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Actress and singer Judy Garland is cited as one of the quintessential gay icons.

A gay icon is a public figure (historical or present) who is embraced by many within lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities.

Some of the main qualities of a gay icon often include glamour, flamboyance, strength through adversity, and androgyny in presentation. Such icons can be of any sexual orientation or gender; if LGBT, they can be out or not. Although most gay icons have given their support to LGBT social movements, some have expressed opposition, advocating against a perceived "homosexual agenda".

Historically, icons were typically elevated to such status because their sexual orientation remains a topic of debate among historians. Modern gay icons are predominantly female entertainers who commonly garner a large following within LGBT communities over the course of their careers.



The earliest gay icon may have been Saint Sebastian,[1] a Christian saint and martyr, whose combination of strong and shirtless physique, symbolic arrow-pierced flesh and rapturous look of pain have intrigued artists, both gay and straight, for centuries and began the first explicitly gay cult in the nineteenth century.[1] Journalist Richard A. Kaye wrote, "Contemporary gay men have seen in Sebastian at once a stunning advertisement for homosexual desire (indeed, a homoerotic ideal), and a prototypical portrait of a tortured closet case."[2]

Due to Saint Sebastian's status as a gay icon, Tennessee Williams chose to use the saint's name for the martyred character Sebastian in his play, Suddenly, Last Summer.[3] The name was also used by Oscar Wilde—as Sebastian Melmoth—when in exile after his release from prison. Wilde, an Irish writer and poet, was about as "out of the closet" as was possible for the late 19th century, and is himself considered to be a gay icon.[4]

Marie Antoinette was an early lesbian icon. Rumors about her relationships with women circulated in pornographic detail by anti-royalist pamphlets before the French Revolution. In Victorian England, biographers who idealized the Ancien Régime made a point of denying the rumours, but at the same time romanticised Marie Antoinette's "sisterly" friendship with the Princesse de Lamballe as—in the words of an 1858 biography—one of the "rare and great loves that Providence unites in death."[5] By the end of the 19th century, she was a cult icon of "sapphism." Her execution, seen as tragic martyrdom, may have added to her appeal.[citation needed]

Allusions to her appearance were made in early 20th century lesbian literature—most notably Radclyffe Hall's The Well of Loneliness—where the gay playwright Jonathan Brockett describes Marie Antoinette and de Lamballe as "poor souls... sick to death of the subterfuge and pretenses."[6] She had crossover appeal as a gay icon, as well, at least for French novelist, playwright, poet, essayist, and political activist Jean Genet, who was fascinated by her story. He included a reenactment of her execution in his 1947 play The Maids.[5]

Marlon Brando became an icon for lesbians in the 1950s

Modern gay icons in entertainment include film stars and musicians, most of whom have strong, distinctive personalities, and many of whom died young or under tragic circumstances. For example, Greek-American opera singer Maria Callas—who reached her peak in the 1950s—became a gay icon because the uniquely compelling qualities of her stage performances were allied to a tempestuous private life, a sequence of unhappy love affairs, and a lonely premature death in Paris after her voice had deserted her.

Lesbian icons, sometimes called "dykons" (a portmanteau of the words "dyke" and "icon") are most often powerful women who are, or are rumored to be, lesbian or bisexual.[7][8] However, a few male entertainers have also had iconic status for lesbian people. James Dean was an early lesbian icon who, along with Marlon Brando, influenced the butch look and self-image in the 1950s and after.[9][10][11][12] One critic has argued for Johnny Cash as a minor lesbian icon, attributing his appeal to "lesbian identification with troubled and suffering masculinity."[13] Science fiction author Forrest J Ackerman was dubbed an "honorary lesbian" for his help during the early days of lesbian rights organisation Daughters of Bilitis. He also wrote lesbian-themed fiction under the pseudonym Laurajean Ermayne.

Gay icons may be homosexual or heterosexual, out or in the closet, male or female. The women most commonly portrayed by drag queens are usually gay icons. The definition of what it means to be a "gay icon" has come under criticism in recent years for a lack of substance. Paul Flynn of The Guardian wrote, "The concept of gay icon is a cheap ticket...[and] the idea of gay iconography itself is currently replaceable with the idea of popularity and the ability to carry a strong, identifiable, signature look."[14] Author Michael Thomas Ford depicts a similar attitude in his work of fiction Last Summer.

Non-American cultures[edit]

Although the term "gay icon" is most commonly used in the United States, the concept is found in other cultures, as well. Dalida, an Egyptian singer of Italian origin, had a career-long gay following that extended out of Paris and well into the Middle East. In the years since her death, her iconic status has not diminished.[15][16]


As a result of their pro-LGBT activism and their artistry, Taiwanese singers A-mei and Jolin Tsai, Taiwanese talk show hostess Dee Hsu, Indian actor Anil Kapoor and actress Sonam Kapoor and Hong Kong singers Leslie Cheung and Faye Wong have been called gay icons.[17][18][19]


Similarly, in European countries such as the Netherlands, Dutch singer and actress Willeke Alberti is widely embraced as a gay icon, due to a combination of her song repertoire, her durability, and her performances in support of manifold gay causes.[20] Spanish actress Carmen Maura, Spanish politician Pedro Zerolo,[21] Italian singer Mina, and Raffaella Carrà, Scottish pop singer Jimmy Somerville, German actress and singer Hildegard Knef and English singers Dusty Springfield and Sophie Ellis-Bextor are also considered gay icons,[22][23][24][25][26][27] as are French entertainers Dalida, Mylène Farmer, Lorie, Jenifer, Alizée and Ysa Ferrer, Ukrainian boy band Kazaky, Turkish singer Ajda Pekkan and Italian actress Isabella Rossellini.[28][29][30][31]

Latin America[edit]

Latin American figures have also gained reputations as gay icons. Pop band Alaska y Dinarama is one example. Their single "¿A quién le importa?" ("Who Cares?"), which was later covered in 2002 by Thalía, was a hit for the 1980s Spanish band, becoming a gay anthem for the Hispanophone LGBT community. Singer Gloria Trevi is considered a gay icon, especially after her release of "Todos me miran" ("Everyone's Looking at Me") featuring a rejected gay man turned drag queen, but had been popular with the gay and lesbian community in Mexico since the beginning of her career for being a controversial and powerful singer.[32] Mexican singer and actress Paulina Rubio has been a gay icon for Latin America after supporting gay marriage and publicly stating that she wants to have sex with fellow gay icon Madonna.[33]

Other modern Latin American gay icons include singers Alaska, Ricky Martin, La Lupe, Sara Montiel, Lola Flores and Chavela Vargas.[34][35]

Argentine gay icons include actresses Isabel Sarli, Susana Giménez and Moria Casán, the trans woman Florencia de la V, First Lady Eva Perón and President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.[36]

Venezuelan actresses Mimi Lazo, Haydée Balza, Lila Morillo, Mirtha Perez, Kiara and Hilda Abrahamz are the most beloved gay icons in the country, often impersonated by drag queens. Other artists who have fought for gay rights in the country are the model and actress Patricia Velásquez, the play writer Isaac Chocrón, the journalist Boris Izaguirre, the actors Edgar Ramírez and Luis Fernández as for ther Pedro Figueira known as La Divaza.

In Brazil, pop singers Kelly Key, Sandy, Lorena Simpson, Preta Gil, and Wanessa are considered gay icons. In 2012, Key was honored with the "Pink Triangle Award," a Brazilian LGBT award, considered the "Gay Oscar".[37][38][39][40]


20th century[edit]


The 1930s saw a number of writers, political activists, and celebrities garner reputations as gay icons. Poet and satirical writer Dorothy Parker reportedly had a large gay following. Though the phrase "friend of Dorothy" was made popular in later years by Judy Garland's role in The Wizard Of Oz (1939), some[who?] speculate it originated with Parker.

Actress Bette Davis' performance in Dark Victory (1939), was dubbed by queer theorist Eve Sedgwick as "the epistemology of the closet."[41] Davis' portrayal of the melodramatic Judith Traherne made her talent for playing someone with a secret revered and her "camp-worthy" dialog reflexive of the "flamboyant gay queen of the dramatic arts."[41] Ed Sikov, author of Dark Victory: The Life of Bette Davis, wrote that 20th century gay men developed their own subculture following Davis' example.[41]

In Marcella Althaus-Reid's Liberation Theology and Sexuality, Marlene Dietrich, who is considered to be the first German-born actress to receive critical acclaim in Hollywood, is a model of liberation and subversion, as well as beauty, perfection and sensuality.[42][43] In Rio de Janeiro, Althaus-Reid discovered a statue of Dietrich dressed as Our Lady of Aparecida in a gay bar in Copacabana beach.[43] The image of Dietrich as the black Virgin Mary represents her overcoming duality.[43] According to Althaus-Reid, it is a figure that sanctifies Dietrich while simultaneously liberating Mary.[43]

Other icons from this time period include Cary Grant, who endured speculation over his alleged relationships with men.


See also: Judy Garland as gay icon

An archetypal gay icon is Judy Garland.[44]Michael Bronski, author of Culture Clash: The Making of Gay Sensibility, describes Garland as "the quintessential pre-Stonewall gay icon."[45] So revered is she as a gay icon that her best known film role, Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz, became used as code among homosexuals in the 1950s.[46]

The expression "Is he a friend of Dorothy?" was slang for "Is he gay?"[46] The character Dorothy meets an odd group of friends during her journey through Oz—the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow—and so referring to an individual as a "friend of Dorothy" meant that they were "unusual or odd" and, therefore, "queer".[46] Though Garland has been noted for her embodiment of camp in her acting roles, Bronski argues that she was the "antithesis of camp" and "made a legend of her pain and oppression."[45] As Bronski observes, the bleak setting of 1950s Hollywood had replaced the "sauciness of the [1930s] and the independence of the [1940s]."[45] Garland, as well as Connie Francis, Lana Turner and Susan Hayward, epitomized the idea that "suffering was the price of glamor...[and] the women stars of the [1950s] reflected the condition of many gay men: they suffered, beautifully".[45]

Garland's daughter Liza Minnelli would later follow in her mother's footsteps as a gay icon, as would fellow musical artist Barbra Streisand.[8][36]Joan Crawford has been described as the "ultimate gay icon—the martyr who suffered for her art and, therefore, enabled herself to bond with this all-important faction of her fanbase."[47] In Joan Crawford: The Essential Biography, author Lawrence J. Quirk explains that Crawford appealed to gay men because they sympathized with her struggle for success, in both the entertainment industry and in her personal life.[48] Though Crawford had been a notable film star during the 1930s and 1940s, according to David Bret, author of Joan Crawford: Hollywood Martyr, it was not until her 1953 film Torch Song that she was seen as a "complete gay icon, primarily because it was shot in color." Bret explains that seeing the actress' red hair, dark eyes and "Victory Red" lips linked her to "gaydom's other sirens: Dietrich, Garland, Bankhead, Piaf, and new recruits Marilyn Monroe and Maria Callas."[47]

Actress Lucille Ball was also a prominent icon from this period. In Lee Tannen's book I Loved Lucy: My Friendship with Lucille Ball, the author describes his experience when he witnessed Lucille Ball being labeled a gay icon for the first time by a mutual friend.[49] Ball was told of the adoration she received from gay men, as a bar in West Hollywood was known for routinely playing episodes of her television series I Love Lucy every weekend.[49]


During the late 1970s, many female comedians appeared, joining the ranks of what had stereotypically been a male profession, including Joan Rivers, who began appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Rivers gained a strong gay following after performing in Greenwich Village, an LGBT friendly area of New York, from the early days of her career. Rivers' frank and sharp use of wit and insults (largely turned toward herself) made her an instant gay icon.

Donna Summer was a prominent gay icon of the underground gay disco scene.

