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Stories of Tie-Up Games

April 2006

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Saturday, April 1st 2006 - 01:06:52 AM
For sammy
Everyone reacts to being tied up or tying someone else up differently. It is not unsual to get an erection from being tied up. I certainly do now when I engage in tie up games (which I still do)and I did some times when I was in my early teens and up when I engaged in tie up games/bondage roleplaying. I am nor expert but one reason you may enjoy being tied up in your dad's leather jacket is because you have a leather fetish which alot of people do. Fetishes are wonderful things and almost everyone has a fetish. Liking bondage could be considered a fetish onto itself too.

Saturday, April 1st 2006 - 04:04:40 PM
babysitter tie up
About 2 years bak now wen i was 17 i had to babysit my 2 cousins james (10) tom (12). I thought it would be pretty easy and worth while because i was getting paid alot of money. They went off to their room and were playing for an hour while i was watching tv they came down and asked me if i wanted to play a tie up game with them so i said yes thinking they would tie me up with scarfs or something that would be easy to get out of they told me to put my hands behind my back and close my eyes so i did but then they got some duct tape out and were taping my wrists together that was when i started to get worried. they pushed me over and were taping my feet and knees together, thats when i said thats enuf now but then they got a sock and shoved it in my mouth and wrapped tape around my head about 10 times, then taped my arms to my back it was really tight. I started mmmppphhhing for ages but they were just laughing at me i started stuggleing like crazy but just werent getting free i gave up and the boys dragged me into the laundry room and shut the door. I was stuggling non stop for an hour i was then really tired and thats when they came in and started tikling me ( i am extremly ticklish ) i wasnt wearing socks so they started tickling my feet i then tried 2 scream but it was turned into a MMMPPPHHH!!! i was almost crying but then i could hear my aunt and uncle walk through the front door but i dont think james and tom heard because they were still tickling me. i saw the laundry door open and heard my aunt say " what are you doing in hear OH MY GOD!!! JAMES TOM GET TO YOUR ROOMS!!!" she then walk to me and took my gag off i spat the sock out and caught my breath and said thank you she said she was really really sorry and untied me she then payed me double and got james and tom to say sorry i forgave them and went home. i wasnt really bothered that i was tied up because i was paid loads of money.

Saturday, April 1st 2006 - 05:04:05 PM
Test - posting a long story 

Babysitting a la mode repost from June 1999

Tie-up games became much less frequent for me when my friend Bob and his sister Jill moved away to another town when I was 12. However, there was a series of incidents from a period a little later than that. This is the first of them.

I am mindful of Gillian's references to stories 'awash with testosterone'. Given my age at the time, there are inevitably elements of dawning sexuality in this story, but I'll do my best to keep it suitable for a mixed audience.

I was about 13, maybe just turned 14, and this was late 1969 or early 1970. I wasn't often baby-sat, as my parents usually arranged for me to visit friends or neighbours instead. However, there was a period of a few months when they were attending frequent social functions out of town. These happened most weeks and always took place on a Friday. My parents sometimes returned late, but more often stayed overnight on these occasions, as transport was difficult. My regular babysitter during that period was the daughter of friends of my parents, who lived close by. I'll call her 'Susan' (not, of course, her real name). She was about 16, a bit of a tomboy, fun to be with and the subject of adoring puppy love from me.

On the evening this story starts, it wasn't the first time she had babysat me, but the first with interesting subject matter for this page. Most Fridays, we watched a detective programme on TV ('Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)'), not much tying up, but I enjoyed the characters (one of whom was a ghost) and the storylines. During one episode, the female lead, who played the detectives' secretary, was tied up lying on a sofa. She was tied with men's neckties. Her wrists were tied in front of her and her ankles tied. She was gagged with a folded handkerchief pad over her mouth, held in place with a third tie. The storyline depended on her not being able to get away. I commented, 'That's silly, she could escape easily.' Susan didn't see how she could, but I insisted and tried to explain. 'You show me then,' she said finally. I agreed.

We substituted winter scarves for the neckties. (I told her that I had sometimes played tie-up games using scarves in the past.) I lay down on the sofa, and she tied me and gagged me as we had seen on TV. Now, the last time I had been tied up would have been at least a year previously, most probably by Bob or Jill. I have to admit that Susan's attentions were rather more exciting than I anticipated. I really enjoyed being tied up by Susan, but I tried not to let her realise just how much.

Anyway, the declared reason for this escapade was for me to demonstrate an escape. I simply reached up with my tied hands and pulled the gag out, then undid the knot on my wrists with my teeth; I was free in less than two minutes. 'Oh, I see,' said Susan, 'but you couldn't do that if I tied your hands behind your back.' Susan's tying of my wrists hadn't been very tight, so I suggested she try it (and it was a good excuse for some more attention). She duly re-tied me. The scarf round my wrists had just been wrapped round and knotted, not cinched, so I simply wriggled my hands out by brute force - still free in under two minutes. I sustained some abrasion in the process and pointed out to Susan that some wrist protection was a really good idea.

Susan was rather nonplussed. I suggested that I tie her hands and see if she could escape too. She put her gloves on to protect her wrists and held her hands out behind her. I put a tomfool knot into the scarf I was holding. (You can do that in about two seconds with practice; Gillian used to do a magic trick based on tying a 'bow' in a rope apparently instantly using this principle.) I popped the loops of the tomfool over her wrists, pulled hard and knotted the ends off with a reef knot (square knot). She hadn't seen what I had done and as far as she knew I had tied her wrists the same way she tied mine. (I didn't tie anything else, just wrists.) (My second discovery of the evening was that tying up Susan was more exciting than past experiences too.) She wriggled and struggled for about ten minutes before giving up. I untied her and she expressed surprise at the apparent impossibility of escape. She offered me a return match the following week and I agreed (trying not to sound too eager).

The next week, after tea, Susan reminded me of the proposed return match. She unpacked a pile of about six wool scarves out of her overnight bag. She tied my hands behind my back in exactly the same way that she had the previous week then tied the other scarves round me at ankles, knees waist and chest and finished off by cleave gagging me with a handkerchief. She looked pleased with the result. I was pleased with the result too, but the idea was to see if I could escape. The weak point was the wrist bond again; I got my hands free within little more than a minute as before. It took me longer to wriggle out of the scarves encircling me, but I was still free within about five minutes. Once again, I tied just her wrists behind her back. This time she struggled for nearly half an hour before asking me to free her. On departure, the next morning she whispered, 'Next week, you're for it!' 'Just try,' I said nonchalantly (while a little voice inside said, 'Yes, please').

The following Friday, Susan was late. Whenever this happened, my parents just left at their usual time, trusting Susan to turn up before too long. When the doorbell rang a few minutes later, I opened the door and found a banana pointing at my nose. 'This is a stick-up!' said Susan. She had dressed for the part too. She was wearing her coat, hat and scarf as usual, but the face in between was covered by a black nylon stocking. (I never found out whether she had put it on outside our door or worn it all the way from her home.) She continued to point the banana at my nose and ordered me into the house. 'This gun's loaded, and I know how to use it. Do as you're told and you won't get hurt,' she said in her best American gangster's moll accent. She gestured me into the sitting room and said, 'Don't move!' I stood still, admiring her performance and waiting for the next stage. She returned carrying a dining-room chair. She had taken her coat off, so I could see her burglar's outfit of black jeans and striped sweater, still with the stocking over her head but topped off with a small black wool cap.

The preparedness ran to more than just her costume. She unzipped her overnight bag and produced a pile of scarves, several pairs of her long hockey socks, a sheaf of handwritten notes and diagrams and a book about silent cinema serials (called 'Bound and Gagged', I think) with bookmarks stuck in it.

Susan took the two longest scarves, 8-foot-long monsters, and hitched one through the top rail of the chair back so the ends trailed down behind the chair. She threaded the other one through the chair back either side of the central vertical, so the ends ran forward across the chair seat and hung down in front.

'Sit!' she said, so I sat. She brought the ends of the long scarf attached to the top of the chair forward over my shoulders, crossing over in the middle of my chest, looped them round the sides of the chair back, finally knotting the ends together just below my sternum. The other scarf I was now sitting on, with the ends trailing down onto the floor between my legs. She took the ends out to the sides of the chair back, looped them through and knotted them off somewhere in the region of my belly button (putting some pressure in a rather intimate place in the process). My whole torso was firmly and completely immovably anchored to the chair. I was enjoying Susan's burglar act and I was enjoying being tied up by her, but I wasn't at all sure about letting her know just how much.

'Hands up!' said Susan (no banana to hand, so she just pointed a finger). I raised my arms and she pulled a sock over each hand, forcing my hands into fists. She then used more socks to tie my wrists to the chair arms and scarves to tie my arms at elbow level to the point where the chair arms joined the sides of the chair back.

Susan turned her attention to my legs next. The chair had bars between the legs forming a letter H shape in plan. She tied my legs together at ankle level and just above my knees with scarves. Next she pushed my feet over the central crossbar of the H, with the fronts of my ankles bearing against it and secured them there with another scarf.

'Open wide!' ordered Susan. I hesitantly opened my mouth a fraction. She stuffed a sock into my mouth and then used its partner to tie it in place.

Susan left the room at this point and returned a few moments later with the long wall mirror from the hallway, so I could study my predicament. Having given me a good look at myself, she blindfolded me with a scarf. I struggled for a few minutes but gave up - I was more thoroughly tied up than I ever had been before and could not get any useful leverage on any of my bonds or reach any knots. Nevertheless, I was enjoying the evening very much so far.

After what seemed like an eternity (probably only about an hour), Susan removed my gag and blindfold. She had taken off the stocking over her head by this time. Susan draped a teatowel across my chest and tucked it into my collar. She then proceeded to feed me my evening meal with a spoon, followed by a cup of tea with a straw. She carefully wiped my mouth and face, then re-applied the gag and blindfold. She kissed the end of my nose and said, 'Goodnight.' I could tell that she had switched the room light off. I had no idea what the time was and, much as I had enjoyed the evening up to that point, I was terrified at the prospect of spending the night tied to a chair (even by Susan). I struggled as hard as I could, but to no avail. After about ten minutes, Susan turned the light back on and removed my blindfold. 'Only kidding,' she said.

Susan untied me progressively, leaving my gag until last. I admitted defeat and ruefully congratulated Susan on her tying prowess. 'All down to proper research,' she said. It turned out that Susan had sought out all the mainstream books with bondage pictures in the public library and taken careful notes. She had also tried out elements of her proposed treatment of me on her younger sister. I think Susan's motivation was simply not to be bettered by any mere boy and she had therefore set out to acquire the necessary skills to defeat me - purely a matter of principle. I, on the other hand, had a whale of a time. I don't think she quite realised that at the time. There were further evenings with Susan; and there are a few more stories to tell.

Jon (McA)


Saturday, April 1st 2006 - 06:21:57 PM
tying myself up
my names jade i am 17 and i love being tied up. i am skinney and have a large chest. my parents were out for a week-end at a wedding so i was home alone i was really bored so i tied my self up i stripped down into my thong and bra and then got a clean sock and put it in my mouth and wrapped tape around my head i then taped my legs and my knees together and got some toy hand cuffs and handcuffed my hands together iwas struggling for a while and then finally decided to free myself but stupidly left the key on the top of my wardrobe. i was struggling and mmmppphhhing for ages about 2 hours and then the fone rang it was my moms best friend. amazingly they fone was off the hook and on loud speaker she was saying hello hello any one there? i started mmmppphhhing like crazy she then said OH MY GOD! is that you jade i'll be right over. i was so imbarest, i heard her come through the front door and come up the stairs she saw me and ungagged me and asked who did this i said i did and she burst out laughing i begged her not to tell my mom amd she said she wouldn't i was still tied up and she stud up and i started stuggling and then she untied me. i got dressed and she went home. even though she wouldn't tell my mom i was still really embarest. 

Saturday, April 1st 2006 - 07:03:12 PM
Tied by friends 
I was at my friend, Alex's house on a rainy day. It was me, Alex, Danny (my other friend), and his two sisters, Erin 13 and Dusti 8. All three of us were 12 at the time and we were taking turns trying to tye each other up. It was my turn to be. Alex had two strings tied lasso style and threw me on the bed. Danny, being the big boy he is (more than 200) sat on my back whyle Alex tied my hands criss cross styleand tested his knots. He then crossed my legs and tied them at the ankles and knees. He and Danny then pushed me around and kicked me and yada yada yada. They are about the meanest pairof kids ever. After that I had "fun" struggling around for awhile mouth ductaped mmpphhhing. They were just having the best of time making fun of me and teasing tickling yada etc. The rolled me into the closet and closed wat is left of the door. I rolled around for aboot ten minutes or even longer when they I heard them go downstairs it must have been an hour when i started dosing off. The came back upstairs and pulled me out of the closet. Alex said "Ha! well here hop on over here." I hopped over through the hallway into his sister Erin's room. They tripped me and though i fell and hurt my shoulder I was having fun. He through me down beside her and she said get out friggin dork. She was mad but wouldnt help me get out she was just telling her friends on the phone what was going on. I could here them laughing on the other line and my face turned red. "Ha Ha wells hes embarrest hes even blushing. I started mmmmphhhhing as hard as i could and she put the phone up to my mouthand then I quit. "c,mon C.J. say something" I tried to tell her, well i hope this doesnt get me csencored, to screw off and she didnt understand it at least. She grabbed a fat roll put the phone to my mouth and twisted my fat. I let out an mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmphhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Her friend Cristi started laughing. I started thrusting and she sat on me. I got my hands really moving and got them out of the string. I grabbed at her hips and lifted her and threw her off. I Pulled off the tape, the painful painful tape, adn told her what i ment to say. Thats just on of my many stories if you want i'll post more. 

Saturday, April 1st 2006 - 08:33:51 PM
Lord of the rings
Well, sorry I was having some posting problems. Me and Stan my boyfriend went to a lord of the rings kind ofthing, biys were orcs and girls were the ring bearers. We each had plastic rings. As the boys went to hide, all of the girls were getting exited. When we went out to find Mordor to destroy the the ring, I ran into Stan. I could hardly see in the dark. I screamed. 

Stan but his hands over my mouth. "Be quiet, or I will never let you go" he said.

I was quiet. I kind of knew what was coking after he took me around the corner and there were ropes and 2 more girls. They were tied up too. Next he took a real ball gag, by the way he is really into tie up stuff. He gagged me and then started tieing my hands behind my back. He started tieing my feet toghetyher. I tried not to let him. I kicked him. He stood up and pushed me down on the ground and then he tied my feet. I think I was too much trouble so he hog tied me. 

I really like it, even though the ropes by my wrists really hurt. When a orc came around the corner, he helped Stan carry me into the library. They locked the door on the inside and took the key. The next morning he let me go and I went to his house. I will tell u that story later.


Saturday, April 1st 2006 - 10:14:50 PM
if anyone is interested in roleplaying, message me on msn at or

Sunday, April 2nd 2006 - 08:24:05 AM
My name is Sally i am 15 quite tall, slim and have large breasts. Oh my god! This was probably the most embarrassing day of my life last saturday my mom and dad were out on a buissness trip so me and my sister Sarah (17) were home alone for the weekend. 
My sister was watching t.v while i had my music on full blast. She could hear my music in the living room and was complaining about that it was to loud but i refused to turn it down. She went of in a mood and came back asking me if I wanted to play a game with her so i said ok then she came back with a bag, she told me to take my clothes off but just leave my bra and G-string on and then lie down on the floor face down, she opened the bag and got some rope and duct tape out i asked her what she was doing and she said you'll see. I lay there for about 5 minutes and thats when she grabbed my wrists and quickly tied them together i sceamed and then she put a sock in my mouth and wrapped duct tape round my head, she then retied my wrists alot tighter I mmpphhed and then she slapped me round the head. She then sat on my legs and tied my feet together. I started stuggling and tried to make it harder for her to tie me but it didn't stop her she tied some rope around my knees, then she tied my wrists to my back and then she tied some just below my shoulders. I couldn't move, I started stuggling and mmmppphhhing but it was no use my sister would never free me.
After about an hour she came in and told me she was going to stay at her friends alnight. I was really scared then. I started stuggling and mmmppphhhing like crazy she laughed and walked out the front door. about 3 hours later the phone rang it was my r.e teacher from school she told me she was ringing my mom and dad at school because i was misbehaving in her lessons. I pushed the green button with my nose so it would answer the call i mmmppphhhed down the phone she sounded really confused and asked if my mom or dad where home I mmmppphhhed again she asked is that you sally? i mmmppphhhed again she then said oh my god are you gagged I mmmppphhhed again she then said she was coming to my house she put the phone down. I didn't know what to do so i started stuggling again I really could belive this was happening it was a complete disater my r.e teacher was going to see me tied up in my bra and G-string. I heard a car pull up in the drive way she knocked on the door and walked in she was calling my name i mmmppphhhed and she came into the room and saw me struggling she then said oh my god in a really shocked way she walked towards me asked who did this i mmpphhed. She took my gag of i spat out the sock I told her my sister did it I could tell she was tring not to laugh she untied me and i asked her how she new were i lived she said that she wrote all my details down. In a way i was pretty glad because otherwise i would of probably been tied up all night. I asked her not to tell my mom and dad that i had been tied up she said she wouldn't but she was still going to tell them about my behavier.

Sunday, April 2nd 2006 - 09:03:23 AM
Be looking forward for another story by the returning J-Mac.

Coming Soon!

Jerry Burns

Sunday, April 2nd 2006 - 10:38:20 AM
Sunday, April 2nd 2006 - 11:12:55 AM
go on ma site

Sunday, April 2nd 2006 - 11:13:00 AM
go on ma site

Sunday, April 2nd 2006 - 01:59:30 PM
sorry the first site was rong go on

Sunday, April 2nd 2006 - 02:28:46 PM
Does anybody know any good sites or yahoo groups that have girls tied up wearing kneesocks??

Sunday, April 2nd 2006 - 03:33:29 PM
Richard UK
Just woundering when you are posting your stories cant wait to read them, hope it is soon. Thanks

Sunday, April 2nd 2006 - 04:33:17 PM
hey, im a 16 yr old guy
my gf likes bondage too and she has a huge fantasy of being chlorophormed and waking up tied
i know that i CANT buy chlorophorm and that it can have many problems such as waking up with a big headache
but what can i make or buy like just an over the counter drug or make with things to knock her out for just an hour or less
any help would be apreciated

Sunday, April 2nd 2006 - 09:14:50 PM
I think it'd be a good idea to not give a minor ideas about buying knockout medication.

Monday, April 3rd 2006 - 09:08:19 AM
I am going to state the obvious and repeat what I posted before about the use of real chloroform. Never never use real chloroform. I have read of cases of people actually dying from the wrong or mis-use of chloroform so the same holds true for anything you could buy over the counter in a drug store. Please,please never mess around with knock out drugs etc. for the sake of a tie-up roleplay/fantasy. Using your imagination/pretending to be knocked out is safest and best way to play.

Monday, April 3rd 2006 - 03:54:02 PM
also its impossible to get chloroform unless you work in a lab.

Monday, April 3rd 2006 - 04:50:20 PM
yes it is amazaing what jason did but its kinda off topic dont you think?

Monday, April 3rd 2006 - 07:10:36 PM
Hello Everyone
Hey everyone...just wanted to let you all know that I am currently working on new ties for my site...if anybody has any suggestions as to ties I can do (self-bondage ties), then please feel free to email them to me! It would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, April 3rd 2006 - 08:43:27 PM
You could kill your girlfriend if you mess around with anastetics or any kind of drug designed to put someone to sleep. There is nothing you can actually buy other than sleeping pills which are what some people use to kill themselves. There just isn't anyway to do it safely unless you go to medical school and become an anastesioligist. And by then you'll learn that any kind of anastetic is dangerous and shouldn't be used unless absolutely necessary.
Now the good news: I'm assuming you've "pretended" to "chloroform"
her many times before and it just isn't doing it for her? Well if you haven't tried safe roleplay then get her into that. Use some perfume and pretend it's the real stuff. If that doesn't do it, then here's a good alternative: Have her leave a window unlocked in her room at night or if you can, legally, arrange to go camping or stay over at each others house. Whatever just get it so you can tie her up while she's actually sleeping at night. Talk about this with her first, but don't tell her the night, that way you can keep the surprise. You sneak in, she wakes up tied, it's a pretty good way for you both to have the fantasy you want. Now a couple of warnings: Talk to her first, make sure you can do this without parents, or the police, involved. If she lives in a bad neighborhood maybe it isn't such a hot idea to leave a window open?
And most importantly, DO NOT GAG her while she is asleep. She can choke. a detective gag, cloth over the mouth, loosely, wouldn't be so bad but it's better that she wakes up and gets to ham it up a little anyway. And lastly, DO NOT try to make your own chloroform.
The fumes that are produced during the reaction can kill you. And the finished product can give your girlfriend brain damage.
I'm sorry, my friend, but there is no way to mess with these
chemicals safely but with a little imagination you won't have to.
E-mail me if want to discuss it some more.



Tuesday, April 4th 2006 - 01:06:41 AM
Hey Sally!

I'd love to hear more! contact me on AIM. "ilovetobetiedup" is my screen name.

Can't wait to talk to you!

See ya!


Tuesday, April 4th 2006 - 11:02:05 AM
if you qwant to tie someone up asleep wots wrong with somethin lyk night nurse or just a normal sleeping tablet 

they arnt dangerous are theycause i use them when i can't sleep or have a cold 


Tuesday, April 4th 2006 - 11:38:17 AM
Batman & Robin Caught Again
(It's been awhile since I posted a story about tie up games/scenes with my friend Stan who sometimes dressed up as Batman and played along with myself as the Boy Wonder of course. He was not quite as enthusiastic about being tied up while in costume like me and I had been trying to get him to join me on one of my bondage/tie up adventures with my Aunt Liz. I had mentioned him to her and she seemed excited about the opportunity of having both Batman and Robin to tie up. I finally managed to talk him into joining me and this is an account of that first time. And always I admit to embellishing the story and my memory is not 100% accurate on details.)

My aunt Liz had a good week to plan before we both had arranged to join her at her house so I knew she would have something special planned for the "Dynamic Duo" and I would soon find out how right I was! Stan and myself biked over to her house and she greeted us at the door dressed in a Leopard patterned silk blouse, black leather pants and big leather boots.She had her long dark hair pulled up and was wearing a tiger patterned beret in her hair too.I know Stan and my jaw's must have hit the ground when we saw her. She laughed at our expressions and invited us in. She told us to go get changed and then come looking for her but warned us she and her accomplices would be ready for Batman & Robin. (I loved to hear her say 'accomplices') I heard some laughter coming from the livingroom when she mentioned that. It sounded like at least two or three other people. She let out a little "Purrrr" and laughed and walked away and we rushed upstairs to change into costumes. I could hardly contain my excitement and as always my mind was racing. We got changed quickly but it took Stan a bit longer as he had a more elaborate outfit. We checked oursleves in big mirror in the room and Stan was starting to get into it too and get excited. He said something like..."Let's go nab Catwoman Robin!" and smacked his gloved hand into the palm of his other hand and we rushed out of the room in our superhero persona's. 

We crept down stairs on full alert but all sounded quiet. I suggested we split up (hoping of course to get nabbed easier if I was by myself) We went our separate ways. Stan aka "Batman" headed for the livingroom and I headed for the basement. I quietly made my way down and had only got to the bottom of the stairs when I saw a blur come from the space between the stairs and the wall and a large man's hand was pressed over my mouth and an arm wrapped around my chest. I let out a startled gasp. A woman dressed in a black mask and in black t-shirt and black pants walked out of the main part of the basement smiling. I recognized her as my aunt's friend Fran who had joined us in previous tie up games/scenes. "Ahhhh look who it is snooping around again. The Boy Wonder!" I struggled but the unknown man holding me was very strong. I stomped on his foot and he let out a muffled curse and let me go for a second but Fran rushed over and grabbed me. My aunt's male accomplice rushed back over saying "You little brat!" and grabbed me again and pulled my arms back hard behind my back. Fran said they better use some chloroform on me and she produced a cloth from her pocket and shoved it over my mouth and nose tightly and I acted passing out from the "chloroform" after a bit of hammy struggling and acting like I could escape. She ordered the man to bring me and I felt myself being flung over his broad shoulders and carried up the stairs. I heard Fran say "Catwoman will be pleased" that they caught Robin. I loved the sensation of being carried while "knocked out" or tied up. I peeled open my eyes and saw that i was being carried up the stairs and right out the side door to the covered garage. I wondered where they were taking me.


Tuesday, April 4th 2006 - 12:17:14 PM
I am sorry, but am I the only one who finds these stories of adults tying children up more than just a little bit disturbing? Even if it is odd aunts and uncles or fathers and mothers tying the children up in a game, it seems so... wrong.

I've held my tongue for a while now, but I feel this issue should be adressed, and I doubt I am the only one who feels this way.

Slytherin's Finest

Tuesday, April 4th 2006 - 12:41:58 PM
For Finest
Well first off if you find it "odd" why are you reading them and secondly we live in a free country (last time I checked) and if you don't like them or they make u uncomfy don't read them. There is nothing sexual going on and alot of folks just love being tied up wether it's by adults or kids their own age. Won't waste alot of time addressing your comment but had to answer back to it.

Tuesday, April 4th 2006 - 03:51:00 PM
Ticklish Danyelle
When I was 19 I was working at a company that employed numerous girls that had to dress decently because we were in the service business, and many customers would visit during the work day.

There was this particular girl, whom I'll call Kirsten(not her real name but she reminded me of Kirsten from the O.C., skinny, blond and beautiful!!)

Anyways, we were friends, and part of the brat-pack at the company, and one day she mentioned to me that it was her birthday, and she didn't want to tell anyone...but she told me!!!(I guess there was some chemistry there)

Anyways, it was a Friday, and she invited me to her apartment for a drink. Me being the horny, 21 year old, I gladly accepted....

I digress, she use to wear short skirts, and silky nylons with personal favorite!!

Anyways, I arrived at her appartment as previously planned with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates....such a romantic I am.....

She let me in, and gave me a long kiss on the lips!!! This was much to my liking, as I was hoping for a little bit more....OK, a lot more!!!

We had a beautiful dinner of Dominoes Pizza, and a Chianti wine...which made the moment even more special!!

She said to me,"Do you know out of all the people that I wanted to see on my was you!! To which I responded, " I hope you are looking for more than just a peck on the cheek!!!" She responded with a yes, and she said that she hoped that I was open minded....

I was wondering what she was getting at... and I was soon to find out.

I might take a moment and add that when she greeted me at the door she was wearing a beautiful pink tube top, daisy duke shorts, black sheer seamed nylons, and Dr. Scholls sandals.....I guess I'm kinda dating myself!!

Anyways, after the pizza and the Chianta, she was feeling a little loose....and she tells me that she has seen me staring at her feet and soles at work...and was wondering if I had a foot which I respond.."HEll YES" and I had a woody ever since I walked into here appartment and saw her outfit!

She then confesses to me that she love's when men stare at her feet and wants to know if I would like to take advantage of our evening together.....again I respond "HELL YESS!!"

Well anyways, she tells me that she loves to be tied to the bed tightly and have her feet tickled....a new one to me, but the beginning of my own fetish!!!

I tell her to show me what to do, and I would be more than happy to accommodate her!!!

She lead me to the bedroom, and still clad in her outfit, I tied her spread-eagle to her four-poster bed with old nylons that she had...

With her instructions, I proceeded to blindfold her with a silk scarf that she had already laid on the bed along side side the nylons and awaited her next instructions....

She said, "Please use me in any possible way that you want, just don't tickle me as I can't stand the torture!!"
Well what do you think I did...I started by very slowly starting to drag my fingers down her exposed and vulnerable armpits!!! I did not believe the reaction that I got...the girl went ballistic!!! She screamed and yelled for me to I did...then she screamed at me "Why are you stopping". Well you didn't have to ask me twice...she got what she asked for!!! 

I had tied her nylon clad feet to the foot-board...and without my knowing was really well done.

Her feet were completely immobile, and I took full advantage of it...I tickled those feet for 15 minutes straight without let up. After about 5 minutes she went into silent laughter!!! NO NOISE OR SCREAMING!

After about 10 minutes, I let her breath....and then after about a minute, she asked me to continue, but not to stop until she screamed "Mercy">

I did as I was asked, and this girl had the most intense orgasm that I have ever seen....after about 5 more minutes of foot tickling...she arched her back and the crotch of her shorts were visually soaked....even through the nylons and the daisy dukes....

Needless to say, after I untied her, she rewarded me with a great time of my own!! Funny, but since that time, I love to tickle women's nylon soles while tied to the bed, and my wife even allows me to do it....hope you will check it out!!! 

Hope you enjoyed the story!!



Tuesday, April 4th 2006 - 06:09:35 PM
Knock outs and other things
There is no safe way to knock someone out. Any way that someone might describe to you has great risks involved. Anyone who says they know a safe way to knock someone out is either lying or else ignorant of the inherent danger. There's a reason there's an entire branch of medicine focusing entirely on caring for people while they've been rendered unconscious.

As for adults tying up children, it seems that you seem to have a subconscious mental connection between bondage and sex. While the two can happen together, they are completely separate things. Tying up is a very common childhood game. Plenty of adult play with children. It's a wonderful way to bond with the child, and to get to know him or her better. If the game just happens to involve tying up, what's the problem with that? Kids don't often want to play the bad guy in their pretend games, so it's good for an adult to step in and play that role for them.
Tying up games aren't analogous with molestation. Truth is, people are assuming a lot of innocuous behavior is equivalent to molestation, and it's harming the kids in the end.
Let kids have their make-believe games. Having an adult involved in tying them up can only ensure that the tying up is done safely, and that their playmates don't do anything to harm the tied-up child.


Tuesday, April 4th 2006 - 08:25:08 PM
boywonder and..slytherin?
Ok, i kind of agree with both of you

it IS a free country, but its also just a taddd bit weird being tied up by adults as a kid, especially family members...thats why i choose not to read those certain posts

you say theres nothing sexual..but, like i posted a little while back, there is ALWAYS a sexual feeling

if your on this had to have stumbled upon it by "googling" somthing

also..if your on this site, youv heard the word "fetish"


(by the way, sorry canuck....i know theres supposed to be no sexual content, but i figured this would be kinda alright, since it not a story?)

well, everyone on here probably has a bondage fetish, either tying or being tied

if you enjoy being tied by someone else, you REALLY have to think how it probably is a sexual feeling for them...not "they just enjoy doing it"

yes, they DO enjoy doing it, but not in the "im bored" kind of fashion


Tuesday, April 4th 2006 - 10:22:22 PM
yah its me
hey id like to thank everyone for their concern for the chloroform, but if u read closer i said I CANT use chlorophorm
i already knew that i just wanted to see if there was a safe way. for the ones of you that answered thnx
also i posted a while back on the redmarks u might get when you have your mouth gagged with ductape
i asked how to get rid of this
i was replied ice
can u guys elaborate on that
what does ice mean
do u put the ice on before ( idoubt but still just asking)
after u take the gag off
or even while its on
please tell me
lastly i would just like to say that LAURA i do agree with you so your not alone on that one
seeya please reply thnx

Tuesday, April 4th 2006 - 10:22:31 PM
yah its me
hey id like to thank everyone for their concern for the chloroform, but if u read closer i said I CANT use chlorophorm
i already knew that i just wanted to see if there was a safe way. for the ones of you that answered thnx
also i posted a while back on the redmarks u might get when you have your mouth gagged with ductape
i asked how to get rid of this
i was replied ice
can u guys elaborate on that
what does ice mean
do u put the ice on before ( idoubt but still just asking)
after u take the gag off
or even while its on
please tell me
lastly i would just like to say that LAURA i do agree with you so your not alone on that one
seeya please reply thnx

Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 06:14:12 AM
I don't really agree. I a parent, or an aunt, whatever adult is tieng u,, they might have liked bondage when they were a kid. So they might just be doing it cause they enjoyed as a kid, and still do. But yes, Some may do it for that certain feeling. So watch out for that!

Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 06:30:49 AM
Slitherin,laura,and boywonder
I agree with u the most slitherin. Although it may be a lil disturbing to us, Maybe she dosent feel like that. Maybe she likes bondage just as much as b.w. does. And that is my point. Though it seems a lil disturbing. but laura. I agree with u part. They may have the certain feeling u were talkimg about. But then again, What if they dont? And sometims u can tell. Boywonder, Maybe she is right, and maybe she is wrong. So when the adult u were talking about ties u up again, see if there is any change in her behavior. And warch out, be carefull!

Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 12:19:02 PM
See, I was right, others do agree and thank you Laura and Shaun.

There was no cause to be rude in your post replying me, though Boywonder. I never said you shouldn't be allowed to post, and I'm well aware that many countries in this world are "free." I was merely stating an opinnion to condradict those who worshiped your stories because, frankly, I didn't like them and they made me uncomfortable.


Slytherin's Finest

Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 12:59:21 PM
Being Tied Up By Adults
Well I really didn't want to weight into a heavy discussion about the whole adults (i.e. parents,aunts,uncles etc) tying up kids & teens issue. The stories I am relating happened when I was 10 - 14 years old approx. My case is a bit different in that my tie up game experiences were very much fantasy roleplays. Of course there are nasty people out there of all ages that get sick pleasure from tying someone up and taking advantage of them etc. But like any kind of activity it has to be consensusal, both people or how many are involved have to all be comfortable with it. I was never tied up against my wishes and would never allow myself to be. And no one should allow that to happen and if it does charge the person(s) who does it or seek help because it is wrong. 

Like I mentioned my case/stories are a bit different as they are centered around my fantasy/love of playing a superhero character. And they took place during a time when people got hooked on a show like "Batman" adults and kids. I know people will judge me,and have and I have recieved some nasty e-mails and some attempts to send me viruses but I honestly don't care. That is why I said we live in a free country. I am merely posting my experiences. If you find them.uncomfy/unsettling ---fill in the blank then don't read them. End of story.


Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 01:01:16 PM
Sorry just noticed my name didn't get signed to that last post..that was me ranting on about adults tying up kids just so people know.

Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 03:00:39 PM
yes, I agree with slytherin I was reading the posts and stories lately and I found that this month has been utterly dominated by boywonder who tells of his aunt and such tying him up. Personally I find it somewhat disturbing myself. When the age gap is so large I do find it just a tad disturbing... well to conclude I agree with slytherin

Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 03:00:42 PM
yes, I agree with slytherin I was reading the posts and stories lately and I found that this month has been utterly dominated by boywonder who tells of his aunt and such tying him up. Personally I find it somewhat disturbing myself. When the age gap is so large I do find it just a tad disturbing... well to conclude I agree with slytherin

Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 03:14:55 PM
Well it's safer that way! Now there was adult supervision,
what if he would have turned to a complete stranger!!!!
Ever thought about that! 

Can we now go back to posting?

Personally i like Boywonder's stories and he's right!
If you don't like 'm don't read them or don't bother 
reading this board.

A quite agitated reader



Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 05:03:43 PM
I must dispute you, Laura
Just because someone likes something a lot, and gets excited by it, it doesn't automatically make it a fetish. Do you consider going on roller coasters a "fetish", because that excites an awful lot of people? I think you'll find that people with actual bondage fetishes are in a minority here. You can't separate sex from bondage. That's fine. But that is not true of everyone.

There are a lot of stories here that I find very disturbing: HOM, forced cross-dressing, etc. But I don't whine every time there's a spate of them. I just don't read them. 'Nuff said.


Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 06:14:45 PM
To Boywonder
I agree with 'Finest'. Boywonder, you seem to have dominated the a large portion of the site with your stories which I find disturbing. Including things like your aunt tying you up are a strong turn off and I do like to get off to these stories which I seem to think that a lot of people do.

Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 06:15:42 PM
The World has Lost a Friend
Gillian B departed this life on March 15, 2006; aged 52.

She will be missed.

A User

Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 06:19:11 PM
To Dorain
I completley agree with you. People who enjoy being tied up don't generally have a bondage fetish. I like being tied up whether or not it is connected to sex (preferably with).

Also I find it difficult to avoid all of Boywonders stories. Please, if you are going to post, please post in modderation. Maybe you should start your own Yahoo! Geocities account and have all your stories on there. That could be quite good.


Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 07:26:14 PM
I just found this site, and it is nice ot have a non-sexual TUG site for once. Now I don't get on to often because my parents don't know that I do; but I'll just post some of the peoples characterisics who are in our stories(And oh yes, we have access to cloraphorm).

And we all live down at LBI. (Long Beach Island, New Jersey, USA)

Jake(me): I am about 5 feet tall, not to slim but around normal. Atheletic I guess, 14 years old.

Chris: He is about 5'3, quiet when he wants to be, he is a surf fanatic. And if it was publicly acceptable, he would never wear a shirt. He wrestles, pretty strong.

Jessica: She is about 5'4, pretty slim, a little beatiful I guess, she is really smart and funny. Dosn't play to many sports, but is agile.

Steve: He is my older brother, he is 18, about 6 ft tall, he looks like a computer nerd without glasses, but thing is he is really, really, strong and on multiple instances has tied us all up with only a roll of duct tape. You wouldn't know ot look at him. He used to date Jessica's sister Lauran for about 2 years.

Lauran: She is Jessica's sister, about 19, like 6'3, she is really tall. She has tied at least one of us up a few times, I can't really remember them on the spot but there was quite a few.

Jessica and Lauran's dad is a pharmicist. And he has Lauran do inventory checks, so she can sneak out a bottle of Cloraphorm if she puts money up to buy it.

Hmmmm.... Which story to post first... Let's have a vote!

-When we spied of Steve's mystery date
-When no one came to Lauran's B-day party
-Alone at Chris's house
-At the shore
-Cloraphorm story #1
-Cloraphorm story #2 - With Steve

Ty for particapating.


Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 08:36:45 PM
A User, are you serious? McA's stories were some of my favorites...

Gillian B


Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 08:56:43 PM
My respects to Gillian B. and my condolences to her family and friends.

You're one of the best, love.


Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 08:57:01 PM
My respects to Gillian B. and my condolences to her family and friends.

You're one of the best, love.


Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 08:58:22 PM
I vote for "Cloraphorm story #2 - With Steve"

Also, it's "chloroform."

it's me

Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 09:05:22 PM
to Dorain...
your right...i probably DID assume that everyone on here had a bondage fetish....and your roller coaster analogie was dead on...

but how many sites/boards do you find with people sharing stories about their child hood roller coaster experiences?

not too many...

....that was probably a poor example

oh well

...also, im one for voicing my opinion, as it seems others on this site are too, so apologies for taking more time to argue with everyone as aposed to posting a good story...


Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 09:16:36 PM
Unfortunately so
A notice of her passing was posted on her webspace at this morning. And by her passing we are all diminished.
A User

Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 09:47:42 PM
i got a less confusing msn e-mail thing. so if anyone interested in tie up roleplays send me a message..

Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 11:00:19 PM
Replies Roundup
Dorain, I once read that sexuality does actually belong to young people, even so young nobody'd suspect such a thing. The fact is, the youth won't fully understand it too. If I try right now to remember my feelings towards the tie-up games I used to play as a teenager (I'm near the gate from -irthy to -orthy), I can easily tell there actually was some sexual excitement there- but I just wasn't able to recognize it back then! 

But I must admit, the idea of an adult playing tie-up games with children sounds somehow weird. Mayhaps we can put the blame on the latest attitude the show business has developed towards children. If you take a couple episodes of the "Fury the Brave Stallion" TV show, first season, that was shot in the Sixties, you'll see little Bobby Diamond captured by villains and bound up in very realistic ways. Nowadays writers and producers seem to get to a different concept about persons in distress, specially kids and teenagers. A friend of mine even told me they're rearranging all the Dixon and Keene story series in order to make them more "correct"! 

