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Synopsis: Too much of a good thing sends a newly wed husband down the slippery slope leading to his transmission into part pussy slave and all wimp

                               Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 1

       Jill and I had a great honeymoon featuring plenty of sex including some new stuff that showed our sex life might remain interesting for some time to come. After returning to the reality of making a living, it still was exciting to anticipate the weekends that were our time to experiment and refine our love making techniques. Jill was training me to be as she described it, "a champion pussy eater" and to date I had been a good student, getting mostly B+s and an occasional A, when I got her off in under a half hour. She on the other hand demonstrated great technique when it came to giving me the kind of blowjob that I always dreamed of when I was still single. What got my juices to really flow was the way she swallowed every drop and then smacked her lips noisily and with a wicked grin inquire if perhaps she might continue and see what might develop further. On some weekends I'd delivered load after load until she was satisfied that I could last long enough to really give her a good fucking and bring her off.

       My bride began to open up about her life before we met. She lost her cherry to her older brother when she was sixteen, and they continued to fuck regularly until he found a steady girlfriend a year later. By then her younger sister, Paula, was very curious about what she and her brother did in the bedroom when their parents were away working. So one rainy afternoon she watched him break in Paula, who at the time was all of thirteen. Her first experience was not to her liking and so Jill consoled her with her knowing tongue and the two of them began a steamy lesbian relationship that lasted until she moved away. That part of her story made me hard as steel and she noticed. She began to tease me about wanting to see her and her sister doing it in our bedroom and perhaps letting me join the fun if I was a very good boy and ate them both to some nice orgasms.

       Now our sex life took a turn for the kinkier side and I had a ball. I'd lay beside Jill after pumping a big load into her tight cunt and she'd tell me a dirty story about something that she and Paula did when they were teens. All the time she'd be slowly jacking me off and just as I was on the verge of shooting a big load all over my belly, she'd stop and ask me to go down on her even though my latest load was just beginning to drip from her fat lipped cunt. That really got her off when I began to lap up my own sperm from her pussy. She'd tease me and call me a pussy whipped sissy slut and tell me what she and Paula would make me do once they got together and started to work me over. It seems that Paula really loves a tongue in her asshole and Jill had often spent hours and hours kissing, licking and sucking on that chocolate starfish as Paula had one orgasm after another.

       The thought of licking and kissing Paula's butthole was not my cup of tea, but Jill kept after me about it, telling me that within a day I'd be sucking her sister's asshole and loving every second of it. She reminded me that she had me trained to the point that I'd suck my own cum from her pussy after we fucked. Not only that, she also mentioned that I was now quite willing to let her feed me my cum after she jacked me off and scooped it from my belly and other places that were covered with my wigglers. She also added the fact that in recent sessions she'd given my prostate a nice massage with her middle finger and rehardened me in record time, even after I had already busted a nut three or even four times as she talked dirty to me, telling me all the nasty things she and Paula were going to do to me when she visited.

       Naturally I started getting very curious about what her sister looked like. That's when Jill hooked and reeled me into the boat. She showed me a series of pictures of Paula, now at the ripe old age of seventeen, having a hot session with her boyfriend and one of his buddies. I could not believe my eyes, and once I recovered from the shock of what these pictures showed Paula doing, I asked when she could visit us and how long could she stay. Jill nearly pulled a muscle laughing at my reaction to those pictures.

       The first photo she showed me was her sister squatting on a chair, stark naked and holding her gash apart to show all the cum that it contained. It took more than a few seconds for me to realize that her cunt was shaved clean and she had a nice set of tits, perhaps a little bigger than my wife's, who was no slouch in that department either. My cock got so hard it hurt and Jill grinned and began stroking it slowly while giving me some tongue to suck on as well. I nearly lost my load at that point, but Jill backed off and showed me another photo of Paula on her knees with her lips wrapped around a cock that was thick and so hard that the veins appeared ready to pop. She informed me that was Paula's current boyfriend and he could fuck her for hours without hardly a break. I also noticed that Paula had green eyes and auburn hair unlike Jill who had dark eyes and hair.

       The third photo showed Paula mounting the other stud, squatting above his groin and guiding his rather impressive cock into her red, raw cunt that obviously had already seen some action, probably from the boyfriend. However Jill had saved the best for last and I splattered a tremendous load of cum all over my belly and even managed to get part of it up onto my heaving chest. In the final shot the other guy had taken one looking down where she was sucking his dick, probably cleaning him up from the last fucking. Also captured in this picture was the boyfriend with his cock buried in Paula's asshole!

       It took Jill many, many  minutes to feed me all the cum that my churning balls had released as a result of that awesome photograph.  Afterwards she made me go down on her thick bush of pubic hair and eat her pussy for almost an hour as she grunted and squeezed off not one, not two, but three big Os as she called them. By the time I came up for air she had me by the balls, so to speak. I agreed to not only invite Paula to visit, but offered to pay half her air fare. The prospect of getting a little anal action was too great a temptation to resist.That aspect of our sex life had been missing ever since the honeymoon where I managed to get Jill to allow me to go through her backdoor only once. She had demanded I wear a rubber and use plenty of lube. I did and for all my troubles lasted all of less than a minute.

       It took nearly two months before Paula found the time to visit me and her sister. By then I was a bundle of anal sex-crazed husband. Jill had been putting me through my paces as I waited for the arrival of her sister. I was spending upwards of half hour a night during the week licking her cunt and getting her off without any reciprocity most of the time. Weekends were a little better in that I got my regular quota of pussy in exchange for an hour's worth of muff diving before as well as after I fucked her. Naturally she never let me wear a rubber and so by the time Paula arrived I was a certified cumslut, and she knew it.

       Paula wasted no time laying down the law when it came to Jill's availability for fucking and what was required of me before I gained access to any portion of Paula's anatomy. Now I had two mistresses to go down on and they kept me so busy it was impossible to get any pussy, let alone ass to fuck. My tongue and lips were soon swollen to the point that people at work started to give me those looks that hinted I had some kind of disease. What drove me nuts was that as soon as my dear wife got home she jumped in the sack with her sister and they did an hour or more of sixty-nine before bothering to prepare dinner. Then immediately after dinner I'd be told to clear the table and put the dishes in the washer before they would let me join them in the bedroom.

       By the time I got into the bedroom, the two of them would be busily engaged in eating pussy and tonguing assholes. All I could do was watch and beat off to the sight of all that naked flesh doing all those nasty things. Despite all the activity going on between them, as soon as I splattered a load all over myself, Jill would hop out of the bed and begin feeding me my cum whle Paula looked on and played with her tits and pussy, waiting for her sister to return for more sixty-nine action.She confessed that Jill had told her about my little secret, but she really didn't believe it. Now that she knew, things took a decided kinky turn, and one that made my existence as the man of the house more problematic.

       Both of them never bothered wearing much around the apartment and that drove me up the wall.

Watching Jill strut her stuff was still cause for severe wood formation, but when Paula started romping around in a pair of bikinis with a sheer crotch and no bra I almost came in my pants. Three days after her arrival Paula had taken over completely as evidenced by the fact that Jill's bush was gone. I have to admit that eating pussy became a more exciting business now that I was lapping away on two clean beavers. Towards the end of the week Jill provided a mercy fuck, but she insisted that Paula observe yours truly in action, which put plenty of pressure on me. Paula giggled steadily while I went down on Jill afterward and sucked up every drop of the enormous load of wigglers I blasted deep inside her tight twat. The next night they promised me a weekend that I'd never forget. How very true that turned out to be.

       Later that evening I had to go down on each of the ladies. I discovered that I was eating some of the most rancid pussy I'd ever had the misfortune of tasting. Not only that, while I was eating one of them, the other was giving me a prostate massage, but making sure that I didn't go over the edge. It seems the ladies had gone out to Jill's gym and exercised for almost two hours and "forgot" to shower afterwards, which explained why dinner was late and their cunts were so rank. However on the change over, Jill jacked me off and fed me desert as Paula looked on and giggled.

       When I finished my pussy eating duties I was once again jacked off, the ladies taking turns french kissing me as my meat was flogged with abandon until I delivered a second load. This time it was Paula who scooped up the slightly diluted sperm and had me lick it off her fingers, and then for the grand finale, she rubbed some against her butthole and made me lick it clean. It was obvious that she was a little lax in the personal hygiene department that morning and had left me some little tidbits to dispose of while I was licking up my own cum.

                                                                       (To be continued-rolf palsy)

                                        Sisters' Wimp -Chapter 2

       A couple of days later my wife announced happily that Paula had decided to stay here and find a job, if that was alright with me. Since she was in the process of providing some great oral sex, Jill had me at a disadvantage. Paula had been with us almost a month and although our little apartment was a bit cramped at times, we all had gotten used to less personal space. On the other hand this allowed me to enjoy a situation that most men only fantasized about, having two hot, sexy women who loved to suck and fuck, vying for my attention. Well that last part wasn't exactly true, but I was getting more pussy than ninety-five percent of the male population in this country, that was for sure!

       Paula returned from a long, unsuccessful day of job hunting, but eager to close the deal with yours truly. This was the first time since her arrival that she treated me with something resembling respect. While Jill made supper, Paula sealed the deal on the living room couch with an outstanding blow job and an iron clad guarantee that after supper her ass was mine for as long as I wanted it. Just my luck to have back to back blowjobs on today of all days. Since it was the middle of the week I doubted that an all-nighter was in the cards, unless I too wanted to be out pounding the pavement for a new job.

       Supper was great, one of my favorites, another piece of evidence that the girls had spent some time planning this little deal. While Jill loaded the diswasher, Paula enticed me into taking a shower with her. By the time Jill joined us, Paula had made sure that I knew first hand, or was it finger, that her pussy and asshole were squeaky clean. Jill got busy making sure that my cock was fully erect and ready for action. While she frenched me and slowly jacked my cock to its full size and perhaps a bit more so I thought in my delerium, Paula worked her middle finger up my asshole and gave me a prostate massage that almost brought me off. We hopped out of the shower, toweled off and made a mad dash for the bedroom. Another sign of a well planned campaign was the fresh sheets on the bed and a tube of lube on the bedstand. The ladies had left nothing to chance.

       Paula wanted to deliver her asshole immediately, but I was too hot and bothered to take the chance of coming too quickly in that super-tight tunnel of lust she offered. Instead I suggested she plant her pussy on my face and let me eat it until I calmed down. She kidded me about insulting her pussy, claiming that most men who started eating her cunt usually went bananas after tasting her fuck sauce for a few minutes and had to fuck it. Jill stepped in and suggested that they give me a nice tongue bath, making sure not to touch my twitching, throbbing cock or tight balls. Then once I was relaxed enough to take some head from Jill, Paula would let me tongue fuck her asshole and get it nice and loose for my cock. It sounded like a good plan and I laid back and let the two of them start licking my feet and sucking my toes, before slowly moving up to my groin for more serious stimulation.

       I got so comfortable I almost fell asleep. Fortunately the ladies were in a good mood and so I was forgiven. Jill even gave me a little head to make sure I was stiff enough to ass fuck her sister. I took Paula in the doggy position, my hands stroking and pulling her tits as my cock slowly entered her hot asshole and began worming its way deeper and deeper as she wiggled her butt from side to side to assist me. When I was in to the hilt she looked back, gave me a grin and told me to give it to her good. That was all I needed to hear; my dick began plowing that tight butthole like there was no tomorrow, as Jill urged me to really give it to her tight-assed sister. I was just getting a nice rhythm established when Paula made some minor adjustments that sent me over the cliff and I started squirting my load almost against my will. Jill realized what was happening and whispered that I'd be back in the saddle before they let me sleep tonight.

       The next thing I remember was waking up in the pitch dark and realizing that I was alone in the bed. I could hear the televison in the living room, and with a little concentration I managed to pick up the voices of Jill and Paula. I was curious and so I carefully got up from bed and listened at the door. That turned out to be a big mistake. You talk about having the wind being taken out of your sails. My ship wasn't that lucky, it just sank with all hands on board. My wife and her younger sister were evaluating my performance tonight and it wasn't getting rave reviews by any stretch of the imagination.

       "Jill honey, how in the world did you get stuck with this guy? He's got no self control and on a scale of one to ten his cock is maybe a five on a good day. When by the way was his last good day? You know that I love taking it in the ass, ever since Bart got me into that scene. Damn, I sure am pissed off that he went and got himself tied down to that rich bitch. If that doesn't happen he'd be still putting the wood to me and I'd be one happy camper. Your husband doesn't know diddly about what it takes to give a girl like me a nice solid ass-fucking. Now I know why you keep your asshole rationed the way you do, he doesn't have the foggiest about poking a girl from the rear."

       "Paula, he's not as bad as you make him out to be. I've been working with him so at least he can give me some good head when the spirit moves him. I nearly busted a gut laughing the first time he ever went down on me. It was pathetic! He didn't know where anything was either. It took me three weeks to train him to the point he at least knew what to lick. You give me another six months and he'll be a top pussy eater, you just wait and see. By then I'll have weaned him off fucking except maybe once or twice during my period, and I know I'm safe. Other than an occasional hand job to keep him in line that's all it will take. You my girl will have trouble getting him to stand still for that as long as you're under his roof and not paying rent and splitting the cost of the food."

       I had heard enough for one night. I tip-toed back to bed and turned in, but it was hard getting to sleep knowing that my wife and her sister looked upon me as some kind of doofus when it came to sex. I don't know how late it was before I drifted off, but I did hear the moans and gasps coming from the living room that indicated that the girls were having a good time without me. I nearly overslept that morning and thus had no  opportunity to find out if what I heard was just idle chatter or the beginning of a serious revolt in my household.

       That evening Paula begged off when I hinted that she owed me something from last night. Her excuse was she was tired from looking for work and wanted to be fresh for tomorrow since she had managed to land an interview for a position. That left my dear wife as my target of opportunity. The minx managed to turn the tables, and so instead of me boffing her and possibly even managing to get into her asshole, she got me to spend the better part of an hour between her thighs licking, kissing and tonguing her pubic mound and the entrance to her cunt, as it dripped that salty fish sauce that she used to gradually turn me into a pussy eating addict. Take my word for it, I never discussed this situation with anyone at work or for that matter anyone period.

       Afterwards my wife did fulfill her marital obligations by giving me a quick hand job that splattered my belly and groin with my little wigglers. Then damned if she didn't scoop my seed up in her fingers and feed it to me as she chuckled and called me a cum-eating pussy slut. Then to cap it off she announced she was going to go out to the living room and see if she could get Paula to relax. When she casually mentioned that she'd probably sleep with her sister to make sure she woke up refreshed and ready for her interview, I knew that the end of my life as her equal was nearing. What I heard last night was not just griping, it was a declaration of war on yours truly, and they had me outgunned.

       Rather than have an argument with her that I'd surely lose, I grumbled and rolled over as if to go to sleep. She picked up a few things, blew me a kiss and headed for the living room. I waited for perhaps fifteen minutes and then slid from the bed and moving like a burglar reached the door and sat by it to listen to what was going on outside. For a minute or so it was silent and then I heard Paula moan and gasp. Jill hushed her sister and the pair giggled. I heard the hissing of the sheets as the two of them moved into another position. My ears pricked up when I heard the sounds of passionate kissing and groans from my wife. I had to see what was going on, so I  took the risk and cracked the door just far enough to get a glimpse into the room. It was depressing to realize that my wife preferred to eat her sister's pussy than to cozy up with her lawful wedded husband.

       There was just enough light from the muted television set to allow me to see the two naked figures entwined, head to crotch, their heads bobbing up and down as they munched pussy and tongued twat. For a moment I was tempted to enter the room and confront the ladies, but what could I say? They'd done this plenty of times while I watched and played with my cock as they cavorted for my entertainment. So why should this be any different? I was on a slippery slope that led to humiliation and utter disgrace, and it was my own fault for being greedy and too easy when it came to discussing matters with Jill. I wondered if there was any way to reverse this dangerous trend that had been established between me and my two antagonists.

                               (To be continued-rolf palsy)

                                     Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 3

       I returned early from another stressful day at work to discover an elated Paula who told me the news that she had gotten the job, and was starting next week. She would be working as a trainer's assistant at a local gym that I knew to be very popular with singles and considered a sort of meat market. Paula was going to fit in there beautifully. Since Jill wouldn't be home for at least another hour Paula decided to celebrate by draining my balls, her way of paying the rent until something better was negotiated. All of a sudden my fears about becoming some type of wimp or sissy slut began to evaporate. How wrong I was!

       We went into the bedroom and got naked. Paula was really looking good and I had wood instantly. At her suggestion we warmed up with a little sixty-nine, and that was when I realized nothing much had changed. Her cunt smelled of fish and chlorine, but it was the taste of what was dripping from it that made me despair. She had a big load of aging cum waiting for me to suck from the recesses of her well-fucked cunt. I wondered how many guys from the gym were involved in her interview. She must have noticed my lack of enthusiasm once my tongue had gotten past her fat-lipped cunt mouth, for she began to giggle.

       "There's three loads of cum in me for you to suck out before Jill gets home. She knows about this because I called her with the news once I got hired. She told me to start without her, but by the time she gets home you better be done eating all that cum so your wife and I can really get down and dirty. Maybe I'll even let you fuck my asshole again, if you're a really good cum sucker. Oh, I almost forgot, there's a big load in my asshole that the owner delivered once I passed the preliminary interviews. You'll have to suck that one out too, so you better get busy and I'll hoover your cock to keep you hot and bothered."

       I worked on Paula's cunt with every tool that was at my disposal. I used my tongue on that dripping twat until it became numb. I sucked like a vacuum cleaner until my lips were too chapped to continue. I took a break and kissed and licked up and down that sodden trench until some feeling returned to my tongue and lips. Then it was back to the mine for more excavation and recovery of the sperm lurking deep inside that salty cavern. All the while Paula licked and sucked the head of my cock, but never quite enough to get me off. I was still manfully working on another vein hidden deep inside that cavern of lust when my wife breezed into the bedroom and started laughing at my efforts to remove all the cum that had been injected into her sister's cunt.

       Jill got naked and mentioned that perhaps she needed a shower, since she had skipped taking one this morning, and had gotten some funny looks at work today. Paula giggled and nearly caused me to shoot my wad, since she was still sucking my cock when she responded to Jill's comment. She popped my dick from her warm, wet mouth and suggested that Jill join us and let me give her a tongue bath. I groaned inwardly at her generous offer of my tongue, but knew deep down inside that I wouldn't put up much of a fuss if my wife plopped that pussy down on my face and ordered me to start licking.

       The next thing I knew Jill was stretched out on our bed and I had been moved so I had access to her bare feet. Paula took over the duties of directing me as first I licked the soles of my wife's feet, which did nothing for me, but brought some satisfied sighs from her. Then at Jill's request Paula gently pried my wife's toes apart so I could collect anything hiding in the tiny hollows, before sucking each little piggy until it glistened. Jill loved that and insisted on an encore, much to Paula's delight. This time while I worked, Paula wormed her saliva coated middle finger between my cheeks and entered my asshole, which was a weird and kind of exciting sensation.

       Paula teased me immercifully as my tongue slithered like a snake over the top of Jill's feet and made the climb up to her knees. Now my wife turned over to present the hollows behind her knees for my attention. I knew from previous experience that those hollows were one of her hot zones. She ordered me to suck them, but not to leave any telltale hickies behind. Paula meanwhile insisted I kneel and make it easier for her to continue tormenting me. Now I felt a second finger join the middle one that seemed to be searching for my prostate. I once had Jill's finger doing this to me on our honeymoon and it caused a mess to be made in our bed, one that I had to clean up orally, if you get my drift.

       Jill was having me alternate from one knee to the other, directing me when to kiss and apply some tongue. Finally bored by my efforts that had failed to produce an orgasm, she ordered me to lick the backs of her legs all the way up to the junction with her firm buns. Paula decided this was a good time to humiliate me further. She removed her fingers from my asshole and presented them to me for cleaning while Jill watched with a mischievous grin on her cute face. They both laughed as I closed my eyes before taking those dirty digits into my mouth. While I sucked them clean, almost gagging from the sickening acrid taste it left in my mouth, Jill teased me.

       "What a disgusting person you are! I'll never be able to kiss you again without thinking of you sucking your own shit off your fingers. You are totally gross. Isn't he sis?"

       The two of them collapsed into laughter at my plight. Then Paula made an observation and jokingly suggested that perhaps they should rent my tongue out to their girlfriends who were too fat and ugly to get dates.

       "Why not, he'll do anything for some pussy, any pussy will do. Can't you  just see him licking the asshole of some sweaty porker who hasn't taken a shower in a week and getting a hardon while he does it. He's a slave to pussy if I ever saw one!"

       I had a vision of what my life was going to be very shortly unless I did something about it. This pair was just too strong for me, they held all the cards. They were partially right about me. I loved pussy, theirs, not anyone else's! But that could change with time, which frightened me. Deep down inside I realized I was lucky to be married to someone as beautiful and well built as Jill. The prospect of also having access to her sister's pussy as well was like living in a dream. I didn't want to let them go. What was I to do? Then I heard my wife's voice insisting that I get busy and start licking the backs of her legs and do it nice and slow with lots of saliva.

       Paula's inquisitive finger began probing for my prostate as my tongue licked the salt from my wife's skin, along with sweat that had dried to a super thin crust. I detected a few tiny bumps that housed incipient skin problems. When I ran the tip of my tongue just below her swelling ass cheeks, outlining them, it created a wake of goose flesh, a sure sign that I'd discovered another area of her body that responded powerfully to my attention. How many men would spend the time and energy to discover the things I'd unearthed during this traverse of her shapely body? I knew that a reward was in the offing, which made me redouble my efforts to bring her to orgasm.

       Jill had me go over every square inch of her firm, rounded ass with kisses then a tongue bath that left my tongue first sore and then numb from all that contact with her salty skin. Meanwhile Paula was taking her own sweet time stimulating my prostate and providing her sister with a detailed description of my cock, which by now was rock hard and leaking precum. She suggested I suck the sheets dry if I got any precum on them. Jill giggled and then ordered me to spread her ass cheeks so I could begin licking her puckered poop chute. But first Paula wanted me to do my finger sucking trick once again. If anything the taste was even worse this time.

       So there I was with my tongue busily engaged in turning Jill's brown eye into a glistening beacon, while her sister's fingernail traced the outline of my swollen prostate,. That was pure torture since every time she made the circuit, my cock twitched and another drop of precum stained the sheets. Now Paula found a new way to torment me. She began scratching furrows in my bottom with the fingernails of her other hand. Each pass made me jump and groan from the pain. What made it so weird was my cock got even harder and the precum was oozing from the head steadily now. Jill knew something ws going on by the spastic way my tongue moved, thanks to the two pronged attack on my sensitive ass and swollen prostate.

       "Suck my asshole you little wimp, make me cum!" hissed Jill, and I did my best to comply despite the teasing Paula was giving me. Then she pushed me over the edge and I began shooting my load all over the bedsheets.

       "Your wimp husband just came all over the place. Doesn't he have any self control? If he was mine I'd put him over my lap and spank that ass of his until it was crimson. That's the way to handle wimps like him!" Paula exclaimed. The thought of being over her lap and maybe rubbing my cock against her pussy while she spanked my ass flashed through my mind. I was still cumming! Nothing like this had ever happened in my life before now. What was going on? Then I heard the whistle that came from Paula's lips as she saw the size of my ejaculation.

       "Sis, you have got to see this! I've never seen a load like your husband just shot all over the bedsheets. What did you feed him, super blue pills, or what?" Jill turned over and her eyes widened as she took in the size of the wet spot I'd just created. Then she gasped as she realized that my cock was still hard as steel. I was as amazed as she was. Something weird had taken place here this evening and I wasn't sure that I iked what had just occurred.

       Once again Paula took command of the situation, scooping up a dollop of cum from my belly and offering it to me with a malicious grin. Without hesitation I licked the salty mess from her fingers and then sucked them dry, as she smiled triumphantly. Out of the corner of my eye I could see my wife watching carefully as I bowed before her sister like some defeated captive.

                       ( To be continued - rolf palsy )

                           Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 4


      Paula was still fascinated by my twitching cock. She glanced over to her sister and asked if she would mind if she took advantage of my little surprise. Jill shrugged and mentioned the fact that I hadn't gotten her off yet. "No problem" replied Paula and she made me roll over onto my back so my wife could sit on my face and have me lick her asshole and cunt while Paula got a pony ride.


      I had to admit that Paula's pussy was even tighter than my wife's. It slid down my stiff shaft until every inch was inside that warm, wet pussy. Meanwhile Jill was rubbing her asshole back and forth over my face, pausing to make sure my tongue did its job of stimulating her puckered pooper, as she liked to call her asshole. Man, I was in hog heaven! How many guys could claim with a straight face that they had sex with a pair of hot babes, babes who just happened to be sisters?


      My stiff cock remained in that state for what seemed like an eternity. Paula got off with a loud groan and nearly swamped me with pussy juice. I'd been told by my wife that her sister had the habit of squirting when she really got turned on with one of the studs that normally banged her tight twat regularly. That was two more points for me. Up until tonight Paula had never reacted much to my cock, sort of using it like a dildo, just something to get her cunt juicing, no more than that.


      Paula rolled off my cock and whistled, "Damn! Your stud husband is still hard. Looks like it's your turn to get a pony ride." Jill hopped on and wiggled until she had my cock angled properly for penetration. Paula wasn't wasting any time getting me to suck her wet twat. That night was the best night I ever had. My hard cock went from one cunt to the other and back again. My tongue lapped and licked steadily at whatever was put out in front of it, tits, assholes, and lots and lots of dripping cunt. It was a smorgasbord the likes of which I'd never have again under such circumstances.


      I wore the girls out to the point that in self defense they ganged up on me, taking turns sucking and jacking my hard dick, marveling at the amount of cum they wrung from my balls. I lost count of how many loads spurted, then dribbled from my swollen, purplish prick. It was Paula who finally finished me off by lubing my sore dick with astroglide, a gel she liked her partners to always use while ass fucking her, and did a pretty good imitation of a piledriver that at last took the starch from my unit. I was late for work the next morning, but it was well worth it to recover my masculinity as far as my wife and her sister were concerned.