The first gay icon of the 1970s underground gay disco scene was the "Queen of Disco" Donna Summer, whose dance songs became anthems for the clubbing gay community, and her music the back beat to the battles of the gay rights movement of the 1970s.[50] Her number one single "Love to Love You Baby"—regarded as an "absolute disco epic"—not only became a gay anthem because of its "unabridged sexuality", but it also brought European-oriented disco to the United States and influenced the course the recording industry would take in the following years.[51] However, Summer became immersed in controversy when, after becoming a Born again Christian, and during a 1983–84 tour, at the dawn of the HIV/AIDS crisis, she was allegedly reported as making homophobic remarks; including that "AIDS was God's punishment to homosexuals." Fellow disco singer Gloria Gaynor was embraced by the gay community because of her single "I Will Survive", which served as an anthem for both feminists and the gay rights movement.[52] The Village People, a pioneering disco group, are also regarded as gay icons for bringing gay disco culture into the mainstream with their popular disco and dance hits; and their costumes, with each member of the group representing a part of gay erotica (a policeman, a sailor, a construction worker, a cowboy, a leather clad man).[53]

Actress Lynda Carter became a gay icon after starring as Wonder Woman in the 1975–1979 series of the same name. Her role as the heroine attracted the LGBT community for her onscreen persona of female strength and fashionable outfits.[54] Carter is a vocal supporter of LGBT equality and has participated in the New York City Gay Pride Parade.[55]

Singer Sylvester became a gay icon after releasing his Hi-NRG single "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" in 1978. Sylvester often made appearances in drag, and often described as a disco diva because of his falsetto voice and flamboyant appearance. He also influenced the gay nightclub scene in the late seventies and eighties. Sylvester died of AIDS-related complications in 1988.[56]

Singer Cass Elliot became known as a gay icon, both during her solo career and as a member of The Mamas & the Papas. Her musical impact became known through her camp fashion and lyrics praising individuality (such as "Make Your Own Kind of Music" and "Different") and free love. Her music was later featured in the acclaimed gay film Beautiful Thing (1996), adapted from the play of the same name.

Singer and actress Bette Midler became recognized as a gay icon in the 1970s. After performing on Broadway, Midler began performing at the Continental Baths, a gay bathhouse in the city, where she became close to her piano accompanist Barry Manilow, who produced her first major album The Divine Miss M (1973). "Despite the way things turned out [with the AIDS crisis], I'm still proud of those days [singing at gay bathhouses]. I feel like I was at the forefront of the gay liberation movement, and I hope I did my part to help it move forward. So, I kind of wear the label of 'Bathhouse Betty' with pride," Midler reminisced in 1998.[57]

Freddie Mercury, the lead vocalist of Queen, was widely considered a gay icon,[58] with his LGBT fanbase growing by the 1980s. Although Freddie Mercury never revealed his sexuality publicly[59] (even when events made it seem inevitable[60]), he often "playfully alluded to his queerness with his flamboyant, high-camp stage antics", according to Gay Star News.[61] In 1992, John Marshall of Gay Times expressed the following opinion: "[Mercury] was a 'scene-queen,' not afraid to publicly express his gayness, but unwilling to analyse or justify his 'lifestyle' ... It was as if Freddie Mercury was saying to the world, 'I am what I am. So what?' And that in itself for some was a statement."[62] Many assumed him to be either gay or bisexual[63] and not sexually active.[64] He would often distance himself from his later partner, Jim Hutton, during public events.[65] On the evening of November 24, 1991, Mercury died at the age of 45 at his home in Kensington of AIDS-related illnesses (bronchial pneumonia).[66]


Artists particularly embraced by the gay community during the 1980s included Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle, Alaska, Charo, Dolly Parton, Elaine Paige, Amanda Lear, Prince and Mylène Farmer.[28][67][68][69][70][71][72][73][74][75][76] Several Britons were seen as gay icons, including singers Boy George, David Bowie, George Michael, Morrissey, Pet Shop Boys, Kate Bush, Annie Lennox, and writer Quentin Crisp.[36][76]Elton John also became a gay icon during this decade, a status strengthened throughout the years.[77][78][79][80] Diana Ross, a long time gay icon, of The Supremes; released the song "I'm Coming Out",[81] which brought an additional significance to the phrase of "coming out".

Cher became notable in the gay community not only for her music, but also her drag, her leather outfits of the 80s made her popular with the leather crowd.[82] In later years, her son Chaz Bono came out as gay at the age of 17 (and many years later as a transgender man), much to his mother's initial feelings of "guilt, fear and pain".[82] When Cher was able to accept her son's sexual orientation, she realized that Chaz, as well as other LGBT people, "didn't have the same rights as everyone else, [and she] thought that was unfair".[83] Cher emerged not only as an icon among LGBT people, but also as a role model for straight parents who have gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender children.[82] She became the keynote speaker for the 1997 national Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) convention.[82][83] Cher's longevity in the music industry has often been credited to her gay following.[84]William J. Mann, author of Gay Pride: A Celebration of All Things Gay and Lesbian, comments "[w]e'll be dancing to a 90-year-old Cher when we're 60. Just watch".[84]

Continuing into the 1980s, pop music singer Madonna—dubbed the "Queen of Pop" and "Queen of Dance" by the media, and later the "World's Most Successful Female Recording Artist" by Guinness World Records—became the preeminent gay icon of the late 20th century.[85][86][87]The Advocates Steve Gdula commented "[b]ack in the 1980s and even the early 1990s, the release of a new Madonna video or single was akin to a national holiday, at least among her gay fans."[87] Gdula also stated that during this period, concurrent with the rise of the AIDS epidemic, "when other artists tried to distance themselves from the very audience that helped their stars to rise, Madonna only turned the light back on her gay fans and made it burn all the brighter."[87]

Georges Claude Guilbert, author of Madonna As Postmodern Myth: How One Star's Self-Construction Rewrites Sex, Gender, Hollywood and the American Dream, writes that Madonna's reverence as a gay icon is equated with that of Judy Garland, noting similarities between the two popular culture icons.[88] Guilbert writes that gay icons "usually belong to one or the other of two types of female stars: either the very vulnerable or suicidal star, or the strong idol whom nobody or nothing resists, like Madonna."[88] According to Madonna: An Intimate Biography, the pop star has always been aware that her most loyal fans were gay men, has appeared in gay-oriented magazines as an activist for gay rights, and was even named in the book The Gay 100 as one of the most influential gay people in history.[89]

Other superstar recording artists, including Cyndi Lauper, followed.[90] Lauper and Madonna were seen as trailblazers of women's sexual liberation.[91] Lauper's debut album She's So Unusual (1983) generated a large following of fans responding to the "gay-friendly camp and lesbian-friendly womyn power epitomized in [her] femme anthem 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun'."[92] Lauper explained that growing up during the 1960s influenced her dedication to fair and equal treatment of all people, noting that the music of the 1960s "helped to open the world's point of view to change."[93] According to Lauper "It wasn't until my sister came out in the early [1970s] that I became more aware of the bigoted slurs and the violence against a community of people...who were gay."[93] Lauper has since become an active gay rights activist, often encouraging LGBT people and their allies to vote for equal rights.[93] Political activism for LGBT rights was the theme of Lauper's annual True Colors Tour.

Oprah Winfrey is credited by many in the US as allowing gay people to become mainstream, due to her popularization of the tabloid talk show genre.

In the mid- to late-1980s, Oprah Winfrey emerged as an icon for the gay community with an intimate confessional communication style that altered the cultural landscape. According to the book Freaks Talk Back by Yale sociologist Joshua Gamson, the tabloid talk show genre popularized by Oprah Winfrey and Phil Donahue, did more to make gay people mainstream and socially acceptable than any other development of the 20th century by providing decades of high-impact media visibility for sexual nonconformists.[94][95]

Fellow gay icon Ellen DeGeneres cast Winfrey to play the therapist she comes out of the closet to on the controversial episode of her Ellen sitcom. Though Winfrey abandoned her tabloid talk show format in the mid-1990s as the genre became flooded by more extreme clones like Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones and Jerry Springer, she continued to broadcast shows that were perceived as gay-friendly. Her show Oprah's Big Give was the first reality TV show with an openly gay host Nate Berkus. Her own show has been nominated several times for GLAAD Media Awards, and another in 2010 for an interview with Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi,[96] winning one in 2007[97][98] Oprah Winfrey also co-produced the Oscar-winning film Precious (2009), which was honored by GLAAD for portraying a lesbian couple as heroines.[99]

Winfrey's iconic status among gay males has entered the popular culture. One of the stars of the reality TV show The Benefactor was a gay African American man named Kevin who was so obsessed with Winfrey that he would ask "What would Oprah do?" before making any strategic decision. Adam Lambert is another high-profile gay man who has described himself as a fan of Winfrey.[100] Other icons from this decade include Joan Collins, Tori Amos, Tina Arena, Harvey Fierstein, and Stevie Nicks.[8][77][101][102][103][104][105][106][107]


Janet Jackson, who twice was established as one of the highest-paid recording artists in the history of contemporary music during the 1990s, became a gay icon after she released her sixth studio album The Velvet Rope (1997).[108][109][110] The album was honored by the National Black Lesbian and Gay Leadership Forum and received the award for Outstanding Music Album at the 9th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in 1998 for its songs that dealt with sexual orientation and homophobia.[111] On April 26, 2008, she received the Vanguard Award—a media award from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation—to honor her work in the entertainment industry in promoting equality for LGBT people.[111] GLAAD President Neil G. Giuliano commented, "Ms. Jackson has a tremendous following inside the LGBT community and out, and having her stand with us against the defamation that LGBT people still face in our country is extremely significant."[111][112]

Deborah Cox quickly becomes a gay icon due to her investment for the fight against the AIDS but also and especially thanks to club remixes included in her singles, which are frequently played in the discothèques.[113][114][115]

Writer, composer and singer, Ysa Ferrer is regarded as the French "Kylie". Her dance/electro style, called "Pop Kosmic" is very popular in France and Russia especially in the gay community where she is considered as a true icon.[116][117]

Glenn Close was established as a gay icon after portraying Margarethe Cammermeyer in Serving in Silence (1995). She gained more recognition through her campy portrayal of the glamorous Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmatians (1996) and as the fading diva Norma Desmond in the Broadway musical Sunset Boulevard.[118]

Garth Brooks, whose sister is openly lesbian, was one of the first non-LGBT male artists to openly back gay rights, and later same-sex marriage.[119]

The Spice Girls became gay icons during the 1990s,[120][121] on account of their dance-pop sound, flamboyant outfits, outgoing personalities and affirmations of equality. Geri Halliwell, in particular, went on to become a gay icon in her own right during her solo career in the 2000s, covering The Weather Girls' classic gay anthem, "It's Raining Men".[122][123] In 2016, Halliwell received the Honorary Gay Award at the annual Attitude Awards.[124]

21st century[edit]


The main single of I Turn to You by Melanie C, which became a gay anthem, was released as the "Hex Hector Radio Mix", for which Hex Hector won the 2001 Grammy as Remixer of the Year.[125]

Following her "Ride It" single in 2004, which became a gay anthem, Geri Halliwell confirms her gay icon status.[123][126]

Kylie Minogue reinvented herself musically in the first decade of the 21st century and found herself faced with a renewed and increasing gay fanbase.[127][128][129] She said, "My gay audience has been with me from the beginning ... they kind of adopted me."[128] Minogue first became aware of her gay audience in 1988, when several drag queens performed to her music at a Sydney pub, and she later saw a similar show in Melbourne. Minogue felt "very touched" to have such an "appreciative crowd," and this encouraged her to perform at gay venues throughout the world, as well as headlining Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Her sister, Dannii Minogue, also has a large gay following and has been regarded a gay icon.[130]

Irish actress and television presenter Carrie Crowley, best known abroad for presenting the Eurovision Song Contest 1997, has also been cited as a gay icon.[131]

As a result of her role playing Karen Walker on Will & Grace, Megan Mullally emerged as a gay icon.[132] One commentator wrote that the show "won the actress an impressive gay following, both with men and women, who want to be her and with her."[132]

The television series Sex and the City was popular among gay men and spawned gay icons Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall.[77][133]

Christina Aguilera is regarded a gay icon, a status that came following the release of the song "Beautiful", which became a gay anthem and was recognized as "the most empowering song for lesbian, gay and bisexual people of the decade."[134] The accompanying video featured people who can feel ostracised from society, including a same-sex couple and a transgender woman. Aguilera also was honored with the very first spot on The Abbey's Gay Walk of Fame for her contributions to gay culture, re-enforcing the title of gay icon she earned a decade ago with her anthem "Beautiful".[135][136][137]


Melanie Brown was shown kissing another woman in her "For Once in My Life" video, making this song a hymn of the gay community.[138][139][140][141]

Popular musicians including Celine Dion,[142]Robyn, Lady Gaga,[143]Katy Perry,[144]Elton John,[145]Adam Lambert,[146]Ricky Martin, Harry Styles, Hayley Kiyoko,[147]Taylor Swift, Lily Allen,[148]Lana Del Rey,[149]Marina and the Diamonds,[150]P!nk,[151]Beyoncé,[143]Mariah Carey,[152]Miley Cyrus,[153]Ariana Grande,[154]Kesha,[152]Jennifer Lopez,[155][152]Sia,[156]Britney Spears,[152]Rihanna,[157]Carly Rae Jepsen,[158], Nicki Minaj,[159] and Hozier [160] are notable gay icons of current times.

