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Character Portrayed by Show Notes
Emaline Addario Sydney Sweeney Everything Sucks! For the first half of the season, Emaline dates Oliver, a male classmate. Following their breakup Emaline becomes attracted to classmate Kate Messner, they admit they like each other and later kiss, making her possibly bisexual.[1]
Cassie Ainsworth Hannah Murray Skins [Citation needed:March 2019]
Frankie Alan Ruta Gedmintas Lip Service It's made very clear she likes girls, and she also slept with a man.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Irene Adler Lara Pulver Sherlock A dominatrix who offers her services to men and women. She's had sex with various men and a female member of the British royal family. (However, although she has shown sexual and romantic attraction towards Sherlock, Adler calls herself a lesbian.[2])
Akemi Michelle Ang Xena: Warrior Princess [Citation needed:January 2018]
Lily Aldrin Alyson Hannigan How I Met Your Mother In a long-term relationship with Marshall Eriksen, but also expresses attraction to women on multiple occasions, especially about her friend Robin Scherbatsky, and says that one of her life goals before marrying Marshall was to have a "lesbian relationship."[3]
Christina "Chris" Alonso Lina Esco S.W.A.T. [4]
Adam Eduardo Alvaro Tyler Posey Jane the Virgin In season 4 episode 5, he reveals to Jane that he is bisexual.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Jez Andrews Lloyd Everitt Casualty Jez joined the series in 2016 and was characterised as a "young, ludicrously handsome and very openly bisexual" paramedic.[5]
Ariadne Sophia Lauchlin Hirt Olympus [Citation needed:January 2018]
Baum Arndt Philipp Christopher Origin He had a relationship with a man and a woman.[6]
Astrid Josefin Asplund Vikings Astrid is a shield-maiden and becomes Lagertha's lover. In the second half of season 4, they have been together for several years. In season 5, she is kidnapped and wedded to Harald Finehair. Pregnant with an unwanted child, Astrid confronts Lagertha in battlefield and asks Lagertha to kill her. When Lagertha hesitates, Astrid lunges at Lagertha with her sword and is killed.[7]
Jane Austen N/A Doctor Who An off-screen romance between the celebrated author and Clara Oswald is implied in two episodes. In "The Magician's Apprentice", Clara states that Austen "is a phenomenal kisser."[Citation needed:March 2019]
In episode "Face the Raven", Oswald says to her friend Rigsy, "Sometimes Jane Austen and I prank each other. She's the worst, I love her. Take that how you like."[Citation needed:March 2019]
Nathaniel Baltimore Hugh Davidson Saul of the Mole Men [Citation needed:January 2018]
Magnus Bane Harry Shum, Jr. Shadowhunters Explicitly states interest in both men and women,[8] then proceeded to show interest in starting a relationship with one of the main male characters (Alec Lightwood). They officially started a relationship in Episode 6 of Season 2 and were established to be in love in Episode 10 of the same season, when they exchanged "I love yous". He's had romantic relationships with women before, with the vampire Camille Belcourt being the one that stings the most.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Sarah Barnes Loui Batley Hollyoaks "I don't know if she'd suddenly turned, though. Maybe she was more bisexual than anything." - Loui Batley on her character's sexuality.[9]
Tyler Barrol Ashton Holmes Revenge He dates Ashley Davenport but later seduces a male character.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Nancy Bartlett Sandra Bernhard Roseanne [Citation needed:January 2018]
Tim Bayliss Kyle Secor Homicide: Life on the Street In the first episode concerning the matter he flatly stated he was "not gay" and did not formally declare himself to be bisexual until Season 7, but even then he did not want to be deemed "a crusader". This way of treating his sexuality is believed to have made the network uncomfortable.[10]
Freddie Baxter Freddie Fox Cucumber, Banana Described by roommate Dean Monroe as being "kind of anything" in reference to his sexuality.[11] He is confirmed as being bisexual by actor Freddie Fox.[12]
Steven Beale Aaron Sidwell EastEnders The buildup to Steven's 2008 exit involved in a bisexual love triangle storyline among him, Stacey, and Christian Clarke (John Partridge), who is Jane's gay brother.[13][14] He returned in 2016 with a girlfriend, Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa).[15]
Juliet Becker Rae Baker The Bill [Citation needed:January 2018]
Tobias Beecher Lee Tergesen Oz He had a wife and then has a relationship with his female lawyer; while in prison he has a relationship with Chris Keller and a few sexual encounters with other inmates.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Mariana Belcombe Anna Madeley The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister Mariana is Anne Lister's secret lover.[16][17]
Ben David Quirk Please Like Me Ben is a one-night stand of Josh's during the initial stages of his open relationship with Arnold. Ben is later hospitalized, facing a possibly life-threatening surgery, causing a dilemma for Josh as to whether or not it is appropriate to visit him. Josh ends up doing so, which frustrates Arnold and creates the defining rift in their relationship. Josh later tries to get back in contact with Ben, but he has begun a relationship with a woman, identifying as sexually fluid.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Claire Bennet Hayden Panettiere Heroes Claire Bennet is shown liking men and being seriously involved with a boyfriend. In season 4 episode "Hysterical Blindness", she's kissed by her roommate Gretchen Berg. Although she later spurned Gretchen's interest in her, in "Pass/Fail" she apologizes for having done so and admits that she wants, and is ready, to be with her. They hold hands as they walk away. The series was cancelled and their relationship was not further developed.[18]
Gretchen Berg Madeline Zima Heroes Gretchen Berg is a college student of Arlington University who becomes Claire Bennet's roommate and befriends her. In season 4 episode "Hysterical Blindness", she is revealed to be bisexual when she confesses to Claire that she has a crush on her, and kisses her.[18]
Beth Kari Matchett Wonderfalls [Citation needed:January 2018]
Maddie Bishop Fola Evans-Akingbola Siren Maddie has a boyfriend, Ben, but she is receptive to the attraction that Ryn (a mermaid) has shown towards her.[19]
Margot Bishop Sonya Walger The Catch She had an affair with Felicity.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Maya Bishop Danielle Savre Station 19 Maya tells her friends Andy Herrera and Victoria Hughes that taking care of herself includes "lots of sex" with "a series of ladies and gents" (S1 episode "Contain the Flame").[20]
Grace Black Tamara Wall Hollyoaks [Citation needed:January 2018]
Jerri Blank Amy Sedaris Strangers with Candy [Citation needed:January 2018]
Alana Bloom Caroline Dhavernas Hannibal Alana expresses interest in Will Graham in the first season, enters a relationship with Hannibal Lecter in the second season, and ultimately marries and has a child with Margot Verger. Bryan Fuller has repeatedly referred to her as bisexual.[21][22][23][24]
Wolfgang Bogdanow Max Riemelt Sense8 In season finale, is shown to be engaging in a threesome with Kala and her husband, Rajan.
