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Achleman, Max

In memory of a wonderful neighbor and friend.Foxhase Condominums

Adams, Vince

In memory ofRobert & Mary Jo Bennett

Adams, Vincent

In memory ofLinda Dubbert

In memory ofMr. & Mrs. Mark Mizia

In memory ofJim & Tina Boytim

In memory ofJim & Nancy Kubeja

In memory ofMatt & Shelley Seaman

In memory ofElmer & Ann Biven

In memory ofAnnette & Garrett Fredericks

In memory ofThe Griesbach’s

In memory ofPaula Renfro

In memory ofBob & Mary Hartman

In memory ofScott & Lorraine Halblaub

In memory ofDaniel & Ann Griesbach

In memory ofJeffrey Bumbera

In memory ofGregory & Natalie Twarek

In memory ofJames & Suzanne Mizener

In memory ofJames & Judith Toth

In memory ofDouglas & Joy Ceraldi

In memory ofBradley & Lisa Bauer

In memory ofDaniel & Janet Conkey

My Uncle Vince served his country in battle, his community and his family in good times and bad. thank you for helping him experience the tribute of Honor Flight in recognition of that service. Uncle Vince was moved by his honor flight experience. Please continue honoring those who have served and providing a lasting, positive memory of their service. Thank you for all you doTamara and Mike Zuilhof, Ed Skipka, Mike Skipka and family

Albert, David

This gift is given in honor of David Albert’s 92nd birthday!Leslie and Bryan Diers

Aleto, Phil

Philip Aleto, N. Sundance Drive, Spokane, WA, our dear friend and close neighbor, died recently and requested we give to Honor Flight in his name. We are happily but sadly honoring his wishes with this donation. Thank you for all your heartfelt work in honor of our brave veterans.His loving friends and neighbors


Philip Aleto, N. Sundance Drive, Spokane, WA, our dear friend and close neighbor, died recently and requested we give to Honor Flight in his name. We are happily but sadly honoring his wishes with this donation. Thank you for all your heartfelt work in honor of our brave veterans.JOHN AND DEBORAH RUSH

Allen, Frederick

Going the Honor Flight meant so much to Fred. They worked so hard to make it a great experience for him.The Nevins Family

Allen, Robert and Anne

This tribute is made in honor of my Grandfather, Master Chief Robert S. Allen who served in the U.S. Navy for 30 years, and my Granny, Anne Allen, who selflessly raised 7 children during his service. This charity was selected as a gift because as a child I visited the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. with my grandparents. Although it didn’t resonate with me at that young age, I realize now, as an adult, how fortunate I was to witness the emotional reunion between my Grandfather, those he served beside, and the memories he had of that time in his life.McGovern Family

Allen, Ruth

Ruth Allen was the mother of two Vietnam veterans who served in Vietnam and one of them was killed in the war. The second son, a Vietnam veteran, Russell Allen, requested donations be made to your organization. Tom and Jane Hart

Allmon, Arlen

You will be missed Arlen. Thank you for your legacy to our world.Dirk and Patrice Allmon

Alsmo, Ken

In memory ofSusan & Kevin Wick

Alter, Robert

In memory ofSally, Mike, Nancy & families

Anderson, Robert

Thank you for all you have done for our freedom. May God bless youB.J.

Andreotti, Tony

Pa, Your selfless service and dedication to our nation’s veterans inspires me everyday. Because of you, I will always feel a desire to give back and serve others. Thank you for everything you do. I love you.Cassie & Ty

Anttila, Stanley V.

Guardian donation -- Troy Shockley accompanying Stanley V. Anttilaall of us -- we love you dad, grandpa, great papa

Atteberry, Charles

Thank you for your service.Your nephew Ray Atteberry

Atteberry, Lloyd

Thank you for your service.Your nephew Ray Atteberry

Austin, Kenneth

Thank you for serving our country and our family.Son

Ayers, Gail

In memory ofMark & Mary Gentile

Deepest sympathy for Gail Ayers. Regards: Charlie and Jennifer MooreJennifer Moore

In Loving Memory of Gail Ayers from her HCCP FamilyHCCP

In memory of Gail A Ayers of West Chester, PA, who passed away March 21, 2019.Karen Counselman

In memory of the passing of Gail Ayers of West Chester, Pa.Dick & Rhoda Morris

Ayers, Gail L

In memory ofGeorge & Joyce Cleaves

Baab, Harry

In memory of CWO3 Harry Baab, USN Retired, who passed away on November 11, 2018.Kris and Dan Coughlin, Colleen and Elton Shuknecht

Bachleda, Joseph

In memory of Joseph BachledaMatt and Lindsey Carpenter

Badenhop, Barbara

In memory ofWayne Badenhop

Bahr, Glenn V.

In memory of Glenn.Don Jung, Barbara Jung, and Scott Davis

Baierlipp, Clifford

In loving memoryPaul and Kim Lentz

Baker, Al

Given in love to the memory of a true gentleman.Judy & Charles Stein

Baker, George H

In memory ofNancy Belew Follmer

Baker, George H.

In memory ofDaniel & Gail Oakes

Baker, Gregory

Congratulations!!Mike Loveland and Emily Ruegger

Baker, Gregory and Shawn

In honor of the marriage of Gregory Baker and Shawn Garcia who have served our country selflessly for years. Wishing you many more happy years together. Love you XOJacqueline Stoken

Baker, Pat

In loving memory of Pat Baker, per the memorial contribution requested in her obituaryThe Boyd Family

Baker, Patricia

With our condolences to her family.Our Savior Christian Academy

Ball, Richard

We are giving our donation in memory of Richard Ball who passed October 2018. Mr. Ball was in the United States Army 1944 thru 1946 and was honored to be on a honor flight September12, 2016.Mickie, Joyce, JoEllen, Patti, Carolyn, Jeanne, Joyce

Ballas, Edward

In loving memory of our great uncle Edward Ballas who bravely fought in World War II and was so proud to have taken an Honor Flight.Lisa, Bill, and Logan Riley

Banasau, Ernie

Ernie is man of honor, strong faith and faithfully served our country. Ernie continues to serve and support veterans through Wounded Warrior and the Honor Flight out of the Austin hub. Ernie speaks from the heart when he shares his passion to continue serving those who have served and are serving our country. It is that passion and dedication that brought my wife Betty and I, to support Honor Flight. We are proud and honored to call Ernie our friend.Hal and Betty Meyer

Bancroft, Stephen R.

I met Mr. Bancroft in my office in Boise this afternoon and he was proudly wearing his WWII Veteran hat. He mentioned to me that he was a fortunate recipient of a flight to WA, DC via your organization and I felt it was only right to thank you. I have always been a huge admirer of any serviceman but especially those who served in WWII. My wife and our 2 boys visited Normandy and the American Cemetery, landing beaches, museums etc. this past year and it solidified my admiration for men like Mr. Bancroft and those of his generation. So Thank You Mr. Bancroft and those brave men who made it possible for our freedom.Rob Doiron and Family

Barclay, A. Hayes

In Honor of Alfred Hayes Barclay, Born 26 March 1931- Passed 23 March 2019: Loving and beloved husband, father and grandfather. Proud Korean War era veteran serving in U.S.Army Intelligence. Supporter and recipient of Honor Flight. Joseph Harvey and family

Barhorst, Norbert

This donation is in honor of Norbert Joseph Barhorst, US Navy WW II Veteran, from the Kettering City Schools, Board Office employees.Kettering City Schools, Board Office employees

In memory ofEdward & Robin Caudill

In Loving Memory of Norbert BarhorstPaullette Barhorst

In memory of Norbert BarhorstGrace & Jim Shanesy

In memory of a co-worker’s father. Thank you for your service Mr Barhorst. Rest in Peace.The Dierker Family

In loving memory of Norbert BarhorstKathy Heyman & Family

Thank you for your service, and to all you helped.Sheryl Chaffin

Barnes, Jackie

In memory of Jackie Barnes who served our great country.The family of J.L. Hassell

Barnett, Les

Les was unable to make this trip before his passing, but we’re making a donation in his honor. Thoughts and prayers to Les and his family.Kansas City Robbs

Barrera, Rudy

For Mr. Barrera’s lifelong service to family and country.Ken Hurst, family friend

In honor of Rudy Barrera, one of the many who stood up and moved forward in defense of those at home during World War II.Lexie Graham

Barrett, Andrew

Andy, aka ’Dad’ passed away three years ago today March 23, 2016. He served in Battery ’B’, 14th Field Artillery Battalion of the 2D Armored Division in The Korean conflict. He was fortunate enough to come back alive and live a full life. He was also able to visit the Korean Memorial. He would be thrilled knowing the gift will help another vet visit the memorials.Your son and daughter-in-law, Greg & Jev

Basile, PFC Daniel F.

In memory ofMPD Medical Systems, Inc.

Bate, Arthur Harry

In memory ofLynn & Mark Vander Horck

We were saddened to hear about the loss of Harry Bate. Through this pledge, we hope that Harry’s legacy of honoring America’s veterans lives on. We are proud to support a cause that was important to him. Our deepest sympathy to the Bate family during this time. May your memories fill your heart with love and peace. Sincerely, Tom Manzardo and Staff Redstone Wealth AdvisorsThomas J. Manzardo and Redstone Wealth Advisors

In honor of Harry Bate for serving his country loyally and going on to serve family, friends and community loyally and lovingly.Connie and Jim Dunleavy

Bate, Harry Arthur

In memory ofWilliam Hedman

Bauer, Richard

In honor of my beloved Uncle Dick whom we loved dearly.Bart and Jane Wolfe

Bauer, Robert "Dick"

In memory ofBTDT Organization

In memory ofDorothy Fields

In memory ofRebecca Robertson

Baumgardner, Earl

In memory ofMarion & Shirley Barks

In memory ofTruman & Gladys Barks

In memory ofRegattta Bay Women’s Golf Assn.

Given in loving memory of Earl Baumgardner. Lynne & June ThomasonLynne & June Thomason

Earl’s daughter, Kay, requested donations be made to Honor Flight in Earl’s memory. We are very happy to do so. Earl served in the USN’s submarine service during WWII.Brenda & Tom Callen

Baumgardner, Earl H.

A donation in memoriam of Earl H. Baumgardner. Earl was a World War II veteran, serving in the submarine service of the US Navy. He served aboard the sub tender Pelias, based out of Pearth, Australia. He once traveled on a troop train for over 3000 miles from Sydney to Pearth. He was also stationed at the sub base at Pearl Harbor. Earl was honorably discharged November 4, 1945 as a Petty Officer 2nd Class. A good man from the greatest generation.Donna and Jerry Walton

Baumgartner, Gary

Gary Baumgartner was a great friend of our family. He worked with my Dad and played golf with him also. Gary came to my graduation parties from high school, college, and my MBA. He was always so supportive and a great man. I know he will be missed by many.Samantha Skeen and Nicholas Lawyer

Beauvais, Bob

As a Christmas gift to you, and in honor of Jim and Jack Rich, I have made a donation to Mid-Michigan Honor Flight.Zack

Beckman, Charles

In memory ofValerie & Stan Welch

Beckman, Charles W.

This donation is made in memory of Charles Warner Beckman, one of the finest and most loving men we’ve had the pleasure to know.Marilyn Ronnei, Steven Marquez, Mark and Pat Ronnei, James Ronnei, and Julie and Mark Holmquist

Beirne, Owen

A very good man!Donna/Mike Casey

Owen Beirne JrRich and Moira McCormick

To a great dad.Gore Family

In memory ofBob and Carol McClintock

Owen Beirne JrLaura Torres

. This donation is in memory of Owen Beirne Jr, who selflessly organized lunches & dinners for Honor Flight participants at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Arlington VA (Edward Douglass White Council 2473). God bless you all for the wonderful work you do at Honor Flights!The Finley Family

Per the family’s request, a donation is being made in lieu of flowers in memory of Owen Beirne who supported the Honor Flight Network.K. O’Sullivan & P. Awad

The Arlington Virginia Knights of Columbus lost a great man this week. Owen Beirne was a great friend and leader, and he worked tirelessly to support Honor Flights. Because of him, our club hosted thousands of veterans on an Honor Flight. It gave Owen great joy. So in his honor, my wife and I are making this donation. - Anthony and Mandy DemangoneAnthony Demangone

In memory of.......Rest in peace Owen !Tim T

Owen, Thanks for being a friend over the past 20 years. You always took time to get to know people and was alway there willing to help anyway you could. R.I.P. my friend, may your journey take you home. Love the Kushner family, Randy, Diana, Chance & CameronRandy Kushner

A great friend who will be sorely missed.A fellow Atlantic City Jaycee

In honor and fond memory of Owen Beirne who was very committed to the mission of this organization and the servicemen it serves.Jonathan Sade

In loving memory of our brother-in-law Owen Beirne. Your smile, optimism, and positive energy will be missed by all. You will always be in our hearts. Mary & Sal GuaragnaMary & Sal Guaragna

In honor of Owen Bierne’s work with Honor Flight. He will be missed!The Kirvan Group

Memorial Day and Fourth of July at AKC will never be the same without Owen.The Savory Family- Glen, Cathy, Michael, & Christina

A good man who was loved by many and will be greatly missedCJ & Carla Butler

In memory ofThe Petraccas

Owen lived an amazing life and was loved by all who knew him. He was a passionate supporter of the Honor Flights and this donation is intended to carry on his legacy.Bill, Karen & Owen Kelly

In memory of OWEN J. BEIRNE JR.Member of EDW Knights of Columbus

Dedicated to Owen’s citizenship.Tom Sakell

Owen loved working with the Honor Flight at the EDW Knights of Columbus in Arlington. This is to honor Owen for all of his work to help the veterans coming to DC to visit their memorials. Thanks Owen!Jo Balsamo Wood

In memory of Owen’s service toward others.Don and Carol Lemieux

Beirne, Owen J

A true patriot and a wonderful and kind man.Kathleen R Fusco

Beirne Jr, Owen J.

In the honor of Owen J Beirne, Jr. This is from his friend Brendan Kent (9 years old) at the Knights of Columbus who loved Owen and wants to honor him.Brendan Kent

In memory ofFellow Knight of Columbus

Beirne Jr., Owen

EDW Knights of ColumbusEDW Member Jim Holmberg

Beirne Jr., Owen J.

In honor of Owen.Mariette Metrey

In honor of Owen Beirne. We had the pleasure of working with his son, Charlie.Friends from Deloitte

Beirne Jr., Owen Joseph

In honor of Owen Beirne, with our deepest sympathy.The Harkins siblings - Diane, Suzie, Karen, Chris & Maria

Beirne, Jr, Owen

Owen was a fantastic proponent of Honor Flights here in Arlington, VA.His Brother Knights of Columbus

In memory of Owen Bierne, Jr Who will never be forgotten!With deepest sympathy The Forrester Family

Beirne, Jr, Owen J.

In honor of Owen Beirne, Jr. of the Arlington, VA Knights of Columbus #2473.Your friends, Joyce & Joe Cox

Beirne, Jr., Owen

I did not know Owen well, but he was always cheerful, friendly and I know he did a lot for the Honor Flight program. May he rest in peace.The Durand Family

In memory of Owen J. Beirne, Jr.Audrey Schwenger and Family (NFA)

I did not know Owen, but the tributes I have read provide us with the framework of his pride in family, concern for others, and advocate for those in need. My husband & I are friends of Owen’s brother Charlie & his wife Deb. Our hearts & prayers go out to the entire Beirne family, and hope this small donation helps keep alive Owen’s good works for the Honor Flight Network.Barbi & Tony Ajemian

Beirne, Jr., Owen J

In memory ofKnights of Columbus Edward Douglas White Council #2473

In memory of Owen J Beirne, Jr.Mark Krizanik

In memory of Owen Beirne.The Hagan Family

Beirne, Jr., Owen J.

Donation is made In loving memory of Owen J. Beirne. He was the loving father of Nick and Charlie Beirne. Angela Sicurella

In memory ofHistoric Triangle Honor Flight

In memory ofAndrew & Denise Brown

In memory ofThe Bank of America Charitable Foundation

In memory ofCommodore John Barry Assembly K of C 4th Degree

In memory ofEileen Skevin

In memory ofK of C Ladies U-Knighted

In Memory ofRaymond & Mary Smith, Jr.

In memory ofKen & Diane Morgenweck

In memory ofChristopher Donnellan

In memory ofSamuel & Marian Starr

In memory ofJames Gould & Laura Winfrey

In memory ofRobert & Patricia Muschamp

In memory ofJoseph & Janet McDermott

In memory ofEdith Greenberg

In memory ofHerndon Family

In honor of a man who showed us what it means to serve. I enjoyed spending time with him at the Knights of the Columbus in Arlington, Virginia, serving those men and women who served their country. Owen will never be forgotten and his sons have my deepest sympathy for their loss.Liz Hoopes

We are making this donation in honor of Owen, who recently passed away. We remember his zest for life, his warmth and infectious spirit and his commitment and dedication to serving others and his community.David and Ginger Ansell

In honor of a wonderful man who made the world a better place.James and Melanie Currie

In honor of Owen J. Beirne, Jr., who worked tirelessly in the interests on The Honor Flight Network and those who have served this country. May he rest in peace.The Kalitka Family

In honor of Owen J. Beirne, Jr., loving and devoted father of Nick and Charlie Beirne, and committed advocate of veterans and the Honor Flight mission.Amy Newman and Bill Marshall

In loving memory of Owen. Fondly, The Pilot FamilyRob and Jamie Pilot

Donation made in honor of Owen J. Beirne, Jr., a great friend to all. May his friends and family find comfort in the special memories they shared with him.Hilary Atkins and Leigh Atkins Long

The world will deeply miss Owen’s smile, positive voice and inspirational helping hand. Jeff DeBoer The Real Estate RoundtableThe Real Estate Roundtable

In memory of Owen’s friendship, tireless energy and many contributions to the world, he will be greatly missed.Nancy Pitcher

Beirne, Jr., Owen Joseph

In memory of Owen J. Beirne, Jr.The Nottingham Family

With deepest sympathy, from the Norwood-Fontbonne Academy Community.Norwood-Fontbonne Academy Community

Beirne,Jr, Owen

We are making our donation to the Honor flight in memory of our dear friend and brother Knight, Owen Beirne. Owen was a Knight of Columbus member of the EDW Counsel #2473 at 5115 Little Falls Road in Arlington, VA 22207. Owen felt strongly about the Honor Flight’s selfless service and sacrifice to our country.John and Sean Cormany

Beirne,Jr, Owen J

You will be greatly missed by so many people. Rest In Peace my friendSusan and Jerry Humphreys

Beirne,JR, Owen J

Owen passed away on January 21, 2019. When Owen found out that World War ll veterans were being flown into Washington,DC, by a group of patriotic Americans called the Honor Flight Network, Owen immediately stepped up to provide a place where the veterans could have a dinner and a place to relax . Owen cared for the veterans because he did it to honor his father and all of the World War ll veterans .William F. Sullivan

Beirne,Jr., Owen J.

