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Ozzie and Harriet (10/3/1952 - 9/3/1966 on ABC)

Some episodes can be viewed online at and at

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, starring the entire Nelson family. Here's Ozzie, who plays the part of Ozzie Nelson, and of course his lovely wife Harriet as Harriet Nelson. The older of the Nelson boys, David, appears as David Nelson, and his younger brother, the irrepressible Ricky, played by Ricky Nelson. The Nelson's next door neighbor, Thorny, is played by Don DeFore.

When Rick has a song in an episode, I've highlighted the word sings or sing, with an asterisk like this, sings or sing.

The Rivals 10-3-1952

The Poet 10-10-1952

The Pills 10-17-1952

Fall Guy 10-24-1952

Jerry Mathers on Ozzie and Harriet
HALLOWEEN PARTY 10-31-1952 This episode is viewable online at

Jerry Mathers (Beaver Cleaver from Leave It To Beaver) is in this episode. (on the right)

Riviera Ballet 11-7-1952

David, The Babysitter 11-14-1952

Rick Goes To A Dance 11-21-1952

Day After Thanksgiving 11-28-1952

Thorny's Gift 12-5-1952

Harriet's Hairdo 12-12-1952

Boys' Christmas Money 12-19-1952

Late Christmas Gift 12-26-1952

Newspaper Write-Up 1-2-1953

Basketball Players 1-9-1953

Stop Worrying 1-16-1953

Tuba Incident 1-23-1953 This episode is viewable online at

Rover Boys 1-30-1953

Separate Rooms 2-6-1953

Valentine Show 2-13-1953

The Traffic Signal 2-20-1953 This episode is viewable online at

Dental Receptionist 2-27-1953

The Speech 3-6-1953

Safe Crackers 3-13-1953

Brother Beesley's Philosophy 3-20-1953

Bowling Alley 3-27-1953
This episode is viewable online at
This episode is also viewable online at

The Orchid And The Violet 4-3-1953 This episode is viewable online at

PANCAKE MIX 4-10-1953 This episode is viewable online at
The Nelsons discover there's a double your money back guarantee from the Hasty Tasty Pancake Company if they are not the finest you've ever eaten. A trip to the store shows Ozzie that someone is cashing in on this offer. Ricky has his signature line, "I don't mess around boy".

Grocery man (Sterling Holloway), A.K. Bailey (Frank Nelson), Mr. Crawford (Hal Smith)

Whistler's Daughter 4-17-1953

Fish Story 4-24-1953

Night School 5-1-1953

The Traders 5-8-1953

The Boxing Matches 5-15-1953

A Door Key For David 5-22-1953

The Play's The Thing 5-29-1953

Monetary System 6-5-1953

Who's Walter 6-12-1953

Curiosity 6-19-1953

Oscillating Ozzie 6-26-1953

New Chairs 9-18-1953 This episode is viewable online at

The Party 9-25-1953

Boy's Paper Route 10-2-1953 This episode is viewable online at

Window Pane 10-9-1953

David's Pipe 10-16-1953

David's 17th Birthday 10-23-1953 This episode is viewable online at

No Noise 10-30-1953

The Hustler 11-6-1953

Boys' Day 11-13-1953

The Suggestion Box 11-20-1953 This episode is viewable online at

The Ladder 11-27-1953

Parental Guidance 12-4-1953

The Insurance Policy 12-11-1953

Credit Reference 12-18-1953

The Miracle 12-25-1953

The Hunter 1-1-1954

Ozzie's Night Out 1-8-1954

The Cameras 1-15-1954

Courage 1-22-1954

The Incentive 1-29-1954

Too Many Children 2-5-1954

David's Career 2-12-1954

Harriet Gives A Party 2-19-1954

Old Fashioned Remedy 2-26-1954

The Initiation 3-5-1954 This episode is viewable online at

Ricky's Lost Letter 3-12-1954

Father And Son Tournament 3-19-1954 This episode is viewable online at

Gentleman David 3-26-1954

David Writes A Column 4-2-1954

Over Protection 4-9-1954

Be On Time 4-16-1954

AN EVENING WITH HAMLET 4-23-1954 This episode is viewable online at
The television set is broken so finding something else to do is in order. David has a class assignment of reading Hamlet and comments it's a little difficult to read but if someone read it to him he wouldn't mind. Ozzie suggests putting on a production of Hamlet in their living room.

