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Typical Disclaimer. This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living or dead is coincidental. All persons depicted in sexual acts are at least 18 years of age and consenting adults. This story involves incest. If that's not your thing, then you should stop reading now. A tip of the hat to Tigersman and HeyAll for their editing help. This is my first story submission. Enjoy.
We grew up normally, my sister and I did. There was no way to know what would happen. We had a typical suburban upbringing, with typical working parents, and had typical sibling fights. We were never particularly close, nor were we particularly distant. I am four years older than she is, so to me, she was just the spoiled brat. I felt she was coddled, while she felt I got to do everything I wanted to, and that it wasn't fair. We fought, argued and pestered each other, but no more or less than any other cookie-cutter suburban family.
I went to the state university in town, majoring in history, trying to earn my teaching certificate. I spent my freshman and sophomore years living in the dorms. Then later, through a lot of overtime at a meaningless retail job, I was able to get an apartment off campus. It was small, with just one bedroom with the only bathroom located inside the bedroom. It had a small kitchen and den, with a narrow balcony, but more than enough space for just me.
Heather, my sister, graduated from high school the same month I graduated from college and had earned my teaching certificate. We had a big family party at my parents' house. My friends came over and her friends came over as well. We had grandparents, cousins, other relatives we hadn't seen in years all came over to celebrate with us. Dad and Uncle James manned the grill. My folks generally didn't drink, but being a typical college guy, I had developed a taste for beer and brought enough to keep my friends and I well lubricated for the night.
Heather approached me at one point and asked if she and her friends Lisa and Mandy could have a couple of beers. I told her to keep it quiet, don't get too crazy and I wouldn't object. They didn't, and everyone had a good time. We sat around the fire pit and laughed with our cousins and friends. We told stories and jokes, turned up the music a bit loud, and danced throughout the night. I had to chase a couple of my buddies away from Lisa and Mandy as the night drew on, reminding them they were my sister's friends and not to be messing with them. But other than that, again, nothing notable happened.
I was protective of them, but not overly protective. I knew what my friends had in mind. They were the typical college "use them and lose them" types. I had known Lisa and Mandy since they were all in middle school together. The three of them were inseparable, and I guess I came to see them all as my little sisters. Lisa, the tall, lanky basketball player with long blonde hair, and Mandy, the shorter brunette, kind of plump, flirty, and fun, were all at the house constantly growing up. Once I graduated high school, I saw less of them, but at every family gathering, every school holiday, they there were. My folks seemed not to mind, and honestly, I didn't pay them all that much attention. I was always too focused on myself and what I had going on.
The party wound down eventually. Our uncles, aunts, and cousins all headed off. My folks cleaned up, and I went out with my friends to a party on campus, while Heather and her friends did whatever high school girls do.
Pretty typical. Pretty boring, eh? Yeah, you're right. But that would all soon change.
I managed to get a teaching job at the same high school in town Heather and I had graduated from. I kept the little apartment and readied myself to begin work. There were workshops and orientations to attend. Heather (and Lisa and Mandy) enrolled at the same state university in town I had attended. They would all live in the dorms, (as all freshman were required to do) so once again, I might see them here and there, but our lives wouldn't really intersect. That's what I thought, anyway.
September turned into October, and life continued as it was supposed to. I threw myself into my classes. I'd go out on the weekends now and again, even had a few dates here and there, but for the most part, I led a quiet life. On one such quiet Saturday morning, my phone rang unexpectedly. It was Heather. She needed a favor. I should have said no. If I had, none of this would have happened, but I didn't.
It seemed harmless enough at the time. She, Lisa and Mandy were going out to some new dance club and wanted to have an Uber pick them up from my place. The reason they gave me was they didn't want to have to walk across the campus from the dorms to Heather's car all dressed up and chance drawing any unwanted attention. Remembering my days on campus, I agreed, and soon my apartment was filled with girlish chatter and laughter. Heather gave me a big hug when she arrived, her petite frame pressed into mine. I noticed the top she was wearing was very low cut, and one thought hit me like a freight train... my sister had a fantastic set of tits on her! But when did that happen? I shook my head to clear the thought away as the three of them bounded into my place and seemingly took over in a matter of moments.
They had brought bags with them, apparently filled with outfits and makeup and assorted accessories to change into for their night out. They took over my bedroom and the accompanying bathroom for the next several hours. I heard the shower turn on and off a couple times and plenty of excited voices through the bedroom door as I sat and read a biography of Alexander Hamilton in my recliner.
I knocked on my bedroom door a couple hours later (an odd thing to have to be doing, I thought to myself) and asked if they were hungry. Heather opened the door wide enough to pop her head out and answer me. As she spoke, I saw a flash of bare ass behind her as someone (Lisa I guessed) dashed from the bathroom past the doorway across the room. That was unexpected. And a little nice.
I ordered pizzas, wings and drinks from a popular delivery place. Thirty minutes later, the food had arrived, and I was once again knocking on my bedroom door. This time, Mandy poked her head out the barely opened door, and I saw Heather behind her, facing away from me, wearing nothing but a black thong, in the process of pulling a shirt over her head and down her bare back. I told Mandy the food was here and ended up in the kitchen in a mental fog. How had I never noticed my sister had such a tight, round ass? And why was I noticing it now? What the Hell was wrong with me?
