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American film director

"Fincher" redirects here. For other uses, see Fincher (surname).

David Andrew Leo Fincher[1][2] (born August 28, 1962) is an American film director, film producer, television director, television producer, and music video director. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) and The Social Network (2010). For the latter, he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director and the BAFTA Award for Best Direction.

He is also known for having directed Alien 3 in his directorial debut, and most known for films in the thriller genre, including Seven (1995), The Game (1997), Fight Club (1999), Panic Room (2002), Zodiac (2007), The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) and Gone Girl (2014). He was also instrumental in the creation of the Netflix series House of Cards (2013–2018) and Mindhunter (2017–present).

His films Zodiac and The Social Network are ranked in BBC's 100 Greatest Films of the 21st Century.[3]


  • 1 Early life
  • 2 Career
    • 2.1 Early career
    • 2.2 1990s: Alien 3, Seven, The Game and Fight Club
    • 2.3 2000s: Panic Room, hiatus, Zodiac and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    • 2.4 2010s: The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl and television career
    • 2.5 Upcoming projects
    • 2.6 Unrealized projects
  • 3 Approach and style
  • 4 Personal life
  • 5 Filmography
  • 6 Reception
  • 7 Accolades
  • 8 References
  • 9 Further reading
  • 10 External links

Early life[edit]

Fincher was born on August 28, 1962 in Denver, Colorado,[4] the son of Claire Mae (née Boettcher), a mental health nurse from South Dakota who worked in drug addiction programs, and Howard Kelly "Jack" Fincher, an author from Oklahoma who worked as a reporter and bureau chief for Life.[5][6] Howard died of cancer in April 2003.[1][7] Fincher knew from a young age he wanted to go into filmmaking. When Fincher was two years old, the family moved to San Anselmo, California, where filmmaker George Lucas was one of his neighbors.[6]

Fincher moved to Ashland, Oregon in his teens, where he graduated from Ashland High School. During high school, he directed plays and designed sets and lighting after school, and was a non-union projectionist at a second-run movie theater, production assistant at the local television news station KOBI in Medford, Oregon, and took on other odd jobs such as fry cook, busboy, and dishwasher.[6][8] Inspired by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), Fincher began making movies at age eight with an 8mm camera.[6][4]

Early career[edit]

Fincher was employed at Korty Films as a production head. He then moved up the ranks and became a visual effects producer,[6] working on the animated Twice Upon a Time (1983). He was hired by Industrial Light & Magic in 1983 as an assistant cameraman and matte photographer,[6] and worked on Return of the Jedi (1983) and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984).[9] In 1984, he left ILM to direct a commercial for the American Cancer Society that depicted a fetus smoking a cigarette.[6] This quickly brought Fincher to the attention of producers in Los Angeles, and he was given the chance to direct the 1985 Rick Springfield documentary The Beat of the Live Drum.[10] Set on a directing career, Fincher co-founded video-production company Propaganda Films and started off directing music videos and commercials.[10]

Like Fincher, directors such as Michael Bay, Antoine Fuqua, Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Alex Proyas, Paul Rachman, Mark Romanek, Zack Snyder, Gore Verbinski and others honed their talents at Propaganda Films before moving on to feature films.[11] Though he would continue to direct spots for Levi's, Converse, Nike, Pepsi, Revlon, Sony, Coca-Cola, Chanel, and other companies,[6] Fincher began to focus on music videos. He directed the video for 1986's "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off", which was the biggest commercial success for pop/R&B singer Jermaine Stewart,[4]Michael Jackson's "Who Is It", and worked extensively with Madonna, directing videos for "Express Yourself", "Oh Father", "Vogue" and "Bad Girl".[10] He also directed Billy Idol's "Cradle of Love" video. Fincher referred to the production of music videos as his own kind of film school, in which he learned how to work efficiently within a small budget and time frame.[12][13]

1990s: Alien 3, Seven, The Game and Fight Club[edit]

20th Century Fox hired Fincher to replace Vincent Ward as the director of the science fiction horror film Alien 3 (1992), his feature directorial debut.[14] The third installment in the Alien franchise starring Sigourney Weaver, the film was released in May 1992 to a mixed reception from critics and was considered weaker than the preceding films in the franchise.[15] Film critic Roger Ebert, considered it to be "one of the best looking bad movies he's ever seen".[16] Fincher became involved with several disputes with 20th Century Fox over script and budget issues during the production. In Director's Cut: Picturing Hollywood in the 21st Century, he blames the producers for not putting the necessary trust in him.[17] He stated in an interview with The Guardian in 2009: "No one hated it more than me; to this day, no one hates it more than me."[18] It received an Academy Award nomination for Best Visual Effects.[19]

After directing the film, he retreated back into the world of commercial and music video directing, including the video for the Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video-winning song "Love Is Strong" by The Rolling Stones in 1994.[20] Following the difficult production of Alien 3, Fincher thought that he would "rather die of colon cancer than do another movie" and eschewed reading scripts.[21] Despite this, Fincher read Andrew Kevin Walker's screenplay for Seven (1995), which was actually Walker's original draft with the current ending, that was already removed by then attached director Jeremiah Chechik. Fincher expressed no interest in directing after reading the revised draft, until New Line Cinema agreed to keep the original ending.[22][21] It stars Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow, R. Lee Ermey, and Kevin Spacey, and tells the story of two detectives (played by Pitt and Freeman) tracking down a serial killer who bases his killings on the seven deadly sins.[23]Seven was one of the highest-earning films of 1995, grossing more than 0 million internationally and was positively received by film critics.[24] Writing for Sight and Sound, John Wrathall wrote that it "stands as the most complex and disturbing entry in the serial killer genre since Manhunter" and Roger Ebert opined that Seven is "one of the darkest and most merciless films ever made in the Hollywood mainstream."[25][26]

After the success of Seven, Fincher went on to film a music video for "6th Avenue Heartache" by The Wallflowers[27] and the thriller The Game (1997) from a screenplay by the screenwriting duo John Brancato and Michael Ferris.[28] The story focuses on a San Franciscan investment banker (played by Michael Douglas) who receives an unusual gift from his younger brother (Sean Penn), in which he becomes involved in a "game" that integrates in strange ways with his everyday life, leading to frustration and uncertainty between the game and real life.[28] Fincher hired Seven screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker to make contributions and polishes to the script.[29] The film had middling box office returns, despite being met with generally positive reviews, with specific praise for Fincher's direction and Douglas' performance.[30]

In August 1997, Fincher agreed to direct a screen adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's 1996 novel Fight Club for 20th Century Fox, his second film with the studio after the troubled production of Alien 3.[31] The film stars Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, and Helena Bonham Carter and follows an insomniac office worker who is known simply as The Narrator, played by Norton, who opens up a club devoted exclusively to bare knuckle fighting for men with soap salesman Tyler Durden (Pitt). Fight Club was an early disappointment at the box office and initially received mixed reviews. In the years following its release, Fight Club received a reassessment from many critics. Entertainment Weekly, which had originally given the film a D-,[32] later ranked the DVD #1 on its list of 50 Essential DVDs.[33] The film's social commentary has been the source of much critical analysis from academics and film critics. Around the same period, Fincher was shortlisted by Columbia Pictures, as one of the potential directors for Spider-Man: a live-action adaptation of the fictional comic-book character of the same name. Fincher's concept for the project had a more mature, psychologically-rooted and less action-oriented take on the classic Spider-Man mythos, skipped the titular character's origin story, instead covering those events in a 10-minute title sequence, put an emphasis on the character's struggles with his post-high school life and his super-human abilities, along with his relationship with his girlfriend/love interest: Gwen Stacy, featured the classic Spider-Man villain: the Green Goblin, as the main antagonist and would have also served as an adaptation of the iconic comic-book storyline: "The Night Gwen Stacy Died", which featured the death of Gwen Stacy at the hands of the Goblin. However, Fincher's pitch was rejected by the studio, with Sam Raimi later being hired to helm the project.

