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#KymMarsh – #Sexy #AlexJames #AJ #Photoshoot 2006

Kym Marsh - Sexy Alex James (A.J.) Photoshoot 2006

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Kylie's Home

Let Me Tell You

Anyone that has been in the public eye (at least) for as long as I have ends up with a few questions that seem to be popular with almost every interviewer. I decided to save some time and simply answer a few of them here.

Where did you get your name?

My name is a product of what happens when you decide to pick your name on St. Patrick’s Day whilst getting sloshed on Margaritas. (Yeah, I know, those two things don’t go together.) I liked the name ‘Kylie’, I just thought it had a nice ring to it, plus it was a unique name in the adult industry, and there were no other Kylies. In the midst of my Tequila buzz I decided that ‘Ireland’ sounded good with it. So there it was ‘Kylie Ireland’. It wasn’t until after I had done my first few movies that I realized it was similar to Kathy Ireland, but it was too late to change it at that point. Despite what you may or may not have read, I am not named after Kylie Minogue. In fact I am not even a fan of hers. Nor, despite the occasional idiot that asks, am I related to Kathy Ireland.

Are you really Irish?

Yes, somewhere around half Irish. The rest is part English, part Scottish and (as my family used to say) part ‘mutt’ … .

Is your hair really red?

I am a natural redhead, although my natural color is more of a dark brunette red. So I bump up the color so it is more striking on camera. When I was a teenager I had red hair, glasses, braces and freckles. Something had to go. I bleached my hair blonde and got contacts. My hair stayed blonde until about 1997 when I finally got tired of dying my red roots blonde. I prefer the red, but luckily for those of you who like the blonde, about half my movies were shot when I was a blonde so you have plenty to keep you entertained.

Are your boobs real?

Yes. Real expensive.

… or … Yes. I own them.

Naturally my breasts are an A cup; perhaps a B-cup if I took a deep breath. I had them augmented a couple years before I got into porn. There are no movies or photo shoots with the original equipment with the exception of a few personal photographs in my website. I have one of the best boob jobs in the history of porn girls; in fact many people don’t realize they are fake. Either way, I love them. Many people have asked for my surgeon’s info, unfortunately for those asking, he is retired.

How did you get into porn?

To help pay for college tuition I started dancing in Ft Collins, Colorado at a small topless bar named The Hunt Club. This is where I met cocktail waitress Juli Ashton (way before she was in porn too). We became friends, and I convinced her she should start dancing. Eventually we started commuting to Denver to dance at The Diamond Cabaret. It was there a talent scout came into the club looking for magazine models. I flew to New York to do a photo shoot with photographer Warren Tang, and it was during that photo shoot he asked me if I had ever considered doing porn. He said that he had a couple of friends who were in the biz and looking for female talent. I was married at the time, and my husband and I occasionally watched porn together so after some research and some discussion I decided to fly to Los Angeles to do a couple movies just for the adventure of it all. … That was March of 1994.

The couple that Warren Tang sent me to was Sunset Thomas and her (then) husband Zach. They introduced me to a handful of people in the industry, and helped me get my first few shoots. I figured I would do a few movies just for giggles, but suddenly I found myself quite popular and getting constant bookings. I put college on hold, and moved my entire life, husband, and my Siberian husky to Los Angeles to make a go of the adult industry.

Interestingly enough, my friend Juli got into the adult biz through a totally different avenue about 3 months later.

I performed in approximately 80 movies in the first 10 months, working 6+ days a week. Porn can be a fun and exciting, yet grueling industry — especially when you are new and hot. However, it was about that time I decided to take a break and head out on the road, touring the dance circuit, featuring in strip clubs around the United States and Canada.

What about your tattoos?

My first tattoo was the Kanji on my right ankle. Chloe and I got our ink done together in about 2001. Hers is Kanji on her inner wrist that means ‘Extremist’ and mine means ‘Girl Who Dreams’.