Please accept this donation to honor our cousin Owen. One of his tributes stated that Owen was a character with character! That was Owen! We all loved him! He will be missed!John & Sue Heenan & Family

Bell, Ralph W.

Thank You for your service, RIP Mr. Bell.The Higgins Family Glenda, Mark and Tamara, Laurie and Steve

Bell, Roy

Roy recently passed away and wanted to do something to honor our veterans since he as never able to serve himself.Tim & Danielle Helenthal

Bell, Thomas

Thank you, Dad/Grandpa. You’re gone, but not forgotten. We love you.Kim and Matthew

Bell Jr, Roy

In honor and memory of Roy Bell JrLong Beach Elementary School

Bell Jr., Roy w

To my wonderful Uncle Junior.....I love you and thank you for all your wisdom and love!! Peace be with you!! ❤️Patty

Benson, C.

In memory ofLaurie Esson

Berg, Ronald

Clear skies and tailwinds brotherBilly campbell

You will be missed!Don, Linda, Donnie, and Jo Campbell and Debbie and Al Koon

Fly high Uncle RonnieSally and Dale Droske

Berkebile, Ron

In memory of our beloved Uncle Ron, who was one of the bravest and most honorable men we knew, and who cared so deeply about honoring the sacrifice of U.S. veterans and their families. Much love always.The Biehl Kramer family

Berkey, Russell

In honor of my dad Russell L. Berkey 2/04/24 - 1/25/19. Served in World War II - Navy. Participated in the Honor Flight Network (Indianapolis) in 2015. Thank you!PGCPS ESOL Office (Susan Acheson employee - Russell’s daughter)

Berley, Larry

We appreciate, honor and pay tribute to my late father, Larry Berley, for his service to our great country in the United States Coast Guard.Casey Berley and Family

Bernard, Madnick

In memory of WWII US Navy veteranJoel & Cindy Kramer

Bernard, Roy

I am so thankful my dad, Roy Bernard, was able to go on the Honor Flight with fellow Veterans on May 22, 2018. He passed away September 24, 2018. I am so proud of him for his service and thankful to all of our Veterans for their sacrifices for us. Thank you for helping him go on this Honor Flight, he had such a great time and we enjoyed hearing about it. This donation is in his honor so that another Veteran can experience this also. Thank you.Marti Anderson

Berne, Owen

Than you Owen for your dedication to the Honor Flight Network. You were an inspiration!Paul and Lori Kozich

Bialek, Eugene

This donation is in honor of my uncle, Eugene Bialek, who passed away on September 3, 2018. Eugene served in WWII in the Pacific.Kerwin Family

Bickly, Curtis

In memory of a life well-lived.David and Joyce Altschule-Pisarev

Biddle, Christy

Thanks Christy for all you do to help honor our veterans!Jay & Leeann Cook

Bierce, Dean

In memory ofStay-Lite Lighting, Inc

In loving memory of Dean Bierce, who is now in the loving embrace of God the Father.RW Management Group, Inc.

In Memory of Dean Harry Bierce who served in World War II.Eric and Cathy Stepanovich

Bierce, Dean H.

In memory of a father, Dean Bierce, whom I never had the privileged to meet, who raised two men that I did, Kevin & Steve. Kevin and Steve are a shining example of what a great man he was. We thank him for his service.Brandon & Andrea Bergman Family

Bierne, Owen

You will be missed by so many!John Galcius and Sandy Niemotka

In his memoryPaul Parfomak

Bierne JR, Owen

Owen was a very good and caring person that started the Edward Douglas White Council 2473 in Arlington VA to serve meals and honor those that have served our country so we can all live a good life. he will be sorrily missed by all. Jay and Betty ByrnesJay and Betty Byrnes

Bierne, Jr., Owen J.

In memory of Owen BierneTony & Pia Clark

Bierne. Jr., Owen J.

In memory ofRon and Donna Preller

Binko, Albert

May his dedication and service to our Country never be forgotten.Doug, Lyanne, Zachary, and Blake Paustenbach

Bischoff, Edward

Thank you to my Father and all of the people that have served (& are currently serving) in the MilitaryNickie Bischoff

Blankenship, Joseph James

In memory ofLawrence & Nelda Kellholz

In memory ofMichael & Tana Lynn Ortinau, Jr.

In memory ofNancy Drake & Ptty Wecke

Boedeker, Henry Otto

In loving memory of Henry Otto Boedeker, who at 96yrs recently passed away. He served in the US Army during WWll. He was a 50-plus year member of the Lowden Lillis Deerberg Legion Post 366. He was a farmer in Lowden Iowa until 1989. Henry was taken on an honor flight a few yrs ago and it meant a lot to him and his family. RIP Henry. Thank you for your service!The Friels, Burgers, Lesage’s and Hommes families

Bogsch, John

We would like to honor the memory of John Bogsch. His son John (Jack) worked at our company for years and is part of the MCC family. They were both moved by their recent trip to the WWII memorial hosted by your organization. We would like to contribute to future trips for retired veterans in his honor.Your family at Motors and Controls Corp.

Bordeaux, Russell C.

In memory and honor of Russell Bordeaux, who honorably served his country in WWII. Thank you.The Eagleeye Family - Friends of Mark

Borden, Maggie

In Honor of Maggie BordenNorton Financial

Bortner, Thomas

In honor ofMichael & Andrea Bortner

Bost, Melvin K.

In memory ofProperty Casualty Insurers Association of America

Bowman, Herbert

In honor of Herbert E. Bowman.Joel and Jen Sparks

Boyer, Thomas

This donation is made in honor of my grandfather, who greatly valued his Honor Flight experience.Brett and Elise Scott

Bozarth, Jim

In loving memory to a Vietnam Vet and my brother-in-law.Al Rankin

Braswell, Wayne

ThanksDan Turenne

Breda, William J

Thank you for your service to your country. Many fond memories of you and your family.With Love, Ronnie and Joanie Grumbles

brenski, kazimierz

Casey, brave and proud to serve. Thank you for your service in Korea. So glad you experienced honor flight with your daughter Lucy. Rest in peace honorable soldier.Friends of Lucy and Ed

Breyfogle, Corporal Don

Thank you for your service. In loving memory of G-Pa and G-MaThe Magee Famiy (Chris, Tammi, Abbi, and Maci)

Brill, Richard E.

This donation is in honor of Dick Brill who counted his honor flight as one of the highlights of his life.Leslie and Bill Hantke

Brown, Barbara

This donation is made in loving memory of Barbara Brown.Willow Glen Staff

Brown, Jan and Carl

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year.Keith and Lynne Miller

Broz, Frederick

In memory of LT CMDR Frederick J. Broz, who was able to complete his Honor Flight in November 2010, prior to his death in January 2012. We hope this donation helps another veteran to make their Honor Flight.His loving family - Broz’, Hammill’s, Miller’s and Durbin’s

Bruce, Judi

In honor of my dear friend Judi Bruce and her wonderful family. Judi is a one of a kind lady and nurse. She will be missed by many.Kathy Warren

Bruns, Franklin

Thank you for your services.Western States Family

Bruns, John

In memory and honor of his service and sacrifice.......a grateful generation

Bryan, Joel & Connie

Thank youRex, Jami & Nate

Burg, Marion Jacob

He absolutely loved being able to go on the flight. Alana Massey



Butsko, William

In memory ofPort Jarvis Teachers’ Association

Bycura, Michael

This donation is to honor my step-dad, Michael Bycura who served 20 years in the United States Air Force. He made sacrifices for himself & for his family to serve the country. This donation is also toward his being a Guardian on a future flight, if he desires.Shorey Russell

Caiazzo, Harry

In honor of my great-uncle, Harry Caiazzo, US Army WW2 Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient European Theater.Anthony O’Boyle

Caminiti, Joseph

We love and miss our nano.Your grandson, John

Campbell, Jr., Donald A.

In memory ofDaniel & Mary Forrer

In memory ofDaniel & Mary Forrer

Cantwell, Hurschel

In memory of Hurschel Wayne Cantwell, a strong Christian man and a Navy veteran of World War II who epitomized the “Greatest Generation”Joan and Paul Mims

Cardosi, Richard

In memory ofSeven Hills Anesthesia

In memory ofTerracon

In memory ofKathleen & Hank Wise

In memory ofLocal Union 212 I.E.B.W.

In memory ofThomas & Jill Klusman

In memory ofLori & Joe Geraci

In memory ofGail Keppler

In memory ofRichard & Ann Daeschner

Cardosi, Rick

In memory ofTreva & Alan Miles

Carlson, Harry

In memory ofVernandi Lodge No. 3, I.O.S.

In memory ofC. Ornstein

In memory ofJohn C. Hervat & Patricia Campbell

Carlson, Harry V.

In memory ofLizbeth Bergquist & John Noe

This donation is in honor of Harry V. Carlson, from Arlington Heights, Illinois (1/9/1921 - 2/5/2019). Harry served as a medic in the US Army during World War II in the UK and France.Janis & Kelly

In memory of Harry V. Carlson, medic in the US Army during World War II in the UK and France.Scott and Laurie McMillion

Carr, Louisa

In memory of our Aunt Louisa who served her country and loved her family.Myrna Sheldon, Karen Zook, Anne Hittler and families

Lou lived the life of military service, sentiment and support.Susan Dalrymple

Carr, Louise

In memory ofWade & Linda Courtney

In memory ofNational Society of the Daughters Tippecanoe River Wythougan DAR

Carr, Thomas and Lou

Thank you for serving your country with honor.Jon and Cathy

Causey, Frank

To a wonderful southern gentleman and he will be missed by all of us.Florence Wadle

This donation is made in memory of a great veteran of the US Navy. Frank Allen Causey was a kind, generous, honorable man, and wise man. His joy was contagious. Uncle Frank will be missed by his family and friends.Don, Roxanne and Amanda Gardner

Causey, John

In honor of my uncles...John Causey and William Spencer, who served our country as well.Jamie DeMoura

Cavalluccia, Violet

In memory ofSargent Electric Co.

With our deepest sympathy.Debbie & Ron Salvatore

Cerino, Carmine

To honor Carmine Cerino, who fought in WW2 and participated in the Honor Flight program in Westchester.Your family and friends

Chance, Ed

A decorated Vietnam veteran, Ed has been on Honor Flights as an escort. Ed is not his real name, just the name used by those who love him. Thank you Ed.Kerry Jenkins

Chancellor, Warren

In memory of a great man and his wonderful familyCharles & Gail Westbrook & Family

In memory of a great man and his wonderful family.Charles & Gail Westbrook & family

Chancellor, Warren E.

A fine man who served his country well; devoted husband to Suzy; great father, great friend.Pamela & Cliff Harrison

Chancellor, Warren Eugene

In HONOR of Warren Eugene Chancellor, age 94, and WWII veteran, died in his home on February 18, 2019 in Austin, TX. He was born on March 11, 1924, in Cooper, Texas and long time pharmacist in Surphor Springs, TX. At age 17, following his graduation from High School, he served his country, being inducted into active service in March of ’43, and assigned to the Medical Detachment of the 300th Engineer Combat Battalion. He landed at Utah Beach, Normandy on June 11th, five days after D-Day. He and his company faithfully and bravely built bridges and their way across France, Belgium and Germany, including the Battle of the Bulge. May he Rest In Peace.Randy & Jo Faith Howard, friends of his son Warren Chancellor, Jr.

Charnley, Edwin

In memory ofVincent & Suzanne Lonergan

Chiccino, Major Joseph

A Life of Service to His Country, Family and Friends.Karen & Joel Gray

Chichwak, William (Bill)

I memory of William "Bill" Chichwak - Father in law of Pete WiserCommunity Health Network IT Department

Child, E Tom

To honor and in loving memory of a true American hero, Earl Thompson Child, survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack aboard the destroyer USS Cassin DD372. His was a life well lived.Francie and Rod McKay

Thank you for your service to our country and influence in my life. Blessings! Chris ShraderChris Shrader

Child, E. Tom

In memory of E. Tom Child, a Pearl Harbor survivor who passed away at age 99 years.David L. Smith and Peggy Child Smith

In memory ofJeff & Bresc CHism

In memory ofJohn & Christine Hitchings

In memory ofSilvertowne, LP

In memory ofClair Carty

In memory ofDorothy Mae & Mark Ridler

In memory ofEdna & Tom Gattle

In Memory ofMcShane & Bowie, P.L.C.

Child, Thomas E.

In memory ofGary A. & Donna M. Brainerd

Child, Tom E.

In memory ofJeffrey & Laura Bennett

In memory ofClark & Sally Smith

In memory ofNancy Johnson

In memory ofNancy Johnson

Chioda, Joe

In memory ofVicki Woodbury

Christiansen, Thomas

In memory ofRosemary Christiansen

In memory ofNeil & Sandra Hanson

In memory of one of my true heroes. It was an honor to know you.Joy Trottier

Cianca, Louis

Merry Christmas! Honoring our favorite WWII Veteran.Love from Lauri, Don, Meghan and Donny

Cibich, Martin

For your service to our country, something that could never truly be repaid.Kathryn

Coats, Lee

In memory of Lee Coats, Navy veteran, who served with pride and went home to be with the Lord. Dave and Dana Alberternst

Cohen, Lou

RIP to a real hero. Thank you to the Honor Flight Network for honoring him,Jim and Pat Freund

Cole, Keith

In Loving Memory of Keith ColeLynne Cole

Collins, Mark G.

This contribution to Honor Flight is in memory of our dear friend, Mark G. Collins, formerly of Hannibal, MO. David and Alison Levine

Collum, James Irwin

Jimmy On behalf of my family and me I truly Thank You for your service.Tom Dwyer

Comodo, Laurence

This donation is in memory of Larry Comodo.Jeanne Joyce

Cone, Ken & Sheila

In honor ofZachery Feldman

Conley, Duelas "Duke"

In memory ofYellow Springs Masonic Lodge #421

In memory ofBeatty Freewill Bapist Church

Connelly, Ernie

In memory of a very special man, Ernie Connelly Ruth and Alan Miller

Conran, Great Grandpa Thomas

In Honor of my Grandfather who died before the chance of going on a Korean Honor FlightMichael

Conway, Conard "Dude"

In memory ofColleen Duffey

In memory ofBrenda Stutz

Cook, James

We are very grateful for James Cook’s service in the Korean War. He was a wonderful uncle and brother in law. We will miss you.Dan Koster, Cindy Riddick & Family, Susan & Eric Binion & Family, Steve & Nancy Kleene

Corder, Shirley J.

In memory ofShirley Paddock & Greg Riffe

Corrigan, James

In honor ofRobert & Mary Kathleen Wheeler

Cowden, Kenneth G.

In memory ofLinda C. Conyers

Cowden, William

In memory ofBotyce Lynn & Karel Juanice Grona

William "Tuffy" Cowden, an honorable man a true conservative Christian.Dan Waters

Cowden, William

in memory of Tuffy Cowden Paul & Jaydean Urban

Cowden, William "Tuffy"

In memory ofMary Jo Beard

In memory ofSteven L. Clack

In memory ofDonald & Jane Wynette Priour, M.D.

In memory ofOfficers of Security State Bank & Trust

In memory ofKitt & Linda Werlein

Cowden, William H

In loving memory of an exceptional man and wonderful friend to our family. Tuffy will be greatly missed, but will be remembered by the way he touched our lives with his strength, faith and kindness.Glenda Page Rasmussen



Cowden, William Henry

Please accept this in memory of W.H. "Tuffy" CowdenMark & Jan Reeve

Cowden, William Henry

Given in memory of "Tuffy" Cowden who was a prime example of a true American. He was proud of America and what it stands for and he instilled this pride in his sons and grandchildren. He will always be remembered as a genuine and sincere person as well as a hard working rancher and businessman. May he enjoy the beauty of Heaven until we all meet again and enjoy it with him.Alice S. Klein

Cowden, William Henry

In Memory of William Henry "Tuffy" CowdenSecurity State Bank & Trust, Officers, Directors, & Employees

Cowden, William Henry

In honor of Tuffy, a fine man, an honest man and a rancher and pilot.Mark and Suzanne Lewis

Cowden, Sr., WIlliam H.

In memory ofKathy & Jack Moore

Craig, Jack

Thank you for your service our heroYour loving family

Creamer, 1st Lt. Phyllis Mills

Our mother, Phyllis, was honored to fly with Honor Flight Syracuse on September 30, 2017. She’d visited Washington, DC in the past including the 1997 dedication of the Women in Military Service for America Memorial. However, being honored for her service by so many in this way in the twilight of her life brought her some of her greatest joy She was raised in a family of 7 children in Penn Yan, NY and graduated from the Syracuse General School of Nursing. Her older sister encouraged her to join the military. She proudly served as an Army nurse with the 160th General Hospital in England from 1943 to 1946. After the war, she married and raised 5 children. She continued working as a nurse in various capacities until her retirement in 1986. She attended all of her Army reunions and served as Adjutant and finally as Commander of her VFW Post in Syracuse. She died peacefully on July 7, 2018, one month prior to her 97th birthday.Her loving family

Creaser, Yvonne E.

Yvonne E. Creaser will be inurned at Northern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetary, Spooner, WI. She was wife to Charles J Creaser who recently was on an Honor Flight. Home was Cadott, WI.Cathy and Roy Thompson

Credit, Arvilla

In memory ofMartha Szczerbinski

Crispin, Jr., Edmund J.

Honoring Mr. Crispin as the beloved father of my friend as well as honoring his service in the Navy during World War II.A friend of the family - John Lautenbacker

Crockett, Perry

Mr. Perry Crockett - a true patriot, Navy veteran and wonderful father went to be with his savior on Saturday 13 April 2019 at age 91. Before Mr. Crockett’s passing, his wonderful son Davy was fortunate enough to participate in an Honor Flight with him. Davy will always have this wonderful memory of his dad and we hope that it will always bring him comfort.The NRO CAPE Family

Crohn, Gerald P.

