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Provided By: BDSM Library

Synopsis: A collection of short stories that I will add to from time to time. The common theme is women who experience sexual situations that change their lives. The situations are unpleasant, painful, or bizarre, sometimes all of the above.

Story 01 – Gambling Debts

Please take note! Adults Only Literature

The text in this story contains erotic material and is expressly written for adults only.

If you are an underage minor or offended by such material -or- if viewing this file is illegal in your locality, then leave, close or delete this file-story now.

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental, etc.

Copyright 2004

"Mary Cahill," said someone behind me. When I turned around, a fist slammed into my stomach. Air exited my lungs with a whoosh. I grabbed my gut and bent double. My mind was so focused on the pain and trying to breathe I didn't register hands grabbing me under my armpits and dragging me across the pavement. In a couple of blinks, I was thrown into the back seat of a black sedan that sped out of the parking lot of the Trump Marina Casino.

"Watch it asshole, you made me spill my beer," spoke a female voice whose lap I had landed in. I looked up into the face of a plump fiftyish woman with platinum blonde hair who was busily dabbing the front of her blouse.

"Fuck you Mabel, you shouldn't be here in the first place," said Ed who had piled into the back seat further forcing me across Mabel's lap.

"Mabel's here because I said so, you don't like it, get the fuck out," said someone from the front seat.

"Ron, I'm just saying we got a job to do and we don't need her," said Ed.

"I need her," said Ron with a tone of finality.

My head was still in Mabel's lap and my legs were across Ed's knees. My diaphragm had returned to working order and I could breathe again.

"What's this about?' I said as I struggled to pull myself into a seated position. I asked the question although I had a feeling I knew the answer.

"You're the Mary Cahill that has a ,000 marker out from Bally's?" said Ron.

"I don't know anything about a marker," I lied. Three months ago I went up 0,000 at Bally's roulette table then down to zero in the course of three hours. I asked for as much credit as they would give me. They must have confused me with a high roller because the pit boss handed me ,000 in chips and a piece of paper to sign. I promptly lost the ,000. I didn't have ,000 so I decided to forget about it and gamble elsewhere. One of my fellow gamblers had told me you could not legally collect gambling debts in New Jersey so all the Atlantic City casinos can do is bitch.

I took that as gospel until last month's group session at Gambler's Anonymous. One of the women had talked about her experiences ignoring a marker.

"The casino sold the ,000 marker for twenty percent to this bunch of thugs, AAA Debt Retrieval Services. They keep eighty percent if they collect it all," said Myrna the chain smoking forty-year-old nurse who admitted to gambling since she was sixteen.

"Were they rough on you?" asked Carl, the group's moderator. He was the leader of the local chapter of Gamblers Anonymous. He claimed to have won and lost several million in his gaming days. Carl also claimed not to have placed a bet in ten years.

"I won't tell you everything they did. It's too embarrassing. But I'll show you these, said Myrna pulling up her slacks to reveal two long ugly scars down the length of her shinbones. "The scars are where the doctor had to operate to pin my legs after they broke them," added Myrna.

That scared the shit out of me. But I'd not gambled since I gave that marker and thought if I just stayed out of the casinos I'd be all right. My problem is that compulsive gambling is a sickness and I hadn't been cured. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was already planning another trip to the tables.

A distant uncle had died and left me ,000. I didn't tell my husband about it. It sat in my account for weeks untouched. This morning the gambling demon whispered to me. I went to the bank and withdrew the whole ,000. I told myself that I would give gambling one last shot. Maybe I would win enough to buy back that marker. That's the kind of stupid logic that people with a gambling problem like me come up with. I hadn't even made it into the casino.

"She's the right Mary Cahill," said Ed. He had gone through my purse and was looking at my driver's license. He was comparing it to a piece of paper he had in his hand.

"You're sure?" asked Ron. "Wouldn't want to make another mistake like we did with the Windsor kid."

"Who would have thought there were two fuckers named Doug Windsor living at the Bradstreet Apartments?" laughed Ed. "Address is right. Even got the same Social Security Number."

"So you are the Mary Cahill that signed a ,000 marker at Bally's. You got ,000?" asked Ron.

"I got ,000. It's in my purse in an envelope," I said. I was frightened and if giving up the ,000 got me them to leave me alone then so be it.

"She's right, Ron," said Ed pulling the envelope out and thumbing through the hundreds.

"Good, that's a start but ,000 ain't ,000," said Ron as he turned the car into the entrance of a rundown motel and stopped the car in front of registration.

"Usual deal?" asked Ed before exiting the car.

"Sure, tell Billy we don't want to disturb anyone."

"Look I can get the other ,000," I said to Ron.

"We'll see what we can work out when we get to the room," said Ron.

I didn't want to go to the room. For that matter I didn't want to go anywhere with Ron and Ed or Mabel who was sitting quietly sucking on her beer.

"Billy gave us No. 125. It's in the back. He said the motel is vacant," said Ed getting back into the car.

It was as cheap a motel as you can find in Atlantic City. Foam mattresses, stains on the carpet, plastic furniture, cigarette burns on the coffee table. It was a dump.

"Look, there's no need to get so damn rough," I yelled when they pushed me into the room. I was still under certain illusions about how far you could go collecting a gambling debt.

Ed stepped forward and delivered a bitch slap that sent me sprawling across the bed. I saw stars and felt blood in my mouth. He straddled me and punched me in my right tit so hard his fist went down to the bone. Then he did the left tit. He got up off me as I rolled over clutching my chest and screaming in pain. My chest was on fire. Ed was smiling when he hit me in my boobs. I could tell he was enjoying himself.

In a panic I tried to escape. I struggled to my feet clutching my chest and ran toward the door. Ed grabbed me by the arm and spun me around so his big fist could make contact with my chin. I saw stars then watched the carpet rise up to meet me. Things turned black as I landed.

I had no idea how long I was out but someone pouring ice-cold water over my head brought me awake with a start. I was lying on the bed hurting like all hell. When I looked up, Ron was slowly squeezing one of those sports bottles of Poland Springs on me.

"Wake up Mary, time to pay the piper," said Ron tossing me a thin bathroom towel to dry my face.

When I glanced down I understood why the water had felt so cold. I was naked. The bastards had undressed me while I was out. My clothes were in a pile by the bed. The very real possibility of rape came front and center to my brain and terrified me. At this point I realized I was into something far deeper than I had expected.

"How old are you, Mary?" said Ron pulling up a chair beside the bed.

"She's twenty seven," said Ed reading my DOB off my driver's license.

"I didn't ask you, fuck head," barked Ron.

"What you do for a living?" asked Ron looking over at Ed like if he answered that question there would be hell to pay.

"I work in retail," I replied. What other kind of job can you get with a two-year degree from a community college?


"Ann Taylor, I'm the store manager."

"Nice store," said Ron. "Mabel, you ever buy anything at Ann Taylor?"

"Once or twice, kind of expensive," said Mabel who appeared behind Ron. The fact that I was naked and they were clothed was scaring the shit out of me. However there wasn't much I could do about it. The realization had already hit me that they had not undressed me to look for birthmarks. I was going to be raped.

"Look, you've made your point. Let me go so I can get you the rest of your money."

"Somehow I just don't think you mean it. What do you think Mabel?"

"She's lying," said Mabel sitting down on the edge of the bed and putting her fat hand on my ankle. I automatically moved my leg but Mabel grabbed my ankle and pulled it back. I left it there.

"I don't think she likes you Mabel," said Ron.

"Give me my clothes," I said fighting panic.

"What's the matter, Mary? Mabel not your type?"

"Please don't rape me." My mind was turning over possibilities and each one was getting worse.

"Rape, who mentioned rape? I once read in my wife's Cosmopolitan that rape was the number one fantasy of women. Are you fantasizing that we're going to rape you?"


"But you brought it up. None of us had mentioned the word rape. Somewhere deep down you want us to rape you. Is that true, Mary Cahill?"

"No, please I can't handle this. Let me go. I'll get the money. I swear." I started to bawl. I was at the end of my rope. Ed was standing behind Ron slowly rubbing the front of his trousers. I wasn't going to get out of that room without being raped and I didn't think I could handle being assaulted.

"Are those real tears or are you role playing as part of the fantasy?" said Ron.

"Huh?" I didn't understand. Later I realized that Ron was a pretty clever bastard. He did a good job of raping my mind as well as my body.

"Ed, do you want to be part of Mary's rape fantasy?"

"Yeah, but first how's about Mabel and her getting it on? Girl on girl action always get my cock hard," said Ed.

"I bet deep down Mary was hoping you'd say that," said Ron.

"No, please don't." I'd started crying harder.

"Now you're going to tell us you've never done anything with a woman and it's against your religion," said Ron.

"Yes, I've never touched a woman," I said. That wasn't a lie. I hated dykes and wanted no part of sex with another female. For that matter, I wasn't too keen on sex with men either.

"This is really coming together," said Ron. "Mabel, subconsciously Mary desires you. You're the key player in her rape fantasy. She's never touched a woman but she's become bi-curious. Let's satisfy her curiosity."

When I looked at Mabel I saw she had already started to unbutton her blouse. I lay there trembling as she stood up finished unbuttoning and slipped it off her shoulders. Ron stepped behind her to unhook her brassiere. When the bra came off, he put his arms around Mabel and placed his palms underneath her boobs and hefted them then pulled on her nipples as he kissed the top of her shoulder.

"Mary's thinking about it's going to feel when she's sucking these, right Mary?" said Ron.

Mabel was leaning back on Ron obviously enjoying what was happening. Her breasts were huge, fat and ugly with stretch marks and visible blue veins. I glanced toward the door but Ed was between it and me. What was I going to do, run outside naked? Hell yeah, I would have done that if I could.

"I don't want this," I sobbed.

"Mary is getting deep into the fantasy. Mabel, let's show her your cunt."

Mabel kicked off her shoes as she unzipped her skirt and let it drop. Pantyhose and panty came down in a wad. I could see the elastic marks on her white skin. Mabel was not a woman who took care of herself. She was forty pounds overweight, enough that a thick fold hung over her pubic region. She wasn't a shaver either and her full dark pelt hadn't been trimmed recently. Collar and cuffs didn't match that was for sure.

"Look at her ass, Mary," said Ron turning Mabel around so I could gaze at two large globes of cellulite dimpled flesh. "Is your mouth watering and your pussy wet?"

"I'm not doing anything with her," I said determinedly. I didn't really think I could. She was disgusting and for that matter I'd never done any thing sexual with a woman.

"I can see you want us to make you. It's critical to your superego that you don't have a choice. Besides, it's not really rape unless they make you do it. Ed, show Mary your persuader."

Ed placed a small canvas bag on the coffee table. He took out two wooden blocks that were formed into half circles and a piece of iron pipe.

"You know what that is, Mary?" said Ron.

"No, I replied although I had a good idea.

"It's a bone breaker. We'll put one block under your knee and the other under your ankle. Ed will hit you right on the shin with the pipe and your leg bone will snap right in two, like a matchstick."

"Oh Jesus," was all I could manage. I pictured the pipe landing on my shin and the bone cracking and making a jagged exit through my flesh.

"We'll break your right leg to start. If you still object to Mabel as a sexual partner, we'll do the left. After that you still got two arms for Ed to work on."

"Ed, anything else you'd like to do to Mary if she doesn't cooperate," said Ron.

"Pull her teeth," said Ed reaching into his bag to extract a pair of dental pliers.

"Oh yes, Ed should have been a dentist. He loves to pull teeth. And he's pretty good at it, aren't you Ed?"

"Damn straight," said Ed.

"You want a demonstration, Mary? If you're having a problem with one of your teeth, Ed will be glad to help you out."

"No," I said.

"So what's it going to be, lesbian rape with the lovely Mabel or broken bones and home dentistry? I might add that a full set of caps is going to cost you more than ,000 so if you are a person who decides based on the numbers, take that into account."

"I'll do what you want," I said giving up any idea of further resistance. No matter how disgusting, sex with Mabel was better than the alternative.

"And the fantasy lives on, Mary hasn't got a choice so she must allow herself to be raped. The lovely Mary faced with horrible possibilities reluctantly chooses the only path open to her. None of this death before dishonor for our girl Mary," mocked Ron.

The bed sagged as Mabel lay down beside me. I could smell her cheap perfume as she rolled over on her side and put her arm around me. I stiffened up when her arm rested on my breasts.

"Kissee, kissee," said Ron from the side of the bed.

I guess Mabel was into the lesbian scene because she wasn't just going through the motions. We tongue kissed as her hands played with my nipples. Mabel was in no hurry. No one was. Ed and Ron took seats beside the bed and watched.

Mabel started moving her mouth between my lips and my nipples. She had big soft lips and they were all over me. Her tongue worked its way into my ear canal as her hand slid down my belly to my vagina. Mabel hooked a foot around my ankle to spread my legs further. Then her fingers slipped into my slit and began a slow massage around my clit.

Mabel's tongue found its way to my armpit. That was something I had not expected; but I didn't know squat about lesbian sex. Maybe all the dykes sit around licking each other's hairy armpits but I'd never heard that. Mabel's tongue started at my bicep then stopped dead center in my armpit and swirled around. From the way she was breathing I could tell she was getting turned on.

"Suck my fingers," said Mary placing two of her French manicured nails in my mouth.

I did as instructed and sucked on her fingers as she buried her face in my armpit. All that stimulation was getting me turned on. I don't mean sex-crazed. It's just that I have my sensitive areas and if you tweak them right I react like any normal woman.

Her hand on the back of my head pulled me toward her boobs and once again I did what was expected. I'm thin, Size 6, 5'7, and 115 pounds. Ann Taylor doesn't hire store managers who look bad in the clothes the store sells. I'd guess Mabel as Size 16, a size my store didn't carry. My face sunk into the too soft mound of her breast. I parted my lips to take in the spongy nipple and flicked my tongue across it.

"Suck harder," whispered Mabel.

"Fantasy is truly a powerful thing. Mary's repressed libido probably starts with a lesbian rape and goes on from there," said Ron who I figured had at least completed Psychology 101.

"Suck that tit, bitch," added the always more graphic Ron.

I can't say anything other than I was doing what I had to do. I admit this part wasn't all that bad and Mabel's mouth was arousing me sexually. Still my primary motivation was fear. There were two blocks of wood and an iron pipe waiting if I didn't cooperate. I put my hand around her areola placed my lips on her nipple and sucked hard. Like the rest of Mabel, it was pliable and a good inch came into my mouth. I must have moaned or made some kind of noise because Ron made a comment.

"Mary's in her fantasy world," said Ron in a quiet voice. "She's a Cosmo girl."

"Lesbo sex makes my dick hard," said Ed.

"Is her pussy wet, Mabel?" asked Ron.

"Yeah, check the oil in her transmission," added Ed.

I felt Mabel slide a finger in my vagina. It slipped right in.

"Wet and warm," replied Mabel. "She's ready."

"Let's get ready to join Mary's fantasy," said Ron standing up and pulling his sweatshirt over his head.

I glanced over to see that Ron and Ed were undressing. I pushed the thought of what was going to happen to me out of my mind. I'd never been involved with group sex or even came close to it. I'm one of those women who don't enjoy sexual intercourse. My husband Sam is a driver for one of the big long haul trucking firms. He's gone for weeks at a time. When he gets home, I act the good wife and let him screw me. Sometimes I get by with jerking him off. Thank God he's not into oral. Sam's fifteen years older and not very demanding. That's probably why we get along okay.

Sam was not my first sexual partner. He was my third. Curiosity brought about the first. It hurt like hell and I threw up afterward. The second served to confirm my first experience. Sam's a hell of a nice guy so I accommodate him. I lie quietly while he gets on top. I'm small down there at least that's what Sam says and I need a lot of lubrication. As soon as Sam shoots, I run to the bathroom and douche. I suppose I'm not any man's idea of a dream sexual partner but Sam doesn't complain.

When Mabel reported my vagina was wet I was surprised. It must be the stress I was under. My body was reacting differently.

Mabel's finger went into my vagina then came out wet and took a swirl around my clit.

"Munch Mary's rug," said Ron.

Mabel left a trail of kisses down my belly her mouth landing on my clit. There was skill and experience in the way Mabel performed and it made me for lack of a better word, hot. Mabel reached up to grab the pillow my head wasn't resting on.

"Raise your butt, honey," said Mabel.

I planted my feet and Mabel wedged the pillow under my rear.

"Grab under your knees and pull them back toward you, honey," said Mabel pushing my legs up. I'm pretty flexible so it was easy for me to put my hands in my knee pits and pull them back. The thought occurred to me that they were forcing me to acknowledge that I was available to the three of them.

"Ed, did you ever see a woman who needs a good fucking more than our Mary?" said Ron.

"The cunt needs it, that's for sure," said Ed.

"Did you know we were going to fuck you when we grabbed you, Mary?" asked Ron.

"No, I didn't know who you were," I replied. Mabel's mouth and fingers were stimulating my vagina and clit. It was hard to concentrate.

"But you'd glad we're just fucking you instead of breaking your legs and leaving you here for the EMTs?" said Ron.


"Give me a complete sentence answer," said Ron.


"Tell me you're glad we fucking you in a complete sentence," said Ron.

