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Hands down Catherine Zeta Jones. She lies about her age. She is a snake. Please do not hate her because of her beauty (cough, cough). I know it’s difficult for her, because she is so beautiful. Whatever!

Plus her cunt gave Michael Douglas throat cancer!

And she has a pussy full of genital warts.

Lucy O'Ball never went anywhere without her cue cards, laugh track and Gary Morton.

Say what you will, but CJZ was once being considered for a Wonder Woman movie, and she would've been perfect.

My choice is Joni Mitchell. Constantly bashing other artists while hyping herself as a flawless genius, despite having minimal chart success. Baby boomer narcissism personified.

I'm amused by the Catherine Zeta Jones age cracks, but to be serious, I'm not sure why it's a thing. She was born in '69, was a child actress since the late 70s and into the eighties. She's the middle child in a working class family. She is the middle child of three kids. So when exactly is she supposed to have started fudging her age, and exactly how old is she supposed to be?

I don’t find her pretty let alone attractive. She has a manly face.

CZJ maybe arrogant but I wouldn't wish bipolar on anyone

Only compared to yours, r7.

R6 I don't get the age thing either. She's been a household name in the UK at least since The Darling Buds of May. I don't see when she could have started to lie about her age.

James Wood. Because he's got no soul.

Gwynneth Paltrow. Really.

James Franco. Such an artist! Is there nothing he can't do?!

Alec Baldwin owns this thread.

You better not say me.

Do you think it’s true CZJ was one of Prince Charles’s mistresses?

Why did Chevy want a talk-show, he made a fool out of himself. Because he was so arrogant he thought he'd make a good host, despite a completely lack of facility for it. It lasted 6 weeks.

Johnny Carson on Chevy Chase: “He couldn't ad-lib a fart after a baked-bean dinner.”

Will and Jada Pickett Smith.

It looks like CZJ and Lisa Vanderpump are on some collision course, morphing into each other's faces.

I feel slimy. Everyone mentioned on this thread is a true slimeball. Ugh.

I'll add most rappers to the list.

Gabby Sidibe is supposed to be one whale of a diva.

Lea Michele too. Maybe she's a bit more approachable now, when it's become obvious that she will never become a huge star

The only way Gabby could've put herself out there, is by having a tough hide, with all the attacks she was inevitably going to get.

How exactly is lying about one’s age a marker of arrogance? It’s pretty trivial information either way.

Another vote for Alec Baldwin.

Maybe people do hate CZJ because she's beautiful. But she's also a limited actress, there's a legitimate criticism.

Andy Cohen, who I fear will become more insufferable once the surrogate drops the kid.

Third vote for Alec Baldwin, both on and off screen.

Jennifer Lopez is KNOWN for being impossible and horrible on her staff.

Speaking Ms. Andy Cohen.

What is up with these Autotrader commercials he’s doing recently. Car commercials? I mean, really.... Barf

So glad to hear my true fans in here. Why would I lie about my age? It’s obvious I’m 31. And now a successful designer with a line of luxe, yet affordable soft furnishings for your delightfully mediocre trailers. Catch me on QVC and in my triumphant return to the small screen in Parent Trap 2019, where I play identical twins, with Lindsay Lohan as my mom. I know what you’re! Lindsay was a real professional, on time and knew her lines. She’s such an accomplished, older actress...

I like her, can't stand her husband or his father

Zeta Jones has the ugliest legs of any A-list actress. Her and Rachel Weisz.

[quote] Parent Trap 2019, where I play identical twins, with Lindsay Lohan as my mom.

If only, you know it'd become a legendary camp-fest.

Barbra has always struck me as pretty arrogant, but she does have the talent to back it up.

And Barbra doesn't attack other artists, unlike Joni Mitchel, who yes, legendary songwriter, but it doesn't excuse her nasty attitude.

R40 nailed it. Second motion to close this thread.

Susan Sarandon. I don't think there's a topic left on which I care to hear her opinion

Caitlyn Jenner, Kanye, Gaga, the late notsogreat Maya Angelou, Dick Cavett, all Fox News pundits, Trump (pathologically so), Angelina Jolie, Arianna Huffington, Karl Lagerfeld,

CZJ is bipolar. I don't envy her or hate her.

Solange Knowles owns this thread. Talentless, humourless, and all the humility of Caligula

R30 my friend was JLo’s stylist for a day. My friend is gorgeous and has a butt to die for, yes, even gays appreciate beauty. Anywho, Jen was a nightmare and was a bitch to my friend.

Miles Teller. Seems to have backfired on him though.

Same with John Mayer.

Stevie Nicks for destroying one of the greatest bands ever because of her gargantuan ego. She can stick her tacky Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honor up her ass. I hope she disappears forever once it’s collected. Narcissistic fool.