In memory of Gerald P. Crohn. Elissa and Brian Katz

Crumley, Al

In memory ofA. Gary & Sheila Sherwin

In memory ofStephen & Helen Meehan

Crumley, Allen

In Memory of "AL"Sevierville Autobrokers, LLC

Cummings, Pamela R

With deepest gratitude and praise for your heroism.A Grateful American

Cummins, James

In loving memoryPaul & Denise Downing

Cunicelli, Richard

Thank you so much for your selfless sacrifice. We are so honored to have you in our family. We love you!Michelle Ribaudo

Cunningham, Bill

In memory ofSarah & W. Dowtin Martin

In memory ofKevin & Kathleen Cunningham

Curry, Renee

For you and your dad!!!Tina Gaines



Dahms, Robert

Thank you for your service Papa! Colette and I wanted to make a donation in your and grandma’s name to help as much as we can and make sure other veterans have the same opportunity to participate in this awesome experience!Joe & Colette Leleika

Damer, LaVerna

In honor of LaVerna Damer on her 90th birthday. Happy 90th Birthday, LaVerna!Ruth Ann and Don MacPherson

Damer, Laverna

With Best Wishes on the occasion of your 90th Birthday!Ann & Ken Dunipace


In honor ofYour loving family (Ron,Karen,Jennifer)

Daniele, Joseph William

Joe Daniele (DOB: 4/3/1927, Springfield MA) joined the U.S. Navy at the age of 17 years old. In the Navy he served as a Fireman First Class aboard Destroyer Escort 577, Alexander J. Luke in the North Atlantic and European /theaters. He was a charter member of the American Legion Post of Wilbraham and a member of VFW Post 7991 of Dunnellon FL. (Information taken from his tribute wall on Facebook, as posted by his daughter Daria Durling). He was a kind, strong and intelligent man. I will miss him greatly. Barbara GalganoBarbara Galgano

Danielson, Luke & Liz

In honor of BadgiKatie & Tim

We are thrilled to be able to support the great work of the Honor Flight Network on behalf of this wonderful couple, Luke and Liz Danielson!Allison Lavey & Beth Anne Scharle

Davidson, Ralph

In Memory of Ralph Davidson. George Porcher

Davis, Raymond

In loving memory of my deceased WWII veteran father. XoAnn Lorenzo

Davis, Wade

I’m memory of Wade Davis.Byron and Nikki Roach

In memory of Wade E. Davis.Curt & Kelly Bax

In memory of Wade E. DavisRural Missouri family

Dawes, Dean

In memory of Dean H. Dawes - Member of the National Guard and US ArmyFrom the caregivers who assisted him with his daily needs.

Day, Herbert L.

We want to honor your Dad by giving others Veterans. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.Your St. Francis Seraph Family

Day, William J.

We were able to take my Daddy to see the WWII Memorial before he died, because we lived nearby. That trip meant so much to him, so I donate in his memory.Mary Miller

Dean, Jr., Milt

Thank you for your service! We love you.Dusty, Shannon, Mason, Milo & Lilah

Debski, John

In honor of all VeteransLee, Jay, Jack and Ella

Del Vecchio, Carmen

Thank you for your service Dad, and a lifetime of patience and teaching.David Del Vecchio

DeNitto, David

In memory of David DeNito, a WWII and Korean War veteran. Mr DeNitto was also an American Legion member for 55 continuous years.Richard & Anita McLellan

Dexter, Allen

In memory of Allen Dexter.David and Kristen Dougan

Dexter, Allen M.

In memory ofMusic City Chapter Falcon Club of America

Dexter, Allen Michael

In memory ofMatthew, Kendra, Haily & Dylin Kelley

In memory ofAnthony & Benicia Schultz

In memory ofEdward & Christine Keschinger, Jr.

Di Gregory, Victor

Thank you for your service Pap!Pat, Anna, Lincoln, Violet

Dicken, Willie

In memory of Willie Dicken who served this country during WW2. Love from his granddaughter April StrauchTOC Logistics International Inc.

Diderrich, Vincent J.

In loving memoryWilliam & Ruth Rorig

Diehm, Howard

Howard W. Diehm (11/1931 - 3/2019), served 20 years in the U.S. Air Force and we honor his commitment and unselfish duty to our country.The Green and Orr Families

Diemer, Joseph

In memory ofMarianne Diemer

Dietz, Ray

Ray was a Corporal in the U.S. Army in 1946-1947 stationed in Manila Philippines.He was assigned to the JAG unit. He died on Veteran’s Day Nov. 11, 2012 which was also he and his wife, Bonnie’s 65th. Wedding Anniversary. We honor his memory and his service to our country.His daughter Sandi

Dietz, Wayne

In memory of your service.Kevin and Vicki Hill

In honor of Wayne DietzAnn Flood

Thanks Wayne for your service. You will be missed.Stephanie Beardsley

In loving memory of Wayne Dietz.Amy Thompson

Wayne Dietz made the Honor Flight and had a great experience. Wayne recently passed away but we are so grateful that he had this opportunity.Carolyn Beardsley

In memory of my father who served in WWIi.Christine Dietz

Dietz, Wayne P

In memory of Wayne P Dietz because he enjoyed his trip to Washington, D.C., May 13, 2013, so much.Friends and family

DiLiddo, Carl

In honor to your service to our country, Uncle Carl.Barbara Cacciapaglia

DiMauro, Michael

In loving memory of Michael DiMauroThe Klepser Family

DiPaula, Anthony

In honor of my grandfather, Anthony DiPaula, US Army WW2 Veteran European Theater.Anthony O’Boyle

Dittrich, David

Thanks for your service Dad!Jere’ & Scott

Dolata, Aloysius

Al proudly served his country as a tank commander in the Army during the Korean Conflict.The Tom Harris Family

Dole, Robert

Donating in honor of Bob Dole’s moving tribute to George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States of America. May God continue to bless the life of service of Bob Dole.Fellow Kansans

Dominguez, Richard

A tribute to Richard, thank you for your service to our country! And may you Rest In Peace!Jeremiah, Brittany, and Nash

Donn, Willie

In remembrance of a kind and caring veteran.Joan Hall

Donn, Willie P

This donation is made in memory of a faithful Marine, Willie P. Donn who served in WWII and was always proud he was a Marine and an American. He was active until his death in the VFW. He always had a U.S. flag waving around his house.Larry and Jane Ann Atkins and family

In memory of Uncle Willie, who honorably served his country in WWII. A faithful member of VFW and very proud to be so.From your loving sister and niece

In our dear uncle’s memory who truly and deeply enjoyed his honor flight and proudly served his country.Deceased sister, Thelma, her children, Sandra, Debbie and her grandchildren, Marianne and Mike

In honor of brother-in-law, Willie Donn who passed on March 5, 2019. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends. Rita and Randall Hawkins familyRita and Randall Hawkins

Donn, Willie P.

In loving memory of my Great Uncle Porter who deeply cared for the well being of othersYour great niece Marianne Platt

Doskocil, Larry

Larry Doskocil served honorably in the military service. This contribution in his honor.Elton and Ranae Stetson

Doskocz, Eugene J.

In memory ofBetty Riggs

Eugene Doskocz, a World War II veteran in the Army/Air Force recently passed away in Charleston, South Carolina. This gift was made on his behalf. Eugene is survived by his wife Barbara Doskocz, his children Donna and Simon Rodriguez and John and Fiona Doskocz, and grandchildren Simon, Patrick, Erin, Kara, Daniel, Tyler and Evan. We thank him and all of of those that serve and have served their country in the armed forces. God Bless.Guidewire Education Team - Kara Ekiss

Doskocz, Gene

In memory ofMr. & Mrs. Peter H. Luther

In memory ofMr. & Mrs. Peter H. Luther

Doty, Gerald

Dad- Thank you for serving our country! You will always be our hero!Joel, Joy, Tyler, Anna and Caleb

Doughty, James

He was a kind and gentle man. His son said he went on an Honor Flight and it was one of the best things he ever did.Kenyon Rush

Doyle, Joseph V.

Happy 90th Birthday ...Thank you for your service!!The Egan Crew

Drake, William & Samantha

Congratulations on your wedding! We wish love and happiness.Love, Joe and Stephanie Badalamenti

Drake, William and Samantha

We congratulate and celebrate as you begin your marriage. You have been a blessing to so many with your time and talents. Our wish is for you to have a long and happy life together. Love Craig and PeggyCraig and Peggy Schley

Drysdale, Jon W.

In honor of my Dad who visited the WWII Memorial in DC with me years ago - he served in the Navy at the end of WWII and then in the Army during the Korean War. And also to honor my Mom, Millie T. Drysdale, who showed such respect for our wonderful country and all of our veterans. They were wonderful loving patriotic parents.Vickie

Duggan, Keira

A donation to Honor Fliglht has been made in your name. Thank you for your thoughtful decision to support this charity.Grammy and Grampa

Dunn, Warren

Uncle Joe, So glad we saw you last August. As Jody said, hope you and Aunt Jean are fishing every day!Your Niece

DuPont, Robert E

We enjoyed spending time with your dad over the years. May he rest in peace.Luchi & Ray Palermo

DuPont, Robert E.

In honor of my Father, a Navy WWII veteran, who expressed that his honor flight experience was “One of the best days of my life.” I love you Dad!Ellen, Your LovingDaughter

In honor of my great friend’s father who bravely served our country.The Browne Family

DuPont, Robert Emile

This donation is given in memory and honor of Robert Emile DuPont for his service to our country and for his life so well lived.W. Paul and Jonette M. Sawyer

Dupont, Robert Emile

In honor of Robert Emile DupontLawlor Family

Duvall, Robert Morgan

In honor of Mr. Robert Morgan Duvall of Dover, NH, extraordinary life.Michael & Ann Lane and family

Dvoratchek, Mary

In loving memory of Mary DvoratchekNanette Dvoratchek

Dwiggins, Ray

In loving memory to our dear friends dad Ray and his service in the Navy during WW2. RIPJim and Suzie Paoli

Dear Uncle Ray, Thank you for your service and your love as a father, grandfather, and uncle. Your character was a model for us all to strive to match and we thank you for every minute that you were with us. With our love, The Berkeley Dwiggins ClanBerkeley Dwiggins Family

Dwiggins, Raymond

In memory of my very special Uncle, Raymond E. DwigginsCharles & Vicki Higgins

Dzierski, Anthony

We honor this great man Anthony Dzierski for all he has done in service for our great Nation, and also for the tremendous contributions he’s made to the state of Virginia. Anthony protects and preserves all those things our country holds dear. We cherish our freedoms...we cherish great men like Anthony. We thank and recognize him with our deepest thoughts.RIBA Construction, LLC

Dzierzbick, Margaret

In loving memory of Margaret M. DzierzbickiJoan Mommsen

Eberhardt, Cleo

In the memory of Cleo EberhardtThomas Zirnhelt

Eck, Herbert

In memory of my beloved grandfather, Herbert A. Eck, who fought in World War II and fortunately lived long enough to visit the WWII memorial in DC. It meant a lot to him to be able to see it in person!his granddaughter, Jennifer

Edgington, Douglas E.

So sorry to hear this. RIP, Doug, with prayers of comfort for your family, friends and colleagues. KathyKathleen Radcliff, former neighbor and Realtor, Keller Williams Consultants Realty

Edwardson, Jeff

Thank you for your service to our country. May you Rest In Peace. Love you Mike and Sheri KinslowYour Loving Family

Edwrds, James H

In memory ofButchart, Ellzey & Associates

Elam, Lyle

Daddy, Thank you for your service and showing your grandsons the importance of serving in the Military of the United States of America.Pamela

Ellis, Charles

My sisters and I have you to thank for our strong values, morals, selflessness, kindness, and work ethic. You instilled these in our Dad, who in turned passed them on to us. While I wish we were closer in proximity while you were here, we enjoyed the time we spent with you and have many fond memories of those times. We will always have you in our hearts and will always cherish family as you did. Rest in peace [and in plaid], Big Chas. We love you.Your proud Grandson, Jason

Erdman, Milton

In memory ofMary Ann Adams

Erickson, Lowell

This donation is in memory of Lowell Erickson, the father of our running buddy Laureen Laumeyer. Her daddy proudly served in the US Air Force and served in the during the Korean War. She loved her daddy and we love her. Thank you for this great organization and the things it is doing for our veterans Sincerely The Elizabethtown 5 AM running group.....We Run E’town! The Elizabethtown 5 AM running group...

In loving memory of Uncle Lowell, a faithful servant of God.Michelle & Daniel Lembcke

Erickson, Lowell J

In memory of my uncle Lowell J. Erickson who proudly served his country in the Korean War who was Honorably discharged in 1958Ron & Sandy Lemke

Erickson, Lowell J.

In memories of a great husband, great father, and great American. Thank you so much for your service to our great nation and for raising children with great work ethics, a rare and beautiful quality nowadays.Your Son Dean’s Junior Co-Worker

Eriksen, Mark V.

In memory of:Nancy Wennerstrand

Ernst, Richard

In memory of a great man, Dr. Richard Ernst of St. Louis, MO. A WWII vet with a passion for supporting vets. Our deep condolences to his wife, family and friends.The McComb Family

Ernst, Richard E.

In memory ofRheumatology Dept. at Lahey Clinic

In memory ofMattison/McKay Family

Ernst, Sr., Robert E

In memory ofDr. & Mrs. Gerald & Dona Behrens

Essick, Irving "Lou"

In memory ofStephen Essick & Paige Price

Evans, Ewin Carroll

In memory ofPeggy Evans

Evans, Howard

In memory ofVictoria Smith

In Memory of Howard Evans; thank you for your service.Glenn and Donna

In memory of Howard who will be missed greatly by us and his family.Robert & Dorothy Evans

Evans, Howard O.

In memory ofEldon & Patty Kelso; Stephen & Rhonda Kucynda

In memory of a truly honorable man. It was a privilege to know you.Elaine Knutson

Memorial in honor of a great American, Howard O. Evans! May God’s abiding grace be with you all.Arn and Barb Lutz

Ewing, Eddie

In memory of Eddie Ewing, who is the father in law of Missy Ewing, a teacher at Westerville Central High School.Westerville Central Faculty and Staff



Farrier, Junion

In memory ofCarl & Karla Rushek

Farrier, Junior

J. R. was a wonderful friend to Bob and Dorothy Kistler and will be missed by his family and ours.The Kistler and Kernaghan Family

Fassbender Jr., Ernest (Fuzzy)

In loving memory. God speed.The Vredeveld Family

Fatla, Bernard

In memory of Bernard Fatla.Ryan Loomis

In memory of Bernard J. "Barney" Fatla. To Scot Majewski and family, we are sorry for your loss.Tassi Family, Eddie Dichter, and Kim and Aaron Gordon

Fatla, Bernard J.

With deepest sympathies to Scott Majewski and family.Steve and Amy Kirk

Fatla, Bernard J. “Barney”

In honor of Bernard J. “Barney” Fatla.Darlene Pekarek

Fatla, Bernard “Barney”

Off to the next adventure...Scotty’s work family

Fay, Harry

In memory of Harry Fay, A WWII Army Air Corps veteran. He flew 51 bombing missions over Africa, Italy and much of Europe as a tail gunner in a B24 Liberator. He died at the age of 101 on Jan. 14, 2019. Harry was able to participate in an Honor Flight trip to Washington DC prior to his passing. I cannot think of any greater way to thank our heroes for their service and to honor them for their sacrifices.Harry and Colette Urban

Feldkamp, Henry

God’s Peace to you Sir, Rest Easy.Chuck and Ellen Drebes

Fels, Frederick

In honor of Fred Fels who passed away on 1/23/19.From his extended family - John Sternberg

Fidel, Al

In memory ofAlan Rothschild & Shirlee Stokes

Field, Clayton

In memory ofGloria Berg

Fishback, Burney

To a wonderful and kind man. It was my pleasure to get to know you.Brenda Van Cleave


In loving memory of a great man.Trudy and Steve Iannucilli

Fitgerald, William

In fond memory of a neighbor who taught us all to keep fightingThe Culbertsons - Elva and Denny

Fleck, Colleen

In memory ofSally Jones-Evans

In memory ofTom & Linda Lortie

In memory ofGeorge & Sue Wallpe

Floyd, Keniston

In memory of WWII Pearl Harbor survivorPleasant Hill Free Baptist Church

Forman, Erwin V.

In grateful appreciation of a true patriot, gentleman, loving husband and father. Rest in Peace.Willaim E. Podszus

Fox, John M.

In honor of John Marion Fox who was a teenage combat Marine during WWII, fighting in the Pacific theater of operations. He was able to be a part of an honor flight to Washington DC in October of 2014.Doug Piper and Barb Benjamin

Francis, Peter Benjamin

Christmas donation in his honorAlice & Thomas Perrault

Franklin, Clarence

In loving memory of Clarence Franklin.Silverado Senior Living

Frauenhoff, Richard

In memory ofLaura Fors

Frederick, Emma Jo

Rest In Peace ,Aunt EmmaLove, your niece Kathy Faiella

Freed, John

Thank you for your service.Your loving family

Froh, Orville

Thank you to my dad, Orville, for years of service to our country, and for supporting all his companions and friends! My dad is the best at advertising for the Honor Flight!Mary Pat Doers

Gaffney, John M.

Thank-you for all you have done for your country, family and friends.Your Family

Gallant, Phyllis

In memory ofDiane & Stephen Keaney

In memory ofConstance & James Flynn

Gargarian, George

US Army Paratrooper; WW2 A brave, kind, and loving father, a patriotic immigrant, and a wonderful man! This donation is in your memory.Your loving daughters

Garlitz, Roderick "Ottie"

In memory ofHarry & Carolyn Barney, III.

Garofani, Gary

Gary J. Garofani passed away November 16th at the age of 95. He was a proud veteran of WWII serving in the US Army Air Corps. John Garofani is Gary’s son and is an attorney in the Law Department at Northwestern Mutual. In Gary J. Garofani’s honor we in the Law Department would like to donate as a remembrance of Gary.Northwestern Law Department

Gassner, James

In memory of James L GassnerGassner & Associates LLC (staff/family)

Gehle, Henry G

In honor of my father who passed away this year; he was a proud Veteran who served in the 34th Bomb Group of the 8th Air Force during World War II. He was a loving father, a devoted husband and a true gentleman. All who knew him will miss him.Your proud and loving daughter

Geyer, Glen

Thank you Grandpa Glen and Merry Christmas!Jay & Jade

Gibbons, Frances A.

In memory ofMary Gibbons

Gifford, Alan

Tribute given in honor of the UNC REX Critical Care Transport Team Veterans and in honor of Alan Gifford, US Navy WW II Veteran, who has had the privileged of being on an Honor Flight prior to his passing. We want to ensure more Veterans have the opportunity to experience this wonderful trip to Washington.Jennifer Gifford McInnis

Gigliotti, Eugene

In memory ofBradford Township Supervisors, Police and Employees

Girard, Paul

To my Grandfather & WWII Navy vet who passed away today Paul J Girard JR. We took him in April 2015 Lone Eagle trip.Jim Picou

Gnerlich Jr, William J

Our deepest sympathies; rest in peace Billy.Rich & Joanie

Gnerlich Jr., William J.