John Carradine, who is in this episode, played Aaron in The Ten Commandments (1956 movie directed by Cecil B. DeMille). He was Casy in The Grapes of Wrath (1940 movie directed by John Ford).

Announcer Verne Smith said at the end of the show that a completely different episode of Ozzie and Harriet could be heard on radio every Friday night. You were to consult your newspaper for time and radio station. Verne Smith was the announcer on the radio version of Ozzie and Harriet.

Cameron Whitfield (John Carradine), Doctor Williams (Frank Cady), Television Repairman (Henry Kulky)

New Neighbor 4-30-1954

The Bird's Nest 5-7-1954 This episode is viewable online at

A Friend Of The Family 5-14-1954

A Tuxedo For David 5-21-1954

The Painter 5-28-1954

Operation Economy 6-4-1954

Swimming Pool 6-11-1954

Wedding Anniversary 10-8-1954

Too Many Ties 10-15-1954

The Furnace 10-22-1954

A Load Of Gravel 10-29-1954

The Usher 11-12-1954

Come As You Are Party 11-19-1954

Dipple Door 12-3-1954

Odd Bolt 12-10-1954

Matter Of Inches 12-17-1954

Lost Christmas Gift 12-24-1954

The Fruitcake 1-7-1955

The Bloodhound 1-14-1955

Missing Sandwiches 1-21-1955

Individuality 1-28-1955

Electric Train 2-4-1955

A Matter Of Principle 2-11-1955

Career Woman 2-18-1955

The Girl Who Came To Dinner 2-25-1955

The Sportscar 3-11-1955

Ricky's Blind Date 3-18-1955

Spring Housecleaning 3-25-1955

Pajama Game 4-1-1955

Ricky's Shadow 4-8-1955

The Witness 4-15-1955

Ricky's Charge Account 4-22-1955

The Testimonial 4-29-1955

Thorny's Piano 5-6-1955

Stray Dog 5-27-1955

David's Engagement 9-23-1955

Homemade Ice-Cream 9-30-1955

Football Hero 10-7-1955

Invitation To Dinner 10-14-1955

Carnation Perfume 10-21-1955

The Campers 10-28-1955

Man Across The Street 11-11-1955

Music Appreciation 11-18-1955

A Ball Of Tinfoil 11-25-1955

Wedding Rings 12-2-1955

Gay Blade 12-9-1955

Eclipse 12-16-1955

The Gadget 1-6-1956

Art Studies 1-13-1956

Volunteer Fireman 1-20-1956

Car Mix-Up 1-27-1956 This episode is viewable online at

Ricky The Organizer 2-3-1956

Safe Driver 2-10-1956

Watching Thorny's House 2-24-1956

Personal Column 3-9-1956

A Day In Bed 3-23-1956 This episode is viewable online at

Buried Treasure 3-30-1956

A Beautiful Day 4-13-1956

The Honest Face 4-20-1956

Harriet's Secret Admirer 5-25-1956

Redressing Ricky 6-8-1956

THE KAPPA SIG PARTY 10-3-1956 Ozzie wrote this episode. It was based on something that actually happened in the Nelson household.

Dwayne Hickman (TV's Dobie Gillis) is in this episode. He plays a character named Chuck which was his character's name on "The Bob Cummings Show" (1955-1959). In a conversation with David near the beginning of the show, he even mentions his Uncle Bob which was another character on "The Bob Cummings Show". The opening scene of the show with David and Chuck and their college friends appears to have been shot on location (I'm guessing here). It's a really nice touch and gets the show out of the studio.

Don tells David and Chuck that his kid brother has the measles so they can't have the fraternity rush party at his house. So the party is going to be held at David's house and the rest of the Nelsons try to help out.

This is a pristine copy of this episode and it's on DVD from Genius Entertainment ( ). This is one of the best copies I've seen of an Ozzie and Harriet episode. However, an alternate piece of music is used to replace the original opening and closing music to the show.

Captain Salty And The Submarine 10-10-1956

Hidden Panel 10-17-1956

Christmas In October 10-24-1956

The Banjo Player 10-31-1956

Fifty Dollar Bill 11-7-1956

Pool Table 11-14-1956

DAVID PICKS UP THE TAB 11-21-1956 This episode is viewable online at
Parley Baer as a waiter
Parley Baer plays a waiter
Joseph Kearns as Mr. Townsend
and Joseph Kearns plays Mr. Townsend, the restaurant manager in this episode. David has a misunderstanding about the restaurant. Joseph went on to play the great Mr. Wilson character on TV's Dennis the Menace.