Kanye is the worst of all. There is no comparison. I mean, the man admits he constantly thinks of himself as the equivalent of Jesus, and then has to remind himself he has to "only" settle for comparing himself to St. Paul lest he be blasphemous. He cannot have an interview without talking about how he is a bona-fide genius.

Tom Cruise

Reese "You're About to Find Out Who I Am" Witherspoon

Will Smith

M. Night Shyamalamadingdong

54 replies & no Marky Mark "I can basically stop terrorists in my sleep" Wahlberg?

The DL is a strange place lately.

The Orange President

I'm the greatest president in the history of the universe, and as such, I can say that Alec Baldwin is the worst. I close this thread, btw.

Aging club stalwart Suzanne Bartsch.

I don't dislike CZJ.

I would rank Donald Trump number one, Kanye #2, and R Kelly #3. Madonna #4.

Rosie "I'm always right" O'Donnell

I’m changing my ways, but I deserve an honorable mention.

Call me SIR Ben Kingsley. I'll have my manager send out a memo to my co-stars, just to make sure.

The awful, dreadful, boring, bland, nothing-y Amandla Stenberg

Zeta Jones has bipolar, and having known a few bipolar people, she probably thinks she's wonderful one moment, and hates herself the next. I wouldn't envy her, bipolar is nasty. She probably shouldn't be allowed on social media with bipolar, odd things can be said and done when manic.

CJZ has not acted on a while and probablly feels the career freeze. I like her and would like to see her come back.

Alana Stewart. Arrogant and nasty in the way she expresses her support for Trump.

Why r50 What has happened with regards to Miles Teller?

Colin Jost, Gene Simmons, Emily Blunt rhymes with cunt,

r70, she did the Lifetime movie "Cocaine Godmother" in 2017. She was absolutely terrible, the critical response was a bloodbath. Catherine's fine, as long as she remembers she's a face, not really an actress.

Give info you have heard when listing names, if you want.

Say what you will about our DL Ingenue Cathy, all you Jealous Bitches . . . SHE has her shit DOWN!

CZJ has bipolar, a retarded kid and is married to an old scrotum, what's to be jealous of, bitches?

I would say Seth McFarlane. He seems to be a unsettling mix of smarmy and arrogant but also intensely self loathing. He's the type who "ironically " makes homophobic jokes but people shrug it off because he's a supposed liberal. Ick.

r77 She does not have a "retarded" kid . Not a nice thing to say.

[quote]Kanye is the worst of all. There is no comparison. I mean, the man admits he constantly thinks of himself as the equivalent of Jesus, and then has to remind himself he has to "only" settle for comparing himself to St. Paul lest he be blasphemous.

In fairness to Kanye, "Saint" Paul did pretty much the same thing, in deed if not in so many words.

retarded adjective: less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one's age.

Michael Douglas proudly shared a photo of his son Dylan on stage ... "One of our kids has some special needs and it was recommended he go …

Sorry, her kid has 'special needs' he's not retarded. Forgive me for not being politically correct. My bad? I guess Rosemary Kennedy had special needs too. Precious people

I would say Colin Jost, but he's more smug than arrogant. Despite his utter lack of talent.

Horse faced Julia Roberts

Horse faced Julia Roberts

Joan Collins. Never a modest bone in that old broad.

There's still something about old Joan that I like

Eighty-eight posts? REALLY?! Eighty-fucking-eight posts?!

[quote]M. Night Shyamalamadingdong

An extreme snob, by all accounts.

Felicity Huffman is anything but felicitous. Debra Messing. Ethan Hawk is the absolute WORST.

I think they're all arrogant, even if they project a façade of kindness and nicety, underneath it all they're all arrogant egomaniacal narcissists, i.e. Oprah, Ellen etc. No one in the entertainment/celebrity sphere is as they're purported to be. I have a friend who works for Olivia Newton John (someone whom I really thought was legitimately nice) at her Australian health retreat in Byron Bay who says she's an absolute bitch, that she underpays her staff and doesn't pay them their superannuation (a sought of legally required pension), so nothing surprises me anymore.

James Woods and Marky Mark.

I was a bit disheartened to hear that Jennifer Saunders is a snob but not surprised as Edina's preoccupation with status and class and money has always struck me as a probable personality trait of her creator, and that like all snobs, Ms Saunders has an inferiority complex and status anxiety. Saunders talks in very clipped tones and is part of the horsey set in England. Joanna Lumley however I believe to be very down to earth despite her plummy tones, or at least I like to think she is.

B to D level Kardashian trash don't really apply. The Julias and Gwenyths of that world are the true blue snobs. A list arrogant cunts.

Why is this thread full of women's names? No doubt the most arrogant celebrities are spoiled asshole men.

