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This story is purely fictitious. It is not to be read by anyone under eighteen years of age.

When Markie was a teenager her body developed into a mature figure at an early age. Her breasts were large and firm, and her nipples were noticeable whenever she wore a tight sweater or blouse; clothes she loved to ware. She loved the attention she got from the local studs. She was naturally blonde with a slim waist and long legs. She was almost too beautiful. This had the effect of scaring off many of her immature teenage classmates. She longed for sexual experiences, but they were few and far between. In reality,
those dates who were forward enough to play with her breasts were too rough and none were able to bring her to a climax. If they got too physical it became her policy to jerk them off or even suck their cocks so she wouldn’t get pregnant. This was great for the guys, but not so great for her, although she liked doing it. She liked the feel and the taste of a warm cock in her mouth.

One summer when she was about seventeen she had the idea of asking her Uncle

Dan to show her what it was like to be made love to by someone who knew what he was doing. Her uncle was in his thirties, but had never been married. He was the consummate swinging bachelor who always had beautiful women with him. Markie figured he would be the perfect person to show her what great sex was all about. She wanted to experience multiple climaxes; something she and her girlfriends talked about.

So she decided to write to him and ask if she could spend a weekend with him hopefully getting her brains fucked out, though she didn’t tell him that. He wrote back and said he only remembered her as a beautiful little child with long blonde hair, and was surprised to learn that she was at this stage of her life. He said of course he would love to show her the art of lovemaking. He also asked her if he could photograph her, something he loved to do since it turned him on to see his models wearing tight sweaters and sticking out their breasts, unbuttoning their blouses and exposing their tits, or lying naked on his bed. He usually ended up fucking his models or at least getting his cock sucked. Markie said sure, she loved to be photographed. She didn’t tell him this, but the one time she posed for a classmate from the school photo club it turned her on. She pretended the long black lens of the camera was a phallic symbol probing her body. She never posed in the nude; only in a bikini. She thought it would be fun to pose naked for Uncle Dan. After some discussion as to what to bring and wear for clothing, they arranged for a weekend tryst.

Markie’s uncle lived in the next town. When the day came she took a bus to his house. She rang the door bell and waited. When Dan opened the door he was flabbergasted. His niece, standing on his door step, was an absolute beauty. She was tall and slim, and was wearing tight fitting jeans and an even tighter sweater that did nothing to hide her breasts. Her nipples were prominent, and it was obvious she was not wearing a bra. Markie’s breasts were young and firm and did not need support except when she participated in athletics. She wore this sexy outfit because she wanted to turn her uncle on so their weekend of love making would be worthwhile. It did exactly that. He couldn’t believe his good fortune.

Dan took the suitcase from her and invited her in. They smiled at each other a little embarrassed at the situation. Once Dan looked her over again, he asked her to turn around. She did a nice pirouette for him and gave him a sexy come-on look. He said to start their weekend off on the right foot, he needed to kiss her. She stood there and let him take her in his arms. Their eyes met and twinkled in anticipation of what was to happen. Then their mouths met in a long juicy kiss. Dan’s tongue went deep into Markie’s mouth. She felt herself getting excited. She also felt his swollen cock against her leg. Dan’s hands then found Markie’s tight little ass, to which he gave a gentle squeeze. He used his strength to bring her firmly against his body; his cock penetrating toward her pussy. He held her in this position for a long time, all the while kissing her. He then broke off the kiss and turned Markie around. He pressed his body against hers and she against his. His hands started a journey that began on her thighs and worked their way upward. When they got to the hem of her sweater, they found their way under her sweater and onto her bare skin. She trembled a little. She didn’t think their sexcapade would start so soon, but she was glad it did. Dan’s hands were soon cupping Markie’s breasts. He squeezed them passionately. Then he squeezed her nipples between his thumb and forefingers. Markie let out a little whelp. She was loving this and laid her head back against his shoulder. She had never had her breasts caressed in this loving manner. She then put her arms up over her head so that Dan had even easier access to her breasts and could work his magic more freely. Her nipples were getting very hard and prominent. Dan then pulled her sweater down, turned Markie around and surveyed the sight before him. Markie sensed what he was doing. She thrust her chest out and pulled her elbows back to accentuate the size of her tits. Dan said hold that pose, that’s the way I want to photograph you. He got his camera. Markie was getting hot.