2000s: Panic Room, hiatus, Zodiac and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button[edit]

In 2002, Fincher followed up with the thriller Panic Room. The film earned over  million at the U.S. box office. The story follows a single mother (Jodie Foster) and her daughter (Kristen Stewart) as they hide in a safe room of their new house, away from criminals (Forest Whitaker, Dwight Yoakam, and Fight Club collaborator Jared Leto) bent on finding a missing fortune. Fincher acknowledged Panic Room as a more mainstream thriller, describing the film, on the DVD's audio commentary, as "[basically] a date movie" and a "really good B movie" about "two people trapped in a closet".

Five years after Panic Room, Fincher returned on March 2, 2007 with Zodiac, an adaptation of Robert Graysmith's books about the hunt for the Zodiac Killer that starred Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey, Jr., Anthony Edwards, and Brian Cox. The first of Fincher's films to be shot digitally, the majority of the film was recorded on a Thomson Viper FilmStream HD digital movie camera . However, high-speed film cameras were used for the Blue Rock Springs and Presidio Heights murder scenes for the slow-motion shots.[34] It was originally to be released in the fall of 2006 but was pushed back after Fincher refused to cut 20 minutes off the film.

Zodiac was one of the best-reviewed films of that year, with only two other 2007 films appearing on more top-10 lists (No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood).[35] However, the film struggled at the box office in the U.S., earning only  million, but did well overseas with a foreign gross of .7 million. Worldwide, Zodiac was a decent success.[36] Despite an aggressive campaign by the studio, expectations surrounding Robert Downey, Jr.'s supporting performance, Fincher's direction and Vanderbilt's adapted script, the film did not earn a single Oscar nomination.[37]

A story about life and death, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story of the same name. The film was Fincher's third with Brad Pitt. The film started shooting in November 2006 in New Orleans, before moving on to the Virgin Islands, Montreal, and L.A. Both Zodiac and this film are co-productions of Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. The budget for the film was estimated at 0 million, partly due to the visual effects used to reverse the aging in Pitt's character. It received 13 nominations at the 81st Academy Awards, including Fincher's first nomination for Best Director. It won three Academy Awards for Best Art Direction, Best Makeup, and Best Visual Effects.

2010s: The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl and television career[edit]

Fincher directed the 2010 film The Social Network, about the legal battles of Mark Zuckerberg and the founding of Facebook. The film features an Oscar-winning screenplay by Aaron Sorkin, adapted from the book The Accidental Billionaires. Filming started in October 2009[38] and was released a year later, to critical acclaim. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross created the Oscar-winning soundtrack for the film. The film went on to win many awards, including three Academy Awards for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score, and Best Film Editing.[39]

In 2011, Fincher directed the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, based on the book by Stieg Larsson, with a script written by Steven Zaillian. The film was shot in Sweden, with Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander and Daniel Craig as Mikael Blomkvist. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross composed the soundtrack for the film, collaborating with Fincher a second time.[40] The film received five Academy Award nominations, including Best Actress for Mara, and won the award for Best Film Editing.

Fincher is an executive producer of the Netflix television series House of Cards, of which he also directed the first two episodes.[41] The series has received positive reviews, earning nine Primetime Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series and winning Fincher the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series for the first episode.[42]

In 2014, Fincher directed the adaptation of Gillian Flynn's novel Gone Girl, which starred Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.[43][44] The film earned Pike an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, Fincher also received his third Golden Globe nomination.

In 2016, Fincher directed another Netflix series, Mindhunter, starring Holt McCallany and Jonathan Groff. The series, that is based on the book Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, debuted worldwide on October 13, 2017.[45][46]

Upcoming projects[edit]

  • Utopia adaptation: In 2014, Fincher signed a three-series deal with HBO for Utopia, Shakedown, and Videosyncrazy. Utopia was set to be an adaptation of the British series of the same name.[47] In August 2015, budget disputes between Fincher and the network halted production of Utopia.[48] However, the project received second life at Amazon, with the streamer ordering the project to series with a 2019 release.[citation needed][49]
  • Strangers: In 2015, it was announced that Fincher and writer Gillian Flynn were working on a remake for the 1951 Alfred Hitchcock film, Strangers on a Train, for Warner Bros.. It was said to be a "modern take" of the Hitchcock version.[50]

Unrealized projects[edit]

  • Rendezvous with Rama: In the early 2000s David Fincher was attached to make a film adaption of the sci-fi story Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke with Morgan Freeman to star and produce the film with Fincher.[51] However, in 2008, Fincher said that the film will be unlikely made due to script problems.
  • Hard Boiled: In 2001, Variety reported that Warner Brothers was in negotiations with Miller and Darrow to adapt the comic book into a feature film, Fincher set to direct and Nicolas Cage to star.[52]
  • Torso: In 2006, Fincher was hired to direct a film version of the dark crime comic book Torso with a script written by Ehren Kruger, produce by Bill Mechanic, Don Murphy, Todd McFarlane and Terry Fitzgerald and to be made at Miramax Films.[53] However the production was shut down due to problems at Miramax and the rights were reverted to author Brian Michael Bendis.
  • The Killer: In November 2007, the comic book series The Killer was being made into a film by Paramount Pictures and director David Fincher.[54] Since then, there has been no further development news.
  • Black Hole: In February 2008, Variety reported that the film would be produced by Paramount Pictures and directed by Fincher. In October 2008, MTV reported that scriptwriters Gaiman and Avary had left the production, reporting that their script would not be used by Fincher; though no replacement scriptwriter was announced. In August 2010, Fincher also removed his name from production of the film in order to focus more attention on directing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy.[55]
  • The Library: After journalist Dave Cullen's book Columbine was released and later adapted into a play in 2014, the rights were bought by two producers, Kathy Kennedy and Frank Marshall, and Fincher considered turning it into a film; however, it never came to fruition due to fears of how audiences would react to the gruesomeness.[56]
  • Shakedown: Fincher's television project Shakedown, a noir-ish crime drama, was about the tabloid world and the underbelly of Los Angeles in the 1950s and centered on a real-life private detective.[57] In August 2015, budget disputes between Fincher and the network halted production of Shakedown.[48] Since then, there has not been any further development.
  • Videosyncrazy: A television project Videosyncrazy, a comedy set in the 1980s, would follow Robby, a college drop out, pursuing his dream as a music video and film director in Hollywood.[58] In August 2015, budget disputes between Fincher and the network halted production of Videosyncrazy.[48] Since then, the project has been abandoned.
  • World War Z sequel: Paramount Studios chief Jim Gianopulos said in June 2017 that a sequel to World War Z was "in advanced development" with director Fincher and star Brad Pitt.[59] Filming was slated to start in late 2018.[citation needed] In April 2018, it was revealed that filming will not begin in 2018 as Fincher focuses on his TV-series Mindhunter. In October 2018, producers Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner confirmed that filming would begin in June 2019 with Fincher still attached to direct.[60] However, in February 2019, the project was reportedly placed on hold by Paramount.[61]

