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It was the swimsuit that did it. Yes, when you get right down to it, everything that happened between me and my daughter Lisa that summer started with the damned swimsuit.

It was early June. I was in the living room watching television when Lisa walked in. She had just turned sixteen that spring, and there was no denying it any longer - Lisa was becoming a woman. Fortunately she had inherited her mother's looks; thick black hair that cascaded around her shoulders, an angelic face with wide, dark eyes and pouting lips. She was slim but fleshy, with the last remnants of her baby fat filling out her hips and giving her the same rounded, sensuous body that her mother had had, when her mother had still been around.

Lisa's mother was one of the sweetest gals I'd ever known. It's what made me fall in love with her, and that was really what broke us up in the end. June was beautiful and she could never say no to anyone, which is why I came home one day from work to find her in bed, her mouth full of the UPS deliveryman's cock. Luckily Lisa was at school that day, and by the time she came home, June and the UPS guy were gone. Lisa stayed with me, which is what all of us wanted, even June (although she'd never admit it), and together the two of us built up a pretty nice life for ourselves.

When Lisa got old enough to take on responsibility for the household chores, she went to it readily enough. Unlike most girls in their teenage years, Lisa didn't seem to mind doing her share of cooking or cleaning. In fact, she took on those duties with such youthful enthusiasm that I felt rather pampered. I think she enjoyed being the woman of the house, and to tell you the truth, so did I. Her mother had never liked doing these chores, and you could tell; the house was always a little disheveled no matter how much she claimed to work at it. With Lisa taking over, the house was always spotless when I came home at night. It was a good feeling, coming through the door and seeing a pretty, smiling face greeting me with a hug and a kiss. It made me wish sometimes that Lisa would never have to grow up, that she would stay as she was and take care of me forever.

But little girls always do grow up, and Lisa was no exception. But I hadn't realized just how much she'd grown up until that day she came into the living room, wearing her new swimsuit.

"How do you like it, Daddy?" she chirped brightly, doing a little spin in front of me. The minute I laid eyes on her, I was riveted. She was wearing a white one-piece, strapless, cut high on the hip. The thin, clinging fabric stretched tight over her body, proudly displaying her plump round breasts, their half-scoops peeking up over the edge of the suit, molding against her hips, and showing me a good portion of her slim, young legs. As she spun I caught a whiff of her perfume, a light flowery scent that was almost as intoxicating as the very sight of her.

I must have gasped or made a noise, because Lisa smiled and blushed a little bit. "Is it too much?" she asked tentatively. I tore my gaze away from Lisa's voluptuous body and forced a thin smile to my lips. "Well... it's very nice," I managed, "you look very pretty in it."

Lisa beamed, and turned again, giving me a close-up view of her perfectly rounded ass. The swimsuit rode up her behind, and I could see most of her creamy, pale bottom, as well as the crack of her ass. I was wearing only a t-shirt and shorts, and I could feel my cock stiffening at the sight of her, daughter or not. "I just hope you aren't going to let any of your boyfriends see you in that," I said in a dry throat.

"Oh Dad, I don't have any boyfriends," she said. With that, she bounced off to the back porch door. "Sherry and Ruth are over," she called out. "I'm going swimming with them, okay?"

"Okay," I called out to her, unable to resist turning in my chair to catch one last glimpse of her beautiful teenaged ass bobbling as she trotted outside.

My cock was harder than ever as I sat there, unable to keep the images of Lisa out of my head. She was my daughter, for Christ's sake! That thought dampened my animal lust for a moment, but before long I began to picture my beautiful daughter frolicking in the pool with her friends, her swimsuit wet and slick...

"Water," I whispered to myself. "Water. I'm thirsty." I got up and strode over to the kitchen, telling myself I wasn't doing anything wrong. I was just getting a glass of ice water, and if the refrigerator was right in front of the big picture window facing the swimming pool, well, that was just a coincidence.

I got my water and stood for a while, looking out at the backyard where my daughter and her friends were playing. The three of them were wearing their swim suits and splashing around in the pool. Sherry and Ruth were attractive enough, blonde and brunette respectively, but they were no match for my Lisa. Lisa outshone them all, and as I watched her jumping off the diving board and getting out of the pool, adjusting her suit as she did, I felt myself harden again. This time I took my cock out of my shorts and began stroking. As I did so, I finally allowed myself to think the dark thoughts that I'd been repressing. Thoughts of Lisa, and of myself, doing things to her.

