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She was hysterical as a comic actress, why isn't she famous, besides being dead and all.

I mean Lucy's dead and she's famous for being funny.

I wouldn't call winning an Oscar and two Tonys failing. Brilliant comedic and dramatic actress adept at playing neurotics. Truly an original actress.

If winning a few awards is winning why when you say "Sandy Dennis" do people not know who she is?

She was very funny and talented, why is she an unknown?

R2 who the fuck are you talking to then? If they're under 35 they need to educate themselves on movie and theater history instead of watching the Cunttrashians. If you're over 35 or so you should know who she is. Lot of people have seen Virginia Woolf.

I adored her in Up The Down Staircase but she's a bit too cloying in Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

She and Dick Cavett were high school buddies.

Sandy Dennis was a unique and talented actress who enjoyed a very successful career.

The OP?

Dance 2 Looks 1

I have no memories of her being hysterical. Which movie, not The Out Of Towners, surely?

r2, Because Millennials and younger know nothing that isn't on Twitter or Instagram.

I always confuse her with that 1970s English folkie who threw herself down the stairs.

Pauline Kael correct noted that she made an acting style out of post nasal drip.

She was an extremely unpleasant actress to watch. She seemed to be habitually on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

As a pre-pubescent gayling of the early 80s, my first exposure to Sandy Dennis was through multiple airings of The Four Seasons on HBO, et al. She fascinated me endlessly. Her speech patterns alone tickled the fuck out of me. I used to run around and do my Sandy Dennis impersonation for any adult that was unlucky enough to be in my path.

OP/R2 I'm sure she doesn't care if she's remembered or not; the point is that she was successful and people did know her in life, and at least she was able to enjoy THAT..

R12 LOL! Can you still do it.

[quote]Pauline Kael correct noted that she made an acting style out of post nasal drip.

What does that mean?

[quote] LOL! Can you still do it.

Oh yes. I know her lines from The Four Seasons like the back of my hand. And I haven't seen that film in ages.

R16 Didn't she buy a snake?

She bought a g-g-g-oddamned BOA constrictor!

And shame on you for egging me on. ; )

Hardly a failure. 2 Tonys and 1 Oscar. Died at 54. Still worked late into her career. Besides the better-known roles, she is great in the early Altman film "That Cold Day in the Park" and later has a riveting small role in Woody Allen's "Another Woman"

It is really, really sad what happens to her in The Four Seasons. Len Cariou dumps her for a younger way hotter woman. She loses all her friends because for some reason they keep Len and his new chippie. Then we catch up with her and she seems very sad and unfulfilled, while the rest of the friend group just kind of hums along.

I guess like is like that sometimes but damn that was harsh.

[quote] It is really, really sad what happens to her in The Four Seasons. Len Cariou dumps her for a younger way hotter woman. She loses all her friends because for some reason they keep Len and his new chippie. Then we catch up with her and she seems very sad and unfulfilled, while the rest of the friend group just kind of hums along.

Except she gets traded in for Bess Armstrong, who is fucking FANTASTIC in that movie, so I am NOT complaining!!

Her role in Come Back to the 5 and Dime reminded me of little Edie Beale.

If you think what happened to her in The Four Seasons was sad, what about what happens to her in Come Back Jimmy Dean? That's sad too.

First thing I recall DENNIS in was SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS as one of the classmates of Deanie (WOOD) and Bud (BEATTY). She likes Bud and after Deanie has her initial breakdown at school it is implied that she's gone after him to date because that's who he is dancing with when Deanie returns weeks later to attend a dance.

[quote]that 1970s English folkie who threw herself down the stairs.

Did she jump or was she pushed?

[quote]It is really, really sad what happens to her in The Four Seasons. Len Cariou dumps her for a younger way hotter woman. She loses all her friends because for some reason they keep Len and his new chippie. Then we catch up with her and she seems very sad and unfulfilled, while the rest of the friend group just kind of hums along.

There was an interesting comment in imdb about that -- how it shows how times have changed as, now, the women in the group would exiled Lou and the men would go along with it because to exile Sandy would show "a lack of respect."

Sandy did more theatre than films.

I got the idea though that Sandy pulled away from them. I remember when she shows back up, Burnett and Moreno say to her- we tried making plans, you kept canceling. She offers some wan excuse, and it's also clear that after the first few cancellations, Burnett and Moreno just stopped trying, but they did try.

The point of the film was the six team over The Four Seasons. Once Len Cariou moved on to another woman, Sandy was out!

I've still got the book she wrote about her cats somewhere. For some reason I never actually read it.

I guess she never had kids, right?

She had a good run in her youth and then got older and movie roles dried up (as they do for all women except me). She worked a great deal in the theater until she died. Death did put a crimp in her career though.

Len Cariou is responsible for getting G started in the theater.


She had an affair with the young and studly Eric Roberts in the 80s (even though she was a lesbian apparently)

Eric loves older women. The woman he's married to now is somewhat older than he is.

Eric has been coked out of his mind since 1980. I doubt he even knows who or what he is sleeping with.

[quote]She seemed to be habitually on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

This. Even looking at still pictures of her she looks like she's about to lose it. Not someone you want to spend a lot of time with, even just to watch on screen.

R37, it's that quality that made her so fascinating to watch. Stability is boring.

"Hey. Hey. Hey. I'm your wife, not her. Look at me once in a while. "

R29 no the group was pulling away from her. Remember Sandy mentioned a Labor Day party they didn't invite her to and they explain they couldn't because Cariou was with Armstrong .

Alda clearly based The Four Seasons on his own real-life friendships. I wonder if any of the other characters are based on well known people. He is obviously playing himself.

A lot of the screenplay (like the aforementioned shunning of Sandy Dennis) seems too real for comfort. On the other hand some scenes play out like a sitcom.

A very interesting film and everyone (Alda, Carol Burnett, Rita moreno, Jack Westson, Len Cariou, Bess Armstrong and Dennis) are quite wonderful in it.

She's always interested ME. Is Honey such a great part that Melinda Dillon, Mireille Enos, Carrie Coons, and someone else were all Tony nominated for it?

I was really fascinated by her as a gayling. Only because Four Seasons and 5 and Dime were run over and over on HBO. It wasn't until years later that I saw her in Virginia Woolf.

Similarly I was taken with Bess Armstrong. Again from Four Seasons and HBO's production of Barefoot in the Park which puts the Redford/Fonda movie to shame.

R11 Re: Pauline Kael. Wasn't it Gertrude Stein who famously said to Hemingway, "Remarks are not literature." One could say the same about Kael's approach to criticism. Any critic whose method was typically not to watch films more than once and then make grand pronouncements about them or their artists is not someone whose opinion I value that much. Kael had a lively and at times fun and even perceptive voice, but she really was more of a columnist than critic, Paulinites aside. Her stuff doesn't hold up well over time.

Dennis did more of lasting value in her performance in "Virginia Woolf" than Kael did in a lifetime of bitchy, homophobic reviews.

Loved her in "The Fox." She and Anne Heywood played an interesting lesbian couple. Unfortunately, lesbians were not allowed to live happily ever after in 1967.

Kael is still considered the most influential voice in film criticism in the last 60 years.

[quote] Loved her in "The Fox." She and Anne Heywood played an interesting lesbian couple. Unfortunately, lesbians were not allowed to live happily ever after in 1967.

It's based on a novella by DH Lawrence written in 1922.