This, IMNSHO & BTW, is only the latest demonstration about our society suffering some confusion about what children actually are and what they actually should be. About one and half a century ago children were just seen as small-sized adults, so they worked in factories and mines. Right now someone seems to see them as some sort of very fragile creatures made of glass. 

And I finally agree: the presence of adult people is a plus about safety while playing. A kid playing tie-up on another kid might unawarely cause some danger. 

Laura, as I have just stated, yes, the idea of a child being tied up by an adult is weird. But so many weird things happen when you're a kid! When I remember all the things my Mother used to tell me when I was a kid I can now think, "Hey, weren't they weird?!?". But they were- well, somehow normal back then. 

Just think of the Calvin & Hobbes comic strips by Watterson. You read them as an adult and probly think, "hey, such a kid should live in a madhouse!". Then you realize you weren't so different from Calvin when you were his age. 

And, well, yes, as I was stating in my reply to Dorain, there's probly something sexual. But I think that's simply that very early stage of sexuality that children usually won't recognize until they're grown up- many years later. Until then, that'll just be a pleasurable shiver and no much more. 

Shaun, that's true enough but not completely. The adult might just like the idea of the children enjoying those feelings they used to enjoy. And if the adult meets a kid who's some sort of a tie-up-game glutton, I'd call it a perfect match. Obviously if the adult has other purposes, that'd be a totally different and much heavier matter. But we're discussing games here, aren't we? 

Boywonder, I like your stories (and envy your memory about those events of your past). I think I can understand them and the way they happened back then, and I'm on your side about those nasty email messages and viruses. The way you lived your life as a kid is just the way you lived and liked it, and nobody is to blame about that. 

Tyedye, the question has much sense indeed. A tie-up game when the adult is too older than the kid is may sound disturbing. But we should move a step ahead. What does it sound disturbing? Mayhaps the reason is, we actually don't trust the adult person (or don't think the kid should trust him/her)? But the very same concept might be applied about tie-up games between adults! If there's no trust, the game just shouldn't begin, full stop and bye-bye. 

And finally I have to spend a prayer about Gillian B. The world has lost a friend indeed, and she'll truly be missed. 


Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 11:03:28 PM
I have one major problem with your rant: Tying people up is not sexual for everyone. For some people, and I suspect a lot of people, it is a challenge thing.

As for adults tying kids up, what better way is there for a parent or aunt or uncle to keep the tie ups safe than to use the advantages of their increased experience, judgement, and (in some cases) (non-sexual) love?

Should Boywonder's aunt (or whoever does the tying, the superhero roleplay doesn't appeal to me so I skip his stories) really have let him get tyed up by other young'uns who may not know better than to gag him and leave him unattended so he chokes to death, or who may just go one level too far with the "fun and games" and do something that would emotionally scar Boywonder?


Wednesday, April 5th 2006 - 11:46:59 PM
Regarding Gillian B
That's a real sad thing to hear. After I saw your message, I went to Gillian's deviantART page ( and saw the posting by her husband.

I admit Gillian's stories weren't my favorites, but it's still really sad to see a member die, especially from something like a heart attack. Could it have even been prevented? I guess we'll never know.

Rest In Peace, Gillian.

Thursday, April 6th 2006 - 10:50:11 AM
Ya know what folks it takes alot of time to post a story so I didn't do this to have to read tons of insults and complaints and get into huge discussions and I am sure Canuck doesn't want this either so gonna take a break from posting.For those kind enough to send me encoutaging e-mails/comments I thank you and I will post again in a few weeks maybe. We shall see.

Thursday, April 6th 2006 - 01:05:07 PM
Boywonder, i went back and read your stories again, and to tell the truth they are the best posts i have read this year (2006) so there is no need to stop posting here.
Jerry Burns

Thursday, April 6th 2006 - 01:31:14 PM
anyone got any more stories that involve dirty socks?
sock boy

Thursday, April 6th 2006 - 01:32:51 PM
Dorain and Z, your points have been duely noted as usual, but I disagree with you in some ways. Pop-culture has made bondage and "tie-up games" a sexual thing, no matter what way you look at it. Any adult who participates in these games must feel something sexual.

Boywonder, why is it that you over-reacted over one negative comment? To my knowledge, it was your first one wasn't it? If you don't want your stories to be both praised and critizied I suggest you don't make them public. I never insinuated that you should quit posting, merely that your stroies made me a touch uncomfortable, so I cannot be blamed for your leaving.

Slytherin's Finest

Thursday, April 6th 2006 - 03:15:20 PM
Boy wonder, If i knew your email address i would email and complament u. But i dont. Any way... I like your stories.I hope u do post again soon. See ya!

Thursday, April 6th 2006 - 03:20:18 PM
Slithering, Yes u can. If u dont like his stories don't read them! And just keep ur negative thoughts to ur self. I read the post before that and your were saying that someone's stories sucked. Well if u keep it to ur self, and maybe wait they may inprove! So u are also responsible! I got to do homework so i'll be on later. But please u guys, just keep that to ur self!

Thursday, April 6th 2006 - 05:18:17 PM
my first (maybe the last) tied up experience
hi everybody, i'm long time reder, but 1st time posting, and best of all this is true story. By the way i'm male, 19.
Since I was 15 i discovered that when there's some scene on tv where someone is tied and gagged, I become pretty
excited, so I was wondering what's feeling like when you're tied & gagged, but I never had a chance to experiment.
So last saturday my parent went to visit my aunt, and I was home alone. Great, i was thinking about making a party,
when my mom called me and thold me that my older sister Samantha is going to sleep at our pleace, cause there's some
flood in her building and she's having some test at colege tomorrow morning.AARRRGGGGGHHH!!!! I was pissed off!
But what a hell. She arrived around 20 hours and asked me if she can study over night cause think she's not
very well prepared for the test. ok. So i went in my living room and turned on tv. I turned volume pretty high
cause my parents wasnt here so I could do whatever i want. After 20 minutes Sam (Samantha) came:Hey Mike, can you
turn volume down a little? So i started to joke with her something like: Let me think, NO! and there's any single
thing that you can do. 
She was very nice : Please, its very important.
Me: Look, it doesn't matther that you're older than me, i dont want to liste to you and turn vol down.
(and then I come to an idea) Even that i'm tied up, i'll never do that.
Oh really?, she said using that funny Jim Carey voice.
yeah, i'll even sit at this chair and wait to see what you can do!
So she started to search for "equipment". After 15 minutes she returned with piece of white cotton rope and roll
of brown medical tape.
Sam: Mind if I try?
Me: be my guest.
Sam: please put your hand behind your back.
And i did so. in no time she tied my hand, i was helpless. after that she cut of long piece of medical tape.
Put you lips together, so i did. then she gagged. I felt that i maybe can open my jaws, but it will ripp my skin
of and that really, realllyyy hurt. I was helpless,
What a matther baby brother? she smiled. then she took the remote and turned volume down.
I'm going to take the shower. You'll be cool? so she went. i heard her taking shower. with my hand behind my back
and gagged I stud and waited her at the door of the bathroom to scare her. after a 10 minutes she finished her shower,
and opened bathroom door. same moment she opened the door i screamed under my gag. my god, she was scared.
Sam: my god I allmost died you mad man. I was laughing to tears. 
she grabed my arm and again made me sit to a chair.
Stay there!
After a minute she returned with more rope, and tied my upper body to a chair, so i can't walk, without taking chair with me.
So till 2 o'clock in the morning we was both in my living room, i was watching a tv and Sam was studinyg.
Ok baby brother time to release you. So she untied me leaving me gagged.
Sam: It would be wonderful if you leave that gag. 
i started to take off the tape when she said: i bet you in 5 bucks that you cannot leave that gag till mornig!
So i went to sleep, still wearing a gag. in the morning i waked up and wnet to wake up Sam. She was allready awake,and
when she saw me gagged said: cool you won. and gave me 5 dollars. i taked of my gag. after a an hour, my cheeks
where red, like they were burned. but nevertheless, this was my (yes first, and maybe the last) best experience about 
tying and gagging.
Comments anyone?

Thursday, April 6th 2006 - 05:32:12 PM
is it just me?, or are the stories getting shorter and shorter.... i was going through the archives and noticed a majority of the current stories are a LOT shorter and lacks some details. but some peoples stories are short......

Thursday, April 6th 2006 - 06:13:55 PM
To Slytherin's Finest
As for Dorain and Z, your points have been duely noted as usual, but I disagree with you in some ways. Pop-culture has made bondage and "tie-up games" a sexual thing, no matter what way you look at it. Any adult who participates in these games must feel something sexual.

Why? Why must they? Because you say so? Sorry, but that's simply not true, and I find it very disturbing that you think so.


Thursday, April 6th 2006 - 06:59:51 PM
apologies if i did insult you in any way

theyre your stories, and people like them, so you have the right
to post as many as you want

not everyone is going to like every other story...but i guess
you gotta take the good with the bad, not all comments can be

unless you go by the rule "if you cant say somthing nice, dont
say anything"

but, that really doesnt apply after 4th grade

so, basically everyones right, because all of these posts are
mostly opinions...

so, if people like the stories, keep posting

and if you dont like them..dont read, and wait untill a story
you like comes a long, or post one yourself for the other

try to be a litttttle understanding, and dont flip out so much

if were just finding different opinions on our OWN fetish (sorry
for the use of that word...since it usually has a sexual
reference...) then imagine talking to someone with a completely
different one...

everything can always get worse


Thursday, April 6th 2006 - 07:10:45 PM

Starting in my underwear and tights, I first slipped on a long-leg full-body lycra catsuit. Later, with my other clothes on over the top, even if I was hot, I wouldn’t be able to take it off. Effectively this would mean that I would be forced to wear the catsuit and forced to wear tights. 

Next came my hobble skirt. My hobble skirt consists of cotton material sown with one seam into a tube or cylinder; its length is double the measurement from my waist to my ankles. Its internal circumference is a couple of inches larger than the circumference of my body around the hips. I turned it inside out and stepped into it, until the lower hem was just above my ankles, and the upper hem was under my armpits, with the upper half of the material scrunched up above my waist. I then fastened a belt around my middle, and turned the material of the upper half the correct way out, and pulled it downwards to cover the belt. I gently tugged what was now the outer layer of my skirt all the way down to my ankles. From the waist to the ankles, I now wore a double sheath of cotton, and any attempt to walk was severely restrained. I also made a distinct frou-frou at every limited step. 

I gagged myself with a ball gag made from rolled up cloth and string. I knotted the string behind my neck. Now unable to speak, I put foam earplugs in my ears to reduce my hearing. I then took the first of my silk scarves, folded it into a triangle, and tied it on over my mouth, outlaw-style, with the knot on the top of my head. My ball gag was now concealed, and the scarf gag could not slip-off downwards. 

After this, I took a piece of white nylon net curtain sufficiently large to cover my entire head, neck and the top part of my shoulders. To prevent this from coming loose, the best means of holding it safely in place is by passing a large rubber band over the head, down to the neck. This is sufficient to hold the net in place without any danger of strangulation. 

The net curtain made an effective veil, reducing vision, but without rendering me completely sightless, and air can easily pass through it for breathing. However, it also meant that I couldn’t un-gag myself. Next, I put on a crew-neck sweater and pulled this fully into place. 

So as not to look like some kind of alien with an all-white head, I took my second silk scarf and tied it on in Audrey Hepburn style, with the knot behind my neck. Worn like this, it concealed the rubber band that held my nylon veil in place. Beneath my scarf, I was veiled: and beneath my veil, I was gagged. (In fact, doubly-gagged).

It only now remained for me to slip the first of my wrists into the previously-prepared double loop of string. I then inserted the other, loose, half of the loop through a slip knot on a second piece of string (whose other end was temporarily attached to a door handle). Moving both my hands behind my back, I then inserted my other wrist into the looped string in the opposite direction, twisted so my arms were now parallel, and then pulled on the second string so that the slip knot tightened. My wrists were now tied together behind my back. I released the far end of the second string from the door, and began to take very restricted steps around the apartment.

My hobble skirt impeded my every step and really slowed me down. With my head beneath one layer of nylon and two layers of satin, and with foam earplugs and two gags, I could hear my every breath was rasping. 

I made a slow passage towards the full-length mirror behind the front door. I contemplated myself, from the floor upwards. Black shoes and black nylon-clad ankles, and then the long green skirt up to my waist, completely concealing the shiny blue lycra beneath. Moving upwards, the blue sweater. And my wrists tied together behind my back. But my head was the most fascinating. Veiled in white beneath a blue satin scarf. Due to a quirk of lighting and reflection, through my nylon veil it looked as if I were wearing a full-face scarf – my face appeared completely blank, white and featureless. Only if I stood right next to the mirror could I perceive the scarf gag beneath my veil. And of course the ball gag beneath that was completely concealed.

I had left the sharp kitchen knife in the bottom of a water-filled sink of crockery and cutlery. There was no way I could recover it with my hands tied behind me. I slowly swished my way from the hall into the bedroom, where I had left a short penknife on the bed. I sat down on the bed and did my best to manipulate the knife towards my bonds. Now I discovered, too late, that my wrists were tied too tightly together for this small knife to be of any use! I couldn’t escape!

I sat there as this eventuality sank in. How long would I be trapped like this? My heaving breath rasped in my blocked ears. My throat was dry, as my ball gag was absorbing all my saliva – I could scarcely swallow. Beneath the layers of satin and nylon, sweat started to pour down my face. 

I stood up and slowly made my way back to the mirror next to the front door, my skirt tight against my shins and calves at every short step. I contemplated my predicament once more. Featureless. Helpless. At least my bladder wasn’t very full. With a catsuit on – very deliberately, as extra, hidden, bondage - no matter how much I struggled, I couldn’t remove my underwear. Not only was I tied up, unless I was free to get completely undressed, I would of course eventually wet my knickers, tights and catsuit. 

Apart from being in a potentially serious situation, this was the best self-bondage I’d ever had. MAKE SURE THAT YOU CAN ESCAPE!

After a protracted period, I somehow succeeded in slipping the string off my wrists. But for a time I really was the helpless heroine – gagged, veiled, hands tied uselessly behind my back, my legs restrained by my narrow ankle-length skirt. And there was one final, hidden, element in this portrayal. Completely concealed beneath my hobble skirt, lycra catsuit, tights and knickers, was my male pride. 


Thursday, April 6th 2006 - 09:25:29 PM
Well I was searching google trying to see what sites popped up for tied up tales, and i hit im feeling lucky and this site popped up. I have not found any sites like this yet with non age restrictons and public posts. The stories are amazing good job to all who post. Boywonder I hope u start posting again I have no problem with tied up games with adults. My tied up craze started a few years ago I guess. My little sister and I, me being younger and not caring, tied each other up for the fun of it. I really got into it when I saw the movie Tied Up. I don't really have any stories bc I don't have any friends who are into it, at least that I know of. One story I may have involves 3 guys and some good fun. If you want to hear it let me know and I'll post it.

I will think of a name soon.

Annonymus until a name can be thought up

Thursday, April 6th 2006 - 09:25:32 PM
Well I was searching google trying to see what sites popped up for tied up tales, and i hit im feeling lucky and this site popped up. I have not found any sites like this yet with non age restrictons and public posts. The stories are amazing good job to all who post. Boywonder I hope u start posting again I have no problem with tied up games with adults. My tied up craze started a few years ago I guess. My little sister and I, me being younger and not caring, tied each other up for the fun of it. I really got into it when I saw the movie Tied Up. I don't really have any stories bc I don't have any friends who are into it, at least that I know of. One story I may have involves 3 guys and some good fun. If you want to hear it let me know and I'll post it.

I will think of a name soon.

Annonymus until a name can be thought up

Thursday, April 6th 2006 - 10:20:25 PM
Dorain, your blindingly naive if you think that an adult would play tie up games with a child for reasons other than a personal gain. I can think of no reason to tie someone unless you wanted to restrain them in any way or because they get pleasure out of seeing children tied up, whatever pleasure that may be is their business.
Slytherin's Finest

Thursday, April 6th 2006 - 10:36:35 PM
To the "Anonymous" newcomer,

I'd like to hear any stories you've got to share. Let's start from the beginning - how did you get into tying up? How did it all start, and what did you do? Some "origin" stories would be cool before you move into the later things.

Blue dude

Thursday, April 6th 2006 - 11:09:41 PM
I really don't know why I am bothering taking the time to respond to all the comments that have followed my post that I had grown tired of all this fighting/name calling whatever you want to call it but hey...what the heck. First off you didn't insult me Laura. Not sure why you thought you did but we'll leave it at that. To Slytherin, I am just not going to come down to your level but have to make one point, it wasm't one "criticism" that made me respond, it was several and that is why quite frankly I decided to take a break. And I didn't "over react or flip out" just stated my case and end of story. Once again to all that took the time to post that they enjoyed my tie up stories I thank you and assure you I will post more again. I also suggest that some of you detractors of adults or older teens tying up younger kids just check out the dozens of stories posted in the archieves. There are tons posted there.

Friday, April 7th 2006 - 02:18:19 AM
To Slytherin
Slytherin, I can assure you that you haven't read the mind of even a fraction of the adults out there, let alone those who tie other people up.

There are people out there who get sexual feelings from rubbing a woman's feet or smelling her shoes, and there are people who have no problem being naked in front of other people or seeing naked people without it being sexual for them at all. Just because it looks like the world is oriented that way does not mean even the majority of people are. I find an extensive stuffed animal collection freaky, but that's only because I know what a plushie is.

How do you know that the satisfaction that the adult derives from the act isn't the feeling of pride that he made a kid happy and kept him or her safe? More importantly, why would you or anyone else find a reason to be upset about that?

You are projecting your own mindset onto other people. It's okay for you to think that way, but it does not mean that everyone else does.


Friday, April 7th 2006 - 03:27:42 AM
No, boywonder, don't stop! I need closure on your current story! It's shaping up to be a very good one. And don't listen to people on here who criticize, it just ends up bogging down the board and making people scroll past, wondering where all the good stories have gone.
it's me

Friday, April 7th 2006 - 08:17:59 AM
A User, pardon my asking, but do you plan on continuing your story from before? It was getting really interesting.

About Gillian, I send my condolences to her friends and family, though I'll be honest and admit that I didn't really know her. I haven't read the archives; I guess her stories are in there. I'll check them out sometime to see what she was like. Again, I'm sorry about what happened.


Friday, April 7th 2006 - 10:38:23 AM
I am not going to stop so for those that like reading my bondage adventures as the Boy Wonder not to worry and will finish posting the last story I started so bear with me. just very busy right now. More to come.

Friday, April 7th 2006 - 11:21:43 AM
Friday, April 7th 2006 - 12:20:52 PM
We could spend the rest of our lives worrying about how and why people do things that they do, but I certainly don't intend to do it Z. My ideals may seem cynical to the average idealist who belives that all people are good and everyone acts on the good of all and not just to get ahead, but many would agree that they are realistic. I will state this again, what I posted was merely my opinnion which somehow upgraded to full-blow controversy. Take it however you want to, if you find truth in my statements very well, but if your vhemently opposed to them it is your right to be so.

Now, I must defend my honor. Boywonder, how is it that I've "stooped" to a lower level than you? Is it because I disliked your story and made my opinnion known? Please, do let me know.

Slytherin's Finest

Friday, April 7th 2006 - 01:57:09 PM
To Slytherin
Listen this has got beyond silly and quite honestly tiresome. I didn't say "Stooped" to your level just to clairfy I said "come down to your level" was what I posted but I realize was the wrong choose of words, what I meant was not going to get into "let's trade insults" kind of exchange. You have stated your opinion and I have stated mine. Let's leave it at that. Agree to disagree as they say. Fair enough? I Did not intend to stomp on your honour. So again I ask please..give it a rest. Let's move on.

Friday, April 7th 2006 - 02:55:07 PM
How it Began
Well like I previously stated my tie up "fantasies" started a few years ago with my little sister. I think I was like 11 or 12. We were doing it bc it was a fun game to play. Later on I saw the movie Tied Up maybe like 2 years later at age 13. The movie was amazing to me back then. There was a lot of tying up in it. I realize it was R rated and not meant for 13 year old eyes bc of the killing and violence, but I did not care bc I had seen other R rated movies before. Then last year I went searching for the movie site and all of a sudden found lots of "sexual" sites. By this time I was starting to get excited as teens often do when looking at those sites. I know it was illegal and recetly stopped. I guess what got me into those sites was when I went over to my cousin's firends house and they were watching porn. Btw I am sorry for using words like this but it seems necessary, I hope it does not get me censored. I then started self bondage. I usually use socks, blankets, belts... anything I can find around my room. I was glad to find this site with non sexual stories, since I recently have gotten older and matured, and don't feel the need to go to those sites as much as I had before. So that pretty much wraps it up I was glad to see some1 respond to my post. Thank you Blue dude for responding. 
And Boywonder please continue to type up your stories I mean come on people it's a free country if you don't want to read them then don't. I for one have nothing aganist stories about adults tying up kids, especialyl if the kids are excited by it. It is a way of bonding, and even though it is not traditional it still is.

Friday, April 7th 2006 - 06:00:54 PM
My Own Stories
I Really honestly in all truth hoped to have something a few weeks ago.

Like he commercial says, life comes at you fast.

Also from the wrong direction.

at least freambooks seems to have the no long posts bug, so thats going to work in my favor now, lets see what next week brings?

A User
None provided

Friday, April 7th 2006 - 06:17:43 PM
Sounds good, A User. If you type up your story and save it on a text file, that would help. That way, you don't have to type it up all at once.

Looking forward to your story!

Friday, April 7th 2006 - 06:21:37 PM
Hi, Jenni here i found out about this site a couple of weeks back and finally decided to post a story.
Back when i was in yr11 we were doing p.e manda, katy and i always used to mess around in p.e for two reasons the teacher was an old fat bitch and we didn't need p.e because of the jobs we were planning to do. 
One day when we were doing p.e we were skipping manda, katy and i went off in the corner and had our own little group. Since non of us could skip that well we all decided to mess around first we were whipping eachover with skipping ropes, but the we had a better idea we decided to tie eachover up. Manda said she would get tied up first so she was we got a rope and tied her wrists behind her back and then tied her ankles and knees together she was giggling for ages and so were me and katy, i asked katy to tie me up she said she would so me and katy left manda in the corner and went to go and get more skipping ropes we came back with about 10, she tied my wrists together really tight and then she got another rope and tied my wrists to my back then she got a rope and tied my ankles and knees together she still had sum rope so she tied manda the same way. She still had 2 more ropes left so she tied 1 of them just below mandas shoulder and 1 below my shoulders. At that point me and manda were totally helpless but we could still speak so katy went into the store closet and got some duct tape out which should really be uesd to repair broken mats she the took off her socks and put one in manda mouth and put one in my mouth she then wrapped tape around our heads. She had finished and we were all laughing our heads off but the only noise anyone could hear was a mmmppphhh! the bell went and it was time for all the girls to get changed. Katy and all the other girls ran to the changing rooms but me and manda were still tied. Our plan was to keep really quiet so the teacher wouldn't notice us and that Katy would come and untie us but that plan went down the tiolet cos me and manda burst out laughing she walked to us and went crazy at us she then took both our gags off, thats wen me and manda were laughin our heads off she then untied manda and manda untied me. She then went crazy at us again sayin how dangerous it was etc. me manda and katy were all in detention and we all got letters send home sayin "your daughter spent the whole p.e lesson tying eachover up" all our moms were laughing at that letter and so were we. It was a right laff and if i could do that again i would. ;)
jenni P

Friday, April 7th 2006 - 06:24:05 PM
my sister
About a month a go now me(15) and my sister Hayley(16) were home alone the whole week-end. My mom and dad were out at a wedding. My mom said non of us could go out, I told my mom that if Hayley went out I would tell you, but Hayley over heard. My mom and dad had just drove off round the corner Hayley came down and said that she was going out all night i told her i was going to tell mom, then she said that if i told mom she was going to do something bad to me i asked what and she said i would find out, she asked me if i was going to tell and i still said i would. 
Later on that day Hayley invited her friend manda around i was on the computer they snuck up behind me Manda hand gagged me while Hayley was tying my hands behind my back she tied it at first so it was nice and snug fit but then she tied the rope through the middle of my hands it was really really tight i tried to scream but it only came out as a mmmppphhh! Manda took her hand from my mouth i asked her why was she doing this and she said i new but at the time i didn't. She then got a sock a shoved it in my mouth and then got some duct tape and wrapped it round about 20 times! i started mmmppphhhing as loud as i could but it was no use they were still tying me up they got another rope and then tied my knees and feet together the same way they tied my hands they then decided i still wasn't tied up enuf they then got sum rope and tied my hands to my bak and got sum tape and started to wrap it round all of my body, they pushed me to the floor and asked if i was gonna tell mom if they were going out i shrugged ma shoulders and she said well maybee a couple of hours being tied up will change ur mind she walked out. I tried ti stand up but failed after many attemps i finally stud up i hoped to the door and just that second my sister opened it the door hit me and i fell over "going some where?" my sister asked she then said oh please stay a bit longer she got out another piece of rope and hogtied me she walked out laughing. I started struggling more but it seemed like the ropes were getting tighter. 
2 hours passed and i had still made no progress in escaping she came bak in and asked if i had made my mind up she took off my gag and i said i wouldn't tell her she said good and walked out. She came back and untied me. the next day my mom and dad came home i didnt tell them that she went but i did tell her that she tied me up.

Friday, April 7th 2006 - 06:39:14 PM

Test - posting a long story

Babysitting a la mode repost from June 1999

Tie-up games became much less frequent for me when my friend Bob and his sister Jill moved away to another town when I was 12. However, there was a series of incidents from a period a little later than that. This is the first of them.

I am mindful of Gillian's references to stories 'awash with testosterone'. Given my age at the time, there are inevitably elements of dawning sexuality in this story, but I'll do my best to keep it suitable for a mixed audience.

I was about 13, maybe just turned 14, and this was late 1969 or early 1970. I wasn't often baby-sat, as my parents usually arranged for me to visit friends or neighbours instead. However, there was a period of a few months when they were attending frequent social functions out of town. These happened most weeks and always took place on a Friday. My parents sometimes returned late, but more often stayed overnight on these occasions, as transport was difficult. My regular babysitter during that period was the daughter of friends of my parents, who lived close by. I'll call her 'Susan' (not, of course, her real name). She was about 16, a bit of a tomboy, fun to be with and the subject of adoring puppy love from me.

On the evening this story starts, it wasn't the first time she had babysat me, but the first with interesting subject matter for this page. Most Fridays, we watched a detective programme on TV ('Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)'), not much tying up, but I enjoyed the characters (one of whom was a ghost) and the storylines. During one episode, the female lead, who played the detectives' secretary, was tied up lying on a sofa. She was tied with men's neckties. Her wrists were tied in front of her and her ankles tied. She was gagged with a folded handkerchief pad over her mouth, held in place with a third tie. The storyline depended on her not being able to get away. I commented, 'That's silly, she could escape easily.' Susan didn't see how she could, but I insisted and tried to explain. 'You show me then,' she said finally. I agreed.

We substituted winter scarves for the neckties. (I told her that I had sometimes played tie-up games using scarves in the past.) I lay down on the sofa, and she tied me and gagged me as we had seen on TV. Now, the last time I had been tied up would have been at least a year previously, most probably by Bob or Jill. I have to admit that Susan's attentions were rather more exciting than I anticipated. I really enjoyed being tied up by Susan, but I tried not to let her realise just how much.

Anyway, the declared reason for this escapade was for me to demonstrate an escape. I simply reached up with my tied hands and pulled the gag out, then undid the knot on my wrists with my teeth; I was free in less than two minutes. 'Oh, I see,' said Susan, 'but you couldn't do that if I tied your hands behind your back.' Susan's tying of my wrists hadn't been very tight, so I suggested she try it (and it was a good excuse for some more attention). She duly re-tied me. The scarf round my wrists had just been wrapped round and knotted, not cinched, so I simply wriggled my hands out by brute force - still free in under two minutes. I sustained some abrasion in the process and pointed out to Susan that some wrist protection was a really good idea.

Susan was rather nonplussed. I suggested that I tie her hands and see if she could escape too. She put her gloves on to protect her wrists and held her hands out behind her. I put a tomfool knot into the scarf I was holding. (You can do that in about two seconds with practice; Gillian used to do a magic trick based on tying a 'bow' in a rope apparently instantly using this principle.) I popped the loops of the tomfool over her wrists, pulled hard and knotted the ends off with a reef knot (square knot). She hadn't seen what I had done and as far as she knew I had tied her wrists the same way she tied mine. (I didn't tie anything else, just wrists.) (My second discovery of the evening was that tying up Susan was more exciting than past experiences too.) She wriggled and struggled for about ten minutes before giving up. I untied her and she expressed surprise at the apparent impossibility of escape. She offered me a return match the following week and I agreed (trying not to sound too eager).

The next week, after tea, Susan reminded me of the proposed return match. She unpacked a pile of about six wool scarves out of her overnight bag. She tied my hands behind my back in exactly the same way that she had the previous week then tied the other scarves round me at ankles, knees waist and chest and finished off by cleave gagging me with a handkerchief. She looked pleased with the result. I was pleased with the result too, but the idea was to see if I could escape. The weak point was the wrist bond again; I got my hands free within little more than a minute as before. It took me longer to wriggle out of the scarves encircling me, but I was still free within about five minutes. Once again, I tied just her wrists behind her back. This time she struggled for nearly half an hour before asking me to free her. On departure, the next morning she whispered, 'Next week, you're for it!' 'Just try,' I said nonchalantly (while a little voice inside said, 'Yes, please').

The following Friday, Susan was late. Whenever this happened, my parents just left at their usual time, trusting Susan to turn up before too long. When the doorbell rang a few minutes later, I opened the door and found a banana pointing at my nose. 'This is a stick-up!' said Susan. She had dressed for the part too. She was wearing her coat, hat and scarf as usual, but the face in between was covered by a black nylon stocking. (I never found out whether she had put it on outside our door or worn it all the way from her home.) She continued to point the banana at my nose and ordered me into the house. 'This gun's loaded, and I know how to use it. Do as you're told and you won't get hurt,' she said in her best American gangster's moll accent. She gestured me into the sitting room and said, 'Don't move!' I stood still, admiring her performance and waiting for the next stage. She returned carrying a dining-room chair. She had taken her coat off, so I could see her burglar's outfit of black jeans and striped sweater, still with the stocking over her head but topped off with a small black wool cap.

The preparedness ran to more than just her costume. She unzipped her overnight bag and produced a pile of scarves, several pairs of her long hockey socks, a sheaf of handwritten notes and diagrams and a book about silent cinema serials (called 'Bound and Gagged', I think) with bookmarks stuck in it.

Susan took the two longest scarves, 8-foot-long monsters, and hitched one through the top rail of the chair back so the ends trailed down behind the chair. She threaded the other one through the chair back either side of the central vertical, so the ends ran forward across the chair seat and hung down in front.

'Sit!' she said, so I sat. She brought the ends of the long scarf attached to the top of the chair forward over my shoulders, crossing over in the middle of my chest, looped them round the sides of the chair back, finally knotting the ends together just below my sternum. The other scarf I was now sitting on, with the ends trailing down onto the floor between my legs. She took the ends out to the sides of the chair back, looped them through and knotted them off somewhere in the region of my belly button (putting some pressure in a rather intimate place in the process). My whole torso was firmly and completely immovably anchored to the chair. I was enjoying Susan's burglar act and I was enjoying being tied up by her, but I wasn't at all sure about letting her know just how much.

'Hands up!' said Susan (no banana to hand, so she just pointed a finger). I raised my arms and she pulled a sock over each hand, forcing my hands into fists. She then used more socks to tie my wrists to the chair arms and scarves to tie my arms at elbow level to the point where the chair arms joined the sides of the chair back.

Susan turned her attention to my legs next. The chair had bars between the legs forming a letter H shape in plan. She tied my legs together at ankle level and just above my knees with scarves. Next she pushed my feet over the central crossbar of the H, with the fronts of my ankles bearing against it and secured them there with another scarf.

'Open wide!' ordered Susan. I hesitantly opened my mouth a fraction. She stuffed a sock into my mouth and then used its partner to tie it in place.

Susan left the room at this point and returned a few moments later with the long wall mirror from the hallway, so I could study my predicament. Having given me a good look at myself, she blindfolded me with a scarf. I struggled for a few minutes but gave up - I was more thoroughly tied up than I ever had been before and could not get any useful leverage on any of my bonds or reach any knots. Nevertheless, I was enjoying the evening very much so far.

After what seemed like an eternity (probably only about an hour), Susan removed my gag and blindfold. She had taken off the stocking over her head by this time. Susan draped a teatowel across my chest and tucked it into my collar. She then proceeded to feed me my evening meal with a spoon, followed by a cup of tea with a straw. She carefully wiped my mouth and face, then re-applied the gag and blindfold. She kissed the end of my nose and said, 'Goodnight.' I could tell that she had switched the room light off. I had no idea what the time was and, much as I had enjoyed the evening up to that point, I was terrified at the prospect of spending the night tied to a chair (even by Susan). I struggled as hard as I could, but to no avail. After about ten minutes, Susan turned the light back on and removed my blindfold. 'Only kidding,' she said.

Susan untied me progressively, leaving my gag until last. I admitted defeat and ruefully congratulated Susan on her tying prowess. 'All down to proper research,' she said. It turned out that Susan had sought out all the mainstream books with bondage pictures in the public library and taken careful notes. She had also tried out elements of her proposed treatment of me on her younger sister. I think Susan's motivation was simply not to be bettered by any mere boy and she had therefore set out to acquire the necessary skills to defeat me - purely a matter of principle. I, on the other hand, had a whale of a time. I don't think she quite realised that at the time. There were further evenings with Susan; and there are a few more stories to tell.

Jon (McA)


Friday, April 7th 2006 - 06:43:58 PM
Friday, April 7th 2006 - 07:56:12 PM
So sorry to hear about Gillian B's very untimely passing.I never met her, but I was a great admirer of her work,and if you haven't read any of her stories I urge you to check out the archives here and the web site Restrained Tastes. Condolences to her family. RIP.


Larry Thorne

Saturday, April 8th 2006 - 03:22:53 PM
A Spot of Selfy...
Well, I'm back, everyone. Here's something that happened last night. 

My mum and her new boyfriend had just left the house, and my brother was upstairs listening to music. Our last roll of wide masking tape had just run out, and I knew there was another one in the garage. The urge took hold, and I put on my trailers/runners and ran across the garden and into the garage. I immediatly spied and picked up the tape, running back into the house.

Once inside, I flipped off my trainers and gazed at the tape. It was still in its packing, which was quickly discarded. The tape had this one layer that was a right bugger to remove. Once it was, I walked through into the living room, and sat down more or less in the middle of the room. 

I was sure nobody could hear me, so I thrust my legs together (in a inverted-'V' arc) and began winding tape around my ankles, figuring I'd only use two layers per area. Whilst tying my legs, the tape kept splitting into small sections, which was annoying as it wasted tape. I managed to successfully tie my ankles and above and below my kneecaps with two layers each. The tape held surprisingly tight, which was good. 

Before I ever had decided to tie myself, I had only ever used the tape for ear-to-ear gags. It was only the night previously that I had decided to see how it would hold if I wrapped it around my head. I managed only one layer before the tape ran out, and it felt better and held tighter. 

I placed a piece of tape below my right ear before I began looping it tightly around my head. I wound 3 or 4 layers before I ripped off the strip. I practiced mmmmmphing a bit before I worked on my wrists. 

This was quite hard, as I tried numerous times to anchor the tape to my right wrist and swing it around both. It failed miserably, with me only able to get about two layers on my wrists. I ripped off the tape and placed it by the sofa. 

Then I dropped on my side, and began struggling and mmmmphing. The bonds and gag were very effective, proving to be a huge turn-on for me. 

I struggled around for about five minutes before I forcibly ripped the bonds loose and untied myself, dumping the large ball of tape in the bin. I kept the gag on (I'm what some people would call a 'gagsnob') for the simple feel and thrill of being gagged. 

The experience was pretty fun and I enjoyed it immensely. So much so, that I grabbed the tape from my draw and rushed downstairs for a repeat this morning, which was also immensely fun. 

St Jimmy

Saturday, April 8th 2006 - 04:11:00 PM
To "Slytherin's Finest"
Sincerely, what makes you so sure about what you stated about Boywonder's aunt? Nobody's guilty until the guilt is demonstrated! What might demonstrate/imply that BW's aunt has further intentions beyond playing a game when she plays with her nephew? What makes you think she can't just like enjoying the game? 

OTOH, why should that apply only to tie-up games? A sick person might get excitement also by looking ar children playing chess. In other words, isn't your judgement critaerium a bit unbalanced towards tie-up games? 

In the end, please, remember they're just that, games


Saturday, April 8th 2006 - 04:16:33 PM
Batman & Robin Caught Again (Cont)
(First off my apologizes for taking so long to continue this story and I have finished defending myself and will just post my stories and let people comment what they want)

I was carried towards a large white cube van parked in the garage. I could see my aunt and her friend Cathy standing at the back of the van looking inside then up at me being carried over. My aunt smiled as I got carried closer. She said something like..."Purrrfect you nabbed the Boy Wonder too. Put him in the van." I was put into the open rear doors of the van and to my surprise saw Stan aka "Batman" already tied up ,on the floor of the carpeted van , hand and foot and he was gagged with wide white tape. His eyes went wide behind his masked cowl as he saw me being laid down on my side beside him. The man that carried me to the van started to tape my ankles together with the same white tape used to gag stan and Fran had climbed in too and she had started to tie my hands behind my back with rope. I looked up to see my aunt smiling with a an evil grin and lighting up a cigarette and beside her was Cathy also watching me be tied up. I said something like..."What's the idea Catwoman?" in my best Boy Wonder voice. She laughed and told me we were to be taken back to her other hideout and with that she closed the rear doors of the van as I was finished being tied and the man tore off a strip of tape and quickly taped my mouth shut before I could say anything else. He got behind the wheel of the van and Fran got into the passenger side. She too lit up a cigarette and let out a laugh and she looked back and saw us squirming on the floor of the van. My aunt tapped on the side of the van window and I could hear her say she was going to meet them at the hideout. And the van started up and drove out of the garage. I loved the fact we were being kidnapped and loved the fact we were tied up in the van. It was very exciting to be in peril like that in a play setting. We didn't seem to be driving long when we pulled into an industrial park area again and it looked famalier. I recognized it as the Pottery Shop where I had been brought once before by my aunt and her friend Cathy and got very excited (I had posted my adventures of being taken to the studio on a previous posting) My mind flashed to the conveyor belt and hoped they planned on tying us up on it. Suddenly I was startled by the side door of the van being slid open and seeing Fran and the man standing there again (I never did learn his name) Fran ordered the "henchman" to pick me up and he pulled me out and hoisted me easily over his shoulder again. I tried to see where I was being taken as I was carried out of the van. I could see my aunt standing at the open rear metal door of the pottery studio smiling. 

