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By the time she moved on to her other rotations, Chao had verified that the human DNA left after her transfections was indeed the NGFR gene. When the gene cloning was published in.

Uninspired science. Sehgal attended an all-girls college at Delhi University, graduating in two years with a degree in biology. The two-year option was available for specific majors because the college system had not yet been synced with Indias new 12-grade high school program.

There was no effort to make it interesting. After graduating in 1980, Sehgal was accepted to law school. She also applied to a prestigious molecular biology masters program at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi.

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I sat in the office and filled out the application, wrote my essay, and handed it in! she says. A few months later, Sehgal was admitted into the genetics program. Sehgals parents had also joined the visit and were returning to India in July, shortly.

But by the end of her first semester, Sehgals situation took a turn for the better. The chair of the cell biology program picked up Sehgals tuition and stipend support. By the end of the year, she had joined.

In an accompanying paper, Sehgal described how the periodicity of timeless transcription controls the accumulation and nuclear localization of the protein of the other known circadian rhythm gene, period. In 1996, Sehgals graduate student Melissa Hunter-Ensor found that the Timeless protein is degraded by light.

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But no one asked. After focusing on neuronal development during her PhD studies, Sehgal switched to studying circadian rhythms in fruit flies as a postdoc. As a professor, she continued to unpack the molecular mechanisms of biological clocksand since discovering that fruit flies sleep, Sehgals.

I thought. Sehgal met an older Indian graduate student from Canada. She confided in him how worried she was about failing out. One thing you need to learn about Americans is that they always act like they know everything, he said to me.

When she was in ninth grade, Sehgals parents sent her to live with relatives in Meerut, a city near Delhi, so she could attend a high school they thought was better than the ones in Kashmir.


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