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Victim's Last Name Link Case overview
Cases of the Month Link Overview of all cold cases that are featured in the series "Case of the Month." Each victim has a separate listing under their last name as well.
Aardsma, Betsy Ruth
Pennsylvania, USA
Link On Nov 28, 1969 Betsy Ruth Aardsma (22) was stabbed in the heart and died in what is known as the "Stacks" area of the Pattee Library at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania. There was hope when her red dress was to be examined for DNA but I have not found any test results. If you have, please let me know. A suspect favored by many is Richard Haefner however, there is no physical evidence to link Haefner to the Aardsma crime scene. He was never formally named a suspect or charged in this case. State Trooper Jeff Petucci said "he [is] a person who we believe may have possibly had more information about the crime." Unfortunately, Haefner died of a heart attack in 2002. The investigation is still active. Last check 8/2018.
London, UK
Link On September 21, 2001, the torso of a young boy was discovered floating in the River Thames, London, UK. Police called the child "Adam." He was a black child possibly 4-7 years old, and he wore orange girls' shorts. His post-mortem showed he was poisoned, his throat slit, and his head and limbs were expertly removed. Through a series of pioneering forensic science inquiries, the police managed to piece together much of the mystery. Pollen recovered in the boy’s stomach showed he was alive when he arrived in London and stayed there for several days before being murdered. From tests on mineral levels in the boy’s bones, forensic scientists were able to establish that Adam spent his life in a 100-mile stretch of land in Nigeria, near Benin City in the south-west of the country, before he was brought to Britain. Metropolitan police traveled to Nigeria and launched a campaign to track Adam’s parents. Despite visiting primary schools and looking at reported missing children in the region, there was no success. Former Glasgow resident Joyce Osagiede, who now lives in Nigeria, told BBC News the boy's name was Patrick Erhabor. Officially, Adam remains unidentified. Last check 8/2018.
Adriano, Delia Maria
Ontario, Canada
Link Delia Maria Adriano disappeared on September 26, 1982. On November 6, 1982, her remains were found in a wooded area in Milton, Ontario. She was identified by her dental records. An autopsy failed to determine the cause of death or determine sexual assault. Police never revealed all autopsy results to protect the case. Modern DNA technology to analyze DNA samples made them reopen the case in 2005 and reinterview people. Alas, nothing new was uncovered. Anyone with information please call Det. Phil Campbell at 905-465-8736 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Last check 8/2018.
Allen, Tracy
Texas, USA
Link After September 9, 1986, Tracy Allen (18) went missing. She was found on Sept 13 near Hondo Creek, Texas. Cause of death: strangulation. Whoever killed Tracy knew the area well. Tracy doesn't have a good digital footprint so please share her case on social media. The case remains unsolved, last check 8/2018.
Andrews, Anita Elizabeth Fagiani
California, USA
Link Anita Elizabeth Fagiani Andrews was brutally murdered in 1974 at the Napa bar she co-owned with her sister Muriel Fagiani. She was a single mother who worked hard to provide for daughters Donna and Diana. On the night of the killing, a stranger lingered at the bar. Muriel found her sister dead the next morning after she failed to show up to work at Napa State Hospital. Anita had been raped and her throat was slashed. Decades later, DNA matched Roy Melanson, who was serving a life sentence at Fort Lyons Correctional Institute in Colorado for another murder. Melanson was found guilty of first degree murder in Anita's case however, he will probably never serve time in California but die in Fort Lyons Correctional Institute in Colorado. His age, his life sentence in Colorado, the costs of extradition, trials, and appeals, all make it unlikely he will ever formally serve time in California for the murder of Anita Elizabeth Fagiani Andrews. Melanson has more victims on his conscience. Last check 8/2018.
Anstett, Larry O.
Michigan, USA
Link Larry O. Anstett (15) died on November 5th, 1974. He had unknowingly picked up a bomb that was wrapped inside a plain cardboard square box. That box was placed on the top of a car. The car belonged to Michael Vermilyea, the president of the biker gang Heaven’s Devils. Vermilyea had testified during a robbery trial against their rivals, the Outlaws. He was most likely the intended target. The Devils had an ongoing feud with the Outlaws. And this is where the case becomes all about gangs and not about Larry. We cannot forget him. If you have any information about this case please contact the Milwaukee Police Cold Case Hotline at 414-935-1212. Last check 8/2018.
Aram, Colette
Nottinghamshire, UK
Link Colette Aram (Feb 3, 1967 - Oct 30, 1983) was sixteen years old in 1983 when she was raped and murdered by Paul Stewart Hutchinson. He abducted Colette, a the trainee hairdresser, while she walked from her house to her boyfriend's. After he murdered Colette, he went to the Generous Briton pub. The landlady there became suspicious after she saw blood on his hands. Police later retrieved a paper towel used by Hutchinson from the pub bathroom. In 2007, they found a full male DNA profile from a tiny segment of paper towel that he had thrown away in the restroom. The break in the case came when police found Colette's DNA on the same paper towel. Hutchinson pleaded guilty when faced with DNA evidence. He was sentenced to life with a minimum of 25 years. He died nine months later in prison. Last check 8/2018.
Aramburo, Lucely "Lily"
Florida, USA
Link Lucely "Lily" Aramburo went missing June 1, 2007 leaving behind a young son. She has never been found. Please check the link to see Lily's very distinctive tattoos on her back. Despite many efforts from activists and law enforcement, the case remains unsolved. Last check 8/2018.
Armbruster, Demisha
Mississippi, USA
Link On June 18, 1988, Demisha Armbruster (23) was abducted from Darlove, Mississippi, and murdered. According to police, her throat was cut. The cause of death was exsanguination meaning that someone allowed her to bleed to death. She also had stomach wounds. Demisha was not robbed of any possessions nor was she sexually molested. Five quotes are posted with permission from police. If you have any information, please contact the St. James Sheriff’s Office at (225) 562-2200. Demisha Armbruster’s file number there is 06-243-88. You can also call the Louisiana State Police at (225) 925-6006. Demisha’s case number in their Incident Reporting System (IRS) is 12-6055. Last check 8/2018.
Arnold, Walter Harrison
Texas, USA
Link Walter Harrison Arnold, Sr. (Aug. 31, 1940 – Dec. 4, 2008) was found dead on Dec. 4, 2008 in his bedroom at home in the 700 block of Morninglory Lane (Victoria, Texas). He was 68 years old. He had just learned he was cancer-free. Arnold was a US Navy veteran. The cause of death is most likely strangulation. Alas, this too is a case where we have little in the public domain. And what is there, gives us conflicting information. I hope that by posting this we can trigger people’s memories. If you have any information please call Victoria Crimestoppers at 361-572-4200 or Victoria Police Department’s investigations unit at 361-485-3730. Last check 8/2018.
Arrington, Kimberly Nicole
Alabama, USA
Link Kimberly Nicole Arrington (16) disappeared from Montgomery, Alabama. She was last seen on October 31, 1998, when she left to go to the CVS Pharmacy on Forest Avenue in Montgomery, AL, to pick up some candy and soda. This store was close to her house. She never made it. There is no trace of her. Someone people think she stopped to give a person directions. Maybe she was forced into a car. However, nobody saw anything. No witnesses, nothing. I always wondered about CCTV camera's from nearby stores, ATM machine, gas stations, etc. According to NamUs, Kim was wearing an emerald ring with two diamonds. I wish we had a picture of that ring. Kimberly has a scar on her abdomen and her ears are pierced. Her nicknames are Kim and Kiwi. If you have any information, contact Det. John Edwards with the Montgomery Police Department at 1-334-241-2790 or the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST. Last check 8/2018.
Azevedo, Joseph
California, USA
Link Joseph Azevedo (Nov 14, 1930 - May 2, 1981) was found murdered inside his mobile home, Lancaster, California. His own sons found him there. He had been fatally shot by a burglar. Christopher David Winter was arrested. Police believe Winter was burglarizing Azevedo's mobile home and was startled by the father who worked as an aircraft mechanic. Forensic evidence was gathered but no suspects were identified. In 2006, the file was reopened and new DNA evidence led investigators to Winter. Insufficient evidence forced them to drop the case. Four years later, Los Angeles County sheriff’s homicide detectives reexamined case statements and used modern forensic analysis to again identify Winter as the suspect. Winter struck a deal with the Los Angeles County District’s Attorney’s Office. In exchange for his guilty plea, he got less than six years in state prison when he was sentenced on June 7, 2011. Last check 8/2018.
Backshall, Josephine
Essex, UK
Link Josephine Backshall was last seen on Oct 29, 1974. She left her home to keep an appointment in Witham, Essex, UK. Her body was found Nov 1, 1974, in a field off Bury Green Lane, which leads to Bury Green, almost 35 miles away from her home. Her wristwatch had stopped at 810 pm. Josephine’s body was fully clothed and she was lying face down. Her hands were tied with a cord in front of her. She had been strangled. Detectives found no evidence she had been sexually abused. If you have any information please call UK police on 0845 33 00 222 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Last check 8/2018.
Bailey, Dana Lea
Pennsylvania, USA
Link On March 5, 1987 Dana Lea Bailey's mother found her daughter's dead body inside her apartment. She died of multiple stab wounds to her heart area. Dana was blindfolded and tied up. The murder weapon was a steak knife that came from her kitchen. Police believe that someone had watched Dana’s comings and goings from another apartment building where remodeling gave the killer coverage. When checking the area, police found shoe prints that matched those found in the apartment as well as those found at the point of surveillance. If you have any information about Dana Lea Bailey or the anonymous note the police received, contact PennState Police at 814-234-7150. The case remains unsolved. Last check 8/2018.
Bailey, Rhonda Sue
Tennessee, USA
Link In May 1994, Rhonda Sue Bailey was found murdered. Her body was dumped in a creek. She had two young daughters. Her autopsy showed she drowned 7-10 days before her body was found. In 2012, David Wayne Newcomb entered a no contest plea to second-degree murder. He received a 15-year prison sentence. Last check 8/2018.
Baker, Yolanda Yvette
Washington DC, USA
Link Yolanda Yvette Baker went missing Aug. 1, 1999. When her car was found a week later police found blood in the trunk. Boyfriend Terrence Barnett was tried for her murder. Her body was never found. The two lived together on and off in Baker's house with their twins. The prosecution explained how the couple often argued and fought. Baker even had a restraining order to keep Barnett away from 1997-1999. In 2010, Terrence Barnett was sentenced and received the statutory maximum sentence of 20 years to life imprisonment. Last check 8/2018.
Banks, Isadore
Arkansas, USA
Link On June 4, 1954, Isadore Banks (59) disappeared. Days later, his body was found about 50 feet from his parked truck. An empty gasoline container sat next to his charred remains. His body was wrapped in cloth from head to knees. Only his shoes were identifiable. His lynching remains unsolved. It is one of Arkansas' most notorious cold cases of the civil rights era. In September 2016, the Justice Department found that this case lacked prosecutive merit and should be closed. AUSA Julie Peters of the Eastern District of Arkansas concurred in this recommendation. Last check 8/2018.
Barton, Alice
Birkenhead, UK
Link In September 1955, Alice Barton (49), who worked as a prostitute, was found strangled and mutilated. She had three obscene words scrawled on her torso. Her body had been dumped in a wartime pillbox in Woodchurch, Birkenhead, UK. Despite a brief surge in media attention in 2010, the case remains unsolved. Her file remains open. Merseyside Police welcomes any new information about unsolved cases and asks anyone who has information about such crimes to contact 0151-709-6010 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Last check 8/2018.
Bastian, Jennifer Marie
Washington, USA
Link The cold case of Jennifer Marie Bastian (April 15, 1973 - Aug 4, 1986) got a boost in 2013 when Tacoma Police (WA) revealed more information to the public. Jennifer’s case had always been linked to the Michella Welch unsolved murder. Both girls were on a bike, both were sexually assaulted, their bodies were left in similar positions, each girl had her clothes disturbed in a similar way, and both were blond and bright-eyed. The cause of death however, differed. Michela Welch died from a cut to the neck. Jennifer Bastian died from strangulation. In March 2016, Tacoma Police revealed two different men are responsible for the murders. Robert Washburn was arrested in May 2018. DNA from the crime scene matches Washburn and was part of the discovery between the prosecution and the defense. Trial is set to for Feb. 12, 2019. He is charged with first-degree murder. On Jan 17, the Pierce County Prosecutor's Office said Washburn's attorney asked for an appointment to change his client's plea. "The expectation would be that Washburn changes his plea to guilty on Jan 25 at 1:30 pm." No details about a plea agreement have been released but Washburn will not face the death penalty if he is convicted. In jan 2019, Washburn was sentenced to 27 years in prison after he pled guilty to first-degree murder. Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Martin handed down the 320-month sentence, a month for every year the Bastian family was robbed of their beloved child. Washburn must serve a minimum of 20 years before he is eligible for release. Last check 1/2019.
Batten, Ivy
Devon, UK
Link Which Brian Parsons is responsible for the death of Mrs. Ivy Batten? Brian David Parsons or Brian Neville Parsons? Police are still asking the public's help. In December 1987, Ivy Batten (85) was bludgeoned to death in her isolated cottage at Shute Bottom near Colyford in Devon. Brian David Parsons served 15 years of a life sentence before being released on license in 2003. He has always denied the charge. Parsons was convicted in 1988 after fibers (from a hammer and gloves used in the break-in and the murder) were found in the glove compartment of his car and in a coat he used. But the case has always aroused controversy, with Devon and Cornwall police conducting three internal reviews before an external inquiry by Hampshire police produced a highly critical report of the original investigation. At the end of Brian’s trial, a member of the public approached one of Brian’s legal representatives and told him that he had come to watch the trial because he had mistakenly believed that the Brian on trial was a well known burglar from the Bristol area. That person’s name? Brian Neville Parsons. Could it be that the police made the same mistake? Last check 8/2018.
Beasley, Eric Dennis
Illinois, USA
Link The case of Eric Dennis Beasley (July 10, 1951 - Dec 21, 1986) is hard to solve. All the witnesses said the same thing: they heard several shots but nobody saw the actually shooting that took place on Dec 21, 1986, in Champaign, Illinois. The case remains unsolved. Last check 8/2018.
Beaumont, Jane-Arnna-Grant
Adelaide, Australia
Link Jane Nartare (9), Arnna Kathleen (7), and Grant Ellis (4), known as the Beaumont Children, disappeared from Glenelg Beach, near Adelaide, South Australia, on January 26, 1966. Around 10am that day, the Beaumont siblings took the bus from their home to go to Glenelg beach. They were expected back by noon. Around 3pm, the mail carrier saw the children walking alone and away from the beach in the general direction of their home. Police believe the mail carrier’s detailed description. He was familiar with the family. The mail carrier said that the children looked happy and that they greeted him. He was the last person to see them alive. Their disappearance is to this day Australia’s best known cold case. This case is discussed at length on my blog. On several occasions, police excavated an area behind the Castalloy factory but found no traces of the three missing children. Last check 8/2018.
Bell, Cynthia Lorraine
Missouri, USA
Link Hazel Juanita Hanna (Feb 24, 1961 – Aug 5, 1976) and Cynthia Lorraine Bell (April 25, 1960 – Aug 5, 1976) were murdered in Missouri, 1976. On Aug 10, 1976, Helen Whitlock found their badly decomposed bodies on her farm. The girls were tied up, partly undressed, and both shot to death. Their bodies were found in dense underbrush near the Cedar-Polk county line. Law enforcement found dragging signs so the girls were not killed where they were found. Police “found a spent .25 caliber shell casing at the scene, among several personal artifacts belonging to the victims.” According to Polk County sheriff Kay Williams, there are no new leads. New hope to solve this case came when authorities spoke to a jail inmate who had just been arraigned for an unrelated 1977 murder. He said he knew who killed Hazel and Cynthia. Then-Sheriff Simmons considered the man a reliable informant. His name is withheld. The informant’s story is this: he was driving around with the men who committed these murders. They said they picked up Hazel and Cynthia on Aug 4, 1976. They drove down a gravel road to “find a spot to hang out and make out. At one point, the inmate said, one of the girls became upset because one of the men got rough with her. She fled, screaming, from the car they were in, and threatened to turn the two men in for rape.” According to the informant, one of the men ran after the girl, dragged her back, the other man got out a gun, and they shot both girls. The men then drove to a spot to dump the bodies. At that spot they shot the girls again to make sure they were dead. They then dragged the bodies into or underneath bushes and just left them there. The two men said they traded the gun at a pawn shop in Butler. Simmons tried to find that gun. The alleged murder weapon was long gone, and never recovered. Simmons believes the pawn shop owner had been tipped off about the gun, and got rid of it. Simmons still believes the informant’s story because he knew the two men implicated. After this in 1977, no more new leads came in. Anyone with information on the case can contact the Polk County Sheriff’s Office at (417) 777-9020. Last check 11/2018.
Bennett Family
Colorado, USA
Link The 1984 Bennett Family murder is part of a string of hammer murders in Aurora, Colorado. On Jan 10, 1984, the suspect used a hammer to kill Patricia Louise Smith (50) in her Lakewood home. Six days later, the same man broke in the home of Bruce and Debra Bennett. He bludgeoned and stabbed Bruce to death and then raped-killed both Debra and their 7-year-old daughter Melissa. The killer also shattered the face of 3-year-old Vanessa, who survived. In Aug 2018, Alexander Christopher Ewing (57) was accused in both cases. He faces charges for six counts of first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, two counts of sexual assault on a child, burglary and five counts of committing a violent crime for killing Bruce, Debra, and Melissa Bennett. He also faces charges for four counts of first-degree murder in the Patricia Louise Smith murder. On Dec 4, 2018, a Nevada judge ordered Ewing's extradition to Colorado. He can still appeal that decision. If you have any information that can help advance the cases further please contact the Lakewood Police Department Cold Case hotline at (303) 987-7474 or e-mail them at [email protected] Last check 8/2018.
Benning, Julie Ann
Iowa, USA
Link Julia “Julie” Ann Benning vanished from Waverly, Iowa, the day after Thanksgiving on November 28, 1975. On March 18, 1976, a Butler County road maintenance worker discovered Julie’s nude and decomposed remains. None of Julie’s clothing were found at the scene. The autopsy established her death was caused by strangulation. The case remains unsolved. Last check 8/2018.
Beslanowitch, Krystal Lynn
Utah, USA
Link On Dec 15, 1995 the nude body of Krystal Lynn Beslanowitch (June 5, 1978 - Dec 15, 1995) was found lying face down, bloody and broken, on the banks of the Provo River, Utah. She was just 17 years old. Parts of the large, granite rock were saved as evidence as well as scrapings from under her fingernails. In 2016, investigators used the M-Vac and collected enough touch DNA from that rock to generate a full profile. Joseph Michael Simpson was charged in Wasatch County’s 4th District Court with first-degree felony aggravated murder. On Sept 29, 2016 he was found guilty. He will serve life without parole. Last check 8/2018.
Biggers, McHenry
Illinois, USA
Link McHenry Biggers suffered a fatal heart attack during a home invasion on October 26, 1986. This may not be a murder case but there are so many unexplained issues that I am leaving it in the database for now. Last check 8/2018.
Blakelock, Keith
Tottenham, UK
Link Pc Keith Blakelock and his colleague Pc Richard Coombes were attacked during the Broadwater Farm riots in Tottenham (UK), 1985. Coombes was seriously injured but survived. Blakelock did not. Several suspects were charged. The last person brought to court was Nicholas Jacobs. He was found not guilty on April 9, 2014. The case remains unsolved. Last check 8/2018.
Blatnik, Barbara Ann
Ohio, USA
Link On December 20, 1987, the nude body of Barbara Ann Blatnik (1971-1987) was found about 30 miles from her home in Garfield Heights (Ohio). She had been raped and strangled to death. Barbara’s murder became notorious as she was the fourth victim in four months in the Akron area leading the public to believe that a serial rapist/killer was at work in Summit County, Ohio. Last check 8/2018.
Bombardier, Suzanne Arlene
California, USA
Link On June 21, 1980, Suzanne Arlene "Suzie" Bombardier (March 14, 1966 - June 22, 1980) went missing from Antioch, California. On June 27th, her nude body was found in the nearby San Joaquin river. The gold necklace she wore was missing. Suzie died from one stab wound to the heart. Police stated in the Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, CA) from July 1, 1996 that they do still have evidence in this case. In Dec 2017, police announced that Mitchell Lynn Bacom (63), original suspect in the case, was charged with murdering Suzanne Bombardier. He was held on charges of murder, kidnapping, rape and oral copulation. On Feb 8, 2018, Bacom entered a not guilty plea. He waived his right to a preliminary hearing within 60 days, meaning that it will probably be months before a judge makes a determination about whether he will stand trial. According to SF Gate, Bacom had shown interest in Suzanne’s sister, Stephanie. She didn't reciprocate his feelings. On the night Suzanne disappeared, Bacom and Stephanie had plans to meet but she blew him off. Bacom allegedly showed up anyway and took Suzanne. Since the case is eligible for the death penalty, no bail was set. More details as they become available. Last check 9/2018.
Booth, Kristy Lynne
Texas, USA
Link On Feb 2, 1980, Kristy (Dec 26, 1960 - Feb 2, 1980) was last seen inside the Dimensions Nightclub in Midland (Texas) where she was spending the evening with friends. According to police, Ron Ferrengburg (now deceased) gave Kristy (19) and one of her girlfriends a ride to the club. Ferrengburg told police that he did return to the club but that he could not find the girls. Kristy's 1977 maroon and white AMC Pacer was found abandoned approx. 2 miles south of HI-20 on South Highway 349 (Rankin Highway). The authorities have Kristy’s dental records on file and check with each new Jane Doe case. In 2009, Kristy’s case was uploaded in NamUs. There are sadly no updates in her case. Anyone with information on the case is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-252-TIPS. There is a reward in this case. Last check 9/2018.
Boulin, Robert
Rambouillet, France
Link Robert Boulin (July 20, 1920 – Oct 30, 1979) was a French politician who served as Minister of Labour in the French Cabinet and was at the center of a major real-estate scandal that ended only because he died under mysterious circumstances. At the time of his death he was the longest serving minister in post-revolution French history; only Louis XIV's Colbert served longer. On Oct 29, 1979 Boulin disappeared. He was found the next day under circumstances that hint at suicide: in a pond in the forest of Rambouillet where he loved to ride horses, an empty barbiturates container was next to his car, and inside that car messages for family, friends, and colleagues. However, if you read what the first officer on the scene says, it is homicide. On June 21, 2007 the Paris Public Prosecutor met with Boulin's daughter, Fabienne Burgeat, and announced he was considering re-opening the investigation as "new evidence" had come to light. New questions were raised but the case remained labelled a suicide. One Investigating Judge was appointed. The request for a second investigating judge was made Nov 2018. On Jan 24, 2019 a second Investigating Judge was added. Last check 2/2019.
Bowman, Johnny Rush
Virginia, USA
Link Virginia State Trooper Johnny Rush Bowman (Sept 15, 1952 – Aug 19, 1984) was stabbed 45 times by an unknown attacker (or attackers) on Aug. 19, 1984, around 415 am after answering the door at his own home in Manassas, Virginia. He was unarmed but he fought with either the suspect(s). They fled on foot but left items behind that will one day lead us to their identity: sunglasses, a wig, and a construction hard hat. This means that we have touch DNA and with genealogy databases we can zoom in on people with similar characteristics. Of the three, the wig seems the most interesting. A wig can alter a person’s perceived gender, age, and posture. Now Bowman's daughter thinks it is strange her dad answered the door unarmed considering his law enforcement and military training. It tells me he didn’t expect trouble. He knew who was at the door. The attack was a continuation of something that had happened earlier either during work or in private. Forty-five stab wounds is a very rage-driven, personal attack. Whoever did this had a personal score to settle with this officer. The FBI is offering a ,000 reward. If you have any information that can help solve Johnny Rush Bowman’s murder please call the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324) or the Virginia State Police at (703) 803-2676. You can also contact the Virginia State Police Fairfax Field Office at 703-803-2676 or [email protected], or leave a tip online at All tips can remain anonymous. Last check 10/2018.
Branagan, Moira Holly
Pennsylvania, USA
Link Moira “Holly” Branagan (1962 – 1979) was stabbed 18 times in the back with a 10-inch kitchen knife. The autopsy showed she had 15 serious knife wounds, three less serious wounds, and two defensive wounds on her hands. The attack was so violent the kitchen knife broke off in her back. The estimated time of death was before dusk March 28, 1979. Police found no evidence of burglary or forced entry. Holly was dead approx. 18 hours before she was found. She was not sexually assaulted. Detective Galloway said the murder appeared unplanned but it had a viciousness that points to a crime of high emotion. Police suspect Moira “Holly” Branagan knew her killer. No fingerprints were found on the murder weapon. It was wiped clean. In 2014, police hinted at a suspect but since then there have not been any updates. Despite the involvement from activists, the media, and sending this case to the Grand Jury, it remains unsolved. Last check 9/2018.
Browe Jr, Harry
Michigan, USA
Link On September 5, 1936, around 430pm, Charles (9) and Edward (7) Browe left home to visit Clark Park (Detroit) with baby brother Harry in his stroller. At that time Harry is 15 months old but in news articles his age ranges between 15-20 months. While his brothers were playing, Harry vanished. Most likely Harry was taken by a couple who hopefully lovingly raised him as their own. Harry is white with blue eyes and light brown/dark blond hair. He had a double mastoidectomy that left scars behind each ear. The fingernail on his left hand ring-finger is missing. If you have any information about Harry Browe Jr, please contact the Detroit Department for Missing Children at (313) 596-2069 or email them at [email protected] Last check 9/2018.
Bruce, Debra Joyce
Texas, USA
Link Debra Joyce Bruce (Nov 11, 1956 – Nov 10, 1976) was found murdered one day shy of her birthday in Slocum, Anderson County, Texas. She was a housewife and had married James Robbins just five months ago. Fire fighters found Debra between the bed and the wall of a front bedroom. A smoldering mattress on that bed had filled the house with smoke. Debra was dressed in a night-gown and her body was bound with a cord. If properly preserved that cord and the night-gown should be tested for touch DNA with the M-Vac. Newspapers mention gunshot wounds but contradict each other in numbers. The case remains unsolved. Last check 9/2018.
Buckels, John Robert
Texas, USA
Link On Sept 28, 1984, the badly decomposed bodies of John Robert Buckels and Janis Petkas McMahan were found along Old Highway 105, near Cleveland in Montgomery County. They both had died of gunshot wounds. During the first investigation blood evidence was discovered and collected by the Houston Police Department. However, in 1984 the technology did not allow for the type of forensic testing that is available today. The blood evidence remained stored in the Houston Crime Lab for decades. In July 2009, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office cold case detectives reopened the double murder investigation and went back to the evidence that was still stored at the Houston Police Department. Modern DNA testing was applied to the evidence. The results matched Seldon Wayne Colvin. He was one of the original persons of interest that detectives kept their eyes on in the first investigation. Jurors found Colvin guilty of capital murder in Buckels’ death and guilty of murder in Petkas McMahan’s death. Colvin was sentenced to life in prison for the capital murder on Buckels and 40 years for the murder of McMahan. His sentences run concurrently. Last check 9/2018.
Burchfield, Richard
Colorado, USA
Link Patrol Officer Richard Stanley Burchfield (May 26, 1918 - Nov 26, 1953) of the Colorado Springs Police Department was killed on November 26, 1953. An unknown suspect used a .22 caliber handgun during an armed robbery investigation in the area of 1600 N. Wood Ave. That robbery was part of a pattern that had plagued the area. He was only 34 years old and happily married with three children. Burchfield was shot eight times at close range (behind the right ear, over the right eye, once in the right cheek, twice in the right shoulder, and three times in the right arm) suggesting he was shot by someone in the passenger or back seat. I wonder if the autopsy revealed anything about the trajectory of the bullets to get a more precise estimate of the shooter’s position. Nine shells (along with the bullets identified by the FBI lab as coming from a Colt Woodsman automatic .22 caliber pistol) were found in the car. If preserved, they should be re-examined with modern technology to make sure nothing was missed. At his feet, his colleagues found an ID card stolen from Alton Peterson, the most recent Wood Ave robbery victim. Here as well, modern technology should be applied to the card to make sure we did not miss a print or any other residue left on the card. Despite renewed attention to this case, it remains unsolved. Last check 9/2018.
Burns, Fiona
Kaniva, Australia
Link In 1990, John Lee (14) and Fiona Burns (15) were hitchhiking across the South Australian-Victorian border. They were found stabbed to death Oct 18, 1990. As the bodies were still full clothed and the youngsters had barely any possessions, sexual assault and robbery were not considered as motive. There are no solid leads in this double homicide case. The teens were last seen Oct 10, 1990, at a truck stop at Bordertown, just over the SA-Victoria boundary. In 2014, Victoria Police’s cold case squad Detective Inspector Boris Buick said investigators are still frustrated by the lack of information. Last check 9/2018.
Byron, Ruby Grace
Michigan, USA
Link Ruby Grace Byron (73) was found murdered in her house that was set on fire. The fire department found her on the floor near the front door. There were blood smears on the door frame. She had distinctive blows to her head just above the right ear. She had been hit with an instrument similar to a hatchet. Her right eye was black and she had suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Mrs. Byron was a generous person and helped all who came to her door. This generous behavior might have led someone to take advantage of her. If her clothes were properly preserved we should check them with the M-Vac for touch DNA. Also, the fingernail scrapings and the blood smears that were found on the door frame (if preserved) should be tested with modern technology. If you have any information please contact the Saginaw Police at 1-989.759.1218. The case remains unsolved. Last check 9/2018.
Caciola, Vincent Paul
Maryland, USA
Link Vincent "Vince" Paul Caciola (1952 - 1985) was reported missing on Aug 14, 1985 by his wife, Kimberly Rene Caciola (now Ms. Kimberly Grubbs). On Aug 16, 1985 his body was discovered when a trash crew worker at Patuxent River found it adjacent to a dirt road in a small wooded area leading to Fisherman’s Point, located on NAS Patuxent River. He was wrapped in a blanket. Authorities believe that Vince was initially sedated with drugs before he eventually was strangled with a boot-type lace. The death was ruled a homicide. Police determined Vince was possibly murdered during roughly the same time when his wife Kimberly last saw him alive. Where Caciola was found has significance, police said: He must have been killed – or his body dumped – by people with access to the secure naval base. “Somebody put him there,” they said. If you have any information contact Crime Solvers at (301) 475-3333. The case remains unsolved. Last check 9/2018.
Campbell, Ian James
California, USA
Link On March 9, 1963, Officers Ian James Campbell and Karl Hettinger were kidnapped by Gregory Powell and his accomplice, Jimmy Lee Smith. Campbell was murdered. Hettinger died years later after extensive bullying by his own colleagues. Powell and Smith were arrested, convicted, and sentenced to death. The death sentences were vacated when the California Supreme Court ruled in 1972 that California's death penalty was cruel and unusual punishment. Smith (76) died in the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic on April 7, 2007, from an apparent heart attack. Powell (79) died Aug 12, 2012, at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville. Last check 9/2018.
Carlson, Mark
Idaho, USA
Link On October 20, 1974, Mark Carlson went hunting in Boise County and didn't return home. Two days later, he was found face down in the snow. His sister said he was shot once with a single, high-powered rifle in the stomach. The bullet exited through his back and was never recovered. He had trauma on his back. Police believe Mark was dragged to the spot where he was found. After two years, Mark's hunting weapon was found several miles from where his body was found. Police ruled out that Mark killed himself. Mark didn't have any enemies and didn't show any signs of risk behaviour. He didn't drink, he didn't smoke, and he loved being with his family. There is very little information online about this case except for repeated content. Anyone with information about Mark’s case can call the Idaho State Police detectives at 208-884-7113. Last check 9/2018.
Caughlin, Karen Ann
Sarnia, Canada
Link On March 15, 1974 Karen Ann Caughlin (May 31, 1959 - March 16, 1974) went to school as usual. She had after-school plans to go to a friend’s home and later on to the Rose Garden roller rink. She would possibly sleep over. Karen and her friend left the rink around 11pm. They accepted a ride from a couple of boys and left in their pick-up truck. Karen’s friend was dropped off at her home. Karen continued to drive around the area with these boys until Karen was dropped off near her friend’s house close to 1am on March 16, 1974. This was the last time Karen was seen alive. Her body was found on March 16, 1974 around 9:50 am by an area farmer 22 kilometres from where she was dropped off. She was 14 years old. What happened to her after he drop off? What was she doing 22 kilometers away from her friend's house? In 2017, police said they think Karen was not beaten to death but in the fog struck by a car. That driver most likely moved her body towards the ditch and allowed her to die there rather than seek help. If this is true the case remains unsolved. It is now a hunt for an unknown driver who hit another human being. Rather than trying to save a teenager's life this driver preferred to escape responsibilities and allow the Caughlin family to fall apart from grief and pain. If you have any information call Lambton County OPP at 1-519-882-1011. Last check 9/2018.
Chamberlain, Azaria Chantel Loren
Ayers Rock, Australia
Link The cause of Azaria Chantel Loren Chamberlain's (June 11, 1980 - Aug 17, 1980) disappearance in 1980 and death was finally determined on June 12, 2012. The Northern Territory coroner officially amended her death certificate to show that the cause of death "was as the result of being attacked and taken by a dingo." Azaria's body was never found. After she disappeared her mother, Lindy Chamberlain was convicted of murder on October 29, 1982 and sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour. Her father, Michael Chamberlain was found guilty as an accessory after the fact and was given an 18-month suspended sentence. They were both exonerated by a 1987 royal commission. Lindy Chamberlain was released when a piece of Azaria's clothes was found near a dingo lair, and new inquests were opened. Last check 9/2018.
Chan, Thomas
California, USA
Link On December 14, 2001 Thomas Chan (July 11, 1965 – Dec 14, 2001) was killed. He was sitting in his car just off Manhattan Avenue at 217 11th St, Manhattan Beach, California. Together with a friend, he had dropped off a another friend. The three had spent the evening bowling. Just after midnight, people heard gunshots. Some heard three, some heard four shots. Two or three men, relatively young (in their early 20s) robbed Chan and his friends. One of the friends complied with the robbers orders, one did not, a gun came out, and shots followed. After that the robbers all fled in different directions. One thing people noticed was that one robber wore a bulky black jacket. Police believe that one or more of them escaped in either a blue four-door Hyundai or a dark Toyota Camry that was parked on Bayshore Drive. The shooter was described as an African-American man in his early 20s, 5-foot-8 and 150 pounds, goatee with a short haircut. Chan was rushed to County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Harbor Gateway. He was pronounced dead at 12:45 am. If you have any information please call the Manhattan Beach Police Department at (310) 545-4566 There is a ,000 reward. Last check 9/2018.
Chapman, Douglas Charles
Maine, USA
Link Douglas Charles Chapman (Feb 5, 1968 – June 2, 1971 date missing) was last seen around 1030am while he was playing in a sand pile in the garden of his parental home in Alfred, York County, Maine. Doug is a white male with light brown, sandy hair, and blue eyes. According to NamUs, he has a mole on his right shoulder. He was 3 years old when he disappeared. If you have any information that can help the Maine State Police please contact their Major Crimes Unit-South at 1-800-228-0857 or (207) 657-3030. Last check 9/2018.
Clark, Charles R.
Ohio, USA
Link On Christmas Eve 1959, Charles R. Clark was murdered while he was preparing the Christmas dinner for his family. Police found out that his wife had several affairs. One of the men was a sharp shooter. He was tried but acquitted in 1960. No further arrests were made in this case. There is hardly anything online so if you have more information, please contact the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department’s Detective Bureau at 216-443-6130. Last check 9/2018.
Collins, Victoria H.
Michigan, USA
Link In August 1996, Victoria Collins (May 17, 1970 - Aug 6, 1996) was murdered in Pontiac, Michigan. She had been beaten, raped, and was left for dead. Authorities think that Victoria was beaten and raped before her throat was slashed. They believe this happened around 730 am on August 6, 1996. However, Victoria’ body was not found until August 13, 1996. If you have any information that can solve this case please contact 1-800-SPEAK-UP, the anonymous tip line from Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers is offering a 00 reward for the tip that leads to an arrest in Victoria’s case. The case remains unsolved. Last check 9/2018.
Colonna Aponte, Giannina and John
Puerto Rico
Link Giannina Maria Colonna Aponte (11) and John “Gianot” Colonna Aponte, Jr (12) were last seen on May 4, 1974 after 730pm in Luquillo, Puerto Rico. The siblings were supposed to meet a friend of the family and his three children on the beach. When their mother came for them, the friend said her children were not with him. I trust the authorities questioned and eliminated him as a suspect. There is speculation that the children were kidnapped for ransom. I saw discussions about disputed paternity on the web. I don’t think that matters. What matters is what the man who raised them represents if you wish to follow the ‘kidnapping’ theory. So who was John Colonna, Sr who died in 1982? Did he have enemies? For kidnapping to make sense, his network of people who could have done this needs to be checked. Nobody was ever arrested in this case. The siblings were never found. If you have any information about Giannina and John Colonna Aponte, please contact the Puerto Rico State Clearinghouse at 787-729-2457. Last check 9/2018.
Colton John Doe
California, USA
Link An unknown man I call “1915 Colton John Doe” was found hanging from a willow tree in the Santa Ana river bottom, 2 miles southwest of Colton, San Bernardino County, California. He is white, between the ages of 40-60, approx. 5′ 11″, about 150 lbs., with chestnut-brown hair, slightly balding, and a dark sandy moustache. The condition of his eyes including eye color could not be determined because of the decomposition in progress. The estimated time of death is hard to determine. He was already decomposing when found so he died weeks before. NamUs does report that DNA is on file. All body parts were recovered. No distinctive physical features such a birthmarks, scars, tattoos, etc. A cane was found near the body. It is described as a “heavy hickory walking stick.” The man’s clothes were found hanging on the tree: a tan-colored overcoat or raincoat from the brand Ransom & Silsbee, a gray hat from Joske Bros. Co Department Store, a shirt with a collar, and a tie. I miss the pants, the underwear, the socks, and shoes. If you have any information about the 1915 Colton John Doe please contact the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department-Coroner Division at (909) 387-2978. Last check 9/2018.
Combs, Keith Edmond
California, USA
Link On Sept 25, 1993, the bodies of sailors Keith Combs (23) and Eugene Ellis (20) were found in an undeveloped area east of Palm Avenue and Interstate 805, San Diego, California. They were both shot at close range. Ellis' new truck was stolen along with their wallets and IDs. In 2012, Edward Jesus Elias and Leopoldo Chavez II, both 36, were found guilty of first-degree murder and special-circumstances including murder during a robbery. For both defendants, authorities had DNA tying them to the victims and the crime scene. Deputy District Attorney Andrea Freshwater said that Chavez and Elias robbed the victims of their wallets and ID, then "executed both of them needlessly." Elias and Chavez were both sentenced to serve life without the possibility of parole. As they were both 17 at the time of the murders, they were not eligible for the death penalty. They both received consecutive life terms, one term for each victim. Last check 9/2018.
Comeans, William J.
Ohio, USA
Link William "Bill" Comeans (Jan 11, 1965 - Jan 7, 1980) was found murdered on Jan 7, 1980. Investigators found no sign of a struggle and Bill was not robbed. The autopsy revealed that Bill died of a cardiac arrest due to compression to the neck. He had been strangled with a scarf. A knife was found at the scene. Police recently sent the knife, the scarf, along with a beer bottle found near Bill’s body to the state crime lab in London for DNA testing. I have not found any results in the public domain. Bill had been attacked twice before. If you have any information please contact the Franklin County Sheriff’s office at (614) 525-3350. Last check 9/2018.
Conroe Lake John Doe
Texas, US
Link On August 3, 1986, an unidentified man I call Conroe Lake John Doe was found floating in Conroe’s Crater Lake. He was bound to two concrete cinder blocks with an electrical cord. Authorities think that the unidentified man was white, approx. 30 years old, 5 feet 6, and he may have been known under the street name “New York Billy.” I don't know why. This man has three distinctive tattoos: two on the left arm and one on the right arm. The right upper arm says “Baby Dawn.” The left upper arm says “Liz.” The left lower arm seems to be an unfinished tattoo. Please check the pictures in the blog post. If you have any information about this unidentified man, the tattoos or you think you know who “Liz and Dawn” are, please call Montgomery County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-392-STOP (7867) or check their website. You can also contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Squad directly at 281-297-6508 or ask for these detectives: Detective Terance Greenwood at (936) 538-3781 or Detective Ken Bivens at (936) 538-3765. Last check 9/2018.
Converse, Nancy Eileen
Oregon, USA
Link Nancy Eileen Converse (42) was found strangled to death on Feb. 2, 1987. Portland police questioned more than 300 neighbors, friends and others - including Owens, who was then a 44-year-old acquaintance of Converse's - but couldn't pin Owens to the crime even though they suspected him. The technology to make a DNA match wasn't in place yet. In 2006, the bureau's Cold Case Unit began investigating the case again and submitted DNA found at the crime scene. The state crime lab matched it to Owens, but getting a conviction also required tracking down witnesses - some who'd scattered across the country over they years and some who were reluctant to speak. Investigators believe Owens raped Converse before killing her. However, there is no information in the public domain about that. Owens has been in prison since 1989 for raping another woman he knew. In 2010, James Samuel Owens plead no contest to first-degree manslaughter and was sentenced to two decades in prison. Last check 9/2018.
Cooke, William
Indiana, USA
Link In July 1980, William Cooke (49) was found stabbed to death in the Ramada Inn, Lafayette, Indiana. Police took an ashtray with a cigarette butt with them as evidence. In 1980, DNA testing was unavailable. Decades later, DNA was retrieved from the cigarette but matching Texas inmate Dion Watkins who plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter charges. Watkins was already in prison for battery of an elderly person. Watkins sentenced to 18 years in prison for Cooke's murder. Last check 9/2018.
Cordt, Ena and Willie
Missouri, USA
Link On July 27, 1985, Ena Mary McIntosh Cordt (Nov 15, 1956 - July 27, 1985) and Rory Wilhelm “Willie” Cordt (Aug 3, 1980 - July 27, 1985) were murdered in their Forsyth, Missouri home. Tommy Lynn Sells confessed to the double murder. Sells, who is sometimes referred to as “The Coast-to-Coast Killer,” was executed on in Texas on April 3, 2014. Many questions remain in this case. Last check 9/2018.
Corley, Theresa M.
Massachusetts, USA