Anne Bonny Clara Paget Black Sails Anne was lover and life-partner with fellow pirate Jack Rackham before she met Max, a prostitute in a Nassau brothel, and they became lovers.[25][26]
Brendan Boulter Steven Burrell Family Affairs [citation needed]
Haddie Braverman Sarah Ramos Parenthood Has happily been in relationships with both men and women.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Meri Brown Meri Brown Sister Wives [27]
Charlie Buckton Esther Anderson Home and Away When Charlie first arrived in the Bay, Channel Seven described her as having a "bone to pick and the prowess to do it" in reference to her father's relationship with Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances), which Charlie disapproved of because her mother had only recently died.[28][29]
Rosita Bustillos Tamara Duarte Wynonna Earp During the Season 2 Episode 9 episode 'Forever Mine, Never Mind', Rosita invites Waverly Earp to share a hot tub with her. During the course of the scene, they share a kiss that Waverly initiates, but Rosita returns. They both break away, knowing that they both owe fidelity to their respective lovers.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Diane Butcher Sophie Lawrence EastEnders [Citation needed:January 2018]
Caroline Buxton Tandi Wright Shortland Street [Citation needed:January 2018]
Caitlin Zelda Williams Teen Wolf Initially introduced as a lesbian character in her first appearance in season 3a, she was subsequently brought back for an episode of season 3b and was identified as bisexual.[30]
Lockie Campbell Nick Rhys Hollyoaks [Citation needed:January 2018]
Cecelia Cannon Caitlin Barlow Teachers Cecelia's sexuality has been speculated about by other characters throughout the show. During a party in Season 2 Episode 7 Cecelia makes out with a woman and tells her she is bisexual.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Amanita Caplan Freema Agyeman Sense8 Dyed her hair in the colors of the bisexual pride flag.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Brenna Carver Haley Ramm Chasing Life Brenna has been in a relationship with two boys and two girls throughout the show. She has explicitly stated multiple times she is bisexual and joins the LGBT+ club in her school.[31]
Mateo Castellano Jake Canuso Benidorm [Citation needed:January 2018]
Beatrix "Bird" Castro Vanessa Morgan Finding Carter Bird kissed Carter's old friend named Madison, who is a girl, in I Knew You Were Trouble but never clearly stated her sexual preferences.[32]
Cassidy Joe Gilgun Preacher Although mostly attracted to women, Cassidy makes several comments throughout the series about having sex with men, usually under the influence of drugs. In season 3 he kisses and shows attraction towards Eccarius, indicating that their relationship will be more than platonic.[33][34]
Rosie Chadderton Lorna Pegler Is Harry on the Boat? [Citation needed:January 2018]
August Chandler Andre Myers Cheetah in August August is struggling with understanding his sexuality between men, while exploring women.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Ethan Chandler Josh Hartnett Penny Dreadful [Citation needed:January 2018]
Piper Chapman Taylor Schilling Orange is the New Black (Web television) Having had a previously relationship with another woman prior to the start of the series, she was initially engaged to a man in the first season.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Rick Cheesecloth Andrew Woodall Gimme Gimme Gimme [Citation needed:January 2018]
Oscar Cherniak Shawn Erker [Citation needed:January 2018]
Chloe Nina Liu The Secret Life of Us [Citation needed:January 2018]
Grace Choi Chantal Thuy Black Lightning Becomes the girlfriend of Anissa Pierce.[35]
Cassandra Cillian Lindy Booth The Librarians Admitted having feelings for Jenkins and later kissed a lady vampire. [Citation needed:January 2019]
Quentin Coldwater Jason Ralph The Magicians Dates Alice Quinn in season 1, and falls in love with Eliot Waugh in season 3. [Citation needed:July 2018]
Daniel Colson Mark Dobies One Life to Live [Citation needed:January 2018]
John Constantine Matt Ryan Legends of Tomorrow He slept with Sara Lance and kissed Gary Green. Canonic bisexuality established in 1992 comic.[36]
Marissa Cooper Mischa Barton The O.C. Shae have relationships with Ryan and Alex through the series.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Jay Copeland Jaime Passier-Armstrong Shortland Street [Citation needed:January 2018]
Lindsey Corkhill Claire Sweeney Brookside [Citation needed:January 2018]
Delphine Cormier Évelyne Brochu Orphan Black Fell for Cosima and began helping her learn more about her nature as a clone.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Tim Cornish Lee Williams No Night Is Too Long [Citation needed:January 2018]
Leonardo da Vinci Tom Riley Da Vinci's Demons [Citation needed:January 2018]
Angela Darmody Aleksa Palladino Boardwalk Empire [Citation needed:January 2018]
Ashley Davies Mandy Musgrave South of Nowhere [Citation needed:January 2018]
Ezri Dax Nicole de Boer Star Trek: Deep Space Nine As another host of the symbiont Dax, Ezri, like Jadzia Dax, has memories and romantic feelings toward both men and women. However, in the mirror universe, her counterpart Ezri Tigan (who had not joined with Dax) is a lesbian.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Jadzia Dax Terry Farrell Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Citation needed:January 2018]
Beauchamp Day Thomas Gibson Tales of the City [Citation needed:January 2018]
Pamela "Pam" Swynford de Beaufort Kristin Bauer van Straten True Blood [Citation needed:January 2018]
Julián de La Mora Darío Yazbek Bernal La Casa de las Flores [Citation needed:August 2018]
Beatriz de Souza Bruna Marquezine Nada Será Como Antes (The Country's Future) [Citation needed:January 2018]
Comte de Vache James Greene Let Them Eat Cake [Citation needed:January 2018]