She was in a flop sitcomy Broadway play in the 80s called The Supporting Cast that I saw as a kid. I thought she was hysterially funny. I mostly remember a scene where she couldn't stop laughing at an inapporpriate moment. Shades of Chuckles the Clown I know, but I thought she was so funny.

" I like to dance and you don't want me to DANCE."

I am sure this has been posted before - it is Sandy Dennis' screen test for WAOVW with Roddy McDowall as Nick. She ultimately would go much further with her interpretation of Honey. I am fascinated by her. Such a wonderful presence and concentration of unique talent

There was talk of Sandy getting an Oscar nomination for the film of Jimmy Dean. Cher got pissed over it because she claimed she had the larger part (which is true) and deserved the nomination more. Neither of them got nominated.

nah r50.

They were pushed for different categories. Sandy for lead and Cher for supporting.

Cher got a Golden Globe nomination in supporting.

Sandy. . . . . Dennis . . . . failed . . . . she failed because . . . . because she could never stop, stop . . . . .twitching, YES! Twitching . . . . twitching and pausing . . . . and repeating herself . . . . twitching and pausing and repeating herself . . . . in sad little asides as she . . . . as she turned her thoughts inward (turned her thoughts inward.)

She liked to point a lot too. Sometimes these mannerisms could be right for a character but sometimes they just seemed to be her technique and they were annoying. No wonder people reacted with 'Don't just act. Stand there.'

Bess Armstrong is one of the most annoying actresses ever. She did that awful Jaws 3-D movie where I kept praying for her to get eaten.

Loved Bess Armstrong in "My So-Called Life" as Claire Danes' mother.

A Touch of Love (1969) which she made in England has one of her best performances.

That was rather good R52.

Cher's imitation of Sandy Dennis in Jimmy Dean is one of the funniest things ever committed to celluloid.

"It just makes me ah ah ah sick to my stomach to to think that anyone could be so ah ah ha cruel"

Sandy made her Broadway debut understudying Evans Evans - who is still alive at the age of 80 - whom she actually resembles.

I've only seen her in The Out of Towners and the way she said her lines WAS hysterical IMO. I love that movie.

I cannot stand her. The Four Seasons with Carol Burnett, Alan Alda and Rita Moreno was her at her neurotic best/worst.

She was playing an abandoned wife whose husband left her and took up with a young stewardess, and not only did I not feel sorry for her and feel anger for her husband, I felt like he was a saint for staying with her for even a short time.

Pauline Kael loved her by the end especially in "5 & Dime' where she found her "quite beautiful".

The greatest actress who ever lived, if you ask me. But even then she didn't do the Movie Star thing well: didn't show up to get her Oscar (hard to imagine anyone doing that now), didn't care, had a contract with Screen Gems and promised she would be terrible in those movies just to pay them back for not letting her out of it, etc. She was a true eccentric with a hundred cats and a fear of penetration and somehow Eric Roberts as an unlikely fiance for a minute there. Love her.

Fear of penetration? Haha. Anal?

R63 - do you have the biography of her?

It's on Google books.

Old People magazine interview lists her with 37 cats and cleaning relentlessly all day to stay on top of them. 4K monthly vet bills, mountains of food... What a twisted broad.

I have ONE cat and it's a nightmare

Dennis was one of those actresses who really showed her skills onstage. I saw her do Blanche in STREETCAR and she was amazing. Hilarious in ABSURD PERSON SINGULAR. Sorry I didn't get to see her in ANY WEDNESDAY and her other early work. But like Geraldine Page and Kim Stanley, she often let her mannerisms get the best of her. But saying she sucked on the basis of some of her screen performances is like judging Streep based on Mamma Mia.

She was also extremely smart and well-read. I met her a few times through mutual friends and she was very sweet, but clearly troubled; had a bit of a drinking problem. These friends told me that Roberts used to beat her up. Overall, a sad life.

r67 Yeah, and she lived for a while with that homophobic Eric Roberts. Now that relationship defies analysis.

R52, a director once said that Dennis was the only actress in the world who could put a pause into the word "Uh".

R44, ironic that Kael's putdown of Dennis was noted in virtually every article on her, even her obituaries. Dennis even said she agreed with it.

R53, John Simon said she pointed her finger more rudely than Uncle Sam.

I'd agree she's brilliant as a psycho since it didn't seem to be much of a stretch. The character she played in "That Cold Day In the Park" seemed very close to what she was in real life, with cats substituting for old people.

I broke my heel on garbage.

I'm sure we all agree she was very funny and very good at acting, the OP was obviously getting at why wasn't she MORE famous.

Bad roles? Was she a bitch to work with? Did she get too big for her shoes?

Was she to movies what Shelly Long is to TV?

[quote] I was really fascinated by her as a gayling. Only because Four Seasons and 5 and Dime were run over and over on HBO. It wasn't until years later that I saw her in Virginia Woolf. Similarly I was taken with Bess Armstrong. Again from Four Seasons and HBO's production of Barefoot in the Park which puts the Redford/Fonda movie to shame.

We're either soulmates or the same person.

She didn't take the grab and money and run film route many Oscar winners do right after winning. Her film output after Virginia Woolf wasn't I would call prolific. She only really did work that interested her, but she did admit later in her career she did paycheck shit like the movie Parents.

According to Dennis, she did everything she was offered because she wasn't offered much.

I loved Sandy Dennis, but I think her acting style didn't suit mainstream America by any stretch of the imagination and limited the number of roles she was offered because of it.

Then why didn't she change her style? Was she limited as an actress in that regard?

I think she was that limited as a person, R79. She said she worked to change her vocal style after the putdown by Kael but it never changed her overall approach to a role, which was that of a simpering witch.

Didn't another very successful film actress sort of make a career out of stammering and stuttering?

Yes, and the few times she broke out of that, she gave some really amazing performances.

R82 oh I totally agree, I just meant that a lot of these "nervous breakdown acting style" critiques sound awfully familiar....

A nice tribute to Sandy.

R39, I LOVE that scene in Woody Allen's ANOTHER WOMAN -- her getting more irritated and finally telling off Gena Rowlands was electrifying (I know, Mary!) And interesting to see her turn up in a later scene with her co-star on Broadway in ANY WEDNESDAY, Gene Hackman, especially since they were rumored to have clashed during the run of the show.

Brilliant, unique talent.

The reason Keaton achieved more success is not just the Woodman connection. She was also prettier and more likable. Watching Dennis act always felt like being trapped next to a crazy woman on the subway and eagerly anticipating your stop. In her divisiveness, I'd say she was closer to Shelley Duvall.

r21 Meh. La vita e merda as my Auntie used to kvetch.

I thought her cameo in "Another Woman" (1987) should have won her a second Oscar. She's absolutely riveting in her two scenes, especially when she openly calls Gena Rowlands' character out for being a cold, conniving, opportunistic cunt. You can kind of tell right away that Sandy Dennis' character has some unfinished business with Rowlands when they run into each other. There's something in her eyes. And, yet, it's not at all the "Sandy Dennis on the verge of a breakdown" kind of performance. She's steely and knows exactly what she needs to tell her old acquaintance about herself. Unforgettable.

Thanks, R65! Did NOT know that existed, only have her rather slim autobiography that I think was a work in progress before she died. Will go seek out that book for sure.

By all accounts, including her own interview in that Boze Hadleigh "Hollywood Lesbians" book (which I know many roll eyes at but fun anyway), she didn't like vaginal penetration either.

And Kael also thought she was "comic heaven" in "Parents". I agree.

Great thread in general. Thanks to all contributing.

Don't bother thanking people HRT. You. are. unbearable.