Link Theresa M. Corley (June 1, 1959 - 1978) was found murdered on December 8, 1978. She was found nude, face up, with her jeans and jacket next to her body. The autopsy report listed as cause of death asphyxiation by strangulation with a ligature (also known as “garroting”). It appears that physical evidence was taken from her body. If true it must be tested for DNA. I have not been able to find online whether any rope or strings were found near her body. If so, test it for touch DNA especially at the ends. If properly preserved, Theresa’s clothes must be examined for touch DNA as well especially around the zippers and buttons. Her blouse/top, underwear, and her shoes were listed as not found. Her body apparently did not show trauma of dragging marks. According to newspapers this was “leading investigators to believe that at least two people probably disposed of the body.” I disagree. A grown man could have carried her especially if she was unconscious or already dead. It is crucial to search the preserved clothes with the M-Vac to see if there are any signs that she might have been killed elsewhere and then was transported/carried to the scene where she was found. Pollen, dust, dirt, gravel, sand, etc. can give police an indication where she had been. In May 2017, the authorities exhumed Theresa's body. They collected nine and a half fingernails looking for DNA. Ultimately, technicians found a semen sample on her jeans. It produced a full profile. It is going to be entered in national databases. Remember that just like in the case of Patricia Smith the prosecution can charge this person as a John Doe. There is a reward in this case. Last check 9/2018.
Cramer, Norma Diane
Ohio, USA
Link On July 2, 1968, Norma Diane Cramer (1946 – 1968) traveled from her home in Elyria (Ohio) to see her old boyfriend Mark Varasso in Portage (Indiana). Norma’s badly decomposed body was found by hunters on August 17, 1968. Her remains were in a wooded area about three miles west of Valparaiso, Indiana, about 12 miles from Portage. Norma had two gunshot wounds to the back of her head. She was fully dressed but she was not wearing her bra or her underwear. Norma’s purse was found 3 miles north of her body. Inside the purse, authorities found Norma’s bra and “other personal items.” The M-Vac can give answers in this case. The purse and bra that were found should be searched for touch DNA. If Norma’s clothes are preserved, they too should be checked especially around buttons, zippers, and sleeves. The Porter County Coroner’s Office records were destroyed in a flood. Only five autopsy reports remain from 1968 but Norma’s file isn’t one of them. The case remains unsolved. Last check 9/2018.
Crewe, Jeannette Lenore & David Harvey
Pukekawa, New Zealand
Link Jeannette Lenore Crewe (Feb 6, 1940 - June 17, 1970) & David Harvey Crewe (Oct 20, 1941 - June 17, 1970) were murdered in 1970, New Zealand. They had one child, Rochelle Janeane Crewe. In 2010, the murders were reviewed. However, fingerprint records from the home of the murder victims are missing. Arthur Allen Thomas was convicted for this double homicide but was pardoned, and a commission of inquiry found that police planted crucial evidence to get him convicted. A Review Report about the Crewe Murders was published in 2014. Rochelle "is grateful the police have finally acknowledged the inquiry shortfalls and apologised for this and not re-investigating the case earlier." Important to note is that "the findings of the 328-page report by Detective Superintendent Andy Lovelock - and reviewed by David Jones, QC - categorically rule out Len Demler's involvement." Demler is Rochelle's grandfather. A number of "missed investigative opportunities" are catalogued:
• Failing to corroborate the alibis of residents who claimed to be at three community events on the most likely night of the murders
• Failing to follow up on vehicle sightings seen near or at the Crewe farm
•Insufficient priority given to a previous burglary and fires on the Crewe farm
• Failing to secure the crime scene, exhibits and forensic evidence including an oilskin coat visible in photographs but never recorded
• Failing to investigate persons of interest who had access to the Thomas farm and the evidence linked to the property
Most crucial is that "for the first time, the police have conceded there was "a distinct possibility" the brass .22 cartridge case used to implicate Mr. Arthur Allen Thomas may have been planted and if so, it was likely that a police officer was responsible. The Queen's Counsel appointed to supervise the review, David Jones, went a step further to say the shell case was "fabricated evidence" and criminal charges could have been laid against Detective Inspector Bruce Hutton." Despite this honest review, the double Crewe Murders remain unsolved. Last check 9/2018.
Crippen, Hawley Harvey
Camden, UK
Link On January 31, 1910, Cora Crippen disappeared. Her husband, Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen claimed that she had returned to the United States. Later he admitted he made that story up. She had left him for a lover. He stood trial in 1910 after a search of their basement turned up interesting materials. Jurors were shown a chunk of human flesh. It had a scar similar to one Cora supposedly had on her torso. Crippen was convicted and hanged on November 23, 1910 at Pentonville Prison, London. In 2007, that scar was examined for mitochondrial DNA (maternal line). It didn't match the mitochondrial DNA in other members of Cora’s family. DNA showed that the scar tissue came from a male. In December 2009, the UK Criminal Cases Review Commission, having reviewed the case, declared that the court of appeal will not hear the case to pardon Crippen posthumously. Last check 9/2018.
Croan, Carmen Melinda
Texas, USA
Link Carmen Melinda Croan (Jan 16, 1963 - Aug 23, 1981) was last seen in the early morning hours of August 23rd, 1981. Her body was found later the same day. Carmen died a very violent death. She had been stabbed and cut several times and possibly died were she was found. In the papers it said that she was stabbed with a large fixed-blade knife. Police had ruled out robbery but were in the dark as to the motive. Suspected, indicted, and charged with Carmen’s murder was a man called Murray Galloway. On December 21, Galloway was officially indicted and charged with Carmen’s murder. He had a history of mental illness. The charges against him were dismissed the next year. Nobody else has been charged with Carmen's murder and the case remains unsolved. Last check 9/2018.
Cuevas, Juan "June" M.
New Jersey, USA
Link On January 20, 2006, Juan “June” M. Cuevas, owner of G.I. June Auto Parts, was murdered in Washington Township by four people who invaded his home. His wife was not home but his three teenagers were. They were held hostage for several hours while the invaders waited for their father to come home. June was beaten to death and the invaders fled. In 2015, the papers reported that John Blocker was arrested facing charges of first-degree murder, first-degree felony, four counts of kidnapping, second-degree robbery and second-degree burglary. Authorities are still looking for the accomplices. Blocker was charged but I have not seen any news about a trial/sentence in the public domain. Last check 9/2018.
Danhaus, Deborah Ann
Illinois, USA
Link Deborah Ann Danhaus (Oct 4, 1952 – Aug 1971) was reported missing by her parents on Aug 2, 1971. Deborah had a date with a colleague, a salesman from the company Woodhaven Lakes named Stan Allen. He told police that Deborah had dropped him off at his home in the evening, Aug 2. No exact times were reported. When Deborah was found Sat Aug 9 around 3pm, her face was covered by her hair, her arms were up with her “unclenched hands parallel to her head,” and she was on her back. As a lot of blood was found underneath her so she was dumped where she was found shortly after she died. The coroner set the cause of death as asphyxiation due to strangulation. I wonder about manual strangulation. When she was found, Deborah only had one shoe on and her blue jeans were pulled down to her knees. Normally this would hint at sexual assault but authorities remained steadfast that “non-sexual reasons were responsible for this.” I’d like to know what made them think so. The autopsy was performed by Dr. Cesare Manetti, pathologist. Since the body had deteriorated he could not say for certain that she had been sexually assaulted but she had been dead for at least 48 hours. There is a big gap in the timeline from the moment that Deborah was reported missing e.g. Monday evening Aug 2 to the moment that her remains were found Saturday afternoon around 3pm on Aug 7, 1971. Deborah’s blue Datsun was found parked in the Amboy Central Elementary School parking lot more than two miles from where her remains were found. On Aug 23, 1971, the papers reported that the investigation into Deborah’s murder was “at a standstill.” Then-Lee County Sheriff John Quest said he never had a case “so devoid of clues.” No motive, no suspects, no leads, nothing. If you have any information about this case please contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Department in Dixon, Illinois at 1(815) 284-6631. Last check 3/2019.
Davenport, Tracy Lynn
California, USA
Link Tracy Lynn Davenport (March 19, 1967 – April 27, 1973 date missing) from San Rafael, Marin County, CA, was reported missing on April 27, 1973. At the time that she disappeared, Tracy (6) lived with her grandma and unknown relatives in a motel. Peculiar are the details in Tracy’s NamUs file that mentions “burn scars located on her lower hip and stomach.” The listed height and weight may not be correct. We should consider the possibility that Tracy's remains are marked as a Jane Doe. Last check 10/2018.
Dauphin, Louis-Charles
Paris, France
Link Louis XVII (March 27, 1785 - June 8, 1795) was the younger son of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette. His older brother, Louis Joseph, died in June 1789, just a few weeks before the start of the French Revolution. When his father was executed on January 21, 1793, Louis-Charles became (nominally) the King of France and Navarre in the eyes of the royalists. By that time, France was a republic. Louis-Charles had been locked up in the Tower from August 1792 until his death in 1795. He was just 10 years old. He was never officially a king and of course, he didn't he rule. His title of King was bestowed by his royalist supporters. Upon the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy in 1814, his uncle's adopted the regal name Louis XVIII. It confirmed the status of the young Dauphin. The identity of the body found in the Tower was always in dispute. Dr Phillippe-Jean Pellatan stole the heart from the boy who died in the tower. Later on it would turn out that it had the same unique mitochondrial DNA as the entire maternal line of the Habsburg Family. The heart of the Dauphin Louis-Charles XVII found its final resting place in the crypt at Saint-Denis. There the 10-year-old rests surrounded by his family members. Last check 10/2018.
Dee, Henry Hezekiah
Mississippi, USA
Link On May 2, 1964, Charles Eddie Moore (19), a college student, and Henry Hezekiah Dee (19), a mill worker, were hitchhiking. They were picked up the KKK. The two young men were abducted, interrogated, and tortured in a nearby forest. Then they were locked in a trunk of a car, driven across state lines, chained to a Jeep motor and train rails, and dropped alive into the Mississippi River to die. Moore and Dee’s remains were discovered on July 12-13, 1964 during the frantic FBI search for James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner, the three civil rights workers who disappeared June 21. When it was discovered that the bodies were those of two other black men and not those of the three civil rights workers media interest evaporated and the press moved on. The FBI investigated the Moore/Dee case and arrested two suspects in November 1964. However, the district attorney concluded there was insufficient evidence for prosecution. The case was dropped by local authorities. In 2007, Klansman and former police officer James Ford Seale was arrested in connection with the Moore/Dee murders. Seale was sentenced to three life sentences for one count of conspiracy to kidnap two persons and two counts of kidnapping where the victims were not released alive. He was incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Terre Haute, Indiana, where he died in 2011. Last check 10/2018.
de Haas, Johanna “Jopie” Atalia Gersina
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Link Johanna “Jopie” Atalia Gersina de Haas (Oct 4, 1936 – Sep 12, 2010) went missing on Feb 8, 1960, from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Dutch police spoke at a conference with Canadian colleagues about Johanna. The Canadians found her in the Vancouver Island registers as "passed away naturally" on September 12, 2010, at the age of 74. Tests are pending to confirm her identity. I have not read any updates in the public domain about the final DNA results. Last check 10/2018.
DeKalb County John Doe 1999
Georgia, USA
Link The Unidentified boy’s remains were found in a DeKalb County Cemetery off Clifton Springs Road on Feb 26, 1999 by a gravesite worker who was preparing the area for a funeral. He found the boy lying in a field. The boy had been dead for 3-6 months and his remains were deteriorated due to exposure to the elements. He was African-American, dressed in size 11 (medium) Timberland brown suede boots (laces were tied with double knots), size 3 red jeans, and a long-sleeve hooded pullover shirt made of two different materials; the body of the shirt was blue plaid and the sleeves and hood were dark blue thermal. There were no signs of foul play. He had been carefully placed in the field. Due to deterioration, establishing the cause of death was not possible. He was between 4-7 years old, still had some baby teeth, was between 3’10” and 4’2” and his weight was approx. 45-50lbs. As we cannot prove a death by homicide we cannot exclude a death by natural causes and that needs to be explored. Interesting detail:”A distraught woman called investigators to state the name of the child was “Cabel Brown” and the family had visited Florida on a regular basis; the call disconnected shortly afterward. The call was traced to Cocoa Beach at the Florida Institute of Technology’s student center.” I wonder whether the boy became sick during a trip by car (anti-nausea medicine found in his stomach was maybe given for car-sickness), he was given acetaminophen (found in his stomach) to maybe reduce fever and combat pain, but he passed away before they reached a hospital. If you have any information please call the DeKalb County Medical Examiner’s Office at 404-508-3500. Tipsters who wish to remain anonymous can call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST (800-843-5678). Last check 3/2019.
Delano, Everett Nelson
New Hampshire, USA
Link Everett Nelson Delano (May 20, 1917 - Sept 2, 1966) was killed Sept 1, 1966, during an apparent robbery at a gas station, Andover, New Hampshire. Delano was shot at close range. There are no leads, no suspects, and no murder weapon was found. In 2013, the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit (CCU) re-opened the investigation. CCU found evidence that Thomas Cass shot and killed Delano during a robbery of the garage. Cass committed suicide Feb 24, 2014. He was 67 years old. Since Cass is deceased, and some of the evidence against him is the inference of guilt from his suicide, this case cannot be resolved with criminal charges. The case will be administratively closed and marked as resolved without charges. Last check 2/2019.
Diefenbach, Christine Ann
New York, USA
Link Christine Ann Diefenbach (May 15, 1973 – Feb 7, 1988) was murdered in Richmond Hill, Queens County, New York. She was a shy, artistic ninth-grader at Intermediate School 217 in Queens County. Shortly after 730 am on Feb 7, 1988, Christine dressed up to walk five blocks to the newsstand on the corner of Lefferts Boulevard. She had money in her pocket to buy the Sunday newspaper and a gallon of milk. She had told her dad where she was going. He said it was ok and he went back to sleep for another hour. When she didn’t return home, John got into his car and drove around the neighborhood, looking for her. Christine’s body was found at the top of a set of wooden stairs that led from 89th Avenue up to the tracks where the Long Island Railroad had operated. Cause of death: ”crushing injuries of the skull and extensive lacerations of the brain.” She had numerous cuts and bruises on her face and throat. Christine was found with her jeans around her ankles. Her top was torn open and one of her shoes was found a few feet away from her body. Authorities believe the crime was sexually motivated however, there is no evidence that Christine was raped. She was wearing gloves as it was cold outside. Police knew she fought back but because she wore gloves, they could not find any skin under her fingernails. She was pronounced dead at 1245pm. No weapon was found at the scene, nor is it conclusively established that a weapon was used. Is there was ever a time to review the Diefenbach murder, it is now. We have touch DNA, phenotyping, mitochondrial DNA, genetic databases, and more DNA collecting methods. In 1989, an anonymous phone call was made to police from Glenn’s Tavern, located just a few blocks from the railroad tracks and the spot where Christine’s body was found. The caller mentioned a conversation he had with another person in the bar about a year before the call, so 1988. This other person was known as “Tennessee.” He said he fed up a young girl on the railroad tracks and thought he may have killed her. The caller also said that “Tennessee” had been at the railroad tracks with a friend at the time of the attack. “Tennessee” was a local man with a history of violence but when asked he claimed to have an alibi for the Diefenbach murder. Authorities hope that after so many years some of his friends will break their silence and either confirm that alibi or, tell the truth. If you have any information about Christine Ann Diefenbach’s case please call the NYPD Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS. Last check 2/2019.
Doe, Neosho Grace
Misouri, USA
Link Police believe Neosho Grace Doe was killed more than a month before her remains were discovered and that it had probably happened on Halloween night, 1990. A witness reported nearly 20 years after the fact that on the evening of Oct. 31, 1990, she and some other youths at the time were just up the road from where Grace’s body was eventually found when they heard a woman scream and then a noisy pickup truck drive off. There were never any suspects in the case and Grace has never been identified. A green parachute cord was used to hogtie Grace Doe. Upon investigation, it turns out to be military issue. It is not the common 550 paracord. It is a MIL-C-5040H Type II cord. What makes the difference is that instead of the normal seven strands, this has four. As with most military issue paracords, this one has a color code on the inside of one of the strands that helps identify the manufacturer. Police believe they have traced it to a company called Continental. This company sold almost exclusively to the US military in the early 1990s. It tells them that Grace's killer is most likely a local person. Despite the 2011 facial reconstruction and renewed media attention, the identity of Neosho's Grace Doe remains a mystery. Last check 10/2018.
Dost, Willeke
Koekange, the Netherlands
Link On January 15, 1992, Willeke Dost (Nov 26, 1976 - Jan 15, 1992 date missing) left her foster parents’ farm early in the morning by bike. She was 15 years old. Willeke’s parents died in a fatal car crash in 1976 when Willeke was an infant. She was temporarily placed with her grandmother but grew up in various foster families until in 1986; she was placed with the foster family in Koekange. They already had a daughter and two sons. Willeke is presumed dead. In 1992, the theory was that most likely Willeke had run away but now police think that she was murdered shortly after she disappeared. They believe that the original crime scene is near the foster parents’ farm. Despite excavations in 2010 at the farm and divers checking various pieces of water after a rumor surfaced about a rolled up piece of carpet that might have a body inside, the case remains unsolved. In Nov 2018, Dutch police announced plans for a new excavation based on new information. On Nov 12, 2018 they dug but found nothing. Last check 11/2018.
Dougherty, Daniel
Pennsylvania, USA
Link In 2000, Daniel Dougherty was found guilty of the 1985 arson that killed his two sons, Danny (4) and Johnny (3). Police arrested Dougherty in 1999 after his estranged wife and mother of the two children claimed that he had confessed. A jury found him guilty on capital murder charges in 2000. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court affirmed Dougherty’s death sentences in 2004. In 2005, Dougherty filed a petition for a writ of certiorari to the US Supreme Court. Certiorari was denied the same year. John Lentini and Angelo Pisani (two of America’s best known arson investigators) separately reviewed the Dougherty case. Neither found signs of arson. In their 2005 report, they emphasized the use of outdated fire investigation techniques. A retrial started Monday March 28, 2016. Dougherty was again convicted for both deaths. Dougherty is officially convicted of arson and second-degree murder indicating that the jury believed that he did set the fire but did not necessarily think that Dougherty intended to kill his children when he did so. He was sentenced to two consecutive life terms with an added 10-to-20-year concurrent penalty for arson. However, on Oct 31, 2017 the Pennsylvania Superior Court granted Dougherty a new trial. That third trial started March 27, 2019. On April 8, 2019, after about seven hours of deliberations, the jury found Dougherty guilty of all charges, including two counts of second-degree murder and arson. Judge Scott O'Keefe showed less than professional behaviour by leaving the bench, walking over to the door behind which Dougherty was seated to basically yell. "Mr. Dougherty, what you did that night was despicable," O'Keefe yelled. "Just to get back at your girlfriend and your estranged wife, you burned your own two children to death." He then turned to the sheriff's deputy and said, "He's yours." The district attorney's office had offered a third-degree murder plea arrangement before trial began. The defense will appeal. Remember that twice before a superior court stepped in. Last check 4/2019.
Drew, Kelly Jove
Wisconsin, USA
Link Edward Edwards, of Louisville, Ky., was arrested after DNA connected him to the unsolved murders of Timothy John Hack (March 13, 1961 - Oct 20, 1980) and his girlfriend, Kelly Jove Drew (Oct 9, 1960 - Oct 19, 1980), who disappeared from a Wisconsin wedding reception in August 1980. Their bodies were found weeks later in the woods. Investigators believe Hack was stabbed and Drew strangled. Auhorities said the state crime lab matched Edwards’ DNA to semen on Drew’s pants. Hack’s father reported the couple missing on Aug. 10, 1980. In 2010, Edward Edwards was sentenced to life. Edwards died of natural causes at the Corrections Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio on April 7, 2011. Last check 10/2018.
Dunkin, Kimberly Jean
Oregon, USA
Link On New Year's Day 1993, Kimberly Jean Dunkin (May 15, 1962 - Jan 1, 1993) was killed in Northeast Portland. Brad Ballantyne (35) was arrested in Vancouver and charged in her murder. Kim's body was discovered in the driver’s seat of her blue 1973 Chevrolet Camaro on the morning of Jan. 1, 1993. Ballantyne plead guilty to murder. In 2011, Judge Frantz sentenced Ballantyne to 25 years in prison. He will be able to earn credit for good behavior and time served but will have to spend a minimum of 20 years before any reduction in time could be applied. His earliest release date would be 07/05/2030. Last check 10/2018.
Dunlap, Anne L. Barber
Minnesota, USA
Link Anne was found murdered on January 1, 1996. Cause of death: multiple stab wounds and cuts to her head and neck. Many details online have been deleted, links to newspaper articles are broken, and the rest is repetitive. Husband Brad Dunlap told police that on Dec 30, 1995, Anne came home around noon from lunch with friends. She left again around 230pm for shopping at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. Police say that no witnesses can confirm that Anne ever was at the Mall on that day around that time. Anne was supposed to return around 430pm. Based on her stomach contents, the medical examiner ruled Anne died about an hour later at 330pm. There does not seem to be any conclusive evidence that will hold up in court. The case remains unsolved. Last check 10/2018.
Dyke, Beverly
Winnipeg, Canada
Link Robert Kociuk pled not guilty to the 1984 first-degree murder of Beverly Dyke. He allegedly sexually assaulted Dyke (48) and stabbed her 13 times (fatal wounds to her chest and stomach). Her battered body, nude from the waist down, was found by a jogger in a wooded area near the city's airport. Kociuk's lawyers have admitted his DNA was found on Dyke. In 2010, Kociuk was found guilty of first-degree murder and was given a mandatory sentence of life without parole. In 2011, Manitoba’s highest court upheld Kociuk’s first-degree murder conviction. Last check 10/2018.
El Dorado Jane Doe
Arkansas, USA
Link This unidentified woman was murdered on July 10, 1991, at the Whitehall Motel in El Dorado, Arkansas. Despite media attention, her identity is still a mystery. She used a variety of names and fake ID cards. According to authorities, she lived in the Dallas (TX), Shreveport (LA), and in Little Rock (AS). Her murderer was caught and sentenced. Her DNA and dental records are on file with the authorities. She carried fake ID cards, told people half-truths, and was clearly hiding her past. Why? We do not know. Maybe she was protecting someone or a child. Maybe she had run away from an abusive relationship. We do not know. But does that mean she doesn’t deserve to have her case solved? Don’t blame her for choices she made. You do not know her reasons. She was murdered. Help her and share her story. Last check 10/2018.
Ellis, Eugene Clifford
California, USA
Link On Sept 25, 1993, the bodies of sailors Keith Combs (23) and Eugene Ellis (20) were found in an undeveloped area east of Palm Avenue and Interstate 805, San Diego, California. They were both shot at close range. Ellis' new truck was stolen along with their wallets and IDs. In 2012, Edward Jesus Elias and Leopoldo Chavez II, both 36, were found guilty of first-degree murder and special-circumstances including murder during a robbery. For both defendants, authorities had DNA tying them to the victims and the crime scene. Deputy District Attorney Andrea Freshwater said that Chavez and Elias robbed the victims of their wallets and ID, then "executed both of them needlessly." Elias and Chavez were both sentenced to serve life without the possibility of parole. As they were both 17 at the time of the murders, they were not eligible for the death penalty. They both received consecutive life terms, one term for each victim. Last check 9/2018.
Espinosa, Juan Antonio
Arizona, USA
Link Juan Antonio Espinosa (19) and a friend were cruising on June 23, 1996. Around 10pm, the friend pulled his 1986 Cadillac into the parking lot of a Checker Auto Parts store on South Sixth Avenue to make a U-turn. They wanted to meet up with friends in the parking lot of another auto parts store. Both lots were popular hangouts for cruisers. A group of people in the Checker lot approached the Cadillac and yelled at the two men. Shots were fired, and Espinosa, a front-seat passenger, was struck in the torso by at least one of nine bullets that ripped into the car. Neither Espinosa nor his friend was involved in a gang, police said. Anyone with information is urged to call 88-CRIME. This case remains unsolved. Last check 10/2018.
Evitts, Loy Gillespie
Missouri, USA
Link Loy Gillespie Evitts (Dec 12, 1947 – missing Feb 28, 1977) disappeared more than 40 years ago. She was 29 years old. Police have eliminated Loy’s husband as a suspect. Loy left for lunch between 3-4pm from the Miller & O’Loughlin Law Firm at the Plaza Center Building parking garage. We know Loy went outside to run errands. She had her watch adjusted, shopped at Country Club Plaza, and drove to a drug store for coffee. She also bought an umbrella there. Authorities found her beloved car parked in the usual spot. The new umbrella was on the car’s front seat. Twelve days later, children looking for a lost dog found Loy’ purse in southeast Kansas City. Authorities scanned the area but found nothing else. If you have any information about this case, please contact the Kansas City Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit at (816) 234-5136 or call the KCPD’s TIPS hotline, where you may leave anonymous tips: (816) 434-TIPS. Last check 10/2018.
Fish, Eugene "Gene" Francis
Colorado, USA
Link Eugene “Gene” Francis Fish (May 24, 1950 – missing June 21, 2004), a retired federal agent, went missing June 21, 2004 from his home in Canon City, Colorado. He is 5’11, white, strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, and has a crippled finger on the left hand. His NamUs profile does not say which finger on the left hand is crippled. This could be crucial when an unidentified male skeleton of the same height is found. His profile also says that finger prints, dental information, or DNA are not on file. All that should be in his employment files. If you have any information call the Fremont County Sheriff's Office at 719-276-5550. Gene's file number is 04-3013. Last check 10/2018.
Flanagan, Mary
West Ham (London) UK
Link On December 31, 1959, Mary Flanagan (16) looked forward to the New Year’s Eve party at work. The teen left home in Wallace Road, West Ham, UK, at 1pm. And then Mary was gone. Did she run away? It is possible. Before she vanished, Mary left home and returned as if she had gone to work. The truth is that she had not been at work for either two days or two weeks: the BBC and Telegraph say two weeks but the Evening Standard says two days. In any case something was going on that Mary didn't share at home. I read that Mary may have been pregnant. They might have ran away to avoid an arranged marriage, the shame of a child out-of-wedlock and, to just be together. Did any of her male classmates disappear around the same time? In fact, did anyone Mary knew disappear at the same time? Frankly, I do not believe this theory as Mary didn’t take any money with her. Nothing at home seemed disturbed, no bags packed, etc. If she intended to run and take care of a baby or get an abortion, would she not need money? Kindly note that if Mary is ever found alive and does not want to contact her family, standard operating procedure is that police will respect her wishes. If you have any information about Mary, please call the Newham Police Missing Persons Unit in the UK at 0208 217 5728. You can also call Missing People at 116 000. Mary’s reference number is 94-000632. Last check 10/2018.
Flores, Joseph "Joe" Ralph
California, USA
Link Joseph "Joe" Ralph Flores (Dec 30, 1960 – March 3, 1990) was shot to death on March 3, 1990 at the Circle K in El Cerrito, California. Joe (29) was found around 220am lying in the parking lot of the store that is located at 19570 Temescal Canyon Road, El Cerrito. He had gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen. The paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene at 240am. If you have any information that can help the authorities solve this case please contact the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Cold Case Team at 951-955-2777 or fill in their tip sheet online. Joseph’s case file number is #E90062024. Last check 10/2018.
Foreman, Edward Lee
Oklahoma, USA
Link Edward Lee Foreman (Nov 26, 1961 – missing March 7, 2015) went missing and presumed dead. His case is in NamUs. Edward had black greying hair, a mustache, and a goatee. His eyes were hazel brown. He had a scar on the upper right abdomen. He also had a tattoo of a large cross with roses on his upper arm. When police arrived for a wellfare check, they found both Edward and his 2006 black Hummer 2 pickup truck missing. The truck was later found by a hunter. Inside the house, they found evidence that a violent crime happened. They later specified DNA taken from biological evidence inside Edward’s house matched and they fear he is dead. According to the family, Edward had gunshot wounds to the head and his body. Aside from Edward’s missing body we also miss his cell phone. That’s an interesting angle for digital forensics. A man was seen driving Edward’s truck around the time that he was killed. He was described as white or biracial, about 30-years-old, with dark-colored eyes and hair. I don't often see someone described as biracial unless people know something about that person or family structure. If you have any information about Edward Lee Foreman, call OSBI at 1-800-522-8017. His case number is #2015-318. Last check 10/2018.
Fox, Riley Ann
Illinois, USA
Link Riley Ann Fox (March 31, 2001 – June 6, 2004) was three years old when she went missing from Wilmington, Illinois. The little girl was found dead in Forsythe Woods County Forest Preserve. This public park was just a few miles from the family's home. Riley was face down in a creek. She had been bound, gagged, sexually assaulted, and then drowned. Fox's father was initially the prime suspect however, Scott Eby was ultimately convicted for Fox's rape and murder. In 2010, Scott Eby was charged on five counts of first-degree murder and one count of predatory sexual assault after DNA evidence linked him to Riley. He is serving life without parole. Last check 10/2018.
Frog Boys
Mount Waryong, South Korea
Link U Cheol-won (13), Jo Ho-yeon (12), Kim Yeong-gyu (11), Park Chan-in (10), and Kim Jong-sik (9) a.k.a. the Frog Boys went to catch frogs near Mount Waryong, South Korea, on March 26, 1991. They never returned home. Their remains were found in 2002. The five boys were buried on March 25, 2004. Their families donated their skulls to medical science for research hoping to find out more about the trauma to their children’s skulls. Experts found two bullet holes in one child’s skull. Three from the five skulls had blunt-force trauma caused by an object/tool. Who wielded that tool and why remains a mystery. Last check 10/2018.
Glover, Michael Wade
California, USA
Link On September 5, 1976 Michael Wade Glover’s nude and decomposing body was found near a cliff in the Monterey area of Southern California. The area was searched but nothing was found: no physical evidence, no tire tracks, no foot and/or shoe prints, no possessions, nothing. Since Michael’s body was found nude without any belongings he entered the coroner’s office as a John Doe. On September 8, 1976, Michael was positively identified through his finger prints. The family was notified a day later. I have not been able to find anything in the public domain so there is little to go on. If you have newspaper links to articles about Michael’s death please contact me so we can update his case. Last check 10/2018.
Goldman, Daniel "Danny" Jess
Florida, USA
Link Aaron and Sally Goldman were awakened by an armed man looking for ,000 the couple supposedly had hidden in their home. When the intruder could not find the money, he took the Goldman’s son, Danny. If they wanted their child back they would need to come up with ,000. Danny was never seen again. Despite new developments in this missing person case, it remains unsolved. If you have any information contact the Miami-Dade Police Department at (305) 471-2400 (case #: PD120529203210). Last check 10/2018.
Grahlman, Jay E. and Jaymie Chantelle
Iowa, USA
Link Accidental fire or arson, the 2003 double Grahlman murders remain unsolved. There was one suspect but Brian Zirtzman was found not guilty on two counts of first degree murder and two counts of first degree arson on July 14, 2004. Jaymie Chantelle Grahlman (Oct 30, 1996 - April 6, 2003) was found in the bathtub. However, nobody can explain if Jaymie (6) was just found in the bathtub or found floating in the bathtub. Why was Jaymie in the bathtub? A late night bath after a day of backyard barbecuing? Who was with that six-year-old in the bathroom if she was taking a bath? Who had a motive to see her father Jay E. Grahlman (May 16, 1964 - April 9, 2003) dead? Anyone with any information about Jay and Jaymie Grahlman’s unsolved murders should contact either Capt. Mellgren or Special Agent Smith by phone at (319) 286-5619 or fax (319) 286-5396. You can also email Capt. Jeff Mellgren or email Special Agent J.D. Smith. Last check 10/2018.
Grant, Thomas Wayne
Ohio, USA
Link Attorney Thomas Wayne Grant (March 21, 1947 – Nov 16, 1976) was found murdered Nov 16, 1976, in Cleveland (Ohio). He was in the bathroom of his apartment in Park Centre. Thomas worked in the estate and tax section of the law firm Squires, Sanders & Dempsey (now Squire Patton Boggs). Thomas was found face down in just a few inches of water from his partly filled bathtub. He was dangling over the rim of the tub with his knees on the bathroom floor. He had dripping head wounds. He was wearing a shirt and jeans. Dep. Coroner Charles S. Hirsch said someone knocked him unconscious with a large wooden gavel. He was hit in the face and the head at least five times. His skull was fractured. Then he was strangled. The garrote was most likely the electrical cord found hanging loosely around his neck. The apartment showed no signs of struggle or forced entry. Thomas was dead several hours before he was found by his former roommate. According to the family, authorities found a full set of hand prints on the bathroom door. However, at that time police didn’t find a match in their databases. An unknown finger print e.g. not belonging to Thomas, was found on his sports car. I do not know whether this one print matches any of the ones found on the bathroom door. All prints should be run through databases again. The apartment is a crucial element as it was part of a twin tower building. It had a security system with guards on duty 24/7 in both tower lobbies. Did the elevators have cameras? Unescorted guests were only admitted after either the receptionist or the guard checked by intercom with residents. Who was on duty when Thomas died? Is there a sign-in sheet for guests? Did Thomas let know the desk he was expecting guests? There is no known motive for this murder. Thomas’ wallet was found near his body. It was empty so that hints at robbery. He did still have a bill in his clothes. The wallet and his clothes need to be examined with the M-Vac. The case remains unsolved. Last check 10/2018.
Gray, Adam
Illinois, USA
Link In March 1993, a fire broke out in a flat in the 4100 block of South Albany Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Adam Gray, the alleged jilted lover, was accused of arson. The girl who rejected him lived in that apartment building. She and her family escaped the fire but two neighbours, Peter McGuiness and his sister Margaret Mesa, lost their lives. The prosecution based the trial on evidence of arson and Gray's confession that he bought gasoline to set the fire. The evidence: alligator charring and deep burn patterns pointing to an accelerant. Gray said he confessed falsely. His alibi was being asleep at a friend's house at the time of the fire. Last summer two of the nation's leading fire experts found that the Chicago police and fire investigators relied on flawed and outdated theories. However, on Nov 8, 2016 Judge Angela Petrone denied Gray a new trial as she was not convinced that the defense produced enough evidence for a jury to acquit him at a new trial. The judge, though, agreed to resentence Gray — but only because a U.S. Supreme Court ruling found mandatory life terms for juveniles to be unconstitutional. On May 3, 2017, the prosecution and lawyers for Gray presented a joint motion to vacate the conviction and dismiss the case. “Scientific advances since the time of trial have proven that the fire investigators’ testimony—while based on beliefs that were widely held in 1996—was erroneous under current scientific knowledge,” the motion said. Gray was released that day. In 2018, Gray was awarded a certificate of innocence, enabling him to seek compensation from the state of Illinois. In April 2018, he filed a federal civil rights lawsuit seeking damages from the Chicago Police Department. Last check 10/2018.
Greece John Doe
New York, USA
Link On March 9, 1976, the skeletal remains of a young child were found inside a blue metal storage trunk. The trunk was in the basement of an apartment complex in Greece, NY. Isotope testing showed that the child may not have been local to the New York area. He probably spent the first years of his life in the Northwest, and the last years of his life in the southeast. This child had brown hair. He wore a light blue pajama top with a deer design on the left over the chest and a plastic diaper fastened by two stainless steel diaper pins. He had a prominent bulge to the back left region of his skull creating a large skull abnormality. Cause is unknown but it likely meant the child couldn’t walk and had developmental deficiencies. The Greece Police tip line can be reached at: 585-581-4016. Assigned to this case is Sergeant Dave Mancuso. His contact information taken from the Greece Police’s website: 585-581-4013 or you can email him at [email protected] Last check 10/2018.
Greene, Tamara
Michigan, USA
Link Around 340am on April 30, 2003, Tamara Greene was shot to death in a drive-by shooting. She was in a car with her boyfriend Eric Mitchell. Mitchell survived the shooting. The Detroit News wrote Greene was in the driver’s seat and they were in front of Mitchell’s house. They had just left the club where she worked as a stripper. A white SUV turned the corner with a man holding a pistol out the window. Mitchell described him as light-skinned just like the short man with whom he fought a few weeks before. Curiously, Mitchell ducked for cover into the foot-well of the Buick Skylark but he said nothing to Greene. Tamara was hit once behind the left ear, once through the jaw, and once through the left arm and chest. Mitchell was struck by five bullets, including once in the neck, according to official reports. Mitchell managed to call for help. The bullets that killed Tamara came from a .40 caliber pistol. The Detroit Free Press got a document that suggested police believed Tamara was killed in a drug dispute. The documents are now sealed. Did she dance for the wrong people? Was she killed by mistake as Mitchell was the main target? Was her death a warning for Mitchell? The case remains unsolved. Last check 10/2018.
Gricar, Ray Frank
Pennsylvania, USA
Link Ray Frank Gricar (October 9, 1945 - missing April 15, 2005) was an American attorney who served as the district attorney of Centre County, Pennsylvania, from 1985 until 2005. On April 15, 2005, Gricar went missing under mysterious circumstances and has not been heard from since. After he had been missing for over six years with no trace of his whereabouts, Centre County authorities declared Gricar legally dead on July 25, 2011. Gricar was the DA in the case of Dana Bailey. Her case is also discussed on my blog. If you have any information about the disappearance of Ray Gricar contact the Bellafonte Police at 814-353-2320. The case remains unsolved. Last check 10/2018.
Grimes, Barbara Jeanne & Patricia Kathleen
Illinois, USA
Link Barbara Jeanne Grimes (May 5, 1941 - Dec 1956) and Patricia Kathleen Grimes (Dec 31, 1943 - Dec 1956) went missing on December 28, 1956. On January 22, 1957, their naked and frozen bodies were found along Devil’s Creek, Cook County, Illinois. Three experienced pathologists performed the autopsies however, the exact cause and time of death was never established. They thought that the girls died from shock due to exposure and might have died on the night they were seen last. Harry Glos, the investigator for the Coroner’s office, disclosed that Barbara had been sexually assaulted before her death. This was later reluctantly confirmed by police. Options for examining this case with modern technology are discussed in the post. As of yet, the case remains unsolved. Last check 10/2018.
Grindstaff, Donald “Doni” Dean Christian
Colorado, USA
Link Donald “Doni” Dean Christian Grindstaff (March 4, 1962 – July 29, 1998) had been missing for several days. Then one day, a car was found in a ravine in Colorado. Handcuffed and locked inside the trunk, the authorities found Doni Grindstaff. When did he die? Was this a suicide or a murder? Doni’s death is officially listed as undetermined with as possible causes: suffocation, carbon monoxide poisoning, extreme heat or even entrapment in a car trunk. The case is "undetermined" but is clearly in need of a professional review. Last check 10/2018.
Groves, Frances Blanche Hayes
Colorado, USA
link Frances Blanche Hayes (April 20, 1915 – 1954) married Alva Louis Groves in 1929 when she was just 14 years old. Together they would become parents to seven children. The family lived in Colorado. After Alva accidentally shot and killed their only son Donald Dee, they separated in 1950. Frances left Colorado in the company of a man called James Franklin Phye. Frances was last seen with him going for a picnic. They left together but only he returned. Phye committed suicide in 1996. Frances is presumed dead. There are no distinctive body markers listed in her NamUs profile. DNA is on file. The case remains unsolved. If you have any information about this case please contact the Palm Springs Police Department at (760) 323-8116. Frances’ case number is 1210 P 2808. Last check 10/2018.
Gruber Family a.k.a. Hinterkaifeck
Kaifeck, Bavaria, Germany
Link On March 31, 1922, six people were murdered behind the hamlet of Kaifeck, Bavaria, Germany. Andreas Gruber (63), his wife Cazillia (72), their widowed daughter Viktoria (35), her two children Cazilla (7) and Josef (2), and the family maid Maria Baumgartner (44). The murder weapon was a mattock which is similar to a pickax. The motive remains a mystery. There is speculation galore but so far, nothing sticks except this: the crime was committed by someone who knew how to run a farm, was familiar with livestock, was comfortable enough to stay at the farm after the murders in the company of the family dog, was strong enough to wield the mattock so many times, did not care for money, and most importantly had a personal reason for this crime. All corpses were beheaded. The skulls were sent to a lab but they are now considered lost. All victims were placed without heads in their coffins. The entire farm was demolished in 1923. The only thing left is a shrine. The case remains unsolved. Last check 10/2018.
Guitron, Ryan Eugene
Nebraska, USA
Link Ryan Guitron’s remains were found in a woodpile on an abandoned farmstead in rural Kimball County, Neb. Guitron, an oil field worker, was last seen in Fort Collins around midnight Oct. 14, 2003. He was supposed to go to his girlfriend’s Fort Collins home, but never arrived. Authorities think Guitron was executed after being taken to the farmstead. They found a single gunshot wound to his head. Guitron was identified by his dental records. Vencil Ash III was convicted in July 2012. However, the Nebraska Supreme Court ordered a new trial in October 2013. The high court said the trial judge erred in denying Ash’s request to postpone the trial, saying Ash wasn’t given fair notice of the prosecutor’s deal with his wife. Ash’s wife, Kelly Meehan-Ash, was initially charged with aiding and abetting first-degree murder. But just days before Ash’s trial was to begin, Meehan-Ash cut a deal with prosecutors in which she agreed to testify against her husband for a reduced charge of accessory to the crime. The trial judge denied a motion from Ash’s attorney for more time to prepare for Meehan-Ash’s testimony, saying it would be too difficult for the court to inform those already summoned for jury duty. During the retrial, Vencil Ash III was found guilty again of murdering Ryan Guitron in 2003. Ash was sentenced to life without parole. Meehan-Ash was sentenced to the maximum 20 to 60 months in prison. Last check 10/2018.
Hack, Tim
Wisconsin, USA
Link Edward Edwards, of Louisville, Ky., was arrested after DNA connected him to the unsolved murders of Timothy John Hack (March 13, 1961 - Oct 20, 1980) and his girlfriend, Kelly Jove Drew (Oct 9, 1960 - Oct 19, 1980). The couple disappeared from a Wisconsin wedding reception in August 1980. Their bodies were found weeks later in the woods. Hack was stabbed. Drew was raped and strangled. Authorities said the state crime lab matched Edwards’ DNA to semen on Drew’s pants. Hack’s father reported the couple missing on Aug 10, 1980. In 2010, Edward Edwards was sentenced to life. Edwards died of natural causes at the Corrections Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio on April 7, 2011. Last check 10/2018.
Hadden, George
Link During he summer of 1943, in World War II, RAF volunteer George Hadden set out on another dangerous bombing mission to Germany with his crew. They went missing. In 2009, his brother was contacted by the Air Recovery Fund in the Netherlands. They had found George's bomber off the Dutch coast. A team of divers pulled out pieces of the wreckage. They found evidence to suggest the bodies of all six crew members were still inside. Parachutes were also discovered while the escape hatch was undisturbed. War historians later confirmed that the four-engine bomber had been shot down by German airmen. Last check 11/2018.
