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 — She's forced to have sex with a group. by DDVine11/24/06


 — Woman finds herself a captive. by ladytellmemore09/19/114.23

Darkness Ch. 01

 — The darkness inside is passed to a new host. by emma57902/22/104.42

Darkness Returned Ch. 01

 — Man kept waiting seeks his revenge. by Lightening Storm01/16/052.86

Darla's Revenge

 — Darla walks out on her date and into trouble. by sourdough99912/13/073.92

Darlene, It's Not What You Think

 — Lena likes another boy, but Rob takes what he wants. by LaTourEiffel02/07/154.10

Darling Girl

 — Intern follows man & is made to pay. by Firegirl11/13/024.36

Dartmoor's Revenge

 — Dartmoor has his revenge on his enemy. by oldoaktree12/09/024.22

Date Night

 — Dates like this keep the flame burning. by becca_lynn06/11/044.28

Date Night

 — An intruder in the house, but is he more than it seems. by AkashicDharma04/04/194.28

Date Night

 — We went out for a nice date, but I pushed you too far... by lovedrunkpup12/12/183.56

Date Night with Mom: Date Rape

 — A mom finds out that her son has many sides to him. by L.A. Wicker11/12/104.40

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 — Erica thinks Tim is a pushover but learns otherwise. by chuckamuck10/03/123.94

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 — Reunion coed babes open a gateway to hellish depravity. by FINC09/08/044.42

Date with the Devil Ch. 02

 — The demon defiles two more of the terrified women guests. by FINC09/13/044.39


 — Young, beautiful innocent meets army guys. by a.reporter01/28/034.14

Daughter of Frankenstien's Revenge

 — A twisted tale of revenge and transformation. by MagicWand05/18/054.45

Daughter Pays Debt Off Ch. 01

 — Girl finds out she must blow a guy to pay dad's debt. by tuxedoboonee06/09/154.03

Daughter's Amnesia

 — Daughter becomes the replacement wife for her father. by StarryHorizon12/13/184.32

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 — Big-breasted mom betrayed by "loving" daughter. by patty_parker6004/15/044.15

Daughter's Anal Slave Ch. 01

 — Busty, big-bottomed milf Eileen taken "anal captive". by patty_parker6012/23/124.11

Daughter's Anal Slave Ch. 02

 — The randy women get into Eileen's ass. by patty_parker6008/29/044.34

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Dave & Jenny Ch. 01

 — Jenny gets high and loses control of herself. by sandollar0407/09/053.60

Dave & Marla Ch. 01

 — Dave is released & Marla's stress begins; rat mask dream. by amour_propre03/21/154.14

Dave & Marla Ch. 02

 — Dave is back in Marla's life; Doris the lesbian wants in. by amour_propre05/13/154.15

Dave & Marla Ch. 03

 — Dave, Marla & Doris have a 3-way. by amour_propre06/02/153.50

Dave Loses His Wife to a Drug Lord

 — Detective asks wife to distract a drug lord for the evening. by User66612/30/134.19

Dave Meets Genna's Panties

 — Drunk guy takes care of drunk girl, or does he? by MercZ01/03/014.25

Dave's 20th Anniversary Gift

 — A wife and mother is forced into a new position in the home. by WantABWriter07/22/114.30

Dave's 20th Anniversary Gift Ch. 02

 — More is told about how Della became the maid. by WantABWriter07/30/114.17

Dave's 20th Anniversary Gift Ch. 03

 — Soyna consolidates her place. by WantABWriter10/09/114.11

Davey Violates His Sister

 — NCN big brother/little sister. by pleasemistress04/03/174.32

David and Angela

 — David's phone message for Angela leads to restraining order. by ErectForAngela02/05/162.47

David and Helena Ch. 02

 — Her control over him increases. by Daflinger06/10/134.29

David and Morgan Ch. 01

 — An unconsummated relationship puts a strain on things. by afternightpersonality03/27/133.45