I was carried inside and plunked down on a stool and watched as Stan as Batman was carried in by Fran and Cathy and plunked down on another stool beside me. My aunt came over smiling. "Ahhhh the dynamic duo tied up in my clutches." The man stayed at the door and looked out and seemed to be looking around before closing it and he remained standing by the rear door. Fran & Cathy joined "Catwoman" as they stood around as Stan and myself sat tied up the wooden stools. I glanced over my shoulder at the conveyor belt. (It was a 20 - 25 ft long rubber conveyor belt that fed into a large furnance like structure that was the kiln and used for baking the clay pottery.) My aunt saw me looking back. "Ahh I see you remember the conveyor belt Robin." , she teased, "Well this time you won't escape I promise you!" They all laughed and giggled and both Stan amd myself protested with muffled moans through our taped mouths. Fran rubbed her hands gleefully. I could tell they were loving having both Batman & Robin to tie up and torment. "Let's put them on the belt now!" 
My aunt nodded and walke dover the conveyor belt and watched as Fran & Cathy again picked up Stan and started carrying him over and the big man easily scooped me up (me being much smaller then Stan by a good 20 - 25lbs) and cradle carried me over. Stan was placed down on the conveyor belt in a sitting position and I was sat beside him with my back against his, also in a sitting position. Fran suggested we should be tied a little better so we couldn't try and get away and she scooped off a large coil of fairly thick (about half an inch) rope and started to coil it around our upper chests and arms tying us together as we sat back to back on the wide conveyor belt. I was loving it and loved the fact my aunt as Catwoman and cathy as one of her henchwomen had lit up a cigarette and we were smiling and watching us be tied tighter together. I of course tensed against the rope and squirmed as did Stan. I couldn't se Stan's face but hoped he was having as much fun as I was! Fran finished binding us together and stepped back and accepted an offered cigarette from my aunt's friend Cathy. My aunt circled around us as we squirmed on the belt and went to the control panel. With great mock evil flair she announced it was time to start up the conveyor belt that would feed us into the big furnance (Have to point out the furnance/kiln was not on) She pushed the button and the belt shuttered and then very slowly started to grind and then move. Slowly feeding us towards the open door of the kiln. My aunt walked over to the end of the conveyor belt and pointed at us and laughed. Beside her was Cathy who was also giggling and pointing. "Let's see you escape this trap Batman & Boy Blunder" teased my aunt in her Catwoman purr. That brought even louder laughter and giggling from Fran,Cathy and even the man chuckled as he watched by the back door. I did my heroic best straining against heavy rope that pinned me to Stan and could feel him struggling hard too as we were slowly fed along by the conveyor belt. Both of us "mmmph'ing" loudly the whole time.



Saturday, April 8th 2006 - 10:16:23 PM
To Slytherin's Finest
You do realize that believing that people only do things for ulterior motives is a sign of sociopathy. You honestly don't understand altruism?

Dude, get professional help! You're borderline dangerous.


Sunday, April 9th 2006 - 01:43:01 AM

We have a major request for you. PLEASE start your OWN board, your stories are WAY TOO MANY, and it is taking up half this board. It's obvious you like to write, so why not create your own board and have a field day.


Sunday, April 9th 2006 - 04:14:53 AM
Hey Canuck!!! : Request for story
I was reading old sotories and couldnt find the first part of "My Nosey Neighbor (m/mm) - Mr. Braggadoucous" I was wandering if you could repost the first part or send it to me.

Thanks a lot 


Sunday, April 9th 2006 - 04:15:41 PM
help meeemmmmmphhhh. ff,m
my punctuation buttons on my keyboard are broken so i ask you to bear with me and the poor spelling.
Well to start off,im 19 but this story happend when i was 13.
it was at school,me being a stupid youth i didnt think to rationally,so when two ladies offerd me a ride home i accepted,even though i lived right beside the school.
i recognized one of the ladies she was a helper at my school,about mid 40s still very attractive,the other id nevr seen before but iam guessing she was mid 30s attractive but a lil mean looking.
well to get on with the story, they pulled up to me and asked me where i lived at i told them and at that point they told me to hopp in the car,which i did,then i noticed the door lock,this made me a lil nervous,i ask why they locked the doors when the mean one told me to shut up,or else.
At this point i was really scared cuz i noticed we were no where near my house any more,it was kind of a secluded area,we came to a stop in a vacant lot with dirt grounds,they both got out of the car and went into the trunk the 40 year old had a roll of duct tape,and i didnt see what the other had.
when they came and opened my door,i tried to run but the 40 yr old grabbed me,i yelled for help but she tightly handgagged me and shushed me saying your ours now,she then pulled a rag out that she had in her pocket,she removed her hand from my mouth and before i could scream, crammed the rag in my mouth,i mmmmphed for all i was worth,but the other women showed me a box cutter and told me if i struggled,it would only git worse.
so i just stood helpless while the women duct taped my wrists and ankles,the one women went to duct tape my mouth,but the one with the box cutter said no i have something better,at that point she produced a ball gag with a lil padlock on it,they pulled the rag out my mouth,this time i did not scream i just whimpered for them to let me go,the one yelled for me to shut the f up,and forced the gag into my mouth ,then locking the padlock,they finished by sealing my eyes with duct tape.
then i felt myself being forced into the trunk,i thought they would kill me so started mmmmmphin and squirming to no avail,they just tossed me in the trunk,the one said,lets just end it here the other just snarled back NO,i wont lye i stared to cry a bit.
i was in the trunk trying to free myself,or at least mmmmph till some one heard me.
after bout an hour i heard giggling and felt kind of releived,the trunk flew open and 4 of my girlfriends,just freind not intimate ones,were standing over me,one said aaaaw were you crying,my face went beet red.
it turned out the mean looking women was one of the girls aunt whom was friends with the school helper,the girl in question was one i pulled a prank on a month earlier who wanted revenge,so she had her aunt and friend fake a kidnapping on me.
my ordeal did not end there though,they slammed the trunk,and drove to the girls house,where they kept me gagged and tickled tortured me,for what felt like three hrs,afterwards they ungagged me,but left me tied up till i promised i wouldnèt tell any body about the event.
after i did they untied me and all the girls kissed me and sayed...aaaw poor little baby scared he got kidnapped,i swore revenge but never took it cuz,yeah the ordeal was scary,but in the end i love being gagged by women,so i can look back and relive and enjoy the experience.

Sunday, April 9th 2006 - 04:44:40 PM
To K
GREAT story K. Congratulations

Sunday, April 9th 2006 - 05:03:17 PM
Good story Vic

Sunday, April 9th 2006 - 07:41:41 PM
This is a little different... no tying up involved, but close enough... some tickling...

I'm 15, 5'10, 140ish pound, got a lot of lean muscle. I was chilling outside with three kids all about 12. Anyways, we were fooling aroud on a seesaw (trying to neuter everyone by slamming it up and down), when the three of them decided they wanted to pin me to the ground. I figured why the heck not, theyr just little kids. So after a few minutes of grappling, they finally got me to the ground, only to have me roll over on top of them (understand i took some martial arts). I let the flee, figuring it would be more fun to take them on seperatly. One of them went up onto the slide... and sat down, ready to slide backwards down it if I came up. I started to. When he slide back, he shoe got caught on the top, and came off. I met him at the bottom, pinned his arms behind his back with a hand and a foot, with my other foot kept his shoeless ankle down, and tickled him to death with my free hand. Mustve been tickling him for about ten minutes before one of the other guys came and checked me.


Sunday, April 9th 2006 - 08:30:19 PM
That was very cruel what they did, Sarah. Yes, they were stupid for not thinking about the implications for leaving someone tied up like that.

I hope you got the message through their heads that what they did wasn't right.

Sunday, April 9th 2006 - 08:50:53 PM
Just asking
Hey I know there are some people (i dont not if all of you) that dont like invented experiences. I have good imagination to make stories but if itll start a confrontation here i wont post it. Just tell me if its ok.

Monday, April 10th 2006 - 02:16:42 PM
Quick Self Tie up
Before doing a big self tie up and waiting for the keys to my handcuffs to freeze, I decided to do a quick shower tie up. 

I got out duct tape and handcuffs with these pins to push in to unlock the cuffs, so I could release my self at any time. I pulled on a purple addidas speedo and went into the bathroom. As the water was running, I duct taped my ankles and knees. I lifted myself into the shower and plugged the drain. I handcuffed my hands behind me and flipped onto my stomach. For effect, I struggled a little as the water gradually got higher and higher. I flipped onto my back and just sat. By now the water was chest, so I unpluuged the drain, unlocked the handcuffs, and cut the tape away. I then took a regular shower.

By now the keys should be frozen, so I'm off to do another self tie up session. Maybe I'll post how it goes.


Monday, April 10th 2006 - 05:47:17 PM
i posted a while back on the redmarks u might get when you have your mouth gagged with ductape
i asked how to get rid of this
i was replied ice
can u guys elaborate on that
what does ice mean
do u put the ice on before ( idoubt but still just asking)
after u take the gag off
or even while its on
please tell me 

Monday, April 10th 2006 - 06:03:01 PM
wow polly ur site is soo good if any1s reading this go on this site it is such a good site

Monday, April 10th 2006 - 07:21:21 PM
gagged by my teacher
This story takes place when i was 17 and in my 3rd year of high school,i was always missing class so they eventually sent me to an alternative program school,its a small school with about,20 student,4teachers.
well to star the story off i had this super cool teacher,an older lady she was 50 but looked outstanding with great youthful vitality,we would always joke around with each other,she would let me do almost anything....or so i thought.
one day i was talking in class,so she slinked over behind me and,well i talking i suddendly realized i was reduced to muffled mmmmmmphing,here i had this gorgeous lady,with her soft hand over my mouth,my face went red a lil,because i love being gagged just not in front of other people,she noticed my ebarassment,and removed her hand from my mouth,i accidentally drooled a lil on her hand so when no one was paying attention,she wiped the drool on my face.

near the end of the day i was alone with her in the class because i was being disruptive well the other students were watching a movie,she told me i was too talkative and she should gag me with duct tape,she said this to me multiple times through the year but she never did,so i decided to test her,i said yeah whatever,she then pulled out this roll of black duct tape,and responded oh your in for it now,the final bell rang and i smirked, to bad well maybe tomorrow,as i walked to the door, i felt my arm being twitsted behind my back and that soft hand once again clasped over my mouth but alot tighter and effective this time.

i started to mmmmph,to no avail cuz all the other students were already gone,she said mmmmmph all you like junior but you have detention,boy she was real strong,she threw me on her desk and pinned my arms with her knees,i begged her to stop even though i was lovin it,she said,no talking in detention,she then reached into her desk drawer and pulled out two leather gloves,i said what are you gonna dommmmmmmmph,at that point she shoved the two gloves into my mouth,i tryed to spit them out but before i could she started to wrap the tape around my mouth and head about ten times.

i couldnt believe this was happening,in fake terror i screamed at the top of my lungs into the gag,but only real faint mmmmphs and grunts came out,she then reached into her drawer again this time pulling out this woman was prepared,she then flipped me on my stomach and handcuffed,real tight,i moaned into the gag she just pinched my cheek,and said aaw is that too tight,i nodded yes,she just reponded sorry to bad maybe youll think before you talk next time well that is if i decide to ungag you which i might not.
at this point,it was 3 45 well after school time,i tried to mmmmmmph i have to go which only came out as a dull moans,she said dont speak with you mouthfull i dont understand you anyway,she helped me too my feet and dragged me by my ear.....OUCH to the basement,on the way there another teacher just looked at me and my captor and quipped,another talkative student huh, i was shocked that no one seemed to care iwas bound and gagged.

she opened the door to the basemnt at this time i begin to squirm and mmmmmph in real fear but she had a tight grip on me,she just forced me down the stairs and into the furnace room,she slammed the door behind her and forced me to the ground,i was shaking a lil cuz this wasnt like her normal play full personality,she pulled my pant legs up about to the back of my knees and whipped my calfs hard with one of those,plastic skip ropes,i screamed through the gag,she grinned and said had enough smart guy,i nodded yes and waas mmmmphin yes as much as i could,sso she kneeled down and painfully ripped of the tape,she pulled the gloves out my mouth,and scornfully said,you drooled all over them,she then held them over my mouth and face smothering me with leather and drool,she did this for 5 mins.

finally she said,we should get you home,she picked me up and lead me to her car,still cuffed she pushed me in the backseat and told me to shut up,she did drive me home,but made me ride the whole way with the handcuffs on.

i got out of the car limping cuz my legs were sore,she laughed and told me not to tell any one bout the whipping i grinned and after that we were good friends for the rest of the year......with a few more gag sessions but no whipping.


Monday, April 10th 2006 - 07:49:54 PM
Monday, April 10th 2006 - 09:53:29 PM
just talk to this girl use to live here on my street after all these years your here and its still just you and me she said her old boyfriend packed up and headed back east but she always knew somday he whould go she just got a new job and she doubts it will last so lets take a drink and never think and heres to the past she said its so funny how life burns out so fast lets take another drink and heres to the past that same old crowd that drags me down a boring life in a boring town

a boring life in a boring town
chris damakes
band:less than jake


Monday, April 10th 2006 - 10:29:42 PM
if any one is interested
I have a great story about being tied and gagged by a girlfreind and her mother,both who are hispanic.
i am just asking cuz i have not got much response from my other stories.
i love to post stories but if my content 
has been offensive let me know ill stop posting,but ill never stop reading....this site is the shit

Monday, April 10th 2006 - 11:03:14 PM
Wow Laura
Laura, im impressed. Your words made me see how clear your thoughts go. Not agresive, not pasive just acertive

Monday, April 10th 2006 - 11:09:39 PM
To K
Im dont like that type of tieup situations, K. But i´m sure there are people who does. So, go on. Dont care for people who dont have your likes in TUGS. Post away.

PS: This is friendly tone, not a mean one... lol


Monday, April 10th 2006 - 11:18:45 PM
My apolgies
JD since you are the only one who comments on my stories i just wanted to let you know the situation with the hispanic mother and daughter is by no way sexual its just three people having fun ill post it and hope ur not offended.

Monday, April 10th 2006 - 11:31:46 PM
Does any one have any good kidnap stories to post cuz i love to read them.
PS were has aunt bondage gone she had great stories,not that the stories are not good she just promised more...which i have not seen.

Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 12:05:31 AM

Calm down K i didnt mean yo think you were going to post anything sexual. 

Sorry if i ofended you by thinking you will post something like that, it wasnt my intention.


Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 12:42:43 AM
re: duct tape

I believe what was meant is that you put ice on the redness after removing the gag. This relaxes the blood vessels under the skin and shrinks the irritation on the surface, returning it to a normal color.

Hope this was helpful.

it's me

Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 07:46:10 AM
Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 07:48:07 AM
hi all & thanx for all who gave good advise and got deletd. pls talk to me at my safe e-m. 

Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 09:31:14 AM
Since I have been "hogging" the board. I have taken a break and been enjoying everyone else's stories. Thanks again for all those that have continued to encourage me. I will finish the last story I started posting and I am pleased to see Canuck has okayed fictional stories (as long as they are reasonable and could happen) Have a few ideas for some fictional tales. keep the great stories/suggestions coming all. 

Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 11:40:02 AM
Matt´s plan
OK Here I go. Give feedback (good or bad)

At night I was drinking a glass of milk before going to bed. I was wearing a white pijama pant with $ green sign all over it, and i was shirtless. Suddenly i heard a noise going upstairs. "might be the dog" i thought. Ididnt turn on the lights and went up (big mistake) and as soon as i got to the second floor i was tackled by someone into the floor.
I was laying on my chest
-What the mmmmmmpppppphhhhhmmm- I was gagged with dirty sock. My arms wer pinned with the knees over them. Then, as i was trying to take out the sock with my mouth, I heard a sound of duct tape. Five times around my my mouth.
Then my wrist were tied side to side with cotton rope very tight, and after that i felt the person disappeared. Seconds later the lights went on and Matt, a friend of mine, was sranding there watching the beggining of his job. He was smiling a lot. He was wearnig a short jeans and a red t-shirt, his socks were in my mouth so he was barefeet.
-lmmmt me mmmo-I tried to say struggling and kicking.
-Guess those feet can be a problem, let me tie them-
It was so hard to try to avoid that. I was sliding away from him when he seated on my back on my tied hands. 
He got my feet and tied them with cotton rope again very hard. 
Then he carried me to my room there he tied anothr rope (alwayas cotton) around my shoulders and grabed me and hangged me by that rope in hook that I had in the wall for my jacket which was on tha desk right now.

-OK man this is the thing, I entered to your house when your mom was here earlier(around 6pm), she was preparing the stuff to go to the beach (my parents live at night to enjoy the mornings, she told me you´ll stay, so i decided to wait until 8 (now) to tie you- (jeesh sorry for that long line, those reafding this)-

My feet were at the high of his hands I imagined what was coming. He grabbed my tied barefeet and started tickling them. I couldn´t struggle a lot hangged ther, but I did tried to avoid his hands. My gag didnt aloud me to laugh or ask for mercy. About 20 minutes later he stopped.

-Time for other kind of tieup.- "Great i thought" I thougt cause i liked to be tied although not very much the tortures. Matt grabbed me from the hook and put my on the floor. Then he got a liitle piece of rope and tied it between my feet, then he pull them to my hands and tied it between them in the other rope. -Hogtied-Matt said
I started struggling all around the floor while Matt enjoyed that. Then he realized my feet were in a vulnerable position. -mmOh nnmmo- I said -Oh yes- sait Matt. He tickled me again but this time all over my chest and in my ligs and feet. He enjoyed see me struggling while that 10 minutes. He undid the hogtie and left me tied as the beggining. -Man, do you still have that toy you made that make minielctroshocks?- I nodded with my head.- Found it- As he take the toy from my closet. The MMMMPPPHHHHMMMMMMS were the only thing i could do to express the pain it made. This time he took consideration i just tortured me with that for about 3 minutes. 

I was so tired. -Thanks man- Matt. He intied me and bring me some water while i rested on my bed. He came back -Sorry man- Matt said -It´s Ok i actually liked to be tied and kind of the tortures- We laugh and went to sleep, me on my bed he in the sofa as he desrve.

The end


Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 12:42:32 PM
Amazing story. Im glad Canuck said you could make up stories. I really liked it. It was different from the others I seen here. I liked the mini electroshock part of it. That was different. I hope you keeping most more of your stories.

Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 07:24:13 PM
then again, it could be a good thing if it doesn't go too far, I mean we're seeing a lot of the same kind of story over and over again. With permission to make up stories it would vary the stories a little bit more.

just a thought.

Party Guy

Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 09:06:25 PM
Hockeygal (and let's bury the adult thing)
Hi Guys (and since I'm being diplomatic, Gals)
Now I don't want 2 dig up an old subject, but...
Boywonder, this is nt a dig at u, but adults tying kids could be considered different. However, I envy the caution with which u have compiled the stories. Just don't go nuts.
And everyone else: what right have u 2 generalise? Some people r black, others r white and those that have gone crazy on carrots r orange. I, a teen, get a sexual thrill out of being tied up.

But folks, act ur ages. Ur little vendettas...


Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 09:18:08 PM
Hockeygal, also my psp limits what i can type
...though they are amusing, they metaphorically lower ur standing in the site and will eventually lead 2 ur own downfall.

U are grown individuals and should be able 2 accept your differences. For it is up to our respecting governments 2 decide what is appropriate.


And hockeygal, I wanted 2 say that U are hot. How old are U and, I know it sounds creepy on the internet but, are U single?


Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 09:50:13 PM
Canuck, I know I'm not a regular poster and I'm always talking about my PSP, but I can't get 2 the site otherwise, because I have a shared PC.
It took me about 5 minutes 2 get 2 the bottom of the page. Is it possible to have some sort of 'elevator' button? Because otherwise I might have to jump off of a very tall building, shouting "GEERRRONIIISHIIIIiiiiii...!!!"


Oh yes, and I should have a notable post within three months.

PS: It's off subject, but I'm writing a Sci-Fi novel 2 B published.


Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 10:17:06 PM
Thanks Meatball i´m glad you like it. Hope to hear (read) a goodone from you.
Oh Erika, please if you dont like my ideas of good fiction TUGS please tell me i´ll stop away. 
I´ll post other in a month or so, unless you dont want me to.
I really dont wanna bother anyone. I guess i wont have an experince of TUGS in my life, thats why i like to make this stuff.

Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 10:20:26 PM
Anyone wanna chat on msn? 
Canuck i read in the archives that there was a bob chat in this site. Is there any yet? Also read there was a msn comunity (i dont know how to get to comunities)Thanks

Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 11:01:22 PM
SUre i would not mind chatting on msn, or yahoo, or aol.

Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 11:08:21 PM
At msn im sysco7887 Meatball

Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 11:13:27 PM
You are offline right now right?

Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 11:15:46 PM
half-built house
My friend Ryan (15, 160 lbs, well built with brown hair and blue eyes) and I (15, 120 lbs, skinny wiht brown hair and brown eyes) were exploring a house under construction several years ago. I had some rope in my backpack. He was wearing a tight light blue t-shirt and khaki cargo shorts. I was wearing a white t-shirt and black Nike soccer short (America short). We decided to try a little tie-up fun upon seeing the empty beams where the ceiling would be.
I took my shirt off and he tied my hands together in front, then threw a length of the rope over the beam. He pulled it tight so I had to stand on my tip-toes. He then tied it off and came over to me. He made me stand on a wood box about a foot tall, then went over and pulled the rop so tight I was standing on my toes on the box.
He then came over, and with an evil grin, kicked the box out. I was left hanging. He quickly tied my feet together, then tied a knot in my shirt. He shoved the shirt in my mouth and tied it off in back. I couldn't do much, other than hang there, my feet at least 6 full inches from the ground.
Then, with the same evil grin, he started tickling me. He went all around for about twenty minutes, moving from my feet to my ribs to my armpits. After than, he lowered me, but left my hands tied. He took my backpack, put the extra rope in it, but used a small piece to tie my hands down to my waist, so I couldn't lift them up.
He made me walk to his house in the 60 degree Texas fall night like that. After we got there, he tied my feet back together and gagged me with a sock and duct tape. He put me in his closet and taped my fingers together so I couldn't open the door. I fell asleep sometime, but remember enjoying that night a LOT.

Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 11:41:59 PM
Good one Dustin

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 12:02:48 AM
Im posting 3 stories here I will go 1 by 1 to make it clear they are different.

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 12:12:44 AM
Box Tape
Well, I was at my 1 friends about 3 or 4 monthes ago and another friend of mine was over too. His parents were out of town and the person who was watching hi mwas out getting pizza. We were in the basement messing around, when all of a sudden the idea of tying each other up came up. Can't recall how so this is going to be told as accurate as I an remember it. We were all wearing jeans which was a good thing bc otherwise the tape would have realy hurt. Well as I remember I was tied up first. If you could not tell from the title we used box tape. My 1 friend sat on my back and taped my legs and the other taped my hands after that. I struggled to get free but my one friend is really strong. After a little while I either got free or we cut the tape cant remember which. Next we tied up my friend whose house we were at Ill call him his real name which is Mike. The same thing happened as with me. Thenn Mike and I tried to tie up Jeff, my muscular friend, we finally succeeded. Well after that I think the pizza got their and we wnet up and ate.

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 12:17:47 AM
Little Sister
Monday at about 3 o'clock if my memory serves me right I decided to have a little fun after my sister came into my room. She was hiding under a blanket since we were babysitting, and I tied up her hands and her feet and tickled her feet and sides. I let her go after a few minutes not wanting to influence the mind of the young child we were babysitting. If you remember i got into bondage bc of the games my sister and I played a few years ago, so I guess I still enjoy playing those game every now and then.

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 12:25:48 AM
Self Bondage
Well this is my last story in my set of 3 for this morning. This one occured either late Monday night or early Tuesday morning was not keeping that good of track of the time. I was reading some of the stories and I being into bondage decided to tie myself up. I put on a pair of socks so the tape would not hurt my ankles as much. I used duct tape to tie my ankles together. Then i tied a rope around that. Then I gagged myself using a blanket I had laying on the ground by my bed, in my stash area. I then tied my hand with the rope I had tied around the tape, hogtying myself. The rope I used was a rope that had fallen out of a pair of shorts I own. It was not my best self bondage incident but it is the most recent.

Please feel free to comment on my stories whether ur comments be positive or negative, I would like feedback that i can use to decide whether or not to keep posting, and JD ur welcome for the response.


Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 12:37:11 AM
Recent fun with Hannah!
So I was over at Hannah's house again with her and Sarah and her parents were out, so it was just us three. Of course we wanted to have fun again. I had jeans and a blue t-shirt, Hannah had tight jeans (holy crap she looked awesome in them that's how tight they were), pink ankle socks, and a small tight pink t-shirt, finally Sarah also had really tight jeans, green ankle socks, and a small tight green t-shirt. Well we decided we'd play a tie up game of course, so we all got supplies ready and decided that it would be every person for themself this time. So we all walked to different corners of the house and counted to 60 before we started the game. I finished counting from Hannah's bedroom and headed out with duct tape and rope and left the rest of the stuff in Hannah's room. I crept down the stairs and heard a doorknob creak as it turned. I looked behind to see if it came from upstairs and saw nothing, so I hit the ground and waited to see if any doors opened. Then I saw both of them. Hannah came out of the basement and Sarah had come in from outside where the hot tub was about 15 seconds before. Sarah made her way from outside to the kitchen without a sound before Hannah noticed. Then I saw Hannah make her way toward the stairs and come up them. I hurried back into her room and waited behind the door. I heard her walk down the hall and come into her bedroom. I came from behind and gagged her with duct tape and tied her wrists together with rope behind her back. I then quickly tied her feet together. Before I left to find Sarah I noticed a feather in her room and decided to tickle her a bit. Mostly on her feet but all over her body too and she giggled so bad that she wimpered and cried. I then left to go find Sarah. Sarah came out of Hannah's bathroom when I walked into the hall. We had both seen each other so we both automatically thought that there was no point in running. So she being just a tad bit smaller than me attempted to wrestle me to the ground. She ran at me and jumped at me and I caught her in mid air. She started hitting me so I hit the ground with me on top of her. She was still struggling so I sat on her stomach and wrapped my legs around hers so she would stop kicking. Then I basicall laid down on her and spread her arms out so she would stop struggling. She finally quit and I stood up, threw her over my back and took her back to Hannah's room to be tied up. I gagged her with cloth and duct tape on top of that, then I blindfolded her with a bandana. I took off her blue t-shirt to reveal her matching blue bra, then I tied her wrists together and tied them to a hook in the ceiling meant to hang a disco ball. Then I slid off her oh-so-tight jeans to reveal a matching blue thong, after sliding off the matching blue ankle socks I tied her legs spread-eagle to a desk and a bed post. Then I moved on to Hannah to properly tie her up. I untied her but left the gag and added a bandana blindfold. Then, I picked her up and put her on her bed. Then, I slipped off her pink t-shirt to reveal her matching pink bra. Then, I tied her wrists together and tied them to her headboard. Then I slipped off her oh-so-tight jeans and her matching pink ankle socks to reveal her matching pink thong. Then I tied her legs spread-eagle to the bedposts. Then I got an idea, I was going to be really mean. I took out my cell phone and took a few pictures of them. I then went downstairs and watched tv for a little bit, all the while calling them every 30 seconds hehe. I went back up after watching a show to find them still tied up but both looked exhausted. I let down Hannah first and she said that she had an idea for me later. I then let down Sarah. Before leaving her house I stole a yellow thong from Hannah's drawer hehe.

The next day during school Hannah told me her idea, I thought it was great! hehe. hehe

Story edited by Canuck

Party Guy

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 12:44:48 AM
You already know i like your stories, meatball. Nice stories

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 12:48:21 AM
Party Boy
Yeah, I can imagine Detective Benson talkign about that too. May want to tone it down a wee bit

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 03:17:29 AM
hay if anyone has any stories where a girl ties a guy and dresses him up like a girl

Email me


Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 07:01:05 AM
A story site which welcomes fictional stories
My dreambook for tie-up stories:
Fictional stories are welcome. I do ask that you label your story appropriately, but there is a "maybe it's true" label if you want to let the reader guess.

Richard's #1 Fan (still waiting for Richard to post another story)

Jason Masters

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 10:01:04 AM
too funny
Not a problem...I will leave poor erika alone. And yes I have such an awful anger management problem don't I? lol. Consider this my last comment/post to defend myself. It is a waste of energy. That was too funny meatball that u attack her in one post and then me in next. LOL. But enough said. This truely has gotten way past silly.

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 10:39:19 AM
party guy
dude u r freeking awesome
any pics by any chnace
dont tone down the stories i luv these just dont bring it higher or they might block you
people who have been putting him down
NO - mnay people have told stories to this level
no further but to this level
so party guy keep the %[email protected]#?ing stories up
PLEAZ send pics if you have
how old r u
how open r ur friends
and do they have sns

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 01:19:12 PM
Fictional stories: where to post them
After reading Jason Master's message, I reconsidered my decision. Please post all fictional stories at his site ( and let's keep this site for True Tie-Up Games.

Thanks Jason.


Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 01:26:44 PM
Name Change from Meatball
Im changing my alias from Meatball to Erikalover the trouble maker. Thanks to JD and Eriak for suggesting the change. Now my name will be more desriptive:P.Boywonder the reason I changed my post was after talking with Erika I realized how stupid you were being towards here. I realized that you were being immature and that she was right.

PS I love you Erika

Erikalover the Troublemaker

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 03:15:56 PM
Richard UK stories
Richard UK, now that canuck has solved the problem please can you start posting you stories I myself and I think a lot of other readers here would like to read them. Hope you can post them soon. Thanks.

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 05:17:57 PM
my little brother
well i'll start with a short discription of myself. I am quite tall, female, brown shoulder lengh hair, 16 years old, quite slim and i love to be tied up.
About a month ago my parents were out for the whole week-end at a funeral while i was stuck looking after my brother Jason (11). Jason had 2 of his friends over Mark and Tom ( my english teachers son) both 11 for a sleepover. I was chattin to my friends on msn wjile all the boys were being strangly quiet. I was really tired so i went to bed at about mid night, i stripped down into my bra and thong and crawled into bed. I was woken up by Jasons hand going over my mouth i mmmppphhhed and they turned the light on i saw Mark and Tom run in with it seemed a mile of cotton rope, 2 rolls of red duct tape and a pair of socks. they got the socks and soved them into my mouth and then lifted my hair up and wrapped tape around my head, i reached 2 get it off but Jason and his friends grabbed my arms and tied them behind my back really tight they then moved down to my feet i tried to make it hard for them by kicking my legs but then they just sat on then and said "looks like were gonna have to make the rope on the legs extra tighter."
i mmpphhed. Jason started to tie my ankles and then my feet and then my knees. Mark and Tom started tying ropes around my body by then i couldn't move they then started taping my fingers then Tom said "we wouldn't want you escaping now would we?"
They then wrapped tade around all the rope i mmmppphhhed and struggled as loud and as hard as i could but it was no use i had no chance of escaping. 
Jason then started 2 film me on his phone while Mark and Tom were taking pictures. I was really loving being tied up to be honest with you but i was disliking it because i was tied up in my bra and thong infront of my brother. They had stopped all the photo taking and said "well we're goin to bed willl you be ok?" sarcasticly i mmmppphhhed then Jason said "we'll take that as a yes." he then got my blanket and placed it over me put leaving my head poking out he laughed and hen i mmmppphhhed again and gave him a puppy dog inosent look but then he blindfolded me he patted me on the cheek he walked out and turned the light off "sleep tight" he then laughed and shut the door.
I was struggling but think i fell asleep i woke up and there was about 10 kids staring at me i screamed but it came out as a scilent mmmmmmppppppppphhhhhh i was struggling like crazy Marks and Toms mom arrived (Toms mom my english teacher!). Toms and Marks stuff was in my room right next to me. My english teacher was coming up the stairs and walked in on me tied up "" she walked up to me and asked if Jason, Tom and Mark did this i nodded. She took my gag off and i spat out the socks and caught my breath she told Marks mom about this and they were both grounded for 2 months i laughed at them and i told my english teacher that i would sort Jason out they left and i started chasing Jason around the house and finally caught him and tied him up and gagged him and then i started tickling him non stop for an hour he then started crying and i started laughing at him and told him it surved him right and untied him. An hour later my parents came home and they asked how our week-end was and we said it went fine.

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 06:17:57 PM
Am I invisible?
No one seems 2 reply 2 my comments. Is it:
1. That my attempts at wit and quirky disposition disturb U?
2. That Umpa Loompas are undermining society?
3. That (and I know that this will B controversial) I am just an annoying sod who nuns avoid by crossing the road?
Please comment because, although I won't actively try 2 change, I would not feel like something out of Harry Potter.

And, 'J-Mac', you're an inspiration 2 obnoxious aspirers everywhere. NICE PANTIES!!!

Yours sincerely,


Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 06:56:03 PM
Fantastic story! Too bad they didn't get to tickle torture you though :( I'd love to talk to you sometime, if you want you can email me at

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 07:36:06 PM
Game with cousin
I'm a 15 year boy now but when this happened I was about 10 or 11. 

My cousin is a girl named Kayla. One day when we were bored of our parents and we went down to my grandma's basement. She didn't know what to do so I suggest she try to tie me up. She was reluctant but said yes.(by the way she was a year older than me.) She told me to strip to my boxers because she liked that sight. Then she told me to stand up against a metal pole and she tied my hands behind me and the pole. Then she tied my feet around the pole. The pole was cold and so was the basement. Then she took a long piece of rope and coiled it around me from shoulders to ankles. I couldn't move and I was sort of embarrast about being tied in my boxers. Then she found a role of duct tape and wrapped it around my head and around the pole about 10 times. Now I couldn't move my head and I was gagged. I thought she was going to far and I yelled for her to untie me but all that came out was MMMMMMMMPPPPPPPP!!!!!! So there I was tied up good and gagged to a pole in my boxers by my cousin. Then she ordered me to try to get out and when I struggled I couldn't move. Then she said she was satisfied and found a huge bead sheet and lightly wrapped it around me so I was camouflaged from anyone. Then I heard her walk upstairs. I was pissed. I MMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP'ed a lot but nobody could hear me. After about an hour she came back and took the sheet off. She saw I was still there and she laughed. She played around with me for a few minutes and ran upstairs again. The next thing I knew I hear car doors slamming and speeding off. Then with only her and I in the house I was screwed. My socks were off already and she started tickling me. She kept doing that for a half hour and moved up my helpless body. I was screaming in my tape gag but no one was around. Then suddenly we heard cars come back in the driveway. She quickly untied me and I got my clothes on and when they came in we were sitting and talking.

Please tell me what you think of this story, it’s my first.


some guy
United States

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 08:39:42 PM
Good story

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 09:14:04 PM
Role plays
Great story some guy. I would like to know if I could post a role play here with the approval of theother person in it, since it is in real life but not real I was wondering if I could. Please respond with approval or disapproval whichever is your opinion. I wont post it unless i get some approval and the other person approves. 

Please Respond

Erikalover the Troublemaker

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 10:36:42 PM
"I'm ready for my gag Mr. Deville"-Bondage in showbusiness(Well, my showbusiness)
Hey There, J. Constantine here, coming back from the dead. I said I ran out of tie up experiences and I said I’d be back when I make a few more...and with time I did. So here it is folks! Enjoy: 

My good friend, Eric, is in his first year at film college and a movie buff. I am studying media arts and animation, and I’m also a movie buff. We met back in High school, and became quick friends b/c of our common interests. It didn’t take long before we put our creative minds together to form a small production company and write scripts and shoot short films starring anyone we can find. Our first flick was a 3 minute short based off a poem starring him and I. After that we started to write original scripts, usually horror/noir/detective style movies. Eric came to me with this idea about a psychiatrist who abducts and tortures his patients for kicks. He sent me a general script, and the ending mentioned the patient being “tied up”. Now, it’s weird when it hit me, but for some reason bondage never occurred to me while making these films. This was a story I could create, I could make the characters do anything they want, and since I’m a bondage fan, I figured I would make these “bondage scenes” longer and in more detail, mainly just for my enjoyment. I wanted to be the nutball stalking his prey in the parking garage, swooping in for the attack. So I did. I added an abduction scene and a longer more in depth bondage scene. I sent him back the script, and he liked it, and we agreed to shoot over the weekend. Basically the plan was that I was the killer psychiatrist and he was the victim. We filmed the other scenes in the movie and as the day progressed, we got down to the “good” scenes. The abduction scene was simple. I dressed all in black and watched on as a tired business man(Eric wearing a suit and tie) strolled into an empty parking garage. As he got into his car he looked into the rearview mirror and there I was in the back seat. I put my hand around his mouth but he elbowed me and exited the car. I went after him. I caught up and tried to strangle him unconscious(fake of course) but he elbowed me in the stomach and threw me against a car and began to strangle me. I quickly pulled out a rag and a chloroform bottle(which in reality was empty ear medicine bottle with water in it.) I quickly dabbed the rag and forcefully placed it over his mouth and nose, I then turned the tides and flipped him around as he took deep breaths of the rag and his actions began to slow....and then stop. I moved him limp arm around to check if he was out, and he was out...cold. I previously told Eric to play as limp as possible when he was unconscious, to make it realistic and he did. I slowly laid him down on the ground and turned him on his stomach. I began to search for his wallet and cell phone. I took them out and threw them into my abduction van. I then took out a big roll of black electrical tape. I began to repeatedly wrap his wrists with the tape as tight and secure as possible. I did the same for his ankles. I tore off a big piece of black tape and turned him over on his back and pressed it tightly against his lips and then smoothed it out. I picked up his limp body and wrapped my arms around his chest and slowly dragged him to a trunk of my van and threw him in. Sure, the scene only lasted about 2 minutes, but it was A LOT of fun to me. But still I’m not a big fan of the guy-guy bondage. Though bounding and gagging Eric was fun,’s just not my thing, I rather be doing it to a girl. Thus as Eric finished editing the movie, he hinted that we should make a second one, this time the psychiatrist abducts yet another victim and a detective is hot on his tracks. I instantly said I would write the script and we should start it as soon as possible. The 1 st one was mostly about the psychiatrist, but in the 2nd one I focused more on the victim. I made the victim a cute young girl with a tortured past, that way she could be mean and feisty when she had to be. For the part I had my eye on this cute girl named Erica that was in my chemistry class with me. I knew her pretty well, and figured since I helped her with one of her previous projects, she could help me. I simply asked her one day and gave her a script. She called me that night and said she’d “love to do it”, and “is looking forward to being the damsel in distress” which her response assured me that I got the right gal. She was short, around 5"4, a brunette, had a great body, and a very girl-next-door look to her. During class on the day of the shoot, I remember thinking how cute she was and laughing to myself knowing that she would be screaming while bound and gagged in my basement that night. Kinda scary when you think about how my mind works. Any who, she drove over that night and I introduced her to my fellow filmaker Eric, and told her if she felt uncomfortable for any reason she doesn’t have to do this. She said she’d be just fine, and knows that it’s just a movie.She looked positively great that night. She wore a bluish/green blouse with tan pants and green flip flops(which is especially great considering my foot fetish). She barely wore any make up because she was naturally beautiful. So, we moved on and began to shoot the eh hem “Boring” scenes. She was a great actor. Our last few scenes of the night were the abduction scenes, and some of the torture scenes. The abduction scenes was about the same as Eric’s. She was standing outside her car when a sneaked up behind her, she seen my reflection in the window and swung around and quickly clenched the “chloroformed” soaked rag over her mouth and pinned her against her car. 
“Shhhh.” I whispered. “Just Breathe, Erica, Just breathe”. 
She slowly slipped in unconsciousness and damn was she could, her eyes rolled back into her head and she went limp. I remember asking myself, “ this is water on this rag, right?”. 
I then leaned in and picked her up onto my shoulder and placed her unconscious body into the van’s trunk slamming the door. After the scene was over she said she was having a great time, and asked me jokingly, “Oh, boy, do I get be bound and gagged now?” I laughed and replied, “Well, that’s what it says in the script.” 
The scene would open with her awaking in the pychiatrist’s hideout gagged and tied to a chair. Therefore we did all the tying and gagging off camera. As Eric worked on the camera, I sat her down in a folding chair and took out some thick white rope and some silver duct tape. 
“If anything hurts, just tell me okay?” I said. 
“Let’s do it.” she gladly said. 
I began to wrap the rope around her thighs and chair 3 or 4 times and tied it in a sturdy knot. I did the same for her chest. I then took out a pair of fake handcuffs to which she replied,”Wow, your one kinky guy.”I handcuffed her hands behind the chair, and then noticed I needed to tie her ankles. I removed her flip flops and revealing her cute little feet. I told her to hold her feet up so it can be easier for me to tie her ankles, but in reality I just wanted to be close and see her cute little soles. I wrapped the rope tightly around her ankles and placed them back down. 
“Well try it out.” I said. 
She wriggled around, but couldn’t break free. 
“ I’m ready for my gag now Mr. Deville.” she joked. 
I walked towards her with a roll of duct tape in my hand. 
“Duct tape? This is gonna hurt to rip off.” she said. 
“Are you ok with that?” I asked.
“Yeah, let’s just do it.” she replied. 
I tore off a strip of tape and placed it firmly over her lips and smoothed it out. 
“Mmmmmmpph!” she said as I placed her gag over her mouth. 
“Well it works, you look marvelous, baby.” I said. 
I took Eric’s digital camera and took a few “production photos” of her. They were funny, B/c she over dramatize the whole damsel in distress role on purpose. Anyway, we started on the scene, and when we did she became a whole different person. She went from joking around to waking up and frantically wriggling around in her bounds, almost to the point where the chair fell over. She screamed through her gag as loud as she could, proving to me that a gag can’t really silence anyone. She actually made herself cry at one point. Watching her from behind the scenes, seeing this funny happy girl transform into a struggling, screaming, helpless, damsel in this eerie environment, freaked me out a bit. And the weirdest part was that I was the killer. And the second I walked into the shot, she didn’t see me as me, she seen me as her ruthless killer abductor. I slowly walked around her chair as she struggled and whipped around violently. I put my hands on her shoulders. 
“It’s all right Erica, don’t scream.” I whispered. 
I ripped off her gag and she tried to catch her breath. 
“I just want you to cooperate with me Erica.” I said as I unveiled a tray of torture tools. 
I walked around picked up tools and joked around with my helpless victim. Erica gave a strong real performance. But sadly the damsel scene didn’t last for as long as I’d hoped. Eric cut, and got into his role as the detective. As I was about to hurt my beautiful victim I heard footsteps, and as Eric’s character was about to appear onscreen, I regagged Erica with the strip of duct tape once more, I grabbed her face and kissed her right on the gagged lips. 
“This isn’t over.” I said as I dashed away into darkness. Erica began to cry as the detective showed up and pulled off her gag. End of scene. We quickly untied her and she streched from nearly an hour of being bound and gagged. She said it was a fun experience and If we ever needed her for a movie again, call her. Both films are being edited, and we’ll try to put them online as soon as possible with a few outtakes of Ercia bound and gagged. I’m currently writing a new script where I actually play a good guy and my girlfriend is kidnaped and held ransom. My girlfriend wll be played by Erica, I’m just askin you guys if you want any particular bondage scenes/situations. Thanks guys and sorry for the length. 

