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Natalya has been a vital part of WWE's Women's Division for almost a decade now as she has seen many women come and go, but has held her own despite being held back at times by the company. Being the only female wrestler to make it out of the infamous Hart Dungeon, Natalya came to WWE with big expectations and has been all about her stunning wrestling skills rather than showing off how she looks, something which the other divas have loved to do in the WWE for the past few years.

Despite being more inclined on improving her wrestling rather than showing off her body to the fans, Natalya is actually quite stunning in real life and despite not wanting to flaunt her figure in the ring, she's actually had some really sensual snaps of herself taken in the past. The SmackDown Women's Champion may not really wear the provocative and revealing in-ring outfits which many of the divas tend to do, but she has been part of some stunning photo shoots where she looks absolutely amazing.

She may not like to flaunt her figure which is actually pretty attractive, but even someone like Natalya has to give in to her guilty pleasures of showing the world how hot she can look when she intends to, as we take a look at 15 Hot Photos You Wouldn't Expect From Natalya!

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15 Lifting Weights In The Gym


Natalya hasn't reached the top of the tree in the WWE without having to put in a lot of hard-work to prove herself to everyone and has been reaping the rewards of her brilliant work for the past few years when she won the Smackdown Women's Championship at SummerSlam. Nattie is actually a very hard worker in the gym where she spends a lot of time lifting weights and working out and as this picture shows, she manages to look extremely sexy when she's in her training mode as well. The Smackdown Women's Champion has an incredible figure which she has developed and maintained really well over the past few years and despite not even trying to, she's dazzling in this picture where her stunning figure stands out and proves that she looks hot even when lifting weights.

14 Smokin' In-Ring Outfit


Natalya usually refrains from wearing in-ring outfits which reveal her "assets" or figures which can give her the wrong impression in the WWE but at times she has broken her own rule and given fans a treat in the company. While she doesn't wear as provocative outfits as some of the other divas do, but she has worn some sexy in-ring outfits in the past as this picture shows her wearing an out-fit which perfectly shows how sexy she really is. Nattie is looking absolutely gorgeous in this picture where she's wearing an unusual in-ring outfit which manages to reveal her "assets" just a bit but also shows just how amazing her figure really is. She's dazzling in this gorgeous picture which shows how sexy she looks even when she's almost fully covered and not even trying to look hot.

13 Wearing A Sizzling Swimsuit


Natalya may wear some limited outfits in the wrestling ring, but it's quite obvious by now that she can pull off anything in real life because of just how gorgeous she is in general. She's been a favorite in photo-shoots and was called upon to be part of another one where she had to probably advertize some kind of swimsuit. This picture shows Nattie wearing a sexy swimsuit as she looks absolutely amazing in this picture because of how well the outfit shows her terrific figure. The Smackdown Women's Champion is paying her homage to Baywatch in this picture with the inspired costume and raft in her hand as she looks quite alike to the sexy women of Baywatch while wearing this sultry costume which brings out a sexy side of Nattie not many have actually seen.

12 Post Work-Out Selfie


We already know about how much Natalya works out in the gym in order to keep herself in a prime shape at all times and even though she doesn't really post many "revealing" pictures of herself on social media, she does love posting selfies of herself. Nattie loves to post selfies, whether it's of only her or with some colleague on social media and she mostly uploads selfies or pictures of her cat. But this one time she actually posted a full-body selfie of her where she's wearing what appears to be gym-wear and she's revealing quite a lot of her hot figure in this picture as well. As one can see, her "assets" are really standing out in this picture which shows just how stunning she looks wearing anything and especially when she decides to properly flaunt her astonishing figure.

11 Stunning In Black


Natalya can pull off any outfit amazingly well, but she tends to look really gorgeous when she dons a black outfit where her beauty manages to absolutely shine through and through. As it can be seen in this picture, Natalya is looking absolutely smashing in this picture where she's wearing this black outfit in this photoshoot. We can see just how beautiful she looks when she wants too and her sexiness also manages to stand out in this picture which reveals her gorgeous figure in a perfect manner. Natalya seems to be excellent in these photo-shoots as this one seems to be from years back, but she's got that sexiness and panache to make herself look good wearing anything but when she's wearing black, she manages to look just so much better.

10 A Salute To You!


Nattie has the tendency of wearing clothes which properly cover herself when she's wrestling in the WWE, mostly because she wants to stand out from the other divas who try to use their figures to get themselves over. Despite not showing off inside the squared circle, Natalya manages to get more photo-shoot opportunities than some of the other divas in the locker room. This picture shows just why, as she manages to pull off this basic shirt and short combo amazingly well and manages to make herself look smoking hot at that too! The Smackdown Women's Champion's stunning figure shines out in this picture which shows how well toned her legs and waist really are and if any of her doubters thought that she was "heavy", this picture shows that she's anything but that.

9 Sizzling On The Beach


Natalya has been quite the wanted woman when it comes to photo-shoots because of how good she is at them and she's been approached by many for photo-shoots in the past years. The Smackdown Women's Champion doesn't normally even flaunt her figure in the WWE, but her amazing work for photo-shoots is why she's so popular outside the WWE as well. This picture shows one of her photo-shoots near the beach as we can see her flaunting her sexy figure on the beach. She looks especially stunning because of the scenery and water around her, as her sexy assets and terrific figure show why she's in so many photo-shoots. Nattie doesn't even need to flaunt herself in WWE TV because of amazing photo-shoots like these as this picture shows just how incredible she can look if she wants to.