I imagined myself out there with her, straddling her as she lay face-down on a blanket, rubbing suntan oil onto her bare back. I pictured my loving hands gliding gently down, to her lower back, massaging her youthful flesh, and moving still lower, to her gorgeous ass, as she moaned with delight and brought her rear end up to greet me. I kissed her ass cheeks as I pulled her suit off, and spread her thighs apart, revealing her moist pussy to me. I took my cock in my hand and slid it into her, gradually, slowly, savoring every exquisite moment. And then, when the agony grew irresistible, I rammed my cock home, into my daughter's sweet, willing cunt...

With a hoarse cry, I came all over the kitchen counter, the semen spurting thick streams onto the grey formica countertop. I pumped my cock dry, imagining myself coming into Lisa's little pussy instead.

When I'd finished, I looked up to see Lisa looking at me. For an agonizing moment I thought perhaps she'd seen what I had done. Then I realized that the window was too high to allow her to see anything. Lisa smiled and waved at me. Sighing with relief, I raised my hand (the one that wasn't covered with come) and returned her wave.

As usual after stroking myself off, I immediately felt guilty about what I'd done... or rather, what I'd been thinking of doing. Lisa was not only my daughter, she was also the sweetest, gentlest girl I'd ever known. The thought of defiling her like that, of depriving her of the chance to grow up like a normal young woman merely to satisfy his depraved desires, made me shudder.

And still... the thoughts, once planted, took root, and there was nothing I could do about it. On this day I had begun looking at Lisa in a different way, and I could see no way to change that. All I could do was to try and act normally, and hope that these aberrant feelings would fade with time.

The next day, I went to visit with my next-door neighbor, Harry. Harry's daughter, Jane, was in Lisa's class, and I'd met Harry during one of those open house nights at the girls' school. We'd become fairly good friends over the years, borrowing each other's tools when we needed, babysitting for each other, that sort of thing. Harry was also a single parent, his wife having left him years ago, so we had a common bond.

I spent the better part of the afternoon in Harry's kitchen, shooting the breeze and knocking back a few beers. After a while, the conversation turned to the subject of our children.

"That Lisa's turning into a fine young woman," Harry said, his voice a little slurred with the beer we'd been drinking. "She's a pretty little thing, isn't she?"

"That she is," I said, not exactly stone cold sober myself. "Seems like it was just yesterday she was a toddler bouncing on my knee. Now she's all grown up."

Then Harry looked me in the eye and said something that turned my blood cold. "Have you enjoyed her yet?"

"What?" "You know what I mean, Jack." "Are you asking me if I've... touched Lisa?" Harry laughed, snorting. "Yeah, I guess that is what I'm driving at. Shit Jack, your girl's a fine looking little piece, don'cha think? She's even prettier than my own girl. Don't tell me you haven't thought about - "

"Harry," I said quietly, "You're my good friend, and I know you've been drinking, but you'd better shut the hell up real quick here before I let you have it." 

Harry just grinned. "You gotta get yours trained, like mine. You know how they are at this age. They start gettin' hot pants, runnin' around town with every Tom, Dick and Hairy Dick, if you know what I mean. Gotta keep 'em down on the farm, you know?"

Good friend or not, Harry's drunken ranting was pissing me off. If anyone else had said what he'd just said, I'd have knocked his teeth onto the floor. In fact, if he'd gone on for another minute, I probably would have done just that. But Harry lifted his head and called out, "Jane! Get in here right now!"

Jane walked into the kitchen. She was a cute little blonde girl wearing a silk blouse and a wispy skirt that blew up around her legs, showing off her slim, nyloned thighs and calves. When she saw me she smiled shyly, then turned her attention to her father. "What is it, Dad?" she asked amiably, but with a touch of nervousness in her voice. No doubt she knew he'd been drinking. "I was just about to go to the movies with Sher - "

"Come here," Harry commanded, and his daughter went around the table to him. Harry looked at me with a devilish twinkle in his eye. "Now this one," he said, "I've trained, and trained well." With that, he slipped a hand up his daughter's skirt and began roughly fondling her ass. He hiked her skirt up around her hips, and I could see his fingers kneading her bottom, which was covered by a lacy pair of red panties.

"Look at this," Harry remarked, his hands all over his little girl's ass, "she's got whore's panties on." Then, to Jane, he said, "You're going out so you can be a whore for your boyfriends, is that it?"

Jane shook her head. She was afraid, but there was something about what they were doing that felt familiar, as if it was a regular ritual of their household. Still rubbing Jane's ass, Harry said, "Because you know who your little pussy belongs to, right?" Jane nodded.

