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This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
Emma Watson walked around her hotel room getting ready for the London premiere of the next film in the series. It was 11th November. She was a little subdued as it was almost the very last film and the end of an era.

She was fresh out of the shower and had dried her hair and was putting on her makeup. Her little black dress lay out on the bed ready for her. The room was warm and she was walking around naked to let the air dry her body off. She had a little time to spare before Daniel and Rupert would pick her up and escort her to the car downstairs.

She sipped from a glass of white wine on the dressing table and looked at herself in the mirror. She loved her short hair now. She cast her eyes down the reflection of her body and started to drift away with her thoughts.

The moment was interrupted by a knock at the door. She grabbed a bath towel from the bed and wrapped it around herself and walked to the door, checking the peephole. She could see Daniel Radcliffe outside and opened the door to let him in. He was wearing a dark suit, shirt and blue tie.

He took in her look and said;

“God, are you not ready yet, Em?”

“Give me a chance, we have plenty of time. I don’t think they’ll start without us,” she laughed.

“I suppose not.” He closed the door behind himself and walked in while she headed back to the bathroom.

He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the dress laid out. It was a short black dress with lace on the top half and feathers all around the hips. He fingered at the feathers and trailed his fingers through them and they caught on a strap. He lifted up the bottom part of the dress and saw Emma’s bra and panties lying there. Black and lacy. He looked quickly to the bathroom door and could hear some clinking of jars and then the tap running. He picked up the bra and ran it between his fingers feeling the slight coarseness of the lace, and then picked up the panties, staring at them, imagining Emma in them later on. The tap was turned off and he quickly pulled the dress back down over the underwear.

She appeared again, and went to take another sip of wine. Daniel couldn’t help but notice her legs as the towel only just covered her bum. She was standing at the dresser in front of the mirror. She said to him;

“You’re looking very handsome tonight.”

He looked up and saw that she was staring at him in the mirror’s reflection, and realised she must have seen him looking at her ass.

“Thanks,” he said.

“You’re also…looking tonight,” she added.

“Sorry…” he said sheepishly “…it’s hard…..”

“Is it?” she butted in.

He looked up and caught her eye.

“Oh bugger off, you,” he laughed and they both burst into giggles. When they had quietened down Emma started talking about the film.

“I was thinking earlier on about tonight and the last film next year. It really is the end of an era. For all of us. You, me and Rupert.”

“I know, it’s hard to take in sometimes, but the other work now is taking my mind off it.”

“It’s the same for me with Uni. That’s keeping me busy.”

“How’s Uni going just now?”

“It’s fine.”

“Is it not a bit of a nightmare just now?”


“Um, the pictures.”

“Oh.. well, yeah, I suppose it is. So you heard about them then?”

“Hasn’t everyone?”

She had her glass in her hand. She stood still for a moment and looked down, embarrassed. “Yes, they probably have.”

Daniel was now embarrassed for Emma, and felt for her.

“Do you want to get dressed?”

“I should do.”

Daniel stood up away from the bed and tried to be gentlemanly and stood aside and studied a painting very hard. It was a dark painting, and after a few seconds of looking at it and not really looking at it, he realised that he could see her reflection in the glass and he stared intently at it.

He watched in the reflection as she stood behind him and dropped her towel just feet away from him. He could see the silhouette of her body. She bent over the bed and picked up the underwear and stepped into it. She stood behind him, now topless. She was just feet from him. He could see her vague reflection in the glass.

She had realised she was getting a huge thrill taking advantage of the fact that Daniel just wouldn’t turn around and try to catch a glimpse of her naked curves. It was not in his nature to do that to her. He was a gentleman. Although she secretly wanted him to catch a glimpse, even accidentally. She turned her body and looked and immediately saw the reflection of his face in the glass of the painting.

At that moment, she knew it, and he knew it.

“You said about the photos,” she said.

“Yes.” he said, automatically turning. “Sorry!” he exclaimed. She turned quickly to cover her chest with her arms, then quickly picked up her towel and covered herself with it.

“It’s okay,” she said. He turned again slowly and pursed his lips in that apologetic smile. He looked at her directly.

“The photos.”


“I have seen them…but I read the stories that they’re fake.”

“You’ve seen them?”


She wanted to check he had seen the same ones she had.

“The topless ones?”


“How did you see them?”