"I'm glad you're fucking me instead of breaking my legs," I said in answer to Ron's mind game. It was true. It is better to be fucked than have someone break your legs with a length of pipe. Rape lasts for at most at matter of hours. I'd be walking in a cast for weeks if they broke my legs. Plus the pain would be terrible. I'd probably lose my job too. Rape was my lesser of evils.

"She's all yours Mabel," said Ron. "Mary has made her peace with what's going to happen to her. From now on, she's going to relax and do what we want."

"Suck her ass. I bet she gets off having her backdoor rimmed. All cunts do," added Ed.

That's when things got nastier. Her tongue took a long wet lick of my butthole. These people are perverted white trash I though to myself as Mabel's tongue formed a seal around the pucker of my anal opening. She did some things with her tongue and lips that caused me to relax my sphincter. Before long I felt her tongue slip inside my butthole. In spite of my feelings of degradation and shame I couldn't suppress a moan.

"Mary's like all them whores who love to gamble. She loves having her butt rimmed," said Ed. "Remember the one we packed her ass with chips from the Bogotá. Cunt must have shit chips for a month."

"All part of the fantasy. She needs to be forced or this wouldn't work for her," said Ron ignoring Ed's memory of some recent atrocity committed in the name of debt collection.

"Ron, you know a lot about how the female mind works," said Ed.

"Mabel loves butt work. See how she's got Mary to open her asshole so she can tongue fuck it," said Ron. "Mary, how does it feel having a tongue in your ass?"

"Good," was all I could manage.

"Damn straight it's good," said Ed. "I like to eat ass myself before I fuck it."

Mabel pushed the tip of her finger in my ass and returned her mouth to my vagina and clit. A finger on her other hand went into my vagina, hooked upward and found a sensitive spot. I endured it as long as possible then I lost control and had an orgasm. It was different from the ones I infrequently give myself. It went on longer and had a more profound effect. I let out a little cry and twisted from side to side as Mabel kept up her efforts until I slowly came down from the high.

"Did you see that? The whore dumped her wagon," said Ed with a sneer. "She fucking loved it."

"You're an artist, Mabel. Mary needed that. Didn't you Mary?" said Ron.

"Yes, I needed it," I said. Going along seemed the only way to travel.

"Now you get me off," said Mabel moving up toward the top of the bed.

I knew what Mabel was expecting. I wasn't sure I could do it. I'd never even considered having oral sex with a man let alone a woman. The thought of putting my mouth on another person's sex was disgusting. People get all kinds of horrible diseases from oral sex. I glanced around looking for a way out. My eyes came to rest on those two half circles of wood and the iron pipe resting on the coffee table. I envisioned what it would be like when that pipe slammed down on my shinbone. How it would look and feel when the skin split and the bone cracked. When I was little, one of the neighbor's boys had a bike accident and broke his leg. I remember seeing the jagged tip of the white bone sticking through the side of his leg. I also remembered he walked with a limp after that, a limp he never got over.

I scooted down the bed and on Mabel's instructions I wedged the pillow under her butt. Mabel spread herself open to me with her fingers.

"Do my clit, honey," said Mabel. "Lick the little man in the boat."

I placed the tip of my tongue on the nubbin of flesh and licked it. I tried not to think about the feminine aromas that entered my nostrils. Mabel smelled clean but very much like a woman whose sex was stimulated. When I parted her inner labia, I could see that the entrance to her vagina was glistening with moisture. I moved my finger around the edges causing Mabel to moan.

Somewhere in my mind I remembered reading that the entrance to the vagina has a host of nerve endings. The nerves radiate downward from the clitoris. I used my tongue and forefinger to stimulate Mabel and it worked. Mabel began to talk dirty as I ate her. Some women are into that sort of thing. I've read that men like sex with women who talk that way during intercourse. The hair salon where I go is full of magazines with articles on how to turn a man on by using profane language. I had even considered trying it with Sam thinking it would cause him to orgasm quicker and put an earlier end to the unpleasantness.

"Eat my dirty hole, your filthy whore, that's right, suck my slimy twat," seemed to be Mabel's favorite. She had plenty of others.

"Now, Mary, its time to eat her asshole," whispered Ron. "You know you've fantasized of the moment when you put your mouth right on the shitter and suck that motherfucker."

"That's right, honey, do my ass, tongue Mabel's shithole," breathed Mabel adding her encouragement to Ron's.

I did it. I'd gone this far. What was the logic for objecting now? I kept my fingers working Mabel's clit and vagina as I lowered my mouth to perform an act that I considered utterly depraved.

Mabel had a prominent anal ring. I placed my lips on it, feeling the circular muscle that kept her sphincter closed. I could sense the band pressing against my pulsing lips. I ignored the faint smell of shit as I massaged the muscle with my lips and tongue. Her anal muscle relaxed under my assault. I pointed my tongue and pushed it against the center. The center parted. I did the hitherto unimaginable and forced the first inch of my tongue inside Mabel's rectum.

"Suck my shit, swallow my turds," breathed Mabel her mind focused on the interaction between my mouth and her butthole. She was able to contract her sphincter then relax it as I slipped my tongue in and out. How utterly degrading to be sucking the ass of an armpit licking asshole-tonguing fat queer as she mouthed filth.

I ignored the gritty flakes of shit that coated my tongue. It smelled like shit and it tasted how I imagined shit would taste. So this is what it's like to eat shit I told myself. I could tell Mabel took pleasure in what I was doing. She raised her legs and grabbed the soles of her feet pulling them backward to give me better access.

"You're at the tipping point, Mary. This is where the fantasy gets real," said Ron grabbing my hair and twisting my face toward his. He was holding the dental pliers only inches from my mouth.

"I'm doing what you ask," I replied terrified of the shiny metal instrument. I could imagine it clamping down on a tooth and slowly pulling it out. I'd had my wisdom teeth extracted a few years back. That had been done as a hospital outpatient under general anesthesia and I still popped painkillers for a week. I couldn't imagine the pain of having someone yank a tooth out.

"Mabel's is going to give you some shit to eat and you're going to eat it or be swallowing soup for the next month. Your choice, eat Mabel's shit or lose your teeth," said Ron emphasizing his point by grabbing one of my nipples in the dental pliers and squeezing it. I screamed in pain as my nipple was flatted to the width of a piece of paper.

"I'll eat it. I'll eat it," I sobbed my breast a fiery throbbing mass of agony.

"Good, Mabel, give Mary a sweet little turd to eat. You want to eat it don't you Mary?"

"Yes, Ron, I want to," I said not quite making a complete sentence.

"Ask Mabel real nice to give you a turd to eat,' said Ron.

"Mabel, can I please have a turd to eat," I said.

"You sure can, honey, put your lips around my asshole and I'll push out a hot one," said Mabel.

I felt her strain and a soft turd eased past her sphincter and into my mouth. I had to use every ounce of self-control to keep my gorge down. Ignoring the smell, the awful taste and the sheer thought of what I was doing, I chewed and swallowed. I justified what I did by declaring that gambling had brought me to the point of accepting another woman's shit in my mouth. I was getting my just desserts.

It was hard to argue that I didn't deserve what was happening. If I hadn't asked for credit and signed that marker I wouldn't be here with Mabel's shit in my mouth. I wouldn't be facing the possibility of having my teeth ripped out or my bones broken or being raped by Ron and Ed. I could be enjoying the day off, shopping at the mall or going to the spa for a facial. But my out of control urge to gamble had brought me to this cheap hotel to be degraded and used by the three of them. I chewed and swallowed as Mabel's stick of shit slowly emerged. The last inch fell in my mouth as Mabel's sphincter closed it off. I quickly swallowed it down.

There are depths of degradation and degrees of humiliation but swallowing several mouthfuls of someone shit has got to be the nadir of human depravity.

"Mary, I'm impressed with commitment to your fantasy. Here, wash Mabel's turd down," said Ron handing me a bottle of Poland Springs.

"First, clean my ass with your tongue," demanded Mabel.

And I did. I served as her human toilet paper.

"As a reward being a good girl and eating all your shit you may go in the bathroom and wash your mouth out," said Ron.

I could have kissed Ron's ass right in the center of Bally's casino for telling me to clean out my mouth. I stumbled into the bathroom, rinsed, and gargled with a bottle of mouthwash someone had left.

"Hurry up, Ed's horny," yelled Ron from the other room.

When I came back, Ron was lying on his back stroking his cock and Ed was kneeling on the foot of the bed. Mabel was sitting on the edge of the bed fingering her pussy.

"Come here, Mary, and let's see how well you give head while Ed fucks you doggie fashion," said Ron.

No choice I told myself as I climbed between Ron's legs. I placed one hand on his shaft and put my mouth on the end. I'd never done oral but I had watched enough porn with Sam to know what to do. I encouraged Sam to begin our lovemaking by watching porn together. It shortcut what I had to do to get him to climax.

I felt Ed's hands grab my hips and position his cock at my entrance. Ed pushed in and I grunted. He was much bigger than Sam and it felt like something far too large was wedging its way past the entrance. I felt Ed pull out, heard him hawk a gob on spit on my vagina and smear it inside me with his fingers.

"Tight little twat you got there, Mary," said Ed grabbing my hips and slamming himself in me.

I saw stars. It felt like someone had rammed a baseball bat up my cunt.

"Oh shit, take it out," I pleaded.

"Sure, Mary," said Ed pulling almost all the way out before ramming it back in with all his might.

"Keep sucking," said Ron oblivious to my pain.

"I'll lick her clit while you fuck her," said Mabel sliding under me from the side.

I was in sexual hell. Ed was slowly fucking me from the rear. Mabel's mouth was working my clit and Ron's cock was in my mouth. And just to make matters worse, Ed stuck two spit-slickened fingers in my asshole.

"Let's change positions," announced Ron after a while. Get on top of me Mary. Ed come up here and let Mary suck your dick."

I straddled Ron managing to slide his cock in my vagina as Ed stood on the bed so I could suck his cock.

Mabel's mouth went to work on my tits.

"Lube up Mary's ass, Mabel," said Ron.

Mabel got off the bed, walked over to the king size purse she was carrying and pulled out a half used tube of K-Y Jelly. She squeezed some on her fingers as she walked back. I felt the cold lubricant being rubbed on my sphincter. Mabel applied some more K-Y as she worked first one finger then a second into my asshole.

"Mabel's doing you a favor, Mary. Tell her thank you," said Ron.

"Thank you, Mabel," I said feeling her fingers squirming around in my rectum. Ron and Ed were playing with my tits as we fucked. Ron put his hand on my crotch and started rubbing my clit.

"Her backdoor ready?" asked Ron.

"Yeah, she's grabbing my fingers with her shitter. She needs a good butt fucking," said Mabel.

"Go to it, Ed," said Ron. "Edward has been contemplating sticking his cock up your ass since we found you at Trump, Mary. Now his own personal fantasy is going to be satisfied."

Ed had stepped behind me. I was still on top of Ron in what I recall as the cowgirl position. I felt Ed's hard cock between my butt cheeks. I felt Mabel's hands grasp by buttocks and spread them apart. Next a very blunt object pushed against my anus. Involuntarily I clinched up which probably made it hurt ten times worse than if I had relaxed. Ed's hands grabbed my hips and I felt him push hard. For a second or two I kept him out then my asshole parted and I felt a very large column of male flesh enter my rectum.

"First time for anal, honey?" asked Mabel.

"Yes," I said grimacing.

"Hear that, Ed, you took her butt cherry," said Ron.

"She's fucking tight," said Ed pushing in deeper.

"Take it out, please," I whined.

Ed laughed out loud as he plunged in to me I felt his balls slap against my pussy that still had Ron's cock in it.

"Pound your ass till it bleeds," said Ed holding my hips and slamming into me.

For the first dozen or so strokes I was out of my mind with pain. Ever so slowly my bottom relaxed and accepted the unwelcome intruder. Having two cocks inside you is an incredibly weird sensation. You can feel them rubbing against one another separated by a thin wall of tissue.

Mabel's hand was working my clit as she went back to licking my armpit. It wasn't very long before Ed ejaculated in my rectum. After that, Ron rolled over on top of me and finished.

"Call Billy," said Ron getting off me.

Ed picked up the phone, punched a button and spoke.

"We're done. She's all yours," was all he said before he hung up.

The trio started to dress. I was hoping we were through and they would let me go when I heard a knock on the door. Ed opened it and this greasy longhaired kid who worked the registration desk stepped inside. He had a camera in one hand.

"She's not too bad," said Billy raising the camera to take a picture of me lying there with cum leaking out of my vagina and anus.

"Hurry up, we got another collection to do," said Ron.

"Did you break anything?" asked Billy as he snapped off several images of me on the bed.

"Not this time," said Ron.

"Shit, it's so cool when their legs are bent funny," said Billy. "The one last week looked like a rag doll."

"She owed a lot of money to some bad people,' said Ron.

"Pulled your legs up," said Billy to me.

"Do as Billy says. You're paying for the room," said Ron.

I grabbed the soles of my feet and pulled them up and back. Billy got on the edge of the bed and took close-ups of my orifices.

"You guys get one of her sucking my cock," said Bill handing the camera to Ron as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock.

I rolled over on my side and put my mouth on a very smelly and unclean penis that almost made me gag. It was almost as bad as eating Mabel's shit. Ron took photos of me with Billy's cock in my mouth. After that, Billy dropped his jeans and mounted me. He pumped away for a few minutes before releasing a second measure of semen into my vagina. I was about as degraded and humiliated as a woman can possibly be as he hurriedly dressed and left.

Ron came over to the bed, sat down and put his hand on my breast.

"Mary, you caught us in a good mood and you had it pretty easy today. Next time we may not be so nice. How soon can we expect the other ,000?"

"A week, two at most," I replied.

"Here's my number," said Ron handing me a business card. "Call when you got the fifteen large."

"I will," I said.

"You better or you'll be learning to walk on crutches," said Ron.

They left me there. I dressed and walked up to the front where Billy called me a cab to take me back to my car.

When Sam my husband got back the next day, I had all the paperwork ready for a second mortgage on our house. We had enough equity to cover ,000. I had to tell him about the marker and the fact that some seriously bad people were trying to collect it. I didn't tell him about what happened at the motel.

He reluctantly agreed provided I promise not to gamble ever again. I had to meet Ron and Ed once more to hand over the ,000. Ron jokingly asked if I wanted to go back to the motel and fuck some more. I said no.

Story 02 – All Night Diner

Please take note! Adults Only Literature

The text in this story contains erotic material and is expressly written for adults only.

If you are an underage minor or offended by such material -or- if viewing this file is illegal in your locality, then leave, close or delete this file-story now.

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental, etc.

Copyright 2004

"Please don't," I begged right before the biker sitting on my chest forced my mouth open and grabbed one of my teeth with his pliers.

Any woman who's had children and I've had three all by natural childbirth will tell you they know the true meaning of pain. That said the agony of having your teeth extracted by an outlaw biker using a pair of household pliers was equal to if not worse than the agony when the baby's head starts to move down the final six inches of the birth canal.

Just like in the delivery room with Meredith, my first I opened up my mouth and screamed with everything I had as I felt my incisor being slowly ripped out of my gum.

I hadn't meant to bite the bastard's cock but the sudden unearthly scream of my youngest daughter startled me. My head jerked and my teeth clamped down. Louise had screamed when the biker who won the coin toss took her virginity. I can't blame her for what happened. A fourteen-year-old girl is entitled to scream when a two hundred and fifty pound animal slams his cock into her virgin vagina while he's biting down on her nipple. I recall how the bastard pulled out to proudly display his blood-streaked dick to his buddies.

"Little cunt was a virgin," guffawed the bearded monster as he rammed himself back in Louise. Bite marks on Louise's budding breasts were edged with drops of dark blood.

In raking my teeth across my attacker's dick, I'd committed a cardinal sin. A vicious slap sent me sprawling. I was still seeing stars when the one I bit announced my punishment.

"Let's show her what happens when a cunt bites a Pagan," said the biker. I had no idea they intended to pull out my incisors. Several of them grabbed me and threw me on top of the counter for purposes of retribution.

Knees gripped the sides of my head immobilizing it. Somebody hooked his fingers in my nostrils and pulled my head back. I thought he was going to rip my nose off. A hand trapped my chin forcing my jaw open. Four of them held me while Mr. Wounded Dick took a pair of pliers off his belt and sat straddling my chest. I could barely breathe when he rested his weight on my rib cage. The two holding my legs amused themselves by pulling down my panty hose and panty then sticking their fingers in my vagina and rectum. Gang rape by a motorcycle gang is about as brutal an experience as a female can have. They bring as much pain to the act of sexual intercourse as possible.

I felt the grooved metal of the pliers grab one of my upper middle incisors. I sensed the enamel cracking as he bent the tooth upward and pulled. The tooth held for a minute then the roots that wrapped around my jawbone slipped out of the socket and the tooth came out. My mouth filled with blood and I choked on it.

Was it as painful as having your vagina stretched to accommodate a baby's head? I'd say so. That combined with the fact that I was frightened out of my mind and surrounded by a pack of vicious psychopaths instead of a supportive delivery room staff made this the worst experience of my thirty-six years. I would opt for a dozen more natural deliveries rather than what happened to my family and me that night.