Approach and style[edit]

Fincher likes to map out camera movements with computer-generated imagery, commission intricate sets, get heavily involved in post-production, and re-shoot footage after the principal photography has wrapped.[62] He does not normally use hand-held cameras when he shoots a film, preferring cameras on a tripod. His most frequent use of a hand-held camera was for Seven, in which five scenes were shot that way.

Fincher's music videos very rarely tell a story, focusing instead on conveying the mood of the song. In order to achieve this, the editing, the pans and close-ups of the camera closely follow the rhythms of the music and the lyrics in precise synchrony.[63]

In a Blu-ray bonus featurette of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Fincher stated: "I think people are perverts. I've maintained that. That's the foundation of my career."[64]

Personal life[edit]

Fincher married model–photographer Donya Fiorentino (born 1967) in 1990 and divorced in 1995.[65] They have a daughter, Phelix Imogen Fincher, born 1994.[66] Fincher is currently married to producer Ceán Chaffin.[67]


Main article: David Fincher filmography



Year Title Notes
2013–2018 House of Cards Also executive producer;
Directed 2 episodes
2017–present Mindhunter Also executive producer;
Directed 4 episodes
2019 Love, Death & Robots Executive producer

Music videos[edit]

As a music video director, Fincher has won two Grammy Awards for Best Music Video, for his work in "Love Is Strong" by The Rolling Stones (1995) and "Suit & Tie" by Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z (2013), and three MTV Video Music Awards for Best Direction, being one of the most awarded directors in the category, alongside Spike Jonze. He also earned back-to-back MTV Video Music Awards for Best Direction in 1989 for "Express Yourself" and in 1990 for "Vogue". In 1990, he earned three of the four available nominations in the Best Direction category.


Critical reception[edit]

Box office performance[edit]

Film Studio Release date Box office gross Budget North America Other territories Worldwide
Alien3 20th Century Fox May 22, 1992 (1992-05-22) ,473,545 4,340,953 9,814,498  million[88]
Seven New Line Cinema September 22, 1995 (1995-09-22) 0,125,643 7,186,216 7,311,859  million[89]
The Game PolyGram September 12, 1997 (1997-09-12) ,323,648 ,100,000 9,423,648  million[90]
Fight Club 20th Century Fox October 15, 1999 (1999-10-15) ,030,102 ,823,651 0,853,753  million[91]
Panic Room Columbia March 29, 2002 (2002-03-29) ,397,334 0,000,081 6,397,415  million[92]
Zodiac Paramount / Warner Bros. March 2, 2007 (2007-03-02) ,080,084 ,705,830 ,785,914  million[93]
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button December 25, 2008 (2008-12-25) 7,509,326 6,422,757 3,932,083 0 million[94]
The Social Network Columbia October 1, 2010 (2010-10-01) ,962,694 7,957,621 4,920,315  million[95]
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Columbia / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer December 20, 2011 (2011-12-20) 2,068,888 0,101,637 2,617,430  million[96]
Gone Girl 20th Century Fox October 3, 2014 (2014-10-03) 7,238,510 9,700,000 6,938,510  million[97]
Total 8,764,264 ,246,038,476 ,136,548,250 0 million


Main article: List of awards and nominations received by David Fincher

Year Film Academy Awards BAFTA Awards Golden Globe Awards Nominations Wins Nominations Wins Nominations Wins Total30 7 24 6 17 4
1992 Alien 3 1 1
1995 Seven 1 1
1999 Fight Club 1
2008 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 13 3 11 3 5
2010 The Social Network 8 3 7 3 6 4
2011 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 5 1 2 2
2014 Gone Girl 1 2 4

Fincher, alongside Joshua Donen and Eric Roth, won a Peabody Award for their work on House of Cards.[98]

His films Zodiac and The Social Network are ranked in the BBC's 100 Greatest Films of the 21st Century list.[99]


