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Historic Winton is Australia s largest and most popular all-historic motor race meeting, presenting three big days of non-stop racing, touring and displays from.

She was hot as Pepper Anderson in "Police Woman" way back in the 70s. Really a good looking woman and a staple of all the talk shows when I was a kid.

I've heard talk that she was a girl who liked to have a good time.

She's 85 now.

A little-known TV movie in which she was excellent:"The Suicide's Wife"

I always liked her. I stumbled upon an article about her. She had a daughter that committed suicide. How sad

So I worked at Warner Bros when that show was being made. A bunch of us programmer types were taking a break outside the makeup dept.

Her character was a cop playing a prostitute. She was dressed as the prostitute as she walked out of make up.

With a big grin she opened up her coat wide to flash us. We all laughed cuz she had almost nothing on.

It sohappens that I am Miss Angie Dickinson. Now if you don't mind, I'd like 2 rooms please.

You don't look like Angie Dickinson, r4.

Spent a large part of her youth as a side piece of Sinatra's.

Now her memoirs (if she ever wrote them) would be amazing!

I loved her as the ill-fated milf in Dressed to Kill, which is cited here regularly.

R8, Yes, she was so wonderful in 'Dressed to Kill', and I got a huge kick out of her in 'Big Bad Mama'. The opening scene in 'Dressed to Kill' was a revelation, since I couldn't believe that straight people would have any idea of what a gay cruise and pickup was like.

Her daughter with Burt Bacharach had autism and committed suicide a little over a decade ago.

She wrote this about dealing with her sister's early-onset Alzheimer's.

"So I worked at Warner Bros when that show was being made. "

Is English your first language?

She comes across as very kind in Bacharach's biography, but he comes across as the biggest asshole in the world. IIRC, their daughter had autism, but was undiagnosed for years, and Burt put her in a home which accelerated her depression and decline.

R12 if you find anything wrong with that sentence it clearly isn't yours.

She has a smelly old twat.

You have a wrinkled old malodorous cock and balls R15.

She had a hot scene with gorgeous Tom Skerritt in 'Big Bad Mama'.

Pepper, you're goin' undercover!

A Police woman in her pjs?

Here she is 2014, she's aging well.

OP, you are REQUIRED on DL to always refer to her as "MISS Angie Dickinson."


She's busy preparing for her role as an elderly woman who eats her way through the Iron Curtain...

My name is Nancy, how can I help you. I'm afraid I gave those 2 rooms away.

She used a body double in DTK, another reason it would have been fantastic with Ball. DePalma's initial plan was for Lucy to not have a body double as he wanted to show America's Sweetheart Lucy in the buff, feeling that (and rightfully so) that the public would have gone nuts. This was at the end of the '70s and during the mainstreamization of porn with 'Deep Throat' and 'The Devil in Miss Jones', so it wasn't as out there as it seems to us now.

Angie Dickinson was fucked by Larry King. That is lower than low.

When I first saw DTK on cable (as an impressionable youngster) I had no idea that was a body double, and was a little stunned that Angie's body was still in such good shape (and that she'd show it off so graphically). Was kind of a turn on, to be honest.

Angie with Mrs Larry King. Please don't tell me they are double teaming Larry that fucking ogre.

I get Johnny Carson but not Larry King.

[quote] She was hot as Pepper Anderson in "Police Woman"

Pepper - what a stupid fucking name. I mean...gurl, please!

She came across well in Carole Bayer Sager's bio (Burt did not - he really is an asshole). Her daughter Nikki has a lot of problems and Dickinson was a kind and loving parent. Burt ... no so much.

I always felt a real warmth from her, a vulnerability. That's why 'Dressed to Kill' worked so well for her character: you were rooting for the adulterous wife, because you can sense her sadness, her loneliness. I remember reading that she was hurt when Betty White did 'The Betty White Show' after the MTM show folded, since Betty was playing an over-the-hill actress playing a policewoman. I've really never read an unkind word about Miss Angie Dickinson, other than the she 'got around' so to speak, which makes her even more lovable to me.

