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Saw III is a 2006 American horror film directed by Darren Lynn Bousman from a screenplay by Leigh Whannell and story by James Wan and Leigh Whannell. It is the third installment in the Saw franchise and stars Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Angus Macfadyen, Bahar Soomekh, and Dina Meyer.

The story follows Jeff, a man who, after his son is killed by a drunk driver, is put through a series of tests by Jigsaw in order to try to get him to let go of his vengeance for the man that killed his son. Meanwhile, a bed-ridden John Kramer has his apprentice Amanda Young kidnap Jeff's wife, Lynn, who is tasked with keeping John alive for one final test before he dies.

Development began right after the successful opening weekend of Saw II. Filming took place in Toronto from May to June 2006. Whannell aimed to make the story more emotional than previous installments, particularly with the Amanda and Jigsaw storyline. The film is dedicated to producer Gregg Hoffman who died on December 4, 2005.

Saw III was released on October 27, 2006, and was a financial success, opening to .6 million and grossing .2 million in the United States and Canada. It is the highest-grossing film of the series in the international market with .6 million and the highest-grossing film in the series with 4.8 million worldwide. It received mixed to negative reviews from critics. Bell was nominated for "Best Villain" at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards and the film received nominations for a Saturn Award as "Best Horror Film". The film was released to DVD and Blu-ray on January 23, 2007, and topped the charts selling 2.5 million units in its first week.


After being left in the bathroom to die, Detective Eric Matthews breaks his foot with a toilet lid to escape his shackle. Six months later, the aftermath of a Jigsaw "game" is discovered by a SWAT team. The victim, Troy, was meant to rip chains from his body in order to escape from a bomb. Detective Allison Kerry arrives at the scene, and points out that the room's exit was welded shut, breaking Jigsaw's modus operandi of giving his victims a chance to survive. While reviewing the videotape, she is abducted and awakens in a harness hooked into her ribs. Even though she retrieves the key from a beaker of acid and unlocks the harness, she is unable to remove it and is killed when time runs out.

Dr. Lynn Denlon is abducted from the hospital where she works, and brought to the bedridden John Kramer. His apprentice, Amanda Young, locks a shotgun collar around Lynn's neck that is connected to John's heart rate monitor, and will detonate if John dies or Lynn moves out of range. She is instructed by Amanda to keep him alive until another victim has completed his game. The other victim, Jeff, wakes up in a box and learns that he must undergo tests, which will lead him to the man who killed his son Dylan in a drunk driving accident. Jeff became unstable and vengeful as a result and now neglects his daughter, Corbett.

Jeff's first test leads him into a meat freezer. He finds Danica Scott, the only witness to the accident, who refused to testify in court; she is stripped naked and chained at the wrists between two poles, which begin spraying her with ice-cold water. Jeff attempts to reach the key, which is behind frozen bars after Danica persuades Jeff to help her, but she freezes to death before he can retrieve it.

In his next test, Judge Halden, who gave Dylan's killer six months in jail, is chained at the neck to the bottom of a pit. Rotted pig corpses are dropped into a rack of circular saws, slowly filling the vat, but Halden persuades Jeff to help him. Jeff sets fire to a cage full of Dylan's toys in order to retrieve the key, and save Halden before he drowns.

His third test involves Timothy Young, Dylan's killer, who is strapped to a machine called the rack that will twist his limbs and neck until they break. The key is tied to the trigger of an enclosed shotgun. Jeff accidentally kills Halden when he takes the key, and is unable to stop the machine before Young's neck breaks.

Meanwhile, Lynn is forced to perform an improvised surgery to relieve pressure on John's brain with a conventional drill, not a cranial drill that is normally used for delicate surgical procedures. Over the course of time, Amanda grows increasingly jealous of Lynn's interaction with John, who continues to reprimand her for being rude. It is only when John suffers a seizure that Amanda is willing to cooperate with Lynn. During the surgery, John hallucinates about another woman and declares his love out loud. This upsets Amanda and when she leaves, she finds a letter which drives her to hysterics. Amanda returns with the news that Jeff has completed his tests, but refuses to remove Lynn's collar. She reveals that she no longer believes in John's philosophy, and has been creating inescapable traps. She also reveals that she fought with Detective Matthews after he escaped the bathroom, and left him for dead.

Refusing to listen to John's warnings, Amanda shoots Lynn just as Jeff arrives. The latter, who is revealed to be Lynn's husband, retaliates by shooting Amanda with a gun provided by John after his tests. As Amanda dies, John reveals that Lynn's test was actually hers: aware of her modus operandi, and unwilling to allow a murderer to continue his legacy John decided to test her. John then addresses Jeff, offering to call an ambulance for Lynn if he accepts one last test: he can choose to kill John or forgive him. Jeff tells John he forgives him, but slashes his throat with a power saw. The door to the room seals as John plays a final tape, which tells Jeff that he has failed his final test by killing John, the only person who knows the whereabouts of his daughter. The tape ends as John dies, and Lynn's collar detonates as it kills her.

Further information on the cast and characters: List of Saw cast members and List of Saw characters


Development and writing[edit]

Darren Lynn Bousman, director and co-writer of Saw II, James Wan, director of Saw, and Leigh Whannell, screenwriter on both, turned down the offer to make a third film in the franchise. Saw II producer Gregg Hoffman died a few weeks after its release. Bousman, Wan and Whannell got together to have lunch the day they heard of Hoffman's passing and decided to make Saw III in dedication to Hoffman.[7] Whannell aimed to make Saw III more emotional, describing the plot as essentially a father-daughter "love story" between Jigsaw and Amanda.[8]

Wan (left) and Whannell (right) returned to write Saw III and also served as executive producers.

Bousman said they did not intend to have a twist ending, as distinctly as the previous films, noting that "I think most people will figure it out in the first 15 minutes of the film". Whannell added, "What Darren and I struck for Saw III was to have an emotionally impactful ending." As with the previous two films, the ending was only given to the actors who appeared in the final scene at the time it was filmed. At one point the script was stolen from Bousman's chair; however, it was returned before it was leaked online.[9]


Soomekh became close with Lionsgate after appearing in their film Crash (2004) and they wanted her in their next big film. Not a fan of horror films she found the role challenging. "I had nightmares the first month I was on set.", she said.[10]


Saw III was given a larger budget of million,[11] compared to Saw II's million.[12]Principal photography took place for 27 days[7] at Toronto's Cinespace Film Studios[13] from May 8, 2006, to late June.[14] Production borrowed the bathroom set used in Scary Movie 4, which parodied the franchise.[8] Almost all the transitions from one place to another were not made using digital effects; the transitions were shot on the spot. For example, when the camera moves from Troy's crime scene to Kerry being in the bathtub, Meyer had to run, take off all her clothes, and jump into the tub.[8] Visually the film is akin to the previous two with using quick cuts and fast-paced rhythms. Bousman said, "We're using a lot of whip pans and flash frames to create a dynamic feel". Post-production services were provided by Deluxe.[15]

Trap designs[edit]

Bousman described the hardest scene to film was the "Pig Scene", explaining that they had to rush and it involved filming "so many moving parts".[16] The pig carcasses were made out of foam, rubber and latex.[9] The pig props had live disinfected maggots attached with honey.[17]

For "The Rack Trap", Whannell originally conceived it as a trap that would fold a person into a box, though it eventually morphed into the twisting of body parts.[18] Bousman wanted to have a trap that involved freezing someone to death since the films had already touched on burning to death, bleeding to death and being cut to death. A body cast was made of Debra Lynn McCabe for "The Freezer Room" trap, but because of safety regulations a person cannot be entombed, so only a front or back body cast could be on the actress at any given time.[19] For bathroom trap the "Classroom Trap", J. Larose's character was originally going to be hanged from the ceiling by meat hooks, but it was decided against since he would not have been able to rip the chains out himself (as the script called for). It proved to be a challenge since it was done with prosthetics and practical effects.[15][20]


Saw III was released domestically and in the United Kingdom on October 27, 2006.[21][22] It was released in Australia on November 2, 2006, and on January 4, 2007, in New Zealand.[23] According to executive producer Daniel Heffner, the film was toned down seven times to obtain the "R" rating. According to Bousman, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings board was less concerned with the film's graphic violence than it was with emotional torture, citing television shows like CSI for expanding the scope of what is acceptable.[24] In Japan, Saw III received a R18+ rating while the previous two films received an R15+ rating.[25] At screenings in the United Kingdom, five people were reported to have fainted at separate cinemas with three at one cinema, resulting in ambulances being called.[26]