8 Stunning Monday Selfie

Monday isn't really the best day of the week for everyone as it's a rather annoying part of the week which everyone just wants to be over with as quickly as possible. Now many don't even look at their best during Monday, but that doesn't apply for Natalya who manages to look just as sexy on Monday as she does every other day of the week. The Smackdown Women's Champion recently uploaded a picture on her social media where she showed her vibrant looks on Monday as this selfie shows just how stunning she can look any day of the week. This dazzling selfie shows how beautiful she is without even applying any sort of make-up, while also giving a glaring look at her "assets" and perfect figure as well. Not many look good on Monday, but for Nattie, it doesn't matter which day it is for her to dazzle.

7 Donning A Stunning Black Dress


Natalya has been using the same in-ring outfit for many years now as she's quite inclined on not using her figure to impress fans in the WWE, but she cannot resist showing off when approached for some photo-shoots. She has been part of many photo-ops in the past because of how stunning she looks as this picture shows her in one where she's donning this gorgeous black gown and looking absolutely smacking at that as well. Natalya has the perfect figure which has seemingly gotten better over the years and that helps her don any outfit perfectly, as she's looking extremely attractive in this picture. This black gown seems to have suited her really well as her beauty and sexiness stands out in this picture which proves how gorgeous she can look in the most simple of dresses as well.

6 Dazzling For WWE Magazine


Natalya may be perceived by some fans as not "as hot" as some of the other divas like Nikki Bella or Alexa Bliss, but that's mostly because she keeps herself distanced from flaunting her figure to the fans. Natalya focuses more on her wrestling and to improve with each passing day, but even she has to give into demands from people to appear on their photoshoots and especially when it's her employers who want her to pose in photos, she cannot say no. This picture shows Natalya dazzling in WWE Magazine's photoshoot where she's pulling off this gorgeous dress in a stunning manner. She looks quite hot in this picture which seemingly makes her "glow" even more and the vibrant colors of the dress make her stand out and look absolutely amazing.

5 Looking Amazing While Working Out


Natalya has been a very hard-working woman in the WWE and has gone through a lot in order to reach where she's at right now, as she's not only made herself into a terrific wrestler but has also helped WWE with a lot of their ventures as well. Natalya is always there when WWE needs her and when they needed her for a photoshoot of her work-out sessions, she didn't hesitate either. As it can be seen in this picture, Nattie looks absolutely smashing as she's working out in this photo-shoot. She manages to look red-hot in this picture where she's taking a break from training and her terrific figure and stunning assets can be seen in their best light in this gorgeous picture which proves how much of a hottie The Smackdown's Women's Champion can be even while training hard.

4 Trying On A New Swimsuit


Natalya is quite the active person on social media as she loves to post pictures of her with her colleagues or selfies with friends or after work-out sessions. She rarely posts pictures of her trying on some "revealing" costumes and despite being highly involved in photoshoots, she mostly decides to keep that stuff off her social media. But even she couldn't resist the opportunity to flaunt off her new bikini which she really loved, with this picture of Natalya flaunting her new bikini shows just how sexy she can look when she wears some "revealing" stuff. Nattie looks stunning in this picture as one can really see how amazing her "assets" and how gorgeous her figure really is and Nattie made a lot of fans with this picture which is an absolute treat for her fans.

3 Natalya: WWE's Wonder Woman


The WWE loves to get into the act of anything related to entertainment and have had their wrestlers or divas do cosplays of something which is extremely popular at a point of time and when it comes to superheroes, everyone loves those who cosplay them! The WWE gave their fans a little treat when they had their divas do cosplays of female superheroes and Natalya was also made to do it because of how amazing she looks. This picture shows Natalya cosplaying none other than Wonder Woman, as she actually looks stunning in this picture doing so as well. Nattie's amazing figure and glaring "assets" in the picture make her look like an amazing Wonder Women and going by how impressive she looks in this picture, she can maybe even give Gal Gadot a run for her money!

2 Stunning In Wedding Dress


Natalya has been a loyal woman to Tyson Kidd for a long time now as the two had been dating ever since they were aligned in WWE as part of the Hart Family and became closer as the years wore on. The two finally got married in 2013 in what was a rather private ceremony but decided to do it better on Total Divas when their marriage was covered in an episode. Natalya, being a regular in Total Divas, chose what was the best possible wedding dress for the occasion and looked absolutely smoking hot in that dress. It was quite the elegant wedding gown which she wore, but it managed to show just how gorgeous she looks as a bride and Total Divas gave her the "big platform" to tie the knot once again with Tyson Kidd, whose a lucky man to have a sexy wife like her.

1 Cutie In Bed


Natalya may not be liked by many fans because of how well she portrays her heel character in the WWE and how she "doesn't serve" her fans as good as some of the other divas, but that doesn't take away the fact that she's one of the hottest women in the locker room. She doesn't really flaunt her beauty but some of her pictures show just how sexy Nattie really is and her actual beauty comes out in some stunning photo-shoots which she's been in. This picture shows her as part of another photo-shoot and this might be the best photo-shoot of her till date as it shows her at her hottest. Nattie looks absolutely amazing in this picture where she's not only looking gorgeous because of her glow, but the costume has especially helped to bring out her sexiness and show just how incredible she looks.


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