She's sexy and sassy in "Rio Bravo" (Howard Hawks liked 'em that way). And gets to show off her justly famed gams

[quote]Her daughter Nikki has a lot of problems

I'll say -- the main one being she's no longer breathing.

Wasn't her sidekick on Police Woman gay?

She played a frightening villain on that Wild Palms series back in the 90s.

Yes, Earl Holliman is widely rumored to be gay.

She was an absolute doll.

There was a very good thread on her not long ago....not this one.

Aren't you the clever minx!

A good friend of mine is a HUGE fan of Miss Angie Dickinson. He lives in LA, and when he finally got to meet her, he asked her about a small moment in DTK, no dialogue, when she exits the building where she had the hook-up and looks at something for a few beats. He asked her what it meant. She knew the shot. Her reply? "You know, I never thought about it, really."

But she doesn't exit the building, does she?

Ouch! That photo at R10 was like a punch to the gut - Burt used to be so beautiful. They were such a glamorous couple -- too bad it turns out he was such a tremendous asshole.

The hottest of men in show biz history have talked about how phenomenally sexy she was and that she was just a great person to hang with.

R42, It may not have been the hook-up's building, yes she meets her demise in the elevator, but it was a building.

She probably wasn't very smart but she was very sexy in such a womanly way. She is 47 years old in this clip, playful, not slutty - one gorgeous kitten.

And why would one say that she "probably wasn't very smart"!

Because I read it in another better thread on her R46!

All you have to do is watch her, to see she's a smart cookie.

Burt didn't like to have anything around him that wasn't pretty and perfect, hence his distance from his daughter. I don't get why Angie's legs were supposed to be so great. They just look really skinny. She was also a pass around for the Rat Pack.

SHE did the choosing.

R24 I was her body double in DTK!!! It's even on my JOB resume!

Never read a bad word about Angie. She always seemed kind and wise in her interviews. Took care of her sister and daughter, never said a bitchy word about anyone publicly. Marlene Dietrich , jealous of Angie's youth, beauty and relationship with Burt, hated her and said "how could anyone smile that much?"

Funny thing is that Dietrich was also famed for her legs.

The Carole Bayer Sager book is also good - if you're interested in these people.

r53 - My favorite quote from Marlene: "The legs awen't so gweat, I just know what to do with them."

Carole Bauer Sager

All I can think of is that heavily vaselined photo of her with her head tilted back, looking as if she'd just thought of something deeply philosophical. It was always in those record club ads.

This is Bobbi. You won't see me anymore, so I thought I'd have a little session with your machine. Oh Doctor, I'm so unhappy. I'm a woman trapped inside a man's body - and you're not helping me to get out! So I got a new shrink, Levy's his name, he's gonna sign the papers so I can get my operation. Oh... I borrowed your razor... and - well, you'll read all about it. Some blonde bitch saw me, but I'll get her.

Don't make me be a bad girl again.

r52 Jealousy can be an ugly thing and quite a few of the legendary Hollywood icons like Marlene could be terrible with it and let it get the better of them.

Angie certainly does not seem to have made many enemies in Hollywood over the years which is unusual and a good indicator in her favour.

Does her pussy stink?

[quote] When I first saw DTK on cable (as an impressionable youngster) I had no idea that was a body double

Same here. Turns out they were showing the Penthouse Pet of the Year rather then Angie.

Give Angie credit. No person EVER sold more avocados then she. Nobody would have bought them from one of Guccione's women.

I think that Jessica Lange drew inspiration for her early performances from Angie Dickinson in Rio Bravo. That playful sexiness.

'Pepper' is the greatest cop name ever. And I love that her hair was always a mess yet somehow she looked good.

I read the Burt bio too and it made me really dislike him. I was amazed he let such an unflattering book go to print but then I realised he’s such an egotistical arsehole he’d be oblivious.

Angie once kept a diary, but burned it when she and Burt hired live in help to care for their baby daughter, fearing it might be read or stolen.

She did agree to write her autobiography years ago, but changed her mind and returned the advance.