The opening scene of Troy's trap was shown at San Diego Comic-Con International on July 21, 2006.[27] The same clip was planned to be shown before the opening of Crank in theaters on September 1, 2006. However, the MPAA would not allow it.[28] On October 10, 2006, Bell, Smith and Bousman appeared at Spike TV's Scream Awards to promote the film and the clip of Troy's trap was shown.[29]

Lionsgate's president of theatrical marketing Tim Palen thought of the idea to make 1,000 posters with a small amount of Bell's blood, which was mixed with the printing ink. He said, "I asked if it would be possible to use actual blood. There was silence. He said, 'We could try, but are you serious?' I said I was dead serious." The posters were sold for , with the first being auctioned off; all the proceeds from the auctioned poster were donated to the Red Cross.[30] Lionsgate also held the third annual "Give Til It Hurts" blood drive for the Red Cross and collected 23,493 pints of blood.[31]


Main article: Saw III (soundtrack)

The soundtrack was released on October 24, 2006. James Christopher Monger of AllMusic gave the soundtrack three out of five stars.[32] Ed Thompson of IGN Music gave it a 7.2 out of 10.[33]

Track listing

Home media[edit]

Saw III was released to DVD and Blu-ray through Lionsgate Home Entertainment on January 23, 2007. It topped the home video charts in the United States and Canada with 1.6 million units sold its first day and finished the week with 2.5 million units sold.[34] The "Unrated DVD" was also released that day and features a 113-minute cut of the film that includes more gore.[34] A 120-minute-long Director's cut was released on October 23, 2007, to coincide with the theatrical release of Saw IV on October 26. It also included an alternate ending.[35] The director's cut was released on Blu-ray in Region B on October 7, 2008, in France only.[36]

Deleted scenes[edit]

The original cut of the film ran for slightly over two hours, and several scenes were cut out, including a scene which depicted an extended scene of Kerry and Rigg examining Troy's trap, where Kerry reveals to Rigg she has had nightmares about Eric, and she blames herself for what happened to him.[37] Adam had more scenes in the original cut.[38] A scene that showed Jigsaw regretting his actions was also cut. Bell said, "I'm glad they cut that scene. This guy knows exactly what he's doing. Does he start off with a model, then refine it? Yeah, he probably does. But there are certain things that are interesting and advance the story, and there are other things that are basically sort of backstory, and you don't really need to know".[39]


Box office[edit]

Saw III opened at number one on 4,700 screens at 3,167 theaters grossing .6 million from its opening weekend, a two percent increase from Saw II's .7 million. It held the biggest Halloween weekend debut for five years until it was beaten in 2011 by Puss in Boots ( million).[40] It was also Lionsgate's highest-opening weekend. Lionsgate's exit polling indicated that 69 percent of the audience was under 25 years old and 51 percent was male.[41] In its second weekend it placed number four, dropping down 56% to .8 million, compared to Saw II's second weekend drop of 47% to .9 million.[42] The film was closed out of theaters on December 14, 2006, after 49 days of release.[6]

Saw III opened at number five in the international market with an estimated million. It opened at number one in the United Kingdom to .7 million. In Taiwan it placed third and opened to 0,000.[43] For its second weekend it opened to number two with an estimated .7 million. In Spain it made .1 million, an improvement over the previous films.[44] For its third weekend, Saw III grossed million, including Japan's opening on 86 screens with .1 million. Australia made .3 million, Spain grossed .8 million and Brazil made .8 million.[45] In its fourth weekend it placed fourth place with an estimated .6 million from 24 territories. Its best market was a second-place start in France.[46]

The film took .2 million in the United States and Canada and .6 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of 4.8 million.[6]Saw III has the highest-grossing weekend in the series, holds the records of highest-grossing in the international market and is the second highest-grossing film in the series worldwide.[47] It is also Lionsgate's fifth highest-grossing film in the United States and Canada.[48]

Release date
(United States) Budget
(estimated)[6]Box office revenue[6]United States/CanadaOther marketsWorldwide
October 27, 2006 ,000,000 ,238,724 ,635,551 4,874,275

Critical response[edit]

The film was not screened in advance for critics.[49] Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 28% based on reviews from 90 critics, and a rating average of 4.2 out of 10. The Rotten Tomatoes consensus states: "Saw III does little beyond repeating its predecessor's tropes on a gorier level."[50] At Metacritic, which assigns a weighted average score out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the film received an average score of 48 based on 16 reviews, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[51]CinemaScore polls reported that the average grade moviegoers gave the film was a "B" on an A+ to F scale.[52]

Variety's Robert Koehler gave the film a mixed review. He criticized the use of several flashbacks in the film, saying that it "[...] hinder[ed] the movie, ratcheting down its tension and pace". He explained, "A bigger problem lies with Leigh Whannell's script, which utilizes so many flashbacks and explanatory inserts that the tension, a defining feature of the first Saw, is lost". He did, however praise the acting.[53] Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel gave it two out of five stars, criticizing the plot and acting.[54]

The San Francisco Chronicle's Peter Hartlaub gave the film a negative review, criticizing the plot.[55] Michael Ordoña of the Los Angeles Times said that "More gore is really all Saw III has to offer",[56]Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a "C".[57] Randy Cordova of The Arizona Republic gave it a negative review saying, "Saw III is devoid of any suspense or terror".[49]Empire's Kim Newman gave the film two out of five stars. He said the acting was "surprisingly good" but criticized the script and torture devices.[58]


Saw III was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Horror Film, but lost to The Descent.[59][60] It was also nominated as the "Choice Movie: Horror/Thriller" at the Teen Choice Awards, but lost to Disturbia.[61] Bell was nominated for a MTV Movie Award for Best Villain,[62] but lost to Jack Nicholson for his role in The Departed.[63]