Billy, I will always cherish the memories of the childhood we spent together. From the endless summers playing backyard sports, boating trips, and just hanging out, your energy and humor elevated every moment. Thank you for being my friend. You will forever be in my thoughts and prayers. -CurtisBarr Family

Gnerlich, Jr, Wiiliam J

You will be greatly missed.Cecily and Bill Garcia

Gnerlich, Jr., John

In memory ofStanley Peters

Gnerlich, Jr., William

In memory ofCrown Point Corvette Club

In memory ofCrown Point Corvette Club

Gnerlich, Jr., William J.

In memory ofStanley Peters

Godlewski, Walter

In honor of a great man who was deeply loved and will be greatly missed.Your dear friends, Jackie, Sheila, Terise, Kristen, Kristy, Danielle & Dave

Godwin, Thomas L.

In loving memory of Tommy Godwin. A man of the Lord on this earth. He was such a Loving Husband, Brother, Father, Uncle, Grandfather and definitely a man that touched everyone he met very deeply. Without a doubt, a hero to us all and will be missed on this earth by so many lives he has touched. God Bless our Uncle Tommy. May he rest in peace and keep his family safe under angel wings. No Brag, Just Fact!David Porter and wife Sabrina

Goldsmith, Harvey

In honor ofThe Book Lovers of Westchester

Gollwitzer, Brad

In memory of your Brother Brad and his year in service to our Country. Sorry for the loss of your brother Bernie, and the loss to entire Gollwitzer family.Jim and Chery Wiltsch

Goodbar, Joe

In honor lfSouth Charleston United Methodist Church

Gordon, David

In honor of your Honor Flight with Dad. Happy Holidays love RE&ARuth and Alan

Gormley, Judith

In honor of my wonderful grandmother, Judith Gormley......Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!Seth Gormley

Gould, Michael

In memory of Michael Gould.Robynn Delin

In memory of Michael Gould, who served in the United States Air Force during the Korean War.Ellen Seaver

Thank you for your service.Anonymous

Thank you for your service Uncle Mike! We will miss you!Mike and Laurie Pilotti

May all Veterans be given everything they deserve for their excellent service.Howard Bakerman

Gould, Michael R

In memory ofSusan Fiorentino

In memory ofAlbert & Jane Clapps

In memory ofRussell & Colleen Blackwell

In memory of Michael Gould from the Bausinger Family.Carol, Scott & Alexis Bausinger

Gould, Michael R.

In Memory ofDominic & Marcia Pilotti

This donation is in memory of Michael R. Gould who served in the Air Force. Mike has been a co-worker for the past 15 years and will be missed by many.Marshall & Lisa Johnson

This donation is made in honor of Michael R. Gould for his four years of service to his country during the Korean War from September 11, 1950 to September 10, 1954. We truly appreciate his dedication and loyalty. With sincere admiration, Joan & Dennis StefanelliJoan & Dennis Stefanelli

In honor and memory of Mike Gould. With good memories,The Dramm family

Gourley, John F.

Thank you for your service to our country in the Navy during WW II.Your grateful sons and family

Grainger, David

In honor ofMark & Deborah Perry

Grant, Rupert

Jim Grant served his country honorably in WW II. Thank you for recognizing his contributions by providing him and his family with a wonderful day. He along with countless other veterans (past and present) are true American heroes who deserve our thanks and support .Shelby Crowe

Grant, Woodrow

For GrampyStephanie and Jacob Ayer

Greiner, William

In honor of Pap and his service in WWII. Pap, we are all proud of you. Thank you for being the loyal, loving, and fun person you are. Michelle, Tracy, and Aaron

Grenhoff, Ronald

In honor of my father, Ronald Grenhoff, who served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam.His daughter, Staci Warrens

Griffin, Walter R.

In memory ofElizabeth Ann McKelvey

Grotto, Art

In Memory ofJudith & Russell Wolter

Grubb, Richard

In memory of Richard Grubb who passed at age 93. Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences with hundreds of students over the years. Your legacy will not be forgotten.The Dions

Gurley, Glenn Alexander

In honor of Glenn Alexander Gurley, with deepest sympathy for his loving granddaughter Shannon Greene.Heather Randolph Carter

Gurvis, Alan

In appreciation for your service and in love for all you do for us!Mark, Leah, Annie, Lottie & Noa

Haas, Wil

In memory of a WWII veteran and beloved brother-in-law, Wil Haas.Donn & Rita Rosselet

Haggard, Eulis "Les"

In memory ofGeorge Schoen & Joanne Conradi

In memory ofRIchard & Diane Hayes

Hale, Cliff

We love you Mr. Hale and appreciate all that you do for our school and for veteran’s!Wilson School

Hamilton, Ronald

Thank you for your service and all that you doRick and Denise Gillett

Hammond, Everett

Thank you for your service to our country in the Korean WarYour friend Evelyn Elledge

Hanaver, Arlie

Merry Christmas!Luke Britt

Thank you for serving your country and coming home safely. We love you.Arliene & Terry

Handley, John N.

In memory of VeteranJon & Wanda Cherie Estep

Hansen, George L.

To George L. Hansen, may you blaze many trails in heaven. Thank you for your fine service in the US Navy.Tracy and Grant Clark

Hansen, Robert C.

In memory of Dr. Robert & Lois Hansen.Catapano / Stoffel Family

Hanson, Bryan

In Honor of for ChristmasJennifer L. Jakes

Hanson, George

In memory of our Dad, he so loved his Honor Flight experience!Scott & Jere’

Harper, Don

In honor of Don Harper - a life well-lived! - full of honor and sacrificeThe Lebanon Harpers

Harper, Vernon E.

In memorial for Vernon E. Harper..he was part of the honor flight.Ellen and Ray Tamayo

Harrell, Nancy Ann

Leslie and family--so sorry for your loss. She sounds like a lovely and remarkable woman. My son used to play drums with a small group at the Dulles baggage claim to greet veterans coming to Washington via this program, wearing some of his grandfather’s WWII army air corps "jewelry." He was honored to do it.Cindy and Kevin Brown

In the Memory Nancy Ann HarrellMike and Stacey Connor Jadyn Dodge

Harrington, Frederick

Remembering my dad and thankful for the sacrifices of all who served and their families.Kate

Harris, Martin

In memory ofGloria Tanzman

Hart, Comander Robert (

Commander Robert ( "Doc") Hart for his long time sacrifices and service.Jim and Barb Edwards

Hart, Commander Robert H.

In memory of Retired U.S. Navy veteranPhilip R. Myers Family

Hart, George

In honor ofDaniel James & Julia Szuanne Croal Fund

Hart, Lt. Commander Robert "Doc"

In memory ofPatrick & Natalie Nesbitt



Hart, Robert

Dear Bobbi, I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Bob. He was a great influence on me and taught me a lot. I will miss him dearly. RanjiRanji Daniel Eapen

In memory of Robert HartWilliam Devine

Hart, Robert H

In memory ofPaula Jane Watters

Hart, Robert H.

Robynn and family, Sending thoughts of comfort. Rachael AnnRachael Krueger

To a very dear friend who will be missed. We will always remember the good times we enjoyed together. Till we meet again!Paul & Barbara Raffaelli

Hassinger, Val

In honor of 5 years of service in the United States MarinesTeri Hassinger

Haug, Ernest R.

For ErnieThe Mullervy Family

Hawkins, Clfiton

In memory of Clifton Eugene "Gene" HawkinsRobert D. Erney & Associates Co., lpa

Hawkins, Gene

Praying for the Hawkins family in this time of need, deepest sympathiesYour Tech Data Family

Hayes, Floyd

Floyd, Thank you for all your did and do for our country, our parish, our community, and our family. Love- Ryan,Valerie Lucy, Lexi, & Sheena FarnsworthThe Farnsworth Family

Heebner, Vernon L.

IMO of my father, Vernon L. Heebner, USMC.your daughter, Laurie

Hektner, James

In loving memory of Dad, US Navy 1945-46.. Charter member of the WWII Memorial.Your daughter.

Heller, Lloyd

This is in memory of Lloyd Heller.David and Mary Beth Baker

Helms, Gene

In memory ofNick Bell and Megan Purcell

Henderson, Jack

In honor of a fine individual, war hero and all around one of the finest individuals I have ever met-thanks for making the world a better place.Tom T and family

Offering you and your family our deepest and most sincere condolences and may the soul of your grandfather, Jack Henderson, rest in peace.Scrimmage

Jack was a Korean War Veteran having served in the US Navy. He participated in the Honor Flight in April of 2018.a friend

In loving tribute to Jack Henderson for his service to the US Navy in the Korean War, to his community as Lieutenant in the North Chicago Fire Department, to Abbott Labs as Fire Chief, and to his family and friends who loved him. You will be greatly missed.Vince Tillona

From a fellow former soldier.Les Blau, a friend of Jeff Henderson

To a special man and especially father...Gregg & Diane Thompson

Henderson, Jack A.

In memory of Jack A. Henderson.Pete and Karen DePerte

Henderson, Robert

Here’s to meeting another Bear for you to love.Jeb and Becky

Hensel, Carl

Our Uncle, Carl Hensel served in WWII in the Air Force. With Honor Flight’s help he was able to visit the Memorial. We are thankful for his service to our Country. And we’re thankful to Honor Flight for their service. Sincerely, Janet Huebner and Bob Higginbotham Karen Huebner Ned and Judy Huebner Andy and Kristin HuebnerWith Love from the children of Harley and Betty Huebner

Hepp, George F

So that the veterans, especially WWII like my Pop-Pop, will be able to feel the country’s gratitude for their service and remind them that their sacrifice is honored and that they gave to a greater good.The Hepp Family

Hernandez, Carole

The Sunbelt Rentals family would like to honor the memory of Carole Hernandez with this donation. She was an amazing mother to our friend and colleague Kevin Harris.Sunbelt Rentals Family

Hewitt, Walter

A WWII Vet who never got to visit the memorial. Thank you for your service.Your Loving Family

Hill, Joseph

In memory ofPatricia Montgomery

Hilt, Delores Ann

In loving memory. Rest In Peace.Kevin Wodicka, nephew

Hilt, John J

In memory of Jack and Delores Hilt. Much loved "family". We all have such fond memories of time spent together.Pam, Brian, Brad and Todd Herbst

Hinkle, Herbert

In memory ofLinda Lakes

Hirschi, Melissa

Thanks for inspiring us to be better people and help make a difference.Your girls

Hladky, Mary and Bill

In fond memory of Dad’s last trip.Irene Wallbaum

Hojnacki, Phillip

Tribute to Phillip (Sonny) Hojnacki, who passed away April 1, 2019Family friends

Hojnacki, Phillip

In memory of Phillip Hojnacki, WWll veteran, devoted husband, father, grandfather, neighbor and friend.Jill and Carl Hoffman

Holen, Theodore

A wonderful man another hero from WW II and an example of the "Greatest Generation".Tom and Sandi Robertson

In memory of a great WW2 vet.Gary and Cindy Anderson

Holen, Theodore "Ted"

In memory ofM. W. Spates & R. L. Patterson

Holen, Theodore J

In memory of Theodore “Ted” Holen. WWII 303rd Bomb GroupVicki Wagener Agency

Holen, Theodore J.

In memory and appreciation for your military serviceKurt Joseph Family

Holland Sr., Carl

Carl Holland Sr. served in the U.S. Army in the Korean & Vietnam War. Mr. Holland had full intentions of retiring with thru the Army until he was shot down while flying in a helicopter and crushed both legs, an honorable discharge was handed to Mr. Holland because at the time they thought he would never walk. He is thriving, walking, and enjoying his family.NEMO|etc South Carolina Location

Holly, Earl

In loving memory of a special uncle, Earl Holly, of Tulsa, OK. He was a veteran of WWII where he served on the USS Lake Champlain.Larry Richard and Lynita

Holly, Earl A.

You served with honor and you lived with honor. Rest in peace Earl.Kerry, David and Jessie

In memory of uncleShirley Hilburn

In loving memory of Earl Aubrey Holly a kind, caring, man who loved his family, friends, and country.Martha Elliott and family

In loving memory of my uncleShirley Hilburn

Holly, Earl Aubrey

In memory ofGeorge & Arlene Exline

In memoriam. Rest in peace.Carol’s friend Barbara

Holmes, Donald

We are grateful to have known this man, laughed with him,learned from him and played the music of our lives with him. We will carry Don Holmes in our hearts always. Your friends in Esperance Band We’ll "See You in Our Dreams"Esperance Band

Holthaus, Mr. & Mrs. Richard

In honor of for ChristmasKirk Holthaus

Horn, James "Jim"

In memory ofMarilyn Robinson Family

In memory ofPaul & Linda McFadden

Hostnick, Joseph

In memory of a father who fought with courage in WWII, with the 1st Infantry. Long gone, but not forgotten.Love, Linda and Mike

Howell, Retired Colonel Richard

For his loyal service to our country as a member of the United States Air ForceMike and Donna Mills

Howse, Fred

In honor of Fred Howse, loving father and grandfather, Navy veteran, WWII, D-day.Andrea, Adam, Rachel and Sarah Ainley

Howse, Frederick Samuel

In memory ofCaroline Howse

Huckle, Richard Arthur

In memory ofBev Huckle Family

Hunter, Christine

In honor of your 37 years of dedicated public service. With much respect and affection, Rochelle and Rhoda Rhoda Schulzinger and Rochelle Granat

Hurley, Charles

In memory ofMacktez Corp.

In memory ofChristina Patrick & Michael Higgins

Hurley, Charles F.

In Memory ofSusie Davis, Barb Hollander, Barb Linson & Larry & Kelly Pruitt

Iannucci, Vincent A.

In honor of a proud veteran and loving father and grandfather.Matthew and Georgann Callaghan

Intinarelli, Gary

In honor of all American veterans, especially those who fought in World War II.Corita Gravitt and Paul Ryan

Isper, Richard

To a wonderful man and father who served in Korea and at WPAFB.Your Loving Family

Jackson, Bernard

In memory ofTimothy & Peggy Jackson

In memory ofGary & Janet DeJohn

In memory ofTheresa & Barry Wade

In memory ofSteven & Elizabeth Dalin

In memory ofSam & Cindy Spinosi Capizzi

In memory ofMarilyn & Bob Livingston

In memory ofRobert & Diane Lowe, Jr.

In memory ofJames & Janis Kowalski

In memory ofNorma Carpenter

Thanks for your service to our country, yes, in all 4 branches. You will be missed. Love you Pawpaw. Your loving daughter in law Debbie Jackson

In Memory of Bernie JacksonODNR Fiscal Group

In loving memory of Bernie Jackson.Dutch’s Family

In loving memory. You will be greatly missed my dear brother. All my love, Eddie Jaskiewicz and FamilyEddie Jaskiewicz

Jackson, Bernie

Thank you for all the laughs and fond memories over so many years! Your smile and positive vibes carry on in those that got to know you!Tony Grab, Andy Grab and their families

Mr. Bernie Jackson was proud to say he served in all 4 branches of the military and in celebration of his life, we would like to make this donation in his memory.Melisa and Your Loving Alliance Data Family

He will be missed and is irreplaceable.Wade and Suzanne Willis - Family friends

James, Croal

In memory ofDaniel James & Suzanne Croal Fund

Jelmini, Irene Mary Parenti

In rememberance for the Jelmini FamilyKaren Dorian

Jepsen, Glen

In memory of WWII US Navy VeteranPatricia Jepsen

Jestel, David H

In memoryPat & Jane

Jestel, David H.

In memory ofRobert Childs & Linda Gattuso-Childs

Jirak, James

In memory ofPatricia Layman

Johnson, Andrew

In Memory of Jim Johnson.Crestwood Parks and Recreation

Johnson, Beverly

In loving memory of Beverly Burroughs Johnson, a Naval veteran of World War II. He served proudly.The Johnson and Loomis Families

Jones, Gilbert

In honor of your life and service.Schrotenboer Family

Jones, Karl

In honor ofShirley Kelley

Jones, Randall

In memory ofMr. & Mrs. McMillian

In memory ofRonald & Kim Preston

Jones, Randall E

In memory ofWilliam Reeder

Kaku, Hiroshi

In memory of your service and in honor of a life that touched so many.Alice Vestergaard

Kalupa, Edward

Thank you Eddie for your service and may you rest in peace. You will be missed more than you know and you were an example to us all on how we should live our lives. God Bless.Paul Tutzke

Kamrath, George

A loving fatherBeth ludlow

Karas, Robert

In honor ofRobert & Mary Kathleen Wheeler

Karas, Robert S.

In memory ofDavid & Joyce Beutler

Kaste, Allyn

This gift is given in honor of Luke and Liz Danielson’s wedding. My father, Allyn Kaste, was honored to be able to go to Washington D.C. through the Honor Flight Network before he passed away. Congratulations to Luke and Liz and thank you for honoring World War II veterans.Beth and Chuck Pedersen

Katen, Ronald

Thank you Ron, Joan and Laura for showing us the true meaning of patriotism and service to our countryWith respect and love, Grace and Paul Murray

Keck, Thomas

In memory ofLarry & Nancy Gregory

King, Eva Ilene

Eva Ilene King passed away last week and her family wanted donations to honor flight instead of flowers.People Service Inc.

King, Neil F.

In honor of Neil F. King. Thank you for your service.National Wildlife Health Center Sunshine Club

Kinney, Jack

My special Grandpa. A Seabee and my Grandma’s true love. I miss you Grampy.Harriett

Kinsey, Bob

In memory ofT. C. & Eva Miller

Kitt, Elizabeth

In honor of Liz’s cherished grandparents to celebrate her wedding day.Katie and Joe Spilker

Kitt, Robert

Donation to honor his youngest granddaughter Elizabeth Kitt’s marriage to Luke Danielson.Bruce and Debbie Kitt

Kohtz, Jim and Beryl

In honor of two of the best people I have ever known. High School sweethearts - Jim went to Viet Nam and Beryl waited for him to return. Today they celebrate their 50th year of marriage. It is an honor to know them and an honor to help Honor Flight pay homage to our veterans.John Dalman

Kotlowski, Gerald

This donation is in honor of my Uncle Jerry who passed away last week. He participated in an Honor Flight in the Midwest. He was a Korean War veteran and was proud of his military service.Charmaine Thompson and Denise Spracklin

Kramer, Leon

This is gift is given in honor of Gary Kramer’s honor.Hatco Corporation

Kratoochvil, Robert

In thanks for Robert’s service and memory of his passing.Rick Wescott

Kratzke, Victor

In memory ofJulie & Randall Klein, Jr.