On the old Comedy Central show "Drive in Reviews", they featured "Parents" and intro-d her clip saying "here we have the late, great Sandy Dennis, obviously not missing any meals."

R77 is right on. She didn't fail. She just wasn't offered much because of her odd look. She had a terrible overbite, a wonky eye and just was plain unattractive. But I think that she had stellar acting chops. I howl whenever I watch her in The Out of Towners. Jack Lemmon was over-the-top corny, as he often was. But she was hilarious. And I also liked her in The Four Seasons. She came across as very sympathetic and played the discarded wife and friend perfectly.

"Four Seasons" was Alda at his most annoying and the film seemed to have the kind of flat direction that I associate with television. She and Lemmon both are annoying in the Out of Towners, which was Neil Simon sitcom at its worst. Lemmon was at his best with Billy Wilder hammering away at his tendency to overact, perhaps he could have gotten Dennis to stop twitching.

Dennis rarely got to play anyone "normal" always seemed one irritation shy of a straight jacket. She was a typhoid Mary in an old Naked City, and of course seemed perfectly cast. Despite her annoying mannerisms, overbite and "twitch as an acting style", she was great in Virginia Woolf--perfectly suited to the role.

A friend's sister (a Broadway actress who studied with Dennis) said that she was more "normal" in real life than one would expect and could demonstrate a bit more range on stage than in the moviews. Her other crazy relationship was with Gerry Mulligan. I suspect she was better off with the cats.

HRT, don't expect any revelations in Dennis's memoirs, They're very slim, and if memory serves, she discusses her cats MUCH more than she discusses her career.

Hey AOTF, have you read the mentioned up at R65?

Apparently out of print and expensive as hell on amazon, even/only in Paperback. And looks look it just came out in 2013. I do want it though.

For the cover alone. :)

I liked her response to all the criticism she received for not showing up for her Oscar win, no reason, nobody to accept for her (as they did back then). Just a total brush-off. Finally, in an interview, she said, and I paraphrase, "Enough already! Next time I'm nominated, I'll come!" There never was a next time -- and there could've been/should've been.

Great actress, didn't play the game well -- or at all.

See if you can find the Karen Black interview (with Coco) on where she talks about how sneakily Sandy Dennis would upstage everyone in that play. But that might've just been Karen Black and her own stuff (she and Cher didn't get along either).

She was in several important films that got a lot of attention in the sixties likes that lesbian drama THE FOX, and she steals NASTY HABITS from the likes of Glenda Jackson, Edith Evans, Geraldine Page, Anne Meara and Melina Mercouri ! Loved her in THE OUT OF TOWNERS and was it PLAZA SUITE ? Yes she had a lot of mannerisms but so does Maggie Smith ....

[quote]Karen Black interview (with Coco) on where she talks about how sneakily Sandy Dennis would upstage everyone in that play.

[quote]You can kind of tell right away that Sandy Dennis' character has some unfinished business with Rowlands when they run into each other. There's something in her eyes.

So you all are basically saying, no one wanted to work with her, because they were afraid she'd steal their thunder and upstage them, which she always did. She was better and they couldn't stand being second.

I really didn't notice her much the first time I saw Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, I wanted watch for all the fuss about Taylor and Burton. The second time I focussed on her and have the other times I've seen it since.

"I don't want to WEAR or DISCUSS your shoes!"

She was no Sandy Duncan.

She did it best in ANY WEDNESDAY, you have to admit.

She was best in Up The Ladder To The Roof.

R86 I wish I could give you 10 upvotes. You hit it on the head, Keaton is just as neurotic and full of annoying tics/mannerisms, but alas, she had the gift of being pretty and approachable.

R12 do you live in LA?

I always confuse her with Elizabeth Hartman.

I don't know if I'm insane or not, but I swear as a kid I saw Len Cariou in a commercial for Ajax or Comet or something like that. Or maybe in a show he was a cook in a white apron and T-shirt.


D'oh! Sorry, HRT, I did indeed miss R65, and never knew there was a biography of Dennis. Might be interesting!

To restate the obvious, she died 24 years ago when she was nearly 55. She could have given many wonderful performances since then had she lived.

Before the age of thirty she was awarded two Tonys and the Oscar.

After the Oscar she had a good run of leading roles in films.

She was too idiosyncratic for sustained movie stardom.

Walter Kerr wrote of her, "There should be one in every home."

In the late 1980's I was taking classes at HB Studio and saw her around as she was a teacher there and audited a class of hers. She was quite animated and radiant.

I saw "Another Woman" when it came out and several times since and agree that she was superb in it and worthy of acclaim for it.

In her short life made a mark and did not "fail."

R12, what's your situation?

R112, Kerr would later say "She treats sentences as if they were poor crippled things that couldn't cross a street without making three false starts from the curb."

HRT - I know the author of the biography.

I think Mike Nichols accepted Sandy's Oscar and she couldn't be there because she was working on a film in New York.

[quote] [R12] do you live in LA?


[quote] [R12], what's your situation?

I'm not sure what you mean. Please go on.

In the 80s she did a lot of summer theater in Westport. I remember wanting to go but I was just a kid.

I remember she did the daughter in 'night Mother" with Eileen Heckart and Agnes of God with Geraldine Page.

Interesting serious roles. I'd have loved to have seen them.

Oh wow. I cannot imagine her playing Jessie in Night Mother. Jessie was a determined person, single-minded in her goal with resolute strength. On her best day, Dennis couldn't possibly muster that.

Sandy Dennis inspired some of the most hilariously bitchy reviews. This, from Uber-bitch John Simon in "The Fox."

Pauline Kael has aptly observed that Miss Dennis has “made an acting style out of postnasal drip." It should be added that she balances her postnasal condition with something like prefrontal lobotomy, so that when she is not a walking catarrh she is a blithering imbecile. She has carried that most repugnant of Method devices — taking one or two trial runs on every sentence, if not phrase, one utters — to the level of a tic: her every line of dialogue issues in triplicate ready to be notarized. Superimpose on this a sick smile befitting a calf's head in a butcher's shop, an embryonic laugh that emerges as an aural stillbirth, and an epic case of fidgets, and you have not so much a performance as a field trip for students of clinical psychiatry.

"We didn't just drift apart, I withdrew!"

I wouldn't say Jessie was "a determined person, single-minded in her goal with resolute strength. "

It'd say she was a deeply fearful and neurotic woman who tried to hide behind a veil of strength and determination when she was really just to scared too face life and change.

Image from the scene in Another Woman.

It was a large brown one and a small gray one.

"Little ....gambits designed to seduce."

Not a Sandy line, but still funny, from The Out-of-Towners.

“I was going to take you to one of the best restaurants in the world. Here you are eating peanut butter on white bread with nothing to drink. If you ever get your mouth open again, I wouldn’t blame you if you never talked to me.”

[quote] I wouldn't say Jessie was "a determined person, single-minded in her goal with resolute strength. "It'd say she was a deeply fearful and neurotic woman who tried to hide behind a veil of strength and determination when she was really just to scared too face life and change.

Well, I'm not certain that that's in the writing of it, but I've not really analyzed the script. I've seen the film several times and I saw the Blethyn/Falco production, and in both, Jessie seemed like a person who had worked hard to find an inner strength and resolution, and what it led her to was the decision that life was not worth living and she was done.

Could the role be played the way you described? I definitely think so, but I don't know if it's the interpretation that Norman had in mind. I'd be interested in seeing it, though.

