" I struggled to get it off, but it 
covered me to my hips, and I couldn't get a grip on it from 
the inside.

The girls hurried to buckle the straps over the outside. 
Kathleen laughed as she pulled and buckled a strap up 
through the left of my crotch.

"OW!" I exclaimed, "be careful! What are you trying to 
pull?" Kathleen smiled and exclaimed, "I'm pulling this!" as 
she tightened another leather strap to the right of my 
crotch. "And I'm pulling this!" Jeannie replied pulling 
another strap around my left side to my back. "And this is 
what I'm pulling!" Peggy added as she pulled the other strap 
around the right side to my back.

Inside the bag, I was running out of room to struggle. I 
could hardly move my arms now, and my breath started to come 
in gasps. The interior smelled strongly of leather.

I forced myself to be calm and asked "Let me out, ladies 
PLEASE," I cried but to no avail then fresh air and light 
streamed in through a sudden opening. I saw Faye's smiling 
face through the zipper as she said, "Now we can't have you 
suffocating, can we? So I'm opening the zipper under your 
nose so you can breathe. Since you demonstrated your 
eagerness to escape and enjoy yourself without us or our 
permission we decided to use your favourite punishment on 
you" as Jeannie snugged up another strap just under my 
chest, taking the last of the slack out of the body binder.

I couldn't escape and could no longer move my arms as the 
straps on both sides of my crotch prevented me shrugging off 
the bag or whatever it was. It covered my head too and, as 
Faye talked, she did something that tightened the leather 
compressing my face and head tightly. I realized that it was 
difficult now to even open my mouth. "All right," I mumbled 
through the leather, "I'll go along with it."

"As if you had any choice" Peggy snorted then they turned me 
so I could look in the bathroom mirror. "Now aren't you a 
pretty package?" Jeannie asked. I looked at my reflection 
and saw that I was bound in a torso-shaped leather binder, 
like a straight jacket without sleeves and it covered me 
from my head to my hips. There were several heavy leather 
straps, across the back and sides, that had pulled the bag 
tight, and two straps that went through the crotch and 
buckled tightly in the back. I saw the straps that had 
compressed the leather tightly against my face as both came 
under the chin and one was fastened at the left side of my 
neck and another strap was fastened at the right side of my 
neck. As I stared out through the eye zipper in the attached 
helmet I saw that my arms had been forced up to cross in 
front of my chest and I couldn't budge anything above my 
hips. I also saw that the nose zipper had been opened fully 
to let in all the air I needed.

Peggy fondled Wilcock for a moment, and despite my 
resistance, I found myself growing hard. Then they shoved me 
towards the bed as Jeannie said, "Why don't you just rest 
here while Peggy gets you your surprise?" She gave me a 
shove as I fell helplessly onto the mattress. Immediately 
Kathleen and Jeannie tied my feet to a spreader bar and 
secured it to the baseboard.

Faye closed the zipper, shutting off my vision then I heard 
the swishing of water and a moment later Peggy undid the 
zipper over my mouth.

I felt Peggy push something deep into my mouth, with her 
gloved hands, as the whole ball felt big, medium hot and 
very, very wet. I sputtered and tried to object, but she 
kept pushing until my mouth was full then Faye quickly 
straddle my chest as the others watched and clamped a 
right-gloved hand tightly over my unzipped mouth preventing 
me from spitting it out as I continued screaming and 
struggling but could not get any leverage to get her off me. 
Kathleen handed Faye the 4" Elastoplast tape, as Jeannie 
unzipped the eye zipper, and placing the tape in front of 
me, so I could see it, and pulling it out she raged. " I'M 

Kathleen put a gloved hand on my chin and pushed upward kept 
my mouth shut. Peggy held my head firmly and Jeannie tightly 
squeezed my balls as Faye cut, tightly stretched and 
smoothed strip after strip after strip of tape over my mouth 
and both cheeks until my mouth was completely covered from 
the bottom of my nose to the bottom of my chin. After Faye 
finished smoothing the tape, with her gloved hands, she said 
closed the mouth zipper. I immediately tried to spit it out, 
but the tape securely kept the ball in and the helmet helped 
by pressing too tightly over my mouth.

Something about the ballgag didn't seem right as I was 
getting a weird taste. When I recognized the taste as soap I 
started struggling furiously while giving out continuously 
loud and angry muffled sounding "MMMMMMMPFHPFHMMMMMMMPFHPFH 

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2000-10-20 17:31:54
Faye leaned forwards and unzipped the eye zipper then as the 
others watched she put her face within inches of my face and 
cupping my face gently, with her gloved hands, softly 
taunted me saying "Go ahead Chris honey.....I want you to 
scream because no one's going to hear you. You know that 
ballgag Peggy put into your mouth was not an ordinary 
ballgag but a large round bar of wet soap that had been 
sitting in hot water for about 5 minutes. As I said before 
your mouth is now not only silenced but the arrogance and 
deception inside it is now being washed out by the soap 
melting in your mouth. Every second, every minute, every 
hour we keep that soap in your mouth the water on the soap 
and your saliva will guarantee that you won't be getting rid 
of the soap taste for days. That burning soap taste, that's 
slowly, every so slowly but surely trickling down that 
throat of yours is going to give you the desire to scream 
and scream loudly but you won't be heard. Your mouth won't 
be kissing soft with that soap smell but as the French say 

fhmmmmmmpfhpfhmmm" I cried out but soon found that she was 
correct. I could barely hear myself as the water and my 
salivary glands were working overtime on that bar of soap. I 
felt my mouth and throat burning as it was now dripping its 
contents into my mouth and down my throat as the tape 
covering my mouth from the bottom of my nose to the bottom 
of my chin kept everything inside.

They watched me struggle some more then as each one patted 
me on the head Jeannie said "Now that did the 
trick.....didn't it. Now do be a good little boy and don't 
go away as we've got many things to do before we get down to 
the business of you and your defiance."

I kept trying to get loose but was too well bound and gagged 
as Peggy looked over at me and said, "You certainly do look 
helpless on the bed Chris. What a shame you can't go 
anywhere" then continuing said "since you don't know what 
we're going to do I can tell you that we're going to have 
some fun with you. You showed how good you were at getting 
out of restraints but now you can't get out or do anything 
or say anything in the can you honey. But if 
you have any objections, please feel free to express them 
and we'll be glad to listen and take them under advisement" 
as they all laughed.

"Just to make sure that you are still horny when we come 
back, I got another surprise for you" Faye said as she 
pulled out an unusual device that looked like a small 
cylinder, opened at both ends, with two metal rings 
connected by four metal rods that came up on all four sides. 
It also had a third ring connected by 2 leather straps, on 
either side, with 2 straps that hung down and could be 
buckled together as well as padlocked.

"What the fuck is that!!!" Jeannie asked, as the others 
looked puzzled.

"Why don't you know my dears" Faye said pressing her gloved 
hand against her bust in mock horror, "it's a cock 
restraint. I conned Christopher into telling me what his 
cock size was during the bolero punishment then I went to 
the store and bought it with the other items and it will do 
the job………..believe me. You put the restraint on when 
Wilcock is soft by securing it to the balls and the base of 
the cock with the straps and/or padlocks. When Wilcock 
expands due to some sexual stimulation, like our touching or 
the battery operated dildos, which will either fit inside 
his ass or activate the prostate gland or fit securely over 
the cock, above the restraint, the restraint starts working. 
As Chris's Wilcock is 5 inches round expanded while this 
little cock restraint measures 3 inches round and is 1" in 
diameter. It will fit snugly over Wilcock with the head 
exposed for dildos and he can still urinate but once Wilcock 
is excited the rings will prevent him from expanding to full 
size causing a lot of unpleasant pain."

"My God Faye...that's going to be torture on him" Jeannie 
said and Kathleen chimed in "Faye, I didn't know you had it 
in you." Faye smiled and while holding the cock restraint 
said "Oh I forgot to mention one thing that the salesgirl 
said 'it can be adjusted for comfort'." She paused while the 
others waited anxiously and with bated breath "but he would 
have to use his hands to do it" causing all four girls to 
laugh again.

Faye gave the restraint to Kathleen saying "Kathleen, do you 
want to do the honours? Peggy, why don't you show us how it 
works? Kathleen mounted my chest and helped Peggy secure the 
cock restrainer on me then Peggy started to caress my cock 
which quickly got larger causing severe pain as it could not 
expand past the restraint.

Peggy reached into her pocket, brought out a dildo and 
showing it to me with a look of contempt unsympathetically 
said, "you should look these my darling Christopher." Then 
removing her right glove and stroking my ass with her hand 
continued "I got them adjusted so that they will either fit 
right inside your baby soft ass and it is baby soft or with 
attachments they will fit over that lovely, desirable 
Wilcock of yours." Then putting the glove back on her right 
hand callously said "Jeannie...squeeze his balls, 
Kathleen...get off Christopher and use your knee to pin his 
chest and Faye lift his head so he can see what I am doing. 
This may take a few minutes but the results will be 

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" I cried as I saw Jeannie sitting on 
my crotch using her gloved hands to squeeze my balls and 
Kathleen keeping my chest down with her one knee forcing me 
to stay on my back. Faye's gloved hands firmly held my head 
upwards so I faced my feet while Peggy placed the dildo 
securely over my cock. Then after re-adjusting the cock 
restraint she pulled down the outer layer over the 
restraint, securing it with an elastic band, then activated 
the dildo. My cock started to expand rapidly, due to the 
dildo's vibrations, and soon was straining against the cock 
cage restraint, which again was causing me severe pain. As 
Faye closed the zipper covering my eyes again she asked 
Peggy "how long will this dildo last?"

"Until the battery wears down, he'll have hours of wonderful 
torture" replied Peggy as Faye let my head fall onto the 

I was now in complete agony as Faye came in with a tape 
recorder and earphones and again unzipping the zipper over 
my eyes said "Christopher…………..Baby 
………….…..Sweetheart………..Look what I have. It's your favourite 
recording 'BOLERO'!"

"MMMMPFHPFHMMMMPFHPFHMMMM" I cried long and loud and 
thrashed around desperately trying to get off the bed but 
that was scotched by Peggy as she took another piece of rope 
doubled and looped it around the D-ring at the back of the 
collar and pulling hard caused the rope to become taut as 
she tied it to the headboard. I was now effectively 
immobilized as my arms and hands were tightly encased in 
front of my chest. My mouth was filled with the ball of 
soap, with wide strips of tape holding it in, which caused 
untold agony by the still burning sensation as it continued 
to drip slowly down my throat. My head movements were 
severely limited due to the rope around my neck and my feet 
were spaced apart and immobilized. To make a long story 
short................I was prepared like a turkey for the 
plucking and anything else for that matter and the spreader 
bar keeping my spread legs apart urged inviting.

"Now Christopher" Faye said, as she gripped both sides of my 
face, "you know that this is for your own good. Do you 
remember what Jeannie said after the last time you listened 
to Bolero? You've forgotten…………then let me refresh your 
memory she said 'if you try to escape again I can promise 
you that what we did just now will feel like child's play 
compared what we will do to you.'"

I looked at her as the fear mounted inside but managed to 
keep my eyes controlled showing no emotion. I knew what was 
coming and tried to steel myself against this torture as 
Faye said "Jeannie...I want you to put an earplug into his 
left ear and hold his head securely. put the other earplug into his right ear while I 
tape the Walkman to his chest. Be sure to thread the plugs 
through the nose opening as the tightness of the hood will 
keep the earplugs from falling out."

