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R10, you've definitely met Emma Thompson! She's batshit, but in a lovely way. Tells jokes. Does imitations of other actors. She's utterly brilliant. Love working with her.

Alas, I think Ryan's mood swings have to do with drugs. So many stars do loads of cocaine and then use massive amounts of alcohol and/or barbituates to counter the effect on the heart (this was famously witnessed backstage at a fashion show with Kate Moss at the height of her fame. She did enough coke to kill the average person and then chugged an entire bottle of vodka to keep from having a heart attack. It made multiple papers around the world because it was witnessed by so many). Unfortunately, this combination tends to cause crazy mood swings. There are some people who are simply not suited to this industry. They like the money, but can't handle the fame. Phillipe is one of those. He can't handle his fame well. He's a talented guy, we just don't know what version of him we'll get on any given day.

You'd think Lena Dunham would be a horrible pain on the set, right? Believe me, crews are just as shocked that she's not. She has this whole SJW thing online but in person, goes out of her way to be nice and NOT to be a pain in the ass.

To prior poster asking about Natalie Portman fucking costars, that actually doesn't happen on every set. Some stars are actually platonic and professional. When she did No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher, that was a favor to her friend Mila Kunis, as they had filmed Black Swan together the prior year and became good friends. They still are and Natalie did not fuck her friend's now husband.

The A-listers you that WILL fuck their hot co-stars just to blow off some steam are Scarlet J., Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie (Hugh Jackman's wife said publicly he is never allowed to work with her. She swears she was just kidding, but she wasn't. Hugh is a true submissive and has a problem resisting ultra strong women, hence the rumors of oral sex with Scarlet J. on set of Prestige and with Halle Berry repeatedly on pretty much every set they've worked on together.

Oh - to the poster who said Hugh hooked up with John Travolta, BWAHAHAHA! Not on your fucking life. Hugh is bi, not desperate. Travolta makes the most horribly awkward passes you've ever seen. Hugh had absolutely no interest in getting down with that old queen.

Will and Jada: very into the swingers scene. Most of these private parties (they are strictly invite only, no bringing a plus one when celebs are around); however, gay sex is not on the menu. What people negotiate privately is up to them. I know an attendee (gorgeous petite blonde female) who got chatted up by Jada and said she was actually very nice, but my friend had already hooked up with another celeb (someone C list from an ensemble show I can't remember the name of, but she said he was an ultra hot fuck and they had hooked up previously). Jada was exclusively chatting up women and so was Will, so I don't know what's up with that. I think they're both bi, frankly. She definitely likes the ladies.

Provided By: BDSM Library

Synopsis: Tara a foreign correspondent in Kabul get a call to cover an uprising in Yemen.

(Tara a correspondent in Kabul, Afghanistan)


“BingBingBingBing.”  “AHHHHHHH, Shit , Marcus, get my phone.” 

“Let it go.”

“No Got to AAAHHH, Damn, get it”.

“OK, Tara.” 

“Hello, Tara Here.”

Dave: “Tara, we got a new assignment, you got to get down to Yemen, the country is coming apart.”

“AHHHHHHHH, Ok when do I leave.” 

“What the hell is going on.”

“Commmon Dave, you know the usual.”  “Yeaa, OK, Wednesday 0600 we got you on a C130 to Italy and then on to Nigeria the next day.”

Hard to talk thought Tara with two dicks inside you.  The boys had slowed up but she could feel them throbbing ready to start again

Tara could see the Lashawn smiling as he teased her while she as talking, slowly pushing his dick back and forth inside her while she was on the phone.

“Who is going to be there Dave.”  “We got the RED team on the way and local help already lined up.”

“All you need will be at the Base office at 0500.”

“I’ll be there.”

“Talk to you.”

- What a great piece she is – thought Dave – many good memories - Great correspondent – Better Fuck -

“Ok, last Shag for you guys, I am off tomorrow for Yemen.” 

If there was anything Tara liked more than Black Cock it was Black-Ops Black cock.  Tonite she had three guys over from an elite ops unit. These guys were high strung and they could keep her up all night triple teaming her.  With two dicks inside her she took Marcus in her mouth.  OMG, one in my pussy and one in my ass, what a feeling.  Tara was a great journalist.  She was equally proud of her talent as a slut taking on several guys at one time.

Tara, Blonde, athletic and of rugged character was a good match for the special-ops guys she favored for recreation.  Her turning point as a war correspondent came when the small convoy she was with was ambushed.  Pinned down and waiting for help that might come too late she faced the worst.   Captain Davis gave her a 9mm, she didn’t need to be told, there would be no captives for their attackers, no hostages to abuse and execute.  Help arrived, it was amazing to watch the ridge the enemy almost evaporate as the missiles hit followed by the gunships. Her body armor had numerous shrapnel hits and she was lucky to get away with minor injuries. 

Darien was on his back, legs over the end of the bed and Tara was face up with Darien’s cock in her ass.