J. Constantine

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 11:28:18 PM
Canuck and Party Guy
Canuck I was wondering if you could get on msn messenger, I really need to talk to you about a few things.

Party Guy I was wondering if I made up a story if I could use an element from ur last story. I would edit it a little bit of course and credit you with the inspiration for that part.

Please Respond to this and my last post.

Erikalover the Troublemaker

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 11:30:53 PM
Oops I forgot something in my last post. Nice story J. If you would could you post the link to the movies when you put them online. Please! I would be interested in viewing them.
Erikalover the Troublemaker

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 11:47:47 PM
Erikalover the Troublemaker
yeah sure you can do that.

no problems here :)

Party Guy

Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 12:29:01 AM
Hey i like the storys on this site. Some of the storys that i read have there parents tieng them up.does anyone know how i can get my mom to tie me up?

Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 02:39:39 AM
this isnt a complaint or anything but the stories that people can make are so long its easier to read in segments instead of a whole story

Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 07:01:28 AM
That was a great story, J.! And I'm sure we'd all love to see the films when you're done. Right everyone?
it's me

Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 08:10:23 AM
A big fat yes to J Constantine,We would all love to see your movies. I am more partial to seeing males tied up in roles like eric played. Cant wait to see them
Childers, Qld Australia

Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 09:40:29 AM
production shots?
Any chance we could get to see these "production shots? You know, strictly from a film makers point of view?

Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 10:36:37 AM
Funny thing, I have my sister's friend tied up in my room right now. She is SO ticklish.
CaKe EaTeR

Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 03:47:14 PM
Im asking you nicely to please please please update the archives section b/c i think that perople don't want to scrool down to see the story they want or to see who is being tied up a boy or a girl so can u please update that section it would really help everyone. other than that this site rocks.
a buru
us of the great a

Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 04:55:22 PM
Cake Eater
tell us what happened with your sister's friend dude!
Party Guy

Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 05:22:57 PM
Jasin ties up a hole bunch of grils (ffffffffffff/m)
Hi im Jason and this just happened to me. so im walking down the street and like six gurls com by and they all wearing real small bikninis like there goin to the beech or something i tell them lets have fun can i tie you up. they say yeas so we go in my house which is alone cause my folks are off visiting a dead aunt i didn’t know so i didn’t go with them. i got a lot of rope i have for camping and i tied her up with her hand in back and her feet and I wrapped about 100 feet of closeline all around them. and so i had eight gerls in binkinnis all tied up on the floor going “mmmppppphhhh!!!!!!” and then i gag them and i went to get a soda.

i come back and watch my ten cactivs trying to get loose and going “mmmmmppppppphhhhh!!!!!” so i make them sit on the sofa and i sit on a chair and see how they wiggle in there bikeknees and the phone rings. it my mom call and she said her aunt wernt getting no better and they would have to stay for like a week and i say ok. i tell the girls on the bed that i am mastur an thay are slaivs an i will tie them up for all the week. and all twelve girls squirm in there bickenes and go “mmmmmmmpppppppphhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!”

geeze its hard thinknin up and remebring all this stuff an writin it down. so i wongt do no more until you like it. how do u think? do u want to here the wrest? if u do then il write it down some more sometime. my guards dont let me have no pensuls or pens or any sharp pointy stuff but i got a wood prawseser and a innenet conexion.

Jasin the conkerer

Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 06:09:43 PM
To J Constantine
Wow, Constantine. Another cute playful tie-up you got to engage in, with a perfect context! Naturally, I prefer the part where you got to tie up Erica rather than Eric.

The fact that you're planning to put the video online is pretty cool - in fact, there are a lot of independent and student films online on sites such as, Google Video, and others. Since there's an entire story and everything, it would be interesting to see how it works as a complete film.

Thanks for sharing that awesome story with us!

Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 06:15:15 PM
As for scene and situation ideas for your next film, my advice would be to not "overdo" it, and make it too obvious what the film is about, if you know what I mean. I mean, since you have a foot fetish, it might be tempting to have her tickled while she's tied up, but a real kidnapper wouldn't do that. You know, stuff like that.

Personally, I'd like to see her put in the back of a van and then tied up and gagged in it, then later tied to a pole, arms-over-head, in a basement.

If you need to come up with a convenient way for her sandals to slip off, they could slip off in the struggle, or maybe Erica could slip them off to try to reach a key or something important with her toes, but just be careful that it doesn't become obvious that you're doing this "for yourself", so to speak.

Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 08:08:00 PM
Thanks for your Thoughts....
I just wanna thank you guys very much for the positive feedback. And, yes, I do get what you mean by not turning an independent film into just a bondage fetish movie.Your suggestions were great too, and that's actually the direction I was going for in the next film.Again, if you guys want to suggest any other scenes or just anything else I'd be glad to hear them(my e-mail's at the bottom). And I'll ask Eric for those production shots of Erica. Until next time. 
J. Constantine

Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 08:51:27 PM
First time I tied my gf
Hey everyone, I just found this site around a week ago and I wanted to share my story about the first time I tied up my girlfriend Brittany. We had been seeing eachother for the past few years and pretty early on in our relationship I discovered that we were both really into tying/being tied up. Normally I tie her up but occasionally she ties me up and we’ll sometimes do a little fake kidnapping thing. Brittany is probably about an average height at about 5 foot 5 with a nice body and short brown hair. Anyways time for what happened. We had already been going out for a few months and this one day she was over at my house. I have liked seeing people get tied up for as long as I can remember and I was hoping for this day to be the day I would get to tie up Brittany.

We were both just sitting on the couch watching TV when she did something that really surprised me, just as I was about to say something she just put her hand over my mouth and giggled, then continued to say something about whatever show was on at the time. After a few seconds I took her hand off my mouth, but as soon as I was about to talk she put it right over my mouth again! This time when I took her hand away I also grabbed her wrists and held them together.

“Hey, cut that out!”
She just smiled and replied, “Or else what? Are you gonna tie me up?” and then she moved to hand gag me again but I just held her hands together and said, “Maybe I will” then she just shot right back and said, “Yea right I bet I could get loose in no time!”

At that I figured she really wouldn’t mind being all bound so I went to grab some ropes and a bandana from the basement. On my way back I grabbed her thick scarf she had worn over (it was winter after all). Once I got back Brittany saw everything I had and let out an “Eeek!” then she got up and started to run, I tossed all of my supplies down except some rope and chased her into my bedroom.

“Ha! I’ve got you cornered now!”
She grinned at me before she turned around and held her arms behind her back and said, “Well since you caught me I guess you get to tie me up.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, it seemed like she wanted me to tie her up. I tied her wrists together and tied her ankles together with the rope I had with me, then I picked her up and carried her back out to the couch to watch TV.

I watched TV (and Brittany) while she gently tried to get loose even though she seemed to enjoy being tied up. She was struggling a bit and saying how she would get loose in no time, so I reached around her and put my hand over her mouth and held her down while she struggled more and made little hmmpphh sounds. Eventually my hand came off her mouth and she said, “So what do you need even more rope, a bandana and my scarf for? You’ve already got me all tied up.”

“Well I think I’m going to gag and blindfold you still.”
“You had better not! If you gag me I’ll get you back for this later!”

I figured that last comment just meant she’d tie me up which was fine with me since I wanted our little games to continue. I grabbed her scarf then and when I help it up to her mouth she gave me a funny look, then she opened her mouth and let me pull her scarf into her mouth and pull it tight behind her head. It was a really long scarf so I pulled it around her head and through her mouth a second time before I tied it off to gag her. I got the rest of the rope and tied her knees together and wrapped rope around her body so her arms would be stuck to her back. While I folded the bandana she started to struggle and try to talk through her gag but only made more hhmmpphhh sounds, and after watching a bit of that I blindfolded her.

“You’re pretty ticklish aren’t you?”
“Well now that you’re all bound and gagged I’ll see just how ticklish you are!”
“Hhhmmphhh hmmphh HMMPHHHH!!!”

I grabbed Brittany’s legs and started to tickle her feet but she didn’t seem to laugh too much. So I pulled off her socks and then she really started to get going so after a bit of that I tickled her sides for a while. After about fifteen minutes of her laughing into her gag, rolling around and struggling the bandana slid off her eyes and rested around her neck. I stopped tickling her and went to fix her blindfold but she gag-talked a lot more like she really wanted to say something, so I left the bandana around her neck and untied her gag then took it out of her mouth.

She told me she really had to go to the bathroom from all this tickling. So I untied her and when she came back she let me tie her hands in front of her and she left the bandana hanging loosely around her neck. After some more TV she told me about how when she was younger her older sister would tie her up when she was babysitting and she kind of liked it but hadn’t been tied up since. During part of the show we were watching I pulled the bandana back over her eyes and hand gagged her again while she struggled a bit more. It was starting to get a bit later on and she had to head home for dinner so I untied her and she handed the bandana back to me. On her way out Brittany almost forgot her scarf that I had gagged her with so I tossed it to her. When she was putting it on she actually pulled it into her mouth and gagged herself with it for a moment, then she just wrapped it around her neck and smiled as she left. The next day then she had her first bit of revenge on me.

Almost forgot, this happened during the winter break of our school year when my parents went to visit my brother in another state but I stayed home for work (and my girlfriend) and we were both around sixteen. Now whenever she wears a scarf like that I always think of gagging her, and whenever she wears that scarf I first gagged her with it usually leads to someone being tied up.

Well that's all for out first time, I've got a few more stories about other times so let me know what you think.


Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 09:08:51 PM
Evil Sister
well i'm a 15 year old guy, semi muscular, about 5'11"
I have a 17 year old sister
You're all probably gonna roll your eyes at this cause its been done so many tiems, but bear with me, its a pretty sweet story.
The story starts on a friday night. I was just chillin in my room minding my own business when I hear giggling suddenly turn silent. I didn't really notice I mean, people do get quiet every once and a while. Then all of a sudden my door is thrown open and in come my sister with her hoarde of friends. They just looked at me with this maniacal look on their face and thats when I started to get a little scared. I was only wearing Pj pants and boxers, so no socks or no tickling ready for taking. Anyway, the whole bunch of girls grabbed me and dragged me into my sisters room and onto the floor. I'm pretty strong, but not against 5 or 6 girls. I realized this after a few minutes of struggling. They grabbed a whole bunch of belts, duct tape, a sock, and even a pair of handcuffs. First they wrapped a belt extremely tight around my waist then they took one of those slip knot belts and did the loop. They forcefully pushed both my legs through the loop and tightened it as hard as they could. It hurt quite a lot! Then they ran the rest of the belt in between my legs a few times and tied it to the waist belt. It was a very tight predicament. Next despite my protests they took the handcuffs and handcuffed my hands behind my back, behind the part of the belt that was connected to the waist belt. Its hard to describe, but it was like a semi hogtie thing. Now during this whole time I was whining and squirming a lot, cause I couldnt let a whole bunch of girls take me over. 

"Are you enjoying this John.." my sister asked me. And in my mind, I nodded yes. See I have liked bondage for quite some time, I'm not obsessed I just find it quite enjoyable.

"! let me go! these things are too tight!" I whined as I squirmed, trying to give off the effect that I actually didnt like it. 

"Ladies, I think we are going to have to keep him quiet, his voice can get annoying.." She said, and her friends nodded giving me that same scary stare. 

"No dont ga-mpppphh!" I tried to say as a sock was shoved forcefully into my mouth. Then duct tape was wrapped around my head about 10 times. I couldnt make a sound!

The night was pretty crazy. They tickled me quite a lot, and the belt around my legs really hurt. You see, when they did that slipknot effect when ever I moved my legs back the belt would tighten around them. So when they tickled my my first instinct was to squirm and shoot my legs back...well the belt tightened a lot and stayed that way. Cutting off circulation! 

After about 4 tickle sessions, my mom came in to see what was going on. She looked at me and laughed. I mpppphed in my gag but she just stood in the doorway. Somehow my sister convinced her to leave without question, but I dont know. Apparently my mother doesnt are about her only son. haha jk. anyway when I was finally released at about 1 am, i thought about revenge, but that never happened.

If you guys like the story ill post a couple more


Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 11:13:43 PM
Tickle Torture
One friday afternoon there was this 11 year old girl named Sherry who I've known for a while. Her parents were going out for a dinner and a late movie so they asked if i could babysit her for that night and i said sure. Our families were pretty close to each other so they talked for a while before they left. After our parents left i was alone with Sherry and her friend who eventually left after about 5 mins. Sherry for an 11 year old i thought was pretty cute in a babyish way. I was 14 at the time. i've always teased her for having boyfriends and usually had tape on her wrists which i thought was kind of awkward. i asked her "do you like tapeing your wrists together" she smiled and said "yea its so much fun". i began teasing her by tickling her stomach and she couldn't defend herself because of the tape on her wrists. I then asked if i could tie her up. she got excited and said "sure" and gave me her ductape. i thought this was adorable cause she was willing to be tied up. I then picked her up and carried her to her bed (which was big for her) i then tied her down on her bed spread eagle (which was easy since it was perfect for her small bed) i then began to realize what she was wearing, she was wearing a white powerpuff girl tangtop, black caprise, and black socks with van shoes. i told her "aw your so cute" in a teasing way and she just laughed trying to struggle out of it. I then remembered her telling her friend that was over earlier something about her having a secret boyfriend nobody knew about but her. i confronted her saying "so you have a boyfriend huh" and she denyed it. i then told her "i know your lying to me! tell me or else!" (at this time i remembered how ticklish she was and i thought i could use this against her since she was tied down) she said "or else what" "i'll tickle torture you until you tell me who he is" she then started smiling in a excited but paniced way. "aw...scared of a little tickle" i told her. she said "NO! i won't tell you who he is!" "ok then you leave me no choice" i then went around the house searching for tickling tools to help me tickle her. I found feathers, swabs, hairbrush, and pipe cleaners. i lifted her tang top enough so that i could see her ribs. i began to tickle her tummy and sides with the feathers and she immediatly went crazy laughing and sqirming around. I thought this was cute. I started telling her "tell me who he or its gonna get worse!" "AHHHHHHH HA HA HA NEEEVERRR HA AH HA!!!" she replied." i think began to attack her tummy, sides, ribs, and armpits with my fingers. she was laughing even louder. but poor little sherry could barely even move around. i loved this this was my 1st time tying up a girl and playing a game like this even though it was torture. i continuted the tickling for about 10 minutes. I decided to give her a break for about a minute. During that minute i remembered her telling me from the past when we played tickling games that her feet were the most ticklish spot. I then untied her shoes and peeled off her socks. i then took the feathers again and began tracing it up and down the soles of her feet. cute little sherry was going nuts at this point wiggling her toes around screaming with laughter. "Tell me who he is or its gonna get worse". I think took pipe cleaners and tickled around and inbetween her the toes of her right foot while my feather was tickling the soles of her left foot. I was really enjoying this and i can tell sherry was liking this also. I knew she couldn't take it anymore but she was so stubborn not to tell me who her secret boyfriend was. I continued the feather and pipe cleaner tickling on her feet for about 5 minutes. then i began to tickle her feet with my fingers and she was really going nuts! She was so cute though when she was laughing i didn't want to stop but i knew she was going out of breath so i stopped after about another 5 minutes. she kept begging "please not my feet i can't take it anymore please!" "not until you tell me who he is" i then picked up the hairbrush and began to scratch the soles of her feet with it and she really went nuts here. she looked to cute to stop tickling her little feet so i told myself im not gonna stop tickling her feet until she tells me and im not giving her anymore breaks. the hairbrush tickling continued for about 10 to 15 minutes before she gave in and told me "ok ok ok i'll talk" and she told me who he was and i untied her. she tryed ticking me back and it turned into a tickle fight. After that i kept teasing her about her secret bf. it was so cute how embarassed she looked whenever i brought it up. 

The end.


Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 11:24:52 PM
Aw...Poor Sherry shes only 11? little ones are the most ticklish how mean lol poor sherry. that must have been fun tickling her tummy, sides, armpits, an feet. who was her boyfriend? mean babysitter

Friday, April 14th 2006 - 03:12:30 AM
Tied up and gagged by two boys
Hello. This story happened one week ago.

I was at home with my friends Harry and Neville. My parents were gone in another town to see their friends. They should have been there for two days. I suggested to my friends that they could sleep in my house over night. They greed.
We all are 18. I was wearing blue jeans and my flannel shirt and my friends were wearing the same.
We were watching TV and there was a scene were to women and one guy were tied up and gagged.
Harry asked me: ,, Have you ever been tied up?´´
,, No I haven't.´´ I replied.
,, Do you wanna try it? ´´ asked Neville.
,, Why not.´´ I said. It looked like fun.
,, Do you have some ropes here?´´ asked Harry.
,, Oh yes I will bring them.´´ I said and went for the ropes.
When I returned with the ropes they asked me to sit on the chair. I did it and they started to tie me up.
When they finished I said: ,, Hey it is cool.´´
,, And now we are going to gag you.´´ said Harry.
,, Why?´´ I asked.
,, Because you will look hot.´´ They smiled. I agreed and they brought the scarves to gag me.
,, Open your mouth. Open wide.´´ Neville commanded me. I did it and Harry pushed one silk scarf into my mouth. Then they tied another scarf over it and cleave-gagged me.
,, How do you feel? ´´
,, MMMMMMMMPHH.´´ It meant OK.
They were continuing watching TV.
I was tied up ang gagged for five hours. It was briliant. I started to like it very much.
Then they untied me and we went to sleep.


Friday, April 14th 2006 - 08:56:16 AM
to guy 
aw..u had poor sherry going crazy i bet that was alot of fun huh? i have a little tickling fetish so your story turned me on we should meet sometime.

Friday, April 14th 2006 - 12:09:22 PM
self bondage nd my brother
once i used self bondage and got court by my older brother, and i do still do self bondage but my brother says only to do it when someone is around (eventhought doing it when hes in is more dangerous then when he isnt)anyway im 15 size 12 so meduim 2 slim build, blonde hair, green eyes ect.. nd my brother is just gros so u dont need to no about him but hes 17.

one day when my parnets where away for a weekend i decieded to tie myself up so i waited for my brother to come in then told him what i was doing he he said "don't you get fed up tying yourself up, why don't you ask someone else to tie you up" so i thopught about it for a second then replied "well none of my friends know and plus they wouldnt want to tie me up anyway" so he just said ok and call me if you need me and ill come in in about an hour to see you anyway.

so i started to tie myself up just something basic i handcuffed my self to a chair hands behind back, a rope tied around my ankles, a tight gag and blindfold then a rope around my body and the chair just to secure it all. i then started struggling it took me about 10 minuets to tie myself up ect.. i then remberd what my brother said about an hour so i continues to struggle and have fun. rime went by and an hour had easily passed and my brother hadnt come in uet and i left no other way to get out i wasnt really worried i thought he probably started watching something on the TV and forgot the time so i waited and waited and waited and still nothing i couldnt even hear him downstaires so i started to worry a little and started to really struggle.

It was no use i was complety tied up and helpless for about 3 hours and no one as letting me go and even worse the keys to the handcuffs where in my closed draw and without my hands i couldnt untie anything else. i started to try and scream but it was really pointless as my gag muffled evrything so much and my door was cl;osed i didnt realy n what to doa nd decied to just try and sleep, but it was pretty uncomfortable and i fianlly fell asleep and when i woke up i could tell it was light so i had been left all night. i stugled andtried to move my chair for about two hours when someone came in to my room and un blinfolded me it was my brothers friend jac he then ungagged me and said that he came ver last night and him and my brother had a few drinks and he fell aseep and jac didnt no i was upstaires. i asked jac to untie meand he asked whats it worth so i told him anything because i was desprete for the toilet and he said how about he gets to tie me up later so i agreed and he let me go 

i love the whole helpless feeling but it gets a bit scary when no oe comes to untie you but it all worked out and i now have a new tie up friend 

the end 

england kent

Friday, April 14th 2006 - 01:33:57 PM
Anywhere we could read your stories un-edited??

Thanks, Jimbob


Friday, April 14th 2006 - 04:24:53 PM
We are getting so many cool stories all of a sudden again. Nice!

A User, do you plan on finishing your story this weekend?

Friday, April 14th 2006 - 05:18:47 PM
well no not really, if i post them on here they get edited, and i don't feel like hosting a site....

sorry :)

throw your email my way and I'll send that last one to you unedited....

and i think i saved one more about me and hannah and our first time....

my screenname on aim is ilovetobetiedup

Party Guy

Friday, April 14th 2006 - 05:22:40 PM
hey, does anyone live in the dallas, texas region. R OAKCLIFF region, because i was just wondering if we can get together and play some games.
united states

Friday, April 14th 2006 - 06:44:45 PM
The Ex.
Haven’t posted a story in a good while, but I’ve been busy with work and course commitments, so lets get down to business.

This happened to me just over 2 years ago, an ex girlfriend of mine had just broke up with her boyfriend and she turned to me seeing as she had lost all her friends during that relationship, normally I wouldn’t bother with her considering there was some nastiness after the break up involving her ex and myself, but she was a troubled soul and needed someone and who was I to turn that down.

Anyway before our original relationship we had made a joke between ourselves and one of her friends about me kidnapping her and being a nice kidnapper, which she brought up in convocation when we met up for the first time, and she was abit of a state to say the least so I thought I’d try something to take her mind off everything so I asked if she’d want to do something again the next day, to which she agreed. The plan was id pick her up in my car and take her back to my place to watch a few movies and what not, but I thought I’d finally live out our scenario we made up in the beginning, so I stopped in at a local Wilkinsons (a shop in the UK that sells pretty much anything) went to the DIY section and picked up a large roll of silver duct tape.

The next day I waited in my car near the place we were supposed to meet up, it was a secluded area under a railway bridge with a small footpath leading to a road, I waited until I saw her arrive, she had long blonde hair and a few piercing in each ear as well as a small once in her nose (she was abit of a punk) she was wearing baggy jeans and a tight low cut top revealing her navel, as well as a black jacket, as soon as she was in position I turned the engine on, slipped into reverse and came to a sudden stop right in front of her, needless to say she was surprised by this, even more so when I jumped out with a mask on and water pistol pointed at her, I made sure she knew it was me before forcing her into the boot of my car (I’d laid down a sheet and some pillows to make it as comfy as possible.

I drove home as slow as possible I wasn’t going to risk either hurting my victim pr getting pulled over by the police, that’d be fun talking my way out of that one, young girl laying in the boot of my car, my house was only a short drive away anyway, and it’d be alright anyway, no one was home, parents had gone away for the week and my sister would be working until late.

Once I arrived at my home, I made sure to pull up in the garage wouldn’t want any of the nosy neighbours reporting back to my parents of me coming home with a girl in my boot. Once I’d parked up and shut the garage up I put the mask on and opened the boot, she was still lying there with a huge smile on her face and a little giggle as she played along
“oh please don’t hurt me I’ll do whatever you want!!!”
“Shut up and walk” I said pointing towards the door.

I lead her out to my house and then up to my room, I was slightly excited, I’d always had a thing about girls tied up and gagged, not really hardcore bondage and pain or even sex for that matter, just the idea of a damsel in distress helpless struggling to get free whilst bound and gagged.

Once we got to my room it was all down to business, I slammed the door shut and threw her down face first on my bed, diving immediately on top of her straddling her waist, grabbing her arms pulling them behind her back, I reached out for the roll of duct tape I had lying on my bedside table and ripped off a long stretch and started wrapping it around her wrists. I think this really shocked her, I don’t think she was actually enouncing on being bound and gagged, but still she played along with her fake cries for help and struggles. I turned around and paid attention to her legs, pulling her ankles together and taped them together tightly and then again at her knees and once more at her thighs. Onced I finished I sat her up and wrapped some more tape around her upper body above and below her breasts securing her arms to her back.

I stood back admiring my work with a smile on my face, she tested her bonds and shaked from side to side, grunting in defeat.
“Nice job I can’t move” she said
“I’m not done yet” I said with a sly grin.
I grabbed some tissue and balled it up, he eyes widened, she knew what was coming.
“HA, like to see you try” she said, just daring me.
I started to tickle her exposed navel to which she couldn’t hold back the laugh and the second she did I shoved the tissue straight in there and sealed it inplace with a strip of tape, followed by a few more so her entire bottom half of her face was covered (I didn’t really want to go for the “wrap around” effect, since her hair was really long and I didn’t think she’d appreciate losing some of it.). I had to admit she did look amazing bound and gagged, all taped up like a present for me, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what she’d done to me in the past so any thoughts of some funny business completely disappeared. Although the outline of her lips did look amazing under all that tape.

She started to attempt speech but all that came out was the muffled MPHHHH (such a cliché’ I know), she was thrashing about trying to brake free for a good 10 minuets whilst I stood back and watched. After which she gave up and sat back and attempted to blow the hair off her face with her nostrils and pant heavily from her struggles. I sat down next to her on the bed and brushed the hair off her face.
“Give up?” I asked.
She nodded and let out a muffled uh-hu.

I put on a DVD and we watched it together, but towards the end of the film is where things got complicated. I heard the front door open, it was my sister, she’d finished work early and had come home, and there was me with a girl lying bound and gagged on my bed, would not go down to well, so I did what I do best… panic, I grabbed her and threw her over my shoulder and ran out into the hall (well as best as I could with a girl over my shoulder), opened the airing cupboard and dumped her in there shutting the door, this would be the best idea since she’d have to walk past this to get to her room and after which I could simply remove my little abductee and get her to my car.

I waited for the right moment until I heard her bedroom door shut so she could change out of her work cloths, as soon as this happened I got her out of the cupboard and headed for the garage, placing her in the back seat of my car, I opened the garage door and to my horror my sisters car was blocking the drive, she didn’t usually park there, but I suppose she didn’t have to worry since my parents were away and there car wouldn’t be there. I slammed the door shut and pulled her out of the back seat.
“Sorry hun, can’t risk you being seen” I said to her opening the boot.
Her eyes went wide again as she shook her head sharply.
“I really am sorry” I said placing her in the boot and shutting it gentily.

I won’t bore you with the details but I got my sister to move the car, made up a story as to why mine was in the garage in the first place and made my way to a place where I knew no one would be around, it was an old car park where only the local low lives hung around, luckily there was none around since it was abit early for their law braking activities. I opened the boot and cut her free of the tape with my car keys, I left her to pull the tape off, she did so with a little yelp of pain as it came off her cheek, she spat out the tissue and thanked me for a fun afternoon.

I dropped her off and he gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek, thanking me for getting her mind off things and left me with the words:

”We’ll have to do this again some time” with a cheeky wink.


UK init blud

Friday, April 14th 2006 - 08:22:52 PM
To Party Guy
You mean are lost forever...yikes!!
If you send some my way-Thanks



Friday, April 14th 2006 - 08:26:23 PM
To Party Guy
Sorry..correcting typos.

You mean your stories are lost forever...yikes!!
If you can send some my way-Thanks



Saturday, April 15th 2006 - 12:28:25 AM
we're back up again
On 31 March The Binding Truth was hacked by some scumbag of the earth who had little more to do than screw with other people's property. 

The site is up and running but until I make some changes in security members who signed up will not be able to get on. All you will get is a loop if you go to the website url for the time being. There will be fewer features available to non-members. And, of course, we will remain at no cost for the present time for present and future members.

Those who signed up after 27 March will have to sing up again as that was the date we were able to use for back up. There was no damage done to the over 1,000 pictures and, as far as I can tell the data bases were also not messed around with either. 

Those who emailed me I do appreciate their concern and thank them. Hopefully by the end of the weekend the loop will be removed from the intro page and everyone will be able to get back on again. 

I do suggest that members who wish to be more secure add upper and lower case letters, numbers and a few symbols as well. 

A reminder: we are an all male bondage site - adult but not porno though we may have nudity. We are a spam free interactive site for polls and rating pictures. We encourage members to submit original pictures under our guidelines: they must submit proof of age if they're under 25, there can not be any pictures showing a sexual act or an implied sexual act. We also look for artistic and creative rope work. For additional information please read our guidelines on the front page.

Thanks - play hard but play safe!

da capo 


Saturday, April 15th 2006 - 01:25:34 AM
to the Binding Truth People
Uh i cant get into it or is under construction. I get to the agreement page i click "i agree" and it just brings me to that page

Saturday, April 15th 2006 - 02:09:33 AM
Before soccer game
This inccident happened last thursday night. 
It was about 7:30 pm and I was getting myself ready for my intramural soccer game. I had on a tight blue t-shirt, soccer short, and a couple pairs of soccer socks. I told my roomies that I was going to be leaving and that I would be back in about an hour or so. As I was about to leave I got a phone call from a girl that said that she had found one of my textbooks, and that she still had it and I could come by and pick it up anytime. I told her that I would come over and pick it up right then, I had about 30 minutes until my game started so I figured I would pick it up and then head on over to the gym. She gave me her residence hall name and room number and I was on my way.
When I got up to her room I looked at her door and found out that her and her roommates name were Katie and Beth. So I knocked on the door and one of them opened it and I introduced myself and she introduced herself, it was Beth. I asked her if she had my book and she said she wasn't the one that called me but Katie was the one who did. Beth said that she didn't know what Katie did with it, and she told me to come in and chill with her until Katie got back from the store. Beth and I just talked about random things, she seemed like a fun outgoing girl, someone that I would probably hang out with. 
Finally, Katie came back and she walked in with a bag full of something. The first thing she said to me when she came in the room was isnt it a little to hot to be wearing tube socks? I said with a laugh, never!, and I also have a soccer game tonight. She said ooo soccer, I love soccer I play too! I asked about my book and she said oh yeah, let me get it for you. She put the bag down right next to me and I took a quick peek into it and I was pretty surprised at what I saw, there was a whole bunch of rope and duct tape! I asked Katie what all that stuff was for acting like I didnt know, lol. She kind of laughed and said oh you know, just going to have some fun tonight!! I laughed alittle and looked over at Beth who was on her computer with her back to us, then I looked back at Katie and asked quietly if she was surprising her tonight and she said yes. She asked if I've ever done anything like this before, lol, I lied to her and said that I never have and that it sounded fun, so she asked me if I wanted to stay, and I couldn't resist, I said yes!! She whispered to me that she would be holding the rope and that I was to hold her down while she tied Beth up. We both got ready to jump her.
As we were moving in on Beth, Katie knocked something over and I glacned to see what it was and in that split second Beth turned in her computer chair and I looked back at her, and she had rope in her hands. I was stood there frozen, it quickly came to me that I was set up and that I was the one that was going to be tied up! I was getting kind of frightened mainly because I was about to be tied up by two girls that I do not even know, so I had no idea of what they could or would do to me. I made a dash for the door and opened it up and as I was about to get out they grabbed me and pulled me back in and shut the door and locked it. 
Beth had a firm hold on me and Katie got right in face and said "why did you lie to me?" I kind of gave her a confused look. She then said "You lied to me and said that you've never experienced this kind of stuff, but you have, haven't you? We've heard many things about you!" I asked her from whom did she hear this from and she replied "Oh I have my sources. We wanted to have a little fun with you so I took your book while you were away from your desk at the library and you never even noticed it was gone!" I asked if they were really serious about doing this to me and she got right in my face again and said "Girl, this is as real as it gets!" With that I started pleading with them, I was seriously afraid right now, I dont even know these girls and they were going to tie me up for how ever long they wanted me tied up and I didnt tell my roomies that I was coming over here either so they wouldnt know where I'm at. 
Finally after some pleading Beth said "I've had it and she drug me over to a bed and wrestled me down on it and she was sitting on top of me stratling me with my arms pinned to my sides. I started yelling for help but then Beth clamped both hands over my mouth and Katie came over with some socks. Katie said "Hey! since you like soccer so much I got some long soccer socks here for you...I figured I should gag you with these because it fits your outfit so well!" She balled one of the socks into a big ball and told Beth to open my mouth. I wouldnt open my mouth so Katie tickled my thighs. I tried to resist for as long as I could but I suddenly burst out laughing then Beth held my mouth open long enough for Katie to shove the sock deep into my mouth then she tied the other one around my head to prevent me from spitting the sock out. I was mmphhing as loud as I possibly could. Katie said "Finally, we can get to business!" They quickly flipped me on my stomache and forced my hands behind my back and tied them tightly together, at the wrists and elbows. Beth said "Quick get her flipflops off and let's tie those lovely tubesocked legs up!" I felt one of the girl's begin tieing my ankles up with the other was feeling all over my tubesocked leg, then she started messing with my socks on my left leg. I heard Katie's voice say "Damn, these are some thick socks! Oh wow you're wearing two pairs of them! Atleast we'll all know that you won't get rope burns on your ankles and knees!" Then she said "I find them very sexy, too!" After hearing that I starting mmmmmppphhhhing more loudly into my sock gag. Beth got done tying my ankles up and then Katie worked on my knees while Beth went on to my thighs. After they had me tied up they went over all of the roped areas with duct tape, they said so that none of the ropes will get loose. I definitely wasn't going anywhere, and seeing these girls, I probably wasn't going anywhere for a long time. 
They then flipped me back over so that I was on my back. I was to the point where I was about to shed some tears but I didn't, I was still really shocked though. They both got down close to me and Katie said "Awww, is our bundle of fun going to cry? Is she, is she? Hahahaha, Beth blindfold her ass!" Beth came back with another sock and Katie lifted my head up so that Beth could tie it tight behind my head. Right when she did that I couldn't help it anymore, I began wimpering and mmmppphhhing into my gag. Katie said "Well, Leah, we have you all to ourselves! I've always wanted to tie up an soccer player on top of that an asian one too! Beth let's have some fun!" Beth said "Yeah, Leah you like to be tied up so much that we decided to tie you up and torture you all night!" All I could do was lay there mmmmpppphhhhing into my sock gag, tied up so tight in my t-shirt, short soccer shorts, and both pairs of long soccer socks. That night was sooo long!

If anybody wants to hear more about this night just IM me sometime at Allsport1411. I'll be more than willing to share this interesting, yet weird night.


Saturday, April 15th 2006 - 02:37:07 AM
daddy's duct tape
one day when my dad picked me up from a wrestling match, I looked in the back seat of the car and there was a roll of duct tape back there. "what is that for?" i asked. he said "it is for me to tie me up. i laughed thinking it was a joke, and boy was i wrong. my dad took me into the woods and pulled me out of the car and bound my ankles and wrists with duct tape and tightly wrapped the tape around my mouth. then he put me in a sleeping bag and taped the top shut. then the tape came off and i poked out my head and he blind folded me. when the car stopped he dragged me out of the car and into the basement where my room was. suprisingly my dad left me there for 2 days. i was woken up by my dad tickling me. after that he hogtied me, luckily i got out of this one. but i will get my revenge...
[email protected],com

Saturday, April 15th 2006 - 09:15:51 AM
lunch time bondage
Hi my names Scott 

Well any way on to the story now this happened to me three years ago when I was in year 12 about half way through the year I started to go out with this chick who we’ll call Kelsey, Kelsey is about 5’2 95 pounds, short black hair, anyway we were both really busy outside of school and she didn’t know my love for bondage so we would just find a quiet place around the school somewhere for lunch. On our fifth lunch date I decided to take some rope with me and maybe get a quick tie up anyway when I got to school in the morning I saw her and seen that she was wearing a bikini under her school uniform and I was now going to use that to my advantage.

Just after we had finished making out she had felt something in my pocket and asked me what it was so I showed her and to my surprise she stood up and just put her hands behind her back and I wasted no time tying her hand ups. 
Now Kelsey with her tied behind her starts kissing me and so I go for a grope and she pulls so I asked her why she did seeming how I did just five mins ago ? and she said she didn’t like being taken advantage while she was tied up.

So I reached up under her shirt and undid her bikini top and pulled it out from under her shirt and boy was she pissed so I decided to gag her with it and then she calmed down but five minutes after I gagged her then the bell went off so I had to take her gag of and untie her.

Anyway me Kelsey have gone our own ways now but I recently heard from her and she has a new boyfriend and they practice bondage quite regularly. Well that was just one of my bondage experience hop u liked it. 


