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This is a serial fantasy story from the point of view of a painfully shy, under developed cuckold, about how a rich black Alpha male opens up the cuckold's very first serious love, and brings him and his puckish, but equally shy and physically under developed fiancée, into a long term polygamous living arrangement with the Alpha male's beautiful and dignified first wife. An arrangement where his newly legal spouse is to be publicly (within a closed, but large, society of sophisticated, upper class Alpha men and women), and ceremonially, turned over to the Alpha male, and where the Alpha male must always be acknowledged as the only man in the polygamous "family", the only one allowed to mount the wives, or even become erect. The cuckold must also consent to, and be present for, his new bride's planned impregnation by the Alpha male on their wedding night, and submit to receiving a humiliating tattoo to forever mark what the Alpha male has done to him and his bride. The story then chronicles the living out of this arrangement and how the Alpha Male's "homes" become a family even as he continues to take new wives.
It is a story about the breaking and opening up of the cuckold's heart and how he and his new bride learn, under the severe hand of the Alpha male and his sympathetic but strict first wife, to accept and live out their roles in the Alpha male's polygamous family. It is an explicit story of interracial cuckolding and breeding, with strong emotional dominance and submission, public and intra polygamous marriage humiliation, forced feminization and chemical emasculation, male and female forced bisexuality and hosiery, shoe and foot fetish themes. If you are not interested in this type of story, please do not read it. The actions depicted here if lived out in real life in anything but a fully consensual and safe, sexual fantasy role playing game, between adults, would be unconscionable, reckless and extremely destructive to everyone affected by it. This is the beauty of fantasy, it isn't real. It is a place were extreme emotions and experiences can be tasted without irreparable consequences. If it were to happen for real, it wouldn't even be sexy, it would be tragic. Everyone depicted in this fictional story is clearly depicted as being over 18 years old.
In my fantasy, I picture a prim Angelina Jolie, in a wardrobe of dark tailored suits with pencil skirts ending just above her knees and dark taupe, heavily reinforced toe and heel, pantyhose and expensive plain black, closed toe (they make nyloned feet smell so much more intensely) heels, calf length boots and flats as Angelina, the kind hearted, but strict and slightly prudish, first wife; an even more petite, slender and waifishly vulnerable, and naïve Mary Kate Olsen as Mia, the cuckold's violated first love and his Alpha bred bride to be; a loud laughing, smirking Eva Longoria as Eva, a nurse, and one of the Alpha male's many ongoing conquests, who administers the chemical castration of the cuckold and times Mia's impregnation on his "wedding night"; and a slim, boyishly bobbed, Kierra Knightly as Kierra, who will become the spoiled, bratty third "wife" who learns to submit completely to the Alpha male while bringing the other older wives firmly to heel.
I imagine Laura Prepon and Mila Kunis from That 70's show, Avril Levine and Lauren Hilton as the shy cuckold's snickering, bratty, college classmates in t shirts, tight torn jeans or low rise, skin tight VS "Pink" line sweatpants, their fratboy "friend's" old black cotton socks or cheap tan nylons, and worn out smelly keds or see through black mesh Chinese slippers. For the "society" I picture a mixed race group of late 40 year old male and female power executives in crisp suits similar to Don and Angelina's, and their assorted blue blood, JAP and IAP spouses, and jaded debutant teen mistresses in their stylish, but conservative, designer cocktail dresses, expensive stockings and open toed heels. I also kind of picture the cast of Big Love when I think of Angelina and Mia, especially wives one and three, but with a very Alpha male, very powerful, very black, husband, Don, like a more intimidating, and stronger willed, Denzel Washington, with Schwartzineger's body, but even bigger, taller, and impeccably dressed from his bespoke tailored power suits to his Egyptian cotton black calf length socks and handmade heavy leather shoes on his size 13 feet. His cock is, of course, so big it makes Angelina and Mia blush every time they look at him. A heavy, uncircumcised, and very, very long, curved and perfect heartbreaker that no woman can ever forget the feel of deep in her womb.
Bigger Love, Episode 1 - Previously on Bigger Love
Previously on Bigger Love, that is, in previous episodes which I might get around to writing in more detail someday, My fiancée, Mia, and I are overjoyed at being allowed to rent a little house at a bargain price. We only have her salary as I am a few years younger than she, and still in college. It is part of a group of three little houses sharing a backyard and pool with the master house, where our big, charismatic and handsome, wealthy black landlord Don lives with his beautiful white wife, Angelina. As part of the agreement I am to do light housework in the Masterhouse, including hand washing their laundry, cleaning and shining their shoes, and making the intimidating, oversized, heavy mahogany bed.