Lashawn  was facing her with his cock in her pussy.   Marcus was at her side with his cock in her mouth.  It took plenty of talent to keep three high strung guys fucking at one time.    They loved Tara, they could fuck her hard and she could take it and she had the rhythm.  The two cocks inside filled her up as they pounded away deep inside.  She could feel them almost rubbing together.  

After her close call in the mountains she looked at her military friends as comrades as they did her.  Tara would never be the same. She lost most of her inhibitions; she became a risk taker, lusting for life every day.  As she had faced death she came to appreciate even more the men who faced terrible risks every day.

The strength of the men, the brawn, the power, the hardness and size of their cocks drove Tara wild. She could see Lashawn’s cock buried into he pussy.  She could feel Darien deep in ass.    Marcus was in her face, cock buried down her throat.

“AHHHHHH” Tara cried as she could feel the throbbing cocks getting ready to explode.  This would be a  rare treat.   Blonde Tara bucked in harmony with her black lovers.  This is as good as it gets, two blacks studs cumming inside her at one time.  It wasn’t easy   keeping the rhythm going with two dicks inside you but Tara made it look easy.

Tara could feel cum inside her, oh how good it felt, being a sandwich between these two studs.

She rolled off the two and on her knees on the bed.  Marcus was behind her with his dick in her ass even as cum still dripped out.  Tara could feel the warm cum on her leg.  The pounding of yet another dick in her ass was driving her wild.  Darian sat in front of her and grabbed her by the hair and pushed her mouth on his cum coated cock.  Pounded in her ass, and throat fucked Tara was loving every moment.  It was wild and crazy just like the life Tara now lived.

Lashawn,  tho very educated began to ghetto talk Tara. Tara love to be trash talked, like she was being abused.  He grabbed her by the hair.

“Suck dat fukin cock, yo piece of white trash.”  “Brotha, fuck dat white trash bitch.”

“Fuck her hard, yea dats it, pound dat fucking white ass.”

Tara was out of her mind.  She loved the black abuse.  She new it was role playing but she loved it and wondered sometimes how much the guys had to role play and how much……..

Marcus was screwing her hard, slapping her ass.  Lashawn kept up the trash talk.  “Come Bitch, wurtless piece of white trash.”  “Fuckinn whore lets get it on.”

Darian pulled his cock out and shot his load over face.  Marcus shot his load deep in her ass.  Lashawn grabbed her by the hair and they dragged her into the bathroom and into the shower and stood around her let out streams of piss on her face and hair.  .  “Lick it clean Trash Bitch.”

The guys left her, piss and cum covered.  Of course they didn’t mean what they had said to her.  It had taken them a while to get use to what Tara wanted.  Too bad she was leaving. 

“Crazy shit.”  “Gotta love her.”  “Hope they look out for her in Yemen.”  The guys looked back at her apartment, they would miss her in many way and hoped she would be back soon.

Tara cleaned up and laid down to get some rest, it would be a long flight the next day.  She called her three lovers and talked, laughing about their evening romp. She was satisfied and would have sweet dreams of the black gang fucking she just had.  Too bad she might not see them for while, they would always joke how she had some boys form the hood.

Tara got on the plane.  It would be a long hard rough flight on a military cargo plane but she hope to get some sleep.  What a great last night.    She was glad to get away from this terrible never ending war, she figured it would still be there when she was done in Yemen.   Tara made her way to the small plane bathroom.  She took out a black dildo/vibrator and inserted up her cunt .  She fucked herself with it for a while, then moved it around finding the fit she liked the best.

The plane was very noisy so she could use it whenever she wanted.  Going back to the passenger section she noticed an old friend, Major General Alexander Culpepper.  He was old school.  A point Grad his ancestors dated back to the famous Stonewall Brigade and Culpepper retained personal letters from the General himself to Josiah, Alexander’s Great………. Grandfather.  Alex as Tara referred to him was strictly on the up and up but he like to talk to the pretty ladies and Tara didn’t want to miss the opportunity to talk, maybe get an interview.

After a long talk, but no interview, Tara sat back to take a nap. She loved talking to the warriors like Alex. Tara had been a war correspondent for so long she could not think how it had been before. She wondered how many flights like this she had made.  It was a rush, being where the action is.   Since her near miss she wondered, if would the odds catch up to her? 

Arriving in Italy Tara completed her paper work, it would be a 24 hour layover so time to get to town and have lunch with her friend Carla, an Italian Journalist.  Carla had flown down from Rome to spend the day and they met at a café in the old town.  Tara and Carla hugged and kissed on the cheeks in the European fashion. Tara and Carla are a pair that would attract a lot of attention.  Tara tall, blonde, and very well built, athletic.  Carla tall, Mediterranean with more of models appearance. 

They drank wine, talked, laughed and had lunch.  Carla wanted to hear about Tara’s exploits in Afghanistan and share her stories. 

“I talked to Culpepper on the plane.”

“Get out, did you get an interview.”

“No all off the record but I had my special friend in place and it was running the whole time.”

“Get OUT Tara, You are such a slut.”

“I know, don’t you love it.”  “I wondered if he could hear it at all above the plane noise. HAAA.”