Saturday, April 15th 2006 - 10:36:26 AM
HI!i need help!Last year a boy I know said we could play tie up games in the night so i said yes.then all of a sudden he backed out!!!!!!So now he is having another sleepover!I want 2 tie him up but i am notsure!HOW SHOULD I TIE HIM UP AND HOW DO I GET HIM 2 TIE ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 15th 2006 - 11:55:52 AM
Hey im a 22 year old male from Wolves UK ne one feel like chatting please e-mail or add me to msn messenger!! x

Saturday, April 15th 2006 - 02:11:42 PM
has anyone here ever tied & tickled their parents? if you have or want to talk about you can im me on yahoo under the name "ytterfs"

Saturday, April 15th 2006 - 08:56:04 PM
we're up
The Binding Truth is back and up and running. There were a few problems that have cleared up. 

Again, for those who registered between 26 and 31 March you will have to do so again. 

It appears that other than the few days that were wiped everything has been totally restored.



Sunday, April 16th 2006 - 04:14:36 AM
membership problems?
It appears that we had over 800 hits in a few hours yet only 3 members; one that I had to manually register. I have called the provider to see if there is a problem though it may be because I was trying to change user requirements in the forum section.

Those who wish to register can go over to the modules on the left side of the page where it says Feedback to the owner (or something like that and give me the following:

The handle you wish to be known on the site. Later on I may set it up so users can change their user name. Whatever your punctuation is will be what the handle will be. You have to have a valid e-mail address. This list is never passed out though you do have the option of putting it down as visible once you are a member. That's your choice. You need a valid e-mail address or you will not be able to register. If you already have used that e-mail address you will also not be able to use it a second time.

I will issue you a password with instructions as to how to change it to whatever you wish. Again, you must use the feedback and I will get your e-mail and set up an account.

Hopefully all of this will be cleared up within the next 24 hours or so.



Sunday, April 16th 2006 - 04:13:20 PM
My Niece continued
Elaine turned back toward the computer, and put her hands back where she had them when I first walked in, and said, “Yeah I guess you do have to have to tie me up after I told you about Mom, are you going to tell her I told you?”

“Not if you’re good about it, and don’t tell on yourself,” I said, “Look, its going to be awhile before I get everything ready to tie you, so if you want to go to the bathroom or anything first, go ahead.” That was my second big lie of the day, I had an old bowling bag full of precut lengths of rope I used for special dates. It would take me all of 30 seconds to get it, while Elaine ran off to the bathroom. Elaine came back down dressed in a pink tank top, ratty cut off shorts, and a pair of those clear plastic shoes that were popular with girls her age at the time; instead of the pajamas she had been wearing. I decided I had to know more about what going on with my Sister and my niece, so I asked Elaine, “What happens when your Mom ties you?” 

“I get tied to the chair and put in the corner for one or two hours depending on what I did,” Elaine explained, “she works nights, so she can’t ground me, she says.” 

“That seems reasonable to me,” I said, “Sit in the chair and tell me what you did that I’m supposed to tie you up for.” 

“For telling you what she said not to, and whatever I did that she didn’t want to be with me this weekend.” Elaine said, sitting as she was before, “If I promise to be good, will I please not be tied up too tight?” 

“That she can’t stay with her kid instead of being off doing God knows what, with God knows who, is her problem with her, not her problem with you.” I said, turning the chair with her in it, to look at me, “As for telling me you get tied up, that isn’t such a bad thing, maybe you should have told somebody a long time ago.”

“It doesn’t happen all the time though, she’s only done this three or four times maybe, don’t get her in trouble over something I did.” Elaine was almost at the point of crying, and anything I’d say would only make things worse. I’d already become the other bad guy in this story when I picked up the bowling bag instead of the phone to call social services. So I left it up to Elaine to decide what happened next, “Look, I want to go get cleaned up some first,” I said, “and if you still feel like being tied up when I come back down, you can tell more about how your Mom ties you and all, OK?” So I left her alone, got myself cleaned up and clothes changed, and mostly hoped she’d have forgotten this need of hers to be punished. Part of me still wanted to tie her, but I wasn’t about to if she didn’t really want me to.

When I got back downstairs, she’d been playing the computer for a little while but stopped when she heard me coming, she put her hands behind the chair as she had them before. “Is this how you used to tie my Mom so she never got loose?” Elaine asked, “I can’t, unless I say I’m going to be good for as long as she wants me tied, then I can usually get myself out.”

“That and a few others,” I explained to her, “I had her tied to several different poles on different times, hogtied her several times, I even had tied down her bed twice.”

“What’s hogtied like?” She asked, “I never heard of that.”

“Instead of sitting in a chair, you lie on your belly, you’re tied up like your sitting now, but your feet get tied toward your hands.” I helped her out of the chair, and onto her belly on the shag carpet to demonstrate to her how she’d be tied.

“That seems like it’d be easier on my butt at least,” she said, “you must really have tied Mom up tight if she couldn’t get out of this one though.”

“Your Mom ties up tight unless you promise to be good, though.” I told her, “There’s a reason why we do things.”

Elaine looked at me, lost in though for minute, “So if you tie me up like this, you’d tie me like Mom, so I wouldn’t get loose, then?” She asked finally.

“Ten dollars if you do,” I said, knowing ten dollars to a girl her age was a small fortune. 

“I know this isn’t going to be easy then,” she said, “but you can tie me up, how long do I get to try for?”

“Try getting loose?” I asked and she nodded. “As long as you want to,” I said, “I’m not going to gag you or anything so you can give up if you’ve had enough.” I did want to test something first, I took her elbows in each of my hands, and said, “let me know when it hurts,” she nodded again, and I gradually brought them together behind her, until they touched. “Doesn’t that hurt?” I asked, she said that it didn’t, with no strain in her voice at all, and I told she was the first woman I’d ever met that could stand to have her elbows like that. She told me I was the first grown up to call her a woman.

I got a length of rope and tied her elbows together where they were, letting her elbows spread apart a little for a cinch and some knots in between, then tied a rope to that and ran it up under her arms, around behind her neck, knotted it there and then dropped the ends back down to her elbows where I knotted that off. I asked her if any of that was too tight, she said it was better than having her elbows squeezed together. I tied her wrist together palm to palm securely but not that terribly tight, she wasn’t going to get out of the way her elbows were tied; all I had to make sure of was that I left ends long enough to reach from her wrists up to her elbows where everything was already tied. I unbent he legs so I could start tying her knees, when she said, ”this isn’t as mean as when Mom ties me up, but I don’t know how I’m supposed to untie all that you did with my arms. If I’m good, I know I won’t get the money, but can you leave my legs not bent up and just tie me lying down like this?”

I didn’t see where it would be much fun for her just lying there like she was being punished, So I told her to just wait and got her a pillow and a top sheet for her to lie on, came back and put the remote for the tv in her hands, and told her she’d have to figure out a way to work it with her hands tied behind her. I tied her legs like I’d planned on doing; she rolled from her belly to her side a little, trying to fix the pillow with just her head and body, after a bit of really just feeling the ropes, not, at least, trying to make a visible effort at getting loose, she asked, “What happens to me if I take my shoes off?”

I told her, “You better hope your feet aren’t ticklish.” Just saying the words had a visible effect on her.

“That’s ok, “ She said, putting her feet flat to the ground, “I don’t need them off.” I moved toward her, and she begged me, “I said I’d be good, please no, I’ll wet myself if you do, if you don’t, you can keep me tied up as long as you want. I can even ask Mom to let you watch me from now on.”

I’m probably also going to Hell for not asking why she had such issues with being tickled, but I didn’t, I just backed off and said, “You’re safe this time.”

She used the position she was in to help her slide her shoes off, and I reached into my bag for some lengths of yarn, I came toward her with it, and she yelled at me, “YOU PROMISED!”

“I’m not going to tickle your feet,” I reassured her, “I’m only going to tie them better, now that you’re barefoot.” 

“Oh, I’m sorry I yelled at you,” she apologized, “What happens to them now?”

“Just tie up your big toes and your insteps,” I said, as she offered her feet to me to be tied even more. I made sure that every placement of yarn on her feet at least tickled a little, and had her constantly giggling the whole time, she never seriously asked me to stop tying them, and even swung them around in front of her to get a better look at what I did. I’d tied and cinched her big toes, then her insteps and run some yarn from her big toes to her insteps, then to her ankles, she wasn’t going to be able to even free her toes without help. 

“Why didn’t you tie my fingers up like my toes?” She asked, “it would have been easy for you to do.”

I explained, “Yeah, but then I’d have to change the channel for you and everything, besides you said you’d be good, so what would the point be?”

She played with the remote randomly at first until she could remember which button felt in the right place for her, even then she still surfed channel by channel for a while, until she found something she liked. She let me leave her for a good hour and a half before she started complaining about her shoulders hurting, so I slowly untied her, starting at her feet, which I made sure tickled as much untying her as the yarn did when it went on, then her elbows and hands, leaving her to untie her own knees.

“I don’t understand why Mom doesn’t want you tying me up,” she said, ”that was really fun.”

“I had a good time watching you like that, too,” I said, “but if she uses it as punishment and you like it, then she isn’t punishing you.”

My explanation seemed plausible to her, and out of nowhere gave me a hug across my chest, she asked if she could go get cleaned up from lying on the floor earlier and I said surely, and she shot off up the stairs with the boundless energy children have.

A User

Sunday, April 16th 2006 - 09:43:34 PM
A not so friendly kidnapping
Hey sorry, I was gone for a while, just posting the conclusion of the last story I had, then I'll bring up a couple more new experiances. These are true ones mind you, somedays I wish they wern't.
Anyways before, Daniel got tied up by me, but then she wanted to play a game, with costumes. I find myself being dressed up by my friend. And she will not stop there. To keep my name safe, I am known as "Jack" in my tales. Enjoy!

I groaned as Daniel tackled me, I attempted to put up a fight, and I should have won, but the dress is not easy to wrestle in and I ended up falling on the floor. Daniel immediatly pounced and tied my ankles and legs with cotton rope. I attempted to untie the knots frantically as she turned to get more rope. She eventually was able to lay me on my stomach and figure 8 tie my hands behind my back, however it took her ten minutes to do so. Those ten minutes were me calling for help. However with my arms tied, Daniel was in charge, she went over to the dresser, grabbed several silk cloths and told me to open wide. Obviously I refused, so she did the one thing that would make me open, she gave me a big kiss. I was so winded after that one that she was able to easily shove a cloth into my mouth, cleave gag me with another and then apply a third on over that, covering my lips. 

Now she said that she would have some fun, as tying me up was getting old. I was stood up to face her. The dress covered my legs, so looking straight at me, I only looked like a guy in a dress. Daniel told me that she was going to try and lasso me, that I had a chance of dodging it. I would give her no satisfaction of getting me even more. So as she made a lasso and tried to throw it over me, I kept hopping away. I was getting more confident after her missing me over a few dozen times. She was getting frusterated too until she landed one over my head, and it slid pefectly down until my enlarged chest, then Daniel yanked and dragged me towards her, the lasso tightening. 

Daniel was laughing at me struggling, knowing that my defeat was near, as she began to wrap rope around my chest until I could not move my arms. She looked at me slumped, defeated, and looked bored. She tied me up, and dressed me up, now what? Then she smiled, and made another lasso, then she took me to her big closet, and threw one end of the rope over a large beam, tied a few more loops onto me, then used the beam as a pulley to hoist me into the air. One she secured the other end, she left me to hang there, and had fun painting my toenails, and talking to me as nothing was wrong.

She then took a picture of me, for her memorybooks, and talked until she let me go later. I swore that she would get it, and to do it, I realized that my only hope of accomplishing the trick, was to ask for help from my enemies, my sisters Rifka and Marina.


Monday, April 17th 2006 - 04:05:03 AM
Thanks for posting your story, A User. It was really neat. One weird thing though, was that even though Elaine associated being tied up with punishment (which I guess makes sense), it turned into a playful thing in the end. Did this lead to any other tie-up games, or was that an out-of-the-blue, one-time kind of thing?

Monday, April 17th 2006 - 10:01:32 AM
As a matter of fact it did become ongoing with us. She claimed she wanted to have me sit with her because of the computer and other stuff I had. That was probably mostly true, she spent way more time on my machine than tied up on my living room floor, but still almost always semed to get herself tied up at least once evey time she spent the night at my place. Usually it was her idea to bring it up first. 
A User

Monday, April 17th 2006 - 12:10:41 PM
J. Constantine, this is a little late, but I just wanted to say you got some guts lol.

I've made my share of homemovies and am even going into film school for it, and though I always wanted to, I never dared ask anyone to fill in a "bondage" like scene... 

You gotta tell me your tricks of the trade lol


Monday, April 17th 2006 - 01:09:16 PM
To A User
That's cool. Would you mind posting any other stories involving some tie-ups? At least, tie-ups that are unique or interesting. I realize that as far as stories go, nothing really beats the first time in many cases, but I'd be interested in reading about other tie-ups that occured.

If you don't plan to post stories since the tie-ups are too similar, could you at least describe some of the tie-ups or how they occured/how they played out? Like, did you do any "pretend kidnapping" scenarios, and stuff like that?

And thanks for posting the rest of your story!

Monday, April 17th 2006 - 01:26:20 PM
First Experience (mm/ff)
This is the first of many tie-up game stories I have from my teen years. My name is Sarah and at the time I was 15. I don’t see much point in giving a detailed description of myself, but I will say in terms of height and build I was average for my age, and I had blue eyes and brown hair. Though some of these stories did at the time involve events which aren’t suitable for this site, most of them were just for fun and I will leave out or gloss over anything the site isn’t meant for or its readers simply don’t want to read.
My first experience was quite haphazard and I learnt the hard way that tie-up games aren’t always fun are not a force to be reckoned with! Like many stories I have read on this site, it began on a hot summer day when we didn’t have anything better to do. I was at a friend’s house who I will call Gemma. I remember her being more attractive than me being quite slender and having smooth blonde hair. 
We were sitting around chatting in the garden when her 12 year old brother and his friend came up to us, wearing make shift army uniforms. 
“You have been captured by the army,” He said, brandishing a toy gun. “Come with us or you will get shot!”
We acted shocked and put our hands up in the air. They lead us down to the basement of the house, which was more like a glorified closet, and told us that we would be tied up for an “interrogation”, and we unwittingly complied. They tied our hands above our head, quite firmly, using some ribbon. They then got up on a box to tie the ribbon to an exposed beam than ran the length of the basement, so that we were tied standing up, arms in the air, back to back. They secured the surprisingly tight tie with more ribbon around our ankles so we couldn’t move our legs apart. Finally they put some socks in our mouthes and taped them shut. 
Their “interrogation” consisted of them tickling our bellies a little and within a few minutes they were bored and ran off. But we weren’t worried; they would untie us, right? After about half an hour we could hear them still playing around in the in garden outside but they had seemingly forgotten about their captives! Mean while in the basement it was getting quite hot and even in our skimpy summer wear we were sweating loads and getting quite thirsty. I tried to pull on my bonds, but none of them would brake and when I pulled they simply got tighter. It looked like I was going to be there until someone came to untie us. From Gemma’s wriggling about I guessed that she wasn’t too happy either. After a few long hours the boy’s voices died away and slowly the little beam of sunshine into the basement went to nothing as night fall came. 
Back when I was in my youth, living in a small town, parents simply didn’t worry that much about were exactly their children were. There simply didn’t seem to be any kidnappers or paedophiles back then and if children didn’t come back for dinner, they simply presumed that they were staying at somebody else’s house. In this situation it made everything worse however, from Gemma’s ever decreasing efforts to escape, even she had accepted her fate. 
Evening turned to night very slowly as I was left to my own thoughts. It was cooler but by now I was very hungry and my muscles felt sore. I could just about get comfortable by leaning backwards against Gemma and by what must have been hours into the night I drifted into an uncomfortable sleep. 
When I awoke the light was just coming back outside. About an hour later I felt Gemma begin to move around too. No one had come to rescue us in the night and it looked like we had another day in the basement ahead of us. As the morning came and went the tiredness and dehydration made me feel sort of intoxicated, I simply relaxed and just let the hours go by. Once again the day was hot and we began to sweat again, adding to the feeling of light-headedness. 
Just when the sun had just started to go down in the sky again, our two captors finally came down the stairs to let us go. They seemed quite relaxed about the fact that we had been tied up for a day and a half, which was what made me the most angry. However they were basically kids and really didn’t understand the implications of tying somebody up for so long, even though it seemed like an eternity for us, it was simply another summer day for them. Gemma however didn’t pay much attention to them as she could see I was in quite a bad state, even though she had gone through the same ordeal as me. She got us both plenty of water to drink and food to eat and by the evening we were feeling back to normal again, if a bit tired and sore. I said goodbye I went home. But it wasn’t over; there was revenge to be had yet

Monday, April 17th 2006 - 01:29:52 PM
Fun with Kate (mf/f)
Sorry about paragraphs not being seperated in previous post. I have done it this time.

My second experience didn’t involve me getting tied up personally. I was at the house of my friend who I will call David who the same age as I was, and his friend who I will call Kate, who was 14. She was quite small and thin and to be honest was a bit of a bitch who would tease girls that were less attractive than her and mess around boys that liked her. 

We were just lying around David’s bedroom when David asked, in a bored sort of way, if he could tie Kate’s arms behind her back. Kate agreed and turned her back to David, who tied her arms behind her using some rope he had found. This obviously brought up memories of my own experience and I was interested.

“I think we should tie her in a hogtie, look I’ll show you how.” I said.

I had seen how it was done on movies and such. I put Kate on her back and bent her knees, bringing her feet up. I tied her ankles together and tied the ropes around her ankles and arms together, completing the hogtie. David even had a blindfold and put in on her, making the image of the helpless captive complete.

“How about we give her a good tickling?” I suggested sadomasochisticly. 

David agreed, followed by cries of “Don’t you dare!” and a lot of struggling to get out by Kate. I was pretty pointless though! I stripped off her socks and we both got to work on her soles. Her laughter was quickly replaced by sobs as the tickle torture took place.

After she had been thoroughly tickled we decided on the next course of action. Holding her tight so she could not escape we retied her with her legs folded up against her chest and her wrists tied to her ankles in a sitting down sort of position. 

Much to my joy, David went and got a full bucket of ice cubes in icy water from the machine in his expensive freezer. Much to her complaint, we put Kate’s feet in the bucket so both her hands and feet got tortured by the ice. I also got a couple of handfuls of the ice and stuffed them down her panties. We left her like that for about an hour, enjoying her persistent whining and cries of pain (come on it wasn’t that bad) while we thought of some ways to torture our helpless victim next. We started by winding her up by saying we were going to stick pins under her nails, burn the soles of her feet and put chilli powder down her panties (and she believed us for a while!).

What we really did next was supply her panties with some new ice cubes and retied her in the hogtie again. We rested her on her side and put clothes pegs and all of her toes and on her nipples through her shirt and enjoyed the little shriek she gave after each one was put on her

"OK,” I said once we had finished. “I think she’s had enough of our attention for now.”

“Wait.” Said David. “I have just one more thing for her. Help me take her down to the basement.”

We carried her down without much difficulty as she was quite light. When we got down their David tied her standing up against one of the support pillars with her feet together and her hands behind the pillar. 

We both laughed at her new predicament. Then, to our shock Kate spitted in David’s face and for the first time today laughed at him and his expression of surprise! 

“That was unnecessary Kate.” He said, wiping the spit of his face. “I was only going to leave you for a few minutes but now you’re their until 9 tonight!”

It was three at the time which gave Kate six hours to strop. We stayed in the basement until then as it had a TV and a ping pong ball table. After a while Kate fell asleep in her bind. When she woke up again it was 9 and we were both standing in front of her, me holding a tub of chilli powder and David a little container of pins.

“Kate, you now have two choices.” I said. “Either you let us torture you with these, or you stay here until nine o’clock, tomorrow evening!”

“No! Don’t you dare even touch me with them!” She replied

“Fine.” I said. “You have made your choice.”

“Actually Sarah.” Replied David. “I was looking forward to torturing her some more, I think we should do it anyway.”

“OK.” I said. “Let’s start with the chilli in her panties.” 

She closed her eyes and winced, ready for the shock, luckily for her the only thing that met her was another round of ice (tricked you there for a minute didn’t I?). We finished it off with putting the clothes pegs back on her nipples and lifting her feet into the bucket of ice we had prepared again. 

“No! I need to use the bathroom!” She cried as we started to walk out off the room.

“Bye Kate, see you same time tomorrow!” I said as I turned off the lights and locked the door.

I cant say we really taught her a lesson, as she carried on being a bitch afterwards anyway, but what can you do? David heard her escaping early that morning so she never really managed to complete her punishment, maybe we should have tied her more securely and left here there ALL weekend. Anyway, that was my next story, I will post some more when I have the time. 


Monday, April 17th 2006 - 02:17:07 PM
J. Constantine, this is a little late, but I just wanted to say you got some guts lol.

I've made my share of homemovies and am even going into film school for it, and though I always wanted to, I never dared ask anyone to fill in a "bondage" like scene... 

You gotta tell me your tricks of the trade lol


Monday, April 17th 2006 - 05:22:27 PM
heyy this is an awesome!!! awesome !!! new to this who tie up game thing does any one know what i should put in to a tie up kit.....i already have some things the essential.....2 rolls of duct tape, 40 feet of rope, 1 rol of medical tape, som rubber gloves(for those rare roleplay scenarios) anything else???
Youngstown Ohio 

Monday, April 17th 2006 - 05:38:32 PM
Best Easter Ever
I apologize for my long absence, but I had run out of tales to tell. This story happened just last night, and it really was amazing.

Last night(Easter Sunday) my sister had a friend over. She is 16 and I am 19. I was home from college, visiting for Easter, and, being me, immediatley was consumed with plans on how to get her friend tied up. So, again being me, I proposed a game. This occured at night, about 12.

The game was Abduction. One person, designated the "Seeker", would look for the other 2 people around the house. They were to hide in any spot they chose, save they were not in the same room. Then, this Seeker would take his find upstairs and tie her up. He would try to do this silently as to not alert the other Hider. Then, after he ties his find up, he goes to search for the other Hider. The remaining hider, in this time, can go up to the designated "jail" and free her friend before the Seeker comes back to check on her. All in all, a very fun game.

I suggested it, and my sister agreed. She understands my "preference" for bondage and has a smaller one herself.(I think.) Her friend, Lily, seemed a little apprehensive, as she had not been included in the games before, but she agreed after a little persuasion that we would play only one round.;) 

I was designated the Seeker, and the two others were given 75 seconds to hide. My sister chose a spot in the laundry room and Lily hid around a small corner near the off-limits area.(The basement.) I went down there, suspecting she migh try that, and saw her. I pretended not too and ascended the stairs to fool my sister in case the had heard, then I tip-toed quietly down the stairs. I stood there for about 10 seconds, decided no one had heard me, then turned the corner and hand-gagged Lily. She mmmphed a tad bit in suprise, then glared at me. I put an arm around her waist and marched her into my room.

Let me desrcribe Lily. She is short, like my sister, with a very thin face and dirty-blonde hair. She had pale blue eyes and a very tan body. Not ugly, but not as good looking as say Alexandra, who'm you've all heard of.

Anyway, I closed the door to my room and sat Lily on the floor. I took an old Karate belt and, with some difficulty, tied her hands behind her back. The belt was brown. I tied a slip-knot then went over to her feet. I tied her ankles together with an old black belt of mine, then used another karate belt to tie her shoulders to her sides. Now effectively tied, it was time for my favorite part, the gag. 

I had planned this extensively. I took one of my sisters "soft-spots" as they are known, (soft white strips of cloth that are pretty long, she likes to put them on her pillows on sleep on them. I smiled at her and said,"Open wide."

"Is that really neccesary?" she replied.
"Yep. Wouldn't want you to alert my sister, now would I?" I said.

She sighed and opened her mouth, then I cleave-gagged her with the soft-spot. I asked her to attempt talking, and found I could understand her perfectly. I had, again, prepared for this also. I took a blue bandana and tied it OTM style OVER the soft-spot, succesfully stopping the coherence. I then went to look for my sister. I opened the door, and lo and behold, there she was! She said she was kind of bored and wanted to see what was happening. I told her to go back and hide, I'd give her fifty seconds. 

I went back into the room and removed Lily's gag. I asked her if she wanted to be on the bed, and she replied yes. I fire-man carried her up to the bed and then replaced the gags.

I then went to search for my sister. I looked everywhere in the downstairs level, and I couldn't find her. I went back upstairs to my captive. As soon as I opened the door, Lily started screaming into her gag. (My bed is at an angle to the door.) I proceded into the room and she turned quiet as soon as she saw me.

I removed her gag, found it unsatisfactory, and attempted to think of a new idea. It was then I saw a pair of my sisters socks lying on the floor. I removed one from the pair and turned to Lily.

"Think you can fit this in your mouth?"I said.
She sighed and nodded. I moved over to her and stuffed the sock in her mouth, then tied the blue bandana OTM style over it. I stayed with my captive for a little longer, then returned downstairs.

Having no luck once again, I returned upstairs.

Have to go for now, Rest will come!


Monday, April 17th 2006 - 06:24:35 PM
Yea sissors... just for them quick emergency exits...

Take it from someone whose been there man lol don't want no bondage fun without the sissors.

And a digital camera... (for memories)

You can use a film camera, but make damn sure anyone who gets pics of them in that thing looks over 18 or you may get the cops at your door.


Monday, April 17th 2006 - 06:57:19 PM
Web Cam...
Hey, Love this site. 
I just got a web cam, and I was wondering if anyone wanted to see some pics/videos of me bound and gagged. We could maybe swap some pics and what not, I'm a fit 19 year old male by the way. E-mail me if your intrested. 

Thank You

Boondock Saint

Monday, April 17th 2006 - 07:01:43 PM
A Tale of Tape
Ok so this is going to be kind of short but it didn’t take very long to happen anyways.

For a little background info, this story includes me (15 years old, dirty blonde hair, 5’9,” 170 lbs, fairly well built) and my friend Kristi ([changed name] 16 years old, dark brown hair, 5’8,” about 120 lbs, very nice body). This takes place about 6 months ago. We had been having a little argument for quite a while about who was a better taper – me or her. So one day at lunchtime I went over to the mall beside my school to the Wal-mart and bought 3 rolls of duct tape. I put them in my locker and went on with my after lunch classes.

After school ended, I found Kristi at her locker and I went up to her and said, “Hey do u want to find out who is the better taper?”
She was a little surprised. “No!! I don’t have any tape with me!”
“That’s alright” I said, “You can use one of mine”
“Fine” she said.

Now you should know that she never did use her roll at all in this story.

So we walked around in the hallway for a bit waiting for most of the other kids and most of the teachers to leave and when I thought it was quiet enough in the school, I grabbed her pulled her hands behind her back and taped them palm to palm.

“Hey! No fair! I wasn’t ready!” she tried to make a pouting face but I knew she liked it and so did I.
“Too bad you weren’t paying attention. Looks like I’m gonna win this one”

I made her sit on the stairs and I taped her legs at her ankles and knees and then went around behind her and taped her elbows all the way together. I then taped around her waist to hold her arms to her body.

“Ahh don’t you think that’s a little tight?”

“Nope. I’m going to win and I cant have you escaping can I?”

At that point she just started talking about random things and I really didn’t pick up any of it but I got really tired of it so I took the tape and wrapped it around her head a few times. This caught her quite off guard and she just stared at me for what seemed like an eternity but was really only about 10 seconds. Then I realized I was almost late for a rugby meeting that I needed to go to.

“I’m going to have to put you in my locker for about 15 minutes ok?”

She just rolled her eyes at me and I took that as an ok. I picked her up and flung her over my shoulder and carried her to my locker. Fortunately it was only about 40 feet down the hall. I cant imagine what would happen if I walked past the office carrying a gorgeous girl that’s taped and gagged. I opened the locker with my free hand and gently put her inside it. I was amazed that she fit perfectly in there.

“I’ll be back as quick as I can,” I told her as I closed the locker and locked it.

After the meeting I hurried back to my locker and opened it to find Kristi inside just as I had left her. I took her out, closed my locker, and carried her back to the stairway. 

I started taking her tape gag off and as soon as her mouth was uncovered she leaned in and started making out with me. This caught me quite off guard but I gave in and made out with her anyways.

“What was that for?” I asked her.

“For a good time.” She said.

Sadly though, she had to catch the bus so I was forced to untape her and let her go but not without another make out session before we headed our different ways.

Calgary, AB - CANADA

Monday, April 17th 2006 - 07:02:10 PM
yeahh thanx thats really helpfull.....i just got a new nikon D-50 digital SLR and i was anticipating picture...i know some site reccommend parametic scissors does anyone know where to get those? My girlfriend is into bondage and she and i are gunna have the whole house to ourselves from 8am-4pm so hopefully i will have pics and a good story to post :)thanx u guys its really cool to see this many ppl like to be tied up
youngstown oh

Monday, April 17th 2006 - 07:07:00 PM
Isn't that illegal? What did they do to you?

Monday, April 17th 2006 - 07:10:50 PM
Nah I just use a regular paper sissors. As long as it has a good tip at the end of it you can break through any ropes with it. If anything else you can use it like a knife I heard that works too.

I'm trying to think of anything else lets see...

Wheres your tickling tools? Gotta have tickling tools... 

Oh and if your to familiar with knot tying just google it (you might need to be specific in what knot tying you want ;)) 

Thats about it have fun, you lucky... never been tied up or even attempted in what... 7 years it least.


Monday, April 17th 2006 - 08:07:56 PM
To Jesse
Nice Story! If I had been her right then, I would have made out with yny captor too. luccky gorl.
Happy not-Easter!
: )
Ha, I'm anonymous

Monday, April 17th 2006 - 08:41:46 PM
im an ex boy scout i know more knots than most ppl.......and im how do u say "fixed for blade" more knives than i can count tickle tools u say?....what like feather dusters and crap like that?......i've also heard that ace bandges make great gags.....i prefer ducttape or medi-tape...has anyone ever use an ace i think i will try it wed. with my g/f
Youngstown Ohio

Monday, April 17th 2006 - 11:25:30 PM
Actually the greated thing I even used was a small soft briskled rotery brush hooked up to a battery powered drill.

And for those on low budjet finger nails work too... Eckkkk .... finger nails...


Tuesday, April 18th 2006 - 12:46:36 AM
i'm actually tied right now....hehe

just a little self-bondage....

not even really that actually....

just tied myself in a chinese crotch-rope type tie that covers my whole middle body....

it's kinda neat because you could wear clothes over it and noone would ever know...

it feels really good...hehe....

Party Guy

Tuesday, April 18th 2006 - 05:26:01 AM
Hi, I am a 15 year male who likes to be tied up. Any other males with a similar interest feel free to contact me to talk.

Tuesday, April 18th 2006 - 12:34:48 PM
Taped for Attention
To see how page breaks are rendered.

In the mid to late eighties when I was a young lad between 12 and 14, I was “into” electronics. This of course is shorthand for having few friends and the label of “smart kid”. My 16 year old sister of course gave me the less flattering label of “annoying idiot”. She on the other hand was quite the socialite and had many friends. At any given time she was either with them in her room, or gabbing away with them on the phone. 

Now as it turns out


Tuesday, April 18th 2006 - 12:36:38 PM
Taped for Attention Part 1
In the mid to late eighties when I was a young lad between 12 and 14, I was “into” electronics. This of course is shorthand for having few friends and the label of “smart kid”. My 16 year old sister of course gave me the less flattering label of “annoying idiot”. She on the other hand was quite the socialite and had many friends. At any given time she was either with them in her room, or gabbing away with them on the phone. 

Now as it turns out, my Dad had some equipment stashed away in his garage from an old sound system. Microphones, amplifiers, speakers, cassette recorders, the works were wall stashed away in this old box I found while snooping around. My sister’s bedroom was adjacent to mine so we shared a wall. This wall also had an air vent on my side near the floor. Armed with my found equipment and a mischievous desire to spy on my sister, I soon had the microphone attached to the underside of her bed. The small wire trailed from the microphone, through a small hole in the wall and through the vent to my room. Her head board touched the wall at that location so the only way she could ever find it would be to dig under her bed. It was not long before I had a nice collection of her phone conversations and the silliness she discussed with her friends. Mostly it was “boys this” and “boys that” or gossip about other girls. I kept several tapes and hid them in various locations for future use/blackmail. 

I was working on one of the tapes, editing out the boring stuff and static when Melanie, my sister, barged into my room holding the microphone. “What the hell is this, Marc?” 

I didn’t answer which gave her time to look at the tapes and recording equipment arrayed around my bed. “You little brat, you’ve been taping me!” She lunged for the tapes which I was too stunned to stop her from getting. “How long?” She screamed.

“Long enough,” I replied with a small smile. “Give me the microphone and tape and I won’t expose all you’ve been saying for the last month. “I know certain boys that would be real interested. Some guy named Carl, or perhaps David?”

Melanie’s face turned a shade of purple that is hard to duplicate or describe. She tossed the tape and microphone on my bed and stormed out. “Don’t tell Mom or Dad either,” I yelled after her.

I chuckled to myself, “I’ve got her good this time.”

I heard nothing from Melanie for the rest of the day. At dinner she acted as if nothing had happened, she spoke little but this was normal. The next day at school though I was cornered by two of Melanie’s friends while putting books in my locker. Tiffany and Denise were Melanie’s two best friends and they were both on the cheerleading squad. Today must have been some sort of pep rally too, because they were in their uniforms. Our school colors were orange and black and due to the very cold day their legs were encased in black spandex for warmth. The orange and white pleated skirts revealed those shiny black legs. I’m pretty sure my penchant for a nice set of legs was established early. 

Tiffany had a frock of curly red hair that spilled down her back tied up in a black ribbon. The school colors did not do much for her freckled complexion but she did not need much help anyway. “Melanie tells us that you taped our conversations, Marc?” She said in a low but fierce voice.

“Some.” I responded shortly. 

Denise didn’t speak she just stood beside her friend to keep me from running off. Her long black hair fell well past the middle of her back, even when put up behind her in ponytail. She had a small (temporary) tattoo of the school mascot on her cheek and she matched Tiffany’s attire exactly right down to the orange and black shoelaces on her white sneakers. She was thinner but slightly taller than her friend and under different circumstances it would have been the highlight of my day just to be acknowledged by these two beautiful teenage girls in the full flower of their womanhood. 

“You’d better give them back.” Tiffany said pulling my attention back to her freckled grimace.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody what I heard. I promise.” I said with a slight smirk.

“You’d better not.”

The girls started to walk off. “Especially not Mark or Anton.” I said to their backs as they stepped away.

Both girls froze, looked at each other and moved on. I laughed to myself after they left. “This should be interesting.”

The next two weeks were probably the most fantastic and most memorable weeks of my entire teenage life. My sister never once insulted me and Denise and Tiffany were down right flirtatious. They would wave to me from across the hall and they even once gave me a little peck on the cheek. It was great. I was having such a great time boasting in front of all the other guys my age that I nearly forgot about the tapes. 

So the next Friday when Mom told me to take Melanie’s biology book over to Denise’s house down the street because she needed it for studying with her friends, I jumped at the chance. It was a short bike ride over to Denise’s house which was in the same neighborhood. I rang the door bell and waited, staring at the DNA model on the front of the book cover. When I looked up Denise and Tiffany were standing there. Denise wore a sports bra and bike shorts in a dark blue color while Tiffany wore a similar outfit, but with long tights in green, which looked great well with her red hair. I handed the book to them expecting them to take it and shut the door, instead they put their arms around my shoulders and gently pulled me forward. “Marc, our best buddy, come in, please.”

“Uh…here’s the book you wanted.” I said, but they just took it and threw it on the couch next to Melanie who I remember was much more modestly dressed. I usually never notice my sister but the contrast of her jeans and sweater to her friends’ workout attire was quite stark.

I was guided toward a chair and pushed into it. Still enthralled with the two older girls’ beauty, my raging hormones barely let me speak let alone resist. When Tiffany straddled my legs and sat down on my lap putting her chest level with my face I nearly blacked out. It must have been easier than expected for Denise to pull my hands behind the chair and wrap them in white athletic tape. 

“Hey, what are you doing?” I jerked at the tape. 

Tiffany hopped off my lap and her flirtatious smile disappeared into a serious visage. “Come on, Melanie. Toss me a roll of tape.” Tiffany wrapped one of my legs to the chair leg while I tried to wrench my arms free of the tape. 

“Stop that, hey, let me go!” I yelled, but the two girls ignored me and one look at Melanie said she was not going to help, though she wasn’t doing any of the work. 

In minutes both my legs were tied to opposite chair legs and my hands were tied behind me and somehow secured to the chair. In fact the tape was so hastily and carelessly applied that most of my fingers were trapped inside the sticky mass. 

The three girls disappeared and returned moments later. Denise and Tiffany now wore jackets and Denise had put on a pair of sweats over her bike shorts. I could still see Tiffany’s legs encased in the shiny green spandex. Denise had a piece of shiny black material in her hand which she pulled taut between her hands, “Now hold still, I’m not going to hurt you.” 

She quickly wrapped the material around my eyes and knotted it behind my head. “Hey, stop that, let me go, please!” I begged. The material was silky soft and did not hurt me other than preventing me from seeing anything.

“Now, we will let you go as soon as you tell us where you hid the tapes.” Tiffany ordered.

I was jolted back into reality. Their kindness over the past two weeks was a simple ruse to lure me to this point. Anger replaced the nervousness. “The tapes, no way, no how. If you get those…well…No!” I yelled the last word as my anger rose.

“Fine then,” Tiffany said and I heard the three girls walk away. 

“Hey,” I yelled, “Let me go.” I yelled over and over. I didn’t even hear anyone walk behind me until something was shoved into my mouth and another piece of silky cloth was pulled between my teeth and knotted behind my head. Then more tape was applied over my cleaved lips. I tried to keep yelling but the girls just laughed at my garbled attempts.

I jerked harder at my bonds but nothing moved I just wore myself out. “We’ll come back in an hour or so to see if you want to talk.” Again I heard them move away.

It seemed like hours before I heard them return. “Are you ready to tell us yet?” Tiffany asked.

I tried to talk through the gag. 

“Just nod your head.” Tiffany said. 

I didn’t move. But I heard a door open in the distance and all of sudden there was a flurry of movement around me. “Oh no, it’s my Mom.” Denise said. “Grab a sheet or something.”


Tuesday, April 18th 2006 - 12:43:28 PM
Taped for Attention Part 2
“No no,” Melanie said, the first words I heard her say all night. “Pull him into a closet or something.”

“Hey girls,” I heard a mature female voice say. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing Mom,” Denise responded with a lot of nervousness in her voice. “I thought you weren’t coming back until tomorrow night.” 

“Conference ended early. So I came home. What are you girls doing?” There was a slight pause. “What is that behind you?”

The sound of high heels tapped across the floor. I was mortified that Denise’s Mom might see me in my current situation. “Oh my God! Who is that, why is he tied up?” 

“He’s my brother.” I heard my sister say. 

“Release him this instant. I going to have to call you mother, Melanie. I’m so shocked. Why? And you Denise, I can’t believe it.”

“But Mom,” Denise whined. “He’s got tapes recorded of us saying embarrassing things and we were trying to get them back.”

The fingers picking at the tape at my hands suddenly stopped. “What? What tapes?”

Denise, Tiffany, and Melanie detailed the whole story over the last weeks including the pretence of being kind to me. In my gagged state I could add nothing to the description but it was quite accurate. “Alright, you three girls go to Denise’s room this instant and don’t come out until I tell you.”