Haider, Eric
North Dakota, USA
Link Eric Haider from Bismarck, North Dakota, went missing from his job site on May 24, 2012. In 2015, his remains were found (about half a mile southwest of that particular job site) in a 6-foot deep hole at a construction site in Dickinson, ND. Eric’s friends thought that it was “a job site accident” and that Eric was buried at the construction site “likely inadvertently.” Haider was probably buried alive by coworkers. Haider had been checking seals in the ditch where he died. "Stark County State’s Attorney Tom Henning declined to file criminal charges in the case. Henning said his decision not to file charges does not mean that he doesn't believe a crime was committed. Rather, the nature of the event makes it difficult to develop probable cause for a case as it is unclear who is responsible. At the time Haider was likely buried alive, there were two heavy machinery operators backfilling the trench Haider was working in. Even after the police investigation, Henning said it is not clear which one of the two operators was responsible for Haider’s death. The case is now officially closed. A civil lawsuit could still be filed in this case. Last check 11/2018.
Halpern, Joseph Laurence
Colorado, USA
Link On August 15, 1933, Joseph Halpern (22) left his parents at their campsite, packed a few items in his knapsack, and set off on a day hike with a college friend in the Rocky Mountain National Park. He never returned. Joseph Halpern’s case is the oldest missing person case entered into the NamUs System of dual databases that match missing persons and unidentified remains. The case remains unsolved. Last check 11/2018.
Hammerle, Stephen Scott
Kansas, USA
Link Stephen Scott Hammerle (26) went missing on August 22, 1981. He is a tall white male, approx. 5’8″ and weighs between 160-170lbs. He is paralyzed from the waist down due to injuries from an accident. Stephen cannot move around without a wheelchair, and carries a colostomy bag. He has brown hair, a beard and mustache, blue eyes, no upper teeth, a scar on his left eye, and several tattoos. He has “LOVE LISA” tattooed across his fingers. If you have any information please contact Detective Curt Steel from the Riley County Police Department, Manhattan, Kansas at 785-537-2112. You can also leave anonymous tips with the Manhattan-Riley County Crime Stoppers at (785) 539-7777 or 1-(800)-222-TIPS. Web tips can be left at A reward of up to ,000 is offered by Crime Stoppers.Last check 11/2018.
Hanna, Hazel Juanita
Missouri, USA
Link Hazel Juanita Hanna (Feb 24, 1961 – Aug 5, 1976) and Cynthia Lorraine Bell (April 25, 1960 – Aug 5, 1976) were murdered in Missouri, 1976. On Aug 10, 1976, Helen Whitlock found their badly decomposed bodies on her farm. The girls were tied up, partly undressed, and both shot to death. Their bodies were found in dense underbrush near the Cedar-Polk county line. Law enforcement found dragging signs so the girls were not killed where they were found. Police “found a spent .25 caliber shell casing at the scene, among several personal artifacts belonging to the victims.” According to Polk County sheriff Kay Williams, there are no new leads. New hope to solve this case came when authorities spoke to a jail inmate who had just been arraigned for an unrelated 1977 murder. He said he knew who killed Hazel and Cynthia. Then-Sheriff Simmons considered the man a reliable informant. His name is withheld. The informant’s story is this: he was driving around with the men who committed these murders. They said they picked up Hazel and Cynthia on Aug 4, 1976. They drove down a gravel road to “find a spot to hang out and make out. At one point, the inmate said, one of the girls became upset because one of the men got rough with her. She fled, screaming, from the car they were in, and threatened to turn the two men in for rape.” According to the informant, one of the men ran after the girl, dragged her back, the other man got out a gun, and they shot both girls. The men then drove to a spot to dump the bodies. At that spot they shot the girls again to make sure they were dead. They then dragged the bodies into or underneath bushes and just left them there. The two men said they traded the gun at a pawn shop in Butler. Simmons tried to find that gun. The alleged murder weapon was long gone, and never recovered. Simmons believes the pawn shop owner had been tipped off about the gun, and got rid of it. Simmons still believes the informant’s story because he knew the two men implicated. After this in 1977, no more new leads came in. Anyone with information on the case can contact the Polk County Sheriff’s Office at (417) 777-9020. Last check 11/2018.
Harr, Woodrow "Woody" Rae
Virginia, USA
Link On February 25, 1982, Woodrow “Woody” Rae Harr (April 7, 1964 – February 25, 1982) was found dead in a shallow pond near Newport News, Virginia. He was just 17 years old. The authorities ruled his death a suicide but some people believe that Woody would never have killed himself. If you have any information about this case please contact the Virginia Peninsula Crime Stoppers Association (formerly known as “Peninsula Crime Line”) at 1-888-LOCKUUP (i.e. 1-888-562-5887). Last check 11/2018.
Harrell, Vickie Lynn
Indiana, USA
Link Vickie Lynn Harrell (Aug. 15, 1948 – Aug. 14, 1972) was found face down in a water-filled ditch on the east edge on Concord Road which is an access road to McCormick’s Creek State Park, about 2.5 miles east of Spencer, Owen County, Indiana. She was nude and was strangled with a rope. Her clothes were never found. We know her killer used a knife or a sharp object to carve the two letters "KN" in her lower chest, post-mortem. I cannot find if police eliminated as a suspect: the worker who found Vickie's body, the roommate who reported Vickie missing or, the father of Vickie's child (she was divorced so I assume he is the father). If you have any information about this case, please contact the Indiana State Police’s District Investigative Commander at 1-812-332-4411 or 1-800-423-1286. Last check 12/2018.
Harris, Alexander
Nevada, USA
Link On Nov 28, 1987 around 11 am, Alexander (7) was in the Whiskey Pete’s Hotel and Casino Resort in Primm, Nevada. He was in the video arcade with his mom and grandparents gambling nearby. Then he was seen walking out of the arcade. It was caught on the surveillance tapes. After one month, Alexander’s body was discovered underneath a trailer. That trailer was on one of the ten trailer sites near Whiskey Pete's that were used by off-duty casino executives. Mr. James Weller, then-head of the Las Vegas FBI office, explained that Alexander’s glasses were found near his fully clothed body. He had been strangled. I cannot find whether this was manual strangulation or asphyxiation by an object. There was little physical evidence to help police find the murderer. If Alexander’s clothes and glasses were properly preserved we should try to examine them with the M-Vac for touch-DNA. The case remains unsolved. Last check 11/2018.
Harris, Steven Alfred
Indiana, USA
Link On Aug 24, 1988, Steven Alfred Harris, Sr. was found shot to death on Olio Road in Hamilton county near Geist Reservoir, Indiana. Around 950pm, someone shot him five times: three times in the back and once on each side of the torso. He had been fishing and was accompanied by at least one family member. If you have any information about this case, please contact the Indiana State Police’s District Investigative Commander at 1-317-899-8577 or 1-800-582-8440. Steven’s Case Number is 51-5113. Last check 11/2018.
Hawkley, Cherilyn Ann Gartin
California, USA
Link Cherilyn Ann Gartin Hawkley (Mar 19, 1954 – Oct 31, 1993) was murdered on Halloween night, 1993. Two days later, she was found near Elmhurst Drive less than a mile from Eureka Elementary where she taught fifth grade (Granite Bay, California). That spot was close to Oakhills Elementary. Her partially clothed body was found between the second and third seats in the back of her Dodge Caravan. She was strangled to death. Autopsy showed she died within 24 hours of her disappearance. Whether she was sexually assaulted was unclear at the time. Police is retesting old evidence for DNA. If you have any information in this case call the Placer County Sheriff’s Office at (530) 889-7854. If you wish to remain anonymous call Placer County Crime Stoppers at (800) 923-8191 or go online to Any tips that lead to an arrest are eligible for a cash reward. Last check 11/2018.
Heath-Gough, Elizabeth
Connecticut, USA
Link Elizabeth Heath-Gough went missing in 1984 while she was divorcing her husband. John Heath had reported his wife missing on April 6, 1984. Heath’s family had Elizabeth declared dead in 1991. In 2010, Elizabeth’s remains were found during a home renovation on the property at 89 Poverty Hollow Road. That is where the couple used to live. John Heath left the property in 2005 when the bank foreclosed on the home. Elizabeth was identified by dental records. Examination found that Elizabeth had been beaten to death. She was killed by at least four blows to her head with a “narrow, heavy” club-like weapon. Then she was wrapped in bedclothes and plastic bags before she was shoved head-first into the 3-feet deep, 18-inch square dry well. In 2013, a jury found John Heath guilty. On Dec 18, 2013, Heath was sentenced to 50 years. He passed away in prison on Nov 15, 2015. Last check 11/2018.
Helt, Joseph "Joe" David
New York, USA
Link Joseph "Joe" David Helt (17) was reported missing on Jan. 17, 1987 by his mother Lee Ann Helt. Her son had not returned home after going out with friends the previous night. Joseph Helt was last seen with three friends after their vehicle became disabled in some snow at Sam's Point Preserve, a popular hiking spot. Troopers say Helt walked off in the snow and disappeared. Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact New York State Police Troop F at 845-344-5300. The investigation is being led by state police Investigator Vincenzo Iemma. The case remains unsolved. Last check 11/2018.
Henderson, Robert T.
Hawaii, USA
Link Hawaiian police charged Jason Lee McCormick with second-degree murder for the July 1996 killing of Prof. Robert T. Henderson. The linguistics professor was a guest lecturer at the University of Hawaii when his naked and decomposing body was found in a condominium where he was staying. According to a grand jury indictment of McCormick, police believe that Henderson was strangled between July 12 and 17, 1996. He was last seen leaving a hula lesson on campus July 12, 1996. McCormick pleaded not guilty during his arraignment. On Sept 11, 2013, McCormick was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole. In Aug 2015, McCormick strangled his cellmate Jonathan Namauleg. McCormick received another life sentence. McCormick is serving his sentences in the Saguaro Correctional Center in Eloy, Arizona, through a contract Hawaii has with CoreCivic, a private company that operates the Saguaro prison. Namauleg’s family has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against CoreCivic, accusing the company of recklessness and negligence. The civil case remains unresolved in federal court. Last check 11/2018.
Hernando County Jane Doe 1972
Florida, USA
Link The Hernando County Jane Doe was found on July 19, 1972 near High Corner Road and Cortez Boulevard (State Road 50) in Brooksville, FL. She had been strangled to death. This woman only wore white bikini-style underwear and was wrapped in a bed spread. If you have any information that can help police please contact Det. George Loydgren at (352) 754-6830 or email him at [email protected] or use the general address [email protected] Last check 11/2018.
Highway of Tears
British Columbia, Canada
Link At least 20 women, many of them native, have disappeared from or have been found murdered along B.C. highways over the past 40 years. Various suspects have been linked to these murders however nobody has been tried in court. There is a new report available from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) that can be found here. Last check 11/2018.
Hilt, Teresa "Tess" Sue
Missouri, USA
Hilt Teresa "Tess" Sue Hilt (Jan 6, 1951 - Aug 4, 1973) was found murdered on August 4, 1973. She had been beaten, raped, stabbed, and strangled to death. Her remains were found in her off campus apartment in Maryville, Missouri. Tess was attending Northwest Missouri State College. She was a music major and pursued a post graduate psychology degree. Tess was found face down on her bed under a neatly arranged sheet. She was stabbed in the chest and lower abdomen area. Her panty hose was tied around her neck and her wrists bound with shoelaces. A paring knife taken from her own kitchen was found cupped in her hand. Sgt. Wright was convinced the killer was a woman because the scene had been cleaned up and Tess’ dead body was covered with a sheet. He saw it as something a woman would do. Covering Tess is a very personal act that could have been done by both a female or male killer. To me it indicates the killer knew their victim. Tess’ travel checks were found in the parking lot and her billfold was found near the rail tracks, both to the south of the apartment complex. If you have any information that can help the Maryville Police Department to solve the crime please contact Dir. K. Wood at 1-660-562-3209. There is a reward for information that will lead to the arrest and conviction in this case. Last check 11/2018.
Hina Family
New Hampshire, USA
Link The Hina Family was killed during a 1989 fatal fire at a Keene apartment complex, New Hampshire: Carl R. Hina (1939 - Jan 14, 1989), wife Lori Michelle Hina (March 2, 1962 - Jan 14, 1989), their baby Lillian Marie Hina (Sept 19, 1988 - Jan 14, 1989), and Carl's daughter Sara Jean Hina (Jan 26, 1976 - Jan 14, 1989). David McLeod was held without bond since his 2010 arrest for this crime. A mistrial was declared on Dec 19, 2013. A retrial was scheduled for April 14, 2014. In Jan 2014, the prosecution decided against a retrial. McLeod is free but can be retried if new evidence or legal avenues develop. The case hinges on forensic arson detection. Last check 11/2018.
Hinson, Rhonda Annette
North Carolina
Link On Dec. 23, 1981, Rhonda Annette Hinson (Dec 13, 1962 - Dec 23, 1981) died from a single gunshot. She was 19 years old. The bullet came from a high-powered rifle. It traveled through the trunk of her car, through the backseat, through the driver’s seat, and penetrated her lungs and heart. Authorities found Rhonda lying in a ditch beside the open driver’s door. The motor was running. Authorities saved Hinson’s sweater and found touch DNA in the armpits that did not belong to Hinson. National DNA databases have not found a match. There is a simple explanation for that: the profile belongs to someone who never committed a crime. Most likely it belongs to the person who found Rhonda and tried to help her. Maybe the authorities should make it clear that finding a profile match isn’t the same as proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the profile carrier committed a crime. Debated is whether this was premeditated murder or a freak accident. Nobody was ever charged in this case. If you have any information about the Rhonda Hinson case, please contact Lt. Becky Weatherman of the Burke County Sheriff’s Office at (828) 438-5506, or Crimestoppers at (828) 437-3333. You can email the Sheriff’s Office too: [email protected] Last check 11/2018.
Holiday Inn Fire, New York, USA
Link On 11-26-1978 around 236am the Holiday Inn on 1525 West Ridge Road, Greece, New York, burned down. Ten guests died, 34 injured. Seven of the 10 people killed were from Canada. The fire was ruled arson but no arrest has been made to date. John Stickevers, former FDNY chief fire marshal, discovered an uncommon highly flammable accelerant was used to start the fire in the form of a liquid which was ignited inside a storage cupboard under the first floor stairwell. On November 26, 2014, police announced that for the first time in this case they had a suspect. It was Harold “Bud” Phillips. He was the fire lieutenant who reported the fire. Phillips is still alive and serves as Greece Fire Chief. This case combines a lot of factors ranging from inadequate leadership to negligence to outdated science in forensic arson detection. I wish we still had the hotel carpets so they could be examined with modern technology. If you have any information about this case, please contact the Greece Police Department at 585-581-4026 or 585-581-4042. Last check 11/2018.
Horman, Kyron
Oregon, USA
Link On June 4, 2010, Kyron Horman (Sept 9, 2002 - missing June 4, 2010) went missing. His stepmother Terri drove him to school. She stayed with him while he attended a science fair. When she left around 845am she saw Kyron walking down the hall to his first class. However, he was never seen in his first math class. He was marked absent for the day and has not been seen since. In 2010, the Multnomah County grand jury did not indict Terri for Kyron's disappearance. On June 1, 2012, Kyron's mother, Desiree Young, filed a civil lawsuit against Terri claiming she was "responsible" for his disappearance. The lawsuit claimed Terri had kidnapped Kyron. Young sought ,000,000 in damages. On August 15, 2012, a federal court judge denied a motion by Terri to delay that lawsuit. On July 30, 2013, Young dropped her lawsuit against Terri so it would not interfere with the ongoing police investigation. There is a ,000 reward offered in the case. Last check 11/2018.
Houghland Family: Norma, Richard and Thomas
California, USA
Link On July 15th, 1978, Norma Houghland (27) and her two sons, Richard (8) and Thomas (6) went missing. The family apparently decided to go for a drive. They never came back. When their family didn’t hear anything from the trio, they got worried. Apparently Norma’s father wrote a letter to police after he checked the apartment. Inside everything seemed in order. Nothing seemed disturbed. If you have any information about the Houghland Family please call the Sacramento Police Department Missing Person unit at (916) 808-0560. Last check 11/2018.
Hughes, Hulon Everett & Elaine
California, USA
Link Hulon and Elaine Hughes were found shot to death in their California Apple Valley home on Oct. 12, 1988. They operated two business on the property: Hughes Roofing and B&S Paving. They employed Harold David Toney as a mechanic and part-time roofer according to the sheriff’s department. In April 2010, San Bernardino County Cold Case Detectives reviewed cold homicide cases as part of a federal DNA grant and reopened the Hughes’ murders. Detectives said they linked Toney to the murders by DNA analysis. A second suspect, Opal Leanne Faulk, who once lived with Toney, was arrested. Toney, awaiting trial, died in a hospital jail ward in October 2010. Faulk took the prosecution's offer and pleaded no contest to being an accessory after the fact in the death of Hulon and Elaine Hughes. She was sentenced to three years in prison for her involvement. Authorities agreed that Harold was the shooter in this double murder case. Last check 11/2018.
Hull, Betty Gene
Illinois, USA
Link On Christmas Eve, 1991, Mrs. Betty Gene Hull (68) was found murdered. Whoever is responsible for her death was in a rage and the attack was personal. She had trauma to the head, mouth, and hands, and a bullet hole in her chest. The autopsy revealed that Mrs. Hull had multiple stab wounds in her chest too. The stabbing was so forceful, that her lungs were penetrated. Four ribs were broken on the left side of her chest, and five on the right side. Pieces of evidence from this 1991 unsolved homicide are considered for testing in a state lab. I have not read anything about results. If you have any information, please contact the Champaign Police Department at 217-315-4545. Last check 11/2018.
Ibach, Laura Henderson
Alaska, USA
Link Laura Henderson-Ibach disappeared on March 28, 1986, from Kodiak, Alaska. She and her husband Jack Ibach were getting a divorce. Authorities suspect that she was kidnapped, murdered, and her remains discarded somewhere in the Alaskan wilderness. Her remains were never found but some of her personal belongings were. Charged and sentenced to life for this crime were Michael McDonald and Jack Ibach. This case has been picked up activists pointing to a wrongful conviction. Last check 11/2018.
Jarosz, Beverly Ann
Ohio, USA
Link On December 28, 1964, Beverly Jarosz (Oct 1, 1948 - Dec 28, 1964) was killed in her parental home in Garfield Heights, Ohio. Beverly had shopping plans that afternoon with two girlfriends, Barbara and Margie. Barbara, showed up at the Jarosz house and not getting anyone to answer the door, she left. When her two friends didn’t show up at her house, Margie called Barbara. That’s when ultimately Beverly’s grandmother was called. She made Beverly’s father leave from work to go back to the house and check. He found his dead daughter’s body in her upstairs bedroom. There are many vague descriptions in her case as to the number of knife wounds, materials found, her clothing, and there's even an hour gap in the case's timeline. Police asked the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation to compare several unidentified fingerprints found in Beverly’s bedroom with fingerprints on file in the state’s database. I have not seen any results in the papers. Last check 11/2018.
Johns, Jacquelin “Jackie” Sue
Missouri, USA
Link Jacquelin “Jackie” Sue Johns (June 7, 1965 - June 17, 1985) was last seen alive on June 17, 1985. The next day, her sports car was found abandoned. The backseat was covered in blood as were the clothing police found there (a top, jeans, and underwear all soaked in blood). On June 22, 1985, Jackie’s nude body was pulled from Lake Springfield, Missouri. In 2010, Gerald Carnaham received two life sentences with no chance of parole or probation for her rape-murder. Last check 11/2018.
Johnson, Cynthia “Cindy” Marie
Ohio, USA
Link Cynthia “Cindy” Marie Johnson (16) from Garfield Heights, Independence, Ohio, left home around 7pm on Sunday Oct 30, 1977. She told a friend that she was going to meet a man. She was found murdered the next morning of Oct 31 around 830am. Judging from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office's information the exact time of death is not clear: she either died on the Sunday evening that she went missing or in the early morning hours of Monday 31. Cause of death: strangulation by ligature ruling out manual strangulation. If you have any information please contact Detective Lieutenant Charles Wilson's Office (216) 524-3033 or email him at [email protected] Cynthia’s case number is #2033. Last check 11/2018.
Johnson, Hank Allen
Texas, USA
Link In 2013, Trae Deandre Thompson was indicted for the 2008 murder of Hank Allen Johnson (March 26, 1981 - July 21, 2008). Thompson's defense said their client agreed to a plea. By pleading no contest, Thompson was neither admitting nor denying he killed Johnson. In 2014, he plead no contest to criminally negligent homicide and was sentenced to 15 months in jail. The same jury awarded Johnson's family .6 million in damages. Last check 11/2018.
Jordan, Leon
Missouri, USA
Link Reopening this case has provided answers however nobody was ever indicted as all the main players have passed away. Leon Jordan (65) was the founder of Freedom Inc. He was killed on July 15, 1970. Last check 11/2018.
Kempton, Laura
New Hampshire, USA
Link Laura Kempton (July 3, 1958 - Sept 28, 1981) was found dead inside her apartment on Sept 28, 1981, by a police officer who came to talk about a series of unpaid parking tickets. She was 23 years old. During the autopsy, the New Hampshire Medical Examiner found that Laura died of massive head trauma from being struck with a blunt object causing contusions and lacerations of the brain. Various newspaper articles stated that Laura was last seen by a friend after leaving a watering hole called the Ranger Club early that Monday morning. I cannot find how she got back home from the watering hole. Police have indicated that they have held back evidence in this case and it does include DNA. This means that the case is solvable however, no match has been found yet in the various databases. If you have any information please contact the Portsmouth Police Department at (603) 436-2511. There is a reward for information. The case remains unsolved. Last check 11/2018.
Kirton, Clara
London, UK
Link Clara Kirton (85) was last seen Saturday November 16, 1985. Clara was known as a friendly neighbor. However, she’s also known for leaving the key in the door so visitors could let themselves in. Clara was attacked with a broken beer bottle. The bottle was from a John Courage Strong Bitter beer that was only available in pubs. Her killer slashed her throat. Apparently her face was mutilated which usually hints at a personal crime so she was most likely attacked by someone she knew. Clara died from inhalation of blood and crush injuries to her face and neck. Her youngest son Brian found her. Police suspect it was a burglary gone wrong. Some of Clara’s drawers were ransacked however only her purse was stolen. This is strange as Clara had a lot of cash hidden in her apartment. If you have any information please contact the UK Officers at 020 7230 4294, via 101 or @MetCC or you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Last check 11/2018.
Klossowsky, Valerie Lynn
Iowa, USA
Link On Sunday, June 13, 1971, Valerie Lynn Klossowsky (March 7, 1957 - June 13, 1971) went to the pool but never came back home. Her father reported her missing at 10 pm that night. On Tuesday morning, two boys discovered Valerie’s nearly nude body on a creek bank under a bridge three miles west of Denver, Iowa, about 10 miles southeast of Waverly. Her only remaining garments—her upper clothing—had been pulled up around her shoulders. Valerie had been strangled with such force it fractured her larynx. The case remains unsolved. Last check 11/2018.
Kovack, Robert Leroy
Virginia, USA
Link Robert Leroy Kovack (24) went missing on September 19, 1998. Kovack had started his second year in the graduate architecture program at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. He was leaving Blacksburg on Friday evening to go home to Rivesville (W. VA) for the weekend. On Sept 22, 1998, his car was found on US Route 19 near Fayetteville, W.Va. In March 2017, DNA tests on human remains found near the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia confirmed that the remains belonged to him. Finding his remains isn't the end of the investigation. The Roanoke Times mentioned that "authorities say evidence suggests Kovack may have fallen after being hit by a car." This means that during the examination of the human remains they found evidence of trauma on the bones due to a collision. Was that trauma from an old injury? A quick check of his medical history will tell. If so, we have our answer. If not, then this raises further questions. If Robert was the victim of a hit-and-run we need to re-check any reports of a possible hit-and-run that before were not connected to Kovack's disappearance. If we do not have such reports then somewhere is a driver who did not report hitting and leaving behind a possibly injured victim. And that means that the investigation cannot be over yet. Last check 11/2018.
Kroeyr, Lisa Cay
Michigan, USA
Link In Sept 1985, Lisa Cay Kroeyr from Saginaw, Michigan, was found drowned. She was partially clothed with her hands bound before she died. She was last seen alive Aug 30, 1985. Lisa was dressed from the waist up in a light or tan colored top pulled up to the chest, diver David Strickland said. “It didn’t look like she was caught on anything or hung up. Police have been unable to explain the missing clothing and are continuing their investigation. The body was just floating,” Strickland said, adding there appeared to be no “major” wounds on the body. Update: Jack Howard Reinhardt (27) was arraigned on first-degree premeditated homicide charges in connection with Kroeyr’s death. However, I have not found anything else about this case. If you know what happened please contact me. Should you have any links with more information about this case, please let me know. As soon as I get more information, I will update this post. Last check 11/2018.
Kulik, Elodie
Somme, France
Link In the night from January 10 to 11, 2002, Elodie Kulik (Dec 29, 1977 - Jan 10, 2002) was murdered. She was kidnapped, raped, and her body was burned. Her remains were left in a farmer's field (France). Her attacker(s) tried to burn away anything that could identify them but left behind a used condom and two cigarette butts. After many years, familial DNA found a match. The complete DNA profile from the condom matched the son of a man himself in prison for sexual assault. The son, Greg Wiart, was killed in a road crash a year and a half after Elodie’s murder. In 2013, French police arrested and jailed one of his Wiart's friends, Willy Bardon. Police believe his voice is on Elodie's 911 call. However, after a year and a half with no charges and no other evidence against him Bardon was freed. Bardon denies having anything to do with Elodie’s death. There appears to be no DNA to tie him to the victim or the crime scene. In April 2018, the papers in France reported that Bardon's case was sent back to the Somme Assize Court for kidnapping of Elodie Kulik with the added charges of rape and murder. Bardon remains free but is under judicial control. Last check 11/2018.
Lamplugh, Susanna "Suzy" J.
London, UK
Link Susanna "Suzy" J. Lamplugh (May 3, 1961 - missing July 28, 1986) was officially declared dead and presumed murdered in 1994. Suzy (25) was a realtor and had left her office in London to meet a client only known as Mr. Kipper. The case was cold for years. Then, in an unprecedented move, Scotland Yard said that John Cannan, a serial rapist and murderer, who is serving three life sentences, was the "only suspect" for the abduction and killing of Miss Lamplugh. This announcement ended the reinvestigation into Suzy's disappearance after the Crown Prosecution Service decided that there was not enough evidence to charge Cannan. The latest excavation took place in the garden of John Cannan's mother in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, Scotland Yard said. Police searched for two weeks. They explored the garden and an area under the garage. Nobody ever stood trial in this case. John Cannan is serving life in prison for "the rape and murder of Shirley Banks, the attempted kidnapping of Julia Holman on the previous night, and the rape of a woman in Reading in 1986." Cannan has been interviewed about Suzy but denies any involvement. The latest excavation was carried about by fifteen police officers, an archaeologist, and ground-penetrating radar. DCS Richard Wood, who leads the homicide and major crime command, said:"The case remains open, and the Met remains committed to bringing Suzy’s killer to justice. We will continue to assess any new information that comes in.” Last check 11/2018.
Lapointe, Richard A.
Connecticut, USA
Link In 1992, Richard A. Lapointe was sentenced to life plus 60 years for the 1987 rape-murder of Mrs. Bernice Martin. Lapointe has Dandy walker Syndrome and is physically unable to carry out the crime which involved moving the body. This case features police misconduct (illegal wire taps), false confessions (Lapointe gave four and none match the scene), a disputed timeline, and forensic arson detection. A new trial was ordered for him in October 2012. On March 31, 2015, the Connecticut Supreme Court ordered a retrial. On April 10, 2015, Superior Court Judge Joan Alexander ordered Lapointe be released on 0,000 security bond. Lapointe stayed at an undisclosed location. On Oct 2, 2015, on International Wrongful Conviction Day, Lapointe was set free. The judge ruled that he cannot be retried. In March 2019, Lapointe started procedures to seek compensation for his wrongful conviction to the amount of .5mio. We close this wrongful conviction aspect of the Martin file but now we must work on it as a unsolved murder case. Someone killed Bernice Martin in 1987. I hope that she will not become a forgotten file. Last check 3/2019.
Lee, Alice Louise
Oregon, USA
Link Alice Louise Lee (Jun. 3, 1953 – Aug. 29, 1960) was just 7 years old when she was murdered. She disappeared around 10am on August 29, 1960 from the bean field near Trent (Eugene, Oregon) where her parents worked. Her nude, partially buried body was found on September 16, 1960, relatively close to the bean field. She was found face down either with or without clothes wrapped around her neck. One article said her corduroy jacket was wrapped tightly around her neck. Another article states the clothes were stacked beside her. Physical evidence was not properly stored. It could make it impossible to use modern DNA analysis to help solve her case. Anyone with information about this case please call the Oregon State Police at 503-934-0163. Last check 11/2018.
Lee, John
Kaniva, Australia
Link In 1990, John Lee (14) and Fiona Burns (15) were hitchhiking across the South Australian-Victorian border. They were found stabbed to death on October 18, 1990. As the bodies were still fully clothed and the youngsters had barely any possessions, sexual assault and robbery were not considered as a motive. There are no solid leads in this double homicide case. The teens were last seen on October 10, 1990, at a truck stop at Bordertown, just over the SA-Victoria boundary. In 2014, the Victoria Police’s cold case squad said investigators were still frustrated by the lack of information. Last check 11/2018.
Lee County Jane Doe 2012
Alabama, USA
Link This child's partial skeletal remains were found on January 28, 2012 at a trailer park on Hurst Street, Opelika, Lee County, Alabama. Authorities believe she was between 4-7 years old. She died between 2010-2012. Cause of death: possible homicide. If you have any information that can help the authorities identify this child, please contact: Opelika Police Department Investigative Services Division at (334)705-5220, the Secret Witness Hotline at (334)745-8665, or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s Call Center at 1-800-THE-LOST(843-5678). Last check 11/2018.
Lewis, Teekah Latres
Washington, USA
Link Teekah Latres Lewis who went missing on January 23, 1999, in Tacoma, Washington. A search was launched immediately. An off-duty police officer working at the bowling alley announced the missing toddler over the intercom, and people searched in the parking lot but Teekah was gone. Despite significant media attention the case remains unsolved. If you have any information at all about this case, please contact the Tacoma Police Department at 1-253-798-4721. Teekah’s case number is 990231121. Last check 11/2018.
Lightfoot, Margaret
London, UK
Link On November 24, 1975, Margaret Lightfoot left her home in Loughton to walk her dog in nearby Epping Forest. She was seen by a neighbor. Margaret’s nude body was found by a police dog close to her house in a thicket among undergrowth. At that spot, several women had reported seeing a man streaking. Authorities think that Margaret was killed after she was punched in the face, stripped of her clothes, and sexually assaulted. Cause of death: strangulation with an object, her dog’s leash. Her rubber boots were found underneath her body. Examining them with modern technology for touch DNA might be the only way to advance this case. If you have any information please contact the UK Officers at 020 7230 4294, via 101 or @MetCC or you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Last check 11/2018.
Little Miss Nobody
Arizona, USA
Link A schoolteacher found the partially decomposed body of a child half-buried near the intersection of Alamo and State Highway 93, Congress, Yavapai County, Arizona. According to original newspaper reports, she was dressed in white shorts, a checkered blouse, and had nail polish on her finger and toenails. She was wearing adult-sized flip-flops cut down to fit her little feet. The medical examiner said her body was too decomposed to “determine cause of death.” The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office needs the public’s help to identity "Little Miss Nobody.” She was between 2-7 years old (closer to 3-6), approx. 55 pounds, and 3 feet 6 inches. Her race is undetermined. If you have any information about this child please call Cold Case Investigator John Shannon at 928-777-7293 or leave an anonymous tip with Yavapai Silent Witness at 800-932-3232. Last check 11/2018.
Long, Vickie
Florida, USA
Link Vickie Long was murdered on September 10, 1984. She died of asphyxia due to blunt neck trauma. Todd Campbell, who was arrested for her murder was acquitted by DNA in 2010. The case remains unsolved. Last check 11/2018.
Loran, Michelle Frances
Washington, USA
Link Michelle Frances Loran (19), a young mother, went missing in the early morning hours of October 28, 1990. Around 2am, she was last seen at the Interstate 5 underpass a few blocks from her home in Kelso, Kalama, Cowlitz County, Washington. Michelle’s skull was found in April 1996 in the woods east of I-5, Kalama, Washington. She was identified by dental records. Michelle had a non-cemetery burial service. If you have any information about Michelle Frances Loran please call the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) at 577-3092 or Crime Stoppers at 577-1206. Last check 11/2018.
Lost Soldiers of Fromellles
WWII, France
Link The bodies, which were buried by German forces, were excavated from six mass graves in 2008. 120 have been identified so far, check here for an overview Last check 11/2018.
Lowe, Eunice Shrivers
Texas, USA
Link On Sept. 17, 1976, bus ticket clerk Eunice Shrivers Lowe (Nov 11, 1920 - Sep 17, 1976) was killed at work at the Continental Railways Station in Bay City, Houston, Texas. Eunice was beaten with a pickax, stabbed with a broken glass bottle, robbed, and raped. The killer stole her car and about ,000 in cash from the company. Sentenced was Mr. Jerry Hartfield however, he might be wrongfully convicted. As authorities do not have other suspects, we possibly face an unsolved rape-murder. Last check 11/2018.
Lu, Quang
Toronto, Canada
Link Lu disappeared in 2007. Despite finding the place where he was most likely murdered the case remains unsolved. Last check 11/2018.
Luciani, Albino
Link Albino Luciani (Oct 17, 1912 – Sept 28, 1978), Pope John Paul I, died on Sept 28, 1978 after a papal reign of only 33 days. He was 65 years old. According to the Vatican, the cause of death was myocardial infarction. Luciani had a retinal thrombosis three years before his death. “This is really significant because it means the blood doesn’t circulate properly” Dr. Lina Petri, MD continues and explains the dangers: “It indicates that what happened in the eye could occur in the leg, the intestines or, the pulmonary artery. If there is a precedent it is serious, and one must be very careful, because a person can no longer be considered in full health.” On the day of his death, Albino Luciani was walking around in the Papal apartment to aid his swollen ankles. He had told his Secretary John Magee that he wasn't feeling well. While walking, Magee heard him coughing harshly. When he checked, the Pope told him he had felt a sudden pain in his chest. By walking, the Pope probably dislodged a thrombus, a prop. This prop then traveled upwards to his lungs causing the sudden chest pain. The prop however, was not big enough to cause instant death but it is an indication, supportive of a massive and fatal pulmonary embolus that came later in the evening. Despite not feeling well, harsh coughing, and sudden chest pain, the Pope is left alone for at least two hours that evening. He retires around 920pm. The next morning, Sister Vincenza Taffarel finds the Pope dead in bed. Author and journalist John Cornwell thinks the Pope died hours before he was found and that his death scene was most likely staged to make it seem more natural. That plan was based on panic and remorse for which Pope dies alone on the floor with one Secretary out and the other didn’t notice? How will they ever explain that yes, they knew the Pope complained about chest pains but no, they didn’t give the Vatican Health Services the heads-up? Many people feel we do not know the truth about Luciani’s death. I agree. No Head of State, in fact nobody, should be left alone after complaining of sudden chest pains. The Vatican isn’t blameless in Luciani’s death. I do believe they dropped the ball in not tending to its new Pope properly. In that sense it is guilty of neglect. I hope that one day the Vatican will come clean about the exact cause of death of Albino Luciani and his health. Until that day, the cloud of suspicion remains. Last check 11/2018.
Luhrsen, Herman Edward Wilhelm
Wisconsin, 1937
Link On Feb12, 1937, around 845pm, Luhrsen was working at the Wisconsin gas station he owned. He eard the door to the gas station open but it isn’t clear if he could see the door open. We know an armed man came in to most likely rob the gas station and/or Luhrsen. His face was masked with a dark handkerchief. He aimed his nickel-plated gun at Luhrsen and demanded he handed over the money. We do know Luhrsen himself that he was punished by his impatient robber for being slow to hand over his own money. He got shot in the stomach area to force him comply. The robber removed either or from his overall pocket. Luhrsen was still fully conscious when Beloit Police interviewed him. He said the robber was male, mid-30s, 6 feet tall, and about 155 lbs. He said the robber was “raggedly clad” wearing a light-colored hat but no overcoat. He might have worn glasses but he didn’t get a good look at his face. Because the robber had no overcoat, authorities thought he might have had a get-away car nearby. What happens now only seems possible in slow-motion: the robber is leaving, as per the papers Luhrsen crawls to the back room (I thought he was behind his desk somewhere) where he kept a .22 caliber revolver (where? in the desk drawer? Some articles say it was a .32), then he crawls towards the station and the robber is still there. He is in the gas station’s doorway apparently in no hurry to leave and in no fear of being seen. Luhrsen aims and shoots twice. Only then does the robber leave but he does not fire back. So did he still have his own gun or not? This is weird-robber behaviour if you ask me. So maybe this wasn’t a robbery at all. There was also speculation that Luhrsen was actually shot with his own weapon, a .22 (or .32) that was kept at the gas station. “There is every possibility that Luhrsen was not actually held up,” then-Sheriff Paul Johnson from Rockford, said. Luhrsen fired two shots. One bullet was found inside the gas station. It hit a fire extinguisher near the door. Where did bullet number two go? Authorities had examined Luhrsen’s gun and established it had indeed fired two bullets. Luhrsen crawls to the phone, calls his wife, she calls Marshall Theodore Graves, who calls Deputy Sheriff William Gottfried. Graves arrives at the gas station and accompanies Luhrsen to Beloit Memorial Hospital. Luhrsen passes away around 123am on Valentine’s Day, Feb 14, 1937. He was surrounded by his family. Because of the slow-motion robbery, people thought Luhrsen tried to kill himself or he knew his killer. In each case, we lack motive. On Feb 15, authorities were able to rule out attempted suicide. Luhrsen was killed with a .38 caliber weapon. Luhrsen owned a .22. Another interesting detail was revealed: the .38 bullet that killed Luhrsen was apparently an old bullet. It had been in the gun’s chamber for a while and that gun had not been used in a long time. So are we talking about maybe an antique weapon or a weapon that serves as part of a collection versus a weapon that serves to protect oneself? There is no further information in this case. Last check 11/2018.
Lukander, Anita Mae Carter
Florida, USA
Link On March 17, 1988 Anita Mae Carter Lukander (22) vanished from her Atlantic Beach home in Florida. Her remains were found ten days later. The cause of death was strangulation. Anita’s hands were bound and she suffered severe mutilations. She was gagged with a white shirt. Anita was identified by her dental records. Two fishermen found her along the Intracoastal Waterway in Jacksonville Beach, Fl. The authorities said she had been in the water for several days. Peter Johnstone was wrongfully convicted for Anita’s first-degree murder. He was incarcerated since Aug 1995 and acquitted in 1997. If you have any information please contact the FBI or, call 1-800-225-5324 or, call your local police department referring to the 1988 Anita Lukander murder. Last check 4/2019.
Lundgren, Amber Elaine
North Carolina, USA
Link Amber Elaine Lundgren (Feb 7, 1977 – June 7, 1997) was last seen on June 7, 1997, leaving a nightclub called Bar Code on 81 Broadway Street, Asheville, North Carolina. She was just 20 years old. Authorities believe that Amber disappeared between 230 and 330am. Her body was found on Azalea Road in East Asheville. Amber had a single stab wound to her upper right chest area. “She also had defensive wounds on her arms, hands, and legs,” Det. Welborn said. “It appears to us her clothing was removed after her death.” According to the papers, no DNA evidence was found at the crime scene or on the victim’s body. Det. Welborn said that there was no evidence to support that Amber was sexually assaulted. I assume there is a rape kit. If we have a rape kit from 1997 there is good reason to re-examine it with all the advances made in forensic sciences. The detective further said that Amber’s killer carried her towards a small drainage ditch as he knew that running water would covered up her body. Did we find the first crime scene or do we only have the secondary crime scene e.g. the spot where her remains were found? Do we know whether Amber was dead when she was thrown into the water or, did she drown? Was the cause of death the single stab wound mentioned earlier or was it drowning? Was the knife found that made the stabbing wound? This case is in need of a review. Amber’s case is listed on the Asheville North Carolina Cold Cases page, you can find that here. If you have any information please call the Asheville Police Department at (828) 252-1110. Last check 2/2019.
Lutz, Tracie De Ann
Texas, USA
Link Tracie De Ann Lutz was killed in 1990. Dennis Anderson, a convicted killer who federal authorities believed was responsible for her murder, was found hanged in a Pensacola motel room in late 2010. Last check 11/2018.
MacPherson, Duncan Alvin
Saskatoon, Canada
Link The case of Duncan Alvin MacPherson (February 3, 1966 – August 9, 1989) started as a missing person case. He was last seen in the summer of 1989. His body was found in a gletsjer in 2003. His remains were cremated on August 4, 2003. Duncan was only 23 years old. On July 18, 2006 the Austrian statute of limitations for bringing a lawsuit in Duncan's death expired. According to the Austrian authorities they did everything inn their power to investigate Duncan's death. Last check 12/2018.
Madvig, Connie Sue
Texas, USA
Link On June 27, 1977, Connie Sue Madvig (18) was found in a wooded area near Aldine Westfield and East Cypresswood in Spring, Texas. She had been stabbed to death. Connie was last seen alive on June 23, 1977, walking to a store after leaving her parents’ home in the 23900 block of Spring Briar Lane. Anyone with information can contact Houston Crime Stoppers at 1-713-222-8477 or call the Harris County Cold Case Unit at 1-713-967-5911. Despite a call from the authorities for help it remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Man in the Iron Mask
Link If I were to re-investigate this cold case to find out the unknown prisoner’s identity I would not start where others did or, still do. If you start with his possible identity you get tangled up in all the gossip, speculations and movie twists. Start with the men in the background and the facts: who had the power to arrest this man and to incarcerate him in a high security facility? If you give an unknown prisoner a secret life and keep their identity hidden, why issue a death certificate? This tells me that the identity of the unknown prisoner was getting less and less important. If you check where the prisoner was held you see the correctional facilities drop down in security grading. Between each transport, his security detail was downgraded. Why? The ministry changed. Minister of War Louvois was succeeded by his son, Barbezieux. During his life, Louvois considered the unknown prisoner such a personal threat that he ordered his incarceration for life. Under Barbezieux, all security measures were downgraded. It indicates the threat was over or, the importance was personal. The best Barbezieux could do was to keep the unknown prisoner incarcerated. If not, someone would question his father's actions. To recap: We need to start with the Minister of War, Louvois. Last check 12/2018.