She famously refused to allow Ralph Edwards to showcase her on This Is Your Life when he ambushed her. She bolted, leaving him without a subject.

Gorgeous and sexy woman . I have always liked her and wished she were in more things .

Must have been a slow day for the paparazzi. They got Angie taking out her trash.

Her classic response on Carson, late 70s, when he asked about her fashion choices and who she dressed for: "I dress for women and I undress for men."

She had a fling with David Janssen too. Always amazes me when beautiful, successful women gravitate to “damaged” men like Janssen.

She's gone into her memaw years now.

Wholeheartedly agree, R63, I couldn’t believe Bacharach was so unaware at how awful he came across in his book, particularly when writing about his daughter. He actually described her as “weird” at one point. Candor is one thing, but that was horribly disrespectful to her struggles.

An absolutely brilliant line r67

R12, Is douchebag your first language? It would seem so, since there's nothing grammatically unsound about the sentence and poster you bashed.

R30, I'll have you know that R29 is not me! And by the way, you spelled my name wrong.

I think she's tremendous.

Would love for her to spin on my pepperoni.

r70 Is Angie still on speaking terms with Burt?

Not sure, R76. She did contribute to his book. Both she and Carole Bauer Sager came off a lot better in Bacharach’s book than HE did! Still love his music, but another example of it not being a good idea to not know too much about your heroes!

Indeed r77

Can you recall if his book was published before or after their daughter passed away please?

I worked at the facility where Nicki was sent to reside. The Wilson Center in Fairbault, MN. I knew Nicki quite well. She - would have been described as "weird" by those who wanted to sort of flippantly dismiss her. She was actually what I would think of as more on the Autism Spectrum - she was also born extremely premature. I would speculate there were some brain abnormalities relating to her vision also. She had very thick bottle type glasses and would spend hours of her day watching clouds and would describe what she saw in them. I found her distraught outside one day by her blanket - she had taken off a ring Angie had given her and was playing around with it and managed to flip it into the grass. She couldn't find it and was out of her mind with grief - I helped her find the ring, and then sat with her a long while in the sunshine on that blanket looking at clouds. She would have been much better off in a house with a helper. I think they thought the institutionalized setting off in Minnesota might normalize her more since it was a long term care facility. I would sometimes work nights in her group home. She was funny about some things, like the sanitation of how the dishes were washed in the group home. Once she had pictures from a vacation in HI with Angie, who was out of makeup and stunningly beautiful even in her mid fifties. Her dad she did not speak as warmly about, but it was obvious she Loved her mom. You can't really keep in touch with people like this when you move on with your life - but I was sad and not really completely surprised when I read Nicki had committed suicide. She did suffer from her "weirdness" in a world that did not really understand her, and which she did not quite fit in - especially in the time frame in which she was born. It must have been so sad for Angie to lose her child, who was unique and special and quite intelligent despite her situation.

Thank you for posting so sensitively r79

One of the reasons I think they put Nicki in a facility was because she did party and do drugs and could get special privileges being the daughter of celebrities. She would get VIP access and drugs if she wanted them when ever concerts came around Minneapolis. She would regale with stories of some famous people. She expressed Roger Waters was very rude. Lionel Ritchie she Loved, she said he would play the piano and sing with her and was a very kind person who would patiently talk with her when others would sort of rush her off. Nicki did have - well those glasses, and kept kind of short squirrel bitten hair and had terrible posture - if she approached you somewhere and just randomly started asking you questions you would sort of recoil at first from the "strange lady" - but like I said she was fascinating and unique. She experimented with her spiritual life - and became a practicing Sikh for a while. I am sure all this put off Burt in a very alienating way. His "strange, unattractive daughter" - I am not going to sugar coat it he strikes me as a raging narcissist so in addition to her challenges I am sure she faced a lot of narcissistic abuse. God Bless Angie, she had to deal with his hostility while trying to help Nicki. Nicki was multifaceted also - I did see several of her extreme temper "fits" and she would rage out and get destructive with her belongings. Some of it is very understandable. I really wish and often wondered when I knew her why she was not just put in a private home and a small staff hired to assist her - and a lot of resource numbers kept in the rolodex for her more difficult episodes. I think Angie kind of believed in the facility where she was sent, which really did try to accommodate their special VIP patient at the same time attempting to help with the limited resources available at the time for someone like Nicki. If she were born today - her life would have followed a much different course I am sure - with the exception of the narcissistic father, she would have had a better chance. Nicki had lovely blue eyes by the way that would sparkle behind her glasses when she was amused. She had a playful jokester personality. My she rest in peace.