“Soon they were eyed by two guys who came over to hit on them.

They talked and laughed.  It was fun for Tara and Carla to listen to their lines.  They could get guys any day they wanted.  After a while they gave the guys the maybe next time line  The guys moved on.  

“Those guys were pretty tempting, But….”  They like to tease the guys and then talk how it would be to fuck them.

“Yea, I know.” replied Tara with big smile.

They kidded each other how it would be to fuck them. 

“I could see his hard-on through his pants.” 

“Yea I’d like to get a guy some time and have him tied up, you know, just use and abuse that cock.”

“Carla didn’t know you had that in you.”  Girls had a good laugh and the knowing smiles.

“Ok Carla, where are we headed.” 

“Off to Marco’s house, it is very private.” 

“Is he going to join us later. “

“Hope he can.”  laughed Carla.

Carla’s boyfriend Marco had a beautiful home overlooking the Mediterranean.  Tara and Carla headed for the pool high on a terrace overlooking the bay.  They were in each others arms, kissing, embracing and helping each other strip.  They jumped in the water and swam splashing, playing, laughing.  Their hands were all over each other.  Carla sat on the edge of the pool and Tara still in the water put her head between Carla’s legs.  Tara knew Carla’s hot spots and put her lips, her tongue, her mouth to good use.  She sucked in her pussy in her mouth.  Carla was groaning louder and louder.  Tara was licked and sucked burying her head into Carla’s crotch.

The girls didn’t know but Marco was watching them on closed circuit TV.  Tara was giving Carla’s cunt a real workout when Marco sat next to Carla.  Carla took his dick in her hand and Tara got the hint and moved over and began to suck Marco’s cock.  Marco and Carla were making out watching Tara.

“HUMM on it , Tara, come on.”  Marco and Carla laughed. 

All three got out of the pool and Carla sat in a lounge chair while Tara took up a spot kneeling and got back to Carl’s pussy.  Marco got behind Tara and began to tease her pussy with his cock finding a wet and willing target. He plunged inside Tara while she was still eating out his girlfriend Carla.  Carla and Marco could look right at teach other.  They were laughing and making signs about the Tara sucking and fucking them.  Marco had a firm grip on her ass while Carla began to pull her hair holding her head in tight. 

Tara didn’t mind at all, she loved it.   Marco ready to cum, pulled out of Tara and the two girls started to suck and lick him until he came on their faces.   The girls swapped cum and then went 69 with each other sucking pussy with cum filled mouths. Marco left them alone to enjoy their evening together. Tara loved her night with Carla wishing she had a few days before heading off to Yemen.

(To Be Continued)

(Tara is a successful Foreign Correspondent in Kabul.  She experienced some near death experiences and now is living life to the fullest, freed of many of her inhibitions.  While engaged in a four-way with special-ops friends she receives a call to cover a braking story in Yemen.  She flies to Italy for a one day hookup with her best friend Carla and is now flying to Yemen to cover a revolution there.)

Yemen is like so many places Tara had reported from, hot, dusty, dangerous and very exciting.

Clearing the airport, the Network staff wanted to have meetings but Tara wanted to get out on the streets where the action is.  “The government may fall and we have to be out on the streets.” Tara let the Network bosses know in no uncertain terms. She pleaded with them to no avail.  They would have meetings at the hotel and get to work the next day. 

Tara hated the delay but she knew the rules.  Everyone had to meet, devise strategies and learn protocols for every eventuality. By the time the meetings were over Tara had to admit she was beat, there would be no reporting tonite except for a short fluff piece, “Reporting today from Yemen…. Blah, Blah, with some background material.”

The hotel was an old elegant building from colonial days.  Walking around, she laughed to her-self thinking she could run into Bogart and Bacall or Gable and Lombard.  Tara had always fancied herself like Lombard, the girl who got the man she wanted, the guy every girl wanted.  Yes, her death was tragic and early but she was helping her country and what a life she lived, live today to the fullest.  Thinking of Lombard’s death reminded of her own near death experience.

Tara ate alone, she liked to take the time to relax and catch up on her thoughts of events that were unfolding. After dinner she took a seat in nook off the main lobby to catch up on reading dispatches she had received at the meeting.  The lobby was so neat, it was an antique and one could easily imagine they were back in the 30’s.  There were marble floors and grand chandeliers classic paintings and statutes.”  It was fun to sit off to the side and watch the people walk by, imaging a story for each. After a while, predictably, a man sat across from her, very handsome, hot, a keeper for sure.

“Hello, my name is Karl.” 

“HI, my name is Carole.”………………………………………………..


Tara woke with a call from Carla. 

“Tara, how are you, I am so worried, I see these reports of violence in Yemen.”

“I am not even out on the street yet, getting ready but the bureauocracy at the network moves slowly.”

“Ok, well tell me what you have been doing.” 

“Well I met a man at the hotel…………………..”

“And you were playing the part of Carole Lombard???”  “Was he like Gable?”

“Yes in a very European way.  You will not believe where he is from!”

“He is Austrian, from Baden bei Wien.” 

