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Kazuyoshi Fukuda; Hiroyuki Naka; Shogo Morichika; Masaru Shibata; Ichiro. Tanaka; Midori Shima; Akira Yoshioka Email author. Abnormal factor VIII. Hiroshima: defect in crucial proteolytic cleavage by thrombin at Arg1689 detected by a.

Name: Julian Vignoles 
Date:  31st May, 2017
Comments: Hi everyone, I'm working on an in-depth biography of Rory Gallagher. I have been doing a lot of work on what I call his formative period, the years he spent in the Fontana and Impact.I would love to hear from anyone who has recollections of him or the band? Julian Vignoles

Name: Shaun Bradley 
Date:  30th January 2016
Comments: hi all, great to see all the bands listed.. there is one missing..!!  Bernie Torme, a dublin guitarist..
hope you can track down some info for listing.. rock on..S.

Name: Evelyn Guilfoyle 
Date:  12th January 2016
Comments: Hi just wondering  if any one would know how I could contact any member of the donal ring ceili band ???

Name: James Murray 
Date:  5th January 2016
Comments: Gosh time flys when you think back to1957 when I first heard dave glover showband in the Arcadia ballroom in portrush for me it was to be the best time for dancing and listening to all the showbands in the north and south i still play records and dvds never get tired hearing the music.

Name: Patrick Hoye 
Date:  3rd January 2016
Comments: Happy New Year to all. Just learned that Joe O'Hehir (Classic Show band, Mullingar) passed away recently .Joe was the lead singer/bass player.

Name: Geraldine Jordinson 
Date:  25th December 2015
Comments: Late 50' early 60's I was a great fan  and friend of The Magnificent Seven Showband  from Derry and knew  them  all personally .I am married and have lived in Canada for over fifty years ,look back on those wonderful years , show bands and going to dances was our entertainment, wanting to look and dress your best ...,kids of today will never understand the wonderful times our generation had , was wondering if you have a contact for any of them. Would be great to get in touch

Name:  Showband Joe 
Date:  8th November 2015
Comments: Well done to all the show bands from show band joe Wexford. Joe Dolan was the best.

Our guestbook was inoperative from March to November for technical reasons, it is now back up and running smoothly  (Editor)

Name:  Benjamin banks via Nora Patterson 
Email:  Withheld by request
Date:            21 Mar 2015
Comments: Missed you lots when your mum was alive went to lots of pubs with Chris and loved all the chrac miss your a lot but still listen all our Irish music love you all the Patterson's from all your family.  

Name:  Julian Guest
Date:16 Mar 2015
Comments: I am the son of Gus Guest who was lead guitarist for the Horslips briefly in 1972. I noticed that there is no photo of him in the "where are they now" section, and if you like I can remedy this. I am sad to say that unfortunately my dad is not very well and we believe he may only have a very short time left with us He has always expressed his desire to let people, know his situation and he often reflected on the good and bad times he had with the band. I was way too young to remember any of the stories or goings  on that happened back in those foggy days of the early 70's so any information would be greatly appreciated by all of the family. Also if anyone has any recordings or the like featuring Gus, do please let me know. Thanks to everyone in advance. If you would like any more Information , please don hesitate to contact me.

Name:  Dai Parkhouse
Email: Withheld by request
Date: 12 Mar 2015
Comments: played with the Kingston showband Derry it was a great time to be a teenager /.my own favourite bands would be a close call between  The Capitol and Johnny Quigley  for top spot  my favourite venue was Enniscrone Co Sligo i think the gvenue was the Marine hotel but i could be wrong. Continue with the good work

Name:            Alan Joyce
Date:            11 Mar 2015
Comments: Great site, Well done and keep up the good work

Name:    Bobby Forsythe
Date: 09 Mar 2015
Comments: Heard Micky Quigley had passed away i was in J Quigley all Stars 1960[62 Guitar. Micky played sax .could you comment if the info is correct. Bobby Forsythe

Name:   adair cowan
Date: 09 Mar 2015
Comments: Has anybody got e mail address of Jody Pollard ex Elmer Fudd as they used to play in my fathers ballroom the Mayfair in Clondalkin ,fantastic progressive group,have tried a few e mail addresses of him but to no avail. Also any stories about the ballrooms.

Name:  Liam Brennan
Date: 06 Mar 2015
Comments: New Tweed Website for anyone interested.

Editor's note: links to other websites are not allowed in guestbook for security purposes.

Name:   John Coughlan
Date:  26 Feb 2015
Comments: I thought I would have seen some mention on this site ...........anyways just in case some of your suscribers hasn't heard of this tragic accident on Feb 8th Very sad news on the death Martin O Connor who was tragically killed in Fort Lauderdale . He was a member of Declan Nerneys band and was due to play on the Gertude Byrne's cruise. Condolenses to his family and to all the band members.

Name: Mary
Email: Withheld by requewst
Date:  21 Feb 2015
Comments: My uncle played with Fred Hanna and the Laganmen. He is the one in the photo with glasses wearing a checked suit, his name was Ray Kerr.

Name:  Valerie taggart
Date: 12 Feb 2015
Comments: Used to know Franky McBride way back in the day........would love his email if any one has please. Val

Name:  Brendan McGuirk  
Email: Withheld by request
Date:  11 Feb 2015
Comments: Today Pearse Mc Kenna passed away both Pearse and myself (Brendan Mc Guirk) played with Hughie Trainor for about 7 years I think .In a couple of bands .One being The melody Makers.Pearse was a superb musician who could play all styles and he will be sadly missed

Name:  Maura
Date: 03 Feb 2015
Comments: Was just looking through an old box of photos etc. found a quite old newspaper cutting that May be of interest to Eileen Reid of the Cadets. Could she please contact me at this address and I could send her a copy.
Regards Maura. Bray.

Editors Note: Unfortunately, this site has no connection to any of the stars featured on our pages. Requests like this should be posted in out free forum.

Name:   Mario Ellison
Date: 30 Jan 2015
Comments: Great to see this picture of the Crypt.I remember traveling round Ireland with the boys in the late 60 ies. Myself and Barry worked together in Norman Fredricks hairdressers in Belfastin the late 60 ies Sorry to hear about George. What happened to Sammy the roadie Mario (Marvyn ) Ellison

Name:   willie lynch
Date:  26 Jan 2015
Comments: Hello Gang hoping all is well, I just got off another Cruise out of flordia ( I do it ever year). this year it had two New  Irish C & W  lads Mike Denver & Patrick Feeney ?. Both of the,m very good. it was nice to hear them do thier thing,......everyone still doing the good old stuff.  all is still good in the states NJ. willie Lynch Thanks Jerry.

Name: cathherine mcgaughey
Date: 22 Jan 2015
Comments: love    inndains from early age  I grew this music  my 2 older brothers  chatt this band   Mum was great lover of there music. Brian Coll   know years   Catherine

Name:   padraig moran
Date:   20 Jan 2015
Comments: would like to get a picture of sandy Kelly band 1974 tommy mcdonagh past away yesterday and I play with him for a few years cheers

Name:  novalea
Date:  19 Jan 2015
Comments: I really like the indianshow band.I would like to know if they have any cd's and where I may find them in theUnited States.

Name:  Debra daly
Date: 16 Jan 2015
Comments: Hi guys, do you guys have any live shoes for the 6th to the 8th of match happening?? Would e great to know thanks and regards x

Editor's note: Sorry Debra, this is an historical website. We have no info about bands or their shows.

Name:   anthony
Email:  Withheld by request
Date:  06 Jan 2015
Comments: Hi just to let you know The Pressmen (Coalisland) were originally the Carlos Showband Cookstown before becoming Tony and the Pressmen  I was the trombone player in the band.

Name:  Shanta miles
Date:    26 Dec 2014
Comments: Any information regarding Jimmy Johnston showband particularly Warren Carson.

Editor's note: See the page on the band on the site

Name: Cyril Wikinson
Date: 21 Dec 2014
Comments: One query here :- Is Gregory Donaghey the singing star from Sion Mills Co. Tyrone  who used to sing with Eileen Reid & the Cadets and with which band he  had a couple of hit singles including a #1 hit ''More Than Yesterday'' in  1966, the same guy who in 1979 became the second ''Magic of the Magic Band? Cyril Wilkinson

Editor's Note: No, that was Cornelius Ward previously with Geraldine and the Cufflinks from Donegal.

Name:  Brian Whelan
Date: 10 Dec 2014
Comments: Some years ago about 1990, I was living in the US and lived for awhile in and about Washington DC, while there I was in the Dubliner pub one Saturday night where I noticed a man on the stage one night who it seemed to me looked like Danny Doyle. I wento over to say hello and sure enough it was the man himself doing what he does best. I dont recall him singing any of his favourites but the songs the americans expect to hear which was a pity. I bought some cassettes off him that night (I can remember asking him do I have to pay him, he joked only a Wicklow man would ask him that - I had a few scoups on my lol) I played the songs afterwads and became fond of the music and ofter sang Dublin in the rare old times myself, not as well as Danny it must be said, fond memeries indeed! I have to say I was a bit taken aback to see a fairly big singing name like Danny Doyle playing in the Dubliner bar but it seems that is where the pay was life is strange.

Name:  Joan Gartland
Email: withheld by request
Date:            27 Nov 2014
Comments: I would like to add my Mother's name  Joan O'Neill {Godfrey} to The Flying Carlton Drogheda members list She was their FIRST female singer and in the photo of the Band on the steps of the Airplane she is the lady at the top of the steps. I would love  to have this on record for future references. Thanking you in advance .

Name:    Neil Hogan
Date:   29 Oct 2014
Comments: Hi there My good friend from up the street, Cyril Wilkinson and I are becoming very very good friends  altogether and  he and I would like to know if there are any plans on the part of Seamus Moore to play here in the Lodge once again he went down right well here back in August. Neil Hogan @ the Hogan's Lodge Carnew, Co. Wicklow.

Name:   Miriam Haverty
Date:  28 Oct 2014
Comments: I would like to post a post for my uncle ... Pascal Haverty from the CHessmen. Sadly he is no longer with us but his talent and music will live on forever!