There's hardly two bigger snobs than Julia and Gwyneth. The fact that they're "great friends" as Paltrow claims is just disgusting.

Andy Cohen-------Kathy said he offered her coke.......And ALOT of people think this blind gossip item is about him------"There are several men who are prepping to come forward about this annoying name dropper of a late night host saying he either sexually harassed, date raped or assaulted them. The allegations, from what I've heard, are extremely graphic and a definite career killer. He might try to pay off these accusers and rally his celeb "friends" to defend him, but I honestly cannot wait to see him taken down."-----(from crazydaysandnights websight)

^^^he has black soulless eyes...dilated druggie eyes

R97 I can just imagine what those two talk about in private. Just backstabbing, mean and mocking shittalking.


This thread can be closed now.

From back in the day, Richard Dreyfuss, Sylvester Stallone, Debra Winger, and surprisingly Jane Alexander and Maureen McGovern are all stuck up, self-impressed humorless cunts.

Pierce Brosnan is also known as all of those things, but gets away with "high maintenance". People seem to despise him and if you mention his name to people in the biz they make a face and roll their eyes.

The thought of Andy Cohen becoming a parent is disturbing to me. He doesn't strike me as the nurturing type. He does strike me as the Whore at the Club whose fucked everyone --- including the bartenders, the barbacks, the waiters, and anyone whose ever danced on the pole.

That fucker who does the Lincoln ads - the guy you avoid at parties. Pool 🎱 tricks or no.

Straight men found her really hot in that Zorro movie but then she turned matronly looking over night

CZJ reportedly has a bawdy sense of humor, is a generous supporter of humanitarian and animal charities so I like her for that as well as her talent. Plus I know firsthand she is a Maxxinista! Gal is a TJ Maxx power shopper.

I’m a big fan, but Aretha Franklin was the Queen of Arrogance. Never humble despite her claims to the contrary.

Doncha forget about me, bitches. i used to be it

Aretha Franklin had no reason to be humble. Anything approaching it would be false humility.

ONJ is a first class bitch. You only have to look at the way she raised her only child. She gets around the super thing by hiring foreign staff for short periods of tilme. The staff turnover at her bogus health retreat is sky high. It is amazing how she has been able to sell a public image that is the polar opposite of her true character.

Adam Driver orders the crew on his films not to talk to him or look him in the eye. He has a non profit that inflicts boring little known contemporary drama without any stage setting at all on a mystified military audience.

I was wike dat, too, Ah 111, at book signings and othuh pursonah appeawances. But now, anyone can wook me in da eye, since I won't wecognize dem, anyway.

My best friend was in rehab with CZJ a couple of years ago and said she was surprisingly cool and down to earth. I am honestly not so sure that she’s bipolar as much as she’s an addict. I don’t know why so many celebrities don’t just admit to their addiction issues . Maybe it’s theie publicists. It’s like our society still has a stigma that it’s a weakness . So many people struggle with alcohol and drugs and if they’d just come out and admit it they’d help millions more people . Wendy Williams too . It would be great if she just came clean, but I do respect her/their privacy.

Eddie Murphy Bruce Willis Russell Crowe

R113 -

Holy cow! I was gonna post almost the same thing. I often wonder when any celeb is said to be bi polar or whatever - if it isn’t just an alcohol and/or coke problem - or the result of an alcohol and/or coke problem - and saying they’re bi polar gets sympathy and understanding rather that criticism and censure? And is it harder to insure someone who is supposedly bi polar - but has it under professional control - or someone who has alcohol and/or drug problems - but is on the wagon!! - when casting a movie?

The clip posted earlier of dawn french doing CZJ - and her fabulous Dylan Thomas-esque dialogue is sooooo funny!

Surprised to hear the comments by a poster earlier about Jennifer Saunders being a snob/arrogant. Everything I’ve ever heard about her was that she was socially very shy and awkward - lifelong thing! - and that she’s still very reserved even now. But all the people she gradually gets to know through working with regularly - all seem to love her. I’ve had a few friends who had this problem over the years - very shy and wary - and most commonly mistaken for being arrogant or snobbish - and they really weren’t at all.

The poster who said Ethan Hawke was arrogant - maybe it’s a situational thing? I can imagine if you were a Hollywood celeb and had to give a lot of interviews to the press etc over the years - and everyone wanted a piece of you when you’re a hot commodity - that it might make you wary and reluctant to share much of yourself. Especially when surrounded by scores of other entertainment industry people or pushy fans. All I can contribute about Hawke was that he came into the small indie bookstore I worked in a couple of times many years ago when filming on location - and he was quiet and polite and friendly - came across as your bog standard very nice guy. Not a hint of arrogance. Ditto Bette Midler when she was in town.