Of course, as those of you with ink know, it’s addictive, and I knew I wanted more. Next in about 2003 was the Celtic-style band around my right ankle featuring a ladybug. I used to love ladybugs as a little girl and they sort-of carried over to my adult life. Like me, they are tough on the outside, squishy on the inside.

Next, in late 2006 or so, came a matching two-piece design on my lower back and across my shoulders.

I had always wanted to do a major piece, but I had waited due to the fact that I was still performing a lot and a lot of Companies / Producers / Directors don’t like girls with tattoos. When I started doing more directing than performing I decided the time had come. Through some friends, I found the perfect tattoo artist, Mike Spazbo at Costa Mesa Tattoo ( We designed my half sleeve on my right arm — all Colorado wildflowers — Larkspur, Columbine, Bindweed, Bleeding Hearts, a Western Wood Lily, Lilacs and my birth flower Lily of the Valley. At some point I would like to continue the sleeve, winding the Bindweed vine down to my wrist and adding some more flowers I remember from growing up in Colorado, including Strawberries and Dandelions. It’s a beautiful work of art and I think it’s sexy as hell.

What was your first movie/scene?

My very first movie was L’il Ms. Behaved for Sin City Entertainment, directed by Freddie Lincoln and his wife Patti Rhodes. Often companies will shoot two movies at the same time to cut down costs, and L’il Ms. Behaved was shot at the same time as Cherry Pie starring a brand new young blonde also doing her first movie named Jenna Jameson. The makeup artist on the set that day was a friend of Jenna’s named Nikki — a hot blonde. (A few years later, she became a porn star herself and a Vivid contract girl known as Nikki Tyler.)

In L’il Ms Behaved my first scene was with the legendary Randy West. I remember being extremely nervous, and Randy was a total sweetheart, talking with me before the scene and going over our lines from the script. I wore a black schoolgirl skirt and a pair of white panties with little teddy bears all over them. I honestly don’t remember a whole lot about the scene itself due to my nervousness, but it was exciting and fun. So when Randy West tapped Jenna and me to do a scene with him for his Up & Cummers series I agreed. I did scenes in Up & Cummers 8 and 10. To this day that scene with Jenna and Randy — as well as the infamous scene in the Fallbrook Mall parking lot with Seymore Butts in Seymore and Shane Do Ireland — are among my most well known scenes.

I suppose I should probably tell you that I have A LOT more questions and answers in the Members’ Area. Some of them even have illustrations. Yeah, I know: Fancy.

A Biography of Sorts

My name is Kylie Ireland.

I am a porn star.

If I had to wind up my recent life in the adult industry it would be this: Fell into the biz in 1994, starred in over 450 movies, won a fairly impressive shelf full of awards, done countless TV and radio appearances and interviews, danced on tour as a feature entertainer for over six years and travelled all over the United States and the world. I have graced centerfolds and covers of magazines, posed atop a limousine in front of my own billboard on the Sunset Strip, seen my name lit up on many a marquee and regularly get recognized in public places.

I was one of the first three porn girls to launch a website on the internet.

kylieIt was within the adult industry I learned to direct and produce movies, learned of my talent of art direction and realized my dream of having my own radio show, having been on Sirius Satellite Radio now since 2006.

I have an action figure, a comic book, a cartoon strip and an inflatable love doll. My most intimate body parts have been molded and replicated for other people’s sexual pleasures.  People have tattooed my image on their bodies and named their children after me.

I have hosted awards shows, acted in mainstream movies and television, narrated my own Japanese Anime series, had my voice sampled for soundtracks and been in music videos. I have participated in charity events, hosted fundraisers, been the focus of scandal and have been a fierce supporter of the adult industry, defending our right to do what we do.

I have a love/hate relationship with the adult industry.

I learned, loved and grew up here, in the porn industry, my life and my sexual discovery documented on video, film, photos and print as I did so.

I treasure the adventures and memories. I regret nothing.