Name: Jim O'Connor
Date:  28 Oct 2014
Comments: Hi, just today I learned of the passing of Nuala. A wonderful lady who was a fanatical fan of the Royal Showband she brought mer to hear them in Enniskillen one night over 50 years ago. A beautiful lady and a great band.

Name: Niall power
Email:  Withheld by request
Date: 28 Oct 2014
Comments: Las Vegas showband line up 1975.Rob Strong bass,Johnny Murphy vocals,Ray Doherty guitar,James Delaney keys,Brendan Bannigan sax,Kevin OBrien sax,Niall Power drums.Kelley  joined on vocals at Xmas 1975. She left the band with Ray Doherty to form Kelley and Klass in 1976. Mark Costigan joined on guitar and Anto long replaced James Delaney on keys,the band continued as Rob Strong and Las Vegas until breaking up on 1st jan 1978. 2 singles were released,All the loving people in 1976 and More like the movies in 1977.

Name: Joe wildy
Date: 16 Oct 2014
Comments: Hi guys I worked as a barman in the Pound Jazz club at the time you guys played there and you were Fantastic. I now live in Blackpool where I have my own band. God bless you all and thank you some Saturday afternoons entertainment at the Pound Joe

Name: Peter Carr
Date:  11 Oct 2014
Comments: Have you got all my emails re: my involvement drumming in all of the following: Strangers  Some People  John Farrell  Phil Lynott Eric Bell Purple Pussycats Alice. also forgot to mention  I was a dj at the Apartment night club for a while as well and used to call to Pat Egans home every Wed Morning for some promo records. also used to catch up with the group scene members at the Coffee Inn at Sth Anne St regularly morning times 11am onwards I met Phil Lynott one time in 1976 and I had been in Australia for 2 years (where I live now) and he waved his Decca contact at me. I was also on Radio Sunshine as a newsreader until it was closed down in either 82 or 83 ??? Regards, Peter Carr   ex of Walkinstown Rathgar and Old Bawn 

Name:   Bernadette Dungan
Date:   05 Oct 2014
Comments:  My Uncle Frankie Fitzgerald from Tralee played Drums for The Crowns and The Merriemen showbands! Just wondering if anyone remembered him and his bandmates?

Name:   vince flynn
Date: 03 Oct 2014
Comments: Has  Annybody heard of Des Frettwell,Played a lot in seepoint in galway.Great band

(Editor's Note: Des is featured in our showband pages.)

Name: John
Email:   Withheld by request
Date:   30 Sep 2014
Comments: I just found this site while researching Dermot O Brien and his clubmen because I was going through an old box of photos and found his autograph. He was quite the celebrity... and I have his autograph

Name:  Reena Heenan
Email:  Withheld by request
Date: 17 Sep 2014
Comments: In the Irish show band article, it is stated that Dave Heenan left the Arrows a few weeks after joining. Actually, Dave worked with them in Ireland for 6 months.

Name:  Gearoid O'Dowd
Email:  Withheld by request
Date: 24 Aug 2014
Comments: Hello, I can give you info on the following bands (all of whom I have been a member of: Swingtime Aces, Philosophers, The Powermen and Billy Kidd and Rock and Roll Circus.  I'm suprised you have no feature on Dee Layden and the Powermen as they were from Sligo.

(Editor's note: We have a feature about Dee on a sister site:, but need more info to do a feature for the showband site.)

Name:   sean gilmartin
Date: 01 Aug 2014
Comments:  Hi does anyone know the whereabouts of Don Woods, bass player, the last I heard he was with Mike Denver? P.S sean gilmartin(me) is now with The Refections. Love the site, I always have a little reminisce every now and then, keep up the good work, Sean

Name: alison
Email: Withheld by request
Date:  31 Jul 2014
Comments: I am looking for info on Tony Coffey of the Caroline Showband. Thank you.

(Editor's note: Because you have chosen to withhold your email address, I am not sure how anyone can contact you to share info they might have....sorry.)

Name: Tony Donnelly
Email:  Withheld by request 
Date: 30 Jul 2014
Comments: With reference to your picture of the 'Horizon Ballroom' in Mullingar, I admit that I am not familiar with that name. When I frequented the dance hall in the 1960;s it was known as the ' Lakelands'. Best regards, Tony.

(Editor's note: Hi Tony, we also have it listed under that name as well.)

Name:   Angela Fitzgerald O'Sullivan
Date:   21 Jul 2014
Comments: Lovely website, pictures are great,, my dad Tom Fitzgerald passed away on 06th July and these pictures are so lovely to look at and to show to his grandchildren, he loved the showbands and his music is living on in his grandchildren. thank you for brining us  the memories  Angela

Name:   BridgetMckeever
Date:    19 Jul 2014
Comments: This is a topic that's close to my heart... Cheers! Where are your contact details though?

(Editor's Note: Our email is on every page)

Name:  emma jane byrne
Date: 23 Jun 2014
Comments: Hi my dad tom is in this photo. Please contact me

Name:   Peter Carr
Date:  10 Jun 2014
Comments: The Some People pics are not the original members exception is Niall Byrne who was with the group when I played drums Bobby Bolton was on bass and Harry Evans on Rhythm and Niall on lead. Fran Byrne was original drummer I replaced him when he went to the UK. Pat Egan will verify this. Regards, Peter Carr - now in Australia please let anyone who wishes to make contact have my email address thanks

Name:  Sean Hussey
Date: 09 Jun 2014
Comments: Would dearly love to know if anybody out ther has any information on Alan Roche from Newbridge co. Kildare. He played guitar with the Grassroots and Margo. We played togeather and would love to meet him or get in touch.

Name:  martin clifford
Email:  big
Date:  08 Jun 2014
Comments: i think the late margaret o rourke was the best irish singer of all and had the privilidge of playing her cd  home in ireland during my 12 years as the local artists show on icr/fm [ now closed] big marty

Name:   Brendan Ruddy
Date:  06 Jun 2014
Comments: Hi, just a little note about the picture you have of Dan O Hara and the Blue River, in the picture from left to right is Terry McCormack, rythme guitar, now living in England, John Taylor from Aughnacloy on piano and tenor sax, Dan O Hara, lead singer and lead guitar, Brendan Ruddy on bass, now owns Musicman music store in Cavan and Frankie Gallagher on Drums, the photo was taken one night in the Patrician Hall Carrickmore, about 1979, Harry Leonard on piano was not present for the photo which I think cost him his job in the band!

Name:   Margaret & Steve
Date: 04 May 2014
Comments: Hiya Tony & Charlie..Colton Mill Boys!!! Tony & Charlie!! 1983.. You used to visit us at RAF Lakenheath.. Remember Ivy & Stew?? Plenty of booze!! We visited you in Palmerstown about 1983!!

(Editor's note: Unfortunately, the guestbook is not read by members of individual bands. A better place to interact is our free forum. Link at the top of every page of the site.)

Name:  Jack Anthony ( aka Tony Garrett )
Email:   Withheld by request
Date:   04 May 2014
Comments: Been lovely to remenisce, looking at the site. I was guitar vocalist in the  Kings Show Band in the 1970s -great times and good memories of working in Ireland with the boys- great audiences. Opportunity Knocks was daunting but life changing experience  for us all.Tried to find a copy of the show but not available. Would be nice to show my grandchildren. Now retired and living on the Fylde coast in Lancashire- still enjoy singing and playing my guitar

Name: John Maguire
Date:  29 Apr 2014
Comments: Great site! The drummer in the Goldentones (forerunner of The Casino and Indians Showband) is - hopefully not "was" - Willy Elliott. I also think that Shay O'Reilly (R.I.P) in that Goldentones photo may in fact be Ray Rothery, although I may be mistaken. I would love to hear from any of the people in that pic. as well as the Woodfull brothers. R.I.P. also Nick McEvoy.

Name: Paul Clarke
Date:  26 Apr 2014
Comments: I am trying to contact any singers, groups that entertained the troops in Lebanon over the years with a view to attending an event in July this year, if anyone is interested, please contact me at the email above. regards
Paul Clarke

Name: Joe O'Kelly
Date:    22 Apr 2014
Comments: looking for anything on paddy Macaffertys Show band..From Stranorlar/ Ballybofey...County Donegal.Photos anything,  if any body has any info, Please send me an email.

Name: Vincent Soye
Date: 22 Apr 2014
Comments: Hi. I'm Vincent Soye from the outskirts of Hillsborough County Down. I performed with The Western Rockies during their existence around the late sixties early seventies. The members of the band pictured were: Front left: Peter McDonnell. Front centre Maurice Soye (R.I.P). Front right Desmond McDonnell. Back left: Patrick Loughran. Back centre: Gregory McCann (R.I.P). Back right: Vincent Soye.  This is from the late sixties, early seventies. Our manager then was Tommy Egerton from Enniskilleen.

Name: Willie price
Email: Withheld by request
Date: 28 Mar 2014
Comments: John l Sullivan was working in a record shop in Liffey St in the seventys  mike Munro was running a pub in black rock around the same time anybody any news on them or other members of the band

Name: Mickey Mason
Date: 24 Mar 2014
Comments: Hi. I was really surprised but delighted  to see a photo of  Celtic rock band 'Catweazle' in which I played keys, mandolin and flute in the mid 70's. The band hailed from Derry and the members in the photo from left to right are Raymond O' Doherty, Cahir O' Doherty, (no relation) myself and Paul Lorrimer. We frequently played support to Horslips when they performed in the Derry area at venues such as Borderland and St Columb's Hall. Really kind guys who let us use their gear and made sure the sound was good for us. Great memories. This site is a brilliant idea.

Name: seamus kelly
Email: Withheld by request
Date: 21 Mar 2014
Comments: hi everyone great site

Name: sean mckenna
Email: Withheld by request 
Date: 20 Mar 2014
Comments: now residing in nottinghamshire whenidanced at the ranfurley indungannon andswan park monaghan the clippertones andmighty avons were my favourites ithink the lead singer name  was jimmy in the clippertones many hours were spent thumbing trying to get to these dances tosee them
 when ilived in aughnacloy.  very easy to dance to

Name:  Frank Doyle
Date: 03 Mar 2014
Comments: Hi, I played Bass guitar with Jim Farley for a number of years and it is a great idea to have this guestbook for people to pass on info re people who they have interacted during the Showband era.

(Editor's note: a better place to interact is our free forum. Link at the top of every page of the site.)