      I heard from my wife that Paula admitted later to her that she had obviously misjudged me. Jill just shook her head and could not offer any explanation for why I would turn into a super stud out of a clear blue sky. She wondered if perhaps I'd taken some kind of a wonder drug that she hadn't heard about, but quickly dismissed that idea. What Jill couldn't understand was how I managed to "nut off" so often in that all night session.  Even on the honeymoon, the best I ever did was three times one long day and evening.


      The following day things got back to normal, which was just as well. My prick was sore as a boil and my nuts were so tender that I walked with very careful steps and really took my time going up and down stairs. Tha ladies at the office treated me a little better, something that I wasn't able to understand either. What had happened, and would it happen again? I certainly hoped so. Paula came home late that evening, saying she had to do some extra things at work, being new at the job and needing some extra time to catch up with all the responsibilities she had. I didn't buy that story for a minute, but my wife did. For the first night in a long time Jill and I shared the same bed, but nothing happened, which was just fine with me.


      Over the next few days things got back to normal, that is no pussy and no Jill sleeping in the same  bed as yours truly. Paula's comings and goings remained out of kilter until the weekend. Friday night she came home in a huff, and soon the two of them had their heads together and were talking in low tones in the bedroom while I tried to watch some television and calm my nerves with some bourbon after another stressful week at the job. An hour later I poked my head into the bedroom to discover Jill and Paua locked in a sixty-nine, their tongues slurping and mouths sucking up every drop of pussy juice that issued from their respective cunts.


      I made the mistake of inviting myself into this little sex session. At first Jill rebuffed me, but Paula argued that maybe she could benefit from another session like the one the three of us had earlier this week. I was all for that, and so we got down to business. In no time flat I discovered that what was now was definitely not what was then. Paula was on top, her asshole glued to my mouth. Jill had taken up a position that allowed her to lick my balls and then up and down the shaft of my half-hard cock. Half-hard meant half-soft as well, not a good situation when one was preparing to satisfy two hot women who had been without for nearly a week.


      It turned out to be a near fiasco once it became apparent that my dick was not up to the task at hand. Paula insisted that I get her off, no matter how long it took. Jill did her best to get me in the mood to eat pussy, alternating between jacking and sucking my reluctant warrior. It didn't help that I lost my interest in Paula's pussy once I got a good whiff of what was buried in her twat.


      There is nothing to compare with the smell or taste of semen that has been marinating in a woman's pussy for perhaps half a day. I had that disconcerting experience on our recent honeymoon when Jill forgot or didn't bother to shower and douche after I dumped a load into her in the morning and that night discovered it was still there while I ate her out in preparation for another round of fucking to close out the day. It was my educated guess that someone at work had been feeding her a line as well as his hard dick, and decided to drop her for something better on the weekend.


      So I was the one who was going to have to suffer for his sins. That was a bummer, especially since my cock wasn't working properly. The thought crossed my mind that perhaps she might utter his name during her sleep. Maybe Jill knew it already. Maybe if I kissed her ass, literally as well as figuratively, she might disclose it to her very interested and oh so sympathetic husband. Fat chance of that happening!


      Paula was working up a sweat grinding her stinking cunt into my face with the kind of vigor that only comes from a woman scorned. I was so tempted to bite that twat good and hard, but  held back out of respect for my genitals which currently were in the hands of my wife. So I sucked and tongued and gulped down her fetid offerings while Jill did her best to stay awake and keep my cock at some semblace of hardness. I don't know what possessed her to start rubbing the head across her tits and sticking the nipples into my piss hole, but it worked and I went off without warning. You talk about a hair trigger, this was it!


      My wife was less than enchanted to have her hand covered with my "slime". Her loud cry of surprise mixed with unhappiness got her sister's attention as well.


      "Don't tell me that "dildoman" went off unannounced! That just makes my fucking day for sure. First Don dumps me and now your wimpy husband can't get it hard and then can't wait once it does get hard. What a day, what a night! Kick that sucker out of here and let's get back to basics. At least you know what turns me on and you know how to do it. How can you sleep with this loser and call yourself a woman?"


      However to add insult to injury, I wasn't allowed to leave "their" bedroom until I had licked every last drop of my cum from Jill's hand. I stomped off to the living room and settled down on the couch for more television and then turned in for the night on the very same couch. It was very quiet for a Saturday morning when I awoke to bright sunshine. A quick glance at my watch indicated that it was nearly ten, way later than I usually got up on the weekend. Of course most weekends I was either sleeping with my wife or awakening to the sounds of the two sisters fooling around in bed or taking a shower or some such noisy activity. I strained my ears but there was dead silence in the apartment.


      I hit the head and drained my bladder before going into the kitchen to see what I could rustle up for breakfast. There was a note waiting for me on the table. The sisters had taken off for the weekend, destination none of my business, and would be returning late on Sunday. They intended to see how much they could run up on our credit card, and had no intention of providing any make-up sex upon their return. I was so screwed, and worse yet, knew I was.


      Making the most of a bad situation was not my forte. I hung around the apartment and rummaged through the closet to see what kind of clothing the sisters had taken. I never figured that out, but did notice that two of the overnight bags was missing. To my surprise the car was still in its spot under the apartment house. That didn't make too much sense unless they were flying somewhere or had someone or ones picking them up for a weeked of fun and games. That bothered me a great deal. Had Don relented and offered to get Jill a date and show them a good time? That wasn't likely, but it was a possibility that caused me plenty of worry as the weekend hours dragged by.


      Sunday evening at quarter past nine the buzzer went off indicating someone wanted to get inside. I called down and got Paula on the horn. She and Jill were outside, but had lost their keys and needed help to carry their bags and help Jill get up to the apartment. I nearly broke my leg running down the stairs to see what the hell was going on.


      They both reeked of cheap booze, kind of surprising since neither could be described as a drinker except on a very few occasions. Jill was leaning against the wall, her eyes closed, her clothing a bit disheveled. Paula was teetering back and forth, but seemed to be able to walk under her own power. I grabbed the bags, and guided the two to the elevator; there was no way they'd handle the stairs. Neither said a word, just as well considering their situation and my anxiety.


                  ( To be continued - rolf palsy )

                              Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 5


      Half way up to our floor, Jill had a little accident, losing control of her bladder and pissing her panties. I watched in a mixture of distaste and dismay as her pee soaked into the stockings she wore and the stain worked its way down towards her shoes. I consoled myself with the thought that at least she hadn't puked all over the elevator floor. Somehow I got the drunken pair down the corridor and into our apartment without calling any attention to us.


      I assisted my wife into the bathroom, closely followed by her weaving sister, who told me to get out and let her take care of things. I left them alone and did my best to calm down, a nice big slug of bourbon helping me along. The shower went on and stayed on for the longest time. Finally I knocked on the door and when there was no answer I entered to discover a half naked Paula sleeping it off on the tiled floor.


      My wife was out cold in the shower, sitting against the wall with the water cascading down on her naked body. She was in such a position that there was no way she would drown. I turned off the water and decided the best thing to do was to leave this pair of drunks to sober up on their own. On the way out I couldn't help but notice the condition of Paula's pussy, swollen and an angry red color, evidence that she'd been doing the nasty with person or persons unknown. I was afraid to check my wife for fear that she had the same telltale signs. I was becoming a firm believer in don't ask, and maybe it will go away.


      The next morning I awoke to a silent apartment. Fearing the worst, I stuck my head into the bathroom but it was empty. The sisters were in the other room, under the covers, sound asleep. After a quick shave and shower, I dressed and headed out the door after setting the alarm to go off in fifteen minutes. Work was the usual pain in the ass, but at least I didn't have to listen to those two either stonewalling me or lying about where and what happened over the weekend.


      Neither was home when I returned, not too surprising. Jill rarely beat me home and Paula's hours at the gym, or was it the spa, were never the same from day to day. Another hour passed and a call to Jill's work number produced a message stating she was gone for the day. Two bourbons later I was feeling no pain, and must have fallen asleep in my chair with the TV on. The next thing I knew I was having this hot sex dream with my favorite porn starlet, Tina Tighttwat, on her knees, head bobbing up and down as she sucked my hard cock and juggled my big, tight balls as she hummed away. Without any warning her grip on my nutsack increased to the point that it started to hurt.


      I awoke to the sound of giggles and realized that my cock was out of my pants, just a second before it spurted all over my freshly cleaned trousers. Paula and Jill were convulsed with laughter at what they had caused. I for one was both humiliated and annoyed at what they had done. Paula took no prisoners, telling me that I was some kind of a pervert who could cum in his pants when he had a chance to fuck not one but two hot pieces of ass who were just about to wake him up. I was mortified. They sure knew how to throw me off the track; being so busy cleaning myself up that I forgot to ask where they had been for all this time.


      They made me wait while they jumped into the shower and took their time cleaning up while I tried to get the cum stains out of my trousers. To make it worse they both came out stark naked and informed me that they were going to bed unsatisfied because someone they knew couldn't control his urges. Later as I slipped between the covers of my empty bed, I could hear them giggling and the bedsprings creaking as they no doubt were having some girl-girl sex. I was even too tired by now to get myself off by hand, especially after what had happened less than an hour ago.


      They were still in bed when I awoke and prepared for another day of being brutalized by my new female superviser, a recent graduate of a very prestigious university who was obviously being groomed for bigger and better things. She was in her early twenties, dressed smartly and had a very good figure, even evident in spite of the business suits she favored. Yesterday I had spent half my day in her office explaining my job and how it meshed with the department she was now overseeing. Late that afternoon, just before closing time, she had finally removed her jacket. She was packing a set of  major league tits, that was for sure.


      As I took my leave, she commented that perhaps if I spent more time after hours working on improving my job description and devising ways to improve my value to the organzation, things would go better for me. For some strange reason all I could think of was tearing off her clothes and nailing her on top of her big desk after hours, rather than burden myself with the nonsense she was spouting. This really bugged me to be reacting this way when I remembered that I had two hot pieces of ass living with me. Then reality reared its ugly head and I also realized that the amount of pussy I was getting from the sisters was falling off rapidly.


      Arriving home I found a message from Jill on the answering machine. She and Paula had decided to do some shopping after work and I was on my own. They'd probably be home sometime after ten, and in no mood for any fooling around, so I raided the fridge and discovered nothing to eat. What else was new? I ordered some take-out and once it arrived, I hunkered down in front of the tube and watched the news and some sports before calling it a day. That new boss of mine, Ms Lauren Manning, was wearing me out. Just before I fell asleep I wondered what she looked like naked.


      The following evening the sisters took some pity on me and suggested that tomorrow evening we meet in my room for a  round of fucking and sucking. I was so happy at the prospect of getting some pussy that I overlooked the remark about "my room". I planned to have words with my wife about that at another time. That night I had a sex dream about my new boss and it was choice.


      We were at the office after everyone had gone home. One thing led to another and Ms. Manning stripped down to her undies and asked me what I thought of her body. All I could do was stare at her big tits filling that half cup bra to capacity and beyond, and her bikini panties that featured a sheer crotch showing her bald pussy with its fat cunt lips and a clit the size of a walnut and still growing. After she stepped out of her heels I realized she was perhaps five feet even, no where near what I thought her to be when she was clad in one of her business suits.


      Her eyes grew wide when I pulled off my clothing and she got a look at my equipment. I let her take it all in, watching her pink tongue licking her lips in anticipation, and the way her tits were heaving in that bra. I surprised myself by saying that without her suit of armor she looked like just a little girl, a well put together little girl, nothing more. She seemed to cower at my words and I advanced and she started to tremble while she fumbled with her bra and finally opened it to free those melons from its confines. Lauren cupped those beauties and presented them for my inspection.


      While I sucked those big bags of fat and made the nipples stiff as glass, Lauren managed to wiggle out of her bikinis and whispered that she was so wet it hurt. Then her hands wrapped around my massive pole and began a two-handed stroking that made my monster cock grow even larger. I sank my teeth into those firm tits and bit down hard, bringing a wimper of lust from her. She began chanting "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me...", all the while giving me a terrific hand job that had me ready and eager to screw her senseless.


      I backed her against the desk and pushed her onto it, dislodging most of the stuff covering it. Her legs opened wide and I could see the pussy cream beginning to ooze  from between her fat, crimson cunt lips. She was hot and begging for my huge cock to hose down the fire that was burning deep inside her spasming cunt. I climbed onto the desk and straddled her body, my cock only inches from her pouty mouth. I didn't have to tell her what to do, she moved her head forward and began cramming as much of that man meat as she could into her hot, wet mouth, her tongue flickering like a snake as she worked to get more and more inside her.


      By arching my back, I managed to stab my cock past her teeth and down her throat, cutting off her air and making the muscles of her gullet convulse as she tried to handle the big intruder. I knew that I could actually suffocate her in this position and there was little she could do about it. The feeling of power was overwhelming. She took on the look of a gaffed fish, eyes bulging, face turning blue, her nostrils flaring but unable to drag any air into her burning lungs. Ms Lauren Manning was totally under my control, at my mercy, so to speak. I decided to fuck her first before deciding her fate. Withdrawing my cock from her throat was slow going, it was wedged that far down. At last with a loud, wet, popping sound my cock was free and my sex partner was able to draw breath once more.


      The loss of air had made her disoriented and it was no problem to spread her fat cunt lips with my fingers and slam my mighty tool deep into her guts, bringing a gasp of pain mixed with sexual excitement from my naked prey. I was merciless, pounding away inside her tight tube of cunt flesh, enjoying the sensation of that wet, warm meat of hers wrapping itself around my cock as it tunneled deeper and deeper with every blow I delivered with the club jutting from my groin. I was fascinated by the way her big tits bounced in rhythm with every blow I delivered to her roiling guts. Her body was being moved across the big desk by the brutal punishment I was dealing out to her.Her head disappeared over the edge of the desk and I found myself staring at those big, hard nippled tits shaking and quivering to the terrible tempo my battering was dealing to her insides.


      I took a break, rocking back on my heels but keeping about half my rigid tool securely buried in her tight twat that was literally frothing at the mouth. She was covered wth goose bumps and sweat, strong evidence that at least part of her was really turned on by the way I was fucking her. I slapped her on the belly, now flat from the way her naked body was bent backwards over the desk. Lauren groaned and hissed for me to put the wood to her even harder! It was what she wanted; it was what she needed. That was one thing I was sure of based on all the physical signs radiating from her bare body. I took a deep breath and went back to seeing just how hard I could fuck this snobby young woman with the great body.


      I'll say this for Ms Manning, that body was made for heavy duty fucking and so I really put the blocks to her. I grabbed two hands worth of tit meat and used that for leverage as I blasted away at that tight fuckbox. Now I was going in to the hilt and meeting resistance from her cervix. The head of my dick was pounding away at the barrier and tilting it with every blow. I laughed to myself realizing that if I tilted it enough, she wouldn't have to worry about getting knocked up until someone put it back into its proper position. I'll bet that would feel pretty nasty once the anesthetic wore off. The thought of that just made me shift into a higher gear and now she was gasping for breath from the brutal beating her insides were taking.


      All good things must come to an end and so it was with this great fucking I was delivering. I tightened my grip on her goose bumped tits and red lined my thrusting. It felt as if I was turning her entire cunt inside out now. The mucous membrane of her cunt seemed to have glued itself to my cock and it was being pulled back and forth in concert with the super fast strokes she was getting. I could see her throat convulsing as she struggled for air. I was pounding her so hard and so fast that she was unable to draw breath, especially with her head hanging over the side of the desk.


      I wondered if she'd pass out before I popped my nuts. It was almost a tie, but my cock began to firehose an avalanche of thick cum against the walls of her quivering cunt. I yanked my twitching cock free of that warm, wet prison and coated her belly and then those massive tits with a thick coating of hot nut butter. Then I woke up with fresh warm cum coating my heaving belly. As ejaculations went, this was a major load. What a wet dream that was!


                                                               ( To be continued - rolf palsy )

                              Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 6


      The promised pussy never did materialize. Paula had to work late at the studio; it was now a studio instead of a spa or a gymnasium. Jill claimed she had to work overtime, and when she got home all she wanted to do was take a shower and go to bed. I slept alone and never even heard Paula's arrival. It was the same excuse the following evening, which had me thinking about were they up to some hanky-panky. What put me off was the difference in time that they came home. If they were fooling around they usually did it as a team, one looking out for the other.


      The third evening both arrived back at the apartment at what passed for their usual hours, Paula a little later than her sister. I was ready and eager for my delayed pussy, but once again they put me off, pleading total exhaustion from the overtime each worked so far that week. When I made a fuss about being strung along by the two, my dear wife told me in a fit of pique to hit on someone at work if I was that desperate to get laid. That triggered something that got me in a peck of trouble.


      There was this mousy girl at work who gave every indication that she was ready, eager and able to provide me with exactly what I needed, some strange pussy. According to a female source at work, she was an easy lay. However she was fairly circumspect when it came to married men at the office, which seemed to eliminate me from consideration. Then the same source tipped me off to the fact that she often appeared at a local meat market and rarely if ever turned down any sober man who hit on her. I decided that either my two roomies were going to deliver tomorrow or yours truly was making a guest appearance at the meat market, looking for love in all the right places, to paraphrase a popular song.


      That night the sisters stonewalled me with a vengeance, arguing that they had been working their tails off all week and were in no mood for sex with a whiner. That had become the new ephithet they used when I pissed them off. I was furious and declared, under my breath of course, that I was taking some independent action, just as the ladies had suggested. Tomorrow night I was getting laid, and I wasn't going to have to beg for it either. As for the sisters, they could do whatever they wanted, after all, that's exactly what they do anyway.


      The end of the work week and the meat market was packed to the rafters by 6:30. If you didn't have a place by the bar or were seated with friends, you were like a cork on a wave. I was moored against the bar with my double bourbon that was outrageously priced, looking over the faces as they surged past, seeking friends or some kind of connection. She snuck up behind me and the first thing I felt was her warm breath whispering in my ear. This was quickly followed by a nudge against the base of my spine, a signal to give her some room. The next thing I knew we were practically joined together as the crowd kept us from making anything except small movements.


      Somehow I ordered her a drink, some lady's concoction that made my double sound cheap. By the time it arrived she had one of her thin legs wedged between mine and was rubbing her crotch against one of my upper thighs. It felt rather erotic considering the location we now commanded. Small talk was about the limit of our conversation once she made sure I was there for the same reason she was. Half an hour later we managed to plow through the mob that swirled around us like a school of fish, and escaped into the parking lot.


      Strange as it sounds it was only then that I took a very close look at young Mandy, the mousy filing clerk who passed by my desk perhaps a dozen times a day. Up close she was no prize in the looks department, then neither was I. She was even more painfully thin than I thought. I found myself wondering if she had any tits at all, and if she shaved her pussy to make her look even more childlike.


      That got my juices flowing for all the wrong reasons. To be honest I had this thing for girls who just became teens. Perhaps it was because when I was just beginning to understand that my dick had another function besides allowing me to drain my bladder, the only teenage girls who would date me were overweight, flat-chested and had  bad complexions. Until this day I still wonder why Jill ever dated me, let alone why she married me. Then I confessed I knew the reason all along; she had a wimp who she could cheat on any time she wanted, and who was afraid to confront her on any important issue.


      As we drove over to her place, which turned out to be a small house, rather than the apartment I had automatically assumed her to occupy, she occasionally squeezed my thigh  and hinted broadly that I'd have a very good time this evening, and I could stay as long as I wanted. That last remark got me all hot and bothered and Mandy started looking pretty good, all things considered. I was going to get laid and as often as I could get it up it seemed. Tonight was my night to howl like a tom cat.


      We entered the house which was well lit, a sign that someone was inside. The door had hardly been shut when this wild-looking woman of some hard to define age made an appearance. All she wore was a frilly white bra, with matched garter belt and  high-cut panties. She was thin as a rail with black hair that looked like it hadn't seen a brush or comb in weeks. What really got me was her wide staring eyes, almost as if she were on some kind of drug. Then she spoke and what I heard, floored me.


      "Oh Mandy is such a good girl! She brought Evelynne a cock all for herself. Can he stay the night and give me lots of good fucking? I so need some good fucking. I haven't had a dick in my tight cunt for weeks. Please tell me I won't have to share him with you, please, please, please."


      All I could do was gawk as Mandy disappeared for the moment, leaving me to face this strange creature. Then she unhooked her bra to reveal a pair of crepe-shaped, drooping tits that looked like someone had put them through a wringer. Wasting no time she rolled her panties down her long legs, showing off a hairy muff guarding her cunt mouth. The hair was unruly and long, but sparse. It almost looked as if it  belonged on an old woman. She fiddled with the garter belt before pulling it free and dropping it into the pile of underwear at her feet. When she struck an exaggerated pose with her arms up I got a good look at the hair in her armpits, almost identical to what covered her pubic mound.


      "I showed you mine, now you show me yours. Do you want to fuck me on the couch or would you rather we do it in my bedroom? We can watch television here, but there's nothing to do in the bedroom after we get done fucking, and need a break before we start fucking some more."


      "Where was Mandy? How could she leave me with this crazy woman?" Those and many other thoughts were racing through my mind as I contemplated my sure thing. I was in big trouble if this was my date for the evening. I'd left a packet of condoms in the car's glove compartment, but even the comfort of my rubber protectors could not eliminate the concern I had about entering into anything like sex with this deranged lady. She kept posing and showing me everything she had, which wasn't exactly appetizing. I was on the verge of bolting from the house when Mandy, wearing a totally different outfit returned. She looked like a five dollar whore, especially with the garish makeup she had applied to her pixie-like face. There was no doubt that she was planning on leaving me to the tender mercies of this skinny, loonie-tune wraith of a woman.


      Mandy gave me a mischievous grin as she explained that she was returning to the meat market, but was going to use the family car this time. At least I wouldn't be stranded I thought. Then it struck me, "the family car". Was this crazy lady her mother? I got my answer when Mandy casually suggested that if her "mom" got out of hand I was to give her a sound spanking to calm her down, and not to be fooled by her crying and yelling, because she loved being spanked. With that she bid me good night and told me to have fun with her mother, who was a real hot fuck once she got going. As for herself, she had her eye on a few hunks of beef cake and she'd probably not return this evening. Then she kissed me on the cheek and pressed a six pack of ribbed condoms into my hand.


      So there I was face to face with Mandy's mom, who was lost in the process of preparing herself for plenty of hot sex. One hand was holding her cunt lips apart while she was using her hand to simultaneously thumb her fat clit and finger fuck her dripping twat. It was an impressive move and did get my attention. She licked her lips, threw back her head and pleaded for me to stuff my giant cock into her aching fuck hole. I swear she must have put me into some kind of a hypnotic trance because I got out of my clothes in a flash and threw her down on the rug and began dry humping her as our  tongues rallied furiously.


      Evelynne began thrusting her pubic mound upwards, beating a tattoo against my groin as my cock slowly hardened. I bit her on the shoulder, drawing blood as she mewled. She reciprocated, nipping my lip. I responded by backhanding her across the face a number of times, making her turn her head from side to side in a vain attempt to escape the blows. I have no idea what made me grab her by the throat with one hand and begin banging her head against the rug. Meanwhile my other was scratching bloody furrows in her flat sagging tits. Her eyes grew wide, but had lost their focus. Flecks of saliva appeared on her purpling lips. Without realizing it, I was strangling her with just one hand. For a moment I reveled in the power I had over this mad woman, but reality quickly set in.


      The moment I released her throat from my death grip she took a big gulp of air and in a gasping voice begged me to fuck her brains out and not to stop until she was out cold. You talk about weirdness, this was off scale, and getting wilder by the second. Somehow I dragged her to the couch and draped her over the cushions as she knelt on the rug. I reached around and stared squeezing her shrunken tits for all I was worth while I wormed my stiff cock into her cunt with no thought for protecting myself against STDs, AIDS or herpes, to name a few threats to my well-being or life. I gave no thought to whether or not I was hurting her. She was just meat at this point in time, fuck meat for me to use and abuse. I was taking sweet revenge for all the grief Jill and her evil sister,Paula, had caused me since they united and turned my life upside down.


      I think I set a new world record for the fastest ejaculation by a wimp fucking a crazy woman on an early Friday evening. My partner was most unhappy with the shortness of my performance, and made no bones about it and the fact that I hadn't used protection either. She pushed herself up and exited the room on the dead run. As for myself, I took a rest and plotted my next move. I'd acted out of anger and taken it out on a person who in my humble opinion wasn't playing with a full deck. That was not my style, at least not until tonight. Did that mean I'd be able to return to my apartment and turn the tables on those two bitches that had taken over the place? Unfortunately I already knew the answer to that question, no dice, no sale, no way. This wimp knew his place.



                        ( To be continued - rolf palsy )


                         Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 7


      I was nodding off when Evelynne returned bearing gifts. In one hand she held a tube of lubricant, indicating perhaps that she planned to let me sodomize her, which was a good plan if she wanted to keep me around for the evening and perhaps overnight. In the other was a bigger surprise, a videocassette tape. I acted annoyed with her and that paid dividends immediately. She began to apologize for her outburst, which put her in a subservient position, one that I would take full advantage.


      Pointing toward my limp cock and arching my eyebrows suggested she get busy sucking it back to life so we could resume fucking. So far I had deliberately avoided volunteering my name, and meant to keep it that way unless she made me an offer I couldn't refuse. She put the lube and the tape down on the table by the head of the couch and got on her knees. To show her who was boss, I told her I wanted to see what was on the tape she had brought, speculating that it must be porn. She nodded but from the look on her face this was no run of the mill suck and fuck tape.


      My flaccid cock disappeared into her warm, wet mouth while the tape began to unwind. It took a minute or so before I realized it was Evelynne on the tape, wearing nothing but a scared look on her face. Two guys wearing masks grabbed and dumped her onto the very couch I was lying on. Then they took turns fucking her face, making her quack like a duck as their dicks went deep down her throat. My cock grew hard quickly as in real time she sucked me greedily, and on the tape she began being strangled by the two thick dicks that were taking turns stretching her throat and making her voice become hoarse and raspy. Evidently I'd hit the jackpot for this evening.