“Uh, on some website, I don’t remember which one.”

“No, I mean how did you come to see them. You must have searched for them.”

“Umm, well, I’d read some news story about them, and then I saw them.”

“Daniel, the online newspapers don’t show the topless pictures. You searched for them, didn’t you?”

He knew he had to just admit it. “Yes, I did, but it was just to see them, you know to see what they were like, to see if they were fake.”

“You still wanted to see them though.”

“I think of you like a sister! but… yeah I did search for them.”


“I wanted to see if they were fake.”

“And if they weren’t?”

“I don’t know.”

“You were hoping they weren’t faked?”

He was looking down at the floor. “I suppose so. Sorry.”

“Daniel,” she paused. “Daniel.” He looked up.

“Don’t be sorry, I’m flattered a little that you wanted to see the pictures of me topless, even if they were fake.”

He tried a smile.

“Do you really want to see me topless… see my boobs?” He didn’t answer.

“Daniel, tell me the truth, would you like to see my boobs?” He nodded, feeling quite ashamed. After all the years they had spent so closely together, there had never been any suggestion of anything sexual between them, although he had fantasised like any guy would about their female friends.

She walked over to him and stood a couple of feet from him.

“You really want to see my boobs? Even though you think of me as a sister?”

He nodded. “I know I shouldn’t, but I do,” he said slowly.

She took the top edge of the towel in her fingers and loosened it. He watched intently. She freed it completely but held it against her chest, then slowly opened the towel away from herself and bared herself to him. She felt so nervous. Neither of them spoke for a few seconds.

“Well, what do you think of your little sister?” she asked him.

“My God, you’re beautiful,” he said to her, looking from her breasts up to meet her eyes. “So beautiful.” He looked down her body and gazed at her. She liked his reaction to her body, he seemed frozen. It made her feel very sexy. She dropped the towel to the floor, and stepped back.

“You like what you see, then?”

“Em, you’re absolutely gorgeous, you’re beautiful. Turn round?” He asked with a cheeky grin.

She turned and showed her panty clad rear. “Jesus, your ass is peachy; you’re just sexy all over.” They laughed, the nervousness leaving them.

They locked eyes and he felt something pass between them, an acknowledgement that they both knew something was different now. She suddenly felt very hot, and looked away from him, then looked down. She could see a very obvious lump at the front of his suit trousers. She stared at it for a couple of seconds, and he was sure she had seen his hardon. She looked back up at him with a stern look on her face and put her hands on her hips.

“Daniel, I do believe you are turned on! Are you? Are you turned on right now? Because I think I can see a definite erection down there. Is that what that is? Is your penis hard, Daniel?”

He tried to turn away slightly but all that did was make the lump more obvious as he turned.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it, I’m really sorry.”

“Stop apologising for God’s sake, I know those things have a mind of their own, don’t worry about it. I really am flattered by it. I can’t believe you’re hard for me!”

“Of course I am, you’re naked in front me and you look bloody amazing. And it’s not the first time.”

“Not the first time?” she asked. He said nothing.

“Have you thought about me before like this? Even though you think of me like a sister?”

He nodded, starting to confess his sins. “Yes, I can’t help it, and you’re not my sister anyway!” he laughed nervously.

“What have you thought about before? Those photos! You really did want to see me naked, and hoped they were real. You keep looking at my boobs, that’s not very brotherly. What else have thought about?”

“A lot,” he said quietly. She could see he was quite embarrassed about admitting anything but she started to understand. She moved towards him and hung her arms around his shoulders and hugged him, he wrapped his arms around her naked back and his hands rested on her butt. She hugged him tight to comfort him.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me anything, and those are your private thoughts.” As she said that she could feel his hardon pressing into her belly, and stepped back. “But that’s not so private, is it?” she said looking down again. “That’s kind of hard to hide.”

They were standing very close and he looked down at her boobs.

“I don’t mind you looking, you can look all you want,” she said. “You shouldn’t be embarrassed about your fantasies. Everyone has fantasies. Even me,” she looked him dead in the eye. “I know I’ve thought about what you look like,” she said look directly at his bulge. “I’ve thought about what it looks like for years, but just thought I’d never get to find out.”

He was a little stunned. “You’ve thought about me…that way?”

“Yes. A lot.”

“Bloody hell, I would never have thought that.”