Name: John Rodgers
Date: 01 Mar 2014
Comments: I had the good fortune of watching these guys practice for me they will always be the best Millbrook was great and so was the old factory canteen!!! John

Name: Elizabeth
Date: 26 Feb 2014
Comments: I wish to announce that I am Mandy that sang with the Gallowglass Ceili Band in 1971. I was the tender age of 15. My first record with the band was "Together A!one" and the B side "Back in baby's arms".
which I am the proud owner of , a copy that my partner sought out on the internet for me. I am desperate
to find a  copy of another recording which I made so well, with Bill Ryan who didn't stay very long with the Ceili
scene but went on to be very popular with Buckshot. He actually sang the A side "Mrs Jones" (your daughter cried all night) which had to change rapidly when Sam Joined the band. Its on release records 643.. I will be over the moon if anyone can come up with a copy ! P.s. I still do a bit of entertaining. Can't deprive the public  of a legend. Ha ha

Name:  Mark Moroney
Date:  21 Feb 2014
Comments: Hi. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with any information regarding an old Marmac Super 60 that was passed down to me. I believe it was a Sligo based company that rented this kind of stuff out to showbands and I would love to know a little more about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Mark

(Editor's Note: Answered via email)

Name: Anita Broderick
Date:  07 Feb 2014
Comments: Hi. I see a piece on this site from a man who used to socialise in the Fixes Covert in Tallaght back in the 1970's.  He mentioned Liam Heffernan as the MC, well Liam is my dad an I'm very sad to say that he passed away last August 2013.   I'm actually sitting here listening to my dad in cd ... He is MC ... It's called "stars at Montpelier" with stars Sil Fox, Candy Devine, Top Rank etc.  lovely memories x

Name: Mike
Date: 04 Feb 2014
Comments: Finally! A website I can look at on my lunch break! Brilliant I t'music!

Name: Hugh O'Kelly
Date: 01 Feb 2014
Comments: Hi, Just to say I was the first piano player with the band

Name:   frank horahan
Date: 01 Feb 2014
Comments: Was at brendan boyer, swarbriggs , gina of the champions, paddy cole and the conquers showband. tower hotel waterford . brilliant show with dancing. cant better the showband days.

Name: John Egan
Date: 30 Jan 2014
Comments: Thank you for this wonderful sight. I am 3K miles away but thanks to you, people like myself who were in the industry  many moons ago are only a click away.

Name: Paddy Leonard
Date: 23 Jan 2014
Comments: Hi . I found this site via a link and have spent the last few days of my spare time enjoying immersing myself in the showband era. Now living in the beautiful Blue Mountains 2 hours west of Sydney Australia this site took me back to the many happy days I spent following showbands in the 60s. My main "dancing days" were spent at the Castle Ballroom Dungiven Co Derry where most of the major bands of the era played at one time or another. My bedroom wall was covered with handout photos received from the bands. I still have them in an old shirt box which contained the first real fashion shirt I ever had, a present from my Mother and Father on my 16th birthday. The Polka Dots and Plattermen were two of my favourite bands and I loved the big brass sound of the Plattermen. I remember standing outside the Castle one Sunday afternoon listening to Dickie Rock and the Miami rehearsing the latest pop song which was No 1 at the time,  Sandy Shaw's Long Long Live Love. They went over and over the introduction until they were satisfied they had it just right.  Most showband musicians strived for perfection in playing live and reproducing sounds that had been made in recording studios on the original record. Many Thanks for a great site. Paddy Leonard

Name: Paddy Mac
Date:  21 Jan 2014
Comments: Fantastic Site great memories, I'm looking for Information, Carol Wallace (Carol and the New Blues)  left the Showband I was with GUYS AND DOLLS would love to get in contact with her again, if you could help.

Name:    Martin Field
Date:  18 Jan 2014
Comments: I just wanted to say, that I thought that, "The Memories" were the greatest live Band on the circuit, in the 1980.s they pushed the boundry,s with their music, I seen them play live, about 15 times in Navan Beechmount Hotel  and a venue in Drogheda, Co, Louth,. and as I told Jim Barry, they were the only Band I ever heard singing, Queen,s Bohemien Rhaspody, and Led Zepplins. Stairway to heaven, it was fantastic, Jom Barry,s singing range, was awesome, they nailed both songs, even Queen would,nt play the middle part of that song live, would love to see them play live again, I know Jim now lives in Spain, and is an accomplished painter, great Memories.

Name:  Eddie  jeffares
Date: 05 Jan 2014
Comments: yes the gallowglass ceili  band take me down memory lane of the day going to the irish club in dublin and all the showband  .playing   down in co wexford great times

Name:  Enda Clarke
Date: 29 Dec 2013
Comments: love all your photos , was wondering would there be any chance of me using one of the band cards in a site i have  call photo's of portglenone  in facebook . which has a album about Clady Hall , which the plattermen played in years back, yours,  Enda

Name: Walter OMalley
Date:  21 Dec 2013
Comments: I lived next door to Mattie McDonagh, Claremorris, Co Mayo, My father was a tailor and made the uniforms that Mattie & his band wore. He drove me in his taxi to Cobh when I left Claremorris for the United States. Would like to have a copy of the photo of his Bank. Thanks

Name: john breen
Date: 20 Dec 2013
Comments: the breakaways show band from naas became the ripcords show band. some of the old members did not join . i knew the breakaways well

Name: Noel O' Sullivan
Date:15 Dec 2013
Comments: What a wonderful job you people are doing, just keep it going as this site brings back many good memories. Q: How many of the Denis Moynihan Quintet are still active in the music business?

Editor's Note: We answered this email directly.

Name: Eamon Cleere
Date: 14 Dec 2013
Comments: Hi all. Want to let you all know that TWEED are reforming for a very special gig which will take place in Set Theatre Kilkenny on Friday March 7th 2014. The band will be 8 piece on the night with 5 original members from 1971 in the line up. Brendan Ryder(Vocals,Guitar), Michael O'Grady(Keyboards), Arthur Connick (Trombone), Johny Scully (Trumpet), Tony Ford (Bass), They will be joined by Gay Brazel (Lead Guitar) and Dave Hallisey (Sax) both of whom played with TWEED in the 70s and 80s.The line up is completed by ace drummer Brian Doran. This gig is a fundraiser for Enable Ireland in Kilkenny. The band have gone in to rehearsals for this special night and are looking forward to  seeing many faces from the hugely successful TWEED days.

Name: james farrell
Date:  12 Dec 2013
Comments: My brother John Farrell was the drummer, I remember Paul Ashford well, had some great drinking sessions with him, great memories, great times.

Name:  Tom
Date: 05 Dec 2013
Comments: found this site as I was just having a trip down memory lane its nice to read about the old days and happy memories we are all just passing through as the time flies by and we all live in hope that time will slow down 

Name:  Howard Dee Crean
Date: 05 Dec 2013
Comments: Just a wee note to remember Colm "Squire" McGuire Bass Player with Stage Two and Daylight Robbery who passed away in the early 80s so so young. Squire took over from me in Stage Two when I left to get what my mother described as " a real job". Great Website guys and really enjoy it. H

Name:   sean o'hara
Date: 04 Dec 2013
Comments: I was manager of the Finvola Showband {Limavady}1965-1968.The line-up was Anthony O'Hara-bass and vocals,Mick O'Hara-saxophone and vocals,Lawerence O'Hara-trumpet and vocals,Willie O'Hara-drums,Colm Mc Cann-rhythm guitar,John Somers-lead guitar and vocals and Jimmy O'Hara-saxophone,clarinet,accordian,fiddle,piccolo and well as being band leader. Sadly, Jimmy died recently.He was a great musician and is very badly missed in the area.

Name: Catherine Fogarty
Date: 02 Dec 2013
Comments: Hi Folks, I attended the Horse and Jockey Hotel Tipperary for a concert last night where Johnny Carroll performed. He was just fantastic. I would love to know if he has a website listing where he will feature.

Name:  Marie Hannon
Date: 30 Nov 2013
Comments: Hi there. I am Frankie Hannon's daughter and just wanted to say hello and am so delighted to see all the old photos of my Dad. Frankie died very young and totally unexpected and was a great loss to the music world as to his family. He was only 41 years old when he died and left a very young family of five, two of them have already joined him. It is important to keep the showband era alive as it was great dance music.

Name: mike spenser
Email: Withheld by request
Date: 30 Nov 2013
Comments: Jim Gunner in the Dave Glover B was a dear friend of mine from the 80/90s. His real name was George Hesse and he was from Wexford but was latterly with his family Kathlene and children in Bootle, Liverpool.  He was a natural singer guitarist and certainly by far the best that we ever heard over in the I-O-Man. Known to us as George Black he is sorely missed. Thank You George is just not quite enough. Best Wishes,  Mike Spenser.   

Name: vaughan byrne           
Date: 22 Nov 2013
Comments: Hi all, just called in to wish you continued success with your trip down showband memory lane. Now I've retired I have more time to look at your site, you do a great job keeping alive the days of our youth. I bet if some of my old buddies could work one of these THIngs likE me wE would HAVE ManY morE stORIes. To all the old bands out there get your grandkids to show how to work this machine. We should form a veterans club. Best wishes Vaughn Byrne

Name: Denis Thompson
Email: Withheld by request
Date: 17 Nov 2013
Comments:  Looking at the picture you have of the Pilots showband, The band was basically a family band. In the picture is Errol Thompson, Colin Thompson, Hugh Thompson and Christine Thompson.

Name:  Rico
Date:  11 Nov 2013
Comments: My Dad was Mick Adam's (singer with the Ravens), he's pictured 2nd from the left in the photo of them pointing to the Band's drum. I was wondering if there were any more photo's out there of this particular line-up.  I'm also looking for a copy of the Rolling Stones Adelphi promotional poster from 1965, as the Ravens were one of the support acts. Rico.

Name:  Patrick Hoye
Date: 30 Oct 2013
Comments:  Just heard that Mick Bagnall (Margo's band and the Drifters ) passed away .He lived in Mullingar over the past few years. Regards.P.S. Double check as usual for verification.

Name: Sean Campbell Campbell
Date:  28 Oct 2013
Comments: Can anyone remember brian harkin who used to sing with the plainsmen..I think he was longford...tink he died also..anyone eny info..

