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Lipstick Jungle -and thats not even including smaller stints like. NCIS : Los Angeles. The actress is everywhere, which is why it should surprise no one that shes headed to. Bones where she will apear on the procedural for an important storyline.

Her stint on the series will very much have to do with one missing. Seeley Booth. Reports broke on Thursday indicating that Raver will appear in. Season 11 as Grace Miller, an FBI special agentcoincidentally the same position Booth held for many years before quitting.

Her gig on the show wont occur until late October. As much as I like the idea of White as a squintern, Im very excited to see what Raver brings to the table.

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However, since the main. Bones set is a really big and expensive set, the ultimate plan is to bring the characters back to the do the work they do best. A time jump and a missing Booth could do a lot to reset the series.

If youve been keeping tabs on Season 11, you may already know Booth will be missing during the first episode of the season for a personal reason. In order to streamline the story, the premiere episode will feature a time jump, picking up six months.

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At the end of Season 10, the two characters had quit their jobs at the Jeffersonian to start a new life away from the lab. This was done because Booth dealt with a lot of personal demons during Season 10 in relation to his gambling.

Shell pop up in the premiere and will also appear in the second episode of the season, which will begin airing in October. TV Line says Kim Ravers character will appear to help out with the search for Seeley Booth.


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