After they were finished Faye pushed the play button on and 
said "CIAO BELLA …………..We'll be back in about 5 hours. So 
relax and enjoy the show and Wilcock should be enjoying it 
too" as they all left the room.

The music started and once again played on and on and on, 
hour after hour after hour and I was getting again more and 
more and more agitated. I FELT THAT THE MELODY WAS DRIVING 
just the music this time but the PLEASURABLE dildoed 
sensations and the pain all combined into one. The music was 
affecting my nerves, the dildo was giving me pleasure while 
the restraint was creating constant agonizing pain and my 
brain was unable to concentrate on anyone of them. As it 
continued I let out MANY muffled screams of agony, anger and 
pleasure in random order that were barely audible and 
struggled to get the earphones off my head. Again I could 
feel myself failing FASTER and my steel reserve was now 
QUICKLY coming more and more unglued as all three were 
continuing to play havoc with my mind.

By about the 5th hour I was starting to lose all control of 
my faculties and had begun a series of muffled cryings when 
I heard the music being shut off, the dildo being taken off 
along with the cock restraint. The eye zipper was opened by 
Kathleen who said "Are we comfy?.....Do you have any 
complaints?.....What would you like us to have room service 
bring for you?.....It's nice to know that you approve of the 
accommodations, afterall we did all THIS for you." I saw all 
4 girls looking down at me as the tears were flowing freely 
and copiously then I felt the straps being loosened, the bag 
taken off and my feet freed. Lastly the tape over my mouth 
was painfully removed and I was allowed to spit out the soap 

I immediately rolled into a fetal position with my body 
trembling, my mouth burning and dry with that soap feeling 
inside it then I felt 4 pairs of hands caressing and holding 
me tenderly as I sobbed uncontrollably. I felt my face being 
turned and saw Peggy looking at me with compassioned eyes as 
Faye cradled my head touching my hair while Kathleen and 
Jeannie watched. She said, "Please accept our apologies 
Christopher. We feel guilty Christopher about what we did to 
you and we don't want to do it ever again but you must 
promise us, on your word of honour that you will never leave 
again without our permission. If you ever do this again we 
WILL break you completely and we will also use the pictures 
and the movies to ruin you if you do anything else that we 
BLUFFING!!!!!!!!!!" as the others nodded in assent.

"You have my word of honour I will not attempt to leave 
without your permission I replied in a quiet but trembling 
voice, looking at them. I now knew damn fucking well that 
they would keep that promise but also knew that I now had no 
choice but to resort to the divide and conquer strategy. It 
was going to take longer as I now knew that it would take a 
long, long time for me to regain their trust. I had moved 
too fast and they had known all the time what I had been 
doing but let me use just enough rope to hang myself. I 
realized that I had been really stupid to underestimate them 
and vowed to use the same wiles on them that they were using 
on me.

I was helped up as my arms were numb and was escorted to the 
bathroom where all four decided to have a shower with me. As 
the water felt soothing and their bodies even more wonderful 
to touch my body finally stopped shaking and I slowly felt 
the old Christopher Dean coming back. After I toweled dry 
each of them while kissing their body parts that were still 
wet Wilcock came to attention and was noticed by Jeannie who 
said "It's good to have you back Wilcock……………ready for some 

"He'd better be ready" Kathleen replied "He's going to 
serving me a long time tonight"

"He'll be ready" Peggy replied "I want a shot at him too. I 
want the same as you're getting Kathleen."

"We'll all get our turn" Faye said "But first we'd better 
get Christopher's strength up so Chris, why don't you take a 
45 minute break to recover and there's plenty of beer or 
juice in the fridge to get rid of that soap taste."

Then looking at me said "By the way slave Christopher, 
what's for dinner? I'm famished as I'm sure the others are 

I looked at them and said "there are steaks in the freezer 
and I thought a barbecue would be in order along with some 
corn. Is that agreeable with everyone? I'll do the 
barbecuing and how does everyone like their steak?"

"Well done to burnt" Peggy said with Kathleen saying "Make 
mine well done."

I take mine medium rare" Faye replied as Jeannie said "Just 
make mine medium."

"Just where did you learn to barbecue, Christopher?" 
Kathleen asked.

"In the reserves, Kathleen; I use to do the barbecuing for 
my company" I replied.

"Is there anything you can't do?" Jeannie asked.

"Several things but none that I can think of at the moment; 
but you ladies should know me by now or do you?" I replied.

"Enough of the chatter slave…………………..Just get the supper 
going!!!!" Jeannie commanded giving a swat on my rear end.

"Yes Mistress Jeannie" I replied causing her to smile then 
turning to Faye said "By your command, Mistress Faye" 
causing both girls to glare daggers at each other.

After my 45 minute break as I found that tomato juice worked 
the best on soap taste in the mouth I was forced to stand 
still while they put a corset and a one piece black lycra 
romper on me. The falsies again gave me a bust most women 
would kill for and with the corset I looked like a 
full-figured voluptuous, sexually desirable woman.

They also, once again, placed on my legs thigh-high 
stockings then pulled the thigh-high, shiny black, patent 
PCV leather boots up my legs. Faye and Peggy put onto my 
hands and arms the shiny black, to-the-shoulder length, 
non-slipping PCV gloves that clung tightly to my hands and 
arms and didn't slip down. My gloved hands were handcuffed 
in front and connected to legcuffs by a connecting chain and 
lastly I was again being fitted with a jet-black, thick hair 
down to the bottom of my neck, blunt cut style wig on my 
head then had the clothes peg taken off. I was now a maid as 
well as a cook and somehow managed to cook and serve the 
food and drinks while walking around with the thigh-high, 
shiny black patent PCV leather boots.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the steaks and corn and the 
three wine bottles I had procured. They were stuffed when I 
brought out a platter of chocolate éclairs, which were 
wolfed down, and as the wine started to take effect I could 
see the girls slowly becoming inebriated and somewhat 
sleepy. As the night wore on I eventually helped or carried 
each of the girls to her bed and later proceeded to make 
love to each of them in a very, very special way, which I 
will reveal in PART IV sans explicit graphic details.

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2000-10-21 15:58:51
great story dude.....ill be lookin forward to part V
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2000-10-21 15:59:24
I mean part IV
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2000-10-22 14:25:13
I'm in a learning stage.
Neil W. McNerney
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2000-10-22 16:10:52
Jennifer great story tell us more about the revenge and 
your adventures
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2000-10-25 00:14:54
Tell us more jennifer
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2000-10-25 16:59:13
Has anyone who has tied ever thought of a simple way to keep 
a person's wrists bound to their waist by tying the wrists 
to a belt loop on the pants

It works an it is impossible to get your hands free I know 
from experience

2) another way is to thread a rope through the belt loops 
put the person's hands at either side of the body...tie each 
wrist securely then continue to thread the rope through the 
rest of the belt loops and tie at the front. You are 
completely helpless and can be led anywhere AND YOU CANNOT 

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2000-10-26 08:12:40
Hello everyone! I haven't written a story in awhile, so I 
thought I'd share one from a few years back when I had 
graduated college. I've been tying girls up for many years, 
and I have a number of great experiences with a girl named 
Amanda. At one point, we were living together in an 
apartment complex, and would play bondage games together 
after work. One night, I planned everything out, and 
suggested a bondage game. She reluctantly agreed, so we 

Mandy had curly, blonde hair and green eyes. She 
had a nice body, although she was more sturdy than petite. 
Her shoulders were fairly broad and her waist was a little 
rounder than firm, but she was still very attractive with 
long legs and b-cup breasts. I had her undress to a black 
thong, elbow length black gloves and heels, where I then 
blindfolded her and added a thick leather collar (2"). 
Notably all my leather restraints are locking, not buckling. 
I also added thumbcuffs on her, with her hands behind her 
back. This was a new experience for her, as the cuffs 
didn't inhibit her movements as much. I had prepared dinner 
in advance, and fed her on the couch. I found her very sexy 
when she would reach her mouth out to eat the food I 
offered, her body very vulnerable and nearly naked. After 
dinner, I cleared the plates, then attached a leash to her 
collar and led her to the bedroom.

Most of the games we 
played involved Mandy trying to escape her bondage at some 
point. This usually involved more ropes than chains and 
leather restraints, but I still enjoyed myself. I think her 
reluctance to letting herself be tied up was from our 
competitive natures. She wanted to "win" and get out, I 
wanted to "win" and keep her tied up for my pleasure. This 
led to frustrations mounting on her part, but we had usually 
found good ways to channel that. As it was, one of her 
rules was for me to set a time limit on preparing and 
securing her, and then she was allowed an equal time to 
escape. During her time to struggle, I was to leave her 
alone, as she felt self-conscious with me staring at her 

I led her to the bed, a four-post-frame, and 
positioned her at the foot of it. I gently sat her back on 
the bed, keeping her heels flat on the floor. I gently 
unlocked the thumbcuffs, and let her lie on her back. I 
took her wrists, and locked leather cuffs on each. Mandy 
asked how she was to escape when she was locked in cuffs, 
and I explained that I wanted to avoid chaffing. I told her 
she should still be able to reach the knots, and I would 
leave the keys near her, so that she could remove the cuffs 
if she escaped the ropes. She accepted that. I stretched 
each of her arms towards the corners of the headboard, then 
knotted them to each corner of the bedframe with 
clothesline. I then ran additional lengths between each 
wrist-cuff, securing their spacing, and down on each side of 
the bed to the bedrail, to limit movement should Mandy begin 
to get loose.

I then proceeded to her ankles, where I 
locked a matching set of leather cuffs. I had drilled two 
eyebolts into the carpeted floor earlier that evening. They 
were approximately three feet apart, right under the edge of 
the bed. I ran lengths of clothesline from each cuff to 
each ring, binding her feet to the floor, and then ran 
additional lengths of clothesline to each corner post and 
between each ankle, to hold her in place. I continued by 
keeping her knees about 18" apart, and tied several lengths 
between them to hold them in place. I then ran clothesline 
from each knee to each post on the sides, and secured her 
there. Her elbows received similar treatment. I ran a few 
loops around them, knotted them off, and then ran long 
lengths to each post at the foot of the bed. Therefore, her 
wrists were being pulled over her head, while her slightly 
bent elbows were tugged towards her feet. I always felt 
tying people to multiple points made the struggle much more 
thorough and exciting, and I knew Mandy would have her hands 
full escaping this scenario.