(Editor's note: Sadly, Brian passed away in January, 1991)

Name:   joannne mcgrellis / lindsay
Email:  Withheld by request
Date: 25 Oct 2013
Comments:  just a wee text to said if Gregory donaghey is  looking at this ,I am Michael Lindsay daughter he has told us a lot about you  all good.and just to said looking forward to meeting you in derry on the 7th of jan. .

Name: kilmovee4
Date:  15 Oct 2013
Comments: I am inquiring about Peggy Curran of Ballina, from what I am hearing she used to sing with Jack Ruane. If anyone has any information I would love to know. Or any pictures of Peggy. Peggy's mother was my Great Aunt Margaret Curran ( Nee Barrett of Market Square, Ballina ) I am looking for any information on Peggy. Thank you in advance. Dawn

(Editor's Note: Hi Dawn, Your best bet is join our free Forum and inquire there)

Name: margaret mccafferty
Email: Withheld by request
Date: 10 Oct 2013
Comments:  very sad that Colm mc Cormack has passed away. R.I.P. Mgt Mc Cafferty.

Name: patrick hoye
Date: 08 Oct 2013
Comments: Just a quick note to inform you that Colm Maher formally from Mullingar passed away last week. He played guitar with Jack Ruane and the Earl Gill band . In later years he was a harp maker in Marley Park/Court ??

Name: Gavin Mitchell
Date: 05 Oct 2013
Comments: Hi there I stumbled on to this site by accident whilst I was browsing the internet looking to find out more about The Witnesses as my dad Harry Mitchell left the Dave Glover Showband when it was forming. It was great to see a photo of my dad from this era. Unfortunately he died in Israel in 1990. Great site, I'll be showing it to my mum as she's always on about this part of her life. Kind Regards. Gavin. x

Name: Dawn Gallagher Rush
Date:  03 Oct 2013
Comments: Does anyone remember a singer named Peggy Curran from Ballina. Looking for information on her. She is family, and I am trying to find out what happened to her and her siblings.

Name:  marie theobald
Date:  22 Sep 2013
Comments: would love to know where are the swarbrigg brothers are now do they still play.

Editor's Note: Yes, they still tour a few times a year...keep your eye on local papers

Name:   Eileen McKay Crowe
Date: 20 Sep 2013
Comments: What a excellent site. My mother Eileen Sloane is the female sax player on the 1960's picture on the home page my mam always spoke fondly of her time in Micks band.

Name: Beverley Clarke
Date: 15 Sep 2013
Comments: Probably- no definitely the wrong site ! so please excuse ....but I was a friend of Jimmy Compton's sister- Louise. I have been away a long time and would dearly love to know how Louise and Jane Compton are doing...great memories of the sing songs in the Compton's house with Mrs C in the kitchen. Beverley - nee Cunningham

Name: Kieran McConville
Email: Withheld by reequest
Date: 10 Sep 2013
Comments: Great looking back and just to let you know that Hyland Paddy from Lurgan Co.Armagh who played the Lower Deck/Wexford Inn Dublin for years are still playing after all these years catch them at Fibber Magees Belfast every Friday Night.

Name: Josephine 
Email: Withheld by request
Date: 30 Aug 2013
Comments: To Frank Nash was your brother Mick a drummer with Tommy Drennan around 1975 ?

Name:  Tom
Date: 14 Aug 2013
Comments: Today I learned of the death of the great trumpeter Christy McNamara. A wonderful Musician and an even more wonderful person. R.I.P Christy. go make music for the God's my friend!

Name:  john mahon
Date:14 Aug 2013
Comments: what a super job of work  you did on the showband music scene. thank you  from john mahon guitar player from the quartermasters

Name: Benny Benson
Date: 13 Aug 2013
Comments: I came across the site ,quite by accident. I am Christy Bensons son, Paddys grandson, and im a drummer working in Boston for many years. I played with Maurice Mulcahys show band in the '80s,  before leaving Ireland. It's nice to see  that time and times before that have not been completely forgotten.

Name:  Ross Putnam
Email:  Withheld by request
Date: 11 Aug 2013
Comments: Hello, My brother and I from California, both 14 at the time (1967), were staying the summer in Dungiven N.I., to be with our dad who was working near there. We soon met the locals and made great friends there. Learned how to drink beer. We saw "Derrick and the Sounds" at the Castle in Dungiven a few times and remember how good you were. Best summer of my life! Those times, music and the girls will always be close to our hearts. Best regards! Ross Putnam, Honolulu, HI.

Name:  Sean Heffernan
Email: Withheld by request
Date: 11 Aug 2013
Comments: To whom it concerns, Fair play on such an excellent online resource. It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Liam Heffernan.  He was buried yesterday in Newcastle Cemetery.  He was born and reared in Inchicore. He then lived for many years in Clondalkin. He was a trombonist with the Altonaires Showband.  He was a cousin of my late Father.

Name: Mary
Date: 01 Aug 2013
Comments: I saw theTrixons back in the 60's.  I have 2 pics of them with autographs on the back that I got from them. I just came across these pics today.  Such memories!

Name:  paddy fitz
Date: 28 Jul 2013
Comments:  friend off danny matiland loved to hear him sing

Name:   Elizabeth O Driscoll Coburn
Date:   16 Jul 2013
Comments: I think the web site is fab!! I grew up in a music Venue  - The Welcome Wagon, crossakiel, Kells, Co. Meath.  My parents returned from the UK in the early seventies and opened a cabaret lounge which featured about  fifty of the artisits who appear on this site!,  On the 3rd of August 2013  after a revamp to the original lounge which has a rich history of entertainment, music, talent competitions and really has hosted every type of celebration possible, this wonderful venue will re enter the music scene as a luxurious venue with acoustics and musical acts to meet the diverse demands of  clients.  The revamp launch will be a night of  Our Gathering which will be a celebration of all the musicians who played in the venue over the last forty years ... About 15 artists have replied to the invite to date but as my mum and sister put our heads together and thought about how we could mark this momentous occasion we all felt it would be nice to pay tribute to my father  - Mr Noel C O Driscoll who we lost in 2001 and perhaps try to do something which would play a dual purpose and that was to appeal to as many of the artists who played the venue to come along on the night and take part in the largest ever performance  by irish artists of  "Lovley Leitrim"  - my Father''s favorite song  as he originally came from Carrick on Shannon.  I have been in negotiations with the Guinness Book of  Records Rule committee!  Any funds raised will be donated to the irish Cancer Society to help establish a prostate cancer help centre for the meath area.

Name:  John & Tracey Goldrick
Date:   14 Jul 2013
Comments: We would like to get in touch with Des & Brenda Lee just to say Hi.  We have been living in Ireland for many years and would just like to say hello to them, as we met them many years ago in Sandton, South Africa and Golf Reef City, South Africa.  Would be delighted if we had an e-mail address.  Thanks, Tracey & John Goldrick

Name:  eithne mcgreevy
Date: 01 Jul 2013
Comments: Hi.  Just found your website.  I know!!!! Anyway my husband, Joe McGreevy sang with The Presidents, then the College Boys.  But he always says he started his first band - called The Manhattan with him, his brother Paul, Hughie Kelly, Howard Fleming, Liam Shephard, Danny McLaughlin.  Sadly no-one ever seems to have taken a photograph of them, 'cos they were before the Manhattan on your page.  Love what you've done.  Brilliant to look at all the old photos and well done to everyone who has taken and time and patience to put all this together.  Many thanks

Name:  Oscar Woodcock
Email: Withheld by request
Date:  27 Jun 2013
Comments: I discovered your site by chance whilst searching for Barry Barney who was in the band SMILE. I spent the late part of the 1960.s/early 70's working in a band with Barry but we lost touch around 1975. Sadly I now know that he is no longer with us; would it be possible for someone to let me know exactly when and where he passed away?   Thank you       Oscar Woodcock

Name:  Joe Lambe
Date:  22 Jun 2013
Comments: Was a great place to be for a night out in the early sixties, wish i could remember the names and faces of those beautiful girls that i danced or should i say shuffled around with. Great memories.

Name:   Alan o Sullivan
Date: 07 Jun 2013
Comments: Rip! Paddy o Sullivan from the regal showband! Miss you a lot your loving son alan

Name:    Eoin
Email: Withheld by request  
Date:   03 Jun 2013
Comments: Was at the Sweeney Jazzmen in Sweeney's hotel(Dame St.) last night. They were recording a live album and the band includes Paul Sweeney and Jim Farley which I know have been mentioned on this site. Not sure about the rest of the band.  Still going strong, thats for sure.

Name:  Tom
Date: 28 May 2013
Comments: Great website. As a younger visitor (24) and a local of Bundoran a once show-band capital, it is a great resource to have for reference and captures the legacy of Irish show band culture in an easy access platform. Thank you. Tom Dillon, Digital Curator Ballyshannon Museum.

Name:   Sean preston
Date:   20 May 2013
Comments: Keep up the good work,it's a great page to look back at the showbands scene.......fond memories....

Name:  bernard joyce
Date: 17 May 2013
Comments: i wish to inform the site of the recent  death of Michael Kelly from Ballinrobe.Michael was a talented guitarist , played with 'Margo' & 'the Jack Ruane band in  the 70s.Michael passed away on May 13 2013. Iwill try to add photo asap.

Name:  martin henry
Date:   12 May 2013
Comments: always enjoy reading please keep it up/martin

Name: Michael Driscoll
Date: 07 May 2013
Comments: Hi Everyone, I have just found this website and haven't been able to explore it yet - I am just out of hospital after a hip operation. I came to the web page through a search for a Johnny Pickering, a N.I. Bandleader in the 50s/60s whom I know nothing about. I seem to have acquired the Hohner Shand Morino accordion owned and played by him in the 1960s. Can any of you point me in the direction as to where I can find out about his use of that accordion specifically, and in general about him, his band, any pictures or audio sound of him etc. Any information would be much appreciated.

Name:   Mike Scott
Date: 07 May 2013
Comments: Hi Everyone, I am completely new to the Irish Showbands site. A few out there might remember me when I was the lead singer with the Cotton Mill Boys country band. It was a great time for me and I remember playing in so many venues all over Ireland and Great Britain. If any one remembers me and would like to swap stories, I'd love to hear from you. God Bless you all. Kind Regards, Mike.