My thoughts were interrupted by the three of them swarming into the kitchen, grabbing plates and cups. As we ate, the girls asked me about some of their former schoolmates, who were now in the classes I taught, and I in turn asked them how college was going for them so far. You know, typical, pleasant enough conversation. I did find myself 'noticing' each one of them anew. Lisa had little in the way of boobs but a great set of long, slender legs and an alluring look about her. Mandy's plumpness lent her to having a large set of soft looking tits, but her eyes danced around as she spoke to you. Her smile would be the death of some lucky guy someday. And then there was Heather. Oh my, Heather. A simply beautiful face, sparkling eyes, bright smile, cute petite frame, those large, perfectly round, seemingly gravity-defying tits, tiny waist and a simply perfect round ass. I was amazed. How did those genes and mine come from the same place?
I mean, I certainly wasn't ugly, but I always considered myself just... average. Average height, average weight, average build, average brown hair and eyes. And yeah, average in the penis department too I supposed. But no one had ever complained. I dated here and there, so I wasn't socially awkward, but I was never the life of the party. But how, oh how, did the same genes produce me... and then a perfect creature like my sister?
The girls plopped their plates in the sink when they were done, and it snapped me out of my daze. They retreated to my bedroom to finish dressing for their night out, and I returned to my book. Images of their luscious bodies invaded my thoughts periodically. I tried to shake them off as often as they arrived. I mean, this was my sister, and the others were as good as sisters. I supposed it wasn't unusual to notice that they had grown into beautiful, sexy women. They certainly were, and they certainly had. And here I was, a normal, typical guy. Naturally, I had noticed, but that would be the end of it. Or so I told myself.
They emerged dressed to kill. Short skirts, tight tops, lots of skin exposed. I would describe their outfits further for you, but really, I couldn't ever do them justice. They were all just so.... Hot. Sexy. Do-able. They were going to get a lot of attention tonight. I was more than a little intrigued, and even had a momentary thought of going to the club later myself, just to see what might happen.
Their ride arrived, and Heather kissed me on the cheek as they left. I returned to my book. I watched a documentary on Netflix I had queued up last week and decided to go to sleep. As I stripped down, I saw the girls had left their bags here. Thinking back, of course they weren't going to take them along to the dance club. That meant they'd be coming back at some point. I headed into the bathroom to shower. There, I saw a tiny, neon green thong lying on the shelf where I kept my clean towels. I picked it up absentmindedly, wondering to myself if this had come off Heather's perfect ass, down Lisa's thin, slender legs, or from in between Mandy's bountiful cheeks. I rolled it around in my hand a moment, then threw it into the bedroom on top of one of their bags. I grabbed the last clean towel and stepped into the shower.
As the warm water ran down my chest, I thought again how great the girls all looked tonight. I felt the familiar stirring in my balls and my dick began to twitch. I hurried through the rest of my shower, now ashamed of the reaction I was having to the idea of my sister and her friends being sexual beings. I turned on SportsCenter and climbed into bed, naked as usual, hoping the TV would distract me enough to go to sleep without thinking more about the girls. I fell asleep eventually but not until after I tossed and turned a lot.
My phone woke me up just before 3 am. Heather had been calling and texting me for some 20 minutes. Apparently, I had locked them out. I had, unintentionally, since I did not consider that they were coming back here tonight. I pulled on some boxers and paddled out to open the door.
"Dude, not cool," Lisa greeted me with a scowl.
"Why did you lock us out?" Heather pouted.
"I didn't think you were coming back here tonight," I replied. They all still looked so... delicious. Sweat glistening on their necks, hair just tussled enough to look like they had a lot of fun tonight, yet still be up for more.
Mandy stumbled inside past me and collapsed on the couch, legs askew. I could see her thick thighs as her loose skirt had flipped up some. I got a glimpse of the pink panties she wore underneath and noticed that they were nearly see-through. There was no visible darker patch under them, so I assumed she was shaven. It instantly made me wonder about the other two. Were they? Did my sister and her friends all sport a shaved pussy? Why was I thinking about this? I needed to get back to bed.
Heather looked at my bare chest and smirked. She snapped me back to reality by asking me to let them crash here at my place tonight, so they wouldn't have to drive her car back to campus in their current state. Of course, I agreed. I mean, who wouldn't? They had obviously been drinking and were in no condition to drive. Why they didn't Uber straight to the dorms I couldn't figure, but since they drove here, and they left things here, I guess it made sense.
I gathered the few blankets I had and brought them out to the den. I apologized for not having more, but I mentioned that usually, the guests I had over would just sleep in bed with me. Why I said it like that I wasn't sure. Honestly, I knew why, I just couldn't admit it to myself at the time. Heather grinned knowingly, and said they'd be fine. "Just don't lock the bedroom door. You know us girls will need to pee at some point tonight."
I shuffled off to my room as they covered Mandy up on the couch. Heather was curling up in my recliner, and Lisa making a pallet on the rug. I looked back once more and took in the sight. I reached the bedroom and started to pull my boxers back off, but hesitated. What if someone did come in to use the bathroom? I decided to err on the side of caution and leave them on. I closed the bedroom door. Almost as soon as I shut the door, it popped open and Heather reached in and grabbed one of the bags on the floor. Seeing the thong that had been left in the bathroom, she looked up and grinned. "Oops, Lisa must have forgotten those earlier."
Damn. Now I pictured Lisa sliding those neon green panties down her slender, toned legs and got hard all over again. I laid down in bed and began to rub my dick through my thin boxers. I cursed myself for those thoughts and rolled over, needing sleep. Sleep eventually came, but I tossed and turned a bunch as my thoughts raced about the scene in my apartment.