That John Simon review made me laugh out loud. Really what else could you do. It's so mean, but not inaccurate.

the film and the Falco production didn't really do a good job.

The Kathy Bates interpretation was definitive. (I think they did it for TV.)

The character was how you described it in r127 (Jessie seemed like a person who had worked hard to find an inner strength and resolution, and what it led her to was the decision that life was not worth living and she was done.) BUT in the last few minutes when the mother refuses to let her go peacefully her terror and rage come out. Bates was outstanding. All that composure and then horror and terror underneath.

She was literally perfect in WAOVW

I agree that the Blethyn/Falco version was terrible, but I really liked the film and I think both actresses are wonderful in it. Bancroft is miscast and hammy, but she comes through when it counts. I wish I could have seen the original production. I think if Oprah and Audra do it next year, it's going to be a fucking disaster

Love her in Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean.

I liked Up the Down Staircase as a child.

By that time you had what you wanted.

R117 you said we were soulmates due to our shared love of early HBO and Sandy Dennis. Did you also like Katherine Ross in Wait Until Dark?

Let us trade emails and chat. Email me at:

R135 Ross wasn't in Wait Until Dark

she was in the HBO version r137.

"I must have seemed very bland after he met you. "

How could you tell when Katherine Ross was acting? Did her hair move.

R140 she was blind in it so her expressionless face worked in her favor.

Stacy Keach played the Alan Arkin character. It was good and I can't find it anywhere.

I was so excited when the Bess Armstrong/Richard Thomas Barefoot in the Park showed up on a couple years ago.

there was also a Plaza Suite with Lee Grant and Jerry Orbach


Vanities with (brace yourselves) Annette O'Toole, Merideth Baxter then Birney, and our own Shelly Hack!!!!!

R142 YES and again the HBO version of Plaza Suite was 100 times better than the movie!

Weak ankles. George.

R106 she's also given many performances well outside that box. That's really just more a stereotype of Keaton, Keaton when she's lazy, Keaton at her worst. Anyone at all familiar with her work knows she is capable of far more.

My original point was that the John Simon / Stanley Kaufmann type criticism of the two are quite similar.

Keaton in Reds, in Looking For Mr. Goodbar, in Shoot the Moon... three of the finest performances you'll ever see and completely free of her tics and mannerisms.

"A man doesn't stand over you at four o'clock in the morning in a cape if he DOESN'T have a knife, does he?!"

I don't see how Sandy Dennis "failed." She seemed to be pretty busy till she died.

Here's THAT COLD DAY IN THE PARK if anybody is obterested. What a bizarre littke film, but very Altman-esque. I has always been curious.....

Thanks to whoever recommended THE FOUR SEASONS upthread. I found it online and watched it last night. Good movie.

One question: Is Sandy Dennis' character supposed to have Asperger's? She was very socially awkward, would ramble about unrelated stuff and could spout facts/figures, and was able to remember past events right down to the date, place, time, and what everyone was wearing. The others would occasionally humor her or pull faces whenever she'd utter a non-sequitur, but nothing more was said about how odd she was.

BTW: Len Cariou was so sexy in this. He reminded me of Steve McQueen. Who knew Commissioner Reagan was hot?

If ever there was a person you knew would be a crazy cat lady, it was Sandy Dennis.

R151 You're welcome, I do love The Four Seasons too. Thing is, I can't defend it against some of the charges people levied about it here. It has its flaws. But overall I think its a great character study written by a guy with a limited perspective really trying to understand and sympathize with the motives and feelings of his friends. When Burnett admonishes Alda that he doesn't ALWAYS have to try to "get to the heart of things", you know that was based on a conversation that Alda and his real-life spouse must have had.

I think your diagnosis of the Dennis character may be right on. Since there are clearly autobiographical elements here, and given the time in which it was written, I think it's possible that one of Alda's friends upon which that character was based had some kind of likely undiagnosed autism.

I was fascinated by her after seeing The Four Seasons on HBO as a kid. Loved her in Up the Down Staircase.

Never really thought about the Dennis character being afflicted with anything in Four Seasons . But that was great you guys picked up on that. I've seen the film multiple times and just thought it was part of her characters neurotic quality. Would explain why the Cariou character maybe had all he could take and wanted a new younger wife.

Sandy Dennis was vividly real and the best thing in the synthetic FOUR SEASONS. Her over-the shoulder wave (I wonder if it was in the script?) to Carol Burnett and Rita Moreno as she's walking away from them after an awkward meeting was more meaningful and moving than anything else in the film.

According to Wiki, the movie spawned a short-lived TV series. Only jack Weston and both of Alda's daughters reprised their roles. Did anyone watch it?

Speaking of the daughters, was the teen fashion of the early '80s really ugly or were Beth and Lisa just frumps? Their clothes were hideous, and Lisa's hair and big-ass glasses, in particular, were a monstrosity. They came off more like middle-aged women than teens in their prime. Incidentally, I seem to recall the teens in ORDINARY PEOPLE (around the same time) dressing ugly, too.

R157 watched the first episode nothing special. Loved all the actors chemistry in the film but in the series I wasn't feeling it. Weston was a brilliant comic actor. It's just too bad they couldn't of gotten Moreno to do the series but she might've been doing the ABC series 9 to 5 at the time. Alda was just coming off MASH so he maybe didn't want to commit to another series. Ditto for Burnett. Cariou and Armstrong even Dennis should've done it the show might've lasted longer.

The Diane Keaton/Sandy Dennis comparisons are interesting -- I'd never really noticed a similarity in acting styles, but now I do see it. And I agree with the assessment that Diane Keaton is a prettier, more relatable variation of Sandy Dennis's persona.

After college, I worked for a few years at a syndicated television station in Chicago, and one of the shows we ran in the wee hours of the evening was LOVE AMERICAN STYLE. I hadn't seen or thought of it since my childhood, when it was a Friday might perennial, but it was interesting to see the guest stars. One of the episodes featured a post-Broadway/pre-GODFATHER Diane Keaton meeting her childhood pen-pal for the first time. As she's walking to her door to meet him, she's muttering to herself, then takes one last nervous look around her apartment before letting him in. It was so fresh and real,, and so unlike the typical sitcom style of acting one saw on that show and others, that I've never forgotten it. (Silly, I know!)

Both Keaton and Dennis are true originals!

I was surprised to learn that the movie was a big hit -- the 9th highest-grossing film of 1981! The movie cost .5 million ( million today) and grossed .4 million (2.5 million today).

Oh yeah, that movie played well into the summer in our town. It was at our local multiplex from May to August.

I look at Dennis' character as someone who was completely lost and never had any particular aim in life or interest in anything, possibly because she's a depressive. She married Cariou's character because that's what you did. And he may have figured- well, a woman with little ambition would make a great wife and mother and I can get away with anything. And as the years went on, he realized just what a zero she was, she didn't bring anything to the marriage or the relationship, and coupled with his midlife crisis, he decided to cut her loose.

[quote]I don't see how Sandy Dennis "failed." She seemed to be pretty busy till she died.

In what world does busy = success.

Rex Reed on Sandy: "one of the kookiest girls I ever met, but when I printed that she had dirty feet and ate cold sauerkraut out of a mason jar and served ginger ale in a champagne glass filled with cat hairs, she nearly went into a coma."

I'm sorry but this shit is hilarious.

Is it possible that Dennis, not just her character in 4S, was an Aspe?

I've seen her in just a few films and she always seems the same character. Does anyone really believe she could have played a stoic role or a carefree character?

For those of you who had the opportunity to see her did she accomplish this on stage?