Name: David Roberts
Date:  01 May 2013
Comments: How do I get a hold of a copy of Automobile by eh Band CHIPS totally loving them : My address is David Roberts 815 Forest Ave Room 10 Northfield Minnesota 55057 USA my phone is 507-664-8853 any help would be appreciated Thanks : Ireland Forever

Name:   Geraldine Freiberg
Email: Withheld by request
Date: 29 Apr 2013
Comments: Where would I get a cd or video of mick delahunty 4 my mum.
(Editor's note: We have answered Geraldine, but because she has requested her email be hidden, nobody else can contact her.)

Name:  Nora Needham
Email: Withheld by request
Date: 13 Apr 2013
Comments: Would like to know if its possible to get a copy of Danny Pearse's "Broken Promises. I was very much a fan.
(Editor's note: We have answered Nora, but because she has requested her email be hidden, nobody else can contact her.)

Name: dusty young
Date: 13 Apr 2013
Comments: I was looking through your lists of ballrooms and here a few observations. The Ballerina in Dublin became The Town and Country Club. Arus Mhuire was in Inchicore and you've spelt it Inchicoren. The Television club was formerly known as the Four Provinces
(Editor's note: Thanks Dusty, all have been updated.)

Name: Gerard
Date:  08 Apr 2013
Comments: Any body know if it is possible to get any of Tweeds music have a song called painted lady in my head from Tweed also any one know of Dale Haze Solo project back in the 80s

Name: jim fitzgerald
Email: Withheld by request
Date: 03 Apr 2013
Comments: Just like  to  say  the  person  holding  the  sax  in the  kingdom showband picture  was my  father  jerry  fitzgerald  and  the  person  on  the  bass was  Toddy  Lahaine  both  of  which  have sadly  passed   away.
(Editor's note: Thanks Jim, we have updated the site, sorry to hear your Dad is no longer with us.)

Name: Frank Draper
Date: 31 Mar 2013
Comments: Hi everyone involved in this site excellent site it is too enabling people as it does to catch up or at least reminisce about various different aspects of the Irish Showband scene  and it's all good If you haven't already why don't you check out the Royal showband documentary film ''The One Nighters'' it's great stuff I mean why wouldn't RTE dip into it when it comes to doing some kind of feature on the afore-said showband? Good Luck  all involved.
(Editor's note: Thanks Frank. Actually, RTE have used it repeatedly whenever they do a showband piece, great document of the era!)

Name: Seamus Mac Loclainn
Email: Withheld by request
Date: 29 Mar 2013
Comments: Where id all those great showbands get the great music they produced. Some of that music were also hits in the United States. Seamus
(Editor's note: Thanks Seamus, they got it from the States during trips to play there and via Armed Forced Radio mostly. Even back then it was a small world!)

Name: Giovanni Flavell
Email: Withheld by request
Date:  27 Mar 2013
Comments: Well done on a great and well put together site. I played in a few Belfast bands from the late sixties until a few years ago. One of which,' Dodgers', is featured in a photo here taken around 1976. I'm the one with the long hair and was the singer/guitarist. Sadly My Dear friend Billy Garland who played Drums in 'circle' and contributed to this site, died on the 18th. December 2012 after a long illness. A sad loss to the musicians he befriended throughout all our lives. May he rest in peace.

Name:  Sabrina
Date: 26 Mar 2013
Comments: Hi, I would like to get in contact with Gregory Donaghy. would you be able to put me in contact with him or would anyone know how I could go about this. I would be grateful for any help at all. thank you

Name: Laura McCrea
Date:  24 Mar 2013
Comments: My Mum and Dad met here, they spoke of a more innocent time when fun was interacting and dancing with you friends, they loved this place. Sadly my Father has passed on, however, memories are forever,

Name: David O'Connor
Date:  20 Mar 2013
Comments: Long left ireland, March 1967 however a regular RETURNEE....From Dun Laoghaire and great memories of Club Caroline, Anchor Club, Presentation in Glasthule where I seen Bluesville for the first time...Awestruck by them, soom they were followed by the Chosen Few with ex Bluseville members and retained friendship  to this day, Other memorable groups then Rootzgroup, Creatures, Hedley Kay at Knox Hall, Monkstown..Tommy V ella, Paul Ashford, Fran O'Toole both gone sadly. I am still in touch with Mick Molloy, George O'Rorke and others. Great site here .

Name: pete kinsey
Date:  18 Mar 2013
Comments: Still miss the Showband scene after all these years, so many happy memories especially of dancing to Carole and The New Blues., very much underrated band, simply the best!

Name:  graeme Humphrey
Date: 18 Mar 2013
Comments: For your archives The founding members of the Belfast group Richmond Hill were  Frank Thompson Graeme Humphrey  Dee Findlay Johnny Gregg and Stiffy Holland in 1968

Name:  john o'rourke
Date: 16 Mar 2013
Comments: HELP! I need some assistance folks. My name is John O'Rourke and I'm from Sligo. My uncle played the drums in a band called the "The times showband". His name was Freddie Nooney. He is still alive. Here is the problem...I've searched online for pictures of this, but to no avail. If anyone could help, it would be great. I know that for a while Coucillor Declan Bree from Sligo played in the band too. i would guess that he would have been the youngest in the band as most of them now are late sixities/ early seventies. some have passed on. The problem I have encountered is that at that time there was another band called the "Times Showband" talking about confusing things. The members of the band are as follows:- Declan Bree, Joe Scanlon, John McLoughlin RIP, Freddie Nooney;  Sean Scanlon, Sean Nooney, Tommy McDonagh, Vincent Somers. Once again, if anyone could help to find out more info or know of any pictures it would be great. thanks John o'rourke

Name:   Theresa
Date:            13 Mar 2013
Comments: I have great memories from the 70s and 80s with old friends from Gerry and the Merryboys (and Duffy Brothers), both in New York and in Mayo. I met the guys in 1978. I once had a copy of the photo posted on this site, it was great to see it again, 30+years later. Thanks for the memories!

Name: Helen Broderick
Email: Withheld by request
Date: 12 Mar 2013
Comments: I had my photo taken with a member of the Millionaires Showband and cannot remember his name. He appeared on the "Do You Come Here Often" show in the Waterfront Hall in Belfast on 28th December, 2012. Can you tell me his name please?

Name: eddie mac hale
Date:  10 Mar 2013
Comments: listening to Brian Coll on u tube. He was brilliant.  have we ever had a better country singer in this country I don't  so.

Name: Sean Brophy
Email:  Withheld by request
Date: 02 Mar 2013
Comments: Danceland Ballroom Portlaoise was beside my former home in Portlaoise. It was flattened many years ago to facilitate the original town bypass and the site is now part of James Fintan Lawlor Avenue. My siblings and I used help the showbands with their gear and lapped up the publicity photos and occasional tips. Butch Moore RIP was particularly generous and I can recall kicking a ball around in front of hall with various band personnel.

Name:  Teresa McCullagh
Date: 24 Feb 2013
Comments: Hi, I would like to get in contact with Dermot Hegarty. would you be able to put me in contact with him or would anyone know how I could go about this. I would be grateful for any help at all. thank you.

Name:  Michael Lyons
Date:  11 Feb 2013
Comments: Hi,Greetings from Sydney, great site. Thanks for all the effort put in by your team. We lost a great Irish singer Jimmy Moore recently in Sydney. Jimmy was from Lurgan, Co Armagh and was part of the Irish Australian music scene for many years. He is sadly missed! Thanks Michael Lyons

Name:    bernadette neil
Email:  Withheld by request
Date: 05 Feb 2013
Comments: has anyone got any photos of my brother Joe Conway.(Gary Street).I will gladly pay for any plus postage.Many thanks

Name:  gerald kennedy
Date: 05 Feb 2013
Comments: gerald kennedy ex member of maurice lynch showband castleblayney organist/vocalist now living in costa blanca spain dated 05/02/2013

Name: Brendan Kilty
Email: Withheld by request
Date:   31 Jan 2013
Comments: The unknown guitarist in the 1981 lineup of Starband is the now well known blues guitarist Pat Kilty he was also in Vienna when they released the single "The Silence".

Name:  Blueobrien
Date:  27 Jan 2013
Comments: hi everyone i am looking for imformation on the death of shay mc carthy in croaisa

Name: Marian
Date:  27 Jan 2013
Comments: What a wonderful singer.Have been a fan of his for years since I first saw him in Thurles long ago.

Name:  Mandy
Date:  25 Jan 2013
Comments: I sang a Duet With Bill while he performed with th Gallowglass Ceili Band for a short period of time and desperate to find a copy of it. I am finding it difficult to see anything of that record on the internet. I know that it was recorded on Release Records. It would be great to hear it again.

Name:  Pat McGreevy
Date: 20 Jan 2013
Comments: Hi everyone, I am looking some help. There is a plaque to the late, great Tony Morelli being designed and I need to find the perfect picture for it. Can you all search those old albums hidden away and see if you come across anything that could be used? We are also currently seeking donations towards the plaque if there are any good ideas out there for fundraising. Many thanks folks, Pat.

Name:  Ruby West
Date: 20 Jan 2013
Comments: Wonderful to come across your very informative web site. My parents introduced me to the showband scene as they were good friends of The Witnesses . Later on in my early teens I became a great fan of Teddie and the Tigers and spent many happy nights dancing at Betty Staffs in Belfast. My friends and I visited many dance halls in the North and the entertainment and fun times were the best. Your site has brought back many dear memories...thank you so much.

Name: Richie Stone
Date: 17 Jan 2013
Comments: Jim Cantwell Big Band were from Kilkenny and were one of the best around at the time

Name:  Walter Jacobs
Date: 16 Jan 2013
Comments: Nice to find Tweed on your site. Have great memory's from those guys' song My Lagan Love. A holiday in Ireland in 1983. Any idea if this is a track from a album of Tweed?

Name:Dorothy keogh
Email:  Withheld by request
Date: 15 Jan 2013
Comments: Just want to say i have so enjoyed reading your pages on the showbands, i even learned a few things about some of the bands, the best afternoons, reading ,keep up the good work ,xxx

Name: Donna Hackman
Date: 12 Jan 2013
Comments: My auntie is Dinky o Day and she now lives in West Sussex .