“I bet you never thought you’d get to see me naked.”


“I never thought I’d get to see your cock,” she said emphasising the last word. He didn’t know what to say, he’d never heard her talk that before.

“Well, am I going to?” she asked. He looked confused.

“Am I going to get to see you?” she said looking right at his hardon. He suddenly got what she meant and started to stutter.

But at that exact point, there was a knock on the hotel room door. He looked suddenly frightened and looked at the door then back to Emma.

“Shit!” she said. She bent to grab her towel and quickly wrapped it around herself and went to look through the peephole. “Rupert,” she whispered back to Daniel. They gazed at each other for a second then the swung the door open. “Hi babes, come in.”

Rupert walked in and Daniel walked away from him and sat on the bed, trying to hide his erection. Rupert quickly took in Emma wrapped in the towel. Rupert was wearing a dark suit, dark grey shirt and grey tie.

“Are you not in any kind of hurry, Ems? We need to leave in about ten minutes.”

“I’ll be quick, just need to slip my dress on and that’s me.”

“Take your time, it’s not often I get to you dressed like that! That towel’s a bit short!” Rupert laughed.

“You bloody pervert,” she retorted.

She walked back to the bathroom and leant against the basin staring at herself in the mirror. Her heart was racing. Something had almost happened there. Would it have happened if Rupert hadn’t come? She knew she had grown very close to them both over the years and couldn’t help but fantasise about them both when she fantasised about one, when she spent those nights after filming in bed rubbing her wet pussy, wishing their hands were roaming over her body and their cocks were exposed to her eyes. At that point she made a decision, and walked back out into the room.

She went to the dresser and started packing up her makeup.

“Rupert, Daniel and I were just talking about the photos of me. You know the supposedly topless ones,” she looked round at him, “have you seen them?”

He nodded. “Yeah, I have,” he paused, “and the rest.”

“The rest?” she asked.

“You can see everything online, you must have seen them.”

“What ones do you mean exactly?”

“The faked ones of you,” he nodded trying to indicate she should know, “you know, of you, umm, doing stuff. Don’t make me say it.”

“Do you mean the pictures of me…” she paused, unsure how clearly to say it, “…sucking lots of cocks, and getting covered in…their stuff?”


“Have you seen those too?” Emma asked Daniel. He nodded.

“So you’ve both seen very rude pictures of me, doing stuff…giving blowjobs, and getting covered in ….all those men’s come? You’ve both been searching for naked pictures of me on the internet. Why? Daniel said he thought of me as a sister, I suppose you do too Rupert. And I’ve always thoughts of you as brothers,” she looked right at them both for a second, “God, you two are very dirty boys.”

“We’re sorry,” they both started to say.

“Quiet!” she said, “You’re not the only ones to have had rude thoughts, and I guess we’re not really sister and brothers, are we? So some things don’t matter,” she walked to them, “Rupert, Daniel’s already had a quick look at me, would you like to see my boobs too? The real ones that aren’t anywhere on the internet?”

Rupert looked at Daniel, who raised his eyes as if to say, how lucky are we?

She didn’t wait for Rupert to answer and pulled the towel open and just dropped it on the floor and stood there in her little panties and her boobs standing proud, her smooth pink nipples looking so sexy.

“Fuckin’ ‘ell!!” Rupert exclaimed, he looked down at her tits and just stared at them, taking it all in. He couldn’t believe he was seeing them after all these years of trying to get glimpses of her to fuel his jerk off fantasies.

“I think it’s time that we all took a step here, and admit what we want, rather than going on for ever, still wanting it,” she said to them. “Both of you have thought about me that way, and I need to tell you now that I’ve done the same. I’ve thought about both of you,” she took a breath, “I’ve played with myself thinking about you both, fantasising about … doing everything with you. It would have been hard to spend all these years together and not do that. What about you two?”

They looked at each other, then back to her. “We have too.” “Yeah,” they said together.

“It’s amazing to think that both of you were thinking of me when playing with yourselves too, stroking your cocks, making them hard, then making them…shoot. Did you both make yourselves come thinking about me?”

They both nodded.

