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Some of you have specifically asked for this list, and/or made excellent book recommendations for it. Wonderful idea!! I happily gathered what I could find (and what you’ve suggested), right here.

Kylie: I just finished A Season of Eden and as much as I enjoyed it, it was a bit toned down for my liking. So I thought… what about a new category, we’ve had rock stars and mob men. How about teacher/professor student relationships, I have to say I think this is a great idea!!

Karen: The gist of the story is this:  William Honor is Emma’s (very young) college professor that she is crushing on.  (I think she is 21 and he is 25). The attraction is mutual and William acts on it because he always gets what he wants… Honor Student is really just like the introduction to the characters and the situation because, coming from Emma’s POV, she really has no idea what she is getting into.  On the other hand, Honor Thy Teacher is a wild roller-coaster ride that will have your heart pounding triple-time from beginning to end!!  Of course we don’t really want a William in our life, but as far as fantasy crushes go – with his dark looks and tattoo that wraps around his back – he ranks right up there with the best of them!!!

Brianna: I love teacher student, but I would like more where the teacher is the female. It’s usually the opposite for some reason.

Amy: Maryse. I’m at 83% of Good and my heart is aching for her. Instead of the mature-for-her-age character that are often in teacher-student books, she seems to be age appropriate emotionally and mentally and is reacting just like what would be expected for someone her age…which is making it hurt that much more.

This was a difficult list to create because often, the teacher student forbidden romance plot is a “surprise” that you’re not supposed to see coming, and I’ve had to check out a few spoilers a bit, to uncover these.

DO NOT LOOK DOWN if you like to be surprised reading a romance book, when that oomph hits you and you realize that you’ve just entrenched yourself in a “forbidden love” book. Personally I love going into a book having no idea I’m going to hit a “touchy/controversial/shocking NO.WAY! moment” (within reason… I much prefer “shock-value” moments to be between “18 and overs”. However… that is not always the case below).

I’ve had to break my personal “no spoiler” rules here to make this list now that I’ve discovered much of this “genre”. But I’ll live. I’m sure they’ll be just as exciting, I just won’t be “as shocked” when I hit that moment. Or, I’ll purge these from my mind and hope to come across them in a “surprise” way. Yah. That’ll work. 😉 Ummm… unless I use this list. And then. My plot has been foiled!

Of course, some are blatantly obvious in their subject matter… but some really are supposed to take the reader by surprise. In fact, I remember reading a book not too long ago (some of you may know which one I’m referring to…. 😉 ), having no clue and it was one of THESE!!! Ohhhhh yesssss!! I was delighted because I didn’t even see it coming. So I know. This is hard to choose from ’cause you might lose that element of surprise picking out of this list. You might want this genre of book, but you might prefer going into it having no idea that it’s one of those. If that’s the case, don’t look down. If you absolutely feel like reading one of “these” then by all means.. scroll down and choose one. 😉  Oh!! And if you know of any more, send ’em my way and I’ll add them below.


(also… I have a “spinoff” version of this list): Teacher-Student Romance Books where SHE is the teacher… 