I heard foot steps moving away from me. Then I felt the tape being pulled off my lips and the knotted material being pulled out of my mouth. “Tsk, this was one of my silk scarves. Now tell me Marc, is what they say true. Tell me your version.” 

I spit out the wad of material still in my mouth. “Can you take the blindfold off?” I asked.

“Just start talking.” She ordered.

“Yes, pretty much. I was fooling with some of Dad’s old equipment and got it to work and I wanted to record something. I hid it under my sister’s bed. But they tricked me and tied me up.”

“Yes well, you’ll have to endure that a few minutes longer while I call your mother.” I heard her walk away her shoes clicking on the linoleum floor. 

“No wait, I’ll give the tapes back. I promise.” I said almost frantically. The click of her heels got closer. The soggy wad was pushed back into my mouth and the silk pulled between my teeth. My protests silently ignored. 

I heard the phone beep as it was dialed and Denise’s Mom’s voice speaking. She relayed the story of what happened but she was walking away so I could not hear the entire conversation. It wasn’t long though before the click of the heels returned. “I’ve discussed things with your mother and we agree. You must go home and get the tapes immediately, and return here with them.” 

The tape was removed from my legs and arms and the gag and blindfold were last. I blinked against the light and was able to see Denise’s mother’s stern look. “Now go.” She was an older version of Denise.

I still had time to see the short skirt and dark nylons she wore to complement the blue jacket and heels. She looked to have come from a business meeting. I ran out the front door and rode home as fast as I could. When I went in the front door Mom was sitting in the recliner waiting. I expected a stern lecture, instead she wore a smile. “So you were tied up by three girls huh?”

“Two girls, Melanie didn’t help.” I said as my face turned crimson.

“I suppose that’s punishment enough, go fetch those tapes and take them to Mrs. Nelson.” 

I ran upstairs like a shot and dug the tapes out of my hiding place. I looked at the four tapes and grabbed three of them and ran back downstairs. They’d never know I made a copy of the juiciest bits.

I rode my bike over to Denise’s house and knocked on the door. Mrs. Nelson answered and held out her hand. I handed over the tapes and ran back down the sidewalk toward my bike. 


Tuesday, April 18th 2006 - 12:56:24 PM
Taped for Attention Part 3
Unfortunately things went back to normal. Melanie treated me like gum stuck to her shoes, and Denise and Tiffany would not be bothered to share the same hallway with me. I became despondent, all the great attention evaporated away. There was one more tape though, and this time I would not be so foolish at to get caught unawares, even if they were nice to me. 

The next two days I spend making copies of the fourth tape I still had. I hid them in various hiding places so even if the worst happened I would still have a backup. The next day I boldly walked into the high school hallway and handed an envelope to Tiffany and Denise. “And you better not tell your Moms or my Mom, or else…” I walked away satisfied that my detailed letter explaining the copies I had of the tapes would be sufficient to turn things around. 

This time things did not go as planned. Denise and Tiffany met me at the bike rack after school and instead of flirtatious, I got flesh-melting anger. “You’ve gone too far this time, you little punk?” Tiffany yelled, her red hair whipping across her face as a testament to her angst.

I said nothing. They each wore the standard T-shirt and jeans attire of high school students so I was not overly distracted. 

“You either give us all the tapes now or we are going to tell your parents.” 

“But if…” I started.

“You’ll do what?” Tiffany’s voice rose in pitch. “Give tapes of our private conversations to boys we talk about?”

I shrugged. 

“I dare you.” Tiffany barked.

Denise looked flustered by this exchange. “I’m talking to Mom about this. She’ll know what to do about you.” She walked away and Tiffany unclenched her fists and followed her friend.
I was worried to say the least. If the threat of spreading the tapes was not enough to buy their silence, they held little value. I was afraid to go home, Melanie for certain had heard about this and if Denise told her Mom… Well the jig was up, that is for sure.

It took me an hour longer than usual to make it back home. I tried to sneak into the house to avoid the inevitable confrontation but our house was arranged in such a way to make clandestine arrivals impossible. Mom was fixing something in the kitchen and Melanie was watching television. Neither one of them said anything. In fact both acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary. I felt like I stepped into some kind of alternate universe. 

“Kind of late today.” Mom said.

“Uh…yeah. I stopped by the library. Sorry I didn’t call.” I lied, still half expecting the other shoe to drop.

“No worries. Go wash up, dinner is almost ready and your Dad is pulling into the driveway.”

Dinner was normal yet surreal. I was hyper sensitive throughout the meal trying to figure out why I wasn’t being confronted with my actions at school. I analyzed every conversation, every facial expression. Nothing happened though. That night I checked all the hiding places for the backup tapes and everything was exactly like it should be. 

Things were even more unusual the next day in school. Tiffany and Denise acted like yesterday never happened. They were not overly nice, nor were they giving me the expected dirty looks. By Thursday I was beginning to think that perhaps I did not do what I remembered doing. 

At dinner though, my alarm bells went off. “The Nelson’s have invited us over for a barbecue tomorrow evening.” Mom said.

I nearly choked on my food. “Uh, do I have to go, I don’t really know them.”

“Sorry, we are going as a family, the whole family.” Mom said in way that offered no room for argument.

My skin itched like ants were walking along my flesh. Something was up but I could not avoid it. Dad quietly reminded Mom that he was committed to some charity golf tournament. She nodded and said that he would apologize to the Nelson’s for him. Now I knew something was up.

The next day flew by, I was not looking forward to the barbecue at the Nelson’s. When we arrived at the front door, Melanie ran upstairs to Denise’s room and I helped Mom carry in some drinks to the kitchen. Mrs. Nelson was there along with another woman I did not know. Mom knew her though and the idle conversation revealed that this was Tiffany’s Mom. This was looking bad, I was the only guy at the house and the mother’s of the three girls I wronged were all in the same place. I could not take the pressure. “Uh, Mom, I’m not feeling so good. Can I walk home?”

The three 30-something women turned toward me with small smirks on their faces. “I’ll bet you are.” Mom said.

I took an involuntary step back and swallowed, here it comes.

“I don’t think you are going anywhere. In fact you are staying right here.” Mom continued.

The woman I did not recognize could not contain herself. I could immediately see where Tiffany got her flashpoint personality. The red hair was also a dead giveaway. “How many people did you give those tapes to, young man?”

I backed into the wall. “Just Tiffany and Denise, that’s all I swear. I’ll give them all back.” The words were yanked from my throat by the force of her angry stare.

The older red head seemed satisfied and she relaxed. Denise’s Mom stepped forward. “Follow me.”

I looked at Mom for some kind of help but only got an out stretched finger indicating that I should follow. I was led to the basement into a room which obviously did not see much use. Stacks of boxes lined one wall and a small day bed occupied the other. The room was a femininely decorated but smelled stale. “Stay here.” 

I was too terrified to argue. Few words had been exchanged, the lack of threats and punishments was worse than anything. My mind created horrible tortures that would be inflicted. When the door knob turned several minutes later I nearly jumped out of my skin. My Mom stepped into the room. “What are you going to do?” I asked.

She sat down next to me on the bed. “You know what you did was wrong?”

I nodded.

“Well I’m going to give you a choice for your punishment. You can either stay here until I come back and get you and do everything Mrs. Nelson says, or you will be grounded for six weeks, confined to your room when you’re not at school.” 

My jaw fell open. Six weeks was three times longer than any punishment I previously endured, and usually I just lost my bike. I stared at her mutely.

“Well, what’s it going to be?” She asked again. 

“Are they going to hurt me?” I asked.

“No, if anything happens here that causes you pain than Melanie will get grounded for six weeks.” 

I let out a sigh of relief, “I’ll stay here then. When will you be back?”

“You don’t get to know that, but you will do everything you are told. Are we clear?” Mom said sternly.

“Yes, we’re clear.” I looked at the floor.

Mom stood and left without a word. I waited and waited in the room. It felt like hours without a watch or any clocks to refer too. There was a closet door on one side which was filled with more boxes and clothes protected by clear plastic. I was about to go mad from boredom when the door opened again and this time it was Mrs. Nelson. She had her long hair piled on top of her head held in place with a plastic clip and she wore a jean skirt and sweater. “It was just too cold to barbecue, so we ordered in Chinese instead,” she smiled.

She went over to one of the stacks of boxes and pulled off the top box, she set that one aside and grabbed the second one down and set it on the floor and opened it. Inside she pulled out what looked like old scarves, nylons, odd bits of clothes, etc. “Are you hungry?”

“A little, but I’ll be fine.”

“Now I can’t have you going hungry, so come on over here.” I walked forward watching as Mrs. Nelson pulled out a long blue scarf. “Put your hands behind your back please.” 

I hesitated for a moment until I remembered Mom’s words. When I put my arms behind me Mrs. Nelson wrapped the blue scarf around my wrists and bound them securely. I tried to pull free but she knew what she was doing. She then selected a second scarf and tied one end above my elbow and then wrapped it around the other elbow forcing my shoulders back. I grunted under the strain. “Ok, sit on the bed and slide back as far as you can. I did the best I could with out the use of my arms. The day bed was framed in decorative brass piping on three of its four sides. Mrs. Nelson used two more scarves to attach the wrist and elbow scarves to the piping preventing me from moving off the bed. It was not painful but it sure was not comfortable either.

Part 4 to come...

Feel free to email.


Tuesday, April 18th 2006 - 04:21:46 PM
great story marc i hope to read more soon
bond 13

Tuesday, April 18th 2006 - 07:37:19 PM
Really great story there Marc. I cannot wait until the next part. I will be posting another story very soon for anyone that is interested.

Tuesday, April 18th 2006 - 09:03:30 PM
Humiliating College Kidnapping
One night my junior year of college I woke up to the sound of girls("my friends") laughing. I was lying on my stomach and realized that my hands were tied behind my back with duct tape, my feet were tied too. The lights went on and I saw four girls standing around me laughing. I decided to scream "untie me!" but all that came out was "MMMMMMPGH!" They had taped my mouth shut too, with several pieces of tape. They picked me up and carried me out into the hallway on a blanket. As they carried me through the dorm I pleaded with people for help by looking at them and going "MMMMMM, MMMMMMM!" like crazy. But they all just pointed and laughed. So here I am in my boxers bound and gagged, being kidnapped and no one is concerned. They took me back to their place where they dumped water on me and took pictures. Eventually they decided to "let me go." (Here is the really humiliating part of the story) They dropped me off outside of the security office. Two officers came out to find me lying on the doorstep still tied up and gagged. I was struggling and mmmmphing like crazy. They seemed pretty amused as they picked me up and layed me on the couch in the security office. They looked at me and chuckled for a couple minutes as I wiggled and MMMMMMMPHED like crazy. One security guard went in the other room and the other began to unite me. He took his time untying my feet and asked me questions, knowing that I was still gagged and could only answer "MMMMMMM!" He then ripped the tape off my mouth and it hurt like hell. I screamed "OWWWW!" and he then clamped his hand over mouth and told me to relax. He said, "Are you going to relax?" Though I was furious at this point, I nodded and said "MMMM MMMM!" He held his hand over my mouth for a couple of seconds. As I was lying there with his hand over my mouth, he was smerking at me and seemed to be enjoying it. I felt like I was being kidnapped all over again. He took his hand off my mouth and finally unwrapped my wrists. The security guards then drove me home. Hope you enjoyed my humiliating story, everyone else has.

Wednesday, April 19th 2006 - 07:16:49 AM
Let me know what you think...
Hey everyone,

I have a made up story of 2 kids that get kidnapped, let me know if you want to hear it, I am willing to post it, so just let me know.

Enjoy you day, mine has just been screwed up by school.

The Netherlands

Wednesday, April 19th 2006 - 09:22:47 AM
Taped for Attention Part 4
After a quick double check of the knots Mrs. Nelson left the room and shut the door. As soon as the door clicked shut I attempted to get free or at least get comfortable. I failed at both pursuits. I could do nothing but wait.

And wait I did, it felt like hours again before the door opened. This time however it was Denise and Tiffany, and they were carrying a plate of food. “Uh, I’m really not hungry.”

“Sorry,” Tiffany smiled, “you have to eat. It’s cashew chicken, you’re Mom said you love cashew chicken.” 

Tiffany sat on my right side and Denise on my left. Their clothes were not designed to attract my eye but in my helpless state, I flushed with embarrassment. They each had their hair in ponytails held in place with a black elastic . Denise had a glass of water with a straw and Tiffany held the plate of food. “Ok Marc, open wide.”

I felt a strange mix of arousal and humiliation. I wanted to clamp my mouth shut but I was supposed to do anything they told me. The smell of the food finally won over any resistance and I opened my mouth and allowed her to place the fork on my tongue. Tiffany fed me bites with the occasional sip of water from Denise. Tiffany however was becoming more and more reckless with the food and on one occasion tried to feed me while I was still chewing, this spilled food down my chin and onto my shirt. “Oops.” Tiffany said with mock surprise. “You need a bib. It just so happens we have one right here.”

Denise pulled out a large baby blue plastic bib which she tied tightly around my neck. “There you go, now we won’t get your clothes all messy.”

This was the worst, I flushed 15 shades of red and wanted the floor to open up and swallow me whole. Now Tiffany really had some fun. She managed to smear the food everywhere on my face, only my eyes were spared. Both of the girls were laughing so hard by the time the food was gone they could barely stand up to leave. They managed somehow, leaving me tied to the bed with food dripping off my chin onto the plastic bib. Six weeks in my room was starting to sound less and less harsh.

Things went from bad to worse. Mrs. Nelson came in armed with a camera after the girls left. “No way.” I protested on the verge of crying like a baby which would definitely have completed the picture. 

“Sorry, this is for the scrapbook, Marc. Only your Mom will see it unless of course those tapes you have fall into the wrong hands.” She snapped a couple pictures and left.

It all made sense now. They could not force me to hand over the tapes so they were creating an insurance policy. There is no way I would release the tapes as long as they had these pictures. I was more worried about what else they had planned for their little photo album. Mrs. Nelson returned moments later and released my arms from the bed and untied me. I jerked off the bib and wiped my face off as best I could with the plastic. “Follow me, I’ll show where you can get cleaned up.”

I followed her out of the shower to the opposite corner of the basement where there was a bathroom with a sink, toilet and shower. There was a bar of soap and a towel laid out on the toilet. “Go ahead and take a shower. When you’re done, go right back to the room.”

I took a really long shower trying to delay as much as possible but I was driven out by the water turning cold. When I exited my clothes were all gone. The only thing to cover myself was the towel, and it was pink. I used the toilet and wrapped the towel around my waist and walked to the other room. I was hoping to rummage around in the boxes for some clothes but Mrs. Nelson was waiting for me along with Tiffany and Denise. I’m sure my body flushed until it matched the color of towel but there was nothing I could do. “Can I have my clothes,” I managed to say.

“Not just yet.” Mrs. Nelson said. “We need a couple more photos for the scrapbook. Now here is the deal. Your Mom, Tiffany’s Mom, and myself each choose a particular punishment to be carried out this weekend. Which would you like to do first?”

“What kind of punishment?” I asked.

“You’ll find out after you choose.”

I thought for a second. There was no way I was going to choose Tiffany’s Mom, she would probably be the worst. Denise’s Mom also proved that she could do be mean when she wanted. “I guess I’ll do what my Mom chose.”


Wednesday, April 19th 2006 - 11:46:22 AM
Taped for Attention Part 5 (Mom's Punishment)
Denise and Tiffany started to giggle the second I made my decision. Mrs. Nelson just had a queer crooked smile on her face. My own stomach did a flip flop. “What? What is her punishment?”

“You’ll see,” she grabbed a small wad of flesh colored material from the bed. “Here, go back to the bathroom and put this on.”

I grabbed the stretchy material. “What is this?” 

“It’s a swimsuit that models use to make it look like they aren’t wearing a swimsuit at all.” Mrs. Nelson explained. 

I walked back to the bathroom and pulled the tight garment up my legs. It did not match my skin tone exactly and it was real tight and a tad uncomfortable. It did cover everything although from a distance you would never know it.

I walked back into the bedroom and only Mrs. Nelson was there. “Ok, Marc, I’m going to blindfold you now. It helps the surprise.” She wrapped a scarf around my eyes and knotted it firmly behind my head. “And I have a warning for you, no complaining about what happens or we’ll fix that too, understand.”

I nodded. 

She grabbed my hand and led me out of the bedroom into another room. The floor was linoleum or concrete and I had not been in here before. “Ok you need to step over something right in front of you.” 

I felt with my feet and stepped over something plastic about a foot high, I was now standing in something made of the same plastic. “Ok now sit down.” Mrs. Nelson ordered. “There is a chair behind you.” 

The metal chair was cold but I stifled my discomfort. My arms were pulled behind me and each wrist was separately bound to the opposite side of the chair. My feet were then pulled off the floor and attached to something which pulled on my wrists even tighter. Again, it wasn’t painful just not comfortable. I then heard Tiffany and Denise enter the room. Melanie obviously had no desire to participate in this. “Is he ready?”

“Yes, he’s all set. If he talks too much just use this.” My blindfold was taken off and I looked around the room. I was in some sort of storage room, there were bottles and boxes along one wall and the opposite side had a washer and dryer and shelves for detergent, hangers, etc. It was a an all purpose utility room. The metal chair I was fastened too was sitting in a child’s plastic swimming pool, I had little time to guess what purpose it would serve. 

Denise held up a Trivial Pursuit game. “Alright Marc, were going to test your smarts. If you answer correctly to 10 questions we’ll end our game and let you go for the evening. Wrong answers though are subject to consequences. Understand.”

I nodded.

Tiffany opened the box and took out the question cards. “Ok, first question. Geography. What is the capital of Myanmar?” Tiffany smiled when she finished the question.

I didn’t even know Myanmar was a country. “I don’t know.”

“Too bad. Hmm. What shall I do for you first consequence?” She said slowly. “I know.” She opened a box behind her took out a bottle of pancake syrup. She opened the top and squeezed a liberal amount onto the top of my head. The sticky stuff ran down my cheeks and dripped off my eye brows. 

“Yech!” I protested.

“Alright Denise, it’s your turn.” Tiffany laughed.

“Ok. What color is the boreal hare?”

Again I had no idea. “I don’t know.”

Denise stood up, grabbed two eggs and smashed each of them on my shoulders letting the slimy contends slide down my chest into my lap. “Oh this is fun.”

Tiffany then asked a question which I was able to answer. The look of disappointment on her face was great. Things did not go well after that though, the next four questions I got wrong. Denise smeared jelly onto my legs and arms. Tiffany threw powered sugar onto my body turning me into some kind of strange albino. Denise used a can of whip cream on my hair and face. Tiffany poured chocolate sauce down my back and chest. I was a miserable sticky mess. 

The feeling of the mess slowly running down my flesh was itchy and cold. I had enough. “I give up. Can we stop now, please? I really doubt this was my Mom’s punishment.”

“Tsk. Tsk.” Tiffany said. “Too much talking. Open wide.” Tiffany approached me with some kind of green vegetable. I begrudgingly opened up and she shoved it into my mouth. “That is an avocado, I doubt you’ll be able to bite through it and if you do you won’t like the taste.” They then used a strip of cloth to make sure I did not spit it out.

It did taste horrible and I had no desire to try and mash it up with my teeth since I would for sure have to swallow it. The girls however continued to ask me trivia questions. I looked at them like they were mad while the waited for the answer. I tried to speak but it was impossible to understand. “Sorry, Marc, I just can’t understand you.” Tiffany said and she picked up a bottle of corn syrup and poured it on my head. Some of it leaked into my mouth but most ran down my head and slowly dripped into the child’s swimming pool where I sat. 

The questions continued and so do the onslaught of food. Four more ingredients were added to my sticky body. Vegetable oil, cottage cheese, pumpkin pie filling, lemon pie filling were all dumped, smashed, and spread over my body. Then Mrs. Nelson came in and snapped a couple of pictures. “Ok girls, he’s had enough, get him cleaned up and in the shower. Then you have to clean up this mess. I’d flush most of it down the toilet.”

“Ok Mom.” Denise said. The girls used pitchers of warm water to get the worst of the stuff off of my body. Then they untied me and of course, waited till the end to pull the avocado from my mouth. They used some old rags to wrap around my body until I was in the shower, to keep it from dripping across the basement floor. They handed me the soap and shampoo and I thankfully took another shower. Luckily there was enough time to get more hot water. “Was that really what my Mom said to do?” I asked after I was in the shower.

Denise smiled. “She mentioned the food for the picture. We kind of added the game part though?” She picked up the rags and left the bathroom.

It took a long time to wash the mess off of me. And when I thought myself clean a quick look in the mirror revealed some places I’d missed so I got back into the shower to do a more thorough job. Once again the water was cold before I was finished. The pink towel I used before was replaced with a white one, so I wrapped it around my waist and walked back to the bedroom. The door to the utility room was closed but I could hear Tiffany and Denise cleaning up. 

Mrs. Nelson was sitting on the day bed in the room I was beginning to view as my own. “Well, Marc, that was not so bad was it?” 

“Not at all, I suggest you try it.” I tried to bite back the sarcastic remark after I said it. 

Mrs. Nelson’s eyes furrowed. “You’ve been through a lot so I’m going to overlook that disrespectful remark.” 

I nodded mutely.

“Ok, now its time for bed. You’ll obviously be sleeping here.” 

“I’m not going home today?” I said bewildered.

“Heavens no, it’s after 10 pm. You’ll likely be going home tomorrow though.”

“Likely?” I asked. I really did not like the idea of staying longer.

“Yeah, you’re Mom mentioned that she might want to spend tomorrow evening alone with your Dad. But that was still up in the air. There is a pair of shorts and an extra blanket on the bed there for you. Have a good night.” Mrs. Nelson stood up and headed for the door. 

“What about Melanie?” 

“She’s been here the entire time. She’s just not interested in dealing with you, I guess.” The door closed behind her.

The shorts were not mine. They were a gray pair of cotton bike shorts. Since Mrs. Nelson only had a daughter I had my suspicions about who’s they were. I left the light on and lay down on the bed after putting on the shorts. The whir of the heater in the other room eventually lulled me to sleep.


Wednesday, April 19th 2006 - 12:18:53 PM
This isnt a story but I was looking through the archives and there is a story on the November 2003 page by "ramrod" which involves someone "having their way" with someone else, which is against the site rules. Thought you might want to know

Wednesday, April 19th 2006 - 03:28:19 PM
Taped for Attention Part 6 (Mrs. Nelson's Punishment)
It was not my own bed so I could not sleep as well as usual. I woke up early and just lay there wondering what horrendous tortures I was in for today. The idle mind tends to create and magnify the smallest of things, before Mrs. Nelson walked in, I had imagined crows gorging themselves on my flesh as my body dangled from a gallows. “Good Morning Marc, sleep well?”

“Ok I guess.” I responded. 

“Well go do your business in the bathroom and while you are there put these on.” She held up a pair of shiny black pants. “They are running tights, unisex of course.” 

“Do I get a shirt?” I asked taking the slick material from her hands.

“Not yet.” 

I walked to the bathroom and donned the tights after using the restroom. The black material fit like a second skin from my ankles to my waist. It looked like my legs were painted black. 

I stepped out of the bathroom and Mrs. Nelson was waiting for me with a dark-colored scarf in her hands. “Alright Marc, turn around. We’ll get this started.”

“Get what started?” I asked.

“My punishment, of course,” she said as she wrapped the scarf around my eyes. 

I sighed, nervous yet resigned to my fate. 

“Ok, hold your arms straight out in front of you.” I felt a soft material slide up my arms. “Raise your arms above your head.” A shirt of some sort was pulled down over my body. The sleeves were tight and it had a tight fitting neck almost like a turtle neck, but it did not reach all the way to my waist. It stopped just below my rib cage. “Hold out your arms again.” Another shirt of some sort was pulled over the first; however this one did not have sleeves or a tight neck but covered my waist. “OK, lift one leg.” Something was slid over my foot. “Now lift the other.” The same thing was slid over my other foot and then pulled up my legs all the way to my waist. 

Mrs. Nelson left for a moment. “Ok sit down there is a chair behind you.” 

I sat down and whatever was around my waist was not long enough to cover my bottom because I could feel the cold metal of the chair through the tights. I guessed it was a belt of some kind. “Raise one foot.” Mrs. Nelson pulled a sock onto my foot. She did the same with my other foot. This was followed by a pair of shoes which were laced onto my feet. They felt like tennis shoes.

“Now put your ankles together.” Mrs. Nelson ordered. 

I complied and felt her wrap my ankles with a cord or scarf and bind them together. She did the same just above my knees. Then my ankles were pulled from the floor and attached to the chair. “Place your hands on the arms of the chair.” I did so and she bound each wrist and elbow to the chair. I was not going anywhere. “For the next part I’m going to need help. I’ll be right back.” 

She was gone for a few minutes and returned. “What do you want us to do?” Denise asked. There was a faint whispering. “Alright, I’ll go get the stuff.” Denise said and walked away.

“What about me?” Tiffany asked. More whispering. “That’s perfect.” She answered back. 

“Alright Marc,” Tiffany said. “I’m going to give you something to hold. Grip it tightly.” A plastic handle of sorts was placed in my left hand. I held it tight. Something sticky was placed on the back of my hand and wrapped around and around until I could not release what I was holding. This process was repeated with my other hand. I was holding two things, what they were I could not tell. 

While all this was happening with my hands. Someone else was doing something to my hair. Hair was being moved, pulled, and poked. I had no idea what was actually going on but I suspected I was being dressed up like a clown or perhaps a super hero. 

Next, someone started to apply things to my face. I was attacked with brushes and creams. I was almost sure I was wearing a clown costume. When they were finished with my face I felt a sheet being wrapped around my body just below my neck, then the blindfold was taken off. I still couldn’t tell what I was wearing because it was hidden beneath the sheet, there were no mirrors close by to see what was done to my face and hair. 

“Close your eyes, Marc.” Mrs. Nelson said. I did so and was again attacked by what I guessed was face paint. “Go ahead and untie him, Denise. I’ll finish up here.” Something was applied to my cheeks while the bonds holding me to the chair were loosened. “Keep your eyes closed until I say.” Mrs. Nelson warned. 

The sheet was removed as were all the ropes. “Ok Marc, stand up then open your eyes.” 

I stood and opened my eyes blinking against the light in the basement. I looked down over my body and nearly fainted. I was wearing a cheerleading uniform. The white and orange pleated skirt fell to about mid thigh. My arms were encased in a tight black shirt that also fit tightly around my neck that would normally be used when it was cold outside. The orange and white, sleeveless cheerleading shirt emblazoned with our school letters and mascot was pulled over that tight black shirt. In each of my hands was a pom-pom that I could not release. My hands were cleverly wrapped in black tape to keep them in place. Even the shoes I wore had the orange and black laces.

Mrs. Nelson approached with a mirror. They put makeup on my face. It was some kind of sparkly makeup that shone in the light. Each of my cheeks sported a temporary tattoo of the school mascot. My normally dirty blond hair was now long and yellow-blond and tied into a pony tail with a black and orange ribbon. I looked like a cheer leader, I was mortified. 

I looked around and Denise, Tiffany, and Mrs. Nelson were all smiling at me. “Wow you look great.” Mrs. Nelson snapped a couple of pictures. 

I was speechless. I tried to get the tape off my hands but the plastic streamers got in the way, it was useless. I think the shock and surprise kept me from running out of the room. I could not get my muscles to move at all. Finally I managed to speak. “Please get me out of this.”

“Denise told me how you gawked at her when she was in her uniform. Now you can gawk as much as you want.” Mrs. Nelson smiled. “That’s the end of my punishment but we have one punishment left. Tiffany’s Mom’s, remember.”


Wednesday, April 19th 2006 - 05:06:09 PM
Taped for Attention Part 7 (Tiffany's Mom's Punishment)
“How much worse could it get?” I thought to myself. I wanted to die, I wished I could die. What I actually did was stand there like a mute fool. Perhaps I secretly hoped it was a dream. 

Mrs. Nelson grabbed the chair I was recently tied to and pulled me toward it so I was facing the back of the chair with the chair’s seat pointing away from me. . “You two girls tie each of his ankles to the back legs of the chair.” Mrs. Nelson said. She grabbed a scarf and tied it to one of my wrists and tied a second to the other wrist. She then pulled my arms so I was forced to bend over the back of the chair and tied each of my wrists to the front legs of the chair. Now my rear end was pointing straight up and the skirt of the cheerleading uniform fell down onto my back up so my entire backside was exposed.

“Mrs. Dexter’s (Tiffany’s Mom) punishment was for you to receive a sound spanking. Those were her exact words. I’ve decided that 100 swats should cover it. That many swats would hurt my hand so the girls are going to help me.” 

I snapped, this was too much. I could not take the embarrassment. I was still stunned from being dressed like a girl but getting spanked was beyond my worst nightmare. I yelled, and cussed at them jerking violently at the bonds holding me to the chair. “You won’t touch me! You filthy &#65533;@#%.” I screamed every bad word I’d ever heard at them. 

Then I felt a hand on my forehead pulling my head upward. Someone else shoved something in my mouth filling the space and then a scarf was pulled tightly between my teeth. “Well, that’s better.” Mrs. Nelson said. I’m going to have to talk to your Mom about your mouth. Now where were we?” She paused. “Ah yes, the spanking. I think we are going to need to secure him a bit better.” I felt additional bonds applied at my knees and elbows. And something was wrapped several times around the chair and my legs just below my bottom, welding me to the chair. “Ok, Denise you go first. Count to thirty-three.”

The black running tights did absolutely nothing to protect my bottom. The first few hurt the worst, but eventually that spot went numb. Whenever she moved though it hurt all over again. I clamped down hard on the wad of cloth in my mouth to keep from yelling but I still grunted involuntarily. “Thirty-three.” Denise announced. “Gosh that was fun.” 

Tiffany was stronger and every hit landed on a different part of my bottom. It was awful. I did not care what noises I was making at this point I just wanted it to end. “Thirty-three.” Tiffany said with a final hard smack. 

“Alright then, my turn,” Mrs. Nelson said. “Thirty-four to go.” She focused lower down on the backs of my thighs. It felt like she was using something other than her hand since it hurt the worst of all. I winced at every blow as they fell like heartbeats. Finally it ended. Tears had involuntarily leaked from my eyes and my whole backside felt like it was on fire. 

They released me from the chair. I was stiff from holding my muscles so rigidly so they helped me back to the room. They put me on the day bed and left. It wasn’t long before the sting faded, but the embarrassment persisted. I stood up from the bed and realized I was still wearing the cheerleading uniform. I first attempted to get the gag out of my mouth but with my hands bound into fists holding the pom-poms there was no way to pick at the knot. Likewise, without use of my teeth I couldn’t get the tape off my hands. I tried to rub my hands against the bed frame to get the tape off but the pom-poms thwarted that attempt as well. 

I sat down on the bed defeated. Moments later Mrs. Nelson walked in. “Follow me, Marc.” I did, thinking that she was going to help me. She led me to the bathroom. “There are your clothes, Marc. Here is some cream to get the makeup off. Once you’re done come upstairs, it’s over.”

I was looking at the cream and before I knew it Mrs. Nelson stepped out of the bathroom. I ran to the door and hit it with my bound hands and yelled through the gag but she did not come back. I tried to use my hands to turn the knob but the slick plastic of the pom-poms prevented that. I sat down on the toilet and tried to think. “The only way out of this is to get help.” I thought.

I went back to the door knob and tried to use my forearms to turn the knob but the black material of the under shirt was also too slick. I then used my foot to turn the door knob and after several attempts and falls I managed to get the door open. I looked all over the basement for someone to help me but no one was there. I either had to go upstairs dressed as I was or wait for someone to come down.


Wednesday, April 19th 2006 - 08:35:05 PM
Just a thought a lot of readers might be asking...what happened to the absolute promise of not hurting or causing pain to Marc?

Just what 'Lesson' is Marc learning?---that's it's OK for adults to Lie?

What sort of Mom offers her sons backside for teenage girls & an adult women to abuse in bondage?


Wednesday, April 19th 2006 - 08:57:28 PM
uh actually I was just curious what the rest of the story would be.

It's not really my cup of tea but, it's interesting all the same.

Party Guy

Wednesday, April 19th 2006 - 09:03:42 PM
we're up with a story 
The Binding Truth is up and running. I want to thank those who signed up and visited the website. We have had close to 4,500 hits since late last week including a record setting 1,889 hits in one day and a record breaking hour! Thanks again. 

Also added is our first bondage story by bondwriter titled Mathurin in distress!. This is a serial with more installments coming. It would be nice if those of you who have read the first installment would click on his name at the top of the story and send him a message. I am sure he would appreciate it and be motivated to carry on with the project.

Other stories are also welcomed so long as they fit the guidelines of the website. 

For those who haven't signed up (and it is at no cost) give it a try. One note for those signed up and those who are going to: please click "yes" for subscription so that when something new happens I can sent e-mail to you. I am not going to send news bulletins to all members anymore. We are getting close to 1,000 and that can be a drain on the server. Also, if you can, please update your account or if new, add where on this planet you're from. 

Thanks again: play hard but play safe.

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Wednesday, April 19th 2006 - 10:09:34 PM
Taped for Attention Part 9 (Conclusion)
I was tired of this. Fate always favors the bold, so I ran up the stairs and peered around the corner. I saw the kitchen and heard someone moving around. My sister was digging inside of the refrigerator. Surely blood was thicker than water. “I stepped inside the kitchen and grunted to get her attention.”

She turned around and gasped. “Oh my god! Marc is that you?”

I nodded vigorously and tried to point to the gag with my pom-pommed hands which probably looked silly, like I was doing some spastic cheer. She seemed to get the hint though. “You are so pretty. Here let me get the gag off.”

She picked at the knot and finally the scarf came free, I spit out the wad of sodden cloth onto the kitchen floor. “You are so dead, Melanie. Mom is going to ground you for six weeks.” I then ran back down the stairs to the bathroom. I could hear Melanie running behind me.

“What do you mean? They said they didn’t hurt you.” 

“Ha! They gave me 100 swats, if you call that not hurting then I suppose your right. But my ass still stings.”

I slammed the bathroom door but could not miss the look of surprise on her face, nor the look of fear. I used my teeth and pulled the tape off my hands and pulled off the uniform as fast as I could. I used the cream on my face and washed the makeup off, at least most of it, I was in a hurry. The wig proved a little more difficult it was held on by several fasteners and I had trouble finding them all. The wig finally joined the pile of discarded clothing and I pulled on the rest of my clothes. Now I had to get out of the house and run back home. 

I snuck upstairs and could not see anyone in the immediate vicinity. I knew the back door was usually left open but I always found the Nelson’s gate hard to unlatch. The front door would be the best bet. I snuck across the floor toward the door. Just as I put my hand on the latch the door opened. I nearly fell over. Standing in the doorway was my Mom, and Melanie was right behind her. She picked me up and looked me right in the eye. “Are you Ok?” 

“I’m fine Mom.” I had to be a macho teenager.

Mom stood up and yelled. “Janice! Janice come here now.” There were footsteps on the coming down the stairs and soon Mrs. Nelson appeared. Mom never let her speak. “You promised me no harm would come to him.” 

“He’s fine, just as I said.” Janice said with a little concern in her voice

“100 spankings is not fine. I never agreed to that.” 

“It was Esther’s idea [Tiffany’s Mom], and I agreed. He needed a good spanking after what he did.”

“That is not what we agreed too. Now give me the film.” Mom demanded.

“Fine, I suppose he’s learned his lesson.” She reluctantly handed Mom the camera. Mom opened the back and exposed all the film after making sure it was not a new roll. “I think we can consider this whole affair settled then.”

“As long as no more tapes show up.” Mrs. Nelson nodded.

All the way home Melanie talked to Mom. “You should have seen him, Mom. Marc was gorgeous. He really was. If he weren’t my brother I’d never have recognized him.”

“Shut up, Melanie.” I said.

“Leave your brother alone Melanie. Marc when we get home I’m going to start a fire in the fireplace. If I were you I’d use it to burn those tapes.” 

“Yes Mom.”

The whole affair was over as the plastic of the tapes melted in the fireplace. Mom was going to go out with Dad for dinner and Melanie and I were supposed to stay home alone. I was exhausted, I was asleep by 9 pm. Melanie begged me to let her give me a makeover all night long but there was no way in hell that was going to happen again. 

The End

Thanks for reading I don’t want to junk up the board with non-stories. Email if you want a response from me.


Thursday, April 20th 2006 - 05:12:30 AM
Thursday, April 20th 2006 - 12:23:55 PM
great story that had to suck though :( really well written...suspnsefull... all in all 2 thumbs up

my g/f just said i could tie her up when ever i want.....which is awesome but her mom is a bitch


Thursday, April 20th 2006 - 12:24:13 PM
great story that had to suck though :( really well written...suspnsefull... all in all 2 thumbs up

my g/f just said i could tie her up when ever i want.....which is awesome but her mom is a bitch


Thursday, April 20th 2006 - 09:49:48 PM
When is Nicholas H. coming back? He has the FRIGGIN BEST STORIES!!!!!!

Friday, April 21st 2006 - 09:53:21 PM
My first story
I've been reading the posts here for awhile, and thought it was about time to write my own.

I'm 15, 150 lbs, and 5'11, male, slim, wide shoulders, the works.

So anyways, it was a nice, sunny Saturday. My parents were away for the weekend, so me and some of my friends decided to get together at my place and have a pool party/sleepover. I invited two girls and a guy. That morning, I got a call from the guy saying he wouldn't be able to make it... his parents were asking too many questions, and he knew they wouldn't let him go if there were girls and no adults. Great, I thought, just me and two chicks. They were (names changed): Krystal (blonde hair, blue eyes, 15, about 120 lbs, about 5'7) and Missy (brown hair, blue eyes, 15, about 110 lbs, 5'6ish (I know shes an inch shorter than Krystal, but I don't know their exact hieghts.)).

When the girls arrive, I inform them that the guy isn't gonna be there, and head out back to the pool. Krystal was wearing a blue string bikini, and Missy was wearing a black one, and I was wearing red swim shorts. We swim for awhile, fool around off the diving board, and in general have a good time. After about 15 minutes, I get out, and start walking to the diving board with Missy next to me. While we were walking, she suddenly pushes me in. So I climb right back out, saying next time she would go in with me. So she pushes me again, but this time I grab her wrist as I fall. She managed to land on top of me. As I started to swim up to the surface, she pushed me back down, grabbing my arms and pushing them behind me. Alright, I thought, I'll go along with this for awhile. For about fifteen seconds, I didn't struggle. Then, I quickly tucked, and did a front roll. At this, she let go. We both got out, eyeing eachother, trying to look menacing but having trouble and ended up laughing. As soon as we were out, she proceeded to push me again! This time, however, we were close enough to the ladder that I was able to grab the pole and swing around (although I barely caught myself). I rushed up to her, pulled her arms behind her and said "Do I have to tie you up?" To my surprise, she said "Well, I think you might." I noticed something in her voice that gave away the fact that she wanted to be. Taking my chances, I whispered for her to dry off, go inside, and wait for me in the garage.

Now all I had to do was find some way to explain to Krystal what was going on so I could get rope, then come back and tie her up. At the moment, she diving down to get some of those plastic diving sticks. I jumping in, swam down to where she was, hugged her around the waist, put my feet on the bottom, and pushed us up. We surfaced with her in my arms struggling and laughing at the same time. I let go of her, and told her that Missy went to get a drink. She slid around behind me, put her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck, and asked me to give her a piggy-back ride out. She needed the restroom. With her on my back, I slowly walked over to the stairs, climbed out, and walked over to her reclining deck chair. I sat down on the foot of it, and slowly leaned back, setting her down on it with her feet in front of me. I gave her a brief (like 5 second) tickle before she pulled her feet down. We both stood and toweled down.