Craig Dean Guy Burnet Hollyoaks Had an affair with John Paul McQueen while with girlfriend Sarah Barnes. He found it difficult to choose between them, admitting he loved them both.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Logan Delos Ben Barnes Westworld Logan has sex with two female hosts and one male host. On the same night that he flirts with a male guest, he also kisses a female host. He engages in an orgy with both sexes. [37]
Carina DeLuca Stefani Stampinato Grey's Anatomy [Citation needed:August 2018]
Bo Dennis Anna Silk Lost Girl Bo is a succubus, a Fae that survives by feeding from life force and the energy created from sex with males or females. Bo becomes romantically and sexually involved with Dyson (a Light Fae detective) and Lauren (a human doctor). ("....she's a sexual creature and she falls in love with both Dyson and Lauren." - Anna Silk on her character's sexual orientation.[38])
Sonny Dhillon Pal Aron Coronation Street [Citation needed:January 2018]
Dayanara Diaz Dascha Polanco Orange is the New Black Though appearing to be straight for the first five seasons, Dayanara begins a relationship with Dominga "Daddy" Duarte when she realises she is going to be in prison for life.[Citation needed:August 2018]
Rosa Diaz Stephanie Beatriz Brooklyn Nine-Nine Rosa came out as bisexual in Episode 9, Season 5.[39]
Christina Dichiera Jacinta Stapleton Stingers Had an affair with the daughter of her unit's commander, and with a woman while working undercover.[40][41]
Alison DiLaurentis Sasha Pieterse Pretty Little Liars She have previous relationships with men, buy finally get engaged with Emily Fields.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Debbie Dingle Charley Webb Emmerdale Had a brief relationship with Jasmine Thomas (Jenna Coleman), but has mainly been with men, including Andy Sugden (Kelvin Fletcher) and Cameron Murray (Dominic Power).[Citation needed:January 2018]
Mary Dittrich Lisa Joyce Boardwalk Empire [Citation needed:January 2018]
Shell Dockley Debra Stephenson Bad Girls [Citation needed:January 2018]
Rich Dotcom Ennis Esmer Blindspot [Citation needed:January 2018]
Caitlin Dowd Bonnie Somerville Cashmere Mafia [Citation needed:January 2018]
Will Drake Cheyenne Jackson American Horror Story: Hotel Initially self-identifies as gay, but he later reveals he is a closeted bisexual who fears the prejudice others have regarding bisexuality.[42]
Haley Dunphy Sarah Hyland Modern Family In an interview in November 2017, Hyland revealed that Haley Dunphy is bisexual.[43]
Waverly Earp Dominique Provost-Chalkley Wynonna Earp Had been with long-term boyfriend Champ until she met Nicole Haught and fell for her. Nicole is the first woman Waverly had ever been attracted to and was caught off guard by her feelings for Nicole.[44]
Kat Edison Aisha Dee The Bold Type [45]
Karen Ellis Tanya Franks Family Affairs [Citation needed:January 2018]
Camille Engelson Allison Scagliotti Stitchers Her only known relationship was with boyfriend Linus. In episode 4 of Season 2 she says "Dirk and I only dated for about a week. I dated his sister a lot longer." In Season 3, Camille falls in love with medical examiner Amanda Weston and in episode 4 says to Amanda, "My life makes sense with you in it." Bisexuality confirmed by actress.[46]
Eretria Ivana Baquero The Shannara Chronicles She had feelings for Wil in Season 1 and became the love interest of Princess Lyria in Season 2.[47]
Nina Farr Rebekah Gibbs Casualty [Citation needed:January 2018]
Felicity Shivani Ghai The Catch She had an affair with Margot Bishop.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Linda Ferguson Beth Dover Orange is the New Black (Web television) Had a relationship with Joe Caputo in season 4 and was involved with Carrie "Big Boo" Black in season 5 during the riot.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Morris Fischer ____ Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden [Citation needed:January 2018]
Kris Fisher Gerard McCarthy Hollyoaks [Citation needed:January 2018]
Flowerdew ____ The Goon Show [Citation needed:January 2018]
Sonia Fowler ____ EastEnders [Citation needed:January 2018]
Billie Frasier ____ Starved [Citation needed:January 2018]
Fred Archie Bunker's Place [Citation needed:January 2018]
Donna Freedman Margot Robbie Neighbours [Citation needed:January 2018]
Gabrielle Renee O'Connor Xena: Warrior Princess the relationship between Xena and her faithful sidekick Gabrielle. Over the course of six seasons (1995-2001), the two became best friends, but despite the love they obviously felt for each other, they never officially became a couple.[48]
Gael Tommy Martinez Good Trouble [49]
Felix Gaeta ____ Battlestar Galactica [Citation needed:January 2018]
Gaia Jaime Murray Spartacus: Gods of the Arena [Citation needed:January 2018]
Tabitha Galavan Jessica Lucas Gotham [Citation needed:January 2018]
Ian Gallagher ____ Shameless (UK) Originally starts as a purely gay character, but reveals in later seasons that he has engaged in heterosexual relationships.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Monica Gallagher Annabelle Apsion
Chloe Webb
Shameless (UK)
Shameless (US)
Married to Frank Gallagher, but has female lovers as well.[50]
Esther García Fátima Baeza Hospital Central Dated several men before marrying Maca.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Ferdinand "Ferdy" Garcia Ramon Tikaram This Life [Citation needed:January 2018]
Anna Garner Louisa Krause The Girlfriend Experience [Citation needed:January 2018]
Jasmine Garza Luvia Petersen Continuum [51]
Conrad Gates Ben Price Footballers' Wives [Citation needed:January 2018]
DSI Stella Gibson Gillian Anderson The Fall In the third episode of the second season, she mouth-kisses Reed Smith (Archie Panjabi) to drive away the advances from a male, and the two then headed to Gibson's hotel room but Smith changed her mind.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Júlia Azevedo Gomes Letícia Colin Nada Será Como Antes (The Country's Future) [Citation needed:January 2018]
Dr. Emily Grace Georgina Reilly Murdoch Mysteries Emily had relationships with male characters (most notably, George Crabtree and Leslie Garland). In Season 8 episode "High Voltage", she meets suffragette Lillian Moss. Emily falls in love with her and has a romantic relationship with Lillian.[52]