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leonard legends lease learns layers lauren latter's larkin knot kirov kennings keelson karl julie journalist johnson's jaws jammed ivy isaac irradiation intricate intensely integrity insulation instinctively insists ingenious indignant indebted inaugural implication imperative impatient impatience immigration immigrants imagery illumination identities ideally hysterical hunt hungarian huff huddled how's honesty holster hints hesitate herr herman hello hebrew hazards hawksley harness hansen hammer halt halfback hail guiding guarantee greg's grease grandmother gracious graceful gordon goldberg glowing gland girl's gigantic genuinely generals gazette frustrated franks framing fragile fosdick forum forge forecast folly flock fleeing fla finals fighter fifteenth fertility feminine featured favors fake extensively expressway exhibited exemption exceeds ernest equivalents equations entity enjoys enduring employing emma eminent embodiment ellen elephants elegance electrons eleanor elbow 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reconnaissance reckless ratings rated rat rankin randolph rails ragged radius radiopasteurization quill questionable quartet quantitative quacks quack puzzling pursuing pulls publisher provincial proudly prosecution proprietorship proportionately proportionate projection prevot presses preoccupation preference predispositions predictable precipitated pouring pour potent postponed positively poll plywood plumbing pineapple pinch pilgrimage pigment picturesque picket phoenix peyser peter's persuasion persistence permitting periodic perceptions pennant peninsula pelts peering peer patrons patiently pathological pastern party's partlow paramount paradox panting pamphlets palfrey's palatability overcast outright outlet othon other's oscar orthodontist orthodontic ordinance orbits optation offensive oddly occupants obtaining o'banion's numbered notices norton nightmare nickel nicely neutralist nephew narrowed nagging murdered municipalities muller moss moses mortality morphophonemics 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gavin's garson garland furnishings fundamentally fulfill frost freud freeze formulate format forecasting forbes flour flooded flashlight flashes finishing filter filly fiedler faulkner's facets eyebrows extruded extremes extracted expresses exploited exploit existential existent executives evils evangelism etcetera esther esteem escort eromonga enrolled enormously engendered enforce enchanting enactment enables en employs emerges else's elimination elevation electrostatic elec elders efficacy eden ecclesiastical earthquakes earthquake dusk dumped dulles duck drifted dread douglass doubted domain dogtown dock docherty distal dissatisfaction dispatch discourage disclose discharges discharged disadvantages directional dinners diminishing dictates diamond developmental destined designing des derives deposit depended departed dense denoted denominational delivering decoration declining declarative dazzling cynical currents coupling counterpart cork coombs conveyed conversely conventions contention consumers constants consonantal consolidation conquest conflicts confederacy condensed conceptions concentrations compressed comparing cologne colleague collaborated coins club's closest cleaner clause classics circled cincinnati chromatography chromatic christiana choke chocolate chilling chien chef cheese charts challenged ceramic centralized cautiously catholicism catching carnival carnegie cares carefree canadian campers cameras caliber cage cadillac butyrate buns bulky buddhism bud brood bronx bronchioles broadening broadcasting brilliantly breathed breasts braque bounded borrow borne blunt bless blatz biwa bin bienville berry bernard bermuda beginnings beans battered barrier barnes badness awoke await avoidance averaging av authoritative australian augmented attractions attorneys attainment attacking atmospheric athletics athlete assigning assessed assemble arizona architects archaeological appropriations apportionment appalling anxiously antibodies antagonism annoyance anecdote anatomy anatomical analytical amused alveolar alumni ally agony aerated advertised admissible adherence addressing additions acquaintance accord accent abundant zeal yugoslav yourselves yokuts wreck wreath wounds worthwhile workbench wonders wolfe withholding withheld withdraw witches wisely wiry wins winked whereof westward weston wendell weeping week's weaker warmly wardrobe wandered vowel volley voiced vines victoria veranda veil vecchio varieties utilizing usable urundi urges urbanization upside unstable unsatisfactory unnatural unitarian uniformed undermine undergo unconcerned uncommon umbrella ultrasonic tumors tshombe trunk trousers trophy triumphantly triple tricks travelers traveler traps transmitted trailed trader traded torso thornburg thief themes thanksgiving testify terrain termination telegram teamsters tapped tapered tangle tactual tactical sympathies symmetric symbolism swell swadesh surveying surroundings supporters supplements superstition sunshine sullivan succeeds subdued stupidity stunned struggled strikingly stravinsky strasbourg strangely strains straightforward stormy stops stool stiffened sticking statutes statesmen stamp staircase stag staffs stabilized squat sprung spraying spoilage spiral spine spindle spice spherical spends speculative spear southward southerner sorbed snarled slums slumped slump slum slips sleeves slapped sipping sioux sighted shrewd shoved shield sherry shelves sheldon shan setup seriousness sentiments sentenced sensibility selfish securities seasonal scraped scrap scout scots scotch scholarships scholarly scandal saxons satellite sane saloons salaries sailors sack sac ryusenji ruth's rusty rumor ruins ruanda rpm royalty rousing rot rooted rocked rite rip rigidly rhodes rhine revolt revive revival revision reversed revenge retreated retiring restriction restorative respondent resistant residue reservation resented resent resembled resemble requesting repel repairs reno renewal removing reminds 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mourning mounts motif moods monuments montpelier monotonous momentous modes mock mobility mo misplaced miracles minus mingled militant midway microscopic microscope micrometeorite metropolis meteorites merchandising mercer's mentioning memphis mel mediterranean mccormick maximizing matson mating marx martyr marches manuscript mansion maneuvers managing mamma malraux's mailing mahogany magnetism macklin lucia lt lotion lookup lone lolotte logs liberties liberated leagues lakes lace krim's knuckles knitted knights knelt kinetic kindly kilometer kills kern kc karns kahler junk jumping julian juet judy jenny jed jacques isolate irresistible irregularities irrational ionic iodotyrosine iodinated inviting invisible investigating intonation interruption interpreter interlobular interdependent intensification instructor install insistent injection inhibit infection inescapable indicator indefinite inclination inauguration imported importantly implementation impassioned impartial immediacy illiterate idol idiom hypothetical hurricane humidity hostess hopkins hopefully hoover honoring homogeneous holland hitler hips hi hetman's hereby hemphill helva's heed hearings headlights haunting haunted hamrick hamm guessing grinding greasy gratt granting gracefully governors gnp glue glancing gibson germanium geological generously gazing garibaldi's gait gaiety furious fuller frowned freshman fresco frenchman fraud frantically francesca frail foreseen forceful footsteps foe focal flu flatness flair fitness financially fierce fidelity festivities ferguson feeble fbi faulty farmhouse fabrication exterior extensions expose exploding exploded experimentally excluded exceptionally exceedingly examinations exaggerate evolved everlasting establishments essays escalation erotic equate equals entails ensure englishmen engaging engagements enemy's endure encounters emptied emerson embarrassment embarrassed eh efficiently echoes eased dystopias dwell duplication dunes downright dorset dominion dominate domes doaty divorced dividends distaste disputes dispelled dismal discontent discernible discarded disc disappearance diocs digit differentiation diagrams devise deterrent detectable descended deprived depicted dependable denomination delegate deeds deed decreases decreased decorative decorations declare debris deaths dashed darkened danish dame cypress cyclist cushion curtains curt's cursing cta