Even dead, she has two more Tonys than M does.

I would have loved to see Melinda Dillon work more. Two Oscar nominations in five years and then she all but disappeared.

Not to mention one more Oscar than G, [R166]! I COULDN'T let that pass unnoticed.

R168 ooh, touché, M! Touché.

Diane Keaton is not fucking pretty and never was. I find nothing about her charming.

And let's face it. Two of G's 3 Tony Awards were really because there was no one else to give it to. She probably deserved it for The Real Thing, but the award she got for Death and the Maiden was in one of the worst years for actresses on Broadway, and all the other theater awards in that category that year had been swept by Laura Esterman in Marvin's Room. Had that show moved to broadway like it should have, Esterman would have easily beaten Close, who gave a truly wretched performance in D&TM. And as far as Sunset Boulevard, the pickins were so slim that year that Glenn only had one other competitor in the category. They should have just canceled that award altogether, but they wanted to keep Andrew Lloyd Webber happy. (There also weren't enough eligible nominees for Best Score, so they just gave the award to Webber for Sunset Boulevard).

Melinda Dillon is everything.

Glenn Close and Meryl Streep battle of the 70yo dick nose fraus. Their acting styles are dated now. Actors get so raw on screen they look into the camera now.

Dennis and Page onstage together---the mind reels. If only Shelley Winters could have been added into the mix. It would have been the Holy Trinity of Neurotics.

R174, they were in "The Three Sisters" together. With Kim Stanley.

She is phenomenal in "Another Woman."

[quote]Even dead, she has two more Tonys than M does.

LOL...A Tony? Broadway? Broadway is a joke for washed up people. The only reason it exists is so Bernadette Peters can have a job.

My second place ribbon, in the fifth grade sack race, has more worth than a Tony.

Almost 200 Broadway related posts and still no mention of me?

Cant believe you queens are discussing ad nauseam THE FOUR SEASONS. Did anyone notice I posted a link to THAT COLD DAY IN THE PARK -- a film that was largely unvailable for years and one of the first films made one of the great American auteurs? Please watch it and discuss

Here 's the link to part 1 again. The scene in the gyno's office is funny and strange.

Has anyone seen the similarly themed/titled A CHANGE OF SEASONS, which was released the previous year? It starred Shirley MacLaine, Anthony Hopking, and Bo Derek.

Were there comparisons when FOUR SEASONS came out? Also, CHANGE OF SEASONS wasn't very successful; in fact, it bombed. So why love for one but not the other?

[quote] Has anyone seen the similarly themed/titled A CHANGE OF SEASONS, which was released the previous year? It starred Shirley MacLaine, Anthony Hopking, and Bo Derek. Were there comparisons when FOUR SEASONS came out? Also, CHANGE OF SEASONS wasn't very successful; in fact, it bombed. So why love for one but not the other?

No, they are completely different films. A Change of Seasons is about a middle aged couple who split up when the husband takes a younger lover. The wife does the same and they wind up on vacation together at a ski lodge. it's execrable.

The odd thing is that the same year A Change of Seasons was released, another film with pretty much the exact same plot, Loving Couples, came out. It also starred Shirley Maclaine playing the same role she played in ACOD (different character, though) and also starred James Coburn, Stephen Collins and Susan Sarandon. I've often wondered if Shirley realized she was making the same exact movie.

Because she was a lesbian? The Eric Roberts "romance" story was bullshit, btw. When he was talking about it on Live at Five, Sue Simmons could barely hold back the laughter.

R180, it's largely forgotten because it's terrible. TCDITP is another of Sandy Dennis' clinical portraits of a mentally deranged woman. It's also incredibly talky and the tone shifts wildly. Dennis' performance would be one of the most chilling in movie history had she not repeated it in everything she ever did.

[quote]Has anyone seen the similarly themed/titled A CHANGE OF SEASONS, which was released the previous year? It starred Shirley MacLaine, Anthony Hopkins, and Bo Derek. Were there comparisons when FOUR SEASONS came out?

Both had "seasons" in their names, both dealt with marriage and family issues, and both took place in rural New England.

Maybe both had nice classical music scores?

She could be very funny, if given a well written comedic script. However in Virginia Woolf. I felt torn to feel pity for her character's naivety, and terribly annoyed as fuck by it. She played such a stupid drunk...blah.

Wasn't she in a Very Special Episode of "Designing Women" at one point? I seem to recall her playing a former friend of Julia Sugarbaker's who comes back in her life to confess that her husband had marital-raped her.

R88 Her husband had marital-raped her part? Jeezus, she must have been perfect for it with her quirky approach to acting. That sounds like a tall order to act out.

She had a years long affair with a young Eric Roberts, which is a measure of how strange he was (is).

R190, there was never any penetration during that "affair."

r190 And mean. I've posted this story about his homophobic tirade on her before, but I found the actual post from the man he bashed.

R115, very cool. Any chance he has any copies for sale/giveaway? To Sandy Dennis's #1 fan? It's a hard one to get.

I bet that was an interesting one to research (or was he connected to her somehow back in her lifetime?)

R157 watched an episode. It wasn't very good. The laugh track really killed it, as I recall. This is a very long time ago, obviously.

The affair with Roberts was absolutely NOT bullshit. It was fucked up, but real.

And let's not forget Dennis's work in UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE. She was wonderful, as were Eileen Heckart and Ruth White.

R115/HRT - Yes he told me has some copies left from the free ones he got from the publisher.

[quote]In what world does busy = success

In a world where the subject is an Oscar winner, for one thing.

[quote]If ever there was a person you knew would be a crazy cat lady, it was Sandy Dennis.

That really does sum up quite a bit. She is wonderfully idiosyncratic, neurotic and mannered within her mannerisms. Very funny and very powerful in short well directed scenes. I enjoy her.

But don't compare her to Diane Keaton who is one of the greatest film actresses of the last 50 years. Their resemblances are superficial.

R115: Dude! You rock! Could you drop me a line if you feel comfortable at ? (Don't worry, it's an email I use just for this kind of thing). Hopefully not against the rules of the board but would love to talk to you about the book, get you a check, etc. I'll leave it in your court but hope to hear from you.

HRT - the email just bounced.

Why do I have a feeling we're now going to debate the merits of AOL email?

Fine actress - died way too young. And yes, she had her mannerisms but she never bored you.

[quote]Loved her in "The Fox." She and Anne Heywood played an interesting lesbian couple. Unfortunately, lesbians were not allowed to live happily ever after in 1967.

True, and in the campy "The Fox," Heywood's character is killed by a falling tree - such subtle symbolism.

No, Heywood lives. Dennis dies in The Fox.

The Fox was a twist in that the guy liked the dykey gal.

A tree falling between her legs, no less. Sandy laughs at that in the Boze Hadleigh book/interview (assuming it's all true).

Thanks, R201! Will go check it.

Bump for hopefully getting an answer to r110.

What's hilarious is that Warner Brothers released promo photos of Sandy dead in "The Fox" as theater cards. No spoiler there, huh? Apparently, they felt that audiences would flock to see a movie where she gets killed.

R207, it was Ajax and it was not Len Cariou, but Eugene Roche, who resembled an older, paunchier Cariou.

DDDDDAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW Sandy Dennis failed because of the repetitive acting methods like r52 mentioned, and the way that she always began her lines in WAOVW with Tourette's-like outbursts of unintelligible vocalizations. Usually it was some variant of "Oh," "Aww," "D'oh," or she would simply (loudly) draw out whatever the first syllable of her line was.