I continued to her collar, 
where I ran clothesline from the D-ring to each bedrail on 
the sides. I then sat atop her, and quickly wove a 
criss-cross rope harness around her shoulders and upper 
torso. This made her breasts pout magnificently, wrapped in 
the nylon, held prisoner. Finally, I slid down to her 
waist, where I wrapped a rope belt around her, tied lengths 
to each side bedrail, and ran the remaining slack between 
her legs for a tight crotchrope. Mandy smiled. It had 
taken me approximately an hour and a half to prepare and 
secure her, and she knew I had planned this for some 

I leaned over her, and gave her a small kiss, "any 
final requests before I gag you?" She pouted, not wanting 
the gag, and said "No, but you could turn on some music to 
keep me focused. Or maybe the TV?" "I'll do something", I 
replied, and buckled the ball gag around her head. Mandy 
obviously felt she could slide the blindfold off on the 
comforter by moving her head around and then could see the 
knots she had to work with. It wouldn't help her, but she 
didn't know that yet. I turned on the stereo loaded a few 
CDs into the carousel, then stepped back to look at her. 
She was gorgeous, with her thrusting breasts and legs held 
upright in their 3" heels, her soft belly with ropes 
crossing over it. She patiently waited for me to leave, and 
I did, commenting that I would head out for a run, and I 
would be sure to lock the door. She nodded blindly, and lay 
there. I closed the door, grabbed my jacket, and 

One of my greatest guilty pleasures was watching a 
woman struggle and fight her restraints. I think Mandy knew 
this and enjoyed keeping me from my full satisfaction. I 
headed towards the parking lot, then circled the building. 
Part of my plan involved the fire escape of our apartment. 
It was a suburban complex, and we were on the ground floor 
of a two-story building. Fortunately, there was a garage 
underneath us, and we normally had our privacy but kept a 
curtain pulled. There was an emergency exit in each 
apartment, and the stairs from upstairs ran alongside our 
bedroom window. Notably I had pulled the curtain slightly 
aside, just enough to give me a view of the room. The area 
was totally unlit, and I had brought a pocket flashlight in 
my jacket. I got to the stairs, turned it off, and mounted 
the wooden steps slowly and silently. It was late December 
and the temperature was in the 30's that night, but I didn't 
need to worry about feeling cold. Mandy was putting on a 
show to keep me warm.

As an aside, for those of you, (men 
and women both), who are lucky enough to found someone 
compatible, who lets you tie them or ties you in a manner 
that is satisfying to you both, you are among the most 
fortunate. At this point in my life, bondage is not a major 
part of my life anymore, (unfortunately) and I savor these 
memories from the past. I never felt more alive then when I 
tied up a beautiful woman and spent the evening with her. 
Sorry to digress, but I get nostalgic sometimes.

As I 
slowly lifted my head up to peer in the window, I beheld 
Mandy in all her glory. She was quite energetic in her 
attempts to escape the web of ropes and knots I had strung 
around her leather-cuffed body. Within five minutes, she 
had slipped the blindfold off her head. I knew I should 
have bought a head-harness. I spent the next hour silently 
watching her from the window, excited almost to the point of 
shaking. She tried to twist her legs free and pull herself 
further up the bed, but could not. She strained to turn 
herself from side to side for any leverage, but found none. 
She spent most of her time methodically focusing on one 
wrist, straining for knots out of reach, clawing at her 
bonds, then giving up and trying the other wrist. Usually 
she would try each wrist a couple times, then explode into a 
furious flurry of motions as she sought to simply break free 
or loosen her captivity. This earned her some slight slack 
in the ropes, but really just tightened the knots of her 
confinement. As a result of her struggles, her face was 
flushed and sweaty from her labored breathing (through the 
ball gag, still in place). Her chest kept jiggling nicely, 
and her belly was rapidly rising and falling from her 
exertions. Her hair was in disarray, but was still 
attractive. Her feet remained in the heels, although she 
kept trying to lift them off the floor.

After an hour, I 
reluctantly left the window and walked back around the 
complex to the apartment entrance. I walked in the 
apartment, pulled off my jacket and jeans (leaving me with 
shorts and a sweatshirt, so I looked like I had been out 
running), and entered the bedroom. Mandy grunted at my 
greeting as I sat down next to her. I removed the ball-gag 
and asked how she was doing. She commented that I was 
early, but that I didn't give her any way out anyway, so it 
didn't matter. She seemed defeated. I sympathized with 
her, and offered that I only wanted to check on her. As a 
sign of my good faith, I lifted the keys to the padlocks on 
her cuffs from the bed next to her, and offered to leave 
them by her hand. She seemed to brighten, and asked if she 
could have a little more time to try and escape. I smiled, 
and mentioned I wanted to get some things at the market 
anyway. Of course, giving her the keys came with a penalty. 
I pulled the blindfold back over her eyes, and added two 
pieces of heavy duct tape over the top and bottom of it, so 
it wouldn't slide off. Mandy protested vehemently and shook 
the bed, but I merely squeezed each nipple and dropped the 
keys near her left hand. I walked out amid her muffled 
curses and the creaking of the bed, and left the 

As I pulled my jacket back on, I quickly 
encircled the building again, climbed back to my spot, and 
resumed my view of Mandy. She was still struggling for a 
few minutes after I reached the window, and then sagged back 
onto the bed. After a couple more minutes, she blindly 
began reaching around for the keys, and soon found them. 
The blindfold remained on her head, and it was exquisite to 
watch her sort through the keychain (I have probably 50 
locks, with at least 30 keys on the ring), select a key, 
then reach for the lock on her cuff and twist her hand to 
try and unlock it. She had a slim chance of actually 
succeeding, but it was great watching her try to go through 
the painstaking process, with her extremely limited 
movements and senses. After another half-hour had passed, I 
sighed and returned inside. Amanda had not freed herself, 
and it was time for me to collect my winnings. On the way 
in, I stopped by my car to grab the groceries I had picked 
up earlier, so she would never know the difference, or 
suspect that I was watching her from the window. 
Unfortunately, I cannot detail that here, but I hope you 
enjoyed the rest of the story.

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2000-10-28 12:25:31
I guess this is pretty tame in comparison to some of the 
other tales posted here, but I thought I'd give it a shot 

Last summer I was working the late shift in a pizza parlor. 
We were getting ready to close and as I was washing the 
dishes, the resident red-head waitress and smart-ass, 
Stephanie (who was a few weeks shy of her 18th birthday). 
That night, she was wearing our resturant's unflattering 
blue polyester t-shirt with a collar and some fairly short 
denim shorts. While she was bringing back more dishes and 
once in awhile singing that Chili's jingle- the one the 
"I want my baby-back-baby-back-baby-back-baby-back ribs 
barbecue sauce"
Earlier I was commenting on how I heard the jingle on the 
radio that day and that could not get it out of my head, 
which only prompted Stephanie to start singing the jingle 
herself. I politely asked her to refrain from doing that, 
but everytime she walked into back of the place, she'd pick 
up where she left off, singing the jingle in her best 
baritone possible.
I guess the last straw was when Steph was getting other 
waitresses to join in every time they went to the back. I 
abandoned the dishes and went to the closet. Sure enough, 
there was a roll of duct-tape. The next time Steph came 
back with some dishes, I lured her back by the closet by 
feigning I had found something really interesting.
"Hey, Steph" I said in my most amiable voice "You gotta 
take a look at this."
"What is it?" she asked, approaching. I checked and made 
sure no one else was coming. She took a few steps past me- 
poor naiive trustung Stephanie- and when she turned around, 
I was standing in front of her with the roll of duct tape. 
I pulled a length of it off the roll for effect.
Believe it or not, I didn't plan on doing much more than 
that. However, her reaction set some wheels in motion.
Like a true damsel in distress, she cringed a little bit 
and softly went "Nooooooo....". I was pondering putting the 
tape away when she held out both hands in front of her with 
the wrists touching. Nor did she flinch when I began 
wrapping the tape around her wrists. She let out a nervous 
little chuckle as I used a pair of scissors to cut off the 
length of tape, and then I put a new length of tape across 
her mouth and she let out a suprised little yelp. Before 
any of the waitresses could come back, I put my hand on 
stephs shoulder and walked her out to the front of the 
resturant. She was already starting to work herself loose 
but the waitresses stopped what they were doing and looked 
at her. I announced very loudly to the waitresses "I'll 
have to ask one more time: PLEASE DO NOT SING THAT STUPID 
JINGLE"- implying that what would happed to Steph could 
happen to them. She was already peeling off the tape gag 
and calling me a jerk, while the cooks were laughing. There 
were no hard feelings, since later on she got even by 
soaking me with one of the power-nozzles from the sink- I 
was kind of hoping for a bondage one-upsmanship with her, 
but you can't always get what you want.

El Lobo Solo
2000-10-29 17:00:17
I like that jingle.............I want my baby back, baby 
back, baby back, baby back, Chile baby back ribs (Barbecue 
Sauce). I especially like it when Fat Bastard from AP2 sang 

I cant wait for Christopher Dean's story part IV.

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2000-10-31 08:42:44
Okay after reading that one story,about the pizza 
place,first cool dude.I think she called you a jerk because 
you took her out front,never a good idea,since she held out 
her hands to you.SO anyways I have worked in the food area 
forevere it seems and I have a coupple of small 
stories,nothing real hot work wise but still bondage 

 I was working for "big boys" when I was in my 
20's I wanted to be a filmaker so I wrote this pretty cool 
and long script,doing a comedy take off of the old perils of 
pauline,tie the heroine to the rail road tracks ect.After I
finished the script,in which the girl was tied up about four 
times,and I went into very great detail on how the girl was 
tied,too much detail,because it showed my "kink" however I 
didnt think it did.I did get two girls to be in my moviefor 
the the full story it is in the babysitter site,the sept or 
oct archives>

 So other waitress read my script,it was 
like 40 pages.I was sitting at a break table and one of the 
waitress came over and we talked for a little bit,out of 
nowhere she takes off her uniform scarf and gags herself 
right there out in the open,I sat there dumbfounded,didnt 
know what to do or say,it seemed like forever but it was 
only minutes,then the mgr came over and told her she had 
some costomers,IF only I had been a bit older and not so 
Another waitress who I dated only once,read my 
script and while we were on our date she gave me her ideas 
on how the heroine of the story could be tied and gagged to 
a chair,she escapes the bad guy catches her ties her up and 
gags her again,YES it was more than hint,but I was SOOOOOOO
stupid,it didnt evan click,but up to that point my bondage 
passion was never told to anyone,though some people figured 
it out.

 Another time,though I was there I had no active 
role except to watch,I was a foreman at a paint factory,well 
after lunch,all the workers had to line up in front of the 
lunch area and wait for the boss to assign them their 
jobs.As we all were waiting this one girl had a role of 
maskeing tape and wanted to tie up the guy next to her,he 
said no way,she begged and pleaded,he still said no,she then 
said how about just your feet,he said yes,but she wound the 
tape from his ankles all the way up to above his knees,she 
still tried to tape his hands,but he wouldnt let her and 
with his leggs taped up he hopped away from her,it was all 
in good fun,she was not a bad looking woman but her and I 
did not get along.
I have other litte bondage tid 
bits,but I also have some real good bondage stories. I was
I think in my early 20's painfully shy,and went looking for 
a women to tie up,and ended up cruiseing the main drag 
looking for a woman,and I found one,:) She came up to my car
now still up to this point I had never told anyone of my 
thing for bondage,so I said being very nervous "I just want 
to tie you up and garbage" I stuttered and stumbled the 
words out.She aske me"You want to tie me up in garbage?" I 
said no and explainded better.I had never done anyting like 
that before in my entire life,I had only 20 bucks,for some 
weird reason she said ok,I told her all I wanted to do is 
tie her up nothing else,maybe thats what only 20 bucks.I 
waited outside as she got a room,I had one very,very long 
pice of rope and a cooks scarf.She said her name was 
pepper,yeah I know,she was a short black woman,nice little 
body,I tied her up at least 3 times,she was very nervous 
though she had never done this before,this was on a sunday 
night around 1030 or so,she however did start to get into it 
a little bit,I will go in more details next time,she asked 
me a lot of questions about my kink,it was pretty cool,not a 
real smart thing to do,but when you are in your 20's you 
think you will live forevere. Hang loose people. 