crystals cruz crushing crusade crowned crisp crimson creeping creed credo crawling coward courtyard court's counters costaggini corrupt coping copernican cooks contracted contests contented consuming constantine conspicuously connally confront conflicting confided concluding concentrating concede concealed compulsion comprised compression compost complaints compelling companions commentary commencing comforting colts colmer collector collections coldly coconut coals clutching clocks clicked cleaners clarified clarence clamped claimant civilizational churchyard church's chuckled chooses choked choir cheer charley charity charging characterization championship cf cerebral centimeters celestial cd cathedral catalogue castle careless cardinals caravan capone capillary canvases butcher busily burr burke buddha budapest bucket bruises broaden brighter brethren breasted brazil brandon boycott bourbon bounce bottoms bosom borrowing booth bomber boldly boast bo"o"k bluntly bluff blows blot bloody bloat blindly bites bitch bias betrayed benches belts bells bellows beauclerk barrels barred barney barker bargain barco's barber banner bankruptcy ballroom ballad bacteria backing babe automotive authenticity attained athens astonishing assumes assimilation assertion artie articulate arithmetic arcs architectural archbishop appraisal apportioned applicant appliances aperture anguish angelo ancestry analyzing analogous alley alibi alarmed agrarian aggregate afflicted aerial admitting adc actuality actives accusing accompany accommodations accidents accessories accelerometers absurdity abstractions aborigines abolish zenith ys youngster yorker york's yields yearning yank writ wrinkles wretched worlds workmen wiser winking wink willings wholesale whitehead whipple whichever weekends wearily weaken watered wasteful washington's wary warriors wandering wallpaper waged vulnerability vulgar voltaic visions violate vine vientiane victories vermejo verbs venice vectors vantage vanity valuation vaginal utmost utilities upturn uphold unwilling unrelated unmistakable unload undertook uncovered unbroken unavoidable unavailable ugliness typing tying twin tunes trusts trumpet troublesome trotted trooper triggered tribal trapped transform trailing tragedies tractors township touring totaled tossing titan tiger tibet threads thighs tessie terrifying terrified terrier terrestrial terraces temperament tee ted tart tapping tanned tammany tallyho taller talented taiwan tails tablespoons symptomatic symphonic sympathize symmetry sword switching swedish sustaining suspicions surrendered surged suppression supportive superficial summer's summed successors subway subspace subsidiary subscribers submerged subgroups styrene stud strive strides strewn streaming stranded strand straining straightening straighten stir stimulated sterling stealing statues starvation stark stamped stalked squatting squall sprinkling sprinkle sporadic spontaneity sponge splendor spiritually spin speculate speck spain sophia sonar somers somebody's solo soiled softened socks soak snows snelling smug smoothed sloping slopes slogan slipping slippers sleepy slacks skins skiing ski skeptical sinner sincerely simulated simpkins signing sided siddo shylock shrine shrill shortstop shortened sherman's shelley's shearing shaefer shaded sesame serial separating semantic seller securing seattle seaman sculptures screeching scratched scraping schuylkill schnabel scented scandals satellites sampled salami saga sabella ruthless russell's rouge roses rooney rodgers robertson riot rigorous righteousness riflemen revolutions retarded retaining restrictive restraints restraining responds resistors resignation reputable reproduced reproduce repeal repay rented rendezvous reluctantly relaxation relate reinforced reign rehearsed regression registry regards refugees refugee refuge reflections reduces redhead recruitment recorder recognizable reckon recipient receipts recalling reassuring reactor rca raucous ranchers raining rags radios quivering quarterly quarry quadric putt punished punch publicized psychoanalytic psyche proxy provoked provocative provisional protozoa protesting propriety proposes prop prompted productions procedural probation prisoner princeton pricing prey prevails prevailed prevail pretended premise preferences predominantly predicting precautions powdered potentially postulated postpone postcard postal positivist posed portrayal popularly ponds polymerization polite polar plight plentiful pleaded player's platoon plantations plank piston pipes pinched photos photography photochemical photo phones persists persecution percussive perceptual pensions penetrate peasant peaked paxton pauling patted patriotism patricia patchen's pastors pasadena participates participants parameter paralysis papal palestine pakistan pageant packaging pacing paces overwhelmingly overlooked overcomes outraged outlined outboard oso origins orgasm organisms openings olympic oliver olive olgivanna offspring offs oersted's occupying obstacles obscured obeyed oats oath nw numbering ns novelties notre nothin noteworthy notch nomenclature nodding nobel nikita nick's nicholas newcomers newcomer negotiation negotiated nebraska ne nbc nashville narrower narcotics napoleon naive mysteries myriad mussorgsky murphy multiplied mullins mouthpiece mousie motionless motels morphophonemic mores more's morals morally monotony monastic molotov molesworth molds mint min mildly mike's meynell meteoritic meteorite metals merchandise mentions menshikov meeker's medal meadows mccarthy maximization maurice materialism master's masculine martinelli marksman marinas marie mar mapping maple mao manure manipulation mandate mails magnificently macneff lyrical lure lump longed locks listing lions links linger linen linden lilian liability lexington levy lessening leo lending lemma legislator legion leesona ledger laundering landmarks lambs lamb laden laborers kyoto kodyke knives kitty kings kidding kennan junction juan joys jointly johns jist jerusalem jen jelke jam italians issuance irritation irons invites inventor invent invalid intuitive interviewing interfaith integrate intake insult insufficient insofar inscribed innovation initiation inhuman infringement inform inferior inference inexperienced inefficient indices incredibly incidence inactive imposing implying impaired immunity immortal immature illustrates illusions ibm hysteria hypocrisy hunted hungary hunch hugging housekeeping hound hotter hopelessly hooked hoofs hood holders hitler's hinted hickory hez hesitation hereunto herb helper heiser heir hee hebephrenic hears headlines haze hawaiian hatching harrington harmonies hanoverian hanged hamlet hallway hailed gunfire guild gubernatorial guarantees grumble grudge groped grinning griffin greet gravity graveyard gravely grapes graduating govern goulding gorgeous gore gorboduc gloves gloucester glen glaring glare glamorous giles gibby gibbs gestures generosity generating generate generalizations geely gazed gaudy gatherings gases garde garbage gapt gall galaxies gala gadgets fuzzy futility fudo fruitful fronts frontage frenzy frankfurters frankfurt fragmentary fostered fortified forties forte formations forks forgetting forerunner forensic fore flushed flooring floated fletcher fleeting flattered flatly flannagan fishermen firearms filthy fiery fidel feather fearless fe faults fatty fastest fascinated farmer's fare faintly factual facto facade eyelids exuberant expressive experimenting experiencing expedient exotic exit exhaust execute exclusion exclude excitedly exchanged examining exalted evoked evanston evaluating erupted errand equity epoch epithets envy environmental entirety enlightened enlarged enlarge engages endowed endlessly endeavor enclosure enact emergencies embodied embassies ellis elizabethan elephant elbows elastic educate edited economies echoed easiest dystopian dwellings dunn dugout duclos dubious drunken dripping drifts dramas drained doubling donovan donated dominates divinity dividing diversion diversified divan distributor distressing distortion displeased dispersed disorders disorder disobedience dismissal discs discriminating discrete discovering discontinued discomfort disappointing disagree directory directing dilution dignified digging digby diffraction dictator diarrhea diaphragm diana diamonds deterministic dessert despise desperation designate descriptive derby departures depart denounced denotes demons delta delinquency deliberations deja dei defy defiance defective dealings dc dammit damaged dag cylinders cycles