Balloons 11-28-1956

Ricky's Car 12-5-1956

Doctor In The House 12-12-1956

The Busy Christmas 12-19-1956 This episode is viewable online at

Day After Christmas 12-26-1956

OZZIE'S DOUBLE 1-2-1957 This episode is viewable online at
There's a pickpocket around that looks like Ozzie. Ozzie suggests to a policeman, why don't you run a picture of me in the newspaper, warning people to be on the lookout for anyone that fits my description.

This is the downtown as pictured in this episode.
This show was sponsored was Kodak.
There's a Kodak commercial in this show that has some footage of the Pantages Theater.
There's also a Kodak commercial in this show that talks about the Brownie turret movie camera and explains the three lenses it has.

Dr. Williams (Frank Cady), Girlfriend (Mary Castle), Mrs. Brewster (Isabel Randolph), Clifford (Claude Stroud), Clerk (Sally Hughes), Woman (Vera Marshe), Mr. Ames (Richard Ryan), Officer (Ray Montgomery), Jensen (Barney Phillips), Nurse (Carol J. Byron)

Hairstyle For Harriet 1-9-1957 This episode is viewable online at

THE PUPPY 1-16-1957 Ozzie, David, and Ricky go to a pet shop looking for Harriet's birthday present. The salesman tells them that the police think a dog is a good idea since there is a cat burglar in the area. They decide to get a cute little beagle. The puppy seems to be a problem until...
Pet Shop Owner (Richard E. Elliott), The Blonde (Mary Castle), The Redhead (Lonie Blackman), The Headwaiter (Sam Flint), The Waiter (Ralph Montgomery), The Officer (Ray Montgomery)

Borrowed Tuxedo 1-23-1957

Like Father Like Son 1-30-1957

The Duenna 2-6-1957 This episode is viewable online at

Hot Dog Stand 2-13-1957

Reading Room 2-20-1957 This episode is viewable online at

Disbelievers 2-27-1957

The Clubhouse 3-6-1957

The Jet Pilot 3-13-1957 This episode is viewable online at

Ozzie And Harriet Go To Washington 3-20-1957

The Editor 3-27-1957 This episode is viewable online at

Hawaiian Party 4-3-1957

RICKY THE DRUMMER 4-10-1957 This episode is viewable online at
The Nelsons
Tommy Jackson, the bandleader, gave Rick a break, by letting him play drums and sing with his big band. This was a really special episode. Ricky Nelson sings "I'm Walkin" (the Fats Domino hit). It became a million selling record, and he became a rock and roll star. (One million copies of "I'm Walkin'" were sold the week after this broadcast.)

Tommy Brannigan Story 4-17-1957

Sculpturing Class 4-24-1957

Ozzie, The Treasurer 5-1-1957

Ricky's Surprise Party 5-8-1957

Night Watchman 5-15-1957

David Has A Date With Miss Universe 5-22-1957

Strict Parents 5-29-1957

Coffee Table 6-5-1957

Fishing Lure 6-12-1957

Taking Care Of Freddy 6-19-1957

The Loan 6-26-1957


Ricky sings "Bebop Baby" and "Have I Told You Lately that I Love You?"

Man Without A Family 10-9-1957

Treasurer's Report 10-16-1957

Boys Land In Jail 10-23-1957

Mystery Shopper 10-30-1957


Sandy turns Ricky down for a date.

Ricky gets another opportunity when he takes David's college fraternity ring to get fixed at the jewelry store where Sandy works. But there's a misunderstanding. When she sees the Kappa Sig ring, she thinks it's Ricky's. If she knew Ricky was still in high school, she wouldn't go out with him.

The Kappa Sig fraternity sing a serenade to Ricky and his date, Sandy.

Ricky sings "Honeycomb" and "Boppin' The Blues".

Ozzie sings "Oh Baby I'm Sorry" with Ricky and some young people.

Kodak sponsors this show.

Sandy (Elaine DuPont), Bruce, Ed, Glen, Marvin - The Four Preps, Wally (Skip Young), Fireball McDonald (Will Wright), Uncle Charlie (Alan Reynolds ), Head Waiter (Hal Smith), Mickey (Mickey Little), Freddie (Steve Stevens), Bob (Bob McKenny), Mary (Kathleen Field), Girl at Table (Rosemary Ace)

Free Flowers 11-13-1957

This video on is from this episode. As of 8/2/08, it was incorrectly identified on that site as the "Tutti-Frutti Ice Cream" episode.