  1. Eighteen (18): Based on a True Story by J.A. Huss <— Allison LOVES it!! “I am at 91% in Eighteen and am looooooving it! Another one I don’t want to end! I love the characters, the guessing that I’ve done throughout the book, the second guessing of who I thought should have ended up with whom. The hotness. Yowza.” and Jean was enjoying this one, too! “I’m reading 18 right now…almost done….whoever it was here that read it and said it was different than any other teacher/student romance, you weren’t kidding! Not what I expected at all!”
  2. Tempting (The Tempting Series Book 1) by Alex Lucian <— Angie loves it! “I wanted to recommend a book to you. …this is the BEST student/teacher I’ve read since Gabriel’s Inferno. It is out of this world. I was going crazy over it the other day. The writing is SO GOOD. And it’s unbelievable realistic. The characters are just so authentic and real. It’s also extremely hot. LOLOL. Like WHOA on the heat scale. It has so much heart this book. SO MUCH heart. I fell madly, deeply in love.”
  3. Pushing the Limits by Brooke Cumberland <— Grey recommends this one! “I’m reading Pushing the limits by Brooke Cumberland. Whoa… Teacher/student read… cleans off kindle screen from the steam” and Allison loved this one, too! “I just read Pushing The Limits by Brooke Cumberland and loooooved it. Slow burn, angsty, student teacher romance. Both are suffering from losses in their lives but find comfort with each other. I especially live how the heroine’s anxiety issues were treated. I hate when a character has a panic attack and then it’s all over with and never mentioned again. (I know, I’m being picky.) This character had some pretty severe issues related to her earlier trauma and I love that they weren’t just swept under the rug. And the Hero . . . such a nice guy but WHOA when he gets in the bedroom he’s a dirty talker. I love that!
  4. Playing with Trouble: Capital Confessions by Cheryl points out this one! “Maryse, Playing with Trouble (Capital Confessions) by Chanel Cleeton… It is a teacher-student story. I read the first book in this series, Flirting With Scandal over the weekend and really liked it. The series follows 3 sisters, but I think each book could be considered a standalone.”
  5. Loving Mr. Daniels by Brittainy C. Cherry <— ONE OF MY FAVORITES!! (my review) and Cheryl agrees! “OMG. Spent my saturday with Loving Mr. Daniels. Wow, just wow. Why did I put off reading it again?! sigh…now what to read?
  6. Forbidden Nights: (Seductive Nights: Nate and Casey) by Lauren Blakely <— Shane is loving it! “Reading Forbidden Nights, it’s gooooood…..”
  7. The Force of Gravity (The Force of Gravity, Book 1) by Kelly Stevenson <— Shannon recommends this one! ““The Force of Gravity”-student/teacher with a twist,”
  8. French Kissing: A student teacher romance by Noël Cades
  9. Falling to Pieces by Leddy Harper
  10. Living in Shadow (Living In… Book 1) by Jackie Ashenden <— Timitra found us this one! “Living In Shadow by Jackie Ashenden features a female teacher and a male student”
  11. Roam (Roam Series, Book One) by Kimberly Adams <— MichelleS loved this WHOLE series!!! “…sounds like you are in the “mood” for teacher/student… so why not just go with Roam? He’s her history teacher! And when she calls him “Mr. Perry” during the love scenes later on it is really kind of hot (going to hell in a hand-basket).”
  12. Veiled Innocence by Ella Frank <— (my review)
  13. Acclamation by Vee Hoffman <— Rachel loves these!! “I am reading the Acclamation series by Vee Hoffman and they are excellent. They are amazing! It’s a teacher/student story. (Teacher is 28, student is 18 but it isn’t creepy) It is beautifully written. The first book in the series is a little slow, but the 2nd, 3rd and 4th books are excellent! I have read a lot of m/m books and these are some of my favorite. Highly recommend!”
  14. Your Gravity 1 by L.G. Castillo


More… listed in alphabetical order (by author – and I included my reviews next to those I’ve read):