cutters curved cured cubist cruising crouch credits crashing cracks courtesy countryside cough cosmetics cortical cortex corso correspond corpus corpse coronary cooperating convict conveniently contractual contour continuum continents contemplate constructing consequent consensus congratulations congenial confirmation confines confinement configuration confessed condensation condemnation concurrent conclusively concessions concessionaires concentrates conceal conant compute computation compulsory comprehension complicity completions compiler communicating commonwealth commodity commend commenced combines coloring colonies collision collins collectors collapse col coffin cocked clutched clinging client's clerks clerfayt cite circus chronological chore chord choking chimney chilled chiefs chic cherry chatter charting characteristically certified certificate centrifuged celtic catatonia carving carter carpenter caribbean cargo carcass car's captain's capitalist canoe cannon canning cancel calories callous calculating cable cabins bye bust burnt burnside bureaucracy burdens bundles bum bultmann's bulb builds budgeting buckskin buckley btu brutal bruised browning broadly broadened broadcasts brisk brigadier breeding breathe breadth bravado brandywine brandy brakes brahms bowed bout bosis booked bony bolted bodily boa blossoms blossom blizzard blaze blamed bizarre bishops biology billions bidding betrayal bestowed beset benington bending beebread beckoned beatrice beatnik beast bazaar battles bats batista bathed bates basin barren barre barge barefoot banished ban ballads bail backgrounds bachelor axes ax awaken awaiting avant auxiliary author's attributable attendants assisting assisted ascertain artist's arterial arrives argon arena arches apron approximation appreciably ants antithyroid anthropology antelope annoyed announcing annapolis anna ankles angrily andrena ancestor anarchy analyst amusement amendments ambush ambiguities alternately alterations alteration alpha alma algae ala airy airborne aiding agreeing afloat affiliated aerosol aeration adolescents adlai adaptations activation acids acetate accruing accreditation accomplishment accompaniment abuses aborigine abide abbey abandoning aaron zoning zion yuri yr yesterday's yelling yarns xydis wry wrongs writhing wrists wrecked wrapping wrangler workshops workout workmanship workings wolf witnessing withdrawal wisman's wishing wiping windshield wilmington william's willed wiley whitey whistled whirled whining whigs whig whereupon where's whatsoever wexler westfield werner welch's weider wedge web weaknesses weakening weakened wavelengths wastes wartime wallet wallace wade volatile vogue vitamin visibly virtuous villa vietnamese vicinity vibrant versa verified ventilation venetian vending velocities veins veiled vaults vandiver vacancy utah users urgently uranium upwards upkeep upheld unwanted unsaturated unreal unprepared unpopular unorthodox unmarried universally uniformly unhappiness unfriendly uneven uneasily unduly underworld understands unbearable udall twists twister turner turbine tug tucked tubing tuberculosis troopers treasures treason treacherous traversed transcends traits tr towel toughness touchdown totals totalitarian totaling toronto tories topography toothbrush toot tolley tolerated tipped tingling tilt tiles tightened thurber throws throttle throats throat's thomas's thinner thinkers thinker thermostat thermometers theologian thence thelma thaw thankful thanked textures terminology tenuous tentatively tenor temptations telephones tedious technician tease teachings tariff tangents tang tailor tagged tact tack tablespoon szolds syntax syndicate sweetly sway swam suvorov sutherland suspense susceptible surveillance surgery suppress supplier supplemented supervisors superimposed sunk sundown sunday's sucked succeeding subtraction subtly subordinate submitting subjectively stunning stuffed stronghold strife strengthened streaks strays stratford strangled strait storms stony stint stimulate stewart stengel starving starred stance stairway stain staggering spurred sprouting sprayed spotlight sportsmen spoon spoiled spencer's spelled speedy spectral spacing soybeans souvanna sour soprano sonatas someplace soluble soloists solicitor solder solace softening sofa socio socialization snoring sniffed sneaked snack smothered slowing slot slit slash slapping sits sinned sinking similitude signature siege sidewise sickness siberia shoving shoreline shooter shipped sherlock shaving shave shakespearean shafer sexually sew severed settlements servo serenity sequences septa sentry sensual sensors sensibilities senseless sensational seizure seize secretly seato sculptor scratches scoring schwarzkopf schwartz schnabel's schizophrenic schemes scent scarce scaffold sax savior savages satin sandy salts salesmanship saints sadness sacrifices saami's rupee runners runaway rumors rue rude rub royce routes rotunda rotor rotated rossoff rodney rococo roberta robe robbins robbers roam rivalry ripped rinse rings rig ribbons rhetoric rh rexroth revolving revived reversing reversible retaliation restoring responding resolutions residing rescued republics reproduction repression replaces remedies remarque's relinquish relic relegated reich regulars refuses refreshing reflexes reflective refined referral redcoat recurring recourse reconstruct rebut rebuilding reactors rationale ranking rangoni ramp radiosterilization quicker questionnaires queer qualitative quaker quackery puppet puny public's ptolemy's psychotherapy pseudophloem pry prudence prostitute propulsion props proposing proponents promotional prokofieff's projecting progressively progresses professionally probe prizes prieur pretentious pretense presentations preferable predecessors practitioners practicable powered pounding potency posterity posterior possessing portrayed portray popping popped pool's ponies pollution polarization poker poise poignant plowed pleural pleura pleasures planter plagued plague placid pitches pipeline pins piling pilgrims pigs piers pierce physicians photographers phedre pets petersburg pessimistic pessimism persist perrin periodically perier perennial percentages pels pegboard peeling pedestrian pear peanut pausing patterned pastoral pasted passport pas partition parthenon parkway parenthood paradigm pansy paneling palmer's paired packages packaged oyster overheard overcoming outspoken outlines outlets outdoors outbursts ossification osaka orvis orthography oriole originate originality organism ordo oranges oppression operetta opener opaque omitting olga offenses observance obelisk nurses notches nostalgic noses norberg noisy noises noel newton newspaperman newborn nevada neurosis nellie needy needles navigation narrowly narragansett nara nail myths musket munich multnomah multiplication mulch mountainous motorists mose morocco morgan's monster momentary mollie molecule modify modifications modernity moderately misunderstood misty misses mind's minced milton's milligram miller's midwestern microscopically micelle meyer meticulously methodically meter metabolite membrane meager maze matilda masu mast masonry marvel martini marr margins manuel mantle's manometer manley manipulate manifested manifestation manhood mandatory malocclusion maladjustment makeshift magnified macbeth luxurious lust lowell louisville loom longest locust literate liston liquids linking life's lied licenses licensed librarians librarian liaison liable leyte levers lenin legged legendary ledge lecturer leavitt leader's lbs lays layout laymen lauro laundry lauderdale lash larvae lapse lamps lad lacks laborer kissing kilowatt killpath's kidney ketosis kerosene kenneth kemble kelsey keel katherine katharine juicy jug jo jensen's jenks jarrodsville janitors janice jake jackets islanders ironically ionizing ion invoked investments invaded intimately intersect interplay internally interfering interfacial interdependence interchange intercept intensifiers intensifier intends intangible insuring insured insolence insisting inscription ins inquire innumerable inmates inject inhibition inheritance inhabited ingredient informs infiltration infield inexplicable inexpensive induction indicative indianapolis indefinitely inception inaction imprisonment impetus impelled impeccable illustrative idly identifies hymns huxley huts hunters humphrey humming humiliation hp hough hostility hospitality horizons hopped honolulu hon homicide hiring hirey hind highroad highlands hid hesiometer hernandez herds hellenic heightened heidenstam hearted hearst's healing healed