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Baxter co-stared with Birney, 71, in the short lived romantic sitcom Bridget Loves Birney in the early Seventies and the two became man and wife in 1974. Baxter is best know for her role as hippie mom Elyse Keaton on popular '80s sitcom Family Ties.

Family Ties star Meredith Baxter claims she was the victim of domestic abuse 9 View comments Eighties sitcom star Meredith Baxter has alleged that she was the victim of domestic abuse.

The 63-year-old actress claims she was abused by her ex-husband, David Birney, in her new memoir, Untied, which comes out today. Birney has denied the allegations. Meredith Baxter leaves The Today Show this morning in New York after discussing her alleged experience with domestic abuse.

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This is the same show where Baxter announced she was a lesbian in 2009. She revealed that her relationship with Birney was far stormier than anyone imagined, telling Today Show host, Matt Lauer: I never talked about it.

'I do recall thinking, "Id better not get up because hes going to hit me again.". The Family Ties star also writes that she dealt with the alleged abuse, in part, by drinking but eventually had to change my thinking because I didnt want to.

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Baxter has since given up alcohol and has been sober since 1990. Baxter with her ex-husband, David Birney; she says of her alleged abusive marriage: 'I didn't know I could go'.

No one knew anything. Baxter remembered the violent incidents taking her by surprise writing: It was so sudden and unexpected, I couldnt tell you which hand hit me or even how hard.


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