  1. Apples For Teacher (A Student Teacher Romance) by Alexandrinha Abbott
  2. A Taste of Temptation (Love Spectrum Romance) by Reneé Alexis
  3. This Love (University of Branton) by Nazarea Andrews
  4. Half-Blood (Covenant) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  5. Behind Closed Doors by Ashelyn Drake
  6. Love Lessons by David Belbin
  7. Drowning Instinct by Ilsa J. Bick <— I LOVED THIS ONE!!!  (my review) and Amy agrees! “T-S books that I’ve read and really liked or loved are Drowning Instinct (big oomph in that one)…”
  8. A Kiss Remembered by Sandra Brown
  9. LOSING IT by Cora Carmack <—- FANTASTIC read!!! (my review)
  10. Betrayed (House of Night, Book 2) (House of Night Novels) by P.C. Cast <— (my review)
  11. The Rehearsal: A Novel by Eleanor Catton
  12. Portrait of a Girl Running (Portraits) by J.B. Chicoine
  13. Prelude by William Coles
  14. Innocents by Kathy Coote
  15. Almost Eighteen (Wilson Mooney) by Gretchen De La O
  16. Eighteen at Last (Wilson Mooney) by Gretchen De La O
  17. Beyond Eighteen (The Wilson Mooney Series) by Gretchen De La O
  18. Against All Odds by Alexia Vella Dequera
  19. Shuttered Affections (Cornerstone #1) by Rene Folsom
  20. Run to Me by Erin Golding <— she’s the teacher (coach) and he is the student…
  21. Flanders Point by Jacquie Gordon
  22. The Truth About You & Me by Amanda Grace <— she’s 16… but doesn’t tell him.
  23. Broken Ever After by Natalie Graham
  24. Priceless (Irresistible Attraction) by Cat Grant
  25. On the Island: A Novel by Tracey Garvis Graves <— (my review) One of our all-time favorites!!!!! We were trying o get our friend Amy to jump on it, ’cause she had NO idea what she was missing. MichelleS insisted!! “Amy – you are going to be SO SORRY when you are the LAST ONE to read On the Island, and that you will have missed this goodness for YEARS. She’s in her 30′s. His teacher. He’s like 16 or 17. And had cancer. And there marooned on an island. Alone. All alone….. this doesn’t tempt you? Blue Lagoon meets Surviving Raine….. !!!!!
  26. Run to Me by Erin Golding
  27. Flanders Point (G K Hall Large Print Book Series) by G K Hall
  28. A Different Blue by Amy Harmon <— MUCH LOVED by so many in our crew!!!
  29. The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker by Leanna Renee Hieber <— (my review)
  30. Counterfeit Love by Elysa Hendricks
  31. Slammed by Colleen Hoover <— (FANTASTIC READ!!! my review)
  32. The Instructor: A Novel by Ann Ireland
  33. So Many Reasons Why (So many reasons, book 1) by Missy Johnson <— PJ recommends this one! “I just started reading “So Many Reasons Why” Book 1 by Missy Johnson. Twenty-year old agoraphobic girl attacked as a child hasn’t left her house in 10 years. She begins an innocent email chat with her Professor and the story builds from there.So far it feels pretty authentic. I’m intrigued to see where it goes.”
  34. Falling for the Teacher (Harlequin Super Romance) by Tracy Kelleher
  35. Discipline by Valerie Kidd
  36. Seduce Me! by Jessica Lambert
  37. A Season of Eden by Jennifer Laurens
  38. Want by Stephanie Lawton
  39. The Ivy Lessons (Devoted, Book 1) by J Lerman
  40. Summer and Lilacs by Lori Lightner
  41. Dating DaVinci by Malena Lott
  42. Being with Her (Loving Her Series) by Amanda Lynn
  43. A Good Student by Elliott Mabeuse
  44. How It’s Done by Christine Cole MacLean
  45. Sweetest Taboo: A Novel by Eva Márquez
  46. Tamed by Lynne Maris
  47. Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery by Monique Martin
  48. Taming the Beast by Emily Maguire
  49. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead <— (my review)
  50. Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Novel by Richelle Mead <—(my review)
  51. Shadow Kiss: A Vampire Academy Novel: 3 by Richelle Mead <— (my review)
  52. Wilson Mooney, Almost Eighteen by Wilson Mooney
  53. Her Cold Kiss by Barbara Morgenroth
  54. After Class (The After Class Romance Series) by Ella Morris
  55. Honor Student (Honor Series) by Teresa Mummert
  56. Honor Thy Teacher (Honor Series) by Teresa Mummert
  57. Honor & Obey (Honor Series) by Teresa Mummert
  58. Mister Kreasey’s Demon by Raymond Nickford
  59. Teach Me by R.A. Nelson
  60. The Webster Grove Series by Tracie Puckett
  61. When Summer Ends by Isabelle Rae
  62. Unteachable by Leah Raeder <— Great writing! my review and Lu loved it! “If you like the forbidden teacher/student trope, you should try Unteachable by Raeder. It is pretty racy, but is so beautifully written that it somehow avoids being smutty.
  63. Nocturne by Charles Sheehan-Miles & Andrea Randall <— so good! my review
  64. If I Stay by Evan Reeves
  65. Teach Me, Professor: A sexy short story of a student-teacher romance with a twist (Sara’s Shorts) by John Reins
  66. Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard
  67. Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynard
  68. The Low Notes by Kate Roth
  69. Hush by Jacqueline Sauvageau
  70. Teacher’s Pet (teacher student relationship) by Jess C. Scott <— super short
  71. Someone Like You (The Educators) by Katherine Shay
  72. Forbidden (Hollis Family) by Ryla St. John
  73. Teach Me by Amy Lynn Steele
  74. Lessons Learned: A sequel to Teach Me by Amy Lynn Steele
  75. Where You Are by J.H. Trunble <— m/m student-teacher!
  76. Twisting You by Simone Van Duin
  77. Preservation by Rachael Wade
  78. Good (Too Good series) by S. Walden <— has that extra taboo edge to it (my review) and MichelleS agrees: “I LOVED “Good” – one of my favorite “forbidden” teacher/student romances!”
  79. Damaged by H.M Ward
  80. Soul Mate by Ronald Lewis Weaver
  81. Easy by Tammara Webber <— Fantastic!! (My review)
  82. Love Lessons by Jaqueline Wilson
  83. Indisputable by A.M. Wilson <— “…he finds a car stalled on the side of an empty highway where he meets a beautiful girl with a haunted look in her eyes. She has a secret, but so does he. Despite their magnetic pull, the two come to the shocking revelation their relationship isn’t so black and white. Is it possible to fight a bone-deep attraction when the entire universe is telling you it’s wrong?”
  84. Lessons in Love by Clarissa Carlyle <— Math teacher…
  85. Letters of Love (Lessons in Love Book 2) by Clarissa Carlyle
  86. Living with Love (Lessons in Love Book 3) by Clarissa Carlyle
  87. Licked (Devoured Series Book 1) by Hazel Kelly
  88. Swallowed (Devoured Series Book 2) by Hazel Kelly
  89. Choked (Devoured Series Book 3) by Hazel Kelly
  90. Because of Him by Jessica Roe <— “Too bad he’s forbidden. Because when Blair’s mom dies and she’s sent to live with the father she’s never met and a family that doesn’t want her, Blair and Silver cross paths in ways they never could have imagined, and they discover that even though they know they should, they can’t quite bring themselves to stay apart.
  91. Last Will and Testament (Radleigh University Book 1) by Dahlia Adler <— “…her parents are killed in a tragic accident, making her guardian to her two younger brothers. To keep them out of foster care, she’ll have to fix up her image, her life, and her GPA—fast. Too bad the only person on campus she can go to for help is her humorless, pedantic Byzantine History TA, Connor Lawson, who isn’t exactly Lizzie’s biggest fan…
  92. If I Stay by Evan Reeves
  93. A Little Bit Broken [Book One] by Olivia Devon <— “By day she’s a college student, at night she’s a stripper. Life is all about school and work. She’s not looking for love. Until she meets the man of her dreams. Sexy. Smart. Amazing blue eyes. The attraction between them is immediate and intense. Now there’s nothing Jane wants more than Dr. Thomas Grayson. There’s just one problem…he’s her Professor.
  94. The New Girl (Webster Grove Book 1) by Tracie Puckett
  95. Shameless by Nina Lemay
  96. Feel Again by Faith Andrews
  97. First Man by Ava Martell
  98. Fall Semester by Stephanie Fournet
  99. Star-Crossed by Luna Lacour
  100. Echo (The Elan Series Book 1) by Tracie Roberts <— “His inherited gift comes with an added benefit—the ability to find his soul mate, the one person he’s meant to be with. And he’s found her; he just has to convince her of their connection. As their relationship heats up and their abilities grow stronger, Tara and Derek must overcome the objection of family and friends, the advances of former flames, and a secret that could ruin them both—if their love is to survive.
  101. Sorry’s Not Enough by J. Lea López <— “When the hot new teacher at Charlotte’s school turns out to be Steven, their budding summer romance turns into a huge liability…”
  102. Rewriting History by Carly Grey
  103. Only Between Us by Mila Ferrera
  104. Heartless (The Chasing Hearts Series Book 1) by Vanessa Marie <— “She finally let someone see the real, bruised, damaged girl inside. Then everything came crashing down. The man she’s opened up to… The man she’s let see her darkness… The man she’s fallen for… is off limits. He’s her new Creative Writing Teacher.
  105. Professor Cline Revealed (The Professor #1) by J.M. La Rocca
  106. The Disclosure Series Box Set by R.E. Hunter <— LAW SCHOOL “Secrets and lies spiral out of control as they struggle with their forbidden love…”
  107. Her Last Wish by Ema Volf <— She has a boyfriend, and her teacher’s wife died (and he’s looking for a surrogate). “When Charlie discovers Professor Mason’s problematic situation, she decides to help, despite the possibility of trouble for both the professor and herself. What will Jackson think of her decision? Will the surrogacy bring added complications to Charlie and Connor’s student-teacher relationship?
  108. Love Note by T. Kierei
  109. Falling In Maths by Melissa Bender


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