George Segal (calmly, subtly): Honey, what would you like to drink?

Sandy Dennis (startling everyone and their neighbors with her rare form of apoplexy): DDDDDOOOOOOOEEEEEEUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I DON'T KNOW DEAR!!!!! A LITTLE BRANDY, MAYBE!!!

She was exhausting to watch but it was impossible to turn away.

Why I love Date Lounge:

211 replies (so far) in a thread about Sandy Dennis in 2016.

That is all.

funny how she didn't recreate either of her Tony winning roles on film.

There is a lot not to love about DL these days R212. But yeah, this thread contains a knowledgeable discussion and appreciation of a not well remembered actress. Sandy Dennis is worth remembering.

R211 encapsulated all that need be said about her though, perfectly.

Has anybody seen the 1968 TV movie version of a Hatful of Rain? where she co-starred with Michael Parks. Parks could be just as mannered in his James Dean-aping-style as she, so you have to wonder what the combination was like. The film is unavailable to view.

Diane Keaton one of the best actresses ever? Yeah- it that Mandy Moore film. Or the low rent Marley and Me. So unappealing and somehow perverse.

R218 Bitch I'm Gen-ex and a huge cinephile. I've see all these movies talked about. There's something gross about Keaton, she's not considered best of the best anywhere.

Keaton is good in Marvin's Room however, she can be good when what she thinks is her cute personality is really suppressed by a director. She totally creeps otherwise.

[quote] she's not considered best of the best anywhere.

from 1977-1982 she was considered one of the best of the best.

and Looking for Mr. Goodbar is one of the best female performances ever given on film.

[quote]Bitch I'm Gen-ex and a huge cinephile.

a true cinephile wouldn't reference Mandy Moore movies or Marley and Me (and BTW Diane Keaton wasn't even in that, you are thinking of Kathleen Turner)

77-82?! Get with the times honey. Looking for Mr Goodbar is great, I'd even say she was good in it, one of the best?! I don't think so- maybe if it floats your boat- sure. I agree she was good. Now I thought she did a dog film recently maybe not. Another good film, Manhattan Murder Mystery she was definitely competent, but Anjelica Houston was delicious-

[quote]77-82?! Get with the times honey.

You are posting in a thread about an actress of the 70s who died in the 90s and telling people to get with the times.

You sound quite intelligent.

Agree that Keaton was brilliant, despite her often execrable choices. Love her in REDS.

If there a good scene available of her "Another Woman" work? Is the movie worth sitting through to catch it?

Finally! It took to r133 to mention the great and INFLUENTIAL "Up the Down Staircase"! This movie and the book upon which it is based persuaded many a Baby Boomer not only to enter teaching; but that teaching "hoodies" (as we called kids who smoked and drank) would be both noble and cool.

My first day in the classroom, a boy of 17 greeted me with , "Hi, Teach!" I replied, in my best Sandy-as-Sylvia-Barrett, "Hi, Pupe!"

Sandy Dennis won a Tony Award for playing a character that turned Tricks in "Any Wednesday"

[quote] Thanks [R209]!

You're welcome. I must have missed your initial post or I'd have answered it back then. But I knew exactly the commercial series you were talking about immediately. I remember it well.

"That Cold Day in the Park" and Dennis are wonderfully creepy. She truly is hilarious in "The Out of Towners" but also as Sister Winifred n the "John Dean" role in "Nasty Habits"

But r185, the beauteous Michael Burns is worth it. (Digression: He became a college professor of history and married the decade-older college president.)

She was a versatile, talented actor, not a star ....Saw her in the Lobby of the Shubert Theatre in Boston when her much younger boyfriend at the time Eric Roberts (Whatever happened to him btw?) was in a play. She was carrying a Filenes Basement Shopping Bag during intermission.

I would have loved to have seen Sandy in ANY WEDNESDAY. I wish I could have seen Barbara Cook, her replacement too.

If audiences could believe Sandy Dennis and Barbara Cook made money turning tricks, Streisand in "Nuts" isn't so bad after all.

R223 I am. You know it too.

r233 I resent that. You know I'm GORGEOUS!

The Oscars in 1967 may have been the only time where most acting winners didn't give really a fuck about it. Only Walter Matthau showed up to collect his but he was really banged up from falling off a bicycle. He looked pissed off the rest of the time if you watch other clips when he's in the audience. Dennis admitted in an interview in 71 the Oscar really didn't interest her. She cited filming Sweet November for staying away but also has said the producers would've let her have the time off to go but she didn't ask. Paul Scofield (lead actor winner) had no interest in the Oscars. And Liz Taylor (lead actress winner) stayed away and was fuming that Burton was going to lose to Scofield.

"There was never any penetration during that "affair."

How would YOU know? Were you hiding under their bed every night? I didn't think so.

Sandy is one of my all-time favorite actresses and I'm thrilled that other people are appreciating her work. It makes me think "where are today's up and coming character actors like Sandy?" I mean, do we really see Jennifer Lawrence or Blake Lively following in their footsteps? That's my biggest issue with modern actors is that they're more personality, less talent. Sure, you could say the same for classic stars of the 20's-60's, but it's just so boring to watch.

I suppose Allison Janney and Beth Grant are well-known character actors these days. But who else?

Maggie Gyllenhaal has the individuality of a great character actress, I think she's tremendous

R238, the only actress weird and creepy enough to be the next Sandy Dennis might be Amanda Plummer.

R236 you have to remember that the latter sixties was the counterculture movement, campus unrest, Vietnam, the Hays Code was disbanded in favor of a ratings system. Suddenly, anything deemed 'the Establishment' was uncool. Thus, the Oscars were seen as passe. This mindset would last through the '70s. Watch Oscar clips from that period, and you'll see a lot of absent nominees. It wasn't until the mid-'80s that the Oscars were becoming a big deal again, and then in the '90s it went through the roof, as the red carpet and women's gowns became just as important. Now, hardly anyone misses an Oscar ceremony on purpose.

R208 OMG, thank you so much! You have no idea how long I've been looking for that. I'm from Guatemala and was in an orphanage for several years as a child in the '80s. The only entertainment we had (since we were gated in) was a small TV with knobs and rabbit ears. It was our window to the outside world. and we watched a lot of American programming (e.g. movies, TV shows), all dubbed in Spanish, of course.

Anyway, there was one particular movie that I could never get out of my mind. I was adopted in 1988, so it's been nearly 30 years and I'd had no such luck trying to find it or even remember much from it. You can't imagine all the time I've wasted over the years/decades trying to research or Google whatever little info I had. In fact, a few years ago, I'd given up on finding it... until now. I probably wouldn't have remembered it if you'd only mentioned the title (I didn't recall it), but that image you posted brings back so many memories of that movie. Finally! I know the movie... and it only took 28 years!

As a non-Dennis fan, she was actually pretty good and relatively sane in the Satanic themed TV movie "Something Evil" with "Family Affair's" Jody, Johnny Whitaker.

I wonder how much she would have benefited from having a better hairdo. That frazzled style added to the psycho vibe she always gave off.

Whitaker also had that same frazzled hair that Dennis and Gene Wilder had.

R242 ever hear of IMDb?

R245 I didn't know the movie title or the actors or what it was about really; all i had to go by was the image of dead Sandy Dennis, as featured in R208's post. That image has haunted me for 3 decades, but I didn't remember much from it. I watched the movie when I was 7.

God, after R242's sweet post, THAT is what you had to offer, living cunt at R245?