A Relatively Complete Movie List

I can’t promise I will get every single title in this list, but many people seem to be curious about it, so I am including a Probably Pretty Accurate collection for you here.

Some of my early movies are lost forever, collecting dust on a shelf somewhere, victims of companies that have gone out of business and new technology. Others have been cut into hundreds of “compilation” DVDs or farmed out on the internet. This is a list my movies — from 1994 to the present (now late 2012) — under their original titles. You can also find movies I have directed, mainstream appearances, and internet scenes.

Performer (denotes boxcovers)

69th Parallel Adam & Eve
8th Day Adam & Eve
8 Ball Pulse
A is For Asia Nu-Tech Digital
Ace Mulholland K-Beech Video
Adventures of Mighty Man Legend
Adventures Of Studman 2 Arrow Prod
Adventures Of Studman 3 Arrow Prod 
All About Anal 5 Sex Z Pictures
American Daydreams 5 Pure Play Media
An Affair with Kylie Ireland VCA
Anal Acrobats 5 Evil Angel
Anal Adventure Notorious
Anal Persuasion Executive Video
Anal Sex Movie Adam & Eve
Ass Kissers 3 Multimedia
Ass Invaders 2 Absolute Jewel
Ass Wreckage 1 Platinum X
Babewatch 1 Sin City 
Babewatch 2 Sin City
Babewatch 4 Sin City
Babewatch 13 Multimedia
Babewatch 14 Multimedia
Backwash Babes Excessive/Hustler
Bad Company Vivid
Bad Wives 2 Vivid
Bankable Vivid
Beauty and the Bitch Adam & Eve
Becoming Wet VCA
Being Porn Again Metro
Big Knockers 10 Topper Video
Big Knockers 20 Topper Video
Big Knockers 21 Topper Video
Big Knockers 8 Topper Video
Big Knockers 9 Topper Video
Big Pink Midnight Video
Bitch and Moan 1 Adam & Eve
Bitch and Moan 2 Adam & Eve
Bitchcraft 7 Evil Angel
Black Booty 2 Sex Z pictures
Black Rayne Sex Z Pictures
Blacks on Cougars 2 Blacks on Blondes
Blindfold Sin City
Blonde Justice 3 Vivid
Blue Aphrodite VCA
Blush Vivid
Calipornication  Sex Z
Canvas (non-sex) Arena
Captured Cougars Dungeon Corp
Car Wash Angels VCA
Cashmere VCA
Cat Lickers 4 Moonlight Ent
Century 69 818 XXX
Chasing The Big Ones 11 West Coast Prod 
Cheating Housewives 4 Smash Pictures
Cheerleader Strippers Plush Ent
Cherry Pie Sin City
Chug-a-lug Girls 5 Video Team
Circle of Lust Adam & Eve
Club Freak Adam & Eve
Club Sin VCA
College Guide to MILFs Shane's World
Confessions New Sensations
Corruption Sex Z Pictures
Cougar Club 3rd Degree
Cougars 3 Anabolic Video
Crazy Love Vivid
Crazy With The Heat 3 Metro
Crime and Passion VCA
Cumvert Platinum X
Cursed VCA
Dance Naked VCA
Dark Knight XXX, The (non-sex) Vivid
Daydreams Nightdreams VCA
Decadent Obsession Odyssey
Deep Anal Abyss 3 Evil Angel
Deep Inside Felecia VCA
Deep Inside Kylie Ireland VCA
Deep Inside Shayla LaVeaux VCA
Deep Inside Sindee Coxx VCA 
Defiled In Style Platinum X
Devil's Tail Adam & Eve
Dinner Party  Adam & Eve