"Teach you to bite my dick, you cunt," said the one wielding the pliers. He held the bloody tooth up for me to see. I was splitting blood and promising I wouldn't bite him again when he grabbed the tooth beside it and pulled it out. I managed to spit enough blood from my mouth to scream for him to stop. God how it hurt.

"Leave her alone, motherfuckers. I'll kill you," screamed Sheldon my husband. It was a pretty hollow threat given that Sheldon was handcuffed face down over a table being sodomised by one of the motorcycle gang. Even now, a month later Sheldon won't talk about that night even though I think we should discuss it.

Looking back the only one showing the proper survival instincts was the Latina waitress who was kneeling down sucking cock like a porn star trying to establish herself in the business. Actually her survival did depend on it. The fat counter cook lying there in a pool of his own blood had probably been a daily recipient of the oral ministrations of the Latina. The cook made the mistake of brandishing a cleaver at the bikers when they announced their attention to rape and pillage. A meat cleaver is no match for a semi-automatic.

My family didn't deserve what happened. It was just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We were driving back from Sheldon's brother's wedding. We got a late start then had a flat. Our mini-van was brand new and it took a while for Sheldon to master the intricacies of changing the tire. Sheldon decided to take a short cut to make up for lost time so he turned on to the old highway leaving the interstate. We were still a good two hours from home when Sheldon announced he had to have some coffee. We spotted a diner that was open and pulled in. Even though it was after midnight we were all hungry.

The staff consisted of the waitress and the cook. The kids elected hamburgers, Sheldon and I the bacon and eggs. Sheldon recalled how we used to eat breakfast at a similar place when we were dating in college.

My children are close together. Meredith is fifteen. Louise is fourteen and Jake is thirteen. They're good kids no trouble with drugs or alcohol. Meredith can be a little mouthy and Louise has reached the drama queen age. Until that night, both girls were virgins. Meredith had been hanging out with this boy in her school. She says they're in love and been doing some things but not intercourse. I've told her that when to have sex is her choice but I do not want to be a grandmother yet. We agreed that when she decides, I'll send her to Doctor Warren and she'll put her on the pill. That was how my mother handled me when at fifteen I decided to sleep with John Bonner, my sweetheart at the time.

Louise is the one I worry about. She's more likely to say to hell with it in the backseat of somebody's SUV and let a boy squirt her full of baby juice. I slipped some condoms in her purse a few months ago and she never said a word about them. However, right out of the blue Louise told me two weeks ago that she was still saving herself for someone she really cared about. You never know about kids.

Little Jake was more interested in video games than girls but at the moment of my amateur dentistry two overweight biker chicks had stripped him naked. One was sucking his cock while the other was teaching him to eat pussy. Jake's a tall skinny kid for thirteen. I hadn't seen him naked in a few years and I was surprised to see how much his cock had grown. Both women looked to be in there forties, heavily tattooed and enjoying the hell out of what they were doing to my baby. He looked scared shitless as he tried to follow the fat harlot's instructions about what to do with his mouth.

We had just started eating when we heard an ungodly roar and the parking lot filled with Harley Davidsons.

"Oh shit," said the waitress.

"Hurry up, kids," said Sheldon reaching for his wallet. I didn't blame Sheldon for deciding to run away. I was all for it. Sheldon threw two on the table, announced we were going to take our food with us and stood up. I told the kids to wrap their burgers in napkins and finish them in the van. Given that we had a strict no eating in the car rule, Louise and Jake looked at me like I had two heads. But Meredith was aware of the danger and she grabbed Jake's burger and folded a napkin over it.

We got as far as the front door when the bikers flooded in and stopped us.

"Where are you going?" asked the one who walked in first. He seemed to be the leader.

"Home, it's late. The kids are tired," said Sheldon.

The kids were uncharacteristically holding each other's hands. They sensed the danger.

"Let them go or I'll call the cops," yelled the cook. He was brave or stupid or both.

"Now why would you want to do that?" said one of the other bikers moving toward the cook.

The cook picked up a meat cleaver and headed in the direction of the phone. There was a very loud bam and the cook went down leaving a splatter of blood and brains across the grill. One of the things I recall from that night was the smell of brains burning on the grill. The biker had shot him right between the eyes.

"Anybody else want to call the cops?" said the leader.

No one said a word although Meredith and Louise were both crying. Seeing somebody murdered is not an everyday experience for kids growing up in suburbia. I was holding it together barely for the children's sake. Jake's hand was squeezing mine so hard it hurt. My ears were still ringing from the sound of the gunshot.

"How about you, Dad, you want to be a hero?" said the leader to Sheldon.

"No," answered Sheldon.

"So you don't mind if we party with you?" asked the leader.

"I do mind," said Sheldon.

"But you can't do anything about it. I know we hear that kind of shit from wimps like you all the time," said the leader. I thanked God Sheldon didn't react. He'd be dead now and I'd be a widow or dead myself.

At that point, the bikers grabbed and separated us. First, they did Sheldon while we watched. Sheldon was shoved face down on a tabletop and his hands cuffed to the table legs. They seemed to have more handcuffs hanging off their belts than the police. Someone reached around to unfasten his trousers and pulled them down to his shoe tops. A mean skinny bitch of a biker girl grabbed the waistband of his jockey shorts and they joined the trousers. She reached between Sheldon's legs, grabbed his balls and squeezed them.

"You want to eat my pussy while Larry here fucks you?" asked the girl pulling Sheldon's gonads out and twisting them.

"No," groaned Sheldon in serious pain.

"Going to happen, like it or not," said the girl who let go of his balls and proceeded to unfasten her cutoff jeans and drop them to the floor. She wasn't wearing any underwear. She climbed up on the table sat directly in front of Sheldon and scooted her shaved tattooed pubic region up to Sheldon's face. She used his hair as a handle to position Sheldon.

"Start licking or Larry will cut off your nuts," she said.

I could hear Sheldon giving her head. A burly biker who I guessed was Larry stepped up behind Sheldon dropped his jeans and unlimbered his cock. He parted Sheldon's buttocks spit on his anus and rubbed it around as he stroked his cock hard.

"How's he doing, Norma?" asked Larry.

"Not worth a shit," replied Norma. Actually Sheldon is pretty adept at oral. Both of us like it and in his wife's opinion he has a talented tongue.

Larry spit in his hand and rubbed it on his now hard cock.

"Maybe he's queer and needs a little butt fucking to get going," said Larry leaning in to Sheldon and pushing. I heard Sheldon protesting that it hurt and he couldn't stand it. "Quiet down and eat Norma's twat or we'll cut these off and make your wife swallow them," said Larry as he grabbed Sheldon's scrotum and pulled it tight as he brandished a K-bar.

"For God's sake Sheldon, do what they want," I yelled ignoring the biker who had lifted my skirt and stuck his hand down my pantyhose to feel my ass.

Sheldon didn't say anything but I could tell from the motion of his head that he was working harder to please Norma.

"I love to cornhole a married man in front of his family. Your kids are never going to forget the moment you watched daddy take it in the ass," said Larry spitting on his fingers then rubbing it into Sheldon's anus. He pushed his cockhead past Sheldon's sphincter. Sheldon sounded a loud moan as Larry's cock sunk deep into his rectum.

"Girls and boys, I think daddy enjoyed that. You got a tight ass, Sheldon," said Larry starting to slam his cock into my husband's ass. My kids haven't been raised in a convent so they understood what was happening. Still seeing it done to your own father was an awful experience.

"Eat me motherfucker," screamed Norma her hands gripping Sheldon's head and rubbing it against her sex. Later, Sheldon told me it was the most awful smelling pussy he had ever encountered. "Beer piss and last month's cum," was how Sheldon described the odor.

"Look there, kids, bet you never seen the inside of your daddy's asshole," said Larry standing aside to show us Sheldon's open sphincter that hadn't quite closed when Larry took his cock out.

"Come over here, honey," said Larry pointing toward Meredith.

The bikers holding on to Meredith marched her over to Larry. I yelled at them to leave her alone and got a vicious slap for my efforts.

"Keep quiet, bitch," said the biker who slapped me as he grabbed my breast and squeezed it. The pain forced me to my knees. His fingers clamped down on my nipple and crushed then twisted it. It hurt so bad tears came to my eyes.

"Here, let me get Daddy opened up again," said Larry sticking his cock back in Sheldon's ass. He went in all the way to his balls causing Sheldon to grunt and moan. He pumped Sheldon's butt a half dozen times.

"Now spit in daddy's ass," said Larry pulling out quickly to expose the still open sphincter.

One of Meredith's bikers grabbed her by the air and forced her face into Sheldon's buttocks.

"Spit bitch or I'm going to crave my initials in your face," he said.

It took three tries for Meredith to get some spit out.

"Now take your finger and rub it in Daddy's ass,' said Larry.

Meredith smeared her spit over the outside of Sheldon's anus.

"Not good enough, bitch," said Larry taking Meredith's hand and capturing it in his. He wrapped his fist around her fingers forcing her to extend her forefinger. Larry raised Meredith's hand to his mouth and stuck her forefinger in his mouth. It was slick with his saliva when he pulled it out and forced it inside Sheldon's ass.

"You know of any girls in your school ever had a finger in their daddy's ass?" asked Larry as he held Meredith's finger inside Sheldon's rectum.

"No," replied Meredith.

"Doesn't that make you unique. You ever been ass fucked?" asked Larry.

"No," said Meredith tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Well, precious, you got something to look forward," said Larry wrapping his arms around Meredith and forcing her to tongue kiss him. That brought guffaws and laugher from the others who I sensed were anxious to get started raping us. My pantyhose and panty were down around my thighs and hands were felling me up back and front.

Larry released Meredith and stuck his cock back inside Sheldon's ass and started to pound away. Norma had leaned back and raised her legs and was encouraging my husband to lick her asshole.

"Suck my shithole, daddy, show your girls how you like to eat shit," said Norma her hands gripping Sheldon's hair.

Sheldon's sodomization signaled the rest of the bikers that it was time to abuse us. The Latina was already on her knees unzipping the fly of beer-bellied biker who was standing over her.

"How old are you?" two biker women asked Jake. One of them had unzipped his fly and her hand was inside fishing out his cock.

"Thirteen," asked Jake.

"You sure are cute. Ever had any pussy?" asked one of them.

"Nope," responded Jake.

"You want to fuck me and Ruby?" she asked.

"No, I mean yes," said Jake looking confused. I'm pretty sure intercourse with two very obese forty-year-old biker girls was not how Jake's preferred to begin his sex life. On the other hand he was a male and his cock was in a woman's hand being stroked.

"What a sweet little peter,' said one of the women leaning down to take Jake in her mouth. "You ever had your cock sucked, darling?"

"No," replied Jake in a way that made me think he was lying. Most boys try a little oral with one another growing up. One of the mother's at Jake's school had told me that girls in his school considered blowjobs on the same level as we considered French kissing when we went to middle school.

"Well you lick Ruby's nasty old pussy while I suck you off," said the woman passing her tongue around the head of Jake's fully erect cock.

"Just don't hurt me," said Meredith to the men who surrounded her. They had unfastened her skirt and let it to the floor. We were still dressed up for the wedding. Meredith was wearing stay ups and a thong panty. They pulled the sweater over her head and unhooked her bra leaving my very pretty fifteen-year-old daughter almost naked. I would have done anything to prevent what was going to happen to her.

"Leave her alone. You can have me all you want," I said.

"We're going to have all of you all we want. Don't worry about it. I think Mom there is trying to hog all the cock. What do you think, Meredith is she?" said the biker who was rubbing his hand across Meredith's breasts. They'd taken her thong off and she was only wearing hose.

"I'll be all right Mom," said Meredith. Meredith was a rock that night. You never know what people are made of until they experience real stress.

"Kyle, give Mom a dick to suck on before she goes Bruce Lee on us," said Meredith's rapist.

"Kneel down Mom and show your daughters how a real woman sucks dick," said the biker who had already unbuttoned my blouse and slipped his hand inside my bra.

I did as I was told. Kicking and screaming would only get the shit beaten out of me. My violence would only encourage them to be violent in response. And that could get my children injured maybe killed. As difficult as I found it, I decided to cooperate. I told myself that the sooner they got what they wanted the sooner they'd ride off leaving us to piece together out lives. I had to find someway to rationalize what I was doing.

"Unzip it and pull it out," said the biker. "Take your blouse off. Let's see your knockers."

I unzipped his jeans and reached inside. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his cock had that unwashed smell that makes sex so unappetizing. I did manage to get my blouse and bra off as I put my lips around Kyle's uncircumcised cock and began to suck it. I'd gotten him hard when Louise screamed at the top of her lungs, "God stop, take it out, you're killing me." My mother instincts overcame my good sense and I spun my head around to see to my Louise, my teeth raked across Kyle's cock.

"Fuck, fucking bitch, she bit me," screamed Kyle grabbing his injured cock.

"Defang her," said the leader.

I was paying attention to what was happening to Louise so at first I didn't understand what they meant. Louise was naked on the floor with a biker between her legs and he had just forced his man-sized cock into my little girl. Louise is not a big person. She's only 5'2". Her rapist looked to be in his late twenties and a six-footer. He'd won a coin toss with the biker who was holding Louise's shoulders. Louise began to struggle and for her efforts was slapped very hard. You could see a thin trickle of blood at the corner of her nostril.

I felt myself being lifted onto the countertop. Kyle pulled my upper and lower incisors, all eight teeth. I gather that's what the bikers do when they want to mouth rape a woman and need to make sure she doesn't bite their dick off. I didn't intend to bite anyone. What I did to Kyle was an accident. I was bleeding badly but that didn't stop them from pulling the rest of my clothes off and rolling me off on to the floor that I hit with a loud thud.

In spite of being covered with blood, they jerked my legs apart. I was getting dizzy when I saw Kyle get between my legs use his cock to part my labia and push inside me.

"Have a drink, it'll kill the pain," said another biker who lifted my head and proceeded to pour my injured mouth full of Wild Turkey bourbon. The alcohol burned as it came in contact with my empty tooth sockets. I swallowed blood and bourbon. He must have poured half the bottle in me.

Nearby I could hear Meredith and Louise grunting as bikers slammed their cocks in them.

"This boy's a natural pussy eater," said a voice from somewhere. I suppose she was referring to Jake.

Another biker had replaced Larry in Sheldon's rear. Sheldon says he lost count of the number of times he was sodomised. I never expected to see Sheldon who borders on homophobic with a cock up his ass but there he was face down and grunting each time, his attacker rammed it home.

That was when the same biker who fed me the bourbon stuck his fingers in my mouth and rubbed my gums. They were covered in a white powder. Later I learned it was cocaine. The pain began to lessen almost immediately.

"Why'd you do that Rowley? You're wasting good dope," asked Kyle who was fucking me slowly taking his time.

"I want a hum and coke," said the older biker. I later learned that the cocaine in my mouth produced a tingling sensation in his cock when I gave him a blowjob. As I sucked his cock he would pull out ever so often and put more of the drug in my mouth. It really fucked my head up but it did reduce the pain from losing my teeth.

I could see that Meredith had been placed on all fours. There was a biker raping her dog fashion while his partner was forcing his cock in her mouth. He had a firm grip on Meredith head. His hands were embedded in her hair and he was not being gentle. Meredith was trying to accept his cock but he was forcing it into her throat causing her to gag and choke. He'd let her take a break ever so often and she would cough up drool as she gasped for breath. I was praying she didn't bite him accidentally. We'd spent a fortune having her teeth straightened.

"Leroy loves to skull fuck," said Rowley unbuckling his belt. "And so do I."

Kyle ejaculated in me and was promptly replaced by someone else. Rowley had shed his jeans and he sat down on my chest letting his cock fall across my lips.

"Hold her ankles under your armpits," said the biker who was already inside my vagina. They pulled my legs up and Rowley put them under his armpits. I was almost bent double.

"Open up," said Rowley who proceed to once again stick a dirty hand in my mouth that was coated in a white power. He rubbed cocaine on the lining of my mouth. Other than marijuana in high school and college I've never done any drugs. The cocaine set my brain on fire. What an incredible rush. I could almost forget the pain of my lost teeth as Rowley took his fingers out and stuck his cock in.

Almost every time, Sheldon and I have intercourse, I suck his cock to start. He lies on his back and I use my mouth to get him hard and ready. On special occasions like his birthday and our anniversary I let him finish in my mouth. That to me was oral intercourse.

But this was different. Skull fucking they called it and skull fucking it was. Making me choke, wretch, and drool was all part of the plan. My head felt like it was in a vise. Rowley would force his cock down my throat and hold it there while moving it slightly back and forth. He enjoyed me gagging and desperately trying to breathe. Thanks to the cocaine my shredded gums were numb. When I was about to turn blue he pulled out giving me a few seconds to spit up saliva and catch a breath before he went back in and repeated my torture.

"Oh God not my asshole, take it out," screamed Louise when a biker took her anally. The biker slammed his cock in her ass as she screamed for him to stop. I heard Meredith protesting she'd never done anal. I heard the sound of someone being slapped hard several times. When I was able to look her way a few minutes later, I saw that she had been forced her in a shoulder stand and a biker was standing over her fucking down into her asshole. The side of her face was red and there was a bruise on her cheek.

Rowley filled my mouth with semen and I was forced to swallow it along with a quantity of my own blood.