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2000-10-31 10:19:34
This didn't happen to a college girl but her mother. I was 
involved with this girl in college that wouldn't try any 
bondage, but one day I had an amazing surprise. It was 
spring break and I didn't have enough money to get to the 
beach so I decided to stay home. I went to my girlfriends 
house saturday afternoon. I knocked on the door and I 
heard her mother say come on in, it's open. So in I went. 
My girlfreinds mother was a nurse, with red hair, and big 
brown eyes, she was very hot for a 40 something woman. I 
walke dinto the living room and no one was there, I heard 
her call again to come back to the back room. I walked in 
and there on the bed was my girlfriend, and her sisiter, in 
dresses and black pantyhose hogtied on the bed with silver 
duct tape. I couldn't belive it. The mother tied them up 
and had begun to self tie her body as well. She had her 
nurse uniform on with ropes tied around her ankles. There 
were more ropes on the bed and she said go ahead tie me up 
the rest of the way. So I lashed her thighs together, and 
tied her hands behind her back. She looked at me 
pleadingly and said "gag me with that tape." So I grabbed 
the role of tpe and tore of a piece and pressed it over 
lips. She mmphed with her daughters and looked to the 
corner of the room, there I saw a video camera and I shot 
40 mions of this. After all was over, I untied them and my 
girlfriend and I enjoyed bondage games since. I lost the 
tape though, and am really bummed, This mothe was hot and 
the sister was hot as well.
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2000-11-04 00:44:46

Is there a place that lists all the dreambooks someplace?
Or does anyone know of a dreambook for stories involving 

Just asking.

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2000-11-05 21:33:50
this is just a comment about cindys' story, i thought it 
was you can see by my email addy i am into 
tickling. binding and tickling a woman is the greatest 
thrill of all. cindy if you have any more stories please 
post them, chuck.
E-mail address:
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2000-11-06 18:47:27
go to this site and look at all the pics.......and click on 
the cartoon of the big-boobed-and-bound lady to get more 
cartoons of that lady being tied up and some info on that 
really fine chick...

Also down at the bottom go to search and search for stuff 
to find type in something like....."stacy 
burke" (name of lady on first page) or "eve ellis" or 
even "lingerie" or something......

Also this isnt my site I just found it so.......just wanted 
to let you know...

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2000-11-11 19:32:17
Hi. I attended college about seven years ago. I was a 
pledge and the others were taking me on an initiation. I 
was told that pledges were usually stripped down to their 
underwear or a swimsuit, but as it was too cold, I could 
wear whatever I liked. I dressed in jeans, a cream cotton 
turtleneck and a loose fitting gray V neck sweater over the 
top. The others were dressed similarly in sweaters, jeans 
and jackets. I was told as a pledge, I needed to be 
disciplined. A length of rope bound my arms and wrists 
behind me. A wash cloth secured by a bandanna was used to 
gag me tightly pulled between my teeth. I didn't struggle, 
apart from a grunt when my head jerked back as the gag was 
tied behind my head. " Now, what shall we do ? ", the head 
girl " Sue " said. Another girl spoke up. " Who wants a 
drink ? " They all concurred. " Nothing for you though, 
Pledge. Unless you can drink with your mouth gagged " Sue 
said with a smile. I was worried, being taken to a public 
place. What would others think ? I supposed they had done 
this before and not too many people who knew them would be 
surprised. I was taken out the dorm entrance to a waiting 
car, a Chrysler station wagon. It was still light and 
several other students saw us. Some shook their heads and 
laughed. A couple of boys who recognised me gave some 
support. " Good luck, Pledge ! " and " Hope to see ya 
later ! ", they yelled. I gaved an embarassed look and 
tried to say, " Thanks ! " A " Mmmff " noise was the only 
sound I could make. We loaded into the car. I was in the 
back seat with a girl either side of me. A thought then 
struck me. " What if someone thought I was really being 
kidnapped and called the police !? I tried to ask that 
question when Sue snapped, " Quiet, Pledge ! " In answer to 
my concern, a long woollen scarf was produced and wound 
around my face, conceiling the bandanna gag. We travelled 
for about twenty minutes, when we arrived at a bar. We 
parked and ajourned to the main bar. I hoped we would go to 
a quiet corner in the parlour, but they obviously wanted to 
embarass me in front of a crowd. As we entered, people 
looked up from their drinks and conversations paused or 
stopped when they saw my prediciament. The scarf had 
slipped bown to reveal the gag. They didn't seem concerned 
or surprised, for that matter. The girls must have done 
this to all their pledges. My cheeks blushed furiously, 
especially when I noticed David, a fellow student I had a 
bit of a crush on. He looked and with a cheery grin waved 
to us. My face must have looked like a pepper ! We moved 
through the crowd and sat down in a corner at the back of 
the room. The bartender looked at us with amusement. " 
Nothing for the new girl, I take it ! ", he grinned. My 
mouth was quite dry by then and a drink sounded wonderful. 
I tried to plead through the gag. Sue just smiled and 
replied, " When I think you've earned it, Pledge ! " I sunk 
back into my seat. It was going to be a long dry night, I 
thought dismally. Just then, David approached and asked 
how " things were going." I blushed again and looked 
away. " None of your business, dear ", Sue replied 
evenly. " We're here for a quiet drink and we don't need to 
be disturbed." He looked directly at me and said, " I don't 
think your friend here will be able to drink that much." I 
stole a brief look. " She is to be initiated into our dorm 
and has to be taught discipline before we can accept her." 
David said, " OK, but I'm going to buy your pledge a drink 
before too long. She must be thirsty by now." I looked at 
him warmly and nodded. I was parched ! He returned to his 
buddys. Well, at least one good thing happened today ! " 
Looks like our little pledge has a fan ! ", Sue grinned. We 
stayed there for a couple of hours, the others drinking and 
occasionally going to the dance floor. I remained where I 
was sat and watched the proceedings. Luckily, I was so dry, 
I didn't need to visit the ladies room. The others may have 
let my bladder burst ! " Well, I think we should go ", Sue 
announced. I was disappointed. I thought I would get a 
chance to spent some more time with David. That drink he 
promised soundes soooo good ! We rose and left. The scarf 
was replaced above my lower face and off we went. " So far, 
so good, Pledge ", Sue said. " Maybe we could accept you. 
We still need to test you further, though. " I swallowed. 
What else did they have in mind ?.... 
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2000-11-11 21:28:22
I was hazed by a group of girls who I thought I could 
trust. I was hogtied and gagged in the gym and left to be 
discovered by a PE class of boys. I was terribly embarassed 
and constantly reminded of it throughout the year. I took a 
while to see the funny side of it !
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2000-11-14 06:40:08
Hi. I was left bound and gagged as a part of a prank when I 
was 19. My friends and I had been celebrating the end of 
the term at someone's home when the subject of bondage came 
up. Some of the others said there was somethings they 
wouldn't do and being tied up or tying someone else up 
wasn't their idea of a good time. I chirped up that I 
believed " To each their own. " The ones who had accused 
anyone of anything else besides " straight sex " was a 
deviant. I continued to argue I believed as not everybody 
had the same taste in food or fashion, not everybody would 
share the same opinion re sex. I was in turn, accused of 
being a deviant. I simply replied, " It takes one to know 
one ! " I would regret that statement... 
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2000-11-18 08:00:05
Hogtied in heels

This is the first time I have posted an experience I have 
had. I have been into bondage and self-bondage for years and 
I was lucky enough to find a girlfriend who was also quite 
keen to participate.

It was a cold wet Saturday evening and my girlfriend and I 
were spending it in front of the television. She is at 
University and I graduated the year before so I live at my 
parents' house while I job hunt, meaning I only see her at 
weekends as we live 30 miles apart. The film we were 
watching was rubbish so we decided to have some fun. Her 
flatmate was out partying somewhere giving us hours of 
privacy around the flat, which meant we could be more 
adventurous - We usually kept it quiet while she was in.

Now my girlfriend is quite hot - If I don't say so myself. 
She stands at 5'7" with a fit body (she is very sporty), 
long blonde hair, perfect teeth, and a small mole above her 
top lip. Lets call her 'Jill' for the sake of this story. 
We've been dating for years and because of the trust we 
built up I was able to tell her about some of the 'stranger' 
things I am into - bondage, heels, etc. Nothing too scary. 
Jill has actually got quite into it as well and is often the 
person who suggests something new - Like the evening I am 
away to describe.

It started off slowly with us making out on the sofa when 
Jill whispers in my ear that she has some new stuff she 
wants to try out. Up for anything, I agree. She leaves me on 
the sofa and heads for the bedroom. I start to flick through 
the rest of the channels as I hear the cupboard doors 
opening and closing - I am pretty sure she is putting some 
of her sexy underwear on. 

Five minutes pass and I am getting quite excited, with that, 
a stocking clad leg appears from around the door. Jill has 
also put on a black pair of strappy high-heeled shoes (3.5" 
high), which instantly gets me going - They sound so good on 
a wooden floor. She walks out into the centre of the dimly 
lit room and shows me what she is wearing. I look up her 
legs reaching the suspender belt, thong, and bra all made 
from silky black material. Jill then dances over to me and 
starts rubbing herself against my knee. By this time I am 
extremely excited and my hands are wandering all over her 
body but she quickly walks away and orders me to stay 
seated. I ask her what was new about this as she quite often 
dressed up for me. I am told not to speak and with that she 
heads back into the bedroom returning a moment later with a 
blindfold we made from some black material we bought. She 
tells me to stand up and then proceeds to tie the blindfold 
around my head blocking my vision completely. Jill then 
takes my hand and leads me through to the bedroom where I am 
told to stand still and stay quiet - I do as I am told (I 
take it I am the slave for tonight's fun)

Jill then begins undressing me, first my T-shirt then my 
socks, trousers, and underwear, until I am completely naked 
except for a blindfold. The slightly cooler air makes me 
shiver slightly. She begins to pinch my nipples and scratch 
my body with her nails making my muscles tense up as I try 
not to react. I am 6'2" and into fitness in a big way so I 
could quite easily stop her but that would just spoil her 
plan and I am interested in what she has in store for me. 

Once again I can hear the cupboard doors opening and items 
being removed and placed on the floor, every so often she 
scratches a part of my body keeping me on edge. Jill then 
explains what is to happen. She feels that it is about time 
I made an effort for her. She is the one that dresses up and 
is expected to look sexy, not me. I agree with what she says 
but I am unsure about what she wants me to wear that would 
change this. Jill then says she has bought some clothes for 
me and I am to try them on for her or I will not get any sex 
for a long time. Now, I only see her once a week and that 
sort of abstinence is too much for me so any longer is not 
acceptable - I agree to her request.

I am then asked to put a new set of underwear on. As I pull 
on the pants she hands me I quickly recognise they were not 
intended for a male. The material feels far too lacy and the 
fit is not perfect (as you can imagine). It is thong backed, 
which feels unusual as I am normally fully covered with 
sports boxers. Jill then begins to laugh at which point I 
begin to protest - This is met with a slap to my legs. I 
decide it will be better to keep my mouth shut. Jill then 
gets me to slip my hands through a couple of loops, I am 
thinking 'bra', then I feel the material of the item 
covering my abdomen and lower back. It starts getting 
tighter as Jill is fastening it up at the back - a basque! I 
can only wonder how stupid I look. After a couple of minutes 
she finishes and moves onto the next item. I am asked to 
lift my right leg and point my toes and I can feel the 
stocking being pulled up my leg and attached to suspenders 
coming from the basque. This then happened to the left leg. 