Fourteen Mile Hike 12-4-1957

Tutti-Frutti Ice Cream 12-11-1957

Christmas Tree Lot 12-18-1957

Ricky Goes on TV 12-25-1957

The Trophy 1-1-1958

Road Race 1-8-1958 This episode is viewable online at

Dave And The Stewardess 1-15-1958

Picture In Rick's Notebook 1-22-1958 Lorrie (Lorrie Collins), Ricky's Friends (Bob McKenny, Mickey Little, Ronald Fergens, Nancy Kilgas, Dennis Fagerhult, Jim Brandt, Paul Sullivan, Norman Hudson)

Harriet's Dancing Partner 1-29-1958

The Safe 2-5-1958

David And The Men's Club 2-12-1958

WHO IS BETTY? 2-19-1958

Rick sings "I'm Confessin'" and "Boppin' the Blues".

Old Band Pavilion 2-26-1958

Practical Joker 3-5-1958

Scavenger Hunt 3-12-1958

Dating System 3-19-1958

Closed Circuit 3-26-1958

Top Gun 4-2-1958

Record Trout 4-9-1958

THE BACHELOR 4-16-1958
John Archer (was married to actress Marjorie Lord from Make Room For Daddy and is the father of actress Anne Archer from the movie "Fatal Attraction") tells us thanks to Ozzie and Harriet, he's married now. Then the story shifts to 6 months earlier. Harriet and Sally (Sally Hughes), Darby's wife, want to get John together with Cathy Collins (Ann Leddy) but Ozzie wants John to stay happy as a bachelor.

Ozzie does two commercials for Kodak within the show.

There's a character, Dr. Russell, in this episode. In real life, Ozzie and Harriet were married on 10-8-35, by the real Dr. Russell.

Code Of Honor 4-23-1958

Ricky Is Micky 5-7-1958

Rick's Chemistry Grade 5-14-1958

The Magic Of Three 5-21-1958


Rick sings "I'll Walk Alone" and "Shirley Lee".

Darby, Doc and Butch
Ozzie's friends (Parley Baer as Herb Darby, Frank Cady as Doc Williams and Gordon Jones as Butch Barton) find out he doesn't want to play bridge with them because he's tired of being in a rut with routine living.

Kodak is the sponsor for this show. Ozzie does a commercial for a Brownie turret movie camera and explains the three lenses it has.

Darby (Parley Baer), Doc Williams (Frank Cady), Harry Benson (Steve Brodie), Butch Barton (Gordon Jones), Art Instructor (Jack Wagner), Model (Lari Laine), Mailman (Richard Gittings), Men At Fight (Barney Phillips, Frank Richards)

A Cruise For Harriet 6-11-1958

David Loses His Poise 10-1-1958

David Becomes A Football Coach 10-8-1958

A Surprise For Clara 10-15-1958

The Pony 10-22-1958

Stealing Rick's Girl 10-29-1958


David invited two girls to come to the dance that have to come from 60 miles away. So, David and Ricky are going to stay at the fraternity. And the two girls will stay at the Nelson house with Ozzie and Harriet. David and Ricky come to their own house to pick up the girls for the dance and encounter their father, Ozzie, who is acting like a father for the two girls.

Ozzie Spills The Beans 11-12-1958

RICK'S RIDING LESSONS 11-19-1958 This episode is viewable online at

Rick pretends he doesn't know how to ride a horse so he can get lessons from a cute riding instructor.

Dave says he's going to write a book and call it the adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

Rick sings "Trying To Get To You".

Rick sings "Cindy", along with Ozzie, Harriet, David and the rest of the group. Ozzie and David both do solos during this song.

First commercial - Ozzie does a Kodak commercial with Dave and Rick. Ozzie explains the quickest way to a pretty girl's heart.

Second commercial - The Brownie Starmatic camera gives the right exposure time after time automatically. The camera measures light with its electric eye light meter and automatically adjusts the lens. The lens will open or close to give the correct exposure automatically in sun or shade.

Third commercial - Next week, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet will be brought to you by the Quaker Oats Company. Ozzie and Harriet do an Aunt Jemima pancake commercial.