"Let's butt fuck all four of them," yelled one of the bikers.

They put the four of us in line on our backs. The Latina was naked now. In spite of her cooperative spirit someone had busted her nose and one of her eyes was starting to swell shut. I was between Meredith and Louise. Judging by the way they went about it, they'd done this sort of thing before. One guy held each of us in a shoulder stand while his buddies fucked us in the ass.

They grabbed our ankles and pulled them back toward our head. I was bent double up on my shoulders with my butt pointing straight up. I was held in that position while one by one each one put his cock in my ass and fucked away until he moved to Meredith. If a guy didn't finish in Louise's ass, he moved to me. Biker after biker drove his cock in our ass. Ever so often they switched like a gang of musical chairs. They fucked us hard trying to tear out rectums up. Semen oozed out of my butthole as the next rapist forced his way past my now open sphincter.

The Latina had lost it. She was grunting and muttering something in Spanish as they plowed her butt. She got hysterical at some point and that pissed them off. They picked her up and held her face down on a table while they beat her ass with their wide thick belts until she passed out. Her butt looked like raw hamburger when they were done. They worked on her face too. I wasn't the only one to lose some teeth that night.

The waitress still would not stop screaming so they did something that was downright barbaric. One of the bikers grabbed a small juice glass off the shelf and shoved it inside her pussy. Then he grabbed some sort of tool off the grill and rammed it in the waitress' vagina breaking the glass. She lay there sobbing holding her cunt as blood seeped through her fingers.

After it seemed that twenty-five cocks had been in my ass, they repositioned us for double and triple penetration. I'd never had two men at once let alone three. I was on top of a fat biker with his cock in my pussy while another was pounding my ass and a third was sliding his cock over my bleeding gums.

They did the same to Meredith and Louise. Can you imagine how I felt when I saw my girls with a cock in all three orifices? All I can say is that the three of us did what we had to. And we didn't wind up like Maria with a ruined face and a pussy full of broken glass.

Still Louise's thighs were coated in her virgin blood and I was missing eight teeth. It got quite after a while and slowed down. All the men had orgasmed at least once. I could feel semen oozing out of my vagina and asshole. I was lying there almost unconscious when I heard the leader speak.

"What's your name, kid?"


"Want to fuck your mother?"


"Well, I'll give you a choice, you can either fuck her or I'm going to blow her brains out."

I felt something cold and metallic pressed against my temple. To be honest, I didn't want to die but I was in so much pain I just laid there.

"Go ahead, Jake, it's all right, Momma will understand," said Meredith. Meredith turned out to be the strong one that night.

"I don't want to," whined Jake.

"Yeah, Jake, your sister wants you to screw your mother. Suck Jake's cock, Sis, to show him that it's okay."

I turned my head sideways to see Meredith crawl over to Jake and take his cock in her mouth and start to suck it. It's not difficult for a girl to get a thirteen-year-old boy hard even if the girl is your sister.

"Come here," said Meredith holding onto Jake's cock as she walked him the few paces to where I was lying on the floor. Meredith positioned him between my legs and helped him get his cock in me. I was too out of it to object. I was feeling light headed from the loss of blood and the coke. Still my mind couldn't deal with the feeling of my son's cock as it entered my vagina. What was happening would change the relationship between my son and me forever but what could I do. When I looked up I saw how terrified he was.

"It's all right," I reassured him as I put my arm around him. "Go ahead and do it." I started humping his cock to get him started.

Jake screwed me as everyone watched. It didn't take long for him to add his cum to the pool created by all the bikers who had already ejaculated in me.

"Now daddy, it's time for you to screw your daughters," said the leader.

"No," said Sheldon firmly as they uncuffed him from the table legs.

"Kyle, if their own daddy doesn't think they're worth fucking, you might as well shoot them," said the leader.

"No, you can't," pleaded Sheldon.

I turned my head to see that a biker was holding a semi-automatic pistol to Louise's head. The hammer was cocked. Louise was terrified.

"You got two choices, Shellie, you can suck and fuck with your daughters or Kyle will put a bullet in their brain pain," said the leader.

"Daddy, please," yelled Meredith.

"Don't let them kill us," begged Louise who'd decided that incest was better than death.

"All right," said Sheldon.

"You girls suck daddy's dick to start," said the leader. "He's lost his wood."

I lay there with my arm around Jake as we watched Meredith and Louise suck their father's cock. The girls were terrified and didn't hesitate as they shared Sheldon's balls and cock between them. It took a while but they got Sheldon hard and he mounted Meredith. The leader made Louise play with her sister's breasts while Sheldon fucked her. After a while, they made Sheldon switch to Louise. Meredith had to play with Sheldon's balls as he fucked her sister.

Finally, Sheldon finished in Louise, rolled off and collapsed beside her.

"This has been fun but time to go," said the leader.

I heard the roar of the motorcycles and we were alone. Meredith, Louise, and the waitress were crying. Sheldon looked awful and I could barely move. Only Jake looked unharmed.

Sheldon managed to call the police. We were all taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital and subjected to the creation of a rape kit. The ER doctor prescribed narcotics for my jaw. They sent the waitress off to an operating room to pick the glass out of her pussy and sew up the gashes in her gash. After that we had to spend hours in the police station answering questions and looking at mug shots.

We finally made it home mid afternoon. I was on serious painkillers. The rest of the family was physically all right except for bruises but mentally in shock. We have to be concerned about AIDS and other STDs; but so far we've been healthy. Except for Jake we were all sore somewhere. Louise announced when we got home that she was going to become a lesbian. Meredith and Sheldon refuse to talk about that night treating it as a non-event. I don't think that's mentally healthy. Jake isn't talking either. I went to my dentist and began the expensive and painful process of having eight caps implanted. Fortunately, he has a recent mold of my teeth.

I made a decision a week later that we all needed to see a therapist. That seems to be helping. I think Jake will get over having sex with me but Sheldon and the girls can't look each other in the eye. It's going to take a while.

Story 03 – The Good Wife

Please take note! Adults Only Literature

The text in this story contains erotic material and is expressly written for adults only.

If you are an underage minor or offended by such material -or- if viewing this file is illegal in your locality, then leave, close or delete this file-story now.

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental, etc.

Copyright 2004

"Ouch, take it easy," yelled Larry when I pulled the strip of material coated with dried wax off one side of his butt hole.

"No pain, no gain," I muttered reaching for the strip covering the other half of his bottom. I get my Brazilian bikini wax at the spa but my husband Larry being a man couldn't show up at Le Prairie's reception desk and request a wax job on his private parts. They do give men facials, however. Men are very metro sexual here in Big D.

We were in the master bathroom of our hacienda style home in Plano, TX. Plano was an upscale suburb of Dallas. I'd reluctantly agreed to remove all Larry's pubic hair myself. Larry was laying face down on the massage table. We were two hours and counting from attending our first cross dresser's ball.

"Just rest and relax while I get ready," I told Larry giving him a pat on his tingling butt.

"I'm pretty tense about tonight. Will you do me a big favor, Chelsea?" asked Larry turning over to lie on his back. When he rolled over and his hard cock came into view, I knew the favor he wanted.

"We don't have a lot of time," I said. That was true. I had to get both of us ready.

"I'll pop quick," said Larry taking his cock in his fist and offering it to me.

"All right but think lurid thoughts," I said leaning forward to grab his penis in my hand as I swirled my tongue over the cockhead. I was excited about tonight too and a little apprehensive myself. Still a woman is put on earth to keep her man happy so I took a deep breath and wrapped my lips around his cock and began the process of sucking my husband's dick. Getting Larry to coat my tonsils with semen required that I give my full oral attention to his cock. I looked him in the eye as I rolled my tongue over the mushroom head. I wanted him to understand that I considered it not only an honor and a privilege to place his penis in my mouth but that at the climatic moment when his semen enters my mouth that swallowing it was pure unalloyed joy. I placed my index finger on his anus and pressed slightly to further my cause. I'd sucked Larry's cock so my many times that I could estimate within a minute or two, how long before he orgasmed. From the rate of breath, sighs, and moans I calculated five minutes at most. I did a butterfly lick of his piss hole as one hand massaged his balls and the other stimulated his sphincter. God you give good head I told myself.

While I put those oral skills I'd been honing since high school into action, my mind wandered to the upcoming event and how I came to agree to it. There's something of a story there. I'll tell it to you so you're up to date.

Physically, we're a small couple. Larry's not a big guy, 5'3", about 125. I'm only a couple of inches taller and weigh practically the same. Two months ago, Larry sat me down in our great room and made an announcement.

"I want to add something new to our sex life," said Larry after taking a sip of an excellent cabernet he'd retrieved from our wine cellar.

"And what would that be?" I asked wondering if now would be a good time to suggest attending a weeklong Tantric yoga workshop in Hawaii. One of my girlfriends I play tennis with had just gotten back from Maui. She'd regaled us at lunch about her thirty-minute orgasms. "It's beyond divine. I thought I was going to melt. It's an entirely new dimension," was how she described it. I was dying to experience a half hour le petit mort.

"I want you to help me dress as a woman and go out in public as one," blurted out Larry.

"You mean become a cross dresser?" I said trying to control my shock and not laugh. Larry had always been a little out there sexually. In the fourteen years we'd been married, we'd worked out way through the kinkier chapters of several sex manuals. I'd agreed to certain things like role-pay, S&M, water sports and forcing a ten-inch strap on dildo up his behind. Other things like wife swapping and threesomes I'd drawn the line at.

"But not all the time and never while the children are around," added Larry.

Good I thought. There was no way that Justin at 13 and Judith at 12 were going to see their father in a dress.

"You trying to attract men. That's a gay thing," I said. I didn't know much about cross-dressing just what I'd seen in the movies and the theatre. We'd seen LaCage au Faux on Broadway a few years back. That Nathan Lane is so talented. He was also queer as a three-dollar bill at least in the play.

"No, it's not that, at least for me it's not. Cross dressers are not necessarily gay," said Larry.

"But why dress like a woman if not to attract another man," I replied.

"It's a fetish thing. I think I'd look pretty good as a woman. What do you think?"

"You're nice and thin and you have feminine facial features. That's the good part."

"And the bad?"

"You're balding, have a prominent Adams apple, no tits and a very big cock plus your physique is decidedly masculine. You have a flat butt and no hips," I said hopping to discourage Larry from further pursuit of this venture. I wasn't lying about Larry's cock by the way. The man was hung. He should have been listed in the Dallas yellow pages under tripods.

Right before I met Larry when we were students at Rice, I'd been dating this 6'4" he man type, Jerry, who had a wonderful piece of equipment. After I broke up with Jerry and went out on my first date with Larry, I reached between his legs in the front seat of his BMW roadster and was astonished to grab hold of an even bigger hunk of meat even though it was mounted on a much tinnier man.

"There are ways to get around those things you mentioned," said Larry. "There are places on the WEB that cater to cross-dressers. I'm asking for your help and support. I know it sounds a little twisted; but you've always been there for me, Chelsea."

"Give me a day or two to think about it," was how I left it with him.

What's the harm and after he does it a few times, he'll get it out of his system I told myself. If I say no, he'll nag me for months. None of his sexual urges had lasted more than a couple of weeks, a month at most. Larry would dress as a woman, get bored with it and move on to something else. Last year, it was water sports and I had to squat over his mouth in the shower stall and let him swallow my urine. We'd licked froze several piss sickles while we screwed. But after he tried it a few times he lost interest and I cleaned the tray of frozen pee pops out of my freezer.

"All right I'll support you as long as it's not a gay thing. What's involved?" I announced two nights later after the kids had finished their homework and gone to bed.

"There's a dance on June 15 th sponsored by a Dallas-based club of cross dressers. Come into the office and I'll show you their WEB site," said Larry obviously pleased that I had agreed. Marriage requires compromise I told myself.

I suppose that between being a soccer mom and taking care of the house with the aid of only one housekeeper, Consuela, I don't have time to learn about all the weird doings of this world. Larry keyed the URL; then left me alone to read about the club dedicated to men who loved to dress like women and the women who love and support those men. The club looked like any other club. It had officers, regular meetings, and quarterly formal dances. The WEB site included a gallery of pictures from last year's ball. The party had been held at one of Dallas's better downtown hotels. There was a band. There were numerous images of tall women dancing with shorter women. Still it looked pretty tame. I thought about the possibility of running into someone we knew. I decided that if we did the person we met would be just as interested in keeping their mouth shut as we were.

Larry owned a real estate development company that his dad started. It wasn't like he worked for some large corporation that would frown on one of their executives dressing up as a girl.

"So can I sign us up for the dance?" asked Larry coming back into our home-office.

"Yes, I'll do it," I said having decided it was within my limits. He gave me a big hug and kissed me.

I spent the next few weeks going to the Galleria and picking out clothes and bringing them home for Larry to try on. He turned out to be enormously difficult to please. I felt like I was trying to dress Princess Grace. And that was for a man that wore a tee shirt and jeans to work unless he had a meeting with a planning board or the bankers.

Thank God he had small narrow feet and could fit in a 9B. I must have brought home twenty wigs for him to try on before he decided to keep two. He ordered a set of 32C falsies, a waist cincher and a set of "bumpers" to round his hips from a New York catalog store.

We had some very unsatisfactory dry runs while the kids were out of the house. He insisted that I get him a pair of five inch fuck me pumps. He looked like an elephant trying to ice skate when he walked in them. I could barely walk in them myself. He settled for three-inch heels and even then he had to practice going up and down the stairs.

I bought him some very sexy French underwear from the La Perla boutique. Larry insisted on a garter belt and hose even though I tried to convince him that there were sound reasons having to do with comfort and convenience that led women to universally adopt pantyhose.

From the wig on top of Larry's baldhead to the color of his toe nail polish there was so much to worry about I started to long for last summer when all I had to do was lick frozen urine on a stick while Larry pounded his cock in my holes.

Slowly everything came together. I found the right makeup for his complexion and had the clothes altered to fit better. We sent the kids off to computer camp the week after school let out. Larry took the week off. He'd made our reservations for the dance. To say he was excited and nervous was to understate the situation. He was close to frantic and I had to calm him down.

"Let's go to lunch today, Lorraine," I said to Larry on Wednesday morning at breakfast. The dance was that coming Saturday night. We'd chosen Lorraine as his girl name.

"Where?" said Larry before he understood my true meaning. "Oh, you want me to go to lunch dressed as Lorraine?"

"There's a new very chic restaurant opened in Irvine, near DFW airport. It's very expensive. Let's dress you up and go." I said feeling rather wicked for reasons I didn't understand.

"I don't know," said Larry.

"Listen, if we're going to that dance Saturday, you need a real dry run. Let's take the training wheels off and put you in the Ladies Room at LaGrenouille," I said.

"Are you sure?"

"You can wear that Chanel suit that looks so cute on you," I said enjoying myself immensely.

Three hours later, I handed the car over to the restaurant's valet. Larry hesitated only a moment before accepting the hand of the car attendant who had opened the passenger side door and extended his hand to help Larry exit the vehicle.

"He looked up my skirt," whispered a thrilled Larry to me as we walked the few steps inside.

"Of course he did, silly. The one on my side looked up mine. You always allow the valet to see your panty so he'll take good care of your car," I lied to Larry.

I had to admit that Larry passed as a girl. Men did look his way. I don't mean to say he was a hottie just an attractive well-dressed female that most men wouldn't kick out of bed if they had an opportunity.

"I have to pee," said Larry after the waiter had taken our drink order.

"Well go to the Ladies Room, find a stall, pull your skirt up, panty down and take a piss. Then peel off a few squares of tissue and wipe your pussy. You've seen me do it often enough," I whispered.

"What if there's someone in there? You know an attendant."

"If there is, tip her a dollar. Take your purse."

"Do you think she will know I am a guy?" said Larry.

"Not unless you ask where the urinal is and haul your dick out," I said.

"Should I put on more lipstick after I pee?"

"Your lipstick's fine. After we eat, we'll both go to the Ladies Room and repair our makeup. Now get along."

Larry returned excited that all had gone well. He'd even exchanged pleasantries with the attendant who'd handed him a towel after washing his hands. I insisted Larry order a Waldorf salad instead of the prime rib sandwich.

"Women order salads at a place like this. Meat sandwiches are for the guys," I reminded him.

We got through lunch without a hitch. Larry's girl voice wasn't bad. He didn't have a deep voice to start with. The hard part was not to forget and talk to the waiter in two different registers.

Larry made sure that the car attendant could see his La Perla raw silk britches when they brought our car around.

"Now for the Mall, feel like a little shopping," I asked as we were getting in the car.

"You think it'll be all right?" whispered Larry.

"No one has called you out so far, Lorraine. Kiss me. Let's treat the valet to a little lesbo action before we drive off."

I leaned over and planted a hot steamy tongue kiss on Lorraine as the two attendants looked at us bug eyed.

"That was so fucking hot, Chelsea," said Larry as we pulled away from the restaurant.

"The attendants are probably discussing how much they'd like to watch the two of us rubbing out doughnuts together," I said.

We drove to the Galleria where the valets were given another chance to see Lorraine's underwear. Lorraine followed me to the couture department in Neiman-Marcus where I casually selected some things for us to try on. We followed the sales girl to a changing room.