It’s akways hard to get a sense of what someone is really like from just a small slice of their time - and to have everyone wanting a piece of you as a celebrity - must make most people very guarded - and that’s easily interpreted as arrogance.

Bette Midler is not a nice or kind person. Ask any "civilian" who has encountered her in NYC. I cannot speak for her colleagues in the industry, but I think it's telling that she does not have a lot of fellow actor friends or fans (as opposed to say, Meryl Streep). I found all the Bway love for her in the HELLO DOLLY revival hypocritical and nauseating. She's one of the laziest, most demanding, least generous actors on the planet.

Roseanne, who regrettably, still makes headlines, even though her career is effectively dead. She's still got her kajilions of dollars, anyway, so I guess she matters.

Yes to Alec Baldwin, Andy Cohen. Baldwin has gotten more insufferable over time, not better. I'm glad his autobio book tanked.

I find Anderson Cooper quite arrogant in his sense of entitlement: no real training in journalism and an absurdly overpaid position as a newsreader/talking head. Which he seems hellbent on compromising with his unholy association with Andy Cohen and other celebs.

There's a lot of arrogance among younger celebs (whither Miles Teller?) but I do think they look and learn at a lot of the older gen veterans. Which is a shame, in a lot of cases.

I saw America Ferrera interviewed by Steven Colbert several months ago and didn't know she was had such a terrible personality. If she was at her best on this show, I can't imagine how unpleasant it is to work with her.

Bette and G have a lot in common. Middling talents, chilly personalities, etc.

Oh. And nominations, but no Oscars, the poor dears.

Gaga and Mariah Carey. Though I like Carey anyway.

I was not born in 1969!

Everyone knows I am a RAVISHING 34!

1) Alec Baldwin, 2) & 3) Jerry Seinfeld and his horrid wife, Jessica, 4) Jennifer Lawrence

anne Hathaway, amyl nitrate Clooney, oprah don't do stairs false modesty winfrey

R5 Apparently Joni Mitchell once burned Vic Chesnutt with her cigarette... On purpose. I genuinely can't think of anything meaner than using a quadriplegic person as an ashtray.

joni Mitchell is a nutcase with an imaginary illness she professes to have that apparently feels like her skin is being eaten by invisible spiders or some shit

David Crosby (from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) was famously quoted years ago on Joni Mitchell: "She's about as modest as Mussolini."

[Quote] Say what you will, but CJZ was once being considered for a Wonder Woman movie, and she would've been perfect.

I didn't know that. Looks wise she would've been good.

R74--"a face, not really an actress..." Oh, then I guess that means one can win an Academy Award for one's face alone, irrespective of acting, singing and dancing skill.

Speaking in totally general terms... it is possible to have both bipolar disorder and addiction issues.

In fact, I'd guess it's common enough, because when people with bipolar disorder have manic episodes, everything seems like a great idea, including drugs! And when the cycle turns, drugs are a way to dull the pain of the crash, or recapture the feeling of being on top of the world. So while of course celebrities feel free to lie about why they're in the hospital, knowing that someone was treated for addiction is not proof that they don't have bipolar disorder. It's easy to have both issues.

R131 probably explains Demi Lovato's issues with addiction.

As far as I can tell it’s all of them bar Tony Shalhoub and Tom Wilkinson.

Well r125 there is no denying that is shockingly vile behaviour .I hope she regrets it.

I actually met G several years ago - she’s involved in a certain charity - I’m actually not that huge a fan of hers but she was incredibly nice and no fuss- no entourage or anyone with her, talking to a ton of people and having real conversations with a lot of people, no attitude. She was cool. Very short, btw.

r129, isn't looking like WW and the ability to remember and recite lines, all the role requires? That's all Lynda Carter brought to the role, and it worked for her.

Bono and Sting come to mind.

R138, yes and Sting's wife, Trudie Styler.

[Quote] [R129], isn't looking like WW and the ability to remember and recite lines, all the role requires? That's all Lynda Carter brought to the role, and it worked for her.

Depends on who you ask. I still think WW should look like she can kick ass. And that's something i've found slightly disappointing with Gal's action scenes.

Michael Douglas has been with over a 100 women, why would you think he got warts from CZJ? I would guess that the youngest woman he fucked was the one he got warts from.

Generally the most arrogant actors tend to be the ones with the least talent. For example Scott Baio. He's a perfect example of a two bit actor-no talent and thinks he's great.

After he publicly blamed CZJ his WIFE for giving him cancer, why didn’t she dump his wrinkled boiled ham ass? How humiliating! I wonder if he is abusive to her in general.

It's a shame that Bette is such a cunt, but she is. She used to have a home in Laguna Beach, and you could hear applause throughout the town when she finally moved.