We went inside. Krystal went upstairs to the bathroom, and as soon as she was out of sight, I dashed to the garage inner door, only stopping to grab a roll of ducttape. I took out a small strip and stuck it to my hand. Then, I slowly eased open the garage door. There was Missy, leaning against a support (you know, one of the ones between the two car bays). I snuck up behind her, and slapped the tape over her mouth. She half screamed, but calmed down as soon as she realized it was me. As quickly as I could, I tied her hands behind her around the post, and grabbed a rag and some rope, and dashed off again to the staircase.

When I reached the base of the stairs, I heard the toilet flushing. I hid around the corner and waited. At this time I mentally checked to make sure that it was indeed Krystal who had been tied up at a party last year, and had later said she really enjoyed it. After I had boosted my confidence, I crouched, ready to jump. I heard feet padding down the stairway, and the across the short distance from the stairs to where I was. As soon as I saw motion, I jumped and grabbed.

Shortly after I shoved the gag into the startled victims mouth, I realized that this wasn't Krystal.

My hostage MMMPHED for a few seconds, then stopped struggling. Not only that, but she also put her arms behind her. At this time I almost slapped myself. This was too good to be true! I find some random person in my house (wearing tight blue jeans and tight white tank), almost asking to be tied. I proceeded to drag the person behind the corner, and finish tying her hands just as Missy started coming down the stairs.

Now this was gonna be a problem. I didn't have a proper gag, or enough rope. I had ducttape, but that makes noise when unrolled. I would have to get it out after jumped her.

When she came around the corner, I jumped her, but this time I messed up, and it seemed like I was just coming in for an aggressive hug. Fortunately, my doing so made her face with her back to my hostage. She shrieked in surprise, and then (while laughing) said "Whoa there!" and half hugged me back. I then thought of an ingenious recovery. I said "Aww, I screwed up. I was trying to jump you, then hogtie you. She replied "I almost got hogtied once at a party last year, but they spread eagled me instead." "You wanna see what it's like?" "Sure, why not!" I pivoted around next to her, keeping on arm underneath her armpits. I said, "Let's go then." and started walking off away from my poorly-bound unidentified hostage. "Ok!" she said, giggling. She put her arm around my shoulders, and we started walking towards the livingroom.

Now I pulled some fancy stuff. Using my arm (underneath her armpits) as her support, I used one foot to gently kick her feet out from under her. I quickly (but gently) set her on her butt, then flipped her onto her front and straddled her, pinning her arms behind her. I yanked the cord from the nearby lamp, and quickly tied her wrists. Standing up, I got the rope, came back, and tied her properly. I slapped some tape over her mouth, and ran back to the garage.

Missy had managed to get the tape over her mouth half off, and made an almost understandable noise when I walked in. I slowly took it off (not wanting to hurt her), shoved a rag in her mouth, and put a few strips of tape back over it. I cut the tape holding her hands (holding them firmly), slid her down onto her stomach, and tied her hands behind her. I moved down to her ankles, then just above the knees, and then her elbows. Bending down, I heaved her older my shoulders and carried her into the living room. After making sure she was comfortable on the couch, I set off to my unidentified hostage.

When I got to her, I grabbed her shoulder and rotated her onto her side so I could get a better look at her face. Then I realized who it was. It was Krystals older sister! (Jade, brown hair, green eyes, 17, 125ish lbs, 5'9ish)

After "fixing" her hand bonds, I took her into the bedroom. Slowly, I took her gag off, taking care not to hurt her and keeping my hand over her mouth. She was laying on the bed, looking at me with those bambi eyes. Dang she was cute. Anyways, I lay down next to her, and put my lips on her ear. I whispered to her "When I take my hand off, you're gonna tell me exactly what your doing here, and quietly." When my hand came off, she whispered back "Krystal had my pink thong in her backpack. I came to get it because I wanted to wear one matching my bra." She was clearly finished explaining, so I put my hand over her mouth again. She indeed had a pink bra on (I could see her straps), but I wasn't too sure about the thong, so I unbuckled her belt, put my thumb around the back edge of her jeans, and slid it down a few inches. There it was, a hot pink thong. A few ideas came to my mind. I properly gagged her. Then I gave her a wedgie, pulled her jeans down to her knees, and tied the ends into knots. Then I took her belt, put it though the backmost beltloop, slid it through her thong, and connected it. After that, I tied her jeans to the bedpost. Now she couldn't get her jeans off withou ttaking her thong off. I left to go tie missy

I gave Krystal a proper gag, and tied her arms and legs the same way I had tied Missy's. I moved her into the living room with Missy, and checked both of their gags. I then told them I had a surprise for them.

I went back to Jade, who was still trying to figure a way out of her predicament. I whispered in her ear, "Since the others are wearing swimsuits, I guess we'll have to make a small comprimise with you." She looked puzzled, and as I reached for her jeans, she understood. Her eyes twinkled. I undid her thong/belt/jean tie, slid off the jeans the rest of the way, and tied her ankles and knees as I had done with Krystal and Missy. She winked at me, and held her wrists out. Knowning what I was gonna do next, I untied her hands (holding the tight), and raised them above her head. I then used a slippery half hitch to tied each hand to a bedpost (the knot releases quickly)(flipping her onto her back in the process), and then proceeded to slide her shirt up to her shoulder. I yanked the release cord for her right arm. Almost on her own, she moved her arm through the shoulder strap and back up. This is where I stopped her. "Leave your arm down." I tied her arm to her upper thighs. We then repeated the proceedure for the left arm. After that, I carried her downstairs to be with the others.

I gotta admit, they looked pretty good. Jade in her hot pink bra and thong, Krystal in her blue bikini, and Missy in her black one. After checking all their bonds, I went into the kitchen. I put a few icecubes in a glass, and slid a few down Krystal and Missy's bikini bottoms. Moving on to Jade, I taped one onto her navel with ducttape. While I was waiting for the ice to melt, I snapped a few pictures. Unfortunately, both Missy and Jade weren't ticklish, so I could only have fun with Krystal. I lay down on the floor and pulled her on top of me, where I proceeded to reach around with two icecubes and slide them over her stomach, tickling her like crazy. When those icecubes melted, I decided it was about time I let them go.

First thing that happened was Jade kicked me in the balls, and they tackled me. After that, well.... let's just say it was a fun way to kick off the night.

hope that wasn't too long


Saturday, April 22nd 2006 - 06:41:34 AM
Anyone here from boyertown?

Saturday, April 22nd 2006 - 10:02:09 AM
Nice story aragorn. It sounds like there is more and I would love to hear the rest as Im sure lots of other here would. 

I also changed my alias again and took off the Troublemaker part.


Saturday, April 22nd 2006 - 10:30:54 AM
Trainer socks, tying up and foot tickling!

Would love to talk to anyone from the UK about trainer socks, tying up and foot tickling. My dream is to be locked in firm stocks, hands bound behind me, my trainers and trainer socks slowly eased off and then subjected to hours of torturous tickling, anyone out there fancy chattin, e-mail me or add me on MSN.



Saturday, April 22nd 2006 - 12:14:57 PM
Yes I agree Nicholas H and Richard UK write the best stories here. And I think we all want to here more from them both. 

Saturday, April 22nd 2006 - 04:00:33 PM
Easter Kidnapping
Hey my name is Alysha and i'm 14 years old. I 5'6
with long blonde hair and a nice body. This happened
to me last Sunday. It was Easter so after going to church
me and my brothers (both younger) went to my cousins house.
They didn't dress up but I was in a white blouse, black skirt, and black stap up sandals. Once there we met up and talked a bit and then ate.

Aftwerwards I went downstairs to the TV room with my cousins
nowhere in sight, I thought it was too good to be true. I then sat down and turned on the tv when my cellphone rang. I thought it ws odd that my brother would be calling me so I
answered and when I did a bag was placed over my head. I began to scream but I was soon dragged into a back room. My
brothers cellphone diversion through me off. Once held down
they took the bag off of my head and a sock was shoved in
mouth litterally gagging me. Soon after duct tape was wrapped around my mouth a couple times. At the same time
I was blindfolded with a bandanna and my hands were bound
with rope. I screamed into the gag but all that came out
was "mmmmmmppppphhhh". My sandals were then pulled off and
my bare ankles were bound and my toes were duct taped. Then rolled on my stomache I was bound at the waist and my barefeet were tickled. 

I was then picked up and put into a chair where I was bound
and my barefeet were placed in a tub of ice. I struggled
and screamed into my gag but for three hours I was trapped.
Occasionally they would come in and tickle my feet or something. I was eventually released but for three hours
I was there prisoner.


Sunday, April 23rd 2006 - 12:13:07 PM
aragon it sounds like there is more to your storie if you cant post it on here email it to me plz.
bond 13

Sunday, April 23rd 2006 - 12:13:08 PM
aragon it sounds like there is more to your storie if you cant post it on here email it to me plz.
bond 13

Sunday, April 23rd 2006 - 03:51:29 PM
Cuffs- my girlfriend in them
(I realize that you aren't supposed to depict sexual situations here, but this story is dear to me, and if I left anything out It wouldn't feel right... so if you are uncomfortable reading about sexual situations, please do not read this. I do not intend to be descriptive, only getting the points across that need to be included in my story)

My girlfriend and me have a... long-distance relationship. I love her with all my heart, and she with hers, so it works. A display of her love for me can go back to once before she came...

"You don't have to," I explained,
"But I WANT to.." She said, chuckling. I knew she wanted to try something new, even though she told me she wasn't kinky or like that. And so, to display her courage to walk into a sex shop, and her love for me to make me happy: she bought the velcro handcuffs. She hadn't bought the metal ones because they looked uncomfortable and they were like 40 bucks, so forget that. Anyway... skipping to the good parts-

When she came over to where I lived, I didn't even really think about her and the cuffs. I just wanted to be with her. But eventually it came to be a convenient time to mess around. I smiled to her as I grabbed the handcuffs from her back. She offered to put them on, but I shook my head and straddled her around the waist. We were both naked and I was getting quite aroused. I grabbed her wrists firmly and pushed them behind her back, velcroing them back there. A smirk crept across my face as I prepared myself... I hadn't done anything like this before an I was nervous.

I thought to myself about what to do... I didn't know if doing her was right. I mean I loved her, but maybe this wasn't the time. (I know this sounds soooo stupid) But my mom had told me to promise that we wouldn't do anything. (Keep in mind I am 17 and a good student.. I value my trust with my mom) I shrugged and became quite confused. It didn't feel right because I didn't think I deserved her. I felt like a dick for some reason and I couldn't bring myself to do it... so I held her in my arms and felt her breasts against my cheeks. I brought my lips to her nipples and she squirmed. I hoped that she would forgive me for not having sex with her, and I did the only thing I knew to make up for it, which I sincerely didn't mind. I let my fingers delicately trace her inner left thigh with my one hand and my other hand gently brushed against the tip of her nipple, the palm of my hand squeezing it gently. I could feel her move under my touch as my tongue slowly traced down to her crotch, where I continued my venture... I think I will leave out the rest, you can probably assume what happened.

Afterwards I still felt guilty for not having sex with her. I felt like a wuss... a dumbass, felt like I had missed my chance to become a man. But I just lay on her stomach with my arms around her as I looked up to her eyes, their hazel pools filled with pleasure and calm. I had made her happy I hoped, and I also hoped she didn't feel like I didn't want to do what I did- because I did want to do it. I wanted to do it to make her happy. I nuzzled my head into her and just let my thoughts drift away when I remembered- we were together, so what did it matter. We could always do it later, right now just hold each other, and everything will be fine.

Well I hope you could read through the sexual situation to what the true meaning of this post was supposed to be- We loved each other, so nothing I did mattered if it didn't hurt her. I put my energy into making her happy, and she was; because I made her that way. She makes me happy by just being with me, and I feel that a relationship should be able to survive without sex... because I love her.


Sunday, April 23rd 2006 - 05:16:42 PM
Hi i have one question

is this site still updating? It ends by november 2005 and I would be happy if this site is updating

The One

Sunday, April 23rd 2006 - 05:56:41 PM
Jake Bound
This happened to my friend "Jake Ryan," a jock I know from High School. 
Jake woke up from a groggy haze--his realized something was different, 'cause his eyes went wide and a groan came out of his tape gagged mouth. The was a cleve gag ruuning around his mouth, knotted firmed between his teeth.. This was taped over with strips of Scotch Heavy Duty All-Weather Duct Tape (which is much harder to budge). He moaned again and started to try to move.
I was behind him, watching, with a smile. So was my friend Benny. Benny was older, maybe 19, but he enjoyed roping guys, and he was more the geek type, but he could reallly tie knots!
Jake's hands started struggling, and the 50 feet of rope winding around and over in a complete cince, made him stop prety quick. His whole body convulsed as every limb was discovered to be bound in multiple places, to a sturdy metal chair, with a high back and rungs crossing all the way up horizontally and vertically. There must have been about five-hundred feet of various thicknesses of rope wrapped around Jake's chest, stomach, elbows, ankles, calves, thighs and crotch. 
Every tug in one direction pulled on some other limb. And several of the ropes leading to his hands and the ropes binding his elbow together behind his back went up and around his neck--not tight enough to strangle him if he stayed relatively still but when he started struggling he had that look like "what's this doing around my neck? You trying to strangle me or something?" It came out as a series of mmppphs and grunts.
Jake had never been tied up before but lost the bet on last weeks game. This was payback by Benny and me.
Benny grabbed an iron collar I bought through Mr. S in San Francisco and started locking this around Jake's neck. Jake got real still--he looked apprehensive. The key locked a bolt through this 4" welded collar, which was made of light-weight steel. It was 4" tall, however,and jake had to strain somewhat to keep his head up high enough. He tried turning his head but couldn't get far.
Benny tied a blindfold around his eyes and Jake started struggling more. It was great watching him. We left him like that for many hours, occasionally removing the collar, the ropes around his neck, etc. But every time we added something else--like lots of duct tape around his arms and legs and also around his wrists and hands. He couln't get out, which was just the way we liked it. We turned up the sound on the TV and had a great time!
Bound Guy hawaii

Sunday, April 23rd 2006 - 09:04:50 PM
It is nice to see a simple, down-to-earth story again Bound-Guy Hawaii. I always have enjoyed your work.

And those complaining about the archives not being updated would be wise to lay off. I'm sure the Webmaster has a busy life outside of this site, which is something some of us lack... It just makes you look like addicted fools. 


Sunday, April 23rd 2006 - 10:31:09 PM
I didn't have a large part in this, so about half of it I heard from the people executing this, and a little was guessed. All names below are changed. Also of note is that we have a decent amount of cash, and enjoy this type of stuff.

So on a cloudy wednesday, I get an mass email from a Missy, saying she wants revenge on a female enemy of hers (who just happens to have a reputation for being an jerk. less polite words come to mind.). In the email, she named a few jobs she wanted filled and outlined her plan. As usual for our pranking group, I got the technical position uncontested, along with secondary TAF (tactical analyzing/assault force). The tech 'pay' (lbs of skittles, don't ask) is pretty high, but as implied above, you don't get all the fun of watching everything happen. With the TAF (especially secondary), you pretty much just sneak around and make sure everything is in place. Both of the positions involve getting as for away from there before all hell breaks loose.

The date was set for that friday night. After the plans had been finalized, I was given my partner and assignment (copied from the email, edits in double parentheses):

"Xavier and Aragorn (team 3):
1: Locate the phone box. Put a class3((edit: means wireless)) tap on line2, report in.
2: Infiltrate the garage. Once inside, jam the garage bay doors. Report in.
3: Install CAM1 in most likely path of fleeing victim.
4: Exit through the garage standard door, jamming from the outside (so that it can be opened by someone on the outside).
5: Place DEV1 ((edit: a 'device'. In this case, a little package that 'knocks' on someones door.)) on main door.
6: Team 2 will have placed a ladder on the east side of the house. Use it to climb onto the roof. Once there, communicate with team 5 ((edit: team responsible for watching stuff going on outside of the house )) to get to the skylight over the victims bedroom. Install CAM2, DEV2((edit: noise making device)) and report in.
7: Once given the all clear, leave the area.
8: On call during main sequence, Xavier will remove DEV1 without being spotted."

After the receiving the email, Xavier contacted me over AIM, and we agreed to meet a block south of the victims house at 9:00 PM. We met, and snuck around the ground a little to get a feel for the area.

I'll skip to the interesting part. When friday night came, seven teenagers turned on their radios, and got to work.

So here's what happened: the device was triggered, and the victim (who was home alone at the moment, 17, average height, brunette, couldn't tell they eye color, slim) came to the door. She opened it, and some of the guys made eerie noises that sounded like screams on the wind (and by scream, I mean like bloody murder scream). She slammed the door shut. As soon as she closed it, the device was triggered again. This time, she didn't open it. Apparently, she locked the door at this time Every fifteen seconds, the device was triggered. They kept this up for awhile. On my laptop, I saw the victim enter her bedroom on CAM2. I reported this. She got under her bed, and stayed there for a few minutes. Then she came out and picked up the phone. At this, I perked up. Quickly, I minimized the cam screen and started recording.

Of all people to call, she called her ex boyfriend. How dumb can you get? He hadn't quite gotten over her yet, but he agreed to our plan. He had also already been informed of what we were doing and what to do should she call. So, he drives close to her house, is handed a radio through his car window, and drives up the driveway to the victims house. He tries the door; locked, so he gets the extra key, and opens the door (note that the device had mysteriously been removed from the door). Back on the camera screen, I watch him enter the victims room. She comes back out from under the bed, at which point DEV2 is triggered to make the same type of noise that was being made out front earlier. At this point she was visibly shaken. I couldn't be sure from the cameras, but the guy later told us she was crying bad. The worst was yet to come.

As you might know, there's nothing worse than being scared out of your wits, and the getting scared before you can recover. So, this is exactly what Missy planned to do. The guy told the victim that he needed the bathroom (which he didn't), and the victim said she'd wait for him outside the bathroom door (let me remind you, the noises we they made were awful. combined with the knocking, home-alone factor, and the fact that she's a wimp.). At this time, our inside team was waiting just around the corner. As soon as the door was closed, a masked figure jumped at the victim, missing. So she turned and ran, screaming. And where did she run? to the garage, because there was nowhere else to run. I watched on CAM1 as she ran to the bay doors and tried to open them, failing of course. Just as she was about to open the standard sized exit door, it opened on it's own. Standing there was another masked figure.

So basically, they jumped her, tied her up, and 'left' her there for about ten minutes (which seems like hours if you're in the victims position). After that, Missy came in (face exposed) and said, "Gotcha", gave her a wedgie, and left. Her ex came down, untied her, and had a nice little talk to her. He then explained how we pulled it off, and that it was all just a joke. Since she had tried (and failed) to do stuff similar to Missy (that's why we were doing this in the first place), she was pretty cool with it, and was actually impressed at how well it was all executed.

At this point, I handed a DVD to a guy on team 4, and he took it over to the soon-to-be-reunited couple. They watched it, and by the end were laughing. By that time team 4 had also taken down the all the equipment.

However, the story ain't over yet. I still had another camera I installed the previous night still in place. Better yet, it was pointing into the livingroom, where Azrack (the ex), had out some rope, and his now girlfriend was holding her arms out.

To be continued.


Monday, April 24th 2006 - 03:53:14 AM
I dont mind posting other storoes, my problem these days is funding the time to write them down.
A User

Monday, April 24th 2006 - 02:04:35 PM
what not to do at your aunts house
when i was about 12 or 13 i would always go down to my aunts house and hang out well her 2 daughters punkin and beth who were about 24 or 26 but anyway. i was down there and my aunt was gone but beth and punkin were there so i sat down and was watching tv and got bored so i was like im going to bug them to somthing with me and maybe get into somthing.BIG MISTAKE!because they were not in very good moods so when i asked if we could do somthing they got pissed and even more when i kept on and on about going and doing somthing they finale got fed up. well beth left the room and i thought nothing about it well she came back with 2 roles o duct tape and some rope i looked at her said whats that for and she said to solve our problems and i looked real funny at her and said what problem and with out warning she takled me to the floor and then beth told punkin to bring the tape over and tape my hands she taped them in a criss cross fashion and then they both helped me to my feet and led to chair i was cusing and screaming but they didn't seem to matterto them at that point and time. my aunt has the big wooden chairs with arm beth held me down in the chair while punkin taped me in it no after they got me taped down my aunt pulls up and im like yes im saved and i start screaming HELP HELP HELP HEMMMMMMMMMM. as punkin tightly handgags me beth didnt seem to care that my aunt was walking up to the front door as beth grabbed the other role and starts to tape my legs to the legs of the chair. all the while punkin still has me hand gaged now as beth finishes with my legs my aunt walks in and looks at me and asks what is going on and she tells punkin to let go of my mouth and she does and my aunt. Asks are you ok? hell no im not ok my aunt looked at me and said don't you talk to me like that. so she was pissed cause i said that and i kept going on so that made her even more mad and beth said see he makes everyone mad so we had to tie him up. my aunt said you girls did a good thing then and i said this BS and i started to scream again help please someone helppmmmmmmmmmmmm. as punkin hand gaged me again and my aunt grbbed the duct tape off the counter and said this boy will learn to be quite more and as punkin moved her hand beth shuved paper towels in my mouth my aunt tore off a strip of tape and plastered it on to my lips the wrapped tape around about six times then my aunt kissed me over my gag and said have pleasnt day sweaty and my cousins laughed i just mmmmmmmmphhhhhhh into my gag. beth then took the rope and tied it over my already duct taped wrists and then through the chair and around my body and underneath the chair over my lap i was not going anywhere she said. punkin and beth then waved by as they went into the other room to watch tv iwas tied up like that for 4 hours when my aunt finally untied me she aked if i had learned how to talk to her and how not to mess with my cousins i just shook my gead yes and walked out 

i do however get my revenge on all of them a couple years down the road 
if you want to hear that one just tell me and ill post it 


Monday, April 24th 2006 - 03:09:54 PM
Yes bubba i would like to here how you got your revenge on them nice story.

Monday, April 24th 2006 - 03:10:02 PM
Yes bubba i would like to here how you got your revenge on them nice story.

Monday, April 24th 2006 - 06:07:04 PM
To A User
That's cool, that you don't mind sharing other stories with us. I hope you manage to find some time to write them down.

I am curious about some of the other tie-up games that you did. Like, did you play out pretend kidnappings, or tie her to chairs or things? What kinds of tie-up games did you play?

If you don't have time to write down more stories, then I'm curious about at least what kinds of things you did. If you do find more time to write down stories though, that would be great.

Monday, April 24th 2006 - 07:03:59 PM
Where do you get a real pair of handcuffs? Please let me Know. 

Monday, April 24th 2006 - 07:13:42 PM
Where do you get a real pair of handcuffs? Please let me know.

Monday, April 24th 2006 - 07:46:21 PM
hey does anyone live in the orange region around little cypress? i want be tied and tie or just be tied all ive done is self bondage and not that hardcore and if u dont like guys in boxers that are kinda chubby dont ask ok?

the new guy

the new guy

Monday, April 24th 2006 - 10:05:25 PM
I Beto the first Experience
this is my first history here i want like this.

the initial sessions were done with my friends at church service - i belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Saint of Last Days ( Mormon Church), - during a short pause, and well, for my first victim, i chose my friend Roberto Perez, he was 11
years old boy and also very restless, so I waited until the break. When the moment arrived, I called Beto and lead him to one of the rooms of the bishopric, on the way there , i started interrogating
- Beto, have you ever been tied up?
"Tied up No ,never . What`s that game-- I`ve never been tied up, how do you play it"
-Come with me to the bishopric, I need to get some books, and there we will practice
when we got there, I asked him to sit on the ground for a moment, from one of the lockers I took a roll of silver gray duck tape and some other stuff that could be uselful, Immediately, I grabbed his hands and placed them behind his back
when we got there , I asked him to sit on the the ground for a moment, from one of the lockers I took a roll od silver duct tape and some other stuff that could be useful, Immediately, I grabbed his hands and placed them behind his back
"" What are you gonna do ? Beto ask me
-Iam going to tie your hands and feet, ok 
with out more ado, I stared tying his hand behind his back with the duct tape he seemed to be fascinated with this game and just stared carefully the way I tie him up, when i finish his hand and feet, I Asked him about it
-" How do you feel now Beto ?
"Fantastic, I love your little game"
-"Good now come the best part, I said as Iextended a long strip of tape I would use as a gag and blindfold.
" Hey, what are you going to do with that? Beto said
-" you`ll see, pal. I sure youàll like it"
Instataneously, after cutting the tape in two equally long parts, I placed it on him, one part did the gag and the other 
covered his eyes , once the tape was over his mouth, I could only hear MPHMHPMHPM while Beto looked at me attentively, like exploring or trying to guess what else I would do to him
when I put the second piece of tape over his eyes, he stood immobile for a short time (45 min) and then he started struggling to try to get free.
I kept Beto tied like that for over 60 min , i knew he was marveled by that first session and fortunately I was prepared thay day, because it had occurred to me to take my digital camera, which allowed me to take some pics
this was the fisrt and only time I coul tie him up, since days later his father had to move away to another neighborhood for business reasons
iwait like this my fisrt history in thi cool page, later i can send more new history of this form they can know the session of tied up game made in Mexico city 
see you later friends

Joaquin B Acosta Rdz
Mexico city

Monday, April 24th 2006 - 11:01:18 PM
canuck please update the archives its almost may and you dont have december up its making me mad!!

Monday, April 24th 2006 - 11:35:45 PM
re: where to get real handcuffs
u Can get real handcuffs by becoming a explorer or buyin them on ebay maybe.

Monday, April 24th 2006 - 11:51:55 PM
My first time
My first bondage expirenacne was about 1 year ago. I was 13 i went too a friend we'll call Gib's B-day party. There were 10 of us but only me, Gib, his bro who we'll call Bob, and our friend who we'll call Jeff. His parents were at a party and wouldnt be back till morning. That night after everyone else left we decided to go to bed. I got really hot in his room because it was Dec and the heater was on full balst so i stripped to my boxers. After about 15 min Jeff "went too the bathroom" and came back(unknown too me) with ducttape a banndna and a length of rope. About 10min later jeff who i might add is pretty big probaly about 185lbs takled me and took away my blanket and i asked wat he was doing. He said oh sry i tripped i shouldnt have beliieved him but i was tied so i was like watever. well then all 3 of them talked me and took the length of rope and bound my hands behind my back in a knot that made it if i moved my hands it got tighter. Then they gagged me with the bandana by tieing it aroung my mouth then ducttaping my lips. Then they duct taped my legs just below the rim of my boxers, my knees, ankles, and feet. i was in my boxers and they all put on sweaters and turn the Ac on FULL BLAST!!! After an hour they put duct tape over my eyes and put my in the smallest closet which was about 2x2 very small and left me too be for 3hrs. I was enjoying it until.. they picked me up and untied me the tied me too a metal chair OUTSIDE!!! His parents pulled up and they dragged my off the chair back into the closet. When they did my boxers slipped off and they put them over my head so i couldnt see. His parents said they would be gone for the whole day. They asked where i was and belived them when they said i went home. So there i was butt naked tied up and my boxers on my head. They untied my and let my put my underwear on then i stupidly let them retie me. They tied me up like before then put me in a chest and locked it. By now i havent eaten in about a day and havent slept. They left me for 20min then finally untied my for good. I got my revenge that night. I'll save hat for another time.
the new guy

Tuesday, April 25th 2006 - 12:14:00 AM
if u live in the southeast texas area and wanna dominate me for fun by tieing me up feal free to comment and ask!! 
the new guy

Tuesday, April 25th 2006 - 01:08:21 AM
You coming back soon? I miss your stories.
it's me

Tuesday, April 25th 2006 - 06:46:06 AM
Hey, great site, was wondering if there is anyone in the Birmingham area who would like to meet up and try a bit of mutual tying up

Tuesday, April 25th 2006 - 09:34:05 AM
a rather odd request
But...are there any stories that involve all of the following:

1) ticking
2) being tied up
3) very dirty socks
4) pant wetting

If so I'd love to hear it, though most of us can guess how 1 and 4 are connected. :)

sock boy

Tuesday, April 25th 2006 - 11:33:55 AM
bit of drama
hi im a 15 year old female called kath and iam still at school doing my GCSE's and as i took drama half of my courswork along with another 5 people was to write the skript, film and act in a 30 mins film and suggested by 1 of my friends was a kidnapping film so we all agreed that a women would get kid napped by a man whilst her boyfriend tracks her down then it got to the places and i was the only girl wiling to act so i got the parrt of being kidnapped (woohoo) they then decieded that to make it more relistic i would have to be bound and gagged for most of the film (didnt have a problem with that) so i done all my Befor stff (borin) and went on to my scene where i come down staires in my Pjs to see if anythings down there whilst i get grabbed and taken off somewhere by this man. then the next shot is off me tied up in this dark room and some guy tellin me not to screem so he ungages me and guess what i do of course i scream so i go back to being completly tied up and gagged and later blindfolded untill someone comes and finds me (it was a pretty lame scene but hey with all the outtakes etc.. i was tied up for nearly 2 hours)

Tuesday, April 25th 2006 - 12:48:01 PM
After School Kidnap
Hi all! I know its been a real long timw since my last story, but all recent experiences havn't been that interesting. But this one that happened last Friday was a real eye opener!

I'd just gotten off the school minibus and was on the way up the driveway to the house. My sister looks after horses and my mom goes with her. They go like 10 mins before I get home, and today I'd invited the gang over for a sleepover. Tonight, my mom and sister wern't coming back until tomorrow evening. Perfect for a party and a sleepover.

I arrived at the house to find that no one had shown up yet. I went round to the back door that we always go through (There's carpet at the front door and my shoes were filthy) to find that it was unlocked and slightly open. This was no big deal, my mom always leaves the door unlocked. I walked into the laundry room. The light in there had never worked so it was pretty dark.

I closed the door and locked it like I always do. I walked through the Kitchen and into the hall. I walked up the stairs on the way to my bedroom. I walked accross the upper hall and all of a sudden two people jumped out of the spare bedroom. I always like to play along, so I let them tape my hands round my back, and then let them do my legs in two places.

Then, somebody (I think it was Mike) picked me up and took me into the spare room. I was placed on the office chair and taped to it through my waist. Someone then pulled my head back and gagged me up with tape. Then they turned the chair round and I saw the usual guys - Mike, Ben, George!

"Johnathan isn't here yet. Since he's late he will be joining you." George said. It wasn't like George to talk menacingly, he's quite a small guy.

And in time, the doorbell rang. Mike went downstairs to unlock the door. I heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. I could hear Mike's and Johnathan's voices. Then the door opened. Johnny got one look at me then Ben and Mike shoved him down on top of the bed. I watched him get his hands taped behind him and his legs get taped. Then he was laid on his back and gagged by George (He's getting quite a pro with gags).

Johnathan was taped up and so was I. I was fairly sure that at some point somebody else would join us. The alarm clock was in clear view, and I watched it go by. We were there for something like 45 mins, not too sure.

Then Mike, George and Ben re-entered. I was cut loose from the chair, but I was not untaped. Johnathan was dragged onto the floor and so was I. Me and Johnny were sat up back to back and taped tightly together. This never looks effective, but trust me, it is. This was mainy for photos, which there are a lot of, i'll post them.

After the photos were taken, we were cut loose from each other, but still not untied. But then, Mike stood me up and said he was going to adjust my hands. He told me that I would be breifly untied, but he warned my not to struggle. So he cut my hands loose. Then he told me to place my arms striaght down my sides as tight as I could. This I did. Leaving some slack. Mike noticed this.

"Ben!" He said. "Come and hold Matt's arms down."

This ben did, and it was very tight indeed. Then I was let down to the floor. More photos. Mike moved on to Johnny and did the same.

So, let's recap. Me and Johnny are now both on the floor with our arms tightly taped to our sides.

We were both helpless, but not as much as we were. We could roll around, but not do anything else. Communication was right out, as we had pretty tight gags. Mike, Ben and george took some last pictures, then left us alone, closing the door behind them. Then the lights went out.

All the rooms in the house have seperate trip switches to turn off power in an emergency. One of the others must have flicked ours. Mike returned with his laptop, that was running a Powerpoint Slideshow of our first game, that was set in my Nan's back yard. (Check my forums for this story)

After watching the photos loop endlessly for half an hour, the laptop's battery finally wore out, causing the laptop to make a pop sound and die out. Note that it was now about 7pm, and we had no lights.

The night carried on, and around 8:30pm, W heard people coming up the stairs. We heard the fusebox's door open and all of a sudden all the lights came on.

Mike, Ben and George came in. They all came in and closed the door. Ben leaned against the door. Mike told us that he wasn't going to make us sleep tied up, however, he wasn't going to let us go. He went over to Johnathan and cut him loose. Then he came to me and did the same. Mike, George and Ben left the room and locked us in. We were now free, but confined to a very small spare bedroom.

We both laid ourselves down on the bed. There were no clothes for us to change into, we were still in our school uniform. For those of you in clothing fetish, we were wearing grey trousers and socks, white shirts and red + blue striped ties.

At around 11AM, the door unlocked and in came Mike and George. We asked where Ben was. Mike told us that they had found Ben trying to unlock our door in the night, and that he tied Mike up to stop him from freeing us. We thought this was fair enough.

Johnny was led off by Mike and George, while I was still held in the spare bedroom. Once again, I was locked up. About 10 mins later, the door unlocked and reopened, and now I was being led off. We were heading down to the Rec room. The rec room isn't actually a Rec room. It is still in progress of decorating. All that's in there at the moment is two computers for deathmatches. Johnny was already taped to one of the computers chairs and in the middle of the room. I was placed down on the second chair and taped to it also. I was wheeled out of the room and into the second spare bedroom. This was because Mike didn't want me and Johnny helping each other escape.

The blinds in the room were closed and the door was shut. I heard various doors open and shut around the house, then I heard muffled screams coming from somewhere. The Rec room, I assumed. After half an hour, the muffled screaming stopped. I heard footsteps. Whatever Mike and George were doing, I was next.

The door burst open. I was proved wrong when I found out that they were actually George's screams, not Johnathans. George was wheeled in on the same office chair that I had been tied to the previous night. George never likes to be tied up, he always likes to be the one doing the tieing. So that left Mike as the only one not tied up. George and I were mpphing into our gags, as was Ben from down the hallway. Mike went and wheeled in Ben, who had spent the last 30 mins trying to escape.

Then the worst thing happened. The doorbell rang.

Mike ran down to get the door, despite my mpphhs into my gag in protest. I suddenly stopped. Whoever it was, I didn't want them to know about this. I heard my Nan's voice at the door. I immediatly started mpphinng into my gag as loud as I could. I heard Nan sigh "Oh Mike, you havn't done it again have you...".

The door opened and there was Mike and my Nan. She surveyed the situation.
"Well Mike, you've done well this time, just as always. Now, to make it fair, got on the floor." Mike relectantly lay down. Nan proceeded to tie him up with tape, and then gag him tightly. He lay down at our feet. So, that's all of us tied up. After an hour, Nan came back and untied us.

That was the greatest experience up to date, and I have some pictures. I've only checked my camera, but there are a lot more on the other cameras, I still need to upload them yet.

You can find the pictures here:

Pic 1:
Pic 2:
Pic 3:

There are a LOT more pictures, I'll load them up as I find them

That's my story. I would really appreciate feedback, espeacialy on the pics. See ya soon guys!


Tuesday, April 25th 2006 - 04:55:38 PM
does anyone have any stories about women being bound in a swimsuit- or in a strict hogtied? id love to hear about them!

Tuesday, April 25th 2006 - 06:01:07 PM
Great story! And the pics are even better, although I definitely would like to see more of them, perhaps in wider shot? Although, any you could give would be excellent. More stories and more pics would be very cool.
it's me

Tuesday, April 25th 2006 - 06:09:23 PM
Pictures are always great. I just wish we could one day see pics of the ladies instead.

Not insulting you, BuzzBuzz, just saying that guys tied up are the one thing I don't want to look at. But go ahead and share your pics if you like (especially if you tie up a girl!).

El Dude

Tuesday, April 25th 2006 - 06:14:12 PM
To J. Constantine
Wondering about the status of your movie and outtakes. Do you plan on putting them on a website like Google Video so we could see them?

Tuesday, April 25th 2006 - 06:32:52 PM
GBWB: Anything new on the AirSoft front?


Larry Thorne

Tuesday, April 25th 2006 - 08:29:44 PM
Tuesday, April 25th 2006 - 09:43:01 PM
pics of tied up ladies
i completely agree
will any girl be brave enough
or any boyfriend be sly enough

Tuesday, April 25th 2006 - 09:58:15 PM
Cheer fun with Hannah
Ok so you know those cheerleader camps for the young kids (like elementary school age)? Well Hannah used to be a little cheerleader when she was in the 4th or 5th grade and she saved the outfit (it's still hanging in her closet).

Once I found out that she still had it I wanted to have some fun. Now realize that when she was in elementary school she was probably 3 or 4 something feet tall and now she is 5'4" and has blonde hair, probably around 100-110 lbs., and is slightly preppy. So my point is that the cheer outfit would first be extremely tight (adding to her bust) and the skirt and top would be very short on her.

So one day after school I told her what I wanted her to do, which was dress up in the blue and white cheer outfit along with her white cheer shoes with matching blue shoelaces and matching blue ankle socks and the blue and white ribbons for her ponytail and the blue eye glitter and finally instead of the usual undies worn under the skirt I told her to wear a matching thong. After she got all dressed up I told her to go and "practice cheerleading" in her living room.

She started "practicing" as I watched from the kitchen and she didn't know where i was at the time, she thought I was still in the bathroom like I told her I would be. So I snuck out of the kitchen and into the living room in my black ski mask with duct tape in hand. Then, I snuck up behind her as she was in the middle of a jump and caught her with one hand on her crotch, she screamed and then realized who it was and tried to escape (she knew she couldn't really escape because of how small she was so she put up a fight for effect). I grabbed her with both arms around her bare midrif and pinned her arms to her side. Then I forced her to the floor holding her arms down in a crucifix fashion, while I straddled her, I then delicately kissed her lips and and traced my tongue down passed her bust to her skirt and stopped an inch or two after her belly button. She was excited and let out a slight "hah". Then she said in her most dramatic fashion, "Please don't hurt me! Please let me go!". In my most mischevious voice I said, "Never." She gasped and whimpered for me to let her go. I pretended to be fed up and put several strips of duct tape over her mouth. She whimpered and looked scared into her gag. I flipped her onto her stomach and duct taped her wrists together. While she struggled, I moved down her body and massaged her butt and gave her a wedgie with her blue thong. Then, I moved down her body and duct taped her ankles together and then above and below her knees. Then I stood up and watched her struggle for a bit. Then after that, I threw her over my shoulder and carried her out to the garage (all the while slapping and grabbing her butt while she struggled and "mmmmppppphhhhed" into her gag). Once in the garage, I put a blind fold on her and opened the trunk to my car, shoved her into the trunk, and shut it. Then I hopped in the car and drove to get some fast food for afterwords, then I drove back to her house and parked back in the garage, where I took the fast food inside and put it in the microwave so it would stay warm, and then went back out and brought Hannah inside and upto her room and onto her bed. I left her tied up on the bed and went to get a bucket of ice for her. Then, after getting the ice, and bringing it back up to her room, I began to torture her. I to several ice cubes and stuck a few down the crotch of her thong and a few in her bra on both breasts. She squirmed and gasped into her gag. I then got one icecube and rubbed it along her tummy, legs, and basically any open spots. I got on her computer and messed around for about half an hour and then removed the ice cubes. Then I untied her but left her gag and removed her skirt, top, shoes, and socks. Then, i took some jump ropes and tied her back up in the same way except her hands. I tied one hand to her side and left the other free. Then I slid under her on the bed and forced her right hand down my pants and held it their for a little bit while she played, hehe, and I played with her breasts with the other hand. Then I moved my hand to her crotch and carresssed for a little while. Then finally, I removed all hands and tied her wrists together and tied a very tight crotch-rope to Hannah. She loved it, I just watched and took some pictures with my phone. Then after another half hour I untied her completely, made out, and we went down to eat.