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CC. David Arbuthnott, 11th Viscount of Arbuthnott. Born 29 January 1845. Died unmarried Montrose 24 May 1914; buried at Arbuthnott 28 May 1914. An imbecile from boyhood.
DD. The Hon Hugh Arbuthnott. Born 10 September 1847. Died unmarried Arbuthnott House 17 July 1906. Lt, 81st Foot Regiment. An invalid.
EE. William Arbuthnott, 12th Viscount of Arbuthnott. Born Kincardineshire 24 October 1849. Died unmarried at Arbuthnott House 8 November 1917; buried at Arbuthnott 12 November 1917.
FF. The Hon Margaret Arbuthnott. Born Kincardineshire 1853/4. Died 21 January 1925.
b. The Hon Jean (Jane per Mormons) Ogilvy Arbuthnott. Born Arbuthnott 9 August (8 July per Mormons) 1807. Dsp 22 October 1900. Married, 29 June 1830, Cmdr James Cheape, RN (dsp December 1841), son of Alexander Cheape of Strathtyrum.
c. The Hon Walter Arbuthnott of Hatton. Born England or Arbuthnott 21 November 1808. Died 5 January 1891. Captain, 52nd Light Infantry. Deputy Lieutenant for Kincardineshire. Married in Tallaght, Dublin, 16 May 1835, Anna ("Annie) Maria Ottley (born Ireland 1809; died 17 March 1891), youngest daughter of (George) Brook Taylor Ottley of Delaford, co Dublin. The Ottley family papers are now at the National Library in Wales.
AA. (John) Robert ("Bobby") Arbuthnott. Born 28 August 1838. Died unmarried at St Ann's, Blarney 24 March 1872. Indian Civil Service. JRA
BB. Margaret Isabella Maria Arbuthnott. Died unmarried Willowbrook Co Kildare 4 January 1845.
CC. Blanche Arbuthnott. Died July 1851.
DD. Theresa Alice Jean (Jane?) Arbuthnott. Born Scotland c.1840. Died October 1851.
EE. (Walter) Charles Warner Arbuthnott, 13th Viscount of Arbuthnott. Born Ireland 22 October 1847. Died 9 August 1920. Entered the RA 13 January 1869; served in Afghan War 1880 (med); Adjutant Forfar & Kincardine Artillery Militia 1881; retired as Lt-Colonel, 13 May 1892. Married at Pennycross, Devonshire, 15 January 1878, Emma Marion Hall Parlby (born Manadon; baptized Pennycross 29 March 1854; died 27 January 1930), daughter of Rev John Hall Parlby, JP of Manadon (Lord of the Manor), near Plymouth, Devonshire by his second wife, Emma Admoniton Radcliffe, third daughter of Rev Walter Radcliffe of Warleigh, Devonshire.
(A) The Hon Walter St John Mayne Arbuthnott. Born Kurrachee 30 September 1880. Died Bombay November 1880.
(B) The Hon (Georgiana) Muriel ("Moolie") Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 31 January 1881. Died 22 December 1973. Médaille de la Reconnaissance Française.  Married, 17 October 1923, David ("Dour Davie") Crawford Fullerton Lindsay Carnegie of Kinblethmont (died 19 February 1935).
(C) John ("Jack") Ogilvy Arbuthnott, 14th Viscount of Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 15 September 1882. Dsp 17 October 1960. Lt. Lord Lieutenant of Kincardineshire 1926-60. Convenor of Kincardineshire County Council 1933. Representative Peer for Scotland 1945-55. Enlisted Calgary Light Horse Canadian Army Feb 1917; Lt., late Welsh Guards.  Married, 6 June 1914, Dorothy Oxley, OBE (Civil 1951) (born 26 March 1890; died 27 July 1990), youngest daughter of Admiral Charles Lister Oxley of The Hall, Ripon, Yorkshire.
(D) The Hon Violet Anna Arbuthnott. Born 8 September 1883. Died Montrose 1 January 1884.
(E) The Hon (Hugh) Robin Claud Arbuthnott. Born 14 (not 12) September 1884. Died 15 January 1930. Captain, 5th Batt'n, Black Watch. Married, 4 September 1915, his nurse, Katherine ("Kitty") Alice Lucas (died 20 September 1962), daughter of William Tindall Lucas, JP of The Hall, Welwyn, Hertfordshire.
(F) The Hon Norah ("Nancy") Gertrude Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 30 September 1885. Died. Lived at Anniston House, Angus and at Cairnhill, Forfar, Co. Angus.
FF. Kathleen Georgiana Arbuthnott. Born August 1849. Married in Edinburgh, 7 August 1877, Lt-Colonel Arthur John Rait, CB, RHA, of Anniston, Arbroath (died 13 June 1902).
d. The Hon Margaret Arbuthnott. Born Arbuthnott 6 January (6 February per Mormons) 1810. Dsp 4 March 1845. Married at Balmedie, 5 August 1837, William James Lumsden of Balmedie (died 14 October 1875) as his second wife.
e. The Hon Isabella Mary Arbuthnott. Born Arbuthnott 5 July (5 June per Mormons) 1811. Died unmarried 13 July 1828.
f. The Hon Hugh Arbuthnott. Born Arbuthnott 13 (14 per Mormons) August 1812. Died Milton House, Buxton, Derbyshire 5 February 1866. Lt-Colonel, 3rd Madras Light Cavalry. He had three children by Asian women, not necessarily the same woman:
AA. Jane Arbuthnott. Born 1848.  Married at the Scotch Church in Bangalore, 17 September 1862, John William Matthew Aitkins (born Bellary 14 February 1834), son of John Aitken and Rebecca, née Fox.
(A) John Aitken. Born July 1863.
BB. William Arbuthnott. Bap 13 June 1858. Died before 1929. Emigrated to India. Married Adelaide Barnes (died before 1929).
(A) A daughter.
(B) Robert William Arbuthnot, Senior. Born 14 April 1874. Baptised India 29 June 1874. Died Ajmer, Rajasthan 17 March 1939 aged sixty-five. Buried St Mary's Church, Paal Beechla, Ajmer 18 March 1939. Gunner 36th Field Battn, Royal Artillery and later a railway guard. Married first in Poona 24 April 1899, Louisa Barnfield, aged 35 widow dau of Joseph Critchell  (she died of dropsy 24 February 1921, wife ofMr Arbuthnot, BB, LC, I Raj).
Married, second, in Mhow Isabelle Beatrice Carol as her 3rd husband, who had a daughter by her first marriage, Barbara, and had two children by her 2nd marriage Daphne ______ (born Mhow 5 April 1919; married first ___ Mason (daughter June Mason who married ____ Simpson [tel: 0181 894 9705]), married second Charles Smith and Terence; address: 5 Maitland Close, off Barts Road, Onslow, Middlesex).
(1) Robert ("Bobby") William Arbuthnot, Junior. Born Mhow 25 August 1925. Died September 2002. A diesel engine driver. Emigrated from India to Australia. Married, ?.?.19??, Marina Robert Morton. Address: Latham Street, Melbourne.
(a) Peter Ernest Arbuthnot. Born 6 May 1954.
(b) Michael John Arbuthnot. Born 22 August 1955.
(c) Katharine Dorothea Arbuthnot. Born 9 December 1957.
(2) Joyce Patricia Arbuthnot. Born Bangalore 1 February 1929. Married in India, 3 January 1951, Earnest Boezald (born c.1919), a textile inspector. Address: 665/a Field End Road, Ruislip, Middlesex (8422 1171).