Manchester female skeleton
Manchester, UK
Link In 2011, female skeletal remains were found on a construction site in Manchester, UK. Despite facial reconstruction, the victim known now as "Angel Meadows" remains unidentified. Forensic tests showed the woman was Caucasian, born in the early 1950s and was between 5ft 1in and 5ft 7in. There is DNA and the authorities are using familial DNA. It is believed she was killed between 1975 and 1988. Detectives think she was beaten to death and possibly sexually assaulted as she was naked from the waist down. A piece of Guinness memorabilia was found discovered near her remains. The carpet she was covered by seemed to fit a Ford Cortina. It had a hole for a gear stick. In 2015, she was laid to rest in an unmarked grave in a state-paid service that was attended only by two detectives who have spent four years working on her unsolved murder case. Anyone with information about the case can contact the GMP cold case review unit on 0161 856 5961 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Last check 12/2018.
Martin, Bernice
Connecticut, USA
Link On March 8, 1987, fire fighters were called to the Mayfair Gardens Elderly Housing Complex, Manchester, Connecticut. They found Mrs. Bernice Martin (88) barely breathing and badly beaten. She died later that evening in the hospital. The fire department found the front door locked but the glass sliding door in the back was open. The curtain that should have been on the sliding door was on the floor. A pried open latch on the rear screen door was clearly the point of entry. Mrs. Martin was lying near the entrance of the bedroom, naked, except for some shredded clothing on her upper body. There was a piece of red fabric tied to a piece of bluish gray fabric tightly knotted with Boy Scout knots around her neck and arms. She had 10 less severe stab wounds in the back, and 1 three-inch deep stab wound in the abdomen. All Mrs. Martin’s wounds were suffered premortem, i.e., while she was still alive. During the autopsy, the medical examiner concluded that Mrs. Martin had been strangled with a blunt object. There was also evidence of sexual assault; however, a blunt object caused the vaginal trauma. No semen was found in her body. The blunt weapon was never found. The assault had started in the bedroom. Semen and blood were found on the bed. A knife blade was found in the bedding. It later tested negative for blood. What may have been a charred handle of the knife was found in the living room. It also tested negative for blood. However, it was never conclusively established whether the knife blade was part of the murder weapon or not. A pair of men’s gloves was found in the bedroom. The left glove was found on the left side of the bed above the bloodstain. The right glove was found to the left of the bed on the floor. They did not belong to Mrs. Martin. The attacker had set several fires. One was set on the living room couch, one near the refrigerator door handle, and one near a kitchen drawer handle. Unfortunately, no fingerprints were found. Police did take a partial print from the handle of the glass sliding door of a neighbouring apartment, where someone had cut the screen door the night before. In 1992, Richard A. Lapointe was sentenced to life plus 60 years for this 1987 rape-murder. A new trial was ordered in Oct 2012. The Connecticut Supreme Court heard the State's appeal Sept 17, 2013. On March 31, 2015, the Connecticut Supreme Court ordered a retrial. On Oct 2, 2015, on International Wrongful Conviction Day, Richard Lapointe was set free. The judge ruled that he cannot be retried. With Lapointe out of the equation, we face a cold case. There is a rape kit and evidence pieces that can be tested for DNA. Someone killed Bernice Martin in 1987. I hope that she will not become a forgotten file. Last check 12/2018.
Martin, Dennis Lloyd
Tennessee, USA
Link Dennis Lloyd Martin (6) went missing on June 14, 1969 from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. He was last seen around 4pm playing hide-n-seek in Spence Field near the Appalachian Trail. He went to hide behind a bush in the area and then he vanished. After five minutes, the Martin family started to search for Dennis. That search expanded to more than 1400 people include the National Guard and Special Forces. Despite all efforts, no traces were found. The search was hindered by heavy rain and mist the next day. The rain could have washed away any traces and frankly, 1400 people may have disturbed any traces were there in the first place. The search was ultimately abandoned on June 29 and officially closed on September 14, 1969. Dennis Lloyd Martin was born on June 20, 1962. He is white with dark brown, wavy hair. He has brown eyes and no known distinctive body features. If you have any information about Dennis Lloyd Martin’s case please contact the Tennessee Bureau Of Investigation at 615-744-4000. Last check 12/2018.
Martinez, Brenda Harvey Lee
Michigan, USA
Link Brenda Lee Harvey Martinez (23) disappeared on Dec. 22, 1988, in Flint, Michigan. She had just lost her mother and the family was grieving. According to the papers, Brenda said that she was going to use a pay phone at Fenton and West Atherton roads, Flint. She put on her coat and went outside. She never returned. Her snow-covered, frozen body was found near Tobaggan Hill in Holloway Reservoir Regional Park on Jan. 5, 1989. The authorities still refuse to reveal the cause of death (crucial to the investigation) but have labelled her case a homicide. However, nobody has ever been charged for her murder. The case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Martinko, Michelle Marie
Iowa, USA
Link Michelle Marie Martinko was found dead on Dec 20, 1979. She was repeatedly stabbed in her face and chest. Police found her body in the family Buick in the parking lot of the Westdale Mall, Iowa. Police said there was no sign of a sexual assault, but she had wounds that indicated she fought with her attacker. In Oct 2006, police announced they had developed the suspect’s DNA. However, no match was found in the national Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). In May 2017, Cedar Rapids Police Department released a suspect composite sketch based on that DNA. On Dec 19, 2018, police announced an arrest. Jerry Lynn Burns (64) was arrested 12/19/2018 and faces first-degree murder charges. A covert DNA sample was matched to blood found at the crime scene. Police questioned Burns at work in Manchester, Iowa where he denied killing Martinko. He could not offer an alternative explanation for why his DNA was found at the crime scene. Burns again denied killing Martinko when he appeared by video for his arraignment. He will apply for court-appointed counsel. The judge ordered a million cash-only bond. The preliminary hearing was on Dec 28, 2018. Trial is set for Oct 14, 2019 in Linn County District Court. If you have any information, please contact Investigator Matt Denlinger at 319-286 5442 or email him at [email protected] Last check 1/2019.
Maybury, Kylie Maria Antonia
East Preston, Australia
Link Kylie Maria Antonia Maybury (1978 – Nov 6, 1984) died of asphyxiation/suffocation while she was raped by an adult male. DNA was used to eliminate suspects and to scan databases in search of a match. On June 9, 2016 police arrested Gregory Keith Davies (73). Davies was charged with one count of rape, one count of murder, and one count of false imprisonment. Davies was remanded in custody to face a committal hearing in May 2017. He pled guilty on May 29, 2017. In September, he was attacked in prison. Davies appeared in court Nov 27, 2017. He was remanded for sentence in December. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a non-parole period of 28 years. Davies may be eligible for parole in 2045 at the age of 101. Last check 12/2018.
McCray, Cynthia Denise
Virginia, USA
Link In 2010, William Ray Hagy Jr. was sentenced to life for the 1984 murder of Cynthia McCray. There is hardly anything online about her. Should you have any information about her such as hobbies, dreams, memories, maybe even a photograph, please contact me.
McCullough, Brandon Tyree
Georgia, USA
Link Brandon Tyree McCullough (25) was killed outside his Oaks of Brandlewood apartment in Savannah (Georgia) shortly before 8pm on December 27, 2009. He had a gunshot wound to his head. If you have any information call the anonymous Crime Stoppers service at 912-234-2020 or text CRIMES (274637) using the keyword CSTOP2020. Police investigators can be reached confidentially at 912-525-3124. Last check 12/2018.
McLeod, David
New Hampshire, USA
Link On Jan 14, 1989, a fire to a multi-unit apartment building claimed the lives of Carl Hina (49), his wife Lori (26), daughter Sara (12) and daughter Lillian (4m). The medical examiner ruled they died of smoke inhalation. David McLeod told people on the night of the fire that he “torched the Hilton.” That is a nickname for the apartment building where the Hina Family lived. McLeod was questioned repeatedly by police. It’s not clear what connection, if any, David McLeod had with the Hina family. A retired Keene police detective said that investigators at that time believed that McLeod started the fire to get back at his then-girlfriend and a man who may or may not have had a relationship with her. Both his suspected targets lived in the same eight-unit building where the Hinas died. McLeod was held without bond since his 2010 arrest. A mistrial was declared on Dec 19, 2013. A retrial was scheduled for April 14, 2014. However, the New Hampshire Attorney General announced on Feb 13, 2014 that after a thorough review, the decision has been made to forego the April 2014 retrial and avoid a double jeopardy issue. This way they preserve the State's ability to retry McLeod in the future should additional evidentiary and legal avenues develop. This case hinges on forensic arson detection. Last check 12/2018.
McMahan, Janis Petkas
Texas, USA
Link On September 28, 1984, the badly decomposed bodies of John Robert Buckels (38) and Janis Petkas McMahan (37) were found along Old Highway 105 near Cleveland, Montgomery County, Texas. Both died of gunshot wounds. During the first investigation blood evidence was discovered and collected by the Houston Police Department. DNA testing was not available yet. The blood evidence remained stored in the Houston Crime Lab for decades. In July 2009, DNA testing linked to Seldon Wayne Colvin, one of the original persons of interest detectives identified in the first investigation. Colvin was found guilty of capital murder in Buckels’ death and guilty of murder in McMahan’s death. He was sentenced to life in prison for the capital murder and to 40 years for the murder conviction. His sentences run concurrently. Last check 12/2018.
McPherson, Valerie Lorane Evans
Texas, USA
Link Valerie Lorane Evans McPherson (Oct 16, 1958 – Aug 05, 1991) was stabbed to death around 8am on Aug 5, 1991, while jogging along Contour Drive in Olmos Park, San Antonio, Texas. Authorities said that she was stabbed nine times in her stomach and in her back. She had been able to give police a description of her attacker. If Valerie’s clothes are still preserved they should be tested for touch DNA with the M-Vac especially where the attacker’s hand might have touched her. He might have held on to one of her shoulders while stabbing her. It would be useful to know whether the attacker was left or right-handed. The contusion spot on her arm might be from him grabbing her. That sleeve should be tested for touch DNA as well. Last check 12/2018.
McRoberts, Gregory S.
Michigan, USA
Link In 1991, Gregory S. McRoberts was struck by a car while riding his bike. The driver left Gregory to die. Gregory's body was found in 1992. In 2005, a letter was sent to Gregory's parents apparently written by a remorseful driver. The authorities are still on the look out for that driver. You can find the text of the letter here. The case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Mendez, Barbara
Wisconsin, USA
Link On April 28, 1982, Barbara Mendez (Feb 21, 1949 - April 28, 1982) was found bludgeoned to death inside the Park City Credit Union (Minocqua, Wisconsin) There is very little information online about Barbara’s case. The case only pops up as a mention when other cold cases from the Minocqua area are discussed. Barbara’s case has never been solved and she has no web presence. Husband, Robin D. Mendez, was arrested in 2018 and charged with first-degree murder. Robin Mendez pleaded not guilty to his wife's murder in April and said he has an alibi. He waived his jury trial this week and will receive a trial by judge. His jury trial is scheduled for April 8, 2019. On Dec 13, 2018 parties were in court to discuss a very interesting detail in Barbara's murder: motive. Acknowledged by the defense, Robin Mendez had an affair with a 15-year-old teenager. "The affair began in the summer of 1981 and ended in the fall of 1982. Nothing stopped it from happening, even the murder." Both parties argued why the affair should or should now be allowed as evidence during trial. Judge Jill Falstad decided to allow it as it goes back to intent. Opening arguments in Mendez's trial will begin Monday April 8, 2019. Last check 4/2019.
Meredith, Trisha
Indiana, USA
Link Trisha Meredith (19) had just left her mom’s home to move into her first apartment when she was murdered. She was found in the laundry room. Stabbed 15 times and her throat was cut. Her killer is someone she knew since the multiple stabbing points to a personalized attack. The laundry room was enclosed, quiet, and someone had to know that not many people would be around. If you have any information about this case, call the IMPD Cold Case Unit at 327-3475 or 327-3068. Last check 12/2018.
Miera Jr., Stephen Maurice
California, USA
Link Stephen Maurice Miera Jr (July 11, 1928 - Aug 2, 1974) was found bludgeoned to death in his Hawthorne (CA) real estate and insurance agency. His body was found by an employee on August 3rd, 1974. Miera was last seen alive by employees the night before. Before Miera got involved in real estate, he worked as an engineer. He left Albuquerque in 1959 to work at the Space Technical Labs in Inglewood, CA. He also worked for Lear-Siegler Corp. in Santa Monica (CA) and North American Aviation in Downey (CA). The cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head. The weapon was a hammer that was kept in the office for posting real estate signs. Robbery was not suspected as primary motive. If that hammer was preserved it should be tested for touch DNA. According to police, Miera had a habit of working alone late at night and according to employees, he was doing exactly that on the night he died. No arrest was ever made in this case. If you have any information contact the Hawthorne Police Department at (310) 349-2700. Last check 1/2019.
Miley, Marion E.
Kentucky, USA
Link Golf champion Marion E. Miley (27) and her mother Elsie E. Miley were killed during a robbery at the Lexington Country Club (Kentucky) on Sunday, September 28, 1941. Three men were arrested, charged, and two years later they all died in the electric chair for these murders. Some believe that one of these three men, Bob Anderson, was wrongfully executed. However Tom Penney, the gun man, gave the evidence needed to prove Anderson’s guilt. William J. Buchanan (1926 – 2005) was the son of Warden Jesse Buchanan who presided over the three executions. The warden was a fierce advocate for capital punishment. However, the Miley case changed that. William had the opportunity to talk to all three men. And, he had access to his father’s papers and files. He wrote a book called “Execution Eve” about the case, the trial, and the executions of these three men. Last check 12/2018.
Millan, Melissa
Connecticut, USA
Link Melissa Millan (Oct 13, 1960 – Nov 20, 2014) was out jogging on the evening of Nov 20, 2014 on a widely used trail in Simsbury when she was attacked and stabbed in the chest. The case went cold. Last year the Cold Case Unit of the Chief State’s Attorney’s Office and the FBI revisited the crime scene, no new evidence was found. In 2018, William Winters Leverett walked into Simsbury PD and said that he wanted to confess to the crime. He has a record. He moved to Connecticut from Colorado where in 2010 he plead guilty to fourth degree sexual assault of a child. The specifics of those charges have not been released by the Colorado police; he did not serve any prison time, was placed on probation, and fined 8. He was required to provide a DNA sample and register as a sex offender. Police believe that there is no other perpetrator of the crime, in particular since Leverett was able to provide information that would only be known to the killer. He took police to the barn on a property that he had lived at the time of the murder; there he showed them on of the gloves that he got rid of, the glove had DNA on it matching Melissa Millan’s. Leverett has plead not guilty and waived his right to a probable cause hearing. He will be back in court on Dec 6, 2018. Last check 12/2018.
Mogila-Lisowska, Iwona Maria
Lodz, Poland
Link Iwona Maria Mogila-Lisowska (31) disappeared from Lodz, Poland, on November 11, 1992. Iwona was born on August 22, 1961, in Wroclaw (Breslau). She was white, dark brown hair, grey/green eyes, and 5’5″ (165 cm.) Foul play is suspected. Iwona was declared dead on December 22, 2002. Last check 12/2018.
Moore, Alfred
Leeds, UK
Link Two on duty UK police officers were gunned down in cold blood on July 15, 1951. Alfred Moore was convicted for those murders and executed at Leeds Prison Feb 6, 1952. The main piece of evidence against Moore was the deposition given by one of the shot policemen, Constable Arthur Gordon Jagger, who died shortly after. This case is riddled with police misconduct. Significant public outcry and the tireless efforts from Moore's daughters have led to various collaborations to clear Moore's name. After sending a Freedom of Information request to West Yorkshire Police, Moore's daughter was told that the police force still holds several exhibits which may have helped send her father to the gallows. She hopes the exhibits can be re-examined to help convince the Criminal Cases Review Commission to reopen her father’s case. Steve Lawson, assisted by retired judge Patrick Robertshaw, is preparing for a second application to the CCRC in 2019. Last check 12/2018.
Moore, Andy
California, USA
Link Andy Moore was murdered in his studio apartment on the corner of Ash and 8th Avenue in downtown San Diego, California, USA. Police believe that Andy was killed on Sept. 9, 2000. His apartment had been ransacked, and a set of expensive cutlery had been stolen along with the victim's red 1994 Suzuki Katana motorcycle, which turned up abandoned in the nearby Golden Hill neighborhood weeks later. At the time of his death, Moore was employed as a chef at a Gaslamp Quarter restaurant. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 888-580-8477. Last check 12/2018.
Moore, Charles Eddie
Mississippi, USA
Link On May 2, 1964, Charles Eddie Moore (19), a college student, and Henry Hezekiah Dee (19), a mill worker, were hitchhiking. They were picked up the KKK. The two young men were abducted, interrogated, and tortured in a nearby forest. Then they were locked in a trunk of a car, driven across state lines, chained to a Jeep motor and train rails, and dropped alive into the Mississippi River to die. Moore and Dee’s remains were discovered on July 12-13, 1964 during the frantic FBI search for James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner, the three civil rights workers who disappeared June 21. When it was discovered that the bodies were those of two other black men and not those of the three civil rights workers media interest evaporated and the press moved on. The FBI investigated the Moore/Dee case and arrested two suspects in November 1964. However, the district attorney concluded there was insufficient evidence for prosecution. The case was dropped by local authorities. In 2007, Klansman and former police officer James Ford Seale was arrested in connection with the Moore/Dee murders. Seale was sentenced to three life sentences for one count of conspiracy to kidnap two persons and two counts of kidnapping where the victims were not released alive. He was incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Terre Haute, Indiana, where he died in 2011. Last check 12/2018.
Mortier, Amos Kale
Wisconsin, USA
Link Amos Kale Mortier was born on April 28, 1977. He has been missing since Nov 8, 2004. Police believe that he was murdered. Amos led a double life. He was both a loving caring son and a drug-dealer. If you have any information about this case please contact the Fitchburg police department at 608-270-4300. There’s a ,000 reward. Last check 12/2018.
Muncy, John Anthony "Tony"
Ohio, 1983
Link John Anthony “Tony” Muncy (15) was last seen on October 15, 1983 in the evening hours at the York Plaza Movie Theatre in Columbus. On October 16, 1983, his dismembered body was found on South Galena Road, Galena, Delaware County, Ohio. Cause of death: multiple stab wounds in the back. All extremities were either partly or completely severed from his torso. His severed arms seemed cut at the elbows. His legs and his head were partly severed. The body was between Golf Course Road and Alexander Road east of the bridge. Deputy Loudermilk found Muncy lying beside the road inside three trash bags. If you have any information about this case please contact the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office at (740) 833-2810 or submit a tip online. John Anthony Muncy’s case number is 1209. Last check 12/2018.
Murphy, Gary Vincent
California, USA
Link Gary Vincent Murphy was born on January 8, 1957 in South Dennis, MA. He was murdered less than a week after he had won a custody battle with his ex-girlfriend’s mother. Murphy had asked the family courts for the right to raise his daughter alone. He was gainfully employed, sober, had kicked his drug habits and, felt confident that he would be a good parent. The courts awarded him custody. And then he was murdered in the halfway house where he had served his sentence. There is not a lot online and the links I had used for this post are now gone. Last check 12/2018.
Neily, David Virgil
California, USA
Link On April 14, 2006, David Virgil Neily (69) went missing from the Westport area of California. Before he disappeared, he visited the property of James De Noyer. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department described De Noyer as a ‘person of interest’ in this investigation. You see, there's more than one mystery tied to De Noyer. Aside from Neily, another man went missing. Donald Cavanaugh was like Neily involved with De Noyer's horse farm. They are both missing and they are both feared dead. Cavanaugh went missing after he went to pick up his belongings from the farm after James De Noyer (farm's owner and Cavanaugh's nephew) accused him of stealing money. Neily went missing after he went to pick up his car from that same farm after De Noyer accused him of tipping off authorities about poor conditions there. De Noyer was charged with 36 counts of animal cruelty after 36 emaciated horses were removed from the farm. Despite significant efforts by David's children and renewed media attention, the case remains unsolved. Anyone with further information should contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office, detective unit at 707.463.4111, and refer to case #06-1611. Last check 12/2018.
Nelson, Raymond Nels
Washington DC, USA
Link In 1981, someone killed Raymond Nels Nelson (September 2, 1921 – June 1, 1981) by hitting him on the head with a typewriter. Nelson, bureau chief of the Providence Journal and Evening Bulletin in Warwick, Rhode Island, and later a member of Senatorial candidate Claiborne Pell’s team, was a dynamic man and public figure in Washington, DC but foremost, he was a father and husband. His murder is unsolved and features on many websites. There is speculation galore but we still do not have any new leads. Nelson had come out as gay 5 years prior to his death. Authorities thought that this was a ‘typical gay murder.’ They also told the family that, because of mounting evidence, an arrest would be forthcoming. But days became weeks, weeks became months, months years, then decades. Nothing. Despite significant efforts of his daughter and media attention, the case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Noah, Trey Allen
Texas, USA
Link In Nov 2009, Trey Allen Noah (July 24, 1989 - Nov 30, 2009) went missing. His remains were found 5 months later. Shelby C. Moore and Brandon L. Harber were arrested and murder charges were filed. Those charges were dropped in March 2014 due to legal issues involving their Miranda rights. Harber was reindicted in 2014 for evidence tampering, tried, and found guilty in 2015. Jurors at his trial sentenced him to 10 years probation. The judge included 180 days in jail as a condition of probation. In Oct 2015, Moore was sentenced to 9 years but only for tampering with the body (hiding it) under a plea deal struck back in August. It is unclear who really killed Trey Noah. An affidavit by Gillespie County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Pehl quoted Moore as saying in a June 10, 2010 interview that Harber argued with Noah and shot him at Moore’s home in Kendall County, Texas. “Moore told me that neither he nor Harber sought any medical care for Noah after the shooting,” and that the two used Moore’s pickup to dump the body, Pehl said in the affidavit. Conflicting information appeared in the papers too as both defendants pointed to each other. Last check 12/2018.
Nwene, Carissa Adaobi
California, USA
Link Carissa Adaobi Nwene (April 15, 1994 - Nov 16, 2007) was 13 years old when a van struck her and she was left to die on the side of the road. On November 16, 2007, at 828 am the Desert Hot Springs Police Department (DHSPD) in California received a call that a severely injured child was lying in a field next to Palm Dr, between Camino Aventura and Camino Campesino. Despite all efforts to save her life, she never regained consciousness and passed away as a result of her injuries. Police think the van that struck Carissa is a white 2003-2005 Ford E series [Econoline] panel van [E-150, E-250 or E-350]. The van should have sustained damage to the right front turn signal corner from the impact. As Palm Dr. is a well-traveled area police do believe that someone saw Carissa being hit. Maybe people didn't see Carissa herself. Maybe you just saw a reckless driver heading north into Desert Hot Springs. Maybe you saw a white van zigzagging in their lane. Maybe you saw a white van suddenly braking and then driving off again. Maybe you heard other cars honk and then saw a light-coloured van go north. If you are the driver please know that you caused the death of a child. You hit her and you left her there to die. Did you even get out of the van to check on her or did you just leave? Please do the right thing and turn yourself in. Police will find you. You broke the law. You caused a child's death. If you have any information that can help police please call the DHSPD at (760) 329-2904 or call Sgt. Dan Bressler at (760) 329-6411 ext 315. Last check 12/2018.
Oberbroeckling, Paula Jean
Iowa, USA
Link Paula Jean Oberbroeckling (Feb 25, 1952 - Huly 11, 1970) was 18 years old when she disappeared on July 11, 1970, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Her remains were found 4 months later by hikers. Police said the body was found draped around a steel pin in the ground, which in the past probably had been used as a power pole guy wire. Paula’s remains were in an advanced stage of decomposition. The skeleton was almost intact and there was no evidence on visual examination of traumatic injury. Paula’s wrists were tied behind her back. Her ankles were tied as well. Used were two types of flexible material: one appeared to be a plastic clothesline and the other a sort of cord. If you have any information that can help advance the case please contact the Cedar Rapids Police Department at 319-286-5375. Last check 12/2018.
Oberst Family
Kansas, USA
Link In the evening hours of April 20, 1928, the El Dorado (KS) farm of William and Elsie Oberst caught fire. Elsie, William, and five of their six children perished in the flames. However, the cause of death were gunshot wounds. Around midnight on April 20, 1928, the oldest child, Owen (17) drove towards the farm after a night out with friends. From a distance, he saw the red glow of the fire. A neighbour stopped him to prepare him for what had happened and to deliver the horrifying news. On April 23, 1928, Owen buried his family. Right after the service, Sheriff Emory McKnight, Undersheriff Eldon Jarnagin, County Attorney Stanley Taylor, and a reporter for the Times (Will Feder) interviewed Owen without a legal guardian present. They took him to a remote part of his Uncle Fred’s farm and questioned him for more than three hours. Later the newspapers reported that Owen was cleared as a suspect. But that didn't stop the interrogations. On May 4, 1928, they continued resulting in a confession. On May 5, 1928, Owen was arrested and charged with seven murders. The murder weapon? A .22-calibre rifle. Again, Owen did not have any legal representation or a legal guardian present. He faced years of trials and incarceration. In Oct 1931, when the fourth attempt was made to try him for seven murders, it was impossible to find a fair and impartial jury and the case was finally cleared from the docket. Owen Oberst was a free man. But who killed his family? Last check 12/2018.
Ogunyemi, Oluwaseyi
London, UK
Link In April 2009, Oluwaseyi "Seyi" Ogunyemi was murdered. The attack on his life involved dogs, knives, and being beaten to death. The dog's owner Chrisdian Johnson was found when police managed to get blood on Seyi identified as dog DNA. In 2010, Johnson was sentenced to life and must serve a minimum of 24 years in prison. Last check 12/2018.
Oliver, Bernard Michael
Suffolk, UK
Link Bernard Michael Oliver (1950 - Jan 16, 1967) went missing Jan 6, 1967. He had not come home from an evening out with friends. His dad reported him missing the next day. Bernard’s remains were found 10 days later. His professionally dismembered body was found stuffed in two suitcases. His body was cut up in eight pieces. The autopsy showed evidence of sexual assault. Bernard was strangled to death before his dismemberment. I have not found whether that was manual strangulation or strangulation by object. The Bernard Oliver case is known as the Tattingstone Suitcase Murder (UK). If you have any information about this case please contact the Suffolk Police or talk to CrimeStoppers anonymously. Last check 12/2018.
Ombler, David
Hull, UK
Link On May 30, 1914, Mr. Ombler (72), a market trader from Hull, was found by his neighbor lying on his back on his kitchen floor on West Parade, Hull, with head injuries. He was quickly taken to the infirmary but passed away. His skull was fractured from the forehead to the back of his head. He was beaten with a fire poker and pair of tongs. There was evidence of a struggle. Ombler had been at a wholesale market earlier that morning. Ombler’s housekeeper arrived around 8am that morning but by that time the attacker was gone so the attack took place between the time Ombler came home from the market and the arrival of his housekeeper. I could not find any images of David Ombler online. That is why his post is accompanied by one of my generic angels. If you have a picture or a link to a newspaper article, please contact me. This case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Orange County Jane Doe
California, USA
Link The Orange County authorities (California) are asking the public’s help with their oldest cold case. It is a Jane Doe found on March 14, 1968 near the crossing of Yorktown and Newland Ave in the city of Huntington Beach. Her case file number with the Huntington Beach Police Department (HBPD) is 68-06079. Warning: there are two graphic images in this post. If you have any information about this case please call the OCHTF at 1-866.673.2574 or use their website to contact them. Tips can be anonymous. Last check 12/2018.
Orcutt, Teryl Lynn Steel
Florida, USA
Link Teryl Lynn Steel Orcutt (26) went missing on Jan 21, 1990. On Jan 28 she was found stabbed to death in a palmetto thicket near Black Creek, Middleburg, Florida. Her partially clothed body was found by children along a creek bank. Teryl was a bank manager, divorced from Timothy Orcutt, and had a new boyfriend, Mike Mayland. Both men were cleared by police. In Jan 2017, the FBI added seven loci so along with the original 13 loci, this is the new CODIS Core Loci. Lt. Wayne McKinney of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office confirmed they found DNA on Teryl's body. However, at this point they cannot run it through the national Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) because right now it cannot handle specialized DNA profiles such as in this case. As a result, they cannot run it through the main DNA database for known sex offenders either. Once technology catches up, they will. Remember that like in the Patricia Louise Smith case (see database) a John Doe can be charged. It is a matter of time. Last check 12/2018.
Oronoque Rd John Doe
Connecticut, USA
Link On August 21,1992 two pedestrians found skeletal remains wrapped in a blanket across the street from train tracks not far from the Housatonic River. The state medical examiner said that the unidentified man was shot twice in the head. The article does not state the caliber or the side of the head. It also doesn’t specify whether the man had any other trauma. The man’s DNA showed him to be of Asian heritage, between 18-25 years old, and between 5’3 to 5’6 inches tall. If you have any information please contact Detective Mitchell Warwick at [email protected] or call (203) 878-6551. Last check 12/2018.
Parker, Eleanor Celeste
Louisiana, USA
Link Eleanor Celeste Parker (Dec 6, 1962 - missing Nov 10, 1981) graduated from Lee High School, moved into an apartment with three other (female) roommates, and planned to attend Louisiana State University (LSU). She was last seen at her parents’ house on Nov 10, 1981. Since then she’s been missing. She was 18 years old. On Nov 18, 1981, Eleanor’s car was found at an apartment complex near her work. Police suspect foul play. The case remains unsolved. If you have any information, please call Crime Stoppers at 225-344-7867. If you would like to speak with Sgt. Williams directly, call the Baton Rouge Police Department at 225-389-4869. Last check 12/2018.
Patterson, Beth Ann Brown
New York, USA
Link Beth Ann Brown Patterson (July 4, 1949 – March 27, 1978) was found beaten and strangled to death March 27, 1978. She was 28 years old. Her partially clothed body was found around 1030am by two children (11 and 9) who were looking for lost puppies near a pile of old fence posts in a swampy area behind their parents’ chicken coop on the Alton L. Noble Farm, Brocton, New York. Beth was laying face up and was partially concealed by the fence posts. The coroner said her face was battered, her slacks and underpants were pulled below her knees, and she was manually strangled to death. Beth suffered several sharp blows on her head and face. However, there were no skull fractures. The head injuries were secondary (e.g. not primary cause of death) to the strangulation. The type of weapon is unknown. Some papers mention it appeared Beth was sexually assaulted elsewhere and then dragged down a muddy incline to the place where she was found. She was dead less than 12 hours before she was found. The crime probably happened early Monday morning between 130-3am. Beth was last seen on Sunday evening at a restaurant called Castle Inn about a mile from Noble Farm where her body was found, police said. If you have any information about Beth Ann Brown Patterson’s case please contact Fredonia State Police at 716-679-1548. There is a reward in this case. Last check 12/2018.
Peak, Marie "Lisa"
Iowa, USA
Link Lisa Peak's nude remains were found in a ditch a quarter-mile north of Waverly’s city limits – a mere six miles from where Julie Benning’s body had been dumped - around 11 am on September 7, 1976. According to autopsy findings, Lisa had been sexually assaulted. Cause of death: strangulation (manual or by object is unclear) and a broken neck. As in the Benning case, the killer had left none of the teen’s clothing behind. Peak's case is often connected to Valerie Klossowsky's and Julie Benning's. They all remain unsolved. If you have any information, please contact Special Agent Jon Moeller at the FBI at (712) 258-1920, or contact the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation at (515) 725-6010. Last check 12/2018.
Percy, Valerie Jeanne
Illinois, USA
Link On Sept 18, 1966, Valerie Jeanne Percy (Dec 10, 1944 - Sept 18, 1966) was murdered in her parental home in Kenilworth, Illinois, by an unknown intruder. Valerie (21) was the daughter of former senator Charles Percy and Jeanne Valerie Dickerson. The attack on Valerie was intense and suggests it was personal. Her murderer left five bloody palm prints on the banister and a black leather glove outside the mansion. If properly preserved, the glove should be treated with the M-Vac System for touch DNA. The killer also left footprints at the Percy home leading to the beach. Three days after Valerie’s murder, police found a bayonet in Lake Michigan. Police believe that William Thoresen III was involved. They said that he “was never cleared from involvement in the Percy case” and that his possible involvement is considered “undetermined.” Judge Anna Helen Demacopoulos ruled on December 16, 2016 that many of the files will remain sealed as she is convinced that this is still an ongoing investigation especially in light of using modern technology to test evidence. Last check 12/2018.
Pfeifer, Elizabeth Anne
Texas, USA
Link Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer went missing on April 12, 1986. She left home to go to a party. She never came back. Elizabeth’s life has been troubled from the start. Shortly after she was born on December 10, 1965, she was given up for adoption. The Pfeifer family had already adopted another girl Laura, also from birth. Should we ever find remains, DNA testing will be difficult as nobody in her immediate family is a blood relative. The case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Pickavance, Lesley Anne
Bedford, UK
Link In 1990, Lesley Ann Pickavance went missing. In 2010, her family learned that earlier found unidentified remains were Lesley's. Apparently, she had tried to cross the M25 and was hit by several cars. Last check 12/2018.
Pimentel, David Etienne
Texas, USA
Link On July 28, 2014, David Etienne Pimentel was talking to his friend Charber de la Pax at a street corner near Charber’s home. It was around 930pm. A car drove by slowly. The boys didn’t react or look up. If they had, David might still be alive. The car returned and two men got out. At least one of them was armed. They demanded their wallets and phones. David complied. Charber had no possessions to hand over. Then in a flash, all parties were running away from each other. Charber screamed for someone to call 911. Angered by Charber’s scream, one of the robbers fired. Charber was shot in his leg and David in his back and died. The case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Pockett, Janice Kathryn
Connecticut, USA
Link Janice Kathryn Pockett (Oct 15, 1965 - July 26, 1973) was last seen on July 26, 1973. She left for a bike ride but never returned home on Anthony Road in Tolland. She was seven years old. Her bike was found nearby Rhodes Road next to a wooded area. In 2009, her case was added to NamUs. Janice had caught a butterfly, left it along the road, and wanted to go see if it was still there. It was the first time her mother allowed her to go out alone. Janice is white with strawberry blond hair and blue eyes. She has no known distinctive body features. She was wearing navy blue shorts with an American flag emblem and a striped pull-over shirt with blue sneakers the day she vanished. Her dental records are filed with NamUs as well as her DNA. If you have any information all the cold case squad tip line at 860-870-3228. Vernon police can be reached at 860-872-9126 and Connecticut State Police at 860-896-3230. Last check 12/2018.
Potes, Tamara & Wistong
Texas, USA
Link In 1992, Tamara and Wistong Potes were robbed in their home by several intruders. Tamara was raped and shot in the back of her head. She survived but was killed a year later during a drive-by shooting. I have not been able to find any further information about this. Wistong was murdered during the home invasion. In 2010, capital murder charges were filed against Andre Jamal Sloan after his DNA was found on old evidence. He was sentenced to life in 2012. Police are still trying to identify the other suspects involved in the home invasion. If you have any information about the case you're asked to call Crime Stoppers 713-222-TIPS. Last check 12/2018.
Potts, Beverly Rose
Ohio, USA
Link Beverly Rose Potts (April 15, 1941 - Aug 24, 1951) disappeared on Aug 24, 1951. Police assume that she was abducted and murdered. She was just 10 years old. Her remains were never found. Police is trying to get back in touch with an anonymous caller who left helpful information. If you have any information please call the Cleveland Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line at (216) 252-7463. Last check 12/2018.
Prince, Christine
Toronto, Canada
Link On June 20, 1982, Christine Prince (25) left her house to go to the movies with a friend. On June 22, 1982, she was found floating face down in the West Rouge river near Sewell’s Road. Police found the murder scene about 200 meters upstream from where the body was found, off a small track in the bush that was known as Lovers’ Lane, a secluded lane parallel to Rouge River which was hidden from Sewell’s Road. There police discovered rope which they believe was used to tie her wrists, as well as her clothing and her purse which contained everything except her wallet and a Kodak instant camera. It was later established that Christine had been raped and brutally beaten but that she had died of drowning, either at the hands of her assailant or as a consequence of her incapacitating injuries. Prince, originally from the UK, worked as a nanny for a Toronto lawyer. Despite significant efforts from police, the case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Princes in the Tower
London, UK
Link The historical mystery of the missing Princes Edward V and Richard of York have long puzzled us. Popular theory says that King Richard III murdered them. In this three-part series, I explain why there are more explanations for the Princes' disappearances, why the remains found are not reliable to be identified as theirs, and why to others these boys posed a much bigger threat than to Kind Richard III himself. Both Richard III and Henry VII faced some challenges when it came to succession. Henry VII did not have any offspring at the time the rumours went around that the Princes were gone. His best bet to secure the throne (his own claim was weaker than Richard’s) was to marry the oldest daughter of the last King who the people held for their legitimate ruler. In other words, Elizabeth of York who was the oldest daughter of King Edward IV. Richard III had his own worries. His wife Anne Neville had only been able to produce one son and sadly, he passed away. Then Anne passed away. Richard had illegitimate children but they could never succeed him on the throne. Unlike Henry, Richard did have immediate options. The Princes, both of the Plantagenet line, could succeed him at any time. Now, instead of a threat they would safeguard the throne for the next generations of Plantagenets. Their offspring would secure the throne for the Plantagenet family for decades to come. some say Richard did not regard the Princes a safety net but a direct threats to his claim on the throne. Maybe he did however, maybe he never did. Every head of state worries about succession. You cannot convince me that succession was never an issue that Richard worried about. Last check 12/2018.
Prior, Sharron Kim
Point St. Charles, Canada
Link Sharron Kim Prior (Feb 9, 1959 - March 29, 1975) was 16 years old when she disappeared on March 29, 1975 after leaving home around 715pm. She was going to meet some friends (including a boyfriend) at Marina’s Pizzeria. The restaurant is about five minutes by foot from her home. She never arrived. She was found dead on April 1st, 1975. Sharon died a violent death: she was raped, beaten, and died of asphyxiation. According to the doctor, she had been dead for at least 20 hours when she was found and most likely died on Tuesday afternoon. Sharron was found in a field at Chemin du Lac and Guimond Boulevard by a beekeeper. The padlock was hanging on the gate but was not hooked. When police arrived, her body was clothed only in a three-quarter length suede Leo’s Boys Sports jacket, a sweater, shoes and socks. Her jeans and panties were about 6 feet from her body, the underwear hanging from a tree branch. Despite renewed media attention, a ,000 reward, and a new police command post in Point St. Charles, the case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Pulaski County Jane Doe 1981
Missouri, USA
Link This Pulaski County Jane Doe was found at 847am on May 25, 1981 near the city of Dixon in Pulaski County, Missouri, near Hwy MM at the low water crossing. She had been dead for 4-5 hours. Her age range is between 25-40. She is listed as approx. 30 years old. Race and ethnicity determinations inconclusive (either White, Native American, or Hispanic.) Her weight at autopsy was 130 lbs, height was 63 inches (roughly 5.25 feet). Her body was found intact with a recognizable face, well nourished, no scars, tattoos, or other bodily marks. Full upper dental plate e.g. dentures. She also had dental work done on her lower teeth. The victim was found with a pair of pantyhose wrapped around her neck. If preserved that pantyhose should be checked with the M-Vac for touch DNA. The victim didn’t show obvious signs of sexual assault but the autopsy showed mild trauma to the vaginal walls. If you have any information contact Pulaski County Detective Doug Renno at [email protected], text/call him at (573) 855-1069 or contact the tip line (573) 774-7948. Last check 12/2018.
Ramirez, Theresa Marcelina
New Mexico, USA
Link Theresa Marcelina Ramirez (Oct 8, 1958 – Dec 4, 1993) was found murdered in a burning field around 840am on December 4, 1993 in Roswell, New Mexico. She was shot several times in her head and body. She was not murdered where she was found. The field was set on fire to hide her body however, only the field around Theresa’s remains burned but not her body. An autopsy took place at the Office of the medical Investigator in Albuquerque. No findings are available in the public domain. There is no information about possible motive or suspects. The case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Ream, Paula
Pennsylvania, USA
Link Paula Ream (9) passed away in 1962. In 2010, her body was stolen from her grave. It has been missing ever since. Lancaster County Crimestoppers is offering a reward up to ,000 for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of the people responsible for the grave robbery. If you have any information, please contact the Lancaster City Bureau of Police at 717-735-3300 or, call Detective Sgt. Gary Mackley at (717) 735-3347, or, call Lancaster City/Lancaster County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-322-1913. Callers can remain anonymous. Last check 12/2018.
Rev. Reeb, James Joseph "Jimmie Joe"
Alabama, USA
Link In 2011, the FBI’s Cold Case Initiative announced it is taking another look into the 46-year-old case of Rev. James Joseph "Jimmie Joe" Reeb (Jan 1, 1927 - March 11, 1965), a Massachusetts minister who was beaten to death in Alabama while doing civil rights work. He was 38 years old. On May 20, 2011 they closed the case again and no charges were filed. The US Justice Department said three of the four men the authorities think are responsible for Reeb's murder are dead. Namon O'Neal "Duck" Hoggle, the fourth only surviving person of interest, was tried and acquitted of the Reeb murder in state court. That state acquittal bars further prosecution (double jeopardy). Hoggle passed away Aug 31, 2016. He was 81 years old. Last check 12/2018.
Reid, Mary Frances
Oregon, USA
Link In 1963, Mary Francis Reid was murdered. In 2011, police identified Johnny Lawrence, who was 42 at the time, as their murder suspect. He may be dead, but if not, and if he's found, he's under arrest for murder, according to police. If you have any information about the Reid case or about Johnny Lawrence – include his address, death or, date of birth – please call the Portland Police Cold Case Homicide Unit, 1-503-823-9748 or 1-503-823-0867. Last check 12/2018.
Resk, Michael Leo
Halifax, Canada