At some point that morning - I couldn't tell you the time, let's just say it was way too early - I awoke to a familiar sensation. My dick felt wonderful, all hard and throbbing, with some gentle pressure being applied. What felt like a warm, soft hand was rubbing and gently stroking it. As the cloud of unconsciousness cleared, the sensation became stronger. Someone besides me was playing with my cock and balls. And it felt good. My dick was out of the fly of my boxers. I certainly hadn't pulled it out, of that I was sure, and it was being stroked, now a bit firmer and faster. I was getting a masterful hand job. I sighed and enjoyed the feeling. Stacey hadn't woken me up like this in a while.... Ahh, Stacey. We had stopped dating just before graduation. Wait..., what?
I pried an eyelid open, and through the haze saw brunette hair and a lot of skin, with hints of pink. As my vision cleared, I could see it was Mandy, sitting there in just a pink bra, one that matched the panties I had seen the night before when they came home. She had a look of pleased concentration on her face as her hands expertly manipulated my dick up and down, alternating between long and slow strokes along the entire length and shorter, faster jerks closer to the head. Her ample boobs jiggled with her arm motions. I could see her bra was the same, nearly see-through material as the panties were, and I could make out her hard nipples resting in their cups, trying to poke through the cloth. They looked delicious.
My gaze drifted down to her waist, where I saw she still had on the skirt from the night before and I thought again about her pink panties, and the fact I was pretty sure she had a shaved pussy under them. That thought along with her talented hands shot me closer to the edge. I looked down at my dick sticking out of my boxers, her hands doing a wonderful job of bringing me closer and closer to finishing. I groaned in pleasure at the sight, and she looked at my face and gave me a flirty smile, her eyes beaming at my response. That was enough. I stiffened and burst right then, shooting cum in the air that landed on my neck and chest. Mandy squealed softly and instantly slowed her stroking as the next few bursts covered my stomach. The last globs coated her fingers as she slowed her strokes to a stop. She smiled big at me and whispered "Good morning" before licking her fingers clean.
She bounced off the bed with a wink and into the bathroom. I heard the faucet turn on, so I assumed she was washing my cum off her hands. She flashed me another smile and then left the room, but not before flipping the back of her skirt up at me and letting me see her panty-covered butt. Those pink panties were not a thong, but a sexy bikini cut that flattered her cheeks very nicely.
I laid there for a while, feeling good, then curious, and then guilty. Why had I let her do that? Mandy was my sister's friend. I should have stopped it. What would Heather think? Oh no... Heather. I just knew she'd hate me for this. We weren't especially close, but I did not want to lose the relationship we did have. Fuck. I had let something happen that never should have. How could I look her in the eye again?
I stayed in bed until nearly noon before pulling a shirt and shorts on and opening the bedroom door. Mandy was asleep again on the couch, covered in a blanket. Heather was still curled up in the recliner, and Lisa stretched out on the floor between them. I could see her blouse was unbuttoned a couple of buttons and had opened slightly, allowing a pert little nipple to be visible to me visible from this angle. Damn, no bra. I mean, she was probably not much more than an A cup, but still, she wasn't wearing a bra.
I started thinking, she wasn't wearing a bra, was she wearing any panties? I had found that green thong. Heather said it was Lisa's. Was she wearing nothing under her skirt? I had seen Heather from behind earlier in the afternoon as they were getting ready. She certainly had one on, and I guessed she hadn't taken it off. I had seen Mandy's panties last night and this morning. So, was Lisa commando, top and bottom? For a second there I surveyed the room, wondering if there was an angle from which I could see. But there wasn't, and then I chastised myself for even thinking about that. I tried to shake it all off and went into the kitchen for some breakfast. Cold pizza sounded good, so I opened the fridge for a slice.
As I closed it, Heather was standing there. "Morning bro," she said as she opened the fridge and grabbed a slice for herself. I apologized for locking the door and she did as well for not telling me straight out that they'd be coming back. "You're so smart...I thought you'd just know." I smiled and told her that they were welcome to come by any time. She gave me a long hug, pressing her perfect body into mine. I let my hands slide down to her waist as I pulled her in close. She thanked me again and said they'd better get going soon, as they had a study group to get to after lunch.
I watched as she rousted the others and they headed into my room to change again. I tried not to picture what the scene behind the doors looked like, but I couldn't help it. Lisa's nipple. Mandy's panties. Her bra. Lisa's thong. Not to mention my sister's perfect body. And that hand job. I sat in the recliner and let my imagination run wild for a minute, my dick hardening as my thoughts raced.
The bedroom door opening snapped me out of it. The three of them marched out, bags in hand. Each one thanked me for being so nice and gave me a sisterly hug. I closed the door behind them and immediately grabbed my cock. They were so young and innocent looking just now. How could I have those dirty thoughts about them? I hated myself for the rest of the day. I decided to work on some lesson plans to keep my mind occupied.
A few weeks went by and Heather appeared at my door alone one Tuesday evening. She had some car trouble and was broken down a few blocks away. I ushered her in. She sat down and immediately started to cry. I put an arm around her and she buried her face in my shoulder. I could smell her shampoo and feel her softness as I pulled her in closer. I really didn't intend to, but as I looked down, I got an eyeful of cleavage. Damn her and her low-cut tops.
Apparently, she was failing a class, had just broken up with some guy, and was trying to find a job. She had just come from an interview, one she felt she had bombed, when on the way back to the dorms, her car had stalled out. She vented and cried for a while and I did my brotherly best to reassure her. I took her to her car and quickly discovered it was just out of gas. We went to fill my gas can and she revealed it was her freshman history class she was failing. Did I mention I was a history major? That I now taught history for a living? Naturally, I offered to help her with the class, and discovered the material they were covering was very similar to what I was walking my classes through at the time. I got her car gassed up, and it started, so I told her to come by sometime that week for some tutoring.