headaches hays hawthorne haul harcourt harassed handler handing handicap hamburger gyp gunny guise grudgingly groundwave grounded gripping grenades greetings greer grasslands graphic grape granny grandson grandeur grandchildren goodbye goat glowed glittering glistening glenn gleaming glands gladdy ghastly geographically geographic general's gee gaunt garments garment gansevoort gangs gallons gallium gal ga futile fucken frivolous fritzie fringed frightful fried fraternity france's fran fragrance fragment founders foul fortunes fortress forthright forsythe forgiven forefinger foes focusing foaming flowering flowed flourished flopped floods flattened flashing flares flared flaming fitzgerald firmer fireplace fingerprint fingered finances finale filtering filtered fille figuring figurative fights fibrosis feudal fetch fella feathered feat fascination farrell family's famed fairy fairness factions facet fabulous extract exposition explode explicitly experimented expeditions expandable exhibiting exercising exclamation excerpt exceeding evoke eternity esprit erosion erikson episodes episcopal epicycles enzyme entrepreneur enrollment endorsed endorse emeralds elmer elicited elaborately eichmann's educators ecstasy economist earthly eagles dwarf dusting duplicate ducts drowned drought drives dripped drilled dreary dreadnought drafting drab downhill dowex doubles doris doolin doings documented doaty's divides dividend divergent distrust distribute distinguishing dissolve disseminated dissatisfied disregard displaying disgusted disbelief dipper diplomats dip dingy dimaggio diluted digital dietary diction dialectic devoid devil's detecting desolate desegregated deposits depletion depicting denies demythologization demonstrating demonstrates della dell delivers delinquent dekalb definitions defenders defendant deerstalker deduced decreasing decorated declines decks debentures debates deadline darted dapper danny dakota cu crutches crippling crippled criminals cries creaked cradle courteous countrymen countenance councils council's coughlin cottages costing corresponds cornell cordial cord coral copenhagen coordinates cookies conversions contributors contractor continuance contend contemptuous contemporaries contemplation contemplating construed constrictor consolidated connecting congestion con compose complied compliance complexion complexes comparisons compares communicative commotion commanders comin comb coincided coil cohesion cod coasts coaching clumsy clumps clouded closes clip cling cliche clergymen classify clapping clamps clambered chromium chords chipping chili chestnut chauffeur chattering charted characterize chapman chanted ch centum centrally centennial caves cautioned causal casts cartridge cartoons carriages carbine caps caper canons canned candidacy canceled calves calmed calibration calderone caesar buzzing buyers buses bury burnsides burlington burgundy buggy buffet bucks buckle buchheister brute brushing brushes brumidi's brow brotherhood britain's brightly bricks breakthrough breach braced boxcar bourbons bothering booking bonner bong bogey bodybuilder boasted boarding blushed blurred bloomed blinked bleached blazing blake black's bitten biting bisque birthplace bio bids bicycle bey bewildered berman bellowed beech beckett beaverton bearings beaming bayonet baths bas bartender barley banquet banker bangs bailiff badge backwoods baby's axe awe automation authorizations authoritarian auspices augusta audio attribute attire attends attaining attacker atop athletes astronomical astonishingly astonished assures assessments assess assembling assaulted assassin ashore ashes artificially arrows arrears arp armstrong aristotle's arabic appointments appoint apples apologetically anyone's antonio antiseptic ante ant annoying announcements annihilation anew ancestors anastomoses analysts amplitude amplifier amplified amorphous ambulance ambivalent ambassadors alvin allstates aligned alienated album aisle airways airfields ailments agnese agitation agglutinin affirmed affectionate advocating adviser adoniram admirably administration's adjunct adhesive actress acropolis aching accidentally accepts accelerating absently abraham abortion abiding abdomen a's zest yugoslavia yow yanks yanked wrecking wrap worrying worms worded woolly woodwork wooded woe wits witch widths widowed widened widen whistling whispering wherein whereabouts westerly wells's welcoming weeds wee webster weaving wears watson's watering water's wasting washes warts warrior warrants warlike wanna walt walnuts walitzee wakeful waiters wailing waco vows vowed volunteered vita visibility visa virtual vinyl vineyards vile vices vibration viable vesole verify verbally ventured venerable velvet vegas vaudeville variously vanish valleys uttered utterance utopians uptown uptake upstream upi unworthy unwittingly unwillingness unwelcome unspeakable unseen unscrupulous unrest unreconstructed unofficial unmistakably unloaded unitized uniqueness uninterrupted unifil uniconer unheard unfolding unfavorable unequivocally unemployed uneasiness undertaking underside undeniable uncompromising uncle's uncertainties uncanny unbreakable unanimous unanimity um ultracentrifugation ulcer twirling twelfth tweed tuxapoka turks turk tulip tuition tudor tucker tubs truthfully trunks truce trolley triumphant trinity tribunal triangular trembled tread traverse travels transposed transports transported transmitter transitions transitional transactions transaction tracts towers tournaments torrid torquer torque tooling tomato tnt timid timbers tightening thumping thrusts throne thrived thrill thrift threatens thompson's thom thirsty thickly thicker thickened thereupon therefrom ther theoretically that'll thant texan terrific ter tensile tendencies tenant tenacity temporal template telegraphers tektites teens teenagers tasting tapestry tangled tame takin tag symptom sympathetically symbolically sydney sworn swooped swivel swirling swirled sweaty swamp susie surveyor surround surprises supremacy supra supervisory supervisor supervise superseded sundry sunburn suitcases suffused suffrage suffocating suffice suffers suez suck succumbed substitutes subsided subcommittee styled stumps studded stucco stripes striped stressing strengthens stowey stoicism stockings sting stimuli stickney stew sterilization stereotyped stephens steeped steaming steamed stealth steal stays stationed staten starved stamping stalin's stakes stagnant staccato stabilizing ss squire squared sq spruce sprawling sportsman sponsorship spitting spire specialties sparse sparks sparkling spans spahn spacers soybean southpaw southeastern south's sounder sophomore someone's solvent soles sojourn softness softer soaring smoothness smoky smith's smash sly slots slogans sloanaker sloan's slippery slides slater slashing skyline skip skimmed skillfully skepticism situs singly simpson simmer silhouettes silenced signatures signaling sighing siding sidewalks shutters shutter shunts shuddered shudder shriver shrink shriek shreds showered shovel shouts shouldered shortsighted shortcomings shone shocks shirley ship's shingles shine shielding shielded sheriff's sheraton sharpening sharpened shapeless shaky shakes shakers shadowing shabby seward severity serge sensuality selects seigner securely secretariat secondly seating seasoned seashore sculptured screening screeched scrawled scours scornful scoop scientifically schooling scepticism scant scan scales scabbard sayin saves sausages sauces saturation sargent sante sandman sandals salvage salutary salisbury sailor safer safeguard sadie rustler runner rover rounding roosevelt's roofs ronnie ronald romantics roasted roadway risks ripples ripple rinsing righteous ridicule richness richly richest richert richer richard's reynolds rex revivals revise reverence revered reuveni retreating retailing retailers resultants respecting respectability resorted reserves reputed reproducible repertory repelled renting renowned removes remington reminding relying reluctance relentlessly relentless relaxing regulatory registers refrigerated refreshed reformation reflector refinements refinement reed redevelopment rectangular recollection recoil recipients receptionist receivers receding rebuild rebs reassured reama realtor rattlesnakes rattle rationalize ratification rape ransom rall rainy rains rainbow raids radial racket rabbits quotes quotations quasi quarterback quarreling quantum pyrex pussy purposely puritan puppets pumps pumped pulp psychoanalysis psychiatrists psychiatric psithyrus psalmist proximity provocation