When Dan returned, he put Markie near a window to get the proper lighting. He said now I want you to play with your breasts. Start messaging them, play with your nipples, and do what you have to do to pleasure yourself. Markie did just that, and Dan started taking pictures. Without saying anything, Markie then lifted up her sweater up and played with her bare tits. Dan then asked her to lift her sweater over her breasts, put her hands behind her head, and thrust out her chest. The camera went wild. Dan was about to come in his pants. He had to cool things down, so he asked Markie to cover herself. She pulled her sweater down where it belonged and stretched it tight. The contour of her breasts were revealed. Dan breathed a long sigh of relief and told Markie what a great time they were going to have when her lovemaking lessons began.

He couldn’t resist kissing her again. He fondled her breasts then nipped at her nipples through her sweater with his teeth. Markie yelped again. No one had ever done that to her. Her breasts seemed to swell in size and her nipples stood erect. She was loving this and Dan developed a massive hard on!

Dan suggested they have lunch out on the deck and get to know each other. They talked about lovemaking. Dan explained how it was the woman’s job to excite the male — the object being to get his penis as hard and erect as possible. This would be good for both of them in that she would enjoy a nice, big erection driven deep into her body. His enjoyment would be obvious. Dan said there were many ways a woman could excite a man. Markie obviously had discovered that men like woman’s breasts; to look at, to fondle, to suck on, and she had experienced all of the above. She knew that wearing tight fitting sweaters and thin blouses was a good way to excite a man. She was lucky in that she didn’t need a bra, which made it all the better.

Dan explained that men also liked beautiful, long legs. Wearing a skirt or dress that could be pulled up to expose her legs would excite any man. Nylons with a garter belt and no panties was the most exciting and convenient way once the clothing started to come off. When making love in a car, he told her, it makes it very easy for the man to get his hand between your legs and fingers into your vagina.

All this talk was making Markie very excited. She suggested maybe she should take off her jeans and put on a skirt. She got no argument from Dan.

Markie went to her bedroom and got out of her jeans. She did as Dan had suggested; put on nylons and a garter belt, but no panties. She also put on a thin blouse that buttoned down the front, a skirt, and spike heels. She then went back to show Dan her outfit. She looked very sexy. He was amazed at the beauty of this young lady. Dan said that’s perfect, now we can shoot some cleavage pictures and pictures of your great legs. Markie really was beautiful in this outfit; slim, blonde, long legs, large breasts, tight blouse. Dan suggested they move into the living room. Markie sat on the couch. Dan asked her to cross her legs and pull up her skirt to expose her legs. He began shooting. Markie kept animated by sticking out her chest and slowly pulling her skirt higher and higher. She then began unbuttoning her blouse from the top. The camera kept firing. When Markie got to the bottom button she slowly pulled her blouse open revealing two lovely breasts and major cleavage. She bent forward to let the camera see her nipples. What a sight with her skirt up around her waist and her tits falling out of her blouse! Dan could stand it no longer. He said, Markie, it’s time to start your love making lesson before I come in my pants. Markie blushed. She said, I didn’t know I could do that to a man just with my looks. Dan assured her she could.

He put the camera down and sat next to Markie. They immediately went into a sustained kiss. Dan French kissed her and gently messaged the back of her neck. Markie’s excitement intensified and her nipples began to harden. Her blouse was still unbuttoned, so Dan slipped his hand inside and cupped her right breast. He rubbed her nipple with the palm of his hand. Markie loved it and her juices began to flow. Dan now told her it was time for her to do her part to enhance his erection. He told her to put her hand on his cock, which was still entrapped in his pants. She did and began rubbing it in circles with the palm of her hand. He said, now carefully undo my belt and unzip my fly. Markie did as she was told. Dan’s cock sprang to life when Markie released it from its confinement. She had seen a man’s cock before, but not one this large. Her eyes popped and her mouth opened; a precursor of what would soon happen. Dan showed her how to jerk him off. She encircled his cock with her thumb and forefinger, and jerked him up and down. It excited her to be playing with a man’s cock. She then cupped his balls in her hand, then went back to jerking him off. Markie knew what she was doing.