Her best friend is Miss Stefanie Powers.

Thanks for that, r79. Very insightful. Makes me appreciate Angie even more.

R79 / R81 , thank you for posting your experiences with Angie Dickinson's daughter. I read an article about Angie and she seems like a good woman. I think Ellen Barkin looks a lot like her, love the look of both of these women.

Recently there was some mention of the word "dame" on DL. Angie Dickinson is a dame.

r84 I like the look of those women also. They both have nice voices as well. I don't think there are many on the screen today as interesting to watch.

This thread has me missing Nicki. Another thing about her prematurity, it was not common for babies to survive back then born that early. They didn't hold or touch them back then like the kangarooing that goes on today. I want to say she had an admirably strong spirit - she stood up to Burt. Can you imagine that? She would not be kowtowed. She reminds me of another person on the spectrum who has been very successful in her niche. That woman is Temple Grandin. About Nicki's ability to see things in the clouds - they speculated she in fact did see differently based on eye ball development and her prematurity. It was also speculated she had synesthesia. Can you imagine how out of place in the world she must have felt? Being in her 20s in the 80s when everything about being different was so much more repressed or even feared.

R66 She looks better than the rest of JFK's chippys, if only because she's one of the last ones left.

Although there have been rumors about them for years, she's never said a word. Classy lady.

That I did not know r82

r79 Beautiful, thank you for your remembrances

Thank you for sharing those lovely, sensitive memories, R79/R81!

"Her best friend is Miss Stefanie Powers."

True? I mean Stefanie likes the ladies, but not the Angie kind.

I remember when Nikki was born. She had to remain in the hospital for a considerable amount of time due to her being born dangerously premature, which left her with serious vision problems.

" It was the greatest 7 minutes of my life.". Angie Dickinson on bedding JFK

She needs to write her autobiography, now!

I worked with her on a tv special very briefly (a day or two) about 30 years ago. She was beautiful and could not be nicer, very sweet, present and warm.

R94, Seven minutes, no way in hell. JFK was all about his own climax, which was quick.

This is her actual quote:

After all, he was a fast worker: Angie Dickinson called sex with JFK "the greatest 30 seconds of my life"

I hate JFK the man. He was such an asshole.

But he had such a tight asshole.

A slightly HAIRY tight asshole, r99

This R79 is the DL Poster of 2019.

You are a lovely human being.

Wonderful posts. Nikki was lucky to spend time with you-


She looks great at R69. That's what a beautiful, aging face looks like.

Amen R102- She has great skin. And that pic also has minimal make-up.

Seconded r101 They were lovely kind and sensitive posts.

Let's face it, she has lost her looks.

Bitch could use a lil freshining.

That is Kim Novak r106 not Angie Dickinson.

The night of JFK's Inauguration, he sent Jackie back to the White House after the Inaugural Ball and had a rendezvous with Angie.

That's why it's signed Miss Novack R107

Nikki was an FAS baby. Not much was known a,bout them then.

Peter Lawford r108 ??

It’s true that Angie got around in the way Grace Kelly got around, and now we have Kate Beckinsale and the girl from Supergirl who are alleged here on DL to have gotten around as well. I guess this puts all of them in the DL Hall of Fame, or is it Shame?

R113 Jessica Christ, you cannot compare her Serene Highness Princess Grace nor Angela to a chick that fuck Peter Davidson for his drugs and the slag heap who has had her cunt spread all over the internet and every cock that ever comes within five feet of her cunt.

Have you no style?

R111: FAS baby. ...

Faculty of Arts and Sciences?



