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El Bufalo De La Noche (2007, Mex.) (aka The Night Buffalo)

Director Jorge Hernandez Aldana's directorial debut film was a melodramatic, dark and somber film based on the book of the same name by prolific Mexican novelist-screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga. Its themes were betrayal, insanity and a disillusioned search for romance/love.

The overheated drama, part of a Mexican New Wave cinema, was filled with many sex scenes and couplings between the various performers. The film was rated NC-17 for some gratuitous graphic sexuality, including fellatio, and even a 'golden-shower' scene, plus full-frontal nudity (both male and female, mostly from Mexican TV star Liz Gallardo) throughout the entire film.

The basic flashback-laden yet complex (non-linear) story was about a romantic triangle between three Mexico City college students:

  • Gregorio Valdes (Gabriel Gonzales)
  • Manuel Aguilera (Diego Luna), Gregorio's best friend
  • Tania Ramos (Liz Gallardo), the sensual girlfriend of both men
  • also involved was Margarita Valdes (Irene Azuela), Gregorio's caring sister, and frequent recreational sex partner of Manuel

22 year-old Gregorio had been hospitalized as a paranoid schizophrenic for two years with strange and insane thoughts - he believed that an earwig had burrowed into his brain and insides (necessitating that he had to cut off two of his toes), and even crazily threatened to kill girlfriend Tania during an attempted love-making. He also thought that a buffalo was breathing down on his neck at night while he slept. (He foreshadowed his own death when he told Manuel: "The buffalo of the night dreams about us, and one of us is going to die soon.") Both male friends had received tattoos of a buffalo on their left arms, using the same needle to become "blood brothers."

Tania Ramos (Liz Gallardo) - The Duo's Girlfriend

Tania (in film opening)

Tania (in flashback) losing virginity to Manuel

During his extended psychiatric treatment, Tania and Manuel engaged in an affair, always conducted in Room 803 at the Motel Villalba. Their cheating ultimately led to Gregorio committing suicide (he shot himself in the head) almost immediately after his cure and release, when he discovered that she had sex with his best friend Manuel. Tania realized: "Gregorio is blaming us for his blood, the bastard."

With Gregorio's sister and his own best friend Margarita, guilty-feeling Manual sought further solace and absolution. She gave him Gregorio's goodbye-gift -- a cardboard box that was full of pictures, cryptic handwritten notes (with poems or song-lyrics in them), and souvenirs - instigating many flashbacks.

The first flashback, triggered after opening the box and reading notes Gregorio had written (one song-lyric: "It's like being in the core of the flame"), was the loss of Tania's virginity to Manuel in the motel, when she exclaimed as he excitedly embraced her: "You're hurting me," before he penetrated her more gently. A spot of blood on the sheets confirmed her virginity, although Manuel said: "I told you I didn't care if you were a virgin or not." She ripped the stained, square-shaped patch from the bed and gave it to him ("Never forget this afternoon").

While seeking emotional support, Manuel also cheated on Tania by having sex in a car with Margarita. She gave him fellatio (seen in explicit detail in the very dark scene), and then when she asked if he wanted to try intercourse again: "Do you want to try again?", he declined. Mysteriously, Manuel started receiving mailings containing messages, reinforcing the same ideas from Gregorio's box. The first read: "The buffalo of the night will now dream about you."

Trouble brewed when Gregorio's father discovered that Manuel was having sex with Margarita while also sexually involved with Tania - "Gregorio's girl." During another love-making scene, the confused and insecure Tania asked Manuel: "Are you going to marry me?" He responded that he didn't know, but then quickly assured her. She distrusted him, however, suspicious that he was having relations with Margarita.

Tania with Manuel

Tania with Gregorio (flashback)

Another strange envelope arrived: "You can't run from the buffalo of the night," received while Manuel's relationship with Tania was beginning to crumble. It also contained a Polaroid picture of Tania with the words: "Very deep inside the fire." At the same time, he began a similar descent into madness, tormented that earwigs were beginning to infect him too, and that his arm's tattoo needed to be scraped off.

For further solace, he turned to ex-girlfriend Rebecca (Camila Sodi), and after kissing and touching her naked body, she told him: "I'm very in love with you," but then added: "I won't see you anymore...because I love you too much." He developed jealousy over Tania, and at the zoo's wolf paddock, he asked how many times she had slept with Gregorio in the final months. She replied: "I slept with him five times less than you with Margarita." He called her a "f--king whore," threatened her, and then with a gun he had brought, shot at the caged zoo animal. Newspapers labeled the crime a "NATIONAL OUTRAGE."

One final time, Tania came to Manuel in the motel room, stripped off her clothes, and begged him to hold her. While on top of him, she urinated on his stomach during love-making. After they slept together and she received a vibrating cell-phone call, she left but promised to return soon. Soon after, he was arrested by police, and forced to sign a statement about the wolf incident. He was shown the gun with his fingerprints, and Tania's witness statement (she had led the police to him).

The Attorney General's son, the elusive Jacinto Anaya (Walther Cantu), met with Manuel to make a proposal on Tania's behalf: "She promises to drop all charges if you leave her alone." When Manuel wouldn't agree, Jacinto admitted that a suspicious and vengeful Gregorio had asked him to take care of Tania. He claimed that the only thread keeping Gregorio alive in the mental hospital was Tania, and when Manuel took that away from his friend, it basically killed him.

To avoid rotting in jail, Manuel escaped from the police station and sought help from Margarita to confront Jacinto Anaya again. At Anaya's apartment, Manuel beat up Jacinto, and then was surprised to see Tania there. He pursued her to the street where he demanded an answer: "Do you love me?" He was held at bay by police, when she finally answered that she did love him.


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