Link On December 9, 1955, around 2am in the morning, police received a call from a taxi driver. He had seen a delivery van parked on Acadia Street, at the corner with Roome (Halifax, Canada) in an unusual manner. Police found the body of Michael Leo Resk inside the Chevrolet delivery truck. Resk was last seen during the evening on December 8, 1955, around 1145pm. Resk was shot execution-style and died of multiple gun shot wounds. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Integrated HRP/RCMP Major Crime Unit at 1-888-710-9090. The case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Richey, Kenneth Thomas
Ohio, USA
Link In 1987, Kenneth Thomas Richey was sentenced to death for the murder of Cynthia Collins (2). Cynthia died of smoke inhalation as her apartment was on fire. The prosecution based its case on transferred intent: Richey allegedly had the intention to kill his former girlfriend, Candy Barchet, and her new boyfriend, by setting fire in the apartment above Cynthia's. Initially the local Fire Chief and the Ohio State Fire Marshall ruled the fire accidental. The prosecution disagreed and hired its experts. The authorities were convinced the fire was arson. Richey’s trial attorneys failed to have their own forensic tests done. In 1996, arson experts Andrew T. Armstrong and Richard L.P. Custer reexamined the pieces of evidence and concluded the original findings were based on unsound scientific principles that are not acceptable in the forensic science community for the investigation of arson-related fires today. On appeal, Custer, a specialist in fire reconstructions, testified in court that the burn patterns found in the Collin's apartment could have been a natural result of the fire. In December 2007, Richey accepted an Alford Plea which led to his release from death row and facilitated his return to Scotland on January 9, 2008. The Alford plea was a 'no contest' to manslaughter, child endangering, and breaking and entering. He was sentenced to time served with the murder and arson charges dropped. An Alford Plea or 'no contest' plea is not an admission of guilt. The accused, by entering such a plea, neither disputes or admits to the charges. The prosecution has admitted at trial that they could not prove that Richey intended to kill Cynthia. They also had to acknowledge that Richey, when he saw the building was on fire, had made several attempts to save the child but that he was held back by flames, smoke, and ultimately, by the fire department. Since January 2018, Richey works at the American Charity Sanctuary Quarters. The charity builds houses for homeless veterans. Last check 12/2018.
Ridulph, Maria Elizabeth
Illinois, USA
Link On Dec 3, 1957, Maria Elizabeth Ridulph (March 12, 1950 - Dec 3, 1957) vanished from a small-town street corner in Sycamore, IL, while playing in the snow. She was seven years old. Arrested in July 2011 and sentenced in Dec 2012 for her murder was Jack McCullough, formerly known as John Tessier. According to the prosecution, McCullough choked Ridulph with a wire and stabbed her. Her body was found five months after she disappeared. At the time Maria disappeared, McCullough was 17 years old. In Sept 2012, then-former police officer Jack McCullough was convicted for Maria's murder. He received a life sentence with the possibility of parole after 20 years. His request for a new trial was denied at the time of sentencing but his appeal continues, as of 2014. In March 2016, the DeKalb County State's Attorney announced that a post-conviction review of available evidence showed that McCullough could not have been present at the time and place of Maria's likely abduction. McCullough was released from prison April 15, 2016. Charges against him were dismissed April 22, 2016. McCullough was declared actually innocent of the crime by the DeKalb County Circuit Court on April 12, 2017. The case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Rosencrans, Deborah Lynn
Illinois, USA
Link Deborah Lynn Rosencrans (March 9, 1961 – September 18, 1977) was found barely alive on Sept 6, 1977, by a hitchhiker who heard moaning coming from the underbrush. He found a teen wrapped in bloodstained blankets that were tied together with rope. Deborah had been beaten so badly that she was unrecognizable. When she passed away on Sept 18, 1977, she was a Jane Doe. On October 3, 1977, Deborah was positively identified by her friends and later by her maternal grandmother. Police interviewed friends, canvassed the area, but could not find a suspect. They had no leads. The hitchhiker who found Deborah, Jerry Then, failed fourteen lie detector tests. Whether this had any legal consequences such as an official arrest, is unclear. I have not been able to find anything related to a Jerry Then or a Cook County Grand Jury in the public domain. If the rope and the blanket are still properly preserved then they must be examined with the M-Vac System for touch DNA. The case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Ross, Sandra Kay
North Carolina, USA
Link On Jan 8, 1984 Sandra Kay Ross (31) disappeared from Apex, Wake County, North Carolina. She has one daughter. Sandra is white, 5’4”, approx. 120 lbs, brown hair and eyes, and a mole on her left lower cheek. Her then-husband told police Sandra, a nurse, left home to go to the local drugstore around noon. They needed medication for their sick child. When she didn't return after an hour, he went looking for her. Who looked after that sick child while both parents were out of the house? He found her car in the parking lot of the Cary Village Mall which is now called the Cary Towne Center. So many things are unclear: who reported Sandra missing and exactly when? Did Sandra’s husband went inside the drugstore to talk to the pharmacist to see if Sandra had actually been inside the drug store? Any available surveillance tapes from nearby banks or gas stations? If you have information, please call the Wake County Sheriff’s Office at 1-(919) 856-6815. All information may be submitted anonymously. Sandra’s NCIC File Number is: M-114171592. Last check 1/2019.
Schnoll, Julius
Michigan, USA
Link In 1979, Mr. Julius Schnoll was murdered during a botched store robbery. In 2010, Darrell Kastel accepted a plea bargain and was sentenced to 10-15 years for 2nd degree murder. He was credited for 810 days time served which means that he could probably be out in 8-13 years. His accomplice, William Hess, is serving life for first-degree premeditated murder and first-degree felony murder. Last check 12/2018.
Schultz, Gail Lee and Paul G.
Pennsylvania, USA
Link Gail Lee Schultz (Nov 19, 1934 - March 7, 1953) and Paul G. Schultz Jr. (Jan 15, 1941 - March 7, 1953), two siblings, were murdered March 7, 1953. She was 18 years old and he was 12 years old. They were bludgeoned to death with a blunt instrument in the middle of the day. Their cases are officially labelled cold by the authorities. The Schultz children were found close to their home on 28 Mitchell Avenue, Nazareth, Pennsylvania. They were in sight of many homes yet nobody saw or heard anything. Please read the post (link in middle column) for the events that eventually led to the determination of murder. According to the autopsies the children died around 230pm. This means that shortly after leaving a friend's house, they went to the creek, and met the one who would take their lives. Their bodies were discovered around 430pm. The autopsies showed Gail was struck 7 times in her head with a blunt object such as a hammer. Paul was struck 3 times in his head. One of those three blows penetrated his skull. Another interesting detail: Gail had a compound fracture on one of her thumbs. Police never had a chance. They were unintentionally called in late. By the time they visited the crime scene it had been compromised by neighbors, the family doctor, the fire department, and fresh snow-covered everything. The blunt object, possibly a hammer, was never found. Gail’s glasses were found 9 days later about 40 feet from where she was found. Authorities found her scarf near her body. They also found a chisel with a plastic handle however, the shank was clean of rust and the shape didn’t match the head wounds. If you have information, call Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers Toll Free at 1-800-4PA-TIPS. All calls remain anonymous. Last check 12/2018.
Seaburg, Albert Edwin
Florida, USA
Link Albert Edwin Seaburg (71) was murdered while traveling through Florida. His home state was Illinois. The Florida authorities believe he was shot during a robbery. He was found dead in his Best Inn motel room in Tallahassee, FL. There is very little information online about the exact circumstances of this crime, whether the motel had more robberies in the days before Mr. Seaburg’s arrival, what exactly was stolen from Mr. Seaburg, and whether any stolen items were ever recovered. If you have any information about this case please contact Detective Shannon Black, Leon County Sheriff’s Office, Tallahassee, FL, (850) 922-3300, or Special Agent Supervisor Jeff Fortier, FDLE, Violent Crimes Unit, Tallahassee, FL, (850) 410-7578. Last check 12/2018.
Sergie, Sophie
Alaska, USA
Link On April 26, 1993, around 2pm, Sophie Sergie (20) was found dead by a janitor. Her body was in a bathtub in the second floor women’s restroom of Bartlett Hall, University of Alaska. She was raped and killed. Forensic tests revealed that her body had sat in the bathtub for up to 13 hours before she was found. The cause of death: a gunshot wound. The murder weapon was never found. On Feb 15, 2019 Alaska State Troopers arrested Steven H. Downs (44) in Maine. DNA found on Sophie was used to create a familial genetic DNA pool leading to Downs who attended UAF from 1992-1996, he lived in Bartlett Hall, and his roommate confirmed to police Downs had a .22-caliber handgun. That caliber was used to kill Sophie. He has no previous arrests. Downs will be extradited to Alaska to face a grand jury. Next court date march 20. The authorities can still use your help. Anyone who was in Hess Commons or the Moore, Bartlett, and Skarland halls on April 26, 1993, is asked to contact the Fairbanks Police Department at 907.450.6500. More details will be posted as they become available. Last check 3/2019.
Shepherd, Sally
London, UK
Link Sally Shepherd 's (24) body was found in a builder’s yard located behind a police station. Sally was stripped naked, raped, and beaten to death at the end of 1979. She was struck on the head with a blunt instrument. Sally’s murder was violent even for the South London crime standards at that time. A reader wrote that her upper body bones were all broken, her head was smashed in, and overall it looked like someone had jumped up and down on her body and in doing so, broke all her bones including her spine. Police found bloodstained bricks and her Indian takeaway dinner was strewn all over the area. They also found blood spatter several feet away from the body. Nobody was ever arrested in this case and nobody was ever brought to trial. The killer became known as the “Beast of Peckham.” Police revealed in 2016 that they have a potentially vital clue: three strands of hair that could be from the killer. Problem is that the hairs are rootless. Rootless hairs can be used to determine ethnicity (phenotyping) and that can help narrow down the field of suspects. But rootless hairs cannot give us a high-quality full DNA profile to make a match with 100% certainty. Until we have a better method these hairs are locked in a vault. If you have any information please contact the UK Officers at 020 7230 4294, via 101 or @MetCC or you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Last check 12/2018.
Short, Elizabeth
California, USA
Link Elizabeth Short (July 29, 1924 – January 15, 1947) a.k.a. the Black Dahlia was found savagely murdered. Her body parts was left in plain view so everyone could see the grotesque mutilations that she was subjected to before she died. Steve Hodel wrote several books outlining why he is convinced that his father George Hodel murdered Elizabeth. Steve has generously taken the time to answer my blog readers' questions about this case. The case remains officially listed as unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Shubin, Nie
Shijiazhuang, China
Link In 1995, Nie Shubin was executed by firing squad in China. He was found guilty of the 1994 rape/murder of a woman in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province. The 1995 conviction and the sentencing were called “unreliable and incomplete” by the Supreme People’s Court. In 2005, Wang Shujin confessed to the rape/murder. In 2016, the highest court ordered the case to be retried “openly and fairly.” Shubin was exonerated in December 2016. Nie's family received 2.68 million yuan (9,000) in compensation. Last check 12/2018.
Silcock, Mike
Manchester, UK
Link On Friday, March 6, 2009, off-duty Officer Mike Silcock from the Greater Manchester Police, was shot. Silcock was taken to Stepping Hill hospital with serious head injuries. He later passed away. In 2011, Stephen Benson was sentenced to four years and two months for his murder. Last check 12/2018.
Silves, Vicki Jo Dodd
Washington, USA
Link On December 8, 1997, Vicki Jo Dodd Silves (44) was found dead on her driveway in Port Angeles, WA. Her injuries were consistent with being inflicted by an edged weapon. The Skagit County Sheriff’s Office investigated this case thoroughly and even enlisted the assistance of the Vidocq Society. The case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Simmons, Shawn
Illinois, USA
Link In Dec 1995, Shawn K. Simmons was found dead in his Illinois apartment. As Simmons was about to move the apartment as filled with boxes. It appeared a robbery gone wrong however police found soon enough that was not the case. They interviewed a suspect. However, in 1997 the state's attorney's office decided not to press charges despite the discrepancies between the crime scene, the autopsy, and the suspect's statements. The case is officially unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Sims Family
Florida, USA
Link On Oct 22, 1966 the Sims Family was murdered in Tallahassee, Florida. We lost Robert Wilson Sims (Aug. 24, 1924 – Oct. 22, 1966), Helen Sollie Sims (Feb. 23, 1932 – Oct. 31, 1966), and Joy Lynn Sims (Mar. 5, 1954 – Oct. 22, 1966). Most of the killer’s anger was directed at Joy. The couple’s oldest daughter, Jeanie, came home from babysitting late that night. She found her family bound, gagged, stabbed, and shot. No murder weapon was ever found however the authorities believe a .38 caliber handgun was used. Nothing was taken or missing from the home. The motive for these crimes is unknown and the case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Sinclair, Tina Marie & Bethany Anne
New Hampshire, USA
Link In 2001, Tina Marie Sinclair (Nov 29, 1966 - missing Feb 3, 2001) and Bethany Anne Sinclair (Oct 15, 1985 - missing Feb 3, 2001), mother and daughter, disappeared into thin air. Despite efforts from activists and police diving actions in the summer of 2014 to search near a dam for their remains, the case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Siwiak, Henryk
New York, USA
Link Henryk Siwiak‘s (1955 – Sept 11, 2001) homicide is the only unsolved homicide on record in New York City from September 11, 2001. The City doesn’t include the over 3000 deaths from the terror attacks in their official crime statistics. Siwiak was a Polish immigrant. He was unfamiliar with New York City and its public transportation system. He got lost in Brooklyn while he was on his way to his new job as a midnight cleaner at a Pathmark supermarket. Siwiak was killed shortly before midnight. He still had cash on him so that seems to rule out robbery. There are no witnesses, there was no camera footage from home security systems, and there is no forensic evidence. The evidence-collection technicians were able to retrieve seven spent shell casings from the .40-caliber handgun that was used to kill Siwiak. The shooter had fired seven times but had hit him only once in the chest and lungs. The gun that killed Siwiak was never implicated in another crime. I have not read anywhere it was ever found. With everything that happened on September 11, we cannot help but understand that the authorities were stretched thin and that other crimes that happened that day didn’t receive the attention they normally would have gotten. We can also understand that people were scared so when they heard arguments in the streets they probably bolted the doors, hid inside, and didn’t look through the windows to see if anyone needed help. I can see why people didn’t open doors when a man knocked and cried for help. Everyone was scared to death on 9/11 but so was Henryk. He walked west along Fulton Street toward Albany Avenue. He was seen by a witness. At the Albany intersection, he took a right to go north, instead of taking a left to go south. The area where he ended up, the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, was known for criminal activity. After all these years, maybe now it is time to speak about what we saw and heard that night. If you were in the neighborhood where this father of two was killed, if it was your door he knocked on, please contact police, and tell your story. Any detail, any sound, any smell, any sense of familiarity, any voice recognition, anything can help them to try and do justice to this man’s unsolved murder. If you have any information please call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential. There is a ,000 reward. Last check 2/2019.
Skinner, Henry "Hank" Watkins
Texas, USA
Link Henry "Hank" Watkins Skinner is on death row for the 1993 murders of Twila Busby and her two mentally impaired sons Randy Busby and Elwin Caler. Skinner is supported by various organizations who are fighting for post-conviction access to pretrial evidence to be tested with modern technology in particular testing items for DNA. There is substantial doubt that Skinner is wrongfully convicted in this case. The state announced in 2012 that a crucial piece of evidence is lost. There are still unanalyzed crime scene objects in this case as well as DNA from an unknown contributor found on a knife at the crime scene. On February 3-4, 2014 an evidentiary hearing took place in Pampa, Texas. The prosecution argued that the tests only confirmed Skinner’s guilt. The defense said the results raised enough questions about the real identity of the perpetrator. A jury would not have condemned him to death. In July 2014, Judge Steven Emmert ruled that it was reasonably probable that Skinner would have been convicted of triple murder even if the DNA evidence had been available at his 1995 trial. In 2016 we learned that a new DNA interpretation might shed a clearer light on this case. However, there is nothing in the public domain about test results. His appeals are still pending with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Last check 12/2018.
Smith, Patricia Louise
Colorado, USA
Link Patricia Louise Smith was born on September 19, 1933. Her life was ended Jan 10, 1984 by an unknown person who raped and murdered her inside her own home. Patricia’s murder is connected to a string of hammer murders in Aurora, Colorado. Six days after killing Patricia, the same man broke in the home of Bruce and Debra Bennett. He bludgeoned and stabbed Bruce to death and then raped-killed both Debra and their 7-year-old daughter Melissa. The killer also shattered the face of 3-year-old Vanessa, who survived. In Aug 2018, Alexander Christopher Ewing (57) was accused in both cases. He faces charges for six counts of first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, two counts of sexual assault on a child, burglary and five counts of committing a violent crime for killing Bruce, Debra, and Melissa Bennett. He faces charges for four counts of first-degree murder in the Patricia Louise Smith murder. On Dec 4, 2018, a Nevada judge ordered Ewing's extradition to Colorado. He can still appeal that decision. If you have any information that can help advance the cases further please contact the Lakewood Police Department Cold Case hotline at (303) 987-7474 or e-mail them at [email protected] Last check 12/2018.
Sodder Children
West Virginia, USA
Link The Sodder Children from Fayetteville in West Virginia went missing on Dec 24, 1945 after a fire destroyed their family’s house. Missing are Maurice (14), Martha (12), Louis (9), Jennie (8), and Betty (5). The question was always whether these children did or did not die in the fire that consumed their home and if the fire was accidental or arson. After reading an article in the Smithsonian, I wrote down all the things that bothered me and what I think I'd need to review the case. Faulty wiring is most likely the cause of this accidental fire. I will post more details soon. Last check 12/2018.
Soering, Jens
Virginia, USA
Link Jens Soering was convicted of the 1985 Bedford County (Virginia) double murder of Derek & Nancy Haysom. He is serving life. Soering was dating the Haysoms’ daughter Elizabeth. She pled guilty and is serving 90 years. Six months after the murder, Soering and Haysom fled the country to England. They were arrested on check fraud charges in London, England, on April 30, 1986. Under questioning by British, American, West German (Soering is German), and Virginia authorities, both confessed to the murders. Haysom testified against Soering admitting that she was an accessory. Soering said he confessed to spare his then-girlfriend. In 2009, 42 evidence pieces from the crime scene were tested with modern technology. None had DNA that matched Soering. On Jan 30, 2019 Soering was denied parole for 14th time. Last check 1/2019.
Sohus, Linda & John
California, USA
Link In 1985, John and Linda Sohus disappeared. In 1994, during the remodelling of a home, the remains of John Sohus were found. In March 2011, charges were filed against Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter. In 2013, he was found guilty and is serving 25 years to life plus two additional years because the jury found that he used a blunt object and a sharp instrument as weapons. It was not a death penalty case. Linda Sohus remains missing but is presumed dead. Last check 12/2018.
Spence, Alex
Humberside, UK
Link On April 10, 2010, Alex Spence went missing. Substantial attention was given to this case by various activists, the police, his family and friends in desperate efforts to find him. Two weeks later Alex' body was found in the river Hull. His death was not treated as suspicious. Last check 12/2018.
Spickler, Deborah “Debbie” Lee
Connecticut, USA
Link Deborah “Debbie” Lee Spickler (13), from Mystic, was visiting family in Vernon. On July 24, 1968, they all went to Henry Park on 120 South Street, in Vernon. Debbie was last seen walking along Foxhill Drive towards the park’s swimming pool. She was wearing green polka dot shorts, a white sleeveless shirt, and white sneakers. She never arrived at the pool. In 2010, her case was added to Namus. Debbie is white with brown hair and brown eyes, a pockmark on her face, and one of her teeth is chipped. Kindly note that the detail about the chipped tooth comes from the web but is not listed in NamUs. There are no known distinctive body features. NamUs has her dental records on file as well as her DNA. Debbie’s case number with the Vernon Police is C-3710-68-J. If you have any information call the cold case squad tip line at 860-870-3228. Vernon police can be reached at 860-872-9126 and Connecticut State Police at 860-896-3230. Last check 12/2018.
Stanaway, James "Jimmy" Vincent
New Jersey, USA
Link In 1990, James "Jimmy" Vincent Stanaway was found butchered to death in his New Jersey apartment. The robbery gone wrong scenario was suspected however too many valuable items were left untouched in his apartment. Some newspapers said he was beaten to death but others claimed Jimmy was beaten and then stabbed to death. Despite actions from friends and family, the case remains unsolved. Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office’s Homicide Squad at (201) 915-1345. Last check 12/2018.
Stidham, Dana Lanell
Arkansas, USA
Link Dana Lanell Stidham (March 8, 1971 - missing July 25, 1989) left to run errands on July 25, 1989. She never returned. The same day, her car, a Grey Dodge Omni, was found abandoned on Highway 71, north of Belle Vista Town Centre in Arkansas. There were no signs of a struggle, her keys were found still in the ignition, and her wallet had been left as well. The left rear tire was a bit flat and the contents of her purse/handbag were found strewn around the area of Chaucer and Hanover Road. Her remains were found in September by a hunter in a remote, wooded area, somewhere near the Newburn Lane area, a long way from where her car was found. The case remains unsolved however, police is still actively investigating. Last check 12/2018.
Stevenson, Sigrid M.
New Jersey, USA
Link Sigrid M. Stevenson's murder is known as the Kendall Hall Murder Mystery at Trenton State, NJ. On the night of September 4, 1977, Sigrid (Jan 24, 1952 – Sept 4, 1977) was murdered near a piano on the stage inside Kendall Hall. Patrolling police saw her bicycle in the bike rack in front of Kendall Hall. They knew it was hers so they went inside. When the officer climbed on the stage, he found her dead body. Sigrid was found nude, lying face down, and wrapped in a covering. She was beaten to death. Some of her belongings were found such as her wallet that contained some cash and travelers checks. Some of her clothes were found as well. I found an online article that mentioned Sigrid was strangled and in one of the comments it said she was strangled with a piano cord. If so, did the autopsy officially rule out manual strangulation? There was in other words no trauma to her throat, neck, or larynx caused by manual pressure and her eyes did not show signs of petechiae (tiny ruptured capillaries that look like red spots)? Did the piano on stage miss a cord? Some articles stated that there was blood on her music sheets. What we know now about blood spatter, patterns, and velocity is dramatically different from what we knew then. Have these sheets been reexamined by scientists? What could have been the motive to kill Sigrid? If she was beaten beyond recognition it tells me that it was a highly personal crime. She knew her attacker. The case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Stubbs, Tiffany Robin
Missouri, USA
Link Tiffany Robin Stubbs (April 21, 1986 - May 27, 1988) had just turned two when she died. Her nude body was found about 11 hours after she was reported missing. Around 430pm, two boys found her face down in approx. 18 inches of water near the Little Blue River, Kansas City, Missouri. Her remains were just a few miles away from her home on 300 Hill Street, Belton, Missouri. Police could not rule out homicide and foul play appears the only logical answer. The cause of death was asphyxiation from drowning. Tiffany had bruises on her back however, authorities were not sure whether they have anything to do with her death. According to a lawsuit “Tiffany was taken by her abductor to a creek approximately three miles from her home, sexually assaulted, and murdered.” There was evidence that the screen door to the Stubbs’ home was cut. I tried to find more by checking the Stubbs lawyer. Unfortunately, Michael D. Gibbons passed away in 2015. The building where he had his law offices is for sale/rent and the phones are disconnected. I am still looking into this and will update this post hopefully soon. Last check 12/2018.
Sullivan, Dennise Jeannnette
Utah, USA
Link Dennise Jeannette Sullivan’s (15) went missing under very violent circumstances. She is presumed dead. In July 1961, Dennise was on vacation with her mother, Jeannette Sullivan (41), and her mother’s fiancé, Charles Boothroyd (55). They visited Dead Horse Point in Utah and were at a scenic spot near the Colorado River. There, Jeanette was shot in the back of her head with a .22 caliber rifle. Charles had two bullets in his face and hands (defensive wounds). While the killer dragged the bodies to the side of the road Dennise tried to get away in the family car. The killer followed and forced her off the road after about half a mile by a side-collision. He then forced her in his car and drove off. Boothroyd was left for dead, but he survived to tell police about the crime. Police searched by jeep, plane, and by boat but never found Dennise. If you have any information that can help the authorities find Dennise please contact Lieutenant Kim Neal at (1)435-259-8115 at the Grand County Sheriff’s Office in Moab, Utah 84532. Last check 12/2018.
Tatman, Robert Lawrence
Illinois, USA
Link On Nov 25, 1967, Champaign police officer Robert Lawrence Tatman (March 6, 1940 - Nov 25, 1967) was found dead. He had been shot with his own .38 service revolver. The cause of death was severe hemorrhage due to a single bullet that went through both lungs resulting in shock. Tatman died within minutes after being shot. Judging from paraffin tests of Tatman’s hands, it seemed that his gun was taken from him and pushed into his ribs. He then obviously tried to grab the gun but it went off. Significant efforts were made by police, the family, and the community to solve this case. The revolver went missing making it hard to review this case with modern technology. Many scenarios were checked and even more people were questioned but to this day, the case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Tidwell, Dorothy "Dottie" Rowden and Robert "Bob"
Texas, USA
Link On Nov 23, 1983, Robert "Bob" and Dorothy "Dottie" Rowden Tidwell were found murdered in their Roanoke (TX) home. They both had children from previous marriages. None were home at that time. Both parents were shot at close range. After that, the house was set on fire to cover up the murders and possibly traces, evidence, etc. The case is unsolved. If you have any information that could help the Roanoke Police Department, call 817-491-6052. Last check 12/2018.
Thomas, Lisa
New York, USA
Link On Oct 7, 1974, Lisa Thomas (Aug 19, 1959 - Oct 7, 1974) went to the Nanuett Mall (Clarkstown, Rockland County, NY) to buy a blouse with money she had earned babysitting. She was 15 years old. She never came back home. The next morning her father discovered his girl's body in the woods behind the mall, about 700 feet from their home. She was bludgeoned to death predominantly by blows to the top of her head. She was blindfolded with a red cloth from her own pocketbook. Lisa was not sexually assaulted. Clarkstown police say there's never been a definitive answer to where exactly she was killed. If you have any information about Lisa Thomas please contact the Clarkstown Police Department Detective Bureau at 1-845-639-5840 or call Detective Fred Parent at 845-639-5833 or Detective Christopher Maloney at 845-639-5865. Last check 12/2018.
Thompson, Kimberly Ann
Illinois, USA
Link In 1986, Kimberly Ann Thompson went missing. This is an endangered missing person case. Kim had worked for the police as an informant. She had just finished testifying against two people. Her cooperation and testimony secured their convictions. During this time as an informant, Kim had kept all her appointments with the authorities. She had another appointment on Dec 1 but did not show up. This worried detectives especially as she was to receive money that she needed badly. Despite significant efforts to find Kim, the case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Torres, Amparo Arias
Florida, USA
Link On June 11, 1981, the remains of Amparo Arias Torres were found inside her Florida apartment. She was shot in her head several times. There were no signs of forced entry and her apartment was well kept. Amparo left behind a son who still searches for answers. If you have any information that can help the Miami-Dade Police Department, please contact Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477 or email at [email protected] Last check 12/2018.
Turpin, Lysandra Marie
California, USA
Link In 1988, Lysandra Marie Turpin went missing. In 2010, her remains were found after a man who had witnessed her murder when he was a teenager, contacted police. The alleged murderer: his father, Ernest Samuel Christie, Jr. He died in 2006. Substantial doubt was raised due to the four year time gap between the father' death and the son's report to the police. However, Christie’s son, Ernest Samuel Christie III, is not facing any charges. Last check 12/2018.
Vaatstra, Marianne
Kollum, the Netherlands
Link On May 1, 1999, Marianne Vaatstra (Aug 10, 1982 - May 1, 1999) was found raped-murdered in the Netherlands. She was just 16 years old. Police arrested many and even held a large scale DNA search but, the perpetrator was never found. On Sept 29, 2012, police began a “DNA relationship testing” in a 5 km radius of the crime scene of approx. 8,000 men. In this study, on a voluntary basis, police studied whether there were people who had a similar chromosomal Y-DNA profile as that of the perpetrator. On Nov 19, 2012, police announced a match. Jasper S. confessed. On April 19, 2013 he was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Last check 12/2018.
Vaughan, Patty Inez Brightwell
Texas, USA
Link On Dec 25, 1996, Patty Inez Brightwell Vaughan (Aug 17, 1964 - missing Dec 25, 1996) went missing. On May 15, 2008, after Bexar County investigators had taken over the cold case, they decided to investigate a pile of clothes found inside Patty’s caravan. They found a red workman’s jumpsuit inside a pile of men’s clothing on which Vaughan’s blood was found back in 1996. In 2013, the cold case unit checking Patty's case was disbandeddisbanded. The case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Verstappen, Nicky
Brunssummerheide, the Netherlands
Link On Aug 10, 1998 Nicky Verstappen (March 13, 1987 - Aug 10, 1998) disappeared from a summer camp organised by local youth groups at Brunssummerheide, Limburg, the Netherlands. The night before he went missing, all camp activities ended at 10pm. Then the kids went back to their tents and it was lights out. Nicky (11) was last seen around the tent he shared with other kids at 5am. Three hours later he was gone. On Aug 22, 2018 Dutch Police announced a breakthrough: they got DNA off Nicky's clothes. With familial DNA searches they narrowed down the group of suspects and zoomed in on Jos Brech. He officially became the suspect. A national and international APB were issued as Brech went missing. His family told police Brech went hiking in the Vosges, France. He was arrested Aug 26, 2018 in Northern Spain. Madrid High Court judges decided on Aug 27, 2018 to extradite Brech (55) to the Netherlands. On Dec 12, 2018, an initial hearing took place. This is not the same as an arraignment and Brech is not officially charged with any crimes as of yet. Brech did appear in court. He denied having abused, kidnapped, and killed Nicky Verstappen. The next proforma session was on March 8, 2019. It was decided that Brech should remain incarcerated pending a six-week psychiatric evaluation. The next proforma session date is June 5, 2019. If you have any information that can further the case contact the Dutch Police at these numbers: calling from the Netherlands: 0900-8844 and when calling from abroad: +31 34 357 88 44. Last check 3/2019.
VonAllmen, Michael
Kentucky, USA
Link Michael VonAllmen spent 11 years in prison for an 1981 abduction-rape he did not commit. On July 15, 2010, a judge finally ruled to dismiss all charges with prejudice. This means that the charges can never be brought back. I hope that the authorities will keep working to find the real suspect. Last check 12/2018.
Wallace, Julia Dennis
Liverpoole, UK
Link The foremost reason why the 1931 murder of Julia Dennis Wallace (April 28, 1861 - Jan 20, 1931) is so famous is because of the chilling crime scene. The front and back door were closed. The windows were closed. It became the set up for many mystery novels. Once entry was made, Julia was found beaten to death on the living room floor. Police found a mackintosh (raincoat) underneath Julia’s body. That mackintosh did not belong to Julia. Her husband, William Herbert Wallace, was convicted in 1931 for her murder. His conviction was later overturned by the Court Of Criminal Appeal, the first instance in British legal history where an appeal had been allowed after re-examination of evidence. The case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Waggoner, Richard Lee
Texas, USA
Link Richard Lee Waggoner (April 18, 1958 - Sept 12, 1981) was killed on September 12, 1981. He was shot in the parking lot of a school close to the bar “Danceland” on 712 West Daggett Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas. Richard was standing outside the bar, on the parking lot, sharing a beer with a lady who had not met Richard before. She told police that they were approached by two Hispanic looking men. One of the men asked for a cigarette. Richard gave him one. Then they asked for a match. And while she searched for one, one of the two men drew a gun and they tried to rob Richard. When Richard resisted a shot was fired. Richard died of exsanguination, the traumatic laceration in the ascending arch of his aorta. There was an arrest but there was never enough evidence to take that case to trial so the suspect was released. That person is alive to this day. Alas, he is not longer mentally sound. Det. Sarah Waters from the Fort Worth Cold Case Homicide Unit is now handling Richard’s case. You can reach her at 1-817-392-4307. The case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Welch, Michella
Washington, USA
Link The cold case of Michella Welch (1974 - March 26, 1986) had always been linked to the Jennifer Marie Bastian unsolved murder. She too had been on a bike, both girls were sexually assaulted, their bodies were left in similar positions, each girl had her clothes disturbed in a similar way, and both were blond and bright-eyed. In 2016, police announced that DNA tests showed different men killed Welch and Bastian. In 2018, authorities charged Gary Charles Hartman (66) with first-degree murder and first-degree rape in the Michella Welch case. Hartman is to be arraigned and is being held in lieu of million bail. Hartman has no prior criminal record. Hartman has pleaded not guilty and awaits trial. Trial expected to start May 4, 2019. Last check 4/2019.
West, Audrey Anne
Virginia, USA
Link In 2010, William Ray Hagy Jr. was sentenced to life for the 1985 murder of Audrey Anne West. She was a model and found raped-strangled to death in her Roanoke, VA home. Ex-husband Stephen Wayne Urick became a suspect. He was later cleared by DNA. Last check 12/2018.
White, Lisa Joy
Connecticut, USA
Link Lisa Joy White (13) was last seen walking out of a park on Prospect Street into downtown Rockville on the night of Nov. 1, 1974. She had visited a friend and lived just two miles from Prospect. Lisa is white with strawberry blond hair and blue eyes. She has a small chicken pox mark on her forehead. When she was last seen she wore green pants, tan work boots, and a denim jacket. Her dental records are filed with NamUs as well as her DNA. I read online that authorities initially treated this as a runaway case. This may have hindered the search. Her sister said in the papers that she loved “acrobatic dancing and cheerleading” but also that she was “no stranger to mischief and perhaps mature beyond her 13 young years. She had a boyfriend. I believe he was 18 at the time. My mother did not approve, obviously.” In 2009, her case was added to NamUs. Her case number with the Vernon Police is 000000019. If you have information in any of these three cases please call the cold case squad tip line at 860-870-3228. Vernon police can be reached at 860-872-9126 and Connecticut State Police at 860-896-3230. Last check 12/2018.
Williams, April Nicole
Washington DC, USA
Link April Nicole Williams was stolen from her mother's arms on Dec 2, 1983. April was a newborn when a woman tricked her teen mother Eleanor into letting her hold her. April has a one inch long birthmark in a straight line on top of her right wrist. The suspect is described as African American, dark brown complexion, with pigment spots on her face. She was in her 20s, about 5" 3' and slender built. Her had two pierced holes in each ear. Her hair was short, dark, and wavy. She wore green pants and a white ski jacket with a purple floral lining. If you have any information please contact Sergeant Julius Hunter from the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department at (202) 489-8281. April’s case number is 568245. Last check 12/2018.
Williams, Edward "Edd"
Texas, 1974
Link Harris County Deputy Sheriff Edward “Edd” Williams was killed on January 12, 1974 during a robbery at the Victoria Manor Apartments (830 Victoria Drive, Houston, Texas). The two suspects in the case at that time were black men probably in their early 20s. Deputy Sheriff Williams left behind a wife – now deceased – and his then six-year-old son Yancy. I have tried to find more information about this officer but have not been able to find anything in the public domain. If you have any links to newspaper articles let me know so we can update this post. He needs a better web presence if we ever wish to get the word out that his case is still unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Willingham, Cameron Todd
Texas, USA
Link Cameron Todd Willingham (Jan 9, 1968 - Feb 17, 2004) was executed in 2004, 13 years after a fire killed his three daughters. Prosecutors argued Willingham deliberately set the 1991 fire but three reviews of the evidence by outside experts found the fire should not have been ruled arson. Willingham was executed for accidental fire. In 2014, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles denied a petition to vacate his conviction. The Board's indifference in this case is a disgrace. Last check 12/2018.
Wiltsey, Timothy “Timmy” William
New Jersey, USA
Link Timothy “Timmy” William Wiltsey (August 6, 1985 – May 25, 1991) vanished from a Memorial Weekend carnival in New Jersey. In 1992, his skull was found. His mother was convicted in May 2016 in a circumstantial case. In January 2017 she was sentenced to 30 years in prison without the possibility of parole. Last check 12/2018.
Wood, Brittney Nicole
Alabama, USA
Link In 2012, Brittney Nicole Wood disappeared from Mobile, Alabama, under more than peculiar and suspicious circumstances. She left behind a little baby girl. Brittney's family was involved with child sexual abuse and relatives were in court or have already been sentenced. It is likely that Brittney had to disappear because she knew too much. Nobody has been arrest or charged in Brittney’s disappearance. If you have any information that can help the Mobile Police Department with this case, contact Sergeant Scott Congleton at (251) 208-7211. Last check 12/2018.
Wood, Daniel Kenneth
Maine, USA
Link On July 7, 1954, Daniel Kenneth Wood (Oct 30, 1941 - July 23, 1954) left his home in South Gray, Maine, to visit a friend. He was twelve years old. He took his fishing gear. Whether he ever arrived at that friend’s house, is unclear. The Lewiston Daily Sun reports that later in the day, Danny called his mom from Gray Center. He said he was going to earn 50 cents per hour going door to door with a sales rep in Lewiston. His mom told him to be careful. He told her not to worry. He would be back for dinner. He never came back to her. His remains were found in the Androscoggin River, Auburn, Maine. Whoever murdered Daniel tried to dispose of his body by throwing it in the river. Danny’s body was nude. Someone beat him to death. His skull had seven wounds ranging from 1 to 4 inches. The papers say that authorities never found the murder weapon. Does that mean Danny was beaten to death with an object? Police also never found the original crime scene. Where Danny’s remains were found is just the spot where his body floated towards but most likely not where he passed away or where he was beaten. We could have three crime scene: where he was found, where he was beaten, and where he died. Danny had a shoestring tied around one of his wrist. There is the possibility that his wrists were tied before the beating. Danny could have been restrained and forced to walk with the attacker. But it can also mean that the attacker bound or intended to bind his wrists after Danny was dead. The paper mentioned the wrists were “laced together during the fatal beating.” How do you know that for sure? Any imprints of the skin being tied together might have been gone due to decomposition in the river. If you have any information that can help the Maine State Police in the case of Daniel K. Wood, Jr. please contact their Major Crimes Unit-South at 1-800-228-0857 or (207)657-3030. Last check 12/2018.
Woodfolk, Quinn Renard
Virginia, USA
Link Quinn Renard Woodfolk (July 23, 1986 - missing July 4, 1998) disappeared from Charlottesville, Virginia. His nickname was "Lil Quinn.” He has black hair, brown eyes, a scar near his right eye, and a birthmark on top of his head. Dental records and DNA are available according to NamUs. Quinn was last seen on July 4, 1998. He was home alone. There is very little information online (aside from repeated content) that explains the family situation or the reasons why Quinn might have left the house. No information about his school or if they had problems with drugs/dealers. If you have any information please call Charlottesville Police at 1-434-970-3280 (case number 200906384) or CrimeStoppers 1-434-977-4000. Last check 12/2018.
Wyant, Jennifer Lynn
Tennessee, USA
Link Jennifer Lynn Wyant was last seen on June 28, 1980. There isn’t much online about Jennifer that gives us a clear timeline of her case, her family life with parents and/or siblings, her work, career, education, sports, etc. Jennifer disappeared from her residence at the Tanglewood Apartments on Harding Place, Nashville, Tennessee. I have not found in the public domain what police found in her car such as personal belongings, finger prints, DNA, etc. Was the car damaged? Was the seat right for her height? What about the odometer? What was her last mileage before servicing the car? Anything on the tires? If you have any information that can help the authorities find Jennifer Lynn Wyant please contact the Metro Nashville Police Department at 1-615-862-7546. Jennifer’s case file is 80-113621. Last check 12/2018.
Young, Otha
Kentucky, USA
Link On October 10, 1996, Otha Young had been hospitalized. Against medical advice and his family’s wishes, Otha left the hospital. He traveled north on I75 towards Ohio. He was stopped by law enforcement. When they saw that Otha did not have a valid driver’s license he was not allowed to continue. His vehicle was left on the north side of I-75. Police gave him a ride to a nearby gas station and told him to call his family. Otha did call his family. They could not make it the very same day but they would come. Otha checked into Best Western Hotel near Florence, Kentucky. The hotel records show that Otha was there. And then he vanished. His skeletal remains were found eight years later. The case remains unsolved. Last check 12/2018.
Zahl, Christopher Allen
New Jersey, USA
Link Christopher “Chris” Allen Zahl (Jan 11, 1951 – missing May 12, 1994) was last seen alive on May 12, 1994, in Holmdel, Monmouth County, New Jersey. He was 43 years old. His disappearance is suspect and NamUs lists him as “Endangered Missing – Foul Play possible.” Last check 12/2018.
Zaret, Leslie Sue
New York, USA
Link On Aug 17, 1974, Leslie Sue Zaret (Sept 22, 1956 – Aug 17, 1974) was found murdered in Bayside, Queens County, New York. Leslie (17) had just finished high school. She had spent the evening before with friends and around 1130pm, she left her friend’s house to walk home. She never arrived. Her nude body was found by a custodian behind an elementary school’s playground known as PS 203 off Springfield Boulevard in Bayside the next morning (8/17.) She had been strangled and sexually assaulted with a hair brush. Her autopsy didn’t show any other trauma other than strangulation marks on her neck. On Aug 13, 2006 police revealed they had partial DNA from the hairbrush found at the scene – enough evidence “to consider a suspect or eliminate a suspect.” The case remains unsolved. If you have any information please call the NYPD tip line 1-800-577-TIPS. Last check 12/2018.
Zeigler, William Thomas
Florida, USA
Link In Dec 1975, a quadruple murder took place in the Zeigler Furniture Store (Winter Garden, Florida). The victims were Charles Mays, Virginia and Perry Edwards, and their daughter Eunice Edwards-Zeigler. The fifth victim, William Thomas Zeigler, became the sole suspect because he survived. The case is riddled by police misconduct (lying on the stand), prosecutorial misconduct (withheld evidence), and forensic testing disproving the charges. I have written so many posts about this case, I gave Zeigler his own category, check the left margin. The latest: an evidentiary hearing for touch DNA testing was held on March 31, 2016. Judge Whitehead denied the request on July 18, 2016. On November 23, 2016, an appeal was filed in the Supreme Court of Florida. On April 21, 2017 the Florida Supreme Court denied the touch DNA request. On May 8, 2017 a motion for a rehearing with the US Supreme Court was filed. It was denied November 13, 2017. Last check 12/2018.