Many famous actors have been celebrated as gay icons, including supermodel Tyra Banks,[161][162]Kathy Griffin,[163][164]Jessica Lange,[165]Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Angela Lansbury,[166]Carrie Fisher,[167]Lucy Lawless,[168][169]Mo'Nique,[170]Maggie Smith,.[171][172]Meryl Streep became a gay icon after portraying Miranda Priestly in the film The Devil Wears Prada.[173][174]

Various LGBT celebrities have been embraced as gay icons after opening up about their sexual orientation as media professionals and public figures, including George Michael,[175]Eric Andre,[176]Lance Bass,[177]Ellen DeGeneres,[143]Neil Patrick Harris,[178]Colton Haynes, Wentworth Miller,[179]Rosie O'Donnell,[143]Frank Ocean,[180]RuPaul,[181]George Takei,[182]Ian McKellen,[183]Christina Hendricks,[184] and Sarah Paulson[185].


Ben Cohen,[186]Jason Collins, Greg Louganis, Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King,[187][8][188]Tom Daley,[189]Robbie Rogers,[190]Michael Sam,[191]Brian Boitano[192] and Gareth Thomas,[193][194] are considered gay icons within the sports industry.


The political Pedro Zerolo was one of the most important LGBT activists in the history of Spain and one of the biggest promoters of extending the right to marriage and adoption to homosexual couples in the country.[195]

In the political arena, gay icons are represented by, among others, Empress Elisabeth of Austria, Diana, Princess of Wales,[196]Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge,[197]Pedro Zerolo,[195]Brian Sims,[198]Dianne Feinstein,[199]George Moscone,[200]Coretta Scott King,[201]Abraham Lincoln,[202]Winnie Mandela,[203]Tony Blair,[183]Hillary Clinton,[204]Nancy Pelosi,[205]Imelda Marcos,[206][207]Eva Perón,[208]Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis,[209] and Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, the first openly lesbian head of government of the modern era.[211]Roger Casement, an Irish civil rights activist, became a gay icon of the early 20th century.[212] Civil rights activist Coretta Scott King was held in high regard among members of the gay community for her involvement in the Gay Rights Movement.[201] During her lifetime, she routinely equated the goals of the Civil Rights Movement, led by her late husband Martin Luther King Jr., with that of LGBT activism.[201]

I still hear people say that I should not be talking about the rights of lesbian and gay people and I should stick to the issue of racial justice... But I hasten to remind them that Martin Luther King Jr. said "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."... I appeal to everyone who believes in Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream to make room at the table of brother- and sisterhood for lesbian and gay people.[201]

— Coretta Scott King, Metro Weekly

San Francisco City Supervisor Harvey Milk was the first openly gay man to be elected to office in the U.S. and spearheaded the defeat of statewide anti-gay ballot measure Proposition 6 in California in 1978. While he and Moscone were assassinated shortly thereafter, both became viewed as martyrs for gay rights. Milk's image as a positive role model led to him becoming the namesake for the first high school designed primarily for gay teenagers, the Harvey Milk High School, in the East Village of New York City.[213] The portrayal of those efforts in the critically acclaimed film Milk earned Sean Penn an Oscar and comparisons to the contemporary battle over the anti-gay ballot initiative Proposition 8 raging in California at the time of the film's release in 2008.[214]

An ironic icon is Anita Bryant, who worked to oppose homosexuality.[215] During the 1970s, Bryant led a national campaign, "Save Our Children", that conflated homosexuality and pedophilia and insisted that, because homosexuals cannot reproduce, they must "recruit" or "convert" people to their lifestyle.[216] California State Senator John V. Briggs applauded Bryant's work as a "national, religious crusade [and] courageous stand to protect American children from blatant homosexuality".[216] However, as Bruce C. Steele of The Advocate wrote, Bryant's crusade against the Gay Rights Movement made her synonymous with it.

About 10 years ago, I was at an American Booksellers Association convention where Bryant was ... still pissing and moaning about how the homosexuals had destroyed her career as spokesperson for Florida orange juice. The irony is, it wasn't the orange juice boycott that caused her to lose her job; it was the fact that she made herself forever associated with homosexuality. So, in one way, she was a victim of homophobia herself: Folks on the orange board didn't want people to think about queers when they bought orange juice."[215]

— as told to Bruce C. Steele, The Advocate

According to John Coppola, exhibit curator and former head of exhibits at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, "In a completely unintended way, Anita Bryant was about the best thing to happen to the gay rights movement ... She and her cohorts were so over the top that it just completely galvanized the gay rights movement".[217] The 30th anniversary of Bryant's campaign against LGBT rights has been commemorated at the Stonewall Library & Archives, with executive director Jack Rutland dubbing her "The Mother of Gay Rights".[217]


Various fictional characters have been regarded as gay icons, including cartoon figures. Bugs Bunny, a fictional anthropomorphic rabbit appearing in animation by Warner Bros. Cartoons during the Golden Age of American animation—dubbed the greatest cartoon character of all time by TV Guide—has been declared a "queer cultural icon [and] parodic diva" due to his "cross-dressing antics" and camp appeal.[218][219][220]

Some comic book characters are considered gay icons. Homosexual interpretations of Batman and the original Robin, Dick Grayson, have been of interest in cultural and academic study, due primarily to psychologist Fredric Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent (1954).[221] In the mid-1950s, Wertham led a national campaign against comic books, convincing Americans that they were responsible for corrupting children and encouraging them to engage in acts of sex and violence.[221] In relation to Batman and Robin, Wertham asserted "the Batman type of story helps to fixate homoerotic tendencies by suggesting the form of an adolescent-with-adult or Ganymede-Zeus type of love-relationship".[222]

In Containing America: Cultural Production and Consumption in Fifties America, authors Nathan Abrams and Julie Hughes point out that homosexual interpretations of Batman and Robin existed prior to Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent.[223] Wertham claimed his book was, in fact, prompted by the earlier research of a California psychiatrist.[223] The relationship between Batman and arch villain the Joker has also been interpreted by many as homoerotic. Frank Miller, author of The Dark Knight Returns, has described the relationship between Batman and the Joker as a "homophobic nightmare," and views the character as sublimating his sexual urges into crime fighting, concluding, "He'd be much healthier if he were gay."[224]

One TV series that appeals most to LGBT culture is the 1960s sitcom Bewitched. Aside from the campy characterizations, it contained three gay cast members (Dick Sargent, Paul Lynde and—allegedly—Agnes Moorehead). Star Elizabeth Montgomery and Sargent were grand marshals of a Los Angeles gay pride parade in the early 1990s. Another example is Bianca Montgomery of All My Children.[225]


Many celebrities have responded positively to being regarded as gay icons, several noting the loyalty of their gay fans. Eartha Kitt and Cher credited gay fans with keeping them going at times when their careers had faltered.[226] Kylie Minogue has acknowledged the perception of herself as a gay icon and has performed at such events as the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Asked to explain the reason for her large gay fanbase, Minogue replied, "It's always difficult for me to give the definitive answer because I don't have it. My gay audience has been with me from the beginning ... they kind of adopted me." She noted that she differed from many gay icons who were seen as tragic figures, with the comment, "I've had a lot of tragic hairdos and outfits. I think that makes up for it!"

Tammy Faye Messner (ex-wife of fellow controversial televangelist Jim Bakker and mother of pastor Jay Bakker), who benevolently has been referred to as "the ultimate drag queen,"[228]  said in her last interview with Larry King that, "When I went—when we lost everything, it was the gay people that came to my rescue, and I will always love them for that."[229]

Others have been more ambivalent. Mae West, a gay icon from the early days of her career, supported gay rights but bristled when her performance style was referred to as camp.[230]

Madonna has acknowledged and embraced her gay following throughout her career, even making several references to the gay community in her songs or performances, and performed at several gay clubs. She has declared in interviews that some of her best friends are gay and that she adores gay people and refers to herself as "the biggest gay icon of all times."[231] She also has been quoted in television interviews in the early 1990s as declaring the "big problem in America at the time was homophobia."