Was hated in Vegas too, and couldn't sell out shows during her residency- which made her even nastier.

[quote]Michael Douglas has been with over a 100 women

Don't insult me. Try adding a couple zeros

No mention yet of Mandy Patinkin? So rotten I don't know how he still gets work.

R145 Genuinely surprised to hear this as I had always assumed that Bette Midler would be one of the more down to earth genuine and nice celebrities.

All the CZJ nastiness is unwarranted.

Once she's grown into maturity maybe things will be different, but she's still too young to be expected not to make a few mistakes. That's what youth is like.

Not just warts, R142.


Very prevalent in Wales.

"[R129], isn't looking like WW and the ability to remember and recite lines, all the role requires? That's all Lynda Carter brought to the role, and it worked for her. "

No, the role requires a certain warmth and lovability, as well as the ability to kick ass. Wonder Woman has got to be someone you'd trust to lead you into battle or babysit your kid, and Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot had the required warmth and CZJ does not. She's at her best when playing bitches, which doesn't make her one in real life.

Anyway, I think Kanye West wins the thread, against some extremely stiff competition. Of course I think his arrogance is part mania and part an attempt to cover insecurity with pathetic bravado, but most arrogance is an attempt to cover insecurity. It's just that West doesn't cover his insecurity well; when someone like Alec Baldwin says something arrogant I think "You arrogant SOB", and when West says something insanely braggadocious I think "You strange, sad little man".

Courteney Cox , Maggie Gyllenhaal , Christina Aguilera .

R101 is too stupid to know the difference between arrogance and lack of humility. Arrogance is pride worn like a God-given entitlement.

Aretha was a monster. I loved her talent but she also was a self-absorbed psychiatric substance-addicted mess who hated anyone else's success and who shat on her family and friends all her life, while cutting them off if they questioned her wisdom.

Boiled ham. Yuck.

Arrogance wise it’s a three way tie between Trump, Kanye and Cowell. I’d like to weld their mouths shut. And Cowell’s hair! My god! It triggers me.

As much as I try to like Goop, I just can't do it. I had interacted briefly once with Jane Lynch and SJP and both stood out as super cunty.

Dammit. Forgot Goop.


I think all celebrities are arrogant to a degree.. some more than others. The celebrity/importance factor gets to their heads... especially with the celebrity worship fueling it.

Bruce Willis. Reeks privilege.

OP poses this open question but it was just a Trojan horse to cunt all over CZJ. Not that I’m crazy about her either, but bitch please.

[quote]Aretha was a monster. I loved her talent but she also was a self-absorbed psychiatric substance-addicted mess who hated anyone else's success and who shat on her family and friends all her life, while cutting them off if they questioned her wisdom.

It’s easy to hard people for this behavior but remember it stems from massive insecurity.

[quote] That fucker who does the Lincoln ads - the guy you avoid at parties. Pool 🎱 tricks or no.I

I was really hyped to get a Lincoln Nautilus until I saw that commercial with douchebro deluxe. I am concerned that his stank will taint the whole brand.

Year Name Hometown Age Local Title Miss America Talent Placement at Miss America Special scholarships at Miss America Notes
2018 MacKenzie Freed[6] Lodi 23 Miss Treasure Island Vocal, "Hit Me With a Hot Note"
2017 Jillian Smith[7] Grass Valley 22 Miss Yosemite Valley Piano, "Malagueña"
2016 Jessa Carmack[8] Santa Clara 22 Miss North Bay Gymnastics Dance Top 10[9] Previously Miss California's Outstanding Teen 2011[10]
2015 Bree Morse[11] Garden Grove 23 Miss Orange Coast Tap Dance, "Land of a Thousand Dances"
2014 Marina Inserra San Diego 24 Miss Yosemite Valley Vocal, "Bring Him Home" from Les Misérables
2013 Crystal Lee[12] San Francisco 22 Miss Silicon Valley Ballet en Pointe, "The Dying Swan" 1st runner-up[13] STEM Scholarship Award Previously Miss California's Outstanding Teen 2008[14]
Top 10 at Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2009[15]

Previously Miss Chinatown USA 2010[citation needed]

Cousin of Miss Louisiana 2016, Justine Ker[16]

2012 Leah Cecil Garden Grove 22 Miss Southern California Regional Classical Harp, "Great Day" by Nancy Gustavson Contestant at National Sweetheart 2011
2011 Noelle Freeman Carlsbad 22 Miss Culver City Ballet en Pointe, "The Black Swan Variation" from Swan Lake 4th runner-up Previously Miss Teenage California 2007
2010 Arianna Afsar[17] San Diego 19 Miss San Diego County Vocal, "I Who Have Nothing" Top 10[18] Previously Miss California's Outstanding Teen 2005[19]
1st runner-up at Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2005[19]