Will Graham Hugh Dancy Hannibal While show runner Bryan Fuller initially described Will as heterosexual, he has confirmed that Will is in love with Hannibal.[53] While describing Will and Hannibal's relationship, Fuller says: "You can have this intimate connection with somebody that then causes you to wonder where the lines of your own sexuality are. And we didn't quite broach the sexuality. It was certainly suggested, but the love is absolutely on the table. There is love between these two men, and confusion between these two men." He has also confirmed that the attraction between him and Hannibal is mutual.[54][55][56][57][58]
Angela Graves Alexis Bristowe Congeria (Podcast) Secondary character in season one. She is a single female with a questionable criminal background who makes references to her past romantic relationship with the lead character, Jenny Walker. (Some of their relationship history is referenced in "minisodes" exclusive to members of Shudder streaming service.)[citation needed]
Clarke Griffin Eliza Taylor The 100 Romantically involved with male character Finn and Lesbian characters Lexa and Niylah. In the Season 4 premier, she confesses to her mother in tears that she was in love with Lexa.[59]
Rosie Gulliver Sarah Solemani Bad Education Dated multiple men and also dated a female former student.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Eleanor Guthrie Hannah New Black Sails Has a complicated on-again, off-again relationship with Charles Vane. In the beginning of season one she and Max, who is a woman, are lovers.[60]
Rana Habeeb (aka Rana Nazir) Bhavna Limbachia Coronation Street Rana is a married Muslim woman and has an affair with Kate Connor.[61]
Remy "Thirteen" Hadley Olivia Wilde House Is seen in sexual and romantic relationships with males and females. In one episode, she talks about her bisexuality to a co-worker.[62]
Hadley Hale Lindsey Haun True Blood [Citation needed:January 2018]
Evelyn Harper Holland Taylor Two and a Half Men [Citation needed:January 2018]
Owen Harper Burn Gorman Torchwood Had sexual relationships/interest in men (Colin, Mark Lynch) and women (Katie Russel, Gwen Cooper)[Citation needed:January 2018]
Chad Harris-Crane Donn Swaby Charles Divins Passions [Citation needed:January 2018]
Holly Hart Sandra Huggett Family Affairs Had a relationship with Susie Ross, then with Dave Matthews.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Larry Henderson John Lithgow Trial & Error [Citation needed:January 2018]
Summer Henderson Krysta Rodriguez Trial & Error [Citation needed:January 2018]
David Hide Jason Durr Casualty [Citation needed:January 2018]
Miles Hollingsworth III Eric Osborne Degrassi: The Next Generation
Degrassi: Next Class
Has had romantic relationships with females, and one male. Though he was hesitant to label himself, he finally comes to terms with his sexuality, and comes out as bisexual in the forth season.[63]
Jean Holloway Naomi Watts Gypsy Married to a man, and sexually involved with Sidney Pierce.[64]
Mr. Wilberforce C. Humphries John Inman Are You Being Served?
Grace and Favour
John Inman played Mr. Humphries in all 69 episodes of Are You Being Served? that aired between 1972 and 1985 and in all 12 episodes of its follow up Grace And Favour that aired in 1992 and 1993.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Tony Hills Mark Homer EastEnders [Citation needed:January 2018]
Holly Billie Piper True Love Is romantically and is implied to be sexually involved with Karen.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Susan Ivanova Claudia Christian Babylon 5 [Citation needed:January 2018]
Jase ____ Sinchronicity [Citation needed:January 2018]
Jason ____ United States of Tara [Citation needed:January 2018]
Audrey Jensen Bex Taylor-Klaus Scream Refers to herself as bicurious.[65]
Ianto Jones Gareth David-Lloyd Torchwood Has a secret relationship with a woman at the beginning of the show, then later starts a relationship with main character Jack Harkness.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Ivan Jones ____ Emmerdale
Samantha Jones Kim Cattrall Sex and the City Though most of her relationships were with men, she had an affair with a woman.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Amber Kalirai ____ Coronation Street [Citation needed:January 2018]
Karen Kaya Scodelario True Love She is Holly's lover. [Citation needed:January 2018]
Barbara Kean Erin Richards Gotham Was involved romantically with Renee Montoya.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Annalise Keating Viola Davis How to Get Away With Murder She has had relationships with both men and women (such as Sam Keating, Nate Lahey, and Eve Rothlo). [Citation needed:December 2018]
Christopher "Chris" Keller Christopher Meloni Oz [66]
Kelly Gugu Mbatha-Raw Black Mirror
Episode: "San Junipero"
Once married to a man she loved, Kelly is living a free-spirited existence in a simulated reality where she dates men — until she meets Yorkie, a lesbian. She falls in love with Yorkie and chooses to remain together with her.[67]
Alex Kelly Olivia Wilde The O.C. She have relationships with Marissa Cooper and Seth Cohen while she was on the series.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Tina Kennard Laurel Holloman The L Word She had relationships with men and women in the series, the most important of all with Bette.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Pat Kerrigan Liz May Brice Bad Girls Has a relationship with her cellmate Sheena William. Had a boyfriend before going to prison.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Jane Kerkovich-Williams Eliza Coupe Happy Endings She had a "lesbian stage" during college, although she is married to Brad Williams.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Killian Griffin McElroy The Adventure Zone Married Carey Fangbattle in the finale of the Balance arc.[68]
Judy King Blair Brown Orange is the New Black (Web television)[Citation needed:January 2018]