In Memory of Victor Kratzke who was a Veteran and recently was able to travel on an Honor Flight before his passing. The Trip has great meaning for him and his family.Jill Henselin

Krause, Carl

In honor of Carl Krause and all those that have served our country. Thank you for your bravery.St Paul’s Lutheran Des Peres Academic Team

Krazke, Victor

In memory ofDavid & Karen Henselin

Krebs, Howard

To all you’ve done and been.Paul

Kress, Conrad

Grandpa, Thank you for your service and Merry Christmas! We love you!Travis and Caroline

Kudla, Arthur Joseph

Thank you for your service. Your son John is a fine manSteve and Dee Anna Shrefler

Kuhfuss, Lee

Donating in the memory of our friend Lee Kuhfuss. Wayne and Vickie Styck Chillicothe, IllinoisYour friends Wayne and Vickie Styck

Lee was a kind, smart, fun, loving man. He was a good friend, dad, husband and grandpa. We are all going to miss him dearly. Rest In Peace dear friend. Love to Cheryl, Lisa and family.Tom and Cathy Dougherty

In memory ofBernard & Kathleen Spaunhorst

In memory ofBonnie, Warren Karen Herrick, Sue Robertson

In memory ofLarry & Joyce Belsley

In memory ofLiz & Mick Rudy

In memory of Lee Kuhfuss.Christian Cycling Club - Missouri Spoke

In memory ofGalen & Linda Bird

In Lee’s honor, for his year’s of service. Remembering his family in their time of sadness.Carle Nicklas, Saint Charles MO

In memory ofKathy & Bernie Saunhorst

In honor of Lee Kuhfuss from Lake St. Louis, Mo. 63367 From the LadyHawks golf League in Heritage of Hawk Ridge, Lake St. Louis, Mo.63367 that Lee’s wife is a part of. The LadyHawks send our condolences. Sincerely, Kathy Schiller Treasurer of LadyHawksLadyHawks Golf League, Lake St. Louis, Mo. 63367

In memory of Lee KuhfussCare & Concern Committee of HHR

In memory of Lee KuhfussJoseph and Barbar Mueller

In memory of Lee Kuhfuss. Devoted husband, father, and grandfather who will be missed tremendously. Thank you for the legacy you have left.Meike Newell

In Memory of Lee KuhfussM. Mueller

Our Deepest Sympathy!Love the Fender-Dickerson Family

Kulaga, Eugene

In honor and memory of Eugene (Gene) Kulaga. He was a man of honor; a father of compassion, and loving influence to a family that will forever remember him in our hearts and dreams. I will personally recall my personal priveledged of knowing my Uncle Gene and seeing his greatness expressed in the wife he loved; children he helped to raise to their own greatness, and parents of which he cared for in their time as a son. I owe he and my father their love to be passed onward with this small donation to others whom will receive anonymously and help to bring closure to their service to us all.Mark and Diana Kulaga

Kwitick, Robert

May your memory be a blessing to all who knew and loved you! May another veteran receive this honor of a flight to DC!Janet and Brian Leshin

Labo, Edward

In memory ofNancy McLargin, Edna Phillips

In memory ofNancy & Daniel McLargin

In memory ofSandar & Mark Snyder

Lackey, George E. "Bud"

In memory ofT. C. & Eva Miller

LaFrankie, Bill

In memory of Uncle Bill LaFrankie. With love, Ed, Karolyn, Emma and JaneEd, Karolyn, Emma and Jane

Lamb Jr., Arthur D.

This donation is in tribute to our Father, Arthur D. Lamb Jr. Dad was a career Navy man who gave over 30 years of his life in service of our nation. Dad, We all thought the Honor Flight Program would be a great way for you to say Thank You to all those you served with as well as those who came after you. Your family appreciates and holds close to the heart the service and sacrifice you made not only to this country but to your family as well. Have a great Holiday! Love from AllCathy, Tim, Mag and Carl, Joe and Nancy

Lambright, Robert

To dad, Robert Lambright, and Grandad, William Mcclendon. Love you Always. Thank you for your service.Your Loving Family, The Lambright

Lamkin, Dorwin

In memory of Dorwin Lamkin. Thank you for your service and a life well lived.Jennifer Weast

In memory of Dorwin Lamkin.Security 1st Title

So sorry for your loss, I am sure Dorwin will be remembered by many as a hero, as he should be.Carolyn Mallory

May you rest in peace. Thank you for your Service.Cheryl Lee

Lanigan, John

John Lanigan Sr was a proud Veteran of WW 11. In addition he was a wonderful lifelong friend. We would like to honor his request to support Honor Flights so other veterans may have the same opportunity to see their memorials in Washington DC. Jane and Don O’DonnellJane and Don O’Donnell

Larkins, William (Pecky)

When I met Pecky he was in the Air Force, 1972 just back from Korea stationed at Andrew’s Air Force Base. He specialized in communications & went on to utilize his computer/communication training from the AF to land jobs with IBM & Hewlitt Packard to name a few. He was proud of his Poly Technic education & his Service in the Air Force. His friend Tom Bleakly passed a few years ago & had the same school & military service in the Army. Now, they are "together" again only in death, which I hope is comforting for his family to know. My Grandfather was in WW1, my Father in WW2 & I’ve learned that those who serve do it selflessly, as did Pecky. We lost him on the 1st day of 2019 to further emphasize, "A New Beginning" but not an "End" for us just a "Goodbye for Now"! With Love & Blessings to All Military personnel, especially to our friend Pecky. Rest in PEACE! Fran & FamilyFran & Catania Family

Larkins, William David

To the Gordon Family in memory of your brother. May he rest in peace.Steve and Janet Snyder

Larkins, WIlliam David

In memory ofBrent & Joan Petty, M.D.

Larsen, Richard

Thanks for your service.Loving Wife

Laur, Richard

In loving memory of a fine gentleman, my beloved Uncle Dick. He loved his Country, his God, his family. Gone but never forgotten. Love from Dan & Kathy Laur McBride and David & Melissa BusheyYour Loving Family

Laur, Richard J.

In loving memory of Richard J. Laur, U.S. Army Air Force, U.S. Air Force.Greg, Michele, and Olivia Laur

Law, Ellen

Ellen Law passed away on 1/2/2019 at age 99. She was blessed to benefit from an Honor Flight before her passing. She was a WWII veteran reaching the rank of ENS in the Navy WAVES, working in the code room decoding classified messages. She was a treasured member of our church family at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Ontario, California. I was honored to sing at her funeral service. She was greatly loved by her daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Ellen exemplified the best of what one can offer her country, and what a loving Christian should be for her family and her community.Barbara Alwin, member of Westminster Presbyterian Church

Leahy, Daniel

In loving memory of Dan Leahy and his dedicated service in the army.Kirby Mosenthal

Lee, Buzz

To my grandfather who served his country in the US Coast Guard in 1944-46, in Iwo JimaBrainstorm, Inc

Leete, James

James Leete honorably served his country in the US Air Force.Elton and Ranae Stetson

Lemcke, Jack

In memory of our Uncle Jack - you will be missed!Linda Armstrong & Stuart, Stacy, Olivia, and Jack Gale

Lemcke, John

In memory of Jack lemckeDick and Rita Kearney

Lemcke, John (Jack)

Dear Cheryl, We are terribly sorry for your loss. In honor of your father please accept this donation on behalf of ESL and your work family. You are all in our thoughts and prayers, Your ESL familyESL Long Pond Office

Lemcke, John H.

In memory of Jack Lemcke.Shelly and Jim Paratore

Lemke, Norman

In memory ofSarah & Martin Much

In memory ofRay & Karen Laird

In memory ofThomas & Roseanne Ulman

In loving memory of Norman Lemke.The Farley Family

In grateful memory of Norm’s service to our country. We are so sorry for your loss.Renee, Mike, Sam and Ted

Lemke, Norman H

In memory ofRussell & Lynn Morey

In memory ofRobert & Kath Lemke Menuet

Lemke, Norman H.

In memory ofDirk & Antonette Bavinck

In memory ofMarie Merrill

In memory ofDavid & Noreen Gruel

In memory ofJoe & Wendy Dorn

In memory ofDuane & Ginny Doersch

In memory ofDennis & Terri Huettl

In memory ofDuwayne & Geraldine Manteufel

In memory ofDavid & Bevrely Erdman

In memory ofBill & Connie Doersch

In memory ofSandra Klapper

In memory ofKen & Rose Solburg

In memory ofWayne & Judy Heuttl

In memory ofBob & Marian Rohloff

In memory ofToby Kuepper

In memory ofMs. Catriona MacKinnon

In memory ofNancy Risley

In memory ofDiane Heaton

In memory ofJean Olson

In memory ofRay & Lynn Mullenir

In memory ofDr. Craig G. Boyson

In memory ofRodney & Rose Busch

In memory ofFaye Grosek-Woods

In memory ofDale & Gerrie Dempsey

In memory ofRobert & Karen Dorn

In memory ofBetty Lemke

In memory ofKathy Lemke

In loving memory of Norm.Jane (), Emily (), David ()

Lemmons, Joanne

In memory ofRobert & Diane White

Leone, Jerry

In honor of your service to the Coast Guard and Carol Clark’s service during WWII. We are grateful that you had the opportunity to take an Honor Flight. Your service will never be forgotten.Your Loving Family

Leslie, Dennis & Elaine

Merry Christmas!Matt & Erin



Lewis, Keith

Happy Hanukkah. HOOAHEmilee

Lewis, Wilbur

In honor of my Grandfather’s service in WW IIThe Dumroese Family

Lichtenberger, Gerald

Thank you for all you do for all of us. We are glad you enjoyed your Honor Flight... Love you!!!Your Loving Children


CARMEN LIGOCI, Thank you for your life long service and love to your family, friends and community. RIP Carmen Ligoci til we meet again.Mr. & Mrs. Martin E. Ferguson II

Lindemoen, Dr. Gary L

To honor the memory of a beloved man.A friend

Linder, James

In memory ofa friend Gale Tedhams

Linderman, Daniel

Thank you for volunteering as a paramedic to the veterans Honor Flight each year. Your joy shines brightly.Karen Linderman

Lindsey, William

In memory ofHarry & Constance Largen

In honor of Uncle BillThe Bell family

Thank you for your service. With all of our love,Melissa Bell & family

Lindsey, William L

In memory of William L. Lindsey Paul and Lori Barnett

Linscott Sr., Russell Ernest

Dedicated to my Dad Russell Ernest Linscott Sr WWII Vet, and My farther in Law Robert Chretien WWII VetYour Loving Family,who miss you deeply every day

Linton Sr., Robert

Robert E. Lee Linton Sr.Connie, Damian and Audrey Lee

Littell, Bill

In honor of Willis "Bill" Littell and his daughter Gayelin Littell.Lovelle Delaney

In memory of Bill Littell who proudly served his country.Sue Landry

In honor and celebration of Willis "Bill" Littell, MWF/Summerfest is proud to make this donation. We wish Gaye Littell, her mom and her sisters peace at this time of Bill’s passing.Milwaukee World Festival, Inc/Summerfest

Littell, Willis

In honor of a Korean War VeteranBenjamin Wright, UB

Littell, Willis Guy

In memory of your serviceCarol Molinari

I am making this donation in memory of Willis Guy Littell.Timothy W. Kinlock

Little, Oliver

In honor of World War II veteran Oliver Little. The best man I have ever known.Rob Garrison

Locke, Howard

In memory of Howard LockeWendy Roach

Lomheim, Albert

To Albert Lomheim, in honor of his service in The U.S. Navy during World War II!Jane and Duane Simons Friends of Alberts Son and Wife

Long, James

In honor of my wonderful father (1917-2000), who proudly served in WWII. He taught me to have a strong work ethic and values which make me proud to be his daughter.Linda Matherson

Love, Allen

In honor of Allen and Lorraine Love.Scott & Connie Love Family

Love, Allen & Lorraine

Thank you for your service and being wonderful parents and grandparents.Brian & Marla and the girls

Love, Allen and Lorraine

Thank you for your service. Have a wonderful Christmas! We love you. Jason, Wendy, Ethan and GraceJason, Wendy, Ethan and Grace

Lumley, Elmer

In memory ofRobert & Ava Smith

In honor ofRobert & Ava Smith

Mahalko, Logan

We know how much you respect WW II vets and now you are honoring them. Merry Christmas.Dad and Susan

Mahan, James E.

In memory ofJames & Alice Mahan

Maher, Phillip

Phillip was able to be a part of an honor flight and he loved it. It was a big highlight in his life. He recently passed away and this donation is in honor of him and his memory.Rebecca & Acie Crownover

Mancini, Nick

In memory of Nick Mancini. A proud, courageous member of the Greatest Generation.Jim and Judy Burke

Here’s to a man who kept my dear friend grounded and happy.Deanna from the Zoo

Manzer, Eugene G.

In Honor of a Life of Service to Country and Community.The Schemmel Family

March, Kenneth

Rest in Peace Ken. He so enjoyed his honor flight.The Cases

March, Kenneth D.

In memory ofSue Digiantommaso

In memory ofJoyce & Joseph Klimkiewicz

In memory ofJohn & Emily Galu

In honor of World War II Veteran, Kenneth D. March. You will be greatly missed by your family & friends. Thank you for all the memories. Love from The Benedict’sThe Benedict's

Marcinek, Jerry

Thank you for your valor and service.Andy and Joan Coval

Markovich, Frank

In memory of Frank Markovich (1923-2018)Mike and Maureen Furtado and family

Markowski, Stanley

In memory ofPatricia & John Dell

Marks, Robert

Thank you for your service.The McGarrity Family

Marsiano, Frank

Frank was a proud veteran of WWII, who served in the European theater in the U.S. Army.Janice Perrone and Alain Charewicz

Martin, Arthur E.

In memory of my Uncle Marty. WWII veteran.Karen Webster

Martin, Edward

I would like to honor my father Edward Martin. He bravely served in WW II and the Korean War.Your loving daughter, Debra Esse

Martin, John A.

In honor of John A Martin, from Rockland Massachusetts, who passed on October 1st.Boston Golf Club

Martin, Thomas

Thank you for your service.Jan Ryan

Marzullo, Gloria and Mike

In memory of Gloria and Mike MarzulloGary J. Weber

Matthies, Richard

Remembering a great dad, grandfather and father-in-lawYour family

Mawhinney, William J.

In memory ofP. Piazza

May, Chandler

Memorial for Chandler May, Springfield Mo., passed away on Friday, April 5, 2019.Mark and Beverly Gorman

May, CSM Lowell

An amazing person and soldier! God BlessA grateful soldier

McAdam, Robert

To all the WWII veterans, including my father, who have served so selflessly to protect our country. Our work team is donating to this cause in lieu of holiday gifts this year.Diane McAdam Bange

McCabe, Bill

WWII veteran and Central Illinois Honor Flight Participant at age 90. Thank you for this wonderful service!Daughter Cathy

Mccain, Melvin

In memory Melvin McCain’s life and service.The Reed Family

McCarty, Leutenant Colonel Michael

A great brotherJack Lamb

McCoy, John

Merry Christmas, Dad!David, Kristy, Ethan & Annie

This donation is a Christmas gift on behalf of my father, John McCoy. He is not a veteran, but believes in this organization and deeply respects and honors veterans.Daughter

McCrone, Francis

He just really loved veteran organizations and this is one of them, so wanted to make a donation in his honor.On Behalf of Sproutloud Media LLC & Grand-daughter Sarah L.

To my loving grandfather who was retired Air Force and a Vietnam Veteran himself. Thanks for being such a great Grandpa -you will be missedYour Loving Granddaughter

McCrone, Willard

In honor of one of the greatest men of the Greatest Generation.Ty and Dolly DeLong

McCullough, Retired Lt. Colonel Todd

In honor of Todd’s dedicated service to our country as a member of the United States Air Force.Mike and Donna Mills

McKaskle, PFC Joshua

Godspeed, Joshua, and rest in peace with the Lord.Glorybelle & Mike Lillie

McLeod, Fred

In living memory and in honor of your service.Glenn & Heather Dawson Reed

McMonigle, Paul E.

In memory ofLCHS Class of 51

In memory ofDavid Cox

In memory ofPaul & Meredith Cox

McPeters, Bacchus

In memory of Great Uncle Bacchus Fletcher McPeters who passed away on November 29, 2018 leaving a legacy of strong love and dedication to his Lord, his country, and his family. Thank you for serving in the US Navy and for being such a man of integrity. You will be missed.Greg and Lynn Bailey, and family

McQuade, Dorothy

In memory ofMelodie Sajdowitz

McRight, James

We love you and are thankful for you.Your Loving Family

McWilliams, Joseph

In memory of Joseph McWilliams.The Brian McWilliams Family

Mears, Fred

In memory of Mr. Mears, who proudly served his Country and later his community. It has been an honor to be long time neighbors and friends of his son Robert Mears and family.Larry, Karen & Peter Mancini

Melvin, Michael

My big brother, all gave some, he gave it all.Brad melvin

Melzer, John

To my friend John Melzer who served in the Army Air Corps 13th Air Force during World War II - he’s an amazing veteran and wonderful man!Joel Skrzypchak

Mendoza, Jim

With many thanks to Evergreen Assembly No. 17 of the International Order of Rainbow for Girls, Bethel No. 25 of Washington Job’s Daughters International, and most especially MWB Jim Mendoza, Past Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Washington, for all their encouragement, support of, and assistance with the Installation of Officers at Bellingham Bay Lodge #44 for the 2018-19 year!Kurt Gazow

Meoli, William

In memory of William MeoliThe Sousa HSA

Meoli, William R.

In memory ofJohn Philip Sousa

Merritt, Marcus

In honor of Marcus Merritt’s service in the Navy. He is such an example of leadership and service to our family, and we want to honor that every time we can.Lawrence Tribe

Metzger, John T.

This donation is made in memory of John T. Metzger, a loving father and husband, and a World War II veteran.Dennis and Becky Crumley

Meyer, Gary

For my wonderful father, for all he gave and continues to give. I love you.Your Loving Daughter and Son-In-Law

Michalski, Leonard

In memory of a hero of World War II, a wonderful uncle and the best golf buddy.Alan and Robin Freitag

Mickley, 101st Airborne Vietnam

For all my 101st brothers.Your brother e/2nd 501st Inf

Miller, Frank

In loving memoryFamily

Miller, Hamilton A.

In appreciation for his dedication and service to our country.Mandi Hanks

Miller, Joseph

Joe Miller was a fine neighbor and beloved husband of his widow, Pat. A highlight of Joe’s life was Honor Flight.John and Lynn Cullum

Miller, Lt. William R.

Sunset and evening star And one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar, When I put out to sea, But such a tide as moving seems asleep, Too full for sound and foam, When that which drew from out the boundless deep Turns again home. Twilight and evening bell, And after that the dark! And may there be no sadness of farewell, When I embark; For though from out our bourne of Time and Place The flood may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face When I have crossed the bar. Crossing the Bar TennysonLew and Suzanne Morris

Minnick Jr., Harold E.