Dirty Big Butt Teachers 3 Evasive Angles
Dirty Games XXX Taryn It Up Ent
Dirty Over 30  3rd Degree
Double Shocker 3 Adam & Eve
Double Violation Sex Z Pictures
Double Vision VCA
Dreamers 2: Awakening Adam & Eve
Dreams of Sunrise Vivid
Drifter Metro
Ecstasy Girls 6 Odyssey
Edge Play VCA
Epiphany Excessive/Hustler   
Erotic Escape Factory
Erotica Sin City
Exposed New Sensations
F Zone Wicked Pictures
Face Jam VCA
Face Jam2 VCA 1997
Fantasy Chamber Ultimate Video 1994
Father Figure 3 Sweet Sinner 2013
Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends Smash Pictures 2010
Firebush Platinum X 2004
First Time Ever 1 Plush Ent/NuTech 1995
Flash Wicked Pictures 2000
Flesh Shopping Network Midnight Video 1995
Fly Spice: Virgin Flight (nonsex) Spice Studios 2006
Fourth Vixxen Executive Video 1994
Fuck Me: Lauren Phoenix Harmony 2005
Gangbang Squad 15 Pink Visual  2009
Gate, The Wicked Pictures 2001
Ghosts Executive Video 1994
Girl Show 2 Pandora Bazaar 2002
Girl's Affair 59 Fat Dog 2001
Girl's Affair 7 Fat Dog 1995
Girls in White 2007  Girlfriends  2007
Girlvana 5 Zero Tolerance 2009
Go Ahead... Eat Me Kinky World 1995
Going Down Pandora Cinema 2002
Hard Driven VCA 1998
Hardcore Climax  Sineplex 2003
Hayseed VCA 2002
Heart Breakers Caballero   1994
Heart Strings VCA 2002
High Heel Harlots 4 Silver Foxx   1994
Hung Wankenstein Sin City 2001
Icon SexZ Pictures 2008
Immortal Lust Klimaxxx  1996
In the Butt 2 Naughty America 2009
In the Flesh VCA 1998
Initiation Of Kylie Video Team 1995
Intense Desires Lennox Films 2003
Ironman XXX (non-sex) Vivid 2013
It Had To Be You Wicked Pictures 2000
Jiggly Queens 2 Legend Video 1994
Just One More Time VCA 1998
Kayden's First Time Vivid 2007
Kinky Fantasies Unknown 1994
Kiss of the Strangler Hot Video 2011
KSEX 1: Sexual Frequency Adam & Eve 2005
Layout Vivid 2007
Leena Is Nasty  Coast 2 Coast 1994
Legend 5 Legend Video 1994
Legends & Starlets Sweet heart video 2009
Lesbian Adventures Strap-On Specialist Sweetheart 2008
Lesbian Confessions 2 Sweetheart  2008
Lesbian Chronicles 2: First Loves Sweetheart 2007
Lesbian Daydreams Sweetheart 2008
Lesbians Love Sex 5 Pink Kitty Video 2007
Lesbian Office Seductions  Sweetheart 2008
Life, The Wicked Pictures 2003
Lil' Ms. Behaved Sin City 1994
Love Muffins Wicked Pictures 2002
MILF Bone 2 Diabolic Video 2008
MILF Worship 10 Exquisite 2010
MILF-O-Maniacs 2 Wicked Pictures 2008
Mind Fuck Red Light District 2005
Mis Spelled VCA 1999
Mommy and Me Combat Zone 2010
Mommy Blows Best Overboard 2010
Mommy Rearest Sex Z Pictures 2008
More Sorority Stewardesses Plush Ent 1996
Mother Load 4 Zero Tolerance 2008
My First Sex Teacher 13 Pure Play Media 2008
My Plaything: Kylie Ireland Digital Sin 2001
My Sisters Lover Sweet Sinner 2008
Naked Desert  Vivid  1996
Naked Hollywood 11   Adam& Eve  2002
