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BENGALURU: The busy ITPL main road and surrounding areas witnessed a massive traffic jam on Monday morning as a gas pipeline belonging to GAIL India Limited, was breached during ongoing Namma Metro work at Garudacharpalya near Hoodi. The breach, according to officials, occurred at around 4.30 AM when the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) was carrying out precautionary drilling in the area before beginning piling work for phase II of Namma Metro. 

"Fire and Emergency Services have come out and repair work is going on. We have blocked the vehicles which are moving towards ITPL for the safety of the public," said a tweet by the KR Puram Traffic Police.

Alternative routes via Marathahalli and Kundalahalli gate were arranged by the police who cordoned off the area of the leak after it was called in by a person identified as Abhishek. A case has been registered by the Mahadevpura police to ascertain if the proper drilling permissions were obtained by the BMRCL. 


According to a GAIL Gas official, the pipeline belonged to its parent company GAIL and the flow of gas was stopped as soon as the leak was reported. Ajay Seth, Managing Director of BMRCL said that the restoration of the pipeline would be completed by afternoon. "We take inputs from agencies about the location of water, power and other utilities on our Metro route and we carry out precautionary drilling up to a depth of 2.5 meters in order to be sure. This breach occurred during this exercise in the night. We will get a detailed update on the location of GAIL pipelines in the area," he said. 

In the meantime, traffic piled up at Devasandra, Outer Ring Road, ITPL Main road before the police cordoned off the area. The use of mobile phones has been restricted in an arc extending 500 meters from the breach, police officials said. 

Traffic flow on the blocked roads was restored around 10 am by the polic. The commuters, however,  complained of traffic jam. The police are working on normalising traffic at the spot of the incident. 

She travels to Maralago (I refuse to use those asinine hyphens) every weekend. If I were Melania, I'd try to figure out a way to stay in NY, but she's there every weekend. I guess in warmer weather she will travel to DC every weekend.

Do you think he still gets it up? Does she sit astride him in their winter white house of marital bliss, as if riding a multicolored carousel horse? Does she cum?

There is no such thing as the female orgasm.

I would like to know how much all this is costing us. Not the fucking, the traveling.

I doubt if they still have sex. He must have resigned to eating pussy long ago anyway with a dick like that. No one who has a lot of sex talks as much about sex as he does/did.

Who has the time when your fucking or setting up a fuck? It's a lot of work.

Be careful, r2. The minions of Himself will tolerate no dissent, and they have the power of the IRS and the US Marshals behind them

You don't think the Donald has some other whores hanging around? He's crazy for pussy even at his advanced age and I doubt he's any more faithful to Melania than his other wives.

[quote]as if riding a multicolored carousel horse

You ain't shit and now I know what I will be waking up in a cold sweat tonight thinking about.

R2 Each weekend trip to Mar A Lago costs the taxpayers, you and I a little over million per weekend, not cheap!

R3, Disagree. Have read really overweight, older men want to watch, get into fetishes, have women service them and be told what a stud they still are in bed, use viagra.

R3 Trump has Melania drink a gallon of water at least 1/2 hour before they do it.

Yes, Piss don't Pee Itself!

They probably do it, but it's not that frequent. Most women who sleep with very tall big athletes or fat old dudes like trump usually usually just get on top and ride. Nothing acrobatic or fancy. I'm citing Kim and Khloe Karshashian as my sources for this.

Sorry, a bit off topic but is anyone else noticing news readers using the revolting term "Winter White House"?!

I want to scream/barf/throw something at the fucking TV every time.

Yeah, he's old, fat, and has a tiny dick.

You know he probably has sex but it's basically that rich/lazy man sex theatre shit, where hot chicks have sex in front of him, pee on him, etc.. and then at the end whichever one draws the short straw has to give him a handy or beej.

I know, r12. It's a repulsive idea, that taxpayers have to support a frequent getaway for POTUS and his team, let alone give it the name as alternative WH.

Even worse, this is a private golf club with high membership fees, and he PROFITS from every minute of exposure it gets. Sickening. Will be judged harshly by history even if it gets a pass from deplorables

[quote] You don't think the Donald has some other whores hanging around?

Wouldn't they be noticed by WH staff? Or Maralago staff?

It would be a lot easier to get blow jobs than to have full on sex, from a discovery point of view. Only one person groaning in pleasure. It's quicker (most of the time). You can duck into a closet. You don't need a bed or a couch.

He thinks about sex all the time. His bragging, using worlds like the biggest, the YUGEST, the big league, big time, tremendous, gigantic betray his sexual anxiety. His use of his pudgy little hands as he talks seems sexually anxious. I tweeted to Alec Baldwin that his lack of Trump's constant -- and I mean constant -- use of his fingers keeps Baldwin's impression from being excellent. You gotta use the hands -- the flattened "OK" sign, especially, is key.

I think he still wants sex and that he will settle for blow jobs while he is PEE-OTUS.

He should use Camp David like all of the presidents from FDR to Obama. He has said that it's rustic and he wouldn't like it for more than thirty minutes. Ingrate.

Of course, every weekend. When the time comes, Melania will line her lady-cave with Polonium and initiate several amorous encounters. When the inevitable occurs, ""Big Daddy" Putin will whisk her away to the Motherland, where she will live out her days as his favored concubine. Barron will re-surface in the United States after 30 years of Soviet-era programming and promptly be elected selectman of a remote Connecticut hamlet.