“OMG, Tara, do you remember Maria’s Guest House.”

How could I forget!! “Ah My little girl’s, ready for dinner?”  Tara imitated Maria who had run a guesthouse when a young Tara and Carla had backpacked through Europe.  They had spent a week at the town of Baden near Vienna where they lodged at a guesthouse run by Maria.

“Tara, we lived on Maria’s dumplings, if we had stayed another week, our figures would never have recovered.”

“I know but how her smile would make our day.” 

Carla’s voice started to crack a little.  “Yes, she would always have a fresh cut flower for us, for her little Misses.”

“Tara back to last night, what happened?”

“After talking in the lobby we went up to my suite.  I changed into a bath robe and he opened a bottle of wine.”   

Ding, ding, ding. “Carla, gotta go, just got a text, meeting starts in a few.”

“Tara!!!!!”  “Sorry Carla, meeting is set to start, Love you.”  “Damn!! Tara, Love You.”

The Breakfast meeting was not too early. Tara thought it was funny but demonstrators never started early.  She figured few of them worked so they were not used to getting up too much before noon.  Anyway it was good for her, after her romp with the tall dark Austrian she had time to sleep.  Tara in the meeting, laughed out loud thinking of the night. 

“Tara, you are in good mood.”

“Looking forward to the day Boss.”

“We have to be careful out there today Tara, you have to be very cautious.”

Tara met with her team at government square.  There were camera men, security, and communications.

Moving out into the square the action was all that Tara had hoped for.  The police had left the square and the central town area.  People were everywhere, flags were flying, and the crowd was celebrating.  Tara made several reports and then started interviews.  As the day got later the crowds became larger and wilder.

The excitement was over whelming, it was so easy to be caught up in the moment, and Revolution was in the air.

Men pushed in closer, drawn by beautiful blonde woman, a westerner among them.  The crush of the crowd became greater.  Alarmed Tara’s security team wanted to pull out of the square.  “No we have to stay this is where the news is.”   Tara loved the excitement and closed her mind to the dangers swirling around her.

History was being made and she wanted to be there, to capture as much as she could, to be part of it.

The crowd pushed tighter and tighter.  Tara’s group became alarmed and she agreed they had to make their way out of the square. Tara was pushed and shoved; she felt hands reaching out to her body. It was something she had become used to in this part of the world but the mass of people began to worry her more. It was slow going as people were packed tight.  Suddenly their way was blocked by a surge of people. Tara was swept away by the crowds; she was pushed along away from her crew.  She now realized her danger but it was too late.  She tried desperately to rejoin her group.  She could see them trying to get to her.  Then in a moment they were out of sight.

More men started to realize who was in the crowd with them.     A hand groped her breast, then her ass.  Hands began groped every part of her body. She felt hands on her butt, between her legs on her breasts.  Big men were pushing her further away from her comrades.  Screaming for help Tara realized it was too late.

She felt like a she was in the ocean being dragged along help by the currents and waves.

Tara tried to fight but was helpless.   Slowly her clothes were pulled away bit by bit.  A piece was ripped, and then parts of clothing were pulled off. Tara had lost control.  Tara tried to stop the men but when she grabbed one hand, five more were on her. Everywhere she looked there were leering faces, hands reaching for her. She was pushed through the crowd even further from her comrades.  In a moment her clothes were gone except for her undergarments.  Then the bras and panties were gone as men fought for these trophies.  She could see a man holding her ripped panties high in air.  He swirled them around to cheers of those around him.

The tone of the crowd had changed.  It was sexual, violent and hate filled.   Men were screaming at Tara, they spit in her face, laughed and mocked her.  All the time she was being constantly grabbed.  Tara tried to gain any control, she tried to focus on her surroundings but that was impossible.

“Whore, Bitch, European Slut, Western Pig.”

The crowd screamed and yelled at her.  The frenzy was building.  Tara was panicked, completely out of control. Suddenly Tara was being carried on the top of the crowd handed along away from the center of the square.  She found herself in an opening by a large fountain.  There were a dozen men dressed in black and she was turned over to them, dumped in front of them.  A huge crowd circled the fountain. Tara was completely naked and two men parade her around the opening to jeers and cheers of the crowd.  Four men in black pulled her up off the ground and turned her face down to the ground with her legs spread so the crowd could see her.  The turned her in all kinds of positions so everyone could see her pussy.


Spun around like a rag doll Tara tried to grasp her situation.  She could hardly believe what was happening.

There were men everywhere and they were yelling and laughing at her.  She was being exposed to them all.

Her arms and legs ached as she was stretched out before the crowd.  She was twisted around so the crowd could see all of her body.

Back on her feet two men pulled her arms back and pushed her to the edge of the fountain and dunked and held her head under water.  When they pulled her up her hair hung over her head and she was choking, gasping for air.  The crowd cheered and yelled. “Again, Again, Again.”  They dunked her more.  Every time Tara felt she was going to drown.  She would barely get some air and then was dunked again.