Naked Hollywood 12  Adam& Eve  2002
Naked Hollywood 13  Adam& Eve  2002
Naked Hollywood 14  Adam& Eve  2002
Naked Pleasure Leisure Time  1996
Naughty Office 5 Pure Play Media 2006
Neon Bed  VCA Plus  2001
Netskirts 4.0 Girlfriends Films 2010
Never Say Never  Sin City  1994
Never Say Never...Again  Sin City 1994
New Behind the Green Door (non-sex) Vivid 2013
New Ends 8  New Machine  1994
New Girls In Town 3 Wicked Pictures 2002
New Wave Hookers 6  VCA Plus  2000
Night Crawlers  Sin City  1994
Night Fantasy Leisure Time  1996
Nightshift Nurses 2  VCA Plus  1996
Nina Hartley's Advanced Guide to Anal Sex for Men & Women Adam & Eve 2007
Nina Hartley's Guide to Double Penetration Adam & Eve 2004
Nina Hartley's Guide to Erotic Bondage Adam & Eve 2005
Nina Hartley's Guide to Masturbation Adam & Eve 2004
Nina Hartley's Guide to Spanking Adam & Eve 2004
Nina Hartley's Guide to the Perfect Orgy Adam & Eve 2007
Nina Hartley's Private Sessions 1 Bizarre Video 2002
Nina Hartley's Private Sessions 12 Bizarre Video 2004
Nina Hartley's Private Sessions 17 Bizarre Video 2005
Nina Hartley's Private Sessions 18 Bizarre Video 2005
Nina Hartley's Private Sessions 2 Bizarre Video 2002
Nina Hartley's Private Sessions 3 Bizarre Video 2003
Nina Hartley's Private Sessions 4 Bizarre Video 2003
Nina, Shayla And Kylie's Barcelona Home Video Filthy Flicks 1997
No Man's Land 32  Video Team  2000
No Man's Land 39 Video Team 2003
No Man's Land 40  Video Team  2004
No Man's Land MILF Edition 3 Metro 2009
O: The Power of Submission Adam & Eve 2006
On Your Knees Bitch (bonus scene) Platinum X  2005
Once A Year  Adam& Eve  2001
One Sleepless Night  Wicked  2001
Open For Anal 2 Platinum X 2006
Oral Operator  K-Beech  1996
Pandora's Box Pandora Cinema 2001
Passion, The In-X-Cess  1994
Peepers VCA 1999
Peepshow  Odyssey  1994
Perfect Creatures Sex Z Pictures 2007
Phantom Love Wicked Pictures 2001
Picture Perfect Metro 1994
Play With Fire  Simon Wolf  2002
Playgirl: A Heat That Devours Playgirl/Wicked 2009
Playgirl: Hitting the G Spot Playgirl/Wicked 2008
Playgirl: Lessons in Love Playgirl/Wicked 2006
Playmates of the Rich & Famous Barbie Bridges Ent 1995
Pleasure Pit VCA  1997
Poison  Vivid  1994
Porn-o-matic 2001  Wicked  2001
Porn Principle (unreleased) Night Moods 2009
Pornstars: Ultimate Sex Partners 2 Metro  2004
Predator 3 Wicked Pictures 2009
Pretty Mess Vivid 2005
Private Performance  Nu Tech  1994
Private Strippers  Plush  1997
Provocative  Legend  1994
Puritan Magazine 27 Puritan International 2000
Pussy Clips 12 Snatch Productions 1996
Pussy Clips 6 Snatch Productions 1994
Pussyman Auditions #17 Snatch Prod  1994
Pajama Party X 1  VCA  1994
Pajama Party X 2  VCA  1995
Pajama Party X 3 VCA  1994
Rainwoman 16 Coast To Coast 2001
Rainwoman 7 Coast To Coast 1994
Rainwoman 8 Coast To Coast 1994