Honley Vets Race

Nigel Armitage 41:14 (2nd M45)

Jon Holah 41:51 (1st M55)

Rich Allen 42:27 (2nd M45)

Paul Gaille 43:35

Tony Mawson 47:04

David Booth 47:17

John Halliwell 48:00

Mark Dixson 48:35

Dave burdon 49:03

Brad Strutt 49:05 (Guest)

Tracey Gallagher 51;15

Andy Norman 51:22

Steve Pattison 52;25

Francis Fowles 52:58

William Overton 54:35

Lisa Heath 54:38 (2nd F50)

Sarah Norman 57:07

Nick Greenwood 57:59

Adam Gallagher 59:12

Elaine Allan 59:45

Pam Birchenall 59:50

Hilary Taylor 60:42

Ian Robinson 61:30

David Owen 64:42

Rodney Tordoff 67:03 (2nd M75)

Kezzie Medford 74:01 (1st F70)

Lyndsay Johnson 79:04

Lynne Oxley 86:10


Sheffield Half Marathon

Mark Orbell 1:29:45

Kate Smithson 2:03:41

Andrew Bishop 2:04:00 (PB) 


Vale of York (10 mile)

Al Chapman 1:01:43

Chris Campion 1:11:01

Beth Light 1:14:08

Andrew hardaker 1:14:17

Rachael Newton 1:20:38

Andrew Wood 1:30:10

Katie Jones 1:33;12

Sam Garside 1:37:41

Samantha Dean 1;42;07

Nic Anness 1;43:22

Susan Cunnington 1:56;20

Rachel Tiernan 1;56;22

Rachel Clayforth 2;15;32

Annette Clark 2:21:07


Boston (UK) Marathon  

Paul Kaye 4;34:01

Paul Dewhirst 5:11:45


Manchester Marathon

John Marshall 3:21:18

Francis Fowles 3:55:45

Andrew Allan 4:10:49

David Hudson 4:16:23

Michelle Dare 4:56:46

Mary Liversidge 5:08:32


Baildon Boundary Way

Matt Livesey 1:25:44

Al Chapman 1:34:01

Jon Holah 1:34:12

Jack Cooper 1:39:22

Mark Orbell 1:40:40

Johnny Scott 1:57:26

martin Bullock 2:03:29

Katy Ralph 2:14:18

Nick Greenwood 2:19:46

Linda Bullock 2:25:57

Clare Greenwood 2:37:37


Lincoln 10k

Hilary Taylor 54:05


Woldsman Ultra

Martin Scott 11.33


Conwy Marathon

Paul Kaye 4:43:29


Keighley Big K 10

Joy Good 1:02:17

Rachel Clayforth 1:20:52

Annette Clark 1:21:05


Coniston 14.

David Booth 1:48:05

Lisa Heath 1:55:37

Adrian Martin 1:57:54

William Overton 1:59:14 (3rd MV65)

Martin Bullock 2:00:02

Kate Smithson 2:25:05

Cathy Martin 2:27:01


Heptonstall Fell Race

Matt Livesey 2:00:17 (11th)

Laurance martin 2:48:21

Ben Mason 2:50:10

Simon Beverley 2:54:32

Michael Hern 2:54:34

Dev Kovalsky 3:00:26


Lulworth Cove Marathon 

29.5 miles/6025ft ascent

Andy /Sarah Norman 7:09


Wakefield 10k

Kate Smithson 52:32

Andrew Wood 57:43

Stacie Ashworth 59:07 (PB)

Andrew Bishop 59:09


London Landmarks Half

Michaela Ajayi 2:22:33


Gin Pit double marathon

Judith Marshall 4:57:47 & 5:08:36


Middleton Vets race

Nigel Armitage 32:34

John Holah 34:50

Rich Allen 35:59

Tom Keighley 36:05

Mark Orbell 36:32

Darran Ward 37:04

Gareth Millard 38:01

Brad Strutt 40:14

Tony Mawson 40:30

Dave Burdon 40:34

David Booth 40:44

Steve Pattison 41:15

Anna Keys 41.48

Tracey Gallagher 41:52

Francis Fowles 44:50

William Overton 44:53

Lisa Heath 45:20

Simon Pollard 46:01

Steve Woods 47:49

Adam Gallagher 48:28

Pete Covey 49:44

Nick Greenwood 49:51

Hilary Taylor 51:36

Rob Dixon 52:52

David Owen 53:55

Rodney Tordoff 54:48

Joy Good 58:44

Kezzie Medford 58:47



Wigan 10 mile.

Rodney Tordoff 1:36:07 (1st V70)


Bilsdale Fell Race

3 Pacers ran - results awaited.

Michael Dixon

Tony Mawson

Dev Kovalsky


Hardmoors 50 (53 miles on Cleveland Way)

Sarah/Andy Norman 14:57:37


Belfast Craic 10k

David Booth 41:52 (PB)


Trimpell 20

Francis Fowles 2:59:50


Thirsk 10

Al Chapman 1:00:59 (PB)

Morven Wallace 1:08:42

Lisa Jamieson 1:29:35

Linda Bullock 1:30:23

Julie Tipper 1:32:13

Lucy Adamson 1:32:24

Katie Jones 1:33:10

Pam Birchenall 1:34:41

Debra Tomlinson 1:41:32


Locke Park 20 miles

Andrew Bishop 3:24:46


Bradford 10k

Mark Orbell 40:14

Gareth Millard 41:18

James Pickles 43:31

Dave Burdon 44:37

Simon Pollard 49:25 (PB)

Pirjo Johnson 50:08 (1st F55)

Christophe Martin 50:44

Tony Lambert 51:18 (PB)

Adam Gallagher 54:07

Andrew Duffy 54:39

Natalie Ward 55:14

Kate Smithson 55:44

Sara Wilmot 56:13

Paul Dewhirst 58:31

Nicola Cartwright 59:12

Victoria Dickinson 59:18

Paul Mortimer 59:34

Kezzie Medford 59:53 (1st F70)

Joy Good 59:55

Stacey Ashworth 59:59

Julie Crook 1:00:20

Louise Barber 1:01:30

Karina Leucht 1:03:14

Janet Waite 1:03:52

Melissa Stead 1:03:54

Georgina Saul 1:04:07

Cheryl Murphy 1:05:58

Susan Cunnington 1:07;31

Juliette Ward 1:08:11

Arthur Wood 1:10:53

Howard Stead 1;11:10

Janet Ashton 1:12;03

Sharon Steel 1:12;49

Lindsay Dixon 1:16:18

Toni Heward 1:16:45

Amanda Thomas 1:16;45

Christine Stead 1:19:32

Annette Clark 1:21:33

Mandy Boole 1;22:42

Joanne Woodward 1:41:51


Dentdale 14

Steve Pattison 2;11:39

Ralph McDermott 2:50:52


Spen 20

Matthew Pinnock 2:11:39

Dev Kovalsky 2;53:40 (PB)


Rother Valley 10k

Brad Strutt 43:42


Final XC standings


Men 2nd

Women 5th

Overall 3rd

Individual overall placings


Faye Birkby 1st Female

Anna Keys 3rd F35

Sue Ransome 3rd F60

Kezzie Medford 2nd F70


Matt Livesey 3rd Male

Nigel Armitage 1st M45

Jon Holah 1st M55

Mark Orbell 2nd M55

William Overton 2nd M65


Brownlee Centre 10k

Rob Butler 47:23


Benidorm half

Elaine Rushworth  2:15:00


Settle Half

Kate Smithson 2:08:35


Cambridge Half

Peter Enever 2:23:27


Snake Lane 10mile

Ryan Turnbull 1:01:18

Al Chapman 1:02:23

John Halliwell 1:12:20

Chris Campion 1:14:52

Victoria Wilkinson 1:27:38

Mary Liversidge 1:35:39

Samantha Dean 1:37:46


Ilkley fell race

Matt Livesey 41:27

Paul Dewhirst 76:02


High Cup Nick

Laurence Martin 1:30:56

Tony Mawson 1:34:30

Andrew Walker 1:37:21

Martin Bullock 1:45:17

Slaithwaite Slog

Matt Pinnock 1:27:31

Anna Keys 1:44:10


Liversedge Half Marathon.

Judith Marshall 2:13:24


Harewood Half Marathon.

David Brooks 1:39:52


Harewood 10k

Lucy Winder 1:09


Wombwell 5 mile

Andrew Bishop 36:44



WYWL 5th Race (Crossgates)

Men 2nd

Ladies 3rd

Vets 4th

Super Vets 3rd

Overall 2nd

28 men and 9 ladies ran for the Pacers


Rombalds Stride

Caroline Clarke  4:26


Wadsworth Trog.

Steve Pattison 4:11:54

Martin Bullock 4:27:09


Mickleden Straddle

Dveirel Kovalsky 2:47:49


Patelely Pie and Pint 10 miles

Peter Enever 1;19:09 (2nd place)

Andrew Walker 1:25:00 (6th place)


Dewsbury 10k.

Al Chapman 38:27

Darren Ward 39:14

Mark Orbell 39:25

David Brooks 41:22

Gareth Millard 41:30

William Overton 47:44

Elaine Allan 49:34

Andrew Allan 50:08

Paul Dewhirst 51:52

Robert Greaves 55:43

Amber Reid 57:12

Cheryl Murphy 1:04:44

Mandy Boole 1:09:33

Kate Smithson 1:22:38


Mad Dog 10k 

Andrew Bishop 50:21

Tony Lambert 52:29

Samantha Dean 56:06

Paul Mortimer 58:36

Stacie Ashworth 1:02:30

Deborah McDermott 1:02:27

Ralph McDermott 1:02:28

Joy Good 1:03:45

Lindsay Dixon 1:20:46

Annette Clark 1:20:53

Helen Hargrave 1:24:18


Kirkstall Calverley Cutter

Al Chapman 1:13:21

Mark Dixson 1:21:14

Morven Wallace 1:22:36

Steve Pattison 1:23:37

Anna Keys 1:23:58

Rob Butler 1:34:08

Annette Clark 2:41:18



WYWL Race 4 (Middleton)

Men 4th

Ladies 5th

Vets 4th

Supervets 2nd

Overall 3rd.


32 men and 11 ladies ran for the Pacers.