Wally (Skip Young), Judy (Venetia Stevenson), Mr. Sanders (Ray Teal), Hank (Emmett Lynn), Stable Hand (Ted Budny)

Harriet Creates A Triangle 11-26-1958

The Dress Shop 12-3-1958

The Motorcycle 12-10-1958

Helpful Neighbor 12-17-1958

The Runaways 1-7-1959

Rick's Scientific Date 1-14-1959

Rick's Dinner Guests 1-21-1959

The Bijou Theater offers 00 for someone who can get a picture of a flying saucer. Darby (Parley Baer) and Doc Williams (Frank Cady) trick Ozzie into posing with a camera, bat, and umbrella so they can get his picture.

Theatre Manager (Joseph Kearns), Stanley (Stanley Livingston)

Jealous Joe Randolph 2-4-1959

Composite Girl 2-11-1959

Ozzie's Old Teammate 2-18-1959

Newspaper Interview 2-25-1959

Since they're interested in the same girl, Wally (Skip Young) tries to trick David into giving her a gag gift. But Ricky is also in the mix.

Ricky sings a great upbeat song, "You Tear Me Up".

Closing announcements: David Nelson's motion pictures, The Big Circus, and Day Of The Outlaw, and Ricky's album, Songs By Ricky.

Betty (Luana Patten), Clara (Mary Jane Croft), Mrs. Dipple (Madge Blake)

Ozzie Changes History 3-11-1959

The Tent 3-18-1959

Ricky, The Bullfighter 3-25-1959

Togetherness 4-1-1959


Rick sings "It's Late".


Rick sings "You Tear Me Up" and "I Can't Help It".

Always A Bridegroom 4-22-1959

Costume Dance 4-29-1959

Full House 5-6-1959

Little Black Box 5-13-1959

The Buckingham 5-20-1959

Girl In The Bowling Alley 5-27-1959

Darby The Rockhound 6-3-1959

Taking Advantage Of Harriet 6-10-1959

Ozzie Plans A Surprise 6-17-1959

Sea Captain 10-7-1959

Ozzie The Host 10-14-1959

David The Law Clerk 10-21-1959

Who Needs Girls 10-28-1959

Rancher's Daughter 11-4-1959

The Nelsons Decide To Move 11-11-1959

David The Sleuth 11-18-1959

The Gas Station 11-25-1959

The fraternity, that Ricky and David belong to, needs down payment money for a swimming pool. Ozzie plans to raise money for a scholarship fund at his men's club by locking the exits and hitting the group then for money. He suggests this method to David.

At the end of the episode, Ricky sings "Mighty Good".

Joe Randolph (Lyle Talbot), Darby (Parley Baer), Doc Williams (Frank Cady), Wally (Skip Young)

Happy Anniversary 12-9-1959

RICK GETS EVEN 12-16-1959

Tuesday Weld appears as Cathy in this episode.

Rick sings "For You".

An Interest For Harriet 12-30-1959

Ozzie Keeps A Secret 1-6-1960

Dave's Car Payments 1-20-1960

THE CIRCUS 1-27-1960
Mr. Dobson agrees to let David go to the circus if he will serve a summons. Then, David discovers the summons is for Roberto Cantini. Who is Roberto? David and Ricky performed all their own trapeze work in this episode.
Adventures of the Nelson Family logo
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet actually changed its name to The Adventures Of The Nelson Family during some episodes of 1960 and this was one of them.

Rick's English Literature Class 2-3-1960

The Lockout 2-10-1960

Uninvited Guests 2-17-1960

A Trap For Ricky 2-24-1960

An Interesting Evening 3-2-1960

Dave Goofs Off 3-9-1960

Magic Dishes 3-16-1960

Professor's Experiment 3-30-1960

The T-Shirts 4-6-1960

Missing Husband 4-13-1960

Bad Day At Blueberry Rock 4-27-1960

Dave And The Schoolteacher 5-4-1960

Carol Wilson (Cindy Robbins, played Pearl in "I Was A Teenage Werewolf"), Mrs. Hastings (Madge Blake), Mrs. Stevens (Paula Winslowe), Stanley (Stanley Livingston)

Big Plans For Summer 5-11-1960

Forgotten Promise 5-18-1960

Painting The Sorority House 5-25-1960

No News For Harriet 6-8-1960 This episode is viewable online at

Weekend Vacation 6-15-1960

Fraternity Junk Drive 9-28-1960

David Gets Discouraged 10-5-1960

Ozzie, The Boat Keeper 10-12-1960


Dave is put in a situation to go out with Jane (June Blair), a girl that Ricky has been dating. But it's Ricky's idea, since he has a test to study for. Dave feels awkward about it because he knows from Jane's little brother that she is more interested in him.