Raw: Vol 1 Nasty Pixxx 2001
Raw: Rise & Fall of a Pornstar VCA  2000
Reality And Fantasy Dreamland Ent 1994
Risque Burlesque  Intropics  1995
Rivals Sweetheart Video 2008
Roadblock Wicked Pictures 2001
Scorned Penthouse 2010
Seasoned Players 4 Evolution Erotica 2008
Seduced by a Cougar 11 Pure Play Media 2009
Serenity's Roman Orgy  Wicked  2002
Sex Fest Fifth Element 2006
Sex Party  Kinky World  1995
Sexual Healing  Vivid  1994
Sexy Nurses 2  Cal Vista  1994
Seymore And Shane Do Ireland  Seymore Butts  1994
Seymore Butts Tushy Girl Lost Seymore Butts 2000
Shave Tails  Soho  1995
Shocking Truth Wicked Pictures 2001
Shorty iz Fuckin' Yo Mama 2 Black Market Ent 2007
Sick Chixxx Sex Z Pictures 2007
Signature Series 11 Adam & Eve 2005
Skin Dive Sin City 1996
Smells Like... Sex  VCA Plus/AVN  1996
Smooth Ride Wicked Pictures 1996
Something About Kylie  VCA Plus  1999
Something So Right Wicked Pictures 2002
Sorority Sex Kittens 3  VCA  1996
Sorority Stewardesses  Plush  1995
Sorority Stewardesses 2  Plush  1996
Sounds of Obsession Vivid 2008
Stalker Vivid 2008
Stand Up VCA 1994
Star, The Hollywood Video 1994
Star Wars XXX (non-sex) Vivid 2012
Stiff Competition 2 Caballero Home Video 1994
Still Insatiable VCA 1998
Str8 Shots 2 (nonsex) Channel 1 Releasing  2005
Submission Wicked Pictures 1994
Tailgunners Adam & Eve 2006
Take It All Adam & Eve 2006
Talk Dirty To Me 10  Dreamland  1996
Taxi Dancer VCA  2000
Telephone Expose  VCA  1996
Tender Loving Care Wicked Pictures 1995
This Ain’t the ExpendablesXXX(non-sex) Hustler 2012
Three on a Honeymoon  VCA 2001
Timeless  VCA  1998
Titty Slickers 2 Legend Video 1994
To Steal A Kiss  Ultimate  2001
Tongue in Cheek Legend Video 1994
Torn  VCA Plus  1999
Toy Boxes 2 Adam & Eve 2007
Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Anal Sex 2 Vivid-Ed 2010
Turning Point  Wicked  2002
Twist Of Fate  Wicked  1996
Twisted as Fuck DVSX 2006
Uninhibited Girl  VCA Plus  2000
United Colors Of Ass 8 Video Team 2001
Up And Cummers 10  4-play Video 1994
Up And Cummers 18 4-Play Video 1995
Upload Sex Z Pictures 2007
Valley Girl Connection Metro 1995
Vengeance Wicked Pictures 2000
Violation Of Kylie Ireland JM Productions 2009
Visions Of Seduction Midnight  1996
Voyeur 2  Evil Angel  1994
Walk Away Renee Wildlife  2001
Welcum To Chloeville 3 Elegant Angel Prod 2000
Western Nights  Wicked  1994
Wet Dreams 9 Nasty Pixxx 2000
Wet World Erotica  2000
Whispering Hearts  Adam& Eve  2001
White Lightning VCA 1999
White Mommas 2 Elegant Angel Prod 2009
Whore Next Door Platinum X Pictures 2004
Whore Of The Rings  Sterling Pictures 2001
Women Seeking Women 33 Girlfriends Films 2007
Women Seeking Women 39 Girlfriends Films 2008
XXX Training  Wicked  2001
Yankee Rose  Legend  1994
You've Got a Mother Thing Cumming 3 Zero Tolerance 2009