Jill wanders around the room, I can feel her eyes watching 
me, checking me out! I am told to put my arms behind my back 
and she quickly begins to tie them. My wrists are crossed 
over and quite a bit of rope is used to secure them - I am 
starting to feel more and more vulnerable, which for me, is 
what it is all about. Jill mentions there are a few more 
items I need to put on before she will be satisfied. I am 
asked to lift my right leg again and I can feel her slipping 
a shoe on to my foot. The fit is not quite the same as the 
trainers I am use to wearing - my toes seem to be squeezed 
together and my sole is arched and the muscles in the back 
of my leg disagree with the posture. I am asked to put my 
leg down and instantly I can feel the height difference from 
one foot to the other. I ask her if these are high heels, 
she replies with a laugh and I feel her buckling a strap 
from the shoe around my ankle. I am then asked to lift my 
left leg, which is not that simple, so Jill helps me balance 
while I slip my foot into the shoe on the ground. She 
proceeds to buckle it on as well. The feeling of 
unsteadiness is strange, especially when blindfolded.

As you may be able to imagine I am very excited by all this 
and quite keen to see exactly what I am wearing. I have size 
13 feet so it is not so easy to pick up this size of high 
heels in the local shops. It is something I though I would 
never get to wear (well not since my mother's when I was 
young). Jill explains I will need to walk around in them for 
a while to get use then, she explains it is not easy. The 
blindfold is removed and I look down at my feet. The shoes 
are patent black high-heeled (4") platforms. My toes are 
covered with a front section but the tops of my feet are 
not. The shoes have a heel section that holds my foot 
securely and thin straps are buckled around my ankles. I 
look in the mirror in front of me and the full-length 
reflection shows me what I am wearing - Sexy black 
underwear. The stockings are seamed, the thong and basque 
are very lacy and feminine, and the rope seemed very well 
tied - It looks like I will be like this for a while.

Jill explains that she had been searching around on the net 
and got some brilliant ideas for what to do to me - like the 
cross-dressing and the heels (ordered over the net). Jill 
then goes over to her chest of drawer and opens the top one, 
taking out a 1" dia, 6" long section of rubber pipe. We have 
used it in the past for a DIY gag (something I saw on the 
net). She threads a length of rope through it and pushes it 
into my mouth tying the knot behind my head. I can no longer 
talk, just drool. She then slips a knotted rope over my neck 
and leads me back through the flat into the living room. The 
heels we are both wearing are making a lot of noise on the 
wooden floor and I wonder what the tenants below think is 
going on. It feels rather dangerous walking around on 4" 
heels with my hands tied behind my back. If I fell, at 
190lb's, I am pretty sure Jill could not catch me. I take 
smaller steps than normal just to make sure. After a couple 
of circuits of the living room I am led back into Jill's 
room and told to lie face down on the floor - no easy task. 
I manage to get onto my knees without any major problems but 
the prospect of hitting the floor nose first doesn't thrill 
me so I perform a semi-controlled fall onto my right 
shoulder then roll onto my chest. While this is going on 
Jill just stands there laughing at my predicament. I am now 
lying there facing a reflection of myself in the mirror with 
Jill standing behind me holding another piece of rope. 

I knew what was about to happen for I had done the same to 
her a couple of weeks ago. I got her all dresses up and 
hogtied her on the bedroom floor - now it was my turn. She 
started to wrap the length of rope around my ankles and then 
clinched the loops by passing it around them (between my 
ankles). She then brought the ends on the rope around the 
heels on my shoes and pulled my lower legs up towards my 
bound hands. The heels part was new to me but it was a nice 
way to incorporate heels and bondage. She tied the rope off 
at my hands, pulling it tighter and tighter, taking in as 
much slack as possible. This gave me no chance of escape. 
The whole time she worked on the knots I was looking at her 
reflection in the mirror, her legs, her hair, she was 
looking really hot. I knew it wouldn't be long before I 
would be released and I would get to run my hands all over 
her. We weren't really into leaving each other tied up for 
too long - 30 minutes max.

With that she stood up and I made an attempt, be it a rather 
poor one, at escaping. She laughed at me and started taking 
all her underwear off. Normally this would be a good sign 
but I knew she wasn't planning playing with me any more. 
Jill then explained that she has arranged to meet some Uni 
friends for a drink at 10.30pm at a local bar. They were 
members of a sports club she was in. As she undressed I 
began to wriggle about a bit more, trying to make it clear 
that I was not keen on this idea. Jill however felt it would 
be quite amusing and began putting her jeans, vest top and 
jumper back on. It was at this stage that I began to worry a 
bit. We had done things like this before but we had never 
actually left the flat and at this point in time I was 
beginning to believe that she was going to go through with 
it. As her trainers went on, laces tied, then her jacket 
removed from the cupboard, I started to shout into my gag - 
It really was effective. She just continued getting ready, 
putting off the television, turning off lights, etc. She 
came back into the room and said she would be back in a 
couple of hours, "don't wait up" she laughed out. With that 
the main light in the room was turned off leaving just the 
small lamp in the corner. I heard her walk towards the main 
door, it opened, It closed, and it was locked. I could hear 
her footsteps going down the stairs in-between the loud 
thumping of my heart, I couldn't believe she would do this. 
I thought to myself, "she'll be back in a minute", but as 
the outer door slammed shut I knew she wouldn't be. She 
actually left me hogtied in female underwear and high-heels 
in her flat. Not to mention I was gagged. All sorts of 
thoughts entered my mind, "her flatmate', she might come 
home drunk and stumble into the room. In most cases this 
might be a classic fantasy scenario but this particular girl 
annoyed the hell out of me and was no Britney Spears. Jill 
might come back with her friends - now she has some hot 
mates. I was pretty sure she wouldn't do that as she has 
never been keen on a threesome - you can't blame a bloke for 
asking. I tried to relax, slowing down my breathing and not 
moving around too much. The silence in the room was 
unsettling as I could hear my own pulse.

As I couldn't see any clocks from my viewpoint, I had no 
idea how long had passed. I guessed a couple of hours. My 
shoulders and jaw were getting sore. - as I have previously 
mentioned we never really went past half an hour for this 
type of thing so I was unused to the stresses involved. The 
noise of passing pedestrians below the flat made me even 
more nervous - was this Jill or even worse her flatmate. I 
was not sure what her flatmate would do if she found me 
here. I could imagine her laughing for a while then going to 
her room and crashing out - she normally did this when 
drunk, thank god. A whole range of possibilities went 
through my mind.

As short time later I heard the outer door open and close 
with its usual thud. The footsteps (one set) quickly 
travelled up the four flights of stairs. This of course made 
me panic slightly. I wriggled about trying to free myself 
but it only made the knots tighter. I could hear a key 
entering the lock on the flat door and the squeak the hinge 
made when it opened - I lay perfectly still while holding my 
breath hoping it was Jill. The person moved around the flat 
for a few minutes, entering the kitchen, opening cupboards, 
etc. The whole time the person never spoke or in any way 
gave away their identity, which was very worrying. If it was 
her flatmate she might think Jill and I are out and not 
bother coming into the room, then I remembered the lamp. She 
may think Jill is in, studying or something. I really 
started to panic as being found tied up is an arousing 
thought but that is as far as I would like it to go.

I could hear the person walking into the hall and stopping 
outside the room door - It was pushed open. My heart was 
beating extremely fast and beads of sweet where running down 
my forehead. I looked into the mirror to see who would enter 
the room. "Jill", I mumbled through the gag as my captor 
re-entered the room. The relief was incredible and I started 
to shout into the gag demanding my release. "Not just yet", 
replied Jill, "there is one more thing I must do". She 
walked over to her chest of drawers and took out her digital 
camera. I felt I had been humiliated enough but Jill was 
adamant that a permanent record must be kept. A few Jpeg's 
later she put the camera down and started to untie me.

After I was untied (gag last so I couldn't complain so much) 
I began to remove the underwear and shoes. Jill was asking 
if I enjoyed the experience. I had to admit to her that most 
of it was brilliant but the stiff shoulders, jaw, and heavy 
rope marks I could do without. She told me that she had been 
planning this for weeks and thought that I would 
particularly enjoy the shoes - she was definitely right 
about that.

We ret

Freddy T.
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As we last left PART III I was helping the girls to their 
beds and desiring each one of them in an unusual way.

The first was Faye who was close to being three sheets to 
the wind. I picked her up and was carrying her when she said 
"Christopher, how did you get to be so smart? Were you born 
that way and what are you going to do now?

Do you really want to know, Faye?" I replied.

"YESH, CHRSH" she cried out in a loud voice then putting her 
arms around me loudly said "MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A WOMAN!"

I stood her on her feet and started to slowly undress her 
while trying to keep her from falling. I could not help but 
admire her well formed and taut body and after laying her on 
the bed I placed on her hands and arms, up-to-the-shoulder 
Plastic Coated Vinyl gloves then put the thigh high Plastic 
coated Vinyl boots on her feet.

As she raised her head and saw what she was wearing she 
looked at me and said "and what are you up to you naughty 
boy" then fell back on the bed. I took a piece of rope and 
tied her gloved hands securely together then to the 
headboard. As she struggled feebly I spread her legs and 
tied each one to the baseboard. I leaned down and gently 
kissed her mouth while gently touching her body and felt her 
arching her thighs towards me.

She opened her mouth wider anticipating another kiss when I 
pushed a ballgag into her mouth securely buckling it at the 
back of her neck. Faye let out small muffled sounding 
"Don't go away sweetheart; I have to get your friends" as I 
took a penguin dildoe and inserted the dildoe into her 
turned it on then used tape to secure it.

I left her and going back saw that Kathleen and Peggy were 
lucid but Jeannie was nodding off so I took her and carried 
her into her bedroom as she looked at me with have sleepy 
eyes. As I stood her up she put her arms around me and 

By your command...oh Mistress Jeannie" I replied as I 
divested her of her clothing and laying her on the bed put 
on her hands and arms, up-to-the-shoulder black, leather 
gloves then put knee high black Vinyl go-go boots on her 
feet then turned her onto her stomach.

As I kissed her shoulders and neck I gently took her arms 
placed them behind her then procuring a wrist and arm binder 
I strapped her wrists together then strapped her gloved arms 
together making sure that her arms were not touching each 
other. After all what woman can enjoy love making if she is 
in pain.

I placed her at the foot of the bed and spreading her booted 
feet tied each one separately to the headboard as she 
sleepily said "Christopher...what are you doing to me?"

Why Mistress Jeannie, I'm going to give you the ride of your 
life" I replied then said, "Now open wide."

her mouth buckling it securely behind her neck. The penis 
attachment prevented any words or loud noises from coming 
out and looking at Jeannie I gently kissed her neck several 
times seeing that her body was on the chunky side but WHAT A 
BUST. Then I inserted another penguin dildoe into her turned 
it on then used tape to secure it saying "And now for the 
others" as I left the room.

I came back and saw Peggy had closed her eyes and Kathleen 
close to sleeping so I took Peggy whom looked up as I 
carried her and said, "Where's Jeannie and Faye?