Marcus "Dizzee" Kipling Jaden Smith The Get Down [Citation needed:January 2018]
Molly Kroll Clementine Ford The L Word [Citation needed:January 2018]
Lena Kundera ____ All My Children [Citation needed:January 2018]
Lagertha Katheryn Winnick Vikings Lagertha is a shield-maiden and a Queen. In season 4 she enters into a relationship with Astrid, a shield-maiden, and they are together for several years. In season 5, after Astrid was kidnapped and wedded to a king, a pregnant Astrid meets Lagertha in battle and asks to be killed. Lagertha didn't want to do it, but Astrid lunges at her and Lagertha is forced to kill Astrid.[7]
C.J. Lamb Amanda Donohoe L.A. Law [Citation needed:January 2018]
Sara Lance Caity Lotz Arrow
Legends of Tomorrow
Was in a relationship with Nyssa al Ghul and Oliver Queen but has a preference for women (Invasion Crossover). She is also in a relationship with Ava Sharpe.[69]
Miranda Lang ____ The Secret Life of Us [Citation needed:January 2018]
Laura Laura Ainsworth Hollyoaks [Citation needed:January 2018]
Max Lawson ____ Family Affairs [Citation needed:January 2018]
Sophie-Anne Leclerq Evan Rachel Wood True Blood [Citation needed:January 2018]
Hannibal Lecter Mads Mikkelsen Hannibal Has been in relationships with women as well as being in love with a man, Will Graham.[23]
Series creator Bryan Fuller said about the relationship between Lecter and Graham, "I feel one is om[ni]sexual and one is heterosexual and there's a lot of influence going back and forth"; but he did not specifically identify which of the two.[70]
Matty Levan Sebastian de Souza Skins Though this aspect of the character isn't explicitly mentioned in the series, early scripts of the series were, and the production team considered this trait still true of the character.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Maggie Lin Julia Taylor Ross Saving Hope Has previously dated men. She becomes romantically interested in Dr. Sydney Katz and they kiss and have sex. Later, Zach Miller sets up an online dating profile for Maggie that includes interest in male and female candidates. In season 5, she reunited with Sydney and they begin dating.[71][unreliable source?]
Portia Lin / Two / Rebecca Melissa O'Neil Dark Matter Portia Lin was shown as being sexual with men until episode 3x01, in which she hallucinates about another woman, a dead colleague, and kisses her. In episode 3x10, it is revealed that Portia (who used to be named Rebecca) was in love with Dr. Irena Shaw and in a romantic relationship with her. Portia used the image of Irena to create the Android.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Rudy Lom Mackenzie Crook Almost Human He's seen making references to liking both male and female characters in the first and only season of the show, as shown in an episode where he tells a male performance evaluation board member that he could possibly be "the one", and another when he's talking to Dorian and John about talking to women in the dance club.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Danny Lomax Stephen Billington Hollyoaks [Citation needed:January 2018]
Julien Lowe Michael Jace The Shield [Citation needed:January 2018]
Ruby / Red Lucas Meghan Ory Once Upon a Time In season one she was in love with Peter, who dies tragically. In season five episode "Ruby Slippers", she reveals to Mulan that what she should have been searching for, instead of her pack, was someone like Dorothy Gale. Her True Love kiss awakens Dorothy from a sleeping spell and after this they become lovers.[72]
Lucretia Lucy Lawless Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Spartacus: Gods of the Arena
Spartacus: Vengeance
She has had sexual and romantic relationships with both men and women.[73]
Mary Agnes MacNue Merritt Wever Godless After her husband is killed, she takes over the role of the town's mayor, wears her late husband's clothes, and becomes involved in a romantic same-sex relationship with Callie Dunne.[74][75]
Helen Magnus Amanda Tapping Sanctuary [Citation needed:January 2018]
Mandy Mia Kirshner 24 [Citation needed:January 2018]
Mango ____ Saturday Night Live [Citation needed:January 2018]
Christian Mann Thore Schölermann Verbotene Liebe [Citation needed:January 2018]
Sarah Manning Tatiana Maslany Orphan Black She initiates a steamy encounter with a woman and her boyfriend at a bar, but mostly with the other woman. She has also been romantically involved with Cal, who fathered her daughter Kira.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Countess Elizabeth Johnson Lady Gaga American Horror Story: Hotel Was involved in a polyamorous relationship with Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova. Through the decades she has had many other lovers both male and female including Donovan, Tristan Duffy, Ramona Royale and her husband James Patrick March.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Mark Luke Bilyk Lost Girl Mark is shown as being attracted to females and has sex with Bo Dennis, then as his friendship with Vex grows their relationship becomes romantic.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Evony Fleurette Marquise
/ The Morrigan
Emmanuelle Vaugier Lost Girl The Morrigan, leader of the Dark Fae, seduces males and allows herself to be seduced by women (Bo in Season 2 and Lauren in Season 4).[Citation needed:January 2018]
Sharon 'Shaz' Marshall Lindsey Fawcett Bad Girls Forms a relationship with Denny Blood in prison, but presumed bisexual.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Cara Mason Tabrett Bethell Legend of the Seeker [Citation needed:January 2018]
Maya Esther Povitsky Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Debbie McAllister Natalie Roles The Bill [Citation needed:January 2018]
Michelle McBride Maria Bello Goliath Ex-wife of Billy McBride, Michelle kisses Callie Senate in episode "It's Donald". She enters into a same-sex affair with her.[76]
Mini McGuinness Freya Mavor Skins [Citation needed:January 2018]