Don owns the financial firm where Mia works as a "gofer" girl, running errands and tending to the needs of the arrogant and demanding ex frat boy traders. "Gofer" girls are expected to keep the guys energy up, flirting, fawning and flashing up skirt peeks. Don makes them wear thongs and sheer to the waist nude pantyhose under tiny skirts and heels a little too high to be seen as anything but sex on offer - something like informal cheerleaders. Mia is puckish and cute, adorable really, but shy and insecure about her boyish body. It's hard for her to wear those clothes, she feels worse than naked, but we need the money, and all those cocky guys sure let her know they love to see her like that.
While she accepts the constant harassment, pawing and come ons, like a girl who knows she needs to keep her job, she good naturedly, and very deferentially, wards off the men as they feel her up with the embarrassingly tiny engagement ring I gave her, pleading that she can't go too far because she is about to get married to her sweetheart. She is the only "gofer" girl who doesn't dream of marrying a trader, and so doesn't end up being passed around from one to another. Only once does she give in and let them go a little too far at an office party. She ended up almost nude in a supply closet, and just barely holds on to her chastity in return for some light lip service and two messy hand jobs, but usually she comes home manhandled and teased, but faithful, her panties soaked through, but still on her. That's why Don notices her, her fragile but unbroken fidelity makes her irresistible.
Don draws us into his life, inviting us to parties where his sophisticated friends snicker at us as he publicly seduces Mia into his bed as I shine his shoes, like a maid. I am blind to it, which makes us all so much more precious and sweet to Don and his friends. Despite my growing anxiety at what I know deep down our physically intimidating, and charismatically domineering, big, black landlord is doing to my little Mia - what I can see in their eyes, I am too ashamed and in love to admit it. I refuse to see it even as her tiny, almost hairless vagina gets broken in, becoming first all bright red and puffy, looking painfully bruised, until it slowly opens up, the growing lips more open, loose and dark, until finally they are permanently purple, swollen and gaping open, almost a little too big for her tiny body. It starts to stick out, giving her a lump, like a cock, inside her panties.
I think it must be the constant sexual tension at work, the constant pawing and teasing by those men, that is making her pussy change like that, and maybe, a little bit, from the frustration of her unmet needs. I know her panties are always wet when she comes home, and feel so ashamed at what she has to endure, but we need the money so bad. Also, sex is a delicate subject. I know Mia had a lot of bigger boyfriends before me, and though we make love all the time, and I love kissing and licking her from her lips to her toes, she never shows much interest in my little cock. Though she says she loves how I am willing to do things for her sexually no other guy ever would, we might as well be lesbians.
Dons house is always full with guests, attractive, successful men and women, some of which befriend us, everyone is so kind to us, and all the while everyone knows, they know what Don is doing to Mia, they even know the details of our "lovemaking" - not just because Don makes Mia tell him all our most intimate secrets and dreams as he fucks her, as he makes a blushing Angelina videotape them, but because our bedroom and the whole compound is completely wired for film and sound. Don is very proud of his sexual endowment and prowess, and likes to show it off. In a real way, he is the only one of all four of us who has nothing to be ashamed of by his and Mia's very quietly public sexual affair. It is not only that everyone we meet secretly knows, everyone has seen Mia and he... seen everything, and Mia knows they know, but she can't stop him. She has learned to like it, crave the public embarrassment, the shame, but most of all crave him inside her.
As we hold hands, dwarfed by Don's huge body, everyone knows she is carrying Don's sperm inside her as if nothing had happened, that I daily kiss her tired, stockinged feet when she comes home from work while his sperm is in her, that she can still feel his cock as I crawl between her legs to try my best to please her. They know about my boyish body, what I am willing to do for her because of it, how much I must love her to do it. They have seen me kissing her ass, licking between her asscheeks as she masturbates on her belly, knowing what I don't know, as I move my tongue deep into her pucker, kissing her ass deeply and lovingly, that she is remembering the feel of his cock moving high up in her womb as she cums. The only thing they don't know is when her taste changes, not just because I am again tasting his cum in her, or his sweat on her, something foreign I could pretend to myself not to notice, but because he is changing her, marking her as his, changing the taste and even the smell of her body like a dog piss marking his territory.
It was nothing she could shower off or douche, it was her now. I was smelling, tasting him on her, in her, constantly, he was daily filling up her so fully, so deeply inside her core, he was coming out of every pore of her body. Her feminine body was reacting to her regular fucking by a real Alpha Male instinctively, trying to keep him in her, forever, absorbing his semen, his sweat, even his spit into her flesh. I could smell him on her even when I kissed her tired feet. His body, his scent was now permanently, forever, in her. I smelled that same smell on Angelina, on their bed. Deep down I knew what it was, even if I was not ready to admit it. To admit that if he let me keep loving her, I was going to have to taste, to smell him, forever. It would always be with her even if he never stuck his big cock up in her again. I panicked then, and begin begging her for us to move out.

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