He no come in my ass no more. I put foot down.

Now he come on my teets. I can just wipe off teets, not so much ass. Teets mostly plastic anyway.

Why you think I recite Lord's Prayer?

Can anyone explain the sexual thrill of being peed on and vice versa? I didn't think the crazy internet rumors that supposedly Putin claimed that's what was on the videotape with the 2 Russian hookers was at all believable.

being demeaned, I'd guess, r21.

From what I recall, the report said Trump had the hookers pee on the mattress because Obama had slept there.

I binge watched The Tudors this weekend, having missed it when it aired. I also read up on Henry VIII and was struck by the similarities between the real Henry and Trump.

Both were conniving liars. Both were self-centered, deceitful bastards who demanded absolutely loyalty. Both had multiple wives, both had manhood anxieties, both were spendthrifts, both had a daughter they ignored, both really didn't give a shit about religion unless they could use it to achieve their goals. Both were fat pigs.

If Trump could, he'd kill everyone he believed was disloyal to him, like Henry did.

Unfortunately Trump is still alive at 70 while Henry died at 55.

I don't think he would even get blow jobs anymore. The blood flow there must be so poor, it would be like a soggy minnow flopping around in your mouth.

I'm sure it's all about some rough pussy handling and watching. I can't imagine him being generous enough to perform oral (unless the woman slathers her cooch in KFC drippings).

Melania ain't getting anywhere near that blob now. He probably has another East European whore to grope.

If Trump can get his teeny weeny up at all it's probably when he torments her, mentally or physically. My guess the marriage is in name only. Other than being his punching bag literally or figuratively I don't think he has any use for her or any woman. There are many ways to physically abuse someone without it showing where clothes don't cover. I think he knows she's not doing any more porno shots in her lifetime. I'll bet his father was abusive to his mother and DT saw his mother as a whore.

R26, The Madonna-Whore dichotomy has always been an underlying trait of puritanical America. Many men can't look at their wives sexually after they give birth to their children. Now WHY would you say DT saw his mother as a whore? Because of the way he saw his father treating her?

Of course they don't have sex. He's disgusting. Ten years ago, he might have been tolerable, but no longer. And she's only 45.

I believe the Russian hookers story. I think Trump cannot get it up, nor would he fuck whores in Russia anyway (he's got a germ thing).

But he would degrade them by having them pee on the bed. And he was told Barack Obama had slept in that bed, so he definitely would have them desecrate it.

I might have missed this, are there stories about his relationship with his mother and/or father? How was he treated by either or both of his parents and about his parents relationship?

He likes to go Mar a Lago to play golf and to be surrounded by paying members that will kiss his ass. He might have a whore on the side in Florida. Melania doesn't care. What will his excuse be in the heat and humidity of summer Florida to get out of DC every weekend? I can't imagine the deplorables find his weekend getaways acceptable.

It's doubtful that he and Melania have had sex in many years. They admittedly have separate quarters in their condo at Trump Tower. He probably has a couple of whores at Mar a Lago who occasionally service his tiny dick. Melania appeared to be completely repelled at even dancing with him at his inauguration ball. At her age and probably menopausal, it's doubtful Melania has much of a sex drive anymore herself.

[quote] can't imagine the deplorables find his weekend getaways acceptable

Of course they do. They accept everything he says and does.

She's just a trophy wife. She fucked him until she got pregnant, thus ensuring her financial future. I can't imagine her even wanting to kiss him, let alone fuck him now.

They hate each other, that's quite obvious. Her trips are for show because otherwise the media would have to outright speculate about their sham of a marriage.

I'm sure he got the idea to call it the Winter White House from the Russian Czars and their Winter Palace. Classy!

I agree R34 if you watch the way they interact she can barely stand to be around him and has to suppress cringing when he touches her.

R32 You are a peri-menopausal or menopausal woman and know this for a fact? BTDT, and for my similar aged girlfriends and me, it was just the opposite! I have no doubt there are a range of sexual desire changes for women during this time, but your blanket statement is ridiculous.

Mar A Largo was named the Winter White House by Marjorie Merriweather Post, the woman who had it built in the 1920s.

At least GWB had the decency to station the press in front of a shack whenever he ran down to his Texas ranch. Even that wasn't as often as Trump's weekend getaways.

I asked before and wondering about stories about how he was treated by Ma and Pa Drumpf and about his parents' relationship. I can't help but think there must be a connection there about his constant sex obsession and being repulsed by women including his whores.

Any stories out there or even theories?

Frontline did a special on both Trump and Hillary, r41. His mom seemed okay and he seemed to have a normal enough relationship with her. His dad was fucked up though. He pitted the kids against each other, was horrible to the son who died and just seemed like a total shit -- in other words, Donald got his personality from dad.

Yeah. with a gold strap-on.

Thank you, r42. That explains a lot.

I've read the cause of death of the son that died was from alcoholism at a very young age, supposedly the reason DJT doesn't drink. I'm wondering if the real cause of death was suicide.

Well, he drank himself to death, r44. I think the son's name was Fred. He was an airline pilot and they looked down on that. DJT used to tell him itwas like being a taxi driver.

R18, fingers crossed! This thread is the best. I really never get tired of making fun of the Great Pumpkin, his teeny dingus, his whore wife and his whore kids. I bet he has no other women he's screwing because Ivanka is and always will be, his one and only.


R31, they believe the narrative that Obama was off playing golf every weekend so this is fine.

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