"We'll share a changing room," I said to the sales associate.

"Would you like me to stay and help," asked the girl.

Most of the time, I dismiss the sales girl. I can dress myself. I know there are filthy rich Dallas women who've never zipped their own dress but I'm not one of them.

"Sure, why not, okay with you, Lorraine?" I asked.

"Fine," replied Lorraine. I detected a hint of fear in Larry's voice.

I removed my suit jacket, slipped out of my skirt, and began unbuttoning my blouse. In the mirror I could see that Lorraine was following me. The sales associate seemed a little surprised we were both wearing garter belts and hose. She probably didn't see much of that.

I had to hope that the cock strap was still holding Lorraine's meat pole tucked up between her legs. The ruse was up if Larry looked like he had a radiator hose concealed in his drawers. I smiled at my husband as I stood before him in my undies. The sales associate was busy hanging our clothes on a nearby hanger. When I looked again in the mirror I saw there was a wet spot in the front of my panty. What Lorraine/Larry and I were doing was definitely turning me on. I fought the urge to stick my hand in my panty and check my vagina. I sensed my Bartholin glands were pumping oil like the Petromaine Dome in its heyday.

If the sales clerk figured out that Lorraine was really Larry, she kept it well hidden. Couture is commission selling and I imagine she'd put up with pretty much anything as long as you bought something. Lorraine found a darling St. Johns' knit and I opted for a Dolce & Gabanna two-piece. I became somewhat intrigued about the limits of the sales clerk's sense of decorum and planted another long sensuous kiss on Lorraine's lips as the clerk busied herself putting clothes back on their hangers. Lorraine got into what we were doing and we stood there in our brasserie and panty making out as she put everything right then exited to ring up our purchases. She did give us a wistful look at us as she departed. I wonder if she would have liked to make it a three way.

Back at the point of sale terminal, I signed the slip for 00 and accepted the profuse thanks of the sales associate.

"Do me a favor," said Larry as we sped down the interstate toward Plano.

"Anything Lorraine, just name it," I said putting my hand on Larry's knee and giving it a squeeze.

"When we get to the house, let's go upstairs. Put on that strap on cock and fuck me in the ass," said Lorraine.

"All right," I said wondering if Larry really meant it when he said his cross-dressing had nothing to do with being gay. If a guy wants his wife to fuck his ass with a strap on is that a step toward getting a real cock for his butthole? And if he's wearing a Chanel suit, does that make it worse or better?

"Don't undress," said Larry when we got upstairs. "Put the harness on underneath your skirt."

I raised my skirt and fastened the harness around my waist. Two summers ago, we'd bought the contraption from a mail order catalog. At first, it was kind of weird fantasizing that I was a man as I covered Larry's anus in Astro-Glide then pushed the latex tip past his sphincter. There was a moment of gratification when I realized that Larry's first time hurt him the same or more that my first anal intercourse hurt me. I practically chewed my way through a pillow when the guy I was dating at the time talked me into letting him ride the Hershey Highway. I was sore for days afterwards.

I'd grabbed his hips and ever so slowly pressed forward as he whined and moaned clinching his fists.

"If it's hurting too much, I'll stop," I offered.

"No, I can take it. Just go slow," gasped Larry as I went in another two inches. Butt fucking your husband is great fun for a wife.

I savored the moment when my pubic bones nestled between his butt checks. There was ten inches of flexible latex in his bowels. I gave him a couple of short hard thrusts. He responded with loud moans. It was killing him but he loved it.

Butt fucking my husband was quite satisfying. One reason was that the harness included a clit stimulator that was agitating the little man in the boat. The other reason was that it was a double-ended dildo and there was a good eight inches inside my pussy. In fucking Larry I was fucking myself.

Later we added an S&M touch. I got to use a small hand whip with Mylar strands to redden his bottom as I fucked it. In an odd way, it was payback time to the male gender for all the bad dates, lousy fucks, and half dozen drunken date rapes I'd endured.

Larry got used to anal after the first few times. Ever so often, he would ask me to use the strap on. Today's big difference was that he was wearing a skirt.

Once we got upstairs, Larry placed an ottoman in the center of the dressing area's three-sided mirror and got on all fours. We were going the scenic route.

"Fuck my whore pussy, Chelsea," said Larry fascinated by the sight of himself in the mirror.

I'd dropped my panty to the floor and stepped into the leather harness. My end of the double-ended dildo slid into my vagina in one smooth motion. I was wet as the Amazon Rain Forrest. I moved my labia aside, positioned the clit stimulator and pressed it against its target. Spikes of pleasure traveled from pussy to brain as the hard latex nodules ground into my flesh. I bucked the waist belt, tested to make sure it was securely in place and turned around to face my loving husband Lorraine who was kneeling on the ottoman with his skirt hiked up begging me to fuck him.

"You want this big dick in you, then suck it," I said willingly stepping into the role-play.

I face fucked Lorraine for what I assumed was the appropriate amount of time before stepping back behind him. I pulled his panty down a little and ran my hand over his bottom. I decided he needed to be teased

"You want it bad, don't you, you little whore," I said. I was a fine art major at Rice. I'd done quite a bit of acting.

"Oh God yes, fuck my pussy," said Larry.

I pulled his panty all the way down, parted his cheeks and squirted Astro-Glide over his brown hole. I spent some time working it inside his anus first with one finger then two.

"Tell me how much you want my cock in your pussy," I said working my fingers in and out of his sphincter.

"Please, fuck the living shit out of me," begged Larry.

I looked at the two of us in the mirrors and it did look hot. There I was fully dressed with my skirt hiked up and this leather harness holding a bobbling dildo. Larry also fully dressed on his knees and elbows with his skirt pulled up and panty dangling from one ankle. I'd unsnapped the cock strap and his pecker was hard as a rock in anticipation of having his man pussy fucked. I took my time sinking the head just past the anal ring.

"You want more pussy boy?" I asked.

"Oh fuck yes, I want more," begged Larry pushing back greedy for more penetration.

I held his hips as I pushed forward experiencing the pleasure of grinding my clit against the patch of rough latex as the force of the dildo in his ass transmitted vibrations to the one inside my pussy.

He jerked himself off as I fucked him. After he spilled his load in the top of the ottoman, he rimmed my ass and ate my pussy until I had a powerful and long orgasm. We got naked and hopped in bed for an afternoon of very good sex. It was the hottest fuck of the last several years of my fourteen-year marriage. I found myself looking forward to Saturday night.

So here I am standing at my massage table and sucking my husband's cock. Larry did pop quickly. He was definitely anticipating that something exciting was going to happen that evening.

"How was it?" asked Larry after he ejaculated in my mouth.

"Sweet as always, now get in the shower," I said.

Two hours later, we drove into the hotel's drop off. Lorraine had been a lot of work but I was pleased with the result. Larry had wisely chosen a simple black Carolina Herrera sheath dress and looked quite delicious. The details were right from the carefully styled wig to the pedicured and lacquered toenails tucked into a pair of Manolo Blatnik strap sandals. The dress was short and the lace tops of his Wofford hose were visible if he bent slightly over. He wasn't any Nicole Kidman or Jennifer Connelly but he could definitely get laid in a pickup bar with soft light.

We entered and found our table. We wound up seated with four other couples we didn't know. Rather surprisingly, two of the women were dressed as men. The idea of dressing up as a man didn't appeal to me. It was enough work transforming Larry. Making me into an acceptable man would be a challenge of similar magnitude. I work hard to keep my figure and even after two kids, I'm slender and thanks to power yoga my abdomen does not look like a well-used suede handbag. Hiding my 34C boobs and a bottom that my girl friends say is very Jennifer Lopez is not my thing. That night I was wearing a low cut Prada top that showed serious décolletage and my skirt was short and tight hugging my bubble butt.

The party turned out to be pretty blah. Larry and I danced. I even danced with two of the wives dressed as men. One of the cross dressing wives danced me into a dark corner and proceeded to stick her tongue down my throat as she pulled my skirt up and felt my ass. Later she slipped her phone number in my purse.

Larry danced with women dressed as women and I danced with men dressed as women. It was all a bit much and downright confusing at times. There was considerable discussion on the topic of passing. The cross dresser I was seated beside was wearing a scoop neck dress and showing some very large and I assume very fake tits. Some men had let their hair grow long. There was talk of taking female hormones. One of the men at the table extolled the effect of hormones in changing the pitch of his voice, widening his hips, and shrinking his Adams apple. I bet his balls were quite a bit smaller too.

There were cross dressers at the party who would fool anybody and there were others who would only fool the blind and deaf. I could proudly say that Lorraine was in the top ten percent in the pass as a woman category. Any improvement beyond that would require a surgeon's scalpel.

The party was an opportunity for the cross dressing community to get together and show off. It was at that point that I realized why there was no sexual tension. Sexual tension came from passing as the other sex in a group of people unaware of your true gender like we did at LaGrenouille. The hotel party was a gathering of like-minded people. Cross-dressers wanted a man to look at them and think there is a woman I'd like to fuck not realizing that woman was really a man.

We said our goodbyes at midnight. Larry seemed a little down. I noticed that he hadn't bothered to show the valet his panties.

"That was a little disappointing," said Larry as we pulled away from the hotel.

"It was quiet. But you looked terrific," I said as the good and supportive wife I am. I reached over and put my hand on his leg and rubbed it. Larry leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. It was his way of saying thanks for all my efforts. I figured that Larry's flirtation with cross-dressing was over. He queued up a CD and we listened to a Tony Vale CD as I drove toward the interstate on ramp.

We were still in downtown Dallas almost on the Interstate when all of he sudden Larry said, "Turn right at the next corner."

"Why?" I said as I flipped on the turn signal.

"I need a drink," said Larry. "There's a place down on Fourth Avenue where we can go."

"This is a pretty crummy part of town. Are you sure?"

"Ed Waverly took me there a few weeks ago. It's a country and western place."

One of the differences between Larry and me was his taste for country and western music. I don't hate it. I just don't seek it out.

"Aren't we a little overdressed?" I said. I didn't feel up for walking in a place like that dressed like we were.

"Yeah, but its only for a drink. We'll only stay for one drink. I promise," said Larry.

Rollin's Country Music Store looked like a hundred other similar places around Dallas. It had a neon guitar outside on the marquee and a parking lot full of pickup trucks. If I'd been wearing jeans and a tank top, I'd have felt right at home. But here we were two women dressed in designer clothes walking into a red neck club. The fact that one of us was actually a man seemed like asking for trouble. Still Larry was more than passable according to the judgment of his fellow cross-dressers and he insisted we stop.

We found two seats at the bar and ordered our drink. The place was busy. A C&W band was cranking out music. I was hoping that after one drink and a few tunes, Larry would call it a night. I wasn't that lucky.

"Would you like to dance, Ma'am?" I heard someone say from Larry's side. My head whipped in his direction as I heard him say, "Of course."

I wanted to scream, "Are you fucking nuts?" as Larry slipped off the bar stool and headed toward the dance floor.

"How about you pretty lady?" said a cowboy type appearing in front of me.

"Yeah, sure," I said. I had said yes for one reason only and that was to keep track of Lorraine on the dance floor. My God it was a slow song. Larry's arms were wrapped around his partner and they were talking about something. I hoped it wasn't golf or the Cowboy's chances of making the Superbowl.

I decided what the hell as I melted into my partner's arms.

"You and your friend been to a fancy party?" asked my partner whose name turned out to be Sam.

"Yes, it was business related. We just stopped by for nightcap," I replied.

"What's your business?" asked Sam.

"Real estate development, investments," I replied. Given that was the family business I did know something about it. Sam and I danced until the song ended. When out of the corner of my eye, I saw that the crazy Lorraine was not leaving the dance floor, I asked Sam to dance another song.

"Sure, honey, what's your name?" said Sam gathering me in his arms.

"Chelsea," I responded.

"I see you're married," said Sam taking a look at my wedding ring. "Where's your husband?"

"I resisted the urge to say, "Over to your left, dancing with the guy in the black cowboy hat." Instead I lied, "Out of town on business."

"My wife's in Lubbock with her parents. We're kind of separated," said Sam who'd shifted his hands from the small of my back to the top of my butt.

"That's too bad," I said.

"Oh we may get back together. You never know. Your girlfriend married?"

"Yes, Lorraine's married," I said. When I looked in Larry's direction, I saw that he was kissing his dance partner. "Fuck," I whispered unfortunately loud enough for Sam to hear.

"What did you just say, Chelsea?" said Sam probably thinking he had misunderstood me. His hands dropped to my bottom and he pulled me against him. Grinding your sex against a man's pubic bone is erotic and normally I would have found it so. But not with Larry making out with an unsuspecting male ten feet away. I let Sam pressed himself against me and maybe because I was pissed at Larry I pressed back.

"Just thinking out loud, it was nothing, sorry," I said as I put my head on his shoulder and turned in Larry's direction. Larry and whoever were tongue kissing as the music ended. They seemed to be really getting into each other. Song over. I expected Larry to return to our seats at the bar where I would drag his sorry butt out of this place before something awful happened. But Larry and his friend didn't return to the bar. They walked off the dance floor and into another room in the back of the building.

"What's back there, Sam?" I asked.

"Pool tables," said Sam.

"Let's play some nine ball," I said.

"Sure Chelsea, just a little kiss first," said Sam gathering me into him for a kiss. Sam was obviously a womanizer who was slowly establishing his claim to me. I was being qualified. He definitely had the right moves as he gathered me in for one of those kisses that are as close to real sex as kissing can get. His hands roamed over my backside as first he kissed my mouth then the tops of my breasts.

After we came up for air, we walked in the back room where Larry was leaning out over the pool table showing the four men watching that he had white thighs above the black lace tops of his hose. The poolroom was vacant until we arrived. Our house in Plano has a pool table in the family room and both Larry and I can play a decent game of pool.

Sam racked the balls while I watched Larry miss his shot. While his dance partner was taking his turn, Larry allowed one of the other guys to casually put his arm around his waist dropping his hand to Larry's butt. The man squeezed Larry's butt as they kissed. Larry looked to be enjoying himself immensely. He was drinking beer and allowing himself to be passed around between the four men. Later, when I asked him what he was thinking he said he was just having a good time and didn't realize things would get so serious. "I'm not a real girl. I thought I could make out with them and that would be all," was what he said later when I questioned his judgment.

"Your friend's a crowd pleaser," said Sam noting where my gaze was fixed.

"She certainly is," I said with thinly disguised disgust.

When I bent over to take my shot, Sam came up behind me and put his hand on the back of my leg.

"You'll make me miss my shot," I said.

"That was my intention," said Sam as his hand traveled up my inner thigh before dropping away. He came within an inch of touching my sex. I did miss an easy shot.

In fourteen years of marriage I had been an adulteress only three times and all of them were with tennis coaches at the club. I justified it on the basis that those young men were so young, handsome, and athletic that no woman could resist them. It must have been true because the last one, Gary, slept with practically every woman in the club, even Mrs. Tully, the seventy year old doyenne of the women's tennis league and a breast cancer survivor.

However, although I was willing to let Sam feel me up, I had the good sense to realize that my number one priority was to get Larry out of there and safely back home. So in spite of thinking it might be fun to roll in the hay with Sam a couple of times, I intended at the first opportunity to tell Lorraine it was time to pack it in. Maybe Sam and I would exchange numbers and get together another day.

When I missed a shot and turned the table over to Sam I looked for Larry and discovered he had disappeared. Two of the four men were still at his table and two were nowhere to be seen. At that moment, I heard a loud, "What the hell!" followed by an ever louder slap. It was coming from a dark corridor right near the pool table where Larry was playing. I heard another slap and the sounds of angry voices.

"I've got to see to Lorraine," I said dropping my cue on the table and hurrying toward the disturbance.

The other two men disappeared into the corridor before me. It was a dimly lit hallway leading to the restrooms. There I found my husband pinned up against the wall with his black dress up around his waist, his panty at his knees and his very large cock dandling down. There was a trickle of blood at the corner of his nose.

"Don't hurt him," I yelled pushing past the two men to arrive at Larry's side.

"Fucking queer, trying to make a fool of us," said one of the men holding Larry's arms over his head against the wall.

"Ought to beat the living shit out of you. We don't like fags in Texas," said the other man holding Larry.

"Let's take him outside," said another one.

"No," I yelled.

"You too, you fucking faggot,' said one of the men grabbing me and slamming me against the wall.

"The two of you come in here, all dressed up, figuring we're just a bunch of red necks, too dumb to know the difference between a woman and a queer," said the man who'd grabbed me and pinned me to the wall.

"Its' faggot bashing time," said one of the men. "Let's beat the motherfuckering shit out of them."

"Hold on fellows. I got an idea," said Sam who had just showed up.

"What's your idea Sam? I'm not anxious for this to get around. Everybody's going to be laughing their ass off at us when they hear about this,' said the one holding Larry.

"Is your RV parked out back, Tim?" asked Sam.

"Yeah, like always. The boys and I were planning to take Lorraine there and screw her but since Lorraine's a faggot, we'll just take him out in the parking lot and stomp a mud hole in his ass," said Tim. "You can rearrange the kisser of that one."

He was referring to me.

"The other one fooled me just like she fooled you. I say we take these two queers out to your RV and see how good they can suck cock and take a big one in their ass," said Sam.