David Vanishes

 — David walks into a beautiful girl's trap. by juxta_pozed02/11/083.21

Davis Furniture

 — An intruder has some fun at closing time. by MisfitToy04/13/094.20


 — Fantasy becomes reality. by Henry6711/10/034.29


 — A woman comes to terms with what she likes. by ofloveandlust08/12/154.47

Dawn Pick-Up

 — Big sexual surprises while jogging. by KenJames10/05/034.17

Dawn to Dusk

 — Almost empty condo bldg hides a wicked surprise. by JamieRed06/04/094.38

Dawn's Gangbang Pt. 03

 — Stupid whore wife gets pain and pleasure at her gangbang. by BigDiaz07/21/154.16

Dawn's Gangbang Pt. 04

 — Gangbang of a stupid whore wife ends. by BigDiaz07/23/154.22

Dawn's Revenge

 — A daughter turns the tables on her abusive mother. by Domwoolf12/11/114.34

Dawns Fatal Mistake

 — Sexy girl lies on resume and pays a heavy price. by Kinkycouple201704/25/183.92

Day Care Treatment Ch. 1

 — Ladies take advantage of young patient. by PAS04/26/024.49

Day Dream

 — Office girl is taught a lesson in desire. by Nymphadoria03/29/163.90

Day of Conception

 — A captive woman watches video of her own forced breeding... by uh-oh10/08/184.19

Day One

 — Sarah's new life starts with a kidnapping. by TheWriter09/30/013.79

Day One - The Bet

 — A couple makes a bet that nobody can lose. by sandgoseek05/01/143.81

Day Trip

 — Surprise fantasy fulfillment. by ladyfreak08/12/154.00


 — Separated young wife taken as she wakes. by KJLarson09/15/164.07


 — She fantasizes about being taken. by CeliaSpringfield11/16/083.79

Daydream at Night

 — A moonlit encounter between lady and beast. by ladythisbe01/09/183.95

Daylight Robbery

 — Robbers take more than cash. by AStropirate09/27/103.91


 — A sexy woman is kept prisoner. by JadeXX02/25/043.81

DC Trip

 — Lesbian threesome, lesbian rape. by LovelyLittlePixie07/31/113.16

DD Enforcers Ch. 01: Wasp

 — Meet the Wasp. by Girochen06/29/164.48

De-Flowered Princess

 — Prince Henry takes her virginity. by CountryGirl08/15/033.97

Dead End And Unexpected

 — He corners a woman in a store. by Horatio_Scot05/11/063.79

Dead of Night

 — A woman taken in her own bed. by ToBeControlled02/14/113.79

Deal Ch. 01

 — A woman is taken captive by three horny men. by MasterOfGlory09/08/184.33

Dealing Nikki

 — Centerfold makes big mistake. by Bill F.L.11/12/003.95

Dealing with Sister

 — How far is Mark prepared to go to lose his virginity? by MausAss05/07/144.40

Deals with the Fox

 — Taken by Legion but Vulpes has his own plans for the Courier. by WWEs1fangirl01/04/134.29

Deanna's Story Ch. 1

 — He has plans for friend's unsuspecting wife. by The_Druggist02/04/034.37

Deanna's Story Ch. 2

 — Conniving hero must slip by beauty's guardian. by The_Druggist05/18/014.30

Deanna's Story Ch. 3

 — Angel is forced to perform on video. by The_Druggist05/23/014.26

Deanna's Story Ch. 4

 — Drunken 'Britney' clone is tricked into sex. by The_Druggist06/01/014.45

Dear Abby

 — She's led astray. by Just Plain Bob02/14/043.78

Dear Diary

 — Housewife gets unwanted attention at department store. by ladyjane209907/15/134.45

Dear Diary

 — He makes her fantasy - and his! - cum true. by cumcouple08/27/154.42

Death Erection

 — Payback is a bitch for a Bitch. by regularguy1303/03/174.28

Debauching Delilah

 — Virgin Delilah is recommended by her doctor for 'treatment'. by Ophelyra08/05/083.88