"Having the time of their lives" I replied as I carried her 
into her room then gently kissing her said "Let's get those 
clothes off and put on the items on the bed."

"Ooohh, this looks like fun." Peggy exclaimed as she took 
her clothes off and lay down on the bed loudly saying, "DO 

"As you wish Peggy" I replied then put on her hands and 
arms, up-to-the-shoulder blue, velour gloves then put 
above-the-knee blue suede boots on her feet then spread her 
arms so they were 90 degrees to her body. As Peggy watched I 
took a pair of white pantyhose and after tying one end 
tightly to her left wrist, threw the pantyhose under the 
bed, pulled and then tightly tied the other end to her right 

I took a pair of black pantyhose and after tying one end 
tightly to her left leg, above the knee, threw the pantyhose 
under the bed, pulled and then tightly tied the other end to 
her right leg, also above the knee.

As I gently caressed the inside of Peggy's thighs and saw 
her move towards me I reached down and got a pantyhose gag. 
It consisted of a pair of pantyhose with a ball situated in 
the crotch and tied there with the two legs just above the 
ball. This still left a lot of the panty section to be used 
as a hood, which is what I did by putting the hood over her 
head. I pushed the ball deep into her mouth knowing that the 
hood would prevent any choking, then pulling each pantyhose 
leg firmly tied it once behind her neck. Pulling again I 
tied it once in front below the ball and continuing to pull 
on both legs tied it once again in the back and then with a 
final pull tied it twice above the ball. There was no way to 
push or work it out as the hood effectively prevented 
Peggy's tongue from being used and she could only give out 
muffled sounds and not very loud ones at that.

Once again I inserted another penguin dildoe into her turned 
it on then used tape to secure it saying "And now for 
Kathleen." I turned to look at her long, slim body then left 
the room hearing Peggy's muffled sounding 
getting fainter and fainter.

Just as I was leaving Peggy's room Kathleen came in and 
looking at Peggy said "Christopher...what are you doing with 
Peggy? I just saw Faye and Jeannie in the same state and 
they seem to be enjoying it.

I thought that it would be nice change of pace for you four 
to be bound and gagged and enjoy my sexual ministrations 
without feeling guilty." I replied.

Looking askance at me and leaning against the wall Kathleen 
nodded in agreement then said loudly "DO IT TO ME 

As you wish Kathleen" I replied then taking her to her bed 
which was in the same room as Peggy's I helped her out of 
her clothes and into a pair of knee-high black cloth boots 
that laced up the front and up-to-the-shoulder white, cloth 

I fastened a leather cuff onto each gloved wrist and booted 
foot then connected the right-gloved hand to her right 
booted foot by the use of a double hasp lock. I took 
Kathleen's left-gloved hand and connected it to her left 
booted foot the same way. Now Kathleen legs were bent at the 
knee with the knees pointing towards the ceiling and as I 
started to suck and lick certain strategic areas she let out 
several low moans which were reduced in volume when I 
inserted the same ballgag she used on me in the van. I then 
took a piece of rope and looping it around Kathleen's neck 
secured it to the headboard.

As I looked down at her muscular, full-figured body I took 
out the 4th penguin dildoe inserted it into her taped it 
securely and turned it on. 

(If you are wondering what a penguin dildoe is; this dildoe 
is like any ordinary dildoe except that when you push it 
into the vagina the penguin's beak is resting on the 
clitoris. After turning it on to high speed the penguin 
dildoe started to do its work as the Penguin's beak is 
vibrating the clitoris at high speed causing uncontrollable 

As I went from room to room, touching and caressing and 
teasing, I heard not loud and angry muffled screams but four 
combined, audibly muffled, pleasurable soft sounding 
but not simultaneous sounds of each girl rising and falling 
in volume. I could also see each girl desperately trying to 
get away from her dildoe's effect but to no avail. Thus I 
felt that it was my duty to sexually please them and let 
them know who was in charge.

With no further ado I proceeded to pleasure their bodies 
touch all and every area going from room to room until they 
had hit quite a few climaxes. I continued to tease them then 
gave them relief by taking out the dildoe, after asking then 
hearing and seeing each girl's frantic replies. Then I 
proceeded to control my desire to end it, as I would not 
have been fair to any of them. After doing this for about 2 
hours I released each girl from her gag as she responded 
fiercely by raising her head and returned my kisses with 
desperate passion while I continuing to please her.

Faye was the first girl I released from bondage and now 
found myself now being attacked by her as she wrapped 
herself around me and wouldn't let go. I was able to get her 
to another climax before she collapsed on the bed and I was 
able to extricate myself and go to Jeannie, Peggy and 
Kathleen, in that order. I found the same thing was 
happening to me with the other three girls, as each didn't 
want me to leave her.

Five months later, after another round of what was 
previously mentioned above, at about 3 AM I was completely 
exhausted and collapsed onto the bed and quickly fell asleep 
only to wake up 10 hours later bound and gagged securely 
with 4 pairs of eyes looking at me. I looked down to see a 
corset with filled D-size cups on me as well as pantyhose 
with re-enforced waist and toe.

"Christopher...those were some fucking good stunts you've 
pulled off in the last five months and what amazes us is the 
way you manipulated us so nicely as to let you tie us those 
seven times then have your way with us." Peggy said, "Slaves 
aren't suppose to have such privileges; now are they 

"No, Peggy they aren't so we thought that we should return 
the favour as you looked dead to the world and since you 
never entered us all those times we felt that we should 
finish where you left off" Kathleen rejoined.

"You're suppose to please us not us please you and besides, 
we have all afternoon as it is only 1PM" Jeannie 

As I tried to get free Faye moved closer to my face and said 
"Don't bother trying to get free Christopher as your gloved 
hands are securely buckled and connected to a collar that 
has a set of leather cuffs attached to a leather strap. The 
wrists can be separately cuffed in the front, but as we 
prefer, be separately cuffed in back of the body and the 
cuffs, collar, and connector strap are all adjustable for 
that perfect fit. The wrists can be positioned higher or 
lower to suit our tastes and as you can feel Chris we pushed 
your gloved hands, as far as possible, up your back where 
they were securely positioned and held there. Therefore 
Christopher, my love, you cannot move them up and down or 
free them as they are cuffed securely, tightly and I should 
add separately."

Faye caught her breath then said "the gag which you have in 
your mouth is an inflatable rubber bladder gag with a 
squeeze ball, a chin strap and a third strap comes up on 
either side of the nose going over the head and buckles at 
the back. We quickly stuffed the flaccid balloon-like 
bladder into your mouth while securing the 2" wide buckled 
strap tightly behind your head. Then Kathleen squeezed the 
ball very quickly and as you may have noticed that the 
balloon bladder inside your mouth has expanded to a size 
larger than any ball gag you've had experienced. This gag 
will keep your mouth wide open with no movement possible and 
the bladder fills your entire mouth pinning your tongue and 
your cheeks are bulging like a chipmunk storing nuts. 
Lastly, it was a good thing that you were dead to the world; 
it made our job of putting on the shiny black, 
to-the-shoulder length, non-slipping PCV gloves, the 
thigh-high shiny black patent PCV boots and securing you 
that much easier." 

Peggy sat next to me and pulling a strap on my waist said 
"Chris, see this strap that's just under your fake bust. 
This strap is buckled in front which pins the strap holding 
your gloved hands and arms to your back. If this strap was 
not there Chris you would be able to move your gloved hands 
and arms outwards giving you more leverage to try and get 
free and this we can't allow." 

Jeannie concluded the one-sided conversation by saying "We'd 
better let you relieve yourself as we have to go out for 
some food later on and we'll get some of your favourites. 
Now Christopher let's finish what was started" as they all 
sexually started and used me until I was exhausted.

Having finished they left me securely bound and gagged for a 
few hours until I heard the door open and turning my head 
saw the girls returning with several bags. As they came over 
to me I thought they were going to free me until Faye said 
"Christopher, you're not going to believe this but we've 
just been invited to join the most exclusive sorority on 
campus and the price of their membership is to bring you 
along for their enjoyment. We talked about it at great 
length and wondered if you could stand the rigours of this 
initiation. After what we've seen you do we feel you can and 
it would be a great service to us if you could and also you 
are to be the star attraction." Then as I saw 4 captivating 
smiles and eight pleading eyes...I weakened and nodded my 
head in agreement 

But I groaned inside as I realized that once again I was 
going to be the unwanted center of attraction. Then I got a 
further shock as I was told that I would be dressed once 
again as a sexually desirable woman and would be ordered to 
be subservient.

protest but Kathleen gripped my chin firmly and interjected 
by saying bluntly "I strongly suggest that you fucking wear 
the outfit." Turning to Jeannie, Faye and Peggy said 
cheerfully "Let's get him dressed, I'll pinch his nose so he 
complies. We didn't think that you'd mind going without 

While Kathleen pinched my nose, I stepped into the 
strapless, silver satin, formal gown. As it was brought up 
my body and secured I felt the air going up inside me and 
saw that it was opened at both the front and back, from the 
hem to the crotch area. The boots were taken off and a pair 
of opened toe, silver back strap, 3" heeled shoes were put 
on my feet by Peggy while Jeannie and Faye placed the 
blonde, thick hair, blunt cut, bob style wig onto my head 
then combed the hairs in place. Peggy applied my makeup as 
Kathleen released my nose then after the make-up Jeannie 
re-pinched my nose. As the gown went to my feet, no one 
would be able to see or hear the legcuffs as Faye was taping 
the chain to my calves while Peggy clipped diamond earrings 
onto my ears. The taped legcuffs prevented me from taking 
any normal steps thus hobbling me and as my tied-gloved 
hands were secured to the strap and the strap to just under 
my fake bust so I could not move them up or down.

Jeannie unpinched my nose as I was led over to the mirror 
and I did not believe what I saw and neither did the girls 
for the fake breasts and corseted waist make my figure look 
like a voluptuous woman with everything that a man could 
desire. The blonde, blunt cut, bob style wig coming down and 
nicely covering my ears with its thick hair making me look 
more sexually desirable. Peggy, playing the part of a man, 
ran her gloved hands up and down my curved body and said "I 
wish I was a man right now" as Kathleen filmed the action. I 
noticed that each girl was wearing a pair of black skin 
tight leather gloves, which came just past the wrists. 

"Amen to that" Kathleen said with Jeannie rejoining "what a 
figure, I'M JEALOUS" which caused the girls to giggle then 
putting a black cape over me, which had five clasps down the 
front completely hiding my tied gloved hands and the strap 
down my back. While Kathleen still filmed, they took me to 
the car and putting me inside with Jeannie on one side and 
Kathleen on the other as Faye drove off to the Hanrahan's 
where the sorority sisters were gathering. 

As we got out of the car, around 6:00pm three other girls 
met us and after looking me over; the leader, a buxom 6 foot 
tall woman named Sue said, "So this is the great 
Christopher Dean, the Don Juan, Casanova and Cyrano de 
Bergerac all rolled into one that we've heard so much about. 
He doesn't look all that impressive but he's nicely bound 
and I love the gag, by the way you will get it back. Did 
Christopher put up any resistance in anyway? I must admit 
that you did some nice bondage and he'll suit our purposes 
fully. He looks helpless but is he really secured as we've 
heard a rumour that he is another Houdini.