      At my request she got up and turned the tape off, since I wanted to fuck her now and not be distracted by watching those two guys working on her as well. The way she slipped the condom on my stiff cock indicated plenty of experience in that category. I wondered how many guys she had fucked in her life, probably at least a couple of hundred was my wild ass guess. She mounted me and guided my dick into her twat that was slick and yet firm.


      I started giving it to her as fast as I could, totally disinterested in her feelings on the matter. She was just a big piece of meat to fuck as far as I was concerned. Her eyes were flat and her face set as she tried to get something out of what was happening in her cunt. I reached up and grabbed her dangling tits and tried to twist them off her sunken chest. That got a mild reaction out of her and so I tried yanking them as hard as I could. That  brought tears to her eyes and made me laugh. This was one fucked up cunt and it was a blast to mistreat the hell out of her, because that was what she wanted and needed. Somehow my hunch was correct.


      Fucking from the inferior position can be very tiring. At my order she turned around to face away and proceeded to give my cock a nice workout as her ass moved up and down on it.  To keep her  moving at a good pace, I slapped her nearly flat cheeks every so often. That first cum had done the trick for me and it felt as if she could ride me all night and nothing would happen unless I wanted it to happen. It was fun to watch her slow down and finally come to a halt, sweat pouring off her skinny body. Just for the hell of it I made her give me a handjob after she removed the condom. To make it even more interesting, I had her put the used condom, coated with her pussy juice and whatever else rubbed off the walls of her cunt, into her mouth for safe-keeping while she jacked me off.


      She alternated her hands to keep one always fresh for jacking my cock while I watched and grinned at her efforts to get me off. Whenever she got me close to giving up my cum, I'd make her stop so I could regroup before letting her have another go at my dick. I had her rub the head of my rigid prong up and down the mouth of her cunt, thrusting it into her twat on occasion, which made her nervous that I'd come inside her unprotected pussy. I tried to estimate her age and guessed perhaps early to mid forties, using Mandy as a benchmark. Her daughter was probably no more than twenty-one or so. I started to wondered if I'd get a shot at her as well as her mom. It would be nice to do them in the same session; perhaps even make them go down on each other while I watched and got hard once more. Concerns about Jill and Paula were fading fast now that I had this living blowup doll to keep me entertained.


      She was a gamer, that was for sure. Suddenly my cock began to spurt and cum arced onto my belly and a few drops landed on my lower chest. I grinned at her and arched my eyebrow. That was all it took to make her get busy licking up every drop of that boiling seed of mine. She didn't miss any spots, her tongue went over every square inch from my balls up to my chest. Then she retraced her path and that tongue kept working until my body glistened with her saliva from chest to nuts. Damn this was too good to be true! Now it was time for more of the home video tape starring Evelynne in the flesh.


      The rest of the tape was a disappointment for many reasons such as the poor lighting, bad camera angles that hid more than it revealed, and the sound track that hummed and buzzed to the point that I had her turn off the sound. It appeared that she was ass fucked by both men and once they tried and failed at a double penetration. One guy came twice that I could see, while the other one barely dribbled after pounding away on her almost ten minutes. She shyly identified the guy with the dribble glass for a dick as her husband at the time of this tape, being quick to say that he was not the father of her daughter, Mandy. I made a joke that he had made the better choice of the two if Mandy had been available at the time. That's when she started the story of Mandy and her second husband.


      It turned out that he had a thing for Mandy, who at the time had just turned fourteen and still looked like a boy and had periods about once every three months. Three months after they were married he started hitting on the teenager. He insisted that she needed plenty of corporal punishment to keep her in line, and decided he was the one to apply it to her in the privacy of the bedroom without any prying eyes, such as her mother's. Since he was an accredited teacher, it was easy for him to get Mandy excused from formal schooling.


      Once that was done, her beatings became severe and expanded into other forms of punishment. For years she walked around with cuts, welts, bruises, burns and an occasional fracture covering her nearly naked body. He had decreed that she wear only a pair of white cotton panties that were changed once a week, usually after one of his ferocious whippings that left her body a bleeding mess. She was also raped nightly, usually when he came home from teaching at a private school that paid quite well. While he was away at school, he locked Mandy in her room with only a chamberpot for company. He had Evelynne so terrified that she did nothing to prevent what he was doing  to her daughter.


      Evelynne was soon odd woman out when it came to sex. He reserved his fuck energy for the skinny teen who was now being regularly dosed with hormones to prevent her from maturing. The same doctor who treated her injuries from being beaten and tortured also provided the drugs that kept her looking like a young boy. The doctor was also into young stuff and her pussy paid for most of the work he did for her stepfather.


      To this day she still has nightmares and flashbacks about the brutal spankings her child received at first, that gradually changed to torture and rape sessions that took place almost every single day. The oddest part of the story was that Mandy suffered no permanent mental problems once he left her mother, although she is unable to conceive, which she says makes her happy because she doesn't have to worry about getting pregnant when he lets somebody fuck her these days. All this talk got me horny again,and my fuck buddy for the night was delighted to witness my erection as it grew firmer by the minute. This was without a doubt the best night of my entire adult life.


      My "date" for the evening knew what was coming; she'd be taking it up the ass this time for sure. It bugged her since she hadn't gotten off or even come close so far tonight, and likely there wouldn't be too many more opportunities for some hot fucking based on my performance to date. To make it easier for her to handle, Evelynne suggested she take an enema to loosen up her up before I put it to her. Enemas were definitely not my thing, but it made good sense not to ruin the poor bitch's asshole, since it looked as if she was going to be a reliable alternative to my wife and her sister from now on. So I followed her skinny body into the bathroom and watched her load up a two quart red rubber bag with a warm soapy water. She asked me to do the honors and so there I was, shoving a greased nozzle up her tight bunghole as she grunted and hissed for me not to be so rough.


      What can one say about administering an enema? It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. My new "girlfriend" grunted and wiggled as she got a fill up. Then we stood there frozen as she began to shiver and sweat from the effects of the big load of soapy water as it searched out space to fill. She asked for relief and I denied it, feeling my oats, so to speak. Again she asked, a little more contrite this time. I told her to count to twenty slowly and I'd think about it. She did, and I did, my answer being give me another twenty and then I'll let you take a dump. She moaned and groaned, which just was a waste of time, I was resolute. Gritting her teeth, she gave me another twenty and I yanked the nozzle free and stepped away, heading for the door as she made a mad dash for the toilet.


      The noises coming from behind the closed bathroom door indicated that the enema had gone the trick when it came to loosening her bowels. Listening to and remembering how Evelynne looked as her belly expanded from the force of the enema's contents made me fantasize that it was Jill and Paula, both with their hands cuffed behind their backs, taking two gigantic enemas that  made them look like they were in the tenth month of a pregnancy and were carrying triplets. The weird noises issuing from the bathroom tailed off to an occasional splash and some grunting. I cracked the door open, got a whiff of the stench and shut it quickly, hollering to her to flush the damned toilet a few times and open the window to get some fresh air in the place.


      Being in command of this poor creature made me a different person, or so it seemed. Evelynne was crushed when I decided that she needed another enema to make sure she'd be able to handle my cock in her ass. So over the tub she went once more and she took another two quarts of water, this time cold. She was lucky I didn't think to get some ice cubes from the fridge to make it really chilly. She grunted and groaned as she filled up a second time.


      I checked her buging belly and even rubbed her fat clit for a few seconds just to tease her a little. This time I let her jump around and beg for relief for quite some time. It seemed that the cold water reacted differently than the warm soapy enema. It sucked out plenty of heat from her body's reserves and made her shake and tremble quite a bit more than previously. That's when I remembered about ice cubes and mentally kicked myself. The rest of the process went relatively smoothly and fifteen minutes later I was marching her shivering body toward her bedroom, planning on ass fucking her in more comfortable surroundings.


      I had her lie on her stomach and hold her skinny, almost flat  ass cheeks as wide apart as she could. Using one of the condoms as protection for my finger, I squeezed out a good sized dollop of lube, some kind of glide stuff, and pushed my protected finger as deep into her asshole as I could get it. She grunted when my finger wiggled around in hopes of lubing as much of that back fuck channel as was possible. Now all that remained was for Evelynne to suck me off until my dick got hard enough to press past that sphincter muscle guarding her rectum.


      She sucked, she licked , she kissed, but my cock refused to respond. Then she tried deep throating it, but that only resulted in her choking and coughing, covering my cock with saliva and whatever else came up from her belly. Then I remembered what Mandy had said about her mother enjoying a good spanking. Maybe that might incentivize her to a better effort at getting me hard. It certainly worked for me. Somehow watching that saggy ass turn colors and start showing bruises got my dick hard in a hurry.


      Add to that her sobs and begging for the brutal beating I was giving her, worked like an aphrodisiac on yours truly. The harder I hit her, the harder my dick became. It was so stiff and full of blood that it started to throb and cause me some pain. This would never do, so I stopped paddling her swollen butt and had her assume the position once again. I slipped on a lubed condom and wasted no time planting the flag deep into unknown territory. That tight asshole gave up quickly and her warm insides enveloped my dick and made it feel as if it were in a churn of  fresh butter. I'd never had the pleasure of ass fucking a woman before in my life. This was a major milestone in my sex life, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Evelynne was at my mercy and I did my best to invert her colon.



                  ( To be continued - rolf palsy )

                                       Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 8

        I got so carried away sodomizing Evelynne that it took almost an hour before I filled the condom. By then my partner was reduced to her mantra of  " Fuck me, fuck me hard! Make it hurt.  Please hurt me good! Fuck me, fuck me hard! "  It put me into some kind of a rhythm that I could sustain for the next ten years if I so desired. Naturally I made her swallow the contents of the rubber and make sure she didn't miss as much as a drop. Then she started to beg all over again, which irritated me no end. The threat of another spanking just made her begging become even more self-degrading. I tried not to think of all the things she offered to do in exchange for more cock.

       Perhaps it was all the fucking, or just being in a nice soft bed with a woman of sorts, but I fell fast asleep. I awoke in darkness and discovered that my bed partner had disappeared. I guess once she figured she wasn't getting any more cock from me, she left for greener pastures. That made me prick up my ears to check if anyone else was still doing the nasty within my range of hearing. Once it was established that the place was quiet, I discovered that it was nearly five in the morning, and it made no sense to get up and go back to the apartment. So I lay there in the darkness, wondering if Mandy got lucky or was back here licking her wounds. The thought of trying to find her bedroom and joining the skinny, boyish, sex maniac in bed for another round of hot sex crossed my mind, but was quickly dismissed for reasons that were a legion.

       So until it grew light I amused myself by imagining that I had Mandy and her mother under my thumb. The idea of watching the two going at it in a sixty-nine position after I'd just nailed both made my cock stir. The thought of Mandy hanging by her wrists, stark naked, while I gave her a good going over with my belt, making sure that her hairless pussy got plenty of attention, did wonders for my morale. So did the fantasy involving her mother sucking my cock while Mandy used a strap-on to sodomize her. However in almost every case, images of my wife and her evil sister kept intruding into these semi-wet dreams. That in turn led to what would occur later today when I went back to the apartment and had to face the two of them?

       Before leaving the house I made sure to get the phone number and address for future reference. I peeked into the room where Evelynne was sacked out, and the sight of her naked body, arms and legs spread wide as if she was staked out, almost convinced me to arouse her and start the day off right with some pussy. I'll bet she'd be up for it in no time, but I decided to cut and run rather than probably wasting even more of the weekend amusing her and perhaps her daughter. It didn't look like today was my lucky day either; someone had hung a citation on my windshield about parking overnight without a city sticker.

       At least I didn't get pulled over for speeding or have an accident on my way home. I tiptoed into the apartment in hopes of not awaking Jill or Paula; I could have saved the energy. The place was empty, but on the kitchen table there was a note informing me that they had a better offer for the weekend than listening to me whine and moan about not getting any pussy. It sounded like last weekend all over again. I wonder who was nailing them this time? Being a cuckold had its moments, mostly bad it seemed.

       After waiting a couple of hours I called Mandy's house and as luck would have it, got Evelynne. She acted quite happy to hear from me so soon and when I suggested we could get together later on today she clucked and said that Mandy was going to bring a guy over for her to fuck all afternoon while some guys filmed her in action. I suggested that perhaps I could come over afterward, but she pleaded a previous engagement,  telling me she had another date that night with one of her regulars. I bit my tongue, but what was a fella to do? She had me by the balls.

       Rather than sound desperate, which is exactly what I was, I sighed and told her a fat lie that Sunday I had promised a buddy I'd help him move to a new apartment. Then I asked if she was available for a date during the week and she was all for that, stating that outside of Tuesday, she was open for business and to give her a call a day before I wanted to see her. Then she paused and added that it might be possible that Mandy could join in on the fun if I didn't mind. It looked as if things were looking up. Now all I had to do was deal with the weekend.

       I was taking a nap after lunch, having wasted the morning watching television and browsing through the latest porn at my neighborhood adult bookstore. I had been tempted to rent a booth and check out one of the tapes, but I could never bring myself to occupying one of those small, filthy cubicles with its sticky floor and the smell of dried piss and cum that no amount of bleach could eliminate. The insistent ringing of the telephone woke me up and before I could react, the machine took over. The voice sounded vaguely familiar but knowing it wasn't Jill or her evil sister, made dashing for the phone a very low priority, that is until at the end of the message the caller identified herself as Mandy.

       In less time then  it takes to tell, I was on the phone to Mandy, who was delighted to hear my voice, according to her. It seems that one of the crew supporting the filming of her mom and some stud doing the nasty couldn't make it and she'd be in my debt if I could fill in for him. Then she added that Evelynne had spoken highly of me only this morning, and it looked like I was going to be one of her regular fuck buddies if she had anything to say about it. Mentally I was already adding Mandy to the mix, and I liked the way it played. Maybe they weren't any competition to Jill and Paula, but at least they would be able to provide plenty of honest pussy whenever I required some.

       An hour later I was holding an arc light while another guy did the video taping of Evelynne, wearing only a garter belt and a big smile, taking on a nondescript gentlemen who was fairly well hung. Frankly the shoot was a lot of hard work and I hardly remembered who did what to whom and how many times. He sure had stamina, that I knew for sure. He pounded away at Mandy's mom like he had a jackhammer for a cock and she had a pussy made of concrete that had to be breached.

       They went from one position to another as if they had been doing this for years. Mom was on top, on her side, on the bottom. She did cowgirl, spoon and the piledriver position. He did her mouth, pussy and asshole, moving from one to another without taking a deep  breath. She sucked and even rimmed him to make sure he stayed interested in her skinny body. I only recall him cumming three times in the nearly two hours that they worked, with only a few five minute breaks. The best of the money shots was one where he gave her a faceful from point blank range and coated it with a mask of the white stuff. This guy was a stud!

       By the end of it Mandy's mom had a pussy that looked like a baboon's ass; crimson, swollen and raw. Her asshole was agape with more of the white stuff leaking from that big brown eye. I was surprised that he didn't wear a rubber, but it turned out he was a regular fuck buddy for Evelynne, who also knew his wife of some twenty years and considered him very trustworthy when it came to staying clear of any STDs. Why he hadn't branched out with the equipment and stamina he had perplexed me, until he proudly showed a picture of the little woman in the altogether. She still looked like a porn star, which was what she was for a few years, despite the fact she was nearly forty.

       My hopes for getting a taste of Evelynne, or maybe even her daughter, were dashed big time when Mandy announced she had a hot date in less than an hour and mom's first date of the afternoon was due in less than thirty minutes. I think I passed him while pulling out of the driveway a little later after helping the guy who taped the scene get his stuff back into the truck. Stopping off at the porn store on the way home yielded a tape featuring some well upholstered, dyed blondes with big tits doing it with studs that could have been their offspring. Beating off to the tape before and after a few drinks and some take-out finished me for the day. However that night I had a great wet dream, at least a great one for a cuckold.

       Two policemen were escorting me down a long dark corridor to visit Jill, who had been arrested for speeding, refusing to show her license, registration and proof of insurance, driving under the influence, resisting arrest and possession of narcotics. They knocked at the steel door and after being checked, we were allowed to enter. What greeted my eyes was extremely bizarre. Jill, naked as the day she was born, was cuffed and bent over a table, legs spread wide. A beefy police woman was probing my wife's asshole with a metal cylinder while another cop was taping the action with a video camera. A bank of high intensity lights illuminated the scene almost as if they were making a movie.

       I approached the table and got a better look at Jill's face, which was stretched by the metal fixture crammed into her mouth. I could see the strain it was placing on her jaws as well. The police woman glanced over and gave me a smile before asking if I was the dope dealer's husband. The question left me speechless. Suddenly I heard a snapping sound and Jill's body began to shiver like it was freezing cold. The police woman, who resembled Evelynne facially, joked and said it was too bad I hadn't been here earlier when she made Jill crap all over the floor with her little friend, the cattle prod. They'd forced my wife to clean it up with her tongue, and she'd done a great job even when one of the other cops was ass fucking her to give her a taste of what to expect when she went behind bars for drug dealing.

       She pointed the cattle prod at me and grinned evilly before she started giving me the lowdown on what they'd already done to Jill, and what else was in store for her.

       " I'll bet you're this bitch's connection. You can't fool me, she's nothing but a mule. I'll bet once we get her stomach pumped we'll find plenty of the white powder in little plastic bags just waiting to be turned into some serious recreational dope for the street traffic. Now that you're here, care to tear off a piece of this drug dealer? You might as well, everyone else in the precinct has. You should have heard her beg when the ladies took turns widening her asshole and cunt with their strap-ons and batons."

       " Maybe that's what you need, a little convincing. Why don't you take off those clothes and get comfortable. I'm curious to see what kind of a dick your sporting. If it's big enough ,maybe you and I can do some negotiating while the dogs have another run at your wife. She's really getting into dog cock, you should see her moving that ass trying to get as much doggie dick in that fucked out twat as she can."

       The moment my shriveled prick came into view everyone started laughing. Then they turned their attention to the arrival of a pack of German shepherds, barking furiously and eager to get at their new bitch. I woke in a sweat and leaped from bed still captured by the weird dream I'd had. The clock said almost four, way too early to get up and start prowling around in the empty apartment. Then again what better time to go through my wife's closet and see what was missing so I could stew and worry some more.

       I definitely was not up for another viewing of the porn tape I'd seen before going to bed. All things considered, it had been a day filled with surprises as well as frustrations, but above all major uncertainty when it came to my relationship with the sisters, Jill and Paula. Was it true? Were they succeeding in turning me into some type of worthless wimp that was just around for laughs?

                       ( To be continued - rolf palsy )

                                       Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 09

       So there I was, rummaging in my wife's closet, checking out to see just what was obviously missing, and not doing very well at all on that score. I had a grand time going over her underwear, especially the good stuff she used to wear before her sister arrived on the scene. All I had to do was close my eyes and there Jill was, in her skimpiest thong bikini with a matching bra that was losing its battle to contain my wife's superb tits. I started developing a good head of steam that transferred to my cock, which started bumping against my fly. A break in the action restored order and discipline.

       Thirty minutes later I had taken inventory and came up with one missing bikini bathing suit, worn twice since we were married, and the teddy she wore on our first night as man and wife was also missing in action. It was the second item that sent me into a mild depression. The thought that she might have been modeling it or what it contained this weekend for another man or was it men, bugged me no end. I resolved to confront her as soon as she got back from wherever she and that tramp she called a sister had been.

       Pussy hound that I had become, meant making a call to see if Evelynne might entertain the idea of taking me on this afternoon for a sort of mercy fuck. That plan got shot all to hell when Mandy answered and politely informed me that her mother was busy with a friend right now and had another coming over shortly. Afterwards she and her mother were going out to have a nice dinner with other friends and didn't expect to be back much before midnight. I was smart enough to translate "friends" into guys with cash for gash. So much for Evelynne as a fuck buddy. She was going to cost me serious cash for pussy, not exactly the kind of arrangement I hoped to enter.

       Having no idea when my wayward wife and her tramp of a sister would be returning, I decided to check out a movie to kill some time. It was amazing that theater prices had jumped so much in such a short time. Add to that the cost of some munchies and a soda to wash them down and you were looking at real money for maybe two hours plus a little of entertainment if you didn't mind going deaf from the sound system. For this price I could have rented a couple of porns and still had some money left over for pizza. So I filed this away as a learning experience and took my lumps.

       Jill and Paula had returned from wherever they'd been, and at least they weren't drunk like the last time. Their collective mood was astonishing; they were talkative and almost giddy. They both were also half naked and from the looks of what they were showing, which was a lot, they'd been out in the sun for a considerable amount of time. Was it possible that I'd overreacted to their absence? Did they actually spend a weekend just enjoying the outdoors and relaxing? I knew the answer before they provided some proof. Jill had on that ultra-brief bikini bathing suit which was plastered like a second skin to her outstanding body. All her sister wore was a thong bikini, and I had to admit tht she was really built and seemed to be getting firmer if that was possible.

       I was cross examined about my whereabouts, and why I wasn't here ready to order takeout for them while they unpacked and got comfortable. They both were laughing at some inside joke as I did my best to fend off their insinuations that I was out getting pussy while they were hard at work convincing certain important people to give Jill a job at the spa where Paula was working. My stomach dropped through the floor. Nothing had changed; no, that wasn't correct, things had gotten worse for me. Then they unveiled their surprise for me, something they'd brought back special from the guys they were with this weekend.

       Actually there were three separate gifts, lovingly collected over the course of the weekend from Jerry, Mike, Will, Randy and the spa owner, Frank. Without too much guesswork it was easy to imagine what it was. Jill stood up with a big grin on her face and pulled the bottoms of her bikini down to expose her freshly shaved pussy and what appeared to be a tampon string dangling from her fat-lipped cunt.

       " A few of the guys made this special donation just before we got back from the boat. Too bad you weren't here to enjoy it while it was still fresh. However take my word, it's really tasty. I ought to know since I spent hours on my knees sucking off those studs to demonstrate how eager I was to become their latest spa towel girl. Now get down on your knees, open wide and prepare yourself for a nice tasty meal provided by Jerry, Mike and Randy. The other guys were too pooped to pop after fucking me and Paula almost around the clock. However they promise to make amends as soon as I start work next week."

       I was devastated! Things were now out of control. How in the world could I exert any influence when these two were getting all the hard cock they ever could need or want? How long would they let me hang around, and for what purpose? I'd soon find out and it wouldn't be pleasant. As for now, there was some cum to suck from my wife's well fucked cunt. I was cautioned not to suck too hard, since her pussy was a bit sore from all the big cocks that had been sawing away inside it for the better part of the weekend.

       She also told me to take my time because there was plenty of cum cooling in her snatch as well as other cum that must have congealed in there from all the other loads that had been drilled into her. It seems that neither sister ever douched or even wiped out their pussies during the entire weekend, because the boss, Frank, liked the smell that developed after their cum loaded pussies marinated in the sun for a few hours. Naturally the customer, who doubled as their boss, was always right.

       It may have been the low point in my life, kneeling before my naked wife licking and sucking her sore, fucked-out cunt, while her sister watched with a smirk on her face. Things got even worse when Paula suggested that I get naked since the ladies were already in that state except for a few wisps of covering. So I got naked and resumed my humiliating task as the two sisters giggled and made cutting remarks about the fact that my cock was limp despite having some of the best eating pussy in the world pressed to my mouth. Let's be honest, this wasn't the first time I'd swamped out a cum filled pussy for them, but previously there was some hope for a reward afterward such as some pussy to actually fuck. This time the prospects were for more humiliation and degradation and absolutely nothing else.

       While I licked my wife's cunt until my tongue got numb, Paula continued her almost nonstop insults. She kept needling me about my lack of a hard-on, asking why I wasn't hard as a rock since both she and my wife were naked and I was having the honor of cleaning out Jill's cum filled cunt. My wife didn't help by occasionally ordering me to suck harder on her cunt because I'd missed some stale cum she knew was back there. Then as soon as I started slurping for all I was worth, she'd complain that I was making her sore pussy even sorer. That would set off Paula who would start insulting my intelligence saying that I'd been told to go easy on Jill since her cunt was sore from getting all that hard fuckng from real men with perpetually hard dicks, unlike someone that she was watching as he ate her sister's dripping cunt without any hint of getting excited over this great honor.

       Finally Jill pushed me away from her glistening cunt, my face looking for all the world like a glazed donought. By then my lips had become as numb as my tongue and the taste of all that cum had permeated my mouth to the point that I thought I'd never be able to totally remove it short of having someone scrape the insides of my mouth with a sharp object. She had an impish grin on her face that told me there was more to come, but what could it be? I found out quickly enough. She shifted her body so she could put her legs up on the kitchen table. Paula started laughing hysterically as her sister pointed for me to get under the table for my surprise.

       My heart sank and I nearly broke into tears at the sight of another tampon string hanging from her winking asshole. I didn't need to be told what that was holding back, more cum. I was doomed! To add to the degradation, Paula leaned over and in a loud voice told Jill that I should start jacking off until my dick got hard and then and only then should I be allowed to suck all the cum that had been pumped into her asshole over the entire time they were on the boat, some forty plus hours. I was utterly humiliated by this particular turn, and for a moment thought of getting up and knocking the stuffing out of Paula. That was when Jill informed me that I either get hard or get out, she was through fooling with a cuckold for a husband. Paula added fuel to the fire, offering to give me a handjob to get my dick hard. I was finished.

       Let me tell anyone who is interested that cum that's been sitting in a woman's asshole for periods up to thirty-six hours sucks up the taste and smell of its surrounding environment. The longer it stays, the stronger the smell and taste it absorbs. Describing how this mess tastes and smells demands a better vocabulary than I possess. I will say that the smell is much worse than the taste, due to the amount of salt that the original cum contains. On the other hand there is so much salt in that dried cum it's almost impossible to keep down. Add to that the fact my tongue and lips were sore and in places cracked from all the cum sucking I'd already done to date. Once the salty cum got into those cracks it felt as if those areas had caught fire.