"Let us go or I'll call the police," I said.

After I said that, Sam slapped me so hard I saw stars. It was an open palmed slap across the side of my face that left me dizzy and my ears ringing.

"One more word out of you and I'm going to knock all your teeth out," said Sam drawing back his fist as if he was about to punch me in the mouth.

I was paralyzed with fear. Speaking was not an option.

"What do you say, boys, think we should let these two fags suck us off?" said Tim.

"Yeah, why the hell not. It's the only way I'm going to get laid tonight," replied one of the three.

The five men marched us down the corridor and through a doorway marked with an exit sign. Right outside the back door was an RV, a new one from the looks of it. Tim produced a key and opened the door.

"Welcome to my new pussy wagon. I was hoping to break it in with some juicy twat but you queers are going to be the first," said Tim.

Larry and I were pushed through the door. I started to say something but Sam raised his fist like he was punch my lights out if I did so I kept my mouth shut.

"Beer everyone. I got some weed my brother brought up from Senora," said Tim walking over to the refrigerator and getting everyone a beer. He pulled out a dime bag too.

"You won't be needing this,' said one of the men snatching off Larry's wig.

"You neither fag," said Sam grabbing my hair.

"Ow, its not a wig," I yelled as Sam try to scalp me. Sam looked at me surprised.

"You two girls get naked. Here we go Ed, finest sinsemilla," said Tim handing a pipe he'd just lit to his stocky buddy who was wearing a CAT Diesel cap. The smell of marijuana quickly filled the RV.

"You heard the man," said Ed spinning Larry around and unzipping his dress.

"You too," said Sam turning me around.

"Let's watch my big screen television. The dealer threw it in as a freebie since I paid cash," said Tim sliding back a wall panel to reveal a 42 inch flat panel television screen similar to the one we had in our home entertainment center in Plano. "We can watch some porn while our girl friends suck our dicks."

They all laughed when Larry took off his brasserie and the falsies rolled out on the floor. The laughter stopped when mine came off and they saw my tits.

"Those real?" asked Sam who I think was starting to see the light.

"Of course they're real," I said.

On the screen, two girls were eating each other's pussy as a voice over promoted an 800 number you could call for only .99 a minute.

"Pecker like that is wasted on a queer like you," said Ed noting the size of Larry's cock. "No, leave the garter belt and hose on. I like the effect."

"We can just sit down on the settee, drink and smoke, watch porn and let Lorraine and Chelsea suck our cocks," said Tim who proceeded to unbuckle the large silver belt buckle and push his jeans and briefs down. "Come over here Lorraine and show me how a real faggot sucks dick."

"Shit, this one's really a girl," said Sam as I pushed my panty down.

"Of course I'm a girl. Now let us go before we have you arrested for rape and assault," I said.

"Now, that is a nice surprise,' said Tim eying my pussy. "Sure there's not a little peter down there somewhere. Check her out, Sam."

"Nope," said Sam after he stuck his hand between my legs to make sure. "She's even wet."

"Who's your girlfriend, Chelsea?" asked Sam.

"Larry's my husband. We went to a party for men who dress like women. Larry's not gay."

"Now why would a man go to all the trouble of dressing up like a woman unless he wants a man to fuck him," said Tim. "I said for you to get your ass over here, Lorraine."

That was a good question and I didn't really know the answer. Larry is not a warrior. He looked scared shitless as he walked over to Tim.

"Now get down on your knees and suck my dick or we are going to unload a can of whop ass on you and the little woman," said Tim grabbing Larry's wrist and pulling him to his knees. Larry had told me before we were married that he had never ever sucked another man's cock. But somehow the hungry way he looked at Tim's erection made me think he was getting exactly what he wanted. Being forced gave him no choice but choice is not always desirable.

"Good, now show Chelsea what a good cocksucker you are," said Tim pushing Larry's head toward his cock.

Larry put one hand on Tim's cock to steady it as his tongue went to work on the head. I decided it was not his first homosexual experience.

"Your turn," said Sam leading me over to the couch. He sat down and stuck one leg out.

"Pull my boots off," commanded Sam.

It was a struggle but I finally got his cowboy boots off.

"Now the rest," said Sam unbuckling his belt.

Larry was sucking Tim's cock as I pulled Sam's jeans and briefs down.

"Okay, Chelsea, show me what you got," said Sam unlimbering his cock and pointing it my way.

"This is rape you know," I said.

"Yeah, its rape. I can see the headlines in the Dallas Ft. Worth News, cross-dressing couple assaulted. Now put my dick in your mouth and suck it before I get pissed off and do something we'll both regret tomorrow," said Sam.

I joined my husband in the cock sucking squad. I felt someone kneel behind me and a cock came in contact with my bottom.

"No point in letting this end go to waste. Ain't nobody using it," said Ed as he pointed his cock into my vagina and pushed. I grunted at he slid inside my vagina. Since I was already wet, he easily mounted my rear and started to pump.

"Little Chelsea's got a warm tight pussy, fits my pecker like OJ's glove,' said Ed who had a firm grip on my hips as he fucked me. I'd reconciled myself to my fate. I was pushing back and squeezing Ed's cock with my vagina muscles while I gave Sam an energetic and enthusiastic blowjob. I'd decided there's nothing to do but fuck them until they can't fuck any more and then hopefully they'll let us go. After which I am taking Larry home and kill him.

"You got any lube," asked someone behind me.

"There's some K-Y in the medicine cabinet, Luke," responded Tim.

I could hear loud moans coming from the television. Someone sat down on the couch beside Sam grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. I began jacking him off.

"Look at that clean butthole, not even the tinniest little hair," said Luke who had returned from the medicine cabinet and was preparing to lubricate Larry's asshole. He deserves to be fucked in the ass I told myself. What was he thinking? Now we're both being raped thanks to his stupidity.

"Oh fuck that hurts," said Larry in response to Luke expanding his anal ring. Given that Larry's butthole frequently hosted a very large dildo, I doubted it hurt all that much. Larry was role-playing.

"Isn't that what you wanted, Lorraine, a cock in your tight little ass?" said Tim.

"No, I was just playing around," said Larry who had finally found his voice.

"Hand me that K-Y," said Ed thereby informing me that anal was on my dance card.

But Ed didn't butt fucked me right then. He lube me butthole and fingered my butt while he pounded my pussy. As soon as Ed climaxed in my vagina, Ron, the one I'd been jacking off took his place and he took me anally. As Ron drove his cock deep into my rectum, Sam filled my mouth with semen that I obediently swallowed. At my side, Larry also engaged in the honorable procedure of ingesting another man's sperm.

"Toke," asked Sam offering me the pipe.

I figured why not and took a draw. With the kids around, weed is a no-no in our house even though Larry and I smoked a lot of dope in college. One of my tennis team has no children so we girls occasionally meet at her house and get high. I'd hoped that with all five of them having ejaculated they'd let us go. But I was delusional. These were horny Texans and they were just getting started. The five of them fucked the two of us until the sun came up over Dallas. I was screwed in all positions: missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, reverse cowgirl with double penetration, and cowgirl with triple penetration. Larry got all the dick he secretly wanted. The dope got Larry and I both horny and high and before it was over I was an enthusiastic rapee as was my husband.

During one of their breaks, they let Larry fuck me while they all sat on the couch and watched. I looked up at the big screen were a porn star was accepting the money shot. Four men were jacking off on her face.

Being fucked by Larry seemed the odd part. There I was on my back bent double with a sloppy pussy that had taken a least ten loads of jism. The five of them sat drinking beer and passing the pipe. After Larry blew his load, they made him eat me and I got off.

Larry had eaten his own creampie out of my pussy before but never anyone else's. So that was a first. Having your husband eat your pussy and asshole when it's oozing other men's ejaculate is hot.

The sun was out when Larry and I stumbled out of the RV and walked around front to our car that much to my surprise was still there. The five cowboys were passed out between the couch the RV's master bedroom.

We stopped for coffee and a bagel at a Dunkin Doughnuts drive through. God knows what the clerk thought when she looked in the car at us. We definitely looked like we had been ridden hard and put in the barn wet. I gave a thought to STDs then pushed it out of my mind. Nobody had used a condom and anal with strangers without a condom is for idiots but still I figured the odds were with me.

"Sorry about that Chelsea. I got carried away," said Larry as we pulled onto the interstate.

"We could have been really hurt, you know."

"How's your face?"

"Just a bruise, I'll live," I said.

"No more cross-dressing for me," said Larry. "I'm just going to stick to straight sex from now on."

That should have been my plan too but while I was paying for breakfast, I saw the card that the lady at the party that dressed like a man had slipped in my purse. I made a mental decision to give her a call.

Story 04 – Expelled

Please take note! Adults Only Literature

The text in this story contains erotic material and is expressly written for adults only.

If you are an underage minor or offended by such material -or- if viewing this file is illegal in your locality, then leave, close or delete this file-story now.

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental, etc.

Copyright 2004

"Megan, it's important that you understand that your entire future is at risk here. You do understand that, don't you?" said Doctor Abernathy putting his hand on my knee and gently rubbing it back and forth.

"Yes, Doctor," I replied wondering why I hadn't jumped up and told the forty year old shrink to take his fucking hand off me. Instead I let out a little sigh of satisfaction. His hand felt warm and soft as it moved upward. My lack of reaction probably had something to do with the two tablets he handed me when I walked in for my third appointment. Doctor Abernathy was my court appointed psychiatrist. He was supposed to be evaluating my mental health not feeling me up.

I didn't have the will to lift my little finger let alone object. It was like I was on the ceiling looking down on my body and watching the Doctor's hand travel slowly up my leg. I didn't have any concerns at all as his fingers reached my panties and started to rub my crotch. There was a nice warm tingling sensation as his index finger circled my vagina arousing the nerve endings. When a finger slipped under the lace edging and found its way to my clit, I sounded an even louder sigh and decided it felt so nice I just relaxed and spread my legs wider. The doctor correctly took that as an indication that all was well.

Up to that point, I had trusted him and thought he was sincerely interested in helping me. When I arrived at his office and he handed me the meds I wasn't suspicious or worried.

"Megan, we're going to try something different today. These tablets will help you relax and speak more freely," said the Doctor handing me one of those short plastic cups they use to dispense meds along with a paper cup of water.

I swallowed them down without even asking what they were. I'd promised my Mom that I would do everything the Doctor asked and be as cooperative as possible. Of course, Mom hadn't figured that included allowing the good doctor to play with my pussy.

I was a victim of my high school's zero tolerance policy for violence. Actually it was Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who almost ruined my life. Right after they shot up Columbine High, the San Bernardino Country School Board unanimously passed a policy named 'zero tolerance for violence'. Just to add to their idiocy, they also passed one for alcohol and drugs but they weren't my problem.

The fact that I shattered Stacia Eversole's nose with the edge of a lunch tray was the real issue. I had committed an act of violence against a fellow student and the school board had decreed I was to be expelled regardless.

I wasn't the kind of student you'd expect to be expelled and arrested for assaulting a fellow student. I'm a junior with a near 4.0 average. I'm first string forward on the basketball team and average sixteen points and eight rebounds. I'm also on the track team. I'd never been in any trouble before, no drugs or alcohol. Well, I have been known to drink a beer but that's about it.

My Mom's a widow. Dad was a fireman whose reserve unit got called up for the Gulf War. His Humvee hit a mine right outside Kut and he was killed. Mom took it hard and maybe I took it even harder. That's why what Stacia did pissed me off so much I lost control.

For my fifteenth birthday, my dad gave me a diary. He'd read somewhere that great men kept diaries and therefore I should keep one. I know that doesn't make much sense but Dad thought it did. Dad wasn't much of a student but that didn't mean he didn't want me to be one. He was proud as hell of my grades and that I was going to college something that neither he nor mother had done. At the time, I thought it was a crummy gift and let it sit in a drawer, But after Dad's funeral, I took it out and started to make an entry every day. I don't know why I did that. Maybe it was because I hadn't appreciated his gift when he was alive. I felt guilty.

Each afternoon I sat down and wrote my thoughts about the day's events. I included some poems and stories I wrote. Mom and I had some dark days after Dad died. Mom drank too much and started taking pills. She got kind of crazy. She started going out to pickup bars, getting drunk and bringing home some creep home to screw her. Thank God she got over that. She's fine now.

Some of the things that I wrote in my diary were pretty bizarre. Losing Dad had thrown me for a loop. I'd just assumed that since he was a military policeman he'd come home no problem. After the closed casket funeral, I'd stay up to all hours going out on WEB sites and finding stories about torture and death and frankly bizarre sex. The sex part was a little weird because I participated in the school's after school abstinence program. We Not Me Now kids meet two times a week. I was still a virgin but that didn't mean I didn't masturbate and fantasize. Some of my fellow abstainers were heavy into hand jobs and oral sex with their significant others. As long as you didn't allow a boy to penetrate your vagina with his penis you were a member in good standing in Not Me Now. Or even if you had allowed a boy to penetrate you, you could proudly wear your Not Me Now pin as long as you didn't allow a rerun.

As for oral sex, I hadn't tried that yet making me one of the few juniors who didn't have blowjob experience. I probably would have except for all the emotional upheaval following my dad's death. It took a while for normal life to resume.

During my dark days, I'd transcribed a few paragraphs of these extreme fetish WEB stories into the diary. I'd also composed some of my own stuff and looking back on it, it was morbid and downright creepy. You know dead babies and rats sliding out of my vagina as I gave Satan or Jesus Christ a blowjob. I even wrote one where I was licking the empty eye sockets of a blind beggar as we had intercourse. Every one always said I had a vivid imagination.

Junior year, my attitude improved. The darkness seemed to have passed. I was working hard at school, attending SAT drills on Saturday hoping to score high enough to get into a first class college. I was an only child. Mom had saved the entire 0,000 that the Army insurance had paid when Dad was killed. It was earmarked for my college education.

I was even considering having a normal social life. I'd gotten a crush on Todd Havers, a senior who paid me a little attention but hadn't asked me out yet. I'd committed my crush to my diary thinking that no one would ever see it.

As a girl jock and honor student, I was in what I would classify as the second or third tier popularity clique at school. I had a few friends mostly teammates. I kept to myself a lot. I guess I'm a loner at heart. Also we weren't exactly rich and I didn't have a car or the money to party with the other kids. Mom absolutely refused to let me take a part time job. She felt it would hurt my grades. Anyway, between studies and sports, I didn't have much free time to work or hang out.

There was less than a week remaining in the school year when I shattered Stacia's nose. I was sitting in the lunchroom when I heard someone at the next table reading aloud something that sounded familiar. When I looked over at the adjacent table there was Stacia seated with her clique that you would classify as the school's popular students. Stacia Eversole was admittedly the most popular girl in school. For reasons I never understood, she didn't like me. Stacia was very pretty; the blonde blue eyed all American girl type. My Dad's folks are Italian and I look Italian or so everyone says.

Somehow, Stacia had gotten my diary out of my backpack, broken the lock open, and was reading out loud what I had written about Tom Havers. Tom was looking over at me. He was laughing too, the bastard. The whole table was laughing and looking in my direction. I was up in a flash.

"Give me that back," I demanded.

"Oh, is this yours," said the bitch holding it away from my reach?

"Yes, I want it now," I said reaching for it.

Stacia put her hand on my chest and shoved me backwards. I wasn't expecting Stacia to get physical. I'm much taller and stronger than her. I lost my balance tripped over a chair and sprawled on my ass. That occasioned more laughter from the seniors. Embarrassed and humiliated as only a high school girl can get I jumped up, grabbed an empty cafeteria tray and landed the edge across the bridge of Stacia's nose. I heard a crunch and Stacia went down screaming and spewing blood.

The teachers came running and I found myself in the principal's office. Mom had to come and get me. Due to the zero tolerance rule I was expelled. Expelled as in never going back to Briarwood High again. I would have to complete my senior year at a school across town that focused on problem students.

"I wish I didn't have to do this. You're a good student and Coach Sellers needs you on the team but I don't have any other choice," said Principal Dunbar. "The rules don't allow for any exceptions."

I would get credit for my junior year but that was the only concession he could make. When I got home, the police were waiting. Stacia's father was a lawyer and he had sworn out an assault complaint.

I was taken to the police station where I was booked, fingerprinted, and had my picture taken. I can't say it was the best day of my young life. The police released me to my Mom's custody much to the disgust of Stacia's father who wanted me held until there could be a hearing. He kept telling the desk sergeant that his daughter wouldn't be safe with me on the streets.

A week later I was in juvenile court. I didn't exactly have a defense. Three hundred students and fifteen teachers had seen me flatten Stacia's nose. The fact that Stacia had stolen my diary and shoved me over a chair did seem to matter.

Stacia's dad was there in all his self-righteousness glory. He was turning this into a vendetta. I was on a run of very bad luck. The judge was a friend of his. Mr. Eversole brought Stacia and her X-rays to show the judge the awful thing I'd done. Both her eyes were black and swollen and there was a huge bandage over her nose. I felt pretty rotten when I looked at how the bone was shattered into dozens of fragments. I hadn't meant to do that. Mr. Eversole tearfully told the judge that thousands of dollars of reconstructive surgery would be needed to restore his daughter's beautiful face.