“I did too, I used to lie in bed at night, after filming, or even sometimes just before filming, just thinking about spending the whole day so close to you both, and play with myself …play with my pussy, and make myself come trying to imagine what you would look like naked, what your cocks would look like, and getting to touch them and stroke them myself. I’ve always wanted to play with your cocks and maybe stroke them for you till you come.” She fell silent. She thought she’d said a bit too much.

They didn’t know what to say. She looked down at Rupert’s trousers.

“You’re hard,” she said, “Daniel, stand up, let me see yours too.” Daniel stood and both of their trousers were tenting uncomfortably.

“I’m standing here almost naked, are you both going to show me what I’ve thought about for all these years?” she looked down. She moved to the bed and sat on the edge, waving them to stand in front of her. “I want to see them.”

They both stood in front of her, neither wanting to do anything first.

“I really want to see them. I really want to see your cocks. Please,” she looked up into their eyes and reached out and ran both her hands up across their bulges and down again, making them both wince.

Rupert reached for his zip first, and Daniel followed. They both opened their trousers and pushed them down a little. Rupert was wearing loose boxers and his hard shaft was still stuck downwards inside his trousers, and Daniel who wore tighter trunks had his cock sitting up to the left, where he had adjusted it earlier. Emma could clearly see the length of his erection and breathed out while looking at its shape.

She pulled at Rupert’s trousers, pulling them down a bit. “Down, let me see,” she said.

Rupert pulled his trousers away and let them fall to the floor, causing his cock to push away from his body and almost pop out the leg of his boxers. Emma touched it with one finger and ran her fingernail down the length to the head, which made Rupert pull back. Daniel let his trousers fall too and Emma could see more clearly the shape, and size of his cock now, and also the size of his balls in the tight underwear. She thought they looked very heavy.

“Let me see them now,” she said.

As Daniel pulled his tight trunks down, they pulled his cock down with them and slowly his cock shaft was exposed from the base to the head, but as he drew them down slowly, it seemed to Emma to take ages to uncover the whole thing and Emma thought it looked huge, and so thick. When it popped free it bounced up and she saw his balls for the first time. They hung in the loose sac and she wondered if they would even fit in her hand.

She watched as Rupert pulled his boxers down and she saw his long slightly thinner shaft free itself, until both her boys were right in front of her with their hard cocks pulsing gently in front of her.

“My God,” she said simply, staring. She squeezed her thighs together and felt a tingle run through her pussy.

“Well, Harry and Ron, I never expected you both to be quite so big. Little Hermione is very surprised. And very pleased,” she looked up at them, “Hermione wants to watch Harry and Ron wank their big cocks for her until they shoot their magic cum all over her little titties. Can you do that?” She ran her hands up their naked thighs and brushed her finger tips up the underside of their balls and let out a sigh.

“Wank for me.”

Her touches caused their cocks to jump and they both grabbed them firmly and squeezed, and let out simultaneous groans, then started slowly stroking themselves. Emma watched in amazement. Rupert’s foreskin pulled back over his cockhead on each stoke, but not all the way, and Daniel’s stayed tightly behind his glans.

She started to play with her boobs, rubbing firmly over them with both hands and pulling at her nipples as she watched them jack themselves. They were watching her as she watched them. Both their paces varied, sometimes fisting themselves very hard, and then stopping as they felt their orgasms build quickly up, then back to soft slow stroking again. Emma occasionally reached out and let her fingers trace lines over their thighs, or their balls and also their shafts if she could get past their pumping fists.

At one point Daniel had slowed his wanking and was grabbing his penis firmly around the base which made it stand proud even more and directly at Emma’s face. It was so close to her and she leant forward with her mouth open and slowly slid her lips around his knob which brought a massive groan from him. But as soon as she had it in her mouth, she slid it out again. Rupert looked at her mouth in envy and stopped wanking and pointed his cock towards her in the hope she would do the same favour for him too.

“You want it to?” Emma asked him. He nodded.

She moved her mouth to an inch away from his cock and waited, holding it open. He didn’t move. He didn’t want to force anything. She reached under his balls and grabbed them firmly and pulled towards her which brought his cock directly into her mouth and she gently clamped down. She didn’t suck. She didn’t even move. Then she released him. He could see her saliva on his cock, and he started wanking again.