Angie at David Janssen’s funeral

Miss Angie Dickinson is a North Dakota girl and in 1992 was inducted as a member of North Dakota's Rough Rider Hall of Fame. Other recipients include Lawrence Welk, Peggy Lee and Bobby Vee.

I think I am right in saying that Angie auditioned for the role of Krystal Carrington in Dynasty and either very nearly got it or was offered the role before Linda Evans and decided to decline? would have been fascinating to see her have onscreen catfights with Joan Collins!

She really was terrific in Dressed to Kill. I love the entire film, but when she's not in the second half, it does lose a little something.

She brought so much class, emotion and layers to that character. She deserved an Oscar nomination.

R119, I've read that George Peppard was originally offered the role of Blake Carrington. Peppard was an insufferable asshole. Audrey Hepburn, Patricia Neal and former wife Elizabeth Ashley all thought so, along with many others.

I believe peppard also was a drunk.

David Janssen? I suppose that makes sense since they both appear to have enjoyed dating (or "seeing") quite a few, while also being regarded as decent people. He sure got around also.

R117, Angie was having an affair with married David Janssen at the time of his death.

R113, Gay men = Hall of Fame; straight women = Hall of Shame.

Jackie supposedly had a begrudging respect for Angie because Angie for decades refused to open her mouth in even the slightest respect about her relationship with Jack.

r129 "Upper class" types do tend to respect discretion in personal relationships.

Perry Mason appearance.....

r131 What year was that please?

She played "Marian Fargo" in 1958, r132.

She's being profiled this coming Sunday on CBS Sunday Morning.

R49 "...she was also a pass around..."

Envious much?

R115 thanks. I just realized that DTK takes the Psycho shower/stabbing scene and divides it into two sections.

JFK didnt really like and especially didnt respect women. His mother was a cold bitch with no emotional warmth what so ever. That ruined Jack from day one. He had more of a problem with that distance from Rose then any of the other kids. As awful as Joe Kennedy was as a human being, he was the one that provided the love and support to his kids. Why Rose Kennedy had so many kids is beyond me, I dont think she even liked kids.......maybe it was a roman catholic thing............she was obsessed with her husbands constant fooling around and got her passive agressive revenge by constant travel to Europe while the kids were younger and I think she was rumored not to be particularly attentive to her husband once he had his stroke and the servants took care of him for the most part. To me, Rose was always the villian in the family

I have to say this: I cannot fucking believe she is EIGHTY-SEVEN years-old. Oh. My. God.

Is she now the oldest person alive to have appeared in so racy a movie as Dressed To Kill? It’s hard to think of naked ladies in movies as eventually getting to their upper 80s. The passage of time is so ...odd. Isn’t it horrifying?

Well the alternative to getting old...

She's wonderful in Rio Bravo.

R141, How could she keep her hands off gorgeous 19 year old Ricky Nelson?

R135, I'm sure the interviewer will bring up Bacharach and daughter Nikki, but JFK?

R142 who said she did?

As wonderful as I think Angie is in 'Dressed to Kill', I think DePalma's original choice of Lucy would have been even more spectacular. Keep in mind, that DTK was an homage to Psycho and the original shock in that film was the killing off of the big star in the first act. Now, Angie was quite famous, but she was hardly the star that Lucy was, so clearly the impact of Lucy being stabbed at the beginning of the film would have been incredibly powerful.

Lucy was 70 years old!

Lucy would hav made Dressed to Kill unintentionally funny and total high camp. She wouldn't have been able to stop her trademark mannerisms from coming out.

I adored her butterscotch blonde hair colour.

It's one thing to deny having an affair with JFK, but to claim that he never once made a pass at her?

She was candid about other personal matters, why not JFK?

Couldn't an assistant have offered her a comb before the interview?

She was on TCM recently and didn’t look her best.

I'm trying to picture Lucy in that scene where Angie Dickinson visualizes what happened to her panties.

R151, By 1980, Lucy was wearing Depends.

Mo Rocca interviewed Angie this morning on CBS Sunday Morning.

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