Yes and no" Faye replied "He had an exhausting night with us 
and slept like a babe which allowed us to dress, tie and gag 
him easily. But I feel that I should warn you girls that you 
should know two thing about Chris...1) don't free some of 
his bonds too soon as he is good at escaping just like 
Houdini and 2) he's an expert at getting women to do what he 
wants. Aren't you sweetie" as she gave me a tender kiss.

"Thanks for the warning" Sue replied "by the way this is 
Gail and this is Sheila, my assistants"

My captor's acknowledged the introductions of Gail, who was 
5' 10 and well built, and Sheila, who was 5'8 and very well 
proportioned. Then Kathleen ominously said to Sue "A word of 
warning...He's ours and we don't want to see him crippled or 
have any lasting bruises and if you go too far you'll answer 
to us! We don't mind what you do to him as long as there is 
no extreme sadism...fair enough"

If I didn't know better I'd say you were in love with him" 
Sue replied caustically.

"No I'm not in love with him but I'm fond of Christopher as 
are the others" Kathleen retorted as Faye, Jeannie and Peggy 
nodded in agreement.

"Fair enough" the Sue said then turning to the others coldly 
commanded "Gail, you hood him, and make sure the hood is 
tied securely while Sheila you hobble him. Don't worry 
girls...your MAN is safe with us!!!!!!"

"One last thing" Jeannie said, "Christopher is already 
hobbled if you look under the gown."

Sheila looked under and said, "You're right he is hobbled 
but we'll just make sure he's hobbled further and I have 
just the thing.

Now what do we do? Faye asked

Absolutely nothing, you girls go on in now and thoroughly 
enjoy yourselves as everything is on the house. We'll take 
it from here" Sue said as Gail slipped a hood over my head 
and drew the drawstrings tightly around my neck. Sheila took 
a pair of leather cuffs wrapped one around each ankle them 
then fastened the cuffs together with a double hasp lock 
allowing only 1-1/2 inches of space hobbling each ankle. As 
I was led stumbling away I gave out a few muffled 
"MMMMMMMPHPHFFMMMMMMMFMHPFMMM" that only got me a hard punch 
in the stomach with a retort "Shut up, you're ours now until 
we give you back to your owners'."

As the girls went inside Faye turned to Kathleen and said, 
"I don't like this...I don't like it at all. I don't know 
how you others feel about it but if things get too bad we 
pull Chris out and abandon the membership for the sorority. 

Agreed" the others chimed in as they sat down at a table 
each ordering and drinking a pitcher of beer.

Faye suddenly jerked upwards and quietly asked "Did anyone 
tell them about the bolero torture and his ability to 
withstand conventional torture?

"I didn't mention the Bolero torture but I think that they 
know how much he can stand. It did get around the campus 
during the contest" Kathleen replied as the other chimed in 
with the same reply.

"Good" Faye replied "I feel a lot happier about that and I 
have a feeling that Christopher is going to pass this with 
flying colours."

Then scanning the multitude of girls Faye loudly said 
"Anyone want to bet against our Christopher winning hands 

"Not from us" several girls chimed in giggling while others 
said, "We'll wait until the main event."

"Suit yourself ladies then let's enjoy the show………….. 
BARKEEP, ANOTHER ROUND!!!" Faye cried out.

As the night wore on they brought out one hooded man after 
another. When the hood was taken off each man was wearing a 
female outfit that he had arrived with and, in accordance 
with their outfits, the sorority sisters had the men perform 
different humiliating acts so they would make asses of 
themselves. While the men performed the female audience 
hooted and/or jeered and/or cheered each performance. It 
seemed that the more resistance a man put up the louder the 
cheers went and the longer the humiliation was continued 
until he was finally broken.

After each man was done he was handed back to his girl 
friend or girl friends after they were told to come onto the 
stage. She or they were told to perform a final humiliation 
on their boyfriend to gain admittance to the sorority. If 
they succeeded in the humiliation then they received 
membership and their man was set free but if membership was 

Meanwhile, behind the stage at Hanrahan's, I was being 
outfitted with a collar that had a D-ring at the front and 
one at each side. It was shaped like a tapered belt with the 
front part being 5 inches wide while the back was 3 inches 
wide. The sides on either side of the neck came up and 
rested beside each lower jaw. This collar forced my chin 
upwards and prevented me from moving my face freely from 
side to side. Gail wrapped it securely around my neck then 
pulling tightly placed the D ring through the last slot 
padlocking it. My face was now securely locked and fixed in 
one position but I still felt a little slack in the collar.

As the gag was taken off me Sue said, "Any words slave 
before we gag you again?" 

"I'm just making sure that you know who and what you're up 
against because you will lose" I replied as I returned her 
look with a steely-eyed gaze.

Sue seeing this determination said, "you're a fucking, 
arrogant bastard………….aren't you? It's going to be a real 
pleasure humiliating and breaking you. One last thing, I've 
never failed." 

"Promises, promises………always promises that are never carried 
out" I replied in a bored voice to Sue who then ordered me 
to stick out my tongue and when I refused Sheila pinched my 
nose until I was forced to open my mouth. As I did Gail 
clamped a pair of needle nosed pliers onto the tip of my 
tongue and pulling hard enabled Sue to thread a bamboo 
clamp, over and under the pliers and onto the top and bottom 
of my tongue then screwed the upper and lower parts tightly 
together. The top and bottom pieces were long enough that 
when I tried to pull my tongue back the bamboo ends stopped 
at the corners of my mouth. Satisfied with the results Sue 
moved away from me and out of earshot called Gail over and 
asked, "What do you really know about Christopher?"

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Gail had just tightly buckled a blindfold over my eyes 
cutting me off from all sight then coming over said "From 
what I have been able to find out, which isn't much from the 
rumour mill, he can resist torture very effectively and can 
outlast a woman. He has this ability to charm any woman and 
he will, if the incentive is right, put on a good show for 
his owners' but to break him, while that's another story. 
His captors' aren't too forthcoming with this information 
nor are they telling us all they know."

Then they both heard Sheila retort "THAT'S REALLY NOTHING 
BUT FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!" as she put the hood over my head 
again and pulled the drawstrings tightly. "Christopher is 
like any other man we've seen TONIGHT, weak, useless and 
controllable, and with the right tools he'll crack like a 
fresh egg. Anyway it's time to get him on stage and what 
props are you going to use Sue? 

You'll see very soon Sheila...very soon. After all we can't 
let our distinguished VIP know……..Now can we?" Sue replied 
with a smile as the girls hooked a leash onto each D-ring. 
As Gail and Kim each took an arm they guided me up the 
stairs and onto the stage wings.

Sue came out holding the front leash while Gail and Sheila 
held the left and right leashes respectively. As they pulled 
I somehow managed to keep my balance after being forced to a 
stumbling stop. The cheers subsided as Sue, waving for 
silence cried, in a loud voice, "LADIES AND THEIR 
the hood off my head slowly and then dramatically Sue cried 

Cheers and gasps went up from the audience and even from 
Faye, Kathleen, Peggy and Jeannie. They could see the 
blindfold on me and the agony on my face the gag was causing 
me then as Peggy started to rise from her chair Kathleen 
pushed her back down into the chair saying "Have some faith 
in Christopher, Peggy. He won't let us down."

"But it's so painful" Peggy replied "Can't anyone see that 
he is in pain?"

"They can and we can Peggy" both Faye and Jeannie replied. 
Then Faye continued "but we must agree with Kathleen as we 
all know that Christopher is no wimp and the goal here is 
the more resistance your boyfriend puts up the faster you 
get into the sorority. You see Peggy Chris will get us into 
this sorority, in record time, and we all know that he can't 
be broken by any conventional means."

"You're right Faye but I still wonder if Chris can hold 
out?" Peggy replied fearfully.

"I have the same fear as does Kathleen and Jeannie but we 
can't let anyone see it." Faye replied and as Peggy looked 
over she saw that they had the same concerns.

"After this is over, we'd better make it up to him in 
spades. Everyone in agreement?" Peggy asked.

"You got my word on it." Faye said "What about you Jeannie 
and Kathleen."

"You've got our word on it too" they acknowledged together.

"One last thing" Faye said "Who's going to do the final 
humiliation on Chris. It has to be someone who hasn't had 
too much experience in this field and that leaves only one 
person Jeannie."

"Me?" Jeannie replied "I don't see how I could pull it off?"

"You're the best one as you haven't really hurt Christopher 
and no one knows you on campus that well" Faye replied. 
"Besides you're going to have to role-play and act as if 
you're going to humiliate him. To make it easier try to get 
close enough to tell Chris "to play along."

"Alright...I'll do it" Jeannie said "but my stomach is going 
to do somersaults."

riveted the sisters' attention.

There was silence then a girl stood up and said, "Why not 
start with some boot and toe-licking."

Another one stood up saying, "after we do that then let's 
give him the old sorority tradition."

Another one said "since we talking about courses why not let 
PHASE III be the main course.

"An excellent idea for an appetiser and the sorority 
tradition for the side dish but as far as the main course is 
concerned he won't make it that far" Sue replied. "But first 
we have to make fucking sure that Christopher is more 
subservient" as she took a bag like device with connecting 
wires out of her bag of tricks. It looked like a small 
cylinder, opened at both ends, with two metal rings 
connected by four metal rods that came up on all four sides. 
It also had a third ring connected by 2 leather straps, on 
either side, with 2 straps that hung down and could be 
buckled together as well as padlocked.

Showing it to the audience Sue said "While my two assistants 
hoist up Chris's gown I'm going to attach this device to his 
genitals, which should make him more agreeable and 

A cheer went up as I struggled trying to turn my body but 
was soon subdued by Gail pinching my nose while Sheila went 
behind me and pulled back the gown enabling Sue to fasten 
the bag over my genitals tying them securely. I felt the 
wire cups inside and knew what its purpose was. It had been 
used before on me in the reserves and I had been able to 
withstand all but the highest setting. 

"This is called a penis cage" Sue said "You put the 
restraint on when the cock is soft by securing it to the 
balls and the base of the cock with the straps and/or 
padlocks. When the cock expands due to some sexual 
stimulation, like our touching or battery operated dildoes 
or as this particular model has attached to it a small 
controller so if your man does something you don't like 
…………you can do this." As Sue pushed a button suddenly I felt 
a surge of intense pain run through my penis and scrotum 
that almost doubled me over. As she turned the controller 
off Sue continued saying "The controller has 5 settings and 
the restraint will fit snugly over a man's cock with the 
head exposed for dildoes. He can still urinate but once his 
cock is excited the rings will prevent it from expanding to 
full size causing a lot of unpleasant pain."

Kathleen looked at the other in horror and saw the same 
reactions on their faces but they quickly changed to poker 
typefaces as other people were starting to look at them.
I couldn't see them but heard Sue command "Down on your 
knees slave and lick my boots as your tongue is already 

I stood my ground and planted my feet firmly then I felt 
someone kick the back of my knee knocking me to the floor. 
My chin hit the floor hard partially stunning me then felt a 
boot on my tongue and Sue saying again "lick my boots slave, 
it will go easier on you if you do."

I backed away and somehow got onto my knees and looking up 
to where her voice was shook my head no managing to somehow 
move the collar a little bit from side to side.

"NO???….…DID I SEE YOUR HEAD SHAKE NO!!!! !!!! Sue screamed 
then turned the control lever from level 1 to level 3. The 
pain shot through me and I started to writhe around on the 
floor for what seemed like minutes then as the pain was 
stopped I heard loud and prolonged cheering.