Of course before I left I stole another thong from her room, it was black and said naughty girl on it. But I also stole the whole cheer outfit along with the shoes, socks, and ribbons.

Party Guy

Tuesday, April 25th 2006 - 10:41:17 PM
where in texas r u from?
the new guy

Tuesday, April 25th 2006 - 10:56:51 PM
Tied Up in Science Class
Hi, I stumbled onto this site a couple days ago, and decided to post my own story. This happened last year in my science class. (By the way, this is a boy/boy story)

I’m a 16 year old guy, so at the time of the story, I was 15. I’ve been into bondage for a while, and finally had an experience last year.

At the time of the story, I was about 5’9” and weighed somewhere around 150 lbs. The other person in the story, who I’ll refer to as Mark, was a little shorter and skinnier than me. We had science class together, and sat across from each other. We had these big square desks, with four people to a desk. Thankfully, our teacher let us pick our own seats, and I sat next to one of my friends and Mark sat next to one of his. At the time of the story, Mark and I barely knew each other, but that was about to change.

One day, when we had a sub, we had no work to do so everyone was just talking amongst themselves. Luckily, my table was in the back of the class and the sub was too lazy to get up and check on us, so we could basically do whatever we wanted. A couple minutes into the class, Mark bent down under the table. I hardly noticed, figuring he was just tying his shoe or something, until I felt my shoelace being untied. I have a major shoe fetish, so it immediately excited me, and I decided to not pull my foot back. Mark finished untying both my shoes, and then lifted my feet onto his lap. By the way, I was wearing Adidas Superstar 2G shoes with black stripes and Mark was wearing light blue and white Es Accel shoes. So he lifted my feet onto his lap, and began to re-tie my shoes. I couldn’t see my feet, but I could tell he was tying them together, so at this point, I was thoroughly excited.

He looked up at me with a kind of guilty look on his face, like he expected me to start yelling at him or something, but I just grinned at him and he continued to tie them.

He finished, and I tried to pull my feet back to untie to knot, sad that it was over so soon. That was when I realized that he not only tied my shoes together, but he tied them to the bar under the table. This left my feet hanging in the air under the table, and that just excited me even more.

By this time, Mark’s friend and my friend had taken notice, and were laughing their butts off. Fortunately, I was spared the embarrassment of the rest of the class noticing. The rest of the class period went by very fast (too fast for my liking), and pretty soon, it was a few minutes until the bell rang. Mark started to untie my shoes, much to my dismay, and after a couple minutes, my feet were loose. Before they hit the ground though, Mark grabbed one of them and stuffed a piece of paper in my shoe. I let out a giggle because it tickled, and I caught Mark’s twinkling eye.

I left the paper in my shoe for the rest of the day, because I didn’t want to subject myself to the embarrassment of taking it out in front of anyone. Once I got home, I tore my shoe off excitedly and read the note. It said, “Hey, I know we don’t know each other very well, but you were cool about the whole shoe thing earlier. Call me today and I’ll see if we can do anything after school. Mark.” Then it had his phone number, but of course I’m not going to give that out.

Of course I called him as soon as I read it, and I’ll try to write the story about what happened later tonight.


Tuesday, April 25th 2006 - 11:43:42 PM
Later That Day with Mark
This is what happened later that day with Mark.

So I called Mark, and said that I was free that day after I finished my homework. He said, “Awesome, when do you think I should come over?” I told that it would be cool if he came over at about five, and gave him directions to my house.

I could hardly concentrate on my homework, but finally managed to finish it at about quarter after four. I went down to my room (my room’s in the basement which is very cool), and prepared for Mark to get there. I took a shower and got dressed, still wearing may Adidas, and got my rope and duct tape ready in my closet.

Mark got there right on time, and after telling my dad that we were going to go play some pool, we went downstairs. He asked me if I had fun earlier in science class, and I said, “Yeah, that was sweet.” He said, “Wanna do it again?” Of course I said yeah, but I said I wanted to tie him up. He said that we should play a game of pool and the loser would get tied, and I agreed that was fair. Unfortunately, I’m not a very good pool player, and I lost, but hey, I like getting tied up too. So he asked where I wanted to do it, and I said in my room. We got to my room, and I got the rope and duct tape out. He said, “Wow, you were prepared!” “Well, I had a feeling this might come up again,” I responded.

He told me to lie down on my bed, face up, and I obliged. He pointed out that I was already enjoying this, due to my obvious excitement, and asked if I was gay. I blushed, but he said, “Its cool man, I already had my suspicions. I’m gay too.” I couldn’t believe that he had just come out and said this to me, but I had already known he was pretty assertive and confidant.

When that was all out of the way, he grabbed my wrist and tied it to my bed post. He did the same with my feet, and then found a pair of socks in my dresser. He stuffed one in my mouth and then plastered it with duct tape. He told me that if I got uncomfortable or started to lose circulation, I could snap a finger and he’d immediately untie me. Then he asked if I minded if he took some pictures and I shook my head. He took out a camera, and snapped a few pics.

He told me he knew I was very ticklish because of when he put the note in my shoe, and I started to get a little bit scared. I really hated being tickled, and I could see where this was going. He untied my shoes and slipped them off, followed by my socks. I was really nervous, but when he started to tickle me, it felt really good in a torturous kind of way. He tickled me for a few minutes, and then put my shoes and socks back on after taking some more pics. I could tell he had a shoe fetish also by the way he tied my shoes back on, savoring every moment. He ungagged me and asked me if I was enjoying myself. I said I definitely was.

Mark then asked if I minded if he had one of my cigs, and I asked him how he knew I smoked. “There’s a pack on your nightstand, duh.” I told him that would be fine. He lit one up and hit it a couple times. He held it to my mouth for me to hit it a couple times and we finished it. Then he turned the T.V. on and sat next to my feet on the bed. We watched T.V. for a little, and then he took my left shoe off again. He took my sock off and started to tickle my foot. I was laughing uncontrollably, but fortunately, my dad didn’t hear it.

Mark then did something I didn’t expect him to. He took my other shoe off, and then took his shoes off. He put my shoes on his feet. “Hey, we wear the same shoe size!” I said, “Well, you obviously have a shoe fetish also.” He responded with a grin and put his shoes on me. Then he untied me.

I was disappointed because I thought that it was over, but I was wrong. He asked if he could spend the night since it was a Friday, and I said sure. He called his parents while I asked my dad, and they said it was alright. Then Mark said that it was my turn to tie him up. I tied him the same way he tied me, and then took my shoes off his feet. After I gagged him, the tickling began. He was also very ticklish, and after about twenty minutes of his muffled laughs, I ungagged him and put my shoes back on him. I asked him if he minded sleeping tied up, and he said that was fine.

We both went to sleep and woke up pretty early to the alarm clock. He had to go home because he was working that day, but he left his shoes with me as a souvenir and took mine with him.

I couldn’t believe my luck, and that wasn’t even close to the end of our games. We’re still very close to this day, and I have many more experiences to share and will probably have many more.

Let me know what you think, but be kind. This was the first time I shared this with anyone except for Mark.


Wednesday, April 26th 2006 - 05:10:56 AM
How cool is your story and pics. Do you have any showing your hands tied. I like to see the different ways in which people tie hands. Email me if you want to talk more
Childers, Qld, Australia

Wednesday, April 26th 2006 - 05:13:19 AM
How cool that sounds. Did you have many other gamea like that one. Email me if you want tho share others.
childers, Qld, Australia

Wednesday, April 26th 2006 - 09:16:16 AM
Hi i have some photos of me in tie up games, Me and my boyfriend we love bondage. We want to trade our pictures if someone is interested write to us to trade pictures

Wednesday, April 26th 2006 - 12:45:05 PM
Thanks guys! I do have a lot more pictures, I need to go check Mike and Ben's digital cameras.

The rest of the pictures will be on the net by the weekend.



Wednesday, April 26th 2006 - 02:04:51 PM
just sharing a pic

Wednesday, April 26th 2006 - 02:41:07 PM
vicky's photo
thanks vicky i hope thats you in the photo because it is very good.
if anyone else wants to put up photos please do.
goto my yahoo group as there is loads of good photos.
best wishes to you all
thanks again vicky.

Wednesday, April 26th 2006 - 06:23:47 PM
Response to Colin
Hi guys the critic is back,

Hmm interesting read there Colin, but I believe your story is a fake. At 16 years old, without previous tie up games experience and to fish someone like Mark in a class and get tied up that very same day after school was just fantasy. The note thing was interesting, how he slipped a note into your shoe - this is mate, if you were really aware of your sexuality, you'd probably be a little more on guard with yourself and more hesitant to agree to such things happening, seeing if its all real. 

I doubt you are 16, but if you are, your english for a 16 year old is rather simple, well constructed and very organized. I posted a story here when I was 17 (look it up on the archive in 1998 or 1997 with the same author name), and due to my excitement of finding this website (which was still starting at that point), I couldn't resist to try and place in every detail, regardless if the story made sense or whatever. Meaning to say, my language and little essay structure was everywhere, unlike yours.

Recently I'm rather open about my interest in tie ups and sharing it with my friends where I live, and with all my experience of talking about it casually, showing my photos and telling my stories, its a rare treat to get tied up or even find the right person to just agree to do something new like that. Likewise, most of my friends that I befriended back in the Philippines only this year would find my hobby a little bit peculiar, or interesting, yet you don't get tied up after just meeting the fellow. Finding someone who has ahem a shoe fetish and gives you a note saying how much you enjoyed your feet dangling from underneath a table, to me, sounds a lot like high school fantasy. 

I lived in seven countries overseas growing up with the American high school diploma / environment and dude, I don't agree with your story, sorry.

I will, however, take it all back if you produce those photos you took with Mark, considering you had 'many experiences' after that.

Paolo Mj

Philippines / Isle of Man

Wednesday, April 26th 2006 - 08:17:17 PM
Hey! Just because Colin's story is a dream come true does not mean it is fake, and you think you can tell his age by his writing style. Other people that post here are older and have bad writing style.

Wednesday, April 26th 2006 - 10:16:51 PM
Colin's stories
First of all, I have to say IMHO that your stories are among the best I've read lately.

Now, Plmetzen, even though you make some good points to support the idea that Colin's stories are fake, I think it does not apply in this case. 

I have to admit that the class episode where he gets his shoes tied is most uncommon, but hey, it was not even a real tie-up and ALL kinds of stuff happen through high school, mostly pranks of this type. Sure it is possible.

The problem is that everyone assumes teens don't write well because writing skills are somehow associated with age, which I find to be ludicrous. In my opinion, Colin wouldn't even have bothered to post a well-written and neat structured if it was not true. What for? Popularity? I don't think so. It is not even that perfect (sorry Colin). I did spot some mistakes and there is a trace of teenage work; notice the expressions and overuse of ‘cool’ for example.

I think Plmetzen is only looking to get your pics, which you have all the right to keep to yourself and not share.

So Colin, I appreciate your sincerity and thank you for sharing the stories with us. Please post more.

Nicholas H.

Wednesday, April 26th 2006 - 10:57:40 PM
To Plmetzen
I read the some of the archives on this site, and I didn't like the arguments that kept coming up and being dragged out for an eternity. I assure you that is not what I am trying to do by responding to your post, but I feel that I must defend myself even if it is a waste of time.

First of all, I take high offence to the stereotype that all teenagers are illiterate. I pay attention in my English class, and in all of my other classes for that matter. I can express myself with fancy words and correct punctuation, but that doesn't mean I'm lying about my age. It almost brings me physical pain just to read someone else's work when their English skills are poor. I guess that if people on this site want me to, I could dumb down my stories and make myself seem like the typical teenager. I do understand why you would think I am just an old pervert, with the media constantly coming up with new stories of old men trying to pick up little kids on the internet. I assure you I am not one of those people.

I do thank you, however for pointing out how good my writing style is. (Sorry if that sounded a bit pompous)

I don't understand what you meant when you said that I 'fished' Mark out in my class. He was the one that initiated the tie-up. Many more people are into bondage than most believe (or would like to believe). I'm sure that you have come across many, many people in your lifetime that like to tie people up, seeing as you have lived in so many places. Just because you were too timid to act on your feelings doesn't mean that everyone else is the same.

I am not hesitant about my sexuality, which may be rare at my age, but not unheard of. I know a few other people that have come out of the closet at my age. I even know one that came out in freshman year. I came out to some of my close friends about two years ago, because I didn't feel like living a lie anymore. It has been hard for me in some instances, having some people know about my orientation. I have lost a few friends because of it, and for you to trivialize that by saying it is odd for me to be comfortable with myself is extremely rude.

Saying that I would tend to be more hesitant to act on this opportunity because I'm gay is false. In fact, the opposite is true. I acted on this solely because I'm gay, and I enjoyed the experiance.

You said the odds of finding someone that has the same interests as I do are slim, but I disagree with you. With the large number of people in the world that are gay and into bondage, I would think it likely that I would find more people with this in common. I also know that many people have shoe fetishes. Just look at the internet. There is a multitude of sites devoted intirely to feet. Unfortunatly, I have no statistics, so I can't give you the probabilities of finding this person, but I'm sure they are in fact higher than you would like us to believe. It may be, as you said, a rare treat, but that is exactly what it was, rare. I have only found on person in my 16 years on this planet that liked the same things as I do. If that's not rare, then I don't know what is.

When you said that I had just met Mark, by the way, you misunderstood. I said I hardly knew him, meaning we hadn't met after school to hang out. Nearly five weeks of sitting across from eachother would constitute as having met.

I promise that I am nearly finished with my rant. I didn't mean for it to go on for this long, but I do have one more thing to say. I will NEVER, EVER post pictures of myself on the internet. I think there is nothing more insane, and people who do so are just asking for trouble. You also should not ask for other people to post their pictures. It is an invasion of privacy, and in America, some people still value that basic human right.

I sincerely hope that this will be the end of the discusion. I do not wish to start another month long argument on this site, because they do annoy me.

Anyone who has something constructive to say, please feel free to post. I ask those of you who desire only to post negative thoughts to keep them to yourselves. If you do not believe my story is true, so be it. I did not post on this site for a group of strangers' enjoyment. I posted here just because I thought it would be fun.

That's all from me tonight. Hopefully, when I post again, it will be a story that you can all enjoy.

P.S. To Erikalover, thank you for your support. I'm glad someone out there has their head on strait.



Wednesday, April 26th 2006 - 11:02:56 PM
To Nicholas H.
After this, I swear that I am done. I just wanted to thank Nicholas H. for his kindness. You're very cool. (sorry, but I couldn't resist) I was busy writing my response so I didn't see your's until I was done with my post.

Wednesday, April 26th 2006 - 11:16:55 PM
...can't people on this site just post stories, instead of pointing out that others' stories are fake? If you think it's fake, fine, but keep it to yourself instead of whining about it, because it makes you look like a prat.

Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 12:10:05 AM
Yeah, dont be a douche.

Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 12:10:18 AM
Yeah, dont be a douche.

Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 01:49:01 AM
Please don't stop posting. Some people, right? Just ignore it, and let your response stand on its own. I'd really like to hear more of your stories, so don't let this sour you, please!
it's me

Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 07:10:06 AM
Vicky's photo
You are so sweet and sexy tied like that.... The hogtie suit you so well... Maybe a ballgag next time?.... I'll be very happy to see you another time....
Have fun

Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 09:38:57 AM
Hey, if anybody wants to chat just IM me at Allsport1411 or email at !

Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 10:43:53 AM
For... It's Me
To be honest haven't been checking this site out that much lately but saw your comment/post. To be honest I stop posting because there seemed to be too much unrest stirred up by my stories but I might post a story again sometime.Thanks for your comment.

Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 01:40:02 PM

Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 02:11:48 PM
I have always fantazied about being tied up and my mates knew this and what happened next was really scary.

I got off the train at my station and I had to go to the little boys room, anyway as I was coming out to wash my hands I heard a voice telling me not to move and a sharp point was in my back, I was later to find that this was just a pen but I did not know this at the time, anyway straight away I had my hands tied behind my back with duct tape and then I was turned around and was tape gagged with tape wrapped around my head several times.

Then my captor told me that I was not to struggle or make a sound, hah pretty hard when you are taped gagged to make any noise, anyway then he put a coat around me so that nobody could see I was tied up, and a scarf around my head so that no one could see the gag and then I was lead to a van where another of my friends said yes we got him, then I was pushed into the back of a van and was blindfolded with thick tape around my head and my legs were taped almost mummified and then I was driven to a house, if you want to know more let me know


Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 05:07:19 PM
Hi from Ireland,

Just want to say Colin I liked your stories and I think I've got kinda the same mindset as you.I'm 17 and drop me an email if you want and I'll give you my MSN.

I don't think your stories are fake and to me it kinda sounds like your man who's saying their fake is really just trying to get some free tie-up pics because he said something like
"You can prove me wrong if you show me the pics you took". Don't mind him, I;d appreciate hearing some more stories and as I said, email me!

Regards from Ireland,


Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 05:41:06 PM
My babysitter lola and her wet handgags
When iwas 12 i had the most beautiful babysitter,lola,a tall,brown skin,mexican goddess.
i have always loved gags especially hand gags,and ever since i layed eyes on lola(and her hands)i dreamed of being hand gagged by her,one day she noticed me staring at her hands,in her deep spanish accent she asked,whats so interesting about my you have a hand fetish sweetheart,i instantly blushed she replied,oh my god you do,she giggled and left the room to grab her purse.

She came back and pulled out a set of fuzzy handcuffs,and laughed saying,i only use these on my boyfriend but tonight i will make an acception,she instructed me to turn around which i did in a flash,she cuffed my wrists real tight but the fuzziness kept it from hurting.
she then layed me on my back on the couch and straddled my chest,she asked if i was ready i went to reply,yemmmmmmph,her hand was tight over my mouth,i was in heaven,her silky smooth brown hand over my mouth gagging me.

her hand didnt budge for about 10 mins,i struggled and mmmmmphed in fake protest,but she just applied more pressure to my mouth sometimes even pinching my nose.

Here things took a bit of a weird turn,she removed her hand i begged her not to stop she laughed kind of sinister like and replied,Stop....i have just warmed up what you dont know honey is i have a hand fetish too i like covering mouths,my boyfriend doesnt let me do it soooo that means iam going to indulge my fetish on you,she then spit in her hand and covered my mouth i starting mmmmmphing which which made the saliva make gurgling sounds on my face and in her hand.
She would remove her hand only to wipe her spit on my face then drool in her hand again and cover my mouth,it was awkward but i guess thats the closest i got to kissing her(OH YEAH).

she removed her hand but only to go to the bathroom,she said,oh wait i gotta keep you quiet i cant have my prisoner screaming for help,she then took of her socks and put them in my mouth,securing them in my mouth with a bandana she had in her purse her socks tasted a little sweaty but she was so sexy i could care less.

unfortuanetly my mom came home about 5 mins later which gave lola just enough time to uncuff my wrists and take my gag out.

Lola babysat me a few more times once even at her house(where she showed me just how kinky she was but thats to sexual for this site so i will leave that out)

Thanx for reading,please post comments or replies if you wish.


Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 06:23:44 PM
nice babysitter story
hey that was a great story, i loved it, are u gonna post the nasty part on any other site, yes i am weird and i like that stuff so if u arent email me at and tell me 

Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 06:49:47 PM
Thanx glad you liked the story, my outgoing emails messed up but if you wanna email me i think i still can recieve incoming emails.
maybe we could chat sometime.
and i will do what i can to get the other part of the story to you.

Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 07:09:22 PM
vicky's photo
you can do no wrong
thanks again for the photo, your a star in the making.
there has been a very large amount of people joining my group too , no photos yet but i think they will be posted soon.
best wishes 
united kingdom

Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 07:09:42 PM
vicky's photo
you can do no wrong
thanks again for the photo, your a star in the making.
there has been a very large amount of people joining my group too , no photos yet but i think they will be posted soon.
best wishes 
united kingdom

Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 10:30:06 PM
Im 12 and im the cops son. Well if you can guess cop+wife= 5 kids 3 girls (witch used to tie my older to the toilet untill he went 'potty'). Well wreckless bro+lil+gun+cuffs= trouble... Ill post it later when i have time, If i dare

Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 10:30:08 PM
Im 12 and im the cops son. Well if you can guess cop+wife= 5 kids 3 girls (witch used to tie my older to the toilet untill he went 'potty'). Well wreckless bro+lil+gun+cuffs= trouble... Ill post it later when i have time, If i dare

Friday, April 28th 2006 - 02:13:53 AM

here is a video of me tied up. Hope you like it. 



Friday, April 28th 2006 - 02:30:02 AM
sorry about that, I posted the wrong video. Here is one of me actualy in the bondage. My arms are bound with cable zip-ties. Please enjoy and dont be too harsh.

constructive or positive comments are most welcome


Friday, April 28th 2006 - 03:39:50 AM
Wow, that's really great, Tigon!

May I make a few suggestions, though? For one thing, the vid is too far back, it's hard to make out the details (especially because the video is that size), so zoom in closer next time.

Next, I think the next time (will there be a next time? Please? :-) you should tie off of a chair, perhaps to the ground with hands and feet tied? When you're tied that tightly to a chair, there isn't much happening with it.

Also, no "mmmphing"? What's a tie-up vid without that? ;-)

I hope you post more, and look forward to seeing other vids.

it's me

Friday, April 28th 2006 - 03:55:38 AM
is it just me, or when you access tigon's links, you go to his logon page? wierd
random nub

Friday, April 28th 2006 - 06:51:18 AM
thanks it's me. I will definately use those ideas next time :)

Friday, April 28th 2006 - 01:40:33 PM
Friday, April 28th 2006 - 02:35:25 PM
Hi Liam - I am mailing you because: a) you supported Colin, and, b) because I don't have Colin's e-mail add.
If he does contact you, please add my support. I am now mid-aged but was almost exactly in his (and maybe your) position when I was in puberty. Whether his story is absolute fact or not is, in my opinion, immaterial: it certainly reflects a pretty significant proportion of the male population, in my EXPERIENCE, and is, therefore, 100% legitimate in its value to the Canuk site.
I would add that I do not bother to post my considerable wealth of early teen tie-up experiences (I attended two boarding schools between age 7 and 17, which, as you can imagine, led to many wonderful and formative experiences) exactly for the reason that I knew they would be criticised by the narrow minds that continue to plague the site. Call me a coward, but I'm for the quiet life!
Strength to Colin for giving us his post and to you for your support. Thanks guys.
Regards, Alyster 

Friday, April 28th 2006 - 02:35:41 PM
Hi Liam - I am mailing you because: a) you supported Colin, and, b) because I don't have Colin's e-mail add.
If he does contact you, please add my support. I am now mid-aged but was almost exactly in his (and maybe your) position when I was in puberty. Whether his story is absolute fact or not is, in my opinion, immaterial: it certainly reflects a pretty significant proportion of the male population, in my EXPERIENCE, and is, therefore, 100% legitimate in its value to the Canuk site.
I would add that I do not bother to post my considerable wealth of early teen tie-up experiences (I attended two boarding schools between age 7 and 17, which, as you can imagine, led to many wonderful and formative experiences) exactly for the reason that I knew they would be criticised by the narrow minds that continue to plague the site. Call me a coward, but I'm for the quiet life!
Strength to Colin for giving us his post and to you for your support. Thanks guys.
Regards, Alyster 

Friday, April 28th 2006 - 03:00:26 PM
Heaven - No wait, the other one
Now I am about 16 medium build, my girlfriend is 17, kind of skinny.

I woke up on saturday morning with Katie, wearing a shirt say,"Silence is Golden, and Duct Tape is Silver"(Real shirt, not customized), plopping a warm plate of eggs and bacon, with orange juice next to me. I don't mind it when she ties me up, unless she tickles me. That day went good. She made me a sandwhich for lunch, and we went to see Scary Movie 4(that is a funny movie), then we went to KFC for wings, grabbed some coke and headed back to her house. While I was discusing how fat I would get, she turned on football and I was the happiest man alive.

I was full, comfy, warm, and alone with my girlfriend. I was asleep in 5 minutes. I woke up about a half an hour later. I blinked a few times, stretched my neck.

Me: Hey... What time is-.... Hey! What the Phhhhhhuuuuuumf!

Kattie shoved her hand acrossed my mouth with an evil grin. My hands bound behind my back with duct tape(I'm a heavy sleeper).

Kattie: Ok, you will now tell me what I am getting for my birthday, or some changes will be made to my Myspace.

Me: What?


Kattie: There we go, your picture over the internet; tied 

Me: Almost every one on myspace won't know who that is.

Kattie: Really? Well how about people viewing the walls of the school?

Me: You wouldn't!

Kattie: Unless you tell me...

Me:... Can you settle for a hint?

Katie: No.

Me: Fine then, no hint for you.

At that second Kattie ran her fingers down my sides for about 15 seconds.


MeCatching breath: You... Are... Evil...

Kattie: And you are mine.

Me: My doctor says no tickling... I have Asthma...

Kattie: Makes interigation easier.

Me: You don't want to choke me over this.

Kattie: Just tell me.

Me: Never.

The next 30 seconds of my life was complete tourcher, I was painting for my breath, when I realized I could tell her anything.

Me: I am taking you... Out to... Dinner... And... And a movie...

Kattie: That's so sweet!

She gave me a huge hug, and then proceeded to bring me up to here bed where I feel asleep and then woke up untied. Thank God. I really gave her a Dimond Necklace. 

That wasn't that long of a story but that's pretty much it.

I Love Wings

Friday, April 28th 2006 - 03:08:07 PM
Response to Colin and the Gang
Hiya Colin,

Whats up? Isle of Man has a beautiful weather today, something that I should enjoy outside but if it weren't for Ricky Parker's email to me, I wouldn't have checked Canucks so soon :) Don't worry, I'll try to keep this short.

mumble from readers: here we go again

First of all, I like you Colin - you have good English skills and you have spent your time to reply to me :) your first story lacked garlic, something that lasts long in your palate. It was written in a rather formal, dry and not taking many chances. The response was the same, so mature. Loosen up dude, its just your first critic and it didn't mean you had to defend yourself. I do, however, would love to hear more from your stories with your Marky. Its rare to have someone write that well at that age about his first tie up experience, but your english was written like someone who was already old. There are hundreds of I-claim-to-be-16-year-old stories but somehow yours was rather odd - in a sense that it sounded like an older guy was writing.

Secondly, I thank you all for responding to my post - never had I received much attention from my post since my "Afternoon with Abe" posted this January. I'd like to thank Ricky for emailing me, Nicholas H. (), Erikalover, anon, its me, and anonymous. I do apologize but I only started a critic - your responses were the only ones that flooded the whole arguement. Luvin' the attention grin.

Thirdly, the photos. Ah, the who in cyber third-circle-of-hell would go to the internet only to read stories of tie up games? 50% of all the guys who read the infamous Canuck dreambook would form images in their heads whilst reading the stories posted, or rather, see the photos of other guys tied up in several websites, some now offered in this website. Personally, for a guy to have his own photos posted online and shared by many online friends, and being told its "... nothing more insane, and people who do so are just asking for trouble. (par 9, Colin)" is kinda harsh, ouch. Yeah I am asking for trouble, the wrong kind maybe, but no I am not after your photos...who said I was? or wasnt wink. I do apoligize for any misunderstanding.

Finally, its the last paragraph! The one thing that threw me off was when you said "it is an invasion of privacy, and in America, some people still value that human right' (par 9, Colin)." - Dude, geez, sorry, I was just asking for some proof. What's the use of having a photograph if the image produced isn't meant to be viewed? Drink some milk man, I'm sure you want to be recognized for enjoying tie ups. What do you call those photos of tie ups in college pranks, or of guys who like to share videos of themselves getting out of a tie up? They're as crazy as you and me, and frankly, its better to share your photos - you place yourself on a different level than all the other guys on this forum that don't have a tie up buddy to photograph you or share it with. Yet I wouldn't share them photos unless you're prepared to expose yourself online. Whatever happens between you and your fingertips is your decision. Five years ago, at your age, I said the same thing, and well you're right, not all of us are perverted old beasts, but we sure want the same at the end of the day. Right now, I just want to enjoy it all, enjoying the kind of stuff that excites you online and grabbing the limelight.

To Liam () who lives in Ireland - yeah I can see Ireland across the sea from here on the Isle of Man. Hows de weather over there today? 

Paolo Mj

ps. hey Parker, about time you responded to my email. my yahoo doesnt work, expect a response from me at . luvs it.

Isle of Man

Friday, April 28th 2006 - 04:38:05 PM
More Pics!
Hi! These arn't all the pics, and after looking at them there's a lot I accidentally left out from the story. In the morning, my uniform was removed just leaving me in my pants.

These are some pics. There's more to follow, too. And there's also a bit of vidio too, i'll upload it soon.

Pic 4:
Pic 5:
Pic 6:

These are all from the following morning, and all of them are me gagged. I have more from thr night before that shows me actually tied, and the video I have also is of me tied and mpphiing.

See ya soon!


Friday, April 28th 2006 - 06:20:33 PM

Great storys and SUPER great pics! please post more and the video! 


Friday, April 28th 2006 - 06:20:50 PM

Great storys and SUPER great pics! please post more and the video! 


Friday, April 28th 2006 - 08:28:04 PM
Buzzbuzz 2
Hey there! Again, those are excellent pics. If you wanted to post the video, that would be one of the best things, seriously. ;-)

Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to more of your stories (and hopefully more pics)!

it's me

Friday, April 28th 2006 - 11:03:07 PM
Buzz loved the pics. Was there ever a moment that you were tied only wearing your underwear?
Jerry Burns

Friday, April 28th 2006 - 11:30:53 PM
Saturday, April 29th 2006 - 04:59:34 AM
And the pics keep on coming!
These are the last of the pics - i still find the video. Enjoy!

Pic 7:
Pic 8:

In all of these - which were taken in the evening - are of me after I got out of the chair and my hands were taped behind me.

And yes Jerry, there was a time I was just in my underwear - and shortly after I wasnt... I think you know what I mean.

But yes, I'll upload the video as soon as I can.

See ya soon guys!


Saturday, April 29th 2006 - 05:19:37 AM
RE: Video
I'm going on a holiday over the weekend - that means i'll be away from my pc. So I'll upload the Video on Tuesday.

Thanks for being patient!


Saturday, April 29th 2006 - 09:04:14 PM
Buzzbuzz 3
Wow, more great pics! :-)

I can't wait to see the video, I'm sure all of us are waiting for it this Tuesday.

Thanks again!

it's me

Saturday, April 29th 2006 - 10:08:12 PM
hi, before you read this story I have to tell you that I couldn’t post it myself because my computer is busted so allsport is kind enough to post it for me.
my name is malissa, I am 14 years old and (I guess guys say I am kinda sexy) to me I look like a normal girl with blond hair that goes to my shoulders. I am about 5"6 with blue eyes and light tan skin color.

well to start my story I was on my way to my school when I saw my worst enemy sam sitting at a table doing the usual bets for bondage joke she does, see she takes in bets on various things from girls only and if she wiins in the bet she ties that girl up for however long she wants to. well I decided that I would finally win once and I went over to bet her. I gave her a bet of who had the best grade in languadge arts, I no she usually gets bad grades because I have the period right after her and sit near the same seat and she always leaves her progress report just sitting on the table. she accepted the bet and said that she would have her teacher print out her grades and my teacher print out mine.

I got my grades and rushed back to her right after school just so I could finally win, I was going to call the bet off once I won but when I got to her she was smiling that creepy smile, (you know, the I just beat you bad and I know it smile) well I showed her my grade and I had a c+ on it, she showed me hers, I was freaking out because she had a B. she won the stakes and set a time and place for me to meet her and she told me to bring 3 rolls of tape. on wednesday I went over to her house and had a backpack with all the stuff in it. she smiled politely and told me to meet her out back. when she got out she said to leave everything I had in my pack until her parents left.

after about 20 min of messing around and throwing things across her yard her parents headed out the front door and she rushed to my pack. she grabbed out a roll of tape and told me to get into the suit she had hidden behind a tree, when I went to look all I found was an almost invisible thong and very tight bra ( at least 2 sizes 2 small for me). I grudgingly took off my clothes in a bathroom and put those on then headed back outside to meet her.

right when I saw her she said to get on the ground and I did. she shoved a wet silky pair of panties into my mouth and taped my mouth shut with like 10 strips of tape, after that she taped my eyes for a blind fold and lifted me to my feet. she had me hold a thin sheet of something plasticy, I later found out it was plastic wrap, and she started running around me slowely moving upward until I couldn’t move anything and could barely bend over. then I heard the ripping of duct tape and felt her running it over the plastic wrap. after like 10 min of that I heard her throw 2 empty rolls of tape over and she slowely pulled my blindfold off, which hurts when its made of tape.

when I could see I looked around and tried to move but noticed that every square inch of me from toe to shoulder was covered with tape and plastic, even my hair was taped to my shoulders, and I hated that part. and I noticed that where my feet were at there were 4 ropes about 5 feet long going out in 4 separate directions and connected to a hook that was safely in the ground so I knew I wasn’t going to be going anywhere for a while. she then walked over to me after I had finished with the scene of myself being a helpless mummy and kissed my taped lips for like a minute, then told me she had to go fetch a saftey knife and some more rope.

after 5 min she came back with a really dull pocket knife and 3 coils of rope. first she cut a slit in the tape and plastic all the way across where the line of the thong was at, then she grabbed the elsastic and just pulled hard. she was just pulling and yanking for like 5 min and I could barley fell my ass when she finally finished. she then unhooked the ropes that held me up and pulled over to the tree that the clothes were behind. she then tied a rock to the end of a the first coil of rope and threw that end over a branch about 10 feet up then pulled it down so it was lvl with my stretched elastic thong. she then tied it to the left side and was throwing the second coil of rope over the branch when I started laughing softly in my gag. there was no way this weak thong would hold me in the air for more than like 10 seconds, and like she was reading my mind or something she said I would have much more than 1 thong on when she hung me up. right then I got kinda scared because I knew it would hurt if I couldn’t get down from that high and was being held by panites so I started screaming into my gag, but it only came out as an almost silent mmmhhhppp!!!

after all 3 ropes were around the branch (only 1 was tied to my thong, I later found out it was to hold me up so I wouldn’t fall over and get hurt) so she untied it from my thong and then cut the tape holding my legs together off. but she said not to run or it would brake the deal and I would be in far worse trouble so sadly I just stood there as like 6 more pairst of really small thongs were put on me, I only weighed like 98 pounds so 7 would be plenty to hold me up. then she re taped my legs, not bothering for the plastic this time and dragged me back to the ropes over the tree branch. she tied each of the three ends to all the thongs at once then as hard as she could, she pulled, and pulled, and pulled, and to my surprize and pain she was lifting me off the ground, the thongs were stretching really fast but stopped at like a foot out and I was just pulled upward from there.

screaming amazingly loud through the gag I tried to get down but she had tied each of the other ends of the rope to a lower branch near her. so there I was, stuck in the air about 7-10 feet up and in amazing pain, unable to move. so finally after watching me struggle for a few min she went inside and left me there hanging in the air. I was there for many hours and all the struggling was making me sweat hard I just gave up trying to get down and just sat there. after a little more time it finally started turning dark which felt good since I was sweating so much. after a little while longer I went into a painful sleep, I woke up to see sam right in front of me and I had no gag on, she said she was waiting for me to get up and she started giving me some water and food which felt good since I hadnt eaten anything since yesterday at luch. well after all the food was gone and the water was drank I asked her if she would let me down because my ass was in really bad pain, she said that I was going to stay up there for a little while longer just for fun. then before she re gagged me I asked her what her parents were gonna do if they saw me up here. she said that they were at a wedding in utah and wouldn’t be back until saturday so they wouldn’t see a thing.

finally she re gagged me with the same panties but with new tape, she wrapped it around my head ( and hair 2) like 7 times then climbed down the latter and left. my ass was in extreme pain now since i was up there so long and she didn’t even care. I started getting delusional and thinking she might leave me up here until I start bleeding or something. finally I drifted off to sleep again, when I woke up I wasn’t outside or mummified with a bad wedgie, I was wearing 1 thong and really small bra like at the beginning. I thought she was letting me go so I tried to stand up, that’s when I noticed I was tied to the frame of her bed standing up and was still gagged.

I tried to get off but I couldn’t move at all since her bed was so heavy (I am a very weak girl for my age) to me. finally I just gave up and put my head down in that sad sulky giving up look when she started tickling me. for like 20 min she was softly running her fingers up the soles of my feet making me scream with laughter into the gag. I couldn’t stop her pr even stop myself from laughing so much. finally she quit and went downstairs to watch a movie, yet again leaving me unable to move. finally after around 6 hours of struggeling she came back up with more food and fed me again. then I fell asleep, when I woke up she told me it was friday around 5:30 pm so she ungagged me and untied me and let me leave. I was in such a hurry to get out of there I forgot to get my clothes and I lived like 3 blocks away, so there I was, a girl in a really tiny thong and a bra so small on me it could snap, running down streets in full veiw of a lot of people. finally I got home and put on normal clothes and immediately called my friend jewel and asked her to come over so I could tell her the story.

that’s all I got, give me feed back please and I might give you stories from last month as well.


Sunday, April 30th 2006 - 12:13:14 AM
A lot of Stuff
Colin sorry it took me so long to post this put I have been unable to access this site since Wendsday night, so I just read your comment. You are very welcome for the support.

Nice pics BuzzBuzz. Im not really into seeing guys tied up, but I still feel the need to tell you how great the pics are.

Tigon I keep trying to access your video and it takes me to your login screen. Is there anything you can do to fix that or do we have to get an account on the site to access it.

Leah thats an amazing story. I keep trying to im you to talk to you, but im never on Aol, so it's kind of hard. Ill try to stay on longer periods of time then I normally do. It is kind of hard though bc I am an online gamer so I have to shut down all of my programs that I can before I play the games.


Sunday, April 30th 2006 - 02:44:03 AM
i really am not sure how to make it work, it is supposed to just be open to anybody without requiring a login...i will look and tell you if i see something on it

Sunday, April 30th 2006 - 04:24:44 AM
Is anyone else having problems accessing this site?

Sunday, April 30th 2006 - 11:11:50 AM
any good sites with girls getting tied up but not naked

Sunday, April 30th 2006 - 05:37:57 PM
Site Down
Yes Darkshadow I am having problems accessing the site at some times. I am thinking that this may be caused by Canuck updating parts of the site? Like the archives maybe?

Sunday, April 30th 2006 - 09:20:22 PM
Any chance that you would download your pictures to me email. For some reason I can't get them to print at your site. Thanks lcbobapple

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