Dan then asked, do you know what to do next? Markie smiled coyly. Without hesitation, she got up, walked in front of Dan, pushed his knees apapt, kneeled between his legs, and looked at his cock. Her blouse was fully open and her breasts were exposed. She licked her lips. Dan slouched down on the couch. His cock was at full extension. Markie bent her head down. Her hair fell onto his cock. She then pursed her lips and kissed the head of Dan’s cock. The sight of Markie’s lips encircling his cock blew Dan’s mind. She then licked it with her tongue. Then she took his cock fully into her mouth. With his cock in her mouth she used her tongue to message it; all the while sucking gently. Dan was in ecstasy. After waiting as long as he could, he had to tell her to stop or he would explode. Markie raised her head. She wore a disappointed look. She was enjoying what she was doing. Dan said he wanted to save himself for his part in their lovemaking; namely, fucking her brains out. Markie was shocked at the language, but looked forward to the act.

Dan told Markie to take a pillow off the couch and put it on the floor. Then he asked her to lie down on the floor with the pillow under her hips. She did and pulled her dress up to her waist. She then spread her legs apart anxious for Dan to enter her. He wasted no time. He lay down on her and drove his cock into Markie as deep as he could. She screamed. He then drove his cock into her even harder, then in and out, in and out time after time after time. She climaxed over and over again. She was getting the fucking of her life. Her breasts swelled and her nipples stood erect. She encircled Dan’s body with her legs and used her heels to drive him deeper into her body. She undulated her ass and treated Dan to a thorough fucking. Dan finally spent himself to exhaustion. He lay on Markie with his cock still inside her for a long time. She loved feeling his weight on her. After a considerable amount of time he got off and asked her how she felt. She told him it was wonderful and asked if they couldn’t do it again. Dan said, no, not now, he needed time to recoup. Let’s take a break, go for a hike and take a picnic lunch. We’ll bring the dog and give him some exercise. Markie agreed.

She loved Dan’s big golden retriever. So far her weekend was going great!

Dan chose a remote area up on a hillside for their picnic. It was an abandoned field and a place seldom visited by anyone. Dan had in mind that it would make a great place to photograph Markie in the nude. It would also make a good place to continue their lovemaking lesson. Markie changed her clothes for their hike. She wore jeans and a tee shirt; without a bra, of course. Her nipples were very prominent. Dan concluded she would look sexy no matter what she wore. He got a hard on just looking at her. He did ask her to bring a shirt that buttoned down the front that he would carry in his pack. They drove to the trail head that led to the secluded field. After a half hours climb they arrived at their destination. They worked up a bit of a sweat which dampened Markie’s T-shirt and made her breasts even more prominent. Dan took her in his arms to celebrate their arrival. He held her tight and messaged her ass. Markie kissed him fervently. She loved his manliness; the strength of his arms, and the smell of his body. Dan realized that they were not going to avoid fucking each other right now, before the picnic, the photoshoot or anything else. He broke off the kiss and got a blanket out of his pack. He spread it on the ground. The dog found a cool place to lie down under a tree. Markie unzipped her jeans and let them slide down her long, thin legs. She stepped out of them. She then slid her panties down and stepped out of them. She went all he way and took off her T-shirt. She was totally naked. What a sight! She then wasted no time in lying down on the blanket. Dan soon followed suit. His erection was enormous! Markie stared at it, then decided she would like to play with it. She asked Dan to lie down on his back, which he did. She kneeled between his legs, bent over to let her breasts hang down and create a deep cleavage. She let Dan’s cock come between her tits. Dan strained to keep from coming. Markie then took her breasts in her hands and began to message Dan’s cock between them. He lay back and savored every second; all the while fighting off the urge to come. Markie then sucked his cock and used her tongue to massage it. She then let it penetrate deep into her throat. Dan couldn’t hold it any longer; he came in her mouth. Markie just smiled and swallowed. She knew she would be able to get Dan’s cock hard again.