Inskip Half Marathon

Mary Liversidge 2:05:42


4 villages Half Marathon

Andrew Allan 1:55:09

Elaine Allan 1:58;22


Tatton Park 10k

Rodney Tordoff 57:34



Brass Monkey half marathon

Al Chapman 1:27:14

David Brooks 1:34:02

Elanie Rushworth 2:13:39



Jake Birkby 1:07:34

Johnny Scott 1:24:30

Tony Lambert 1:37:09

Kate Smithson 1:37:30

Judith Marshall 1:39:11

Nick Greenwood 1:39:50

Paul Dewhirst 1:40:42

Michelle Dare 1:42:24

Andrew Bishop 1:43:10

Clare Greenwood 1:47:09

Samantha Garside 1:48:09


Stanbury Splash

Laurence Martin: 65:13

Andrew Walker: 67:35

Brad Strutt: 69:09

Tony Mawson: 69:23

Gary Leedham: 70:05

Mark Dixson: 70:42

Steve Pattison: 71:26

Ben Mason 71:35

Dev Kovalsky: 83:31

Andrew Allan: 86:58

Linda Bullock: 89:07

Martin Bullock: 89:12


Central Lancashire Half Marathon.

Al Chapman 1:29:04

Morven Wallace 1:35:42

Pam Birchenall 2:07:36


WYWL Race 3 (Pudsey)

Men 3rd

Ladies 10th

Vets 8th

Supervets 3rd

Overall 6th 

37 men and 10 ladies ran for the Pacers.


Sir Titus Trot.

Results awaited


Hardmoors 30

Sarah and Andy Norman 6:32


Giants Tooth Fell Race.

Lawrence Martin 21:58

Tony Mawson 24:10

Paul Dewhirst 29:19   


Auld Lang Syne

Results awaited


Ribble Valley 10k

William Overton 48:00


Jolly Holly Jog

Mary Liversidge 1:04:18


Chevin Chase

Matt Livesey 43:49

Jon Greenwood  47:42

Robert Samuels 50:51 (3rd V55)

Gareth Millard 52:28

Steve Boom 53:26

John Halliwell 55:54

Mark Dixson 56:03

Rob Butler 1:04:26

Kate Smithson 1:08:53

Lisa Jamieson 1:09:55

Tony Lambert 1:10:04

Judith Marshall 1:15;06

Michael Liversidge 1;18 01

Mary Liversidge 1;22:16

Joy Good 1;25:28


Stoop Fell Race (finishing times awaited)

Matt Livesey 12th

Jack Cooper 40th

Tony Mawson 93rd

Paul Dewhirst 194th


McTaggart Trot

Andrew Bishop 1:43:47


Bingley Harriers Christmas Handicap

Tim Ayres 1:36


Elsecar Marathon

Paul Kaye 5:08:11


Loftus Poultry run

Andrew Bishop 75:40


Gathering Winter Fools (relay)

Pudsey Dancers 35th

Pudsey Prancers 36th

45 teams competed.


Stockport 10 mile.

Sue Ransome 1:21:53 (3rd FV60)


Bah Humbug 10k Trail.

Andrew Walker 47:55

Andrew Bishop 58:14

Michelle Dare 1:04:03

Ralph McDermott 1:06:24

Deborah McDermott 1:09:05

Lindsay Johnson 1:18:33


Mytholmroyd Fell Race 6 mile 1640ft ascent.

Garry Leedham 1:12:24


Nottingham Christmas Half Marathon

Dave Burdon 1:43:34


WYWL Queensbury

 Men 2nd

Ladies 5th

Vets 5th

Super Vets 6th

Overall 3rd.




Clowne Half Marathon.

David Brooks 1;34;19

Kate Smithson 1;52:27

Rachel Newton 1:52:34

Adrian Martin 1;55:43

Judith Marshall 2:04:36

Tony Lambert 2:05:20

Paul Dewhirst 2:06:35

Katie Jones 2:06:58

Linda Bullock 2:07:26

Gemma Benson 2:07:59

Gemma Storr 2:13:09

Ruth Kettle 2:17:48

Paul Mortimer 2:21:11

Cathy Martin 2:23:58

Ralph Mcdermott 2:25:25


Doncaster 10k

Andrew Bishop 52:21

Michael Liversidge 57:43

Fiona Harrison 57:44

Sarah Turner 58:22

Mary Liversidge 58:50

Stacie Ashworth 1:01:26


 Benidorm 10k

Andrew Smithurst 57:27 (Gun Time)


Yorkshire Wolds Way - Hessle-Filey (80miles)

Sarah/Andy Norman 21:47:42


Kirkstall Half Marathon

Andy/Sarah Norman 1:50:06 - Sarah (2nd lady)


Tour of Pendle

Leigh Hinchcliffe 3:05:30

Martin Bullock 4:12:30


WYWL Baildon 

Mens team 2nd

Womens team 6th

Overall 3rd.


Kirkstall 8.8m trail

Kate Smithson 1:14:18


Fewston and Swinsty marathon

Paul Kaye 5:09:59


Yorkshire Vets GP Race Spenborough.

Nigel Armitage 34:15

James Clark 34:22

Jon Holah 35:05

Rich Allen 35:56

Tom Murphy 36:26

Mark Orbell 36:31

Robert Samuels 36:58

Gareth Millard 38:17

Dave Burdon 40:00

Tracey Wilman (Guest) 40:17

Phil Lonsdale 41:26

Andy Norman 41:27

Steve Pattison 42:02

Lisa Heath 44:16

Francis Fowles 45:09

Adam Gallagher 45:31

Sue Ransome 46:03

William Overton 46:19

Paul Dewhirst 48:10

Sarah Norman 48:32

Matthew Hunt 49:02

Andrew Allan 49:13

Ian Robinson 51:17

Rodney Tordoff 55:48

Joy Good 57:26

Kezzie Medford 62:14

Lindsay Johnson 62:25


 Roundhay Tough 10 

Kate Smithson 1:02:33


Goathland Marathon

Andy and Sarah Norman 6:14:58


Burley Moor Fell Race 

Matt Livesey 47:38 (4th)

Andy Walker 1:00:07

David Cooper 1:07:15

Francis Fowles 1:07:52

Fay Walker 1:18:27


Bolton Abbey 10k 

Gemma Benson 1:21:36


Oldham Half Marathon 

Sue Ransome 1:52:22 (1st F60)



Punk Panther short circuit ultra

Tim Ayres 7:48:00


Cop Hill fell race

Mark Dixson 51:46


Guy Fawkes 10

Paul Gaile 1:09:49

Phil Lonsdale 1:21:55

William Overton 1:27:16

Steve Clayson 1:27:55

Katy Ralph 1:30:18

Andrew Allan 1:33:02

Paul Dewhirst 1:34:58

Tony Lambert 1:36:54

Linda Bullock 1:37:21

David Woodhead 1:38:18

John Woodhead 1:38:19

Hilary Taylor 1:39:02

Michelle Dare 1:39:19

Katie Jones 1:41:34

Sam Garside 1:42:31

Ruth Kettle 1:42:59

Clare Greenwood 1:43:20

Julie Tipper 1:44:49

David Owen 1:45:56

Mary Liversidge 1:48:12

Robert Greaves 1:48:31

Paul Mortimer 1:49:39

Louise Barber 1:56:44

Michelle Craighan 1:56:44

Elaine Rushworth 2:00:25


Leeds Abbey Dash 

Matt Pinnock 37:01

Nigel Armitage 37:15

Jake Birkby 37:17

Faye Birkby 38:49

Al Chapman 38:55

Owen Hilton 40:15

Mark Orbell 40:29

Tom Keighley 40:41

Morven Wallace 42:33

David Brooks 43:20

Rob Butler 45:42

Lucy McCartney 48:06

Adam Gallagher 49:35

Kate Smithson 49:38

Rachel Newton 51:17

Andrew Bishop 54:00

Richard Hayes 54:32

Andrew Duffy 54:33

John Pop 56:04

Samantha Dean 56:11

Faye Walker 56:15

Ian Robinson 56:24

Trish Pop 56:25

Nicola Cartwright 57:07

Andrew Wood 58:00

Victoria Benson 58:26

Victoria Dickinson 58:37

Amber Reid 59:59

Kezzie Medford 60:15

Emma Beardow 60:32

Stacie Ashworth 60:55

Joy Good 61:06

Eddie Hewson 62:25

Ruth Duffy 63:38

Melissa Stead 63:58

David Elliott 64:02

Sara Wilmot 64:48

Lindsay Johnson 67:13

Julie Crook 68:26

Janet Waite 68:26

Caroline Merrygold 68:31

Arthur Wood 68:55

Margherita D'Cruz 69:25

Georgina Saul 72:01

Rachel Clayforth 73:30

Henrietta Chidsey 73:31

Juliette Ward 73:11

Mandy Boole 73:18

Susan Cunnington 73:43

Amanda Shaw 74:58

Anna Mitchell 76:01

Liz Hargrave 76:05

Lindsay Dixon 78:26

Helen Hargrave 85:02

Annette Clark 85:02


Bradford City Runs


Mark Orbell 19:53


Gareth Millard 44:04

Kate Smithson 51:54

Tony Lambert 52:43

Joy Good 1:02:38

Mandy Boole 1:10:57        


Bronte Way Fell Race

Martin Bullock 1:22:22

Sharon Hague 1:31:52


Worksop Halloween Half Marathon

Lisa Heath 1:48:30

Katy ralph 1:57:28

Elaine Allan 1;59:27

Ralph Mcdermott 2:16:52

Deborah Mcdermott 2:17:01


Holmfirth 15

Andrew Bishop 2:30:46


Holmfirth 10k

Rodney Tordoff 59:10


St Aidan's trail half marathon

Anna Keys 1:49:25

Adrian Martin 2:07:37

Paul Dewhirst 2:17:16

Cathy Martin 2:23:02


Bramley 10k

Mark Orbell 41:25

Pirjo Johnson 51:38

Ralph McDermott 57:10


British Fell Relays

Pudsey Pacers B 5:46:42

Pudsey Pacers A 6:25:37


Palma 10k

David Harrison 1:04:48

Jon Popiolek 1:05:15

Trish Popiolek 1:06:15

Nikki Dewhirst 1:19:05  


Palma Half Marathon

John Marshall 1:46:27

Bill Overton 1:49:28

Adrian Martin 2:19;52

Paul Dewhirst 2:24:53

Sarah Turner 2:25:24

Fiona Harrison 2:27:28

Mary Liversidge 2:27:27

Cathy Martin 2:28:19

Ian Robinson 2:31:19

Lindsay Johnson 2:40:58


Yorkshire Marathon

Mark Orbell 3:17:45

Paula Bradshaw 3:23:01

Darren Ward 3:28:55

Kate Smithson 4:11:56

Tony Lambert 4:35:45

Melissa Stead 5:05:11

Deborah McDermott 5:09:51

Kezzie Medford 5:14:32 (PB) 2nd F70

Ralph McDermott 5:33:14

Lucy Winder 5:47:27

Rach Clayforth 6:41:37


Yorkshire 10 mile

Karl Collingwood Thirlway 1:22:10

Andrew Bishop 1:28:49 (PB)

Samantha Dean 1:29:55

Sam Garside 1:32:57

Michelle Dare 1:38:00

Elaine Rushworth 1:39:46

Stacie Ashworth 1:48:03

Annette Clark 2:25:16


Richmond Castle 10k

Mark Nolan 45:40

Simon Beverley 48:02


Manchester Half Marathon

Andrew Duffy 2:05:48


Birmingham Half Marathon

Nick Ljusting 2:11:42


Rombalds Romp 8.5 miles

Robert Samuels 1:08:31 (1st M55)

Steve Pattison 1:25:32


Withins Skyline

Matt Livesey 45:01

Jack Cooper 51:44

Rob Samuelse 53:45

Laurence Martin 54:39

Garry Leedham 59:42

Steve Pattison 1:03:22

Andrew Allan 1:13:56

Paul Dewhirst 1:14:50

Nick Greenwood 1:16:45


Cardiff Half Marathon

Al Chapman 1:23:29


Bridlington Half Marathon

Martin Robson 1:44:30

David Woodhead 2:01:17

Caroline Armstrong 2:12:00


Kielder Marathon

Suzy Beck 4:55:30


Bramhan Park 10k

Ian Robinson 58:21

Lindsay Johnson 1:10:43


Lakeland 4 passes

Bill Overton/Tim Ayres - result not yet available


Penistone Hill Race

Andrew Allan - 73:49


Nottingham Robin Hood Half Marathon.

Adrian Martin 1:52:32 

John Woodhead 2:03:56

Ralph McDermott 2:15:48

Cathy Martin 2:19:20


Pontefract Half Marathon

Anna Keys 1:45:03

Paul Dewhirst 2:05:53 (PB)


Redcar Half Marathon 

Andrew Bishop 2:04:32 (PB)


Rossendale 5k (Celebrating Ron Hill's 80th Birthday)

Andrew Smithurst 27:13



Kirkstall 7

Jack Cooper 47:00

Mark Orbell 47:18

David Booth 51:31

Andrew Walker 52:04

Philip Lonsdale 54:36

Johnny Scott 55:14

Elaine Allan 1:01:59

Kate Smithson 1:02:47

Andrew Bishop 1:03:11

Lynne Barrett 1:04:53

Hilary Taylor 1:04:53

Andrew Allan 1:05:41

Paul Dewhirst 1:07:05

David Owen 1:07:10

Clare Greenwood 1:09:28

Caroline Armstrong 1:10:54

Joy Good 1:11:01


Fall and Castle 7 mile

Ralph McDermott 1:12:01


Sheffield 10k

Nicola Cartwright 58:33


Hull Marathon

Paul Kaye 4:37:25


Lost Shepherd Fell race

Martin Bullock 3:15:30

Paul Dewhirst 4:07:50




English Half Marathon (Warrington)

Peter Enever 1:41:44

Sue Ransome 1:48:34


Tadcaster 10 miles

Michael Hern 1:17:01

Paul Dewhirst 1:36:34

Katie Jones 1:36:51

Stacie Ashworth 1:51:23

Andrew Bishop 1:51:23 


3 Shires Fell Race 

Leigh Hinchliffe 2:54:53


Hardmoors 60 Ultra (63 miles Guisborough to Filey)

Andy and Sarah Norman 15hrs 31 mins


Leeds Golden Mile 

Andrew Bishop 7:07:50 (PB)


Meanwood Valley Trail

Jack Cooper 52:53

Amy Smith 1:00:04

Mark Dixson 1:01:04

David Cooper 1:05:05

Elaine Allan 1:12:20

Loretta Robson 1:16:09

Andrew Allan 1:17:55


Marathon Muenster

Pirjo Johnson 3:55:28


Roundhay 10k

Mary Liversidge 1:05:41


Great North Run

David Hudson 1:45:39

Chris Campion 1:56:51

Victoria Wilkinson 1:59:27

Ralph McDermott 2:16:12

Samantha Dean 2:18:59

Carol Parkinson 2:21:16

Elaine Rushworth 2:24:38

Michelle Dare 2:29:18

Andrew Smithurst 2:30:28

Michelle Craighan 2:42:11

Louise Barber 2:42:11

Lia de Faveri 2:58:22

Rachel Clayforth 3:01:37

Mark Crawshaw 3:13:14

Karen Fawcett 3:17:57

Sharon Tracey 3:17:57

Annette Clarke 3:31 49


Vale of York Half marathon

Darren Ward 1:31:01

Adam Gallagher 1:57:24

Tony Lambert 1:57:49

Adrian Martin 1:59:24

Kate Smithson 2:01:15

Debbie McDermott 2:09:37

Rodney Tordoff 2:11:44

Andrew Bishop 2:15:00

Cathy Martin 2:16:17

Paul Dewhirst 2:21:55

Michaela Ajayi 2:25:42


The Yorkshireman full marathon

Anna Keys 4:45:07


The Yorkshireman half

Laurence Martin 2:13:21

Stephen Pattison 2:17:14

Caroline Clark 2:42:09


The School Run, Calverley

James Boxell 34:30

Rob Butler 50:11

Tim Ayres 53:14


Wetherby 10k

David Woodhead 39:55

Victoria Wilkinson 54:53

John Woodhead 1:01:20

Andrew Wood 1:05:08

Stacie Ashworth 1:14:17

Mark Crawshaw 1:26:23


Leeds Country Way Relay

A Team - 5th 7:51:07

B Team - 17th 8:52:51

C Team - 40th 10:52:23


Middlesborough Tees Pride 10k

Dan Graham 50:46

Andrew Bishop 1:00:00


Derwentwater 15k Challenge

Kezzie Medford 2:11:41


Giberdyke 10 mile.

John Marshall 1:10:39

John Halliwell 1:12:50

Adrian Martin 1:26:11

John Woodhead 1:29:00

Fiona Harrison 1:33:29

Ralph McDermott 1:35:08

Debbie McDermott  1:35:16

Katie Jones 1:36:18

Carole Parkinson 1:39:12

Mary Liversidge 1:39:46

Sarah Turner 1:40:12

Cathy Martin 1:42:33

Paul Dewhirst 1:46 44


Burnsall Classic Fell Race

Darryl Stead 22:43


Burnall 10 mile Rpad Race

Steve Boom 1:12:09

Michael Hern 1:14:32

Mellissa Stead 1:41:31


Sessay Swift 6k

Andrew Bishop 35:36 


YVAA Grand Prix West Vale hosted by Stainland.


Sarah Norman 57:00

Victoria Wilkinson 59:30,

Susan Ransome 62:10

Judith Marshall 69:23

Lynne Barrett 69:26

Joy Good 74:23 (2nd F65)

Kezzie Medford 78:07 (2nd F70)



Leigh Hinchliffe 42:15 (3rd M45)

Jim Cantwell 43:44 (2nd M55)

Robert Samuels 43:54 (3rd M55)

John Marshall 47:11

Gareth Millard 47:33

Chris Campion 48:10

David Brooks 48:36

Andy Norman 50:59

Stephen Pattison 52:11

Adam Gallagher 55:49

Matthew Hunt 56:36,

William Overton 57:15,

Tim Ayres 62:04

Paul Dewhirst 63:03

Rodney Tordoff (1st M75) 


Scorton 10k

Tim Ayres 53:01


Trunce 8

Dan Graham 35:34


Firefighters 5 mile.

John Marshall 35:10 (2nd V50)

Gareth Millard 35:49

Andrew Walker 36:35

Amy Smith 36:51

Ralph McDermott 43:43

Kate Smithson 44:00

Tony Lambert 44;04

Richard Hayes 47:25

David Owen 47:56

Amber Reid 47:59

 Andrew Bishop 48:32

Samantha Dean 49:09

Paul Mortimer 52:01

Mandy Boole 58:53


Turner Landscape Fell Race Category (AM)

Caroline Clarke 2:31


Ramsey Isle of Man Marathon.

Paul Kaye 4:38:41 


City of Preston 10mile.

Gemma Benson 1:36 (PB)



South Shields 10 mile

Amber Reid 1:43:47

Andrew Bishop 1:47:29

Annette Clark 2:35:23

Helen Hargrave 2:39:35


York 10k

Gareth Millard 43:24

Matthew Hunt 54:11

Nicola Cartwright 59:31


Round Hill fell race

Jack Cooper 1:08:38

Rob Samuels 1:09:09

Laurence Martin 1:13:48

Andrew Walker 1:21:43

Paul Dewhirst 1:51:02


Borrowdale Fell Race

Leigh Hinchcliffe 4.48.18

Steve Boom 5:52:41


Northumberland Coastal Run

Al Chapman 1:35:35

Steve Boom 1:44:14

Robert Samuels 1:46:37

David Brooks 1:46:49

Morven Wallace 1:49:58

Steve Pattison 1:57:02

Dave Burdon 1:58:51

Lisa Heath 2:02:23

William Overton 2:06:24

Andrew Hardaker 2:16:39

Adrian Martin 2:19:12

Emma Hardman 2:21:01

Pam Birchenall 2:24:44

Tim Ayres 2:24:48

Cathy Martin 2:43:53

Victoria Dickinson 2:43:53


Aintree Half Marathon.

Debbie McDermott 2:10:44

Ralph McDermott 2:10:45  



Saltaire Vets Race

James Clark 36:43

Nigel Armitage 37:18

Leigh Hinchcliffe 39:26

Tom Murphy 39:51

Rob Dixon 40:52

Rob Samuels 40:53

Rich Allen 42:04

Mark Orbell 42:13

John Marshall 42:23

Gareth Millard 43:03

David Brooks 43:36

Chris Campion 43:38

John Halliwell 44:04

Phil Lonsdale 46:17

Andy Norman 46:59

Stebe Pattison 47:20

William Overton 48:11

Lisa Heath 48:44

Steve Clayson 50:06

Victoria Wilkinson 51:09

Sarah Norman 52:04

Sue Ransome 52:52

Pete Covey 53:28

Francis Fowles 53:34

Toby Meeking 54:17

Matthew Hunt 54:17

Paul Dewhirst 55:51

AdrIan Martin 56:21

Katy Ralph 57:49

Tim Ayres 58:16

Lynne Barrett 58:37

Judith Marshall 58:39

Rodney Tordoff 59:48

Ian Robinson 61:04

Joy Good 64:23

Cathy Martin 64:48

Kezzie Medford 65:54

Lindsay Johnson 69:53


Hedon 4

Andrew Bishop 37:42


Arthur James ShakERR

Jack Cooper 56:18

Anna Keys 1:04:56

Tony Lambert 1:11:57

Ralph McDermott 1:13:58

Paul Dewhirst 1:20:21


Cracoe fell race

Laurence Martin 30:43


Nostell Priory 10k

Paul Dewhirst 57:55

Ian Robinson 58:53

Mary Liversidge 1:02:39

Lucy Winder 1:07:28

Lyndsey Johnston 1:07:41


Duncombe Park 10k

Paul Dewhirst 1:43:56


Burnley 10k

Tony Lambert 57:06

Gemma Benson 58:16

Mary Liversidge 1:02:03


Toss'o'Coin (6 miles)

Nick Dunn 41:46 (5th) 


Pendle Half Marathon

James Clark 1:35:33 (4th)


Baildon Canter 

Laurence Martin 23:48


Skirlaugh 8 miles

Andrew Bishop 1:17:35


Washburn Valley Relays

Pudsey Men 1:17:37, Darryl Stead, Tony Mawson, Steve Pattison,

Pudsey Mixed2 1:21:17, Gemma Storr, Simon Beverley, Andy Norman,

Pacer Ladies 1:22:48, Sarah Norman, Victoria Wilkinson, Caroline Clark,

Pacer Mixed, 1:30:45, Bill Overton, Andrew Smithurst, Melissa Stead.


Golden Acre Relays

Poorly Turned out Pacers 1:00:17, Rachael Newton, Andrew Walker, David Cooper.

Pudsey R and K 1:01:19 Robert Samuels (Legs 1 and 2), Kate Smithson.


Leeds 10k  

James Clark 36:22,

Peter Enever 43:57,

Paula Bradshaw 45:51,

Steven Esgate 46:17,

Andy Norman 49:35,

Pirjo Johnson 50:43,

Joshua Hawkhead 51:46,

Matthew Hunt 57:05,

Sam Garside 59:50

Victoria Benson 59:06,

Andrew Bishop 1:02:22,

Michelle Dare 57:02,

Amber Reid 1:03:46,

Samantha Dean 1:03:48,

Linda Bullock 1:03:46,

Julie Tipper 1:03:46,

Karen Hill 1:05:40,

Stacie Ashworth 1:09:11,

Gayle Wells 1:13:56,

Cheryl Murphy 1:19:06

Lindsey Dixon 1:20:37,

Rachel Clayforth 1:25:30,

Annette Clark 1:25:30

Helen Hargrave 1:29:58,

Joanne Woodward 1:34:17


Beamsley Beacon Fell Race

Tony Mawson 51:19

Caroline Clark 54:16,

Melissa Stead 65:24.


Danefield Relay

Pudsey Pacers A - Rob Samuels, Chris Campion, Dave Burdon 1:10:57,

Pudsey Vets 1 - Andy Norman, Andy Walker, Simon Beverley 1:15;12,

Pudsey P45 - Steve Pattison, Phil Lonsdale, Tony Mawson 1:16:11

Pudsey Ladies - Emma Hardman, Victoria wilkinson, rachael Nowton 1:24:39

Pudsey Princesses - Sarah Norman, Lynne Barrett, Diane Wood 1:29:15

Pudsey Misfits - Tim Ayres, Paul dewhirst, Ralph Mcdermott 1:29:35

Melissa Stead also featured for a miscellaneous team completing her leg in 32:24.


Nabs Fell

Laurence Martin 38:52


Eccup 10

Nigel Armitage  1:03:40

Jake Birkby 1:04:47

Nick Dunn 1:07:29

Rob Samuels 1:08:29

Tom Murphy 1:08:52

Faye Birkby  1:10:24

John Marshall 1:12:35

Chris Campion 1:13:40

Gareth Millard 1:17:35

Peter Enever 1:21:03

Phil Lonsdale 1:21:26

Victoria WIlkinson 1:21:56

Natalie Tordoff 1:22:15

Lisa Heath 1:23:09

Andrew Hardaker 1:23:57

Beth Light 1:23:57

Andy Norma 1:24:45

Darryl Stead 1:25:31

Sarah Norman 1:27:27

Anjuli Parmar 1:28:57

Adam Gallagher 1:30:12

Joshua Hawkhead 1:30:59

Kate Smithson 1:31:08

Tony Lambert 1:31:49

Hilary Taylor 1:33:19

John Woodhead 1:33:58

Emma Hardman 1:37:29

David Harrison 1:40:09

Lynne Barrett 1:40:12

Carol Parkinson 1:41:28

Nicola Cartwright 1:41:43

Linda Bullock 1:41:48

Andrew Duffy 1:41:58

Fiona Harrison 1:42:14

David Owen 1:42:27

Amber Reid 1:45:17

Gemma Benson 1:45:34

Sam Garside 1:45:53

Katie Jones 1:46:10

Sarah Turner 1:46:31

Nic Anness 1:46:37

Paul Mortimer 1:46:49

Mary Liversidge 1:47:20

Ian Robinson 1:47:22

Michelle Dare 1:47:48

Victoria Dickinson 1:47:49

Kezzie Medford 1:52:07

Georgie Pogge-von Strandman 1:55:15

Lucy Winder 1:55:40

Karina Leucht 1:56:28

Lindsay Johnson 1:57:30

Dawn Taylor 1:58:07

Jackie Baldwin 1:58:07

Ruth Duffy 1:58:40

Elaine Rushworth 1:59:15

Rachel Clayforth 2:08:59


South Leeds Vets

James Clark 31:08

Nigel Armitage 32:18

RIch Allen 33:00

Tom Murphy 33:52

Mark Orbell 35:09

John Marshall 35:35

Chris Campion 36:44

Gareth Millard 37:17

David Brooks 37:47

Andy Norman 38:57

Steve Pattison 40:05

David Cooper 40:17

Phil Lonsdale 41:00

Natalie Tordoff 41:04

Lisa Heath 41:44

William Overton 42:02

Victoria Wilkinson 42:03

Adam Gallagher 43:13

Sarah Norman 43:59

Sue Ransome 44:09

Pete Covey 45:50

Rodney Tordoff 47:45

Paul Dewhirst 47:56

Lynne Barrett 49:04

Hilary Taylor 49:06

Judith Marshall 50:52

Joy Good 52:54

Ian Robinson 53:00

Kezzie Medford 56:54

Lindsay Johnson 56:49


Rush around the Rhubarb

Jack Cooper 23:44

Laurence Martin 24:48

Mark Orbell 24:58

Peter Enever 26:01

Andrew Walker 27:28

Rob Butler 28:45

Steve Clayson 29:10

Martin Scott 30:27

Victoria Wilkinson 31:00

Gemma Storr 33:21

Lisa Jamieson 33:37

Paul Dewhirst 37:20

Georgie Pogge-von Strandman 40:00

Hannah Kumar 40:01


Bradford Millenium Way

A team (5th) 6:31:15

B team (21st) 7;44:25

C team (35th) 8:53:59

50 teams competed.


Humber Half Marathon.

Kate Smithson 2:01:50

Tony Lambert  2:03:24


Penistone 10k

Amy Smith 49:11

Nicola Cartwright 1:01:04


Buttermere Horseshoe (22miles 8500 ft ascent)

Leigh Hinchliffe 6hrs 03mins.


Summer Solstice 5 miles

Paul Dewhirst 49:31

Paul Mortimer 54:24

Joy Good 54:52

Michelle Dare 55:16

Karina Leucht 58:07

Lia De Faveri 58:09

Elaine Rushworth 1:01:18


Aberford Amble

Paul Dewhirst 1:05:28

Cathy Martin 1:18:38



Pudsey Legal 10k

James Clark 39:10

Jack Cooper 43:24

Johnny Scott 49:19

Simon Beverley 49:40

Pirjo Johnson 56:28

Martin Scott 58:01

Kate Smithson 58:21

Dave Byrom 59:51

Ralph McDermott 1:00:07

Toby Meekings 1:01:23

Lynne Barrett 1:01:41

Andrew Wood 1:03:11


3 Lakes Classic

Anna Keys 2:14:39




Otley 10 mile.

Dveirel Kovalsky 1:22:05

William Overton 1:22:44

Steve Pattison 1:22:56

Andy Norman 1:24:56

Sarah Norman 1:25:24

Lisa Heath 1:25:30

Victoria Wilkinson 1:29:11

Andrew Allan 1:34:57

Paul Dewhirst 1:38:39

Nic Anness 1:38:45

Melissa Stead 1:45:34

Samantha Dean 1:48:44


Hardmoors White Horse (17miles)

Tim Ayres 3:23


Northowram Burner (10k)

Tracey Wilman 52:31 (3rd Lady)

Adam Gallagher 59:24


Ennerdale Horseshoe (Lakeland Classic Fell) 

Leigh Hinchliffe 5:46:29


Hebden Fell Race 

Leigh Hinchliffe 55:38

Andy Walker 1:03:07

Tracey Wilman 1:05:42


Duddon (Lakeland Classic Fell)

Ben Mason 7:11;16



Goole Riverbank Challenge

James Clark 54:56


Lakeland Trail half marathon

Judith Marshall 3:08 (prov)


Lythe Vets race

Robert Samuels 44:00

Rich Allen 44:33

Tom Murphy 44:39

Mark Orbell 46:12

Andy Norman 52:24

Steve Pattison 54:21

Lisa Heath 55:31

Sue Ransome 56:23

Sarah Norman 57:19

Phil Lonsdale 57:20

Adam Gallagher 57:31

Paul Dewhirst 62:55


Wharfedale trail half marathon

Laurence Martin 1:56:23

David Cooper 2:03:29

Tony Mawson 2:10:46

Brad Strutt 2:16:44

Martin Bullock 2:17:09

William Overton 2:25:42

Andrew Allan 2:33:58

Adrian Martin 2:38:05

Pam Birchenall 2:39:13

Melissa Stead 2:48:59

Cathy Martin 3:07:57

Linda Bullock 3:07:58


 Apperley Bridge Canter

Mark Orbell 43:04

Peter Enever 45:57

Gareth Millard 46:18

Andrew Walker 48:37

Andy Norman 48:53

Lisa Heath 53:31

Sarah Norman 54:05

Lucy McCartney 54:47

Sally Corbin-Smith 55:22

Lisa Jamieson 55:50

Tim Ayres 57:49

Nic Anness 59:31

Ian Robinson 60:15

Amber Reid 63:38

Samantha Dean 65:36

Paul Mortimer 69:43

Lucy Winder 69:44

Lindsay Johnson 71:02


Kirkstall Vets

James Clark 36:44

Nigel Armitage 37:52

Rob Dixon 38:51

Rich Allen 39:25

Leigh Hinchcliffe 39:39

Tom Murphy 39:58

Rob Samuels 40:43

Mark Orbell 40:46

John Marshall 42:02

Chris Campion 43:13

John Halliwell 43:17

Gareth Millard 44:05

David Brooks 44:52

Dave Burdon 45:00

Andy Norman 45:18

Dave Cooper 45:26

Johnny Scott 45:53

William Overton 47:31

Lisa Heath 47:53

Steve Pattison 48:43

Phil Lonsdale 49:32

Adam Gallagher 49:37

Victoria Wilkinson 49:54

Sue Ransome 49:57

Sarah Norman 52:21

Toby Meekings 53:29

Tim Ayres 54:33

Hilary Taylor 56:09

Andrew Allan 56:18

Pete Covey 57:39

Ralph McDermott 57:44

Ian Robinson 58:20

Paul Dewhirst 58:42

Phil Daggett 58:44

Judith Marshall 59:19

Joy Good 63:27

Kezzie Medford 63:31

Lindsay Johnson 67:18



Edinburgh Marathon

Michael Hern 3:56:43

Rosina Citrone 4:17:56

Paul Kaye 4:54:05

Cheryl Murphy 5:27:51


Edinburgh Half Marathon

John Woodhead 1:57:24

Carole Parkinson 2:06:37

Mary Liversidge 2:11:22


Kirkcudbright Half Marathon

Steve Boom 1:39:51

Dave Cooper 1:57:14


Ilkley Trail Race

Matt Livesey 46:00 (9th overall)

Pam Birchenall 1:11:43

Paul Dewhirst 1:17:42


Liverpool Marathon

Faye Birkby 3:35:22

Tony Lambert 5:04:53

Ralph McDermott 5:33:05


Liverpool Half Marathon

Adrian Martin 2:10:11

Cathy Martin 2:24:05


Leeds Half Marathon

James  Clark 1:22:53

David Woodhead 1:27:28

Mark Orbell 1:31:08

Morven Wallace 1:32:50

Nick Dunn 1:34:23

John Halliwel 1:34:59

Peter Eniver 1:35:44

Paula Bradshaw 1:36:56

Johnny Scott 1:41:20

Chris Campion 1:43:14

Dverel Kovalsky 1:45:18

Andy Norman 1:46:45

Tim Barton 1:50:21

Sarah Norman 1;52:10

Victoria Wilkinson 1:52:33

Rachael Newton 1:54:04

Anjuli Parmar 1:55:09

John Woodhead 2:05:31

Andrew Duffy 2:12:27

David Owen 2:14:39

Ian Robinson 2:15:55

Rodney Tordoff 2:16:25 (1st V75)

Caroline Armstrong 2:16:42

Nick Ljustina 2:18:33

Amber Reid 2:18:21

Kezzie Medford 2:26:05 (1st V70)

Edwina Hewson 2:32:21

Ruth Duffy 2:32:25

Dawn Taylor 2:34:20

Jackie Baldwin 2:34:21

Elaine Rushworth 2:43:24 


Bluebell Trail (Hilly Off Road -10+ miles)

Steve Pattison 1:42:18 (2nd V60)

Tracey Wilman 1:48:40

Robert Greaves (Jnr) 1:48:40

Adam Gallagher 2:01::41

Paul Dewhirst 2:17:22


Cannon Hall Dash 10 miles

Sue Ransome (1st V60)


Roundhay Vets

James Clark 30.34

Rich Allen 32:26

Rob Dixon 32:35

Nigel Armitage 33:02

Rob Samuels 33:28

Mark Orbell 34:05

John Marshall 34:20

John Haliwell 35:48

Chris Campion 36:08

Tracey Wilman 36:13

Dave Burdon 36:28

Andy Norman 36:41

David Brooks 37:28

David Booth 37:39

Anna Keys 38:18

Rob Butler 38:20

William Overton 39:35

Lisa Heath 39:50

Natalie Tordoff 40:34

Adam Gallagher 40:51

Katy Ralph 41:33

Sue Ransome 42:01

Vicotoria Wilkinson 42:02

Sarah Norman 42:14

Toby Meeking 42:15

Adrian Martin 44:15

Lynne Barrett 45:26

Emma Young 45:28

Hilary Taylot 46:30

Andrew Allan 46:46

Nic Anness 48:05

Rodney Tordoff 48:08

Ian Robinson 48:09

Alan Mahony 50:50

Cathy Martin 52:27

Kezzie Medford 52:53

Claire Greenwood 53:09

Joy Good 53:15

Lindsay Johnson 57:03


Up the Odda 10k

Tracey Wilman 53:56

Tony Mawson 55:20

Adam Gallagher 60:42

Paul Dewhirst 83:31


Coiners fell race

Nigel Armitage 1:02:04


Newport Marathon

Morven Wallace 3:17 (PB)


Newport 10k

Pam Birchenall 52:53 (PB)  


3 Peaks Challenge.

Matt Livesey 3:49:49

Leigh Hinchliffe 3:55:34

Neil Armitage 4:13:49

Jon Greenwood 4:34:24

Ben Mason 4:36:02

Anna Keys 5:00:59

Darryl Stead 5:12:57

Mark Pawson 5:20:04


Bradford 10k.