Name:   Michael Mooney
Date:            07 Jan 2013
Comments: Just found your excellent site, I was 15 when the 60's began........must have been in every dance hall in the north & quite a few in the south. I spent quite a lot of time in the later years with Dermot O'Donnell (Abercorn & Queen's Court fame) & his widow, Norma called to wish us Happy New Year. They were absolute icons in their day. Loved Dermot & love you too, Norma!!

Name:  See Jay
Email: Withheld by request
Date:  07 Jan 2013
Comments: Hi. I got here accidentally via a Google search whilst hunting for an ancestor. I didn't find him, but thought that this was a brilliant site and just wanted to say Congratulations!

Name: Nita mc Loone
Date:  05 Jan 2013
Comments: Just discovered this wonderful site. I am just learning about  computer so please forgive . I am anxious to know Jimjoe to say thenk you  .

Name: Ger Boyle
Email: Withheld by request 
Date:     21 Dec 2012
Comments: Hi,I just want to express my joy in viewing your site it's great looking through all the Showbands.Iwant to explain that I lived next door to the Brandon Ballroom in Tralee Co Kerry at the height of the Showband Boom it was a great era,the Band Wagons used to pull up and the members used to bring in the gear,then there was the sound check (which I used to listen too) off they would go for a bite to eat and then came the punters from far and near for the fabulous nights entertainment .The joy these musicians gave on the night will never be repeated,from tango's,waltzes,rock and roll etc you name it they had it. Songs that were in the top ten and top twenty fantastic. These talented  musicians/entertainers men and women travelled long distances to all parts of Ireland gave a great nights joy and packed up and on the road again home. They were just FANTASTIC.Bring back the Showbands again .

Name:   roy blakely
Date:  18 Dec 2012
Comments: i think its a great site glad to see all these people again  or just look hehe

Name:   Norma branagh
Date: 06 Dec 2012
Comments: Was so lovely to touch base with an old friend, Teddie Palmer. Congrats to you on your wonderful success x

Name: Ruby West
Date:   29 Nov 2012
Comments: Hi there I have found your site very interesting and it certainly brought back many happy memories for me. My parents paved the way for us children as they were good friends of the Witnesses Showband. I loved going to Betty Staffs in Belfast from around 1966, where bands like Teddie and the Tigers, The Few and even Rory Gallagher Played. Great,happy and innocent times. Belfast was buzzing and my friends went all around the North to different dance halls. Even went as far as Dublin twice. I made many great friends in the music business and was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Brian Scott and my dear close pal Billy Burns, both of Teddie Palmer Trend days. Thank you for all the info on your site, yours truly Ruby

Name: Suzanne Mc Intyre
Date: 23 Nov 2012
Comments: Please pray for my dear brother Joe McIntyre, he is very ill (in St Vincents hospital)  many of you know him, so please remember him in your prayers,  for many years he played with myn brother Gay,then with Johnny Flynn. My hear is sore to-night as I write this. God bless and thank  you Suzanne Mc Intyre

Name:   rebecca
Date: 23 Nov 2012
Comments: Hi all. I am looking for any tapes or pictures of the the flamingoes show band. Trying to put something together for someone who loves this band. Can anyone help me out?

Name:  Collette Furlong
Date:  15 Nov 2012
Comments: Love the showbands, used to go to the TV Club back in 1974

Name:  Jimmy Sharpe
Email:   Withheld by request
Date:    13 Nov 2012
Comments: Just heard the very sad news that Ivan McBride, sax player with the Skyrockets Showband, Enniskillen, has passed away at his home n Australia. May he rest in peace.

Name: ruby west
Date: 06 Nov 2012
Comments: I was delighted to find your web site as it contained so much history that was very relevant to my youth back in Belfast. I have so many fond memories of the time period  from 1966 to 1972. My strongest were of Teddie Palmer and his bands of that era. I read a lot more on your web site and i am deeply saddened to read about the death of Billy Burns and Brian Scott. I knew both of these guys personally. I was also a friend of Teddie's and enjoyed reading about his life. I have not seen Ted since 1982 as emigrated to Australia. You are looking well kid. Sincere condolences to Brian's family. I would also like to send my sympathies to Billy's family. I am sure you will remember me. I was Ruby Hunter back then. Again great to see your web site but very sad about my friends. RIP Billy. Much loved and never forgotten.

Name:  Dave Gold
Date:  28 Oct 2012
Comments: What a pleasure to see pictures of so many pals from long ago: Gay, Shay and Joe McIntyre, Butch and Des Moore, Desi Reynolds to name but a few. Thank you so much.

Name:  Kev
Date: 27 Oct 2012
Comments: Ciaran Mcdonald (Drifters 1969) RIP 20/05/2012 , Fr Ciaran was our parish priest and often told us the story of being in a Band in Ireland called the Drifters, I just thought it would be a nice tribute to him: >From the Northern Cross June 2012 page 25  Fr Ciaran McDonnell parish priest of St Augustine's died on May 20th. Fr Ciaran was born in Strabane, Northern Ireland and knew by the age of 11 he wanted to be a priest. He joined the Drifters Irish pop group at the age of 19; Make Me An Island reached no 2 in Top of the Pops in 1969.
After studying at St Patrick's Seminary in Thurles he was ordained in 1976. At Holy Rosary in Sunderland he began a prayer group which grew from 3 members to 200 in two months. He became a hospital chaplain and was also curate at St Aidan's Ashington. He was Parish Priest at St Wilfred's Bishop Auckland, St John Vianny in Hartlepool and then St Augustine's. During his ministry he travelled to Uganda, Slovakia and Croatia. He also spent a year at Medjugorge helping English speaking pilgrims. He organised the Charismatic Conference for bishops and priests in the UK. His whole life centred on devotion to and understanding of the Eucharist.
 Fr Ciaran's Requiem Mass was at St Mary's Cathedral on May 25th. His body was then taken to Ireland for burial by his loving family. May he rest in peace.

Name:  Declan O Regan
Date:  25 Oct 2012
Comments: Just looking through your site today, and was delighted to see the photos of San Bernadino showband. My uncle George Drummond was the drummer of the band. He passed away this morning in the Mercy Hospital,Cork of cancer. 25/10/2012 . If you could tell me where I could possibly get my hands on any photos etc. of the band, it would be great. Thanks in advance. RIP George Drummond.

Name:  Francis Winter
Date:  16 Oct 2012
Comments: Would like to hear any information on Phillipe Cole. Saxaphone. We used to work together in London many years ago. thank you for your time.   Francis

Name:  Helen pugh
Date: 15 Oct 2012
Comments: Hi All,Iam a huge Joe dolan fan i just cant get enough of him.I have loved him for 40 years give or take.I am looking for someone to chat to about joe .Is there anyone who would like to make a new friend.

Name:   Michael Lyons
Date: 13 Oct 2012
Comments: Thanks for the site and your great work to keep the memories of some of Irelands great artists alive. I was a good friend of Shay OHara (Royal Blues) during his life in Australia. He did great work to  foster and promote the Irish music heritage in Australia for many years. He was proud of his adopted country but never forgot his Irish roots. I also was a great friend of Michael Bryan (Classic Showband) we both joind the Army Apprentice School, Nass,Co Kildare  in 1960 and my last meeting with Michael was when his band toured London around 1968. I had just come to Australia in 1970 when I heard of his tragic accident.and subsiquent death. "The love you have for someone never dies and as the weeks, months and years pass by that love becomes pure and very precious" Keep up the good work. Michael Lyons, Sydney

Name:  Sylvia mccahon nee McCann
Email:  [email protected]
Date:   13 Oct 2012
Comments: Ivan mcconville was my next door neighbour and I called my fist son after him he was also known as the gentle giant.  Ivan checked in on me each day of my pregnancy sadly he was killed in a car accident on the outskirts of Banbridge. He died in 1978 not 1979 which is on your page.

Name:   Sandra O'Callaghan
Date: 12 Oct 2012
Comments: A lovely 'blast from the past' thanks very much.  My Dad was Michael O' - The Michael O'Callaghan Showband. Kind regards, Sandra O'Callaghan

Name:  Helen pugh
Date: 08 Oct 2012
Comments: I just read the joe dolan peace and near the bottom it said ray dolan was joe dolans son.I have been a big fan of joe's for years and play his music all day every day so you can imagine my surprise when i read that .Does anyone know if it is true. Helen.

Name:   Seamie power
Email: Withheld by request
Date:   07 Oct 2012
Comments: joe Dolan to me was a legend and a lot of his songs should have been higher in the English charts as well as the Irish charts he had a amazing voice and he is sadly missed as I have seen him live many times his voice is the same live as on his records which a lot of today's singer can't perform live because there  voices don't sound good live that is way joe Dolan was Ireland's greatest entertainer and we will never see a artist as great as joe Dolan again his songs  sister Mary  to me should have been a no1in English and Ireland other songs like tar and cement Teresa you you you good looking woman I need you all still classic I would hope the Dolan legacy will continue with his family and we hopefully  will continue  his songs by forming a group as we miss his great talent and his songs god bless you joe Dolan your songs gave me in good time and bad times so much happiness when I was dating and seeing you live to me you still live on in your songs thanks you for this site you have done a great job

Name:  Shane O'Halloran
Date:06 Oct 2012
Comments: Hey was told about this webpage and just love it.   Big Jim Nash is my dad so it was pretty cool to see this.  Thanks again

Name:Catherine Burns
Email:  Withheld by request  
Date:  01 Oct 2012
Comments: Hi. It was with great sadness R.I.P. I heard of the death of the great Larry Cunningham.

Name:  sandra armbruster
Date: 22 Sep 2012
Comments: i justt viewed your website here, and i have learned sooo much! thankyou for this opportunity! i initially came here out of boredom, looking for something to do that i never have before.... and to get the feel of the music.... my greatgrandparents were the Tates and the Curry's.... i hope to hear from you soon... God Bless you all there, and a heartfelt 'Hello' to all!