Debauching Wendy Ch. 01

 — Wife forced to undergo her worst sexual nightmares. by Tedboy202/10/153.78

Debauching Wendy Ch. 02

 — Wife forced to submit to further sexual humiliation. by Tedboy202/11/154.10

Debauching Wendy Ch. 03

 — Wife's further humiliations turns her into a slut wife. by Tedboy202/23/154.09

Debbie Gibson Ch. 02

 — Tony Smith - Taken by work colleague's husband on night out. by TeamEquipe10/22/144.45

Debbie Gibson Ch. 03

 — Mr Webster - Wife has to pay the outstanding rent. by TeamEquipe01/01/154.44

Debbie Gibson Ch. 05

 — Hot wife and mom seduced by sales rep. by TeamEquipe08/24/154.48

Debbie on Her Knees

 — My first experience is still one of my fondest memories. by Boxlicker10103/05/084.16

Debbie's Adventures Ch. 01

 — She takes his money for sexual favours. by persistantpest11/30/094.21

Debbie's Adventures Ch. 02

 — She can be a bad girl if it gets her what she wants! by persistantpest12/06/094.42

Debbie's Adventures Ch. 03

 — He's an old man who can't keep his hands to himself. by persistantpest12/14/094.17

Debbie's Adventures Ch. 04

 — It’s a threesome with Debbie in the middle! by persistantpest12/22/094.32

Debbie's Adventures Ch. 05

 — Debbie has a very BAD day. by persistantpest01/01/104.09

Debbie's Adventures Ch. 06

 — Held captive as his plaything. by persistantpest01/21/104.20

Debbie's Defloration

 — No panties, no bra and no memory. What went on at the party? by JennyGently04/18/164.36

Debbie's First Lover Re-Appears

 — Debbie reencounters the man who took her virginity. by stacey_lynne12/13/053.80

Debbie's Night

 — Debbie awakes to find she is not alone. by MrsBambi04/03/054.36

Debbie's Ordeal

 — Petite wife is humiliated & ravished by intruders. by misteraddict10/09/064.13

Debbie's Willing New Life Ep. 01

 — Debbie wants to leave her dull sex life behind... by sexyR202/16/124.41

Debt Owed Ch. 01

 — Husband can't make payments with cash. by 8Seconds12/21/044.09

Debt Owed Ch. 02

 — Family continues to pay. by 8Seconds12/22/044.49

Debt Payment

 — Wife offers goods to help settle debt. by Cartman10/17/004.14

Debt Relief

 — Brother-in-law demands high interest for loan. by Max Darroch09/27/034.00

Debt Relief Ch. 02

 — Brother in law continues to exact high interest. by Max Darroch10/08/034.12

Debt Repayment

 — Wife, daughter forced to pay husband's debt. by AStropirate07/25/104.07

Debt Repayment Ch. 02

 — Amanda and her daughter pay her husband's debt. by AStropirate08/22/104.30

Debt Repayment Ch. 03

 — Amanda and daughter continue to pay husband's debt. by AStropirate09/17/104.24


 — Treachery & betrayal in the White House. by jjsharshaw02/19/044.57HOTEditor's Pick

Deceitful Wife

 — Billie is humiliated and deceived by his new wife by Omega1209/16/082.64

Deceived Ch. 01

 — Best friends ever? by LaraKidul03/22/123.48

Deceived Ch. 02

 — Eve's fall. by LaraKidul03/27/123.84

Deceived Ch. 03

 — Still no apple? by LaraKidul04/06/124.38

Decency Broken

 — The camping trip where the last of her decency was broken. by Untameable_Guy09/20/123.93


 — 18 yr old babe gets kidnapped and fucked in a variety of way. by babypussy05/19/162.80

Decision Made...But Not By Choice

 — Angry at the lack of sex, Kyle leaves her alone. by TwistedLiving05/17/083.69

Decision Pt. 01

 — Cecilia tries to ignore her dark side but finds she can't. by ceciliaaah06/27/153.69

Deck Dogs: Diary Entry CB-028

 — Naval 'Comfort' Officer gets a 'Maintenance Check" plus more. by DirtySmokes10/18/184.00

Deck Dogs: Interview 0436-CB

 — A sailor tells of his experience with a "Stress Relief" unit by DirtySmokes10/01/183.73

Dee Gets Hers!