James Clark (20th) 36:51

Jack Cooper (PB) 40:10

Nick Dunn 40:11

Mark Orbell 41:03

Peter Enever 42:15

Tracey Wilman (PB) 43:10

Dave Burdon 43:24

Steven Esgate 45:43

William Overton 47:40

Adam Gallagher 50:34

Rosina Citrone 50:51

LIsa Jamieson 51:24

Tony Lambert (PB) 52:37 

Rodney Tordoff 55:41

Katie Jones 56:46

David Owen 57:40

Victoria Dickinson  (PB)57:41

Samantha Dean 58:31

Samantha Garside 58:38

Andrew Bishop 58:44

Paul Mortimer 58;44

Michelle Craighan 59:05

Paul Dewhirst 59:09

Debra Tomlinson 59:24

Stacie Ashworth 1:03:15

Ralph McDermott 1:05:22 

Michelle Hefferon 1:08:26

Sarah Moss 1:10:03

Arthur Wood 1:11:31

Lindsay Dixon 1:16;17

Gemma Waring 1:16:35

Annette Clark 1:22;52


Chester Half Marathon

Nicola Cartwright 2:11;48


Anniversary Waltz Fell Race

Leigh Hinchliffe 2:09:25

Martin Bullock 3:03:18 


London Marathon

Al Chapman 3:07:05

William Overton 4:05:17

Lisa Heath 4:19:23

Dave Hudson 4:20:16

Darryl Stead 4:42:17

Catherine Smithurst 5:07:32

Nic Anness 5:12:59

Sam Stewart 5:16:05

Debbie McDermott 5:19:33

Joshua Hawkhead 5:22:33

Ian Robinson 6:01:42

Lindsay Johnson 6:22:29

Kezzie Medford 6:26:04


Zurich Marathon

Dev Kovalsky Gonzalez 4:17:57


Blackpool Marathon

Matthew Pinnock 3:23:11


Honley Vets

James Clark 40:47

Nigel Armitage 41:17

Paul Gaile 43:18

Dave Woodhead 43:49

Rob Dixon 44:31

Rich Allen 44:42

Rob Samuels 44:52

John Marshall 45:32

Tom Murphy 45:40

Mark Orbell 45:50

Dave Burdon 49:01

Andy Norman 50:45

Steve Pattinson 51:20

Kate Smithson 61:49

John Woodhead 62:51

Lynne Barrett 62:53

Emma Young 66:46


Vale of York (10miles)

John Halliwell 1:12:29

Fiona Harrison 1:36:47 (PB)

Sarah Turner 1:37:00

Mary Liversidge 1:39:19

Georgie Pogge-Von -Strandmann 1:49:19


Overgate Hospice 10k

Sue Ransome 52:36 (1st F60)


Hartlepool Marina 5 miles Road Race.

Dave Woodhead 31:02

John Woodhead 43:29

Andrew Bishop 51:29






Manchester Marathon

Faye Birkby 3:12:25

Natalie Tordoff 4:10:01

Rob Butler 4:51:07


Baildon Boundary Way

James Clark 1:36:20

Rob Samuels 1:49:26

Steve Pattison 1:56:25

Robert Greaves 1:57:42

Darryl Stead 2:12:24

Suzy Beck 2:20:24

Andrew Allan 2:27:21


Sheffield Half

Mark Orbell 1:32:41

Dveirel Kovalsky 1:46:04

Ralph McDermott 2:03:14


Thirsk 10

Morven Walace 1:06:32

Amy Smith 1:20:05

Pam Birchenall 1:29:45

Adrian Martin 1:31:00

Rodney Tordoff 1:33:48

Katie Jones 1:38:39

Cathy Martin 1:41:20

Dawn Taylor 1:58:10

Jackie Baldwin 1:58:10


Muddy Trail Daffodil Half Marathon

Matt Pinnock 1:28:26 (1st overall)


Bramley Fall Tag Team Trail Race

Jake and Faye Birkby (5th overall and 1st Mixed team) 


Guiseley Gallop

James Clark 41:04 (9th overall/3rd V35)

Paul Gaille 45:03 (3rd V50)

John Marshal 48:04

John Halliwell 51:20

Steve Pattison 51:55 (2nd V60)

Mandy Bannister 1:02:59

Paul Dewhirst 1:07:14

Lynne Barrett 1:08:01

Lisa Jamieson 1:09:14


Ackworth Half Marathon

Dave Burdon 1:43:40 (1stV60)

Dveirel Kovalsky 1:48:07 


Wakefield 10k

James Clark 37:15

David Woodhead 40:19

Ben Wood 50:42

John Woodhead 57:00

Nicola Cartwright 59:16

Andrew Bishop 1:07:22

Stacie Ashworth 1:07:22

Rachel Clayforth 1:10:21

Arthur Wood 1:13:23

Annette Clarke 1:24:46



Dan Graham 34:01


Dishforth Dash 10k

Steve Pattison 45:30


Liverpool Half

Morven Wallace 1:29:31

Catherine Smithurst 2:01:06 (PB)

Pam Birchenall 2:02:47

Andrew Smithurst 2:04:42


Coniston 14

Martin Robson 1:52:46

Martin Bullock 1:53:35

Andrew Allan 2:09:32

Elaine Allan 2:09:57

Linda Bullock 2:18:15


Sarasota Half Marathon.

Lynne Barrett 2:04:11 (3rd FV60) 


Spen 20

Matt Pinnock 2:10:33

Robert Greaves 2:54:24


Dentdale 14

Steve Pattison 1:56:30

Andrew Allan 2:18:51

Elaine Allan 2:23:15


Barcelona Marathon

Beth Light  3:54:11Andrew Hardaker  4:06:26


Queensbury XC

On the day - Men 5th, Women 7th, Vets 4th, Supervets 1st Overall 5th 29 Pacers (20 men 9 ladies)


Benidorm Half Marathon

Martin Robson 1:46:58

Loretta Robson 2:08:43



Stainland XC

On the day - Men 5th, Women 8th, Vets 8th, SuperVets 1st, Overall 6th




Slaithwaite Slog (half marathon)

Matt Pinnock 1:22:25

Anna Keys 1:47:22

Diane Shaw 2:15:53

Ian Robinson 2:16:59

Lindsay Johnson 2:48:06


Harewood Half

Joshua Hawkhead 1:59:05


Snake Lane 10

Ryan Turnbull 1:01:37

John Halliwell 1:10:38

Brad Strutt 1:16:36


Oulton Park half

Rob Butler 1:45:26


Ilkley Fell Race

Darryl Stead 1:02:17

Laurence Martin 1:02:22

Steve Pattinson 1:04:22

Martin Bullock 1:06:05

Andrew Allan 1:19:14


Liversedge Half

Robert Greaves 1:43:10

Martin Scott 1:56:20

Amy Smith 1:57:13

Emma Hardman 1:58:16

David Owen 2:17:40


Great North West Half

Ralph McDermott 2:11:42

Debbie McDermott 2:11:49


Flower Scar Fell Race

Matt Livesey 1:17:43 (5th)

Leigh Hinchliffe 1:21:23

Ben Mason1:39:05

Mark Pawson 1:42:56

Mark Dixson 1:50:21


Skipton XC

26 Pacers (19men/7 women)


Dewsbury 10k

Mark Orbell 40:16 (PB)

David Booth 44:04

Tracey Wilman 44:44

Andrew Walker 45:21

Adam Gallagher 50:39

Paul Dewhirst 52:21 (PB)

Cheryl Murphy 1:00:39


Mickledon Straddle 

Matt Livesey 1:49:12 (4th)

Michael Dixon 2:36:20

Anna Keys 2:38:25

Martin Bullock 2:59;44


Meltham 10k.

Richard Godden 47:07

Tracey Wilman 50:57

Adam Gallagher 54:46


Inskip Half Marathon.

Al Chapman 1:24:37

Morven Wallace 1:30:13


WYXC Winter League Race 3. (Northowram)

33 Pacers raced (25 Men, 8 Ladies)

On the day Men (5th) Ladies (8th) Vets (6th) Supervets (2nd) Overall (6th)


4 Villages Half Marathon

Andrew Smithurst 2:09:05

Adrian Martin 2:10:24

Paul Dewhirst 2:13:06

Catherine Smithurst 2:16:11

Cathy Martin 2:21:47


Hebden 2018 -15 miles 2800ft ascent

Tim Ayres 4:07:00


Temple Newsam 10 mile

Peter Enever 1:18:13

Dave Burdon 1:18:50

Tim Barton 1:26:53

Tracey Wilman 1:29:23

Adam Gallagher 1:31:57

Lisa Jamieson 1:37:03

Paul Dewhirst 1:40:45

Sam Stewart 1:45:41

David Owen 1:47:45

Judith Marshall 1:49:40

Debbie McDermott 1:50:06

Ralph McDermott 1:50:07

Georgie Pogge-von Strandmann 1:52:46

Michelle Dare 2:06:12


Stanbury Splash

Graeme Tiffany 1:01:45

Mark Nolan 1:04:19

Ben Mason 1:04:54

David Cooper 1:06:25

Laurence Martin 1:07:33

Tony Mawson 1:08:20

Martyn Robson 1:10:24

Brad Strutt 1:10:29

Martin Bullock 1:15:05

Mark Dixson 1:15:31

Andrew Allan 1:24:14


Sir Titus Trot 10k

Lisa Jamieson 52:45 (3rd Lady)


Sir Titus Trot Half Marathon

Beth Light 1:44:09 (3rd Lady)


Central Lancs Half Marathon

Al Chapman 1:24:36

Morven Wallace 1:31:02

Natalie Tordoff 1:55:14

Elaine Allan 1:55:43

Andrew Allan 1:55:49

Ralph McDermott 2:04:49.


WYXC Race 2 Middleton

46 Pacers attended. Male team 4th, Ladies team 10th Vets team 3rd Supervets team 2nd and Overall Pudsey finished 4th on the day.


Scorers for the Men - Matt Livesey, Neil Armitage, Nigel Armitage, Jon Holah, Nick Dunn, Ryan Turnbull and Rob Dixon.

Scoreers for the Ladies - Tracey Wilman, Anna Keys, Dveirel Kovalsky, and Katy Ralph. Sue ransome also scored for the ladies in the Super vets team.    





Hardmoors 30 mile

Sarah Norman 6:45

William Overton 6:45


Auld Lang Syne

David Cooper 69:47

Caroline Clarke 76:53


Coley Canter

Kate Smithson 1:37:26

Tony Lambert 1:37:51


Chevin Chase: 

Matt Livesey 43:57

Jon Holah 47:59

John Halliwell 54:24

Simon Beverley 58:16

Mark Dixson 1:00:15

Steve Boom 1:00:28

Martin Bullock 1:02:51

Darryl Stead 1:04:08

Katy Ralph 1:05:02

Tony Lambert 1:08:59

Ralph McDermott 1:10:45

Lynne Barrett 1:11:58

Paul Mortimer 1:13:24

Mary Liversidge 1:21:22


East Hull 10k

Kate Smithson 51:16 (PB) 





Hardmoors Roseberry Topping (30.4 miles)

Sarah Norman 6:35:06 (48th)


Stockport 10 miles

Sue Ransome 1:19:27 (1st FV60)


Dark Peak Trail (15.24 miles/2044 feet)

Tim Ayres 3:53


Clowne Half Marathon

Victoria Wilkinson 1:52:14

Tony Lambert 1:56:12

Adrian Martin 2:09:43

Paul Dewhirst 2:11:24

Paul Mortimer 2:11:28

Katie Jones 2:11:29

Ralph McDermott 2:15:18

Debbie McDermott 2:15:18

Andy Hall 2:32:18

Gemma Benson 2:32:19


WYXC Race 1 Dewsbury

43 Pacers competed.

Team Result - Male (6th) Female (8th) Vets (6th) Supervets (2nd) Overall (6th)

Scorers (Male) - Matt Livesey, Paul Gaille, Nigel Armitage, Jon Holah, Ryan Turnbull, Robert Samuels, Mark Orbell.

Scorers (Female) Anna Keys, Tracey Wilman, Dveiral Kovalsky, Natalie Tordoff, Lisa Heath.  







Valencia Marathon

Andy Hardaker 3:29:43


Tour of Pendle

Leigh Hinchcliffe 3:11:15

Ben Mason 3:30:34

Steve Boom 3:36:44

Caroline Clarke 3:55:17

Martin Bullock 4:15:50


Burley Moor Fell Race.

Matt Livesey (5th) 47:29

David Cooper 1:01:07

Martin Bullock 1:06:19

Dveirel Govalski 1:10:28

Andrew Allan 1:20:38


Bolton Abbey Races.

Paul Dewhirst (10mile) 2:20:30

Judith Marshall (Half Marathon) 3:26:56.


Goathland Hardmoors Marathon

Sarah Norman 6:15

Andy Norman 6:15


Spenborough Vets GP race no 6


Anna Keys 41:23

Lisa Heath 44:21

Natalie Tordoff 44:38

Susan Ransome 46;02

Emma Young 48:04

Lynne Barrett 48:23

Sarah Norman 48:30

Hilary Taylor 50:17

Nicky Anness 51:42

Helen Thompson 53:33

Kezzie Medford 56:04

Katy Jones 57:22

Cathy Martin 57:50


Nigel Armitage 33:52

Rich Allen 34:10

Jon Holah 34:17

Rob Samuels 35:28

Rob Dixon 36:19

John Marshall 36:36

Mark Orbell 36:58

Dave Burdon 39:00

Andy Norman 41:32

Steve Pattison 41:55

Mark Pawson 42:05

Gareth Millard 42:14

Peter Covey 45:00

Mark Smith 45:53

Tim Ayres 47:11

Mick Liversidge 47:17

Tony Lambert 48:59

Adrian Martin 50:50

David Owen 52:36






Abbey Dash

Al Chapman  37:14

Nick Dunn 39:19

Morven Wallace 41:02

Mark Orbell 41:49

Peter Enever 42:35

Ian McCall 43:27

Chris Campion 44:56

Gareth Millard 45:00

Steven Esgate 45:16

Tim Barton 45:32

Tracey Wilman 46:10

Lisa Heath 47:13

Mark Smith 47:58

Adam Gallagher 48:56

Victoria Wilkinson 49:03

Chris Copeland 49:13

Andrew Allan 51:23

Kate Smithson 53:12

Hilary Taylor 53:12

Lucy McCartney 53:17

Linda Bullock 53:59

Adrian Martin 54:44

John Woodhead 54:48

Trish Popiolek 55:06

Samantha Stewart 55:31

Fay Walker 56:06

Kirsty Boyle 56:12

Rodney Tordoff 56:28

Georgie Pogge-von Strandmann 56:40

Kezzie Medford 57:07

Vicky Benson 57:10

Caroline Armstrong 57:48

Nicola Cartwright 58:51

Karen Hill 59:33

Carol Parkinson 59:38

Melissa Stead 59:50

Joanne Austin 59:56

Debbie Tomlinson 1:00:04

Elizabeth Howitt 1:00:11

Hannah Surendrakumar 1:01:09

David Elliott 1:01:46

Christine Stead 1:01:55

Sam Garside 1:01:58

Louise Barber 1:02:20

Michelle Craighan 1:02:20

Karina Leucht 1:02:54

Joy Good 1:03:31

Lia de Faveri 1:05:09

Michelle Heffernon 1:07:27

Lucy McCallion 1:07:28

Alan Hill 1:09:12

Rach Clayforth 1:09:13

Ailis Brown 1:11:57

Naomi Hepworth 1:15:08

Helen Hargrave 1:23:42


Guy Fawkes 10 mile

Dave Burdon 1:15:54

Brad Strutt 1:24:06

Tony Lambert 1:31:46

Paul Dewhirst 1:37:14

Paul Mortimer 1:37:46

David Owen 1:41:20

Victoria Dickinson 1:41:25

Ralph McDermott 1:42:08

Lynne Oxley 1:42:11

Debbie McDermott 1:42:11

Elaine Rushworth 1:57:51

Michelle Dare 2:00:50


Shepherds Skyline

Matt Livesey 49:14

Leigh Hinchcliffe 55:09

Rob Samuels 61:07

Ben Mason 63:23

Dave Cooper 63:52

Laurence Martin 65:39

Martin Bullock 70:31

Caroline Clarke 74:22

Tim Ayres 88:25


Dublin Marathon.

Morven Wallace 3:26:46

Catherine Garrett 3:43:16

William Overton 3:45:22

David Harrison 4:41:04

Michael Liversidge 4;51:04

Mary Liversidge 4:58:32

Andrew Smithurst 5:05:23


Hubble Bubble

Melissa Stead (Marathon) 5:02:30

Ralph McDermott (10k) 54:16

Joanne Woodward (5k) 49:14


Bronte Way (Fell Race 8mile/1158' ascent.

Steve Boom 1:12:42

David Cooper 1:19:45

Martin Bullock 1:22:30

Caroline Clarke 1:25:20

Sharon Hague 1:33:40


Bradford City 10k

Tony Lambert 52:26

Alex Robertson 52:37

Andrew allan 52:58 (PB)

David Byrom 56:42

Mark Crawshaw 1:13:35



Bridlington Half Marathon.

Beth Light (Bray) 1:38:10 (3rd in Age group)

Andy Hardaker    1:38:10


Heart of Eden Half Marathon (Appleby)

Sandra Foster 1:40:30 (3rd Lady)


Post Hill Challenge

Neil Armitage 21:13 (2nd overall)

Robert Samuels 23:07 (1st V55)

Rogan Ashton 24:45

Mark Orbell 24:50

Laurence Martin 25:05

Thomas Murphy 25:35

Dan Graham 25:36

Robert Greaves 25:59

Adrian Martin 32:16

David Owen 35:07

Samantha Stewart 35:08

Dveirel Kovalsky 35:26 






Paul Dewhirst 1:48:52


Chester Marathon

Simon Platts 3:27:54

Suzy Beck 4:14:15


Yorkshire Marathon

Morven Wallace 3:19:41

Mark Orbell 3:19:47

David Hudson 3:46:38

Vikki Wilkinson 3:59:33

Chris Copeland 4:20:51

Tom Murphy 4:30:54

Debbie McDermott 4:35:23

Joshua Hawkhead 4:45:29

Linda Bullock 4:48:40

Melissa Stead 4:55:46

Paul Mortimer 5:09:06

Gemma Benson 5:11:46

Andy Hall 5:11:47

Elaine Rushworth 6:04:16

Cheryl Murphy 6:04:16


Yorkshire 10 mile

Chris Campion 1:15:16

David Booth 1:19:19

Adam Gallagher 1:22:01

Kezzie Medford 1:38:10

Georgie Pogge- von Strandmann 1:40:12

Ralph McDermott 1:40:12

Nicola Cartwright 1:40:20

Andrew Duffy 1:41:07

Michelle Dare 1:59:30

Sam Stewart 2:12:54


Withins Skyline

Leigh Hinchcliffe 53:10

Tony Mawson 65:32

Pete Covey 70:43

Tim Ayres 83:56


North Yorkshire Trail Half

Dan Graham 2:51:01


Loch Ness Marathon.

Paul Kaye 5:00:27


Berlin Marathon.

Judith Marshall 5:32:34


Harrogate Havarah 10 mile Trail.

Laurence Martin 1:23:59

Martin Bullock 1:33:20

Brad Strutt 1:33:21

David Booth 1:34:43

Katy Ralph 1:41:51

Pam Birchenall 1:59:04

Paul Dewhirst 2:03:30


Sutton Forest 10k.

Andrew Allan 56:38


Stainland 10k Trail.

James Cliff 1:11:55


English Half Marathon

Peter Enever 1:33:54

Sue Ransome 1:43:35

Lisa Jamieson 1:54:07


Kirkstall Abbey 7

Paul Gaile 47:45

Mark Orbell 48:45

Robert Greaves 50:08

Laurence Martin 51:38

Steve Pattinson 52:25

David Booth 53:06

Jonathan Scott 54:03

Mark Smith 57:16

Ralph McDermott 63:08

Lynne Barrett 63:47

Kirsty Boyle 69:14

Georgie Pogge Von Strandmann 69:28

David Owen 70:10

Paul Dewhirst 74:44


Yorkshireman Half

Steve Pattinson 2:15:58

Anna Keys 2:23:51

Martin Bullock 2:33:05


Shepley 10k

Nick Dunn 43:29


Vale of York Half

Al Chapman1:25:16

Morven Wallace 1:27:45

Simon Platt 1:33:28,

James Pickles 1:34:38,

Beth Bray 1:34:48

Andy Hardaker 1:34:48

Mark Smith 1:48:26

Tony Lambert 1:57:38

Ralph Mcdermott 2:01:11,

Nicola Cartwright 2:13:05

Victoria Benson 2:15:28

Ian Robinson 2:19:17


Great North Run

David Kirk 1.34,02

David Hudson 1:44:34

Tim Barton 1:47:27

Katy Hogg 1:48:33

Chris Copeland 1:51:32

John O’Callaghan 1:59:36

Andrew Smithurst 2:02:36,

Deborah McDermott 2:07:40

Debra Tomlinson 2:11:47

Carol Parkinson 2:23:38

Elaine Rushworth 2:32.45


Leeds Counrty Way Relay

A Team 6th 7:37:04

B Team 26th 9:09:54

C Team 10:53:51


Wetherby 10k

Brad Strutt 46:50

Elizabeth Howitt 60:44

Sarah Turner 62:16


Northumberland Coastal Half

Adrian Martin 2:20:36


Firefighters 5 mile

James Clark 29:49

Rich Allen 32:07

John Marshall 33:19

Peter Enever 34:25

Tracey Willman 37:36

Brad Strutt 38:29

Mark Smith 40:41

Amy Smith 41:01

Adam Gallagher 41:30

Emma YOung 41:55

Lisa Jamieson 44:35

Alex Roberton 50:21

Sarah Turner 50:24


Halifax Vets raceJames Clark 35:11

Jon Holah 35:14

Rich Allen 35:59

Robert Samuels 38:00

John Marshall 39:02

Laurence Martin 40:39

Dave Burdon 41:30

Anna Keys 43:08

William Overton 43:36

Andy Norman 43:47

Steve Pattison 44:00

Mark Pawson 45:47

Andrew Walker 46:52

Sue Ransome 47:11

Mark Smith 47:20

Katy Ralph 48:57

Victoria Wilkinson 48:59

Sarah Norman 49:00

Lynne Barrett 50:38

Hilary Taylor 51:08

Tim Ayres 53:39

Nic Anness 53:52

Pete Covey 54:13

Julie Mair 55:01

Adrian Martin 56:07

Cathy Martin 56:33

Nick Greenwood 56:34

Sarah Turner 58:21

Paul Dewhirst 60:50

Kezzie Medford 61:04


Borrowdale Fell Race

Leigh Hinchcliffe  4:18:42


York 10k

Morven Wallace 39:47

Ian McCall 43:27

Steven Esgate 44:37

Peter Enever 45:36

Johnny Scott 48:33

James Cliff 52:09

Victoria Benson 58:50

Ian Robinson 59:46

Katie Jones 1:03:00

Cathy Martin 1:03:00

Ralph McDermott 1:10:57

Michelle Dare 1:10:58

Lindsay Johnson 1:11:05


Round Hill Fell Race

James Clark 38:11

Dave Cooper 73:30

Laurence Martin 76:05

Darryl Stead 76:49

Tony Mawson 77:55

Martin Bullock 80:39

Anna Keys 81:15

Brad Strutt 83:22

Pete Covey 85:00

Caroline Clark 86:02


Flat Cap 5Lynne Barrett  44:33


Nostell Priory 10k

James Clark 38:11

Robert Greaves 45:29

Ian Robinson 1:00:53

Lindsay Johnson 1:16:29


Northumberland Coastal Run

John Marshall 1:35:02

Morven Wallace 1:36:41

Dave Burdon 1:41:02

David Kirk 1:42:11

Steve Pattinson 1:45:49

Lucy Armstrong 1:48:45

Ben Mason 1:49:35

William Overton 1:49:38

Andrew Hardaker 1:50:34

Tony Mawson 1:50:44

Lisa Heath 1:57:47

Sharon Hague 1:58:06

Caoline Clark 2:04:14

Mick Liversidge 2:07:46

Lisa Jamieson 2:08:56

Adrian Martin 2:20:51

Mary Liversidge 2:21:46

Nick Greenwood 2:23:06

Ralph McDermott 2:27:02

Cathy Martin 2:27:05

Sara Barton 2:28:51


Arthur James ShakERR

Michael Hern 56:45

Anna Keys 1:02:46

Tony Lambert 1:12:59

Paul Mortimer 2:00:25


Southport Half

Dave Burdon 1:39:53


Southport 10k

Victoria Dickinson 59:16


Eccup 10 mile

Mark Orbell 1:11:28

Robert Greaves 1:13:59

Lawrence Martin 1:14:46

William Overton 1:16:42

Steve Pattison 1:17:10

Tony Mawson 1:18:51

Brad Strutt 1:19:04

Mandy Bannister 1:21:34

David Booth 1:21:50

Katy Ralph 1:23:47

Martin Bullock 1:24:02

Hilary Taylor 1:25:29

Mark Smith 1:25:27

Emma Young 1:25:58

Emma Robinson 1:27:15

Tony Lambert 1:30:18

Andrew Smithurst 1:30:19

Lisa Jamieson 1:30:57

Anjuli Parmar 1:33:06

Adrian Martin 1:36:22

Carol Parkinson 1:36:35

Nic Annes 1:37:19

Claire Bray 1:37:48

Ralph McDermott 1:38:22

Debbie McDermott 1:38:23

Linda Bullock 1:39:12

Cathy Martin 1:41:37

Garry Leedham 1:43:20

Gemma Benson 1:44:05

Andrew Hall 1:44:08

Rob Greaves 1:45:17

Victoria Benson 1:46:19

Kezzie Medford 1:48:18

Ruth Duffy 1:55:21

Edwina Hewson 1:55:31

Lia DeFaveri 1:57:02

John Woodhead 2:00:39

Michelle Dare 2:03:32

Elaine Rushworth 2:03:32

Dilip Parmar 2:08:23


Rush around the Rhubarb

Matt Livesey 21:15

Richard Allan  23:41

Arthur Creek 24:26

Ollie Roberts 24:27

Lawrence Martin 25:13

Peter Enever 25:15

Mark Orbell 25:30

Brad Strutt 26:53

Robert Greaves 27:13

Tony Mawson 27:22

Rachel Grist 29:06

Lisa Heath 29:09

Martin Bullock 29:09

Emma Robinson 29:33

Peter Covey 30:13

Katy Ralph 30:28

Sara Demaine 32:20

  Andrew Smithurst 32:35

Lynne Barrett 32:38

Lisa Jamieson 32:41

Tim Ayres 33:27

Ralph McDermott 34:02

Tony Lambert 34:26

Fay Walker 34:58

Melissa Stead 35;54

David Owen 35:55

Ruth Kettle 36:29

Gemma Benson 37:35

Andrew Hall 37:36

Rob Greaves 37:44

Howard Stead 38:08

Paul Dewhirst 38:47


Bradford Millenium Way Relay

A team 6:32:06

B team 8:01:49

C team 8:29:26


Summer Solstice Saunter

Gemma Storr 47:32

Sara Demaine 49:51

Ralph McDermott 49:59

Paul Mortimer 52:21


Beamsley Beacon

Darryl Stead 49:40

David Cooper 50:08

Tony Mawson 50:55

Martin Bullock 55:21

Emma Robinson 59:04

Nick Greenwood 1:00:38


Penistone 10k

Nicola Cartwright 59:48


Morecombe Half

Mary Liversidge 2:10:49


Round Sheffield Run

Paul Mortimer 1:58:41

Ralph McDermott 2:01:01


Buttermere Horseshoe

Leigh Hinchcliffe 6:07



Kettlewell Anniversary Fell

Ollie Roberts 49:41

Tony Mawson 55:42

Caroline Clark 59:00

Martin Bullock 60:53

Emma Robinson 66:59

Katy Ralph 67:01


Duddon Valley Classic Fell

Leigh Hinchcliffe 4:12:58


Greather Manchester half marathon

Rob Samuels 1:28:50


Edinburgh Marathon

Simon Platts 3:30:09

Thomas Murphy 4:11:00


Edinburgh Half

Amy Smith 1:56:52

Mick Liversidge 2:00:11

John Woodhead 2:01:22

Mary Liversidge 2:11:03


Edinburgh 10k

Carol Parkinson 58:50


Liverpool Half

Peter Enever 1:35:36

Lynne Barrett 2:02:44

Adrian Martin 2:04:34

Cathy Martin 2:28:07


Liverpool 5k

Lynne Barrett 26:03

Peter Enever 34:35


Green Bay half (USA)

Lynne Barrett 1:56:22


Windermere Marathon

Sue Ransome 3:50:13

Martin Bullock 4:12:26


Calderdale Relay

A Team 22nd  7:06:58

B Team 64th  9:01:52


John Carr Race 3

Matt Livesey 17:30

Morven Wallace 19:36

William Overton 21:59

Mark Smith 22:40

Brad Strutt 22:43

Melissa Stead 27:43


Leeds Half

James Clark 1:21:22,

Nigel Armitage 1:23:08 (3rd M45),

Al Chapman 1:23:53,

Richard Allan 1:29:36,

Morven Wallace 1:30:30,

James Pickles 1:30:50,

Beth Bray 1:32:13 (PB),

Robert Greaves 1:33:24,

Mark Orbell 1:33;43,

Simon Platts 1:35:42,

John Halliwell 1:35:45,

Gary Leedham 1:39:27,

David Booth 1:40:41,

Bill Overton 1:46:33,

Steve Pattison 1:46:35,

Tim Barton 1:46:44,

Karl Collingwood-Thirley 1:49:35,

Rachel Grist 1:49:44,

Hilary Taylor 1:52:29 (PB),

Anjuli Parmar 1:54:04,

Andrew Smithurst 1:59:01,

Mick Liversidge 2:01:08,

David Weed 2:02:06,

Emma Young 2:02:28,   

Martin Scott 2:02:56,

Rodney Tordoff 2:04:09,

Claire Bray 2:06:13,

Paul Mortimer 2:06:33,

Carol Parkinson 2:07:50,

Gemma Benson 2:12:15,

Linda Bullock 2:12:15,

Nicola Cartwright 2:13:54,

Victoria Dickinson 2:14:17,

Mary Liversidge 2:18:00,

Caroline Parish 2:19:21,

Ian Robinson 2:21:13,

Pam Birchenall 2:22:53,

Robert Greaves 2:24:04,

Kezzie Medford 2:33:30 (1st F70),

Edwina Hewson 2:35:21,

Lia De Faveri 2:38:04,

Michelle Dare 2:38:12,

Elaine Rushworth 2:38:12,  

Andy Hall 2:39:16,

Ralph Mcdermott 2:46:49,

Debbie McDermott 2:46:49,

Lynne Donna 2:47:15,

Rachel Clayforth 2:58:35.


John Carr Race 2

Matt Livesey 17:12

Morven Wallace 19:30

David Booth 20:48,

Brad Strutt 23:16,

Peter Covey 23:57 (2nd M70),

Andrew Smithurst 25:27,

Melissa Stead 28:16 

Paul Dewhirst 28:51


Jack Bloor Fell Race

Neil Armitage 45:17

Darryl Stead 57:56




Bluebell 10mile trail

Dave Cooper 1:33:44

Dveirel Kovalsky G 1:33:46

Steve Pattison 1:37:16

Nick Greenwood 1:46:60


North Lincolnshire HM

Paul Mortimer 2:04:48


Over the Odda 10k

Peter Enever 51:31

Lisa Jamieson 65:58


John Carr Race 1

Matt Livesey 17:24

Simon Platts 19:44

Darryl Stead 22:13

Brad Strutt 22:30

Andrew Smithurst 25:04

Victoria Dickinson 26:38

Melissa Stead 28:04

Lia de Fasveri 32:24


Pembrokesire Coastal marathon

Paul Kaye 7.18.13



Zagi Bashir 16h.19m


3 Peaks Race

Ben Mason 4:38:35

Paul Gaile 4:43:26

Steve Boom 4:47:44

Shaun Denham 4:57:07

Darryl Stead 5:07:58

Mark Pawson 5:!4:29

Sara Demaine 5:33:57


London Marathon

Beth Bray 3:21:25

Colleen Carter 4:00:07

Nicola Cartwright 4:59:24

Debra Tomlinson 5:01:39


Honley Vets

Nigel Armitage 41:57

Jon Holah 42:15

James Clark 44:54

Rich Allen 44:56

Rob Samuels 45:27

Steve Boom 46:29

Mark Orbell 47:32

Dave Burdon 48:41

John Halliwell 49:25

Mark Pawson 50:12

Lawrence Martin 51:54

Tony Mawson 52:51

Robert Greaves 53:05

Dveirel Kovalsky G 53:07

William Overton 53:57

Lucy Armstrong 55:00

Pete Covey 56:07

Lisa Heath 57:10

Mick Liversidge 58:04

Mark Smith 58:09

Sue Ransome 58:18

Nick Greenwood 60:36

Lynne Barrett 61:23

Andrew Smithurst 63:14

Adrian Martin 65:39

Nic Anness 67:56

David Owen 68:52

Mary Liversidge 69:37

Cathy Martin 70:43

Lynne Oxley 82:53


Bunny Run 3

Tim Ayres 27:19


Bunny Run 2

Darryl Stead 21:57

Peter Covey 25:16

Tim Ayres 27:51


Stockton Sprint Duathlon

Emma Young 1:22:00


Ackworth Half

Al Chapman 1:27:25

Morven Wallace 1:27:52

David Kirk 1:36:28

Chris Copeland 1:49:03

Lynne Barrett 1:59:17

Ralph McDermott 2:02:38


Guiseley Gallop

Robert Samuels 43:45

John Halliwell 47:46

Darryl Stead 49:04

Dveirel Kovalsky G 51:19

William Overton 52:20

Mandy Bannister 53:43

David Booth 54:32

Peter Covey 56:13

Mark Smith 57:53

Emma Robinson 59:05

Melissa Stead 1:06:58

John Woodhead 1:09:59

Clare Greenwood 1:10:56


Druridge Bay Half

Dave Burdon 1:37


Epworth Easter Egg 10k trail

Arthur Creek 42:36

Brad Strutt  50:33


Bridlington Easter 5 mile Dash

Victoria Dickinson 45:55


Vale of York 10

James Pickles 1:09:30

William Overton 1:15:34

Laurence Martin 1:17:36

Andy Green 1:25:36

Ralph McDermott 1:29:09

Lynne Barrett 1:30:04

Nic Anness 1:35:02


Sheffield Half Marathon

Robert Greaves 1:34:44

Mark Orbell 1:38:07

Peter Enever 1:38:53

Steven Esgate 1:42:38

Garry Leedham 1:43:26

Steve Pattinson 1:50:58

Dveirel Kovalsky G 1:56:56


Bunny Run 1

Sally Corbin-Smith 23:47

Pete Covey 25:55


Hardmoors Whitehorse 26.2

Sarah Norman 5:18:07

Andy Norman 5:18:07


Manchester Marathon

David Woodhead 3:31:53

Dveirel Kovalsky G 3:51:55

Andrew Alllan 4:16:50

Katie Jones 4:25:24

Brian Colling 4:40:55

Cathy Martin 4:47:08

Ralph McDermott 4:59:19

Debbie McDermott 5:19:08

Ruth Duffy 5:22:01

Elaine Rushworth 5:31:05

Michelle Dare 5:55:06


Baildon Boundary Way

Matt Livesey  1:27:57

Nigel Armitage 1:29:42

Ben Mason 1:49:50

David Cooper 1:52:10

William Overton 1:54:54

Martin Bullock 1:57:59

Tim Barton 1:58:02

Caroline Clark 2:10:06

Sara Demaine 2:14:20

Nick Greenwood 2:15:00


Wakefield 10K

Karl Collingwood 49:07

Rodney Tordoff 55:30

Carol Parkinson 55:58

John Woodhead 57:28


Liverpool Half Marathon

Morven Walllace 1:28;12



Bradford 10k

James Pickles 41:15

Dave Burdon 43:09

Lawrence Martin 43:25

Mark Orbell 43:49

Steven Esgate 45:13

William Overton 46:18

Michael Liversidge 48:56

Rachel Grist 49:58

Paul Mortimer 53:19

Ralph McDermott 53:44

Andrew Smithurst 53:52

Pam Birchenall 53:56

Phil Townend 55:32

Carol Parkinson 55:48

John Woodhead 59:12

Melissa Stead 59:18

Howard Stead 59:23

Kezzie Medford 59:37

Christine Stead 59:43

Mary Liversidge 60:31

Ian Robinson 63:01

Paul Dewhirst 65:05

Carol Woulds 65:47

Lindsay Johnson 78:18


Thirsk 10

Morven Wallace 67:07

Lynne Barrett 1:28:25

Adrian Martin 1:32:28

Emma Robinson 1:33:11

Cathy Martin 1:36:41

Katie Jones 1:36:48

Debra Tomlinson 1:39:40

Gemma Benson 1:43:45

Danielle Poutch 1:43:48

Jackie Baldwin 1:48:35

Dawn Taylor 1:48:34


Heptonstall Fell Race

Leigh Hinchcliffe 2:25:24

Steve Boom 2:43:44

Graeme Tiffany 2:49:10

Ben Mason 2:54:32

Sharon Hague 3:13:15

Mark Pawson 3:13:25

Sara Demaine 4:02:22


Canal Canter (half)

Emma Young 1:59:29

Kezzie Medford 2:14:30



Barcelona Marathon

Paula Bradshaw 3:28:40

David Cooper 3:40:07

Dveirel Kovalsky 3:55:46

Lisa Heath 3:57:53

Katy Ralph 4:22:48

Hilary Taylor 4:28:15

Claire Bray 4:28:18

Jenny Cooper 4:33:22

Nic Annes 4:51:39



Haworth Hobble

Zagi Bashir 5:01


Spen 20

David Woodhead 2:17:40

Katie Jones 3:26:27

Cathy Martin 3:27:35

Ralph McDermott 3:46:40

Debbie McDermott 3:54:06


Dentdale Run

Chris Copeland 2:03:38

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