"Then tell me," Harry said, "I want my friend Jack here to know, too." Jane looked at me briefly, and whispered quaveringly, "My pussy belongs to you, Daddy."

"That's a good girl," Harry said gently, and turned Jane so that she sat on his lap. "See what I mean, Jack?" he asked, grinning. "Yeah," I said hoarsely. My cock was throbbing in my pants as I watched this perverted play going on. In all my years of knowing Harry, I'd never suspected that he was up to something like this. I was shocked... but more than that, I was aroused, unbelievably so, by what my friend was doing to his own daughter.

Harry now had his hands up Jane's blouse, and was fondling her budding tits. "They're still a little too small to have real fun with," he remarked casually, "but they'll grow." Now he plunged a hand down the front of Jane's skirt, and began stroking her pussy. Jane closed her eyes and began moaning softly as her father rocked her back and forth on his lap.

"Um, I think I should go," I muttered, getting up. Harry waved me back down. "Don't leave yet," he said. "The fun's just starting. You want a piece of this, don't you?"

I looked at Jane, leaning back against her father, whose hands were on her tits and snatch. Her wavy blonde hair spread out against Harry's chest, and she looked so tempting like that, totally helpless.

My cock was raging. I'd only had a couple of women since June and I split up, and I'd almost forgotten what a woman's cunt looked like. Harry only had to see the look in my eye, and grinned his devilish grin again as he lifted Jane off of his lap and ordered her to her feet.

"Like the girl said, her pussy belongs to daddy," Harry said, "but you can have the other end if you like." He looked down at Jane, who was looking up at her father with half-lidded eyes that were filled with a curious mixture of dread and desire. "Would you like to give uncle Jack here some lovin'?" he asked. Jane looked at me and nodded. "Would you like me to?" she asked timidly.

My head nodded itself. At that point I felt totally disconnected, out of control. The blood pounded in my head and in my cock, and neither knew what it was doing, but knew only what it wanted.

Jane leaned over my lap as I sat in the kitchen chair, and unzipped me. My cock nearly struck her as it leaped out of its confines and stood at full attention, its head nearly purple.

Meanwhile, Harry stood behind his daughter and lifted her skirt up. I could see her bare ass peeking out from her skirt, and my dick hardened a bit more. Then I felt Jane's lips touch my cock. She kissed my throbbing hardon all over, from head to shaft, little wet angel kisses that nearly had me creaming all over her face. Jane seemed to know when to stop, however, and she pulled back just before the crucial moment. Smiling up at me, she parted her lips and went down on my cock, taking the rigid meat into her soft, warm mouth.

I groaned as I felt my dick sliding between her lips, her rough tongue running over the sensitive flesh. Behind her, Harry had his own cock out and was rubbing it between Jane's ass cheeks.

I stroked Jane's pretty golden hair as she dutifully sucked my cock. I imagined Lisa's face there in place of Jane's, and that enflamed my passions further. Grabbing hold of Jane's head, I pushed her roughly down on my prick. She gagged a little as my cockhead hit the back of her throat, but her father had taught her well, and was evidently no gentler than I was, for she accepted my vicious thrusting with ease.

I saw Harry looking down at this with undiluted pleasure. No doubt it gave him pleasure to see his friend using his daughter as trashily as he himself did. It gave him pleasure to see his little girl acting the whore. Harry was pumping his cock in and out of Jane's pussy now, squeezing her ass cheeks as he rammed home again and again. Jane's whimpers of pleasure were muffled by my fat cock.

Once again I imagined my own sweet daughter's mouth loving my prick, and this time the image drove me over the edge. With a guttural cry I shot my load into Jane's mouth, pulling out only to pump more of my cream onto the little girl's face. All the while, I pictured Lisa's face as I covered it with my spunk, and her angelic smile as she licked it off of my cock.

Harry brought himself off a minute later, his prick spasming as he sprayed his daughter's ass with his jism. Jane went on her knees in front of us as we stood and wiped our dicks off on the areas of her face that weren't covered with my semen. Then she sucked us off once more each, to clean us off. Harry patted Jane on the head. "That's a good girl," he cooed. "Now go on and get yourself cleaned up. It's almost supper time."

Jane nodded. "Yes, Daddy," she said. She looked at me once again. "Did you enjoy me?" she asked, a shy smile on her come-streaked lips.

"Yes, God help me, I did," I replied, and Harry broke out laughing.