Somehow Stacia's dad had gotten hold of my dairy and he showed it to the judge. He had paper clipped some of my darker passages. You could see the judge frowning as he read them.

Frankly, I thought I was headed to juvenile detention that very afternoon but some of the writing caused the judge to worry about my sanity and he decided to send me to a shrink who would evaluate whether I needed to go to the loony bin or an institution for juvenile offenders or even hopefully be placed on probation.

I was set free for the evaluation period provided I did not cause any further trouble or go within one hundred yards of Stacia's family. Stacia's dad was furious about that too. He wanted me tried as an adult and sent to prison for life. The fact that his bitch daughter started the whole thing meant nothing to him.

The court system scheduled me for eight weeks of two one-hour sessions with Dr, Robert Abernathy sixteen visits in all. Mom was frantic that I was going to jail. She insisted I make every effort to impress the psychiatrist. That included dressing in a skirt and blouse.

"Look like a young lady, answer all his questions, smile, cooperate and be pleasant," was how I summarized Mom's advice.

I did not want to wind up in the juvenile detention center either. I'd heard rumors about those places. Most of the inmates were from south of the border. If you were an Anglo like me, the Latinas would make sure you spent your nights with your head between their legs. If you don't like to eat Latina pussy they beat the crap out of you and stick broom handles in your orifices. At least that's what I heard.

The judge had turned my diary over to the Doctor and he and I discussed it my first session.

"It would appear from your diary that you are sexually active," said Dr. Abernathy.

"No, I'm still a virgin," I said.

"You have a very powerful imagination for one so young," said Dr. Abernathy.

He asked me some questions about one of the passages where I had written about being changed into a mare and then forcibly bred by a number of stallions. I was a little surprised that the doctor seemed so interested in my sex life but my experience with psychiatry was nil so what did I know.

"I'm very impressed with some of the things you wrote here. They show a considerable maturity for someone your age,' said Dr. Abernathy.

Therapy involved little more than talk and the doctor was easy to talk to. He was friendly and concerned and he seemed to understand that I was not the psycho killer described by Mr. Eversole to the judge. I quickly came to trust him.

So I just lay there on Doctor Abernathy's couch with a stupid grin on my face as the good doctor pulled my underwear down and climbed between my legs. He was sweating as he moved to a position suitable for mounting me. He unzipped his fly and pulled his penis out. He already had a hard on. His cock was one of those long skinny ones that curved like a banana.

"Megan, I need to prove to myself that you are a virgin," said the doctor slipping a finger in my vagina. "I can't feel a hymen."

I wanted to say that I had taken it myself when I had borrowed one of Mom's dildos while she was at work; but I just smiled and said I understood. I was only twelve when I first tried masturbation. I was very curious about that collection of marital aids that Mom kept in her nightstand. One night while Dad was on a twenty-four hour shift at the fire station and I had come home unexpectedly early from a friend's, I observed my mother lying in bed with her legs spread wide. She was pushing a vibrating dildo in and out of her vagina. She appeared to be enjoying herself immensely. She was breathing hard, moaning, and saying things like "Fuck me harder, Bill, treat me like a whore." Bill was my dad's name Thank God. I watched as Mom hit the big O. I decided it was something I needed to try myself.

Not that my cherry was all that difficult to break. I'd always been athletic and a tomboy. A slight twinge and the dildo that I had the good sense to lubricate slipped inside my pussy. Technically, I was still a virgin and a member of the abstinence group in good standing. However I got more use of Mom's orgasm hardware than she did. She kept wondering why she always had to replace the batteries.

I never knew what drugs the Doctor gave me. You hear a lot in California schools about Rohypnol, the date rape drug and MDMA or Ecstasy. One's supposed to make you totally unaware you've been screwed and the other that you don't give a shit. I suspect Doctor Abernathy's meds were more powerful stuff. After all according to the plaque on the wall he was an MD from Stanford. I'd characterize the drug's effect as: I knew it, didn't give a damn and was so relaxed I enjoyed it. Later I read there was a family of psychotropic drugs that psychiatrists use on patients that play incredible tricks on your brain.

As soon as my panty was on the floor, the good doctor put his head between my legs and ate my pussy. God that felt good as he noisily slurped away moving his tongue from clit to vagina and ever further down to my asshole. I spread my legs as wide as they would go and moaned as he licked my sex. Other girls had told me how great cunnilingus was and they weren't wrong. His tongue did wonderful things and I put my hands on the back of his head and pushed his face against my sex.

"Good girl, that's a good girl, we're making great progress," said the good doctor as he licked and fingered my pussy.

I was moaning and twisting when I experienced my first orgasm that was not self-induced. As soon as I calmed down, Doctor Abernathy moved up and used his cock to part my labia. I recall calmly realizing that I was about to be deflowered as if it was nothing of significance. He pulled my legs up, positioned his cock in my entrance and pressed forward. My seventeen years of virginity ended quietly. There was a slight moment of discomfort then he slid all the way inside me. Several girlfriends had told me their first times were painful and not very erotic but a board-certified MD didn't feed them a drug cocktail. It felt terrific. I wrapped my legs around the good doctor and we made the beast with two backs.

"Don't worry. I've had a vasectomy," said the Doctor right before he filled my pussy with his semen. At my first appointment I had completed a form that said asked about medicines I was taking. Doctor Abernathy had reviewed the form with me and made a point of asking about birth control.

"You don't take any form of birth control?"

"I'm not sexually active. I'm a member of Not Me Now," I replied.

"Have you ever had sexual intercourse?" asked the Doctor?

"No, I intend to wait until there is someone special in my life," I said repeating abstinence propaganda.

Doctor Abernathy must have decided he was special because he drugged and fucked me.

The Doctor unbuttoned my blouse and pulled my brassiere up so he could play with my tits as we screwed. He pumped me for what seemed like forever before he ejaculated. He kept changing positions, raising and lowering my legs. He made me get on all fours and fingered my asshole while he took me from the rear. He even turned me on my side and we did it that way. I liked the on the side position because he held me in his arms and played with my boobs as he screwed me. It was nice.

I wasn't completely in the dark. I'd watched porn over at Rhonda's when her parents were away. Rhonda's a teammate. Of course in porn, the guy pulls out at the last minute and shoots in the girl's mouth or on her face. I knew that in the real world the guy ejaculated in the woman's vagina. After he climaxed I worked my clit hard and had a deep orgasm that felt ever so good.

After the Doctor got his clothes in order, he helped me pull my panty back up and shoved my boobs back in the bra. I buttoned my blouse as he resumed our conversation.

"Megan, how do you feel about what just happened?" he asked.

"It was nice," I replied. Man was I out of it. My brain was not my own.

"So you are not upset."

"No," I said honestly.

"Excellent, we seem to be making genuine progress in your therapy."

We talked about anger management and aggression until my time was up. Frankly I would have liked for Dr. Abernathy to screw me again.

The drug didn't wear off until I was on the bus riding home. It was then I realized that my shrink had raped me and that was not supposed to happen. I considered calling the cops. My recent experience with them had no been a happy one and I didn't think they would believe me. I wanted to tell Mom but I had already upset her so much what with getting expelled and arrested that I decided that was not a good idea. She'd had more than a few drinks when I was expelled and arrested. I didn't want to get her started touring the singles bar looking for a one-night stand. Even more important, I had enjoyed what the doctor did and wanted it to happen again.

When I got home I went to my room, got naked and stuck my fingers in my vagina. It was still full of the doctor's semen. Man that was hot feeling his cold cum in me. I gave it the taste test and decided that old semen didn't taste badly. I developed a serious yin to taste fresh jism. I opened my night table drawer removed a dildo and masturbated to the fantasy that Doctor Abernathy was screwing me again.

At my next appointment, he offered me the tablets again. I looked him in the eye and said they wouldn't be necessary.

"Excellent, but take one and if things go well, we can forgo them next time," he said.

The sex got more interesting. We did it twice. He made me suck his cock before he told me to get down on all fours so he could eat me from the rear. He stuck a finger in my ass as he ate my pussy and that produced an orgasm that rocked my world. When I got home, I stuck dildos in my ass and pussy and masturbated myself to a truly awesome climax. Mom wasn't home yet so I yelled, "Fuck me doctor, eat my sloppy cunt," and other nasty things until I climaxed.

It was on my fifth appointment that I met the Doctor's wife. I was lying there with the Doctor's head between my legs when I looked up to find a woman standing beside the couch.

"How is she doing, Charles?" asked the woman.

"She's very cooperative, Grace," said the doctor.

"Megan, this is my wife, Dr. Grace Abernathy," said the Doctor. I knew from the names on the clinic's door that his wife worked with him.

"Megan, such a lovely name," said the wife as she sat on the edge of the couch. I recall she shook my hand just like we were meeting on the street. The fact that her husband was making slurping sounds as he ate me didn't faze her.

"Thank you," I replied.

"And such a pretty girl, may I?" said Grace as she started to unbutton my blouse.

"Thank you." I repeated.

"Have you ever been with a woman?" asked Grace who had slipped her hand inside my bra to play with my nipples.

"No," I moaned thinking that what they were doing to me was just terrific. I'd had a few moments in the girl's shower room when I found myself looking at one of my teammates with a certain desire. But I had never acted on it although several of the girls on the basketball team were into each other. They weren't true 24/7 dykes. They were just bi-sexuals.

Grace kissed me as she exposed my breasts.

"You have very pretty breasts," said Grace touching my nipples. "Doesn't she Charles?"

"Megan has a beautiful body," said the Doctor looking up. His face was smeared with my vaginal fluids.

"You all are so sweet," I said and I meant it. I would have done anything to please them. Not wanting to be totally passive I went to work on her blouse buttons and before long Grace and I were kissing and sucking on each other's tits as Doctor Abernathy performed cunnilingus on me. They got me off to one of the best climaxes I had ever experienced.

After that the three of us completely undressed and had sex. Grace taught me how to eat her pussy while her husband fucked me. I found myself caught up in having my face nestled between her beautiful thighs while her husband took a firm hold on my hips and fucked me dog style.

"Take your time and enjoy it," advised Grace as I put my tongue in her vagina and got a mouthful of her glandular secretions. She has the wettest pussy.

My tongue moving over her clitoris as my finger rubbed against her G-spot. All the while, the Doctor's was thrusting into my vagina and his moist gentle finger stimulating my anus. Shit, that was real sex, the kind I had imagined and wrote about in my diary.

I fell in love with the two of them. I didn't know you could fall in love with two people at once but I did. They became my whole world. I lived for what happened during those twice weekly session. They rescheduled me to their last appointment of the day so we could have more time together. When Grace found out I was taking the bus home, she insisted on calling a cab and paying for it. Overpaying in fact, the fare was but she always handed me two bills. When I told her it was too much, she told me not to worry about it and to buy myself something.

The sex became more bizarre and intense. They introduced me to Astro-Glide and anal sex. I adored taking the doctor's cock in my ass while Grace and I did 69.

"Megan, Do you want to be a nasty girl like me?" asked Grace one day as she was undressing me.

"Oh yes," I replied even though I was unsure what a nasty girl did. Grace proceeded to demonstrate. Grace told the doctor to pull his cock out of my ass for a few seconds so she could suck it. Ass-to-mouth or ATM she called it.

"Are you ready for ATM?" asked Grace.

"Yes, I'd love to," I answered. Grace got on top of the doctor and took him up the ass. I licked her clit as she raised and lowered her body giving herself a good butt fuck.

"Here nasty girl, suck this," said Grace reaching down to pull his cock out of her ass so I could suck it. I fell in love with the idea of sucking the Doctor's cock when it was still hot from being inside Grace's rectum.

"Stick your tongue in my asshole," said Grace the next time she pulled his dick out. Her sphincter hadn't closed and I was able to experience having my tongue two inches inside her rectum. Being a nasty girl was raunchy and perverted and I loved it.

She also liked to use her mouth on my asshole after her husband had filled it with cum. She'd suck his cum out of my asshole then she and I would kiss and pass it back and forth between out mouths. I know that's sick but it's also hot as hell.

I became the Abernathy's sex toy. I started spending nights at their house on weekends. This other doctor came over and we engaged in what you would call a mini-orgy. His name was Dr. Harry Shields and he was hung like a horse.

I'm not sure what got into me. Maybe it was all the attention. The Abernathy's were very good to me. Grace took me shopping and bought me clothes and some very sexy underwear.

Doctor Abernathy made a video of Grace, Harry, and me having sex. I was wearing these ridiculously high pumps, hose, garter belt and corset that made my waist tiny but also made it hard to breathe.

I was terrified that at the end of my eight-week session I would never see the Abernathy's again. But they assured me we could continue out relationship if I desired.

"Of course I want to continue. I love you," I said starting to cry with joy as the three of us hugged.

Doctor Abernathy got me off with three months probation when I went back to Family Relations Court. Mr. Eversole just about had a stroke. He practically had to be removed from the courtroom he got so vocal about it.

I didn't have to go to the high school for expelled problem students. The Abernathy's used their influence to get me a full athletic scholarship to an exclusive private academy. I was a first string forward. Since it was much closer to their house than my mother's, they convinced Mom to let me live with them while I completed my senior year.

It was a year of wonderful sex parties that took entire weekends. I copulated with countless men and women.

I'm a junior at Stanford now and I only see Grace and Charles on the occasional free weekend. I'm studying hard to get into medical school. Grace wants me to become a psychiatrist and join their practice. When I do get a weekend free I fly home and see Mom then go to the Abernathy's. Sometimes I bring my girlfriend Simone who is a kindred spirit. The four of us curl up in bed together for hours of sex. Friends of the Abernathy's come over and we engage in S&M. Simone is a pain slut who likes nothing better than to be degraded, humiliated, and whipped into hysterics.

I guess breaking Stacia's nose didn't turn out that badly.

Story 05– Spa Treatment

Please take note! Adults Only Literature

The text in this story contains erotic material and is expressly written for adults only.

If you are an underage minor or offended by such material -or- if viewing this file is illegal in your locality, then leave, close or delete this file-story now.

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental, etc.

Copyright 2004

"Master Card. Visa, or American Express," asked the chicly dressed girl behind the desk at the Karl Lagerfeld Spa. The spa was located on the twenty-second floor of the W.R. Grace building in midtown Manhattan.

Katyln Chital handed her platinum American Express card across the desk to the girl. 0 was a lot for an hour's pleasure but she felt she had earned it. A jury had returned a Not Guilty verdict for her client only hours before. The three-week trial had been tense and there were times she thought she would loose and Sandino Machado would spend the rest of his life in prison for drug trafficking. But the prosecution has come unglued as the trial proceeded, especially after Katyln had demolished their star witness during a brilliant cross-examination.

As Sandino was leaving the courtroom, he hugged Katyln and slipped a three-ounce bag of cocaine in her pocket as a gift. Katyln now had the reputation of the best white powder lawyer on the East Coast. She planned to raise her hourly fee from 0 to 0 based on the notoriety she would garner from wining the Machado case.

"Do you need assistance in operating the Rapture?" asked the girl at the desk.

"I've been here before but I've had a long hard day. Maybe you could help me get started," said Katyln interested in prolonging her contact with the attractive female.

"Some new features have been installed since you were last here. I would be more than happy to demonstrate them, Ms. Chital."

"Katyln, please."

"All right, Katyln," said the girl flashing the smile she had used on the judges when she won the Miss Iowa contest.

The girl at the desk was new or she would have recognized Katyln. Ever since the spa had installed the Rapture System, Katyln had been a regular customer. She always visited after she had won a big case and felt the need to relax and celebrate. Katyln eyed the girl wondering whether to ask her to dinner. The girl was drop dead gorgeous with the body of a fashion model.

She can't be much over eighteen thought Katyln, probably Size 0 or at the most a 2. Katyln pictured herself with her head between the girl's legs licking and sucking her sex as the girl slammed a riding crop down on her back. Katyln liked her sex rough and her gut instinct said that the girl would be more than willing to make it rough.

"You're new," said Katyln.

"This is my third week here," said the girl.

"And you are?"

"Oh, sorry, Simone Sevigny," said the girl extending her hand.

Yeah and I'm Mickey Mouse thought Katyln. But there's nothing wrong with changing your name when you get to New York. I'm no longer Mona Carter.

"Your accent is definitely not New York," said Katyln shaking hands. The girl's hand felt warm and strong. Katyln pictured it holding one of the imported kangaroo hide whips she kept in her co-op.

"Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a farm girl trying to make it in the big city."

"You're very pretty. Do you model?" asked Katyln.

"Thank you. I have but not in New York. Just some small time stuff back home," said Simone. "You're in Room No. 2. Everyone says that's the best machine. I'll help you get situated?"

"Excellent," said Katyln.

Katyln found herself staring at Simone's slender hips as they walked down the hall. She decided that she wanted Simone not now but later. Simone stepped through the doorway marked '2' turning on the light as she entered. An enormous pod-shaped machine dominated the center of the room. Simone walked to the side of the machine touched a button and the hinged top of the machine opened slowly revealing a cushioned but busy interior.

"They installed new hardware and software last week. It was a major upgrade to version 3.0," said Simone. "There are several new customer friendly features. There's a redesigned piece of hardware for your love button. And they've added an optional penis if you like to give head."