       Paula literally had me by the balls and she made the most of it. Her skilled hand got the desired results despite what I was sucking from my wife's asshole. It was odd that whenever I really sucked hard on Jill's asshole, it contracted, pinching the tip of my tongue, much to the delight of her sister, who had a good view from her perch. To make matters even more humiliating I actually ejaculated with my tongue wiggling inside my wife's asshole as it clamped down on it. Paula couldn't stop laughing at my total humiliation. Jill finally got tired of my feeble efforts to extract all the residue that remained deep inside her colon, and announced she was going to take a shower to get all the gunk off her body and rid herself of the traces of saliva I'd left behind.

       My nightmare continued when Paula decided to join her sister, suggesting first that they give me a golden shower as I lay in the tub, face up naturally, with my mouth open wide to catch the golden juice as it poured from them. Then while Jill scrubbed up in the shower, Paula would unload the second gift from their weekend orgy, another huge load of cum that all five studs had deposited into her twat over the last twelve hours. The prospect of another round of cum sucking nearly broke my will to live as a slave to these two demons. Still there was an outside chance for pussy if I played my cards right, or so I thought. Little did I know what their ultimate plans for me were.

       I further humiliated myself by developing an erection while Jill was pissing a torrent of the yellow stuff on my cock and balls. Paula had situated herself so she was dumping what seemed like an ocean  of pee directly into my mouth and down my throat. To make sure I gave them no trouble, my hands were under my butt. At times I thought they'd drown me, but my luck held and I survived with just a rounded belly full of hot piss from Paula. I swear she must have been holding that load for half a day. While Jill showered I ate pussy and gulped down a steady stream of congealed cum that needed some super suction to break free from Paula's cunt walls to which they had bonded. If anything her deposit was even worse tasting and smelling than my wife's.

       Paula joined her sister in the shower and the two played grab ass and had a grand old time while I sat in the tub, my body covered with drying piss and my mouth feeling like a condom that had been used by an entire football team. I watched as they toweled each other off and then informed me that they would be using the big bed and I should bunk where I usually did these days, in the other room with the lumpy mattress. To add to my misery Paula warned me about jacking off, promising to check my bedding when she got up tomorrow, and if she found any telltale signs it would go badly for me tomorrow evening when she and Jill returned to the apartment.

                               ( To be continued - rolf palsy )

                                     Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 10

       The first day back at the job is usually a drag after the weekend. This one was compounded by a brief phone call from Mandy asking me to see her at lunchtime. I groaned inwardly, knowing it must have something to do with my behavior about getting a date with her mother. I was in a death spiral, or so it seemed. Last night's humiliation was still fresh in my mind and I wasn't in the mood for any other trouble.

       Mandy made our conversation short and definitely not sweet. Evelynne had had a change of heart concerning me as a sex partner, and I was no longer welcome at her house. Any attempt on my part to continue the relationship would be answered by a complaint to management concerning my boorish behavior to her at work. These days even a hint that a male employee was harassing a female underling was cause for at best a suspension, and at worst being fired with no hope of getting any kind of positive recommendation. I gritted my teeth and took it like a man, or was it a mouse, or worse still, a wimp. Then to add insult to injury, Mandy insisted that I owed her mother one hundred bucks for her time and trouble on Friday evening and expected to be paid within the week.

       I got home to an empty apartment as usual and discoverd an empty refrigerator as well. Keeping house was not one of their strong suits. Shopping for food killed some time and also made a dent in my wallet. While shopping, I decided to stiff Mandy and her crazy mother, concluding that she had very little leverage when it came to the issue of collecting her mom's "fee" for her services. In fact the more I thought of it, the more comfortable I became with my position on the matter. All I had to do at work was make sure I didn't give her any opportunity to accuse me of harassing her, something that would be very easy to do since we didn't work in close proximity.

       The sisters didn't show up until nearly ten that evening, and seemed to be in fine fettle. Jill had gone  directly to the spa after work and spent some time being shown the ropes by her sister. Frank, the owner, happened to see the two of them working away and he came over to compliment them and mention that their presence over the weekend had made his boat trip a great success. The pair were ravenous, they hadn't eaten much on the boat except cum and some stale pizza. In fact the guys had even jacked off onto one of the pizzas and dared them to down it before the cum set up, which they did, much to the delight of their audience. I scored some minor points for filling the refrigerator, but soon I was once more on the defensive.

       It was Paula who brought the hammer down, flattening my cock and balls. As of now their pussies were off limits to yours truly's cock, but would be available for tonguing and sucking when appropriate. I was forbidden to seek other pussy without their permission. If they were so inclined they would select suitable sex partners for me and witness our initial coupling to make sure that we were compatible. I was forbidden to masturbate to ejaculation unless they were present and gave their approval.

       Each night before I went to bed they would supervise me as I produced a sperm sample that would be tested by a third party to ascertain if I was cheating on the no ejaculation ban. They also reserved the right to determine what I could watch, limiting me to G-rated films plus all-male and transsexual tapes that they would select for my viewing. I was screwed!

       To end a nearly perfectly fucked-up day, Jill and Paula sat on the edge of my bed, wearing only bikinis, and watched me beat off, not once but twice, just to make sure that I wouldn't have an accident that night while sleeping. Even that was made more humiliating by their request for me to scoop up the offending sperm from my belly and the surrounding area, and get rid of it by swallowing. The second time I jacked off for what seemed like an hour. Finally they took pity on me and provided a little girl-girl show including lots of french kissing and even some tongue in pussy action, which finally put me over the top.

       The next day at work Mandy trolled by asking  for her mom's fee and I told her no way. She glared  at me and I didn't see her baleful presence for the rest of the day. That night she called the apartment and as luck would have it, Jill answered. It was fairly obvious when she handed me the phone with a knowing smirk that Mandy was on the other end. Instead it was Evelynne asking why I hadn't come over to see her since we had such a good time last Friday night. Then she stuck the knife into me, announcing that either Jill or I were going to have to come up with one hundred dollars by tomorrow, or Mandy was going to my boss about this situation. That sent a chill through me, but I still hung up on her, warning Evelynne that she was nothing but a cheap whore and wasn't worth any hundred bucks for her performance.

       If looks could kill, I'd be a dead man. My wife was livid and read me the riot act in no uncertain terms. I remember her saying that she was too tired right now, but tomorrow when she and Paula got back from the spa, I was going over their laps for a sound spanking. I couldn't believe my ears. This was too much to take, and I said so. Jill glared at me and left the room. The next day at work Mandy finished me off by going to see my boss and telling her the sad story of me and her mother. Later that day I was summoned to the office of Lauren Manning to be confronted by Mandy who had poisoned the well so to speak. One look at my boss told me I was sunk.

       My only hope was to tell the truth and hope for the best. Silly me, Ms. Manning didn't buy any of it. All  I had managed to do was dig a deeper hole. She then proceeded to give me a lecture on married men fooling around and harassing unmarried women at work. As for my claims about poor Mandy's mother, those were inexcusable!  Since it was my word against Mandy's, I knew who the HR person, also a woman, was going to believe. I closed my eyes and watched my one hundred dollars fly into Mandy's purse. For a brief moment I wanted to strangle the bitch, and then thought better of it. Instead I imagined her stark naked while I set fire to her stinking crotch that hadn't been shaved in years. That made me feel a lot better.

       The skinny bitch flounced out of the room leaving me to face the wrath of my young boss, and she tore me a new one in a big hurry. She was about ten words away from me coming over the desk and strangling her, when she thought better of irritating me futher in her office with no witnesses around. I gave her one of those looks that meant  "you just missed getting thrown out the window",  just before turning and leaving her office. Things couldn't be worse, or could they?

       The sisters didn't get back until almost ten that evening, and Paula had another unpleasant surprise for me. I guess it had been a very busy day and night at the spa, for she was loaded with cum. It seems that towel girls do get plenty of action once word gets around about them. She and my wife had decided to combine my spanking with some clean out work. I was in no mood to confess that I'd almost lost my job today and was going to be short one hundred bucks by tomorrow. So I stripped to the skin and allowed them to march me into the bathroom for my punishment and another strong dose of degradation. Jill insisted that I let her tie my hands behind my back to keep me from escaping my spanking.

       So there I was, bent at the waist, my face buried between Paula's firm thighs, my tongue probing into her cum loaded cunt. Behind me Jill was walloping the hell out of my buns with her bare hands, alternating after half a dozen swats each. Paula was laughing at my reaction to the spanking. My tongue was doing tricks inside her twat and she was loving it. I don't know how much salty cum I suctioned from that well fucked snatch, but it was a bunch. As for the spanking, it was more humiliation than serious pain. Unfortunately I'd set the bar for spankings now. I just knew that Paula would somehow manage to get my ass under her control and tan it good. Knowing her, she wouldn't use her hands either. Afterwards they tucked me in after making me whack-off until I filled the small specimen bottle with cum, my first and last of the day.

       The next day I ate humble pie in Ms.Mannings office, handing over one hundred dollars to Mandy who grinned evilly and accepted it without comment. Then she upped the ante with a carefully worded comment concerning justice not having been done. My boss quickly rose to the bait, informing Mandy that my file would soon contain a letter of rebuke concerning my attitude toward women in the workplace. The skinny sneak shrugged her narrow shoulders and suggested that something much more personal might be a better way to guarantee that I'd never venture into these waters again. Ms. Manning swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker as well. I could see it coming like a freight train and I was tied to the tracks.

       Mandy wondered if it might be possible for my boss and I to join her and her mother at their place tomorrow evening for a more definitive way to guarantee that I'd never again act negatively towards any woman in this company again. I could see by the way Lauren Manning's big tits were heaving up and down that the idea had taken hold and she was hot for the chance to really lord it over a man, well at least half a man considering what I was enduring these days.

       I was now between a rock and a hard place. Dare I make a clean breast of it and confess to my wife and her nasty sister that I was going to be very late tomorrow night because I was going to be punished severely at Mandy's place for my attitude towards women in the workplace. I could just hear the laughter and then the malice from Paula. I could already hear her words. "Just an excuse for some strange pussy and to get around our rules."

       That's when I really put my foot in it, suggesting that Jill call Mandy or Evelynne to confirm my story. Paula went it one step further, suggesting that Jill call my boss directly tomorrow to discuss this matter and be assured that no sexual activity was going to take place involving her husband. I was a cooked goose if she did that. On top of everything else, Paula had been bearing a gift for me, a tape showing her doing the nasty with a couple of lady members of the spa.  She hinted strongly that one of them might be a suitable candidate to be my next sex partner since she was quite dominant and wanted a wussy or wimpy type to enjoy her charms.

       To kill two birds with one stone while once more totally humiliating me, Paula made me strip and let her tie my hands behind my back. Then while she made me watch her and the two heavyset women go through their paces, she slowly jacked me off, bringing me close and then backing off as I twisted and turned in the wind, trying to will myself to ejaculate. While all this was going on, Jill called Mandy's place and got her on the line. They had a long discussion about what led up to the Friday night massacre as she described what would take place tomorrow. When she hung up, she was smiling and her eyes sparkled. She wouldn't say anything in front of me, but promised her sister the lowdown on what was planned for me tomorrow evening and probably a portion of Saturday as well. I was in deep yogurt, and my balls were slowly turning blue as Paula kept me on the edge, but never pushed me over the waterfall.

                       ( To be continued - rolf palsy )

                                           Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 11

       Later that evening the sisters watched me jacking off, collecting the first load of hot cum into one of those specimen bottles, and then making me continue until I provided another donation all over my belly and balls. Getting off twice in a row was a bit of a chore even with both women showing off their goodies and at the same time letting me know that they were for men only, no wimps allowed. Naturally I was forced to rid myself of the coating of cum I had produced, via the usual way, swallowing it. It began to sink into my consciousness that the taste wasn't bad, especially after the second load. Then I almost passed out when I realized what I had just thought. I was becoming what the sisters claimed, a less than manly caricature, a wuss, a wimpy blob of protoplasm.

       It got even worse the next morning. I was awakened by the two of them, grinning maliciously as they looked down on me. The last thing I remembered last night after they finally allowed me to rest from all the meat beating they made me perform, was them giggling and the bedsprings creaking erotically as they celebrated another triumph over yours truly. To my disbelief, they insisted on having me beat off to start  the day. My cock was still slightly sore from all the jacking I'd done before nodding off. I was very careful not to get too excited, so it took some time to dump a good sized load onto my belly. Paula remarked that for a wuss, I did produce plenty of cum. Then she added that she knew just the lady that would love to have me under her thumb on a regular basis, or at least until she and her neurotic daughter turned me into an impotent sissy slut.

       They weren't through with me yet. I was allowed to take a leak and have breakfast, but forbidden to shower or remove the drying cum now crusting over my cock, balls and belly. Once more I was made to beat my meat, standing in their bedroom as they dressed after showering. I still hadn't ejaculated by the time they finished primping. Today was Jill's last day at her present job and she was starting at the studio as soon as she collected her last check. Jill had to leave now, but Paula could and did stay around to make sure I emptied my balls and then dressed for work. She simpered and remarked that I smelled like a five dollar sissy slut after taking it in the ass from at least two dozen customers.

       She couldn't resist letting me know that on the phone last night Jill had given permission for me to report to Mandy's home so that I could be properly punished for my chauvinist behavior at work. Ms. Manning would also be in attendance, and later her dear friend and roommate, a younger woman who was a recent college drop-out, would join the party once she got off work at the adult bookstore. Unfortunately neither Jill nor Paula would be able to attend since they were scheduled to work a double shift today. First there was the regular shift at the studio, then afterward, another get-together to be spent at a private party at a place to be determined. The latter was for the high rollers who had bankrolled the business. In a sense this would be their introduction to spa high society, with all the perks that came with it.

       Fortunately for her, but not me, Mandy had promised to tape the highlights of my punishment,  as well as a little insurance scene, and give her and Jill a copy to enjoy and use to control me completely. I didn't understand just how this tape could do that, but afterward I had to admit that I was totally screwed and now at the mercy of so many women that suicide began to look like a good option. So with a sinking feeling in my stomach I went off to work, realizing I smelled like something that just crawled from a sewer or a whorehouse.

       I had hardly hung my coat up when I was buzzed by Ms. Manning. She wrinkled her nose when I entered her office, sighed and shook her head. Then she proceeded to inform me that the head of Human Resources had taken a personal interest in the complaint filed by Mandy Monroe. Until then I had no idea what Mandy's last name was. That was pretty funny since that meant I had no idea who it was I was screwing last Friday night when her mother and I were on much better terms.

       While I was still absorbing this latest tidbit of news, Ms. Manning dropped her bombshell. Ms. Limenke herself would be attending the little consciousness raising session hosted by Mandy, and she had already decided  that a chauvinist like me would require some serious corporal punishment in lieu of consultation.

       " Let's see ", I said to myself, " That makes Mandy and her mother, Ms. Manning and her roommate, now Ms. Limenke from HR. Who would be next, Gloria Already, the well known champion of women's rights and enemy of all chauvinists? "

       At this point nothing would surprise me.My boss hadn't finished with me yet. We stared at each other for a few moments, enough time for me to get in more trouble by homing in on those big tits. They were currently doing a good job of straining the straps of her half cup bra that was showing through her frilly see-through  blouse normally hidden by her jacket. However, the jacket was hanging on the stand.

       I realized she was vamping me for reasons I did not quite understand. Then it dawned; she was preparing to file another complaint about me to HR, and she was the aggrieved party. I wondered if this one would make it to Ms. Limenke's desk before the end of day. It was going to be some session over at the Monroe residence, that was for sure.

       Ms. Manning picked up the phone and asked for Ms. Limenke. I must have blanched, because she licked her lips like a cat about to dine on the local canary. The next thing I knew she was using the speaker phone to describe my excessive body odor, the lascivious glances at her breasts, the impertinent attitude and an obvious disdain for women who were his superiors. For good measure she threw in the fact that I had seduced poor Mandy Monroe's mother, and followed this up with a number of obscene phone calls to both her and her daughter.

       She paused for breath and listened coldly as her opposite number took a swing at my head which was dangling by a thread. I nearly pissed my pants when the HR bitch mentioned calling the authorities to have me removed from the building. This was way too far out there for this wimp to handle. I debated about throwing myself on the mercy of my supervisor, but thought better of it. Minutes later I wished I had done just that.

       The HR meanie would send one of her minions to escort me to a room located in the basement where I could be kept until the business day was concluded. Afterward Ms. Limenke would personally drive me to the Monroe residence where I would suffer the consequences of my attitude and performance while a  member of the company. A weird thought crossed my mind about trying to get a job at the spa, or was it the studio? I had a hard time separating the two. Maybe in the interests of fair play the ladies might enjoy having a towel boy around to pick up and fold their scanties and perform other minimal tasks including perhaps a nice tongue massage. Now that was something I was getting very good at doing, thanks to Jill and Paula.

       A well dressed woman in her mid-thirties escorted me into the basement, where she unlocked a small room that looked to have been once occupied by the janitor, prior to his job being outsourced. She said not a word, but pointed towards a plastic bucket and nodded before leaving. I heard the lock being turned and then there was silence. There was an old decrepit executive's chair with six inches of dust on it that I appropriated rather than sit on the filthy floor. Time passed slowly with plenty of time to think about my situation. Mandy Monroe had done everything but put a knife through my heart. If there was anyone else besides the sisters who was going to suffer greatly when I became monarch of all I surveyed, it would be that skinny bundle of neuroses by the name of Mandy Monroe.

       For the better part of an hour I dreamed up ways to do serious damage to that skinny shape, but still leave her in a state that would allow more pain and suffering. I tied her naked body to a chair and beat her to a pulp using brass knuckles that turned her face into mush and left the floor strewn with her broken teeth. That was fun, but there was more to come. I hung her by her plaited hair and made like she was a pinata, using a metal pipe to bust her up good and let her insides spill onto the floor. Now I was just preparing to set her on fire, having soaked that naked, broken body with kerosene. All the while she stared out at me with her one eye, the other hanging from its socket as the result of a good hit with the pipe. Suddenly I heard the lock turning. A quick glance at my watch indicated it wasn't time for lunch. Who, and what was the reason for the visit?

       A tall, very well built woman in her thirties stood next to Mandy Monroe. The two of them filled the entrance, staring at me as if I was the main course and they were two hungry predators.  As it turned out the tall one was Ms. Limenke. She certainly looked the part of an HR bitch, her black hair tied up in a bun and matching the plastic rims of her glasses through which she seemed to be squinting. However even the standard issue skirt and blouse couldn't disguise the fact that there was a great looking body hidden beneath her rather pedestrian attire. She wasted no time making me stand up and turn around. I heard Mandy whining that while she was working her ass off, I was down here doing nothing and getting paid for it as well. Then I heard the HR maven tell me to remove my clothing and be quick about it. I stood frozen, trying to digest her words. What the devil was going on? When had the company turned into a prison?


       " You will do as I say or I am going to call the police and have them forcibly remove you from the premises. As a minimum you wil probably be given at least a month in the county jail, which will look wonderful on your resume. I'll bet you'll be very popular in prison. The rough crowd will be lining up to take a crack at your sorry ass every night you are there. By the time you get out you may have already turned gay, but for sure your asshole will have been changed forever. There will be no clean cut female worth her salt eager to have sex with a convicted criminal who has homosexual tendencies.  If you can deal with that situation, then by all means refuse my order. The same holds true for this evening when Mandy opens her lovely home to you for a more serious session that should convince you of the error of your ways. If not we'll just have to do it all over at a later date, with perhaps more assistance from my circle of friends. Now what shall it be? "

       Once more I felt like a butterfly pinned on a piece of cardboard. I heard Mandy snicker as I began undressing. To her credit, the HR bitch said nothing until I was told to turn and face them. The skinny monster smirked and gave me a good look, moving up and down and finally homing in on my limp cock and dangling balls. Ms. Limenke coughed and tried to conceal the laughter that was trying to well up inside. When she pulled out a pair of handcuffs, I knew I was in deep trouble.

       Mandy clicked them shut while I held my arms behind my back, offering no resistance. They had me sit down in that old dusty chair and then Mandy used some rope she pulled from the large manila envelope she was holding to tie my ankles to the bottom of the chair in such a way that my thighs were spread and gave them easy access to my crotch and the family jewels. Ms. Limenke gave me an option, be gagged securely with my shorts or promise to be quiet until they were ready to take me over to see Mrs.Monroe. So they turned off the light and left me ungagged in the darkness, locking the door once they left the small storeroom. I cursed myself for being three different kinds of fool. Then it dawned on me that I had to take a leak. You talk about being screwed, this was the ultimate. I could just imagine what would happen when they came for me and discovered I'd pissed all over myself.

                               ( To be continued - rolf palsy )

                             Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 12

       I spent some fruitless time trying my best to free my roped legs from the chair, but gave up in total frustration. Mandy must have been a girl scout when she was younger, for those knots wouldn't budge, no matter how much I twisted and pulled on them. Things looked bleak for me. I could just imagine what would happen to me when the door to this tiny cell was opened and there I was, sitting over a puddle of piss that by then had soaked into the wooden floor. The HR bitch would probably have my salary docked for the cost of cleaning up the mess I made. Worse yet she might have me clean it up with my tongue while she or one of her minions supervised me. By now I was so befuddled that I wondered if I'd be able to look up the skirt of whoever was watching me. It would be just my luck if she was wearing a panty girdle or maybe pantyhose over a pair of white cotton briefs, and had thick, fatty thighs.

       On occasion it was wise to hold out to the bitter end; this was one of those times. My back teeth were floating, but I refused to surrender to this overwhelming urge to relieve the pressure from my bulging bladder. With just minutes remaining until the enevitable happened, there came the sound of a key turning in the lock to my prison. I squinted from the light when the door opened, unable to make out who it was that had just saved me for a humiliating fate. The door closed almost as quickly as it opened. Whoever it was had entered. I groaned inwardly once the light switch was flipped, revealing my nemesis, come to heap even more misery on my already marginal existence. You talk about someone having you by the balls, this one did.

       " Are you happy to see me? I talked Ms. Limenke into letting me visit to make sure everything was alright. I also wanted to remind you about the hundred dollars you owe my mother. She's expecting it tonight, and if you don't have it, she'll turn you into a soprano. When it comes to money, my mom is a real stickler about paying one's debts. Be nice to her and apologize about the money, and just maybe she'll put you back on her good clients list after a few more hundred dollar dates. My mother can be a really good fuck if she puts her mind to the task."

       As she talked, Mandy checked out my bonds and announced her satisfaction that I'd not been able to loosen them. Then she made a big production about looking into the bucket, as if by some miracle I'd been able to reach it and take a piss. The miserable cunt gave me a shit-eating grin, revealing that she knew I was in dire straits when it came to emptying my bladder. She leaned forward and got right in my face as she started the negotiations.

        " Something tells me that you need to take a leak, am I correct? I'll bet if I poked your bladder you'd piss all over yourself and make Ms.Limenke awfully angry at the mess you made. "

       To make her point, she placed her hand where I didn't need it to be, and gave it the slightest nudge, bringing a whimper from me. I begged her to stop and tell me what she wanted. That brought a smile to her pinched face and a sparkle to those normally dead eyes. Then she made her demands, which I had difficulty believing. I was that butterfly all over again. When would I ever learn?

       " Before you can even begin to pee I want you to take care of my butthole with your tongue. I'm not sure I did such a good job wiping it after I took my morning dump. Once you finish making sure I'm fresh and clean, I'll let you pee for twenty seconds, no more. Then I want that tongue to lick my belly until I'm satisfied it's clean enough to do my pussy. Then you will get me off before my lunch hour is over, or you don't get to finish emptying your bladder until we get you over to my house. You up for it stud? "

       I was hung out to dry. My bursting bladder had to have some of the pressure reduced or I'd be pissing all over myself and bringing down the wrath of the HR bitch. I nodded my head and watched as Mandy hiked up her skirt to reveal a pair of cheap, pink panties made out of some kind of flimsy, synthetic material that showed the outline of her shaved pussy. Another mystery solved, I thought to myself. Mandy wasted no time skinning those skimpy panties off, revealing her thin-lipped, scarlet pussy mouth featuring a rather prominent clit.  According to what I'd heard, a big clit meant a hot female. Still holding her skirt up around her waist, Mandy turned and gave me a view of her nearly flat, pimply butt.

       Using one hand, she yanked one of those scrawny butt cheeks to the side, displaying her chocolate starfish. She ordered me to start licking and pushed her bottom into my face for emphasis. I took a deep breath and went to work, sticking my tongue out fully and crossing the nest of pimples that guarded her asshole. I picked up a few traces of salt, not a big deal, and some other mystery material as I closed to her narrow crevice. Once again she pulled one of her butt cheeks to the side and in I went, licking down that fleshy crevice using a switchback technique that I'd been taught by my wife.

       There were a few unappetizing patches of territory that I had to traverse, but in general Mandy's pimple-pocked butt was fairly clean. I'd had worse from my dear wife and her annoying sister. I was far from home however; my mistress wanted the full course treatment, which meant plenty of smooching and lots of  sucking. The smooching was mostly reserved for her unblinking brown eye and the surrounding area. She seemed to enjoy having her pimples sucked steadily and noisily as she moved her body so that no area was missed.

       Until now I had nearly forgotten about the insistent pressure threatening to cause uremic poisoning as the excess piss began to back up into my bloodstream. I guess the tone of my voice convinced her that I was at my limit. Rather than risk putting me out of commission and standing up her important visitors, she cut me some slack. Being bound to the chair made the process of ridding myself of an ocean of the yellow stuff a challenge. Somehow I managed to get the stream started and Mandy even helped matters by holding my joint in a position that allowed me to flood the bucket rather than the floor. At this moment I fell in love with my chief tormentor, which says something about brainwashing techniques for captives. My good feelings instantly reverted the moment she announced that my twenty seconds were up.  I knew she had short changed me, but unless I stopped pissing, she was going to do something very painful to it. Stopping the flow was an agonizing proposition, but having been promised another opportunity to empty my bladder totally, I brought things to a stop.