Name: Mary Finnerty
Date:  20 Sep 2012
Comments: What an excellent idea guys,it's great to see the bands from yester year.I went to see a lot of these bands in the dancehall,Carraroe,Co.Galway,the Poitín Stil in Inverin,Galway.Brings back a lot of great memories. I have to dig out some old pics and posters when I go home and email them to you guys.Keep up the good work. Best Regards,Mary,xo

Name: gregory
Date: 19 Sep 2012
Comments: johnny quigily best band ireland ever had

Name: P. J. Clarke, Ballina
Date: 23 Aug 2012
Comments: It is with sadness that I have to report the deaths of two of Ballina's (Co. Mayo) musicians: they are Tommie Murphy and Gerry (Amigo) Kilroy. Coincidentally, both were drummers. Tommy was 76 and Gerry 51 (he died in England) and both will be buried in Ballina over the next few days. Tommy was very well known in jazz circles and could be found every Tuesday night playing his beloved drums in P. J. Duff'y's pub in Ballina. He had played with a number of bands before forming his own band, The Dominoes. He also featured with his other band, The Montrose,  on the Showband Show on TV with Paul Russell. These last couple of years he hosted his own show on MWR and, of course, he played some fantastic jazz music from his huge collection.
Gerry Kilroy played with a couple of groups in Ballina before joining The Richmonds where he bcame a popular figure known as "Face" from the TV series. He emigrated to England for a period but returned and formed a band called The Three Amigos in Ballinrobe. Once again he took to the emigrant ship and settled in Huddersfield where he died. God rest them both and if they ever meet the craic will be 'mighty.'

Name: William burns
Email: Hidden by request
Date: 23 Aug 2012
Comments: the best show band in Ireland and of their times .congratulations

Name: john ryane
Email: Hidden by request
Date: 22 Aug 2012
Comments: Whats paddy burns of the cadets doing know.would like to hear

Name: bobby forsythe
Date: 19 Aug 2012
Comments: Sad news, showband legend Tony Morelli passed away 15/8/12. Tony had been ill last few years. R.I.P. Bobby

Name: Mary Lawrence
Email: Hidden by request
Date: 16 Aug 2012
Comments: hi i was born and raised in sligo, but have only now heard maisie mcdaniels. such a shame she never got where she deserved to be she had such a beautiful voice. rip maisie

Name: James Murray
Date: 16 Aug 2012
Comments: Visited Portrush for the first in 1957 went to the Arcadia Ballroom heard Dave Glover and for the next 7 years was there; also went to the Strand in Portstewart where the Witness Showband played woinderful times. If onbly the clock could get turned back. Going to Bushmills to play bowls in three weeks will visit Portrush and remember times in the past No doubt there will be a few tears; I think I'll need another whiskey.

Name: Patrick "Chink" Scanlon
Date: 10 Aug 2012
Comments: Finbarr or Frankie the Chink is still alive and living in Vermont. Read Finbar's book which included my picture. (probabley sold a few extra copies on that fact alone.) Tried to reach you guys in the past to no avail. Patrick Scanlon.

Name:  terry Mckibbin
Date: 28 Jun 2012
Comments: I remember Henry McCullough played with the Skyrockets (mid sixties) one of many great bands, love the site. I played with the Velvetone Lisburn in the sixties i have some pictures and info on the band please let me know if I can send it to you thank you.

Name: Lawrence Newman
Date: 26 Jun 2012
Comments: Hi, great finding your website, would love to find out what has happened to Angela Farrell who was in the 1971 Eurovision, she had a lovely voice and sweet face. Can anyone help? Thanks. Lawrence.

Name: willie j dunbar
Email: Hidden by request
Date: 21 Jun 2012
Comments: the two unknowns are duffy second from left and sam third from right

Name: Mark Crowe
Email: Hidden by request
Date: 21 Jun 2012
Comments: Stumbled across the site looking for info about the Trixons. I've got a copy of a poster showing the Trixons supporting the Beatles at Buxton Pavilion on 6th April 1963- same band?

Name:  Bill Whelan
Email: Hidden by request
Date: 06 Jun 2012
Comments: Hello  - I'm looking for any available info on the beatgroup The Action which featured Peter Adler, Ian Whitcombe and Ian McGarry (?) + several others. They were based in Trinity College, Dublin sometime in the 60's .

Name: mary stephens(mc laughlin)
Date: 04 Jun 2012
Comments: like to know wer is brian ,im a old friend .

Name: Mary (Gibbons) Kent
Date: 29 May 2012
Comments: I was so sad to hear that Jarlath Maloney passed away, RIP.  How old was he?  We used to meet years and years ago when the showband toured London as Jarlath would get in touch!

Name: Connie O'Callaghan
Date:  27 May 2012
Comments: As I spend the winter in Newcastle On Tyne, am back in the Co. Cork for the rain etc. When I bought the last issue of Ireland's Own and what pops out but our own Tina. As I haven't seen or heard of her over the last years it has made my spell back home more enjoyable. I left these shores in the mid 60's so its back to enjoying the likes of Tina.

Name: eve byrne
Date: 21 May 2012
Comments: Hi you have a picture of the miami show band with a female singer marked as unknown. I can confrim that her name is Raphaelle Ward.

Name: mel
Email: Withheld by request
Date:  20 May 2012
Comments: Sadly Father Ciaron McConnell who used to play for The Drifters Showband has passed away this morning from pancreatic cancer, he was in the band with Joe Dolan. Their  single 'Make me an island' went to number 3 in the Uk charts, and they appeared on the Top Of The Pops in 1969

Name: Jeffrey Paul
Date: 05 May 2012
Comments: Hello,  My name is Jeffrey and I just returned from a wonderful holiday in Dublin, Ireland.  I attended the St. Patrick's Day Parade, took a day trip to the famous Cliff's, visited Waterford and traveled about freely the country side to all the ruins of the church's and castles.  One day I was walking about downtown Dublin and saw a record store and I ventured inside.  The record store was " Tower Records " these record stores were all about the Uninted States and have since been closed for decades.  I was talking to a clerk, in the record store, and asked him if the store had any CD or records of famous Irish rock & roll bands of the '60's.  The clerk just stood looking at me as if I were mad.  I replied, " In the States we had The Supremes, The Beatles & Stones and Dusty Springfield  (yes, from the UK...but, we loved them all).  The clerk replied,  " As long as I have worked at this store, no one has ever asked that question.  No one listens to old '60's rock & roll."  I said, " I do and I love the '60's beat."  The clerk gave me a couple of CD's of '60's show bands, I didn't even understand what a show band was.  I was turned onto Butch Moore and the Capitols, " Born To Be With You" and "Walking The Streets In The rain"  it was instant love for the Irish bands of the '60's.  I record in the States and I plan on recording Butch Moore's two famous hits.  I would love to become a member of the Butch Moore organization if you would grant me this honor.  I just retired from Delta Air Lines and all I would need is a days notice and I'm off to Dublin, Ireland.  Your country and people are very different from the States, you all seem so down to earth and I thank you for that.  Please feel free to drop me a line and also please consider my offer to become involved in your organization.  I feel hit makers like Butch Moore & the Capitols should be remembered and that there music should not be collecting dust on a shelf.  The Irish hit makers made history and  my goal is to help keep those memories alive for future generation to hear.  Thank you for allowing me to write this note and I hope to hear from you soon.  Cheers, Jeffrey Paul (Atlanta, GA)

Name:  vera
Date:  05 May 2012
Comments:  dose anybody have music by the showband the Virginians, i would love to play on my radio show

Name:  Sheila Murray
Email:  Withheld by request
Date:  10 Apr 2012
Comments: Frankie McDonald I really like your song Dream of Elvis. Its rarely on the radio. I went to buy it but wasn't available. The only chance I get to hear it is by requesting it on the Junior Walker Show. Any chance you will post it on? I really like your singing voice. I'll be checking. Thanks.

(Editor's Note: This site is an historical archive opf the showband era. It is not Frankie McDonald's site. Sorry)

Name: sean mulcahy
Date:  10 Apr 2012
Comments: I was introduced to Pat Lynch (airchords showband). last Sunday in Cork with his wife,I did not realise that he was related to friends of was a pleasure to meet him as he is a total gentleman, I could have listened to him telling stories of showband days for hours.He even gave me a cd of his favourite songs which is very enjoyable.

Name: Marilyn
Email: withheld by request
07 Apr 2012
Comments: Just remembering the good old days when the Virginians used to play in Ennis, if anyone knows where the keyboard player Paul Tobin is, would love to know! Marilyn in Ennis.

Name: des kennedy
Email:  withheld by request
Date: 06 Apr 2012
Comments: It is a pity that all the great pop and rock covers bands of the 70s 80s came to an end eg tweed  memories  rock steward brush shields skid row and some even sadly deceased that i only learned about recently  times are not the same now musically   i must mention the other bands that played the ballroom circuit at that stage eg chips sunshine san bernadino lucky numbers driveshaft cork luv bug the champions  reform jimi slevin sands swarbriggs  the monkeys athlone  and u also had the rock groups eg bogey boys  mamas boys rocky devalera and the gravediggers gimmick stepaside stagalee katmandu dc9 ferdia mc anna and the rythm kings cahir o doherty and the dazzle band

Name: John McDonough
Email: Withheld by request
Date: 01 Apr 2012
Comments: I would like to find out where Bernard Cheevers Guitarist with Skid Row is now ?
(Edfitor's note: all requests for info should be posted on our free forum. It is the best chance of getting a response)

Name: pete kinsey
Date: 26 Mar 2012
Comments: It would be nice if there was a resource which covered the irish bands which played the irish circuit within the uk, pubs, irish clubs and centres.Obviously Lee Lynchwas huge on the London irish scene but there wereothers too such as the band fronted by Shaun Connery who had the residency at the Forum in Camden Town in London., and the resident one at the Shamrock in Birmingham, even bands like Lena and The Green Glens who were active in the Midlands in the 1970s, they played clubs like the one I belonged to St Patricks Club in London.

(Editor's note: Hi Pete, yes it would, but sadly our hands are full just trying to catalog and validate the bands that played in Ireland. Perhaps someone who lived in the UK during the era might take on that task. Thanks as always for supporting the site.)

Name: Marian
Email: Withheld by request
Date: 25 Mar 2012
Comments: I am a fan of Margos for many years and go to her concert every year. Wishing her all the best.Long may she continue. Marian

Name:  Ann Sheldon
Date: 15 Mar 2012
Comments: this is the first time i love all irish music i'd like to ask if TR Dallas a brother to Foster or Alan.