Sally McKenna Sarah Paulson American Horror Story: Hotel Sally fell in love with two musicians, a man and a woman, and later had a threesome with them.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Paige Michalchuk Lauren Collins Degrassi: The Next Generation Has dated a number of male characters, and one female character. Her actress, Lauren Collins, believes that Paige doesn't label herself, though she is often referred to in the media and by fans as bisexual.[77][78][79]
Freya Mikaelson Riley Voelkel The Originals In a relationship with Keelin.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Rebekah Mikaelson Claire Holt The Originals Had affairs with Nadia Petrova, Sage and who knows who else.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Nicole Miller Sally Martin Shortland Street [Citation needed:January 2018]
Nico Minoru Lyrica Okano Runaways After breaking up with Alex Wilder, Nico begins developing feelings for Karolina Dean. At a dance, Karolina hesitatingly kisses Nico and pulls back, but Nico reciprocated. In a later episode, Nico initiates their second kiss. That night, she and Karolina are seen together, spooning as they sleep.[80]
Eva Kviig Mohn Lisa Teige Skam Eva never explicitly states her sexuality, but she was in relationships with men and she kisses several times Vilde Lien Hellerud. The creator of the show confirmed she was bisexual.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Angela Montenegro Michaela Conlin Bones Once had a relationship with a woman (which was briefly rekindled in the show's fourth season), she is married to Jack Hodgins, with whom she has a son.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Dylan Moreland Alexandra Hedison The L Word [Citation needed:January 2018]
Lorna Morello Yael Stone Orange is the New Black [Citation needed:January 2018]
Toby Nance Crystal Lowe Primeval: New World [Citation needed:January 2018]
Neal Maulik Pancholy Whitney [Citation needed:January 2018]
Kira Nerys Nana Visitor Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Her Mirror universe counterpart, Intendant Kira, is bisexual and shown surrounded by a mixed-gender harem. She's eventually depicted being in a romantic relationship with her universe's Ezri Tigan.[81]
Nicki Nicola Reynolds Ideal [Citation needed:January 2018]
Vince Noir Noel Fielding The Mighty Boosh [Citation needed:January 2018]
Dr. Eleanor O'Hara Eve Best Nurse Jackie [Citation needed:January 2018]
Clara Oswald/Oswin Oswald Jenna Coleman Doctor Who In episode "Into the Dalek", she was in a relationship with Danny Pink, and in others she indicated attraction towards the male incarnations of The Doctor (eps. "Eleventh", "The Time of the Doctor", "Twelfth", "Deep Breath").[Citation needed:March 2019]
In episode "The Magician's Apprentice", she has an implied off-screen romance with Jane Austen, whom she refers to later as a "phenomenal kisser".[Citation needed:March 2019]
A further implied reference occurs in episode "Face the Raven", in which she says about Austen, "I love her. Take that how you like."[Citation needed:March 2019]
In the narrative of the series, Clara is "fragmented" through time and space. One of these fragments is named Oswin Oswald. In the episode "Asylum of the Daleks" (series 7), Oswin says to Rory Williams, "First boy I ever fancied was called Rory...actually, she was called Nina. I was going through a phase."[82]
Patrick Charles Cottier Please Like Me [Citation needed:January 2018]
Danny Pennant Gary Lucy EastEnders [Citation needed:January 2018]
Valencia Perez Gabrielle Ruiz Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Lindsay Peterson Thea Gill Queer as Folk (US) Lindsay is in a partner relationship with Melanie Marcus, but had an affair with a man, Sam Auerbach, in season 4. She and Melanie break up because of it, but reconcile in season 5.[83][84]
Sarah Pfefferman Amy Landecker Transparent (Web television) Sarah was married to a man, and was briefly engaged to a woman. She describes herself as bisexual throughout the third season.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Brittany S. Pierce Heather Morris Glee Was in a long-term relationship with Santana, which culminated in a marriage, but have romantic relationships with Artie Abrams and Sam Evans through the series.[85]
Sidney Pierce Sophie Cookson Gypsy Ex-girlfriend of one of Jean Holloway's male patients, she becomes sexually involved with her.[86]
Alice Pieszecki Leisha Hailey The L Word She has had relationships and hookups with men and women and identifies as bisexual.[87]
Niles Pottinger James Murray Defiance [Citation needed:January 2018]
Michelle Prado Floriana Lima Allegiance [88]
Natacha Rambova Alexandra Daddario American Horror Story: Hotel She and her husband Rudolph Valentino were both involved in a polyamorous relationship with the young Elizabeth Johnson.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Amy Raudenfeld Rita Volk Faking It After Amy and her best friend Karma pretend to be in a lesbian relationship Amy realises she does in fact love Karma and begins to question her sexuality. Throughout the series she dates both men and women before entering a relationship with her childhood friend Sabrina.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Randy Patrick Roach Trailer Park Boys [Citation needed:January 2018]
Christine Reade Riley Keough The Girlfriend Experience [Citation needed:January 2018]
Shannon Reed Isla Fisher Home and Away [Citation needed:January 2018]
Spencer Reid Matthew Gray Gubler Criminal Minds [Citation needed:September 2018]
Evelyn Rey Nora Arnezeder Origin Rey mentioned that she once had a relationship with a woman.[89] She has also had a relationship with a man.[90]
Charlotte Richards ("Mum" / "Goddess") Tricia Helfer Lucifer In episode "Sympathy for the Goddess" (season 2, ep 17), Charlotte is delighted when a female searches her body from knees to shoulders. As Detective Chloe Decker conducts a full pat-down on Charlotte, she smiles and says "Oh, you're being incredibly thorough. I like it." The intimation that Charlotte may be open to same-sex activity is self-evident.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Rider Daniel Black Skins [Citation needed:January 2018]