       Now the fun really started. I was faced with her thin-lipped, shaved pussy to service. This was the moment of truth. Could I successfully satisfy Mandy before the lunch hour for her ended, that was the million dollar question! There still was some degree of feeling in my tongue, which encouraged me. Couple that with my confidence that I was one of the better pussy eaters or muff divers in the local area, made me think I could pull off the feat of getting Mandy Monroe to have a genuine, one hundred percent, pure orgasm. A quick reconnaissance with my tongue came back wet and salty. Mandy was more than primed; all the work on her backdoor evidently paid dividends. For the first time in a long time, I felt as if I had a fighting chance to overcome my adversary. Mandy Monroe was not Jill or for that matter, Paula either.

       I began by nibbling on those thin pussy lips, leaving a trail of imprints in my wake. She occasionally grunted and once I thought she almost groaned at one particlarly hard bite, just below that fat clit. Then the target, that blood-bloated, hot button was in my sights. Sucking and kissing it made her grunt and move her pussy up and down my face. I slipped my tongue into that steamy twat and gave it a good lashing. Her legs began to shake, a good sign that she was really getting into what I was delivering. I captured her clit and started worrying it with my  teeth. Her hands came down on my head and started guiding my face to her sweet spots, as all the time she gasped and moaned. The pressure was building and I put everything I had into the next few minutes. I sucked, licked, bit and even planted loud kisses on that rapidly growing lump of sex energy. She was almost there, her shaky voice urging me to bite it harder.

       It took a few seconds for it to sink in that her volley of obscenities and curses indicated that she was starting her orgasm. Then she slammed her twat into my face so hard that it felt like someone punched me. She repeated this over and over as she took a wild ride to a place that no man has ever been. I hung on for dear life as she exploded again and again, that pussy drooling a steady stream of cunt sludge that gradually coated the lower half of my face that was still jammed against her twat. I don't know how long she quivered and moaned, but there was no doubt that little Mandy had just had a big girl's orgasm. At that point I felt a twinge indicating that my bladder wanted some attention. For once I did the right thing, waiting patiently until she returned from her trip.

       " I wish I knew then what I know now about you. I'd have never left you alone with my mother. From now on its a double date, but for the same price; that is as long as you keep delivering that kind of action. I haven't had an orgasm like that in almost a year. "

       Her comments gave me a warm feeling and so I dared suggest that she honor our arrangement. It took no time at all to start peeing, and to me it seemed I must have pissed at least a quart into that bucket. That's when the little bitch stuck it to me, but good. She put the bucket down and came up with a cup from the plastic lunchbox she brought with her. For a moment I thought she was going to give me a drink of water, wrong guess! She reached down and scooped up some of my piss from the bucket and presented it to my lips with an evil grin. I pulled my head away and got a slap across the face for my troubles.

       " Here's what's going to happen if you don't be a nice little wuss and drink all this nasty piss that you just peed in the bucket. I'm going to pour all this piss over your head and shove my panties into your mouth and let you explain to Ms. Limenke about your little accident. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to mop up the mess and then put your stinking, piss-soaked body in the trunk of her car to take you to my place. I don't think so, do you? "

       She had me by the balls, and we both knew it. I sighed and opened my mouth. It tasted sharp and salty, but I chugged it down. She fed me a second and then a third cup of the stuff and the taste never improved. Then she did something strange, wadding up her cheap panties and using them to soak up the remaining piss. If I had my wits about me, I'd have realized where they were going to go. It wasn't until she grabbed one of my ears to control me and shoved the piss soaked panties into my mouth, that I realized just how nasty this little bitch could be.

       " Spit them out and I'll twist your balls so hard you'll beg me to put them back! "

       The venom in her voice convinced me I was outgunned. I did what any self respecting wuss would do, I opened my mouth and accepted her piss soaked underwear. Out from that lunchbox came a roll of duct tape that was used to make sure her panties would stay in place. Then to top things off she withdrew another pair of fresh undies and slipped them on that shaved pussy. There was still one more surprise in store for yours truly, and it was quick in coming. She reached down and got a good grip on my cock. I was startled by  her move, but when she started to jack me with enthusiasm I thought she was giving me a reward for doing her bidding.

       She stroked and my cock grew hard. She stroked faster and harder, and I felt my balls growing tight. I was on the verge of an epic outburst when she abruptly stopped. Quickly she slipped a cockring around the base of my throbbing dick and tightened it until my eyes felt as if they were going to pop from my head. She stepped back, her eyes sparkling, and enjoyed the view. Then she picked up her lunchbox, and gave me the finger just before turning off the light and exiting. I had been totally screwed.

                       ( To be continued - rolf palsy )

                               Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 13

       I was nauseous and covered with sweat by the time the trio of ball busters arrived to extend my day and add to the humiliation I'd already experienced. My kidneys had spent most of the afternoon dealing with the recycled piss that had been Mandy's bright idea. From the look on her two companions' faces, they had been clued in on what she'd done, and heartily approved. Once again Mandy took charge, suggesting I be hobbled with my hands tied to my thighs, which would make me much easier to control while they were escorting me to Mandy's car. They had waited until most of the employees had left for the day before taking me down the elevator and stuffing me into the cluttered trunk of Mandy's car.

       The trip to her house only added to my nausea thanks to the tight quarters, the strange odors from the contents of the trunk and the potholes that she seemed to deliberately seek as she navigated through the rush hour traffic. I was almost happy to be freed from that cramped prison, until I realized what was going to happen to my sorry ass once they had me inside and out of public view. Because the garage was attached to the house, they had no problem transporting me inside once they made me strip to the skin, which was cause for some snickers from my boss and the HR bitch.

       The moment we were inside the house Evelynne greeted us enthusiastically, wearing only high heels, a garter belt, and a thong that was almost lost between her swollen cunt lips. Evidently she'd been pleasuring herself in anticipation of my arrival. Her first question had to do with the hundred dollars I owed her for services rendered. Mandy smirked and told her mom that my wallet was in the garage, but she'd get it while her friends learned about all the horrible things I'd done to her last Friday night and early Saturday morning. The old haridan laid it on thick, exaggerating what we'd done and conveniently forgetting about her part in the strange scene that lasted for the better part of six hours. By the time Mandy returned with my wallet, I knew I was in for trouble with a capital T.

       Mandy made a big production about handing my money over to her mother while my boss and the HR bitch watched and smirked. It was Ms. Manning, who got carried away with the lies and exaggerations concerning my treachery and demanded that poor Evelynne had much more coming to her than a mere hundred dollars. Ms.Limenke jumped in with both feet and suggested that my salary check be garnished by an amount to be determined after I was properly punished for my despicable behavior towards Mandy's mother. I was toast; that was for sure. Mandy disappeared for a few minutes leaving me to stand there, naked and hobbled, while my boss and Ms. Limenke talked shop as if I wasn't even there. Unfortunately Evelynne was, and she made her presence known by fondling my family jewels and whispering that she and I would start having regular sessions once this evening's activities were concluded. I nearly passed out from fear and loathing, not to mention wondering just where I was going to get the money for all of this. I could just smell my balls frying on the stove while Jill and Paula watched with evil grins on their faces.

       By the time Mandy got back with her little surprise, mom had managed to create major wood from yours truly. The company mavens had been watching out of the corners of their beady eyes, and so it was no shock to them when Mandy announced that I had misbehaved in her absence and must pay a penalty before we moved onto my punishment for demeaning poor, lonely Evelynne. I wondered just how the little bitch could keep a straight face while telling  such lies. Before I knew it, Mandy was clicking a pair of handcuffs closed, neatly restraining my hands behind my back. Satisfied that I could no longer be any type of threat, she asked her mother if she had any ideas for a suitable punishment. The woman shrugged, so she looked to her bosses for some aid. Ms. Limenke surprised and delighted her by suggesting that I be forced to blow my nuts and then clean up the mess I made with my tongue while Evelynne gave me a good beating with a strap or belt, concentrating on my ass. Ms. Manning was a bit taken aback initially, but she soon realized that she was the only one who was. Once her roommate arrived, Lauren Manning's attitude would change one hundred percent, much to my dismay.

       As it turned out, nothing would be easy for me this night. Evelynne happily voluntered to get me off, but Mandy decided that getting off should not be something I enjoyed. Her mom seated herself on an ottoman and had me stand in front of her so she could alternate between sucking and jacking my hard cock. I was concentrating on getting off, so I was not aware of how close Mandy had positioned herself to us. I felt that tingling in my balls announcing a churning load was a few seconds from launching. I guess my facial expression gave it away, because Mandy's hands captured my nuts and began squeezing them with all her strength. The result was catastrophic; my hard cock began to soften at the same time as I started screaming from the pain. Evelynne was shocked, while my two bosses grinned evilly as they watched Mandy trying to make peanut butter out of my aching nuts. I was seconds away from vomiting from the terrible pain she was causing, when Evelynne saved me from a fate worse than death. She ordered her daughter to back off  because she was hurting me and my dick had gone soft. Everyone laughed except her and I.

       Evelynne removed her soaked thong, spread her thighs and crooked her finger in my direction. I knew the drill, and within a few seconds my tongue was worming its way into her juicy cunt. Mandy couldn't resist informing her bosses that I possessed a great tongue and she and her mom intended to spend plenty of time training me to be the perfect pussy eater. There was a gasp from Ms. Limenke, who evidently was in need of the type of services I offered. I sighed to myself, wondering just how I was going to handle Mandy and her mom, the HR bitch, plus the sisters from hell. Then it dawned on me that there was the distinct possibility that I'd also be servicing my boss and even her roommate. Then Evelynne pressed my face into her soaking wet crotch and urged me to see how far up her cunt I could get my tongue. I was so screwed it was pathetic.

       It turned out that I was my own worst enemy. I got Mandy's mom off, not once but twice, to the amazement of my audience. I was being urged to go for one more time, just to see if she could handle it, when Lauren's roommate rang the doorbell. Brenda was her name and from the way she was dressed and made up, she appeared to be of the lesbian persuasion. That is not to say that she didn't have an awesome figure under all that garish makeup and strange attire that featured chains and plenty of leather. One look at Ms. Manning told me all I needed to know about those two. She was most definitely the sub in that relationship, and probably enjoyed every minute and every inch that she got from Brenda. The arrival of Ms. Manning's mistress brought things to a head. Brenda took over the gang of women, including Evelynne, and got them organized.

       I watched with great interest as my immediate supervisor wiggled out of her blouse, skirt and undies to reveal an outstanding body that featured big tits and a tush begging to be spread and cornholed. It was my guess that Lauren had that pleasure quite frequently. Not to be outdone, Ms. Limenke's business suit soon joined Lauren's garments on the floor to show off her willowy frame that sported a set of jugs that almost matched those of my supervisor. That left Mandy Monroe still dressed, and obviously reluctant to reveal her skinny frame and immature chest. Brenda gave her the evil eye and sweetly asked if she needed any assistance in getting rid of those tacky garments. Mandy blushed scarlet and with trembling fingers began to disrobe, while the rest of us watched. I had major wood just from looking at the two women from the office, but that little perk would soon be history.

       Why the sight of Mandy's naked body got Brenda all hot and bothered was something I'd never understand, but it did. I glanced over at Lauren and discovered she too was not exactly thrilled over Brenda's reaction to her underling. Anything that allowed me to not be the main focus of this group was fine with me. Unfortunately Evelynne remembered that she was supposed to get me off and so she did. It was no big thing considering the stimulus I had from the bare bodies of Ms. Manning and Limenke. I did a good imitation of a fire hose and splattered my hot cum all over the ottoman and carpet. Quick as a wink Mandy ratted me out to her new mistress and I found myself grabbed by the nape and my face planted first against the carpet so I could suck up my cum along with plenty of captured dust mites, dirt and other mystery materials that had been nesting there for many long months or perhaps even years.

       Mandy remembered that her mom was supposed to whip my butt with a belt or strap, and so she took over that task as well, using a thick piece of studded leather donated by Brenda. Damn that hurt every time she landed a solid blow to my sore butt! However the damage to my face and reputation was much worse due to the way I was bossed around by Lauren's mistress. I lost track of time, but it was a lengthy period before I was allowed to lick the ottoman clean of my dried cum. Evelynne got involved at this point and made me go back over a number of areas before pronouncing herself satisfied.

       There was no rest for the weary or was it wicked? Brenda asked for directions to the bathroom and I shuddered, knowing full well there was nothing in that room which couldn't be used to either harm or humiliate me. How right I was! My dick was at half mast as the ladies escorted me to the bathroom for some water sports. Unfortunately for me, I knew something about water sports, and these types weren't in the Olympics. As we walked up the stairs, Evelynne worked her bony finger between my ass cheeks and managed to breach the sphincter muscle guarding my colon. That made walking tricky and brought some giggles from the ladies who witnessed my latest humiliation. It got worse once we entered the bathroom, which was in shambles, with unwashed clothing and underwear scattered hither and yon. I caught a break in that at least someone had the common decency to flush the toilet recently.

       My former "date" pulled her finger free from my asshole and offered it for cleaning. Brenda grinned and waited for me to respond. I tried ignoring the woman, and for that I received a knee to the groin from Ms. Limenke. Up until then she had been fairly passive, but now the other side was beginning to show. I would have lost my lunch if I'd had any, but lucky me, I'd been in the store room fighting the urge to piss all over the floor. Once more Brenda took charge, observing that there wasn't enough room in the small bathroom for more than four people and even that would make things difficult to accomplish. For the first round she suggested that Evelynne and Mandy leave the bathroom and act only as observers. There was some grumbling, but Brenda's suggestion carried. However before they left Evelynne made sure I sucked her stink finger until it glistened with saliva.

       Mandy wasted no time telling the ladies where the enema bag was located, and offering to bring some ice cubes up from the frig. I groaned inwardly, but my companions acted like children in a candy store. So far, as bad as it had been back at the apartment, I'd avoided such a humiliation. I knew my days were numbered once my wife heard about this. While they waited for the cubes, I was pushed into the shower stall and given a cold shower to calm me down and make sure that one of my disconcerting erections wouldn't get in the way of whatever they had planned for me. I nearly turned blue before Brenda decided I'd had enough for the moment. As for my family jewels, they were nearly nonexistent; my gonads had shrunk to the size of walnuts, small walnuts, and my cock was nothing but a little lump of limp, shriveled flesh. Ms.Limenke commented that it was too bad this treatment couldn't be used on men at work. That way there wouldn't be any distractions to get in the way of progress.

       Mandy delivered two trays of ice cubes, informing Brenda that there were four more if needed. I could hear the cubes being emptied into the half-filled enema bag and the chortles of the ladies at what was about to happen to me. I was shivering so much that Brenda was having a difficult time inserting the nozzle of the enema hose into my bunghole. To make matters worse, she hadn't bothered to lubricate the nozzle, which was made of unforgiving plastic. She finally slapped my ass hard to make me stand still, and at the same time suggested that the HR bitch hop in the tub and see if my tongue was all Mandy and her mother claimed it to be. The next thing I knew, she had my head in a grip of iron and my face planted squarely against her recently waxed vulva. It was hard to get a decent breath, but at least it took my mind off what was about to occur now that the nozzle was jammed as deep into my rectum as it could go. Brenda laughed and announced that the clip was about to be opened. Seconds later it felt as if someone had inserted a giant icicle into my colon. I felt Ms.Limenke's warm pussy opening lock itself securely against my mouth and her muffled voice urging me to get busy or she'd suffocate me.

       For a minute or so I made good progress based on the way the HR lady reacted. My tongue hadn't lost its talent, especially under the circumstances. I licked, kissed, sucked and blew. My partner responded with some nice moves and a few grunts as she slammed her pussy mouth against my face. Then the cold began sinking into my consciousness as the icy water sought out any passageway and area in which to hide. Almost against my will, my body began shaking and that broke my rhythm. I received a few slaps across the head and a muffled threat to emasculate me if I didn't pick up the pace. The spirit was willing, but the body was not up to the task. That frigid water was sucking the life from my body and mind. I lost my skill at what I was doing. My performance got so bad that Ms.Limenke pushed my face away from her pussy and stepped from the tub. I lost track of time and could only focus on that iceberg growing deep within my bowels. I remember hearing Lauren say that I was turning blue, and the laughter that envoked from the audience of scheming harpies. Then it all went black.

                       ( To be continued - rolf palsy )


                               Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 14

       I woke up freezing my ass off as the cold shower beat down on my naked body, now lying on the floor of the stall. Naturally the door was shut tightly and try as I might, it was impossible to get to my feet. Worse yet, it dawned on me that whatever had been plugging my bunghole was no longer there, and nature had taken its course, leaving plenty of evidence surrounding me. Shouting proved fruitless as the pounding water prevented anyone from hearing my calls for help. Out of desperation I began kicking the glass door to gain their attention. It took some time but finally the door opened just enough for a hand to reach inside and turn the water off. I was shivering so hard that I worried that my teeth might crack from the uncontrollable shaking that held my body captive. Then the same hand reached back inside and turned on the hot water, which soon had me screaming and kicking, as it felt like my skin was being parboiled. Suddenly the water stopped and a voice ordered me to climb out of the stall.

       As soon as I exited the torture chamber, they were waiting for me with another ice water enema. In that nozzle went and soon my gut was roiling and my lower intestines were twisting and turning as the frigid water did its work. The only thing different was the gash I was gobbling; this one belonged to my immediate supervisor and she was a most determined customer for my expertise. I was damned if I did and damned if I didn't. I could visualize spending my lunch hours in Ms. Manning's office eating her pussy while she enjoyed her lunch and perhaps even talked on the phone to one of her compatriots. Naturally she'd be bragging about the hot tongue that was getting her closer and closer to a nice, relaxing orgasm to assist in getting her through the afternoon. Perhaps she'd be auctioning off my tongue to her female employees as an incentive, the lucky individual getting to spend some quality time having her hairy, unwashed cunt licked clean before she rocketed off into outer space.

       It was a strange situation to me. Here I was in close quarters with two very well built women, both naked, while another member of the opposite sex was giving me an enema. Despite the stimulation my prostate was getting, not to mention all the eye candy, my cock was absolutely limp. Things had really turned  bad for yours truly. Evelynne was beginning to look pretty good, even if her services were going to cost me some money. The only thing worth considering was the possibility that between Evelynne and Mandy, they just might excite me sufficiently that I'd forget about my miserable home and job life. As I was assessing this possibility, the first wave of serious cramps passed through my lower intestine. This created a back-pressure against the nozzle feeding the icy water into my bowels. I could swear I heard Brenda cackling over my discomfort.

       To take my mind off my current set of troubles I imagined having Brenda at my mercy. Naturally she'd be stark naked and securely restrained, spread out on the filthy, cum-soaked mattress upon which she was being raped by a never ending line of hard cocked studs, all eager to make every thrust hurt as they penetrated, pummeled, pounded and punished her sore pussy and raw asshole with their stiff rods. Every so often I'd take a turn, using my riding crop or rubber hose on her swollen tits and fat-lipped cunt mouth, while one or perhaps two studs attempted to make her take their long, thick cocks down her throat at the same time, cutting off her air and making her face turn blue.

       Brenda must have noticed my body language, delivering a vicious slap across my butt that nearly struck the nozzle. At about the same time Lauren started pumping her pussy insistently against my face, urging me to more energetic tongue and lip action on her cunt mouth. That entryway was dripping cunt sludge in fairly substantial amounts and the salty taste galvanized me to more strenuous efforts. I was in the middle of another set of cramps when Ms. Manning blew her top and took off towards the outer limits of the solar system. At the same time Brenda checked my bloated belly and laughed at how hard it had become. She had Ms. Limenke add some cold water to the enema bag to make this one more memorable. It was indeed. I started to moan and groan almost against my will, that's how bad the cramps felt. Now Brenda was teasing me by scratching her fingernails across my stiff nipples. I was on the verge of blubbering, which would have been totally humiliating.

       This time when she was finally satisfied that my bowels could not hold another drop of that fiendish enema, she once more plugged me with the inflatible bung and let me stew in the shower stall with the cold water pouring down on my bare body. I was dragged from the shower, shivering and almost blue, not to mention feeling as if any second I was about to explode. It took a few seconds to identify Lauren Manning, who looked quite pregnant. Brenda was still in charge and ordered me into the tub where I was to lie on my back. The internal pressure from that last enema made even taking a breath a very painful process. What did she have planned for me next? I quickly found out as Lauren gingerly climbed into the tub and squatted over my face. I found myself staring up at the bung that prevented her from voiding her enema. Then I glanced around to see the smiling faces of everyone, including Mandy and her mother. My audience looked like a pack of starving wolves and I was lunch. It dawned on me what was about to happen a few seconds before it did.

       I managed to turn my head just enough so the shit storm that followed missed my eyes. Still in all it was a mess of epic proportions, and the stench was off scale. Breathing was agonizing as each shallow breath sucked in some of the foulest air short of a volcanic eruption. It got so bad that the women, including Ms. Manning, vacated the bathroom, leaving me in a pool of turds marinated in some mystery liquid that was their carrier. I struggled to get out of the tub and failed. Now the pressure from the monster enema I was holding came to the fore. I had to get relief or my intestines would explode, or so I thought. I lost it and began yelling for someone to pull the plug from my asshole so I could dump this liquid fire that was eating its way through my bowels.

       My rescuer turned out to be Evelynne Monroe, who made a mad dash into the bathroom with a towel over her nose and opened the window, then pulled the plug corking my latest enema. Finally she turned on the tub's faucets and escaped, leaving me to fend for myself. I vowed to eat her pussy for at least six hours straight as part of my thanks for her courage and concern over my well-being. Later that very evening I got a chance to start delivering while her daughter slept beside us, my watery cum percolating in her well fucked pussy.

       Once order was restored, more ice cubes were brought up from the kitchen, and my misery and humiliation continued. Brenda grinned and loaded up another big bag of freezing liquid and inserted it into my  sore asshole and let it flow deep inside my wasted body. I bulged like a pregnant woman much to the delight of Ms.Limenke, who decided she wanted me to rim her while I was filled to the bursting point. Brenda made sure that this monster purge was administered as slowly as humanly possible, bringing me to my knees in a figurative sense. I had to admit that I now knew every square inch of the HR bitch's asshole and environs. I believe sucking her asshole for what seemed like an hour was the worst thing they had made me do to that point. I lived in fear that any moment she was going to release a wall of shit into my mouth. I could tell she was  doing her best to make my worst fear come true. If she didn't develop hemorrhoids after the amount of straining she did while that massive ocean of icy water shrank my insides, she never would.

       It was Lauren's mistress who suggested to a frustrated Ms. Limenke that she should cut me some slack to show that she had class. Naturally the HR bitch was clueless about what Brenda was saying. To be honest, so was I, at least for a time. By now my belly was as distended as a belly could be that had been absorbing two quart enemas for many hours. I hated to look down when they made me stand after taking every drop that could be forced into my bloated bowels. I had no feeling in the region that normally housed my cock and balls. Worse still, my bulging belly prevented me from even seeing if they still were attached to my quivering midsection. Brenda ordered me to get into the shower stall, and I groaned.

       This time things were a bit different, and that gave me a little hope. She had me kneel with my head held as far back as the muscles in my neck and shoulders would allow. My intestines were knotting themselves into fleshy nodes in response to the commands from my addled brain. My skin was crawling over my skeleton in a blind attempt to generate any additional heat that might counteract the drop in body temperature caused by the icy enema. My teeth were chattering and it was easy to see that my goose-fleshed skin was also turning blue. It was then that Ms. Limenke entered the stall and grabbed my  hair to hold my head steady. When she ordered me to open my mouth, it became apparent  what was about to occur, and I wanted no part of it. Brenda leaned in and threatened me with a much longer cold shower if I didn't comply with the HR lady's request. I sighed and opened my mouth. Then the torture began. My tormentor had the same problem now as she did while she squatted over me in the tub. It took a few insults from Brenda for her to finally gain control over her bladder muscles and let fly.

       This was another first and one I wasn't eager to expose to the world. I'll admit that being trained to be a world class pussy eater did have its advantages. There was nothing positive about being able to hold down some neurotic cunt's piss. So there I was gulping the contents of Ms.Limenke's bladder, doing my best to avoid choking. Now it turned out that all the ladies were taking turns watching my degradation, and having their own fantasies about what they'd do to me when they had the chance. Ms.Limenke outdid herself once she got that yellow stream going. She could control the flow, forcing me to actually taste what she was delivering. Then she decided to move back a little and spray my face with her golden offering, aiming for my eyes. She even managed to get some up my nostrils, causing me to choke and sputter as her audience laughed and clapped. Then she glued her frothing vulva tightly against my mouth and did her best to overwhelm me with the torrent of piss that exited her bladder. Finally she was empty, but  insisted that I lick her clean of every drop of piss that hadn't gotten into my mouth or on my face. I was utterly and completely humiliated. Then Brenda announced she had some ideas to try out on me as well, and there was no time like the present.

                       ( To be continued - rolf palsy )

                       Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 15

       Part of me was curious about what Brenda had on her agenda for yours truly, but the rest of me didn't want to know. She began by throwing her roommate a bone, namely me. I went back into the shower stall and soon was joined by my very naked supervisor, who quickly took command. My face was held firmly against her vulva, mouth to mouth as she ordered. It took a couple of tries, but at last piss began flowing from her bladder to my belly. I drank it down as fast as she could deliver it. That was a mistake and she cut off the flow and slapped my face a few times to make me appreciate her unhappiness. The operative word was "slowly" as in "drink slowly and enjoy my tasty pee."

