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This photo is only part of it. The full length photo shows Natalie Wood as you have never seen her before... FAT. I don't mean just out of shape, I mean blubbery Roseanne Barr size fat. In late 1979, Natalie Wood ballooned up and remained out of sight and went into seclusion for over a year. But there was ONE photo taken. It was published in a European magazine in 1981, but then withdrawn from circulation when Natalie died that year in a drowning accident. The magazine has since folded. You can search for the photo online, you won't find it. Only this head shot. If you do come across it, I've seen offers of 0K. Anyone seen it?

How could she have drowned? Wouldn't she float?

She was skinny again by 1981.

And she doesn't look that fat, if at all, in the pic anyway.

I saw a display of the clothing she wore in West Side Story (I think it was at Arc Light on the Sunset Strip). Judging by the size of the graments, the woman was fucking tiny.

500K? my big fat ass.

That wasn't very hard...

Not a fan pic,but check out her jewels..Is that a bronzed walnut? If so,does it open?

I loathe sweaters like that on me. Nice bling.

Wow, she was a beauty R10.

So now we know what happened that night.

ROBERT: My beautiful wife has transformed into a morbidly obese cow. CHRISTOPHER: But I am thin and will blow you. NATALIE: My life is over!

(Jumps into sea, sinks like a big old rock)

OP you're a fucking idiot.

She could be Chris Christie fat and people would still only notice that hideous hair.

That is NOT the pic, R6. She isn't even half way to her full size in that pic.

It wasn't 1979 when Natalie has put on weight; it was 5 years earlier after the birth of Courtney. Natalie ballooned up to 150 pounds which on her barely 5 ft frame was a ton. Look at this weigh, most of the time she fluctuated between 100-110 lbs. When she was filming Natalie would go on a diet of Polynesian food, minimize alcohol and work down to her professional filming weight of (are you ready ?) all of 95 lbs.

In 1979, Natalie had a couple of projects in the works including METEOR, the tv mini series FROM HERE TO ETERNITY, tv movie The Cracker Factory plus THE LAST MARRIED COUPLE IN AMERICA which was released in early February 1980 & also in 1980 the tv 2-parter THE MEMORY OF EVA RYKER . All of which show that Natalie was down to her usual size.

There are a few photos floating around from 1974-75 which show Natalie with one of those lousy mid-70s dos, like a limp 'shag' that were so popular at the time (Lesbian nun chic). In these pictures Natalie is trying to camouflage her girth by wearing big Elizabeth Taylor caftans in tapestry prints. You know, she was fairly candid about it all though afterwards; I remember seeing her talk about how she'd let herself go after the birth of Courtney and how she'd gotten up to the 150lbs I mentioned and (then) decided to drop the weight and worked with a private trainer get off the excess. It's not a huge secret, nor a big deal.

Another non-issue for DL fans.

So where's the proof that she was ever fat? An aging actress wasn't working for a few years? It'd been a long time since she was a box office star.

Gorgeous girl, the real thing, tons of friends.

God help RJ Wagner if it's ever proven that he did something to her.

I remember she got fat once the same way I remember Elizabeth Taylor getting fat (a few times).

Here's a quick clip of Natalie in her prime from 1962's GYPSY

She looked OK with a little meat on her bones but the picture R10 posted is gorgeous. I always loved this one.

[quote]That is NOT the pic, [R6]. She isn't even half way to her full size in that pic.

Regardless, OP/R16, I found the full-length stock photos, with the same watermark, that match the head shot you posted.

So maybe you need to admit that you posted the wrong head shot.

Not a fat pic..I love the 60s look in this one..So what if she was fat for five minutes! She was a great lady!

Here's the photoset...

Her and Warren should have had a baby.


She and Warren should have, not her and Warren.

She is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world by many..I can't see this turn into a trash Natalie thread.


Yes, great shot of Natalie. That one was taken in NYC in 1963 when she was staying at the Sherry Netherland.

More cushion for the pushin'

Dear r1, did you never hear the joke - What kind of wood doesn't float?

Here is all 95 pounds of her in "West Side Story".

Even if the waist is due to an industrial-strength Merry Widow under her poor-girl's summer dress, she's a tiny thing.

She was Russian, of course she's gonna pack on the pounds as she ages.

She probably started stealing jewelry and makeup from Marshall's too.

She was absolutely gorgeous. Stunning. That scene with James Dean in the mansion: "I love you, Jim. I really love you". Gets me every time.

I read she was drinking heavily in her later years. Could have caused the bloating.

[quote] In late 1979, Natalie Wood ballooned up and remained out of sight and went into seclusion for over a year

Wrong--here's Natalie in a 1980 interview with Rex Reed:

That was late 1980, R39, after she lost the weight.

[quote]That was late 1980, [R39], after she lost the weight.

My point was, late 1979 to late 1980 =/= "over a year" in seclusion.

Btw--the pic in OP's post appears to be from the 1979 Oscars (early-1979), and she isn't anywhere near "Roseanne sized". Her face seems to have drink-bloat, that's all.

According to the BMI chart being 5 feet tall and 150 lbs. would have given her a BMI of 29.3, which is overweight but not obese. She wouldn't have had to wear caftans.


The mother was dumpy in build and her younger sister Lana has put on the pounds in the past 15 years so I'm sure that Natalie would have been prone to weight gain as well but probably would have fought it.

Lana sure had some tits.

Lana was gorgeous. I'm surprised that she didn't go further in film.

Natalie on April 9, 1980, in an interview on NBC. Not fat.

February 1980. Not fat.

September 23, 1979. Not fat.

August 23, 1979. Not fat.

Okay, I'm done here. Bye, OP.

Now that I found the fat pic when do I get mu 0K?

R46, in that NBC interview she's wearing a Mama Cass mumu and the camera never pans down below her neckline. The other three event photos you posted are clearly photo-shopped.

I love Lana's book about Natalie Wood- both women were gorgeous in completely different ways... hard to say who was prettier

Her sister had gorgeous boobs but that was about it. She did not have anywhere near the beauty of her sister. Genetics are similar to a lottery -- rarely do things come together in such a way to produce such extraordinary beauty.

She's so lovely in the interview with Rex Reed. Though he's an asshole, he always knew how to handle stars in interviews and got the best out of them.

Jesus. Lana has the biggest areolas I've ever seen.

Natalie is quite adorable in those Roddy McDowell home movies at his beach house in the mid-1960s. It's quite clear watching her next to the other gorgeous stars of the era of how tiny she was. Hope Lange, Lee Remick, Samantha Eggar....all thought to be very pretty at the time but captured so much more extraordinarily beautiful than remembered now, and without much makeup and special lighting.

Dominique Dunne recalled that at near every Hollywood function he attended with his then wife back in 60s Hollywood that Natalie was almost always the prettiest girl in the room.

Natalie, tastefully nude...

R58 That photograph was taken way back in December 1961 when Natalie placed her hand & footprints in cement at Grauman's Chinese Theater.

R59 Most definitely fake. The head portion was taken from a series of images of Natalie on a terrace at the Sherry Netherland in 1963 when she was in NYC filming LOVE WITH THE PROPER STRANGER.

Are you sure about the date of that photo, OP?

She really blimped up when she was pregnant in 1970 and 1974, but she seems to have lost it very quickly after she had the babies.

Here she is heavy and breastfeeding:

We know, R64. OP is just either crazy or trolling.

Is it just me, or is there yet to be a single picture posted on this entire threda that shows her fat?

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