 — Revenge sex attack on teasing wife. by marriedpervs03/26/064.04

Dee Jaye Finds Trouble

 — A beautiful woman goes out looking for adventure. by RockyMountainMan203/25/184.00

Dee's Crib

 — Her boyfriend teaches her to be submissive. by oliver07/30/014.05

Deep Regret

 — He rapes best friend's fiancee, and feels regret. by Dustybottoms6606/05/063.84

Deep Throat Wife

 — Wife deep throats for first time. by Nightmare8708/18/114.24

Deep Water

 — Odd things can happen when you go swimming. by Ashson04/26/134.12

Deepa's College Life Ch. 00

 — Prologue: Deepika has an unforgettable birthday. by sin13809/15/163.86

Deeper Pt. 01

 — A married man meeting up with an old girlfriend is surprised. by DreamingOfCindy04/17/154.27

Deepika the NRI Slut Ch. 01

 — Back in India but not by choice. by sin13801/24/174.09

Deepika the NRI Slut Ch. 03

 — Deepika struggle to study in the college library. by sin13801/31/173.97

Deepika the NRI Slut Ch. 05

 — Pool party with the boys and the super seniors. by sin13804/28/174.15

Deepika the NRI Slut Ch. 06

 — A trip with the super seniors is hell where ever she goes. by sin13805/05/174.46

Deepika the NRI Slut Ch. 09

 — Night out with the girls leads to the NRI betraying one. by sin13808/20/174.33

Deepika the NRI Slut Ch. 10

 — Unexpected roadtrip leads to her exploding more than one way. by sin13812/21/174.16

Deepika's College Life Ch. 01-02

 — Deepika gets used to life in India and gets used in India. by sin13809/19/164.03

Deepika's College Life Ch. 03

 — Fresher's Show is on, and Deepika meets the wrong seniors. by sin13809/23/163.99

Deepika's College Life Ch. 04

 — Deepika must escape from the College or get in trouble. by sin13809/26/164.41

Deepika's College Life Ch. 06

 — Deepika is taken advantage of in the hotel with strangers. by sin13810/13/164.37

Deepika's College Life Ch. 07

 — Deepika is a special guest at the local school meet. by sin13810/26/164.24

Deepika's College Life Ch. 10

 — Deepika Plots her Revenge. by sin13801/21/174.24


 — Carla is punished by a lesbian secret admirer. by PisceanMystique03/17/093.55


 — He came to her assistance. by Ashson12/06/174.25


 — Up and cumming lawyer is held against her will, but likes it. by myhiddendesire276907/11/104.37

Defenseless Tactics

 — A female cop reluctantly uses her body as a training aid. by lecarson01/07/114.02


 — I defy You. by blue_all06/10/173.27

Defiled Angels

 — New nurses forced to satisfy unwelcome visitors. by AStropirate05/20/113.47

Defiled Ch. 01: Endless Worship

 — Faithful followers unknowingly walk into a demon's abode. by EvilSmile11/05/174.48

Defiled Christian Wife

 — Two christian women are fucked by a black man a with huge cock. by perv723403/19/143.90

Defiled Young Housewife

 — Young wife repeatedly taken against her will by boarder. by thecryptkeeper04/11/124.23

Deidre in the Islands Ch. 15

 — The talent show. by eatoure01/10/104.12

Deirdre's Downfall Ch. 05

 — Hubby's boss returns to use force. by jay.palin03/27/044.19

Delayed Force Fantasy

 — He couldn't find the nerve—until an email upped the ante. by Zaftigress01/02/163.92