       She resumed pissing and I did my best to hold as much of her "golden nectar" in my mouth as was humanly possible. Ms. Manning decided that before I could swallow, I had to gargle with her offering. As I did she slapped me silly, cautioning me between slaps not to lose any of her precious fluid. That proved to be a tall order and one I was only able to accomplish periodically. Some went down my throat, some down my windpipe and some out through my nostrils. All in all I was gasping for breath by the time the last drop of her precious fluid was ingested or spewed over the tiles, some of it even making contact with my supervisor's bare body. Naturally I had to lick every square inch of her body that had encountered even the slightest trace of her pee. That took some time, and then I was back to ingesting more golden nectar. Finally she was empty, no matter how hard she squeezed her bladder.

       Now I faced my next challenge, her round and very firm bottom, featuring a winking eye that needed some attention. I was ordered to kiss it like I meant it. I don't know how many times I pursed my lips and slobbered all over that tight asshole. She acted as if every kiss was an insult and told me she expected lots of sincerity and ardor before she'd start counting the good kisses. I cringed when she informed me that one hundred would be a good starting number, and then she wanted some good tongue and plenty of it. At this rate, I'd be here all night. Come to think of it that might be better than what Brenda probably had in store for me instead. Somehow I managed to satisfy my mistress and deliver the agreed upon one hundred ardent kisses, as she demanded.

       My tongue had barely made its first contact with Ms. Manning's anus, when Brenda ordered us both to get our asses back out so she could have some fun of her own with me. My supervisor took out her disappointment by twisting one of my ears until it felt as if it was about to tear loose from my head. Once outside the tiled torture chamber I realized that Brenda had removed her outer garments and now was wearing only a pair of what looked to be leather panties and matching bra. While I gawked, she was quick to point out that my cock was still hanging limply and my balls hadn't regained their original size either. That brought gales of laugher from the assembled harpies and promises to keep my "thing" in that condition unless they wished to teach me a lesson. That would usually entail a hard prick so that it could be softened by appropriate means. The only one who frowned over that plan was Evelynne, who was rapidly becoming my only hope to escape what might ultimately become my emasculation, in one form or another.

       Lauren's mistress licked her lips in anticipation of what she planned for me. All I could do was try not to be too apparent while I checked her out. Her tits were straining the bra, and the leather panties were like a second skin. The crotch had a small bulge indicating a forest or maybe even a jungle of pubic hair doing its best to escape its confines. My mind was mentally undressing her almost against my will, but it was curious to a degree that had no fear of the consequences if mistress Brenda became offended at my boldness. Her first move took me by surprise. Her hand reached out and those long black fingernails ran slowly over my rounded belly. She grinned and observed that there was room enough for her full bladder as well. Then she added that I was fortunate that her bowel movements were quite regular, and always occurred as soon as she got out of bed in the morning. My sigh of relief was quite obvious and brought a frown to her pale face. I never saw the knee coming and it sent me to the floor, writhing in agony as my balls felt as if they had been turned into peanut butter.

       I landed partially on my knees, which hurt like fury, and toppled forward to hit my face against the tiled floor. Soon I was spouting blood from my nose and discovered rather quickly that my eyes were no longer able to focus. Brenda proceeded to kick me in the ribs a couple of times to get my attention. My guts were roiling and any more pain would probably bring up everything I'd eaten in the last thirty-six hours. Cooler heads prevailed and Brenda was made to back off for the moment. I blinked my eyes a couple of times with no luck at refocusing them. That frightened me, but good! Once more my guardian angel, disguised as Mandy's crazy mother, stepped in and saved my bacon. She invited the ladies to leave the premises if they didn't start behaving like civilized people.

       Brenda mumbled under her breath, but didn't challenge Evelynne. Lauren followed the lead of her mistress and kept her mouth shut as well. However Evelynne's daughter and Ms. Limenke would have none of it, which surprised me for a moment. When Brenda reasserted herself and suggested that there be a cooling off period before she did her thing with me, and promised that I'd be able to function sexually once she was done, Evelynne agreed to her suggestion. I was still unable to see too well, so any facial expression from Brenda was lost on me. The HR witch, or was it bitch, observed that it would probably take a miracle for me to get an erection this evening. That brought a loud snort from my champion who announced that I'd be pumping sperm into her well-stretched pussy before I left this house tonight. That seemed like a tall order, but who was I to argue?

       Ms. Limenke took some independent action, reaching down to grab me by the ear, the other one thank goodness, and forced me to my feet. To my surprise and delight my eyes now focused, but I was still spewing blood from my nose. Once again it was Evelynne to the rescue, rummaging through the medicine cabinet and finding the right things to staunch the flow of blood and allow me to breathe out of one nostril at least. That little item out of the way, I now faced a rather vengeful Brenda. The next thing I knew, it was back on my knees, head back and mouth wide open, as she peeled the leather panties from her body, revealing a jungle of thick, black, springy, pubic hair flecked with all sorts of unknown matter picked up over the day. She reached into that hairy mound and spread her cunt lips far apart, revealing the entrance to her pussy. I was close enough to get a whiff of her body odor, and it was bad, very bad. I guess marinating all day in those leather panties would create the kind of smell I was detecting. How lucky could one pussy whipped wimp be? Brenda grinned and came closer until our mouths were only inches apart. Then it started and for a time I thought it would never stop.

       Brenda must have been holding this load of piss for hours, which partially explained her bad attitude. Her golden offering was more orange than yellow and it was rancid, if you could use that word to describe the odor that came from the powerful stream. I was well trained by then and knew not to just be a pig and gulp it down, but play with it first before disposing it.  I gargled, even though she was pissing into my eyes while I did. Then she stopped the flow and watched as I swished the mouthful of pee around and then swallowed every drop. For my troubles she clapped her hands against my ears, deafening me temporarily. Again, my mouth was glued to her pussy and the stream restarted. The first stomach pain caught me by surprise. It was quickly followed by another that made me double up, getting my hair soaked with her piss. I had been swallowing so much piss that my stomach was starting to react. I guess all the acid in the pee made it feel like a small fire had been ignited in my belly. Brenda was not very sympathetic. She stepped back just enough to allow her foot to make contact with my bulging belly. That was all she wrote, everything started coming up and in volume. My tormentors scattered, leaving me alone to face the wrath of Lauren's roommate.

       She wasted no time grabbing my piss soaked hair and pulling me over to the toilet. By then I was puking my guts up, but she persisted and got my head over the edge of the bowl so everything went into the toilet. She held me in that position until my retching was reduced to dry heaves, which hurt like fury I might add. The smell of my vomit plus the recycled piss made me nauseous and prolonged my efforts to bring up phantom material. Then unexpectedly she plunged my head into the bowl, submerging it. I struggled, but she had a good grip on me and plenty of leverage. I ran out of air in seconds and began taking in the contents of the bowl. Then I passed out.

       When I came out of my swoon or whatever it was, I was surrounded by grinning faces belonging to all those lovely ladies who were making my life a living hell. I wrinkled my nose and realized the place stank from all the vomit and piss that had been launched in the past hour or so. It was Mandy, my tried and true enemy at work and play, who suggested that I be put to work cleaning up the place with my tongue while they took turns laying the leather to my naked body and kicking me where it really hurt every chance they got. It was Evelynne who argued rather forcefully that she was going to get some hard cock from me before the night was over, and no kicking in the balls was going to be allowed in her house unless they wanted to hang around and do me good after she was sexually satisfied. From the looks on their faces, that was not going to happen. I thought I was going to luck out, but Brenda had other ideas as I soon discovered.

       Brenda, then Mandy, Ms. Limenke and finally Lauren all took turn whipping my back and ass with a leather strap provided by the ever resourceful Mandy, while her mother looked on to make sure there would be no ball kicking or any other means of harming my family jewels. You talk about the Stockholm syndrome; I had contracted it in spades when it came to my captor, Evelynne. I was beginning to believe that she was my defender and friend, who would protect me from the pain generated by the others. Twice during the cleanup I was made to lean over the toilet and puke my guts out, thanks to Brenda's finger going down my throat. At long last my task was finished to the ladies' satisfaction and now it was time for a bracing cold shower, to be followed by more fun and games.

       My shivering body was finally dragged from the shower stall and they forced me to jump up and down to get some of the water off my pebbled skin. Ms. Limenke helped by whipping me front and back with the strap until everyone was satisfied I was ready for my next punishment. Mandy provided a sleeping mask to blindfold me while they prepared my next surprise. I could hear giggling and a few stifled screams as well. Then the mask was removed and I nearly fainted at what I saw. There stood Brenda and Mandy, both wearing strap-on dildos. Brenda's was almost a foot long and thick with a bulbous head that must have been nearly three inches across. It was black as the ace of spades and made of a rubber compound that was not very pliable. This black, bad boy was designed to make the victim; in this case, yours truly, really understand the meaning of being corn holed. Mandy's tool was white and a tad less thick, but just as long. The head was somewhat smaller than Brenda's weapon, but still looked as if it could do some serious damage to my rectum and colon.

       For a moment I thought she was being merciful as she slathered on what looked to be some kind of lubricant. Then Mandy broke the spell by observing that the lube was instead an ointment designed for relieving pulled muscles and the like with lots and lots of deep heat. Just what my poor asshole needed, a minor bonfire burning away inside my colon. Brenda asked her which end of me she wanted first, and Mandy opted for my bunghole. At least her toy would open me up some before the monster that Brenda was wearing took over and really ruined me for life.

       Brenda took a seat on the edge of the tub and beckoned me to kneel and start worshipping her big cock while Mandy opened my asshole up with her tool. Before I could even draw a breath, she slammed the head into my mouth, grabbed my wet hair and pulled me tight against the terrible tool that already was beginning to make my throat hurt just by being in the vicinity. Then Mandy broke open my asshole, pounding her toy past my sphincter as if it wasn't even there. The pain was worse than what Brenda had started generating. I knew I was in deep trouble and started wondering about my ability to survive. In the background I could hear Lauren and Ms. Limenke urging the pair to get busy and really ream me out.

                       (To be continued - rolf palsy)

                               Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 16

       Describing the indescribable proved to be quite a challenge. The biggest thing I'd had up my ass prior was a doctor's finger or an enema nozzle. Neither was in the same class as Mandy's "little friend."  Trying to combine the sensation this was causing at the same time as my mouth was filled with hard rubber that rather quickly found its way into my throat was out of the question. It was a duel of the tools with yours truly in the middle. My colon was not doing at all well when it came to tolerating Mandy's tool. Worse still I was also trying and failing to cope with Brenda's monster dildo that was being brutally forced into areas where nothing like it had ever been. Dealing with constant pain as well as fear of suffocation proved to be a situation that was beyond the ken for yours truly.

       Brenda soon noticed that my face was pale and my eyes were starting to widen as I struggled for air. Mandy on the other end was holding my hips steady while she bored deeper and deeper into my rectum. It sounds trite, but the pain made me cry, and it was duly noted by Brenda, who gave me another inch of her dildo to swallow. I gagged and spots began exploding across my field of vision. By now Mandy was noticing the sweat that was covering my quivering body, and the muffled whimpers that were somehow escaping from my plugged windpipe. That only spurred the miserable little bitch on to even greater efforts. The nose of her dildo was delving into the unknown regions of my lower intestine, making me feel as if my insides were being scraped raw. Brenda in turn, put some muscle behind her monster weapon and forced another inch down my throat, sealing my windpipe closed. She called out to her fellow tormentor that my eyes looked as if they were going to pop from their sockets any second. Mandy laughed evilly, backed out her tool slightly, took a deep breath and rammed another couple of inches of her dildo between my quivering cheeks. The pain was blinding, but lasted only for the briefest of moments as I passed out.

       Neither of my assailants had the presence of mind to break my fall to the unforgiving tiled floor. It gave one of my knees a terrible bruising as well as bouncing my face off the side of the tub. Fortunately it was a glancing blow and didn't even loosen any of my molars. However the next day there was a lump the size of a walnut on my jaw and my ability to speak, let along eat pussy, was diminished considerably. It was Evelynne who told me later about the reaction of the ladies to what had just transpired. Lauren and the HR bitch were shocked to their toes and their immediate reaction was to fear that serious damage had been caused to my person. If so, there would be hell to pay if I had to be hospitalized. Mandy lost her cool and started acting like the little spoiled child she had become. She made the mistake of trying to place the blame on Brenda and Lauren, and by doing so she sucked up to Ms.Limenke. That proved to be a serious error in judgment as she discovered once they were back at work.

       Brenda did not take kindly to being identified as the one responsible for my accident. A brief catfight ensued and Mandy came out of it rather badly bruised, some handfuls of her hair still in the possession of her opponent, and a very sore pussy, the result of a well placed knee delivered by Brenda towards the end of the rather unequal contest. I was really sorry I hadn't witnessed Mandy's comeuppance; I so would have enjoyed it. Unfortunately instead of Mandy wielding the dildo, the responsibility was turned over to Ms. Limenke and she demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that she was a real bitch in almost any language you wanted to use to describe her.

       As far as I was concerned, moving me from the bathroom into the living room was the best thing that happened, short of giving me my freedom and promising never to bother me again. The chances of that happening in the near future were remote to put it mildly. Mandy was reduced to being a spectator, which really left me having to deal with Brenda and the HR bitch. Lauren didn't seem to have the stomach for what was going on tonight, probably the result of the presence of her roommate and mistress, Brenda. That was something to put away for future reference. Right now however, it was getting through the night's activities with a whole skin, a formidable task. They leaned me over the arm of the sofa and Brenda gave the HR bitch a quick lesson on using the dildo. She proved to be a quick study as well as an evil bitch. Like her predecessor, she had a heavy hand when it came to using the heating ointment. Brenda stood in front and face fucked me mercilessly as she continued her instruction of the HR lady, who was proving to be a natural.

       From the entrance to my asshole to deep in my lower intestine, it felt as if a forest fire was burning. I was crying like a baby and making Brenda laugh at how low they had brought me. It was very obvious that the incident in the bathroom had calmed her considerably. She was making sure that I got lots of air in between the periods when she plugged my windpipe tight. It seemed I was always on the verge of passing out, but she remained one step ahead of me at all times. Ms. Limenke was pouring on the coals and my asshole felt as if it could accommodate the Goodyear blimp without any trouble. When she picked up the pace and really started hammering my defenseless colon, I began begging for mercy, bringing sneers from Brenda and cackling from the HR bitch. Just when I thought I'd pass out and stay that way, Brenda called a halt so they could switch. The thought of that monster dong splitting my asshole open and ruining my rectum, colon and lower intestine frightened me no end, but there was nothing I could do about it except hope that Brenda still remembered what might happen to her if she got carried away.

       My fears were focused on the wrong person. Ms. Limenke was by far the more sadistic of the two based on the way she utilized her dildo. She wasted no time making sure I was occupied with cleaning all the ointment and whatever else had accumulated on the dildo while it was buried in my colon and lower intestine. The fiery ointment killed my taste buds, which was a blessing. That way I could handle just about anything that had attached itself to the smooth length of plastic. While I was engaged in this manner, Brenda took on the task of splitting open my sphincter so she could work on rupturing my insides with her monster tool. It was nip and tuck until the bulbous head of that weapon breached my asshole. I could hear her grunts as she did her damndest to move it into my rectum. Sometimes brute strength is not the answer; this was one of those cases. Try as she would, her efforts met with little success. After over fifteen minutes of trying, she had only wedged another half an inch inside me, and was totally exhausted. When the HR bitch suggested another switch, Brenda accepted quickly, but under her breath she warned me that another meeting would result in blood pouring from what was left of my lower intestines.

       This time they slaughtered me in a manner of speaking. Brenda even went so far as to coat her monster dildo with some of that ointment. The combination of suffocating while my windpipe felt as if it had caught fire was something I never wanted to experience again. I was unable to speak understandably for two days afterward, and only in a very low voice for a few seconds at a time. For this session I was made to lie on my stomach on a large coffee table, my head hanging over one edge. Brenda was seated on a stool close to the table so she had easy access to my propped open mouth. Meanwhile Ms. Limenke straddled me from above and used gravity to assist her as she corn holed me like a pro. Brenda made sure that I was slobbering all over her "hot" stick, which is what she was calling her dildo. During this entire session she controlled me by yanking and twisting my ears until I was certain she was going to rip them from my head.

       Despite my near death experience in the bathroom, Brenda was determined to stretch the envelope as well as my throat, which she kept calling my gullet. Twice I passed out and twice she brought me back for more pain and suffering. The HR bitch just kept ruining my anal passage and rectum with her steady assault. Occasionally I'd catch a glimpse of the other ladies. With the exception of Mandy, who had left the field of battle, the others were shamelessly abusing their bodies. It was interesting to note that Lauren used her left hand, while my champion, Evelynne, was right-handed all the way. I had to admit that I'd love to have Lauren under my thumb for perhaps an entire weekend so I could repay her for her kindness. I wondered just how much dishwater I could make her drink in a sitting; not to mention how big an enema she could absorb and retain without passing out from the pain and shame of it all. I made a mental note that once I got back to my apartment I'd start on my list of things to do to my supervisor the first chance she screwed up and fell into my hands.

       Brenda and Ms. Limenke switched off twice, to break the monotony of making me cry and beg whenever they gave me a chance to catch my breath. Brenda used both opportunities to do her best to collapse my sphincter muscle and go deep. The first time she actually got a couple of inches of that hard rubber tool into my rectum and I thought she'd split me open. My screams were music to her ears, but Evelynne had a fit and threatened to make them leave her house before the cops came. Her partner saved the day by making me swallow half of her dildo, which effectively silenced me enough to satisfy Evelynne, who went back to pleasuring herself. All I could hope for was that she got herself off enough to let me go home without going down on her rancid cunt for any extended length of time. I was doomed to disappointment.

       The second time Brenda went exploring my colon she drew blood. It wasn't a lot and I hardly felt it, but I thought Lauren's eyes were going to pop out of her head as she gasped and pointed with a shaking finger at the thin coating of blood now covering the monster dong. Brenda whooped in triumph and went deep once more. This time it hurt, real bad, and Ms. Limenke was hard pressed to stifle my screams using her dildo that felt as if was tickling my tonsils. When Evelynne Monroe got a peek at the blood, she announced that this evening's session was coming to a close and everyone was told to leave once they were decent. I was ecstatic, for the moment. However one look at my hostess told me there was more ahead of me this night before I could be released and sent home.

       To her credit, my hostess performed some first aid to relieve the bleeding from my asshole. I wasn't thrilled about having a tampon shoved up my ass, especially one coated with an astringent that burned like fury, but it did the job and after a few minutes there was no noticeable pain. She was even considerate enough to inquire if I needed to take a leak, which I didn't. All those enemas and showers must have sucked all the moisture from my body. It was obvious that Evelynne was a bit disappointed; I imagine she wanted to hold my cock while I peed, and perhaps begin to tease me into an erection. Regardless, she marched me to her bedroom so that I could begin "pleasuring" her. I hadn't heard the word used quite like that in the past, but "pleasuring" henceforth would refer to getting this crazy lady off in a big way.

       I quickly noticed the ropes attached to the legs at the foot of the bed. She had been a busy bee this evening and yours truly was going to contribute more honey if she had her way. I was made to lie on my back with my legs spread wide so she could anchor them with the ropes that were in place. Once that was accomplished she took a position so that my mouth could make easy access to her pussy, covered sparsely with clumps of long, graying, pubic hair flecked with dried cum as well as piss. It made for an interesting combination of odors and scents, some verging on the sickening, while others were almost enjoyable to the palate. It soon became apparent that I had lost my sense of pride as well as taste. I was sinking fast as a member of the food chain. How long before I would touch bottom? Just before her warm, wet mouth captured my flaccid cock, she urged me to get busy and clean up her pussy's entrance. I was to make sure to get everything nice and clean before starting to lick her cunt and get my tongue working inside that juicy slot. It was going to be a long evening, that's for sure.

       Some portions of Evelynne's pubic mound smelled like a sewer. While I licked them clean and mentally groaned over the stench, her suctioning mouth seemed to move into another gear, as if to apologize or take my mind off what I was doing to attend to the mess she had created. I took a brief break to suck her clit, just to let her know I was interested in getting her off. She inhaled more than half of my limp cock and gummed it with practiced skill. I hadn't realized until then that her dentures were missing. For some odd reason, her gumming got me going and slowly my prong began to revive. Now she was bobbing her head up and down with an energy that belied her age. I smooched her clit even harder and she started to pound her pussy against my face in response. Perhaps it was the creaking bed sounds that got Mandy's attention, but whatever it was, she made an appearance, wearing only a see-through baby doll. She and her mother had a few words that resulted in a new alliance being formed to drain me of every drop of cum my balls could produce. Now the fat was in the fire.

                                  (To be continued - rolf palsy)

                                Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 17

       Evelynne, who I decided was a lot older than in her mid-forties, and her offspring, came up with the ground rules for my latest humiliation. Mandy was still smarting from the beating she had taken from Brenda, and decided it was mostly my fault. Her mother was too busy inhaling my limp dick to argue the matter. Without so much as a by your leave, Mandy settled her pussy onto my face and ground it up and down my face as her mom continued to suck and gum my slowly hardening joint. I was amazed at my ability to regain any feeling in my cock, but this old woman seemed to be able to raise it from the dead. If she didn't charge so much for her services I'd probably make a long-term arrangement with her provided I didn't have to deal with her neurotic daughter.

       When that skinny, old, bag of bones began to deep throat my half-hard joint, swallowing it to the root and managing to get some of her tongue onto my shrunken balls, it galvanized Mandy. Now I was presented with the girl's asshole and the smell indicated that she hadn't been as fastidious as I hoped. At this stage of the game it didn't matter a great deal, so I began probing that tight entryway with the tip of my tongue while Evelynne expelled my saliva coated cock from her mouth with a loud liquid pop. Damn! That old bag of bones could really deep throat a cock. I kept busy making sure that Mandy was satisfied with my tongue action on her butthole. Then I got a reminder from her mother that I was also expected to pay mom plenty of attention as well.

       I began to get the best gum job any man had ever experienced. That old lady started at the top of my cock and gummed every inch down to the base. Then she turned it into a round trip, returning to the head of my cock for a nice sloppy tongue bath. I regretted not being able to witness the way her tongue swirled and curled around my hardening prick. After a couple more round trips and plenty of slobbering, my cock was on the verge of being operational and Evelynne was getting very excited about the prospect that her old pussy would soon be handling a stiff piece of man meat. I guess Mandy was getting jealous because she tried to suffocate me in the cleft of her surprisingly broad ass. I heard the sound of a slap and realized that her mother had noticed what Mandy was doing. The girl flipped over and presented me with her pussy to suck and lick. I did my best despite her mother's efforts to get my full attention. This was turning into a lose-lose proposition for me. It didn't matter what I did, there was always one of them that was not happy. Finally Evelynne got fed up with her daughter's efforts to queer her deal, and banished the girl from her bedroom. To celebrate this victory she stuck her tongue down my throat while she jacked my semi hard cock until it was stiff and ready to work on that old snapper that lurked between her shrunken thighs.

       It was hard to believe that the sight of that old lady's wrinkled, graying snatch swallowing every inch of my stiff cock could turn me on, but it did. After all the rough handling I had endured this evening, just fucking her worn-out, wet cunt felt like a walk in the park. Up and down she moved, her hungry twat making my dick disappear and then reappear. She would clench her pussy muscles once I was all the way inside, and make funny little sounds. She changed her rhythm every few minutes, going fast, then slow and even slower, barely moving that old snapper as my cock glided in and out of that sodden swamp. For an old woman she sure was wet. I found myself looking forward to lapping up all that pussy juice once she finished the ride.

       Another part of me was questioning my sanity. How in the world could a skinny woman in her late fifties or even older, with a wrinkled body that had no outstanding features sexually excite someone like myself? The more I thought about it, the more worried I became. Had those two female demons that shared my apartment already turned me into a gutless wimp or something worse? Then Evelynne did a little move with her pussy, leaned forward with a demented grin plastered all over her wrinkled face and fed me what seemed like a yard of wiggling tongue that made my hard dick turn into a bar of steel. My response to her overture made my worst fears come true; I was totally pussy whipped by a woman almost old enough to be my grandmother!

       Evelynne celebrated her triumph by doing her imitation of a pogo stick on my stiff cock. Up and down she bounced and bounced and bounced some more. All I could do was hope that her aim was true. The thought of her landing awkwardly and injuring my cock made me nervous. To my amazement she began singing in a hoarse, almost cracked voice as she fucked me to a frazzle. I started to match my thrusts to her bounces, bringing gasps and grunts from my elderly sex partner. It felt as if my cock could stay hard for as long as it took to satisfy Mandy's mother. As it turned out, I wore Evelynne down just by staying erect and doing as little as possible to keep her well fucked and happy. With time her bounces lost some height, which made me more comfortable, and then their frequency declined as well. Evelynne Monroe finally collapsed onto my sweaty body and lay there panting and trying to regain her breath. To make my victory obvious, I thrusted upwards half a dozen times and she grunted than moaned before rolling off to escape the pounding her less than robust body was getting.

       Mandy's mom took her revenge once she recovered from the exertion associated with having sex with me. I hadn't ejaculated yet, but that didn't bother me too much. I knew that sooner or later Evelynne would want more of my hard dick, so there was nothing to worry about on that score. As we both rested, I thought about where and what Jill and Paula were doing. I was positive they both were screwing other guys as they usually did when they were "working". Somehow that didn't bother me as much as it should. I wondered if that was because I already had become so much of a wimp, that anything they did, as long as it didn't directly harm me, was fine and dandy. However there was still some semblance of a real man lurking deep within my psyche despite all the damage that had been done to it to date. Any further thoughts on this particular subject were brushed aside as Evelynne decided she would like to get into a more comfortable position and let my tongue get her in the mood for more hot sex. Soon her dripping fuck box was glued to my mouth and she was busily swallowing most of my rigid cock.

       Damned if she didn't have some new trick to try out on yours truly. This woman was amazing, all things considered. For a time I had forgotten about her early career doing porn. Obviously that had been her training ground. Now she had an opportunity to use all the tricks of the trade she had learned over the years, and I was the lucky beneficiary. She swallowed my dick like she was a python, only unlike the snake; she regurgitated my cock along with a ton of saliva. I'll never forget the way her throat convulsed just before she upchucked my dick. That was a sensation that I'd never forget. Just to make sure I'd remember, Evelynne proceeded to do her python act not once but twice more. My dick felt like it was a tuning fork that had just been sounded by someone with a very heavy hand.