Dan suggested that while he was recovering they should take some pictures. He threw Markie’s shirt to her and asked her to put it on and tie it in the front without buttoning anything. She did and also put on her jeans but not her panties. She threw these into Dan’s backpack.

Markie’s tight shirt accentuated her breasts and nipples. The shirt barely covered her breasts and showed lots of cleavage. Dan asked her to sit on a stump, lean back, and arch her back. The camera started firing. Then he asked her to put her hands behind her head and really thrust her tits out. She did and Dan got it all on film. He then asked her the play with her breasts. She cupped both breasts in her hands. Then she pulled her shirt all the way open to expose her tits and played with her naked breasts and her nipples. She got herself very excited. Dan asked her to reach her hand into her jeans and message herself. She did and almost came to a climax. She wanted to wait for Dan to bring her to a climax. She said, Dan, you’re better at this than I am. Why don’t you put that camera down and come make love to me? Markie then took off her jeans and lay down on the blanket. She spread her legs in an inviting manor. Dan quickly took off his pants and briefs and kneeled down between Markie’s legs. He placed his cock at the entrance to her vagina, and massaged the lips at her entrance. He then drove his cock deep inside her. Markie squealed and began to squirm her ass. She was getting a very good fucking. She undulated her hips in circles while Dan pumped her in and out. It wasn’t long before they both exploded in orgasms. They then relaxed together in their nudity and waited to recover.

It didn’t take long. Dan began to play with Markie’s breasts. She loved to have him fondle them. He then sucked on her nipples which got her all hot again. He asked her if she had ever fucked doggie style. She said to remember she had had very little experience in the matter of making love; that that is why she was here. No, she had not, but she would love to try anything he wanted to do. Dan said, “Get on your hands and knees. I’m going to fuck you from the back.” Markie did as she was told. The dog had watched all this. Markie getting into a doggie position was too much for him. Before Dan could do anything about it, the dog came to Markie and started to lick her pussy. Markie looked up at Dan as much to say, “What should I do?” Dan was laughing, and said, “Do you like it?” She said it feels good! Then let the dog continue. At that point, the dog jumped onto her back and squeezed her with his paws. The dog then drove his cock into Markie and started humping her. She was shocked. She was getting fucked by a dog! It felt good so she did nothing to stop the dog. She also found it very exciting. Dan just stood and watched with a grin on his face. When the dog finally came, Markie just said “Wow”. That was a new experience! That’s some dog you have there! ”

Markie started to turn over. Dan said, “Not so fast. It’s my turn”. Markie returned to her kneeling position and waited for Dan to mount her just as the dog had. Dan grabbed her buttoxs, then drove his cock deep inside her. His cock was much longer than the dog’s, and Markie loved it. She ground her ass and caused Dan to explode inside her. She climaxed for the second time within the last two minutes! Dan pulled his cock out of her and lay down beside her. They wrapped themselves in the blanket and fell asleep.

When Markie woke up, she was happy to find her naked body wrapped up in the arms of a naked man. She could feel Dan’s relaxed cock against her legs, and wondered if there was any way she could get Dan hard again so she could get fucked once more. She wondered if she could get him excited in his sleep. She took his cock in her hands and started stroking it. To her surprise and pleasure it started to stiffen. She loved looking at it. It got bigger and bigger. She bent down and licked it with her tongue. The fluid it was leaking tasted good. Markie put it fully into her mouth and started to suck. His cock was now fully hard. At this point Dan woke up and rolled over on his back; his cock fully erect and pointing to the sky. Markie straddled his body and lowered her pussy on to his shaft. It felt so good. She ground her ass as fast as she could. Dan drove his cock into her as far as he could. They both soon exploded, then collapsed in a heap of exhaustion.

This time they were too tired to do anything but pack up and hike back to Dan’s truck.

Markie had learned her lovemaking lessons well. The highschool studs she would datewhen school started again were in for a great treat when she directed them as to how to make love the way her uncle did.

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