R190, R195, R237 (I hope you're kidding), let's just say there was as much sex and penetration between Sandy and Eric as there was between Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Wagner during their passionate four year "affair."

Yeah that orphan is retarded and should have indb'd sandy Dennis in 1997

Three words: Gloves! Hands! Stairs!

R252 I wonder what Christopher thinks of her?

Why didn't she just do TV, like every other movie star that could no longer make it in the big time?

She did. Watch one of her last roles and a pretty funny one alongside fellow RIP actor Brad Davis as a gigolo seducing her in an episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (the 80s version).

She was never really in the big time, but what could she do on TV? The eccentric neighbor on a sitcom? Actually, Southern California might have been better for her and her cats.

I didn't realize until this thread that I saw the Sandy Dennis-Gene Hackman "Any Wednesday" with my h.s. language class in 1966! Who knew?!

R257 how did you not realize until now?

the character in Any Wednesday isn't a hooker. (at least in the Jane Fonda movie she isn't never saw the play)

If Marcia Gay Harden could stop playing pathetic victims, perhaps Sandy Dennis could have stopped playing wack jobs and demonstrated she had real range as an actress.

I saw her hard nipples one afternoon.

Barbara Whinnery (St Elsewhere) was another who played an odd duck and was also one in real life.

Barbara Whinnery seemed like real asylum material

Funny Girl was hot, hot, hot, hot, hot that year, and I begged my father to take us to see it, but he couldn't get his hands on a single ticket. Instead he took us to see a matinee of Any Wednesday with Sandy Dennis. He said, "Let's go see a woman who's going to be doing the exact same thing for the next twenty years." But she did it best in Any Wednesday, you have to admit.

that joke was funnier Sandra Bernhard before we realized King of Comedy was your one and only contribution

Many folks I know seem to get Sandy Dennis mixed up most with Mia Farrow and even Elizabeth Hartman. I don't get it but it is true those waify fragile women were more in demand in the 60s and 70s (and the roles they got reflected that, were far better than anything women are doing now).

Does anyone have a link to Nasty Habits? It's a film I've wanted to see forever since reading Pauline Kael's review in an old book.

It is on dvd r267.

Odd. I remember the poster and when it played in out town. I always thought it was porn.

I remember Nasty Habits playing on HBO incessantly back when I was too young to be able to stay up to watch anything on HBO.

Warner Archive put out the DVD last year, but it's yet to make an appearance on their instant streaming channel.

r264, who was your father? John Simon? And your comments suggest that most of us saw her in Any Wednesday, which is absurd.

No one has mentioned the excoriation she receives from William Goldman in The Season. As a prime example of actors who receive great reviews no matter how bad they are.

The excerpts from The Season don't give the pages on his writings on Sandy, and the book isn't readable on Google books.

No one remembers Elizabeth Hartman, R266.

Jesus, R270, that's a very well known piece of Sandra Bernhard's routine from Without You I'm Nothing. You're either very young or very, very old. Or a straight gal.

WTF is Sandra Bernhard? I mean Sandy Dennis may have been a has-been but Sandra is a never-was.

Sandra was sensational in The King of Comedy (1983), worked off-Broadway in one-woman shows, and then had a career second act with a role in Roseanne on TV, so I wouldn't say she was a never-was. She wasn't as commercially successful as Sandy, even given Sandy's brief commercial period, but she has had a lasting career.

Diane Keaton? Sandra Bernhard? When are we going to get back to me?!

Dennis' waifs may have been neurotic, but Farrow's came across as utterly retarded.

R278 only sometimes. She was wonderful in The Purple Rose of Cairo. In The Great Gatsby she managed to make Lois Chiles look good.

Waifs have been around for a long time--look at Audrey Hepburn's early career, for example; not to mention Mary Pickford. Farrow has a narrow range and makes Dennis look versatile by comparison--there are more ways to look like you're a step away from the straight jacket than to just seem wimpy. Farrow's later career owed a lot to her relationship with Woody Allen.

Amanda Plummer is NO Sandy Dennis!

R281 how do you mean?

She's an awful actress and totally batshit crazy

R283, in that case, I'd say Dennis and Plummer are soul mates.

Nah, Mia is underrated if anything. Watch her in "Broadway Danny Rose" and then "Purple Rose..." and "Hannah" back to back and you'll see how far she can go. I never really thought about it until I watched "Rosemary's Baby" again recently and, especially in the desperate scene where she is on the pay phone, she has very much the same tone and stutter in her voice as Sandy Dennis. Mia would've been funny in "Out of Towners" too but, no, nobody can top Sandy in that (ask Goldie Hawn).

P.S. Jennifer Jason Leigh is a good distant cousin to Sandy too -- a niece perhaps. Thought of that during her great weird ass clip on the Oscars from "Hateful 8" where she does something no other actress would think to do with a line. That was the Sandy Dennis touch and I miss it.

[quote]Thought of that during her great weird ass clip on the Oscars from "Hateful 8" where she does something no other actress would think to do with a line. That was the Sandy Dennis touch and I miss it.

Could you specify to what you are referring?

[quote] the character in Any Wednesday isn't a hooker. (at least in the Jane Fonda movie she isn't never saw the play)

When you are paying off your apartment by sleeping with the creditor once a week "Any Wednesday" what would you call that?

Hawn was in a (woeful) remake. Utterly forgettable.

Haven't seen "Hateful 8" yet so not ace on the plot but it was a clip in a bar or a cabin where she is warning Kurt Russell to leave, that men are coming that will kill them all, I think. He asks her a question and she does that bizarre (in the best way) triple take clucking reaction, like something off a cartoon, and then says "Yeah!" It looked perfect -- and all hers. Can't find it on or I would post.

If Sandy Dennis had married actor Michael Beach from Third Watch, she'd be Sandy Beach

R291 and if she'd married Maurice Cheeks (former NBA player, now coach), she'd be Sandy Cheeks.

The Jason Robards character r289? Isn't she in love with him and he keeps her in the apartment. I wouldn't call that a hooker. (mistress or even wife are more accurate terms)

And if she married WKRP's Gary Sandy, she'd be Sandy Sandy

Speaking of roles that can be considered hookers, what about Sandy's in Sweet November? I don't think she was paid for her month - I haven't seen the film in a while - but it certainly seemed that she was supplying sex. That is, if you can believe that Anthony Newley was playing it straight.

Sandy + Timothy Bottoms = Sandy Bottoms

The man who set Sandy up in Any Wednesday is married, R293, so she is at the very least his mistress. Perhaps a loveably kooky courtesan would be an accurate description?

r291 We actually have a drag queen named "Sandy Beach" who has been performing in the Philly-Atlantic City area for the last fifty years. She used to called herself and her troupe "Sandy Beach and her Salt Water Toughies."

[QUOTE]P.S. Jennifer Jason Leigh is a good distant cousin to Sandy too -- a niece perhaps. Thought of that during her great weird ass clip on the Oscars from "Hateful 8" where she does something no other actress would think to do with a line. That was the Sandy Dennis touch and I miss it.

R286, I know exactly what you're talking about here and I love the way JJL does that one line. Brilliant. I thought she would've been a very worthy winner last year (instead we got Alicia Vikander nominated for the wrong movie and a rising Harvey girl).

Yeah, a lot of us were rooting for her -- almost a career achievement at that point. But "Hateful 8" might've been a tough one for a lot of members to get through. Sure didn't expect Vlander, that's for sure. Mara, sure, Winslet maybe but not Vlander.