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Isabelle : Halina Reijn
Island of death : Janes Lyle
Island Women : Brigitte Lahaie
Island Women : France Lomay
Island Women : Karine Gambier
Island Women : Nadine Pascal
Istanbul Kanatlarimin Altinda : Beatriz Rico
It happened at Nightmare Inn : Esperanza Roy
Izmena : Albina Dzhanabaeva
J'aurais pu etre une pute : Vimala Pons
J'ai besoin d'air : Caroline Ducey
J'embresse pas : Emmanuelle Beart
Jack frost 2 : Stephanie Chao
Jack Irish: bad debts : Marta Dusseldorp
Jack O : Linnea Quigley
Jack The Ripper : Esther Studer
Jackie Brown : Bridget Fonda
Jackson county jail : Yvette Mimieux
Jacob's ladder : Elizabeth Pêna
Jade : Linda Fiorentino
Jaded : Carla Gugino
Jailbait : Sara Malakul Lane
Jailbait : Krista Errickson
Jamon Jamon : Penelope Cruz
Jane Street : Carrie Stevens
Jason goes to hell : Michelle Clunie
Je fais bien ne t'en fais pas : Melanie Laurent
Je n'aime que toi : Noémie Godin-Vigneau
Je pense a vous : Marina de Van
Je Regle Mon Pas Sur Le Pas De Mon Pere : Laurence Cote
Je suis un soldat : Louise Bourgoin
Je t'aime moi non plus : Jane Birkin
Je tu il elle : Chantal Akerman
Je vous aime tres beaucoup : Leopoldine Serre
Je Vous Salue, Marie : Myriem Roussel
Je Vous Salue, Marie : Anne Gautier
Jeanne et le gar on formidable : Virginie Ledoyen
Jennifer's body : Megan Fox
Jersey Shore massacre : Nicky Figueredo
Jes : Kadèr Gurbüz
Jessica Sierra superstar : Jessica Sierra
Jesus' son : Holly Hunter
Jeune & jolie : Marine Vacth
Jeunes filles inpudiques : Joelle Coeur
Jeunes filles inpudiques : Gilda Aroncio
Jeunes filles inpudiques : Reine Thirion
Jezebel's kiss : Katherine Baresse
Jezus Is Een Palestijn : Dijn Blom
Jimmy and Judy : Rachael Bella
Jing Bian : Irene Wan
Joe's palace : Kelly Reilly
Johnny got gis gun : Sandy Brown Wyeth
Jolene : Jessica Chastain
Jonathan's Liebe : Annedore Kleist
Journey into solitude : Yoko Takahashi
Journey to Japan : Christina Lindberg
Jours tranquilles a Clichy : Anna Galiena
Jours tranquilles a Clichy : Barbara de Rossi
Jours tranquilles a Clichy : Giuditta del Vecchio
Joven y alocada : Alicia Rodriguez
Joy : Samira Maas
Joy Ride 3 : Sara Mitich
Juana la loca : Pilar Lopez de Ayala
Jude : Kate Winslet
Jude : Rachel Griffiths
Judy : Judith Lowe
Julchen und Jettchen : Barbara Moose
Julchen und Jettchen : France Lomay
Julchen und Jettchen : Jane Baker
Julchen und Jettchen : Brigitte Lahaie
Julia : Sylvia Kristel
Julia : Teri Tordai
Julia : Christine Glasner
Julia (2014) : Ashley C.Williams
Julie's Secret : Solange Cousseau
Julieta : Adriana Ugarte
July 32nd : Seong Hye Rim
Just before dawn : Jamie Rose
Just one of the guys : Joyce Hyser
Just Tell Me What You Want : Ali MacGraw
Juste entre nous : Nina Ivanisin
Juste entre nous : Daria Lorenci
Juste entre nous : Ivana Roscic
Juste mon homme (song): Lucie Bernardoni
Justine : Daneen Boone
Justine 2 : Daneen Boone
Justine 5 : Daneen Boone
Justine de Sade : Alice Arno
Kaboom : Juno Temple
Kaboom : Haley Bennett
Kainan sa highway : Maye Tongco
Kainan sa highway : Nika Madrid
Kak menya zovut : Aleksandra Bortich
Kalifornia : Michelle Forbes
Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love : Indira Varma
Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love : Sarita Choudhury
Kamen : Valda Bickute
Kamiennetablice : Laura Lacz
Kammerflimmern : Jessica Schwarz
Kan door huid heen : Rifka Lodeizen
Kaos : Enrica Maria Modugno
Karate kill : Asami
Karlekens sprak : Malin Westerholm
Karlekens sprak : Helena Lindblom
Karlekens sprak : Regina Lund
Kassablanka : Patricia Chenut
Kate can't swim : Jennifer Allcott
Katze im Sack : Jule Böwe
Keetje Tippel : Hannah De Leeuwe
Keetje Tippel : Monique Van De Ven
Keinohrhasen : Nora Tschirner
Keller - teenage wasteland : Elisabetta Rocchetti
Kelly & Victor : Antonia Campbell Hughes
Ken Park : Maeve Quinlan
Ken Park : Tiffany Limos
Keys to Tulsa : Joanna Going
Kick the cock : Angelita Franco
Kicking and screaming : Perrey Reeves
Kid Cannabis : Jasmine Mooney
Kidding : Judy Greer
Kidnapped : Barbara Crampton
Kika : Veronica Forque
Kika : Bibi Andersen
Kiki, el amor se hace : Belen Cuesta
Kiki, el amor se hace : Natalia de Molina
Kill house : Daryl Dickerson
Kill house : Toni Breen
Kill kill faster faster : Lisa Ray
Kill skills : Sigrid ten Napel
Kill skills : Silja Eriksen Jensen
Kill the scream queen : Debbie D
Kill the scream queen : Kerri Taylor
Kill the scream queen : Heather Taylor
Kill the scream queen : Elena Kagan
Kill theory : Steffi Wickens
Killer Joe : Juno Temple
Killer Joe : Gina Gershon
Killer Nun : Paola Morra
Killer pussy : Natsumi Mitsu
Killer pussy : Sakarako Kaoru
Killer's moon : Jane Hayden
Killerjagd : Katharina Nesytowa
Killing American style : Delia Sheppard
Killing American style : Veronica Paul
Killing Ariel : Axelle Cummings
Killing me softly : Heather Graham
Killing Zoe : Julie Delpy
King Kelly : Louisa Krause
Kingdom: Juliette Jackson
Kingdom: Joanna Going
Kingdom come : Stephanie M. Capeling
Kinky sex club : Amy Lindsey
Kirot : Olga Kurylenko
Kiss kiss bang bang : Michelle Monaghan
Kiss of the damned : Josephine de la Baum
Kiss of the damned : Roxane Mesquida
Kissing a Dream : Erin Lanza
Kissing on the mouth : Kate Winterich
Klansman : Jeannie Bell
Klappe cowboy! : Ariadne del Carmen
Kleinhoff hotel : Corinne Clery
Klimt : Saffrom Burrows
Klip : Saffrom Burrows
Knock knock : Ana de Armas
Kommissar Rex : Nina Schonfeld
Kommissar Suden und der Luftgitarrist : Jeanette Hain
Komt een vrouw bij de dokter : Anna Drijver
Komt een vrouw bij de dokter : Carice van Houten
Kort Amerikaans : Cristel Braak
Kramer vs Kramer : Jobeth Williams
Krampus: the reckoning : Carrie Fee
Krampus unleashed : Amelia Brantley
Kray : Anjorka Strechel
Kreola : Demetra Hampton
Kreola : Cinzia Monreale
Kriegerin : Alina Levshin
Kronjuvelerna : Alicia Vikander
Kung-fu titties : Loria Vlies
Kung-fu titties : Jeanette Trexler
Kuss des Tigers : Beate Jensen
Kuutamolla : Minna Haapkyla
Kynodontas : Aggeliki Papoulia
Kynodontas : Anna Kalaitzidou
Kynodontas : Michelle Valley
Kyss mig : Ruth Vega Fernandez
L.627 : Laura Guirao
L'affittacamere : Gloria Guida
L'alcova : Lilli Carati
L'amant double : Marine Vacth
L'amore fa male : Diane Fleri
L'amour braque : Sophie Marceau
L'amour c'est la honte : Nina Ambard
L'amour dure trois ans : Louise Bourgoin
L'amour en silence : Emmanuelle Laborit
L'amour est un crime parfait : Marion Duvall
L'amour, l'argent, l'amour : Sabine Timoteo
L'ange noir : Alexandra Winisky
L'anima gamella : Violante Placido
L'annee des meduses : Valerie Kaprisky
L'annee des meduses : Caroline Cellier
L'apollonide : Alice Barnole
L'apollonide : Iliana Zabeth
L'apollonide : Celine Sallette
L'apollonide : Judith Lou Levy
L'appat : Marie Gillain
L'autre monde : Louise Bourgoin
L'Ennui : Sophie Guillemin
L'Envahisseur : Hannelore Knuts
L'Envahisseur : Stefania Rocca
L'Eredit ferramonti : Dominique Sanda
L'ete en pente douce : Paula Lafont
L'ete meurtrier : Isabelle Adjani
L'ete meurtrier : Maria Machado
L'exercice de l'etat : Brigitte Lo Cicero
L'histoire de Richard O : Elise Receveur
L'histoire de Richard O : Lucie Borleteau
L'histoire de Richard O : Tiara Comte
L'histoire de Richard O : Ludmilla Ruoso
L'homme de ma vie: Maria de Medeiros
L'hotel de la plage : Juliet Lemonnier
L'humanite : Severine Caneele
L'important c'est d'aimer : Romy Schneider
L'infermiera : Ursula Andress
L'infermiera : Carla Romanelli
L'infermiera di notte : Paola Senatore
L'infermiera di notte : Annamaria Clementi
L'Innocente : Laura Antonelli
L'Insegnante al maree : Anna Maria Rizzoli
L'intouchable : Isild le Besco
L'odeur de la mandarine : Georgia Scalliet
L'odore del sangue : Giovanna Giuliani
L'odore del sangue : Fanny Ardant
L'ultimo Capodanno : Monica Bellucci
L'uomo la donna la bestia : Monica Zanchi
L'uomo la donna la bestia : Maria Pia Luzi
L'uomo la donna la bestia : Angela Doria
La 13 rosas : Veronica Sanchez
La Bataille de solferino : Laetitia Dosch
La Belle : Ji-hyeon Lee
La belle captive : Gabrielle Lazure
La belle endormie : Julia Artamonov
La belle Noiseuse : Emmanuelle Beart
La belle personne : Lea Seydoux
La belle saison : Cecile de France
La Belle Vie: Valerie Donzelli
La Bestia nel cuore : Giovanna Mezzogiorno
La Bête : Lisbeth Hummel
La Bete : Pascale Rivault
La Bête : Sirpa Lane
La blonde aux seins nus : Vahina Giocante
La Bonne : Florence Guerin
La Califfa: Romy Schneider
La Cambrure: Edwige Shaki
La Cara oculta : Martina Garcia
La casa del piacere : Irina Kramer
Le celestina : Maribel Verdu
La chambre bleue : Stephanie Cleau
La Chiave : Stefania Sandrelli
La chute des hommes : Laure Lochet
La coccinella : Francesca Nunzi
La Coiffeuse : Keiko Oginome
La Condanna : Claire Nebout
La Dentelliere : Isabelle Huppert
La Dentelliere : Florence Giorgetti
La derniere femme : Ornella Muti
La Derobade : Miou-Miou
La difference cést .... : Alexandra Ansidei
La double vie de Veronique : Irene Jacob
La Donna Lupo : Loredana Cannata
La Doppia ora : Lidia Vitale
La educacion de las hadas : Irene Jacob
La evase : Lilli Carati
La Faute Voltaire : Elodie Bouchez
La femme defendue : Isabelle Carre
La Femme Publique : Valerie Kaprisky
La festin de la mante : Lou Broclain
La Fidelite : Sophie Marceau
La fiesta del chivo : Stephanie Leonidas
La Figlia di Frankenstein : Rosalba Neri
La fille de Dracula : Anne Libert
La fille de Dracula : Eduarda Pimenta
La fille de mes reves : Kenia De Senne
La fille de nulle part : Virginie Legeay
La fille seule : Catherine Guittoneau
La fine dell innocenza : Annie Belle
La fine dell innocenza : Felicity Devonshire
La fonte des neiges : Geraldine Martineau
La Frígida y la viciosa : Andrea Guzon
La Frígida y la viciosa : Sara Mora
La grande bellezza : Anita Kravos
La grande bouffe : Andrea Ferreol
La grande bouffe : Monique Chaumette
La grande bouffe : Solange Blondeau
La habitacion azul : Patricia Llaca
La Lectrice : Miou Miou
La Liceale : Gloria Guida
La Liceale 2: Gloria Guida
La luna : Jill Clayburgh
La lune dans le caniveau : Victoria Abril
La lupa mannara : Dagmar Lassander
La lupa mannara : Annik Borel
La machine a decoudre : Patricia Barzyk
La Maman et la putain : Bernadette Lafont
La Marge : Sylvia Kristel
La Marge : Mireille Audibert
La Matriarca : Catherine Spaak
La mecanique des femmes : Christine Boisson
La mecanique des femmes : Florence loiret
La mecanique des femmes : Fabienne Babe
La Menace : Carole Laure
La minorenne : Gloria Guida
La Mirada del otro : Laura Morante
La Mirada violeta : Cayetana G. Cuervo
La moglie di mio padre : Caroll Baker