proving proverb prosecuted proprietors prophet prophecy propagandistic prominence prolusion proliferation programming proficient professions professed profess procreation procession probing priorities primeval primacy priceless prevalent prescription prescribe preposterous premiere prelude prefers predecessor precincts poynting powders pots potassium portrays portago populous pompeii polyphosphates polyester politeness polarity poking poisonous plunge plumb pledged plead platforms plastered planting planks plaintiff piping pinpoint pimen pillars pies pictorial physicist photographer phonology phoned philippi pharmacy phalanx perverse pertains pertaining persuading perpetuate permissive periphery periodicals perfected pennies penn pendleton penance pelham peeled pedestal peddler peck peanuts peacefully paved patterson patrice patched pastry particulars parted parsons parole parkhouse pantheon palette palaces pageants pads padded pact paba oz ox owes overweight overture overthrow overrun overcoat overalls outs outreach outputs outing otter oslo organizational organification ordained orchards orator option optimality oppressed operatic onsets oneself ole ol ok occasioned obsolete obsession obsessed obscurity obnoxious obesity oakwood o'connor nutrients nuisance nugent novelty nourished noticing nosed northward northerners nondescript noblest nilly newburyport neutrophils neutralized neutralism nephews nehru neglecting negation needing needham necessitate nationwide nathan nate nasty nancy nagrin mystique mystical mustn't mustache murky murderers mumbled mule mucosa mt mouthed motivations motifs mosaic mortgages morse's morphological moriarty moody monumental montero's monte monopolies mono monei monacle momentarily moment's molly moll moliere's modulation modifier mocking mobilization mmes mityukh misuse mistress misgivings misdeeds mischief minutemen minors minorities mink minimized miners mineralogy mindful millie migration migrants midday microns micrometeorites micelles metaphor mesh merited merging mergers menu melodic mee mediocre medicines mechanized mechanic measurable md mc mayer mattered mathematically maternal materially mat mastered martian martha marshes marsden marrow marquis marker manuals manu manor manifestly mania maneuver mando mammalian mahzeer's maguire magnums madrigal machinist ma'am lyttleton lynn lyford luther lush lurched lullaby lukewarm lugged lucian ltd lowering loveless louise longhorns logging lofty lodging locality lobes loadings livery livelihood littered liter liquidated lipton lioness linguistics lingering lincoln's limbs limb lillian lightweight lieu lids liberation lewis's lets lethal lessen leona leon lent lenses leisurely legally legacy leaked ld lawns lavender latitude latch las larson lappenberg landscapes lance laissez lady's labored kruger koreans knox knocking kneeling kneel kizzie kitty's kittens kitten kitchens kingston kindness kinda kidneys kerr kasavubu kappa kafka justly justifiably joyous journals jonathan joking joe's jockey jerome jefferson's jason jaguar jagged jacoby itch istanbul isolating isle irritated irritable irregularly irradiated ironing iodinating inversely inverse invaluable invaders invade intrinsic intra intimidation intimated interstellar interrelated intermediates interlude interfered interfaces intercontinental intentional intensities intellectually intellect instantaneous installment installing insignificant insecurity inscrutable inquiring inquest injunctions injecting initiate inhibited ingenuity informally inflicted inflation inferiority infections inert indulged indoors individualized indian's indelible indecision indecent incur incorrect inconsistent incoming inclusive incidental incarnation inaccurate imputed impractical imposition implements impinging impeded immoral immaculate imitate illuminating ignoring ignores ignition identifiable hys hydrolysis hutchins hurtling hurling huntley humility humanism humane hum housewives hotei hosts hostilities host's hosses hoss horsepower horse's horace hook homozygous homogeneity homeland holocaust hoarse hitters hitter hitch hippodrome hilum hides hibachi heywood hettie heroine herford hereinafter hens hemus hemorrhage helplessness hearty headache hazy hazardous hayes haunches hatchet hatch hasty hartweger hartsfield hartman harshly harper's harmonious harmless hardships happenings handwriting hanch hamper hammock hammarskjold's hairy habitual gyros gushed gully guarded grouped groping groom grok grigorss greeting greens greeks greedy greatcoat graphite grammatic grafton grady gradients grabski grabbing gra"fin gotta gosson godot goddess glycerine globulin glitter glinting glimpsed glazed glared glances glamour givin girlish ginning ghosts ghettos ghana gertrude germ geology geography genial genetic generates generalize gehrig gasps gasping gasped gary garth's garrison garages gantry gamma gamblers gallant gaily fuse furs furrow furnishes fundamentals fumes fumbled fullest fruitless froze frontiers frigid freeways freeway freer frauds franchise fragmentation formulae formosa forestall foresight forecasts forbids fools foggy flyer flushing fluent flows flourish florence flicked flexural flemish flattening flask flanked flakes flags fission fiske fisherman fisher fireworks firemen fins finely fills fibrous fiberglas fervent fertile fearing favre fashions farouk fanning faithfully fairway faire faget fading faculties faction facilitate faber extravagant extraction extant exploring exploitation expired experimenter expelled expanse exile exchequer exchanges excerpts excellently exceeded exasperation exaggeration evolve evokes evidences evasive evangelical evaluations evacuation europeans estates espionage escorted escaping ernst erection equated equ epiphysis ephesians enzymatic envied entropy entrenched entitle enthusiastically enterprising entail ensued enroll enrich enlist enjoined enhanced enhance engulfed englander enforcing endeavors encroachment encourages enchanted enacting empirically emmett emile embroidered embark elongated elman elliott eliot eleventh electrophoresis electrode eldest elasticity elapsed egyptian edward's editing edible edging economists eastwick easel earthmen eagle dynasty dynamite duf duel ducked drugstore drugged drs dromozoa drizzle driver's drawers drains drafted dozed downstream downs downfall downed dow dormant donors donor dolce dodgers documentary doctrines dizzy divisive diving dived diurnal distracted distinguishes dissent disrupted disrupt dispose dispatched disorganized dismounted dismiss dismay disinterested disintegration disguise disfigured discrepancies discouraging discounts disciples disappearing disability directs dipole diplomat diocesan dime differentiated dietrich diego dictated devey developer devastating despotism desolation desiring deserts dept depressing denounce denoting delicacy delhi deformation definitive defines deference defeating decrees decorator decisively deceived debutante debated deacon dares dam dale daer daddy czechoslovakia cute custer curzon curvature curly cunningham cunning cunard culturally culminates cubes cubans ctca crystallographic crystalline crowding crosby cropped critically criticality criss crib creaking craters crane craftsmen craftsmanship crackers cox courtier coupler couperin coup countin counterpoint councilman corruptible correspondents correction corral corpses corporation's coroner corinthian coordinator coolness coolly coolidges coo"peration convicts converts converse contradictions continual contingent contingencies contestants contends contemplated consultants constituent constancy constable conspicuous connotation conjugated confuse confronts conforms confidential conferred conductivity conditioners conchita concertos computers comprehend comply complications completes complaining competently compassion commuting communese communes committing commenting commendable comforts comedian columnist collects colder coincides coherent coe cock cochannel coated coahr coaches clutch clusters clubhouse clothed clifford cliches clerk's clenched clattered classrooms clash clarification claimants citation circulating cio cicero chunks chuckle chronology chronicle christopher choreographer choreographed chopping ching chines chilly childhood's cherish chemically cheerfully cheekbones checking checkbook chat chartered charitable chaplain chap chaotic channing changeable chambre ceylon cerv certify centering censorship cemented celebrating catskill catkins catharsis catastrophic catastrophes castro's carvey carts cartridges cart carruther