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This article is about the American sitcom. For the British sitcom of the same name, see Brotherly Love (1999 TV series).

Brotherly Love is an American sitcom that ran from September 16, 1995, to April 1, 1996, on NBC, and then moved to The WB, where it aired from September 15, 1996, until May 18, 1997. The series was created by Jonathan Schmock and Jim Vallely, and produced by Witt/Thomas Productions in association with Touchstone Television (season 1) & Walt Disney Television (season 2). The primary focus of the series is on the relationship of three brothers, played by real-life brothers Joey Lawrence, Matthew Lawrence, and Andrew Lawrence.




  • Joseph "Joe" Roman (played by Joey Lawrence) — He is the oldest of the three brothers. He is a half-brother to Matt and Andy. Claire is his stepmother. He is vain, cocky and arrogant at times, and thinks highly of himself, though he is a good person at heart. He is constantly fighting for the affection of Lou Davis. His brothers really look up to him as a role model and as a father-figure. He was born on November 10, 1975 as revealed in the episode "Once Around The Block" making him 20 years old at the start of the series. Joe was 5 when his father left him and his mother. His father eventually re-married Claire. Together they had Matt and Andy. Joe's father later died in a racing accident. Joe's mother lives in California. Joe is an avid motorcycle fan and works as a mechanic.
  • Matthew "Matt" Roman (played by Matthew Lawrence) — He is 15–16 and is the middle child. He bows to peer pressure easily. He is also put down by his family with some of his doings as well. Matt was an absolute neat freak and germaphobe; at the age of one, he could change his own diaper, and he went through his entire childhood without ever catching the chickenpox. He loved washing the dishes and was known for other odd habits like making "Matt water", folding his socks. Unlike Joe and Andy, he never did well with girls. He has a crush on Kristin and is said in the episode, "I scream, You scream", that Matt is in love with Kristen. He sang twice, once in an angel costume singing the last two bars of "Silent Night" (A Roman Holiday), the other (Art Attack) when he played his mother's guitar and sang a song called "Pigeon On Your Car" which was written by Matt Lawrence himself.
  • Andrew "Andy" Roman (played by Andrew Lawrence) — He is the youngest. He is seen wearing a variety of costumes (including Wolverine and Spider-Man). He is a bundle of mischief and has a vivid imagination. In one of the episodes, he is "in love" with Lou Davis, and writes her an email. Andy was only 5 when his father died in a racing accident.
  • Louise "Lou" Davis (played by Liz Vassey) — She is a female mechanic who is seen going out with different men in a few episodes. She is an artist, even having crafted a ring for one of her suitors. She is always making sarcastic remarks to Joe from what he says about her. In later episodes it is shown that she may have love interests in Joe Roman. Joe and Lou kiss under the mistletoe in an episode called, "A Roman Holiday" and in an episode, "Other people". Andy is said to be in love with her, and receives an email from him, signed, A Roman who loves you. She automatically believes it was Joe.
  • Claire Roman (played by Melinda Culea) — She is Joe's stepmother, and Matt and Andy's mother. She is a take charge kind of woman and sometimes thinks Joe is a bad influence on Matt and Andy.
  • Lloyd Burwell (played by Mike McShane) — A former Coast Guard for six years and mechanic. He is overweight and is sometimes needy, but under his gruff exterior lies a sensitive, intelligent man. He used to go by the alias "The Masked Avenger", an alias he used to play pranks on Mr. Hangarter, a cruel drivers' education teacher. Lloyd is known to be somewhat stupid and ignorant, but in some episodes has surprised everyone and shown to be very intelligent.