In honor of your courageous service during the Vietnam War.COL(Ret) Thomas W. Allen and cousin Keith

Mitchum, John E.

In memory of my uncle, John E. Mitchum. Your niece, Jeannie Grooms, and family

In memory of John Mitchum who after 94 years, left us on January 11, 2019. Thank you for your service. You will be missed as a father and as a friend.Mike and Sue Tichkowski

Moffitt, Dave

To Dave MoffittFriends

Moffitt, David

In honor of David MoffittThe Lampe Family

Moffitt, David M.

Memorial in honor of David Marion Moffitt Creston, IAAnne & David Owens

Mohorcic, Frank J.

My dad loved his Honor Flight trip. Thank you.Susan

Molaski, Robert

In loving memory of Bob Molaski, the best coach any kid could have.Mike & Elizabeth Kelley

This donation is being made in memorial for Robert "Bob" Molaski, father of our dear colleague and mentor Suzy Wettstein. Love and condolences, Suzy’s 2018 PSX Group David Bannister Amanda Carpenter Nathan Clendenin Rheanna McFarland Piyush Sinha Natalie WrightSuzy’s 2018 PSX Group

In loving memory of Bob Molaski. It was an honor and privilege to know him.Mike & Colleen Fitzgerald and Family

Monteleone, Angelo

In memory of Angelo MonteleoneNanette

Mooney, Edward

I will always regret that we were unable to get our Dad to the WWII Memorial before he died; he would surely want us to help some of his fellow soldiers to get there while they are still able. Thank you for the opportunity to help other members of The Greatest Generation to fulfill their wish, and thank you to all of them for their service.Kelly Mooney, Cape Cod, MA

Morgan, David

Always remembered for service to country, love for Robin and the anniversary I wish you could be celebrating together this month, and kindness toward me.Linda Novak

Morgan, Norm

Grandpa would’ve loved this. So proud to be living the legacy I’m sure he imagined fighting for.Amy and Jason Rogers

Morris, Patrick Wayne

Your laughter and presence will be dearly missed. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. With deepest sympathy, Patty and George Treubig and familyPatty and George Treubig and family

Morrison, William

Rest in peace.Colleen Scott

Morritt, David

In memory ofMark & Ruth Murphy

Mountford, Frank W.

In Memory of Frank William Mountford, WWII veteran. A generation never to be forgotten for their service.DiCicco Family

Moyer, Col. Charlie F

In Honor of Charlie Moyer, our brother-in-law, for all his years of service and patriotism. He was a veteran of the US Marine Corp. and a retired US Army Colonel. We all felt this was the most fitting tribute and thought he would definitely approve.Pat, Jim Walker; Sue, John Toomey; Steve,Elaine Toomey & Roxana Gilly

Mullen, John

In the name of John Mullen who is a veteran of WWII and passed away this past December. He was a great man who taught me many things foremost of them were morality, love, and compassion. He will be missed and loved.Grandchildren Caitlin and Mathias DeLacey

Munoz, Joseph L.

In honor of my father who served in the Army from February 1941 to July 1945.Your loving son Armando, who misses you very much.

Murry, Earl "Bud" R.

In memory ofJohn & Genevieve Muscatell

Murry, Earl R "Bud"

In memory ofEd & Sharla Roberts

Murry, Earl R. "Bud"

In memory ofBrenna & Jamie Norris

In memory ofDave & Lynn Cry

In memory ofCharles & Jan Strickler

my dad, my son, my fiance, my brother in law, my ex, Armando, Jason, Mark, Jimmy, Jack

WWII Army Air Corps, Navy, 101st Airborne, Army, Marines- to the men in my life who have served (or still do) with honor- and all my loveLori

Myers, Gaylord

In loving memoryFamily

Myers, George Lawrence

In honor ofLaura Diaz

Myers, Robert E

In memory of Bob Myers and his service to our country.Mary and Dave Kempa

Naccarato, Mike

In honor of Mr. Mike Naccarato for his service to our country. Thoughts and prayers to his children Steven, Bettiann and their families.Bob and Terri Izard

To the entire Naccarato family, wee send our condolences.Palazzolo Family

Neerdaels, Kenneth J

A veteran, a patriot and a heck of a good man. He is up there singing Mack the Knife right now.Arbour kids

Nelson, Curtis

In honor of your service to our country, we thank youAutomatic Fire Sprinkler

Nelson, David Gene

This tribute is in honor of David Gene Nelson, of Haysville, KSMartha Kennedy and Joseph Hobaica

Nelson, Jerry L.

In memory of Jerry Nelson. God speed.The Vredeveld Family

Nemoff, Edgar

In memory of Edgar, a true patriotFriends of Pam Littenhoff

Nerney, William

Thank youFamily

Newell, Columbus

Mr. Newell was the father of Amanda Goodwin, a teacher at Urbana (OH) Junior High School. He asked that in lieu of flowers at her memorial, he’d prefer for those funds to be donated to the Honor Flight Network.Urbana (OH) Junior High School

Newman, Stuart Gordon

We make this donation in Stuart’s name in recognition of his service during World War II.The NewmanPR Team

Nolan, Terry

Thanks for serving. USMC 1966-1969Virginia Nolan and your loving family

Noll, Gene

Thank you for your dedication and service to our country.Eric Trathen

Nordeen, Howard

In honor ofJacquelynn & Barclay Brooks

Norvell, Daniel

For the loving family of Daniel Norvell.Arbor Centers for EyeCare, SC

Nowak, Gerald

In memory of Gerald Raymond NowakTad and Eileen Luedtke

Nunley, Floyd Jerry

In memory ofJanice Castle

Nuxoll, George

This is in honor of my father George Nuxoll who is a veteran of the Vietnam War with 3 purple hearts. He has also been involved in numerous honor flights ensuring that other veterans were able to see the monuments built in their honor.Your son Chris

Nuxoll, George and Colleen

Mom and Dad, Thank you for all that you’ve done for us. We are eternally grateful. Also eternally grateful are the Veteran’s you assisted in getting to see their monuments. We love you, Chris and GraceChris and Grace

OHearn, Ken

We are very honored for your service and for your friendship.Terry and Vicki Briggs and Family

Oliver, Mike

In loving memory of our hero.Donna Oliver

Olson, Munthe Victor

Missing youYour proud granddaughter

Olwy, Kathy

Happy birthday dear friend. You are loved and appreciated. May this be your best year yet! Love, Carolyn Carolyn Lemens

Ong, Augie

In memory ofClyde & Joanne Wong

Ong, Augie Thomas

In memory ofDennis & Dale Hirotsu

In memory ofWill & Ann Chinn & Family

Ortwine, Harold

In memory ofGary Drain

In memory of WWII VeteranJ. R. & L. L. Brown

In memory of WWII VeteranMary Lee Engelsen

In honor and memory of Harold Ortwine, World War II veteran who recently passed away. He is the father of my friend, Cindy Carroll, and I would like to pay tribute to him.Nancy Damitz

Osborne, Ellen

In your memory.Tim and Katie Rowland

osborne, Ellen

In memory of Ellen OsbornScott Griswold

Overton, Richard

In memoriumMeredith Hodgkinson

Owen, Stephen

Love and thanks this ChristmasEmily and Tim

Owens, Bill

To the inspiring man that was the grandfather I never had. Thank you, Bill.Peter Kobak

Owens, William

In memory ofDonald & Roberta Clark

In memory ofThomas Siebel, II & Kathleen Sprong

In memory ofThomas & Jill Klusman

We’ll always love you Bill. Peg and Tom

Owens, William .

In Memory ofThomas Keltt

Owens, William R

In memory ofLori & Joe Geraci

Owens, William R.

In memory ofDonna Lustenberger

In memory ofMaria Sferra

In memory ofJo Zeilman

In memory ofRuth Klosterman

In memory ofDonna Lustenberger

O’Brien, James

I’m donating to the Honor Flight in memory of my Uncle, James L. O’Brien, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.Beth and Kevin Doyle

Paczocha, Joseph

In honor of a grandfather who served our country and our family with excellence.Aaron and Erica Howard

Pahner, Richard

In memory of Richard PahnerHamilton County Clerk of Courts Criminal Bailiff Disvision

Palmquist, Carl W.

In honor of my father, Carl W. Palmquist. Born Aug, 2, 1919 died Oct. 29, 2018. He served in WWll in the Army Air Corps and Air Force as a B24 Pilot with 47 missions in the South Pacific. Darnell OskinsDarnell E. Oskins

Parvin, Stephen

So sorry for your family’s loss!Steve & Kristine Solomon

Thank you for your service.Tom Ficattrooa Sr and Margayle Weiss

Paxton, Michael

You will be greatly missed by all that were lucky enough to know youEmily McDonald

Peabody, Richard

America is a great country because of people like you. Thank you for your service!with love, Anne and Dick

Peterson, Eugene

In honor of your service and sacrifice, we are honoring others in your memory.Family Friend

Peterson Jr, Harry M

Pfc Harry M Peterson Jr, veteran of WWII Battle of the Bulge and POW. He never had a chance to visit the DC Memorial for WWII. Paying tribute to him for his bravery and sacrifice and for being the greatest Dad in the world.Scott M Peterson

Petrogallo, Alfred

This donation is in memory of Alfred "Fred" PetrogalloRoss Pearlman’s friends and coworkers at Asymmetrik

Petronio, A. William

In honor of our uncleThe Niemi family

Petronio, A.William

In loving memory of A.William Petronio "Pete"Paychex Family

Petronio, William

In honor of William "Pete" Petronio.Paychex Family - John, Neeraj, Dan, Aakash, Dustin, Heather, Mariah, and Kim

Pettit, Richard

Thanks for your years of service to our countryBrad & Liz Pettit

Pflipsen, Alfred H.

Al Forever.Jennifer Valencic

Pierson, Warren

In memory of Warren Pierson. His daughter, Linda Moench, took him on the Honor Flight several years ago. .Dan & Rebecca Winchester

Pinkston, Susan

In memory ofSteven & Sandra Philps


In loving memory of Susan Pinkston, a kind and caring person who will be missed by all who loved herLisa and Steve Campbell

Plaut, Walter

In memory of our beloved cousin. May his memory be for a blessing.Paula & Eric, Angela, Marc & Family

With love and admiration.Robert, Meredith, Chloe and Ryan

Pollner, Hank

We wish to make this contribution to honor Hank Pollner, a proud serviceman of the Naval Air Force, who served as a pilot flying a Lockheed P2-V7 "Neptune" in the 1950s and then moved with his family to Indian Hills where they all became great friends with our family. Rest in peace. Tom & Lisa, Paul & Brett, Brian & Pam, and David & Kate.Tom & Lisa, Paul & Brett, Brian & Pam, and David & Kate

In memory of Hank Pollner Tom & Tanya Irelan

In memory of Hank and his service in the Navel Air ForceFriends of Family at National Church Residences

A tribute to a man of service who inspired those around him to serve on to others, specifically his daughter Julie Fratianne.National Church Residences Family

This donation is made on behalf of Hank Pollner from Columbus, Ohio and our dear friends Amy and David Pollner. We are sorry for your loss. May you find comfort in the wonderful memories of your father.Brady and Jennifer Hsubokdt

Pollner, Henry "Hank"

In memory ofEllen Pogos

Polzin, Mike

In honor of PFC Mike Polzin, 3rd Army, WWII. Mike was escorted on an Honor Flight by one of his grandsons, Beau, a number of years ago, and it became a life highlight and a special moment for the two of them. Mike passed away on December 4, 2018, aged 93. We make a small donation here so that another veteran will be able to take an Honor Flight one day.Beau, Lauren, Henrich, Margot

Pope, Nick

In honor of his 11th Birthday - he choose donations to Honor Flight in lieu of presentsJason & Dawn Riley

In honor of his 11th Birthday - he choose donations to Honor Flight in lieu of presentsNick Pope

Pope, Thomas A

In honor of my father’s service.His children and grandchildren

Porter, Sr., Ellery

In honor ofAllen Gurney & Kathleen Higgins

Poupard, Alice and Eugene

Donating in my parents name. My father fought in WWII then married my mother and had 12 children. I’m donating to honor two of “The Greatest Generation “. Both whom are still going strong!Daughter and son-in-law

Poweleit, John

In hopes John will be able to go to DC to visit his lost soliders and friends from Vietnam.Generations Family Dental

Pratt, James

In memory of Jim PrattThe Dart and Trivia Teams of Jim’s Daughter KP

Pratt, Lowell R.

We will miss you.Mike and Sarah Chester

Price, Col. Harry Clayton

In memory ofTon J. De Boer

Price, Harry

What a treasure for us to have such a special friend for almost 50 years!Jim and Cindy Pinkerton

In honor of a courageous man and unsung soldier. Godspeed as you have finished your race.Your grateful niece

In memory ofJoanna Abrams

Dear David and the Price Family, We send our deepest condolences to you and to your family during this time. Please let us know if there’s something we can do to somehow lessen the pain you feel in your hearts. We will always be there for you. With love and sympathy, Brian Anderson and the Avionos TeamAvionos

Price, Harry C.

Dear Harry, You will always be in our thoughts and will be remembered for many pleasant memories. For me, the two summers at Roosevelt University as an architect/documentor of the Auditorium Building Systems, working for the Historic American Engineering Record became so pleasant only because you, the Director of Development, gave me and my students personal tours of the Theatre, Ganz Hall, and the many spaces in the building that few others could ever access. Your historical knowledge of the building and its adaptive reuse over the years was unparalleld. When Shrikant and I got married during my second summer at Roosevelt, you and Kitty welcomed us into your home, where we found a home closer to home. Since then, many visits and shared experiences with you and Kitty, and your vivid year-end letters over 40 years brought David, Olga and Nicholas into our circle. We will miss your warm and wonderful personality. Honoring you, Rita and ShrikantRita Gorawara-Bhat & Shrikant Bhat

Price, William

In memory of my father who taught me to appreciate the heroes of our past, the men and women who sacrificed everything to make the world a better place.Kim Sikes

Prince, Virgil

In memory of Virgil Stroud Prince (d. 2018), a U.S. Navy veteran from Morganton NC who served in the Pacific Theater in WWIIRebecca Tucker

Privitera, George S

We want to thank Dr. Privitera for his service in the Navy as well as his service to his community. He was a loved and popular dentist and we remember going to him when we were young. Are thoughts & prayers are extended to his family and friends.Sylvia/Scott Wigmore

Purcell, George

To my father, George Purcell who served in the 82nd Airborne during WWII and retired from the Air Force in 1966 with over 26 Years of Service. He passed away on 2/10/1996 and is greatly missed.Your Loving Family

Purcell, James

Dad has been gone since 1996 and didn’t live long enough to visit the WW II Memorial, but he would have been so proud to see how the nation has honored its World War II veterans. In honor of what would have been his 93rd birthday on Jan. 16, please use this donation to continue to transport our veterans to Washington to take part in the memorial services.The family of the late James K. Purcell, USMC

Quan, Lock John

Dad, we appreciate all you have done as a devoted father, grandfather, great grandfather and husband. So glad you will make it to see the WW II memorial. Thanks for serving. WW II U.S. Army Italy, Battle of Anzio. Bronze star recipient.Your loving family

Raglin, Melbern L.

This donation was made by her friends in memory of her father from: Elizabeth Abbattista, Ursula Boyd, Stephanie Cook, Lisa Heswall, Janine Longoria, Rebecca Oline, Joyce Reda, and Nina Witmer.Friends of Melanie Thornberry

Rau, Clarence and Fern

Dad and Mom: In honor of both of you for Dad’s service to the Air Force and Mom’s encouragement and sacrifice while Dad was in Korea. I love you both so much and am so honored to donate to this wonderful and worthy cause. I am so happy that Dad got to go on this flight in October. What a special time!Cindy

Raucci (Rossi), Dominick (Nick)

World War II veteran. DDay invasion survivor. Served his country with honor.Your loving widow, Judith.

Ravenscroft, Charles H

While we did not know Chuck, personally, his legacy will live on in his children and grandchildren as a wonderful, caring, loving man. Chuck, thank you for your service.Laszlo & Kristine Szerenyi

Ravenscroft, Charles H.

My Father was a wonderful man with lots of friends. He was a humble man and lived modestly throughout his life. He quit High School with only one semester to go to enlist in the Navy and serve his country in 1941. He served in both theaters, the Atlantic and the Pacific during his four year tour. He returned home in 1945, finished his last semester of High School, met my Mother and got married in 1946. He was a silent hero and will be greatly missed.Chris H. Ravenscroft

Ray Jr, Albert E.

WWII Navy Veteran who served on the USS Quincy (CA-39) & USS Nehenta Bay (CVE-74).Your Loving Family

Rea, Robin

In honor ofSouth Charleston United Methodist Church

Reed, Richard

Proud WWII Combat Coastie. Semper Paratus PopsYour loving family

Regan, William J

In honor of WWII VeteranGail Regan

Reichart, Jr., Calvin

In memory ofMerle & Linda Weisenborn

Reichart, Jr., Calvin E.

In memory ofThe Grand Chapter of the Nebraska Order of the Eastern Star

In memory ofWendy Barth

In memory ofJeffery & Cathy Houldsworth

In memory ofJamie & Lester Flatte, Jr.

In memory ofDouglas & Linda Kass

In memory ofS. Hunt

Reicher, Jr., Cal

In memory ofBarb Newcomer & Patti Papek

Reichert, Jr., Cal

In memory ofWilson Lee & Penny Alsager

Reintsma, Bre

This donation was one of the items on Bre’s wish list for Christmas. She is a loving, generous person, and we love her to the moon and back! Love, JocieJocie

Reynolds, Col. William Jerome

In memory of Col. William J. Reynolds. Our deepest sympathies to your family and friends.Sheila and Paul Bogen

Richter, Robert

In honor of his 90th BirthdayBarbara Gray-Black

Ricks Jr., USMC, Peter J.

In honor of our father who did not get to see the Vietnam Memorial.Your daughters

Rieck, Harold R.

In memory ofNancy & Paul Buhr

Riefer, Alvin

In loving memory.The Camera and Riefer Families

Rigg, Charles

This donation is in honor and memory of Charles Gordon Rigg. Charles was a veteran of WWII and was drafted at the age of 18 in June 1943. He was in Company D 222nd Infantry Regiment Division Rainbow Unit.Leidos Systems Research Program

Rigsbey, Armin

Armin and Marrion have been wonderful neighbors for 18 years. Our condolences to his family.John and Sue Pearson and family

Riley, Jamie

In celebration of Jamie’s life and commemoration of his sacrifice.Peter Lomonaco and Phil Schafer

In honor of Jamie’s service to our country.Van Wyck Brooks Historic District - Plainfield, NJ

In honor of Jamie Riley.The Seewald Family

In honor of the service Jamie gave, the life of honor he led, and the dedication he showed to his country and humankind.Laura

Rivas, Michael A.