Internet Scenes

Mommy’s Hot Friend
Bad Date
Is Your Dick Worthy of my Daughter?
Coming Home to Some Anal
Suffering Like Everyone Else
1 Gallon Enema & a Gaping Asshole
Anal Audition
Double Anal Fisting?!?!
Kylie Gets Triple Banged
MILF Porn Legends: Debi & Kylie
Midnight Takedown 6
Huge Toys, Huge Orgasms
Submission of Kylie Ireland
Revenge is Sweet
Voluptuous Vixen!
Enema MILFs 2
My Wife’s Best Friend Blew Me 3
The Adventures of Omega Woman & Gamma Girl
Untitled - 3 scenes


8th Day, The Adam & Eve
Corruption SexZ Pictures
Icon SexZ Pictures
Upload SexZ Pictures


All About Anal 5  SexZ Pictures
Ass Invaders Absolute Jewel
Ass Invaders 2 Absolute Jewel
Ass Wreckage  Platinum X 
Ass Wreckage 2  Platinum X 
Ass Wreckage 3  Platinum X 
Bitch and Moan Adam & Eve/Bad Seed
Bitch and Moan 2 Adam & Eve/Bad Seed
Butt Bitches  Platinum X 
Defiled in Style  Platinum X 
Double Shocker 3 Adam & Eve/Bad Seed 
Double Violation SexZ Pictures 
Hot Squirts 4 Adam & Eve/Bad Seed 
Mommy Rearest SexZ Pictures 
nASSty Dreams  DVSX
nASSty Dreams 2  DVSX
On Your Knees Bitch  Platinum X
On Your Knees Bitch 2  Platinum X 
Open for Anal  Platinum X 
Open for Anal 2  Platinum X 
Porn Principle (Unreleased) Night Moods
SexFest  Platinum X
Sick Chixxx SexZ Pictures 
Squirts So Good  DVSX
Taste Her Ass   Platinum X
Taste Her Ass 2   Platinum X
Take it All  Adam & Eve/Bad Seed
Taste Her O-Ring  Fifth Element 
Total Ass Wreckage  Fifth Element 
Toy Boxes 2  Adam & Eve/Bad Seed 
Twisted As Fuck  DVSX
Whore Next Door  Platinum X 
Wide Open for Anal Fifth Element 

Directed for Internet (Unreleased test shoot) ‘Stripped’ Original Internet Content  Original Internet Content Original Internet Content
SSC (Unreleased test shoot)  various Femdom scenes

Production Design

7 Minutes in Heaven (TV) x3sixty/Plausible Films
8th Day, The Adam & Eve
Avengers XXX: The Parody Vivid
Avengers 2 XXX: The Parody Vivid
Avengers vs X-Men XXX: The Parody Vivid
Corruption SexZ Pictures
Dark Knight XXX: The Parody Vivid
Icon SexZ Pictures
Ironman XXX: The Parody Vivid
Kiss of the Strangler Hot Video
Porn Principle (Unreleased) Night Moods
New Behind the Green Door Vivid
Scream XXX: The Parody Vivid 
She-Hulk XXX: The Parody Vivid
Star Wars XXX: The Parody Vivid
Thor XXX: The Parody Vivid
Upload SexZ Pictures
Wolverine XXX: The Parody Vivid
X-Men XXX: The Parody Vivid

Mainstream Television & Movies

Adult Stars Close Up: Private Lives Playboy Channel
Eye On People  CBS
Family Business  Showtime
Hard Copy Metromedia Television
Howard Stern Show, The  E! Television
Judge Judy Show, The CBS
Man Show, The  Comedy Central 
Nightcalls Playboy TV
RuPaul Show, The  VH1
Real Sex 11  HBO
Sex Under Hot Lights  Playboy TV
Secret Lives of Adult Film Stars  Playboy TV
Scared Slim San Diego 24hr Film Festival
Stripsearch (Seattle) Playboy TV
Showbiz Today  CNN
Strange Days (Stoned Looking Girl)  20th Century Fox
Tales From The Crypt  HBO
10 pm News  KTLA
Ultimate Poker Babes: Adult Stars Strip Off Passport Unlimited
X Show, The  FX Channel 

Makes you tired, right? Hey, I’ve been doing this a long time. “Hall of Fames” and all that … .

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