"Have you tried it?" asked Katyln kicking off her shoes and unbuttoning her blouse. She undressed rapidly eager for Simone to see her naked. It's the exhibitionist in me Katyln reminded herself.

"Yes, that's one of the perks of this job. The new clit stimulator is incredible by the way, a major improvement over the old one."

"I never had any trouble getting off with the old one," said Katyln unhooking her bra allowing her small firm breasts their freedom. Quickly she unsnapped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Katyln was down to her La Perla raw silk panty. She stretched wanting the girl to notice she still had a great body.

"The new one keeps you going higher and longer. I orgasmed so long I thought my brain was melting," said Simone grabbing hangers off a nearby rack for Katyln's jacket and blouse. Katyln noticed that Simone was glancing at the designer labels. Nothing talks like money and clothes in this town thought Katyln.

"This is a beautiful suit," said Simone.

"Thank you. I'm an attorney so I have to look my best. I won a big case today so I am treating myself."

"You must be very successful."

"I've been lucky. Would you like some blow?" asked Katyln taking the small packet of white powder out of her purse and dumping a small pile onto the glass top table of the dresser.

"I'd love some," said Simone taking Katyln's skirt from her and hanging it up.

Giving away dope is the best way in New York to make friends thought Katyln as she arranged the cocaine in four equal rows. It works even for young farm girls from Cedar Rapids.

"Here, you go first," said Katyln handing Simone a short glass straw. Katyln slid her panty down. She glanced at herself in the floor to ceiling mirror. I still look damn good for thirty-two she decided as she rubbed her hand over her sex. Thanks to Doctor Beamer and his magic fat sucking machine, my hips are only a fraction bigger than when I graduated Yale Law.

"Oh fuck, that's good shit," exclaimed Simone after she had snorted a line. Simone threw back her head and sniffed rubbing her nose.

"Straight Columbian, almost pure," said Katyln.

Katyln watched as Simone inhaled the other line of cocaine.

"That really packs a wallop," said Simone dipping her finger in the residue of the powder then rubbing the finger across her gums.

"Quality blow and an hour in Rapture, is that heaven or what?" said Katyln inserting the glass tube in one nostril and inhaling a line. She quickly switched nostrils and inhaled the other.

"Here, let me help you in," said Simone standing by the machine slipping on a pair of latex gloves.

"Perhaps I could buy you dinner after we're done," said Katyln as she put one foot on the steps to climb in the Rapture.

"I don't get off until 9:00," said Simone.

"That's cool. Meet me at Orsino's at 9:30."

"That's very kind of you, Katyln. I've always wanted to go there but not on my salary."

"Dinner is my treat," said Katyln stepping up and into the machine then lying down on her back.

"Do you do anal?" asked Simone.

"Of course, doesn't everyone?" said Katyln.

"Occasionally we find a customer whose backdoor is off limits. Raise your legs, please."

Katyln shivered as she felt Simone's latex clad finger lubricating her anus.

"Take a deep breath," said Simone.

Katyln exhaled as something slipped past her sphincter then slowly expanded and stretched her anal ring.

"That's always a rush. I take the maximum," said Katyln.

"The new software has increased the air pressure and depth, sure you want to go for ten," asked Simone adjusting the settings.

"It's no good unless it pushes my edge."

"Ten it is," said Simone. "Ten for the vagina too?"

"Yes, maximum's all round," said Katyln breathing out slowly as she felt Simone maneuver something very large into her vagina. "It feels different."

"It's a new design. It fills up every crook and cranny in your vagina. Ten even for the breast stimulator? That may chafe your nipples."

"If they're sore tomorrow, it'll remind me of what a good time I had," said Katyln.

"And now for the little man in the boat,' said Simone noting that Katyln had the large swollen clit of a girl who masturbates often.

Katyln squirmed a little as Simone guided a latex coated device over her clitoris.

"The new clit stimulator sucks the button out into a sensitizer. Breathe deep and be absolutely still, please," said Simone.

"Wow, that is a rush," said Katyln as she felt suction applied to her clitoris causing it to slide into a soft latex sleeve. It felt very snug and warm at the base of the clit.

"According to the designer who came to install the upgrade, it takes advantage of some serious research performed at the Kinsey Institute. All I can say is that it's fantastic," said Simone making some last minute adjustments. "I wish my roommate was half that good."

"I'm already on the verge of cumming and I haven't even started," said Katyln.

"One of the biggest changes for the user is they've added a robotic penis for your mouth so the Rapture now has triple penetration," said Simone pushing a button causing a life like mechanical penis to slowly lower itself from the lid. If you want to suck cock, I'll show you the controls."

"I'll try it. Is it popular?"

"Yes with the heteros some of our lesbian customers have requested an option to replace it with an artificial vagina so they can munch rug. The robot penis is nice and gentle. The lab synthesized the smell of a real cock. A tiny tube releases a synthetic male pheromone into your nostrils. Some customers seem to have no reaction to the pheromone others go right up the wall."

"How did it affect you?"

"I practically lost my mind. My Bartholin glands went crazy and made a puddle in the Rapture. Seriously, it was like I was back in high school in my boyfriend's pickup sucking him off at the drive in movie."

"I'll try it," said Katyln.

"The penis controls are here," said Simone placing Katyln's hand on small bank of buttons located directly under her resting right hand.

"Let's run through them," said Katyln.

"Press the button under your right index finger."

Katyln pushed the button and the robotic penis descended to where Katyln could take it in her mouth. It was gently rocking back and forth.

"That's wild huh, now use your thumb to slowly turn the wheel switch and the pace and depth will increase."

Katyln moved the thumb wheel. Immediately the pace of the thrusting penis increased as the penis lowered itself further into her mouth.

"How far down will it go if I want to deep throat?" asked Katyln raising the robotic cock to ask a question.

"Turn the thumbwheel all the way and it will slip right into your esophagus. You're very talented. I wish I could do that," said Simone.

"I was in a Master/Slave relationship when I first came to New York after I finished law school. Don, he was my master, taught me. He caned me every day until I learned to swallow his cock."

"Are you still submissive now that you are a successful attorney?" asked Simone.

"Yes, more than ever. May I ask where you are on the S&M continuum?"

"After a lot of back and forth and experimentation, I have definitely emerged a dominant. I've been training with a local master at his loft in SoHo. "

"Well, we will some things to discuss at dinner,' said Katyln.

"I'm looking forward to it. Now if you want a release of synthetic semen press the button under your ring finger. It'll keep shooting as long as you press. It spurts cum in a pattern that realistically simulates male ejaculation."

Katyln pressed the button lightly and immediately felt her mouth flooded with a warm salty liquid.

"Ninety eight point six Fahrenheit and tastes like the real thing but it's synthetic and sterile, created in one of the company's research labs," said Simone.

Katyln nodded her head slightly in agreement as she swallowed.

"If you're into water sports, the button under your third finger fills your mouth with synthetic urine. I can disable it if you like so you can't push it accidentally."

Katyln shook her head No then pressed the button. Her mouth filled with warm piss that she swallowed.

"Also body temperature, sterile, and synthetic but I think its taste is stronger than the real thing. I dated this guy who was into water sports and his pee didn't taste that strong. I suppose it's a matter of taste. The button under your little finger is cool Evian water if you want to wash your mouth our or just need a drink."

Katyln decided to leave the taste of semen and piss in her mouth for now. She used her index finger to raise the robotic penis from her mouth.

"I'll try the water in a while," said Katyln.

"Everything else works like it always has. The fantasy video selection controls are under your left hand. There are some new selections. It works with a track ball mouse. The pleasure stimulators for your anus, vagina, clitoris, and breasts are under the programmatic control of the video you select. For example if you select an anal rape video the anal stimulator will be activated to butt fuck your brains out. You can use the mouse to go to manual and override the program. The pop down Tools Menu at the top of the screen allows that. I suppose you already know all this since you've been here before," said Simone.

"Yes, but review is still good. I see you still have my favorite," said Katyln looking at the screen built into the lid of the Rapture. She'd clicked File then Open and was looking through the selection of Rapture sex simulator files.

"Which one is that?"

"Number 6, Stepfather Rape."

"I've done that. It's hot. My favorite is Number 12, Cheerleader Gangbang."

"Were you a cheerleader?" asked Katyln.

"Yes, and just like the girl in the video I was lured into the boy's locker room and raped by the players, coaches, and the little weaselly equipment manager. Beer and weed were my downfall that night. Some bastard took pictures of me being triple penetrated and posted them on the school's WEB site. My parents grounded me for a month."

"My foster father came home drunk one night and raped me when I was thirteen," said Katyln.

"And you fantasize about it?"

"Yes, although at the time it was terrifying plus he beat the shit out of me and his wife," said Katyln.

"Most women who come here relive some dark episode in their life. It usually involves rape or a gang bang. I suppose that's normal. If you don't have any further questions I'll close the Rapture and leave you."

"Thanks Simone. You've been great," said Katyln relaxing into the well-cushioned interior.

Katyln took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a second. She brought her breathing under control with long inhale and exhales. Her body felt energized from the coke. She waited a few seconds until her feelings of claustrophobia evaporated.

Lets see what this does for me thought Katyln working her left hand to lower the robotic penis. She licked the tip as she inhaled the pheromone. I bet I am susceptible. I'm sensitive to smells and odors. Katyln felt her pleasure center stirring and decided that the pheromone was working.

Katyln clicked the Start button for the stimulator control program and watched the high definition monitor display a young very pretty girl sleeping quietly in her bed. The décor identified the residence as American, probably a porn house in the San Fernando Valley. It was very much a girl's bedroom in terms of color and contents. There were posters of boy bands on the walls and a collection of stuffed animals occupied a nearby bookcase.

The girl had kicked the cover off. She was wearing panties and a short nightshirt. A stuffed giraffe was in her arms. The camera panned around as the bedroom door slowly opened.

There in the light from the hallway was a man slouching against the doorjamb. He was wearing jeans and a shirt that was unbuttoned revealing a long lean torso with a six-pack of abs. He had a bottle of whiskey in one hand. He stared lewdly in at the girl.

"Damn she looks good enough to eat," whispered the man to himself.

Katyln felt the clit stimulator draw her clitoris inward as it started to pulse again her flesh.

"Oh fuck yes," whispered Katyln to herself as she watched the man on the screen unzip his trousers and pull his cock out and begin stroking it. "That's right, Scott, take that big cock of yours out and let me see it."

Outside at the reception desk, Simone reached beneath the desk to connect her headset to the audio jack for Room 2. She twisted the dial to adjust the volume. Simone took a look around then slowly pulled her short skirt up. Her legs were under the desk where no one could see her. Simone pushed the already wet crotch of her panty aside and touched her sex. She sighed as she flicked her clitoris with the edge of her nail.

I'm really wet thought Simone feeling the slippery fluid covering her vagina. The bitch couldn't wait to get naked and show me her cunt. I played that pretty smart. Natalie said that Katyln Chital would be interested in me. She's already invited me to dinner. If things go as I planned, we'll wind up at her place where I'll make her my bitch. Natalie said she likes to munch rug as you wear out her backside with a crop. Well, Ms. Chital, little old Simone Saunders from Cedar Rapids is going to be your new mistress.

Katyln clicked the Tools Menu selected 'Breasts'. A dual visual control object each side representing a separate breast appeared on the screen. Katyln used the mouse to move the slide control to 2. Immediately the devices covering her breasts began to pulsate and suck her nipples outward as it compressed them. Katyln slowly increased the slide control to 6 causing her to exhale as her nipples were drawn outward by the vacuum then squeezed by the contraction of the rubber rings at the base of the nipple. The average customer considered anything over 5 painful. The Rapture alternated between Katyln's nipples causing her to start crying. God how I love pain thought Katyln recalling the way her foster father used to chew her nipples while he fucked her.

"Oh, Scott, your little foster daughter wants you to hurt her little titties. I know that when you walked in on me while I was bathing it was not an accident like you claimed. You wanted to see my boobs. It's okay, Scott. I want you to hurt them," whispered Katyln to the screen.

On screen the man was now standing beside the young girl's bed. He was slowly stoking his cock with one hand while he took an occasional swig from the bottle of cheap bourbon. He set the bottle on the girl's nightstand then reached over and put his hand on the girls' bare stomach. The girl stirred in her sleep but did not wake.

"Let's see if she's grown a bush," said the man quietly hooking his fingers in the waist of the girl's panty and carefully pulling downward. The panty came down several inches revealing a narrow strip of tawny pubic hair.

"Little slut shaves her cunt, just like her mommy," whispered the man to the camera.

"That's right, Scott, look at my pussy. I'm yours if you want me. Marilyn, your wife won't ever know. You can fuck me all you want," spoke Katyln to the screen. "You can even slap me around like you do her."

Katyln certainly learned early that she was a pain slut realized Simone listening to Katyln's diatribe through her headset. What kind of a teenager likes to be slapped?

On screen the man worked the girl's panty lower revealing the top of her slit.

"I got to see the rest. I don't give a shit if she wakes up. That little bitch needs a good fucking always walking around the house in her panties and a tee shirt. She's asking for it," said the man.

This time he managed to pull the girl's panty down to her thighs. There was a narrow three-inch vertical line of closely cropped blonde hair that ended a quarter inch above the girl's slit.

"Man that is really beautiful," said the man. "That's about the sweetest little cunt I ever did see."

"That's right, Scott, look at me, want me, take me," said Katyln. "I'm better than Marilyn. I can make you feel better than she can."

Shit she must have teased her foster father into raping her decided Simone. Natalie said Katyln worked part time as an escort when she was at Yale. She was into S&M and water sports for rich clients with nasty ways and full bladders. The lady who ran the escort service said she was the best piss drinker in greater Hartford. At least that was what Natalie said. That reminds me I better get hydrated during dinner. I'll want Katyln to drink from the source of my never-ending stream of girl pee. Simone reached down to pick up a water bottle and took a long drink.

Katyln watched as the man looked down at the girl's sex. He had returned to stroking his cock. He had gotten hard and it was porn star huge.

"Yeah that's right Scott. Get that pecker hard then let it do your thinking," whispered Katyln.

"Shit, little slut always running around the house in her panties. She's been asking for it," repeated the man reaching down to run his finger in the crevice between the girl's labia. He put the finger to his nose. "Her cunt smells like her mom's. She's in heat just like the neighbor's bitch. She'll be giving that little prick she calls her boyfriend a piece of tail if she hadn't already. I'm the one who pays for this house and her clothes. I deserve it more than that little shit does."

The girl on the bed moaned slightly. Her hand moved to her pussy rubbing her clit.

"Well would you look at that? She wants it,' said the man

"That the way, honey. Just like I did when Scott came into my bedroom that night. Play with your pussy and get Scott so hard he's got to rape you," whispered Katyln to the screen.

The man looked slowly around the room then spoke.

"Wife won't be home for a while. I'll just get me a piece of that. I'll warn her that if she tells her mom I'll deny it. She'll believe me. Mom will call her a lying slut and slap her face like she did when she told her that I was feeling her cunt up at the lake."

The man on screen slowly removed his jeans and briefs then tossed them on a nearby chair. He carefully climbed up on the bed then reached up and pulled the girl's panty down. He held the panty to his nose again before tossing it to the floor. He put one hand on the girl's ankles and moved them apart.

"Now that is a pretty sight," said the man as the camera went in for a close up of the girl's sex.

"That's right, Scott, you've been wanting to screw me ever since the Child Welfare people sent me here," whispered Katyln. "Do it Scott, do it now."

As the man leaned forward onto the girl's body, her eyes popped open.

"What are you doing?" screamed the girl.

"What the fuck does it look like I'm doing?" said the man reaching down to take his cock in one hand. He parted the girl's labia and pushed downward toward her narrow opening.

"No, don't," screamed the girl raising her fists to strike the man. But the much larger and stronger man caught the girl's wrists and held them in one hand.

"Shut the fuck up," yelled the man raising his hand to strike the girl.

"No, it's not right. I'll tell Mommie," screamed the girl.

"You do and I'll beat the crap out of both of you," roared the man. He slapped the girl hard. A trickle of blood appeared in one nostril. The blow appeared to have stunned the girl. The man used that as an opportunity to force his cock into the entrance of her vagina.

"Stop, you're hurting me," screamed the girl reacting to the sharp pain between her legs. The screen filled with the image of the large cock slowly sliding into the girl's vagina. Her legs were kicking wildly. There was a momentary halt in the man's attack.

"Do it Scott, make me your whore," whispered Katyln to the screen.

"Now that's a surprise. Still got a cap on it, ain't that sweet, saving your cherry for your step dad," said the man halting for a moment. The girl continued to squirm and struggle but the man was far too strong for her.

"Please stop," whined the girl.

"Stop, hell, we're just getting started," said the man relaxing for a moment. "Take my time and enjoy myself. Guys these days hardly ever get to bust a cherry. You cunts take your own jerking off," said the man poised above the girl.

"Please take it out. It hurts," pleaded the girl.

"This is what hurts, honey," said the man thrusting downward hard.

The screen showed the cock sliding in as far as possible as the girl's hips bucked and twisted in pain. A loud plaintive wail of pain filled the room. The girl's hymen had resisted for a few seconds then gave away tearing in several directions. Her entire body contorted as she unsuccessfully struggled to throw the man off her.