Jane Rigsby Claire Tyler Is Harry on the Boat? [Citation needed:January 2018]
Natalia Rivera Aitoro Jessica Leccia Guiding Light [Citation needed:January 2018]
Kenya Rosewater Mia Kirschner Defiance [Citation needed:January 2018]
Nolan Ross Gabriel Mann Revenge He is bisexual and has dated men and women.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Susan Ross Heidi Swedberg Seinfeld [Citation needed:January 2018]
Susie Ross Tina Landini Family Affairs [Citation needed:January 2018]
Ravi Roy Stephen Uppal Hollyoaks [Citation needed:January 2018]
Ramona Royale Angela Bassett American Horror Story: Hotel Was involved in a decade long relationship with the Countess but later left her for a rapper named Prophet Moses.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Rudy French Stewart Mom [Citation needed:January 2018]
Sophia Russo Kelli Giddish The Good Wife A private investigator, Sophia is married (to a man) and is lovers with Kalinda Sharma.[91]
Ryn Eline Powell Siren Ryn, a mermaid, is attracted to Maddie. She has also shown interest in Ben, Maddie's boyfriend.[19]
Oliver Sabel Jo Weil Verbotene Liebe [Citation needed:January 2018]
Ellaria Sand Indira Varma Game of Thrones [92]
Jean-Ralphio Saperstein Ben Schwartz Parks and Recreation [Citation needed:January 2018]
Toshiko Sato Naoko Mori Doctor Who
Dated and slept with a woman (Mary) in Torchwood episode "Greeks Bearing Gifts" (2x07) , and had mutual romantic feelings for Owen Harper.[Citation needed:November 2018]
Inara Serra Morena Baccarin Firefly Known as a Companion, she's a courtesan for upper-class clients and dignitaries, male or female.[93]
Jenny Schecter Mia Kirshner The L Word Was in a relationship with Tim at the beginning of the series but has relationships with women the rest of the series.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Ricky Schwartz Matthew Fahey Awkward [Citation needed:January 2018]
Kalinda Sharma Archie Panjabi The Good Wife Has an ex-husband, dates Cary, and has been involved with female lovers (Lana Delaney, Sophia Russo).[91][94]
Sameen Shaw Sarah Shahi Person of Interest [Citation needed:January 2018]
Adam Sheldrake Vince Leigh Family Affairs [Citation needed:January 2018]
Eleanor Shellstrop Kristen Bell The Good Place In "Michael's Gambit", the final episode of season 1, she describes Tahani Al-Jamil as "a hot, rich fraud with legs for days", then adds "Side note, I might legit be into Tahani."[Citation needed:January 2018]
Chuck Shurley/God Rob Benedict Supernatural He mentions having had both boyfriends and girlfriends in the eleventh season's twentieth episode Don't Call Me Shurley.[95]
Ella Simms Katie Cassidy Melrose Place 2.0 [Citation needed:January 2018]
Grayson Sinclair Christopher Villiers Emmerdale [Citation needed:January 2018]
Number Six Tricia Helfer Battlestar Galactica [Citation needed:January 2018]
Eric Slater Tom Courtenay Unforgotten Eric was in a heterosexual marriage and had secret Gay relationships with Jimmy Sullivan and another man called Nicholas (the latter is seen only in a photograph).[96]
Petra Solano Yael Grobglas Jane the Virgin Petra has been in relationships with both men and woman including Rafael Solano but is now dating a woman.[citation needed]
River Song Alex Kingston Doctor Who Mentions in passing that she had a second wife during the series 9 Christmas special.[97]
Sophia Brina Palencia Star-Crossed [Citation needed:January 2018]
Ali Spencer Kelli Hollis Emmerdale [98]
Olivia Spencer Crystal Chappell Guiding Light [Citation needed:January 2018]
Leo Spiller Will McCormack Dirt [Citation needed:January 2018]
Lucy Spiller Courteney Cox Dirt Although she has always dated men, she had a sexual relationship with her friend Tina Harrod.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Maya St. Germain Bianca Lawson Pretty Little Liars Was romantically involved with Emily Fields.[99]
June Stahl Ally Walker Sons of Anarchy [Citation needed:January 2018]
Michael Stevens Anthony Head Little Britain [Citation needed:January 2018]
Donald Stewart Kenny Ireland Benidorm [Citation needed:January 2018]
Helen Stewart Simone Lahbib Bad Girls Engaged to a man at the beginning of series 1, but forms a relationship with prisoner Nikki Wade.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Jacqueline Stewart Janine Duvitski Benidorm [Citation needed:January 2018]
Tony Stonem Nicholas Hoult Skins He's in a relationship at the beginning with Michelle (And he cheats on her with other women), but in an episode he shows sexual curiosity for his friend Maxxie Oliver.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Victor Strand Colman Domingo Fear the Walking Dead Confirmed bisexual by the actor.[100]
Robert Sugden Ryan Hawley Emmerdale Robert starts having an affair with Aaron Dingle whilst engaged to Chrissie White. Their affair is exposed as Robert is outed, his marriage to Chrissie ends as him and Aaron enter into a relationship. Robert later confirms his bisexuality to Aaron expressing he had kept it hidden since being a teenager when his father had beat him for it.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Susan Hilary Jardine Van Helsing Susan had an abusive boyfriend when the series began. In episode 1.09 she kisses her friend Vanessa (Van) Helsing on the lips and attempts physical intimacy with her.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Anna Taggaro Daniella Alonso One Tree Hill Anna was the first LGBT character to be introduced onto the show.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Brett Talbot Cody Saintgnue Teen Wolf [101]
Tamsin Rachel Skarsten Lost Girl After she is done with him she shares a male one night stand with Bo, then initiates a friends with benefits relationship with her in Season 5.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Stahma Tarr Jaime Murray Defiance [Citation needed:January 2018]
Marissa Tasker Brittany Allen All My Children [Citation needed:January 2018]