They dragged her across the fountain water and up onto a platform where a statue set, overlooking the jeering crowd.  Tara was paraded around the platform for the crowd to see.  At each corner they stopped, turned her around, spit on her face, and slapped her ass and titties.  At a corner, they lifted her up and spread her legs so everyone could see her cunt.   Tara was held by her arms and legs spread eagled and one of the black dressed men moved in between her arms, grabbed her head and started to throat fuck her.

Another black clad moved between her legs.  The crowd was yelling.  “Fuck Her, Fuck the Western Whore.” He pushed his dick into her pussy to the cheers of the crowd.  Tara was being raped before a crowd of jeering, leering men.


The men were brutal, playing to the crowd.  The man fucking her face had her hair in a tight grip.  His cock pounded in her mouth.   Held hand and foot Tara was pulled this way and that like rag doll. At the same time, two men had a hold of her fucking her in the face and in her pussy.  The fucked her to the chant of the crowd.   Finally they shot their loads on her face and ass.

Tara was taken to each of the four corners of the statue base to be raped and humiliated.  Different parts of the crowd cheered as she was led toward them. At the next corner she was bent over at the waist as her arms were held.  Then a man attacked her again from behind.

“Fuck her in the ASS. Fuck her Ass. Fuck her. Fuck the bitch. Fuck that ass.”

The crowd could see her face and her tits hanging down as she was fucked from behind brutally in the ass.  She was turned sideways to the crowd and another man in black began to fuck her mouth. The crowd could see her ass and face being slapped while being fucked.  Again her face and ass received a load of cum.  Her head snapped to one side as she was again slapped.

On the third corner a man picked her up while her legs were held around his waist and he began to fuck her cunt.  While wrapped around the first man, another man came behind her and began to fuck her in the ass.  Both men had a hold of her hair with one hand while shaking her head back and forth.  They twisted and turned her head before finally dropping her to the ground and shooting their load on her.  At the final corner the men in black men stood around her.  She was forced to kneel facing the crowd while the men took turns pissing on her face.

Manhandled, fucked and degraded Tara was led back down to the ground and parade naked.  Tara feared what could happen next. She cold only hope they were done with her. The men in black were not done with her at all.  They took a 12 foot section of a flag pole and tied Tara by her arms to the top and then raised her up off the ground.  The walked around the open area swinging  the flag pole.  Tara was now in a semi state of consciousness.  She would almost pass out except for the extreme pain to her arms as she swung through the air.

The crowd roared as they could now see the bitch hanging from the pole.  Every time she swung toward the crowd they would yell louder .The crowd began to scream.



The twelve in black carried Tara hanging from the flag pole across the square.  The crowd parted, jeering, demanding that she be caned.  After a short while they stopped and lowered Tara by the pole so she dropped into the crowd.  Men grabbed at her legs. They spit on her face and abused her body in every way.   Hands probed her and fingers made their way up her cunt.   The raised her up again and swung her in wild circles, only to stop for more abuse.

Finally she reached a corner of the square. There was a flat bed truck sitting at the end of the square surrounded by the crowd.  It was a self loading truck with a large arm winch and was partially loaded with cement blocks.

The crowd swelled around the truck as the men in black passed Tara around in circle about the truck still on the flag pole.  Finally Tara was let down on the bed of  truck.  The crowd was chanting. 


Now standing on the bed of the truck Tara could see out over the crowd, a sea of faces, yelling and screaming.  They were cursing her, laughing, calling every name in the various native languages.

(To be continued)

(Tara is a successful Foreign Correspondent in Kabul.  She experienced some near death experiences and now is living life to the fullest, freed of many of her inhibitions.  While engaged in a four-way with special-ops friends she receives a call to cover a braking story in Yemen.  She flies to Italy for a one day hookup with her best friend Carla and is now flying to Yemen to cover a revolution there.)

(Tara arrived in Yemen and had an interesting one night romance.  The following day she went to the main square to cover the revolution only to be swept away from her crew by the crowds. She ended up at a fountain where she was tormented in front of the crowd by group of men dressed in black.  She was exposed to the crowd, tormented, raped and then finally carried off hanging by a flag pole to a corner of the square where a flat bed truck with a crane awaited her.)

Tara stood on the truck, there was no where to go.  Her plans had gone terribly wrong.   She had not begged yet but now she started to plead.  She needed to survive this ordeal, to live, to get to the next phase.  She faced death by torture and the mob.

The men in black stood around her as she got down on her knees begging for mercy.   Their leader raised his hands for the crowd to quiet down.  Not a sound could be heard except for the bitch Tara begging for mercy.  


Tara had become a sniveling begging bitch.  She was crying, pleading with her captors.  A line began to form and the first man from the crowd stepped up.  “Shut up, stop crying and start sucking.”  Tara began to give the man a blow job in front of the crowd.  Several other men stood around the back of her so the crowd could still see and began to jerk-off.  Cum started to shoot over Tara’s head and drip down over her body.

Men jacked off on her even as she was sucking.  She grasped for dicks desperately trying to avoid further torture.