La moglie di mio padre : Carla Spessato
La moglie di mio padre : Femi Benussi
La moglie in bianco : Pamela Prati
La montagna del dio cannibale : Ursula Andress & unknown
La montaña rusa : Veronica Sanchez
La mort d'un bucheron : Carole Laure
La Morte Vivante : Patricia Besnard Rousseau
La Morte Vivante : Francoise Blanchard
La mosquitera : Martina Garcia
La Mouton enrage : Jane Birkin
La Nipote : Orchidea de Santis
La Novia : Inma Cuesta
La Novia De Lazaro : Claudia Rojas
La Nuit de varennes : Annie Belle
La Nuit je mens : Anne Cecil
La Orca : Rena Niehaus
La Orca : Livia Cerini
La otra conquista : Elpidia Carillo
La pasion Turca : Ana Belen
La passion Beatrice : Julie Delpy
La Petite Jerusalem : Elsa Zylberstein
La Petite amie : Agnes Blanchot
La Petite Lili : Ludivine Sagnier
La piel que habito : Elena Anaya
La piel que habito : Blanca Suarez
La Pirate : Maruschka Detmers
La Piscine : Romy Schneider
La plus bel âge : Elodie Bouchez
La Poliziotta.... : Edwige Fenech
La pretora : Edwige Fenech
La Princesse de Montpensier : Melanie Thierry
La prisonniere : Dany Carrel
La Proprieta : Daria Nicolodi
La puta y la ballena : Aitana Sanchez Gijon
La puta y la ballena : Merce Llorens
La rabia : Analia Couceyro
La ragazzina : Gloria Guida
La ragazzina : Colette Decombes
La ragazza del vagone letto : Fiammetta Flamini
La regazza del vagone letto : Zora Kerova
La regazza del vagone letto : Silvia Dionisio
La ragazza di Trieste : Ornella Muti
La Region salvaje : Simone Bucio
La Region salvaje : Ruth Ramos
La reine Margot : Isabelle Adjani
La Riffa : Monica Bellucci
La rose de fer : Francoise Pascal
La rose ecorchee : Valerie Boisgel
La rose ecorchee : Michele Perello
La rupture : Catherine Rouvel
La Sconosciuta : Kseniya Rappoport
La secta : Patricia Fishman
La Seduzione : Jenny Tamburi
La Seduzione : Lisa Gastoni
La signora della notte : Serena Grandi
La sirga : Joghis Seudin Arias
La soledad : Sonia Almarcha
La Sorella di Ursula : Anna Zinneman
La Sorella di Ursula : Alice Gherardi
La Sorella di Ursula : Stefania d'Amario
La Sorella di Ursula : Yvonne Harlow
La Sorella di Ursula : Antiniska Nemour
La strana voglia : Malu
La strana voglia : Angeles Lopez Barea
La teta i la luna : Mathilda May
La tregua : Adriana Fonseca
La treve : Sophie Breyer
La turbulence des fluides : Pascale Bussieres
La vallee : Bulle Ogier
La vengeance aux yeux clairs : Daria Panchenko
La verite : Brigitte Bardot
La vida de Nadie : Marta Etura
La vida precoz... Sabina Rivas : Greisy Mena
La vida que te espera : Marta Etura
La vie amoureuse de l'homme invisible : Isabel del Rio
La vie amoureuse de l'homme invisible : Brigitte Carva
La vie d'Adele : Adele Exarchopoulos
La vie d'Adele : Lea Seydoux
La vie nouvelle : Anna Mouglalis
La vie revee des anges : Natacha Regnier
La vie sexuelle des Belges : Michele Shor
La ville est tranquille : Christine Brücher
La voz dormida : Maria Leon
Labyrinth : Katie McGrath
Lady bug : Rachael St.Rose
Lady Chatterley : Joely Richardson
Lady chatterley : Marina Hands
Lady Chatterley's Daughter : Holly Sampson
Lady Chatterley's Daughter : Jessie Lunderby
Lady Chatterley's Lover : Sylvia Kristel
Lady Emmanuelle : Malu
Lady Libertine : Jennifer Inch
Lady Libertine : Sophie Favier
Lady Macbeth : Florence Pugh
Lady MacBeth of Mtsensk : Marketa Hrubesova
Lady stay dead : Deborah Coulls
Lady terminator : Barbara Anne Constable
Lagrimas negras : Elena Anaya
Laia : Miranda Gas
Lake Consequence : Joan Severance
Lake Consequence : May Karasun
Lake dead : Malea Richardson
Lake placid 2 : Yana Marinova
Lake placid 3 : Roxanne Pallett
Lake placid 3 : Angelica Penn
Lake placid; the final chapter : Marina Gerginova
Lapdance : Ali Cobrin
Largo winch : Melanie Thierry
Las Edades de Lulu : Francesca Neri
Las peliculas de mi padre : Karme Malaga
Las Vampiras : Ewa Stromberg
Last cry : Angie Everhart
Last day of school : Rachel Riley
Last embrace : Janet Margolin
Last exit to Brooklyn : Jennifer Jason Leigh
Last tango in Paris (dvd) : Maria Schneider
Late marriage : Ronit Elkabetz
Late spring : Lee Yoo-young
Latidos de panico : Paquita Ondiviela
Laura's toys : Cathja Graff
Laura's toys : Rebecca Brooke
Laure : Annie Belle
Laure : Emmanuelle Arsan
Laurel Canyon : Frances McDormand
Lay the favcrite : Laura Prepon
Lay the favcrite : Rebecca Hall
Lawless : Jessica Chastain
Lazy hazy crazy : Kwok Yik Sum
Le battant : Anne Parillaud
Le baiser : Tiffany Doll
Le baiser : Madison Young
Le bruit des glacons : Christa Theret
Le cadeau : Clio Goldsmith
Le chair de l'orchidée : Charlotte Rampling
Le chalet : Agnes Delachair
Le chant des mariées : Lizzie Brocheré
Le chant des mariées : Olympe Borval
Le chien : Marie le Cam
Le ciel attendra : Noemie Merlant
Le couteau sous la Gorge : Florence Guerin
Le declic : Florence Guerin
Le declin de l'empire Americain : Genevieve Rioux
Le dernier jour : Melanie Laurent
Le frisson des vampires : Sandra Julien
Le frisson des vampires : Marie-Pierre Castel
Le grand appartement : Stephanie Plasterkamp
Le grand appartement : Laetitia Casta
Le grand mechant loup : Charlotte Lebon
Le grand mechant loup : Linh Dan Pham
Le guetteur : Geraldine Martineau
Le jeu avec le feu : Anicée Alvina
Le jeu avec le feu : Christine Boisson
Le jeu avec le feu : Sylvia Kristel
Le jeu avec le feu : Virginie Vignon
Le journal de Lady M : Myriam Mezieres
Le journal erotique d'un bucheron: Willeke van Ammelrooy
Le jupon rouge : Marie Christine Barrault
Le Libertin : Francoise Lepine
Le mariage a trois : Julie Depardieu
Le mariage a trois : Agathe Bonitzer
Le mentor : Solene Hebert
Le miracule : Ariane Kah
Le Mouton enragé : Jane Birkin
Le nom des gems : Sara Forestier
Le parfum d'Yvonne : Sandra Majani
Le pornographe : Ovidie
Le poulpe : Clotilde Courau
Le plaisir de chanter : Marina Fois
Le plaisir de chanter : Caroline Ducey
Le regne de la beaute : Melanie Thierry
Le roi de l'evesion : Hafsia Herzi
Le sauvage : Catherine Deneuve
Le sauveur : Muriel Catala
Le Secret : Anne Coesens
Le sentiment de la chair : Annabelle Hettmann
Le silence de Lorna : Arta Dobroshi
Le torrent : Laurence Leboeuf
Le tournoi : Lou de Laage
Le voyage en douce : Dominique Sanda
Le voyage en douce : Geraldine Chaplin
Lea : Anne Azoulay
Leave you in me : Sarah Jaye
Leaving Las Vegas : Elisabeth Shue
Leef : Tanja Jess
Leef : Sarah Jonker
Left foot right foot : Agathe Schlenker
Legacy : Olivia Chenery
Legend of the Raven : Carmen Electra
LelleBelle : Anna Raadsveld
Lena : Emma Levie
Lenny : Valerie Perrine
Leo und Claire : Franziska Petri
Leonera : Martina Gusman
Leprechaun 3 : Heidi Lynne Staley
Leprechaun 4 : Rebekah Carlton Luff
Les 1001 nuits : Catherine Zeta Jones
Les adieux a la reine : Lea Seydoux
Les adieux a la reine : Virginie Ledoyen
Les adoptes : Marie Denarnaud
Les amours d'Astree et de Celadon : Stephanie Crayencour
Les anges exterminateurs : Lise bellynck
Les anges exterminateurs : Marie Allan
Les anges exterminateurs : Maroussia Dubreuil
Les biens aimes : Chiara Mastroianni
Les blessures assassines : Sylvie Testud
Les cauchemars naissent la nuit : Diana Lorys
Les corps impatients : Laura Smet
Les corps impatients : Marie Denarnaud
Les demoniaques : Joelle Coeur
Les demoniaques : Lieva Lone
Les Demons : Doris Thomas
Les Demons : Britt Nichols
Les Demons : Anne Libert
Les Demons : Karin Field
Les Derniers jours du monde : Karin Viard
Les Derniers jours du monde : Omahyra Mota
Les Derniers jours du monde : Clotilde Hesme
Les deux amis : Golshifteh Farahani
Les femmes de l'hombre : Marie Gillain
Les femmes de l'hombre : Deborah Francois
Les fruits de la passion : Isabelle Illiers
Les galettes de Pont-Aven : Dolores McDonough
Les galettes de Pont-Aven : Andrea Ferreol
Les galettes de Pont-Aven : Agnes van Waerbeke
Les galettes de Pont-Aven : Jeanne Goupil
Les gazelles : Camille Chamoux
Les infideles : Clara Ponsot
Les innocents aux mains sales : Romy Schneider
Les invincibles : Melanie Martinez
Les jolies choses : Marion Cotillard
Les maneges humains : Marie Evelyne Lessard
Les Nuits de la pleine lune : Pascale Ogier
Les patriotes : Sandrine Kiberlain
Les paumees du petit matin : Christiane Coppé
Les paumees du petit matin : Brigitte Lahaie
Les petits ruisseaux : Julie Marie Parmentier
Les poupees Russes : Irene Montala
Les ravissements : Thylda Bares
Les rencontres d'apres minuit : Julie Bremond
Les rendez-vous d'Anna : Aurore Clement
Les revenants : Jenna Thiam
Les salauds : Chiara Mastroianni
Les salauds : Lola Creton
Les savates du bon dieu : Coralie Revel
Les seins de glace : Mireille Darc
Les Sentiments : Isabelle Carre
Les Signes vitaux : Marie Helene Bellavance
Les trois soeurs : Georgia Scalliet
Les valseuses : Brigitte Fossey
Les valseuses : Miou-Miou
Les vivants et les morts : Florence Thomassin
Les vivants et les morts : Marie Denarnaud
Les vivants et les morts : Peggy Martineau
Levottomat : Irina Bjorklund
Levottomat : Laura Malmivaara
Levottomat : Matleena Kuusniemi
Levottomat 3 : Mi Grönlund
Levres De Sang : Annie Belle
Levres De Sang : Martine Grimaud
Lianna : Linda Griffiths
Liberated : Diana Zubiri
Liberated : Francine Prieto
Licht : Franceska Vanthielen
Lie with me : Lauren Lee Smith
Liebe, Lügen, Leidenschaften : Julia Thurnau
Liebe is kälter als der Tot : Hanna Schygulla
Liebe und weitere Katastrophen : Suzanna von Borsody
Lieben : Joanna Maria Praml
Liebesleben : Neta Garty
Lieve Liza : Nathalie Visser
Life : Alessandra Mastronardi
Life is a miracle : Natasa Solak
Life Love Lust : Yoha Galvez
Life of a Gigolo : Brande Roderick
Life on top : Brandin Rackley
Life on top : Heather Vandeven
Life on top : Krista Anye
Life on top : Mary Legault
Lifeforce : Mathilda May
Lifeguard : Louise Golding
Lifespan : Tina Aumont
Lift : Olga Rodionova
Lijn 32 : Charlie Dagelet
Like water for chocolate : Claudette Maille
Like water for chocolate : Lumi Cavazos
Lilians Story : Toni Collette
Lilyhammer : Viktoria Winge
Lilyhammer : Ida Elise Broch
Liminal : Tonya Cornelisse
Linda : Katja Bienert
Linda : Raquel Evans
Linda and Abilene : Bambi Allen
Linda and Abilene : Sharon Matt
Lindenstrasse : Anna Nowak
Line up and lay down : Anne Libert
Line up and lay down : Malisa Longo
Lingerie : Amber Smith
Lingerie : Denise Cobar
Lingerie : Elyse Genevieve
Lingerie : Emily MacLeod
Lingerie : Noelle Dubois
Lingerie : Inna Ivanova
Lingerie : Jennifer Korbin
Lingerie : Lalena Bennett
Lingerie : Lana Tailor
Lingerie : Misty Mundae
Linhas de Wellington : Soraia Chaves
Linhas de Wellington : Victoria Guerra
Linkeroever : Eline Kuppens
Lip service : India Wadsworth
Lip service : Natasha O'Keeffe
Lip service : Heather Peace