Charity Tate Emma Atkins Emmerdale Had a brief relationship with Zoe Tate but is generally represented as a 'man's woman' or 'femme fatale' and has had many more relationships with men and been married more than once.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Adrianna Tate-Duncan Jessica Lowndes 90210 He has had relationships with men (The most important with Navid) although she had an affair with a girl named Gia.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Tina Tevetino Izzie Steele Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Came out as bisexual in Season 2, episode 3. [Citation needed:January 2018]
Thea Melissa Roxburgh Valor [102]
Jasmine Thomas Jenna Coleman Emmerdale [Citation needed:January 2018]
Thor Noah Le Gros The Get Down [Citation needed:January 2018]
Tara Thornton Rutina Wesley True Blood [Citation needed:January 2018]
Bob Thompson Dermot Mulroney American Horror Story: Cult He has a purely sexual relationship with reporter Serina Belinda. Although later it is discovered that he has a masculine sexual exclave.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Number Three Lucy Lawless Battlestar Galactica [Citation needed:January 2018]
Dell Toledo Michael Chiklis American Horror Story: Freak Show He had relations with Ethel Darling and Desiree Dupree, but he was in love with a gigolo named Andy.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Toni Topaz Vanessa Morgan Riverdale Toni kissed Jughead, but later said she preferred girls.[103]
Callie Torres Sara Ramirez Grey's Anatomy Callie realized she's bisexual in season 4. She has had romances with men (Mark Sloan, George O'Malley) and women (Arizona Robbins, Erica Hahn, Penelope Blake).[104]
Paul Torres Adan Canto The Following [Citation needed:January 2018]
Gina Tribbiani Drea De Matteo Joey In the Season 2 episode "Joey and the Holding Hands", it is implied that Gina may be bisexual.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Phil Tyler Dervla Kirwan True Dare Kiss [Citation needed:January 2018]
Jeremy Usborne Robert Webb Peep Show Hinted in earlier series', and confirmed in Series 9 in episodes 'Gregory's Beard' and 'Threeism', where Jeremy starts an affair with his current girlfriend Megan's boyfriend Joe, and discusses his sexuality openly with roommate Mark Corrigan.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Dutch Velders Ruta Gedmintas The Strain Dutch had romantic feelings for Nikki Taylor and Vasiliy Fet, as well as engaging in sex with both. When asked, she described her sexuality as "I specialise in passionate, destructive relationships".[Citation needed:August 2018]
Vex Paul Amos Lost Girl BDSM submissive with a favorite dominatrix in Season 2, he has a sexual fantasy involving Mark in Season 5 and the two of them become a couple.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Nyssa-Vex Wallis Day Krypton Nyssa was in a same-sex relationship in the past.[105] (Those born in the House of Vex or marry into it use "Vex" as their surname.)
Villanelle Jodie Comer Killing Eve Villanelle is a psychopathic assassin.[106]
Karen Walker Megan Mullally Will & Grace [Citation needed:January 2018]
Jake Peralta Andy Samberg Brooklyn Nine Nine Jake is currently married to a woman, Amy Santiago, but has been attracted to several men and has asked them out.[Citation needed:August 2018]
Elise Wassermann Clémence Poésy The Tunnel Elise has had sex with men based on an emotionally detached physical necessity. She had never experienced instinctual attraction for anyone until she met Eryka Klein, and falls in love with her (the first time Elise has felt this way about someone).[107][108]
Tyrell Wellick Martin Wallström Mr. Robot Tyrell's sexuality has never been explicitly stated, but he often uses sex in order to reach his goals and seems pretty comfortable kissing and performing sex acts with both women and men. He has a wife with whom he is implied to be sexually active in the first season of the show, and confesses his love for the main character of the show, Elliot Alderson, who is a man, in the second season. It has been confirmed by the show creator Sam Esmail that he does indeed love Elliot.[109][110]
Helena "H.G." Wells Jaime Murray Warehouse 13 In 2.11, Helena stated "many of my lovers were men".[111] In the series' finale Myka reveals that Helena is dating a woman named Giselle.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Jacob Wells Nico Tortorella The Following [Citation needed:January 2018]
Ilana Wexler Ilana Glazer Broad City [112]
Darryl Whitefeather Pete Gardner Crazy Ex-Girlfriend He married a woman but after their separation is dating "White Josh", even singing a song declaring himself Bisexual.[113]
Jackson Whittemore Colton Haynes Teen Wolf Jackson was in a relationship with girlfriend Lydia Martin from seasons 1 to 3 before moving to London. Jackson returned to season 6 with his boyfriend Ethan.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Jodie Wilde Montana Manning Hollyoaks [Citation needed:January 2018]
Mark Wilde Callum Blue As If [Citation needed:January 2018]
Sheena Williams Laura Rogers Bad Girls Has a child with her boyfriend but forms a relationship with fellow prisoner Pat Kerrigan and intends to stay with her even after release.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Clarice Willow Polly Walker Caprica [Citation needed:January 2018]
Palmer Wyland Jaime King The Class [Citation needed:January 2018]
Xena Lucy Lawless Xena: Warrior Princess [Citation needed:January 2018]
Yasuko 'Yoko' Haruka Kuroda Ideal [Citation needed:January 2018]
Zero Adam Senn Hit the Floor [Citation needed:January 2018]
Aleksandra Zimińska Marta Wierzbicka Na Wspólnej Most notable "bisexual" person, probably only, in contemporary Polish pop culture. Na Wspólnej is a popular Polish soap opera. Aleksandra Zimińska is in a romantic relationship with Klaudia Bracka, played by Polish actress Julia Trembecka.[Citation needed:January 2018]
Zoroaster Gregg Chillin Da Vinci's Demons [Citation needed:January 2018]

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