       The wrinkled sex addict was no slouch when it came to keeping me hard and ready. First she jacked my cock for about two or three minutes at a nice steady pace. Then she teased it by inserting it halfway into her dripping cunt and moving her hips from side to side, giving me a taste of what awaited when she decided it was time for me to get off. More jacking followed and then down her throat my dick went for a little reminder of her capability. Evelynne grinned afterwards and presented her sweaty armpits for my tongue's attention. I kissed them. I licked them. I sucked them. Then I sucked them, licked them and kissed them. Next she wanted me to deliver the same treatment to the insides of her shrunken thighs. This time she wanted me to leave a trail of hickies behind as I sucked her wrinkled skin until she told me to go on. I lost track of just how long I spent covering her flesh with imprints of my mouth, but at last she decided that she needed some hard cock and plenty of it.

       Naturally Evelynne was not one to waste any energy when she had a stud available to do most of the work while she enjoyed the results. She sucked my cock for a few minutes until it was twitching. Then she slobbered all over the head and licked the saliva off before mounting me in the cowgirl position. By looking down, she could see my rigid fuck stick disappearing inside her soaking wet pussy. Once it was completely enveloped by her cunt flesh, she leaned forward and fed me some hot tongue to make sure I was properly excited by her presence. Evelynne moved back into a sitting position and ordered me to start fucking and not to stop until she got off. I got busy in one big hurry and off to the races we went at a good pace. She dug her knobby knees into my sides and rode me like a horse. I concentrated on giving her just enough to be satisfied, but not too much so I might go off too early and spoil the mood.

       The time went by as I thrusted and she moaned. On occasion she'd shift her body slightly to one side or the other to make sure my dick was doing the job especially on those special hot spots that only she knew from her countless experiences. She leaned over and gave me some tongue and tweaked my nipples until they were rock hard. They she nipped my lips and sucked my tongue until I groaned. Then she picked up the pace and it seemed like we were in the home stretch and moving away from the rest of the field. Now she was pounding her pussy up and down my stiff cock and making all sorts of weird sounds. I got into the spirit and started giving her all I had, which was considerable. She moaned, groaned, gasped and wheezed, but those hips never stopped swiveling and that pussy matched my moves stroke for stroke.

       I felt my balls beginning to tighten, a sure sign that a major delivery of hot sperm was in the offing. She must have sensed it as well because Evelynne stuck her tongue down my throat and dug her nails into my chest, while those hips rotated and shifted to match my movements. Then her cunt convulsed and it felt as if my dick was caught in a vise. I blew my nuts like a volcano going off and spewed my cum all over the insides of her churning cunt. It was epic and hard to believe that some old bag could have generated this reaction from yours truly. Maybe Evelynne wasn't the ancient lady I thought she was, if this was the result when she put her mind to it.

       My sex partner was still in the throes of recovery. Evidently she had blasted off for parts unknown perhaps a few milliseconds before I spurted. You talk about perfect timing, this was perhaps as good as it would ever get. I just hoped she wasn't interested in an encore performance, since I was beat and ready for some shut-eye. Unfortunately Mandy's mother wasn't finished with me quite yet. She uncoupled her loins from my crotch, and then replanted her pussy so it was pressed against my mouth. I knew what she expected before she gave the order. My tongue was already worming its way up into her cum soaked cunt before she had a chance to direct me to where I was. She was silent but made sure her pussy was pressed tightly against my mouth and I was sucking as much of my cum from her well fucked twat as was humanly possible.

       She instructed me on the protocol of cum disposal. First I had to collect as much as my mouth could hold. Then she would move her pussy so I could transfer my offering to her mouth. There she would swish it around and add her saliva to it before returning the mixture for proper disposal. It took three transfers for me to finish the task. By then my cock was at half-mast, but fortunately she seemed satisfied for the moment. She hopped from the bed and padded off to freshen up, leaving me to marinate in my own sweat and realize that my bladder was full and in need of relief. I began to wonder just what I would have to do to allow that to occur.

       My back teeth were floating by the time Evelynne returned from wherever she had been. She was still naked and carrying a bottle partially filled with what looked like piss, her piss I guessed. It suddenly dawned that there was some kind of a trade about to happen and it boded no good for me. However before she got around to breaking the news, she had another few tidbits to provide, none of them designed to make me feel much better. It seems she had made a few phone calls. The first was to my wife, Jill, who naturally was not home; evidently neither was her sister, Paula. That hadn't stopped Evelynne from leaving a message telling Jill that I was with her and would likely be there until quite late on Sunday. She also mentioned that I had no clothing, since my supervisor had taken them with her when she left earlier this evening. At that point my goose was cooked, but it got worse.

       My fuck buddy had also called two of her dear friends to invite them to visit over the weekend and enjoy her new stud who had a great tongue, but only an average sized cock. Nancy, a friend from the good old days when they both did porn for a living, was staying with another, much younger companion in a nearby city and was delighted to accept her invitation, promising to bring her friend along with her. According to Nancy, her young friend was a dyed in the wool lesbian who had no use for members of the inferior male race. Evelynne thought that would make for an exciting time for all concerned, including yours truly. She was also fortunate enough to reach another confidant who was having a difficult time connecting with the right kind of men these days. The prospect of having a man at her disposal for as long as twenty-four hours plus excited her tremendously. I winced when she casually mentioned that the last time she'd seen her, Miriam was turning tricks at a local brothel to make ends meet in more ways than one. On the brighter side, she had great tits, even though they were surgically enhanced, and used to have an extremely tight pussy that was her main moneymaker. Now what made her popular was her talent for ass fucking, something she mastered when she was in her early twenties and after thirty plus years she still leaned toward that form of sexual expression.

       All this news had put my full bladder on the back burner, but now it was center stage once more and Evelynne could sense it. That is when she made me an offer I dare not refuse. If I drank the contents of the bottle, she'd allow me to replace its contents with whatever was distending my bladder. I sighed and nodded my head. My dear friend rewarded me with a sloppy kiss and half a yard of tongue before offering me the bottle to empty. Before I even tasted her piss, I got a whiff of its smell and that nearly made me retch. When Evelynne turned her head and laughed about the smell emanating from the bottle, I knew I was in deep yogurt. She did show me some mercy by pinching my nostrils shut to eliminate the smell. Then I proceeded to swallow the contents of that bottle without taking a break for air. My old fuck buddy was impressed and rewarded me with another kiss on my piss soaked lips. Then she held the bottle and watched my stream of nitrogenous waste fill the bottle to well above her original level. I blanched when she mentioned that Nancy and Miriam were both into water sports, especially giving and receiving golden showers. To say that I was screwed would have been an understatement.

                               (To be continued - rolf palsy)

                       Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 18

       While I had been entertaining what seemed like an army of women with attitude, my wife and her sister had been working overtime at the spa, or was it the studio. I couldn't keep them straight. That night while I was suffering the torments of the damned, they were auditioning four women for the job as my handler. Only two would be selected, but the losers would become the backup team. The quartet ranged in age from twenty-eight to thirty-five; at least that's what they claimed. Each was overweight, the worst being twenty-seven pounds, the least fourteen. Two were divorcees, another was separated and the last candidate was cheating regularly on her disinterested husband, who she suspected was cheating on her with some floozy from the place where he worked.

       Shelly had been married twice and divorced twice. She was living off her second husband's settlement despite the fact that it was her doing all of the cheating. This brunette in her late twenties was carrying around a spare tire and three extra inches across her broad ass. However her 39Ds, ability to give great head and a willingness to spread her legs for anyone with money made her relatively popular among those denizens that frequented the local watering holes. Karen was a recent divorcee who was beginning to discover that she didn't like aggressive men such as her ex-husband. She held a good paying job in a bank and was ticketed for better things in the very near future. Her objective was to develop a relationship with a man with low self-esteem who would do what she wanted when he wanted it, and that included sex, which she enjoyed tremendously under the proper circumstances. She had recently gotten a breast augmentation, but counterbalanced that with an extra twenty pounds that she couldn't seem to lose.

       Gwen was a bottle blonde bombshell who was still married but wondering why, since her husband was cheating on her regularly with a variety of women. These days she was lucky to get laid once a month at home, always during her period, which was another weird characteristic of her cheating husband. He didn't even bother to hide the condoms he always carried when he left for work. A few months ago she decided to start cheating on him with men from the place where she worked. She developed a following based on her ability to give her partners exactly what they wanted, from blowjobs to anal sex, plus anything else their perverted minds could imagine for her. However what she really wanted was a man who would do what she wanted when it came to sex and weirdness. She joined the spa at the same time she started cheating on her husband, figuring that losing some weight would enhance her chances for a good relationship, which hadn't turned out to be true to date.

       Brenda was separated from her ball and chain and glad about it. Her only problem was getting enough of the right kind of cock. Brenda was the kind who liked to be on top in more ways than one, and made no bones about it. She also was beginning to realize that she liked women almost as much as men. In fact her comment that the perfect sex partner would be a woman who was an expert with a dildo was made with a straight face to her peers at the spa. Try as she could, Brenda hadn't been able to reduce the extra poundage around her hips and gut. She did however own a great set of tits that were the envy of her fellow sufferers at the spa. Brenda also had the inside track due to her friendship with Paula, who had given her the low-down on her sister's wimpy husband.

       There were plenty of other women available at the spa, but most of them were too good for Jill's husband, at least that's what she claimed. Karen looked like a lock, but the other woman was a bit harder to select. Brenda had some good characteristics, especially her desire to be in charge when it came to her sex partner. However her taste ran to both sexes, and that might cause some serious problems down the road. Gwen had lots going for her, but she was still married, which would likely put a crimp in her relationship with Jill's husband. Finally there was Shelly, but she was looking for a meal ticket, which was definitely not Jill's loser of a husband. Jill and Paula put their heads together and after some serious deliberation they took a chance with Brenda. She turned out to be an excellent choice, even though Jill's husband didn't think so.

       Had I known what was transpiring at the spa, I'd have quit my job and taken off for another state. Currently there were Evelynne and Mandy, not to mention my immediate supervisor, Lauren Manning, the other Brenda who roomed with her, and Ms. Limenke. Add to this Evelynne's friends, Nancy and Miriam, who along with the mystery lady were auditioning for a piece of my action, and you can see the predicament I faced. Oh, I also forgot my wife and her sister, the original ball breakers. What was a fellow to do, but beg for mercy and hope that some of the ladies would take pity on his miserable self? That was not about to happen in this wimp's lifetime, you can bet on that.

       To celebrate the selection of my two handlers, Paula and Jill invited the two winners back to my apartment after their shift ended. A better offer came when the boss and a few friends came by and suggested that the quartet consider a nice long weekend on his houseboat. My wife and her sister had been there and done that, but since they didn't have much else going on for the weekend, they accepted. Karen and Brenda required a little more convincing, but the opportunity for some fresh cock finally won over Karen and the prospect of both sexes to enjoy was too much for Brenda to turn down. They all agreed to rendezvous at the spa in two hours, making sure to take as little clothing as possible. After all, they would be on the houseboat almost all the time and there they were expected to show plenty of skin to get the gang in the mood for lots of hot sex. So while all on the floating whorehouse had a good time, as Frank the spa owner called his boat, yours truly was setting new records in many water sport categories.

       My ordeal began early in the day because Evelynne was one of those people who didn't need much sleep, especially if she had a playmate available to entertain her. That was my function the moment she came bounding into the room where I lay spread out for the taking. All she wore was the same garter belt she'd had on last evening. I quickly discovered that my bladder was full once more, not surprising considering the amount and kind of piss she had made me drink before letting me sleep. My mouth had this horrible after taste and my stomach was struggling to keep from ridding itself of the remnants of my keeper's piss. Naturally Evelynne was eager to play another game with me involving another exchange of our liquid waste products. From the looks of the bottle she held, her kidneys had been quite active, not too surprising considering her age.

       She announced the usual ground rules; I was to go first. Once I'd downed her acrid, murky offering, then she'd let me empty my bladder. Naturally that too would ultimately find its way back into my belly and be cycled through my kidneys again. I grimaced, but she held all the cards. She was in a frisky mood, perhaps excited by the prospect of having some visitors to help her play games with yours truly. I was soon to discover just how frisky she was and what kind of a day and night she had planned for me. First off she only allowed me to drink a portion of her piss, making me hold it in my mouth for a time before allowing me to swallow it. This was above and beyond when it came to cruelty. I shuddered at what lay in store for me. It seemed like an eternity before the bottle was finally empty. My stomach was in revolt and I wondered what might become of me if I puked up her piss all over the bed. From the look on her face I didn't want to find out.

       She took her time allowing me to void. As soon as I got the stream going she'd insist that I stop. This on again off-again was driving me insane, but she just smiled and warned me of the consequences of disobeying her orders. What should have taken maybe two or three minutes lasted the better part of twenty from all the stops and starts. That obstacle now overcome, she sprang her surprise and I groaned inwardly. Having sex with Mrs. Monroe was about the last thing I wanted to contemplate at this moment in time. I consoled myself with the observation that at least my bladder wasn't on the verge of bursting. Evelynne made me stick out my tongue, and then she shifted around to face away from me, allowing only a look at her shrunken ass cheeks as she settled her pussy down on my stiff tongue. I'd never had anyone fuck my tongue with her pussy until that morning. She acted as if it was my cock working diligently in and out of her tight cunt. Then she ruined the mood by cutting some cheese, nearly making me gag from the stench. Despite my discomfort, she wrapped her hand around my cock and began jacking it with enthusiasm, mumbling that it should be stiff as a board by now.

       To make a long story short, it took my fuck buddy almost a half hour to get my cock into fucking condition. She then mounted my shaft and we began to do the deed, but slowly. I had no energy and she was in no hurry. We fucked at a leisurely pace for what seemed like the rest of the morning, but in fact was less than fifteen minutes according to her watch. From there we went into a gallop that had me wheezing. The efforts of yesterday plus less sleep than I needed led to a coupling that lacked enthusiasm on my part. Evelynne was disappointed, but also determined to get her jollies before her visitors arrived and dominated me for the duration. Twice she broke off to suck my cock back into full hardness, each time rubbing it up and down her dripping gash before and after giving me some very professional head. I was almost ashamed of my lack of performance, but considering what was awaiting me, I refused to get that upset. Evelynne was persistent and finally after what seemed like half a day of hard labor, I flooded her pussy with an armada of wigglers. My reward was to suck my cum from her pussy and make sure I disposed of every drop.

       Evelynne was called away to answer her phone. She was away for quite a long time, and I thought that perhaps one of her invitees was calling to say that she couldn't make it. When she finally came back, the look on her face indicated that the call had been bad news. Evelynne was on the brink of tears, which didn't make much sense if it was one of the women who begged off with some lame excuse. Could it have been something to do with Mandy? Now that made a lot more sense. All I could think was she had been in an auto accident or perhaps been run in on a drunk driving charge. I was correct about it being Mandy, but her mother was close mouthed about her situation. Later I would learn all the gory details, and it kept me from totally giving up on surviving my ordeal.

       She wasted no time putting my tongue back to work on her rancid cunt. I could tell from the taste that this woman was not used to taking regular showers. I did my best to ignore the taste and smell while I concentrated on getting her off. It took some time, but at last she got into the mood and began grinding that wet pussy up and down my face. She was building up a good head of steam when the doorbell rang. It took a few seconds for it to penetrate her consciousness, but with a grunt and a sigh she rolled off my body and padded toward the foyer. I heard shouts and laughter that grew louder as whoever it was and my current mistress made their way to the bedroom where I waited, naked and totally vulnerable.

       It didn't take a genius to figure out that the henna-haired, wrinkled lady in the gaudy dress designed to show off her big fake tits as well as revealing her bare, varicose legs was Miriam. She homed in on yours truly, checking out the merchandise, especially my nearly flaccid cock. She sighed and pointed at what passed for my cock.

       "Damn it Evie! I had a better deal going at where I was staying. I had these two black bucks with cocks that looked like black snakes doing me front and rear half the night. They wanted to bring some friends over today so they could really give me some serious fucking. Instead here I am with a stud that looks like a dud. What kind of a treat is that?"

       Evelynne hugged her friend and laughed.

       "Would your black friends let you load them up with as many enemas as you wanted to give them? Do you think they'd lie in a bathtub and let you piss all over them? I'll bet they'd love to kneel before you and swallow every last drop of piss that you could squirt from that worn-out twat of yours too? Did any of your black studs lick your pussy and suck your asshole? I'm sure they didn't! This white slug here will do that and more. Take it from me; I've made him do it all and then some! By the way, what kind of a name is Kitty Fuxs? I always liked the name you used when we were doing things together. Miriam Mons really sounded classy and even had a kind of foreign ring to it."

       Even as they talked, the henna-haired lady who had to be in her mid to late fifties was unzipping her flower covered dress and wiggling out of it to show off what appeared to be at least a set of 40DD tits stretching the half-cup bra that was fighting a losing battle to contain those heavy handfuls of fake tit meat. Evelynne whistled in appreciation as her friend's body, now covered only by her lavender colored bra and bikinis plus a lilac garter belt for contrast, came into view. She made no attempt to hide the paunch hanging over the waistband of the panties. It was easy to see that she had also used henna to dye her pubic hair as well. I had to admit that she had a much thicker pelt guarding her snatch than that of her companion. Evelynne suggested that she mount up and see how I rode. Miriam or Kitty gave me a wolfish grin and peeled off her bikinis. For some strange reason my cock began to harden, something not lost on my fuck buddy who frowned at this response. Her friend reached back to pop her bra and at the same time told a quick story about the other two visitors who were to arrive shortly.

       Nancy was doing a quick girl-girl porno for a friend and was matched with a gorgeous Chinese teenager who was going to college and paying her way by doing porn. They practically burned down the set eating pussy, and decided to continue it over at Nancy's place. The teenager, her name is Li, was so wasted after doing the nasty all night with Nancy that she almost missed her classes. The next day she moved in and they've been an item ever since. She hates men, so she claims, but Li's a dominant when it comes to the ladies. She makes Nancy jump through hoops even though she's young enough to be her granddaughter. It'll be fun to see how this slug survives Li at her worst. Almost on cue, the doorbell rang and I knew I was in deep trouble if half of what I heard was true.

                               (To be continued - rolf palsy)

                       Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 19

       By the time Evelynne ushered her guests into the fun and games room, Kitty or Miriam, had mounted up and yours truly had buried the bone deep into her well-stretched twat. We were swapping spit like a pair of teenagers and having a grand old time making our crotches become as one. I could hear Evelynne cackling at our display, and another, younger voice making some acid etched comments about what Kitty and I were doing. We were too busy fucking to be bothered by anything that came from them. Soon the only one in the room still wearing any clothing was the teenager who was looking daggers at what was occurring on the bed between Kitty Fuxs and me. My partner was sure living up to her new name. After all the trouble I'd experienced with most of my female partners in the past few days, this was a very enjoyable departure. Kitty's pussy was lubricating nicely and her weight and position wasn't putting too much strain on my body just yet.

       Nancy insisted on making this a threesome, and finally Kitty made some room for her, all the while grumbling about her getting in the way of my new sex partner having a good time. When Nancy dropped her pussy onto my face and shifted her body to make it a good fit, some of the fun disappeared and now satisfying the two of them started to feel more like a chore. Kitty really lived up to her new name and sucked the cum from my balls a lot quicker than I had anticipated or wanted. Nancy wasn't exactly thrilled either, and continued to make mince meat out of my face with her hairy cunt. I hadn't figured that Evelynne's senior citizen guests would have full muffs. My heart wasn't into any type of serious effort to make the woman happy, and I guess it showed. Unfortunately that got her little friend Li pissed off and I had to pay a penalty that came quickly and caused me great pain.

       Li introduced herself to me with a cold fury that left me in agony. Kitty Fuxs had just peeled herself off my body when my balls exploded in pain and seconds later my semi-hard cock was pulverized as well. I nearly swallowed my tongue, but instead lost the contents of my belly consisting of some leftover piss, bile and stomach acid. My lips and the insides of my mouth both felt as if they were on fire. For a brief moment I lost consciousness, but quickly recovered. Thus I was fully awake when Li's fist flattened my roiling stomach, bringing gasps from the seniors who scattered to avoid being splattered by whatever else I brought up from my convulsing insides. This was one nasty lady and to think I'd be dealing with her for the next twenty-four hours or so did not thrill me in the slightest. I would depend on Evelynne once again to protect me from this angry Chinese teenager with an attitude that wouldn't quit.

       My champion wasted no time warning the teen that one more outburst like that would mean she and Nancy would be no longer welcome in her home. Kitty nodded her head in agreement and even Nancy sucked it up long enough to accept Evelynne's warning and add her apology for what had transpired. The black haired teenager's body language indicated that she wasn't accustomed to this type of treatment. I was still too busy retching and doing my best to recover my equilibrium and eyesight to add anything to what was being discussed among the women. It was Evelynne who sold me down the river, observing that the bedding would have to be changed no matter what happened. However she would prefer that they move me to the bathroom for some serious action. That seemed to brighten up everyone except yours truly who knew what waited.

       Watching Li strip off her clothing gave me a rush and the beginning of another woody. This teenager had a set of tits that were spectacular. They looked to be at least 38D and possibly another cup size bigger. Those fun bags jutted out rather than hung from her chest wall; just watching them barely move as she breathed was a treat that was almost indescribable. The nipples were like columns of ice rising up from dark areolas that were the size of silver dollars. Her body tapered down from those awesome tits to a flat stomach that almost any woman would kill to possess. From that point her gorgeous body flared out to form hips and an ass that were creamy perfection. The entire package probably stood closer to six than five feet in height. As fabulous as her body was, it was easily matched by her beauty. Imagine almond eyes of shimmering green, high cheekbones, a flawless nose of perfect proportions and size, a complexion of smooth, alabaster skin covering a facial structure that had no imperfections, all combined to produce what was a paragon of beauty for this time. If given the opportunity, I would gladly lick every square inch of that perfect form for as long as she allowed me to worship her.

       I knew I was in trouble when as they marched me towards the bathroom. Li carried a valise that she told the ladies contained lots of toys to try out on me. When Evelynne added that there were six two-quart bottles of well-aged piss for me to drink while they worked on my helpless body, I nearly fainted. There is no way I could describe in any detail what happened to me during the many hours that they tormented me. Any thoughts I had concerning Evelynne's soft spot for yours truly went out the window after only a few hours of brutal treatment. I know for a fact that I ate everyone's pussy, and that included Li's. I also sucked and licked every asshole until it glistened. Li did her damndest to turn me into some kind of a pansy, almost succeeding. While Miriam and Evelynne concentrated on my cock, making sure it was in working condition to satisfy their needs, Li worked tirelessly on stretching my asshole with a variety of tools and toys until it remained a gaping entryway to my rectum, colon and lower intestine. Both sphincter muscles had lost all their resilience, and offered no resistance to whatever the Chinese beauty decided to use to penetrate me to my limit and beyond. Nancy out of respect for her youthful lover avoided having sex with me as far as I could remember.

       I can still remember most of the first few hours that featured plenty of forced piss drinking and my first encounter with some of the toys brought by Li. The teenager seemed to not be in any hurry when it came to excavating my asshole. She started with hand held dildos and gradually opened my asshole to the point that she could use one of her favorites, a strap-on modeled after some porn star. With this tool she started to widen and deepen the breach she had created. While all this was happening I was bent at the waist and being forced to eat pussy, the trio of senior citizens taking turns feeding me their hairy cunts while they sat on the edge of the tub, making yours truly the meat in a sort of sandwich created by Li's dildos and their well-aged twats.

       Things got strange; it must have been something they added to the piss they kept forcing me to drink. I remember one time watching Evelynne pissing into one of the empty bottles and laughing at the awful smell that came from her dark, murky pee. Another time I discovered that my cock had turned purple and was swollen to nearly twice its size. They were daring Kitty to take my thick cock up her asshole and she was shaking her head for fear that it would rupture her bunghole. Then it dawned on me that someone, probably Li, had put a cockring around the base of my dick and tightened it so much that it was difficult to see it. Later on I watched as Nancy sucked my monster cock, and realized I couldn't feel anything despite the fact that every so often she bit down on it and shook her head from side to side like she was some animal killing whatever it had just caught. I noticed that my joint had a lot of teeth marks from the bottom to the top, and they weren't all the same.

       Once I was revived so Nancy, Kitty and Evelynne could almost drown me in their piss straight from the tap so to speak. What made it so memorable was that my eyes were taped open and some type of dental device was keeping my mouth propped open as well. They took turns peeing down my throat nearly strangling me as some of it went down my windpipe. As I choked and dry heaved, I could hear Li saying that she wanted to do this to me as well. My memory of what followed is too hazy to recall properly, but there were other events I can recall involving the Chinese tormentor that demonstrated her cruelty with a great deal of detail.

       In one that I remember vividly, they had removed me from the tub and were dunking me into the toilet bowl that was filled with every imaginable type of filth they could collect. Li was sodomizing me with a huge strap-on that made me cry from the pain as it sawed in and out of my destroyed asshole. Nancy and Kitty were taking turns holding me under while Li rested. Once I began swallowing the bowl's contents, they both used their strength to hold me under despite my frantic attempts to escape. Li added to my misery by punching me in the kidneys that were already sore from all the work they had been doing to handle the staggering amount of recycled piss that the women continued passing through my body. I felt that the end was near, and so I gave myself up to their tender mercies. I can recall no more of that incident, but there were still others that my memory was able to dredge up from the depths of degradation that I endured. Of interest, almost every one featured Li in one capacity or another.