Lip service : Ruta Gedmintas
Lip service : Roxanne McKee
Lip service : Alana Hood
Lipstick : Margaux Hemingway
Lipstikka : Nataly Attiya
Lisztomania : Nell Campbell
Little ashes : Marina Gatell
Little birds : Juno Temple
Little Children : Kate Winslet
Little dead rotting hood : Ashley Doris
Little deaths : Holly Lucas
Little miss innocence : Terri Johnson
Little miss innocence : Sandy Dempsey
Little thirteen : Muriel Wimmer
Little thirteen : Isabell Gerschke
Little thirteen : Ada Sternberg
Live flesh : Francesca Neri
Live like a cop.... : Sofia Dionisio
Live Nude Girls : Olivia D'Abo
Live Nude Girls : Lora Zane
Live Nude Girls : Kim Cattrall
Live Nude Girls : Cynthia Stevenson
Live Nude Girls : Dana Delany
Live or die in la honda : Liz Clare
Live wire : Lisa Eilbacher
Living & dying : Deniz Akkaya
Living among us : Anna Sophia Berglund
Liz in september : Patricia Velasquez
Lizzie : Chloe Sevigny
Lizzie : Kristen Stewart
Lizzie Borden's revenge : Mindy Robinson
Lizzie Borden's revenge : Veronica Ricci
Lo mejor de Eva : Leonor Watling
Locked down : Kaitlyn Leeb
Locked up : Kelly McCart
Loft : Anna Drijver
Loft : Sallie Harmsen
Loft : Marie Vinck
Long weekend : Briony Behets
Look : Heather Hogan
Look : Sharon Hinnendael
Look away : India Eisley
Looper : Piper Perabo
Looping : Marie Lou Sellem
Lord of the G strings : Misty Mundae
Lord of the G strings : Anoushka
Lord of the G strings : Juliette Charles
Lorna the exorcist : Pamela Stanford
Lorna the exorcist : Lina Romay
Lorna the exorcist : Catherine Lafferiere
Lorna the exorcist : Jacqueline Laurent
Los abrazos rotos : Penelope Cruz
Los anos desnudos : Candela Pena
Los cronocrimenes : Barbara Goenaga
Los Debutantes : Antonella Rios
Los Debutantes : Anita Alvarado
Los heroes del mal : Beatriz Medina
Los locos : Melora Walters
Los violadores : Andrea Albani
Los violadores : Laura Premica
Los violadores del amanecer : Linda Lay
Los violadores del amanecer : Mireia Ros
Los violadores del amanecer : Eva Lyberten
Lösegeld : Ulrike C. Tscharre
Lost and delirious : Piper Perabo & Jessica Paré
Lost Highway : Natasha Wagner
Lost Highway : Patricia Arquette
Lotgenoten : Marleen Maathuis
Lotgenoten : Nienke Brinkhuis
Lotus : Gaite Jansen
Louise Wimmer : Corinne Masiero
Loulou : Isabelle Huppert
Love : Aomi Muyock
Love : Klara Kristin
Love (tv series): Emily Sandifer
Love, math and sex : Julie Delarme
Love/hate : Ruth Negga
Love actually : Joanna Page
Love actually... sucks : Linda So
Love actually... sucks : Sherry Li
Love and bruises: Corinne Yam
Love and other disasters : Brittany Murphy
Love and other drugs : Anne Hathaway
Love and other drugs : Jo Newman
Love Camp : Ada Tauler
Love Camp : Esther Studer
Love Camp 7 : Kathy Williams
Love Camp 7 : Maria Lease
Love crimes : Sean Young
Love dream : Diane Lane
Love in between : Shin Eon Kyung
Love in between : Shim Yi-Young
Love in the time of cholera : Ana Claudia Talancon
Love in the time of cholera : Giovanna Mezzogiorno
Love is a dangerous game : Alyssa Branch
Love is a dangerous game : Kimberly Kane
Love is all you need : Trine Dyrholm
Love is the devil : Annabel Brooks
Love lesson : Kim Seon Yeong
Love Letters Of A Portuguese Nun : Susan Hemingway
Love trap : Fiona Richmond
Love you more : Andrea Riseborough
Love the hard way : Charlotte Ayanna
Love Toy : Pat Happel
Loveblind : Kim Yates
Lovelace : Amanda Seyfried
Lovely & Amazing : Emily Mortimer
Lovely Molly : Gretchen Lodge
Loverboy : Ada Condeescu
Loverboy : Kyra Sedgwick
Loverboys : Monique Van der Werff
Lovers Leap : Carrie Westcott
Lucia y el sexo : Elena Anaya
Lucia y el sexo : Paz Vega
Luck : Mary-Margaret Humes
Lucky bastard : Betsy Rue
Lucky bastard : Catherine Annette
Luk Erosa : Grazyna Trela
Lumberjack man : Andy San Dimas
Lumberjack man : Moon Ray
Lunacy : Anna Geislerova
Luscious : Kari Wuhrer
Lust caution : Wei Tang
Lust connection : Glori-Anne Gilbert
Lust connection : Julie K.Smith
Lust connection : Monique Parent
Lust for a vampire : Yutte Stensgaard
Lust for freedom : Michelle Bauer
Lust in the mummy's tomb : Misty Mundae
Luther the geek : Stacy Haiduk
Ma ma : Penelope Cruz
Ma mère : Joana Preiss
Mac & Devin go to high school : Carla Howe
Macabre : Bernice Stegers
MacBeth : Victoria Hill
MacBeth : Kate Bell
Machete : Lindsay Lohan
Machete : Mayra Leal
Macumba sexual : Lina Romay
Mad cowgirl : Sarah Lassez
Mad Dog and Glory : Uma Thurman
Madame Bovary : Frances O'Connor
Madame Sata : Marcelia Cartaxo
Mädchen die nach München kommen : Dorit Henke
Mädchen die nach München kommen : Ingrid Steeger
Mädchen die nach München kommen : Elfriede Payer
Mädchen die nach München kommen : Ulrike Butz
Mädchen die sich selbst bedienen : Christa Free
Mädchen die sich selbst bedienen : Marianne Dupont
Mädchen die sich selbst bedienen : Monika Rohde
Mädchen die sich selbst bedienen : Rita Waldenberg
Mädchen die sich selbst bedienen : Esther Studer
Mädchen die sich selbst bedienen : Claudia Fielers
Mädchen im Nachtverkehr : Kali Hansa
Mädchen im Nachtverkehr : Pilar Coll
Mädchen Mädchen : Diana Amft
Mädchen Mädchen : Ankie Schwiekowski
Mado : Nathalie Baye
Madonnen : Sandra Hüller
Madrid, 1987 : Maria Valverde
Maelstrom : Marie Josee Croze
Mafia junction : Stephanie Beacham
Mafiosa : Helena Noguerra
Magic : Ann Margret
Magic city: Jessica Marais
Magic city: Olga Kurylenko
Magic city: Willa Ford
Magic city: Meredith Ostrom
Magic magic: Juno Temple
Magic magic: Elena Satine
Magic Mike: Olivia Munn
Magical girl: Barbara Lennie
Magnetisorens femte vinter : Johanna Sallström
Magnifica 70 : Simone Spoladore
Magnifica 70 : Bella Camero
Magnifica 70 : Julia Ianina
Magnum Force : Suzanne Somers
Maid's secret: Welcome home : Maria Ozawa
Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal: Catherine Wagener
Maitresse : Cecile Pochet
Making of suesse Stuten 7 : Vivien LaFleur
Mal de Pierres : Marion Cotillard
Mala : Maria Duplaa
Malabimba : Katell Laennec
Malabimba : Patrizia Webley
Maladonna : Paola Senatore
Maladonna : Claudia Cavalcanti
Malamor : Cristina Umana
Malena : Monica Bellucci
Malena : Elisa Morucci
Malgre la nuit : Ariane Labed
Malibu Express : Barbara Edwards
Malibu Express : Lynda Wiesmeier
Malibu Express : Lori Sutton
Malibu Express : Shelley Taylor Morgan
Malibu high : Jill Lansing
Malicious : Molly Ringwald
Malizia : Laura Antonelli
Mallrats : Priscilla Barnes
Malù e l'amante : Malù
Mammal : Rachel Griffiths
Man, woman and the wall : Sola Aoi
Man, woman and the wall : Sho Nishino
Mancation : Sara Sloane
Mancation : Gina Lynn
Mancora : Liz Gallardo
Mandingo : Brenda Sykes
Mandingo : Laura Misch Owens
Mandingo : Debbi Morgan
Mango kiss : Michelle Wolff
Manhattan night : Yvonne Strahovski
Maniac : Megan Duffy
Maniac : Jan Broberg
Maniac : America Olivo
Maniac cop 2: Paula Trickey
Mann tut was mann kann : Noemi Besedes
Mann tut was mann kann : Frederike Kempter
Männer: alles auf Anfang : Luise Bähr
Manon des sources : Emmanuelle Beart
Mansion of the living dead : Eva Leon
Mansion of the living dead : Lina Romay
Mantervention : Claudia Salinas
Mantervention : Megan Albertus
Map of the sounds of Tokyo : Rinko Kikuchi
Maps of the stars : Julianne Moore
Maquina : Iazua Larios
Mar de plastico : Lisi Linder
Mara : Angelica Jansson
Mara : Emilie Frantz Nilsson
Marcella : Florence Pugh
Marche a l'ombre : Catherine Brunet
Marcia Trionfale : Miou-Miou
Marco Polo : Olivia Cheng
Mardi Gras: Spring Break : Carmen Electra
Mardi Gras massacre : Laura Misch Owens
Marecages : Pascale Bussieres
Marfa girl : Drake Burnette
Marfa girl : Indigo Rael
Marfa girl 2 : Drake Burnette
Marfa girl 2 : Indigo Rael
Margaret : Anna Paquin
Margaret : J. Smith Cameron
Margaret's Museum : Helena Bonham Carter
Maria's lovers : Nastassja Kinski
Marie Antoinette: Kirsten Dunst
Marie : Linda Paris
Marie : Melanie Coste
Marie Brand und das Dame im Spiel: Anne Sarah Hartung
Marie Jo et ses 2 amours : Ariane Ascaride
Marie poupee : Jeanne Goupil
Marisol : Teresa H. de Ory
Marmorera : Eva Dewaele
Marquis de Sade: Justine : Romina Power
Marriage is a crazy thing : Jeong Hwa Eom
Marseilles : Stephane Caillard
Martha Marty May Marlene : Elizabeth Olsen
Marti dupa Craciun : Maria Popistasu
Mary, Mary, bloody Mary : Cristina Ferrare
Mas alla del deseo : Maria Luisa San Jose
Mascara : Amanda de Cadenet
Maschi contro femmine : Chiara Francini
Mask maker : Mariah Bonner
Masquerade : Kim Cattrall
Massacre in dinosaur valley : Suzane Carvalho
Massacre in dinosaur valley : Susan Hahn
Massage parlor murders : Anne Gaybis
Massage parlor murders : Katie Everett
Massage parlor murders : Sandra Peabody
Masseuse : Gail Harris
Masseuse : Griffin Drew
Masseuse : Monique Parent
Masters of horror : Carrie Fleming
Masters of horror : Clare Grant
Masters of horror : Ellen Ewusie
Masters of horror : Julia Benson
Masters of horror : Leela Savasta
Masters of horror : Misty Mindae
Masters of horror : Robin Sydney
Masters of horror : Chelah Horsdal
Masters of horror : Brenda James
Masters of horror : Lucie Laurier
Masters of horror : Cinthia Moura
Masters of sex : Lizzy Caplan
Masters of sex : Helene Yorke
Masters of sex : Annaleigh Ashford
Masters of sex : Nicholle Tom
Masters of sex : Rose McIver
Masters of sex : Charlotte Chanler
Masters of sex : Sarah Silverman
Masters of sex : Hanna Hall
Masters of sex : Kristen Hager
Masters of sex : Emily Kinney
Masters of sex : Sascha Alexander
Mata Hari : Sylvia Kristel
Matador : Eva Cobo
Matador : Assumpta Serna
Matana mi shamayim : Ronit Yudkevitz
Matinee : Alicia Whitsover
Matroesjka's : Eugenia Hirivskaya
Matroesjka's : Mila Lipner
Matroesjka's : Veerle de Jonghe
Max mon amour : Sabine Haudepin
Maximum risk : Natasha Henstridge
Maze : Laura Linney
Maze : Sheila Zane
Me dal gual : Maria Jurado
Me estas metando Susana : Veronica Echegui
Me too : Alisa Shitikova
Mean Streets : Amy Robinson
Meatballs 4 : Kristi Ducati
Meat market : Teresa Simon
Meat weed madness : Liz Santoro
Medea : Katja Schuurman
Medici masters of Florence : Annabel Scholey
Meet me in Venice : Roberta Petzoldt
Meet Monica Velour : Kim Cattrall
Meisje : Charlotte vanden Eynde
Meisje : Els Dottermans
Melancholia : Kirsten Dunst
Melissa P : Maria Valverde
Melody : Lucy Debay
Melon rainbow : Victoria C. Sonne
Melvin and Howard : Mary Steenburgen
Memoria de mis putas tristes : Olivia Molina
Memoria de mis putas tristes : Donimika Paleta
Memory lane : Dounia Sichov
Men only : Esther Hall
Menorca : Tammy Gillis
Menorca : Sheila E.Campbell
Mensch, Pia : Alexandra Maria Lara
Mensch, Pia : Theresa Scholze
Mental : Lily Sullivan
Mentiras y gordas : Ana de Armas