This episode is really well done.

Rick sings "Yes Sir, That's My Baby"

A mistaken impression by Mr. Kelley (Joe Flynn) and Dean Harris (Howard Wendell) that Dave is married, results in a good news for Dave and Mr. Kelley.

Wally (Skip Young), Mrs. Kelley (Peggy Knudsen), Miss Edwards (Constance Harper), Zeke (Ted Budny), Jane (Katie Regan)

The Table And The Painting 11-2-1960

A Sweater For Rick 11-9-1960

A Friend In Need 11-16-1960

Harry (John Hubbard) and Edith Wilson (Lucy Prentis) think that their daughter June (Judi Sherven) and David are really interested in each other. Ozzie and Harriet think the same thing. So, Ozzie and Harriet and Harry and Edith start socializing together but the 2 husbands just can't seem to get along. This was a classic episode.

Harry (John Hubbard), Edith (Lucy Prentis), June (Judi Sherven), Joe Randolph (Lyle Talbot), Wally (Skip Young), Counterman (Russ Thompson), Cashier (Dorothy Abbott), Waiter (George Byrne), Sharon (Sharon Hillyer)

June Blair
In this episode, June Blair (pictured above) played the part of Kathy Carson. David and Miss Edwards, a secretary, work at the law firm of Dobson & Kelley. David hired Kathy to fill in for the vacationing Miss Edwards.

A Lawnmower For Ozzie 12-7-1960

GIRL IN THE EMPORIUM 12-14-1960 Rick and Wally notice an attractive salesgirl at the Emporium, so both apply for Christmas jobs there.


Rick sings "Jingle Bells" and the Four Preps sing "Winter Wonderland".

Rick, Wally and some other guys have the responsibility of counting the votes for the prom queen election, and also, keeping it a secret.

Rick and the woman that plays Terri Johnson in this episode sing a duet, "You Are The Only One".

The name of the actress that played Terri was unavailable on the video I saw. After the credit page for the four Nelsons came up, the picture went to black.

Girl Who Loses Things 1-4-1961

Safe Husbands 1-11-1961

The Lost Briefcase 1-18-1961

Big misunderstandings have people wondering where a faternity is to be held and Ozzie and Harriet are to be the chaperones.

Wally (Skip Young), Harry (David Lewis), Dorothy (Lucy Prentis), Desk Clerk (Richard Deacon), Joyce (Terry Huntingdon)

Ozzie and the guys go bowling together and get exercise that way, so he suggests to Harriet that she should get some exercise too. So Harriet's bridge group gets an idea to go bowling with their husbands.

Joe Randolph.....Lyle Talbot Darby............Parley Baer Clara Randolph...Mary Jane Croft Doc Williams.....Frank Cady Sally............Sally Hughes June.............June Fenley Helen............Mary Benoit

Everything the guys in the fraternity talk about winds up in the school paper, and they try to find how it's happening.

Ricky sings "You Are The Only One".

(Wally reads out of an old text book that man will never break the sound barrier.)

Wally......Skip Young Richard....Richard Correll (played Richard Rickover on Leave It To Beaver)

Two Small Boys And A Dog 2-15-1961


Rick sings "You Are the Only One"

Clara Randolph (Mary Jane Croft) took a call from David's boss, Mr. Kelley (Joe Flynn), and he needs some papers that David has by the next morning. But Mr. Kelley is out of town at a lodge.

Joe Randolph....Lyle Talbot The Watchman....Bob Jellison

Dave's Golf Story 3-8-1961

Rick's Broken Arm 3-15-1961

Barry Livingston
Stanley Livingston's real life younger brother, Barry Livingston, had a memorable part on Ozzie and Harriet before he played Ernie Douglas on My Three Sons. He played the part of Barry Martin, a nice little kid who stayed with the Nelsons when his mother was due to give birth. As you can see, Barry had a great time eating ice cream at the Nelson's house.
Barry Livingston
This is another picture of Barry.

Manly Arts 3-29-1961

A Question Of Suits And Ties 4-5-1961

The Pen And Pencil Set 4-12-1961


Ricky sings "Hello Mary Lou".