       I awoke to find myself sitting on the tiled floor with my hands cuffed behind the toilet bowl. My belly was bloated to the point that I was unable to see over the bulge made from all the unmentionable liquids that had been forced down my throat while I was semi-conscious. My mouth was filed with what turned out to be a pair of Evelynne's finest panties usually reserved for special dates or church functions. Squatting in front of me was Li, her beautiful face frozen in what looked like a death mask. She held up a narrow piece of metal that upon closer inspection had tiny edges that made the piece look almost like a micro-arrow. My adversary taunted me into guessing what it was, even though she must have known that I was gagged. I shook my head and she grinned and twirled it between her fingers.

       Li disappeared from my field of vision and then I felt a sharp pain in my cock. I glanced up to discover that the three seniors were focused completely on what was happening out of my sight. Nancy actually looked away as the pain grew. Li's gorgeous face came into view and she told me that the "sound" had been inserted into my cock. The thought of what that meant made me nauseous. That metal shaft was now into my urethra and that could mean nothing but grief for me. She rubbed her thumb and forefinger together and licked her lips. Evelynne was now bending over to get a better look at the proceedings. I hoped that she wasn't getting any ideas about using this tool of the devil later when we were alone, or even worse, when her daughter, Mandy, was in attendance.

       The Chinese teenager disappeared from view and all I could do was stare at the others and wait for whatever Li planned to do. It didn't take long. The pain was blinding. It felt as if the inside of my cock had caught fire. I lunged against the cuffs holding me to the toilet, as the level of pain remained the same. Suddenly I was choking from the gag that had been sucked into my throat, a reaction to whatever Li had done to my cock. I tried clearing the obstruction but had no success. Now I panicked, realizing that I couldn't get any air into my lungs. That just made things worse. Once more there was a lancing pain as Li pressed the metal shaft back down into the interior of my throbbing prick.

       No one seemed to realize that I was choking to death on Evelynne's panties. I moved my head from side to side and blinked my eyes in hopes that these signals would mean something to any of the three women who watched my death agonies. My view was blocked as Li rose to her feet, that beautiful face a mask of hatred. Then she kicked me squarely in my distended belly. The water had nowhere to go due to the blockage in my throat. Li blinked, confusion then anger etched in her gorgeous face. She stepped back and this time her target was my swollen balls. The pain was indescribable. In my agony I even tried to hit my head against the toilet in hopes that I would knock myself out, but even this attempt failed miserably. Darkness swept me away; my last conscious thought was "So this is death".

                       (To be continued - rolf palsy)

                   Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 20        I must have been out of it for quite a long time. They had taken me, still handcuffed, into one of the smaller bedrooms and locked the door to prevent me from leaving without their permission. Fat chance of that happening, I thought. I tried to get up to my feet and fell back from dizziness. I felt like puking, but there was nothing left to bring up from my roiling belly. It was about then that the pain from my abused cock and swollen balls intruded, making me remember what they had been doing to me in the bathroom. When the vision of Li flashed across my eyes a twinge of sharp pain radiated from my well-stretched asshole. That Chinese bitch had done a job on me and the urge for payback grew strong. Too bad I didn't have a posse like the young gang leaders. Then I could unleash them upon Li and watch as they turned her into a blubbering mass of swollen flesh that was cut to ribbons, covered with burns and pounded until she was one large bruise displaying the colors of the rainbow.        It was Evelynne who opened the door to check on my condition. She had sent everyone away after the massacre in the bathroom. To my surprise she even apologized for the behavior of Li. For some weird reason the sight of her saggy tits and hairy crotch started to excite me. Evelynne picked up on the fact that my cock was beginning to get hard despite all the mistreatment it had undergone. The next thing I knew we were locked in a sixty-nine, with her on top sucking my cock while my tongue was wiggling its way up that ancient fuck tunnel that was beginning to provide some well-aged pussy juice that I sucked up greedily. The more juice she provided, the harder my cock became. She rocked her body so that we turned over. Quickly she spit out my stiff dick, mounted me and began feeding my rigid rod of flesh into that wet and wild cavern.        I tried a few tentative strokes and backed off from the pain. She hunched forward and began to pump her pussy up and down on my flagpole, which seemed to work. Then she slipped her tongue into my mouth and began exploring, as her pussy sucked away on my hard length of tender flesh. From there we went to French kissing like a couple of teenagers. Damn! Her tight pussy really felt good all wrapped around my sore prick. She might be old and creaky but right now she was damn near perfect for my needs. I don't really remember just how long she used her pussy to pump the cum from my depleted balls, but it felt good to squirt my watery offering into that warm, wet grotto as she sucked my tongue and hummed at the same time. All thoughts of Jill and Paula disappeared from my mind while I unloaded into her tight twat.        While we rested up, I suggested that she free me from the cuffs. She grinned and shook her head.        "If I did that you might overpower me and escape my clutches. I like the way your dick feels in my cunt, and have no intention of letting you sweet talk me as long as that nice cock you have can scratch this old woman's itch. Besides, what else could you be doing that was enjoyable considering it's Sunday morning and your wife and that sister of hers are still out catting around while all you can do is play with yourself? Instead you can let me play with that nice hard cock and see just how many times you can satisfy me before I kick you out and let you limp home to your wife the tramp. If you were smart, you'd move in with me and that way you'd have two pussies at your disposal. I'm sure Mandy would love to have you pleasuring her instead of what she lets her lady boss and other men do to her."        Evelynne broke the mood by rolling over and capturing my cock in her mouth. She sucked like a machine in an attempt to get me firm enough to give it to her once more. Actually she was right in making me stay with her for now. Neither of us had much else to do except fuck and suck, so why not at her place? Nature took its course and I was soon buried to the hilt in that old snapper that got better every time I fucked it. If we were in total darkness I'd probably be hard all the time based on her enthusiasm for doing the nasty. I made her do most of the work, pleading exhaustion from the scene in the bathroom. She bought my line and rode me to a very nice finish that we both seemed to enjoy. Once satisfied, she continued to tell me things about her wayward daughter.        "The one before Ms. Manning used Mandy regularly. She once caught her playing with herself and threatened to have her released without any chance of a good recommendation from the company. So from then on Mandy did double duty, she filed and ate her superior's pussy on demand. Often she was kept after hours for special "assignments". It began to bring back her buried memories when she was effectively my husband's slave in all things. Only after she took an overdose of sleeping pills did the woman leave her alone."        "She must have passed along the dirt about my daughter to the present supervisor, who wasted no time establishing the former relationship, only this extended beyond work. That's why Mandy goes out to bars every Friday night, and some times during the weekdays as well. She has to pick up rough trade and bring them back to Ms. Manning's place so she can watch as they rape and beat Mandy. Mandy lives in fear that she'll catch an STD or worse, but Ms. Manning could care less. On weekends Mandy sometimes has to spend the entire time over there being raped by lots of men, plus having to service the female friends of Lauren's that show up to watch and afterward use Mandy for their own needs. If you saw my daughter in the nude you'd look away fast, that's how badly she has been beaten over the few weeks. I don't know how long she can continue to be mistreated this way."        For a time I felt very sympathetic concerning Mandy's situation, until I thought about my own. I was just as hung out to dry at my job as Mandy was, maybe even worse. Then there was my home life with my wife and her evil sister. Now was that something to look forward to every waking moment; I didn't think so. Would it be worth the trouble to swap Jill and Paula for Evelynne and Mandy? The answer seemed to be no way. Both Mandy and her mother were around the bend in many areas; too many for this poor sucker to try to handle on a daily basis. Now I had to think of a diplomatic way to break the news to poor Evelynne, who currently held the keys to my freedom, in more ways than one. Little did I know that the evil sisters were already cooking something up for me that just might solve my problem even though they didn't realize it. I won't go into the gory details that finally allowed me to escape the clutches of Evelynne, but suffice to say I finally made it back to my apartment before Jill and her sister arrived from wherever they had gone.         Unlike previous returns, this time they seemed to be in good spirits and not drunk. In fact my dear wife offered to blow me once she got out of the shower. I was hung out to dry and all hell broke loose.        "My sister and I spent our entire weekend taking on our boss and his underlings. Lucky for us we had the other two to feed to the sharks, but that wasn't enough for these perverts. First we had to eat pussy on the deck, side to side out in the broiling sun by the hour. Even with a quart of sunscreen I'm burned a bit, especially on my tits. Your two new sex partners were fucked stupid from the moment they got on the houseboat and stripped off to show what they had. Brenda and Karen were big hits with the gang of six studs. By the second day those two were putting on girl-girl shows that were top drawer and had the guys eager for pussy, such as the kind attached to Paula and me. Later that day when the guys couldn't get it up for the ladies, they matched us with Brenda while Karen fluffed the gang in hopes of getting at least one of them interested in one last fuck. Those two may have been carrying around some extra baggage, but it didn't seem to stop the men from plowing and pounding their pussies from early morning until late at night. I have no idea how sore I could be right now without those two around to pull part of the train."        Jill had a fit when it dawned on her that my cock was limp despite the fact she was naked. She shouted for her sister to see what her husband thought of her these days. Now there were two naked women pointing and frowning at my condition. Something snapped and I blew a gasket, which scared them for a few moments. I raved and ranted about what I had been through all weekend while they were having a good time letting other men fuck them bowlegged. That remark brought down the house; they laughed so hard tears rolled down their cheeks. Then Jill pointed a finger at me and spoke in an icy voice.        "You are a miserable worm and it's my guess that you deserved everything that happened to you. At least Paula and I were working to hold our jobs, unlike you who are a giant screw-up. If I weren't so worn out from being fucked around the clock you'd be in the bathroom bent over the tub while I gave you the world's biggest enema. You're such a weirdo I'll bet you'd get good and hard then. I was going to let you fuck Brenda and maybe even Karen tomorrow since we are working double shifts. Now you get no pussy and I do mean no pussy! As soon as we get back from work you had better be able to deliver two or three big loads of what passes for cum from that little boy's dick. God help you if we discover you've been fooling around with those women from work while we've been out slaving at our jobs."        I was still angry and grew even more pissed off at her remarks about slaving at her job. Who was she kidding? Jill loved cock, any cock! One of these days it would be me jamming an enema nozzle up her well-fucked asshole. I'll bet a gallon of water would do the trick and making her blow up like a balloon or a fuck doll that perverts used to get off. No doubt about it, that described her perfectly in reality.        At least I had the bed to myself and got a good night's sleep. I managed to slip out while the two whores in training were still in bed. They'd probably wake up in a few hours and start the day by eating each other out to tide them over until they could get to work and start fucking their customers as well as the boss and his buddies. They may have, but Jill also made a call to my boss and suggested that she keep any eye on me, hinting I was cheating on her at work. Less than an hour after her call I was in Ms. Manning's office, up to my neck in trouble. She accused me of fucking Mandy in the ladies lounge, not once, but twice, both times against her will. I was doomed and hoped that whatever happened, happened quickly to put me out of my misery.        Just my luck, my young buttoned-down boss had meetings until end of day, which meant we would rendezvous at her place promptly at six. Fortunately Jill and Paula wouldn't be back to the apartment much before midnight, my only break. A stern-faced Lauren Manning accompanied by Mandy was waiting for me when I arrived at her fancy digs. I was expecting Brenda to show her nasty self, but she must have been away tormenting someone else.        There were no preliminaries; Mandy Monroe just undressed until she stood there in her cheap, pink, rayon panties and matching, utilitarian bra, which wasn't having any difficulty in containing its cargo. I picked up on the relatively fresh bruises and bite marks around her crotch area. However that was nothing compared to what she displayed once her bra came off. Those little crab apples were black and blue and covered with scratches, bite marks and welts that might have come from a belt or riding crop. Now I fully understood why Evelynne was so upset about what was happening to her daughter while we were doing the nasty.        Lauren broke the mood by asking me if the sight of Mandy's battered body sexually excited me. It hadn't, but I had to prove it by stripping to the skin so I could be examined. I knew this was just another opportunity for these two to tear down what was left of my manliness, but they held all the cards for now. She made a big show of asking Mandy if I had fucked her not once, but twice in the ladies lounge today. Mandy looked as if she was the cat that swallowed the canary as she nodded her head and looked away. She certainly didn't make a very good liar, but my accuser only had to convince her boss. I was cooked. Lauren grinned evilly and held up a pair of cuffs, ones that matched what had been used on me previously at the Monroe home. It was Lauren who pronounced my sentence once I was securely restrained.        "This rapist is going to pay dearly for what he did to you today. I think it's only poetic justice that you and I will have opportunities to make him feel just slightly what you must have experienced as he raped you not once, but twice, returning to the scene of this heinous crime to perform it again on your defenseless body. I only regret that my mistress, Lady Brenda, cannot be here to assist us as well."        As soon as I entered the bathroom and saw the bulging enema bag hanging from the shower rod over the tub, I knew I was going to wish I'd never gotten out of bed this morning. Then there was the array of vibrators and dildos that were collected in the alcove where the toilet was located. I was forced to wait while Lauren got comfortable, stripping down to her thong to reveal her killer body featuring those outstanding tits. My next surprise came when Mandy rolled down her panties and I got a good look at her shaved beaver. Lauren did the honors giving me a taste of the nozzle without any lubricant. That hurt, but what followed was serious pain. At first it was as if I had eaten a chunk of ice that settled deep in my gut and then began growing. The chunk grew to the size of a boulder, then an ice floe and finally an iceberg, one the size of New Mexico. My teeth were chattering, my balls had shrunk to the size of marbles and my cock was just a lump in the shape of a bird's nest, a very small bird.        While all of this was occurring, Mandy had seated herself on the edge of the large bath tub and spread her legs for me to begin chowing down on that little girl's box lunch that was now presented. She guided me by twisting my ears to make me move in any direction she wished. Mandy was a no nonsense mistress, urging me to suck everything from her pubic mound and then her pussy, which smelled like a sewer. Evidently Mandy didn't believe in wiping after she took a pee. There was lots of dried piss that tasted terrible, and some fresh piss that was bitter and made my lips pucker. I spent plenty of time trying to avoid thinking about from which gangbang and how long ago the cum I was mining had been marinating in that wet fuck box before some of it oozed out to be absorbed by her shaved skin. There were other small balls and chunks of unknown material that I didn't even try to analyze for fear it would make me puke. By the time Lauren suggested that they switch, my ears felt as if they had been twisted inside out more than once.        Lauren's pussy was almost fragrant compared to Mandy's garbage dump of a cunt. I buried my tongue as far inside that moist fuck tunnel and did some excavating, but mined little in the nature of evidence that this pussy had been used by members of the opposite sex. That was not too surprising considering her roommate and mistress, the Lady Brenda. I guess all she ever got were dildos, vibrators and an occasional fist fucking if she was a very good girl and licked Brenda's cunt until it was squeaky-clean.        Mandy complained that the enema bag was almost empty and she thought I should take more, much more. Lauren grumbled since I was on the verge of getting her off big time. She directed Mandy to the kitchen and told her to bring back at least two trays of ice cubes for the rest of my enema. Then it was back to licking and kissing that dripping pussy. Her cunt lips were fat with blood and when I nibbled her clit, she groaned loudly and pressed her pussy tightly against my face. I licked and kissed her like a good pussy slave should and she went off like a rocket, nearly drowning me in a flood of pussy juice that splattered all over my face. I must have looked like a glazed doughnut.        The rest of the enema went as planned and so did I, filling the toilet with nothing but water, lots and lots of once icy water that shot out like a cannon from my distended asshole. I was weak and shaken by the time the last bit had dribbled from my spasming colon. They put me on my knees and took turns having me eat them out until it was orgasm time. Mandy was an amateur when it came to getting off. She didn't even know where her sweet spots were, which made producing an orgasm from Mandy a bit of a challenge on my part. Lauren on the other hand knew exactly where my tongue and lips should go and she guided me to those spots with unending accuracy. She could blow off within minutes after my tongue started to tickle the right spots. Mandy got annoyed about her inability to keep up with her boss on this very important aspect of personal sexuality. Naturally it was soon transferred to my inability to properly excite her, because she was only an underling like me. Even Ms. Manning had to take my side in this matter.        She cleverly changed the subject by allowing Mandy to select a strap-on to use to sodomize me, something they hadn't had time to do during the last session. As before I was shown no mercy, this time it was a thick, foot-long piece of plastic with grooved sides to provide added friction. The head was nearly three inches across and the rest of the dildo tapered down to just above two inches. I screamed my head off when Mandy started to plow me a new, much wider asshole. To silence me Lauren stuffed Mandy's panties into my mouth and warned me not to spit them out. It was murder to try to keep the rancid underwear inside my mouth and at the same time cope with the pain associated with the dildo as it moved past my anal sphincter and then into my colon. I was crying like a baby and doing my best to clench my ass cheeks tight to prevent any more pain. I failed and Mandy whooped and hollered as inch by agonizing inch she got her tool into my lower bowel. She exclaimed happily that there was some blood coating her strap-on. Lauren immediately told her to pull out so they could check to see if her efforts had broken a major blood vessel.        I was declared good to go and so Mandy took up her position and started threading that bad boy into my candy ass once more. Lauren decided she needed some more tongue and this time I had to rim her tight asshole while my asshole was made less than tight by Mandy. One part of my mind was dreaming about having Mandy in a prison cell deep under ground so no one but yours truly could hear her screams as I did very bad things to her skinny body. That little prick teaser kept breaking my concentration by shifting the speed or angle of attack she used on my asshole with her dildo. I was frustrated to the max and ready to have a fit if this misery continued. It did and so I did. All that happened was Lauren turned around and kicked me squarely in the nuts, dropping me to my knees, which I thought I had broken on the tiled floor.        The two meanies finally changed places and I had the distinct feeling that I'd soon wish Mandy was back pounding her tool deep into my ass. Lauren strapped on a dildo that must have been fifteen inches long, but slender and made from a more pliable material. She told me it had been only used once and the woman screamed her head off the entire time. To make it more interesting and keep me wide-awake she coated the first six inches or so with a cream guaranteed to keep me on my toes. That turned out to be the understatement of the month. She punched that bad boy into my sore asshole and within seconds I swore my insides had caught fire as the cream did its insidious work on the sensitive lining of my colon. I started chewing on Mandy's panties to take my mind off the growing pain caused by that fiendish tool boring deeper and deeper into my lower bowel. I thought the top of my head was coming off when Lauren shifted her hips from side to side to really stir up my insides. All the while she was humming and then cackling like the wicked witch she truly was. The pain was so great that I started crying. Mandy noticed that and informed Lauren of her latest success. Then the skinny skank began slapping me across the face as her companion reamed out some new virgin territory and I shivered from the awful pain. That was the last thing I remembered for some time.                           (To be continued - rolf palsy)

                    Sisters' Wimp - Chapter 21

       I thought I was dreaming or dead, either way was fine with me. I was on clean sheets, the air contained a trace of perfume and I was getting a great hum job from an angel of mercy who had great technique. Fearing that I'd ruin the fantasy, I screwed my eyes tightly shut and enjoyed the moment. I guess the angel had been working on my joint for some time before my awakening, since I started to fill her warm, wet mouth with a blast of cum that felt as if it had been in my churning balls for at least a week. She managed to capture every drop of my boiling seed before beginning to lick my cock from head to base with a tongue that felt like wet velvet. Curiosity got the best of me and I opened my eyes to the sight of a pair of blue, unblinking eyes staring at me over the top of my stiff cock as her pink tongue swabbed away any unsightly traces of what I had just provided. She grinned crookedly and welcomed me back to the land of the living. My angel looked like a cross between a nurse and a porn starlet, one of my favorite fantasies to be sure.

       I was welcomed back from wherever I'd been by this angel of mercy. She hushed me and whispered that what we had been doing was against hospital policy and she'd appreciate my discretion about this matter. In return she promised an encore performance before she went off shift. The next thing I knew a doctor arrived and started checking my vital signs while asking me all sorts of simple-minded questions to assess my intelligence and discover if my long coma had caused obvious brain damage. All seemed to be within normal as far as he was concerned. He gave the nurse some instructions and left us. She squeezed my cock and inquired if she could bring a nurse's aide to help her satisfy my needs. Now I was sure I'd died and gone to my reward, regardless of that doctor.

       It turned out that my angel of mercy worked the night shift, and when she got bored she gave hum jobs to her favorite patients. How I qualified would forever remain her secret, but did I care, not really! True to her promise she arrived with a busty teen in tow. Soon my very stiff cock was sliding between the teenager's very firm tits and into the nurse's very wet mouth. It would get a tongue bath and then return from whence it came so it could start another trip. I never found out the name of either party, but as a team they were fabulous. I squirted a monster load into the blue-eyed nurse's mouth and she in turn dribbled it over the big set of knockers on her aide who happily scooped up my offering and efficiently disposed of it. Then the two of them kissed passionately and my cock began to harden at the sight of these two going at it right before my eyes. Alas, it was one hum job to a customer when the busty teen was involved, so that was the last I ever saw of either angel.

       They transferred me to another part of the hospital now that they were convinced my prognosis was very positive. Two days later my dear wife paid me a visit. I lucked out since Paula didn't accompany her. She was a fountain of information and she did a core dump that was impressive. Ms. Manning was no longer with the company and neither was Mandy Monroe. Lauren had blamed everything on Mandy and nearly got away clean.

       Unfortunately most people didn't realize that Evelynne had a hobby she kept to herself. Mandy was one of those who did. With her mother's help, they found and produced enough tape, which showed a rather interesting part of one of my sessions where Ms. Manning was featured. Her management was less than enchanted and quite literally threw her to the dogs. Rumor has it that Lauren is now the 24/7 sex slave of her former roommate, the Lady Brenda, and does specialty shows where she works with dogs doing things that aren't spoken about in polite society. All that still didn't help Mandy keep her job.

       According to what Jill heard, Mandy was still trolling for cock in the local meat markets and is managing to make a living, although her customers are even more demanding these days. According to a friend of a friend, Mandy is thinking of hooking up with an older pervert who wants her to start making specialty tapes for him and keep her night job as a professional prostitute. It's hard to imagine that skinny skank making any money as a pro, but the world is full of men and even some women eager and willing to pay her for her services. What makes the hookup with the older pervert so funny is that her mother is also part of the deal. In fact she's the one urging him to give Mandy a shot at fame and fortune, such as it is in that world.

       The apartment hadn't changed much. My old room had evidently been the place where the needs of many a client from the spa were satisfied. The spa owner took a third for his part in the deal, although Jill and Paula were taking all the risk. I made some weak comment about sleeping on the couch while my old room was being occupied. That's when Jill dropped the bomb, informing me that she and Paula had found a better apartment thanks to the good offices of Tony the spa owner. He took a bigger percentage, but would steer lots more clients to their up-scale place of business and keep the local law enforcement types from bothering them. What had cinched the deal was Paula, who was currently Tony's number one girl at the spa and other places as well. She wasn't holding her breath that the two would last, but a long as it went, she and her sister would do just fine.

       The next bomb really hurt. Jill wanted a divorce so she could land a rich husband. Tony naturally would get a cut in the action for steering the live ones in her direction. She wasn't interested in alimony since she knew I was broke and probably would stay that way unless I got incredibly lucky. To show there were no hard feelings, she was going to steer two ladies from the spa in my direction. One I knew about before my "accident", the other was new, very new. Jill joked that Karen might never allow me to regain my strength, but the sex would be great right up to the time I had a heart attack. That joke was not funny considering what had happened to me previously. Tomorrow Jill and Paula were moving out and Karen would stop by once they were gone. I wasn't sure I could handle what she might provide, but what the hell!

       Karen proved to be a very pleasant surprise for a few weeks. She had lost all that weight while I'd been in the hospital. She looked very good, and the sex was great. Then she started to take over. By then I'd landed another job, not half as good as the one I had previously. On top of that my immediate supervisor was a woman who had just gone through a divorce and was in a perpetual bad mood. I bid Karen a fond farewell and took on Luci who was thin as a rail but loved to do the nasty. We burned up calories like there was no tomorrow and she even liked anal sex, provided there was plenty of foreplay before the deed. A month of Luci convinced me to seek greener pastures. You guessed it; my next love match involved my supervisor, Muriel. She was no beauty, but that woman had a nice set of tits, kept herself in shape and shaved her pussy every weekend, always giving me first chance to eat that clean pink clam. One thing led to another and I moved in with my supervisor, who arranged for me to be relocated to another company facility not too far from where she worked.

       Things were going just great when trouble appeared in the form of her younger sister who had just been paroled from prison for writing bad checks. Sandra moved in with us and made a nuisance of herself. She was tall and thin, but loved to parade around the apartment in her bra and bikinis that soon were replaced by a thong that left almost nothing to the imagination, especially since she didn't believe in shaving her pussy. A week after she arrived I had a major confrontation with her and she wound up across my knee while I whaled the tar out of that skinny ass of hers. All the time she kept wiggling to arouse me and by the end of the spanking I was hard. She smirked and flounced off to the bedroom. Muriel had picked that day to work late, so when she got home Sandra made a big deal out of the spanking I'd given her and then announced that I got a hard on by doing it. Her big sister knew how to handle that. She marched Sandra out to the living room stark naked and made her give me a sloppy blowjob with all the trimmings. She might be a skinny troublemaker, but she sure knew how to give a great blowjob. After the blowjob she took another spanking from her sister and her ass was crimson and swollen by the time Muriel was done with her.

       Things took a turn for the better after that particular confrontation. Sandra later admitted to me while she was delivering my welcome home blowjob that she was just trying to get my attention. Muriel had already tipped me to that fact, but I still acted surprised. Of course I also knew that when they lived together before Muriel's marriage, they satisfied each other fairly regularly, and on rare occasions even used the same stud for threesomes. A couple of weeks later I was in the bedroom getting a blowjob from Muriel when Sandra asked if she could join the fun. That proved to be an epic threesome, the first of many. I learned that eating pussy could be even more fun if the pussy was shaved one time and hairy the next, two heads were better than one when it came to a superior blowjob and anal sex was marvelous when both partners took a turn before getting you off. These days I've been filming the ladies doing what ladies do when there are no cocks available. These sessions always end in a great threesome that sometimes lasts until the middle of the morning on weekends. So in summary, life is good and with plenty of love and understanding it might stay that way for a rather long time. Here's hoping for that miracle.

                 FINISHED - DONE - OVER



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