Top 36 contestant on American Idol's 8th season[20]

Currently Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton in the Chicago production of Hamilton[21][22]

2009 Kristy Cavinder Orange 21 Miss Yosemite Valley Ballet en Pointe, "The Slave Maiden Variation" from Le Corsaire 1st runner-up Preliminary Talent Award
2008 Jackie Geist Vacaville 22 Miss Hollywood Ballet en Pointe, "The Dying Swan" Top 7
2007 Melissa Chaty[23] Ukiah 24 Miss North Coast Operatic Vocal, "The Jewel Song" from Faust Top 8 Previously Miss Teenage California 2003
2006 Jacquelynne Fontaine Moorpark 24 Miss Santa Barbara County Operatic Vocal, "Vissi d'arte" Top 10 Preliminary Talent Award
2005 Dustin-Leigh Konzelman Carlsbad 23 Miss San Diego Fiddle, "Twelfth Street Rag" Non-finalist Talent Award

Preliminary Talent Award

Contestant on The Amazing Race 10 with partner Miss New York 2005, Kandice Pelletier[citation needed]
2004 Veena Goel Laguna Hills 22 Miss Southland Jazz Dance, "Hot Honey Rag" from Chicago 4th runner-up Preliminary Talent Award Contestant at National Sweetheart 2003
2003 Nicole Lamarche Berkeley 24 Miss San Francisco Vocal, "At This Moment" 4th runner-up Final Night Swimsuit Award

Preliminary Swimsuit Award

Contestant at National Sweetheart 2001 as Miss Arizona
2002 Jennifer Glover Castro Valley 23 Miss Contra Costa County Contemporary Vocal, "A New Life" from Jekyll & Hyde Contestant at Miss International 1999 as Miss USA

Previously Miss California USA 2001

2001 Stephanie Baldwin Fullerton 23 Miss Northern California Regional Vocal, "Time to Say Goodbye" Top 20
2000 Rita Ng Tracy 22 Miss Los Altos Classical Piano, "Sonata Appassionata" 2nd runner-up Miss America Scholar Award

Preliminary Talent Award

1999 MaryAnne Sapio Rohnert Park 21 Miss Gavilan Hills Tap Dance, "Go Daddy-O" Non-finalist Talent Award
1998 Danielle Coney Santa Clara 21 Miss Gavilan Hills Vocal "A Piece of Sky" from Yentl Non-finalist Talent Award

Waterford Business Scholarship

1997 Rebekah Ann Keller Lakewood 22 Miss Los Angeles County Vocal "Someone Like You" from Jekyll & Hyde 4th runner-up Preliminary Swimsuit Award Later Miss California USA 2000
1996 Lyndsay Kahler Orange 22 Miss City of Orange Vocal "Where Is It Written?" from Yentl
1995 Tiffany Stoker[24] Clovis 21 Miss Clovis Vocal, "Think of Me" 3rd runner-up[25] Preliminary Swimsuit Award Previously America's Junior Miss 1992[26]
1994 Jennifer Hanson La Habra 21 Miss Garden Grove Vocal "Since I Fell for You" Non-finalist Talent Award
1993 Lisa Michelle Duncan Tulare 21 Miss Tulare County Character Ballet "Turkey in the Straw" Preliminary Swimsuit Award
1992 Patricia Northrup Agoura Hills 23 Miss Los Angeles County Vocal Medley Pilot for American Airlines[citation needed]

Judge for the Miss America 2001 pageant[citation needed]

1991 Paige Adams Hemet 22 Miss Los Angeles County Vocal Medley "Some Day My Prince Will Come" Previously Alaska's Junior Miss 1986

Judge for the Miss America 2008 pageant[citation needed]

1990 Maria Ostapiej La Mesa 24 Miss San Diego North County Classical Vocal Medley "Phantom of the Opera" & "Angel of Music" Non-finalist Talent Award
1989 Wendy Berry San Pedro 22 Miss Centinela Valley Classical Ballet "The Black Swan" from Swan Lake Professor at Harvard University[citation needed]
1988 Marlise Ricardos San Pedro 26 Miss Lomita Dramatic Vocal "I Dreamed a Dream" 3rd runner-up
1987 Simone Stephens Cerritos 25 Miss El Camino Stand-up Comedy
1986 Lisa Kahre Salinas 19 Miss San Ramon Valley Flute Solo "Carnival of Venice" Non-finalist Talent Award
1985 Lisa Davenport Santa Cruz 23 Miss San Mateo County Popular Vocal "Once in my Lifetime" Previously named Miss California 1982 when the original winner, Debra Maffett, won the Miss America 1983 pageant

Became the first titleholder to hold a state title twice[citation needed]