CC. Thomas Arbuthnott. Bap 13 June 1858. Died Billary 18 June 1892. Clerk, municipal dept.
The Hon Hugh married in India, 2 January 1854, Susannah ("Susan") Morrison Campbell (born Scotland c.1826, died 12 June 1920), daughter of John Campbell of Greenock. 
DD. John Campbell Arbuthnott, CIE, ICS. Born Greenock, Renfrewshire 6 April 1858. Died 20 May 1923. Educ Fettes  (1870-78) Joined Bengal CS 1879; Served in Bengal as Ass't Magistrate & Collector; transferred to Assam 1883; Commissioner Surma Valley & Hill Districts, 1905; Member Legislative Council Eastern Bengal & Assam. Married in Barnes, Surrey (now London), 21 July 1887, Jeanne Sinclair Hamilton (died 3 April 1947), only daughter of Robert Hamilton of Elmhurst, Co Kerr.
(A) Jeannie ("Henny") Arbuthnott. Born North Lakhimpur, Upper Assam, India 15 December 1888. Died 28 February 1970. Married at Shillong, Assam, 21 November 1911, Rev Sir Nicholas Dodd Beatson-Bell, KCSI, KCIE, ICS (died 12 February 1936), vicar of Cornish Hall End, Essex, second son of Andrew Beatson-Bell of 17 Lansdowne Crescent, Edinburgh and of Kilduncan, Fife.
(1) Margaret Ogilvy Beatson-Bell. Born Shillong, Assam, India 29 October 1913. Died 17 April 2001. Married first 1935 (Frederick) William Dampier Deakin, DSO, MA (subsequently Sir William). Divorced 1940.
(a) Nicholas Dampier Deakin. Born 5 June 1936. Professor of Social policy & administration, Birmingham Univ. Married first 16 December 1961 Hon Rose Albinia Donaldson (born 4 November 1937), dau of Baron Donaldon of Kingsbridge and Frances Annesley, née Lonsdale. Divorced.
aa. Frederick Robert Deakin. Born 2 December 1964.
bb. Camilla Lucy Frances Deakin. Born 9 November 1966. She and her partner Gary Owen have issue:
i. Stanley Frederick Owen.
ii. Billy Jack Owen.
cc. Ellen Jeannie Susannah Marble Deakin. Born 20 July 1971. She and her partner Harry Olden have issue:
i. Harvey Jack Olden.
ii. Missy Zoe Olden. Born 2006.
Professor Deakin married second 1 September 1988 Lucy Moira Gaster (born 17 July 1940).
(b) Michael William Deakin. Born 21 February 1939. Writer and documentary film maker. Civil partnership, July 2006, with David Steele.
Mary married second 1941 Donald Manly Hodson (born 10 September 1913; died March 1988). They lived at Scotland House, Stoke by Nayland, near Colchester, Essex.
(c) Anna Theresa Hodson. Born 1 December 1943. Married first Wing Cmdr Rupert Arthur Victor Cecil.
aa. Flora Hodson, (born 1971) who changed her name to Hodman.
bb. Maud Hodson. (born 1972)
i. Stuart Hodson.
ii. Gregor Hodson.
Anna married second Robin Mann.
(d) Benjamin ("Sam") Arbuthnott Hodson. Born 13 December 1945. Married Anthea Springbett.
aa. Phineas Hodson.
bb. Felix Hodson.
cc. Romola Springbett.
(e) Hugo Donald Andrew Hodson. Born 23 April 1956. Adopted. Married Helen Barnes.
aa. Emma Hodson.
bb. Calum Hodson.
cc. Solomon Hodson. Born 2004.
(f) Mark (later Marc) Manly Hodson. Born 23 April 1956.
(2) Jean Beatson-Bell. Born Shillong, Assam 27 February 1915. Died 13 November 1996. Married first India 8 July 1939 Humphrey Leopold Freestun Picard (dvu). She returned to England and emigrated to Rhodesia 1957.
(a) Susan Margaret Picard. Born India 19 September 1940. Died Zimbabwe 12 September 1999. Married Rhodesia Timothy Robert Mills.
aa. Samantha Jean Mills. Born 6 April 1965.
bb. Nicholas James Freestun Mills. Born 21 August 1967.
cc. Camilla Mills. Born Rhodesia 13 April 1974. Died.
(b) Catherine ("Kate") Jane Picard. Born India 2 September 1942. Married first Rhodesia Trevor Alrick Theodore Range. Divorced.
aa. Belínda Sharon Saba Range. Born Rhodesia 9 September 1961. Married first Cape Town Herman Stephen Birrer (divorced 2000). She married second 20 January 2007 Paul Gregory Chambers (born 21 June 1954).
Kate married second South Africa Peter William Pearce. They were divorced. She returned to her maiden name and lives in Zimbabwe.
bb. Stephen John Pearce. Born 18 July 1967. Died.
cc. Christopher William Pearce. Born Rhodesia 11 March 1970.
(c) Gemma Frances Picard. Born 19 December 1944. Died Zimbabwe 2007. Married Rhodesia John Nicholson (dvu).
aa. Shaunagh Anne Nicholson. Born Rhodesia 14 November 1970. Married in Zimbabwe 2000 Gregory John Shaw.
i. Hannah Erin Shaw. Born Zimbabwe 3 August 2004
ii. Eden Sinead Shaw.  Born Zimbabwe 17 November 2007
bb. Stuart John Nicholson. Born Rhodesia 20 December 1971.
cc. Roy Reginald Nicholson. Born Rhodesia 30 April 1977. Married  in Australia 2004 Rene Moon.
i. Violet Gemma Nicholson.  Born 26 July 2010.
Jean married second Rhodesia May 1961 John Hugh Hassard Thompson (died).
(B) Margaret ("Bunda") Ogilvy Arbuthnott. Born India 9 August 1892. Died Harare 26 May 1983. Married, 7 January 1915, Lt-Colonel (Hastings) Roy Harington (died 26 December 1942) 8th Gurkha Rifles, son of Col Hastings Norman Victor Harington, late IMS.
(1) Hugh Harington. Born 6 April 1916. Killed in action Arakan, Burma 8 February 1944. Educ Fettes. Captain 4/8th Gurkha Rifles.
(2) Pamela ("Pam") Harington. Born 14 June 1919. Died c.1996. Married, 7 May 1955, Brigadier Ronald Montague- Jones, CBE (died c.1995), son of Edgar Montague-Jones, late Headmaster   St Albans School, Herts.. They lived at 10 Battlemead, Swanage, Dorset.
(a) Roy Ronald Montague-Jones. Born 21 July 1958. An articled clerk with Linklaters & Paines, Solicitors. Married Alison Price, dau of Henry Price.  Address: 4 Grosvenor Road, London W4 4 EH (020-8994 6942) 41 Redcliffe Gardens, London SW10.
aa. Christopher Henry Montague-Jones. Born 13 October 1991.
bb. Patrick Roy Montague-Jones. Born 4 February 1994.
(3) Timothy Harington. Born 1 November 1926. Educ Eastbourne College. Married, 30 March 1959, Jean Cutforth, elder daughter of Major General Sir Lancelot Cutforth, KBE of Glade Earlydene, Ascot, Berks. Address: Kelston Ranch, PB 235A, Salisbury Zimbabwe.
(a) Joanna Lucy Harington. Born 20 May 1961. She organises business lunches. Married 5 December 1985 Mark Leonard Jones (born 10 August 1956). He has his own company which is involved in computers and making coffins. Address: 8 Clivedon Close, Highlands, Harare, Zimbabwe (tel - 884277)
aa. Julia Marion Jones. Born 22 May 1988.
bb. Simon William Jones. Born 20 March 1991.
cc. Timothy Leonard Jones. Born 25 October 1995.