E.S.P. 4-26-1961

Rick's 21st Birthday 5-3-1961

Built In TV Set 5-10-1961

Dancing Lessons 9-28-1961

High Cost Of Dating 10-5-1961

Newlyweds Get Settled 10-12-1961

The Fraternity Rents Out A Room 10-19-1961

Dave Goes Back To Work 10-26-1961 This episode is viewable online at

Ten For The Tigers 11-2-1961

Rick Grades A Test 11-9-1961

Barking Dog 11-16-1961

Rick Comes To Dinner 11-30-1961

Trading Stamps 12-7-1961

Harvey Mitchell (Ben Bennett) is studying for his Masters Degree and has 4 exams coming up. He asks Ricky and Wally (Skip Young) to take his milk route over for a couple of days and they accept. While delivering milk to one house, Rick meets a beautiful friendly woman, Lori (Susan Oliver).

Ricky sings "Everlovin'".

Jack.....Jack Wagner

The Fraternity Pin 1-4-1962

Backyard Pet Show 1-11-1962

June (June Blair) tells Harriet today is the one year anniversary that David proposed to her. Harriet says she'd make Ozzie his favorite cake to remind him of special occasions. Then June gets an idea.

Charley......Charley Britt Jack.........Jack Wagner Joe..........Joe Byrne The Waiter...Dick Ryan

The Randolph's Niece 1-25-1962

A Lamp For Dave And June 2-1-1962

Fraternity Cook 2-8-1962

Operation Barry 2-15-1962

Making Wally Study 2-22-1962

Lending Money To Wally 3-8-1962

Lonesome Parents 3-15-1962 This episode is viewable online at

Client's Daughter 3-29-1962

Student Nurse 4-5-1962

Barry's Birthday 4-12-1962

Little Handprints In The Sidewalk 4-19-1962

Rick's friend Jimmy is getting married to Linda. But Rick gets the idea that the maid of honor, Roberta, would like to be his bride.

Rick sings "I Will Follow You".

Wally...........Skip Young Jimmy...........Jimmy Hawkins Linda...........Linda Hines Roberta.........Roberta Shore The Minister....Stu Wilson Jack............Jack Wagner Pretty Girl.....Pamela Austin Fred............James Stacy Charley.........Charley Britt Joe.............Joe Byrne Dink............Karl Kindberg The Pledge......Nino Candido George Wilcox...Terry House The Girl........Celeste Yarnall

Jimmy Hawkins played Tommy Bailey in the 1946 movie "It's a Wonderful Life".

Linda Hines, also known as Lori Saunders, played Bobbie Jo Bradley on "Petticoat Junction".

Mrs. Bradford's Recipe 10-4-1962

The Apartment 10-11-1962

Rick And The Sculptress 10-18-1962

Trip To Mexico 10-25-1962

TIGER DANCE 11-1-1962 This episode is viewable online at

This episode is rated #93 of TV LAND'S TOP 100 GREATEST EPISODES EVER.

Harriet is organizing a children's dance that will be held at the Women's Club Saturday afternoon. The dance needs boys so Ozzie volunteers to ask members of the Tigers Club to go.

Barry.....Barry Livingston Pat.......Pat Thompson Kim.......Kim Tyler Janet.....Janet Waldo (Janet was the voice of: Judy Jetson in The Jetsons Josie in Josie and the Pussycats) Jack......Jack Wagner Ronnie....Ronnie Dapo Suzy......Laurie Nelson Jimmy.....Gil Smith


Rick sings "My One Desire".

Rick Sends A Picture 11-15-1962

Rick, The Host 11-22-1962

Losing Miss Edwards 11-29-1962

Old Friend Of June's 12-13-1962

Game Inventors 12-27-1962

Rick And The Boat Model 1-3-1963

June And The Great Outdoors 1-10-1963

The Girl At The Ski Lodge 1-17-1963

Roadside Courtesy 1-31-1963

Dave And The Teenager 2-7-1963

Adventurers 2-14-1963

The Goat 2-28-1963


Rick sings "You Don't Love Me Any More."

Decorating Dave's Office 3-21-1963

Publicity For The Fraternity 3-28-1963

Women's Club Bazaar 4-4-1963

Dave's Law Office 4-11-1963

Dave And The Fraternity Lease 4-18-1963

Music Festival 6-6-1963

Torn Dress 9-18-1963

Secret Agent 9-25-1963

Ozzie, Joe, And The Fashion Models 10-2-1963

Rick's Wedding Ring 10-9-1963

Getting Wally In Shape 10-16-1963

Blue Moose 10-23-1963


Rick sings "The Very Thought of You" and "For You".