This is for you daddio. You were so proud to be a Marine. If we never told you... Thank you for your service. We miss you down here.Michael, Bonnie & Alex

RN, Connie

Connie RN was dad‘s shining star during his trip, and we will remain ever so grateful to her and all of you for this amazing trip and its unforgettable memories?Ward Russo and Family

Roberts, Donald W.

In memory ofRomy Skaper

Robinson, Max E.

In memory ofSharon Parrott

Robinson, Ray J.

In memory ofKaren Ernst

Rocke, Margaret and Donald

My grandparents proudly served our country. My Grandpa has passed and is missed everyday. My Grandmother is hoping to take an HonorFlight to DC in her lifetime. I am so proud of my grandparents. Thank you for your service.Sabrina Rocke

Rogers, Gage

In memory of Gage Rogers, a true American Patriot.Arika & Kenny Burck

Rogers, Wayne

A proud Korean War veteranBobbie Rogers

Rolfe, Don

In memory ofJames & Leah Zolynski

To my Uncle Don who helped me when I needed it.your loving niece

Rolfe, Donald

In memory ofShelley & Scott Williams

Rollins, Tom

In memory of Thomas RollinsA loving neighbor

In loving memory of Tom RollinsHarry and Cheryl Rollins

Rotheiser, Maurice

Remembering this brave American for his service in World War II and to the aviation industry following the war. He will be missed.Donna Schwartz Mills and Gareth Mills

Rumley, Elmer M

In memory of our uncle Elmer, a kind man who loved his country, God and his family. We have wonderful memories of him and are comforted knowing he has been reunited with all those he loved that went before.Tom and Delores and family

For your service to your country during WWII.Tom and Deborah Mayer

Ryan, Charles

In memory of Charles Ryan. We are incredibly grateful for his honorable service as an Army Ranger during WWII. He was a war hero, a loving husband and wonderful father. Charlie Ryan was a living legend and a perfect reflection of all that is good about the United States of America. May he Rest In Peace.St. Louis Fun Girls Group

Sanders, Gene Wyman

In memory ofRoger Pritchard

Savage, Paul

Dad, Thank you for all that you have meant to me through my life. You have taught me well and helped shaped my character to the man that I am today. Even before I was born, you served this country honorably in the Korean War. It is through your sacrifices along with many others, we have the freedoms that we do today! I love you very much! BobYour Loving Son

Scalise, Anthony

In loving memory of Anthony Scalise of Rochester, New York. Anthony was a proud WWII veteran and will be missed by all.David and Tracy Minsterman

In loving memory of a special veteranMichele & Tom Shone

Schab, Lorin

In memory of Lorin Schab and appreciation for his years of service.Jay and Sonia Austin

Schefus, Dennis

A contribution in the name of a good manTim & Tracey Schuetz

Scheinholtz, Joseph

I memory of a hero.Robin and John Lombardi

Schilling, Bernard H.

This tribute is in honor of Bernard H. Schilling of the United States Marine Corps who heroically served our country in World War II fighting for our freedoms in the South Pacific.The Engineering Team at Continental Towers

Schimek, Harold

In memory ofThomas & Diane Davis

Schmidt, Gerald

In Jerry’s memory and in honor of his service in World War II.The Klein family

Schmidt, Kennth

This great guy served our country well in World War II. Love honoring his memory this way. Thank you to all our military.David and Becky Spradley

Schmitt, Warren

In honor of Warren Schmitt’s service and his dedicationFirst Baptist Church Choir, Huntsville, Alabama

Schoen, Robert A.

This is a long overdue donation in honor of our friend of 30 years, Robert A. Schoen, who passed away on Aug. 4, 2017. Bob was a member of the USMC, serving our country during the Korean War. We are very happy to contribute to this wonderful cause, in his memory.Carla & Rodney (Bo) Houck

Schroeter, Warkentin

Our dad, Warkentin "Ken" Schroeter, passed away December 3, 2018 at the ripe old age of 94. He proudly served in the U.S. Army Air Force during World War II on the island of Tinian in the Northern Pacific. The final trip of his extremely well-traveled life was an Honor Flight to Washington DC in April of 2016, just days after his 92nd birthday. It was an incredibly special and memorable journey and we are deeply grateful for him to have had this opportunity to travel across the country one last time. We hope that this contribution can go toward making another veteran’s dream come true.Niels & Wendy Schroeter

With the passing of one more WWII veteran, we honor your service to country, devotion to family, dedication to community, and faith in God Thank you for all you have done 1924–2018Your Loving and Grateful Family

Schuberth, Henry

In memory ofAmerican Airlines

Schuberth, Henry

In honor and memory of a special neighbor and friendJim and Becky (Slager) Haan and family

Schwager, Jame L.

In memory ofNancy Marti

Schwager, James

In memory ofMelinds Brooks

In memory ofEmil & Tiffany Walch

In memory ofStephen & Christina Jenks

In memory ofDeanna Lee & Robert Moylan

In remembrance of James SchwagerThe Sarlone Family

Schwager, James L.

In memory ofKRon & Caarolyn Nemeth

In memory ofMichael &^ Joyce McCarthy

In memory ofJ. Warren & Gail Wyatt

In memory ofBrian & Angela Zywicki

In memory ofGail Ann Lee

In memory ofJohn Harding

In memory ofE. J. & Rita Schwager

In memory ofNorma Schwager

In memory ofDavid, Susan Christopher Gaither

In memory ofBponnie McArthur

In memory of James Schwager.Keri’s Co-worker

Schwager, James Lawrence

In memory of James Lawrence Schwager, Granite City, IL / St. Louis, MO Kelly Roach

Schwarz, Harvey D

In honor of my father Harvey Schwarz, WW II veteran.Daughter Carolyn Herbst

Schweighauser, Lee

In memory of Lee SchweighauserMark & Rebecca Harbison

Segal, Lenny

In loving memory of your DadLori Abrams

Segal, Leonard

In memory ofLaura Bonn

In memory ofHerbert & Shirley Cole

In memory ofRobert A. & Emily Bonn Rizza, MD.

Segal, Leonard G

I would like to honor my father Leonard G. Segal for his contributions to the Korean war while he was stationed in Germany. I was so proud to know my father was able to go on May 15th of this year from Delray Beach, Florida to Washington. He had a wonderful day and was so happy for the experience. He enjoyed the day so much. I want to thank you and the people who honored him. My father was involved in a terrible car/truck accident on Nov 6th. He fought so hard to survive but his injuries were to challenging. Prior to this he was a happy, healthy and very likeable and lovable person. People enjoyed being with him and his smile would always light up a room. I will miss him deeply. We want to thank the honor flight and the people who took him around that day. He just was thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful experience. It made his day and his life. He could not talk about it enough. Thank you again! Jeffrey and Debbie Segal (his children)Jeffrey and Debbie Segal

In memory ofCheryl A.

Segal, Leonard G.

In memory ofMartha P. Grace


Dear Segal Family, Our deepest condolences to your family. Many blessings, Restricted FootwearClarence Lee

Segal, Leonard G.

In Loving Memory of Leonard G. SegalSuburban Propane, LP - Legal and Real Estate Departments

Seimer, Franklin D.

With affection and in honor and memory of Great Uncle Frank, for his service to our country, and to his community, family, and friends.Emily (Bach, daughter of Ronald D., nephew) & Bryan Block

Sentowski, Bucky

in honor ofAnonymous

Service Members, Solvay

In honor of Solvay Winona’s Veterans & Service Members Chad Bartsh, Gene Bendickson, Kevin Blount, Thomas Cassel, James Coleman, Jimmy Esch, Larry Fenske, Cameron Hartman, David Henry, Chelsi Nahrgang, Ricky Slawson, Donald Smith, Matthew Thoen, & Lee TrocinskeSolvay Winona

Shafanda, Richard

For my uncle RichieKim and George

Shaff, Jane

In loving will be dearly missed.Charlotte Shaff and Barbara Crawford

Shea, Gene

In memoriam.Jan Anderson

Sherman, Duane

In honor of Duane Sherman, a WWII Navy hero, on his 96th birthday. Have a wonderful birthday and a safe and happy New Year’s!Anonymous

Shilts, Jack

In memory ofJanine Shilts

Shotwell, Harry

I miss your stories everyday. Thank you for your service in the battle of the bulgeYour friend Zach

Shuberth, Hank

In loving memoryDonna van Rijn

Shupe, Charles

Served in W.W.IICharles Shupe

Siegwart, Edward

In loving memory of Edward G, Siegwart, Private Second Class, US ArmyRichard & Mimi Baum

Simonds, David

We recognize and admire your courage, your will to come home, and what you’ve built of yourself and your family from the day you came home. We love you!Cole, Olivia, Scott & Jane

Simons, Sally

In memory ofIna. F. Cutler

Singley Jr, George T

Miss you Pop Pop!Krissy

Sisk, Fred

In Fred’s passing, we are honoring him and his service to our nation. What a wonderful way for our warriors to be honored in being able to experience the many beautiful memorials established in our Nation’s Capital. Washington DC is made possible because of the many men that have served and died for our freedom. Thank you!Loving Friends

Sivilich, Richard

In memory ofMarie Laubach

In memory ofEdwin & Ruth Haas

Sivilich, Richard D.

In memory ofRosa & William Stout

Skildum, Neil D.

In memory of WWII VeteranJeffery & Joan Hasslen

Skufca, Thomas

We got to know Tom during his time with the 82nd Airborne in Vicenza, Italy and at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He was always kind, honorable and funny. Tom left an indelible impression on both of us and will always be missed. Our warm and heartfelt condolences to Tom’s family.Chris Aschenbrenner (Ash) and Patty Schoolcraft

Slack, Enoch M.

This donation is made in honor of my late father, Enoch M. Slack, who served bravely in World War II. Daddy was a brave and honorable man and the best father anyone could hope to have.Nancy Lee Slack Berfield and husband John

Sloan, Weldon

In Memory ofArlene Grorud

In memory ofRena & Michael Haine

Smerick, Michael

In memory of Michael Smerick deceased Jan 21 2019 WW II veteran bombadierGeorge & Marge Nimeth

Smith, Arthur A.

1943-1946 US Navy Motor Machinist Mate, 2/C SV6 Art was born on August 18, 1924 in East Alton, IL. His life was defined by a humble beginning, a love of family and country, a thirst for knowledge, a quest for the unknown, application of his skills and abilities to the complexities of ballistics, rocketry and missile technology, and a passion to raise his children to be responsible, productive citizens. Art graduated from Wood River High School in 1942 and went on to serve his country in the United States Navy for three years during WWII.Your loving great neice and family- Jeff, Valerie, and Aaron Cole

Smith, Donald

My Dad will be on one of these flights in May. He loved his over 20 years of service to this country. USN Ret.Your daughterMelissa

Smith, Kenneth

Thank you for your service, Dad. We love you and miss you.Di & Hal

Smith, Scott

In loving memory of Scott Smith, WWII First Lieutenant Aircraft Commander.Heather Smith and Jason Boyles

Smith, USAF, Colonel Robert L.

In loving memory to our father, 3-war USAF Fighter Pilot Colonel Robert L.Smith. You fought for your country throughout your career, from a 20-year Missouri farm boy flying the Hump in WWII to a Flying Tiger in Korea and ending your career flying the F-104 Starfighter. In 2008 you were given an Honor Flight trip to Washington DC to visit the WWII Memorial, and it had was such a profoundly moving experience for you, we decided as a family to donate each year at Christmas in lieu of gifts....our small way of helping those who have given so much for all of us. Although we lost you in 2015 we soldier on, in your memory. Thank you for being the best father a child could have.Daughter Robin

Smothers, Bryan Dale

In memory of45th Reunion Committee of Sam Houston HS Class of 1967

Snyder, Ann & Milt

In memory ofNicole Snyder

Sokol, Frank Joseph

In Loving Memory and Honor of Frank Joseph Sokol. A Navy Veteran, Loving Husband, Father and Grandfather!Love, Peggy Rizzo

Soldiers, All Airmen, Navy, Marines and

To All Airmen, Navy, Marines and Soldiers, We send tribute to you with colossal appreciation, indebtedness, and recognition. We humbly thank you so very gratefully for your tremendous sacrifice, patriotism and honor. We send our love to you from the very essence of our heart.Each and Every American

Solheim, Gunnar

Given in honor of Gunnar Solheim’s dedication, bravery and loyalty while serving as a Merchant Marine during World War II. We love you and are thankful for your sacrifices.The Holifield Family

Sorge, Marco

In memory of my father Marco Sorge who would have loved to have been able to go to participate.Your Loving Daughter

Sowle, Diana

In memory of Diana Sowle. She loved this country and felt great honor in supporting WWII Veterans.LMI

In memory ofCatherine & Jack French

In memory ofCatherine & Jack French

In memory ofEdward & Janice Kunz

This donation is made in fond memory of Diana Sowle who brought light and kindness to so many people’s lives. She loved this country and our brave veterans and so her family has chosen this organization that she supported for memorial tribute.Marie & Steve Schram

Spencer, Charles

In honor of Charles "Chuck" Spencer’s service to our nation during the Vietnam War.Kristen and Matthew Burks

Spierto, Thomas

For another veteran, to cherish as much as he did!Montross’ Ichabuddies

Spiotta, George

Posthumous: Thank you for your service in the Merchant Marine.Scott and Christine

Splain, Wayne

Belated Merry Christmas, Dad. Love, John, Isaac, and IanJohn, Isaac, and Ian

Squires, Gordon & Nathene

In memory of Gordon & Nathene SquiresMichael & Eileen Dudley

St. John, Richard

In memory of Major Richard St. John, Viet Nam veteran and pilotIndependent Insurance Agents of Kentucky

Stacey, Timothy

In memory ofRalph E. Wade Insurance Agency

In memory ofEdward Lynn & Caryn Sandlin

In memory ofLinda Thomas

In memory ofBrenda King Stacey

In memory ofJohn Nienaber

Donating in Memory of Timothy W StaceyClinton County Health District( Melanie Nienaber co-workers)

Stark, James

We are proud of your service and are making a donation to Honor Flight in your name. Merry Christmas Dad!! Love, Chris, Ann, Austin, Sam, EllaChris & Ann Stark Family

Steffen, Kenneth

In memmory of Kenneth Steffen, my uncle.Jan Croatt

So Glad you served!!!Sandy Pfeiffer

To a good uncle and a true patriot, may he Rest In Peace . . .Jeffrey & Cathy Croatt

Stepanek, Brent

Anthony RockYour virtue ladies

Stetson, Craig

This donation is made to honor my son, Craig Stetson, who gave several years of his life in serve his country both here in the US and in Europe.Elton and Ranae Stetson

Stout, Maurice

In loving memory of Maurice StoutThe Owens Family

Stout, Maurice Ray

In honor of the late Maurice Ray Stout and all he did for his country and his family.Seth and Sarah Paxton

Swanson, Russell A.

This donation is in memory of veteran, Russell A. Swanson, who passed away on Novembr 14, friend

Swensen, Joy

In honor ofJanice & Sturt Weiner

Swope, Thomas

In Memory of Thomas A. SwopeYour Y.O.U. Family!

Swysgood, Thomas

In memory of Thomas Neal Swysgood, Radioman 3rd Class, US Navy, World War II, Pacific TheaterBrent and Marge Culver

Talentowski, Clarence

Thank you for all your love and kindness and caring. And thank you for your service in World War II. Your family loves you and misses you very, very much !Your loving family

Taylor, Robert

Robert G. Taylor served as Fireman 1st Class aboard the USS Botetourt, APA-136, an amphibious assault transport during WWII.Newlyweds Paul Schmidgall and Becky Taylor

Taylor, Ted C.

In memory ofAnn Marie Jablonowski

Taylor, William W.

In honor ofLisa Taylor

Teague, Jim

In memory of Jim Teague, Korean War VeteranThe AMA Black Belts of December 2, 2018

Then, Joseph

In memory of my beloved father, a Navy veteran.His daughter, Colleen

Thibeault, Richard

In memory ofAmerican Legion Riders Post 338

In memory ofNational Association of Letter Carriers Branch 46

In memory of Richard F. ThibeaultIva and Russell Duval

Thomas, Walter

Mr. Thomas helped raise a man I respect and appreciate.The Mack Family

For Mr. Thomas (1935-2019) in honor of his life, family, and service in the Korean War.AFD

We will miss you. Fly high!!!James and Bev Karns

In Tribute to Walter Thomas, 1935-2019: Friends of his son, JasonAaron Middlekaufff

For your Korean War service. 1935-2019Your Loving Family

In memory of 1935 - 2019Christian Howell and Family

Thomas, Beham, Frank R and Ruby M

Frank served in WWII and Rudy served in the Korean war. These were our Fathers and Heros. They have both past away. Frank 9 years ago (2009) and Rudy in 2018. We are proud of our parents and the sacrifices they made to our families and their Country.Son and Daughter in law of Frank, Daughter and Son in law of Rudy

Thorp, James

In honor of you and all who flew Grateful thanks of loveYour family

Todd, Gale

Grandpa, we’re so proud of you and your service! We love you and miss you every day!Will and Nique Todd

Toggweiler, John

Thank you to John Toggweiler , for your Service and Dedication to our Armed Forces. Love sent to the Toggweiler family at this time of mourning in losing John.Tina, Duffy, James & Marie Brooks



Toggweiler, John

In memory of John Toggweiler Our deepest condolences to you and your family Cookie and Bruce and Family

May he Rest In Peace.Ellen and Bill Brous

In loving memory of John H. Toggweiler, father of our sweet friend Kathy Signer.Geanine, Pam, Nuria, and Casey

Uncle John - an amazing man who graced a family, an entire family, with his class and humor. You will always be in my heart singing "Light My Fire." I have the coolest Uncle; he knows Jim Morrison and isn’t afraid to sing out loud. Loud. I tell that story often and my friends think I have the coolest Uncle as well. They say the biggest tribute to a person is to continue to share the stories after they happen. I’ll be paying tribute to you forever.Susan Budlong

In loving memory of our Uncle John. You will be greatly missed.Charlotte Chatfield, Valerie Trupp & Rick Trupp

Toggweiler, John H.

In memory ofDeb & Denny Wessels

In memory ofRhonda Budlong-Reints & Steve Reints

In memory ofTrudy and Don Budlong

In memory ofJohn Long

Friend of Rob ToggweilerSteven Schon

To Rob and Family Condolences for the loss of your loved one.Fred and Anne DiGiuseppe, Hamilton Square , NJ

In honor of a great family man who served bravely in the Army. He had a life well lived and is an inspiration to all of us. I am very happy that his legacy will live on in my grandchildren. Even thou they will not know their great grandfather, a part of him will always be a spark in their little eyes. Prayers, hugs and kisses to his wife and family.Rey and Lourdes Sabates

Toomire, Linda

In honor ofJanice & Stuart Weiner

Town, Harry P.