(Editor's note: Yes Ann, Tom Allen is a brother to Tony Allen of Foster and Allen.)

Name: Claire
Date: 07 Mar 2012
Comments: can anyone tell me what noel brady is doing now aka big chief with the indians

Name: stuart  gallagher
Date:  05 Mar 2012
Comments: Just came across the website recently . Some wonderful pictures of Paddy McGarr and the Gallowglass Ceili Band . They visited the North East of Scotland regularly in the 60s and early 70s .  They were my favourite band of the time . The tops in my opinion . What a unique sound they had . Paddy , Peggy and the rest of the band set the feet a tapping for sure . Brings back so many happy memories . Thanks Paddy .   You'll never be forgotten .  Your music will live on forever.

Name: Louie Burgoyne
Date:  05 Mar 2012
Comments: Great to see all the band boys looking so young!

Name: Paul mulholland
Email: Withheld by request
Date: 27 Feb 2012
Comments: Jim Doherty who lived in Glarryford /Dunloy who was lead guitarist with The Walter Lewis Showband in the 60s.with Leo McCaffrey and The Glensmen in the 70s and American Express. He sadly passed away on Friday 24th February. I had the pleasure of playing with him in later years. he was an exceptional guitar player and personality. he will be sadly missed. Paul Mulholland

Name: Greta
Email:  withheld by request
Date: 25 Feb 2012
Comments: I really  enjoy your website as it allows people to find out  what is going on with the music scene . Fabulous.

Name: Derek O'Connor
Date: 25 Feb 2012
Comments: Hi, My name is Derek OConnor, my uncle Jim was part of the original lineup in the Nevada Showband. Imy memories of Jim being in the band are limited as I was born in 1970 but I do remember Jims time working for Tommy Hayden as myself my sister and my Dad,Joe OConnor used to call to THE office in Ballsbridge when we were kids. I remember getting loads of free records, mainly on the Spider label, and meeting stars like shay Healy, johnny Logan and many more. My own father Joe, was a in the music business, he had his own business, OConnor Records, I think he used to export Irosh music to the UK and America. I always thought Jim was a fantastic singer and an accomplished Bass player, my own father was a fabulous pianist, Jim spent many years in the music business after the Nevada and sang every week in St Agnes church,Crumlin,such was his love of singing, I'm very proud of him and wiill always respect his contribution to the music scene in Ireland. If anyone wants to get in touch I would be delighted to reply or I can tell Jim to check out this site. Best regards to all

Name:  paddy dunne
Date: 20 Feb 2012
Comments: Its great i came accross ur website its fantastic on ur piece about the dance halls all gone well there is one in lisdoonvarna co clare and it was renovated to a fantastic standered  it such a fantastic hall but alas its not being used hardly at all i would love to see big bands comming there but anykind of a band want mega bucks up front b4 they set foot in the hall  wouldnt it be great to get show bands playing all over the country again , i mean when i hear the stories that the older generation talk about  the music and dance  i mean bring it alll back :

Name: Karen
Email:   Withheld by request
Date: 17 Feb 2012
Comments: hi please can you tell me if theres any chance of getting noel brady and the indians to perform at a party for an ederly couple who will be celebrating thier 60th wedding anniversary at the end of march 2012 the husband is terminally ill,please could you help us give this elderly couple some pleasure

Editor's Note: Noel left the Indians in the late 1990's, but try their website (sent directly to Karen via email).

Name: Rita McMahon
Date: 08 Feb 2012
Comments: Trying to trace ancestors from a very good website call Cabra and was told that a Mick O'Malley is from there who played guitar in the Hootn'nanny's and then went onto Buckshot, don't see his name in any of the photo's  but as Manager. . Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks... Former:  Rita O'Malley

Name: Albert Craig
Date: 07 Feb 2012
Comments: Hello there, I am the missing drummer with the Oceans showband would love to hear from any of the boys not forgetting the lovely Paula

Name: patrick comerford
Date: 04 Feb 2012
Comments: Hi, i want to know if you know about the work of Pat comerford and comerford family gruop on waterford work  than you

Name: Darina
Date: 31 Jan 2012
Comments: Hi there, just wondering if anyone has pictures of the Dickie Cashman Showband, they were from Midleton Co Cork in the 60s and 70's , would love to see some if there are any out there, as my Dad Patrick was the Sax player in this band. thanking you Darina

Name: Brent Packman
Date: 30 Jan 2012
Comments: In 1964 Harry Mitchell was the leader of the Golden Gate Showband at the Carousel Ballroom in San Francisco. I was the drummer in the band. The ballroom was owned by Bill Fuller...husband of Carmel Quinn.

Name: Sean Byrne
Date: 28 Jan 2012
Comments: Hello from Strandhill

Name: Donal O' Sullivan
Date: 24 Jan 2012
Comments: Dermot Henry had a hit with if those lips could only speak. My mother used to sing that song and nobody ever sang it better than her not even me; but sure the best of luck to you.

Name: Billy Gibson
Date: 24 Jan 2012
Comments: Like to wish all at Irish Showbands all the best for 2012 keep up the good work . Billy Gibson Sydney Australia love this Website great memories of great times..

Name:   maureen gonzales
Date:  22 Jan 2012
Comments: thats my aunty phil. Someone put up some of tinas music. Want to har some showbands online go to bluehillradio dot com and listions to seans show friday 7-30

Name: Arthur Mclaughlin
Date: 22 Jan 2012
Comments: I was a member of The Beltona Show band Bushmills and various other bands throughout my long musical career, thanks for the memories. Arthur

Name: jan-erik knudsen
Email: Withheld by request
Date: 15 Jan 2012
Comments: Hello. I'm doing some reseach for a book and this is what I really need some help with: - Some information about one or two popular dance halls in Belfast (or just one) around 1973-76, mostly visited by Catholics (I assume prot/cath didn't mingle very much in those years in the dance halls, but correct me if I'm wrong). I would need some details, like what the inside looked like, how many floors, opening hours etc.etc. Also great if you could mention some bands playing there, month and year would be great, but month I know would be difficult to remember(!) - I would also like to get some info on protestant dance halls, same information.  One or two good/interesting stories would also be appreciated. Thanks a million! Best wishes JE

(Editor's note: As you requested your email be withheld, I'm not sure how people will communicate with you if they have any of this info.)

Name: oliver crehan
Date: 14 Jan 2012
Comments: Hi My Brother played with the Gary Green and his Glamour Band (1977),  Magic Band (1978-80) and Chips (1981). His name is Poriag Crehan and is now living in Athboy.

(Editor's note: Thanks for the info, we will add it to our musician's directory)

Name:  Noel Fisher
Date: 08 Jan 2012
Comments: I played with Hugh McLean and The Mighty Avons album Another 22 dancing hits and was wondering where I could get a copy of it as I played the keyboard and sang 3 songs

Name: frank nash
Date: 07 Jan 2012
Comments: drummer with the showbands great time's. Love the site my brother mick nash was a drummer too god bless all

Name: Noel Gallagher
Date: 06 Jan 2012
Comments: Bring back the showbands. Whatever happened to the Memories showband (early 70s).

(Editor's note: The Memories story is here:

Name: Pat Cousins
Date: 06 Jan 2012
Comments: Hi Liam just heard from my friend Cyril about this website I am really enjoying going thru' it and I will do so more and more often from now on .

Name:  Cyril Wilkinson
Email: withheld as it is a non-working email address
Date: 05 Jan 2012
Comments: Just a little note to Nora Quinn a very happy New Year  Nora just in case my last one didn't get to you the song you want is ''Cottage By The Sea'' a number written and originally performed by Gerry Carney. Always delighted to be able to help.OK? Good Luck. 

Editor's Note: Cyril, please send me an email to , not a guestbook entry. Thanks. All emails to you @ and have been returned as undeliverable or no such address.

Name: Bernard Hyland
Email: withheld as it is a non-working email address
Date: 30 Dec 2011
Comments: Hi there and my heartiest congratulations to everyone involved on such a well put-together website my comment is when are we going to get on re-release an album by Tony Keeling and the Graduates containing all their hits like ''Kelly'', It's A Crying Shame'', ''Edelweiss'', Just My Baby And Me, ''Angel'' (written by Tommy Swarbrigg) and ''Anything That's Part Of You'' and many more.? Bernard Hyland.

Name: paulette coulter
Date: 28 Dec 2011
Comments: please can you give me any information on ben dolan and the group if there is any cds or dvds out yet thanks ?

Editor: All the info we have is on the site. You might try posting a request on our forum for more info.

Name: Cyril Wilkinson
Email: withheld as it is a non-working email address
Date: 28 Dec 2011
Comments: To: Geraldine ---The Indians track that sports the lyrics ''oogaloogalushka '' is not ''One Song Away'' but ''Squaws Along The Yukon'' I hope that put that little matter to rest for you Geraldine. All the best. Cyril.

Name: Derek Dawson
Date: 28 Dec 2011
Comments: Great site brings back fond memories" happy days" Derek Dawson Cromwell

Name: pete kinsey
Date: 27 Dec 2011
Comments: Recently while talking to a friend who was in a showband for a while, they made a comment that suprised me, that I should forget about the showbands. but for me and most other people we should never forget the showbands, whether we were fans, musicians or singers is immaterial.The showbands are as much a part of Irelands musical heritage as the boybands of today,as important as the rock groups or traditional music.The showbands for me still on,Larry still performs, so does Big Tom, Gina and the Champions etc, , new artistes like Crystal Swing and Mike Denver carry on the tradition!

Name:  Pauric Doyle
Email: withheld as it is a non-working email address
Date: 26 Dec 2011
Comments: Hi Everyone I just discovered this fabulous new site and one to which I will definitely return  my grandmother used to take in showband artists as lodgers in her former home in Main Street, Carnew including members of the Smokey Mountain Ramblers.that featured George Kaye & Pat Ely What wonderful memories these are to keep    Pauric.

Name: Brian McPherson
Email: withheld as it is a non-working email address
Date:  26 Dec 2011
Comments: Hi everyone and may I wish you all a very happy New Year Just discovered your website excellent stuff altogether

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