That night, Lisa and I decided to stay home and watch a movie. She wanted to watch 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' for about the zillionth time, and I was still so zonked and satisfied by that afternoon's encounter that I was in no position to deny her.

When she joined me on the couch, I was gratified to see that Lisa had decided to wear something more reserved than the swimsuit she had worn the day before, just a flannel nightgown that went to her knees. I was feeling guilty enough for having masturbated while watching her, and I felt that the best thing to do would be to put those nasty thoughts as far from the front of my mind as possible.

Still, as we watched Indiana Jones survive one deadly threat after another, I couldn't help but steal glimpses of my daughter's lovely legs. I saw a thin gold anklet around one slim ankle, and my heart skipped a beat. Somehow just looking at Lisa's legs was turning out to be a more erotic experience than seeing her nearly naked had been the day before.

Lisa, for her part, was oblivious to the depraved urges of her old father. She snuggled up against me towards the end of the movie, when sleep began to overtake her. I felt her warmth and smelled her sweet perfume, and had to hold a pillow over my lap to hide the growing erection that threatened to poke out from my pajama bottom.

By the time the end credits ran, I heard soft, regular breathing next to me. I looked over, and saw that Lisa had fallen deeply asleep.

I shifted over, intending to get up and let Lisa slide down onto the couch, but as I did so her head slid down the length of my body and ended up in the vicinity of my left hip. I froze. Lisa's face was just inches from my crotch.

I don't know why I did what I did then, it was such a reckless thing to do. But I sat back down on the couch, at an angle so that Lisa's head rested on my hip, and let my cock spring out from my pajamas. Her sleeping face was now so close to my naked prick that her lips nearly touched the shaft.

I began slowly stroking my cock then, my free hand reaching down to stroke Lisa's hair as gently as I could. The sight of my beautiful daughter's face right up against my prick was

exciting beyond belief. It was more than I would ever have dared to do, except that my encounter earlier that day with Harry and his daughter had emboldened me. If Jane could be trained to accept her father's cock, perhaps Lisa...?

But for now, I was content to merely jerk myself off with my sleeping daughter's head in my lap. Her face looked so innocent, so pure, that the temptation was great to just plunge my cockmeat into her mouth and damn the consequences. The consequences, however, were too great to risk anything so foolishly bold. I loved Lisa more than anything else in my world, and I would do nothing to throw that away. At least, not unless I thought I could get away with it.

Lisa shifted a little, but otherwise remained fast asleep. Meanwhile, I pumped my cock with increasing ferocity, imagining that flesh thrusting in and out of my little girl's mouth, her virgin pussy. Finally, I could stand no more. I let out a little groan as I came, my semen bubbling up like water from a hose, large drops of it landing on Lisa's cheeks and lips. As I pumped the jism from my cock, I worried suddenly that Lisa might choose that time to wake up, and find her father's come all over her face.

I quickly smudged the semen with my thumb, wiping off what I could and smearing the rest so that it blended into her smooth skin. There was one thick gobbet of cum on her puffy lower lip, and that I pushed into her mouth. She made a little face as she reflexively swallowed it, and I felt a warm rush of pure depraved pleasure as I realized that, if nothing else, my daughter had gotten her first taste of cum from me.

With careful haste, I put my penis away and stood up without wakening my daughter. I lifted her up from the couch and carried her to her bedroom. She stirred a little as I lay her down on her bed. She put her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. "G'night, Daddy," she said blearily, and fell asleep again.

"Goodnight, honey," I replied, and kissed her back, on the lips. I stood to leave, thinking myself sated for the day, if not for the rest of the month, but as I did so I looked at Lisa once more.

If not for my raging, unconsummated lust, I would never have believed it, but my cock began to grow hard again as I looked at my sleeping daughter. Her flannel nightie had hiked up around her waist when I laid her down, and now I could see her white cotton panties, and her beautiful legs that were spread as if beckoning me to their dark center.

Unable to stop myself, I reached down and ran a finger along her inner thigh, and into her crotch. Ready to pull back if she so much as stirred, I slipped my hand underneath the thin fabric of her panties and felt her pussy, the soft downy hair barely covering her lips. My other hand went to her breast, and kneaded the firm, yielding flesh beneath the flannel of her nightgown.

My cock was rock-hard once again as I molested my little girl while she lay sleeping in her bed. Part of me told myself to get the hell out of there before she woke up, but the stronger part of me resisted. So I stood there, rubbing her pussy and tits, while my daughter lay dreaming what were no doubt erotic dreams.