Tara was filled with terror, humiliation.  She had been sucking cock begging hoping for mercy for a half hour but it seemed like forever.  She was covered with sticky cum dripping over her body.  She hoped, hope against hope, that this would satisfy the crowd.  Instead the opposite was happening.  They felt no pity, just increased lust.  The noise of the crowd became louder.  The leaders dressed in black became aware the crowd mood was becoming tense realizing things were reaching a boiling point.

. The chant started up.


The leader of the men in Black took a bull horn and shouted over the crowd.

“This Whore of a Westerner begs for your mercy.  The lowly pig wants your forgiveness.” 

“NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO” .  The crowd chanted.  Suddenly Tara’s arms were tied behind her back with a length of chain at her wrists and then again at her shoulders.  A chain was hooked to the chain at her wrists and she was hoisted slowly by the crane on the bed of the truck. 

The men in black tied a concrete block to each of her ankles and she was raised up high off the ground so the crowd could see her.  Tara was in terrible pain from the weights.  Any struggle made the pain worst.  She no longer begged.  She knew her fate was sealed. Two step ladders were placed on each side of her.

Two men in black mounted the ladders with wooden caning rods.  The leader announced his judgment.


The crowd knew what would happen then , she would be fucked, abused and beaten by the crowd until she was finally pulled apart. A huge cheer went up followed by silence. 

The executioner gave the order to the caners ‘BEGIN”.  Tara waited for the first blow.  Nothing happened.

The pain on her arms was terrible.  The wait was even worse.  Tara was beyond any hope.  She wanted it to be over but her tormenters, her torturers were patient.

Tara hung in the fading light, her blonde hair was stringy with the cum of countless men.  He body glistened with cum.  Her body was exposed to a crowd of crazed men driven by sex and hatred.  It was a terrible silence.  Tara screamed, “Do it you Bastards, You cowards.”  She called the pigs, Satans, any name she could think of to get them to finish the job, to bring her suffering to an end. 

Suddenly she heard the woosh of the cane and she flinched but there was no contact.  They were just teasing her.  The crowd erupted in laughter.  Suddenly, without warning a cane lashed out across her ass.  Tara screamed with the searing pain.  All along her butt the flesh quivered.  Then before she could recover came another blow on her abdomen.  Quickly two more hits, on her breasts and the on the front of her legs and another on her ass.  As the cane ripped into her cum soaked body, cum splattered through the air.

The cane delivers the searing pain of the original impact followed by the continual pain of lacerated flesh.

Only five, Tara thought, how could she survive?  She was desperate, she did not want to but she began to beg, to cry, screaming for them to stop. 

Hanging above the crowd Tara hung helpless, stretched out, barley able to struggle with the cement blocks weighing her down.  The red welts appeared where the cane had hit.  As more caning would occur the welts would turn bloody.  She hung painfully by her arms behind her back, screaming for mercy, begging them to kill her. 

The crowd was not in a hurry.  They had watched her on TV reporting so falsely about their country.  Now the worthless piece of trash, the pig reporter, was getting what was coming to her.  Another hit from the cane hit her ass, now another, there was a quick tempo of ten hits.  Blood began to trickle down where the skin had been torn completely away.  Tara’s body was quivering as the muscles retched involuntarily.

Yet there were only 15 out of 100 lashes.  “Rip her ass apart.” Commanded the leader.  The caners started a slow steady caning of her ass.  Her ass rippled with each hit.  He body quivered.  Blood and cum splattered. Hit after hit ripped across her butt.  At 15 the caning stopped.  Tara had now endured 30 hits and her ass was a bloody mess.   Tara was dropped down from the crane.  The chains were removed and she lay on the floor of the truck trying to crawl away.  The men in black watched laughed as the pathetic bitch tried to crawl away.  Tara was draped over a wall made of a row of cement blocks and volunteers were taken from the crowd. 

A big brawny brute of a man emerged from the crowd.  Moving behind Tara laying almost motionless on the cement blocks he placed his hands on her bloody butt and then raised them showing the blood of the tortured bitch.  He then wiped his hands over his bearded face and again put his hands on Tara’s ass.   He wiped her blood over his chest and raised his hands to the cheering crowd. 

“Fuck the Whore – Fuck the Whore – Fuck the Whore.”  The crowd chanted

To the cheers of the crowd he began to fuck the almost limp body.  Tara could only muster faint groans.

She lay on rough concrete blocks on the top of a flat bed truck.  The leader of the men in black threw a caning rod to the brute fucking her.  “Use this, a few canings will wake her up.”  Taking the cane in one hand, holding her ass with the other he brought down a heavy lash across Tara’s back.  She sprung back to life with a loud cry. 

She began to struggle twisting and turning as he brought another lash down on her back. “Fucking Whore, stay still for your punishment.”  Tara struggling for her life, managed to pull almost rolling off the blocks.

The brute grabbed her by hair holding her place.  “Bitch, I gonna fuck you one way the other.  Stay still.

He fucked her like the piece of shit he thought she was.   He had her by the hair with one hand, pushing down on her ass with another while fucking her like a bull. “Fucking Whore, stay still!!!” Finally done, he grabbed her by the hair and held her standing in front of the cheering crowd.