Delia's Dilemma

 — Delia's boss takes advantage of her situation. by Labiaflowers08/23/113.89

Delicia Ch. 01

 — Housewife gets into cyber sex. by TeresaJ12/09/104.28

Delicia Ch. 02

 — Delicia's haunted past, the affair she can't forget. by TeresaJ12/09/104.48

Delicia Ch. 03

 — Delicia, caught in Jerome's trap, becomes a whore. by TeresaJ12/11/104.24

Delicia Ch. 04

 — Delicia, one year in captivity as Jerome's sex slave. by TeresaJ12/12/123.38

Delicious Rivalry

 — Beth gets to know her rival... through taste. by stewie745608/20/184.39

Delicious Treats Ch. 02

 — She wakes up in Hell. by DeepLines05/19/154.36

Delinquent Teen Learns a Lesson

 — Melissa is taught a lesson by her army sergeant uncle. by Ruler12307/05/154.28

Delivered Ch. 01-02

 — A slave is delivered to strangers. by serve4her03/24/164.28

Delivered Ch. 03-04

 — A slave is delivered to strangers. by serve4her06/22/164.27

Delivery Boy

 — A MILF decides to order pizza while her husband is away. by ThatNextdoorNeighborWithTheShadesUp08/07/143.55

Delivery for Janie

 — Sam the pizza boy has a special delivery for Janie. by shibariyenn03/09/143.26

Delivery Man Turned Pussy Slave

 — He's blackmailed into submission. by psoother09/02/053.93

Delm: A Consensual...

 — The plan is to make you his slave. by bbkradwell08/30/074.15

Delores Crosses Town Naked

 — Guy tosses Delores out the house naked. Let her get home. by EllenMelville05/08/184.24

Delta Delta Nu Nu

 — Young Nerd is selected by buxom blonde for a party. by LiamChristopher09/27/174.43

Demanding Respect

 — Waitresses release their frustrations on a helpless customer. by chatbug01/02/063.09


 — Single thirty something female gets owned. by peterswiftt12/29/164.12

Demon Dean

 — Woman is subjected to wickedness from an unexpected source. by meerkatchild11/12/154.35

Demon Spawn Ch. 01

 — Demons arrive to take over the world. by PastMaster06/13/184.18

Demonic Cuckold

 — Husband comes home to find his wife has guests... by Texguy8402/12/143.71

Demons and the Divine

 — A man of god forsakes his god for a burning lust. by Ravensing11/28/173.85

Demonthorn Ch. 05

 — A demon seduces a ferocious woman. by Ghostmambo05/17/184.46

Demonthorn Ch. 07

 — A demon plants seeds of corruption. by Ghostmambo08/23/184.45

Demonthorn Ch. 09

 — A demon seduces a fierce woman warrior. by Ghostmambo12/22/183.67

Denise Ch. 01

 — Denise experiences submission for the first time. by dannymike04/02/094.24

Dennis, April, & Lorraine Ch. 03

 — The foursome take revenge on Sarah. by SEVERUSMAX06/30/074.25

Dental Damnation

 — Dentist takes advantage of a sedated patient. by Saaren09/02/044.32


 — A woman who chooses to be smooth finds strange love. by cdangers11/24/154.19


 — Reiko is forced to suck a cock, and realizes she loves it. by VivianNyx08/06/144.22

Depraved and Degraded

 — My latest fantasy fulfilled. by CiaraSwallows08/05/163.14

Depraved Indifference

 — Mother of twin boys kidnaps a runaway. by Clausimotto04/04/143.38

Depravity Pt. 01

 — The Dinner Party. by pennyd199207/05/174.21

Depravity Pt. 02

 — Louise is compromised. by pennyd199207/06/174.43

Depravity Pt. 03

 — Steve gets his promotion. by pennyd199207/17/174.39

Depravity Pt. 06

 — Things take a sinister turn for Louise. by pennyd199208/08/174.48

Depravity Pt. 08: The Conclusion

 — The final chapter. What will happen to Louise? by pennyd199212/29/173.89

Depths of Debauchery

 — His life spirals into sex and submission. by Cicero604/08/034.28

Deputy Duffy Goes To Puppy Heaven

 — Deputy Duffy stops car with four women. by deputy duffy02/12/024.44

Deputy Duffy In Basic Training

 — Deputy Duffy's first humiliating strip search. by deputy duffy02/18/024.16

Deputy Duffy's Cousin

 — Deputy's cousin Amy experiences 'hell night'. by deputy duffy01/16/024.03

Deputy Duffy's Mistaken Identity

 — Danni Ash look-a-like falls into Deputy Duffy's hands. by deputy duffy03/08/024.00

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