1984 Donna Grace (née Cherry) Caldwell Northridge Miss West Los Angeles Impersonations / Vocal "Quando me'n vo"[27] [28][29][30]
1983 Shari Moskau Mission Viejo 19 Miss Saddleback Valley Popular Vocal "Greatest Love of All"
1982 Lisa Davenport Santa Cruz 20


Assumed the title when Maffett won Miss America 1983

Later Miss California 1985

Debra Maffett Anaheim 25 Miss Anaheim Popular Vocal "Come In From the Rain" Winner Preliminary Swimsuit Award

Preliminary Talent Award

1981 Cheryl Vancleave Riverside 20 Miss Los Angeles County Country Western Vocal Medley "I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool" & "You're Lookin' at Country" Married Frank Kalil[citation needed]
Mother of Ryan Kalil and Matt Kalil[citation needed]
1980 Robin Brooks Elverta 23 Miss Fullerton Patriotic Vocal Medley "America the Beautiful" & "Battle Hymn of the Republic"
1979 Deanna Rae Fogarty Azusa 22 Miss Azusa Vocal "Cabaret" Toured with Miss America USO Troupe

Featured performer for several Miss America pageants in the early 80s[citation needed]

1978 Christine Acton Chula Vista 23 Miss San Bernardino County Flute / Piccolo Solo "Hungarian Peasant Suite" Non-finalist Talent Award
1977 Connie Lee Haugen Redlands 24 Miss San Bernardino County Vocal "Nobody Does It Like Me" from Seesaw Top 10
1976 Linda Mouron Orange 19 Miss Orange County Tap Dance "Puttin' On the Ritz" 3rd runner-up Toured with Miss America USO Troupe
1975 Janet Carr San Gabriel 21 Miss Pomona Valley Vocal "They Call the Wind Maria" from Paint Your Wagon 2nd runner-up Preliminary Swimsuit Award
1974 Lucianne Buchanan Claremont 21 Miss Pomona Valley Harp "Concerto in B Flat" 1st runner-up Preliminary Swimsuit Award Toured with Miss America USO Troupe

Assumed title when the original winner, Alice Tobler, resigned due to mononucleosis[citation needed]

1973 Susan Shipley Hillsborough 21 Miss San Joaquin County Piano "Malaguena" Top 10
1972 Diane Wagner Daly City 20 Miss San Mateo County Ballet "Swan Lake" Toured with Miss America USO Troupe
1971 Carolyn Stoner Belmont 18 Miss San Mateo County Gymnastic Ballet "Malaguena" Preliminary Swimsuit Award
1970 Karin Kascher Castro Valley 18 Miss Hayward Violin "Méditation" Non-finalist Talent Award
1969 Susan Anton Yucaipa 18 Miss Redlands Vocal "Get Happy" & "Put On a Happy Face" 2nd runner-up Actress best known for her role as "Susan Williams" in the various Stop Susan Williams!-related television series and television movies[citation needed]

Toured with Miss America USO Troupe

1968 Sharon Terrill Torrance 21 Miss Torrance Dramatic Reading "Little Word, Little White Bird" by Carl Sandburg Non-finalist Talent Award
1967 Karen Pursell Lindsay 22 Miss Fresno County Vocal "Much More" from The Fantasticks
1966 Charlene Dallas Danville 19 Miss Contra Costa County Piano "Toccata" by Khachaturian 1st runner-up Preliminary Swimsuit Award

Preliminary Talent Award

Featured performer at Miss America 1967 pageant

Assumed title when the original winner, Donna Danzer, resigned during the coronation gala for school and personal reasons[citation needed]

1965 Sandra Lynne Becker Covina 18 Miss Los Angeles County Semi-classical Vocal "Make Believe" Non-finalist Talent Award
1964 Sherri Raap Fremont 18 Miss Oakland Jazz Baton Dance & Acrobatics Preliminary Swimsuit Award
1963 Wendy Douglas Sacramento Miss Sacramento Vocal "Summertime" Top 10
1962 Pamela Gamble Carmel 18 Miss Monterey County Classical Jazz Interpretive Dance
1961 Susan Henryson Fresno 19 Miss Fresno County Vocal "You've Got to See Momma Every Night" Top 10 Miss Congeniality