(b) Hugh Cutforth Harington. Born 4 September 1962. Married 6 December 1997 Kathy Roselt. Emigrated to Australia. Living just north of Brisbane.
aa. Daniel Harington. Born 18 November 2002.
(c) Louise Mary Harington. Born 31 January 1967. Married 20 April 1996 Barry Peter Watson
(C) Hugh Hamilton Arbuthnott. Born Shillong, Assam 24 February (not 3 March) 1894. Died from wounds received in action in Kut-al-Amara, Mesopotamia on the previous day 28 December 1915. Educated Haileybury and Sandhurst; King's India Cadet February 1913; passed out July 1914; joined 2nd Northumberland Fusiliers 4 August 1914; died as 2nd Lt, 7th Punjabis, Indian Army. Despatches twice.
(D) (Robert) Keith Arbuthnott, 15th Viscount of Arbuthnott, CB, CBE, DSO, MC. Born India 21 August 1897. Died 15 December 1966. Educated Fettes (11-14) and RMC Sandhurst. Major General, late Black Watch, Col Black Watch (RHR) 1960-64, WWs I and II (despatches), Palestine 1938-39 (despatches), GSO(2) Staff College 1938, Lt-Col 1944, cmdg 11th Infantry Brigade Italy 1942-44 and 78th Inf Div 1944-46, Major General 1945, Ch Br Mil Mission Egyptian Army 1946, Ch of Staff Scottish Cmd 1948-49,  Cdr Highland Dist and 51st (Highland) Inf Div (TA) 1949-52, retd 1952. Lord Lieutenant of Kincardineshire 1960-66. Cdr US Legn of Merit. Re-matriculated his arms. Married, 10 January 1924, Ursula Collingwood (died 20 December 1989), daughter of Sir William Collingwood, KBE of Dedham Grove, Colchester, Essex. Address: The Cottage, Main Road, Hillside, Montrose.
(1) Rt Hon Sir John Campbell Arbuthnott, 16th Viscount of Arbuthnott, KT, CBE, DSC, KStJ, FRSE. Born Dubton House, near Montrose 26 October 1924. Died 14 July 2012. Educated Fettes (36-42) and Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge (MA); FRICS; FRSA; LLD, JP; Lord Lieutenant Grampian Region (Kincardineshire) 1977-99; Prior OStJ Scotland 1983-95 (GStJ); Dir Scottish Widows 1978-94, Clydesdale Bank 1985-92HM's Representative as Lord High Commissioner of the Church of Scotland May 1986-7. Served Far East & Pacific 1944-45 with Fleet Air Arm; Lt, RNVR. Married, 3 September 1949, Mary Elizabeth Darley Oxley (born 26 May 1923; died 16 January 2010), elder daughter of Cmdr Christopher Bernard Oxley, DSC, RN (son of Admiral Charles Lister Oxley) and Kathleen Maude Eginton, and thus niece of Dorothy, wife of the 14th Viscount.
(a) (John) Keith (Oxley) Arbuthnott, 17th Viscount of  Arbuthnott. Born 18 July 1950. Educated Fettes (64-68) & North Scotland College of Agriculture, Aberdeen (Higher National Diploma). DL, Kincardineshire 2000.  Owner/manager Arbuthnott Estate, fndr and dir Arbuthnott Wood Pellets Ltd; vice-convenor Scottish Landowners' Fedn 2002-05, chm Scottish Rural Property and Business Assoc 2005-08; memb Grampian Health Bd 1993-97 Married, 19 January 1974, Jillian ("Jilly") Mary Farquharson, elder daughter of Captain Colin Farquharson of Whitehouse, Alford, Aberdeenshire. Address: Kilternan, Arbuthnott, by Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire AB30 1NA. KA
aa. Clare Anne Arbuthnott. Born 24 June 1974. Educated Univ of Edinburgh (History of Art). Married 25 August 2001 Hugh Craigie-Halkett (born 28 October 1968)
i. Archibald ("Archie") Robert Craigie-Halkett. Born 5 July 2004.
ii. Charles ("Charley") Frederick Craigie-Halkett. Born 23 May 2006.
bb. Christopher ("Chris") Keith Arbuthnott, Master of Arbuthnott. Born 20 July 1977. Educated Univ of Durham (Russian). Vice president for Barclays Wealth private banking in Aberdeen. Married 19 April 2003 Emily Jane Agg-Manning (born 20 May 1978), eldest dau of Mr & Mrs Nicholas Agg-Manning of Gittisham, Devon.
i. Florence Mary-Jean Arbuthnott. Born 24 December 2005.
ii. Alexander Nicholas Keith Arbuthnott. Born 5 August 2007.
iii. Rosanagh Beatrice Arbuthnott. Born 27 August 2009.
cc. Rachel Sarah Arbuthnott. Born 24 August 1979.
(b) The Hon Susanna Mary Arbuthnott, MBAOT. Born 1 May 1954. Educated Overstone, Northants. Married, 27 May 1978, Hugh Turnbull Bradbridge Smith, younger son of Lewis Smith of Darnlee, Melrose, Roxburghshire. Address: Warren Farm House, Finmere, Bucks MK18 4AJ.
aa. Andrew Keith Turnbull Smith. Born Montreal 21 February 1981. Married in Florida 14 April 2012 Grace Mills.
bb. Emma Charlotte Smith. Born London 7 September 1983.
(2) The Hon (William) David Arbuthnott, MBE. Born Colchester, Essex 5 November 1927. Educated Fettes (41-45) and RMA, Sandhurst. Served Korea 1952-53, Kenya 1953-55, Northern Ireland 1974 (despatches); MBE (Mil.) 1964. Colonel, Black Watch. Married, 30 April 1955, Sonja Mary Thomson, elder daughter of Colonel Charles Newbigging Thomson, CBE, DSO, TD, of The Garden House, Panmure, Carnoustie, Angus. Address: Lagbeag, Little Dunkeld, Dunkeld, Perthshire PH8 0AD, formerly of: The Old Manse, Trochry, by Dunkeld, Perthshire.
(a) Charles ("Charlie") Robert Arbuthnott. Born 14 October 1956. Educated Fettes (70-75, head boy) and Silsoe College, Carnfield Inst. of Technology (BSc). Works for Aon. Married at Folke, Sherborne, Dorset 23 May 1987, Dr Patricia ("Trisha") Diane Brooke (born 3 December 1957), dentist, daughter of the late Mr & Mrs Barrington Brooke of Glendale, Zimbabwe. Address: 7a Woodhall Bank, Edinburgh EH13 0HL Harveiston Farmhouse, Dollar, Clackmananshire FK14 7PX.
aa. David Barrington Arbuthnott. Born 6 May 1989.
bb. James Brooke Arbuthnott. Born 30 August 1990.
(b) Georgina ("Georgie") Margaret Arbuthnott. Born 22 October 1964. Educated Fettes (80-82) and St Andrews Univ (MA). She and her long term partner Alastair ("Ally") William Elliot Baxter have children.
aa. Anna Christian Elliot Baxter. Born 14 December 2000.
bb. William Lionel Elliot Baxter. Born 4 February 2005.
(c) Elizabeth ("Fizzy") Christian Arbuthnott. Born 31 October 1967. Married 17 August 1996 José Luís Gomez Montoliu, younger son of Raphael Gomez of Castellon, Spain. Divorced 2004.
(3) The Hon Hugh Sinclair Arbuthnott, FCIS. Born Delhi 14 November 1929. Educated Fettes (1943-47) and Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge (BA) and Edinburgh University (LLB). Late Lt, 4th/5th Batt'n, Black Watch. Executive with Shell International Petroleum Co, Barbados 1950-83. Matriculated his arms. Married, 21 September 1963, Anne Rosamund Terdre, MA (Cantab), Dip Ed (Hong Kong) (born 26 October 1934), only daughter of Charles Bentley Terdre of Appledore, Cherry Walk, High Salvington, Worthing. Address: Cairnhill Cottage, Foreside, by Forfar, Angus DD8 3TQ and 7 Birch Close, Boundstone Road, Farnham, Surrey GU10 4TJ.