  • Kristin (played by Rebecca Herbst) — She used to attend house parties often, but now has cleaned up her act. She is one of Matt's best friends. She used to have a crush on Joe. Matt has a crush on her, but she sees him more of a brother than a boyfriend. She was a badgirl and got drunk, but changed after she and Matt started hanging out.
  • Silent Jim (played by Karl David-Djerf) — He rarely speaks but when he does, Matt describes it as "something special". Instead of speaking he usually communicates with a laugh. He is a recurring cast member, although, he doesn't appear in many episodes.
  • Lloyd's Mother (played by Estelle Getty, seen only in season two's "Motherly Love") — She lives in a trailer, and is part of the reason why Lloyd is so needy. She can do cartwheels despite her age. She also teaches the mambo and is said to clip Lloyd's toenails.


Series overview[edit]

Season 1 (1995–96)[edit]

Season 2 (1996–97)[edit]


The show was first aired on NBC as part of its 1995–96 schedule and then switched to The WB for the beginning of its 1996–97 lineup. The show also aired in syndication on Disney Channel from 1998 until 2002. It has also previously aired on Family in Canada.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result
1996 Young Artist Award Best Performance by a Young Actor Matthew Lawrence Nominated
Best Performance by a Young Actress – Guest Starring Role Lisa Rieffel Nominated
Best Performance by an Actor Under Ten Andrew Lawrence Nominated
1997 Young Artist Award Best Performance in a TV Comedy – Leading Young Actor Andrew Lawrence Nominated

External links[edit]

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