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The counter-movement jump was related to the first 0-30m, while the hopping test was the best predictor of the two last phases. So again, we see that different means of training have different outcomes and that the plyometric exercise, when used as a means to.

Its complicated Leg stiffness is dependent, as noted, on the stretch-shortening capacities of muscles and therefore of the individual. The author has observed when training his group of sprinters and jumpers that some have natural greater leg stiffness than others and that this seems to be.

This highlights just how important leg stiffness is as, without it, sprint velocity would be very much dampened. In a review of research on leg stiffness the following definition and way of assessing stiffness was provided: Human running can be modelled as either a spring-mass.

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It seems that the additional loading of the sled, rather than producing stronger and stiffer legs that would improve top-end sprint speed, actually hindered the development of this quality, although boosting acceleration.

Sled-towing had more of a concentric strength developing role as opposed to an increasing leg-stiffness role as it relates to the stretch-shortening cycle and top-end speed. These findings were correlated by researchers who specifically analysed the performances of 19 regional to national-level sprinters over 100m.

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Researchers looked specifically at this method of training and its effects on 20 professional rugby union players. They were tested for 0-10m acceleration and for top-end speed using a flying 10m-sprint (a run where they had reached top-speed) and strength (using a three repetition maximum.

Leg stiffness can be developed via numerous training methods. These include weight training, plyometrics, sprinting and resisted running, such as sled-towing. However, looking at the research, it appears that developing leg stiffness via various training methods is complex and does not occur as one might.


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