(a) (Hugh) James Hamilton Arbuthnott. Born 5 August 1967. Educated Marlborough and Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge (MA).  ACMA. Married 11 May 1996 Sally Davies, ygr dau of Geoffrey Davies of Hatch End, Middlesex.  Address: 17 Elliswick Road, Harpenden, Herts AL5 4TP (01582 760405)
aa. Emily Frances Alice Arbuthnott. Born 3 October 1997. Winner of the HSBC Road to Wimbledon National 14 and Under Challenge.
bb Robert ("Bertie") Walter Collingwood Arbuthnott. Born 5 February 2000.
cc (Harry) Frederick ("Freddie") Terdre Arbuthnott. Born 27 February 2003.
(b) Katherine Anne Arbuthnott. Born 14 January 1970. Educated BA Hons, Classics at University of Cambridge.  Marketing manager, Celador Int'l. Direcor Blue Sand Markettng Ltd. Living in Dubai. Married 31 May 2008 Julian J Allen, elder son of John Allen of York.
aa. Christopher ("Kit") Gordon Arbuthnott Allen. Born 14 March 2011.
bb. Baby expected March 2013.
(4) The Hon Christian ("Christie") Keith Arbuthnott. Born Colchester 1 October 1933. Educated St Leonards and Edinburgh University (MA). Married, 13 November 1954, Cmdr Peter John Bing, OBE, C Eng, FI Mech E, FCIS, RN (born 30 August 1925), son of William Leslie Bing. Address: The Lodge, Church Street, Edzell Angus DD9 7TQ.
(a) Rev Alan Charles Bing. Born 29 March 1956. Educated Christ's Hospital and St Edmund Hall, Oxford (MA). Ordained 1992. Married, 30 March 1985, Wendy Margaret Capstick, elder dau of Dennis Capstick of Simonstone, Lancs. Address: The Rectory, 15 Ford Park Crescent, Ulverston, Cumbria LA12 7JR.
aa. Alison Ursula Bing. Born 24 December 1988.
bb. Emma Florence Bing. Born 16 April 1990.
cc. Julia Margaret Bing.   Born 16 November 1993.
(b) Robert Adrian Bing. Born 11 March 1958. Educated Christ's Hospital and Magdalene College, Cambridge (MA, ARICS). Married 25 May 1991, Sarah Frances Greenwood (born 8 December 1957) daughter of Lawrence Greenwood and Sheena née Webster of Silvertrees, Coldwaltham, W Sussex. Address: 17 Grasmere Ave., London W3 6JT.
aa. Henry Jarvis Bing. Born 14 September 1992.
bb. Eleanor Mary Bing. Born 7 June 1994.
cc. Adam Lawrence Bing. Born 21 February 1997.
(c) Andrew ("Andy") John Collingwood Bing. Born 21 October 1960. Educated Edinburgh University (MA). Married, 1993, Zöe Isobel Donald Muir, ygst dau of John Wilson Muir of Aberdeen.  Address: Auldba Station House, Balgavies, Forfar, Angus DD8 2TH.
aa. Katherine Isobel Collingwood Bing. Born 23 January 1996.
bb. John Donald Bing. Born 23 November 1997.
cc. Peter James Bing. Born Arbroath Infirmary, Co Angus 22 March 2002.
(d) Sarah Lucy Bing. Born 22 July 1969. Educ Marlborough and Edinburgh Univ, MA (Hons). Partner with SJ Berwin & Co, solicitors. She was civilly married 2006 to Gráinne McKenna. Address: 11c Westbourne Road, London N7 8AR.
(E) Susannah ("Puggy") Mary Arbuthnott. Born India 14 May 1901. Died Perth 29 May 1983. Married, 6 August 1925, Lt-Colonel Adrian Kelso Hamilton, DSO, MC, of the Black Watch (dvu 15 April 1960), son of Major Keith Randolph Hamilton, DSO.
(1) Bruce Meade Hamilton, MBE. Born 27 December 1926. Dvu 22 February 1998. Educ Sherborne. Brigadier, Black Watch. Married, 5 December 1953, Mary Elizabeth Walter, dau of late R.A.Walter of Westwood, Balthayock, Perth. She married second The Hon James Bruce. Address: Dron House, Balmanno, Bridge of Earn, Perthshire.
(a) Roderick ("Roddy") Adrian Hamilton. Adopted. Born Panama City 25 August 1959. Married Cynthia Blackett.
aa. Rebecca Hamilton.
bb. Laura Hamilton.
cc. Charles Hamilton.
(b) Catherine Elizabeth Hamilton. Adopted. Born 22 March 1963. Married 24 April 1993 Timothy Graham Jackson (born 29 September 1956).
aa. Louisa Rose Jackson. Born 24 August 1994.
(2) Isabel ("Pinkie" / "Pinks") Mary Hamilton. Born 5 December 1929. Married, 6 January 1951, Lt-Colonel Ian Ranald Critchley, OBE of the Black Watch, son of Lt-Colonel Ranald Drury Critchley, Rajputana Rifles, of Park Close, Tetbury, Glos. Address: Dornach Lodge, Crieff,  Perthshire PH7 3QL (01764 656598) Peelers, Muthill, Perthshire.
(a) Anna Mary Critchley. Born 30 November 1951.
(b) (Rowland) Bruce Ranald Critchley. Born 21 October 1953. Educated Wellington and RMA.
(c) Julia Clare Critchley. Born 21 November 1956. Married, 18 July 1981, David Alexander Melville, Lord Balgonie (born 26 January 1954), eldest son of 14th Earl of Leven & 13th Earl of Melville.
(d) Adrian Hugh Critchley. Born 27 March 1961. Educated Wellington.
EE. Hugh Corsar Arbuthnott, CE of Harrogate, Yorkshire. Born Madras, India 5 October 1860. Died 6 February 1915. Educ Fettes 1872-7. Madras Light Infantry. Married at Jamalpore, Bengal, 27 December 1886, Marianne Gibson, JP (born Scotland c.1860, died 27 July 1943), sixth daughter of Archibald Gibson, Secretary of the Caledonian Railway Co.
(A) Jean Arbuthnott. Born Arsensol, Bengal 6 November 1887. Died 24 April 1972. Married, 5 September 1911, Alexander Cavendish (died 25 July 1969), Malayan Civil Service (ret'd), elder son of Alexander Carnegie Cavendish of Madras.
(1) Alexander ("Sandy") Arbuthnott Cavendish, DSC. Born 24 April 1914. Died 1996. Lt-Cmdr, RN ret'd. Married first, 11 November 1943, (Katherine) Virginia Mary Francis Hooper, daughter of Gilbert C. Hooper of The Chine, Muswell  Hill, London N. Divorced. Address: 31 Homewest House, 35 Poole Road, Bournemouth BH4 9DJ.
(a) Diana Valerie Frances Cavendish. Born 13 May 1945. Married in a schooner off Athens, 28 August 1976, George Slater. Divorced.
aa. Dillon Haworth Slater. Born 28 September 1976. Married 28 April 2012 Andrea Trincado.
Diana married second 1983 John Cross. She retains her maiden name. Address: 3270 Kempton Ave., Oakland, California, 94611.
bb. Nicholas Sebastian Cross. Born 11 January 1985.
(b) Alexander ("Roger") Gilbert James Cavendish. Born 7 January 1957. Address: PO Box 2134, Campo Verde, Arizona 86322.
aa. Rio Goodwin Cavendish. Born 18 October 1988.
bb. Erin Lena Cavendish. Born 15 June 1992.
Alexander married second, Margaret, Mrs ______ Walton, née Johnson.
(2) Jean May Cavendish. Born 19 January 1918. Died 1996. FANY, ATS. Address: 7 Carlton Mansions, Holland Park Gardens, London W14.