Wally's Pen Pal 11-6-1963

Lawyers' Convention 11-13-1963

Money Watchers 11-20-1963

June Is Always Late 11-27-1963

Ozzie's Hidden Trophy 12-4-1963

Rick Makes A Loan 12-11-1963

Rick And The Mermaid 12-18-1963

Swami 1-8-1964

Getting Together With The Boys 1-15-1964

Rick's Wedding Picture 1-22-1964

A Wife In The Office 2-5-1964 This episode is viewable online at

Dean's Birthday 2-12-1964

Uniforms 2-19-1964

Wally's TV Set 2-26-1964

Hayride 3-11-1964

David offers Rick a job as a law clerk in the law office and he accepts. Ozzie and Harriet are concerned how their sons will get along working together. But, Judge Roy Roberts (Roy Roberts) has a nephew, Carlisle Vanderpool, (Buck Taylor, son of actor Dub Taylor), who would also like the law clerk's job.

In this episode, Rick refers to himself by his real name, Eric H. Nelson (the H. stands for Hilliard).

Miss Connie Edwards...Constance " Connie " Harper (was married to Don Nelson Ozzie's brother)

Rick Is Late For Dinner 3-25-1964

A Letter About Harriet 4-1-1964


Rick sings "There's Nothing I Can Say".

Rick's Old Printing Press 9-23-1964

Study System 9-30-1964


Rick sings "Mean Old World".

A Letter Of Recommendation 10-14-1964

Kris Goes To College 10-21-1964

THE PENNIES 10-28-1964 This episode is viewable online at
Some neighborhood kids trust Ozzie with their coins enough to bury them in the Nelson's backyard. Not knowing the coins are part of a collection, Ozzie uses them for a poker game.

Darby...Parley Baer Doc.....Frank Cady Billy...Billy Mumy

Ballerina 11-4-1964

A BEDTIME STORY 11-11-1964

Rick sings "Mean Old World".

Harriet's Quiz 11-18-1964

Kris gets involved in a problem Wally (Skip Young) and Ginger (Charlene Salerno) are having. Wally shows up at Kris' and Rick's dinner party with another girl, Melinda (Diane Sayer), but look out, Ginger is there too.

Ricky sings "A Happy Guy".

Helpless Female 12-2-1964

Rick and his college buddies have an exotic dancer, Bubbles (Mamie Van Doren), as their housemother for their fraternity.

Rick sings "Yesterday's Love".

Wally...........Skip Young Dean Hopkins....Ivan Bonar TV Interviewer..Bob Eubanks Kent............Kent McWhirter (Kent McCord in Adam 12)

Chess Set 12-16-1964

Cafe Caper 12-30-1964

The Petition 1-6-1965


Rick sings "Happy Guy".

Rick Grows A Beard 1-20-1965

Big Dog 1-27-1965

The Trunk 2-3-1965

Kris's Girlfriend 2-10-1965

RICK'S RAISE 2-17-1965
Wally raises the issue of asking for a raise at the Malt Shop. Rick starts thinking he might need to ask for a raise too, at the law office, where he works with his brother, David.

Breakfast For Harriet 2-24-1965

Desk Photo 3-3-1965

Early Rush Party 3-10-1965

Painting From The Past 3-17-1965

Tangled Web 9-15-1965

A Rose A Day 9-22-1965 This episode is viewable online at

Kris And The Queen 9-29-1965 This episode is viewable online at

HELPFUL JUNE 10-6-1965

Rick sings "Love and Kisses".

Prowler 10-13-1965


Rick sings "Say You Love Me".

Secret Passage 10-27-1965

Wally The Author 11-3-1965

A Message From Kris 11-10-1965

Flying Down To Lunch 11-17-1965 This episode is viewable online at

Equestrians 11-24-1965

Dave, The Worrier 12-1-1965

GHOST TOWN 12-8-1965

Rick sings "Truck-Driving Man" and "I Catch Myself Crying".

David Picks A Pie 12-15-1965

Kris, The Little Helper 1-5-1966

Sheik Of Araby! 1-15-1966

Wally's Traffic Ticket 1-22-1966

An Honor For OZ 1-29-1966

Hong Kong Suit 2-5-1966

Ozzie A Go-Go 2-12-1966

Trip Trap 2-19-1966

Waiting For Joe 2-26-1966

Rick's Assistant 3-5-1966

David's Other Office 3-12-1966

Ozzie, The Sitter 3-19-1966

THE GAME ROOM 3-26-1966 This was the last show and it was completed on 1-1-1966.

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