Mentiras y gordas : Ana Maria Polvorosa
Mentiras y gordas : Marieta Orozco
Mentiras y gordas : Elena de Frutos
Mentiras y gordas : Miriam Giovanelli
Mercedes : Rifka Lodeizen
Mercy : Ellen Barkin
Mercy : Peta Wilson
Mercy (2009): Whitney Able
Meridian: Sherilyn Fenn
Meridian: Charlie Spradling
Mes chères études : Déborah François
Mes nuits sont plus belles ...: Sophie Marceau
Mes nuits sont plus belles ...: Isabelle Illiers
Mes seances de lutte : Sara Forestier
Metamorphoses : Vimala Pons
Metamorphoses : Melodie Richard
Meteora : Tamila Koulieva
Metod : Karina Zvereva
Metroland : Amanda Ryan
Mi verdad : Liz Vega
Mia Moglie e una bestia : Eva Grimaldi
Mia Moglie torna a scuola : Carmen Russo
Miami Blues : Jennifer Jason Leigh
Midnight blue : Elisabetta Valgiusti
Midnight blue : Monica Como
Midnight express : Irene Miracle
Midnight Healing : Veronica Carothers
Midnight Hour : Amber Smith
Midnight Hour : Erika Michaels
Midnight Hour : Yvette McClendon
Midnight party : Lina Romay
Midnight plowboy : Cristy Anna
Midnight plowboy : Debbie Osborne
Midnight plowboy : Terri Johnson
Midnight plowboy : Nan Cee
Midnight plowboy : Linda McCrae
Midnight plowboy : Pamella Princess
Midnight sex run : Jocelin Donahue
Midnight sex run : Kim Shannon
Midnight son : Maya Parish
Midnight Vendetta : Kari Wuhrer
Midsomer murders : Charlotte Lucas
Mike : Alix Schmidt
Mike : Christa Theret
Mike & Dave need wedding dates : Sugar Lyn Beard
Mil cretins : Alicia Roy
Mildred Pierce : Evan Rachel Wood
Milf : Amy Lindsay
Milf : Kylee Nash
Milf : Molinee Green
Milf : Diana Terranova
Milf : Milou en mai
Mina Ja Morrison : Irina Bjorklund
MindFlesh : Carole Derrien
Mini skirt love : Janet Banzet
Mini skirt love : Louise Cello
Minutes to midnight : Heather Paige Cohn
Mio dio come sono : Laura Antonelli
Mira : Willeke van Ammelrooy
Miracle beach : Alison Armitage
Mirrors : Amy Smart
Mirrors 2: Christy Carlson Romano
Mischief : Kelly Preston
Misfits : Amy Beth Hayes
Mishen : Justine Waddell
Miss March : Eve Mauro
Mission killfast : Jewel Shepard
Mniejsze Zlo : Tamara Arciuch
Moebius : Eun Woo Lee
Mojave moon : Angelina Jolie
Molina's Ferozz : Dayana Legra
Moll Flanders : Robin Wright Penn
MollyCam : Lea Baastrup Ronne
MollyCam : Lotte Munk
Mon homme : Anouk Grinberg
Mon roi : Emmanuelle Bercot
Mon tresor : Dana Ivgy
Monamour : Anna Jimskaia
Money for nothing : Debi Mazar
Monsoon : Helen Brodie
Monsoon : Jenny McShane & Helen Brodie
Monster : Charlize Theron
Monster's Ball : Amber Rules
Monster's Ball : Halle Berry
Montag kommen die Fenster : Isabelle Menke
Montag kommen die Fenster : Ursula Renneke
Montenegro : Patricia Gelin
Moord in extase : Manouk v/d Meulen
More : Mimsy Farmer
Morgane et ses nymphes : Mireille Saunin
Morituris : Desiree Giorgetti
Mortuary : Mary Beth McDonough
Most beautiful island : Natasha Romanova
Most beautiful island : Ana Asensio
Mosquito : Margaret Gomoll
Motel cactus : Jin Hui Kyung
Mother's day : Deborah Luce
Mother and child : Naomi Watts
Mother of tears : Moran Atias
Motherfatherson : Katrine de Candole
Mountain of the cannibal god : Ursula Andress
Mountains of the moon : Fiona Shaw
Movement Ivory : Mathilde Cartoux
Mr. Brooks : Megan Brown
Mr. Nice : Chloe Sevigny
Mr. Roosevelt : Noel Wells
Mrs Henderson presents : Kelly Reilly
Much loved : Loubna Abidar
Muck : Laura Jacobs
Muck : Audra van Hees
Mujeres infieles : Maria José Prieto
Mulher, Mulher : Helena Ramos
Mulher Tentacao : Renee Casemart
Mulher Tentacao : Sandra Graffi
Mulher Tentacao : Shirley Santos
Mulholland Drive : Laura Harring
Mulholland Drive : Naomi Watts
Müllers buro : Barbara Rudnik
Munich : Marie-Josee Croze
Murder obsession : Silvia Dionisio
Murder weapon : Karen Russell
Musée Eden : Mariloup Wolfe
Musta jää : Outi Maenpää
Muzi v nadeji : Vica Kerekes
My awkward sexual adventure : Emily Hampshire
My awkward sexual adventure : Sarah Manninen
My bloody Valentine : Betsy Rue
My breasts could kill me : Dawn Porter
My father die : Russia Hardy
My hindu friend : Barbara Paz
My hindu friend : Maria Fernanda Candido
My horny girlfriend : Grace Lam
My horny girlfriend : Hirano Yumi
My little princess : Deborah Revy
My PS partner : So-Yul Shin
My queen Karo : Deborah Francois
My queen Karo : Maria Kraakman
My summer of love : Emily Blunt
My summer of love : Natalie Press
My trip back to the darkside : Heather Gardner
My tutor : Caren Kaye
My tutor : Kitten Natividad
My tutor : Graem McGavin
Mysteries of the organism : Jagoda Kaloper
Mysteries of the organism : Nancy Gidfrey
Na putu : Zrinka Cvitesic
Naakt over de schutting : Sylvia Kristel
Naboer : Julia Schacht
Nackt : Nina Hoss
Nada : Sandra Julien
Nadine : Hadewych Minis
Nadine : Monica Hendrickx
Nadzieja : Irina Lastovyak
Naked : Deborah MacLaren
Naissance des pieuvres : Pauline Acquart
Naked : Katrin Cartlidge
Naked : Deborah MacLaren
Naked (2014) : Margot Lourdet
Naked ambition 2 : Yui Tatsumi
Naked ambition 2 : Nozomi Aso
Naked Fear : Danielle de Luca
Naked Fear : Sonja Runar
Naked harbour : Amanda Pilke
Naked Jane : Renee Stahl
Naked Killer : Madoka Sugawara
Naked vengeance : Deborah Tranelli
Naked Wishes : Chanda Marie
Namida Tsubo : Kanako Kojima
Namida Tsubo : Aiko Sato
Nana : Lou Doillon
Nana : Anna Gael
Narcos : Cristina Umana
Narcos : Laura Perico
Nashville girl : Marcie Barkin
Nashville girl : Monica Gayle
Natalie : Hyun-Jin Park
Natalie : Ki-Yeon Kim
Nathalie fugitive from hell: Patrizia Gori
Nathalie fugitive from hell: Jacqueline Laurent
Natasha : Algina lipskis
National Lampoon's dirty movie : Jeanine Hill
Naughty instint : Akiho Yoshizawa
Navrat bocianov : Katharina Lorenz
Nazi overlord : Dominique Swain
Nazis at the center of the earth : Maria Pallas
Ne nous soumets pas e la tentation : Guillemette Barioz
Ne Parliamo Lunedi : Elena Sofia Ricci
Neal's party : Emma Rice
Neighbouring sounds : Irma Brown
Neighbouring sounds : Clebia Souza
Neighbouring sounds : Maeve Jinkings
Nell : Jodie Foster
Nelly : Catherine Brunet
Nena : Abbey Hoes
Nene : Leonora Fani
Neron : Alexis Codding
Nes en 68 : Laetitia Casta
Nessuna qualita agli eroi : Irene Jacob
Nessuno si salva de solo : Jasmine Trinca
Nestyda : Vica Kerekes
Never forever : Vera Farmiga
Never say never : Anna Dereszoeska
Never surrender : Cheryl Lynn Stallard
Never surrender : Silvia Koys
Never talk to strangers : Rebecca DeMornay
New girl : Zooey Deschanel
New love in Tokyo : Sawa Suzuki
New Rose Hotel : Asia Argento
Newness : Laia Costa
Ni a vendre ni a louer : Maria de Medeiros
Nic Smiesznego : Agnieszka Buczek
Nic Smiesznego : Grazyna Trela
Nic Smiesznego : Joanna Jedrejek
Nice Neighbours : Gina Ryder
Nichts bereuen : Insa M. Steinhaus
Niemand in de stad : Sofie Porro
Niemand in de stad : Julia Akkermans
Nieuwe buren : Katja Schuurman
Night call nurses : Patty Byrne
Night call nurses : Alana Stewart
Night call nurses : Dixie Peabody
Night eyes 3 : Shannon Tweed
Night games : Cindy Pickett
Night junkies : katia Winter
Night moves : Melanie Griffith
Night moves : Susan Clark
Night of something strange : Nicola Fiore
Night of the demons : Linnea Quigley
Night of the demons 3 : Patricia Rodriguez
Night of the running man : Kathrin Lautner
Night of the scarecrow : Cristi Harris
Night of the sorcerers : Loli Tovar
Night of the werewolf : Pilar Alcon
Night patrol : Lori Sutton
Night school : Rachel Ward
Night train to terror : Merideth Haze
Night train to terror : Lisa Watkins
Night vision : Noelle Dubois
Nightmare man : Tiffany Shepis
Nightmare on Elm Street 3 : Stacey Alden
Nightmare sisters : Linnea Quigley
Nightmare weekend : Andrea Thompson
Nightmares come at night : Diana Lorys
Nights and weekends : Greta Gerwig
Nightwatching : Enily Holmes
Nightwatching : Jodhi May
Nightwatching : Fiona O'Shaughnessy
Niki Ardelean : Dorina Chiriac
Nina forever : Abigail Hardingham
Ninas mal : Martha Higareda
Nine 1/2 Weeks : Kim Basinger
Nineteen eighty-four : Suzanna Hamilton
Ninette : Elsa Pataky
No end : Grazyna Szapolowska
No escape : Rena Riffel
No escape : Marie Veckova
No escape : Sabine Mallory
No mires para abajo : Antonella Costa
No morire sola : Gimena Blesa
No one lives : America Olivo
No reason : Irene Holzfurtner
No small affair : Judith Baldwin
No sympathy for the devil : Lena Kitsopoulou
Nobody's fool : Melanie Griffith
Noce blanche : Vanessa Paradis
Noise : Maria Ballesteros
Nome proprio : Leandra Leal
Nordkraft : Signe Egholm Olsen
Norma Jean & Marilyn : Ashley Judd
Norma Jean & Marilyn : Mira Sorvino
Normal : Camille Sullivan
Normal Life : Ashley Judd
Nostradamus : Amanda Boxer
Not another happy ending : Karen Gillian
Not another teen movie : Cerina Vincent
Not like us : Rainer Grant
Not like us : Annabelle Gurwitch
Not Of This Earth : Traci Lords
Nothing personal : Lotte Verbeek
Notorious : Naturi Naughton
Notre jour viendra : Camille Rowe
Notte prima degli esami - oggi : Carolina Crescentini
Novecento : Stefania Casini
Novecento : Dominique Sanda
Now apocalypse : Roxane Mesquida
Now apocalypse : Kelli Berglund
Now & later : Shari Solanis
Nowhere man : Charlotte Vandermeersch
Nr.24 : Sabine Vitua
NSFW: not safe for work : Audrey Kovar
Nu : Malya Roman
Nude : Naoko Watanabe
Nude For Satan : Iolanda Mascitti
Nude For Satan : Rita Calderoni
Nude nuns with big guns : Asun Ortega
Nude nuns with big guns : Sarah Emmons
Nude nuns with big guns : Aycil Yeltan
Nude per l'assassino : Erna Schurer
Nudo e selvaggio : Suzane Carvalho
Nudo e selvaggio : Susan Hain
Nue : Catherine Bernstein
Nuit #1 : Catherine De Lean
Nuit d'ete en ville : Marie Trintignant
Nuit de chien : Amira Casar
Nuit de chien : Elsa Zylberstein
Number 1 cheerleader camp : Michaela Myers
Number 1 cheerleader camp : Maura Murphy
Number 1 cheerleader camp : Erica Duke
Number one fan : Renee Griffin
Nurse : Paz de la Huerta
Nurse diary: wicked finger : Etsuko Hara
Nurse diary: wicked finger : Megu Kawashima
Nurse Jackie : Betty Gilpin
Nympha : Tiffany Shepis
Nymphomaniac : Stacy Martin
Nymphomaniac : Charlotte Gainsbourg
Nynke : Monic Hendrichx
O cheiro do ralo : Paula Braun
O cheiro do ralo : Silvia Lourenco
O cheiro do ralo : Lorena Lobato
O crime do padre Amaro : Soraia Chaves
O Lyubvi : Anna Chipovskaya
O Negocio : Juliana Schalch
O Negocio : Michelle Batista
O Negocio : Sophia Reis
O Negocio : Aline Jones
O Negocio : Gabriella Vergani
O primeiro dia : Fernanda Torres
O vara foarte instabila : Ana Ularu
O vara foarte instabila : Diana Cavallioti
Oben ohne : Ina-Alice Kopp
Ober : Thekla Reuten
Obsessed : Ji-Yeon Lim
Ocean flame : Monica Mok
Octavio is dead : Sarah Gadon
Oczy Niebieskie : Ewa Gawryluk
Odete : Ana Cristina de Oliveira