I follow a famous father His honor is mine to wear He gave me a name that was free from shame A name he was proud to bear He lived in the morning sunlight And marched in the ranks of right He was always true to the best he knew And the shield that he wore was bright I follow a famous father And never a day goes by But I feel that he looks down to me To carry his standard high He stood to the sternest trials As only a brave man can Though the way be long I must never wrong The name of so good a man I follow a famous father Not known to the printed page Nor written down in the world’s renown As a prince of his little age But never a stain attached to him And never he stooped to shame He was bold and brave and to me he gave The pride of an honest name I follow a famous father And him I must keep inmind Though his form isgone I must carry on Thename that heleft behind It wasmine ofthe day hegave it It shownas a monarchs crown And as fairto see as itcame to me It must be when I pass it downSteven W. Town

Towsley, Thomas

In memory ofMatt Keck’s HPE NACA colleagues

In memory ofAnn Hall

In memory ofHolt United Methodist Bell Choir

In memory ofPaul & Sarah Miller

In memory ofRev. & Mrs. Don Keck

In memory ofDave & Lind Muck

In memory ofEdward & Julie Wood

In memory ofSherri Lee & Robert Jenkins

In memory ofLinda Gillentine & Ruth Anne Walters

In memory ofBonnie Whitehead Family

In memory ofChief Okemos Sportmans Club, Inc.

Towsley, Thomas A.

In memory ofJames & Michelle Kelly

In memory ofJoy & Richard Slee

In memory ofK. A. Peterson

In memory ofJoan Forgrave

In memory ofNancy Rems

Trescher, Harry

In honor of Harry Trescher’s years of service in the military and in his community, and in honor of our father, Harry.Karen and Ron Rubin

Tuck, Wayne

In recognition of your 69th birthday and in loving tribute for your service in the US Air Force.Sister

Tucker, Edward

This donation is made in honor of my Uncle Eddie Tucker, who served in the US Navy.Barbara Galgano

Turner, Claude

In memory ofBill & Mary Flintom

Unkraut, Thomas

In memory ofUrb & Connie Hillenbrand

In memory ofDarrell & Alice Herron

In memory ofLarry & Kelly Pruitt

In memory ofBarb Linson

In memory ofBarb Hollander

In memory ofSusie Davis

In memory ofJames L. Catlett

In memory ofMary Catlett

In memory ofMary Catlett

In memorial.Nelson & Janet Wiesman

In Memory of Thomas Morton Unkraut.Mark and Lisa Unkraut

In memorySteve Neely

Unkraut, Thomas M

In memory ofFred Sandman

Unkraut, Thomas M.

In Memory ofMary Ann Unkraut

In Memory ofJoseph Luckhaupt

Unkraut, Tom

In memory ofGail & Pat McDaniel

Utz, Richard

In honor of Richard Utz from Buffalo, NY.Jill & Brian Greer

VanderLoop, Bob

In honor of my Uncle Bob who recently left this world but carried a special place for his heart for his service comrades and friends.Cindy and Marty Timm

Vaughn, Robert G.

Alaska air,1944-44. 1917-2014, Miss you Dad.The Lucky Ones.

Vaught, Robert

In loving memory of my Uncle Bob who was a military veteran and also a benefactor of your wonderful Honor Flight Program. He was a very special man and will be deeply missed.Sally and Steve Bergmann

Velasco, Pablo

In honor of Pablo F Velasco and his constancy, sense of duty, and unstinting service to his family, community and country. He served in the U.S. Army in Europe during World War II, earning a Bronze Star, a Soldier’s Medal for valor, and a Purple Heart.Jennifer Young

Velazquez, Carlos

Rest easy brotherYour little sister

Verive, Rocco

My uncle, Rocco (Rocky) Verive, served during WWII, and received 2 Purple Hearts. He was a great uncle to me, as well as a terrific husband and father to his own family, who we lost in 1991, and I’m certain would’ve greatly appreciated the Honor Flight program.Greg Verive (nephew) and the rest of Rocky’s loving family

Vidal, Avelino Cortizo

Al Vidal, my son-in-law’s father, emigrated to the United States from Spain when he was 17 years old. He graduated from high school and college, served honorably in the U.S. Army during the Korean War, and worked for U.S. Steel for 39 years. He loved being flown to Washington, D.C. last year on 2 Honor Flights. A real American immigrant success story, Al left a large and loving family when he died this week.Nancie and Stan Stewart

Visser, Warren

In loving memory of Warren VisserFriends of grandson, Ryan Kuhn,

Volant, Harry

In memory ofNancy Rupert

Volant, Harry A.

In loving memory of Harry A. Volant who passed away Oct. 7, 2018. He was a U.S. Sergeant in WWII serving in Africa, Italy, Germany and France. Harry received the following: Purple Heart Good Conduct Medal European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 1 silver service star WWII Victory Medal Combat Infantryman Badge 1st Award Honorable Service Lapel Button WWIIJean & Bill Shrier

Waddick, James

In memory ofMichael & Gayle Weingart

In memory ofCarole Waddick

In memory ofDuane & Joan Dingmann

Waddick, James P

With love and gratitude!Pat and Jerry Scott

Wagner, Wilbur

Wilbur Wagner MemorialStauffacher Family (Jay, Jill, Jean, Jeff, Jason)

May you rest in peace. And thank you for your dedication and service - U.S. Army Veteran of World War IIJean & Arthur Moore

Wagner, Sr., Wilbur

Thank you very much for your service to our country. Rest in peace.The Hembree Family

Wakeley, Don

In loving memory of Grandpa WakeleyDan



Walker, Elizabeth

Merry Christmas. We love you.Love, Allecia & Brock

Walker, William

In honor ofDaniel James & Julia Suzanne Croal

Waller, Fred

In memory of Fred Waller.Charles and Donna Porter

Waller, Fred (Bud)

Keep flying my dear Uncle Bud Love Jim and LaurieJim amd Laurie Mitchell

Waller, Frederick

Nannette and family, I am so sorry for your loss. I remember Mr. Waller fondly. Keeping you all in my prayers. Hugs, Shirley Shikany LongBob and Shirley Shikany Long

In memory of Bud Waller, 05/12/1925 - 12/26/2018, rest in peace.Glenn & Kathy Lubeznik

Waller, Frederick

In memory ofSarah & Daniel McNabb

Waller, Frederick

Carrie, in honor and memory of your father, Bud Waller.Elizabeth Blinderman

In memory of my good friend’s father, Frederick Waller. He worked at NACA and served honorably in WWII.Sharing Weiler

Waller, Frederick "Bud"

In memory ofRichard & Rosemary Barrett

In memory ofDean & Shirley Sassaman

In memory ofEugene & Nancy Kuklinski

Waller, Frederick (Bud)

Carrie, I was so sorry to hear of your father’s death. I am thinking of you at this sad time and extend my condolences. Alice Reed Evanston, ILAlice Reed

In memory of Frederick (Bud) Waller of Michigan City, IN.Rod Lubeznik and Susan Goodman

Walls, Worthen Allen

This donation is made in memory of the late Worthen Allen Walls, Captain, USN (retired at time of death). Captain Walls was part of the greatest generation, serving as a Naval aviator during WWII. Captain Walls was a loving father and inspirational human being.John and Nancy Lee Berfield

Walsh, Ambrose J.

I wish my grandfather was still alive to experience this,he would have been honored to see the memorial.Ambrose (Happy) Walsh,Dec 8th 1919 to dec16th 2000.U.S.N.,Armed Guard 1944-1945.Your loving grandson,always in my thoughts.

Walsh, Thomas

This donation is made in honor of Thomas Jerome Walsh of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. North Arlington Pediatrics Doctors and Staff

Walter, Kenneth

In honor of Kenneth Walter who died on January 23rd, 2019. He was Korean veteran and experienced the trip a few years ago and always talked about what a wonderful experience it was. Thank you for your support.Your cousins

Walter, Thomas

In memory of Thomas Walter, 1935-2019.Eric, Allison, Elliot and Nathan Miller


Thank you for your service Dad!Julia & Everett Moore

Webb, Alden

Al flew in the Air Force in Toul Rosiere, France in a B-66 as a Fighter Gator in Cold War Europe. Later in 1971 he missed flying so much that he joined the 160th TRS of the Alabama Air National Guard flying in a Phantom RF 4-C. Lt. Colonel retired again from flying in 1983 with 3,000 hours in a RF 4-C under his belt. Al would call Dick and say let’s go on a Boy Scout trip without the women. There was wonderful memories of them going to the Grand Canyon, The Alamo, Sedona, Arizona, and of course, House on the Rocks in Wisconsin. Al and Kay joined us on many a trip to Ireland, Quebec, Dollywood, Vancouver. RIP Al and take Dick on Boy Scout Trips up in heaven.The Klein Family

Webb, LtCol, USAF, Ret, Alden

Al flew in the Air Force in Toul Rosiere, France in a B-66 as a Fighter Gator in Cold War Europe. Later in 1971 he missed flying so much that he joined the 160th TRS of the Alabama Air National Guard flying in a Phantom RF 4C. Lt. Colonel Webb retired again from flying in 1983 with 3,000 hours in a RF 4C under his belt. Al lead a deployment to England called Checkered Flag, I was the officer in charge, in England tasked with tents and shower and a mess tent. Of course it rains anytime something important is planned. The Alabama Air Guard flew for two weeks getting familiar with European Rules and weather. The deployment was success and everyone enjoyed the experience.Fellow RF-4C flyers

Weekley, Jr., Earle

In honor of my father, Buddy Weekley.Robyn Weekley

Weeks, Joseph

Joe Weeks served in the US Army during WWII as a combat infantry man. He continued after returning home to teach others to fly and was a pilot and commander of the local Civil Air Patrol in Fairmont, WVA. He later became commander of the 7048 VFW Post in Fairmont. A highlight of his life was going with his son-in-law to Washington, DC compliments of the Honor Flight Program in Huntington. The Family of Herman Weeks, older brother of Joseph Weeks

Weimer, Loretta

In loving memory of Loretta WeimerDorothy Weimer, Doug & Robyn Weimer and Steve Weimer

Weiss, Glen

In memory ofDennis & Susan Kirkpatrick

Wellington, Roy

In honor of Mr. Wellington, his son Cliff’s work team is making this donation on behalf of the Wellington family.The SHARKSEER Team

Wellington Jr, Roy O

In recognition of Mr. Wellington’s service to his country and his love of his family.Tod and Kelly Tomczak

Wellington, Jr., Roy

In memory ofRoy & Theo Marie Wellington, III.

In memory ofAnthony & Dorothy Skufca

We make this tribute in Memory of Roy O. Wellington, Jr. who passed away on Thursday, January 13, 2019. Mr. Wellington was a proud veteran who served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War as a radio and radar technician aboard the USS Manchester CL-83. Roy graduated with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University in 1958 on the GI Bill. He worked on missiles at Chrysler before coming to the Newark Air Force Base where he retired as Branch Chief of the Microwave Standards Lab, Metrology Dept. He was grateful to Honor Flight for sending him to Washington, DC. in 2016.Linda Brenner, Brad Saul, and Michael Wahlhaupter

Thank you Mr. Wellington for your service.Denison Facilities Services

Wellington, Jr., Roy O.

In honor and memory of my grandfather, a U.S. Navy veteran.Danika

Welsh, Bernard

In loving memory of your father. With our deepest condolences. Love, Ronda & Michael CohenRonda & Michael Cohen

Wessel, Harold

This donation is in the name of Harold and Lois WesselThe Seger Family

Westerberg, Charles Robert

Dad served in the Pacific from Spring, 1941 on USS Nevada, where he was on 12/7/1941 and spent the rest of WWII in the Pacific and was present in Tokyo Harbor at war’s end. He and I were privileged to take an Honor Flight trip to DC in October, 2013; then he passed away on June 16, 2014. So many thanks to Gail Yakopatz and her crew with Honor Flight.Karen, Matt, Mark, Pam, Owen, Maya

Wheeler, Jesse

In honor ofRobert & Mary Kathleen Wheeler

White, Edward

In honor of my father, Edward L. White, who served in the Army in the WWII European theater and continued his service as a member of the Army Reserves.Son, Michael White

White, Ellen M.

In celebration of her life.U of C Lab Math Department

White, Jerry

My dear Bro, this is a donation made in your name as a veteran. I thought you might appreciate this more than another hat! LOL!!! Merry Christmas! Love you, SisYour loving Sis

White, Peter

This donation is being made in honor of my grandfather, Peter White. Peter was a WWII and Korean War veteran, among being about 100 other accomplished things. He passed away shortly before Thanksgiving. I can’t believe he won’t be here to celebrate Christmas with us this year. His presence will be missed, but I know his legacy lives on. I hope this donation helps other veterans find closure and peace. We love you, Peter, and miss you very much.Ashley White

White, Richard E

In memory ofEmily Spriggs

In memory ofStephen & Elaine Hackett

In memory ofCyDavid & Anne Hines

In memory ofCynthia & William Chestnet

With deepest sympathyFred & Nancy Sticklen

White, Richard E.

In memory ofNancy Baker

In memory ofLisa & Charles Mansfield, Jr.

In memorium.From your friends at Real Art

Wiederhorn, Samuel J

Love you and thank you forever!Hilary Kanner

Wiedmaier, Robert

This donation is in honor of my dad, Robert Wiedmaier, who served in the Vietnam War and actively supports all military veterans, both active and retired.Emily

Wilke, Harold

In honor of Harold Wilke and his commitment to national and community service.Your grateful grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Wilkerson, Birt

Fly High!Valerie, Polly and Eric

Williams, Donald

In loving memory of my Uncle Don.Amanda DeCastro

Williams, Heather

In Memory of Heather WilliamsChristine & Dennis Marchal

In memory of Heather Williams.Williams Industrial Service, Inc.

Williams, Ian

Merry Christmas!! We love you!Jamie, Tyler, & Alex

Williams, Robert

In memory ofAmerican Legion Aux. 85 Poppy Fund

Williamson, Fredrick Oscar

In honor of Fred Williamson who passed away recently and was a proud American soldier who fought in the Korean war. He was fortunate to be a participant in an Honor Flight. He was so grateful to have had that experience. May this donation help other desrving soldiers get the opportinity to be honored in this way. God bless our soldiers-past and present.The Ronayne Family

Williamson Jr., Joseph

In honor of my Grandfather who was a WW2 Navy Vet. He served his country from 1942-1945. His ship, The USS Skylark AM-63 sank in the Pacific and he lived to tell about it. He was a first class individual who treated everyone with dignity and respect. The world was lucky to have him for 97 years. May he always be remembered as the giving and kind soul he was. Joseph "J.C." Williamson, Jr. November 4, 1921 March 21, 2019Scotty Williamson, Your loving Grandson

Wilson, Robert

Thanks for your service and dedicationFamily/Friends

In honor of the life of Robert wilson, WW II veteran and American Airlines captainGerald and Judith Lazzara

Wilson, Vincent

Our condolences to your family. Bill and I would like to honor you with this donation. R.I.PBill and Mary DeVierno

Witte, LCDR Richard C.

USNR (Ret) USS Mullany - in memory ofNancy U. Witte

Woerman, Elray

In honor of my Grandfather Elray William August Woerman of the 518th Ordinance in World War II and my father Allyn Loy Woerman who dedicated 24 years of service to the Army. We love and salute you!Your Family

Workman, Judy

Thank you for the countless hours you give Trinity Chapel. We appreciate your dedication to the congregation. Your kindness and generousity is a wonderful example for all us to follow. We are so blessed to have you!Trinity Chapel

Wray, George

For your service to our country during the Korean War and your dedication to our family.Love Tom ,Helen,Sean and Matt

Yadah, Thomas

In honor orDaniel & Colleen Quaile

Young, Gerald T.

For your service during WWIIThe Young family

Young, Hugh

In memory of by your closes neighborsEd, Dale, Toni & Bonnie

Young, Hugh C.

In honor of Hugh C. Young’s service to our country.Jean Beard

Young, Jack C.

In memory of a special man, who raised a very special daughter!Ed and Jeanne Pullis

Zampiello, Martin

Thank you for your serviceYour loving family

We are so proud and honored to be able to call you Dad and Papa. For every sacrifice you have made, we can never tell you enough how grateful we are. We will never thank you enough for all you have done. You are a HERO to each of us and we love you more than words can express. Thank you Dad for your sacrifice and serving our country. Thank you for being a role model that every one of us strives to be. Thank you for your unconditional love. Know that love is returned unconditionally and we are so proud of You. Love Always!!!Your Loving and Proud Family

Zearbaugh, Clayton

Proud to know such a great man. Thank you!Jon Carter

Zeller, Joe

In memory of -WWII US Ranger V-4T. C. & Eva Miller

Zenor, John

John Robert Zenor, known to friends as "Bob", proudly served in the United States Army. He made his living as a farmer in Holder, IL. He was a kind spirit and gentle soul who appreciated life’s simple pleasures. He enjoyed traveling, working the daily crossword puzzle, and the Chicago Cubs. Bob passed away on October 13, 2018 at the age of 94. He will be deeply missed by all, but forever remembered with a smile.Faculty/staff at Central Catholic High School

Zimmer, Edward D.

Given in memory of Edward Doyle “Pete” Zimmer to respectfully honor his service in the US Navy during WWII (1943-1946).Dan and Jan Rowenhorst

Ziraks, Elmars

In honor of our dear friend, Elmars (Al) Ziraks. You put a lot of smiles on our faces and we will miss you dearly! Thank you for your dedication and service for our country.Olympic Steel

Ziraks, Elmer

My Uncle Elmer has passed away in his home town of Wadsworth Ohio. He was a Vietnam Veteran with the US Marine Corps. I would like this contribution to be recognized in his name and spirit.Gary Stiltner

Zschach, Kenneth

Memorial to Kenneth ZschachGene and Phyllis Hoenecke

Kenneth Zschach proudly served his country in the Army Air Corps during WW II and later served as a police officer in Mt. Prospect, Illinois . He was a kind and loving person with a great sense of humor. We honor him for protecting and fighting for our freedom during those tragic days. He is at peace now as of November 23, 2018....and is having a great reunion with his wife, family and war buddies. May the skies be a little brighter now that Ken is at peace.JOHN AND MARILYNN JANISZEWSKI

Zschach, Kenneth E.

In memory of your sacrifice and dedication you made for our freedom. You were proud to serve and we will always be proud of you. We will always REMEMBER!Your Loving Family and Friends

Zwick Sr., Walter M.

Thank you for your service, remarkable life, and everything you did for our family!Fred & Shari Zwick

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