With my cock poking out of my pajamas once again, I pulled Lisa's panties down, slowly, carefully, and off until they dangled from one ankle. Then, once again with exquisite care, I spread my daughter's thighs until I could see the pink flesh of her vagina opening before me like a flower. I leaned down and touched her pussy with my tongue, savoring the salt taste. Until now, I had only fondled her, as any horny father might do with his unsuspecting daughter. But now I was crossing a line, and I could never turn back. Nor did I want to.

I looked up. Lisa was still fast asleep. I'd known she was a deep sleeper; some mornings the alarm didn't wake her, and I had to shake her roughly by the shoulders before she'd stir. With a new confidence, I lowered myself to her sweet snatch once again and this time licked it, burying my face in her musky scent. My tasty little girl, I thought, and parted her pussy lips with my tongue.

I did this for several minutes, until finally I'd had enough, and wanted something different. I looked around and found a small bottle of hand lotion on her bedside table. I put some lotion on my cock, which was now raging again as if it hadn't just emptied my balls a mere hour hence, and knelt between my daughter's open legs.

I rubbed my cock head between her saliva-slickened pussy lips, and pushed it a little ways in. It felt like heaven, having my cock inside my own daughter's cunt, even if it was only an inch. It was enough, knowing that I was tasting the fruit of my own loins, defiling this innocent little girl without her knowledge. All the warm, fatherly feelings I'd had for her bubbled up, but now they were tinged with lust, and became something perverse... and incredibly erotic.

I pushed my cock in a little bit more, and had to fight to control the urge to ram it all the way in, to wake my little girl up by the act of deflowering her. Instead I thrust in and out by inches, enjoying what little I could of her sweet, delicious flesh. I stifled my delirious moans with my fist as I neared another orgasm.

Then I felt Lisa stir beneath me. Shock ran up my spine, and I froze. Lisa turned her head from side to side, as if caught in the midst of a strange and frightening dream, and then opened her eyes slightly.

"D...Daddy?" she mumbled, sleep fogging her voice. "Whatcha doin', Dad?"

My terrified brain scrambled for words. Here I was, kneeling between my daughter's legs with my cock quivering inside her pussy, and I was supposed to explain myself? "Um... D-Daddy was just m… making sure you were okay," I stammered, blushing furiously. What the fuck did I just say? I had no idea. I just hoped it would make sense to my daughter's half-asleep mind.

"Daddy, are you fucking me?" my little girl asked in a small, faraway voice. My heart thudding, I answered shakily, "Y-yes." Lisa mumbled something unintelligible and then moaned softly. "Mmmm... feels good." My cock twitched when I heard those words. My heart in my throat, I ventured, "Do you want me to keep doing it, baby?"

Lisa nodded. "Yeah..." she moaned again, "don't stop, Daddy." With that, I pressed my cock in deeper, until I felt my little girl's maidenhead resisting any further passage. "This might feel uncomfortable for a second, princess," I whispered softly. "Okay, Daddy," Lisa murmured, smiling. She spread her legs wider for me.

The thought that I was about to deflower my own daughter filled me with hot, boiling passion. I thrust firmly and felt the resistance crumble as my daughter let out a surprised gasp. I slid fully into her, my hands on her waist, thrusting her pussy onto my cock. "Oh, Dad!" Lisa gasped, coming more awake.

I pushed harder now, my thrusting more regular, and Lisa's moans began to rise in pitch with my own. I lay almost on top of her, her legs up around my shoulders as I fucked my daughter with all the passion with which I had once fucked my wife. "You're such a good little girl, Lisa," I managed between groans.

"I just want to make you happy, Daddy," she replied, her legs tightening around me. I fucked Lisa until I felt an orgasm shudder through her, and she cried out with ecstasy. The culmination of her pleasure drove me onward, and soon I found myself ready to explode.

"I'm going to come, baby," I gasped. "Come in me, Daddy," Lisa moaned. "I want to feel your seeds inside me."

Anything for my little girl. With a tremendous cry, I spilled my seed deep inside my daughter's virgin pussy. My muscles strained as I pulled her hard against me, my cock shoved up as far inside Lisa as possible without hurting her. I didn't think I would have much left for her, but as it happened, there was plenty. When I pulled out, after what seemed an eternity, creamy white pearls seeped from her wet snatch. I pulled Lisa to me and I kissed her long and deep, like husband and wife instead of father and daughter.