R300 Vikander won SAG and Critics Choice and Winslet won Golden Globe and BAFTA, so the race was between them, with Vikander having the edge because she was also recognized throughout awards season for her work in EX MACHINA, as well as the fact that Winslet already has an Oscar. Mara was seen as the frontrunner before the new year, mainly because she won Cannes and the subject matter of the film, but once the precursors began in January, she was left in the dust by Winslet and Vikander.

Yeah, that sounds about right. Where do you think JJL fit in to the whole picture? She surely was the closest to a Lifetime Achievement award of the bunch. Did she ever have a chance?

R296 My favorite so far....

Sandy Dennis didn't "fail." She achieved great success as an actress. She won an Academy Award, for crissake! But she didn't become a major star (of course she wouldn't; she was a character actress) and I guess some people would consider that "failure." I think she did quite well. Her performance in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" was perfect. I love her facial expressions when Martha is telling the embarrassing story about getting in a "boxing match" with George.

Jennifer Jason Leigh's big Sandy moment/triple take/Oscar clip is right before she says, "If you had any brains, you would be (scared)!" . That movie is indeed a chore to get through but that moment remains wonderful. Though she is coated in so much blood and gore not seen since Linda Blair's Supporting nod years ago. It might've been an odd one for Academy members to reward.

Ummm no one was coated in more blood than BA nominee sissy spacek

AhhR25 Splendor was Wood's finest , most vulnerable performance, brilliant, she was so underrated . Such a great actor.

JJL was really good in Hateful Eight but yes it was hard to sit thru.

I love her physical comedy. ( the way she gets pulled out of the train by the chain after Kurt Russel falls out, her reactions after she keeps getting punched in the face) I never really saw her be funny before.

Please. No one is more coated in blood then me when I have my period.

"Plug it up, plug it up, plug it up!"

I had another look at The Four Seasons. Sandy really had a nothing role. The only good scene she had was the one with Burnett and Moreno when they reunited in the fall. But I guess the actress was just happy to be in a film again after years of only doing TV.

So did anyone watch THAT COLD DAY IN THE PARK? I was hoping there would be some discussion after I posted the link above. I thought it was a pretty effective littke creeper. Sandy was terrific and I thought it was mostly devoid of her usual tics and mannerisms. The Vancouver locations were unique and cool to see. I was surprised at how Altman-esque it was -- the pans, voyeuristic camerawork and overlapping conversations. Sandy's character "Frances Austen" is similar to Pinky Rose and Millie Lammoreaux in many ways. Isolated, lonely, misunderstood, seemingly headed for disaster and at best, certainly spinsterhood. The scene at the gyno's office is pretty amazing and discussion of penis size was very funny. I didn't like the parts with the sister though.

And to the poster above, I never said the film was forgotten -- I said it was unavailable. Big difference

The suspense leading up to "who/what is that in the bed" was terrific. Always thought "That Cold Day..." was very much underrated

And Michael Burns was so fucking cute. Bare ass and all.

I remember from way back there is one VERY Sandy moment that I love (maybe she saved all her tics for this moment alone) when she tries to say "Blind Man's Bluff" and stumbles over the words as only she could do. It looks spontaneous but was probably totally planned and therein explains the Sandy Genius. Remember the classic saliva bubble in her mouth in "Virginia Woolf"? Even Edward Albee was impressed by that.

r258, What about "h.s." confused you? It stands for "high school." Why would I have cared, or even thought about it again?

R313 yes it's very good littke film. I got pretty bad reviews at the time but seems to more appreciated now. I'm always happily surprised by Altman movies -- I don't know why after all this time. Maybe I need to check out POPEYE lol

R314 Burns was great at the end -- he looked fucking terrified. Sandy was certainly one of kind!

R311 did you get the feeling that Sandy's character was Aspie?

R312, considering there was no conversation about TCDITP after you posted it seems to confirm it's forgotten.

I did R319. Two different responses (both probably you R319) wondering why no one was talking about TCDITP.

This once entertaining thread now stinks of HRT and his joyless followers. They jerk off over everything with their hollow spunk.

Cuntface aka r318: I nicely posted the link so people interested could watch. K kunt? And I'm not r319. Now continue discussing that shitty Alan Alda movie as nauseam.

I knew a young woman who was just like Frances Austen of TCDITP, who only socialized with the older women friends of her mother. Don't know if she had a young mute locked in her apartment.

R322, proves that movies about psychos attract psycho DL posters.

dear god, that same cunt... I am pretty sure it is someone I know in "real life" so moving on...

Back on track... How many "failures" make it to the cover of TIME magazine? Though the artist rendering is a bit sad. I hadn't known this existed.

R324 but he wasn't mute, which is one of the strangest parts of the film. I loved the scene where Frances pours her heart out to him and he tricked her. Odd, thought-provoking film.

Just watched it again tonight, as well, and that scene where she is pouring her heart out -- and that shriek when she sees the truth -- was truly disturbing. Maybe I had to get older to appreciate it but I loved it. And Michael Burns was as hot as I remember him. I will say this though; Sandy is great in it, relatively restrained, and she and Altman must have liked each other to re-team all those years later. But her voice here at times sounded like Lily Tomlin doing her sorority girl character long ago.

Watching her also reminded me of yet another waif from the period that she sometimes resembled: Geraldine Chaplin.

What did you think of the gyno's office scene HRT? How about the sister scenes? I respectfully disgagree about Burns but diff'remt strokes etc. I've been thinking about the film since I saw it last week and agree it is quite good. I loved that Altman wasn't shy about exploring different genres -- like his contemporary Kubrick.

Funny you mention Lily as she was so fucking good in NASHVILLE in a dramatic role. [side note: Keith Carradine was hawt as hell]

Geraldine was an Altman staple too, no?

Geraldine was in Nashville, Buffalo Bill and the Indians and A Wedding.

I just re-watched my pirate version of The Supporting Cast. Sandy has such a wonderful laugh.

R326 that's a terrible likeness. I can't believe they went along with it. I wonder what Sandy thought of it?

ha, publicist to Sandy, cleaning up cat hairs as she listens: "The good news is you're on the cover of TIME magazine! The bad news is... this."

Was Sandy's eye ever that wonky?

r326 lmfao, that's the meanest magazine cover I've ever seen. Whoever did that knew what they were doing.

If you want to be alone with her, why don't you just say so?

I agree with the poster who mentioned Sandy and Elizabeth Hartman. Just watched The Group and at times Elizabeth sounded just like her. But I think Elizabeth had a more tragic quality - you could sense that she was more unstable. Sandy could play unstable but you still got the sense that she was still a survivor.

When I was a kid I thought her name was Sandy Dentist. I always imagined a dentist standing over me as my mouth was wide open and sand pouring into my mouth from folds in his clothing. As a result, I avoided "his" films. This may explain why she never really made it.

At least she got her own fucking thread!!!

This OP has inexplicably started several threads with the same bewitchingly ignorant title ( search Sandy Dennis" and all the threads come up)

It is worth contemplating what the OP means by "fail" but something tells me the OP spends precious little time understanding or defining the terms she uses.

What is her failure? getting some celebrated bad and nasty reviews by the likes of Pauline Kael and John Simon. Two notoriously harsh critics?

Even Olivier, Meryl and Vanessa Redgrave have had plenty of scathing reviews balancing out the bouquets.

Her success is defined by a lifelong career as a working actor with hits and misses just like the best among actors.

OP, you might be a cunt. In case you are , kick yourself

[quote]How many "failures" make it to the cover of TIME magazine?

I can't think of any

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