"I'm so proud of Christopher" Jeannie said "Don't you 

"I don't know how he's doing it but he is everything we 
thought" Kathleen echoed.

"The question is how much longer can he hold out?" Peggy 

"From what his Air Reserve base told me, Sue is going to be 
in for a long, long session." Faye replied looking at them 
with a grin.

Sue was getting visibly angry and ordered me to be put on my 
feet then instructed Gail to take the blindfold off me and 
as Gail did I blinked at the lights then saw my captors' 
sitting in the front row. As they looked at me, I gave them 
a wink, which elicited smiles from them and heard more 

Sue, seeing this, came up to me and quietly said, in my ear, 
"Your friends' are going to be denied membership if you keep 
this up so why don't you make it easy on yourself and give 
in." Gail unzipped the genital bag and started to caress my 
manhood while Sheila caressed my balls as each whispered 
into an ear "you could and can have everything you want here 
and be a privilege slave of the highest rank if only you'd 
just give up this resistance.

'A trap if I ever saw one……….do they really think I'm that 
naive' I thought then decided have some fun by verbally 
twisting the knife in them even deeper by humming an old 
song that I knew would drive them up the wall. I started by 
humming, in a loud voice, the COLONEL BOOGEY MARCH or known 
better as THE RIVER KWAI MARCH (from the movie The Bridge on 
the River Kwai starring Alec Guinness) which caused gales of 
laughter from the girl-dominated crowd and more cheers only 
louder. Faye, Jeannie, Peggy and Kathleen had broad smiles 
on their faces and cheered the loudest. Then I heard the 
sounds of rhythmic clapping which gave me a sense that I was 

Sheila was seething with rage and slapped the blindfold back 
on me buckling it even tighter on me than before as Sue, 
catching me off guard, hit me hard in the solar plexus 
doubling me over and causing me to stop humming then zipped 
up the genital bag again. As Sue kicked me hard in the balls 
and seeing no results an enraged Gail yanked the controller 
from Sue's hands and setting the lever to 5 turned it on 

I cried out in loud agony as the pain rocketed through my 
genitals causing them to feel as if they were on fire. This 
was the setting that I had endured, at the base, but not for 
long as my feet started to turn to jelly and I began to 
collapse slowly to the floor then I felt my tongue being 
stepped on by Sue's boot. The pain continued as I tried to 
think of other things anything but finally ended up licking 
the soles of her boots then LICKED Gail's and Sheila's toes.

"You see Ladies that even the greatest man on campus can be 
beaten and now he will do anything we say" Sue crowed 
turning off the controller and looking at my captors' said 
"If that's the best your Christopher can do then you aren't 
worthy of membership."

"Christopher's not through yet" Faye retorted "Look for 
yourself, Sue."

As Sue turned around she saw that I had rolled painfully to 
a pole on the stage (which I had spotted before being 
blindfolded again). As I gripped the pole with one hand I 
slowly got to my feet and hobbling towards her voice stood 
there in a defiance stance, feet hobbled together, 
shoulder's back and head held high. An eruption of cheers 
filled the hall and Gail quietly said to Sheila "Better tell 
Sue to get to PHASE II, he's winning PHASE I."

Sue was beside herself as she heard Sheila's warning then 
one girl said, "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW SUE? 


Another girl stood up and said, "C'mon Sue………..Why not just 
concede the point THAT YOU'VE LOST!!!!! This man, who's 
owned by Faye's party over there, is besting you at every 
turn. Do you know how many women here would love to have a 
man like this in bed with them? Even you'd want that Sue so 
don't deny it!"

Remember Joy, your boyfriend didn't even make it through 
but there's always next year!!!!" Sue said and laughed 

"That's right" Joy shot back then said "and right now my 
money's on Christopher and it's going to be a pleasure to 
see you and your assistants being taken down by a 'WEAK AND 
see him in PHASE III" as more cheers and applause went up.

"Oh my God" Peggy said, "What is PHASE III?"

Another girl seated close to Peggy leaned over and said to 
them "Nobody knows what PHASE III really is but Sue, Gail 
and Sheila and they keep changing it every year. I have a 
feeling that your Christopher may not survive it but I must 
admit though you girls picked the right man and I just wish 
my man had the same guts and stamina…………any chance of 
borrowing yours?"

Sorry, no can do but thank you whoever you are for the 
compliment and the info" Peggy said.

Just call me Rose, Rose Carovillano and my offer still 
stands, even if it is for a night."

"When Christopher passes PHASE III then we will talk about 
your offer Rose" Faye replied.

"Thank you, Faye" Rose answered as she cheered and clapped 

"Now that our so-called illustrious man has survived PHASE I 
we now go to PHASE II and give him an old sorority 
tradition. Gail and Sheila uncuff his legs and use the 
spreader bar on him while I keep his cock busy with a level 
2 pain" Sue ordered. 

With the pain being continuous I could not resist as they 
got the spreader bar and placed each foot at either end then 
getting another length of rope they fastened it around my 
collar. They hoisted onto a hook, suspended from the 
ceiling, pulled hard causing me to be stretched so my toes 
barely touched the floor.

"Now that gag looks a little loose on you so let's tighten 
it abit" Sheila said as she tightened the screws on either 
side of my tongue compressing it even more. Now the pain was 
almost more than I could bear and even with the cock pain 
turned off I was starting to feel my stamina slowly breaking 
down. Sue took off the cock and ball restraint then attached 
a 5 LB weight to my balls saying scornfully "Now Mr. 
Christopher Dean let's see you lift that weight." I winced 
in pain as I felt my balls being stretched downwards.

The crowd watched as I struggled to maintain my composure 
and managed to block out most of the pain by thinking of how 
I made love to my 4 captors. As 10 minutes went by Gail and 
Sheila hoisted me a little higher then after 15 minutes a 
little higher still and after 20 minutes even higher until I 
was about 2 feet off the stage floor. As the pain increased 
on my neck, caused by the collar being strained, I was 
starting to feel light headed but still fought to stay 
conscious. Sue, Gail and Sheila seeing that I wasn't 
cracking under the strain then decided to use psychological 
tactics on me. As they lowered me until my feet were on the 
floor I heard Gail say that I had been on the stage for 40 
minutes not counting the 20 minutes off stage.

The cheering and clapping continued as they now started to 
get the equipment ready. Then it happened quickly and 
without warning as I heard one of them announce "Now 
Christopher, in order to begin PHASE II of your punishment 
I'm going to introduce you to one of our old sorority 
traditions." As Gail removed the blindfold Sue showed me two 
paddles with holes in them and a riding crop. As I felt the 
back of the gown being lifted up and pinned I knew that the 
holes would give the paddles little air resistance and would 
sting more than non-holed paddles. Before I was blindfolded 
again I saw Sue give a paddle to both Gail and Sheila while 
keeping the riding crop for herself. Suddenly I was given a 
rapid succession of hard whacks with wooden paddles as each 
girl hit me in turn causing my seat to redden while Sue, non 
too gently, flicked my genitals with the crop. As I was 
blindfolded I could not anticipate when the whacks would 
come as they continued on an irregular basis but the 
accumulation brought tears to my eyes and a frantic, 
pleading MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM." I moaned, now resigned to 
my fate as this spanking went on for what seemed to be over 
an hour but was, in reality, only 20 minutes until they were 
finished. At that point my ass was in such excruciating pain 
and I was very thankful that I wasn't sitting down. My bound 
arms were getting numb my feet were killing me and I didn't 
have much energy left to keep my head upright. To make 
matters worse the stage lights were so hot that the sweat 
rolling down my face and body was tormenting me. Being kept 
helpless and whipped had me in such terrible pain as my 
penis strained against its cage and caused me even greater 
pain in my groin.

It was now becoming apparent that PHASE II was not working 
so Sue turned to the audience and said "Sorority sisters, we 
are in a dilemma and I need your help to solve it. We stand 
a chance of having a man beat us and come out not humiliated 
and not broken. If this happens then every man will gain new 
strength and resolve from Christopher's example. I propose 
that we proceed onto PHASE III, but there is the choice 
here. As our new potential members cannot vote this is the 
choice you sisters must make DO WE GO ONTO PHASE III OR DO 
show of hands:

Who wants to forgo PHASE III and accept Chris' captors as 
members and have this sorority humiliated?"

Thirty-nine girls raised their hands

"How many want to see Christopher go onto PHASE III?"

Ninety-eight girls raised their hands

"Then it is decided that PHASE III will be used on 
Christopher and if he passes he will be the first man to do 
so and his owners will be automatically accepted as the 
highest ranking sisters in this sorority. It is now 8:30PM 
and we will take our captive to the special place designated 
for PHASE III. As far as his owners' are concerned they must 
agree to be bound and gagged so they cannot rescue or give 
any verbal help what-so-ever."

Then turning to Faye Sue said, "as you are the leader you 
must decide with the others to this proposal. You have 1 
minute to talk it over then we must have your answer."

The girls huddled together and had the following 

"We can't let Christopher down after what he's done for us," 
Jeannie said

"Agreed" replied Kathleen "and if it means being bound and 
gagged to help Chris and get into this sorority. Then I'm 
for it."

"I agree with Kathleen's and Jeannie's statements" Peggy 

"Then it's settled" Faye said, "we allow ourselves to be 
completely helpless and trust Christopher to come through 
for us. But we'll demand to ask Christopher first." 

"Have you reached a decision?" Sue asked.

"We have but we want to see if Christopher agrees if you 
care to take the gag off" Faye replied.

"Very well" Sue said reluctantly then turning to Gail said 
"remove the gag but he has only 30 seconds to reply as his 
tongue may be affected."

As Gail removed the bamboo gag, I felt my tongue slowly come 
back to life then gave my reply in short but stirring words 
(spoken by John Paul Jones when asked by the British Naval 
captain to surrender his almost sinking ship) "I HAVE NOT 
YET BEGUN TO FIGHT!!!!!" And no sooner than I had spoken the 
bladder gag was quickly placed in my mouth by Gail who 
tightened it much harder than Faye did and pumped the 
flaccid bladder in my mouth to a size that was worse than 
when Kathleen had done it. My mouth felt like it was going 
to burst and the pain reminded me that a mouth could only be 
stretched so far.

After being gagged the blindfold was taken off briefly and I 
saw each of my captors' wearing black, opera length, cloth 
gloves and their gloved hands being bound securely behind 
their backs with a length of white, 1/2-inch nylon rope. I 
saw two of the sisters push each of my captors' bound gloved 
hands up their backs while the bondager brought the rest of 
the rope up and under each of their left armpits around the 
back of their necks down and under their right armpits 
securing the end to their bound gloved hands. This resulted 
in Faye's, Peggy's, Jeannie's and Kathleen's bound gloved 
hands being positioned 90 degrees to their bodies. I saw 
them place ankle cuffs on each of my captors' ankles and 
secure them with double hasp locks. As the blindfold went 
back on quickly I saw each of them being gagged with a 
harness ballgag that had a strap that went around the back 
of your head. It had a strap that would go under your chin, 
and around the top of your head. I realized that my captor's 
were now totally helpless and I knew I was the key to them 
obtaining membership. 

As I was led off the stage and down the stairs to ground 
level (with my left gloved arm held by Gail and my right 
gloved arm held by Sheila on each side to prevent me from 
falling) I heard the chilling tone of Sue's voice as she 


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