Tara has suffered terribly but no damage to vital organs.  She had more life left to torture. The men in black took her again back to the crane on the truck and wrapped chains around her ankles.  They hoisted her up and tied chains to arms above the elbow and attached the chains to concrete blocks lifting her up so her head was level with their heads.   The slapped her face and spit on her ,yelling and screaming at her.

“You only have 35 lashes, 65 more to go.”

Tar was suspended above the crowd hung by her feet with chains from the crane.  He legs were spread and cement blocks weighed her down attached to her arms.

The crowd wanted more blood.  They wanted Tara dead, nothing less would do. 

36 – a lash cross the inside of her thigh, her leg muscles quivered in pain.

37 – across her breasts making them wobble with the blow.

38 – again across the inside of her spread thighs.

39 – on the butt, her back arching away

40 -  on her belly.

“MORE  MORE MORE.  “ screamed the crowd.  “Cane the Pussy.  Cane the pussy.”

Hanging upside down legs spread, her pussy was a inviting target.  The caners waited, while the crowd egged them on, chanting for them to cane her most sensitive area.  With a man in front and behind her they laid their canes across her pussy lips, teasing her, tormenting her. 

“Ready for some pussy whipping, Whore?”  “We are going to enjoy.”  Slowly they continued to torment her  rubbing their canes across her pussy lips.  “You know what this is going to feel like.”

Tara twisted and turned, frantic knowing what was coming.

41 – the cane sliced through the air landing squarely between her legs.  Tara let out a terrible scream twisting and pulling.  There was terrible pain to her arms with the weights, almost overcoming the pain to her now reddened pussy.

42- Tara had almost no time to recover when the second caner behind her let loose with another strike between her legs

43-44  Two more hits and Tara was limp, barley conscious.  The crowd was screaming for more.  They want to cane her, to bring her down and fuck her.

“CANE HER – CANE HER – GIVE HER TO US – FUCK HER”   Everyone wanted to see her red cunt fucked.

Suddenly there was a large explosion.  Smoke filled the air.  Grenade and machine gun fire was could be heard from helicopters overhead.  The sounds of emergency vehicles filled the square.  There was a mad panic to exit the square trampling the wounded and dead.

(To Be Continued)

(Tara is a successful Foreign Correspondent in Kabul.  She experienced some near death experiences and now is living life to the fullest, freed of many of her inhibitions.  While engaged in a four-way with special-ops friends she receives a call to cover a braking story in Yemen.  She flies to Italy for a one day hookup with her best friend Carla and is now flying to Yemen to cover a revolution there.)

(Tara arrived in Yemen and had an interesting one night romance.  The following day she went to the main square to cover the revolution only to be swept away from her crew by the crowds. She ended up at a fountain where she was tormented in front of the crowd by group of men dressed in black.  She was exposed to the crowd, tormented, raped and then finally carried off hanging by a flag pole to a corner of the square where a flat bed truck with a crane awaited her.)

(Tara was tortured, raped and caned for the pleasure of the crowd.  Just as she was giving up hope she heard explosions around her in the square.)

Tara heard the explosions and could see the men around her running.  She didn’t know what was happening but it had to be chance of rescue. Hanging upside down like a piece of meat Tara hoped to be rescued.

Coming to, Tara found herself strapped down in an ambulance. Two medics were administrating first aid.

“OH, Thank You, It was unbelievable, Thank YOU.”

“Shut Up Stupid Bitch.  We are taking you to see the Colonel.  You will wish you were back with the mob in the square.” Tara was Stunned.  She saw their insignias on their uniforms.  “NOOOOOO  Please, No No NO.” Here the Colonel meant one thing:  SECRET POLICE, the dreaded secret police.  There were terrible stories about the Colonel and the secret police, what happened to people, but few ever survived to tell their story.

The ambulance arrived at the heavily fortified compound of the state secret police.  Tara’s stretcher was placed on a cart and she was taken by elevator to an underground room.  Left strapped to the cart in the entrance way to room, she could hear terrible screams. As a correspondent, Tara had heard rumors and stories of brutality of the secret police. However, very few who entered the compound as prisoners ever left and the few that did would never talk.

The medics returned after what seemed like hours.  “Bitch, enjoying the show?  The Colonel will be ready for you soon.”  “He is going to have fun with you, no European women in here since that tourist bitch went missing.” Tara was wheeled into a large room filled with many types of torture devices.  The room smelled of blood urine and human waste. The walls were dirty and the floors stained with blood.

Two guards dragged her under a light where she saw a modified medical chair where the Colonel and his captain waited.  It was metal with stirrups for her legs and arms with cuffs to hold the limbs in place.  The surface of the chair was covered with pointed metal triangles.  Tara was thrown on the chair.  She was strapped in lying back, almost flat.  The metal points bit into her flash at every contact.

Wires dropped down with jagged metal clamps.  Clamps were applied to her nipples, tits, pussy lips and grounding wires to her feet.  Little spurts of blood appeared where the jagged edges of the clamps bit into her skin.  The guards dumped two buckets of freezing cold water over Tara’s body.