(B) A daughter. Born 15 December 1888. Died before 1901.
(C) John Arbuthnott. Born Epsom, Surrey 26 June 1894. Died of wounds received in action on the Somme 16 September 1916. Educated Charterhouse. Lt, 2nd Batt'n, Grenadier Guards.
(D) Hugh Arbuthnott. Born Epsom 20 June 1896. Died 26 November 1961. Educ Cheltenham. Lt-Colonel, 5th Bn Border Reg't (TA), late Captain 9th Bn Highland Light Infantry (despatches, Legion of Merit (USA) and US Bronze Star). Married, 18 April 1923, Jess Agnes Henderson (born 17 July 1897; died 6 February 1978), daughter of Robert Henderson of Mount Hooly. They lived at 35 Loch Drive, Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire.
(1) Hugh John Arbuthnott. Born 19 June 1924. Died 9 September 2010. Educated Sedbergh and Emmanuel College, Cambridge (MA). Served as Captain, RE in World War II (wounded, despatches). Director Lithgows Ltd and other companies. Married first, 2 October 1954, Dorothy Ferguson Denholm (dvu April 1991), only daughter of Sir William Lang Denholm, TD of Glenmill, Kilmacolm, Renfrewshire. Address: Ragusa Rhu, Argyll G84 8NH, previously of: Ardmoy, Rhu, Dunbartonshire.
(a) Carolyn Ann Arbuthnott. Born 9 December 1955. Educated Downe House, St Andrews Univ (BSc). Married, 3 April 1981, Hugh Alexander Normand, MBA of Tobermory, Isle of Mull. Address: Ardmoy, Rhu, Dunbartonshire G84 8NH.
aa. William Alexander Normand.   Born 11 September 1984.
bb. Margaret Catherine Normand. Born 15 December 1986.
cc. Andrew John Charles Normand Born 6 August 1989.
(b) Sarah ("Sally") Jean Arbuthnott. Born 24 January 1957. Educated St Bride's School, Helensburgh. Married, 31 March 1978, Jeremy Spencer James MacLehose (died February 1998), son of (Norman) Donald MacLehose, DSO and nephew of Baron MacLehose of Beoch (Life Peer), former Governor General of Hong Kong. Address: Clantire House, Littleheath Road, Fontwell, Arundel, W Sussex BN18 0SR (01243 543523), formerly of: Cedar House, Hellidon, near Daventry, Northamptonshire (formerly of: 61 Glebe Street, London W4).
aa. Benjamin Donald Robert MacLehose. Born 9 February 1981.
bb. Anna Margaret MacLehose. Born 6 April 1983.
cc. Fergus Donald Hugh MacLehose. Born 15 September 1988.
(c) Susan Mary Arbuthnott. Born 22 March 1962. Married, 1983, Roger James Clegg of Braeside, 257 Bangor Road, Newtonards, Co Down. Address: Fox hollow, 273 Killaughey Road, Donaghadee, Co Down BT21 0ND (028 9188 8880).
aa. Victoria Rebecca Clegg. Born 24 March 1986.
bb. James Hugh Clegg. Born 20 December 1988.
(d) Christine ("Kirsty") Elizabeth Arbuthnott.  Born 20 November 1966. Married (Jan) Petter Røed, Jr, son of Jan Petter Røed Sr of Ferjeodden, Tjørne, Norway. Address: Old Post Cottage, The Street, Tendring, Essex CO16 0BL.
aa. Jan Petter Røed  Jr.
Hugh married second 19 August 1998 Elizabeth Jennings Calder, widow of Charles Thomas McCrea and only dau of Alexander Calder.
(2) Mary Arbuthnott, BSc (Hons 1946). Born 8 February 1926. Married, 3 October 1949, Colonel Laurence McLellan Young, MBE, MC, late RE, son of William McLellan Young of Bridge of Allan. Address: Plovers, Main Road, East Boldre, Brockenhurst, Hampshire SO4 7WU (formerly of: Tan-Yr-Ywen Cottage, Llanddulas, Abergele, Wales LL22 8ND).
(a) Alice Mary Young. Born 10 October 1951. Married, 1972, Dr Peter James Summerhayes of St Thomas' Hospital. Address: The Paddock, Borthwood Lane, Sandowne, Isle of Wight.
aa. Catherine Elizabeth Summerhayes. Born 4 February 1976, a twin.
bb. Christina Mary Summerhayes. Born 4 February 1976, a twin.
cc. Kirsty Alice Summerhayes. Born 1 November 1979.
(b) Christina Jess Young. Born 16 June 1954. Educ Imperial College, London and London School of Hygiene & tropical Medicine (PhD). Married, 7 October 1978, David Peter Turner (born 2 March 1955). Both are zoologists. Address: White Hart Cottage, Brinkley, Newmarket, Suffolk.
aa. Catriona Jane Turner. Born 11 August 1982.
bb. James Peter Turner. Born 2 October 1984.
(3) (Marianne Jean) Elspeth Arbuthnott. Born Southwaite 11 November 1937. Married, 1 April 1967, William ("Bill") Richard Woods-Ballard, MSc, CEng, MIMechE (born 22 December 1933), yr son of Lt-Colonel Basil Woods- Ballard, CIE, MBE of Shepherds Oak, Crawley, Down, Sussex by his wife Eileen Rose Molesworth (died 1999), only dau of the late Hugh Wilson Molesworth, CBE. Address: Oliver's Cottage, 101 The Street, Capel St Mary, Ipswich, Suffolk IP9 2EH.
(a) Hugh William Woods-Ballard, CA. Born 22 November 1968. Educated Aberdeen Univ (MA).  Married, 30 May 1998, Rebecca Louisa Hardisty, only dau of Dr Brian Hardisty of Muswell Hill, London.
aa. Alexandra Claire Hardisty. Born 2 April 1997.
bb. William Nicholas Woods-Ballard. Born 3 April 1999.
cc. Miranda Elspeth Woods-Ballard. Born 27 March 2002.
(b) Andrew James Woods-Ballard. Born 19 March 1976. Educ Edinburgh Univ (MSc). UK director Global Vision International. Married 20 April 2007 Charlotte Rix. Living in St Albans.
aa. Jemima Sophie Woods-Ballard. Born 21 May 2008.
bb. Clementine Amelie Woods-Ballard. Born 11 March 2010.
(E) Archibald Arbuthnott, MBE (Mil, 1946), ED. Born Epsom 8 July 1898. Died 12 March 1977. Educated Cheltenham College. Served in World War I in France as Lt, RE and in World War II in Malaya (Major, Malay States Vol Forces). A chartered accountant. Married, 18 September 1931, Barbara Joan/Jean Worters (born 5 July 1902; died Swindon September 1988), ygr daughter of John Hughman Worters of the White House, Chipstead, Surrey. Address: Kingfishers Reach, Tidmarsh, Pangbourne, Berkshire.
(1) John Arbuthnott. Born 21 May 1933. Educated Sedbergh & Emmanuel College, Cambridge (MA C.Eng. FRAeS). Luminaries awarded an honorary fellowship by Glyndwr University include renowned engineer John Arbuthnott. Engineer and Cambridge University graduate John Arbuthnott is receiving a honorary fellowship for his outstanding contribution in his specialist field and the impact that this has on the social and educational agenda of the region, Wales and UK wide. Deputy chairman, Arbuthnott Family Association. Married, 7 April 1956, Ann Garton (born 14 February 1934), younger daughter of Arthur Frederick Garton (d. 1965) of 5 Gwynn House, Lower Sloane Street, London SW1. Address: Palmerhayes Farm, Wick, Honiton, Devon EX14 4TY (01404 891 032).