Preliminary Talent Award

Featured performer at Miss America 1962 pageant
1960 Suzanne Reamo La Mesa 20 Miss San Diego Vocal "Love is Where You Find It" 1st runner-up
1959 Susan Bronson San Lorenzo 19 Miss Southern Alameda County Modern Dance "An American in Spain" 3rd runner-up
1958 Sandra Jennings Riverside Miss Riverside Piano "Clair de Lune" 3rd runner-up Preliminary Swimsuit Award
1957 Lorna Anderson Sacramento Miss Sacramento Accordion "Dark Eyes" 3rd runner-up
1956 Joan Beckett Sacramento Miss Sacramento Dramatic Sketch "A Dream: Faith Over Atheistic Sciences" Top 10 Preliminary Swimsuit Award
1955 Barbara Harris Santa Cruz Miss Watsonville Vocal "Over the Rainbow"
1954 Lee Meriwether San Francisco 19 Miss San Francisco Dramatic Monologue "Riders to the Sea" Winner Preliminary Swimsuit Award Actress best known as Catwoman in the 1966 Batman movie[citation needed]
1953 Patricia Johns Fresno Miss Fresno Dramatic Monologue "The Country Girl" Top 10 Preliminary Swimsuit Award
1952 Jeanne Shores Azusa Miss Alhambra Dramatic Monologue 2nd runner-up Preliminary Swimsuit Award
1951 Patricia Lehman Sacramento Miss Sacramento Piano
1950 Joanne Durant San Diego Miss San Diego Vocal / Poetry Recitation "Alice Blue Gown" Top 16 Preliminary Swimsuit Award
1949 Jone Pedersen Santa Rosa Miss Sonoma County Dramatic Monologue "You Will Come Back" 4th runner-up Preliminary Swimsuit Award
1948 Reba Watterson Stockton Miss Stockton
1947 Laura Emery Salinas 18 Miss California Vocal "So Long For So Long" 4th runner-up Multiple California representatives

Contestants competed under local title at Miss America pageant

Marilyn Davidson Los Angeles Miss Los Angeles County Vocal / Dress Design "A Sunday Kind of Love" Multiple California representatives

Contestants competed under local title at Miss America pageant

1946 Marilyn Buferd Los Angeles 21 Miss Wilshire District Dramatic Monologue "Accent on Youth" Winner Preliminary Swimsuit Award
1945 Polly Ellis Tarzana Miss California Vocal "Cowboy Joe" Top 13 Preliminary Talent Award Multiple California representatives

Contestants competed under local title at Miss America pageant

Phyllis Mathis San Diego Miss San Diego Hula 1st runner-up Multiple California representatives

Contestants competed under local title at Miss America pageant

1944 Shirley Ballard Los Angeles Top 12
1943 Jean Bartel Los Angeles 19 Vocal "Night and Day" Winner Preliminary Swimsuit Award

Preliminary Talent Award

1942 Lucille Lambert Hollywood Miss Hollywood Vocal "Embraceable You" 4th runner-up
1941 Rosemary LaPlanche[31] Los Angeles 18 Dance Winner Preliminary Swimsuit Award
1940 17 Dance 1st runner-up[31] Preliminary Swimsuit Award
1939 Marguerite Skliris San Francisco Miss San Francisco Dramatic Monologue "The Poison Scene" from Romeo and Juliet 3rd runner-up Preliminary Talent Award
1938 Claire James Los Angeles Miss Los Angeles Dance 1st runner-up
1937 Phyllis Randall Hollywood 20 Miss Hollywood Vocal / Dance 3rd runner-up (tie) Preliminary Talent Award Sister of Miss North Carolina 1941, Joey Augusta Paxton[citation needed]
1936 Phyllis Dobson Hollywood Miss Hollywood Drama 1st runner-up Preliminary Talent Award
1935 Virginia Donham San Francisco Miss San Francisco Vocal "Chlo-e" & "I Ain't Got Nobody" Top 12

No pageant was held

1933 Blanche MacDonald Miss Venus de Milo 2nd runner-up

No pageants were held

1927 Ruby Smith Miss Oakland Top 15 Multiple California representatives

Contestants competed under local title at Miss America pageant

Naoma Farrand Miss San Francisco
Bertha Weizel Miss Santa Cruz Top 15
Louise Heathman Miss Southern California
1926 Eleanor Twohig Miss San Francisco
1925 Fay Lanphier Oakland 19 Miss California Winner Multiple California representatives

Contestants competed under local title at Miss America pageant

Adrienne Dore Miss Los Angeles 1st runner-up
Edyth Flyn Miss San Francisco
Yetta Haber Miss Santa Cruz
1924 Lillian Knight Miss Los Angeles 3rd runner-up Multiple California representatives

Contestants competed under local title at Miss America pageant

Fay Lanphier 18 Miss Santa Cruz 2nd runner-up
Irma Frazier Miss Oakland
1923 Violet Regal Miss San Francisco Top 23 Competed under local title at Miss America pageant
1922 Katherine Angela Grant Miss Los Angeles Multiple California representatives

Contestants competed under local title at Miss America pageant

Tanssia Zara Miss San Francisco

No California representative at Miss America pageant

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