Lisa and I fucked and sucked each other all the rest of that night, and the whole rest of the summer, too. She enjoyed playing the part of Daddy's Little Whore, and I of course enjoyed it as much. When I came home from work she would greet me wearing only an apron, and she enjoyed teasing me as she served me my meals like that, slapping away my grabbing hands and acting the demure innocent. Later, of course, she would drop such pretenses and submit to her dear father's every lustful whim.

It wasn't long before I brought Lisa over to Harry's house, to join them in a little four-way father-daughter action. Harry and I would jerk off as we watched our little girls go at it, and then when they'd had enough fun we would step in, trading our daughters back and forth all night.

One day near the end of the summer, Lisa asked to go to the movies with me. "Sure," I said, "What do you want to see?" Lisa shrugged. "I don't know," she said. "They're always changing the movie down at the theater I want to go to."

I knew instantly what she meant. She wanted to go down to the X-rated movie house on the south side of town. "Are you sure?" I asked. So far we'd kept our antics in the house, or among friends. I wasn't sure I wanted to risk exposing my daughter to any unsavory elements. "Sure," Lisa said brightly, lust gleaming in her once-pure eyes. "I can handle myself. And even if I can't, I have my strong daddy to protect me."

So we went down to the porn theater. Instead of seats, the theater had long rows of leatherbound couches, like the seats in the booths at Denny's. There were quite a few men there already when we got there, but Lisa was the only woman. Most of the horny bastards looked up with glee when Lisa, who was of course an attractive young woman, entered, and they started pumping their cocks with renewed vigor.

I sat down, and Lisa immediately sat down on my lap. "I like this movie, Daddy," she said, loudly enough for everyone to hear. At once, like jackals moving in for the kill, the shadowy figures rose from their seats, wanting to get closer to what was no doubt going to be some hot action.

Lisa lifted her skirt, revealing nothing underneath but a gleaming snatch. She raised herself a little while I pulled my cock out of my pants, and then lowered herself down, leaning forward so that my prick could have easier access to her pussy. I eased into her, grunting a little as the funny angle bent my prick in new ways. "This feels good, Daddy," Lisa moaned as she went up and down on my cock, "but my mouth feels lonely."

"Maybe some of these gentlemen would like to help you out with that," I said, and immediately a group of slobbering, sex-starved men began moving toward us.

Lisa feigned surprise, although of course we had worked all this out before we'd come here. "Are you sure, Daddy?" she asked. "I think so," I said, playing the part of the hesitant but permissive father, which of course I was, although these horny bastards had no way of knowing that. If they had, they probably would have creamed themselves before they even touched my daughter. "Remember," I told her sternly, "you're Daddy's whore. Your pussy belongs - "

"I know," Lisa said, "my pussy belongs to Daddy."

Now a line had formed on either side of my daughter. She looked up at the first of them, who stepped eagerly to her, looking at me a little nervously as he did so. But I said nothing as Lisa eagerly swallowed the man's cock and began sucking in earnest. The man didn't take long to come, and soon he plastered my little girl's mouth with his semen. As he staggered away, another one, this one old enough to be Lisa's grandfather, stepped up with his cock erect and ready for her attentions. She gave them willingly enough, and soon he too went away dazed and satisfied.

Meanwhile, Lisa continued pumping up and down on my cock. Despite a twinge of jealousy, I was aroused as hell watching these strangers defile my daughter's mouth with their pricks. Before long, I burst inside her, my come coating Lisa's cunt walls and leaking back out onto my crotch. I reached up to fondle her tits, and found a pair of hands there already.

Lisa was sucking off another man, who was kneading her breasts with polite care. "Suck me, you whore," he breathed. Lisa, ever the obedient girl, complied cheerfully, and soon the man cried out, filling her mouth with another load of come. As man after man stepped forward to fuck Lisa's mouth, I marveled at my daughter's appetite for cock. I felt a funny sense of pride, too. I had taught her well.

Finally, Lisa had her fill, and I had her get up and wipe herself off as best she could. Some of the men who'd been at the end of the line complained, but one glare from me silenced them. We left the theater, me dabbing cum off the front of my pants and Lisa with a cum-eating grin on her face. The guy behind the ticket counter stared after us in disbelief as we walked away.

Since then, our lives have gotten more stable, a little less wild. We've moved out of the small town where we lived, and in our new neighborhood everyone knows us as husband and wife. They know nothing of our dark little secret.

Some people would condemn me for what has happened between me and Lisa. They would say that what we are doing is an unnatural sin, a perversion of nature. But I love Lisa with the love of a father for his child, and I also love her with the passion of a husband for his wife. The way I see it, we have the best of both worlds.

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