Fiona Arbuthnott, MRCP. Born 25 February 1957. Physiotherapist (ret'd); opened a nursery for plants, specialising in silver plants and "ready-made" gardens. Scottish country dancer (gold medallist). Married, 7 January 1984, Andrew Graham Sneddon (born 12 July 1950), son of Mr and Mrs G. Sneddon of Llanbedr, Ruthin, Wales. He owns Willow Motor Co, which restores vintage & classic cars. Address: Chipley Court, Langford Budvile, Wellington, Somerset TA21 0QY (01823 400 677). She is working in south of France as a masseur- kinèsithèrapeute (French physio).

aa. John Andrew Sneddon. Born 14 October 1986.
bb. Emily Fiona Sneddon. Born 9 August 1988.
cc. (Laura) Alice Sneddon. Born 16 August 1990.
i. Jacob Alexander Sneddon. Born Alès, France 25 August 2009.
(b) Ian Arbuthnott, BSc, MBA. Born 25 July 1958. Married, 10 May 1986, Jane Redshaw (born 18 February 1965), dau of Garry Redshaw of Rhodfa Elgwern, Denbigh, Wales. Address: Hazeldene, 26 Sheldons Road, Hook, Hants.
aa. Hannah Lucy Arbuthnott. Born 20 April 1994.
bb. Ellie Arbuthnott. Born 26th January 2003.
(c) David Arbuthnott. Born 28 March 1961. Educ Aberdeen Univ (MA). Married 22 August 1987 Dawn Grace Kirby (born 6 September 1961), dau of John Frederick Kirby of Birmingham. Address: Westland, Coldwells Rd, Holmer, Hereford.
aa. Jennifer ("Jenny") Ann Arbuthnott. Born 12 September 1989.
bb. Christopher John Arbuthnott. Born 4 June 1991.
(d) Jane Arbuthnott, BA. Born 9 December 1966. Married 24 August 1991 (Robert) Nicholas Shannon (born 2 October 1959), son of Robert Henry Shannon of Belfast. Address: Cornwallis House, Cranbrook, Kent.
aa. Kate Ruth Shannon. Born 6 November 1994.
bb. Jack Robert Shannon. Born 26 June 1997.
(2) Robert Arbuthnott, CBE. Born 28 September 1936. Educated Sedbergh & Emmanuel College, Cambridge (MA). 2nd Lt, Black Watch 1955-57. British Council 1960-93. Married, 19 May 1962,(Sophie) Robina ("Bina") Axford (born 4 June 1940), elder daughter of Robin Alan Axford of Burlington Gdns. Address: Killicks, The Green, Mannings Heath, Horsham, Sussex RH13 6JX (tel:01403 263764).
(a) Alison Mary Arbuthnott. Born 10 December 1963. Educ Aberdeen Univ (BSc). Landscape gardener. Married in Bridgnorth October 1998 David William Morley. Address: Parkhall, Balfron, nr Glasgow, previously of: 13c Gordon Street, Leamington CV31.
aa. Thomas William Morley. Born 9 April 1999.
bb. Frederick Robert Morley. Born 8 July 2001.
cc. Iris Catherine Robina Morley. Born 20 June 2004.
(b) Catherine ("Kate") Anne Arbuthnott. Born 5 February 1965. Married, 27 July 1991, Owen Angus Wheatley, elder son of Dr Garth Wheatley of Lyddington, Rutley. Marriage dissolved 1999; she reverted to her maiden name.  She has a child:
aa. James Archie Arbuthnott. Born 29 January 2007.
Kate entered into a civil partnership, October 2006, with Dr Julie Byard, only daughter of James and Margaret Byard of The Gugh, Main Street, Styrrup, North Notts. Kate works as an architectural historian and researcher for the Bard Graduate Center in New York. Address: 5 Chapel End, Great Gidding, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE28 5NP.
(c) Robert Keith Arbuthnott. Born 27 June 1968. Educated Cambridge Univ (BA). Works for Merrill Lynch, Tokyo. Married 25 October 1997Susan Scales, dau of Terence Scales of Worsborough, Yorks. She came first in her first 42km Women's Open marathon  (Singapore 2011) 03:23:02:08  Address: 7 Normanhurst Road, Streatham, London SW2 3TA.
aa. Sophie Ellen Arbuthnott. Born 25 October 1996.
bb. Charlotte Rose Arbuthnott. Born 5 June 1998.
cc. Annabel Grace Arbuthnott. Born 24 September 2003.
(F) Robert ("Bob") Arbuthnott, MBE, TD, DL. Born Harrogate 22 September 1900. Dsp 29 November 1980. Buried at Arbuthnott. Educated Cheltenham College; FICE; FIMechE. Served as Major, Manchester Reg't and REME (TA). Lord Lieutenant of Dunbartonshire 1968. Member Royal Co of Archers. He matriculated his arms 1969.
g. The Hon Anne Charlotte Arbuthnott. Born Arbuthnott 17 November 1813. Died St Andrew's 14 May 1914; buried Strathty 18 May 1914. Married, 22 July 1847, Alexander Cheape of Strathtyrum (dvu 1892), son of Cmdr James Cheape and had issue.
h. The Hon Helen Arbuthnott. Born Arbuthnott 10 April 1815. Died Balgarvie 23 April 1840. Married, 26 April 1839, Frederick Lewis Scrymgeour-Wedderburn of Wedderburn, Co Forfar and Birkill, Co Fife, de jure 8th Earl of Dundee and 10th Viscount Dudhope, DL, JP (born 4 March 1808; died 16 August 1874) as his first wife.
AA. Henry Scrymgeour-Wedderburn, de jure 9th Earl of Dundee and 11th Viscount Dudhope, DL, JP. Born 18 April 1840. Dvu 1 February 1914. Married, 31 March 1869, Juliana Braddell (died 28 May 1921).
(A) Henry Scrymgeour-Wedderburn, de jure 10th Earl of Dundee and 12th Viscount Dudhope. Born 28 June 1872. Died 12 May 1924. Married, 30 July 1901, Edith Moffat (died 16 October 1968 aged ninety-one).
(1) Henry James Scrymgeour-Wedderburn, 11th Earl of Dundee, Viscount Dudhope. Born 3 May 1902. Died 1983. Married, 30 October 1946, Patricia Katharine, widow of (1) Lt-Col Walter Douglas Faulkner and (2) of Lt-Col David Scrymgeour-Wedderburn and dau of the late Lord Herbert Andrew Montagu- Douglas- Scott, CMG, DSO
(a) Alexander Henry Scrymgeour-Wedderburn, Lord Scrymgeour. Born 5 June 1949. Educated Eton. Page of Honour to HM the Queen 1964-65.
(2) Lt-Col David Scrymgeour-Wedderburn, DSO. Born 2 April 1912. Died of wounds at Anzio 1 March 1944. Married, 9 September 1940, Patricia Katharine, widow of Lt-Col Walter Douglas Faulkner and dau of the late Lord Herbert Andrew Montagu- Douglas- Scott, CMG, DSO.
(a) Janet Mary Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Born 14 August 1941. Married, 18 January 1962, Capt. (Edward Arthur) Mervyn Lane Fox-Pitt, ygr son of Major-General William Augustus Fitzgerald Lane Fox-Pitt, DSO.
aa. Leonie Patricia Fox-Pitt. Born 27 October 1962.
bb. David William Fox-Pitt. Born 19 August 1964.
cc. Miranda Mary Fox-Pitt. Born 29 December 1968.
(b) Elizabeth Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Born 5 October 1943. Married, 31 October 1964, Hon John Christopher Ingham Roper-Curzon, eldest son of Capt. 19th Baron Teynham.
aa. David John Henry Ingham Roper-Curzon. Born 5 October 1965. Married _____ Airy.
i. Henry Christopher John Roper-Curzon. Born 1986.
ii. Jack Roper-Curzon. Born 1990. Died 1990.
iii. Tommy Roper-Curzon. Born 1992.
iv. Elizabeth Poppy Roper-Curzon. Born 1989.
bb. Emma Elizabeth Roper-Curzon. Born 19 September 1966. Married Robert A Murphy.
i. Doone Murphy. Born 1989.
ii. Wilhelmina Murphy. Born 1990.
iii. Jemima Murphy. Born 1992.
cc. Sophie Patricia Roper-Curzon. Born 30 November 1967. Married Mr Van den Bogaerde.
i. Thomas Roper-Fraser. Born 1992.
ii. Eliza Wedderburn Fraser. Born 1993.
iii. William Melville Fraser. Born 1995.
iv. Hugh Douglas Fraser. Born 1996.
dd. Lucy Elspeth Roper-Curzon. Born 23 July 1969. Married Benjamin Hugh Fraser (born 1961).
ee. Jonathan Christopher James Roper-Curzon. Born 1973.
ff. Hermione Roper-Curzon. Born 1973.
gg. Peter Michael Alexander Roper-Curzon. Born 1977.
hh. William Thomas Roper-Curzon. Born 1980.
ii. Benjamin Alexander Roper-Curzon. Born 1982.
jj. Alice Penelope Rachel Roper-Curzon. Born 1983.
(3) Janet Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Died 18 August 1926.
(B) Frederick Lewis Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Born 27 June 1874. Died 22 May 1936. Married, 17 December 1913, Zaida Grace Erskine (died 27 February 1914), only daughter of Sir ffolliott Williams Erskine of Cambo, 3rd Bt.
(1) Kathleen Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Born 17 September 1914. Died 15 January 1920.
(2) Cicely Grace Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Born 17 December 1915.
(3) Marion Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Born 19 February 1917.
(4) William Alexander Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Born 22 February 1919. Married first 1940 Mabel Kathleen Rowe, daughter of F.W.Rowe of Torquay. Married second 1951 Margaret Emily Innes daughter of William Henry Innes of Largo, Fife. Address: Lesmurdie House, Lower Cabrach, by Huntly, Aberdeenshire.
(a) Caroline Sarah Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Born 1954.
(b) John Frederick Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Born 1955.
(c) Grace Marion Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Born 31 August 1959.
(C) Charles Kenneth Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Born 29 May 1887. Died 13 August 1963. Educated Marlborough. Married, 24 November 1915, Gertrude Louisa Marie Wemyss (died 12 December 1957), daughter of James Carnegie Wemyss and had issue.
(1) Rosemary Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Born 29 November 1916. Married first 14 July 1937 Lt-Col Christian Landale Melville, DSO. Divorced 1947. Married second 10 June 1949 Brig William Noel Roer-Caldbeck DSO (dvu 22 July 1965).
(2) Lorna Mabel Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Born 7 January 1918. Married Ian Miskelly, son of John  Miskelly.
(3) Almée Elspeth Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Born 16 April 1920. Married James Ferrier MacFarlane.
(4) Susan Mary Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Born 28 March 1926. Married Noel George Moore.
(D) William Ogilvy Scrymgeour-Wedderburn, DSC. Born 22 November 1894. Died 29 October 1958. Married, 16 September 1921, Joyce Jennings, only daughter of Colonel Robert Henry Jennings. Address: B13, Sloane Avenue Mansions, London SW3.
(1) Ian Alexander Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Born 22 January 1923. Cmdr, RN (Retd). Married Pamela Desirée White, dau of Lt-Col Richard White.
(a) James Ian Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Born 21 April 1951.
(2) Fiona Marigold Joyce Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Married 30 June 1951 Rev James Ainsworth Yates, ygst son of late Brevet Col James Ainsworth Yates, CIE, DSO, IA. Address: The Vicarage, Letchworth, Herts.
(a) Susannah Elizabeth Yates. Born 6 December 1956, adopted.
(b) Katherine Fiona Yates. Born 12 January 1958, a twin.
(c) Veronica Margaret Yates. Born 12 January 1958, a twin.
(E) Helen Margaret Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Died 15 February 1942. Married, 16 October 1901, Herbert Godsal (born 1 June 1867; died 22 September 1932), youngest son of Philip William Godsal and had issue
(1) Charles Philip Lloyd Godsal. Born 26 October 1907.
(F) Mary Turner Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Died 11 March 1937. Married, 3 August 1903, Brigadier-General James Dalgleish Heriot- Maitland, CMG, DSO (died 18 January 1958), elder son of Major- General Sir James Makgill Heriot- Maitland, KCB, RE and had issue.
(G) Anne Grizel Scrymgeour-Wedderburn, SSB. Died unmarried 20 December 1954.
(H) Katherine Elspeth Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Died unmarried 5 November 1940.
(I) Juliet Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Died unmarried 28 February 1956.
(J) Maud Kathleen Scrymgeour-Wedderburn. Died 31 January 1925. Married, 9 August 1910, Lt-Colonel James Charles Walter Connell, DSO, KOSB and had issue.
i. The Hon Charlotte Louisa Arbuthnott. Born Arbuthnott 19 April 1817. Died unmarried 21 September 1831.
j. The Hon Clementina Mary (Maria per Memories and hence also per Mormons) Arbuthnott. Born Arbuthnott 17 August 1818. Dsp 23 October 1857. Married at Arbuthnott House, 2 November 1854, Colonel William Rose Campbell of Ballochyle, Argyllshire of the 28th Madras Native Infantry (died 1872).

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