The Colonel looked down at her.  “Tell us now who work for and any more of this will be unnecessary.”

“I am just a correspondent.”  “Who do you work for?  CIA. Black Ops, British WHO?”

“I am only a reporter. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” 

Electricity poured through Tara’s body.  She screamed, shook, quivered.

“OK, Tara, lets try again who do you work for?”

“I am not spy, please.”

The Colonel slowly took each clamp, and readjusted it on a new piece of Tara’s flesh.

The guards put a towel over Tara’s face and started to slowly pour a bucker of hot water over the towel.

Another guard poured a bucket over the rest of her body.  Tara pulled and jerked as she could hardly breathe.  Almost unconscious, they pulled the towel off.”

“Tara, save yourself the pain, tell us everything”

“I don’t know anything, I am just a. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

As she struggled the metal bits on the chair ripped at her skin.

Shock waves poured through Tara’s wracked body.  A bucket of ice cold water was poured over her body even as the shocking continued.  When the shocks stopped Tara was reduced to a babbling, incoherent fucked up bitch.  The Colonel moved between her spread legs and began to slow fuck her.  He signaled to his captain.  “Time for some dental work.”  The captain positioned a dental mouth appliance in Tara’s mouth adjusted to keep her mouth wide open. 

“Last chance bitch to tell who you work for.”  Tara made no sign of complying.

The Colonel smiled as the captain took a tooth extractor and clamped down on one of Tara’s lower molars.

“It is time to extract the old fashioned way.”  The captain began to work back and forth loosening the tooth as Tara moaned horribly.  The Colonel loved every second as the waves of pain swept through the European bitch’s body.  The captain twisted and turned the tooth as the colonel continued to slow fuck Tara.

“The sound of the cracking tooth and Tara’s moans was music to the ears of the colonel and the rest of his crew. The Colonel could feel her pain through her body as he fucked her. Pieces of the tooth began to break loose and then finally the tooth was removed. 

As blood trickled from Tara’s mouth, the captain gave Tara a shot to keep from going into shock.  Then he began to work on an upper tooth on the opposite side.  Slowly, the second tooth was removed.  Again the tooth cracked into pieces as it was removed.  Tara was now passed out.  However, the captain had a trick up his sleeve to revive her.  He too a box of dental needles, long sharp needles with plastic holders on one side.  As the Colonel continued his long fuck, the captain twisted a needle deep into Tara’s gum exposed by the removed tooth.  As the needle hit nerves deep inside Tara’s mouth she revived into a hell of pain.   The colonel feeling the waves of pain trough out Tara’s body finally came inside her.  He pumped her pussy as long and hard as he could.

The Colonel and the captain switched places with the colonel now holding the box of needles and the captain plunging his cock deep inside Tara’s cunt.  The Colonel began to insert more needles into Tara’s gums. The needles in the nerves kept Tara conscious.  There was no escaping the pain, no thoughts, no reasoning, only an overwhelming pain.  With her mouth full of needles where her two teeth had been the captain pulled out of Tara’s pussy and moved over above her head jacking off his cum over her face.

The Colonel turned Tara over to the two guards.  “OK, your turns, then make sure she goes to the incinerator.  The guards looked at each other.  The bitch was barely alive, how much fun could it be?

One guard pulled all the pins and the mouth device from Tara’s mouth.  He lowered her head restraint.

Tara was barely conscious and delirious.  “Fuck, look what they left us.”  He slapped her swollen and blood face.  “Wake the fuck up, I want to fuck your mouth.”  The other guard moved between her legs and

Tara lay on the torture chair for several hours passing between states of semi-consciousness and unconsciousness.  Eventually two orderly’s arrived to clean up.  They unstrapped Tara and dumped her on the floor. Her back was bloody mess from the metal pointers on the chair. They cleaned up the floor and the chair.  They had several buckets of cleaning solution.

“This is always the fun part.”  They dumped the buckets of cleaning solutions over Tara’s chewed up body.

Tara writhed in pain, trying to crawl away.    “Laughing the guards washed her down with high pressure hose.”  The water beat and battered her as they directed at various parts of her body.   They dragged her over a large wheel canvas gurney and draped her over the corner.  Her legs were tied to the bottom and her arms stretch out along the side.  “I wish only once we wouldn’t get the garbage like this fucked over almost dead piece of crap.”  As the other guard began to rape Tara he laughed. ”We take what we can get.” 

Tara started to scream frantically as she viewed the contents of the gurney. There were bodies lying in the gurney.  Some were moving, still alive, others were dead.  They were all jumbled, those alive were squirming, moaning, crying begging.  Tara was delirious as the guard pounded her pussy rubbing his hands against here raw ass and back, ripped to shreds by the medical chair.  As terrible as another fucking could be, nothing could compare to what Tara now saw in the canvas gurney. The guards laughed as they took turns fucking Tara.  “Don’t worry bitch, you and the rest of this scum will be going to the incinerator!”

To be continued

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