Odysseus : Karina Testa
Odysseus : Capucine Delaby
Oedipus Orca : Rena Niehaus
Oesters van Nam Kee : Katja Schuurman
Of freaks and men : Dinara Drukarova
Of freaks and men : Anzhelika Nevolina
Oh what a night : Barbara Williams
Oh! Soo Jung : Eun Ju Lee
Olalla : Amy Hesketh
Old school : Elisha Cuthbert
Oldboy : Jin Seo Yun
Oldboy (2013): Elizabeth Olsen
Olga's girls : Darlene Bennett
Olga's girls : Ann Pepper
Olga's summer : Clemence Poesy
Olivia : Suzanna Love
On again off again : Samantha Spatari
On aura tout vu : MiouMiou
On body and soul : Alexandra Borbely
On the other side : Brandy Davis
On the road : Kristen Stewart
On the road (2016): Leah Harvey
One from the heart : Teri Garr
One in the gun : Katherine Randolph
One night at McCool's : Liv Tyler
Online crush : Tiffany Tyler
Open water : Blanchard Ryan
Open window : Robin Tunney
Opening night : Hadewych Minis
Opium : Kirsti Stubo
Opposing force : Lisa Eichhorn
Ora o mai plu : Violante Placido
Orange is the new black : Taylor Schilling
Orange is the new black : Samira Wiley
Orange is the new black : Maria Dizzia
Orange is the new black : Kimiko Glenn
Orange is the new black : Lorraine Toussaint
Orange is the new black : Taryn Manning
Orange is the new black : Ruby Rose
Orange is the new black : Madison McKinley
Orange is the new black : Laverne Cox
Orange is the new black : Laura Prepon
Ordo : Marie Josee Croze
Orgies and the meaning of life : Lindsay Wray
Original Sin : Angelina Jolie
Orgy of the dead : Coleen o'Brien
Orgy of the dead : Bunny Glaser
Orlando : Tilda Swinton
Orphan black : Tatiana Maslany
Orpheline : Adele Exarchopoulos
Oscura seduccion : Mara Cuevas
Oscura seduccion : Elizabeth Cervantes
Osterman Weekend : Cassie Yates
Ostinato destino : Monica Bellucci
Other Side Of The Bed, The : Natalia Verbeke
Other Side Of The Bed, The : Paz Vega
Otilia Rauda : Gabriela Canudas
Out of season : Carol Monda
Outcast : Wrenn Schmidt
Outcast : Kate Lyn Sheil
Outlander : Caitriona Balfe
Outlander : Hannah James
Over kanten : Christiane S.Müller
Over kanten : Danica Curcic
Overspel : Sylvia Hoeks
Oviri : Sofie Grabol
Oviri : Valeri Glandut
Pacific banana : Alyson Best
Pacific banana : Helen Hemingway
Pacific banana : Manuia Taie
Palm swings : Diane Farr
Palm swings : Madison McKinley
Palmeras en la nieve : Berta Vazquez
Palmeras en la nieve : Adriana Ugarte
Pamela Anderson Uncensored : Pamela Anderson
Pandora Peaks : Pandora Peaks
Pantaleon y las visitadoras : Angie Cepeda
Papadis pour tous : Fanny Cottencon
Papadis pour tous : Jeanne Goupil
Papaya : Melissa Chimenti
Papaya : Sirpa Lane
Papillon : Ratna Assan
Paprika : Deborah Caprioglio
Par dela les nuages : Ines Sastre
Parade's end: Rebecca Hall
Paradis perdu : Pauline Etienne
Paradis perdu : Florence Thomassin
Paradise club : Elizabeth Rice
Paradise cruise : Vahina Giocante
Paraiso travel : Vicky Rueda
Paraiso travel : Ana de la Reguera
Paraisos artificiais : Nathalia Dill
Parasomnia : Cherilyn Wilson
Parc : Nathalie Richard
Parched : Radhika Apte
Parfait Amour : Isabelle Renauld
Paris, France : Leslie Hope
Park : Melanie Lynskey
Parker : Emma Booth
Parlami d'amore : Aitana Sanchez Gijon
Partir : Kristin Scott Thomas
Party bus to hell : Stefani Blake
Party bus to hell : Sadie Katz
Party down : Olivia Alaina May
Party down : Rebecca Marshall
Party down : Anastasia Ganias
Pas de scandale : Sophie Aubry
Pas douce : Isild le Besco
Pasadilla para un Rico : Beatriz Rico
Paseo de oficina : Manuela Oyarzun
Pasion Prohibida : Gabriela Mosch
Pasion Prohibida : Susana Estrada
Parc : Nathalie Richard
Passion (2013): Kumiko Ito
Passion : Isabelle Huppert
Passion cove : Gina Raye Carter
Passion Network : Devin DeVasquez
Passion Network : Nichole McAuley & Devin De Vasquez
Passion Network : Jane Smith
Passion Network : Maggie Louie
Passion Network : Stephanie Beaton
Passion Network : Tracy Turner
Passion's Obsession : C.C. Costigan
Passion's Peak : Devinn Lane
Passion's Peak : Renee Rea
Passion play : Liezl Carstens
Past midnight : Natasha Richardson
Pastorale 1943 : Sylvia Kristel
Pathology : Lauren Lee Smith
Patrick still lives : Anna Veneziano
Patrick still lives : Carmen Russo
Patrick still lives : Mariangela Giordano
Patrick still lives : Andrea Belfiore
Paula : Carla Juri
Paula, Paula : Carmen Montes
Pawn shop chronicles : Pell James
Peaky blinders : Gaite Jansen
Peccati de gioventu : Gloria Guida
Peelers : Wren Walker
Peelers : Nikki Wallin
Peer Gynt : Pegah Ferydoni
Peindre ou faire l'amour : Amira Casar
Pelican blood : Amma Booth
Penance : Marieh Delfino
Penance : Eve Mauro
Penetration Angst : Fiona Horsey
Pensione Paura : Leonora Fani
People places things : Stephanie Allynne
Pepperminta : Ewelina Guzik
Perder es cuestión de método : Martina Garcia
Perdita Durango : Aimee Graham
Perdita Durango : Rosie Perez
Peremirie : Elene Netesina
Peremirie : Nadeshda Tolubeyeva
Perfect Education 2 : Rie Fukami
Perfect Education 3 : Kana Ito
Perfect partner : Hye-seon Kim
Perfect sense : Eva Green
Performance : Anita Pallenberg
Perfume : Jessica Schwarz
Perfume : Karoline Herfurth
Perfume (tv series) : Franziska Brandmeier
Perfumed Garden : Amy Lindsay
Peril : Nicole Garcia
Permissive : Maggie Stride
Personal best : Mariel Hemingway
Personal shopper : Kristen Stewart
Petersen : Wendy Hughes
Petite pute : Laurie Leveque
Pets : Candice Rialson
hantasm 2 : Samantha Phillips
Phantom Love : Griffin Drew
Phat beach : Devin Deray
Phileine Zegt Sorry : Kim van Kooten
Phileine Zegt Sorry : Leona Philippo
Photoshoot : Christina Aguilera
Picknick im Schnee : Chiara Schoras
Picture of beauty : Danielle Rose
Pieces : Leticia Marfil
Pieces : Roxana Nieto
Pieds nus sur les limaces : Ludivine Sagnier
Pig hunt : Michelle Redwine
Pimp bullies : Laura Garcia
Pimp bullies : Lizbeth Santos
Pimp bullies : Catalina Rodriguez
Pimped : Ella Scott Lynch
Pin up : Marianne Chargois
Pinocchio's revenge : Candace McKenzie
Pinup girls on ice : Emily Crighton
Piranha : Kelly Brook
Piranha 3DD: Irina Voronina
Plaisir a trois : Alice Arno
Plaisir a trois : Tania Busselier
Plata Quemada : Leticia Bredice
Play motel : Patrizia Webley
Play motel : Anna Maria Rizzoli
Play motel : Antonella Antinori
Played : Emma Ryan
Playing house : Mayra Leal
Playing with dolls : Natasha Blasick
Playtime : Jennifer Burton
Playtime : Monique Parent
Pleasure or pain : Malena Morgan
Pleasure or pain : Elle Alexandra
Pledge this! : Camille Langfield
Plein sud : Lea Seydoux
Ploy : Porntip Papanai
Plum Blossom : Bae Doo Na
Plum Blossom : Ji-Hye Jun
Plus One: Natalie Hall
Pod Powierzchnia : Magdalena Boczarska
Point de fuite : Catherine Aymerie
Poison Ivy 2 : Alyssa Milano
Poison Ivy: The New Seduction : Jaime Pressly
Poison Ivy: The New Seduction : Athena Massey
Poison Ivy: the secret society : Miriam McDonald
Poison Ivy: the secret society : Shawna Waldron
Poker : Jojo
Pokrajina St.2 : Maja Martina Merljak
Police : Sandrine Bonnaire
Police : Sophie Marceau
Police des moeurs : Wanda Mendres
Police des moeurs : Renate Langer
Polizeiruf 110 : Andrea Brose
Polizeiruf 110 : Catherine H. Flemming
Polizeiruf 110 : Eva Gosciejewicz
Polyamory : Vanessa Carlisle
Polyamory : Jennifer Gold
Polyamory : Kamala Devi
Polyamory : Lindsey K Cristofani
Ponte aerea : Leticia Colin
Pool party : Sarah Horvath
Poolboy : Jacqui Holland
Popoz : Ancilla Tilia
Popp dich schlank : Theresa Scholze
Porky's : Kim Cattrall
Porky's 2: the next day: Cisse Cameron
Pornô : Maristela Moreno
Pornô : Matilde Mastrangi
Pornô : Zelia Deniz
Porno holocaust : Dirce Funari
Pornografia : Anna Baniowska
Pornopung : Tina Klafstadbakken
Porto : Lucie Lucas
Portrait of a beauty : Min-Sun Kim
Posse : Salli Richardson
Possessed by the Night : Sandahl Bergman
Possessed by the Night : Shannon Tweed
Possession : Isabelle Adjani
Post Tenebras Lux : Nathalia Acevedo
Poultrygeist : Kate Graham
Pound of flesh : Ashley Wren Collins
Pour la peau d'un flic : Anne Parillaud
Power : Naturi Naughton
Power : Lela Loren
Powder blue : Jessica Biel
Powerplay : Danielle Ciardi
Praise : Sacha Horler
Preaching to the perverted : Guinevere Turner
Prenom Carmen : Maruschka Detmers
Preparez vos mouchoirs : Carole Laure
Pret-a-porter : Ute Lemper
Pret-a-porter : Sally Kellerman
Pretty baby : Susan Sarandon
Pretty cool too : Angela Dodson
Pretty maids all in a row : Angie Dickinson
Pretty obsession : Brittany Nicole Kovler
Pretty obsession : Lydia Pritchett
Price of desire : Kim Yates
Price of desire : Kira Reed
Prime Cut : Sissy Spacek
Primitive : Kristin Lorenz
Primo Amore : Michele Cescon
Primo basilio : Debora Farabella
Prince of Jutland : Helen Mirren
Princesas : Candela Pena
Principles of lust : Lara Clifton
Prison heat : Lori Jo Hendrix
Prison heat : Rebecca Chambers
Private duty nurses : Joyce Williams
Private duty nurses : Pegi Boucher
Private duty nurses : Katherine Cannon
Private Lesson : Leonora Fani
Private Lesson : Caroll Baker
Private Lessons : Sylvia Kristel
Private Lessons - another Story : Mariana Morgan
Private Lies : Brandy Davis
Private Lies : Elizabeth Pires
Private Life : Kathryn Hahn
Private moments : Aruna Shields
Private moments : Judith Shekoni
Private Moments : Natasja Vermeer
Private parts : Melanie Good
Private parts : Jenna Jameson
Private parts : Theresa Lynn
Private parts (1972) : Ayn Ruymen
Private resort : Hilary Shepard
Private school : Betsy Russell
Private school : Brinke Stevens
Private school : Phoebe Cates
Private vices public virtues : Pamela Villoresi
Progeny : Jillian McWhirter
Proof : Genevieve Picot
Protector : Zehra Leverman
Protector : Rae Dawn Chong
Prototype : Lane Lenhart
Provocazione : Petra Scharbach
Provocazione : Moana Pozzi
Provocazione (1996) : Fabrizia Flanders
Provocazione (1996) : Erika Savastani
Proxy : Kristina Klebe
Prozac Nation : Christina Ricci
Przesluchanie : Krystyna Janda
Psychic killer : Mary Charlotte Wilcox
Psycho : Anne Heche
Psycho 3 : Juliette Cummins
Psycho cop returns : Maureen Flaherty
Psycho cop returns : Melanie Good
Psychopathia sexualis : Veronika Duerr
Psychosis : Katrena Rochell
Puffball : Kelly Reilly
Puhdistus : Amanda Pilke
Pulsion : Emy Russo
Punani : Julie Andersen
Punch : Sonja Bennett
Punch : Meredith McGeachie
Punla : Tracy Torres
Puppet master 2 : Charlie Spradling
Puppet master 2 : Michelle Bauer
Puppylove : Audrey Bastien
Puppylove : Solene Rigot
Purge : Amanda Pilke
Purple Rain : Apollonia Kotero
Pushing tin : Angelina Jolie
Pusinky : Sandra Novakova
Pusinky : Lenka Vlasakova
Pussycat syndrome : Tina Eklund
Putzfraueninsel : Jasmin Tabatabai

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