Daniel and Rupert just wanked and stared at Emma sitting there topless in front of them. So close, but neither of them wanted to reach out and try to get a feel. They kept wanking and after a couple of minutes they started to feel the build up of their orgasms, and they would stop for a few seconds and then start up again. Emma was fascinated watching them stroke their cocks, the way they would suddenly do it very fast, then stop, then start slowly again. Rupert had his free hand on his ass and she thought he had his fingers in against his ass. Daniel had his left hand rubbing and squeezing around his balls and pushing in just behind them. She saw sometimes he would grab his balls and pull down on them.

As they built up an orgasm, she loved the way their eyes became very heavy lidded and sleepy looking.

“Are you close?” she asked.

“Yes,” they both said.

“Then I want you both to come for me, I really want to see it. Do it on my boobs, one each.”

The boys started to stroke themselves steadily and built up a rhythm, getting a little bit faster. Rupert was focused on Emma’s tits and her gorgeous pink tipped left breast. He really wanted to see his spunk on her skin, running down over her nipple.

Daniel was concentrating on her face. He thought she was beautiful. And while he knew he loved her like a sister, he really wanted to fuck her more than anything, to feel his cock inside her pussy and see the pleasure on her face as she took him inside her. He loved her and he wanted to show her how much by giving her as much come as he could right now. He knew she wanted to see his come, wanted to feel his precious sperm on her skin.

That thought tipped him over the edge and he started to convulse. He stroked very fast suddenly, and then stopped. There was a slight pause as his orgasm kicked in.

“Emma, I’m coming, oh God,” he groaned. A little stroke of his shaft up to his glans, then his cock spurted. His first shot of come hit high on her chest. His knees felt weak and he could feel the orgasm rushing through his inner thighs, and he thrust forward as he spurted more lines of spunk over Emma’s chest and down over her right boob.

“Oh!!” she gasped loudly, pulling back a little in surprise. “Oh fuck! that’s amazing.” She watched the come shoot from Daniel’s cock and soak her right boob and it seemed to keep on pumping out. He was wanking himself through it and groaning very guttural noises.

He could only say “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” as he wanked his cum onto Emma. Daniel’s head fell back and he looked exhausted as the pumping slowed.

As his orgasm died away this sight was setting Rupert off and he pushed forward pointing his cock at her other boob as he too started coming. He wanked himself harder and then he came. Emma turned to look at him and reached her left hand under to cup his balls and rubbed her thumb over his sac. His head went down and he took a faltering step forward before steadying himself and moaning;

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” His eyes were tightly closed as his cock pumped against Emma’s chest and he unloaded his balls over her breast.

She rubbed his balls more and watched his cockhead as it jetted out cum, spurt after spurt, until it died away and he threw his head back in completed pleasure and slowly wanked his cock some more.

Daniel and Rupert both looked down at Emma sitting there covered in their sperm, and she looked up, their cocks still throbbing slightly. Their breathing still heavy.

It’s lovely boys…thank you,” she said, fingering the globs on her wet chest. She trailed her fingers through it then gave their dicks a quick stroke, “I loved that.”

“I’d better get cleaned up a little, hold on, I’ll get tissues for you,” she said and went into the bathroom. She got some and handed a small bundle each to Daniel and Rupert who squeezed their shafts and dabbed at their cockheads. She disappeared and returned a couple of minutes later.

“I couldn’t get it all off. I guess I’ll just have to go to the premiere with some of your come on me, I hope my boobs don’t look shiny under the lace of the dress.”

The boys put their cocks away and zipped up. She walked over to the bed and picked up her bra, slipping it over her arms. She turned her back to Rupert.

“Could you clip me?” Rupert snapped her bra together and then lifting her dress from the bed, she stepped into it with the boys watching her as she wiggled the dress up over her thighs and hips. When it was up she turned to Daniel and asked him to zip her up, turning away from him. His fingers found the zip in the small of her back and his fingertips traced the curve of her naked skin, before pulling up the zip.

She checked her hair in the mirror and turned to them;

“Are you ready escort your sister, boys?” and they both bent an arm at either side of her to take her and walked to the lift outside the room. On the way to the premiere, nothing much was said as the driver could overhear, but when they got to Leicester Square and the car pulled up and the door was opened, the roar of the crowd hit them, so she felt safe to speak then and said;

“Next week boys, in New York…I want to feel your cocks inside me.” She knew she had shocked them as she stepped out into the lights of the photographers.

To be continued in “Emma Watson Gets Her Fantasy”

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